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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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all of this unfolded on the 500 block of 58th street here in northeast.thea police right now are talking tal to witnesses as they have beenss this afternoon. they were able to put together some information about what abow happened from those witnessesits who also apparently saw the gunman.nman. police describe this block asesr a quiet block, a quietet neighborhood. in fact, we're told thered tre haven't been any incidentsn any here. now, residents right now are understandably upset by what'sh' happened but many are providing police with vitalce information to help solve thiss case. >> right now we have a look loo out for a black male around 6-foot in height with shoulderht length dreads.le we don't know if he left in a vehicle or on foot from thet frm area so if anybody has any information, we would appreciate they give us a call c with regards to what happened.te it happened -- the person who w fled from the area fled during the daylight hours so if s somebody from thism t neighborhood saw something
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suspicious we would appreciate if they would give us a call.ul >> reporter: and again bothd at people did die. did d the man who was taken to theen t hospital in critical conditionoi was pronounced dead in dd addition to the man that wasan w found inside this home who washw also dead.also now right now police havew poli posted all this information about the suspect description dr on their twitter page and theytt tell me that again they arein te out here talking to residents rd about exactly what happened. hae tisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> brutally attacked andacked kicked to the ground.the a former marine assaulted aault outside a mcdonald's and the the entire incident was caught onaut camera. we do want to warn you thearn ye video may be difficult tomay if watch. >> christopher marquez won theon bronze star for his valor.val the former marine marquez mar believes the recent attack was racially motivated. fox5's matt ackland joins usoi live from the mcdonald's mcdon where this took place laste friday matt. sarah, sar, laura, this video makes you sick. y this is where christopher c marquez hit the ground after he was hit from behind coming right out the door and the
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once he was on the ground here, he was kicked twice. now, there are several cameraser inside. police released some of thatf tt video. six cameras inside but that t one above the door, that gothatg just about the best video and a then another one you'll see over here this furniture furtu store, take a look at thatk t little ball camera that picked up also the violence.. here is the blow that takesblow down the former marine, aari bronze medal recipient hit from behind as he was walking out of the mcdonald's. christopher marquez showed us u his injuries yesterday. yterd >> i believe that was fromha when i fell. it got better and i gotot another mark above here. >> reporter: keep watchingte the video and you can see see marquez is on the ground and gro someone appears to approachppro him and remove something from his pocket. marquez says his wallet had $400 cash inside. i it was taken. then the it all gets moret all r disturbing. watch this. he's kicked once and then a t again as he tries to get
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marquez says it all startd when a group of young people p approached him and asked himed h about this.t thi >> and they were asking me if i believe that black lives mattered.mattered they asked me that a few times and i was ignoring them atignore first because i felt they were r intimidating me.timidating they were being hostile. htile from how they approached meroace and were talking to me and a then they started calling me a racist. >> reporter: we asked mayor bowser about this.bout this. does this anger >> any crime angers me against anybody. >> reporter: police are hoping you may be able toor recognize three persons ofe th interest. this story has made national headlines and we asked the mayor if she's concerned about the impact this may have on visitors.visi >> people know about our city,y, the wonderful neighborhoodsei and the wonderful people here h and that a your not scared theyd
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a few violent people. >> reporter: there have beenter: more than just a few violent vio people and more than just a mort few in fact fox5 has beenn reporting for the last severalt months about many of thesean the groups of young people attacking people. peo a lot of them have been b happening on metro. now, in the past, several of these incidents have been solved because police have bec released video, released, releed pictures and then members ofemro the public have been able toe identify these people and helpnd solve the cases and tonight t authorities are hoping thatin ta someone out there might recognize the people in this pel video and give them a call.all. in fact, if you would like toli see them again, we have posted p them on our web site, laura, sarah.. >> matt, have you even talkeduvn to chris tonight to see how heew is doing, what his thoughtsisho are about this video even? e >> reporter: yeah, after i after saw the video i gave chris a a call after talking to himng t yesterday, i called him today. t just so happens he was in the wi doctor's office at the time. he said he needed to get some gs more he was still feeling a littlelil
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attack. he said the video when he saweo it was really hard to see. s in fact, some of it he didn't't even realize had happenedadap because once he was hit on thetn back of the head, he said he lost some of his memory at memot that point. so, understandably it was truly hard for him to see it all take place through thoseougt video cameras. cam >> all right, and we sure hoped he makes a full recovery. recov matt ackland reporting liveti for us. thank you. thank you. >> police in the district needen your help locating this man, anthony chambers. he's wanted in connection withdn a shooting at a southeast barbershop.barber the father and his 14 monthth old child were shot by three by masked men last friday along frg the 1000 block of eighthf ei street. police have arrested terrence achison and bear rebloomfield.lm they're asking for the public's help locating loc chambers who they say shouldhoul be considered armed andd dangerous. the father and son are expected to be okay.e
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deadly stab at a nightclub in nn the district. police arrested antoine bird yesterday. this afternoon he appeared in a hearing in d.c h. superiorsupe court and a judge ordered himim held without bond.ut b bird is accused of stabbing robinson palm of riverdaledale inside the club last month. m witnesses tell police the twos men had been arguing beforerguib that deadly stabbing. sta another man was stabbed in then hand during the incident butent was not seriously hurt. prince georges county police have arrested two men and charged them with the murder of one time informantnf owes sam at a el-atari. eat the leesburg man was foundas f shot to death in his truck on to a street near andrews airandrew force base. >> the motive for the murder m was robbery. fox5's paul wagner joins usr j now with the with theo paul. >> reporter: hey, laura and court charging documents in the case say a conspiracy was hatched among several people to assault and rob
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police believe the one time federal informant was abductedbe there and driven to a street dro just off the beltway where heele was robbed of a rolex watch and shot. on this stretch of road here roa to an abandoned house police hoc found the body of osama el-atari last saturdayas afternoon.te he was in the passenger seat s of his pickup truck he hade h been shot. investigators believe his body had been there since robbery rob two days earlier.yslier >> the charging documents say a rolex watch was missing. msi was other items taken as well. >> yes, other items were alsoms taken but the details of themf are part of the >> reporter: you can't sayepor whether it was money orhe anything else.r >> no i can't.o i >> reporter: but there was the more than just the rolex. >> absolutely. >> reporter: police arrested eric gary race of temple hillshi and charged them both with first degree murder. osama el-atari would have been in federal prison had he notsont agreed to cooperate with the feds and work to get ato get confarreation a former marine mr now on death row.
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el-atari was a smooth talkerotta with a big personality andsonala could talk to just aboutt a anyone and so when the feds needed an informant they an inf turned to el-atari who had scammed banks out of tens of millions of dollars. dollars >> he was that sort of guy. he was just a really likabley l guy and i'll be honest i don'tin like representing informants,g o people that rat on people and testify against people.if i justy generally i don't like it but i liked him a lot. him al >> reporter: in august ofn augut 2010 the feds wanted to see if el-atari could get jorgeld g j torres a marine to confess onono tape to the murder of amanda jean sto listen now as el-atari on theatn left gets a confession from f torres on the right.e right >> how did you make it look d like aid suicide?ci >> i told you. y >> no, you didn't tell me.tell m >> put her in the closet witht t a bag over her head.rea >> reporter: the two talked t for hours with el-ataris th e getting torres to admit to thedt vicious crime.s crime. >>
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you don't feel bad? >> nope.>> >> at all? >> nope. why would i feel bad? no. >> that's the scary part dude. . >> reporter: that's not all. el-atari was able to get able t torres to admit to the 2005 t 2 killing of two little girls inir his hometown of zion illinois,ll a crime in which a suspect had t already confessed. cfess and that's not all. a dna evidence pointed to torres the and with those confessions bernie grim was able to get el-atari's sentence greatlye reduced. >> as a result of his cooperation the judge gavege gae him -- we walked into court he gave him time served. >> reporter: which was nothing close to his original sentence of 12 years ande o12 y el-atari was a free man once again.again. now prince georges countypr police say the investigationin is ongoing but detecti tves dos not believe that el-atari'sl-ar' murder has anything to do withh his former work as an informant with the feds.with paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> tonight more than a
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county are calling on publicc school officials to cancelan classes for one day next nt month.month. the reason, safety concerns over the upcoming virginia primary. >> concerned parents areonce telling fox5 they have safety sf concerns over individualsver i being allowed to enter thete t school buildings to vote.vo. fox5's tom fitzgerald is live at the potomac elementarylt school with details on this fitz.y. >> reporter: good evening. you know, this all started with just one teacher here ater the loudoun county school couy c district but it is now grownow n into a viral movement. vir here's what's happening. happe the virginia primary is scheduled for march first.archit now, the school district hereisc already announced that theyuncea were going to delay schools by two hours but for many parentsyp and some teachers now, that is i not good enough. eug take a look at this. t this is a petition that is upp right now live on cr so far 1600 people and
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the demand that loudoun county t public schools cancel classescec on march first. the petition reads opening schools to the public raises red flags and makes ourags schools vulnerable.vuln schools are locked duringckeri school days to prevent school sl this two-hour delay was announced on february 9th but some parents and teachers saytst they have real concerns aboutons people, people they do n do noto know entering the school the buildings to vote on primary pma day while school children aren present. we spoke to that fourth gradede teach here started the petition. >> we've become very strict s with security protocols since the sandy hook tragedy.ook y. all doors are locked.. nonstaff are not permitted inmid the building without a purpose r and we're going to be more lenient with those protocols pro on march first.. >> how are they going to keep to the voters out of the general population where the studentsdet are? when we c
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we have to show our i.d.'s in.d order to get into the front door. >> reporter: these are allorte real questions of lots ofots parents here in loudoun countyuc now, for their part, we spoke to the loudoun county school cn district. they say this. contrary to what is written on that petition, they say no security procedures are being eased but this may not be the t final word on all this. the school board's education e board, well, they'll bey'll b meeting on february 23rd.ary 23 we are live tonight in i ashburn. tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. >> coming up the pope andheop american politics.ol pope francis has a strong atr message for donald trump.rump >> and tonight the gop the g presidential frontrunner is responding.responding. >> and more on the childld pornography arrestrrest investigation in prince georges county. the meeting that is happenings h tonight to take a closer lookr k at how the heinous crimeseinouse could have slipped byby officials.of >> employees
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data companies to track to employee's pregnancies. the reason they banter they monitor your doctor visit and vt if this practice is legal. sue. >> it will be a a beautifulll b looking day but on the chille yi side only getting up to abouto a 40 after a cold night.d n we have another cold night onigt tap and then i'm forecasting a little bit of spring fever forio a lot of us. we'll have a look at your look r forecast when fox5 local news wo atx5 5:00 returns. rurns gorgeous sunset. >> ♪
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>> taking a live look outside right now. i'm so happy to see the sun. >> me, too. it really is starting to makenk you think spring. spr >> even though it's 39 degrees9e according to our tv screens. sce >> wishful thinking, right?ig >> but you know what, the sunhe angle is getting higher so it so real does look brighter.s bri it feels better when we're not n having a cold day like todayikto and it just looks better onetteo tv, doesn't it. >> yes. >> i know. >> sun goes down at 5:48 and a couple other really good signson of spring to get us through a tu brief cold spell here. it is officially 30 days until spring which begins marcharch 20th. pitchers and catchers reported to viera, florida today for todr the washington nationals soo excited about that. t good signs as we take a looka lo at some of the high the h temperatures today which wereest a little bit below average forel this time of year but we're going to make up y for it as we get closer to the weekend.
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bwi 38 degrees and you can seeeu that as we look aroundan theookd region we've got some reallyeay gorgeous looking skies it is 38 but feels lik3030 because we have had a littled ae bit avenue breeze today asenue a high pressure has been gettingu ready to settle in on top of us out of the north at 13. definitely takes a little bittle of that temperature and makes m it feel colder. we're at 34 in gaithersburg,aitb 36 dulles, 40 for quantico and 36 for annapolis. annapol with the wind chill the wind wi should get a lotch better as bt this high pressure is going to g be settling in on top of us to t bring us not only a quiet qui night but a quiet end to our to week as well.ell. eventually see a couple of coupl clouds around by sunrise andse a tomorrow we'll probably be arobb mix of clouds and sun as we w have a warm front trying to push through tomorrow evening ei but for this evening, justning, kind of chilly and partlyndartl cloudy to clear skies att 7 o'clock about 34 degrees 3 with a few clouds. clo by 9 o'clock, 31 and getting cold already. by 11 o'clock, 29 and cold as cd well but our big weatherer headline is about the w
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winter is going to be taking a a break and i think we mighteigh even be safe to venture outside with several layerseraly removed and enjoy what will whal feel like an early spring preview with temperaturesempe closer to where they might be, , say n-late march and earlych any april. so, we'll take that when weha can get it. we also have still a storm torm talk about for next week. it's one storm that gives usto more questions than answers atnt this point but we have atnt b least a couple of things that oh we can talink about with that o the seven day coming up a u a little later. sarah and >> thanks sue. this is national randoman acts of kindness week. >> first recognized in 1995 by clinton. >> so how are you practicingraic kindness today? the randomhe ro acts of kindness foundation isin asking individuals to sign a a kindness pledge and spread thee word via social media about their #pledge to be kind.o be kn the organization wouldat also like to collect as manysan personal stories as possible pol about how you are being dined
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others. so yesterday we told you aboutot the physical effects that practicing kindness can haveinda on you and others who are the recipients of your kindness. k today are a few ideas that we w found on random acts of ways that youat y could practice kindness thiskins week. number one, you can pay it backward buy coffee for thefor person in line behind you. >> i never think to do that.hat. >> number two, send a positive p text message to five different e people right now. now >> a lot of people on thef pe floor right now are pullingul out their phones.eir ne you better send them to me. >> absolutely.>>bsolutely. >> number three, surprise ar th neighbor with cookies ores treats and number four, let f someone go in front of in you on line which is a really nice n gesture. gest >> that's an easy one, too.asy o >> and number five, carry umbrellas or bun delves new socks in your car and hand yr an them out to people when youe whu see someone who could benefit. f >> yeah. y >> that's a good idea.hat's a g. >> isn't that app great idea.t
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>> just make sure the socks sure are clean.elean >> yeah, exactly. exactly. little things that --ha >> here's my gym socks.s >> i know.>> >> i'm kidding. >> they have 50 simple ways to y be kind on random acts of >> cool. >> very easy to do. v >> coming up, what iser the first word that pops into your head when you hear the nameyou donald trump or hillary clinton?clinton? >> researchers actually posedrs that very question to voters ver and there was some interesting results. >> and the fight between applele and the fbi, the clock is ticking for the tech giant to appeal a federal decisionecisio demanding that it hack a terrorist's phone. phone how their fight might affectht c you. we're breaking that down ahea ahead. >> bye-bye banker. the new monopoly game is cashless.
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>> ♪ >> donald trump has made a lotp of enemies during his run forin president but his latest isest someone you may not haveve expected. pope francis. on a flight home from mexicoexio the holy father questioned trump's christian faith inristia regarding his plan to build a wall at the u.s.-mexico borderme if he's elected president. prest pope francis said "a personer who thinks only about building d walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is nots christian. this is not in the gospel ." at a press conference in south carolina trump wasted no time te firing back saying "for a a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgracefulisc and later quote if and whennd w the vatican is attacked byke b isis i can promise you that y ta the pope would have only he wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president because this wouldbeca not have happened.have h well, the vatican responded resd through a spokesman saying thehe pope always talks about a migration problems all aroundd the world. world
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these problems in a humane hum manner, of hosting those whoosnt come from other countries inntri search of a life of dignity dig and peace. and just last week trump toldmp the fox business network herk did not believe pope francisra understood what he called "thee danger of the open border wen bd have with mexico." mex for more now on the race for re the white house, sarah iss joined by fox5 political polit reporter ronica cleary.le >> what is the first word that d pops into your head when youo hear presidential candidatesda names. na researchers actually posedactu that question to voters and ronica is here with the results. i know there's names that popesa in my head but i probably pba should not say them.ay t >> we'll let you know whatou knw voters in virginia the center for public policy at christopher newportew university conducted research on virginia voters.ot they asked a lot of questions but one thing that stood outin to us. they asked them to say theg ths first word that comes to mayindm after saying the name of the republican candidates and the te democratic candidates fordates president. president. so, with those words theyhey cre
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word clouds. we'll show you a handful of o them and let's just look at lk one first. on we'll look at the democrats at e first. so we've got hillary clinton. we should have it pop-up up invp a second and when you see thisei the words that are large arehata the words that came up more often. the small are words are thearthe words people said less.led with hillary people said untrustworthy, dishonest, experienced, bill, liar overov here behind me.he let's look at bernie sanders sde the other democratic candidate. look at this, socialist right there, communist, likable, li honest but you see when theut ys words are smaller fewer peopleer said it. let's take a look at the front runners in the republicans in rp party. donald trump, lot more words loud, crazy, bully, arrogant,.a. >> blowhard. >> businessman. busin idiot. clown. all types of words here and wor then let's look at ted cruz. so, scary. conservative.cons christian. intelligent.ent. slimy. slimy. untrustworthy and what we wantan to do though is we want yo t
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ben carson.ben let's look at ben carson. car >> very interesting. vy >> we've got honest, intelligent. you can't see behind me but itet says doctor.oc there are some negative words, inexperienced but for the mostos part they seem to be a little al bit more so i spoke with rachel, one ofhf the researchers who conducted cn this stud deal. i wanted to get her thoughts thg on what does this mean and why do they seem so different.iffert >> the major take away fromajor this part of o are study is sdy that candidates that arere better known almost universally seem to be saddled s with a higher negative word association. >> that makes sense. >> very interesting.nteresting >> much more exposed and so people know the negatives.egives ben carson isn't as widely wid known.n. >> exactly. i love the word cloud. clo it's certainly not an exact an science.scie >> sure. sur >> but it is neat to visualize how people view theiehe candidates. >> ronica thank you. very interesting stuff. s shock and
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way to anger in prince georges county after sex abuse chargessg inside the school.side tch tonight police are meeting toeeg discuss the crimes who should be held responsible.le why you should care aboutshu apple's fight with the fbi.hhe . an expert is here to breakere re down just how the battle could c affect almost everyone's privacy.priv tumble weeds attack.le w atc it's happening in one t we'll take you there. >> ♪ ♪
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through
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in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news atwst 5:00. >> in just about half an hour h the prince georges countyince school board will hold aoa scheduled metering. we're told the schooldu system's volunteer program will beam wl e discussed especially in lightese of what's unfolded over the ovet past couple weeks.
5:32 pm
elementary school in glenarden a charged with sexual abuse andsee possessing child pornography.hy >> alexandra limon is live inn upper marlboro with more. alex. >> reporter: well, as wel, as have been covering this storyto since it broke and this ishi i very disturbing.turbg. it's also led to a lot ofa lot o questions about how could thishs happen, how could a a 22-year-old school volunteer voe have the kind of access to to children where he allegedlyllegy was able to sexually abusese them and then produce more than 40 child pornographynoap videos, that's according toaccod police. now, while all of these acts didn't happen at the judge sylvania woods school s property, many of them didhem according to police and the things that parents want toar w know is what's the process for volunteers? do they have atheye set schedule? who is supposed o to be supervising them? are they supposed to have unrestricted access toccess children when they're nothey'ren supervised where it could create a situation where something like this could happen? today we spent thee spt day talking to
5:33 pm
members of the community andhe parents who echo some of these t same questions and then we thenw brought those questions here h to the school board chair to try to get some answers and a clarification about their volunteering policy which is precisely what they're discussing at tonight's >> who is responsible for theor volunteers when they come iny the school? do they have a sign-in book? where are theywhy supposed to go? the personerso that they are supposed topod answer to, do they know where we they're at for the time thate t they are supposed to be there? e >> is there a schedule, youou know, specifically hour byr hour? how does volunteeringluni work? >> so, again, we have 204 buildings and it variesries although we have some specificef criteria in our policy.y. the point of this is toso examine the very question that q is you're asking, to make sure r is the way the policy's pic structured too loose or does or it allow too much flexibility or the right amount oft o flexibility. >> reporter: now i
5:34 pm
lot of this is a personnelnn matter but i have to ask. bav the principal was placed onla leave. le was it onlyav principal and ifaf so, why? i mean, wasn't therehe teachers that, you know, thisnot volunteer was in their classroom, didn't they at someta point have a responsibility tons know what was going on with their children, theirhe volunteer, their classroom or others any other just teachers, whoever? is oneoever person to blame, i don't thinki' so, right?so, right? >> so, we are in the midst ofe a veryin thorough investigationi the principal was put on administrative leave under an abundance of caution and weautid right now don't have all the alt answers about what theer principal did or ds idn't know,k what the teachers did or d didn't know.dn't we will find out through thishis extensive investigation andga a then whoever -- if we find w fin people who were not doing the di things that they were supposed to be doing, then this school s system will hold themhe accountable. >> reporter: now, some ofr: nowo the other red flags or atgs o least what look like red flags f from the outside are the factsi that carraway was only on thelye schedule to volunteer twice aeri week but we've been told thatol he was showi
5:35 pm
school and was allowed toed volunteer five days a so the question to the school board was why was thatwas whs allowed? aren't therelowe policies in place about this, and i was told that while theyty are discussing the generalng volunteering policy tonight atoa the meeting at 6:00, they will not be discussing carraway's caa case specifically and theycay an couldn't answer my questions qso they say because this is still an ongoing criminal investigation. so far prince george's countye police have said therege are 17 victims that they know of but the fear is that there couldheou be many more. many re. so, at this point the schoolth board, school system stilll trying to figure out the answers to many of these questions. reporting live in upperpe marlboro, alexandra limon,on, fox5 local news. >> an alumni group from balloumo high school will meet this meeth evening to discuss whether theu school's name should beamould changed.changed. earlier this week we told you about an idea being floaterdated to rename ballou after former mayor and city council member mar
5:36 pm
the community appears to be b split on the idea.spli some say renaming ballou wouldl be a great way to honor barryon while others say the balloual name is historic and should ands not be changed. developing tonight, theht, t fight between the fbi and apple.ape. the two sides are locked in a in legal battle right now and the fbi wants apple's help's hp investigating the deadly sandly bernadino shooting. shoin the bureau is asking apple to unlock the iphone that wasas used by one of the shooters sot but apple says providing thatt help risks smartphone security for everyone.ryon joining me now to help break t down this case and the repercussions that couldld have -- that we could have for a all smartphone users is allen butler, senior counsel for electronic privacy informationnr center or epic. thank you so much for being forg with us tonight. tight >> thanks for having me.hank >> this is a big story. a big so a lot of people are buzzing about it but explain whatha exactly is going on here. h what is the fbi asking of ap
5:37 pm
>> sure. so, in this particular case, the fbi has one phone that was t used by the suspects and whatnd they're asking applepple essentially to do is to createre a custom piece of software softw that would disable theisable t security features that would typically prevent a hacker orr a bad actor from sort of guessing or otherwise attacking the password on yours phone, the password that protects all the informationeor that's stored on everyone'sred phone. >> the question is why in then w interest of national security sc wouldn't they -- apple do this t in this one case if it's goingog to reveal some goodoo information for the fbi?bi >> sure. you know, i think what'snkha important to keep in mind isnin that this case isn't really reay about this case, it's about every other future situationuatn where the government or the or fbi or any government might m ask for special access toess t special software. stware. here we're dealing with one wit phone that's really, you know, k it may or may not have someom evidence on it that's a smalls a part of a much largerhar investigation
5:38 pm
the flip side apple probably wouldn't be too obliged to to assist with one phone but i think they read in the teahe leaves here that the fbi isth te really asking for them tofor emt provide this sort of exceptional assistance for allif investigations where they'reio going to runns into encryption n and also i think the bigger picture issue that apple has identified in their letter toter their customers and publically a is that they don't what don't wt happened to under mine theed to basic security of theirfheir devices and systems that areys t used by millions of people both in the united states and around the world.he wor >> i was going to ask you piggybacking on that how does de it boil down to the privacy ofty all of justice if they were to release it what does thishado mean? what kind of precedentf does this set?does this se >> i think there's really twoeao aspects of it.aspect i one is that these devices are secured in lamp part based onlap a system of trust between theett users and between the deviceev manufacturers and when the user stores sensitive sensiti information on the phones, weont all know that we keep privatete messages on
5:39 pm
photographs, a lot of timesot t financial information, medical records, a whole host ofholet o sensitive information on theseoo devices and we trust thatst tha those devices are secure in part because applepple manufacturers in a certain way and apple keeps them secure byeb ensuring the software is up toar date and there are no major maj security flaws in it.laws in i but essentially what the fbi is trying to do here is to get apple to willingly create ail piece of software that would remove those securityurity protections from thistions fr particular device but couldict c also potentially be used u against other devices. dev >> and it breaks down thatks do trust like you said betweend bee the consumer and thiss business, obviously appleus app so, where do they go from here? how do you see this playing out? >> well, what will happen ispe i the court has given apple anle opportunity to challenge thehale order and so apple will likelyik and they've said they're goingrg to challenge the order so order they'll likely file thatfile tha challenge with the court that tu issued it potentiallyenal depending on what happens that a order could be litigated and
5:40 pm
ultimately appealed to a higher court.hi we could see this play outee tpa over the next months and mths potentially years in litigation. >> is there precedent on this?en >> there are a number of cases that involve requests for assistance but as far as ii know nonspecifically involving l this level creating new software that would circum c vendor existing security sur features. in the past phones haven't been protected in the same wayam that modern phones are and so it's been more minimalin technical level of >> it's an interestingesti debater, privacy obviously aious hot button issue in so manyany ways.wa. allen butler from epic thanksc for being with us and breaking n it dn. sarah, back to y. >> laura, thanks.s. sue and i are just hanginga out watching the sunsetun together. toge >> i love this sarah. lov i think we need a beverage. bevg >> i think we do, too.oo. >> and or a dress the color ofoo this sun said. there goes one of the jets. someone taking off maybe for aae warm spot.rm spo >> miami or something fun. >> you know what i say stayw wht right here because we're goingrg to bring a little warmth to wmt you as we get into the t weekend.end. that it's a good headline,od right. >> we
5:41 pm
and have our drinks. dnk it's national drink wine day. d >> it is? and also isn't it it like do some kindness forndne f somebody. >> yeah, yeah.>> >> you're going get me ame a bottle of wine. of >> i'm totally going do thatotng and we will celebrate what we w hope will be a nice littlee ltl spring preview that's going toh' be coming as we get closer to c the weekend.nd hey, it's almost the weekend. tomorrow is friday.s we'll have a mix of clouds afndd sun for our friday.ri it's also a little on the coolol side but late tomorrow nightorrn if you have plans headingng downtown i don't think it's't t quite as chilly, a warm frontarf is going to come through thr friday night and saturdaynd sata looks sunny and warm. w it looks like it will be aike mild day on sunday but maybe buy some afternoon showers, lightrsl stuff or an evening showerningho with a cold front that's going to be getting closer to us onn sunday.ay. all things considered thoughgs still a really nice c weekend.. our last headline questioneue continues to be circulating onlo what will happen with the storm next week.storm it looks likely to be now more r wednesday and thursday or perhaps beginning as rain or r snow late on tuesday night so ns
5:42 pm
just a little bit and continuedc to keep an eye on it. it. right now we still have someav m track questions and especially questions if it's cold enoughnog to produce an accumulation. meanwhile 38 degrees here inees days. it's 32 out at gaithersburg,ers, 36 for frederick and dulles.ul 36 for martinsburg andnsburg baltimore also right there athee 36 but wanted to show you the yt nice warm temperatures that wepa see in the middle part of the country that our area of high o pressure will try to push in ph our direction. it's 76 in wichita right now. rn 85 in amarillo.mar dallas is 74. houston 72.2. and new orleans 70.rleans 70. so we like to see this otherhi h map when we're forecasting aecs warmup. look at denver at 72 degrees2 gr as w even chicago has come up topo 40 degrees.40 degrees. so, a little bit of a warmup coming, it's not tomorrow andomw it's certainly not tonight. tig we're dropping to 25 tonight. tg we'll have a few clouds aroundsa as the clouds increase aheadhead of our frontal boundary and a mix of clouds and sun for ourur friday with a temperature ofturf 44. so a little bit of a chillye bia afternoon but then
5:43 pm
get a little bit better as we as head on into the weekend. wee wanted to show you some of the clouds that are going to beare o passing on through but let's b t wrap it up with the goodh stuff. the fox5 accuweather 7-day 7-d forecast.recast and we're going 61 for 61 saturday with a few clouds. again, sunday more clouds around.arou we're still, though, going tohog get to about 59 degrees sos that will feel fantastic. a couple of showers late day,er not a lot.t a don't worry, it will all be liquid and then we're keeping ki monday on the dry side.ide. tuesday late rain or snow and sn we still have to say it's i either going to be rain or raino snow or a combination of ao little bit of both of them in tn the wednesday-thursday timehu frame. we'll continue to watch itinue closely for you.ely laura, sarah, back over to over you.u. >> thanks, sue. >> well, some of us aren't us a' fans of all the snow we've hadwe this year, at least we're not w' dealing with this.h >> whoa. >> check out what is going on w in thihas australian town. mounds and mounds of tumble te weeds, it really does happen.ap it's not just a myth. the weeds are so tall they'reeye blocking people's lawns evenla their windows.indows. this weed growth is
5:44 pm
panic there in australia andalid it apparently happens every year. ye but officials say it's worses sw this year because of severef see drought conditions caused byausb el niño. don't hairy panic.ic. >> that puts it in perspective. , hairy panic, that's funny. >> i could use that for a lot of different jokes i'm sure.reni all right,'m monopoly without neney. the new edition ditching paperir money for debit cards.itar >> employers using big data companies to track employees' pregnancies. >> and an exwizards player can't score outside seats to see kobe bryant play.kobe bryan. we're going tell you what w antics gilbert arenas is up to u now to get a front row seat for kobe's final game. wow, tough these days.
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
>> wanted a spring preview soa g we're getting it, >> talking about the abt >> yeah, it's here.he yeah, it' >> already. >> they're in florida.hey' i think well love to be in welle florida right about now.out n. >> who wouldn't. who wouldn't. >> certain parts of florida.f fl >> look at the sunset behindheue us. >> beautiful.>> >> pretty gorgeous. pretty gorg >> palm trees.eo palm s. >> yeah, but they're downhere dn there doing some work.e do it is a sign of spring and opening day isn't that far tha r away. we're of course talking aboutoun pitchers and catchersrs a cat reporting today in vieira. vie this is the first formal grouplg activity and we'll see it on anl saturday. the rest of the team has toe tet get there by tuesday. tuesday. what are pitchers and catchersea doing on these first few days? d take a look. nats pitcher dancing in leiderhosen.le anotherid day at the springt thg production we'll probably see that on the scoreboard in some shape orrd is form.ha they have to do physicalsi checkups and bullpen sessionses and those will probably start on saturday. >> impressive. >> the wizards made a move on the
5:49 pm
yahoo sports reported the whiz t sent kris humphries who was married to somebody, a draft d pick to phoenix. morris played well with about 15 points but this year hethis struggled a bit. b his shooting percentage dropped.oppe a scuffle on the bench.hech morris got into it with a teammate. he was also angry with theany wi suns for trading away his twin i brother to detroit last offroit season paving the way for a a new start right here. h this nba season is a farewell tour for kobe bryant.ry lake kerr kearse star hanging hn it up and fans aren't the only ones who want a front row seat w for the last chance to visit greatness. gilbert arenas also wants in was on the action. he posted this photo of kobe of on the instagram with the caption just trying to get get court side seats for kobe'ss last home game. game. sold out. he goes on to ask the lakersheak owner for a 10 day contract sotc he could sit on the
5:50 pm
bench and watch kobe fromrom those court side seats.ea >> just when you think that they would have someavom connections to be able to getabo a ticket, apparently not.ot >> it's not always about whout you know, it's, you know -- kno maybe if he was still playingla maybe he would have a shot at it.t i don't think they're going togo do. do that it's kobe's time.e's t >> good lighting >> that's true, the dramatic, ta lighting. we know that well. know >> yeah. let's head over to shawn for arf look at what's next on fox5on f local news at 6:00. 6 >> i would figure gilbert arenas do could get a seat s i'm sure somebody's listenings e and somebody saw that post p could hook him up for sure.ur lauer remarks sarah youre guys don't need a lot ofd motivation to work out, right? r it doesn't come that easy toas most americans. ameri we'll get you up off the couchhc and get you moving even after you lost weight. wait until you hear whatrha researchers found was the best b motivator to get people too exercise and keep exercising.xi. then it turns out french frc fries are not as bad for youad y as everyone thought. tught we'll explain why researchersaie say deep frying your potatoesfr is
5:51 pm
boiling them. we'll be right back.
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5:54 pm
>> when you're expecting ayo baby you expect to beu' the one to inform your employer aboutloa it but thanks to big data or big brother they may not bet very surprised. surprised >> a new report from fortune fou magazine looks at how employers are using healthcare analytic companies to trackock employee's health.ea they can tell their clientsir ci their workforce includes 60 ince women who are trying to get pregnant but won't discloseose names. na the companies can legally doegal this kind of tracking becauseec insurance claims don't necessarily fall under hipaa h laws to protect your privacyri when it comes to medical it mes records. re they don't? d >> i didn't know about that. t >> how does that work. how >> you got to be careful.oto be >> yeah. no more counting out bills to bt buy up the boardwalk. the boarda the board name monopoly
5:55 pm
getting rid of paper money.oney. instead monopoly is goingng digital which it has been fort n awhile but this new edition is different.ffer bank card you swipe to buy properties is how the digitalig version works.veion the new edition also includes updated chance cards that have different life the updated version expectedte to hit store shelves in thelv fall. a mom turns her son's nap sn time into beautiful works of art. we're going to slo going to shou next. kathleen matthews: too many nights, i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons,
5:56 pm
because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
ly. >> great story. whenever this infant closed his eyes for ns ap time he wases whisked a way to a magicala wa g world. the california mom of three says she set up a scene several hours before her son's nap time and then when he fellwe asleep, they placed him in thehe scene and then she takes thesehe super innovative photos.eho >> so cute. c she hopes to one day put one together a book of her worker and she should because it'sshouu beautiful. >> how awesome is that.
5:59 pm
>> when my baby was born my photographer did the same thing. had to be asleep and got theepng greatest shots. shots >> so cute. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. 5: >> fox5 local news at 6:00locala starts right now. >> ♪>> >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00. >> graphic new video shows the s moments a group of teenagers tna attacked a decorated warated w veteran outside a a d mcdonald's.mcdona tonight we're pressing the mayor for answers to the spikens in violence across the city.ity. then prince georges countyrc school officials will meet to discuss the child porn scandaln involving a former school volunteer.volunt and. >> very nice president.erce p >> trump tactics. ttics the outspoken presidentialresi hopeful fires off on the pope p in what's become a rage filledef feud over christianity.isan fox5 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> it is good to have you with y us tonight. i'm shawn yancy.wn yancy >> and i'm jim lokay in forn for tony perkins.erki fox5 is in prince georgesce geos county where school leadershe s are mee
6:00 pm
stricter volunteer quite criteria after that child pornhr investigation in the county.atio deonte carraway a former f school volunteer now charged cha with filming more than a dozenen children performing sex actsg sc in different locations.ntocat fox5's alexandra limon live live tonight with that story. >> reporter: we've been covering this disturbing storydi since it broke. it led tost a lot of questions t specifically about howifical 22-year-old deonte carrawayar was able to have unrestrictedice access to these children, questions about are volunteers supposed to be supervised by someone, are they supposed to be alone with children, dohildr, they have any hour by hour h schedule where people would know where they are at allre times or are they just allowed a to walk into a school and gond wherever they want and do do whatever they want whicht whi appears to be what deonte carraway did.awayid. police are now saying therethere are 17 victims that they know k of and today we spoke to concerned parents an


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