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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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. right now at 10:00, stray bullets ripping through several homes in virginia. frightened residents tell us about their scary ordeal. >> a pleasant change when you wake up tomorrow morning, but this break from the winter weather is not going to last. >> a heart-warming update tonight to a story we've been following about a marine who was attacked outside of a mcdonald's. we're going to have more details for you coming up. >> and we thank you for joining us tonight. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. imagine sitting in your living room at night when bullets suddenly come flying through your window. >> that's what happened to several homeowners in a woodbridge community. fox 5's tisha lewis is live in that neighborhood with more. >> reporter: tony and sarah, quiet and calm is
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describe that neighborhood. last night it was a different story and let this serve as a reminder that crime could happen anywhere at any time and it did. in this case it was as people were coming home from work. several calls came in reporting gunfire. it was anything but a typical night. several residents say they are lucky to be alive after bullets came ripping through their windows and homes. the man was lying in bed when gun fire shattered his window. and nelson was home too when the shots rang out. >> we heard about 10, 15 shots. we weren't sure what it was at first. weather or not it was fireworks or whatever. my wife said it sounded like gun shots. >> >> reporter: homes in this development sprouted up about a decade ago and by all
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nothing like this has ever happened before. >> this has been a quiet place. i've been here about three years. never had anything like that. >> reporter: when the gunfire stopped, police found damage to several homes in the area. in some cases bullets passed through exterior walls and were found lodged in interior walls. it's amazing no one was injured. >> i have my kids here. >> reporter: one night after the barrage of bullets, a heavy police presence can be seen patrolling the area, adding some comfort to residents. and the cluster of homes over my right shoulder, they got it the worst. that's where most of the bullets struck in terms of the homes in this development. now, what i can tell you is that police are still investigating all of this, but one woman who lived here who did have damage to her home told me off camera that she was told by investigators that there's a forest across the street and there could have been a group of people who were simply firing
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when you think about that, that's scary, dangerous and illegal. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. >> we have new details tonight about the child porn and sex abuse investigation in prince george's county that involves a school volunteer. fox 5 has learned the suspect had cell phones he would hand out to the children. a source close to the investigation tells us carraway allegedly had eight to ten cell phones. he would allegedly hand the cell phones out to the children at the start of the day and ask the children to record themselves conducting sex acts. carraway would allegedly collect the phones at the end of the day with the child pornography on them. officially prince george's county police say they cannot comment on evidence in an ongoing investigation. >> staying in prince george's county, a former board of education member was found guilty on several charges. she was convicted of stealing more than $1300 in
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lunches over five years. she also applied for the federal free or reduced price meal plan offered despite earning an income of nearly $90,000 a year. >> public integrity is important to us. it's important to this community that we have people in place who lead in this county who our citizens can trust. it's extremely important and so and when that does not happen, we enforce the law. >> mundy will be sentenced on april 28th and could face a maximum of 49 years in prison. >> well, it's still pretty cold out right now but get ready to experience some spring-like weather this weekend? yes, indeed. we check in with gwen tolbart in the weather center. how warm is it going to get? >> it's definitely going to feel like spring. we heading into the low 60s and we're on that roller coaster ride again. once again down and up and down and up it's just going to happen all over that 7-day forecast. let's begin with a
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we were today and how things are shaping up right now outside. as you can see, clouds rolling in and we are talking mostly cloudy skies tonight. now two areas to the far northwest, just to the north of baltimore there, you can see a little bit of precipitation. they had some light rain showers and just a little bit of light snow moving through and that's what's happening now. elsewhere nothing much happening except those clouds and they are in full force and will continue tonight. our highs today, take a look. into the low 40s and the mid 30s, and these temperatures actually are below the seasonal average. but we're going to be well above that once we get through into the next 24 hours or so. and right now your temperatures we've got 43 degrees at mannasas, a cool 38 at nap police, baltimore and leonardtown at 37, dc at 40 and gaithersburg at 36, while frederick is at 37 degrees this hour. now the wind's another factor. not so bad right now. anywhere from about
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we've got from 5 to even 17 mile per hour winds. but if you look at the direction of those arrows, that wind flow is coming straight up from the south and we're going to see those winds increase tomorrow and that's going to boost our temperatures so our daytime highs is going to be well above as we head into the low 60s. but for tonight a different story. a cool 36 degrees with those cloudy skies. request those ures rising overnight. your full forecast is coming up in just a bit and that all-important 7-day forecast. >> that recent blizzard and cold temperatures across our air area, crews in fairfax county were out training for ice rescues. as we've shown you in recent weeks, several dogs have been rescued after falling through the ice and becoming stuck in freezing water. >> a big concern for people is we want to stay off the ice. the ice may look safe but the area around northern virginia
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routinely does not get cold enough for the ice to harden to be able to support a human's weight, let alone an animal. we've had 70 and 80 pound dogs that have gone through the ice. >> the captain also says with the expected temperatures over the weekend it's just another rvrn to stay off ice. thousands of people including president obama come to pay their respects to justice scalia. >> the gop is just hours away from the south carolina clash. everything you need to know about what's at stake in tomorrow's primary. >> who could forget -- we're taking 5i live look there at the supreme court where the body of antonin scalia was lying in repose. what jonathan papelbon is saying about his fight with bryce harper.
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>> throughout the day and into the night people lined up in the supreme court to view the body of the late justice antonin scalia thousands of people showed up. the 79-year-old died last saturday while on a hunting trip in texas. we get the latest from fox's shannon breen. >> reporter: on a frigid washington morning the body arrived at supreme court. met by scores of law clerks. there scalia's colleagues received his casket and welcomed his family led by one of his sons, father paul scalia. >> god of faithfulness, in your wisdom you have called your servant antonin out of this world. release him from the bonds of sin and welcome him into your presence so that he may enjoy eternal light and peace. >> reporter: clerks took turn st
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four at a time. >> if he was writing a dissent, if he couldn't cobble together four other justices to agree with him, he was writing to justices 20 years later, 30 years later, and i'm quite confident that law students will be reading justice scalia opinions a century from now. >> reporter: thousands queued up around the block until late in the day. also visiting today several prominent judges who now find themselves the subject of speculation about weather they could be the president's nominee including judge sri srinivasan. outside a small memorial continued to grow throughout the day. the first time the court heard a challenge to the affordable care act scalia asked from the bench whether the government could force everyone to
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and in a subsidy, scalia referred to the majority's reesonning as pure applesauce. as the wait grew the court extended visitation by an hour friday night. as for tomorrow paul scalia will celebrate a mass in his honor at the shrine. vice president and mrs. biden will be there to represent the administration. >> legendary author harper lee has died. she was found this morning in her hometown. she is most widely known for her 1961 book "to kill a mocking bird." harper lee was 89 years old. >> the man accused of killing savopoulos appeared in dc superior court today. his court appearance comes
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days after he was formally charged. wint entered a not guilty plea during the hearing. we hear more now from fox 5's paul wagner. >> reporter: james martin declined to share his thouts as he left the courthouse today. martin is the grandfather of the surviving savopoulos sisters. he along with the relatives of viralcia figeroa. >> daron wint is the only person named in the enindictment. according to that enindictment and other court reports, the savopouloss and his housekeeper were abducted and held against their will overnight and into the morning of the 14th. wint ordered
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withdrew $40,000 in cash and have it delivered to the home by the ceo's personal assistant. after the money was deposited inside this sports car, prosecutor believe daron wint used a baseball bat and a sharp object to kill all four and set the house on fire. he fled in a blue por porsche which was also set on fire. according to investigators daron wint made a mistake and left his dna on one of two pizzas he had delivered to the house. paul wagner fox 5 local news. >> sky fox over the scene of a deadly accident this morning in montgomery county. a tractor-trailer split the concrete barrier and overturned along the westbound lanes in the beltway near connecticut avenue. the driver identified as 47-year-old dennis fram ton was ejected from the vehicle and
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later died from his injuries. the westbound lanes were closed for a short time while the crews cleaned up the debris. >> the washington monument is closed right now. workers are making repairs to a damaged elevator control box. it's unclear when the monument will reopen, but it is expected to happen sometime next week. >> an update tonight on the marine veteran assaulted at a dc mcdonald's. the story has been getting national attention. his injuries were so severe sthd christopher marquez ended up in the hospital. his wallet was stolen and he was kicked twice as he tried to get up. police are still looking for three people of interest. meantime tonight marquez is out of the hospital. a good samaritan from virginia saw our reports and is coming to his aid. and it's not the first time he's helped someone in need. lauren demarco was there for
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it's a story you will only see here on fox 5. lauren? >> reporter: the attack happened last friday, so it has been about a week since chris marquez was hurt outside of that mcdonald's. we have all seen the video. it happened in penn quarter. that video has been making the rounds online. very disturbing. and people have really been coming out in support of this marine. he is here with me now, a decorated marine s everyone wants to know how are you doing? >> i'm actually doing a lot better. i just came out of the hospital today. i was there overnight just because they wanted my condition some more. they're doing some tests. >> i'm glad you're able to be here with us tonight. i know the setting, the backdrop may look a little strange, we're in an auto body shop. there's a group of guys gathered over here. everyone as i said coming together, trying to help this marine. you guys having a good night out here. wh
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here. and this is mike owner of nt auto body. tell me why we are here. >> the reason we're here today, i heard about it from a friend of mine what happened to chris and it really hurt my heart and being the marine that he is, it's something special that goes deeper. a lot of the marines, coast guard, they all have military. and when i saw what happened to him, it just hurt me when they took the wallet, no money left. i said i have to do something. what can i do? i want to help him out by donating some money to him. and chris, i hope you feel better for from happened. this is from me and my brother rob right there. that's a check from us to you. i hope that can help you out. >> that is a $5,000 check. so very generous. and mike, there's a little bit of history here with mike. i see all these guys behind you. you're very close with law enforcement, with u.s. service members, this gentlemen who is standing
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>> peter lavoie. >> you may remember officer lavoie. he's a police officer here in alexandria, that was in 2013. mike gave you a big surprise as part of your recovery, remade a car for you. we covered the stories on that because that was something close to your heart. >> yeah. >> what did all of that mean for you? and when you hear about this marine who was hurt, people coming out to support him as well, what does that do for you? what does that do for your family when something tragic like this happens to feel that support? >> you can't really tell that -- it just made me feel special, made my family, it made everybody feel special. >> reporter: it means a big thing to you. >> yeah. >> reporter: touches your heart, i'm sure. >> yes, it did. >> reporter: so chris i've
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same way we've seen with that go-fund-me, a lot of folks raising for you as well. >> absolutely i wanted to thank the guy who started the go-fund. thank you danny if you're out there. thank you for this, myself and my family are really grateful for this. >> reporter: chris, all the best to you and your recovery. all the best to you. mike, keep doing what you're doing. that's the latest here in alexandria. back to you guys. >> that's great to see them coming together, helping him out. that's wonderful. marquez says he will use the money for medical expenses and he plans to donate some to charity and he's been looking for the cab driver who picked him up following the attack. >> the man took him home where he was able to get help. marquez would like to find that driver and pay him. coming up next, it's all about doing away with the been gentleman minutes. why there's a
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the $100 bill. >> why a popular spot may be forced to close its doors. we're back after this.
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>> a popular spot in the district may soon be forced to close its doors. for 30 years capital checkers has been one of the only checkers associations in america that provides space for people to play. but over the years rent has increased and recently the furnace broke down. despite not having any money for repairs, members gathered to play in the cold building. >> we first started out we would meet and whomever would come by, they would play checkers. now it's a more formal structure where we're at. we play every day. >> the group is asking for any donations to help allow them make those needed repairs and
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years, they gathered tonight to play checkers. hopefully someone can help them out. researchers say doing away with the $100 bill would disrupt the business model of taxi vaders, criminals, terrorists and those engaged in bribery. lawrence somers agrees and says it is time to eliminate the $100 bill from circulation. >> it's called the bin laden bill because it's just preferred financial tool for unsavory activities around the world. something like maybe $362 billion between 2003 and 2009. it's a huge amount of money that uses cash. and chiefly the $100 bill. >> so they think if we got rid of it, the crimina
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would just close up shop? >> yeah, apparently so. >> we can't use hundreds, we're not going to work. according to the federal reserve there were over $10,000,000,100 bills in circulation. coming up next the south carolina clash. >> the first presidential primary in the south kicks off in just a couple of hours. political analyst joins us next to break down everything you need to know.
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recapping tonight's top stories, several woodbridge homes hit by gun fire. it happened thursday night in the community. luckily no one was hurt. police have added extra officers to that area while they investigate. >> new details on the prince george's county child porn investigation. fox 5 has learned the suspect deonte carraway h
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he would hand out to the children. a source close to the investigation tells us carraway allegedly had the children take pictures of themselves committing sex acts. >> funeral services will be held tomorrow for supreme court justice antonin scalia. his body lay in repose today. thousands of people filed past his casket at the supreme court including president and mrs. obama, members of congress, former law clerks and his family. >> voters in two states will be casting ballots tomorrow. people will be caucusing in nevada to choose which democratic candidate they prefer. and in south carolina republicans are holding their primary. polls show donald trump leading, but the second or third place still up for grabs. >> let's start with south carolina.
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because south carolina has done pretty well predicting who the eventual nominee is going to be. >> except for 2012. but nobody has won new hampshire and south carolina and not won the republican nomination. so if donald trump goes on to win tomorrow, that's a really good sign for him. >> if he does win, the polls are showing that he's doing fairly well, but he may not run away with it totally. you still see some surging you said among marco rubio, perhaps. >> he got a big boost by getting the endorsement of nikki haley. he's with a youthful tableau. and you see this new generation of republicans. but you've also got ted cruz out there and he's got this evangelical support, so he might be able to get out his voters the way he did
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just don't know with donald trump. a lot of his supporters are new voters. so whether they actually go out, it could be that saturday will help because he might get more people to go out who feel less pressed because it's a weekend. then you've got jeb bush trying to hang on with his fingernails right now. but this could be your version of the hunger games. for some people to go on, somebody has to disappear. and if i were a better man right now, i would say if jeb bush doesn't perform well even with his mom and his brother campaigning for him, he might be the one who has to say good buy. >> the popular thinking is rubio and cruz are fighting for second place. any chance one of them scores an upset? >> you never know. rubio has been surging, he's been getting big crowds, he's got enthusiasm. that could happen. he really did quite well in iowa the most recent polls do suggest there is a little bit of movement his way. but once again polls are
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you can see donald trump at 35% another one at 25. you can see 24 and 16. they just don't know who's going to go out and vote and polls have to rely on who the likely voter is. they don't have a clear. >> that's the other thing. they're splitting up all of these votes. they have to get a certain number of delegates. how long can this go on before we see who the nominee is going to be? >> again, this is interesting. donald trump has been polling it about the 30 to 36 point range at in that area. some people think he has a ceiling. let's say some of these other folks drop out. if donald trump does have a ceiling, could it be that the other candidates, ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich, they could be dividing up these votes. but maybe dividing them up in enough ways that they all go to the convention with a fair number of votes and who knows what will happen then. >> let's talk about nevada. the democrats, what do you
10:35 pm
>> well again, the basketball great yogi berra said, i never make predictions, especially about the future. there are no reliable polls about nevada, there just aren't. you don't know who is going to go in caucus. caucuses there are relatively new. so will bernie sanders generate the enthusiasm of the new voter? will hillary clinton's firewall stand? she does not want another loss. she does not quantity the narrative suggesting that 2008 is happening all over again. she wants to go into south carolina with a bit of momentum, win two in a row and start running the table at that point. but the last thing she wants is for the narrative of doubt to develop. >> in continuing the lying in trust issues too that people seem to think about her as well. has an impact on her moving forward. >> it has an impact on her moving forward and it's had an impact
10:36 pm
resurgence. a lot of people say i'm not sure they can trust her even though she is eminently qualified to be president. in this election qualifications and experience seem to matter a lot less than these other intangible factors of passion and energy that people like sanders and trump are harnessing. >> wanting an outsider. >> in a different time for sure. >> it's certainly been a fascinating campaign so far. thanks very much. >> coming up, the mysterious sound that's tormenting a community out west. >> it just might be the defining moment of the nationals' season last year. what jason papelbon is saying about his fight with bryce happener. >> gas prices are driving higher. up four straight days a gallon will cost you around 1.70
10:37 pm
that's down more than $0.50 from last year. grocery prices falling in january and get this, egg prices cooking up their biggest monthly drop in more than five years. stocks dropping on friday, the dow off 21 points but still closing the week with its best gains of the year. and virgin galactic unveiling a new version of its space ship 2 rocket remember the first one broke apart midair. even with that accident more than 700 people have signed up for a potential rocket blast. the cost of the ride? $250,000. that's business. business.
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as the toxic water crisis in flint, michigan continues, students and staff are pitching in to help. water testing kits were assembled at the university today. they will be used in flint next week to retest several homes. the water testing kits will get health officials a better idea if the conditions are improving. a mysterious sound is tormenting a community in oregon. >> this is weird. residents in forest grove, oregon say they keep hearing a high pitched sound at odd times of the day and this has been happening for weeks. take a listen. folks in town still can't figure it out. they've already ruled out an anim
10:42 pm
leak so they are asking the public for the help to solve this mystery. >> aliens. >> tonight on fox 5 local news at 11:00, a generous surprise for that local marine who was beaten by a group of strangers last weekend in penn quarter. >> plus a delaware school district is apologizing after it accidentally e-mailed this form to hundreds of students' families. why some people were so offended. >> and later we are saying cheers to the weekend! john miller hard at work there. they're from annapolis. they are here making a vita house margarita. we'll be right back.
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do you remember this? it was the lasting image of the nationals' 2015 season. an altercation in t
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papelbon who was suspended met with reporters today for the first time since reporting to spring training earlier this year. he admitted the incident was entirely his fault and said he's talked to all of his teammates throughout the off season. >> with what happened last year, i was in the wrong. and it should have never went down that way and i understand that and i had a lot of time all season to reflect on that. i've had three months to think about it. so i've done a lot of reflecting and i think sometimes in life good things can come out of bad situations. >> the nationals kick off their spring training schedule march 2nd against the tampa rays. >> with any luck, it will look a little bit more like spring and baseball season. >> this was are
10:47 pm
for dozens of kids with special needs in our area. >> dozens of children hit the ice at the washington capitals ice rink. today's event was put on by an organization called dreams for kids dc. the group partnered with the washington capitals and monumental sports to bring smiles to those children's faces. >> so incredible to see the sparkle in the eye when they get on the ice and they know they can do this. a lot of them it's their first time ever trying skating or sledding and to have not only bonds here backing them but also the caps players on the ice inspiring them, it's so wonderful to see. >> it's really cool to see how well some people are doing and some first timers, some veterans. but it's cool to see everyone having a lot of fun no matter what level they are. >> this is the sixth year for the event. for some children this was their very first time pu
10:48 pm
skates or riding a sled. i've never been on skates. >> never? >> i never have. >> spring is right around the corner and lots of us dig into our closets and do some spring cleaning. that's exactly what oprah winfrey is doing but she is giving away a lot of her designer clothes and turning them over to ebay. the proceeds will benefit one of her many causes. the oprah winfrey leadership academy foundation. >> i can only imagine. can you imagine having one of o's shorts. >> and apparently she's going to part with it for little money. >> it will be great. >> i'm sure the ebay prices. >> that's the thing. >> you can bid. >> they'll bid on it zblsmt they'll start low. >> that $200 shirt will soon be $1,000. >>
10:49 pm
>> we've got a nice weekend in story. >> we do. and we won't need any winter jackets from oprah tomorrow. we've got some spring-like conditions heading our way. if you haven't been to six flags recently you don't have to go anywhere, because the roller coaster is back in terms of the temperatures. up and down and all over the place. once again, we've dealt with it before and it happening. once again where we go way down and right back up again and then down all over again and that's what our weather story is about. but tonight we've got clouds and those clouds are going to move in right into the course of the overnight hours and continue to do so. we've got satellite radar for you. you can see a little bit of precipitation to the north of us, but other than that not much happening. now, we're also talking with our weather headlines, we've got a great saturday ahead for you. sunday could end with a little bit of rain, we're going to watch that closely, and next week's storm, a couple of systems and it's just turning out to be complicated for us. but right now as i showed you,
10:50 pm
mostly cloudy skies tonight in the overnight hours and that's going to continue through. and our current temperatures right now, take a look. 37 degrees at gaithersburg, that's the same at baltimore. we've got 40 at dc, 38 at annapolis, 40 degrees at hagerstown this hour, 39 at martinsburg, 41 at winchester and 42 at dulles. we've got a warm front that's pushed through tonight and that's where we thought we might see a stray shower or two, but most of that stayed well to the north of us. nothing to the south at all. but this also continued to bring in the clouds in. the overcast skies are there, dry. but we're going to see the temperatures start to rise. and that has to do with the wind flow. we've had fairly light winds but those winds are going to be gusty once we head into late tonight and into tomorrow. but what that's going to do is boost our temperature, because those winds are coming in from the south. so as we take a look just a little bit ahead, you can see tomorrow in the 8:00 hour, winds are
10:51 pm
hour in the city, 26 to the north and we've in the teens and once we get to 1:00 in the afternoon, 16 mile per hour wind gusts, 20 to the south of us. saturday night they increase even more. anywhere from about 18 to 27 mile per hour wind gusts. but as i mentioned, this is going to help to boost our temperatures and that warm air is going to hit us right to head us right to the low 60s for tomorrow. and it's going to feel like it's spring. so the warm air is going to move in. we've got another system that's going to start to approach. this one however has the chance of bringing some showers when we get into the later part of sunday. so be prepared for that. a little cooler on sunday but we're still into the upper 50s and the low 60 degrees range. your highest tomorrow into the low 60s. not bad at all and overnight lows on the chilly side into the 30s. low to mid 30s pretty much everywhere. your planner for tomorrow, by about midday we're actually going to be at about 58 degrees a
10:52 pm
by the 5:00 hour we'll be about 60 degrees. so that warm air is definitely going to be in place and you will get to enjoy it. ridge of high pressure in control once we get to the early part of the week but we've got two storm systems to watch. with these storm systems how long will this cold air stay in place and will it end up giving us more rain, a little bit of snow or a wintry mix? it looks like the first one is going to be the one that's probably closer intact with that colder air. the second one will move in once we get into the wednesday period but the cold air looks like it might be out of the way so we'll have to watch that closely. here's a look at your 7-day forecast. it will start to cool down by the time we get to hump day. that's what that first, second system i should say starts to move in. so we'll watch that closely for you. other than that, a great weekend. >> love it. going to enjoy it while i can. >> thank you much. we've been celebrating the lives of many great leaders this black history month
10:53 pm
evening we want to recognize one young person who is creating her own legacy by paying homage to those who came before her. akila johnson is a finalist in the doodle for google competition. allison seymour had the chance to speak with her about her design. >> i want them to think like wow. >> reporter: akila johnson is doing more than just wowing people with her artwork. she is making dc proud and putting eastern high school on the map. >> i thought it would be cool if i made -- i put the symbol of life because a lot of people will know. so i tried to make it -- it kind of remind me of a t so i kind of make it say phenomenal and i love dc and this was more of -- more directed to the march on washington. i made the sign
10:54 pm
and i made the road and i put dr. martin luther king name right there. >> reporter: the bold design highlights present day, while weaving in the history of many who contributed to the civil rights movement. >> looking at this painting and looking at this head is so, does something to me. so this is. >> her mother is her biggest fan. >> i have a lot of pride. i'm very excited because it showed me that she paid attention to her history. >> she says her daughter worked tirelessly over thanksgiving break. >> when i saw her work i thought it would be perfect for the google doodle contest. it was amazing what came of it. >> reporter: she has been painting since she was just seven years old. she says it's just a hobby but her mom says the writing is on the wall. >> this is just the first painting that she's done, but i'm quite sure more a
10:55 pm
in the future. >> reporter: and she knows her artwork is something special. >> do you think you're going to win? >> yes. >> reporter: through her mother's eyes, this moment is perfect. >> it just takes me back to when i was pregnant looking at names for her and akila spoke to me. it means intelligence. >> that was allison seymour reporting. the doodle for google competition ends monday february 22nd. she needs your votes. go to our website fix to found out how you can vote. if she wins
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. right now at 11:00, homes in a northern virginia neighborhood sprayed with bullets. >> we heard about 10, 15 shots. >> we hear from one man who narrowly escaped the gunfire. >> a local marine beaten, tonight one good samaritan is reaching out to help in a story you'll only see some fox 5. >> plus one million people will die from cirrhosis of the liver this year. but scientists say one breakfast beverage could help reverse the disease. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. >> and we thank you for joining us. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm sarah simmons in
11:00 pm
shawn. we begin the 11:00 tonight in woodbridge. residents had to take cover as gunshots rang out in the streets. >> tisha lewis is live in the that neighborhood tonight. i know there were terrifying moments for residents who live there. >> reporter: that's right, tony. to say the least. and all of this unfolded here on the 15500 block here of banjo in woodbridge. let this serve as a reminder that crime can happen anywhere, any time, and in this case it was last night as residents were coming home from work when police say several calls came in reporting gunfire. >> i worry about my wife, my kids. >> reporter: it was anything but a typical night in this woodbridge neighborhood thursday. several residents say they are lucky to be alive after bullets came ripping through their windows and homes. the ma w


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