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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> we have breaking news rightnr off the top at 6 o'clock.'clo all lanes of 495 shut down d after connecticut avenue creating massive backups. this is on the beltway.s you can imagine theon nightmarea skyfox is over the scene of o this tractor-trailer accident.rd we have team coverage straight ahead. >> also a final farewello a fina begins today for supreme courtot e stice antonin scalia.ic we are live outside of thede o high court this morning.orni >> giving you a live lookivoo outside on this fridayon thi morning. it is february 19th.y th a weekend warmup is on theis on way. tucker has more details coming n up in just a few. good friday morning, it'sning, ' rough out there. we apologize ao right off the break. i'm allison seymour. seymo >> i'm steve cve let's get to breaking news outnw of montgomery county.on the accident ontg th
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causing such a big backup thisch morning. erin como is going to help usngt out this morning.orni not the way you want to starto a a friday.rida i keep telling myself it's it's friday. friday. get through this and hopefullynp we're okay. oka >> absolutely.>> if you haven't left the houset u yet leave early if you travelyo in montgomery county.tgco the traffic you're seeingc you'e getting by on the outer loopby right now is just those folks os that had been stuck in thehe backup for over an hour since s this crash happened between wisconsin and this point atpot connecticut right now. you can see traffic completelyoy stopped for the most tractor-trailer crash happenedpe on the outer loop and thend tractor-trailer crossed the median and it spilled overer onto the inner loop. there's a hazmat situation because of the overturnedhertur tractor-trailer. we're not confirmed how manynf other vehicles yet have beenav involved in this crash.lved in c we do know serious injuries iur are involved and there's a huge investigation under way.gar my best advice to you if you're traveling on the outern loop let's take a look at oura o maps you'll want to exit at to i colesville road.svle r things are backed up at a standstill from that point ont o through and then in addition ai to that as you make your way out on the inner loop exit at ea old georgetown roaow
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one lane is getting by howeverer on the right side, you saw you s that right shoulder getting byd on the inner loop. try to ease that backup.that now aside from that 270270 southbound is just overflowingtw with traffic towards the spur tr right now. folks can't get on thecat ge beltway. they're going have to continue onto 355. some alternates for you. you can take randolph road. that run rs parallel to thele t beltway p north of the beltwayhb or underneath the beltway beltw south of the beltway take east-west highway but we'llhw bt start to see a ton of traffic ta on our secondaries as folks f are exiting at colesville andvi old georgetown road.gewn r as tucker got stuck in there t backup coming to work this morning, a lot of frustratedrad drivers. this is not just affecting the beltway backing thanks up it'sap also affecting several secondaries throughout montgomery county.mont we do have team coverage thisagh morning. morning. melanie alnwick is out there.utt what are you seeing are you see traffic-wise in addition ton ad the beltway backup? b >> reporter: hey, good h morning, erin. yeah, i got to tell you it did not take very long forong gridlock to set in on all ofnll those secondary roads.dary roa we were heading our way up 32
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out the fatal accident thereentt earlier this morning when we whw heard about this one, turned, te around and it was really it rea trying to figure out by b looking at our traffic appsffics and trying to figure out which w way do we go because everyau side road we looked at quickly started to red line and back up. you can see right here we arere able to see just on the otherheo side of the beltway here, so s looks like we've pinpointedinpoe where exactly the location of of the tractor-trailer overturning is and then over here you can see this is beach drive. dr this is one of those pointse where people would try to makela a little cut through to getroug either over to connecticutonnecc avenue, old georgetown road, those areas and it is justt complete -- everyone on theone brakes trying to get throughrygo here and think about how early e it is this morning. so, after we are done with youiy guys here, we are going to go tg and try to figure out some o s work arounds and see what that h is like for us.r i did talk with -- briefly b
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state police and they just described it as debris andnd stuff all over the beltway. bely it is going to be quite an extended closure this morning tr and maryland state highwayighway administration is now puttingwug out alerts to drivers telling tg everyone to please prepare for an extended morning commute. cmu you could be stuck in this forhf quite some time. t and so -- and again, good advice from erin as well thatela go ahead and plan your plan y alternate routes before you leave the house this morningus 'cause you are going to be inngo it for quite some time.uite s back to you >> all right, good advice.dv not what people want to hear toh but be prepared. ppa also in the district nine months after the brutal murderur of three family members andembea their housekeeper the man accused that of crime will bel arraigned.arraigned. a grand jury indicted darnndic winter of 20 felony charges.rg those charges include firstnclue degree murder burglary kidnapping extortion arson and n theft. thef >> big news out of baltimore, the trials for those six police officers charged in the
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been put on hold by maryland'sy' highest court.ou the court of appeals is now deciding whether officer off william porter can be forced to testify against otherin officers charged in the case. i. porter went on trial last wen december, he was the first one but that case ended in a hungn n jury. prosecutors say they plan toey t retry >> five past the hour righthe hu let's get to tucker barnesuckers right now fresh off his tourf hu of the beltway.eltw >> yeah.>> >> lots of fun this morning. mni the way things go. >> it's -- yeah. you just have to be patient.nt. >> i'm hoping that you hearg thr this on air, on radio on your phones, don't go to theto >> yeah, you think that being b in the news business i wouldes know that ahead of time. of t >> that's okay.hat' oka >> lessons learned. l >> this is a no judgment zone,et tuck. >> all right. >> you paid the price.outh we're okay. >> i appreciate that.ciate at. beautiful stars out there.out t >> you got to see them. tm. >> oh, yeah.h,ea >> okay. >> yeah, roll down the windowl e and relax 'cause you're not y going 28 in washington, 24 in annapolis.
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there. teens north and west. frederick is 19 degrees, 18 insi gaithersburg this morning soburg lots of cold air to start yoursy day. had a few clouds try to move tom in here from the west and w we'll be kind of partly sunnylyy today. a little warmer thanr tha yesterday. 45. we're still on track for ouror o nice weekend start. sta looks like saturday is thehe nicer of the two days withayit highs near 60 tomorrow. t today not a bad day. most importantly if you'ref your hanging around, trying to find something to do on the beltwayel at 4:00 in the morning. 45 degrees.egrees >> thanks, tuck.uc >> uh-huh.>> u >> final farewell begins todaybs for the supreme court justice j ander school. justice antonin scalia.ia. >> fox5 it's megan dice joins dn us live. your picture on twitter was twit very telling, just bouquetou there at the steps of the supreme court. >> reporter: yeah, it'ste yea actually way over it's quite beautiful and good ao morning to you, guys. g scalia served as associates aoc justice of the supreme courtof t from 1986 to
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when he died in texas at thet te age of 79.f 79. he was appointed by ronald reagan. an now, take a look at this.k at t this is some of the eventss som there are happening over the next two days. day a private ceremony will be held here at the supreme courtre from 9:30 tome 10:30.30 after that a public viewingie will be open from 10:30 to 8 o'clock tonight.ock t the viewing will take place inn the great hall here at the u.s. supreme court. tomorrow saturday sur february 20th there will be ah l funeral mass for scalia at 11:00 that will take place atlaa the basilica of the national nao shrine of the immaculatee immace conception. meantime the debate continueses about how to replace justiceceus scalia often called the calthe court's conservative heavyiv weight. we obama promised to nominate a successor soon.esoo that person would be confirmedde by the senate but mitch mch mcconnell leader of theell leade republican majority says noity s one should be appointed until after the inauguration of theinu next now, the president not attending the funeral tomorrow. the white house presswh secretary citing theit reasonn potential security detail foreto the president, extensive een security detail to
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disruptive.sruptive we're live at the supreme supme court, megan dice fox5 local5oc news. >> still ahead a feudad a feud involving religion anding region politics.poli >> donald trump is taking on plenty opponents but this time m may be his biggest one, he one,h takes on the pope. pop that debate took center stagente at a town hall last night.astigt we're back with that after the t break. it is eight minutes past the hour.
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>> ♪ >> 6:09 right now.>> 6 as we take a look outside a l right now at the beltway andnd this problem is just -- it's--t' going to be this way forway f hours. that's the word we're gettingeti from both melanie alnwick whowi is on the ground there neargrndn the scene of the beltway and the also what erin is telling this is between wisconsin and connecticut just a heads up. yes, that is a vehicle a-car on the median there and youre ay can see the tractor-trailerra there has spilled its load its l that is covering the roadshe r there. so, it's on the beltway again between wisconsin and connecticut and it is going to be a very slow go thiso is morning. in the race for the white house hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking a lot oe shots at each other as bothr a b remain in that heated race in nevada. the big headline on the republican sidon trump nowanon taking on thside, donald trumptp >> reporter: it's a tight race for the democratic racetic for president ahead of theent ah nevada caucus.aucu bernie sanders pushing back against hillary clintonhoclinn w has accused the vermonthe ver senator of not supportingot supn president obama.pres >> there is one of the two the t democratic candidates here who
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actually ran against barack it wasn't me. >> reporter: the former secretary of state hasr: taken criticism for sanders over herd support from wall street and other special interests. >> i have a number of differences with senatorh senatr sanders and we've been laying'vg those out in the campaign andinc we're going to continue to dotou that. >> reporter: meantimeepor republicans are fighting it out in southar carolina ahead of their primary as they try tothrt narrow down the field of fld candidates. donald trump is now firingw fin back at the pope who said thatdh donald wasn't a christian andisn blasted trump's proposal for asa wall at the mexican be >> and he also talked aboutalkea having a wall is not christianhi and he's got an awfully big b wall at the vatican. vatic >> reporter: when i say his competitor jeb bush is moreeb bs supportive of immigration he doesn't agree with the pope's ts comments. >> i just don't think it's appropriate to question donaldld trump's faith. he knows what his faith is. fth. >> reporter: ohio governorte john kasich is gaining fameis gf for being the compassionate candidate after giving a hugafte at a rally to a supporter who had been dealing with a loss in his >> there are a lot of people are out there who are lonely andonea they're looking for a place tof tell people about theirut
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i mean, could you believe that young man --g m >> reporter: the republican primary in south carolina andouc the democratic caucus incric c nevada will both be held tomorrow. in new york patricia stark,a ar, fox news. >> we want to know your we wantt thoughts on the issueso .es. shot pope be weighing in on american politics and what diddh you think of trump's response? o comment on our fox5 d.c.5.c facebook page or tweet us andwes let us know with the #fox5d.c. >> 6:12. still ahead how long you live l might depend on how much moneyn you yo that's according to a neu w study. seems like it might be commonghe sense to me but anyway we'llanyw tell you about it when we come c back, take a closer look.r l >> as we take a look outsideutse right now, problems out thereem on the beltway.elay. just a messy ugly situation out there. it's going to take hours tors clean up is the estimate. estimt this again between wisconsinns and connecticut avenues in ave montgomery county so just ame heads up there. the weather and traffic on the 5'sd coming up next.p n it's 6:12.
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>> ♪ >> live look at the beltway. a let me tell you something, if you -- if this is your commuteuc this morning, please right now g we hope that you're hearing us some way on your phone, on your -- over the air, avoidvoid this at all costs. costs. this is going to take awhileg a to clean up. this is 495 between5etwe connecticut and wisconsin wcons avenues. a lot of folks traveling this,vt a lot of folks trying to getg an early start on the weekendn e going to work early or whatly ow have you, you are going goi nowhere if this is your route this morning and melaniening ann alnwick letting us know that knt some of the work arounds alsoo getting congested this
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it is 6 hopefully maybe the the bosshe s is a little lenient you canen get in there a little bit later but pointing out theting t debris all across both lanes l of the beltway there, one laneol trying to get by. earlier erin said the cars t car trying to get by steve were w those that were waiting thoughng for up to an hour or more just sitting there when all of this s happened i presume. >> just not a good scene.cene axle and there the cab of that truck -- truck -- >> and there are j >> very serious injuries. injie so, somebody's not coming home tonight when you weigh that against your frustration this f morning. >> it's going to take that obviously to a position where police can investiga pte any ana also cars can can rollanol through. we'll check in with erin in ainr minute.mi first though, tuck, it is, tuk,s friday morning. >> yes. >> try to embrace that best weab can. >> allison i was in my early iny 20's when i left this morning.i now look alet me after waiting i through that.h t >> that's a good one.dne >> there's your bus stop your bu forecast t all right, it's all t cold out there, too.ut there, t. make sure you are ready for aada cold start to your day withay w temperatures in the teens and i low 20's.w 20' here's your pickup foreca
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for the bus stop.thbus stop. 18 to 30. to it will be a pleasant wilbe a pe afternoon but a cool one.n t a low to mid 40's here.s maybe mid 40's by midafternoonao a dry day. 28 now in washington.ashing you can see those cold temperatures, 24 in annapolis,np off to the north and west you got 18 manassas, dulles,s, gaithersburg, frederick all inrk the teens this morning.ning hagerstown martinsburg -- too,b- as we're off to a very chillyy l start. we had some cooler air arriverr yesterday and it's really seteay upon us early this morning. mori all right, we've got a littletl bit of cloudiness off to our west. area of high pressure thathighr will keep things dry today soods we'll go partly sunny today. might be a flurry. a flu looks like we're picking up ap flurry out to the west.o th wes. we're not expecting anything other than that. a nice start to our weekend too. still featuring temperaturesuri around 60 tomorrow. there's a bigger look. fairly quiet weather patterner t for the time being.for we'll take it.we'ltake what's going happen as we getapg into the weekend we'll startnd with our temp in the 60's soin o warm front tonight will comelom through with some cloudiness. around 60 tomorrow and then ahe cold front saturday afternoon ar and an area of low pressurewss riding along it w
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some clouds and some showerome w activity i think by sunday. thi most of the showers shoulds be d pretty light but we'll have a few showers around by sundayy 45 today. mix of sun and clouds.loud we'll go cool. winds five to 10 and here iss your seven-day forecast. 61 gorgeous glorious degrees tomorrow a few showers on few s we're still on track for thatha possible winter event tuesday and wednesday. right on the fence between the rain-snow line.ra we have to watch it carefully. i'll be updating at tuckert tucr fox5 and then cool next week, around 40 by next tuesday andnd wednesday.wedn i'm not the man of the hour. erin is the traffic reporter of the hour. how is it looking? looking >> we are just seeing such slow moving traffic t unfortunately you experiencedu e this yourself this morning,f thi tucker.tucker right now skyfox over anw yfox extremely messy situation onuatn the beltway. inner loop and outer loop shut l down between wisconsin and connecticut.ti they're forcing all traffic toa exit at wisconsin avenue ornue connecticut avenue.ecen the traffic you're seeingafyo getting by with some of theso of inner loop and outer loop cars s that were stuck in that backup c as allison mentioned they told
6:19 am
morning.rn tons of debris, overturnedd semi that crash happened onapne the outer loop spilled onto the inner loop and it's goingopa to be several hours for thes fo investigation and clean upbefore they're able toeo reopen that really busylly stretch of road. have patience.nce. we have options for you to getyg around this but if you haven'toh left already, leave early or o try to wait out the morning mor rush. let's switch it over right now as we take a look at that debris a and that cab of theb of semi right there. randolphandolp road north of the beltway, youeu can take that or the inside the beltway 410elay 4 east-west highway.t hig. just anticipate that those routes are going to be veryoingv backed seeing a lot of extra traffictra on wisconsin and connecticutne this through silver spring bethesda in montgomery county you'reery o just going see a lot of very lov slow moving . if you're headed to nih just jus be prepared.paed. you'll see atypical slowcal s moving traffic. that is not the only crashl c this mor we're seeing backed up trafficn on 270 southbound, the spurhepur leading towards the beltway.el 270 southbound a crash after aft middlebrook road. more crash activity on theshivit beltway. inner loop at 66 the left laneee blocked in
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loop at the eisenhower eisen connector dealing with a bigr de crash and just quickly want tolt mention inbound new york i avenue closed right now wayt now crash. traffic has to turn onto new oo jersey to get around that one.ho we got you covered. cover it is a messy friday morning. back to you guys.ys >> thanks, erin. the latest celebrity newsri in prime time. people magazine is close toazin inking a deal for a weekly tv we we'll have those details next.lx >> first though let's take a look at harlem globetrotters superstar scooter christiansen. this is a 100-foot trick shotick from the roof of the staplesta center in los angeles.nter i how about that? >> what?>> >> let's watch it again.t >> what happened? did he make?k it. >> here fritz a differentfrit angle. nothing but net.g t net. >> wow. >> how about that? t they'll be inside the staplespl center performing over the per weekend. although it looks like theik show outside is just as good. 6:20.
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♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> wealth and health. wea turns out the rich liveou longer.t makes sense, right? we'llight w talk about it. aut i joining us now from the fox the business network studio lauren simonetti. good morning to you. m >> reporter: hey, good morning. happy friday. >> we want to get right to the good stuff. happy friday to you. now, i liked a little show here on fox called tmz but apparently people magazine isin trying to get in on thishis celebrity news in the prime tme time hour. tell us about it. uabout i >> reporter: so, the newter:o, w york post is reporting that abc and people mag are in a deal to have a weekly primeeekle time show on abc.
6:24 am
not sure too many specificsy spc right now. of course this is a report in io the new york post but if you b i think about it people mageople hasn't done too much inuch anything other than itsthot magazine, right. >> right. >> reporter: the magazine is mai widely circulated three and a half million copies, people cope give the them their baby pictures first et abc is saying we can make a caka great show out of this.t ut we can get those exclusive elu scoops. apparently they're workingly t together and we could see ande o people magazine show soon. soo >> very interesting in thisngn time when you can see a lot of stuff on the internet.on we'll see how that works out. let's end though -- thwe talkedl about the wealth.out e wea let's talk about health.lth. apparently if you make moree m money, you live longer.onge makes sense to me because youecu can get that great medical medic care but what's this about.s >> reporter: exactly. exa you have better access tor accet doctors to food to healthcare,lt et cetera. so, the brook institution outin with this study and they foundyf for the most part high are higre income men live about 12 years longer than lower income men.en and this becomes a problemro when they're about to retire
6:25 am
and take their associate a benefits because the lowerts b income folks typically takelyak them earlier which means theiret checks are smaller which meanshh they have less none get them t through retirement, less moneyes to spend on their healthealt whereas rich men take thosericht benefits later in life andnd their checks are bigger.igr. >> makes okay. but it's good if you're at ae aa certain age you can maybean start to try to put some money aside so that you can liveniv long as well.s >> reporter: i was surprisedr: by the difference in the life expectancy, though.ho 12 years and 10 years forears fr women is a very long time. >> makes sense.ense lauren thanks.ha have a good weekend. >> reporter: thank you.or you too.teyou to >> speaking of the peopleeo magazine and tmz -- tmz sportss has its own show on our cousin station. they're amping up their sports coverage now. >> seems like they're behind l the curve on that but we'llik see how they don to.e how ey people magazine on abc, tuck.bct >> all right. >> what's going on out there?in >> it's cold. it's co we'll start with that. 28 degrees at reagan national, o 18 this morning dulles, bwi marshall 20.hall chilly start to your day.
6:26 am
appropriately attired for their friday morning bus and then we'll be in the mid 40's this afternoon. we're looking at just a fewat ja clouds today. kind of a partly sunny day andad again, right about where we whee should be temperature-wise an dry day.ay. there's a look all right sevenhs day but look at tomorrow.w >> nice.>> ne. >> 61 degrees with maybeee a shower on sunday. sda >> really? >> maybe a shower, steve. a >> tomorrow looks great. sorw lo unfortunately this does not, ds, erin. erin. >> no, really big problemsblems continuing at 6:26 this active scene right now,vecene r, beltway remains shut down bothnt directions between wisconsinenco and connecticut.ic you can see the tractor-trailer's actuallyr-tr spilled across the outer loop.oo we've seen some traffic movingov on the inner loop.on t those were the folks that were w stuck from wisconsin as youiscoa make your way towards w t connecticut.conn you can see the fuel spill there.ere. hazmat team is out there. weis e have several police officersolio as this is confirmed, a deadly crash so the investigation isnva going to take quite some time se this morning.this no word on when they're goingy'g to be able to reopen either ehe side of the bel
6:27 am
watch for very, very slow s moving traffic. traffic. as you exit the beltway att wisconsin and connecticut.neic now let's go ahead and take ahek look at our maps.r map we have some alternates for you but keep in mound they'rere going to be really slow moving as well this morning. w you need some patience ifel you have to head to randolph road the icc you can take 410 east-west highway. higy watch for crowded conditionstis wisconsin connecticut and your secondaries throughoutarie bethesda and silver spring. silp heading to nih you'll have trouble getting there. crash activity inner loop 66. eisenhower connector at the c inner loop as well.on red line delneays to shar dys ta grove. we got you covered. keep it to fox5. we're back in just a few minutes.
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>> ♪ >> back now at 6:30 and we are 6 staying on top of the majoropf h story of this friday morning. the beltway almost completelyom shut down on both loops.oth ops. this is near connecticutut avenue.av. a tractor-trailer overturned on the outer loop around 4:30 43 this morning.this part of its load has spilled h l onto the inner loop. inn loo tragic the driver of this truck was thrown from theow vehicle and wasn killed. kle right now traffic on the innerer loop is just squeezing by on the shoulder. it's a head's-up if this is in i any way your commute thisommutet morning because the backupsg extend for miles in both f direction and the impact isn'tet just on the beltway.eltway fox5's melanie alnwick islns driving on the side roads thatst lead to this portion of theis beltway and they're backingd th up, too, mel. t, me good morning. >> reporter: that's right, t allison. as i said just a little while we ago it didn't take long foror gridlock to set in and
6:31 am
if you consider it's only 6:30 3 this morning i can tell folksel if you are at home right now, nw definitely follow the advicedvic of the maryland state highway administration and plan ahead for a very long commute. cmute figure out perhaps what your y alternate routes are going toutg be but know that those alternate routes are alsoate going to be very backed up. u we're on connecticut avenueut au and we're in one of thoseho situations that you see many s m times where you think you can get through the intersectione in and then it doesn't move soove we're kind of blocking the box b here.. not really supposed to beppos doing that but it's going tongo happen this morning as people think they can squeak by andan d now we're backing up just ag js little bit to try to let some lm of the people from the side roads now join in the fun of being able to just sit heret for awhile and figure out when w you're going to be able to get by. you did mention i believe thatit montgomery county fire andmery rescue are saying that one tt lane is getting by now on the inner loop of beltway and
6:32 am
apparently this -- at leastt from the people i talked toalkeo with maryland state police, wea, haven't been able to make itto e to the scene yet, we are planning on getting thereet soon, they just said thateyt there's debris pictures that we saw from saw fo skyfox showing -- it looked as if the tractor-trailer cracked through parts of those veryof t large concrete portions on the beltway. that spilled concrete and other debris onto the road. there's fume an axle has an a fallen off as well.wl. crazy to think what may havet ma happened there. the again we're seeing the're se t backups. georgia avenue definitely seeing some backups right now.ow i just think anywhere you trye y to get by here today you may just want to consider going the long, long way around itroui and make sure you listen to lis our colleague erin como andino n check us out on our appur because we'll do our best to t help you navigate around and a just again you just got t
6:33 am
ready for what is going tong take quite a long commute. maybe see if you can work from home this morning. that's sounds like a better idea.s ?t? about that >> that's the best idea of thefe morning, mel. thank you. switching gears now, let'sin take a look atge the supreme sup court. in just a few hours mourners mrn will say their final goodbye toss justice antonin scalia. including the president and the first lady. l scalia's body will lie in repose today at the great haul t of the supreme court. supreourt public viewing will be froml bem 10:30 this morning to 8:00 8 this evening.this >> let's take a break to talk tl sports we'll quick and get you up to speed on your localyour ll teams. te we'll start with collegehol hoops. maryland tough run anotherno upset on the road in minnesotaso last night and it wasn't good't at all. the terps got beat up by as t bt team that had not won a big 10b1 game all season.ea they're playing without freshman diamond stone. he was suspended on saturdaynded on the court last night terpsige did have a chance. down 11 at the half came backk took a late lead.ead. 30 seconds left though down one, mellow tremble turned the t ball ov
6:34 am
deal. minnesota wins 68-63. 68- one of the worst games of tremble's career.arr six turnovers.urve michigan in town at the xfinity. maryland lost to them. los hopeful al revenge game thishi weekend. weekend. wizards made a trade atrds the deadline. ddl they acquired morris from the suns. suns. blare, kris humphries ands humpd another number one draft pickdrf that's the key. no word on when morris willsil make his d.c. debut. deb last night second half of thehaf season got under way for hisayor new team and it was a goodt waag start. wizards had not yet faced the jazz this season big night for n the big guy.the john wall at the key finds fin marcin gortat. dunks.du li game lie for gortat.e wizards roll 103-89. good defense. defense. caps doing just what they do. winning again. again taking on the islanders inslanrs brooklyn last night.ight. second period alex ovechkin ovei
6:35 am
the assist. assis one of ovie's two goals. gls justin wilson to carlson,, carlson finds williams. they combine for the win. w capitol take that one. thaone. final score three to two.o isn't it nice tucker when youuce have a team and allison thatanha you just expect to win everyinve night because that's just the jt way they've been playing. >> most definitely. most defi >> pressure is increasing. we all expect nothing lessthin than that.t. >> that would be great,d be gre wouldn't it.ul >> want to get to the firsto t t round of the first playoffs. the >> we're due. >> we're due.>>e're >> okay. >> all right.>> we're due for an easy commute. we're not getting one ofne those, either.ose, either. >> no. >> all right. >> we're due for a weekend and that's almost here. >> and for a's nice springlike l saturday. >> that's right t we're doingrei cold this morning. 26 in washington.n. leonardtown 21 degrees for you.yo fredericksburg 21.edericksbu and then some teens to the west. dulles, gaithersburg,ga frederick, hagerstown all inager the teens this morning so coldod temperatures. there's your satellite andyour radar. we are featuring clear skiesleas at the moment
6:36 am
have some clouds just to theto t west and we'll be in for a f partly sunny but a dry dayry d today and a little warmer thanmn yesterday. the warmer air starts workingkig in from the west here willh wil allow temperatures to get intoer the midat 40's this afternoon. o and i'll have the weekend forecast. still featuring that 60-degree6g temperature tomorrow.e tw. we'll talk about the week and ta possible winter storm next week. >> all righty.ighty. >> if you're not like running around, you know, i hope wee get rain on tuesday and no snow.ow. >> maybe on saturday it will be like -- >> erin como is like the righthg now because it's a mess outs ou there and tragically this is a a fatal accident as well.nt ael >> yes, the driver of thatfha tractor-trailer unfortunatelynfe died at the scene ejected fromeo the vehicle and you can see a s fuel spill, a lot of debris,ebs, tractor-trailer spilled itsle load. it's across the outer looputeroo right now.t inner loop traffic you're seeing getting by on the it's still shut down betweennet wisconsin and connecticut in in th
6:37 am
huge investigation and cleanuptn under way. you can see several firsteral responders at that locationat oxd a lot of boxes from theof b back of that tractor-trailer as well across the beltway. bely i want to help you get around.r. as melanie reported it'sd it' causing a traffic nightmare. nia i have alternates for you butou they're dealing with gridlockoc traffic as well.affic randolph road the icc you can yn take those.. beach drive unfortunately another alternate is extremely same story 410 east-westwest highway. that gets congested everys coev morning. you're going to see a lot ofee t slow moving traffic and congestion across wisconsin wis and connecticut as well f w you're heading out along 270 southbound we have crashboun activity at middlebrook road and southbound traffic because of the beltway closure,ay closue they're being forced to divert at rockledge drive. drive that's a small route and thatmal is getting really backed up asca well. so instead of 270 you may wantan to exit well north of thatth o point and take 355 down so you don't get stuck in thatge backup. starting to see really heavye re traffic building on 270.. anywhere you're going in're goin montgomery county this morning u you're going hit a lot of very y slow moving traffic. traff as melanie mentioned if youoned
6:38 am
t rning, it may not be a bad i idea to wait out some of this t morning rush. unfortunately you could beatel adding upwards of over an hourrr to your commute at least this morning. moin more crash activity inner loopne 66 the left lane is blocked. blk inner loop at eisenhower avenue connector another crashrh and then northwest this cancan really act your morning route ru inbound new york avenue shut avu down. traffic has to divert to neww jersey avenue and onto m o street and that is because ofbe another serious crash scene there.ere. lane closures bw parkway northbound at that is fromrt a serious crashic there happened earlier thisliers morning.rng. ongoing investigation.on. even though traffic is getting by extremely slow so if you'ree headed to bwi you're going toing want to take 95 northbound to nh get around that. metro delays malfunction atnctit silver spring. looks like we can't get ae n't break in montgomery countyer this morning. mni delays to shady no alerts on metrobus or theys e other lines. we're going keep you updated. ud any questions at erin fox5n f d.c. i know it's a rough fridayriday morning.rn back to you >> it is 6:38 right now.8 rightn all right we'll get through we't it. it is i >> it is. still ahead, a change of mindmid for a
6:39 am
now closing on super tuesdayonur next >> also it is movie review friday.friday so can any of the moviesthmo opening today knock dead pooleao out of the top spot? probably not. we'll hear from kevin coming up. 6:30 now.
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> there's a look at the beltway right this is in between wisconsin and connecticut avenue. anu all lanes of the beltway shut oh down because of this fatal fatal tractor-tra
6:42 am
you can see the debris deb spilling over into both sides s of the beltway both the innerhei loop and outer loop.nd oer loop. we'll check in with erin in a a couple minutes to get you some o work arounds. ads >> first though switching switc gears attention parents andtent students in fairfax county.ount. there will be no school on super tuesday.ue that's march first. mch f now, the reason more than 150 public schools will be used as a polling sites and voterg si turnout is expected to be high. the school board was concerned about safety in the school parking lots and nearby neighborhoods.orod meantime some people in some le loudoun county also want theirtr schools closed on superer tuesday. right now schools areno scheduled to open on a on two-hour delay there morning. mg school officials plan to hold ph a meeting about this issuehis i next tuesday. >> finally a date lab set forset service to begin on d.c.'s long awaited streetcars.eetcars. we'll let you know what thatyo date is coming up next.p n >> a reminder before we take tae you to the break if you have a news tip shirt with us. call 202-895-3000 or e-mail e-m your tip to fox5 tips to
6:43 am
6:42. 28 degrees on a friday morning. we're back in a moment.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. this is the story of the morning, folks. just trying to get the warrnninr out there, tell somebody if s you know that they take thisthet route in the morning becauseec you are not getting through if the beltway carries you c between the connecticut and wisconsin avenue exits thisn av morning on either side of theit beltway as you can see. somhee folksas just sort of squeezing by on the shoulderheho there. those are people who had beene caught up in this backuphis b pretty much when it started atea about 4:30 is
6:46 am
so, you're not getting throughng the problem there you see is that semi spilling its load.d. sadly the driver of that trucktt did lose his or her life this morning as well. so, this is what's going on. i g we just need you to know aboutno it. it is again a deadly tractor-trailer crash betweenle connecticut and wisconsinns avenues.avenue >> cold out there thisold morning, too, tuck.g, t, tu temperatures down in the 20'sest in most places. pces. >> teens off to the north andff west. t cold start to the day. mid 40's this afternoon. aftern. still looking at 60 tomorrow.w. >> silver lining. silve lin >> we'll take a nice lookingoong weekend.end. winter will take a break.reak as we get into tomorrow tomor morning, things are lookinge log bright and sunny and happy. >> sunny. >> see how happy that makes h you allison.apu ison >> that does make me smile. me s >> any time you see the sune yoh with sunglasses on makes youou happy.y. these temperatures not goingat to make you happy.ake yoha chilly out there. 18 this morning, 18 dulls, 18ls, 18 manassas, 23 in quantico.o. leonardtown good morningown od m 21 degrees. 24 out in 26 here in the city soer everybody is at or below theis w freezing mark to start thert the day.
6:47 am
we have some clouds just outt to the west and warmer air isme going the try to work in todayn and it really arrives in the form of cloudiness. clo we'll be kind of partly sunny s this afternoon but high pressure still in charge so sti all in all not a bad day and a a dry afternoon, dry evening forng you if you've got plans this p evening to go out you'll be go ' fine although it will bet wi chilly.. as we get into tomorrow, highinm pressure that's been overhead will kind of scoot off shored of and we'll get that south toge southwestt flow and that willdw allow temperatures to about 60bo tomorrow. we'll have a few clouds aroundud so saturday looks fantastic. as we get into saturday afternoon, saturday nightday n little frontal system is goingti to drop down and an area ofn are low pressure along that could to bring us, this is your sunday setup, some cloudiness aniness a couple showers. we'll still be into the 50'she ' on sunday but not quite as warm as saturday. satda saturday is the pick of the week with daytime highs expected to be 60 or better.r be how about a 61 in town, 62 in quantico.quantico. 66 degrees tomorrow inre fredericksburg. open the
6:48 am
it will be nice.l be nic all right. al i get to do the good news.s. erin gets to do the bad news. >> well, i get to try to helpo p people get around this mess if s they have to head out tucker. te right now unfortunately deadlyel tractor-trailer crash shuttingle down both sides of the beltwayrw between wisconsin and connecticut. you can see just a lot of fuel f spill, debris, investigatorsesrs out there working to piece tpi together what happened.ther driver of that tractor-traileror did die at the crash scene andhe you can see again a lot ofaga lo cleanup under way.cleanup un what can you do to get around ao this overturned tractor-trailer crash? let'sle go ahead and take a r look at lo our maps. our warm front alternates for you but they're going to be veryy crowded.crowd. randolph road the icc, beachbeac drive is already veryy congested.ngted. 410 east west highway that gets congested every morning let alone with all the extra the traffic from the beltwayfr trying to use that as an alternate this morning.ate mor 270 southbound we do have a do e crash at middlebrook road and ra then all southbound trafficd t because of the closure on the ce beltway is being forced to exit at rockledge drive.geri that's a small secondary andonry causing big slowdowns.wd you can take 355.ak 3 runs right next to 270 but that's going to be backed upoi
6:49 am
more problems continue. continu another closure right now. righn it's temporary on the bwhe parkway northbound at 32. at 3 we had an earlier crash scenerae there and they're trying tohe t get it cleared so they t temporarily stopped alltopp traffic. it was an ongoing accident traffic is basically parked from 198.from 198. take 95 north to get aroundrttog that one this ts m really rough ride as you makeide your way out there.he. more crash activity inner loopie at 66. 6 inner loop at the eisenhowerr avenue connector and then inbound new york avenue thise ts crash just cleared. c traffic once again getting byinb at that location. 95 northbound jams from daleun city and if you're waking -- making your way out in out montgomery county this morning c keep in mind also if you'rouelsr trying to take metro at silver v spring an earlier delays to shady grove on theo sh red line. it's going to be a rough morning in montgomery county because of this beltwayof closure in both directions.irecn just have patience. connecticut, wisconsin they'reie all going to overflow withlow wt congestion can.congestion i would suggest working from f home if you can and if youyou c can't, really plan your routen r ahead and just be prepared too have a very patient slow ride sr this morning. mni steve.eve. >> erin thanks.
6:50 am
news the wait is almost the d.c. streetcars project pro will finally be opened for service on saturday february it will start after 10:00 a.m.0. service will run between union u station and h streeteet northeast.t. you can rides from 6:00 a.m. to midnight monday throughou thursdays and until 2:00 a.m. 2a on fridays and saturdays withith no sunday service. ser rides will be free for now until a fare rate ise ra determined it has been 54n 54 years since streetcars weretcs r last operating in washington,sht d.c. now for drivers, if you're y tired of hitting potholes while you're driving the good news is ford is expanding its pothole detection the car maker currently offers o that in its lincoln luxury luxur the expedition suv and nowdi they're going to offer thee go pothole program in the 2017 2 fusion v6 sport.sion v6 spo it works by detecting potholes e and catching the car's wheel w before it drops into the hole.n. aaa says potholes can cost the driver $300 or more a year. y i want to know more about how that works. wks it sees
6:51 am
doesn't fill it. >> does it stop the car? c >> soften the impact. imp >> i don't know.>> there's a pothole next to my house in my neighborhood.borh if my car fell into it it would go completely in.y in. >> terrible. >> good to see you guys thisuyth morning. >> good to see you kevin.ev >> fall from the theaters.he >> fresh off a movie. first up is race starringace instead of january james as jessie owens. owe i didn't know the details of kno what the story line was. s he won four olympic gold g medals in the 1936 berlin olympic games and stephan ate james he's a 22-year-oldar-o actor, he's absolutelybsol phenomenal in the role and it's a very inspiring filmngil a-very important film. f i think it's a movie that t deserves to be seen just to to learn the history of it.hist i think jason sedaikis isais i fantastic in it. i think he did a really greateat job. sedaikis we know from snl and horrible bosses.ib now, on the film making side,g s there is some issues inssues in regards to like the way the lik film is edited and the way
6:52 am
film was paced. pac i felt like it was much longeror than it really was.t rely w that's because the beginningeg was completely front loaded.oa i think they could have set upud a little bit of the beginning, g got more to the olympic games themselves.em i think overall i think he isaln such a great performer in thisrr movie and the way he learnedearn to we had him in studio.tu you had a great question to him about the running and therua technique behind that. they did a really good job goojb with that as well and also ntremy iron center city in thece movie. we know him from die hardhim omh three. i think it's an important filmrt for people to see. i gave 83 and a half out ofou o five. i think it's worth seeing. see i think it's an important movie and i think peoplenk p should see i think it's a little too longeg at times. t overall worth seeing.or s allison you said your daughters want to see iter really b >> they do. besides the fact that theyfact think that stephan james is aam cutie pie which he is.pie ich it's important to knownow american history and just forusf me though watching even thatnha shower scene, it just -- you know, i think that -- tha >> you want tother language.gue. >> very h
6:53 am
>> totally understandable but it's important and i willorta force myself to go and see itt because i can't tell the girlslt to do it and i don't do it myself. >> when i'm sitting in a movie theater it's very uncomfortable. 'cause you think like people lik used to talk like that.ha >> right. >> crazy. >> and you think he's a champion but this is the t thist treatment he getshe at home.ome. so, it's very -- it's layered ld but we need to see it.eed see >> the beauty of it is it's at's film just played about him andoa it's in theaters nationwide.atid >> you got that right.ig >> the time on this. >> two hours 14 14 mn >> thank you. >> running >> steve i-love you so much. io >> moving on now, is risen thehe new movie biblical epic takingak place during the reservation. ra it picks up where passion ofason the christ left off.e thche movie opens up during theg crucifixion and primarily pma takes place during the resurrection. joseph fines is the actor playing michael jackson. >> he's quite versatile.e rsat >> exactly. buhe
6:54 am
film. he plays a roman militaryilit tribune. it's almost a detective typeti t of story. he's looking for the body t bod throughout the film and he's a nonbeliever.nonb >> he's looking for lazarus.aru. >> no, he's looking for >> he's looking for christ.or cr >> oh, it's the resurrection.uro i'm sorry.i'm sorry. >> so his character is a nonbeliever so we're told thisrt story through the eyes of a nonbeliever and for me whatre was fascinating was once the disciples come into theles me ie picture and you start to learnt about hotow everything -- wentg- down it was really incrediblencl an incredible story and thedie t way it's told sin credible asn d well. and i think joseph fines is i great. i think tom felton from harry potter is fantastic. chris curtis who plays jesus pls is phenomenal as jesus ass jes well. i think again the beginning bng this time was a little too slow. then it got really great asy gr the disciples showed up. u i gave 84 out of five. of f >> is it in major >> it's in major theaters. tater >> i feel like i should have heard more about this. t >> i didn't hear anything d about it. >> i saw it with my fiancé last nig
6:55 am
such a great conversation.onrsao it created a conversationed a cn about religion and ournd beliefs. i thought that really i think it's a really rk it's important film for that forha regard. i've never seen a film from see this perspective, this character roman militaryy tribune with the disciples looking ford body of jesus and s the resurrection part of it. it. very well done for the religion element. >> good stuff at the box office. >> i'll see zoolander after that. >> no, no. >> save your money. >> zoolander sucks really gladur i'll just need to laugh at something afterwards.inafte >> go see dead pool.o see dead p >> or go outside tomorrow.sideo. >> oh, yeah, kevin, take a day a off from the movies, go for a gf nice walk with your fiancé. fiae take oscar for a walk. wal let's go to thelet' temperatures. 28 reagan national, 20 dullesles bwi we're featuring mid 40's forids daytime highs. partly it's a cold morning and a cooll afternoon expected withrnoon pet partial sunshine.rtl but a dry day for you. you and we are still looking at a warmup this weekend.eeke 61 saturday. sur upper 50's sunday.un might be a shower on sunday and then we do turn coolerurn c next
6:56 am
tuesday night, wednesday timenem frame we got to look out for tot the possibility of a wintryilitw mix around here.mix nd right now looks like wintry l mix. more on that coming let's get right to traffic 'cause erin has beenn has bee unfortunately very busy withatye the beltway. >> that's right.>> beltway remains shut down. it will be for several hours. deadly tractor-trailer crash spilled across both sides of bo the beltway, inner loop andnne outer loop shut down right nowtt between wisconsin andeescon connecticut.connecticu really big cleanup under way. wy a lot of debris.eb has mat team has been calledte to that what this means for your tans fr morning commute, a lot ofe, a to congestion. east west highway backing up,ghk randolph road backing up, connecticut avenue inboundcut av extremely jammed and let's a take a look at one of our o cameras.ra because of this closure, 270lor southbound all traffic is i being forced to exit at rockledge. because of that you can see byn montrose we are basically bicaly parked. if you take 270 south from frederick anticipate a lot ofe f stopped traffic as folks areaffl just forced off to exit atxi rockledge and because of that, you can see that we're just dealing with a lot of backed bac up trac traffic.
6:57 am
wisconsin avenue backed up. way more to come in your 7 o'clock hour.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> straight up 7 o'clock right t this is the big story of thestoo morning here in the d.c. region.region. beltway shut down because of a w deadly crash involving an overturned tractor-trailer.ctor it has been shut down foreen hours.hour both the inner loop and outerer loop affected. lecd.
7:00 am
each direction and it will be this time for some time. some t this is a fatal crash.ra police have their t reconstruction teams out thereti in addition to the cleanuponto t crews. full coverage straight aheade sa coming up in just a minute.ine. >> also remembering justice antonin scalia. sli we're live at the supreme court where dignitaries and the public will gather to pay py their final respects today.ctay plus. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you that the popet the p would have only wished and a prayed that donald trump would w have been president. >> religion and politics. pit feuding. the latest on the war of wordsos between donald trump and pope francis coming up.p. >> ♪ >> good friday morning to you. u it is february 19th, 2016. i'm allison seymour.alli >> and i'm steve chenevey. stev. welcome to fox5 news morning. m we'll start with that breakingw news from the beltway, that t big rig overturning inurning in montgomery county.mogomery cou debris spread across almost every lane of the inner loop and outer loop. >> unfortunately the driver ofna that truckte was killed


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