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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  February 20, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. >> ahead this morning, remembering justice antonin his funeral just hours awayl ju and thousands of people are peoe expected to attend. aen we're live with the very latest as people mourn hisur loss. time to take off all thoselt layers. we're in for a weekend temperatures will be in thees w 60's. how long will these prettyse pre light temperatures stickres stik around? we'll have a full hav f forecast for. good morning, i'm annie yu. y we begin our top story at 7:00 7 saying goodbye to justiceo juste antonin scalia.toni the 79-year-old died last saturday o while on a huntingun trip in texas.n a funeral mass will be held at l the basilica of the national nat shrine of the immaculateac conception and megan dice isice there live. l good morning. >> reporter: good morning,r: g
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justice's son and a catholic cao priest himself will deliverimse the mass that's set to starthato here in just about four hours h at 11 o'clock. the basilica behind me holds hol 3500 people.eoe. now, the visitation yesterdayes held at the supreme court had 3,000 people including theludint president and the first lady fir who attended. father paul scalia also providing traditional prayersrae at a private ceremony held at the supreme court scalia'ss casket lay in an area where w president lincoln lay before him. scalia associate justice from the supreme court where he passed at the age of 79 appointed by ronald reagan. vice president joe biden andsinj dr. jill biden will be. jill attending today.tend the president will not.sint w the service technically openalle to the public. pli however it is first come first serve to friends and family. fil we'll send it back to you. >> ♪ >> all right. >> a you see in megan's shot t
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just a beautiful morning.orni >> i know. that was great sse the sun just rose over d.c.. beautiful color and ar and promising starter to what'ster going to be a very springlikee day. >> i love it. >> i know. what a difference from lastro ls weekend. >> yeah, really.ea >> my gosh. we were in the middle of the polar vortex, incredibly cold cl temperatures last saturday. sura now right now as we take a a live look at the white house,se sun peaking through some ofin those high cloudsg andud a temperatures should warm up war accordingly. you need a jacket outside jact u right now.right now it is 44 in washington, 43 in 4i manassas and 40 in culpeper, cue 47 in fredericksburg and 45 in leonardtown.ardtown. all across the northeast northea seeing temperatures in theem 40's or even in thpee 50's.s. 51 there in pittsburgh.ts and pretty comfortable.foab in fact, as we go through the afternoon temperatures willra jump pretty quickly. quick satellite and radar showing aadg few clouds moving through. thrgh that's just high clouds. ushering milder milder if you have plans with the p w kids, this is such a treat for r february.
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55 by 11:00 a.m..m 61 by 2:00 p.m. that will be b our high temperature and thenret we'll fall back into the upper 50's later on this afternoon.ftn clear skies, though.s, tugh. look at these high these temperatures around the area.tha not only is it 61 in washington but 64 in manassas, s 65 in culpeper. culpepe we're getting well into the wel 60's with a nice west wind off d the mountains. mountai that's why areas west of uss could push well into the mid thm 60's.60's cooler along the water.. 56 in annapolis, 62 in leonardtown later dan then we've got some rain on the way for the second half of thed half weekend so i'll have that all ahead in my seven-dayseda forecast.forecast. annie. >> all right, thanks so muchksmh kaitlyn.kait the man charged with thechar brutal murders avenue d.c.nue d. family and their housekeeperouse pled not guilty to the crimehe c in court yesterday.esterday darron wint was indictedndic earlier this week on 20 countsnc of kidnapping arson burglaryurar and first degree murder.ur he's accused of killing savaas savopoulos his wife amy theirami son philip and housekeepep intera vicious attack insideust their northwest home last may. m
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dna was found on one of two pizzas delivered to the home. and nicole lavelle's body ww found in north carolina last n c month. mo 18-year-old david eisenhower ahr virginia tech student has beends charged with killing her. now, police say lovell met eisenhower online and anothernoh virginia tech student natalie ne keepers has been charged inbeen connection with the teen'sit death. de authorities say the now sealedod documents may contain key evidence the prosecution has against eisenhower andnd keepers. and a virginia communityrgim is on edge this morning afterft several homeowners inwners i woodbridge say their homesirom were shot at thursday night.. residents living on banjonj court had to take cover as gunun shots rang out in the streets. e police found damage to severalov homes in the area. some even passed through throu exterior walls and were founderu lodged in interior walls. wal last night patrols beefed up their presence in the area.ce i >> we he heard about, you abo, u know, 10, 15 shots.ho i mean, we weren't sure wha
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it was at first, whether or, whr not it was like fireworks or or whatever but the first thing my wife said it sounds likends l gun shots. sho she was wondering should wehod >> thankful no one was injured and today police are continuing their investigation. in prince georges countye unsettling new details in a child porn case.chilas sources tell fox5 that deontent carraway allegedly handed out cell phones to children and c told them to record themselves engaged in sexual acts.l a he then would collect thed collc phones at the end of the day.. carraway met his alleged victims while volunteering ate o various places including judge sylvania woods elementaryle school in glenarden.lenard so far there are 17 alleged victims. a wheaton man behind barsma charged with sexuallbey assaulta throwing women over the past woo two weeks.we police identified the suspectus as william brown and they say ty he approached women on three ote separate occasions in the wheaton area and touched them inappropriately. brown is being held on $100,000 bond and police arebonl concerned brown may have had more victims and they'rend ty' asking anyone with informationnf to give them a
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still ahead this morning,eam a heartwarming update to theateo story that we've been've bee following of chris marquez the marine who was attacked at attat d.c. mcdonald's. plus the gop is hours awayh from the south carolina clash.oc everything you need to knowd to about what's at stake ine in tomorrow's primary and ofow p course caitlin will haveill another look at your saturdayrat forecast. stay with us. fox5 news morning will bemorni right back. ngght back.
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>> ♪ >> hi. welcome back. time now is 7:08 on thiss 08 o beautiful saturday morning.dayor taking a live look at the washington monument.gton mt. the landmark is closed tos cse visitors this weekend whileeekew crews work to repair a damaged d elevator control box.trol the damage was caused by a b contractor who was wor
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the monument on an unrelated issue. an exact reopening date hasn't i been we are happy to report a hpt marine veteran assaulted at aaud d.c. mcdonald's last week iss lk at home recovering.erin sergeant christopher marquez'seu injuries were so severe he sere ended up in a hospital. hpi video shows the attack fromttk behind causing marquez to fall t to the sidewalk. sewal his wallet was stolen and he w o was kicked twice as he tried tci to get up. to g police are still looking for three persons of interest. donations have been pouring in. a good samaritan from virginia i is also helping out. fox5's lauren demarco hasemar this story you'll only see ony s fox5. >> reporter: the attack happened last friday so it has a been about a week since chrisce marquez was hurt outside oftutso that mcdonald's. mon we have all seen the video. v it happened in penn quarter. that video has been making theae rounds online.roundsnl very disturbing. disturb and people have really been coming out in support of thiss marine. he is here with
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decorated marine. mar bronze star in combat. chris, tell me everyone wantsrye to know how are you doing? doi >> i'm actually getting a lot better. i just came out of theju came hospital, the va hospital.os i was there overnight because they wanted to monitor myor my condition.cond i'm doing some tests. >> reporter: i'm glad you'reter: able to be with us tonight. w i know this setting, thiset backdrop may look a little ait strange. near an auto body shop iny sp alexandria. there's a group of guys gathered over here. if you can follow me over here with the camera. everyone as i said coming com together trying to help this marine. mari you guys having a good nightg on out here. >> yeah. >> reporter: whole bunch ofte people gathered here and thisndt is mike owner of nc auto body. tell me why we are here.are her. >> we need you here today when e i heard about it from a friend i of mine what happened to chriswt it really hurt my heart and h being a marine that he is, i mean, it's something that is special that goes deep. from the people that i have peo all my friends over here, lot hr of them marines, coast guard,ua they all ha
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when i saw what happened tohat him, it just hurt me when they had -- took the walt, no moneyoy left. i said i have to do something. what can can i do? i want toant help him out by donate d something money to him. him. chris, i hope you feel bettereee from what happened. w this is from me andha my brotheh rob, that's rob right there, that's a check from us to you. t i hope that can help you out.ut >> reporter: that is a $5,000 check.$5 >> yes. >> reporter: so very generous. generous and mike, there's a little bit t of history here with mike.with i see all these guys behinds b you. you're very close with law enforcement.en >> yeah. >> reporter: with u.s.epor service members.rvic >> yes. >> reporter: this gentleman thi who is standing right hereing behind me. >> friend of mine peter lavoy. l >> reporter: peter pel pardon me. you at home may remember officer lavoy stillficer lavo recovering. >> yeah. >> reporter: you were shot while making a traffic stop. tra he's a police officer here in i alexandria.ex that was in 2013. mike gave you a big surprisea as parter of your cur
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remade a capart of your recoverh marine who was hurt peopleurt eo coming out to support him as well, what does that do foro you? what does that do forwhate your family when somethingom tragic like this happens toapns feel that support? sup >> you can't really tell that -- it just made me feelee special, made my family and and everybody, made me -- it made me everybody feel special. >> reporter: chris, all theall h best to you in your recovery.y officer lavoy all the best to b you. >> thank you. >> reporter: mike, keepor doing what you're doing.tein >> we will. >> reporter: amazing stuff.orte: that's the latest here in alexandria.exania back to you guys. >> ♪>> >> all right, great stuff there.there. also great is this weather. wea >> i know.>> i kno it's amazing how far we've can e come in a week when it was so so cold for valentine's day venti weekend and now we're talking tl about high temperatures in thegt 60's. >> i don't want to get to greedy but is this going to stk
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>> well, no, not for the long tn term unfortunately by the endy t of the seven-day forecast it'sti back to seasonable but anotheruh thing to note, you know, we've w been mentioning this storm coming our way this week tuesday, wednesday time it now looks like just rain toai be honest. i'm sure that's fine with a wit lot of you, you don't need thed headaches but maybe some ofs you were still looking for s loo some wintry weather.ther. doesn't look like we'll get it with this storm system. sys 44 reagan national, dulles 42, bwi marshall 44 degrees.degrees. temperatures around the areaur very comfortable.very comfortabe while you do need a jacketd j right now, mid 40's along theng eastern shore, 45 in leonardtown, 42 like i said 42 out in dulles, 43 in manassas,an 43 in gaithersburg and 41 in frederick, everyone is wellryonw above freezing and will justill keep jumping as we go through th the rest of the day.the rest ofa satellite and radar showinge an some clouds moving in from thevr southwest. that's along with the warm airhm and just some high clouds sohlo we're seeing that sun peak sun through the clouds right now. td gorgeous sunrise.rgeousunri and we'll probably have a veryvv nice sunset, too.
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east. new york, new england, bostonne getting a wintry mix ofw some precipitation. and new england could see some decent snows possibly, interior new england possibly n with this storm system thats st looks to move up the appalachians come tuesday t wednesday into thursday. trs here's our futurecast.uturec the only issue is we're is w looking at some rain onn sunday. today, though, no showers.oho just a mix of sun and clouds c and it really looks nice by day's end.s high temperatures are in thear e 60's. we have a lot of sunshine. it's a taste of spring. o s the days are getting a little bit longer now so we kind ofe ko feel like we've made it out ofad the woods, at least partially. l by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, i there are some more cloudse c around and we'll see those see o clouds increase prettyncreasett steadily because look at this.ot low pressure developing along a front here and by 3 o'clock we've got some light raine ght moving in. looks like the steadiest rainket is south of washington but ion would even put d.c. in t d.c. and any points south some pretty steady rain sunday evening and that will continue
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p.m. we should see the showers o clear out as we hit the a.m. h rush on monday. mon monday will bring us a break from any rain and those rainho chances return as we head towards nice southerly flow going to push those temperatures uptureup into the 60's, very mild. m in fact down right warm back towards our southwest. south for us probably seeing thateeint high temperature of 61 in mid washington, mid 60's west oftf us along the mountains.ountai weekend forecast here's whatas we're looking at.we'rlook 61 today, warmer and sunny. sunday more clouds and, yes, we will need those umbrellas u later in the today is probably the bettere bt of the two.ofhe two look at this seven-day seven forecast.foreca like spring today, a fewing todf showers and mild there on on sunday. su monday the clouds return.s it gets a little bitur cooler ce and then rain looks likely lik both tuesday and wednesday atsda this point really just doesn'toe look like we'll have any any winter weather impact from itmpi in our o maybe in the higher elevations n of the mountains you guy
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could see changing over to ove t some snow and this coulds cld change but if things have beenvb trending very warm over the past couple days.ys early showers on thursdaysh before the storm exits. mostly sunny and much more m m seasonable there on friday with a high of 46 degrees.6 degr that's a look at yourk at y seven-day forecast. annie. an >> all right caitlin.. the did you say department firing bac -- justicedepartmentt apple.. prosecutors say that appleuts sa would be allowed to keep the phone and technology.hnolog the company refused sayingused s would be too dangerous to makeod the program because it would wou threaten the digital privacyri of all iphone users.. and another batch hillarynob clinton's e-mails have been released. re the state department released ra m0 more documents from00 clinton's e-mail account. acc so far federal officials have released 46,000 e-mails and-mais they plan to release the final f batch on february the 29th. farh that's a day before thee critical super tuesday
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primary.ary. and as the toxic water crisis in flint continues students and staff at virginians tech are pitching in to help.oel water testing kits were assembled at the university yesterday and they will be wille used in flint next week tonextk retest several homes there. t those homes were among the first to shed light on the high levels of lead in theevel city's drinking water and thend water testing kits will giveillv health officials a better idear if the conditions are improving.prov meanwhile voter voters in to states will be casting ballots b people will be caucusing in nevada. and in south carolinaarolina republicans are holding theirree primary there.ary there. polls show donald trump stillow leading but the fight for f second and third place is up i for grabs.for grabs. up next, february is heart h healthy month and we're going wi to take a closer look at how aow few simple changes in yourng diet can actually keep your ticker in tiptop shape. in ptope time now is 7:17. we'll be right back. back.
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>> ♪ >> all right, welcome back. february is american heart, month so what better time to focus on the well being of one of the most important organsnt n in our bodies and joining mee is irene myers thompson a wellness director at united uni healthcare of the midatlantic.ic irene good to see you goodou goo again. thank you.>> >> every time you come you
7:21 am
this is something we've heard before but you have something sm interesting, i mean, we tend wet to overdo it with the nuts butut it's good for us but moderation.moderati >> we dodge serving size placeie a key role but nuts are soe s good for heart health. hlth. february is heart health monthlh but really every month shouldth be. heart disease is the leadinge is cause of death in men and a women. women. >> that's scary.>> t >> it really is. when you influence yourence y children at the dinner table, te we talk about adding nuts asnu a something different from thefero cheese and the bacon bits andonn but really the serving most of the time it's about 2 ounces. >> okay. >> how gosh do i figure outdo what 2 ounces is. >> can you can give me a sense o if 2 how much that is.ow mucai >> your thumb is about an an ounce. your thumbs are always with you. u. nicely done.nily d it is so but we always say a a handful or about two thumbs ors about 2 ounces a >> my gosh. >> that's considered a serving not even so much a day but a d b that's considered a serving.ervi so what nuts really do for us fr is they lower our bad b cholesterol so there's aerol couple can of kinds of o c
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cholesterol. that's how you remember that's your bad cholesterol.stol. it lowers your badyo cholesterol. nuts are such a good source of protein, omega-3's, vitamin e. they're a good heart healthy snack. there's so many varieties of nuts and you can sprinkle them s ng something you're already eating and get that extra ext nutrition and it's not a lotno l of effort.ort. when we talk to our united healthcare families we're fam always trying to give theme tm small changes they can makean mk that lead to sustainabletaable healthy lives. liv nothing drastic. noing that needs to be done toed overnight and always good moderation.moderation >> when there's so much pressure,. >> everybody is looking nor nor quick fix they can hang onto hat for about seven weeks and thenne they falter off and go back.d gc so we always try to add like little tips that are easy, affordable.affo they work with everybody'srydy budget and they're flexible so e it's not like you feel like lik you're always locked into the carrot sticks. >> i like how you added the wall nuts on side of the
7:23 am >> whole wheat english muffin with light cream cheese we che sprinkled on a small serving of crushed wall nuts. it's pretty tasty. all natural peanut butter withat apple slices. that's a pretty easy go to. go t instead of on your salad wealad did some red for heart health ht month so we did red peppersed p and tomatoes. instead of sprinkling on the bacon bits introduce some of i these wall nuts into yountr salad. gives it good gflav wall nuts are like spices.spes they give a lot of flavor to fl the legal but you're not adding anything detrimental tont your heart.yo >> never thought to put nuts n in my yogurt. that's so nutty.'s so >> we like to go nuts atouts united healthcare and this isars the month to do it. with wall nuts they're soft, they've got a good crunch to them. them. almonds are a little bitare harder. this is a great go to nut to sprinkle into your yogurt. add berries. that's that all natural sugarar so we're not
7:24 am
sugars. sugars are pretty much in pre everything we eat so we want wwa to read the labels and paythe attention to that.nt all natural oatmeal adding add nuts into that along with yourr berries hence out.nce o this is a serve of oatmealf oate half a cup so we always alw recommend that you buy like organic oatmeal or all natural.nal. packaged oatmeal has packaged pd sugars but going for the allhe natural and adding what comes right off of the tree or vinein to give it extra sweetness isne key he.key h >> you have almonds and walnut u out are these the two best nuts.esnu >> good question.stion. almonds and walnuts are really good, peanuts, cashews asas a well.we those are your four that are good go toes. toe mac dame ya', soy nuts. these nuts are a good sourceood of protein for a vegetarian vegn diet. for vegetarians, nuts are a great source of that.ur >> i am all about it. it's nutastkic.astkic than
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coming up at 7:30 we're remembering justice andercender school. justice antonin scalia. scalia plus caitlin is back with wh another look at today'st to weather.we stay with us.stay fox5 news morning on this saturday will be right back. time now 7:25.
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>> welcome back. time now is 7:27.ti we're taking a live lomeokok outside. it's a beautiful as soon as you step outside
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trust me you'll be in a goodbe g mood hopefully. hopefully. temperatures in the 40's rightit now but caitlin has got some som really good news for us today. >> i know. how about 60's, annie?nn? >> yeah.>> yeah. >> yeah. it's going to be a pretty nice p day especially when you consider it's still i this is a saturday everyoney eve should be outside and enjoying. no excuses at this a even though we're starting off in the 40's you can kind ofn ki feel that mild air movingir through. 44 in washington, 43 in gaithersburg, 44 in baltimore, e 39 in culpeper and 43 in i manassas.manassas. all of us well above freezing fe and considering this time lastt weekend we had subzero windzerow chills.ills much, much bte this warmup courtesy of really a strong southwesterly flow andthe winds right now about 10 to 15 miles an hour.mile so, this warm weather will be wl accompanied by a breeze today.e. you'll probably notice someom higher gusts later this afternoon but you kind of neednd a decent wind to warm up thisupi time of year.ti satellite and radar showing aara few clouds around also movingov in from the southwest so we'ves got some high clouds.igh loud you see the
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peeking out from that hazy overcast shot we had of thet weh washington monument but ient bui think a decent amount ofmount of sunshine will carry us throughla the afternoon.the it's going to be a beautiful buf dame low pressure well offow towards our west. p here's or weekendtowa pattern. n it feels like spring as 60's 60' moving into the area and even e west of town right east of the mountains that down sloping effect you'll probably seeou'l temperatures well into theat 60's, mid 60's there.he a cold front sinks south as wek head into sunday and that isantt going to spread some so, this is just the only o caveat to what would otherwise e be a very nice weekend. we'll start off dry on sunday but probably it's a early as eay 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. in the t afternoon you have showersooyou moving through nothing major but it isn'tt going to be totally dry there de on sunday. sda here's your high temperaturesres for today. take a look at them. 61 in washington, 64 in manassas, 65 in culpeper and 66 in fredericksburg, 62 ing, leonardtown. so, just all across-the-boards-r the only exception is going to be along the water.nghe w that will make eight little bit cooler, 56 there inn annapolis.poli so, here's your seven-day f
7:30 am
like spring today, 61. 6 late day showers here on o sunday.sunday that will keep things a littlee bit cooler and then we returne to some seasonablenabl temperatures.te monday fairly nice, sun and clouds, 49 degrees., 9 here's our next storm systemstme which originally looks like ite would bring some wintry win weather to the area.weher not the case.not this is taking a very westwardy storm track then means just meas rain for our area. a rain arrives in the afternoonnon hours on tuesday and thend timing is still up for grabs f g at least the beginning and andna of it. it. wednesday looks to be in theloso middle of the storm, we couldweu have rain heavy at times. really just rain.tain. and look at these temperaturesem well above freezing. fez some early showers onhowers thursday. the only exception would be inwo the mountains, the huligher elevations.ions you guys could have a mixed havm bag as the storm moves in andnd then maybe as it exits, too. t mostly sunny on friday, 46 degrees. d so we're really just preparing g for that rain in the middle of the week. in the meantime, though enjoyugh this beautiful saturdayaturda annie. >> all right, thanks, caitlin.a. back to our top story this o morning. funeral services will be held h this morning
7:31 am
justice antonin scalia.toni the service will begin at 11 o'clock this morning at the basilica of the national nio shrine of the many mac lateany l conception.tion. megan dice is there this morning. good morning megan.od >> reporter: good morning. mood. father paul scalia theauscal justice's son an catholic catho priest himself will deliveril the mass set to take place at pe 11:00 a.m. here at the basilica.silica. the basilica holds 3500 350 this is the final farewell in a weekend long mourning for the justice. yesterday the justices justi visitation was held at the supreme court. court nearly 3,000 people in all including the president and a the first lady attended.d. father paul scalia providing traditional prayers at ait private ceremony yesterdayio morning held there will at the supreme court.reeme t. scalia's casket lay in an areaa where president lincoln lay lino before him after his assassination. scalia's clerks took 30 minutele turns through the nightrk standing by tthhero casket allal night until his body was taken t from the supreme court. scalia an associate justice of the supreme court from 1986 to
7:32 am
february 13th where he died inee texas at the age of 79. 7 he was appointed by ronald reagan. the white house has announced that vice president biden and ad dr. jill biden will attendl att today. the president will not bere sihere. the service technically openedco to the public today but it is i of course reserved for friendsrv and family. we'll send it back to you, annie. an >> all right, thanks so much,ksu megan. meanwhile a popular spotpops in the district may soon beoon forced to close its doors. for 30 years capitol checkers ck located just off u street in st northwest has been one of thes only checkers associations inat america that provides spaces spa for people to play but over the years rent has increased i and recently the furnacethe broke. despite not having any moneyving for repairs members stillembe s gather there to play in the cold building.uildg. >> first started out we would wl meet and whomever would come by, they would play checkers. ck now it's a more formal f structure where we're at. whe we play every day. >> the group is asking for any
7:33 am
to make the needed repairs andai much like they have done for d the past 30 years, they, t gathered last night to play checkers.. and after more than aaf decade ofte planning, plannin construction and testing d.c.tic streetcars will finally open ope for service next saturdayext sat february 27th at 10:00 a.m. following a brief ceremony in northeast. northe streetcars will run from 6:00unf a.m. to midnight monday mda through thursdays and until a u 2:00 a.m. on friday andnd saturdays with no service on sundays.ay mayor bowser also announced itni will be free to ride for ae for short time. t it's been 54 years sincece streetcars were last operating i in the district. dtr all right, still ahead, ifg, cash is still king, it'st' digital cousin is quickly qck becoming royalty. roy we take a look at how we'reow we becoming a cashless societys sot and what can currency peoplencye are using instead. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. this thursday is national clamlm chowder day. day. >> joining us to help us lips lp up some clam chowder is exec
7:37 am
thank you for coming. >> welcome. >> thanks for being here. >> love me some clam chowder. cr >> it's a popular dish. >> it is. we sell a lot of it.a loof we have an award winning clam chowder. we'll stake some reputation ona that.. >> okay. >> we need to know your secretoe ingredients.ingredients. >> sure thing. >> bacon. we have started avenue withd avw here. we'll get that rendering downriw in a pan. >> uh-huh.h- >> about medium high heat, let that fat sort of render. >> get happy.ap >> yeah, let that bacon get happy in that pan.ppy in that then you'll start sauteeing ste some vegetables in with that we have a little bit of onions i and celery here.celery here. >> okay. >> and then that's just goingoig get mixed up with all that. >> now, there are differente ar versions of clam chowder. chowd >> there are. this is a new england stylelandy clam chowder. chowd it's cream >> that makes it new englandland clam chowder. >> that makes it new england. manhattan is a tomato those are real popular
7:38 am
maryland crab. cra >> what would that be. >> the sheet crab refers torefet the row from the grab.ra you got big old pieces of bluef crab in there, that's veryhas popular. out on the west coast you have cioppinos.cioppi it's what region you're in or what mood you're in and --n an-- >> i grew up on this one forhisr sure. sure. and so what makes yours reallyrs stand out from the others?th >> well, and, we make it allakea from scratch. make it with a lot of love andnd a lot of bacon. >> this one is boiling chef.ling >> oh, yeah.h, yh. >> that one is sizzling. sizzl shall we mix that one.ix t one. >> we're getting going here. h now that we've got some ofome o this fat rendered out hereuter what helps thicken this up is we're using just a little bit of flour in with all thatt bacon fat and what that'shat th' going to do is produce what's called a roux, which is a fancy term for butter and but flower. >> that's really good.t's >> i think i could do this atlda home. home
7:39 am
you could probably find this recipe i believe we've put ite'i on your web site, didn't we? >> yeah, fox5 d.c. >> or you can come to theomto ocean air and have us make itak for you. y >> where are aou. >> we're in penn quarter. quart add fresh garlic. we're in penn quarter 12th and f streets, 12th and 13th on f street so right there, a bigre, happening >> how long have you been there. >> 15 years. 15 >> okay, wow staple to theplto neighborhood, sure.ighb >> so, we are now going add some shucked clams and clam a ca juice. >> i need that. t my flour was sticking to the pot. >> that's going to get in there and a littlein bit of fresh parsley and thyme.hyme let that come together and end d up finishing it with someit s cream. cream. now, this is a little bit of aif time consuming process. it's not hard but it does take a little bit of time. t >> you think so?>> you think >> how long until that gets happy. >> we would t
7:40 am
minutes or so and then we'll finish it with cream and milk. m >> which is essential.. >> it's essential and through the magic of television weevio have added some cream.eream >> it's already there. t >> i'm going go ahead and just j pour that right in a bowl here for you ladies.ouad >> good.>> g >> and the essential add ons, o crackers or bread. bre >> we have oyster crackers, that's traditional.radi you pour those right in there.he we have some spoons.omsp >> annie. >> please enjoy. >> we will.>> we >> hot, no. >> i hope so. s >> it looks delicious.look thank you so much for comingming in s >> absolutely. my pleasure. pas >> it is delicious.>> i >> yeah. >> you know were i love, so many other flavors exceptt double dipping. >> besides just the fish flavors. >> absolutely, yeah. absolutely. >> delicious. thank you so much. >> sure thing. >> you can definitely tellinitey this is >> you'll have to come in and t get some.. >> ocean air restaurant pennurae quarte
7:41 am
>> do you still carry cash around. >> do you have cash on youu ha right now. >> no, i don't.>> my wallet is completely c barren. >> find out how cell phones are playing a hugew role in tht united states becoming a cashless society.le >> and as we take a live look outside, i'll be back withth your forecast. fec that's a cloudy start over thesh capitol building but i thinkbu we see more sunshine and someil very springlsunsike temperaturee stay with us. w your full forecast is next. ext.
7:42 am
7:43 am
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7:44 am
>> welcome back. wel time now 7:43. caitlin is >> yes, good morning.good >> good morning. >> it looks kind of cloudy outso there but we should see some see sunshine and 60's.0' that's temperatures we'reemperau talking about later today.out >> like you mentioned earlier what a great treat for fo. >> i know. it's been a long week.een we started off so cold thisdhi time last week and then we hadnh that mess of snow to ice to rain and now we are finallyin capping it off with aitff w beautiful weekend.ful at least it should be later on o today. winter takes a break.erak that's our big headline forine this weekend and we need it, right? who doesn't want someom 60 degrees in february? veryy?r short lived but it will bell b really ne. so, that's our winter headline -- our weatherour headline. it is in the winter but that'sth our weather headline. headl winter is taking a temperatures outside right nowin everyone is well above a freezing and i felt driving inii this morning you almost canan feel that milder feel in theeein air with the warmer weatherea moving n44 washington, 44ton, 4 baltimore, 43 in manassas, 45 in winchester.inch it was a beautiful sunrise sri thanks to those high clouds tseh and we're battling some ofg those clou
7:45 am
temperatures all across theuresa area mainly in thecr 40's. 4 51 there in pittsburgh.bu so, all across the northeast noa setting up for what will be ahal pretty mild day really nice. nic satellite and radar showingd ras some clouds around right now. n very quiet. quiet we will have a cold front come c through later tonight and actually low pressureow pressur developing along that coldlo front is going to produce some s rain. that's for tomorrow. f tom we'll time it all out for you here with your fox futurecast. c notice the clouds around forrod the first part of today, then te bright sunshine into thee into afternoon. so, overall mostly sunny skies going to be a nice day anda going to be kind of breezy,ez too. fast forward to sunday morning m and we start off with w sunshine, clouds quicklynecloudq increase and then by 3, 4 by 3,4 o'clock rain moves in. light showers but steadierowbu towards our south.ou so i think anywhere from --rom honestly the whole area butrea u there could be some pockets ofoe steadier rain. r this is at 6 o'clock, you see, s it right over washington.ashingo better chance down in southernn maryland and into centralnto sections of virginia seeingf vi the steadier rain.ain. showers continue through tomorrow evening.vening we do clear out in time foror
7:46 am
off pretty nice. n so here's your forecast for today. mostly sunny skies as high s clouds early 61 degrees.un it is a bit breezy southwest winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. m. so you tend to need that wind w to warm you up this time of year. seven-day forecast, likeas lik spring today, 61.ay, late day showers on sunday,unda 57. so, a little bit cooler withlert that rain coming through. throu and then when that frontthen passes towards our south we'll o see a high of just 49 ont 49 monday. rain arrives on tuesday. t this is our next winter stormntm but i hesitate to call it a winter storm because it's notses going to bring any wintryin weather to us. just rain, heavy at times on wednesday, 46.esday, 4 early showers on thursday thursy before that whole system movesss out. mostly sunny and much niceruc there on friday, 46 degrees6 der but what looks like it couldik be a very impactful winterulin storm to our area really looks s to produce rain in tuesday to thursday time frame.ay time fr only exception in thely e mountains you might start withrt mixed precipitation and endreti with a little bit of snow.e bi . that's a look at yourat's seven-day forecast and
7:47 am
you over here at the couch. >> yay! >> sometimes i'll pick up ones i those cues. no, but really honestly todaytla is probably the best day we've w got in our seven-day forecast fs so enjoy that. >> yes, seriously get outousl there and enjoy today. today. >> it will be really nice. n when was the last time youas carried around a wallet filled t with a stack of bills.. it has been predicted we'll beri a cashless >> seems like that's becoming more of a reality withith smartphone technology. sorry about that. fox's dan bowens explains.. looks like we're havinge'rev some technical difficulties with that story there. butthe. b really i mean i have -- i i hardly ever carry around any cash with me.ith me. >> do you not? i still feelstif like i need et cetera for >> that's good.>> that's smart. >> yeah. y >> because there's probably aea day or a time that i'mhere
7:48 am
to be faced with like, oh,faced sorry, we don't accept creditdi cards or we don't have that that device to scan your phone.ho >> although we don't -- youon - know, it used to be that likehal if you wanted to take a cab orec you ran into a place that onlyhl took cash but we don't reallyea see that at least not in thisoth area anymore and, you know, k unless you're paying a friendg a back or something you just y j don't really need it.d spring is right around the corner. >> and lots of us dig into our closets and do some springome s cleaning and that's exactlyng what oprah winfrey is doing.oi she's giving away a lot of her designer clothes and turninglour them over to ebay for say. f s now most of the items haveems he barely been worn and oprah is not keeping any of the money t from the sale.hefrom t s instead, proceeds will benefitll one of her many caus bes, the oprah winfrey leadershipears academy foundation.ion. >> i wonder how much theseon outfits are going for 'cause idc will snatch one up just to have. just to say you own one of oprah's articles of clothing. a new fashion trend has a t lot of people talking it's called fury male.ed fur >> this is creepy. thi they tape you at the
7:49 am
wall winter fashion s that's what they look like. l these nails -- here's howe' they're created.. first each nail is covered in polish then some fur is glued i on to the top of the nail. nai the furry nails have peopleeo doing double takes and it's a become quite a topic of tic conversation. >> okay, number one i hope i h this is faux fur.this is faux f. >> exactly. >> i hope it is theit is t and number two, that is justat s down right creepy.reepy. >> exactly. exact and why would you want fur on o your nails? getting away,y, trying to eat something, washeti the dishes, you're going haveav wet fur on your nails. nails. >> i don't understand it and und i'm not a fan. >> very strange. >> seems like that would onlye work on models in a hthigh end fashion show and not translate t into the regular world. regul wr >> why would you want fur onouln your hands.your hands. >> no thanks. let that one go. >> shake someone hands andkeom it's like what is that? >> fur. fur >> just my furry nails. >> it is creepy. time to kick back and relax asa we kick off the weekend.eeke >> and as we head to break weo k wanted to take a look back
7:50 am
some of the most viral videos m from the past week.os enjoy. >> ♪ [laughter] >> (screaming). (sc >> oh, oh.>>h. >> got you. y >> oh, no. [laughter] >> does it hurt? >> you know what we going to do? eat breakfast. >> ♪ >> five, six, turn. >> ♪
7:51 am
>> we know it is black historyty month when you hear somebody say, hey michelle -- [laughter] -- girl...
7:53 am
>> georgetown hoyas men's basketball team will take on xavier today at noon at thehe verizon center you can catch the game right here on joining us
7:54 am
associate athletic director ate georgetown university.nive big, big big >> big day for us.>> big thanks for having me on. >> yeah. yea >> the hoyas we appreciate thepr partnership with fox.wi f we're going to be on the air today and it's gray out day at the verizon center.n >> so that means it's going to o be a sea of gray.f g >> sea of gray. we're giving out shirts tos to everyone that comes about ies a think nine, 10,000.e, 10, we've got volunteers and staff s down there right now puttingti shirts out for people, so one s of the great things about it i is it builds community for usco and thmme last four years we've won the grayout games so s that's terrific. >> okay, well, let's hope thisot continues. >> that's right. that' >> so, how do you feel abouto the big game today?bi >> feel good. you know, we've got a rg eal>>ly good team. team. we've got a great senior guard devon at any smith rivera. riv >> i wanted to give you somed to time to talk about him.abou him >> he's on the verge ofon t ver becoming our fifth all time leading scorer. sco he's had a terrific career ander as a senior he's a four yearr ya player an great leader for us.
7:55 am
also othello harrington, thisngs is exciting for the younge yn player.player. >> yes, big o, othello is is going into the georgetownn athletics hall of fame.ha we're going to bring the inductees on the floor at halfal time today. there's six others and thenothe tonight we're hosting an eventge on campus. campus. we've got about 250 people peopl coming to wish them well ass they're inducted into the athletic hall of fame. hl of fam >> awesome. this is really exciting, dan. you've got the completion ofhe the construction for theuc building. how excited are you about abo that? >> it's great. great. you know i-grew up herew up h watching georgetown on final o n five games and john thompsonhoso jr. was the coach then and thehd building is being named for him. him. the construction is goingruion well. we're going finish up infinish u august and then our coaches will be moving in. it's got two practice separate r courts for both the men's and women's teams and then all ofheo our athletes will have newave weight rooms, new lockerw locke rooms, so we're real excitedl ed about that.ouha it's really going to be a shining piece of campus fors everyone who comes to
7:56 am >> absolutely. and before we let you go welet w can't let you go without talkhol about the lacrosse tea >> yes, we've got a game a game today. our men play at 11:30 againstgan notre dame who is number one nbn in the country and then our women actually play marylandar and we're doing very well inll i both of those sports.thosspo >> awesome. you know what, i think once i it get home today i'm going wearr gray.ay >> that's great.>> >> i'll be t watching.g. >> that's fantastic. thanks for having me o >> good luck to you and theo ant team.. >> thank you.>>hank >> there does it for us at d oe7:00. much more ahead at 8 o'clock. ok caitlin will be back with w another check of our weather. ow today is going tero be a fantastic day. you know this right.ow >> good day to get down to the game, the verizon 70. >> district degrees a greateea r today toy get there by metro best way. way >> loafer you'd like. >> much more ahead ath 8 o'clock. stick with us.stk wi we'll be right back.
7:57 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> welcome back to fox5 newss morning on this saturday.on time now is 7:59, a live look outside this morning. thanks for joining us.oi u today the nation is sayingsay goodbye to the late supremee sum court justice antonin scalia. s he is the son of an italian ita immigrant father and was bornas in trenton new jersey. jy.
8:00 am
and practiced law for severalr s years before being appointed aot to the supreme court in 1986remi by former president ronald reagan.reagan today mourners will pause andrsw reflect on his impact on this t law of the country. fox5's megan dice is live ative the basilica of the national nio shrine of the immaculate conception where he'll be laid l to rest. r >> reporter: father paulather scalia the justice's son and a catholic priest himself willesms deliver the mass that's set tos take place at 11:00 a.m. at the basilica lined me.ica lid me 3500 people fit inside the insih church there.. it's the final fair nell ael weekend long mourning for the m justice. now yesterday the justices justi visitation was held at the heldt supreme court.supreme 3,000 people in attendance including the president and the first lady. father paul scalia providing traditional prayers at aio private ceremony held at themo supreme court yesterday scalia's casket lay in an area where president lincoln layinco before him. scalia's c
8:01 am
turns through the nightthro standing by the casket untilasti his body was taken from therom e supreme court. scalia an associate justice of the supreme court from 1986 to february 13th when he died inend texas at the age of 79.f white house has announced thatot vice president joe biden andside his wife will be in attendancene today. to the service technically openedle to the public but mainlyy reserved for friends andrids a family. we'll send it back to you. y >> all right, thank you sohank much caitlin joining us now forr our first check of ourcheckf our forecast here in the 8 o'clock k hour. >> good morning. >> good morning. we have a lot to look forward to today. >> we do. >> actually feeling like spring outside this afternoon ar so what a huge change from what we he have become accustomed to last weekend.lastw very cold. we're talking about high temperatures in the 60's. in th >> oh, my goodness this iss is exciting it.exci it. if you're just waking up withg us about to walk outside walksi the dog get the kids ready for another jam packed weekend i'mm sure all of you, it is still apa little cool. u,temperatures are in the
8:02 am
but noticeably warmer airr air moving in and we'll watch those temperatures drop -- or o rise, excuse me, very quicklyy through the morning and intoingt the afternoon.the aftnoon there are some early morningor clouds. we saw a beautiful sunrise andue that sun should peak through the high clouds as we go c through the rest of thee 43 in d.c., 41 frederick, 45 baltimore, 45 stevensville, 45ni in quantico, 45 out inn winchester and these warm t warm temperatures accompanied by a pretty decent southwesterly wind. you kind of need that breezeed to help warm things up thiss up time of year. y winds only about 10 to 15 miles an hour now but we'll see some higher gusts as we goeo through the afternoon. afternoo. satellite and radar there'sandah those clouds that are outsidehat right now. i think we see some moreeore sunshine in the afternoon butoou overall it does look like ak l dry really nice day. day so, very enjoyable when you consider it's late february. i here's the setup ft'or our weekend. cold front towards our north and so those southwesterlyho winds pushing in this warm temperatures should hit thees 60's for just about s the wholew area.area now, this fro
8:03 am
area later tonight and actually on sunday which isic i still mild and would be a w another really nice day, kind di of going to see some showerse se with low pressure that's goingti to form along this front sohint you don't see the low pressure system out there right now buthe it will bring some rain intoaino our area probably in the the afternoon hours tomorrow.hours so, a little bit of a rainier ri cloudier sunday. sunday. here's the weekend forecast. fos 61 and just beautiful today on your saturday. sur mostly sunny skies. breezy in the afternoon.n e afte more clouds and we'll look atllo some afternoon and eveningnd eng rain showers on sunday,un steadiest towards our southt where we'll see a high of 57.toe i'll be back in a bit withit your seven-day forecast. annie. >> ♪ >> here's a look at our toplooka stories this morning.ories this the man charged with the brutal murders of a d.c. a family and their housekeeperouse pled not guilty to the crime cri in court yesterday.rday darn winter was indicted on 20ra counts of kidnapping arsong aon burglary and first degree murder.murder. he's accused of killing savaas savopoulos his wife amy theire h son philip and hou
8:04 am
vera alicia figueroa. figro wint was arrested after hisafter dna was found on pizzas pizzas delivered to the home. h >> death of a 13-year-oldld virginia girl kidnapped and murder.murder. nicole lovell's body was found f in north carolina. 18-year-old david eisenhower has been charged with killingrg her. police sayed lovell met lovell eisenhower online and anotherno virginia tech student natalient keepers has been charged in connection with the teen's death. the authorities say the now sealed documents may containumta key evidence the prosecutionrosn has against eisenhower andinis keepers. >> the president of saintsident john's catholic prep says the retirement of its long times lot football coach comes after aes t player said the coach tried to d choke him from kneeling on hison chest. ches cell phone video shows theeo s t coach pulling 17-year-old aaron meek over a table onto aba floor where they scuffle.cuffle the school's president saysrent the video doesn't show exactlywa what happened before thened bert interaction and that the coach c should have reported the offense instead of
8:05 am
that student. student. in prince georges county unsettling new details in a case of childew sources tell fox5 that deonte te carraway allegedly handled outhd cell phones to children and told them to record themselves engaged in sexual acts.exua a he then would collect the phones at the end of the day.hey carraway met his alleged victims while volunteering ate t various places including judge sylvania woods elementaryle school in glenarden. glenarden. so far there are 17 alleged victims.ctim and a wheaton man is is behind bars this morning charged with sexuallyge assaulting three women overd hro the past two weeks.eeks. police have identified theied suspect as william brown.lliamrn they say he approached women on three separate occasions ine n e wheaton area and touchedocto them inappropriately.ropriate brown is being held on $100,000 bond and police arend c concerned that brown may haveroh had more victims and are a asking anyone with informationhf to give them a call. cal well, can coming up good g samaritans coming together tos o help a marine who was brutally attacked at a d.c.ed at d. mcdonald's.mcdona we'll have that heartwarminghat story for you up n time now is 8:05. 8 we'll be right back. ht back.
8:06 am
8:07 am
8:08 am
>> it's going to be very nicein today.g caitlin will be along with the full forecast for you in justfon a b today d.c. mayor muriel bowserri is heading to cuba.ub she'll be joe biden by severalei members of herdm
8:09 am
and they a say the goal is to is build relationships and workla on potentialti investmentes opportunities in cuba. c larry hogan requesting a a federal disaster declaration to get aid after last month's lt record snowstorm. the governor's office says the state was severely impacted byad the storm and if approved, it would bring federal assistance a to communities in marylandnitie throughout the state amnd local agencies and public safety set partners that serve them during the storm.rm and with the recentd the blizzard and cold temperatures across our area crews inrews fairfax county were out were out yesterday training for ice rescues.ues. units from mclean and tysons corner were some that tookt t part in this training. in this a as we've shown in you recent weeks several dogs have beendogs rescued after falling through the ice and becoming stuck incok the freezing >> so our big concern for concef people is we want them to stayh off the ice.ce the ice may look safe but safe t again the area around northernn virginia routinely does notti de get cold enough for the ice to harden that it would be ablet it to support w a human's weightant let alone an animal.t ale an as we've been able to show to s here in the past few
8:10 am
we've had 70 and 80-pound dogs that have gone through theou ice. >> the captain says with thes wt expected increase inncrease in temperature over the week it'ser another reason to stay avenuetan thoff theice. >> good reminder.din >> he's right.>> it's going to be hot -- well, wl not hot.not. >> it might feel hot for some.o. >> jumping the gun there but you're're r when you go from the 20's in g the beginning of the week too the 60's later in the week it definitely, it could be hot. h >> i'm sure we'll see peoplee pp in shorts and t-shirts. >> with that sun this s t afternoon count on it.count time for our fox5 first fiveir f our favorite part of theoritrt morning. this is bj. he's three years old.ears old look at that hat. at th hat. >> so cute.>> s >> he's adorable and he loves sledding and dinosaurs and he's just like so -- so nicely c dressed up.esse look at that.lo >> he looks like a little >> he is a little man, i knowit, but he's got a super cutee face. face looks like he could bee delivering newspapers withri that hat that's
8:11 am
dinosaurs.dinosaurs. >> yes, thank you., thanu. bj you are adorable and thank t you to everyone who postso post their pictures. if you want your child to be cht our next fox5 first five justt put their picture below bj'ss on our fox5 facebook page. p all right shall we do somete weather? look at our headlines.he we're going take a break.oing ta kind of nice. >> take a long break, please.ngs >> i know. this is like a little short a lt break but it's still a break. all week won't feel veryry wintry.wint yes, temps in the 60's as advertised all week long.ised al we are still on track for that later this afternoon. aer outside right now you stillw yo probably need the jacket but with the sun coming up it actually already feels mildlrea out there in my opinion.y oni it's going to warm pretty ptty quickly.ickl 43 in washington, 45 in baltimore. 43 gaithersburg and dulles.ndul. 45 in winchester. so, everyone well above freezing. and it was a brisk couple ofoue days. we'll still be kind of breezyf b this afternoon but it will be noticeably different from yesterday where our higherday wh temperatures were kind ofer where they are right now. iatnr
8:12 am
fact temperatures were eitherr steady or rose a little bit a overnight. 44 in new york.44ne 36 in binghamton but look atut t this, already 52 in pittsburgh, 46 in columbus, 47um in chicago. so, a nice thaw all across the northeast. northeas satellite and radar showinge an some of those high clouds outlo there right now and it will probably be mostly sunny. s more sunshine later in theine le afternoon but we do just have those high clouds this clouds morning. not bringing any precipitation i to our area and off towardsow the north and east wintry w weather exiting new england.ex new england or at leastitor atet anterior parts upstate newpste n york, western pennsylvania,nnsva possibly seeing some snowe s later this week but for us for u here in d.c. i think it lookstoo like just rain. futurecast shows clouds comeud c and go this morning giving wayor to sunshine this sunday itself still mild butilt we've got a little bit of a change in the forecast.nge in we've got a cold front thatntha will move through tonight androt it kind of just sits over ustsve through sunday.h a lot of times these little storm systems will develop del along these fronts and that'sse what we've got tomorrow forrow afternoon. showers moving in in
8:13 am
hours and showers could bean pretty steady through thed teadh evening so you'll need thoserou umbrellas again by tomorrowain t afternoon and evening. ening showers exit by late sundayun night into early monday morning.mog. so, then we turn our attention n to the next storm system. cool fair place on monday.acon m not cold but cool and not cold enough probable to produce p snow for our areroa.or o a here's a storm approaching outhi of the southeast and rides up the east coat coast like they ce normally do. this one wants to take a more westerly track which wouldly t provide just rain for us,ju maybe a mix in the mountainssthm but that's about it.but really looks like a warmerrmer storm. here's your forecast forou today. again, 61 degrees, kind of breezy this afternoon under u mostly sunny skies. seven-day forecast late dayfo showerres sunday.un we dry it out monday and then te this storm system i'm justtoys putting rain in for us.n f it arrives late tuesday. tuesda. could be her at time heavy at tn went. not written in stone yet.stone . we could see mixedould see mix precipitation especially inio e the higher elevations but this is how it's friend trendingiend right now. looks
8:14 am
seasonable temperatures therere on friday.on frida that's a look at yourat's a loot seven-day forecast y. annie. annie. >> thanks caitlin. t >> now to a fox5 follow-up. fol- happy to report a marineaarin veteran assaulted at a d.c. d mcdonald's is at homee recovering. this video shows the attacktt from behind causing marquez tod fall tcao the sidewalk. sew his wallet was stolen and heas h was kicked twice as he triede tr to get g police are still looking for three persons of interest.pers meantime donations for marquez r have been pouring in through ant go fund me account and a goodd samaritan from virginia whoa who saw our reports is helping outhp as well and it's not the firsthe time he's actually helpedly h someone in nee fox5's lauren demarco hasarco hs the story you'll only see on fox5. >> reporter: the attackte att happened last friday so itda will be a about a week sinceince chris marquez was hurt outsideso of that mcdonald's.cdald's. we have all seen the video. it happened in penn quarter. qrt that video has been making theak rounds online.ds o very disturbing and people p have really been coming out inn support of this
8:15 am
he is here with me now.ow a decorated marine, bronzero star in combat. chris, tell me everyone wantsone to know how are you doing?oi >> i'm actually doing a lot l better. i came back out of the hospital today, the va hospital. i was over there overnighter the just 'cause they wanted too monitor my condition. condi >> reporter: i'm glad you're able to be here.ab i know this backdrop may look l a little strange. we're in an auto body shop,nc auto body in alexandria.nd there's a group of guysuy gathered over here. if you can follow me over here f with theol camera.era. everyone as i said comingom together trying to help this t marine. you guys having a good nightg out here. >> yeah. >> reporter: whole bunch ofr: people gathered here and w mikem this is mike, owner of nc auto body. tell me why we are here.are he >> the reason we're here today, when i heard about itn ie from aar friend of mine whatof m happened to chris, it reallyteal hurt my heart. hea and being a marine that he is,h, i mean, it's something that is i special that goes deeper from de the people there i have, allre , my friends over here, a lot of them
8:16 am
all have military o-line saw what happene: when i sawwhat he i saw they took his wallet. wal i want to help out by donating n some money to mon chris, i hope you feel better b for what happened.what hpened. this is from me and my brother h rob, that's rob right there.. a check from us to you. you. i hope that can help you out.p . >> reporter: that is a $5,000 check. c >> yes. >> reporter: so very generous and mike, there's aiket little bit of history here histy with mike. i see all these guys behindind you. you're very close with law enforcement, with u.s. service.r members. >> yes. >> reporter: this gentleman who is standing right herehig behind me.behind me. >> another good friend of mine m peter lavoy. >> reporter: peter lavoy.ter: pardon me chris i want to stepst in front of you for a second. sc you at home may remember rembe officer lavoy. still recovering. recov you were shot while making a traffic to. he's a police officer here ine f that alexandria. there was in 2013. 2 mike gave you a big surprise.e >> yeah. >> reporter: as part of
8:17 am
curry. remade a car for you.. we covered the stories on thatna because that was something close to your heart. >> yeah. >> reporter: what did all of w that mean for you and when you y hear about this marine who was w hurt, people coming out to to support him as well, what does o that do for you? what does that do for your family whenyhe something tragic like thisike t happens to feel that support? st >> you can't really tell that -- it just made me feelel special and made my family and a everybody made me -- it made everybody feel special. >> reporter: well, chris allr: w the best to you in your recovery. officer lavoy all the best tovo you. >> thank you. >> reporter: mike, keepike,ee doing what you're doing.eoing >> we will.>> we ill. thank you. >> reporter: you do goodr: stuff. that's the latest near n alexandria. alexandria -- here in alexandria. >> marquez says he'll use theay mones y for medical expenses. he plans to donate some of tonas it char the are and he's been looking for the cab driver whor picked him up following the attack. attack. he told us he had no money toe pay the driver but theno man the took him home anyway where he was able to get help. h
8:18 am
him. do you feel like you or your friends are too selfends absorbed? there's a test to see if you have a grandioseio view of your several. seral we'll tell you about it next.
8:19 am
8:20 am
>> if you get the feelingyo people are becom
8:21 am
absorbed you may be right. social media may be playing aecy huge role. fox's linda schmidt explains.ex >> reporter: are you a narcissist. there's a test you can takean t online to see if you r the book narcissism epidemic saysdes narcissism which is having a grandiose view of yourself and thinking you're better thaneett everyone is increasing in the u.s. >> i think epidemics epimics reasonable term because it's tea something that is growing androg it's something larger than wegew would expect.xp >> reporter: professor w.orte keith campbell with theca university of georgiamp is thehe co-author of the book.k. he says social media is media playing a role but it is not creating narcissists.ting n instead, it is a platform foror narcissists to display theirself absorption.bsor psychiatrist dr. matthew lorber is with lennox hill hospital. >> they spend over one hour aenv did you on facebook and twitter at chance to postnc pictures of themselves. a chance to go back on ando go look at how many likes theyke get and if they don't get get enough likes a new picture is coming and another new picture n is com >> reporter:
8:22 am
says it is caused by your your upbringing your parents telling you you're better prettier and smarter than everyone creating a feeling of end title.le social media they say thenedia e acts as an accelerant.eleran >> 30 years ago, a 12-year-old-o a 13-year-old didn't necessarily have these opportunities for self promotion for posting pictures for everybody to see. now with facebook it's almost am like fueling little it's fueling these young children. >> reporter: constantly promoting yourself inr:stead oft helping others has damaging consequences according to thedi experts. >> people can startta relationships but they haveips y trouble keeping them going.themi they can have trouble maintaining relationships. you have people who are goode w at maybe promoting themselveshel and getting jobs but whenut wn they're there they come acrosser as too entitled or too self toos centered to keep the jobs.ob >> coming up, more on those paying their final respects to the late supreme court
8:23 am
antonin a closer look at his caitlin is back withk w another look at today'st tod weather and that all importantta work week preview. previ stay with us. fox5 news saturday will be right back. right back.
8:24 am
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time now 8:25. it is 43 degrees outside. oe we're taking a live looke loo outside the basilica of the national shrine.onal our megan dice out there wherehw a funeral mass will get undert n way at 11 o'clock and weand we understand people are lining up out there this morning.orng >> well at least it'seastt' comfortable outside. >> yeah. y >> it's not too cold so that's s good. as we go through the rest ofest our saturday annie feelingieee like spring honestly. honestly. >> it really does.t re big question is is it going to g stick around? i know everyone n is okay have we turned the td corner. >> i know. probably not yet.probably not y it is still february. febar back to phil -- i forgot about o him by february 3rd. february 3rd. >> mike said he had phil'sid heh number and he gave him a call. l >> mike thomas.a >> yeah. maybe you need to make anotherkr call. >> i'll try. see if i have any more power.ow i doubt that though.ubt that tho >> mike knows what he's doing.oi >> we'll see. thank you but at least it does feel likeie spring for the w
8:27 am
45 degrees right now d.c., 45 d5 baltimore, 43 gaithersburg, 45s4 winchester and 43 in culpeper.p. so, these temperatures are pretty similar to what ourwhat highs were yesterday. yes you can terdll when temperatureu just sit overnight, warmer air r is moving in and that's whatt'sw we've got.we've got out of the southwest winds around five to 15 miles an15 ml hour at dulles. dle and they'll increase this afternoon and it will bell pretty gusty. gusty you you need that gusty breezere to help warm up this time of year. high clouds across the area a with some sunshine peekingpeek through. i think we see some more fulle f on sun as we go through the afternoon. here's the setup this weekend. e like spring on saturday. warm -- cold front well off towards our north and west so w 60's really all across the northeast.t. especially west of town you'llo see temperatures into the midind 60's. 60's as that cold front a approaches later tonight iter will produce a storm systemcerm that will ride along ang . not a big storm system but enough to generate somerate s showers around our area.ur area. it will still be mild tomorrow
8:28 am
sunshine.suns i think we're mostly cloudy.moy. and we've got those rain so here's your planning forecast for today.fore again, the high clouds around hu threw this morning,ng 55 degrees. d. 61 by 2:00 p.m. and that willha be our high temperature here. h. 57 by 5 o'clock. o'clo it's just a beautiful day to be outside i mean, this is thisi really nice for late little bit cooler along the water, 55 in annapolis andapis high temperatures getting intora the mid 60's down totuwards ours south and west thanks to thattot southwesterly breeze.uthw 64 in fredericksburg, 63 in culpeper. seven-day forecast.yor let's start over here. 61 today. just like spring. spring. late day showers, 57 onn sunday.ay. so, rain arrives probably probl around 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m..,:0p and you'll need the umbrella ume through the evening.eve steady showers especially sho towards our south.towa sun and clouds as we dry outery there on monday and then here's our next storm system. se really looks like it's just is bringing rain.bringing rai it is a winter storm but with a very westward track.rd t that's only going bring rain brr to d.c. d mixed precip for sure. s it's the mountains.ouns that's possible at the
8:29 am
of the storm and maybe that mayt some snow as it move out.eut at least now the transitionrait warmer and producing justcit rain. that's a look at your a look seven-day forecastat.y forest. annie.nie. >> thank you caitlin. tnk y back to our top story thistt morning. funeral services will be helde h this morning for supreme courtmt justice antonin scalia.n scaa. the service will begin at 11 o'clock at the basilica ofth the national shrine.lhr our megan dice is live there t this morning for the megan i understand people aredes now showing up. swing up. >> reporter: yeah, you know,ter, we've seen just a few nunsun walking into the church. nobody has lined up yet but yet just a few things about thisbout morning's father paul scalia, the justice's son and a catholic cao priest himself will presideimse over the mass that's said tosaio start here at the basilica atast 11:00 a.m. over 3500 people can fill this church. that's the capacity here.he c it's the finalap farewell in this weekend long mourning for the justice. now, yesterday the justices jusi visitation was held at theelat supreme court where 3,00000 people came through including ii the president aren' and the firt
8:30 am
father paul scalia providing traditional prayers. pye his casket lay in an area where abe lincoln's casket la lay. scalia an associate justice of the supreme court from 1986 to february 13th where he passede d away in texas at the age of 79. 79 he was appointed by ronalded byd reagan. now the white house has announced that vice presidentnt biden and jill biden willl bidel attend today. the president will not beent here. the service technically openedlo to the the p however, it is a first comest cm first serve basis reserved for r his friends and family.d f we'll send it back to you, annie. >> thank you so much, meanwhile communitymean members in monroeville,s inalabama remembering the life of "to kill a mockingbird" author harper the bows a symbol to thebo literary great who made the g building famous.rebuding it was the sout
8:31 am
courtroom scenes from the booksc and movie adaptation ofen the famous nel harper won national acclaimnal i with her pulitzer prize winning novel making the townmae a destination spot for thet fore commemoration of the the justice departmentst firing back at apple after the tech company refused to unlocko the phone of a terrorist.of tero earlier this week a court cou order demanded apple to help dee crypt the iphone of theof san bernadino shooter by shootey designing software to unlocko uc syed farook's work phone.khone prosecutors say that appleat a would be allowed to keep thehe phone and technology.ecog the company refused thoughused saying it would be too it wo dangerous to make the programthp because it would threaten the te digital privacy of all all iphone and another batch of hillary clinton's e-mails have been released.elsed. the state department released rl 500 more documents from mor clinton's e-mail account. accout so far federal officials have released 46,000 e-mails and000 they plan to release the final f batch on february 29th, that's the day before the criticalrica super tuesday primary. and today marks primary dayar for south carolina republicans p and it marks the democraticc caucuses in nevada. na.
8:32 am
presidential candidates are making one final stump foral votes and fox s news correspondent carolyn shivelyyns is in columbia south carolina with more. >> reporter: in nevada the race appears neck and neckndec between hillary clinton andon a bernie sanders. sande with clinton posing on twitter t with pop star britney spears, apparently trying to win over wo young voters and women. wom >> i am really committed to trying to do what i can both to limit the explosion oflosion part-time work that doesn't d carry any benefits and unpredictable scheduling.cheduln >> reporter: sander centerde city working to grow supportking among >> i have enormous respect foron the i think he has done a greatreat job in many respects but yousp know what, like any other human being, he is wrong onn certain issues. >> reporter: while in south carolina this from donaldna t trump on >> what i think you ought toyou do is boycott apple. >> reporter: trump callingte for the boycott until apple a unlocks the san bernadino bnadi shooter's
8:33 am
fbi. meantime lawsuits challenging ca ted cruz's ballot eligible eligl will the haveligibilityhave beel cruz's mother was a u.s. citizen when he was born. the texas senator staying on message. >> marco rubio and two others oh say yeah sounds like a great lia idea to draft women intoomen ino combat. i remember standing there thinking areta you guys nuts? gu >> reporter: but as but candidates attack, some votersor say >> lots of flyers, lots of robo calls, everybody savingdyig else's lines.el it's a lot of controversy moreor than we've seen in the lastin l few years. years >> reporter: latest pollsespo show trump ahead here in south carolina with cruz in seconds but marco rubio not far behindah n columbia, south carolina, i'm caroline shively, foxhi news. >> the power of fox5 news and nn the hill are coming togetherg tt to track the race for the most t powerful position in the world. president of the unid
8:34 am
join the little's t lit editor-in-chief bob cusack andcd fox5's political reporter repte ronica cleary for a live special this sunday morning atun 8:30. they'll discuss the outcome of the democratic caucuses in caucs nevada and the republican primary day in south carolina. l fox news on the hill thishi sunday tomorrow right before b fox news sunday with chris wallace.ll still ahead, a local high lg school student is a finalist fit in a nationwide google contesttt and it could mean big moneyn b for her and her school if she wins.. how you could help coming up.d p time now 8:34. 8 we'll be right back. ack.
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>> welcome back. we celebrated the life of many m great leaders this blacks b history movement this morningor we what happened to recognizeo e one young person creating heronn own legacy by paying homage toma those who came before her. akeelah johnson a sophomore at eastern high school northeastst d.c. is a finalist in thealist t doodle for google competition.pi our allison seymour had themour chance to speak with her about t her design. take a look.oo >> i want them to think likehinl wow. >> reporter: akeelah johnsonelas is doing more than just wowingow people with her artwork. artwo she is making d.c. proud. proud and putting eastern highh school on the map. m >> i thought it would be cool c if i made the red googleed goo spelled it out with a -- i put the symbol of life because a bau lot of people will know the ankh and stuff like. that i tried to make it --
8:38 am
kind of reminded me of a p so i made it say phenomenal and imd love d.c. and this was more of -- more directed to thedicted march on washington.asng like i made the sign of sign o washington and i kind of made like the road and then i led l it to the vc sign. s >> reporter: the bold mixedix crayon color and marker design g highlights presenter day while d weaving in the history ofay many who contributed to the civiltedc rights movement.en >> looking at this paintingng as and looking at this head hea itself does something to me. so, this is -- this is worthorth millions to me.o >> reporter: akeelah'sr: ael mother is her biggest fan. >> i have a lot of proud.f p i'm excited because it showsho me she paid attention to heriono history. >> reporter: she says her sheay daughter worked tirelesslytile over thanksgiving break.sgiving. after an assignment given from f her art teacher. teach >> when i saw her work ihen thought it would be perfectld br for the google doodle contest. i was amazed at what came ofhate
8:39 am
>> reporter: akeelah haskeel has been painting since she was just seven years old. she says it's just a hobby butsu her mom says the writing is onti the wall. w >> this is just the first t f painterring that she's done but i'm quite sure more are me coming in the future. >> reporter: akeelah knows k her artwork is something ececial. do you think you're going win?eo >> yes. >> reporter: through her mother's eyes this moment isomei perfect. perfect. >> it takes me back to when i we was pregnant looking at names for her and akeelah spoke to me. it means intelligence. >> she did an incredible job. j >> fantastic.>> >> she's just a sophomore.'s j >> i know. >> my goodness. >> very>> talented. ten doodle for google competition ends monday monda february 22nd. 2d. >> akeelah needs your vote.dsr v >> go to our web site to findin out how you can vote.n if she wins she'll receive a $30,000 college scoop ship.lecop up next details on newn guidelines set by the centery te for disease control
8:40 am
the zika virus.ka vus >> taking a live look outside,k, some clouds early on this on t saturday morning but that tt warmer air moving n winter nintr takes a break this weekend. weee i will have your very yr springlike forecast including nu some rain showers.some that's all coming up when fox5 news morning returns after this.
8:41 am
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pancreatitis. tell your doctor right away and stop taking januvia if you have an allergic reaction that causes swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, or affects your breathing or causes rash or hives. kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens. using januvia with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. >> ♪ >> all right in our healthig watch this morning, brazil'sorni president says they will provide all e
8:43 am
needed to develop a vaccine toat help prevent the zika virus. vir the country is working withng w u.s. health officials to findfii a vaccine against the and they have already invested v more than 100 million u.s..s dollars in organizing andiz deploying people to eliminateate mosquito breeding grounds. grous the government also willgo distribute more than half ave million mor molecular biology ts kits to diagnose zeka in labs in around brazil.arourazi the centers for disease control and prevention wants healthy newborns to be tested.e. cdc updating zeka guidelinesli saying healthy newborns of women from mothers who showrs ww signs the zeka infectionzeka ien should be be te these updates are based on research indicating that zekandn can be passed from mother to child during delivery.du and drinking more coffee moo might help reduce the kind of kd liver damage associated with w overindulging in food and alcohol. researchers found in drinkingfon two additional cups of coffee a day was c link toad
8:44 am
44 percent lower risk. lower r >> the make a wish foundationat has granted the young girl a chance to live like a princess c for a week in disney world. fox's celeste rodriguez hasguez the story.e sto >> what are you going say tongay the prince if you see the prince?in >> i love you. >> reporter: that's lilly.. and today her school surprisedsu her with a make a wish trip.hri >> having a party. p >> reporter:. >> yes. >> reporter: there she's always dreamed of. >> you guys are all going getal to go to disnegoy world inn april.ri >> i've got three other kidsth k so they're excited as well. that's one of the things ihis love about make a wish that t it's for the whole family, not n just for the one child.he one cd >> reporter: while lilly looks like any othere four-year-old, this tinyny princess has been battling a ban brain tumor since she was she ws seven months old. o >sh
8:45 am
health issues but honestly you would never know it unless her mom told you. she is spunky.he ipu she is fun.she is f she is just adorable. arabl >> reporter: her family andam a friends say her illness hasn'tn' stopped her from enjoying hernjr life as a mini princess.. >> she's done a lot. l she's very happy, very social. c i think one of her favorite things is coming to school,o sch being around her friends. fends that's very important to her. h >> what are the things yout ar like to do? what is some ofsomo stuff that you like to do? >> um, go on my scooter.n my >> reporter: for lilly andorte her family as her fight f continues, so does the funnel tf all thanks to make a wish -- -- fun all thanks to make a wish. >> i'm friends with heathereath louis and my daughter justghte loves lilly and we all go tollo the same school together andethr really means a lot to me to beto able to be part of it becausetau they're just a special familycif the way they hold themselvesheve together, they're just really'ra an inspiration to
8:46 am
the school. >> that face, so c >> my goodness.oodn princess lilly. lilly >> what a wonderful story.ul sto >> we of course highlighted so much about make a wish on fox5 earlier last year such a greatat organization. >> incredible work that they do. so, how is the weather lookingtl for us today? today >> pretty nice if you like a taste of spring out there.out th temperatures into the 60's later today annie. ann and it's really nice. n a nice break from the let's take a live look outsideoe right now. you can see some clouds.elo it's a beautiful sunrise andri we'll have those high cloudshlo around probably through the thr rest of the morning but it'smort going to be a dry nice mild afternoon. so, yeah, that's our winter headline.he why do i keep saying that? ha it's our weather headline. headl winter takes a break. break go away winter. w we don't want you at least for f a couple days.eay and it will feel like spring. sr so, if that's was like, enjoye,e the next couple of afternoons. o temperatures outside rider now n 45 here in washington. washing this is basically our highllourh so, temperatures have justave j kind of sat overnight as this t milder air pou
8:47 am
45 in baltimore, 39 in hagerstown, 46 out in i winchester everyone well above freezing.freezi and the same can be said fore sr really all the 44 in new york, 44 boston. bto 52 in pittsburgh.rg really comfortable.fortable satellite and radar just a few clouds out there right now.he you saw that on our live picture.pie. and we'll stay dry, see some s s more sunshine later on this afternoon.aftern fox futurecast let's gole through the rest of today and ad clouds around this morning giving way to some more mor sunshine this really nice saturday.aturda into tonight few more clouds as a cold front approaches.pproc sunday starts off dry but lookut at this by 5 o'clock, green g all across the map so we'veve got some rain showers movinging in as this front kind of just of sits over us.tsver u storm system will ride along it. it this is one that, you know, y k just kind of in the last t l couple of days we saw so, unfortunately even throwte n it's mild again tomorrow, it will be accompanied by someed that could be steady rain ate sa times. sunday evening into theaynt overnight hours and we'll seeurl those showers push outwersush probably by early monday
8:48 am
but a wet end of the weekends -- to the weekend.eeked despite that today is reallyay l nice. let's look at early next week. our attention turns to ouro our next storm system. high pressure towards ourss north and west bringing inurstrn cooler air. a. cool but not but we really want that push off cold air out ahead of a stormf s system that's moving up theg up east coast in order to get some good snows but we're notsn going get that.gog ge and it looks like low pressure is going to take a more a m westerly track. t so that would really indicatey just rain for our area.a much of the eastern seaboard. maybe starting as a mix for m f the mountains and then tn probably some wraparound snowun showers for the mountains atntai the end of this storm and thatha is during the tuesday tosday t thursday time frame.e fr so for now we're really just saying rain with this one.. 61 degrees again today, mostly,t sunny, breezy and warmer, soo winds out of the southwest gusting over 20 miles an hourve0 at 57 tomorrow with thoseh showers. sun and clouds monday andday d there's that storm which irmhich really think for d.c. is justt rain. 46 and rain heavy at times on o wednesday. it moves out early thursday. trs and then we'll clear out
8:49 am
friday. friday. that's a look at your's a seven-day forecast. annie. >> ♪ >> all right. time now for our facebook fank of the day.ay meet nona del larosa alexander. she's a critical care and er nurse who lovers waking up to fox5 for the latest trends.t trs i love that.i love she also says she loves having how the fox5 team reaches outeao to the thanks for watching. to be our next facebook fan ofaf the day please post yourt picture underneath nona's beautiful photo. >> ♪ >> in today's fox beat major step back for can ke$ha. ke$ a new york state supreme courtmu judge said the singer cannot break her contract with sonyonth for now.ow she walked out of thethe courtroom surrounded by fans holding up signs that readup s free ke$ha and don't force f ke$ha to work with her alleged abuser. 28-year-old sued the musiche label in 2014 accusin
8:50 am
producer known as dr. luke of lf sexual emotional and verball assault.assa and members of the harlemar globetrotters past and present are in the midst of a year long celebration of theeltion exhibition team's 90th 90t they're talking aboutg aut everything the franchise hashish done for its many fans. fan fox's michelle polino takes a closer look. look. >> right there, baby. rig here we gishtm celebrating their 90th year of basketball wizardry the lar let mehe l globetrotters continue toptie span the globe reason on a 260 2 city north american tour. >> ♪ >> it's an amazing it's my sixth year on thear on team. i've been over 35 countries in t the past five years.. i've traveled the world bringing joy and happiness to so many people. peo >> ♪ >> reporter:. >> they're going to see us inoit these short throw back throw bac uniforms that we're going to wear. wear. the shorts are short, jerseysrt are tight what the guys wore gs back in the day in the latethe 20
8:51 am
see a lot of highlight dunksht from my teammates here, trickteh shots. myself i' i'm in the guinnesshen book of world records for myy half court shot.ourt sho >> reporter: the rep entertainment on the court is te only part of the show as the the players spend significant timect on outreach in each city. >> whoo-hoo!>> whoo-ho >> we do things throughout theng community. we have a smile program.s ile we visit hospitals, see kidsseed that can't get out so it'st' just so many things thats brings just reward andeward and opportunities. >> for me it's the beste it feeling in the world because you know those kids are the nosk going to get the opportunityppor to come to our games, they'rethr not going to get the opportunity to make it to theako school visits that we do around the united states and and just to get them to smile, youm know, it's a great feeling. fli >> ♪ >> reporter: in hollywood,r:n hl michelle polino, fox news. >> amazing. alall right, instead of bottomless
8:52 am
how about bottomlessw abt bo cocktails. we'll tell you about someouut s restaurants offering uniqueg uni drinks on their menu. men time now 8:52. 8 we'll be right back. again! again! again!
8:53 am
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8:54 am
>> welcome back. bottom less mimosas are aas a a brunch staple. what happens if you want tope tickle your palate with otherth drink options and lonnie furone bank join us to tell us al couple restaurants or a few i aw should say that will give youhai a
8:55 am
welcome. >> hi. >> one of my assignments forss >> yes, i had a lot of fun researching this for theing th washington post express.on lots of cocktails. cocktails. >> what made you want to dode yu this. >> well, i think d.c. loveshink brunch, that's no >> i feel like we're a foodie town. we're officially on the map. m >> i think brunch is a big part of that. of bottomless mimosas are kind of k our calling card. they're great but sometimes you want something a littleometi different.t. the picture with the premixed mimosas they're not always thel best, they can get a little ait flat you don't know how much knh champagne you're getting and it's not the best quality. we're looking for things that were more issue interestingnterg more creative put a spin on it. it. >> let's get to it.>> l what's the first place on your a list.list >> barrel they focus on focus on bourbon and they have a reallyey interesting old fashioned fhi cocktail offering. o it's a barrel like you seeu right there and that's a whole liter of whiskey plus >> this is how they present pre the drink. dri >> exactly. mix your own, they give
8:56 am
glasses orange peels ice cubes i and interesting syrup they syr t make in house so everythingveryn from lemongrass vanilla to a a winter spice with cloves. clo they have a mimosa option asptis you see there so that's -- butsb it's bottle service you get to t pour your own so you're notnot with that stale pitcher, you're getting fresh sparkling k wine, fresh juices, freshre syrups and you can make yourakey own. >> that's like a wholehole experience.experi >> it's a lot of fun. f >> second place on your list. >> so buford sool loon theyoon t offer meade. it's honey water and yeast to yt ferment it. they mix it with fresh fresh grapefruit juice and freshsh orange juice to create a meade mosa at fun play on words. it's a lighter option a lower alcohol content and it's fresh and it's from charm city meadei work so it's local so it's awesome.e. >> the final too two. >> next one is el centro.
8:57 am
people are familiar with this.i they have a huge bottomless boto brunch option and you can get eight cocktails so anythingck from a margarita and it's all al kinds of options, tons of, ns things. >> wow. >> and then finally. >> yeah, so finally we --nally - actually there's two more. me clean no, sia peruvian drink. you can get all kinds of kds o different flavors, infused piscos that come in carafes so s you can share with your tableabe and that's a lot of fun.un the final one is satellitena room.l offer wu tang mostlyan sunny is a. a orange tang mixed withixedit sparkling wine in honor of wu wu tang. tang. >> these are very job well done.el d real quickly your favorite. for >> to choose a favorite is so tough. i think the creativity in they n make your own a at guessingt gus rally is awesome but they'rehe
8:58 am
>> i love that presentation. thank you lonnie. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you all for joining us this morning. have a great day.
8:59 am
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