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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 24, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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tractor-trailer crash on outer loop of par way. major damage to cars. live to get you around. plus. >> we love nevada. we love nevada. thank you. thank you >> and donald trump wins nevad nevada. the republican collecting his third straight victory and what this means for the rest of the candidates as we look towards super tuesday plus what's next for the democrat. >> and and 24th heavy rain and storms causing low visibility out there this morning. all headed this way later gets rougher. part of the same storm system that brought deadly tornadoes to the south. tuger will have more. warm and traffic more at 7:05. >> i'm allison seymour welcome to "fox5 news morning". >> let's get to breaking news for beltway. debris and damming on inner loop. >> truck has been towed away.
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repair shot later today. >> melanie alnwick and her crew drove into the mess as it's happening. what's going on now, mel. >> what's going on now they're work opening trying to gets a lot of these cars towed. we've seen several pull out of here. i want to show you now that light came up take a look at gas. if you can see that sheen here along the side of the road. look how far down it goes. this is just one of the residual problems there's several vehicles up there as well and we saw also leaking oil on to the shoulder of the beltway. that is going to have to get cleaned up. obviously that is saekd air yeah to trying to get the cars pulled out of here and i have to till, to be honest, this is something that we should never, ever, ever, ever, do. we're not supposed to to be going liver from the side of the beltway with no police protection and no marming inch safety n this instance we chose to do it because we were involved in hitting some of that debris. pulled over to make sure we
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all of the other drivers. most of these drivers telling us they have never seen anything like this before where all of a sudden driving along and bam hit this debris field. giant khuvrptionz of concrete. pieces of debris from tractor-trailer accident. we also understand kind of hard to see. bear with us. if you look kind of over where georgia avenue sign is that is close to where the tractor-trailer hit and threw the concrete. you see flashers in the background. we understand from other crews they're about three vehicles on that side ever the beltway as well with flat tires. that's between georgia and connecticut avenue. we believe perhaps they may have also come across debris from this accident just incredible residual effect here from this tractor-trailer accident. state police tell me they
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believe the driver of tractor-trailer that his injuries are not serious. back to you. . >> that's a little bit of good news on this right now mel thank you very much. >> well, developing this morning, same storm system hitting our area today caused much more devastating scene to south. at least three people were killed and more than two dozen reports of tornadoes along the gulf coast. >> some hardest hit areas are louisiana and mississippi including rv park in southern louisiana where more than 100 mobile homes destroyed and more severe storms expected today in carolinas. >> and primary election heating up with last night gop nevada caucuses in the books and donald trump with a victory there. >> veronica cleary is here with more. >> last night was not as exciting because it was really a land slide victory for mr. mr. trump. nevada had 75,000 participants in caucus last night and record turn turnout.
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this is third straight victory in the primary election for mr. trump. after whipping new hampshire and south car line aboth with strong victories for donald trump as well. >> you know we were not expected a couple runs ago were not expected to win this one you know that right, we weren' weren't. and of course if you listen to the pun dints we didn't expect much now we're winning country and soon the country will start winning, winning, winning. . >> and coming in distant second place marco rubio is 24%. ted cruz took 21% of vote in third and when cruz addressed nevadas last night he focused on win in iowa that first caucus we saw without actually saying it he discredited marco rubio ability to win the nomination and ruino has not won a primary
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>> history teaches us that nobody has ever won the nomination without whipping one of the first three primaries. and they're only two people that won one of the first two primaries. >> hillary clinton won nevada this past saturday and dems will hold one in south carolina and then we have super tuesday in a week. >> when it comes to super tuesday the donald trump favorite in all states or somewhere with an upset. >> all we hear is talk about fighting for second because it just teams like doneal trump will be incred ebbly tough to beat. and everybody said he would not perform when people had to show up. could these people show up when they needed him too to? and they do. i think super tuesday may be a major victory for mr. jump we'll have to see. >> it's 7
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>> we have rain showers out there early. light rain this morning. woormer temperatures too look forward to for a time and severe weather in the tom of thunderstorms. perhaps wind gusting 6 0, 70 miles an hour in potential severe thunderstorm this afternoon. there's a look at live sat lie radar. light. batch develops west. and we will have sort of on again off again rain showers the next several hours as warmer air works on in. there's -- first it will drag a warm front this horng and tonight through the area and we're most concerned with the cold front arriving. as i mentioned yesterday at the top ever the newscasts reports of up to 30 tornadoes we're concerned we can get severe warm, severe thunderstorms and perhaps a tornado or two south and east of city as you get to sorp maryland and low e
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shore and southeast virginia here late this afternoon. 42 washington. cool out there. we'll warm it up. in addition flood watch. had weeks and weeks of rain and saturated soil and potential for localized flooding with forecast of another inch of rain later today. there's forecast for today. thunderstorm activity 3 and 7 tonight and potential is there for severe weather. in the a guarantee we'll see. it weep fingers crossed we don't. at least it's potential. 70 looks quieter and quieter. >> 7:07 montgomery beltway a mess all morning. tractor-trailer kos and you're at a crawl new hampshire to georgia. up are doon letter several disabled calls that hit debris from the jack knife tractor trail ep and outer loop blocking right shoulder at this point. i would say exiting connecticut could save you
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morning and here you want to exit at route 1 that will save you outer loop time. we'll switch it over this is not the only slow zone this morning by con cop and cold coldsville still crawl outer loop. let's look at maps right now. 270 southbound parked through gamersburg this morning. south capital street outbound douglass bridge there's a crash in right lane and that's causing delays in the southeast session of town and howard county right now a person hit by car route 1 north is closed at whisky bottom road caution through that area. moving over for closer look at 270 southbound 85 to truck scales and 16 miles an hour and then once you hit game urzburg you're completely stopped towards the spur. another overturned tractor-trailer crash in nation right now. prince william. dumfries road closed and you definitely want to find alternate. metro on schedule. grab your umbrella you will need it. >> gunfire on metro train yesterday
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led the shooting and details on who opened fire. >> those stories and more next 7:09. patrick macdonald
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. ten minutes past hour now murder history unfoldign in fairfax county a man was murder nerd highrise apartment building. >> annie yu joins us from falls church with details. annie, good morning. >> hey good morning, allison, steve, at this point fairfax county police say they have very little as far as suspect goes. no description to provide. they did spend hours out here yesterday canvassing area and talking to witnesses. hopefully we'll get more information. but the shooting happened yesterday on 2:30 sky line towers along the 5,000 block of
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the victim was found in the 23 floor in one of these highrise apartment building they did identify the victim late last night 35-year-old fahunzi resident here tells us a maintenanceence worker made the discovery tuesday afternoon. and again at this point, police say it's up clear whether the victim was alone at the time of shooting and they have very little details and few details about suspect as well. soon after the incident homicide detectives spent a lot of time out here talking to folks. so hopefully we will get more information and fairfax country police are surming anyone with any information about this case to give them a call. that's the very latest in false church. annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> 7:11 now thanks andy. metro police arrested 19 and 16-year-old in connection with shooting on metro train. this happened yesterday as green line train approached anacostia station in south east d.c..
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police want the 16-year-old charged as adult. sources say this was got a random act. it seemed from some type of ring argument. >> dissturk new details of school volunteer at center of important investigation in prince george county. >> and election having an impact on the school district. bob. >> hey, steve, it's not weather but this year's presidential election that's going to close schools and we'll tell you where after the break.
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>> cloud cover and fog, mist and light rain across the area. and we're fest started here weather wise we have form pour strong thunderstorms this afternoon. let's get down to business. . >> it will kick up rain showers and the main player later this afternoon is cold front and that has potential to kickoff severe thunderstorms across the area.
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backside of this. chicago later today and st. louis and we're on the warm side of things. again temperatures now in low 40s we'll see those heat up to 60 or so. and then as that cold front smash into a very unstable very warm atmosphere you might notice humidity creeping up with dew points in the low 60s. as that front crosses into unstable atmosphere you see that later today. slight risk for severe warm. higher risk southeast virginia and carolinas, in fact, risk here is enhanced for tornado activity as well. you have to watch for that possibility sneaking north later today. here's a quick look at 7 day. rain out of here. heaviest rain of rain between 3 and 7 tonight was potential thunderstorm activity we'll bring back the sunshine and should be a quiteet end to week and nice weekend saturday and sunday look nice. sunday daytime high close to 60. that's l
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more traffic with erin now. >> 7:16 now and metro updates for you delays on red line and delays on orange line to vienn vienna. metro bus no alerts on a little delay because of heavy traffic. check your schedule before you head out. and aside from that let's move over to closer look at maps of commonwealth way crash earlier this morning and all lanes outer loop alumni cleared. you may want to add to save yourself time. cop company avenue exiting at wisdom martin let's look live i would to show you how things are shaping up. they resenterd there. let's look at maps now. aside from that other congestion building all over the air. a person hit by car in howard county. route one north closed whisky bottom northeast. busy morning anyway. outbound
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dealing with a crash in right lane. aside from that frederick typical stop and go traffic 270 southbound out of frederick 85 to to truck scales and heavy through gamersburg down to spur and rain. use caution this morning and make sure you factor in a lot of extra time. unfortunately you'll need it into the district a lot of heavy traffic on sepingd aires as well. quick look outside and we'll see if we can get the right camera up for you and delays we're dealing with this mornin morning. 95 is backed up through dale city and we're seeing delays edge of beltway and alexandria bottom beltway jammed across the wilson bridge. so lots of slow-moving traffic it's a painful wednesday morning commute. steve. >> loudoun county schools joining fairfax in prince william and making it easier to usher in voters force super tuesday. >> "fox5" bob barnard live to explain. it's a day off. i like what you said. no a weather related day off. >>
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high wind, nothing, next tuesday students in loudoun county will have the day off. it's because of this year's presidential election. next us it, march first is super tuesday and sir vir one of fourteen states where people will be voting in the presidential primaries. and based on the turnout in the other states nevada caucuses yesterday and of course south carolina and iowa and new hampshire turnout has been very high. loudoun country had initially planned a two hour delay for tuesday and last night loud con county school board said no let's close schools and parking an issue here and crowd getting into school and classes are in session which is a problem. so the decision is made next tuesday, march 1 no. school loudoun county. as you mepsed fairfax country did the same thing. and prince william county as well. arlington county in alexandria city schools will be
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next tuesday. and so we'll see if that changes. but, loudoun county there's a lot of schools like this one where the poling places are scheduled and on and all day and it's just going to be too much of a mess. and so no school. loudoun county next tuesday, guys. >> all right. bob. thank you very much. . >> and coming up deadly plane crash in nepal and how rescuers found the wreckage. >> and sinned death of antonin scalia and what they're saying about his health.
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>> it's 7:3 rescuers found wreckage of missing plane in napal that mraep was flying in poor visibility when it disappeared. it was on scheduled 18 minute nrooingt a short trip. it appeared to have nrop directly into a mountain. helicopters traced it and located the scene and 23 people on board including two children were killed. >> president barack obama laid out his four point plan to guantanamo bay prison and it would include transfer of detain eyes in the united states which congress had to approve. right now it's against the law to transfer detainees to guantanam
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facilities they described the plan as conversation starter not a definitive outline. we're learning more about the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia according to doctor the justice was suffering from several medical issues and the doctor says he was obese and had core fairy artery disease and diabetes. scalia died at a hunting ranch in texas. his long list of health problems made autopsy unnecessary. meanwhile, the president plans to nominate his replacement in a few weeks. ved mitch mcconnell said republicans are united against taking any step in approving nominee. he also said they will not even meet with the nominee when he or she visits lawmakers on capital hill. >> more cases of zika virus turning up as centers for disease and control and prevention are investigating 14 reports of virus being sexually transmitted and two other cases zika
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whose only known risk factor was sexual contact with they returnch the agency did not identify the states where the cases are being investigated. >> weather with tucker. >> thank you allison. >> 7:25. >> like that introduction. >> light rain showers at the moment. been raining most of night or drizzling for majority of the area. rain hours in the forecast first half day and look out for potential for thunderstorm activity this afternoon. we got a one, two punch first warm front and later today a cold front. you can see the system packing a lot of avenue epere. low pressure off south and wes west. here'set is the-up today. no issues this morning. although showers and drizzle here for morning hours and we'll try to warm it up to 60 today and look out as the hammer moves in later the cold front tries to squeeze out a up able atmosphere and we again i foe it's february. we have poj for severe
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and some indications some of the storms get going, perhaps winds 60 to 70 miles an hour between 3 and 7 pbg tonight. look out for that. much quieter during the week. we'll focus on sunday, monday, coming up but quite the weather this weekend. that is weather. erin is back with slow roads. even though metro bus doesn't have alerts you may encounter delays because ever heavy traffic throughout the district. be prepared for that. as we look at roads. over turned tractor-trailer crash prince william and dumfries road south closed near purcell road. caution there. another crash bw parkway northbound at 197. please watch for that one. south east section of district right now capital street there's also a crash outbound dug also bridge in right lane and want to see
7:27 am
to howard county we have breaking news for you. route 1 closed whisky bottom road. person hit by car getting reports this is deadly crash. investigation will be out there for sometime. we'll keep you posted on that one and top of beltway we need bays for the hospital. >> robbed the gun point in their dorm room. what they are doing to keep a child safe. >> 7:27 now on wednesday morning
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7:30. live picture from out on thero beltway right now. the accident in the outer loope problems are on the you were as well. debris from buffed up jersey wall causing a bunch of cars tos hit to debris. d they had to pull over and ber ae towed from the om t the driver from the tractorom t trailer involved in the originaa accident minor injuries butnjie causing problems out there allme morning long. long. on the top of the settle way around route 29. r 2 we'll check in with erin in a i few minutes at 7:35 and get the latest for f the latest on the childhild pornography investigation in prince george's county. geo the suspect now facing newgew charges as u.s. attorneyrn announced he is filing federal charges against deonte carraway
7:31 am
hey school volunteer accused of of abusing at least 17 victims.i he threatened one of the victime the child did not give into hiss demands. >> the defendant allegedly tookt a child out of classroom to ao dressing room in the building bd and instructed the child to take off his according to the allegations in the complaint, the child resis resisted, didn't want to do it,i at which point the defendant det threatened him if he didn't did' comply, the defendant wouldnt wu report into the principal or the police.ce. >> if convicted, carraway faceac as minimum of sentence of 15ef years in prison for each countah but what else do these new thesw charges mean in the indication.o >> joining us now criminalmil defense a sew scott bolden. bole good morning, scott. >> good morning.>> g >> white federal charges in thii case. >> the feds have juries dick dk you can have child pornographyhy crimes at the state level and at the federal level and here he's' been charged with eight countshu of production of child pornography of
7:32 am
and more importantly it is justs the product, these filming off these kids engaged in these acts and with mr. carraway the production itself. i the other thing is, they carry r 15 years maximum sentence and there are eight he can spendan e about 120 years in jail. easier to prove and easy to t charge undon't need the kids to get on the stand to testify ifif the case gets tried.ri >> that's key part there. there that i think any attorney would be looking at in that case. cas >> sure.. >> if -- do you proceed with tht case in federal court and locall court just in case or do youdoou simply let the federal court override in many case. >> you can but a lot of discussions going on between tht feds and state' attorney. aorne it was interesting that thentert state's attorney for prince pri george's county was present at that joint press conference forf this announce they'll continue n to dia the other thing that's importanr for listening audience to consider is that deonte carrawaa is talk. we an interview with fox he tale to the investigator made a lotot
7:33 am
his bill is like a million mli dollars which is given low all a that come out.. they'll decide who will go firsr those state charges may or mayrm not go forward because if hesefh pleads guilty to all eight eig counts if you will he's going tt be locked up for a long time.e the real test how we help these families move forward. for this is a parent's nightmare ana so the state's attorney and thed feds will be heavily involved i that as well. as w >> you've been involved in manyn cases yourself over the years f somebody is that free with thert flow of information as far as aa suspect is in a case like this,, better chance of maybe getting y plea and not taking this case tc trial or does that -- is therest no correlation between that? bet >> certainly make it easier toie get a conviction and harder toat get an acquittal but the but the evidence here appears to beo be overwhelming. so we'll just have to see whatew mr. car away does. d he'll have a lawyer courtyeou appointed if necessary.sary. and he'll be but the evidence appearing ateag least in the public domain seems to be overwhelming quiet frankly and really really look for
7:34 am
start to begin or start to flow against prince george's county and the public education systems as well as some of these otherth community centers and even a church because this individual seem to have a great deal ofl o access, control over these kidsk to the point where they were performing acts knowing they kne were being filmed and stuff sodf they'll be civil lawsuits andsua we'll watch closely what happenh on the criminal side. i expect a short turn around pleas and mr. carraway to go aoo way for quite long time.on t >> is it easier to get atoet a conviction or plea based on the sheer multitude of victims inti this a case like this opposed td one victim in a case. a cas >> it helps a lot because b there's a pattern and practice. it also helps that there won'ton be -- it will be tough for theoe defense to plea bargain or try y to strike some type of deal. d this deal i think the feds the f because there's overwhelmingverm evidence as well as the statee a are going to go hard in regard e to any discussions they're t having with carraway and whatnda
7:35 am
>> if it were to be a county c case opposed to federal casealae would the victim need to testiff in that case? is that the thatt difference between the two. the. >> that's one of the differences the state charges are engagingg in child pornography or engaging in immediate feel ya acts, if a, you w which means you have to show s element that the acts occurredsr and then the victims would have to testify normally. oftentimes, though, because of,h the stress on both sides, and, given the overwhelming evidencee here in regard to carraway, it is my hope someone who isho prosecuted these types of cases that there is a plea and that ad that doesn't have to exacerbatee what the children and the childa families have been throughbth already. >> talking nine, 10, 11-year-olo kids. >> absolutely. >> don't need added stress ond s >> it's always tough.>>t's >> scott, thank you.hank y >> you're welcome. you'rwel >> let's send it over to tuck tc get a look at the forecast. for >> light rain and cool lht r temperatures in the low 40s buts the potential for very heavy hey rain and even thunderstormhundst activity this aftern
7:36 am
could be gusty winds maybe 60, 6 70 miles per hour.iles per h there's your light rain shower e activity.tivi you can see it working south toh north across the region gettingi little heavy batch of rainin redeveloping off to the west.t. warm front this morning and then we're really concerned about tho cold front arriving later this t afternoon.afte it could kick up a couple roundu of pretty good thunderstorm activity as we'll have veryy unstable atmosphere in place ase that cooler and drier air triesr to work and there's the big picture on thete back side of things, we'res, looking at winter weather. wth we'll be talking all liquid herr as our temperatures are going to be again near 60 this afternoonr right now 42 in washington.hingn 39 at dulles. bwi marshall 42 degrees.2 gr here's your forecast for the for day.da 60 degrees. winds south and east 15 to 20an much look out for the potentialn for thunderstorm activity thisit afternoon. could be severe weather aroundwt here. i'll have more on that coming c up. let's do traffic now and erinn had not a fun morning.or >> no. we have more breaking news righk now especially if you take marc. there's a fire on the tracks ats new york avenue because of thatt trains are not getting in or out
7:37 am
morning.rng all service suspended because,du again a fire on the tracks.ra new york avenue in d.c. now keee in mind metro does tell us they will be on of honoring all oforo those marc riders tickets thiskt could cause major disruptions for folks that take marc of o union station. more red line dela tyso to grosvenor, orange line to viennn and because of the rain it'st' basically a mess on our roads aa lot of delays an lot of problemm right now. n outbound douglas bridge there'si a crash in thedg right lane oneo south capitol watch out for that. inbound traffic is slow as usu usual. inbound suitland parkway jammedd a crash involving overturned tracto pr trailer 234 dumfries road south watch out for that.ct then as you make your way out io howard county breaking newsreakn here. this is a deadly crash personshp hit by a car route 1 north 1 nor closed at whiskey bottom roadm for investigation.tion let's take live look outside. severa
7:38 am
be aware of as well thiss morning. in addition to all of this we ts had earlier problem on theroblen beltway this is a look at southu capitol street facing the other direction. that's the other direction off where the crash is.ra is. we're showing you the inboundu delays on south capitol and keek in mine top of the beltway sloww dozens of vehicles with flat wit tires from earlier c check there next much that'sucs your look the traffic.thfic. >> erin, thanks so much. muc coming up two important billsors head to the state house ino th maryland today. >> terrifying moments for locall college students robbed in their search for the gunman continuesi we'll have that story next. time right now 7:38. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%!
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right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed, know better sleep with sleep number. ♪ flat out scary moments foror some students at university ofss maryland college park.gear sunday night six people robbedpe at gun point inside a residenced hall. police say nobody was hurt.obods two suspects were involved butnd they got away. ey they're still on the run. the r the university sent out anversit e-mail to students warning themg about the robbery.e obbe so far police have not made anye arrests.. happening today in marylandl as well, a house judiciaryry committee in nap flips will fliw discuss the noah's law proposalo that would require an ignitionnn interlock device for anyone fory convicted of drunk driving.rivi. the bill named in honor ofor montgomery county police officer noah leotta hit and killed by an alleged dunk driver while on duty last year.t year. another debate up for deba debate. stiffer penalties for adults wh
7:42 am
host underage dripping parties.i right now, the charge doesn'tedn come with any jail time, tim legislation introdce would add a one year mack mum m jail sentence for first offenseo and increases the fine to $5,000. $5 now the father of a locala loc teenager who was killed in ad ia drunk driving accident last june will testify before lawmakers. s his son alex had been partying y at a friends house. h the bill called alex and calvin's law. law. still to come in the foxl beat this morning chris rock r drops some hints about his osc oscars monologue.. >> and dead pool is an oscar in its future? what? did you seey it yet. yet >> no.
7:43 am
we'll tell hugh is pushing forug an academy award nomination.omin is it kevin? >> next. >> i'm going vote no. look, i know you're a cow and all.
7:44 am
and you may not know what i'm talking about,
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but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. >> this is a dreary day out there. >> yeah. >> after all that rain yesterdaa and now more today, actually today's could be heavier thanern yesterday perhaps?yerha >> i think the actualrain andn d the gauge will end up being a bg lot heavier than yesterday but s this morning just light rain ani drizzle and feels moody outut there.e. >> i experienced crazy momentedc yesterday i'd like to share.i' >> please do. i saw the beginning of -- i guess -- what's the pretty flour, dandelion or tulipsul perhaps or something, not in myn yard intersect my neighbor'ss yard, spring is that you? thisi is what crazy weather does to d you. you. it would be crazy fit answered e you. >> well it did.>> >> it was like yes. t >> okay. there you >> the flowers are starting.lo i don't think they werwee theeye
7:46 am
crocuses or whatever you like le but --but -- >> we're more concerned aboutor the crazy part than the talking back.talking back >> i was so excited to see aexcs sign of spring. sprin >> it's okay. >> it was the day quill. qui >> heavily >> get your rest. >> shhh. >> thank you steve. t >> allisonha i'm very curious ww kind of flour it was. >> i think it was a tulip. >> i just wanted to walkd to through. sorry. >> good morning erin.d mo >> good morning.>> g >> what is happening? what is h >> are we live rightap now?ightn >> i hope not.>> iope >> all right. sorry. sorr more rape and thunder, yes, let's -- i've got business tot b take care of and that is in thea form of the potential for heavyy rain very gusty winds thishi afternoon if we can get -- not if we can get if we do get somes thunderstorm activity going.. there's your light rain showerns activity lifting through theng t area. most of it overnight has been on the light side expecting heaviei rain this afternoon as we get one-two punch.e- warm front lifting through thisu morning and then a cold front f which will move through laterthg this afternoon and when thathe t cold front arrives later today,, we'll have a very very unstablee
7:47 am you might even notice the humidity creeping up around here later today as our dew pointoint temperatures forecast to be ines temperatures toda today, about,a 60 degrees before the cold front arrives.ri when is the worse of the rain? i getting a lot of the peoplehe pl tweeting me.eeting feel free to tweet me at tucker fox5 if you have questions.stns it looks like between 3:00 and 7:00 o'clock night. 42 in washington.42 i cool start to the day.ol stay. notice the mid 60s not too far f away we'll watch that warmer air pinwheel up with our warm frontf and at least temporarily earlylr this afternoon we think much oft the area will get well into then 50s to about 60.bout all right.all righ watch future cast. c rain shower activity continuesti for the next several hours. hrs steady here at midday and here comes that cold front later this afternoon much that's when we'rw concerned between 3:00 and six,s 7:00 o'clock night that we can c see thunderstorm activity andm v with a very unstable atmospheres we could see severeeeev thunderstorms perhaps 60,ps 6 70 miles per hour wind gusts a possibility and some very heavya rain as that moves through at ta rush hour. hou keep a close eye on the foreca forecast.
7:48 am
i'll be tweeting we'll have thew latest at fox5 tonight at 5:00.0 the good news all out of here he tonight. much quieter weather tr end the week and the weekend. wd all right.righ officially under a slight riskg for severe weather. if you're traveling todayod southeast virginia, carolinas cs that's where the highest risk r will be for severe thunderstorms and the potential for tornado activity not too far off to ourr south and east.south and we'll have to watch that astch well. here's your seven day.sen 60 today and then, yes, we'll w' take a deep breath and calm it down temperatures in the 50s ass we get into tomorrow but veryutr gusty wind around.guy wi all right, erin now it's yourr turn.. should you traffic.ou >> i'm sorry. i don't know what came over held here. i lost -- walk directly throughc your i'm still wearing my rain bootst it's one of those days tucker. e >> it's rainy.s rai >> i understand. >> you want to stand in front oo the traffic map.e affic no you have to business to day take care of. >> unfortunately it's a verytel busy if you make the mark line allll service suspend and in out ofndi union station and that isat because of a fireio on the tract at new york avenue. vre service also canceled in ani out of union station.ta at this point we don't have'tav reports that metro service hasee
7:49 am
stopped but we'll certainly keee you posted on that.nha we've been checking in on twitter and on the website.ebite right now we are hearing metroeo riders to help them get to workw but anticipate delays.el i'm hearing on twitter from soms folks stomach stuck on marc mar right now this is causing a big disruption.srup we're working on figuring out ot how severe that fire on new york avenue is on those train tracksa so again breaking news here onee your marc and v. e are commute all metro lines oo or close to service let's see is we can forward our maps to looko in southeast right now. now and show was else you're up're u against. south capitol street outbound aa the douglas bridge there's a crash on the right lane. inbound traffic delays byfic das suitland parkway heading over the bridge. in addition to that we'll take k look in prince william right n now. overturned tractor trailer thert scene is still there dumfries de south closed near purchase selle road. top of the beltway in montgomert county earlier jackknifedacnifed tractor trailer crash that t happened just after 4:00 in the morning.rnin we're still seeing really bigea delays on the outer loop. you are basically parked fromkeo university all the way throughhu
7:50 am
georgia avenue. ave inner loop moving along muchlo better even though we hadn thou earlier debris and over a doze disabled cars with flat tires.a. you can see the inner loop l congestion still backed up by connecticut.t you may want to exit atexit a connecticut and for your outerou loop commute factor in a ton ofo extra time top of the beltway.ty it might not ab bad idea to exix at route 1 that will save youe some time. time. a gray dreary day and seeing a a lot of slow traffic in and outnd of the district because of those wet roads and slick conditions.i weewee got you cover.. it's turning to be a pretty messy wednesday morning back to you steve and allison.i. ♪ ♪ >> kevin is here with a look ate the fox beat now aret 7:50. 7 good morning, kev.. >> yeah. it's good to see you guys this morning. oscars are happening on sundayni i'm very very excited aboutextea this. i think it will be interestedl e show. i'm interested to see what chris rock will do and we'll have morr on that shortly but creed director 29-year-old creed-old e director ryan kugler and ava duvernay and jonelle, have big b plans for oscar night and nig
7:51 am
nothing to do with the academy a awards. instead they will will be ine flint michigan participating ina a benefit for by the town's water crisis. csi. mo'ne and others tweetedweet yesterday about theirheir involvement in the sunday nightn event which is being called hash tag justice for >> i saw something else excitinn about ava yesterday. yesterday did you see this? she's goinghg to be directing a disney movie. >> yeah.h >> she's i want to see her continue too making amazing films. f she was working on hurricane katrina project with davidav oyelowo.elo. amazing with selma as well.el i'm looking forward to so what she does. >> me, too.. just four days away before the oscars host chris rock isk dropping some hints about whatau this year's show may holdol 51-year-old tweeted a picture of himself wearing a space suitpacs with the caption, quote gettingt my outfit together.oget the comedian also reportedly rel testing out some of his materiaa
7:52 am
la comedy clubs with jokes abouu diversity.y leonardo dicaprio and sean penn meeting with el chapo and this d will be the rock' hosting the academy awards.ward i think he'll do great. i'm interested to see what his s opening monologue will be like.. >> how did he do the first timet >> he was >> i think he's hilarious.ilarus moving out now dead pool major m box office success but is it i oscar worthy? ryan reynoldseynd seems to think so but it's all i in good fun.d fun the film star tweeted out thatet it's not too late to nominate nn the action comedy for a goldenon statue. we can't show you his tweethohi because there's some suggestivee material in the tweet butal in e basically one of those ade thoe campaigns you see in a newspapep or variety where they show the movie and all the things thats t you shall consider it for.or he's saying quote only a fewy hours left for oscar voting too late for write in campaign for ineligible movie he include add list of other categories whichi the movie could take home.e h quote dead pool has earned moree than $450 million so far and ono its way to become the fastestst highest grossing r rated film oo all time. >> he will be eligible nextgie n
7:53 am
year. >> it will be eligible for nextg year's oars carbs.s carbs the things he's having it eligible for are all very suggestive.stive i'll put it on facebooks in com kevin mccarthy fox.y f >> what are you most excitede mt about for the oscars. >> to see who wins picture. it's toss up between theetween spotlight and revenant.t and vea i want stallone to win. w leonardo dicaprio to finallyinal win. to be honest i'm looking forward to see chris rock does in the t opening monologue. i'm curious what he'll say.. it's been a big year with theith lack of diversity with thesiit academy awards. he needs to pull it all outllut there.the. chris rock has phone about thist before and i -- i'm interested s to seeing what he uses a a platform. >> it's a balance, right? he'sh still got to be funny.ny >> right. >> the people who are thereeo getting awards theply still havs to have their moment.avtheir >> right. >> it will be interesting.e rest >> kev, thanks.ha >> from the oscars to the emmyse jimmy kimmel in talks to hostalo the emmy awards.
7:54 am
it will mark the second time he's emceed the event.he event first time was in 2012. he's emceed the american awardss awards, correspondence din are in.inre i em may awards not until unt september.r. let's say good buy morning to bo our face bock fan of the day. d al leak gets the emmy for todayy for wearing that cool john walll he was nominated by his mom whow tells us he's a big fox5 fan. first thing does he in the morning turn us on so he can u watch while getting ready for school.ho hope off great day at i hope you weren't up too late t watching the wizards win last w night. >> all right. another big point. he just turned 14. td 1 imagine that.magine t i have a nice little 14-year-old, too.oo. we'll talk. for this weekend he celebrates witht the basketball themed party.emey thanks for watching for your fou chance to be tomorrow's fan tom' leave a comment below his photoo on our facebook page. tucker, sometimes you have to ae range meetings.. >> i get it f he's looking for a basketball coach our very own vy
7:55 am
wisdom martin is a basketballasl coach. coach. >> let's keep him in the family. >> wisdom, you over there? >> how is your team doing? satellite/radar -- one and fourf tucker, one and four.ou >> that's all right. come back second half. back seco >> a lot of heart.. >> numbers don't matter. >> all right. rain showers lifting in from the south. it's going to be rainy day tod today. definitely umbrella weather here look out this afternoon aer potential for severe weather w with a cold front that willil charge into a very unstabletable atmosphere. so potentially 60, 70 miles pere hour winds and some very heavyer rain right in time for our rushr hour this evening. ening we in the weather world very wld concerned about potential forpot severe weather for parts of ther area later today f.oday. 60 degrees. deg then sunshine back to end the t week, and we'll have nice quietu weekend to look forward to.k fod that's weather.'s weather. erin is back with roads. >> i am and we'll start you offf at 7:55 with a look at ourkt morning commute.
7:56 am
if you are taking marc or vre v your service is definitely affect the because a fire on the tracks at new york avenueorav because of that no marc or vrere service in or o station. i want to stress this is notre i affecting metro riders are not affected bb this they're able to get in and outia of union station. so you may want to hop on metrom and watch for crowded conditioni as folks have to exit the mac and vre we'll keep you updated on thatet and when service is able to ae resume its normal status muchtu aside from that no alerts fromrf metro right now like i said. s metro bus some delays justels j because of congestion.geio south capitol street outer loopl crash on the douglas bridge bri crash on the right lane let'shtl take a live look outside andside show was you're up against righg now. no when you head out on the beltway this this is an earlier problem we pw were dealing with in montgomeryt county. jackknifed tractor trailer crasa cleared all lanes open on the on outer loop you're basically b parked for several miles fromero new hampshire all the wayl th through georgia. i suggest hopping off beforepi f that point at route 1 andte working your way through the t city that way.t w inner loop picking up here butet back a few miles before thatoret you're jammed by connecticut sos you may want to hop off atff wisconsin to save yourself somee
7:57 am
time. ti heavy flow of traffic and on tht shoulder there's d waiting to get towed earlierarlr flat tires a mess out there thie morning. we got you covered with any a questions at erin fox5 dc.c. >> coming up 8:00 o'clock a list of the best transit systems in i the country is out and d.c.'s.'s metro is on that list. we'll tell where you it falls. s you might be surprised.pred >> i was. i w
7:58 am
7:59 am
we'll also tell you aboutelo the dating app being used to bring together people of peo different political parties. ♪ again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals.
8:00 am
so you can love cereal... again! ♪ back now with breaking newst at 8:00 a.m. new trouble for commuters thishr time it's folks who take the ta train.ain >> fire along the tracks along new york avenue forced marc rail to did you say spend service in and out of union station.on metro will honor tickets. vre trains also being held up hu not allowed to come into unionon station.statn. those rider which is use metrowt at alexandria, crystal city or l'efant plaza. plaza fire does not appear to ber to affecting amtrak service fromvif union we check the amtrak website. wee no service alerts listed we have a crew headed that wayew and erin will have more updates at 8:05g now to developing newsg from the beltway.. a mess cease commute to say thee least for drivers this mornings in parts of the beltway.beltw. fox5 was first on the seen of aa
8:01 am
tractor trailer crash on the outer loop that caused major delays. de this flying to the inner loop it lp happened around 4:00 this on 495 between colesville road and georgia avenue. ave several cars traveled on the t inner loop were damaged by themt debris mostly concrete from thet busted jersey that caused lots of body damagem even nat >> i was driving on 495 and i saw the rock at the last seconds instead of avoiding it i decided to hit it head on and i hit itii and i felt it go under the vehicle and as soon as i thought it was going to come under but i smelled oil and gas so i pulledd over to the side of the road t r when it finally came out, as it came out, i pulled to the sidets of the road, i stopped and ied i look under and all the oil andia gas was coming out.ut. >> how are you feeling rightou r now? >> i'm
8:02 am
i wish that whoever caused thisi accident hopefully they can t repair the that's our main concern. >> driver trying to stay in thes don't want to hit another car,er right? the cause of the crashfc the initial crash of the truck still under investigation.tion police say the tractor trailer driver suffered only minor mor injuries.ries >> we're also following breakin news from laurel maryland where howard county police areice investigate a fatal crashtal involving a pedestrian this oneo happened along route one at onet whiskey bottom road.d live look right now at the areaa as you can see that road is i closed to traffic.ic route 1 south and meyer road mer also closed and again we'llin check in with erin coming inng i just about two minutes get youiu all your details and work ands.a >> lots of local news right lew don't turn away folks.ks. meantime national stories.t. primary election heating up witt last night's gop nevada caucus caucuses now in the books donald trump donal tru wins with a landslide victory. y the nevada caw causes had a a record turnout with 75,000 participants. trump won with about 46% of thee
8:03 am
coming at a distant second placc marco rubio with about 24%.4% ted cruz taking 21% of the vote. meantime here locall localle loudoun county school boardloa de super tuesday.uesday. school buildings will be used as polling sites on march 1st. since voter turnout is expectedt to be higher than usual, there,h was concern about traffic jams s and parking school -- school-- o parking lots and surroundingundg neighborhoods.orho fairfax county schools are alsoa closed on super tuesday marc march 1st. ma while our region deals withe storms and heavy rain today, rad that same system is caused a cse much more devastating scene toce our south. sou >> big problems down there.em t at least three people killed. kd more than two dozens reports ofs tornadoes along the gulf coast.c some of the hardest hit areas he louisiana and mississippi mis including 1rv park in southerner louisiana where more than 100han mobile homes were destroyed.tred more severe storms expecteded today in the carolinas. 8:03 now. more violence to report on met metro. police arrested two teenagers ii connection with shooting oning o metro train the teens are 19 ana 16 years old. o.
8:04 am
this happened yesterday as green train -- green line trainine tra approached the anacostia statioa in southeast.thst police want the 16-year-olds to be charged as adult. alt sources say this was not a not random act and it stemmed fromdr an argument. with news like that word ofd metro train drivers runningunnig lights on going concerns about transit system safety you mightg be surprised to learn metro is o when it comes to transit systeme in america number one. o >> how is that possible? pos >> good question.>> good questi wisdom is here with more.or what went into this? t >> i actually have the stud right here.right he i walk over and let you guys g peruse this.r >> we have it, okay.hat, o >> as i do my report right hereh break this all down.n unkink i'm man of numbers. numbe let's talk about the according to smart assets, newew york based financial techalech company washington metro station was at the top of the list, top, in the country out of 136 citi cities. the firm they actually crunchedl the census bureau data on theon use of public transportation fof every city with a population ofo at least 175,000 people. peo now they look at five areas in i particular, steve and allison. n would you like to know what know
8:05 am
those five areas arey. >> most definitely. mos >> all right. well they considered this.nsided here's number's n transit users.. number two, percentage of thehe difference between averagevera commute times of car commuters e and transit commuters.muters those two are about efficiency.e number three, percentage ofe commuter who's actually use public transit. number four, the total number oo commuter who's use public transit and number five, the the difference between citywidee median income and the median income of transit users. use so you got all of that? those are the five things they used te come and with this criteria. cri this is the first time the firme has done this study.sdy it does not focus on accidents,, crime and other issues surrounding metro. just those numbers. nbers the five areas that i talkedalkd about.abou they put those numbers togetherr and came up were it form landfod and that's how they ranked allnl the 136 cities. cits
8:06 am
now, nick wallace ceoe firm sayy the metrics that d.c. reallyealy rated for average commute timemm in minutes and the perce difference in commute timeence between public transportationrto users and drivers on those metrics it beat almost everyvery other city in the country. would you like to know the otheh cities on this list in the top e >> yes. yes >> since we're fox5 we'll do tht top five. washington, d.c. number one.d. m other ones on the list, san francisco, number two. boston. chicago and new york city. >> wisdom, you know what thisw h says to me.yso me >> what does this say to you,, >> this system has the potentiai to be great i >> has so much potential.. >> i got to be honest. honest. what i hear about this violenceo somebody getting shot. >> oh yeah.>> oh yeah. >> it's a train.s tra there's more than one people ono assume on the train.he tin >> >> it has the potential to beal great. something needs to change d.c.. in the area deserves a betterdea system. i deserve to be able to get onat there and feel safe with myh m family. >> right.ight >> you're talking about the incident that just happened. tpe >> i'm talking about -- -- >> we're not talking about the t smoke incident and all on theth
8:07 am
issues that come along withcolog metro. >> right. >> when you consider i meanu cos very clean train as far as as aesthetics clean compared topart other big cities. >> that's right.>> >> the potential is there to be great.grea just imagine if they can getthag these other things fixed justust how great this system could be.. >> the study is trains and buses. full transportation. >> >> the only knock against d.c.o it is one of the most expensivei >> they did say it was pricey. >> that says a lot consideringoe that, you know, talking aboutlk new york and --york a >> san francisco.. >> san francisco that's right. >> that says a lot. but the potentt ial is >> framework is s let's make itm happen. >> make it hpen. >> wis, thank you very >> check in with tucker let'sanc get a check of what's happening in the world of weather thiswerh morning. tuck. >> picture behind you, steve,tee says it all. all another band of rain lifting upg in the region.he we have the potential for severv weather later today in the formf of thunderstorm.eror act packed weather day.da live look at satellite/radar.ted it's definitely raining acrossil the region.on. and if it's it's not rainingning
8:08 am
drizzle and low clouds and fog out there.he it is a power packed stormked s system as mentioned earlier inar the newscast, tornadoes tna yesterday up to 30 tornadoes across the deep southu that focus later today will beaw on the carolinas up into the mim atlantic where we have theic wh potential for severeor ser thunderstorms between abouttwn a 3:00 and six, 7:00 o'clock:0 tonight. i think will be the timing on that. and we could have very gusty guy winds in addition a flood watch so just be aware if you're on yn the roadways later today with tw that heavy rain ponding on the roadways and some urban flooding. we'll talk a lot about the a l forecast here in just a minute. 60 that's the winning part of the f forecast.reca. nice mild day up ahead of ourf cold front. look out for afternoon o f thunderstorms. plenty more weather in just a minute. let's do more traffic with erin. >> we'll start you off with w breaking news we were tellingewi you about this is important.tan. marc service has resumed. resum there was a fire on the tracksra out by new york avenue. anu speed restrictions and tellingli riders to anticipate some major delays but marc trains are getse through in and out of union uni station.stat
8:09 am
vre service is still suspendedue in out of union station waitingi for update from vre. v this is not affecting metro. m so metro riders are sti close to schedule at the moment. we'll keep updated as thingshing change tre just heard from pro producer didn't danielle vre is moving as well. well. anticipate big no alerts from metro at thisetrh time. that fire not affecting the metro rails.o person hit by a car this iss a deadly crash investigation. route 1 north remain closed atld whiskey bottom road in howard county. you'll need plenty of extrad pl sometime to get around that police zone. z in addition to that we're seeinn slow-moving traffic across thehe douglas bridge outbound crashouc did clear but typical inboundnb delays at south capitol watchitt for that. fo that's your look at traffic. tr. back to you guys. >> thanks, erin. e coming and new information about the michigan uber driver who w shot and killed six people. peol where he was seen on that day o the shooting. apple's courtroom strategy.g
8:10 am
8:11 am
what the tech company plans tons argue as it fights the feds over getting a terrorist iphone unlocked. ♪ ♪ we are learning new information about the michiganou uber driver who shot and killed six people over the weekend during a shooting rampage. police say that man,shve 45-yeao jason dalton, switched carsd c making it harder for police tooo track him he also went to a gun store onn the day of the deadly shooting.
8:12 am
apple continues to lock l legal horns with the fbi becausc they will not unlock an iphone. the tech giant will file cou documents requesting the battlet to play out in congress and notd in the court system. s apple will also argue the obama administration's request to unlock the i phone is impropermp under an 18th century law.. unsealed court documents reveala that in addition to the san bernardino terrorist, therorist, department of justice wants iphone used by other criminalsls in different states unlocked as well. former new york times tim reporter has been found dead in the dominican republic. repli the body of 49-year-old sarah s kershaw was discovered insideres her home there. there police say it appears she diedie of a fixation but an officialicl cause of death hasn't beeneen determined.determined. her husband is now beingand nob questioned.. coming up the dating appin a being used to bring togetheroghe people of different politicalolc parties.yie >> let's take live look outsidee on this wednesday morning.dnesd. weather and traffic coming up oi the 5's next.e s nex still problems out on the on beltway at 29.t
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
we'll check in with erin afterra the break as well. w just one of those mornings, mor, folks. ♪ ♪ i don't know which view ofkn the beltway is that one or the one thaltt hashh everything backed up at 29. >> yeah. >> neither one is real pretty.rt >> dreary day. >> really is. >> rain showers at the momentowt and potentialhe for strongtron thunderstorms later today.oday however, on a drear rye day weyy always have >> yes, we do.>> y >> yes, we do. d >> let's get it to.>>et's my favorite time of day. d
8:16 am
>> got a smile.>> got a smile >> let me see.e see. >> super cuteness. cuten >> what's going on carter.n care >> time now f five feet of the day.eet of day >> okay.kay. >> i'm getting reports -- does d mason or carter? carte >> we need -- producer. >> is this -- we needeee clarification. >> this is carter, he been much this is carter?? >> either way it's cuteness. >> okay. we need to know the name. >> okay. >> i think it's carter.hi >> all right.nk>> a carter is six months old full of energy.enrgy. >> yes. >> you can tell from that veryhe handsome smile always ready for the camera.the camera. >> he is super duper cute. look at him. h big brown eyes much he'sh adorable. >> super cute.uput >> um-hmm. >> we love it carter. >> i wonder whatlo he's going tg do today. maybe eat, take nap. nap >> be all comfy and hopefullyopl warm indoors.oors >> um-hmm. >> my life hasn't changed since i was six months old. o i want to do the same thing. >> eat, take naps. >> now you can do another thingn by yours you don't need any help. (laughter)..
8:17 am
>> not yet any way.ay >> like what allison.ison >> to send us your child'sld's p page fox5 d.c. all right. we got rain showers movingrs mon through the area.rough the been with us persist tenley ally night long. most is pretty light at theig a moment although we are hesitantn about this afternoon and that'sa because we have the potential for severe thunderstorms as wees have a very very dynamic stormrm system. a lot of very strong winds justj a few thousand feet up. we've got the potential for very unstable atmosphere.tmoser you might notice the humidity out there early this afternoon r as we warm the temperatures upsu near 60 degrees with our deweesr point temperatures near 60.r 60. and then the hammer moves in moi this afternoon with a cold front front. and it's at that time we canat m kick off around of thunderstorms a lot happening in the weather world today. 43 right now in washington.hito again we think our high will bei in the upper 50s to about 60 an0 then thunderstorm activitym aciv between about three and 7:00oute p.m. tonight.onht all right.ig there is -- put out by the storm prediction center.
8:18 am
showing the risk for the highese risk for severe weather isere today. it's to our south and east downt into southeast viri carolinas. and again the part of the worldr you see in the orange and the darker colors there, that's where the highest risk for for tornado activity is later today. we'll have to look out.. it's possible that with 60 or 70 miles per hour winds and peri strong thunderstorms we, too,oo could have a slight tornado riss for parts of our region as wellw we'll have to watch thattch that carefully later today.full either way sunshine back bite bk end of the week and quieter and weekend. >> it will be welcomed.wi >> yes, we look forward to that. >> thanks, tuck. tk >> check in with erin get a lool at that big old mess on thes on >> tucker your hair looks greatr by the way. hby >> i thank you so much. you so m more on that coming up.oming up >> throwing that out there. right now top of the beltwayof l outer loop is still all jammed j up. we had tractor trailer crasher a that happened just aftert a 4:00 o'clock this morning on thn outer loop.ou all lanes open but you can see u it's a parking lot. basically from universityy boulevard through georgiaeo avenue. it looks like this inner loopinp moving along much better but we do have disabled vehicles just before the shot that need to get
8:19 am
towed out of the way block the y shoulder. should for the outer loop commute exiti at route 1. rou 1 morning. morning. inner loop moving along okayka extra cautious you may stillusoy encounter debris that stilledti spilled across the outer loopsst accident. let's move it over now for at look at our maps aside from thaa a person hit by a car this is as deadly crash in howard county.. under investigation right now.ow so route 1 northbound remainsuni shut down at whiskey bottom road. road. caution through that area.thro you can see a lot of red on ourf map. map. in prince william this morninghr overturned tractor trailer dided clear dumfries road on the t southbound side has reopened ana getting back to normal. n if you are taking marc or v. e an earlier track fire clearedd out of the way. the trains every moving into ann out of union station right noton but operating with speed withpe restrictions and on delay anday now this problem is notem i n affecting metro.affectme metro is on or close toisor c schedule.du we'll keep dated. dat lots of traffic to get throughot unfortunately on this rainy wednesday. back to you guys.backu >> thanks very much.ry m
8:20 am
we also heard the expressionxpro opposite at tracts.tra in this election share we see a lot of tension betwee sharing differing opinions.. fox5 political reporter ronica cleary with an open that hopest to change that. >> verona app.pp the motto if you can believe it world piece one swipe at a time the website explains verona introduces people who want toant cross a divide. did >> what does that mean? well, l the app was originally createded to be place for israelis and palestinians to connect andonne build friendships. this was reportedly soy so successful i mean the founder f tells me tens of thousands of users that he decided to createe new opportunities to bring people together here in the united states. state >> we would like to see world piece. when thing began heating one ito the presidential race, i thoug thought, i think -- i thought it can do the, n it would be smarts to do the same type of thing bui do it here in america.
8:21 am
>> the app offers opportunitiesi for democrats and republicans to connect. it also has a feature for trump supporters and latino americans to find friendships app workspsa like this. li you pick a group you identify yf with and then you look athen lo profiles of those who identifyde with seeminglingly opposite bel. similar to tinder you swipe youi right for someone you like andnd you swipe left if you are notu interested.sted. if you both swipe right ande ri there's a match, you can connect. and here's the's the it is not about love. l he says that it is a friendship app. so would you use it? i >> i think that would be a gooda idea especially in this area. i mean, all of us of all ages a like to just talk about things and politics and get into big ib debates and it's fun.sun >> i would give eight shot, yeh yeah. see what's out >> i think the idea's of havingv cross party dialogue sounds likl a good idea, and the intentionsi behind it i don't know if that's actual wal will happen onceappe people are using it.lere u >> would you use something like that?
8:22 am
>> probably won. w not really political at all. all but sounds like a very innovative system.yste >> there you go. i mean it's not supposed to be a love app but certainly if love e blossoms out of it.f that's a good thing.d thing >> it gets people talking maybey that's what we need an opennpen dialogue. >> that's what we need york. >> ron any dark thanks so much. >> thank you. >> still ahead the best andt worse car brands according toanr one new list that's out now. no. later actress tina fey f premiered her new movie rightovg here in d.c. last n a bunch of heavy hitter wererer there.ther vice-president of the uniteddee states and the list goes on ando kevin was there,
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
he'll join us for his red carpet interview.rvie ♪ ♪ ♪ 8:25 right now. >> empire fans --an >> y listen up. (laughter). >> we've got a treat for you. yu our very own maureen umeh is heading to new york today. why? well she is going to interview taraji p. help son. >> what?>> wha >> cookie herself. cookie hers empire returns to fox onox march >> that's fantastic. that'ntas d.c. own taraji >> you know who else is in town. jussie smollett will be at the white >> really? his sister journeyou was here on monday.da >> two days ago.>> tays >> right. >> i know because i missed herba because i was sick on monday. m. >> she was very nice.>> s >> what's the deal? they splitl that into two seasons now?ow? >> yeah.>> >> it's been off for a couple
8:26 am
months, right. ontrigh >> right. >> it's very clever. it' >> it wasn't like that i guessti i guess this is the first year they're doing such a huge hit i suppose. >> cool. not so cool the weather it'sthe been -- cool out.oout the air temperature is cool buto the rain is not cool. c it's been a long morning. mng >> tuck, come on we're in manyry thing. >> i started at traffic at 4:00 o'clock in the morning.n satellite/radar. >> it's okay. you got here. >> you got that right.ot t >> rain showers this the potential for strong thunderstorms this afternoon.. the up side of the forecast wilt hit temperatures near 60 degre 60 degrees. but look out particularly thisau afternoon we have the potentiala for severe thunderstorms andstor that would include perhaps 60, 70 miles per hour wind gusts weh have to look out for powerlo outages and even isolate the tornado risk south and east ofat town here later today. her as we have -- we'll very very vr unstable atmosphere in placephep later this afternoon.r this aft more on the forecast ceroming ug but 60 today. again rain all day.inll day heaviest of the rain right inain time for evening rush hour withw that thunderstorm activity thent
8:27 am
we'll clear it out tonight. much brighter tomorrow and if youw yo have weekend plans outdoors, if, they don't include skiing, they look >> so you're saying it's theayis evening rush we have to worrye o about today?? >> the morning one has not goneg so well.soell. >> potentially the evening oneno will have more problems than thn morning. morn >> cover your ears, you >> all right. all rig >> erin? >> somebody just asked me if ijd copy and paste the same tweetame every day because we have allaue the same backups on 95 north in lorton.lorton >> sadly. >> unfortunately i don't.or the same backups every day. right now you're taking a look at a rainy ridetuac on the inner loop by braddock.. all are back up across theos wilson bridge as well. wel so inner loop traffic really rea slow and we've been dealing witw that problem in montgomerymontme county the outer loop all jammej up as you make your way past w this is a closer look as you l a approach the wilson bridge of te the inner loop. no crashes to report. rep it's just a whole lot of slowf s moving traffic thanks to theic t rain let's go ahead and switchnh it over and show i was look atao our maps. map deadly crash person hit by a cac in howard county route 1 north n is closed at whiskey bottomey bt road. road. we'll let you know as soon ast that reopensyo. and let's see if we can forwarda
8:28 am
our maps and show i was look in prince george's county right rig now. here's a closer look at tha inner loop delay we were telling you about to the wilson bridge i down to 16 miles per hour.
8:29 am
8:30 am
295 inbound all jammed up. east -- southwest freeway jams. keep it to fox5 news we're back at 8:30 with a lot more news, weather and traffic for you. >> this is what we need a littl upbeat music right here becauseg it is drearyht out there..
8:31 am
beltway is a mess still.ti in some places that's yourou commute.e you know, we use it all the pack your pack patience all of that.ha you'll need to or else you'reou going to pull your hair out onro the beltway or elsewhere. elsewe that's what it looks like at 8:31 right now.ight n hope your morning is off to a somewhat decent start on this ti wednesday morning. mning back to the news now 8:31.:3 police are investigate a deadly shooting this is falls church, c virginia this happened yesterday at the skyline towers apartmentt on seminary road. 35-year-old male was found deada inside of an apartment there. authorities say this is not a nt random >> also terrifying homes fors students at the university ofivf maryland college park.ryla col six people robbed at gun pointup inside a residence hall.ence h it happen sunday night.ig police say man pulled a gun on a the group while another demandee their valuables. v nobody was police are still looking foror those two gunmen. in annapolis today, house judiciary committee will discuss noah's law the proposal requirei ignition interlock device forckc
8:32 am
anyone convicted of drunk driving. the bill named in honor ofedn ho montg leotta hit and killed by an alleged drunk driver while onhie duty last year. y all right.all 8:32 right now. time for the fox beat. b kevin is big night in d.c. last night,, kev. >> good morning steve andmo allison. >> good morning.rnd >> last night was huge at thegeh u.s. navy memorial.ia there was the dc premier of whiskey tango fox trot the new w movie starring tina fey andnd marco robbie. robe. they play war journalists inrnas afghanistan. it's based on a true story buta they changed thing.. real life person kim barker thet call her kim baker in the moviev they had to change things.. take out that r.hat take out the r. >> we'll never know.ev know. the movie opens up on up march 4th, and i spoke to teen t if if any and also lauren michaels who one of the greatest producers of all time executivei producer of saturday night lifeg i spoke to him about a couple ac things. why he doesn't like when actorsa break character.break aract i think it's hilarious.ario
8:33 am
>> they start laughing. >> i think it's funny when they start laughing. tina feyfu aboutst snl and morea also guess who was there lasthee night? vice-president joe bide biden. john kerry a huge even.ry here a's the interviews from th red carpet at the u.s. navyy memorial. >> my best friend.ri i want to give you a hug. h if you were to play thishi character on snl stage how different would you approach it. >> i know it would be more comedic.c what would you do. >> more overtly >> i like that. lthat >> and a wig. w a funnier wig than the wig i'm i wearing right now.g right now >> this is amazing wig. >> bleep. bep. snl. now act.wct >> obviously the story about the kanye west rant and the ran reportedly you actually had toao calm -- go talk to him and trynt to get him come back live. what could you say to him.ld yos >> he had done a greatayreat performance at dress rehearsal l think, you know, something that changed through -- it was veryar complicated setup and something
8:34 am
changed somebody he saw it and n think he thought it would throww off this performance. like the kanye what do you say to him to calm l him down. what do you say? >> he's a brilliant performer and you never know what it takek to go up there and do it, yout, know, and so you don't youon underestimate it.imate it. and my job is to sort of appreciate what it takes to goak out there.. (applause). >> reportedly you don't liketed when actors yobreak on a show lk if they laugh in the show. >> if it's honest, i'm great'mre with it. >> like debbie downer episoderpo with lindsay lohan when they ala broke. why don't you like when the acts break? break? >> because somebody wrote it.omb were herred it. itwe has -- it's an easy way toy get the audience on your side. s so if it's honest, i'm great with it it. i if it isn't, um, i'm less thanst happy about it. >> let me ask you this question you guys wouldn't let me.n't me. now i want to know the sceneo sc when you have to go to the h g
8:35 am
bathroom and you get out of thet car you have the camera, what'ss actually happening onset? isns there real gunfire? how -- iow at all? >> i mean, it's not as dangerous, but yeah, you have te hit your mark and stuff becausec there's gunfire. there's blanks being fired. it's very's there's real there's a lot of heat and dusttu from that explosion.xpsi yeah, if you were a dumb dumb d you can get hurt. but thankfully we were okay. >> person standing next to tinai fey was the screen writer of the film and back to lauren michaels on the breaking thing that bak episode of debbie downer if youy haven't seen it lindsay lohan l was on and jimmy fallon.lon. jimmy fallon used to break allrl the they laughed in the middle ofedi the sketch. i find those moments to be so ts genuinely funny but i get what lauren michaels is saying.isay they practice it all week long.l >> somebody wrote it. s >> it has to be earn for me those are the moments that are e classic on saturday night life.f >> so funny they're laughing. >> can you imagine being therege with his farley and trying notrt to laugh. >> no. it's movie opens up march 4th morethm from the stars coming up thisupi
8:36 am
week. >> kevin, thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> mccarthy.arth >> it doesn't the sa >> don't do it. >> what would you do withwoulyoo tucker. >> you don't play with my name.a >> leave it alone.. >> tucker baker.r bker >> let's just continue on. (laughter). >> i learned that early age my first name rhymes with a lot oft different words.errd there's your satellite/radar./rd we've got rain showers across the area.rea. it's most of it's pretty light so far overnight.vern but as we get into the afternoor hours, we're very concerned witt potential for some strong thunderstorm activity and thatna contain gusty winds and very v heavy downpours. here's the big look again veryey dynamic storm system snow on the back side of it tornadoes yesterday in the deep south.p sh we're very concerned about the n carolinas and southeast virginir later today. t there could be some renewed tornado activity as this wholeho system kind of lifts up andind through the mid atlantic laterd today.toda so rain showers bottom line rain showers in our forecast.erin
8:37 am
we'll get mild, about 60 for 60f daytime high, and then look outo kind of mid to late afternoon ar just in time for the eveninghevi rush hour. thunderstorm activity.derm act 43 now in still cool out there.he in addition we got a flood watcw in effect through late tonight.t maybe an inch plus of rain.s ofn there could be flooding onin o roadways later this afternoon,e, and there's your forecast. foras rain, heavy at times look outook for thunderstorms later today. winds gusting up to 60, 70 milee an hour if we get severee t sev thunderstorms later.understorms all right.laal we'll look at more weather inear just a minute. more traffic now with erin. 8:37. 8:37 allison you said it best earliet when you said pack yourk you patience.patice. >> yes. >> i hate to say it but it is it one of those days.seay deadly crash person hit by a crash route 1 north remains shus down at wis company bottom roadr some caution as you head outs yo around that area. also, in prince george's countyy big inner loop delays no crashes to report right now on the bottom of the beltway from five to the wilson bridge down to to about 16 miles per hour thoser o delays continue as you cross ths bridge at the springfieldinie
8:38 am
interchange. making your way through your annandale a lot of extra time. 395 inbound jams through arlington and alexandria thiss morning. eleventh street bridge on 295n not looking so great. just a whole lot of slow movingn traffic metro update for you red line is off loading at bethesdae so watch out for that.t. metro bus delays.. up in chevy chase as well for metro bus and that is because oe all the congestion surrounding the yell eighty three tractorra trailer crash by colesville ro road. earlier fire by new york avenuev had problems across the marc and vre lines. l service has resume.rvice s resu. watch for speed restrictionsesti causing big metro had not been affected by that track fire.thatrack we'll keep you posted and take d live look outside with your necc look at traffic. back to you guys.. >> coming up if you saved yourou $2 to eat empty mcdonald's ason far as their new promotion proti you'll have to ask for some more money. mone i'll tell you why they'rey. ch changing their price plan.heir the new list of the bestes cars on the roads. on thads we'll tell you which one is
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
taking top honors. 8:38. 43 degrees on a wednesday morning. ♪ mcdonald's lovers may havele sticker shock next time they go to the fast food chain.hain the you pick meal, two meal dead for $2 has gone up.. it will cost customers $ >> what? the includes thecludhe option though the sandwiches ars different. as somebody told me on twitter. now you can big mack, quarter q
8:42 am
pounder, filet of fish, chicken nuggets and fries. it's not a smaller sandwich.. the new mcpick two fr launch at all mcdonald's by theb end of the month. >> it's just kind of stinks they promoted it as two for $2. >> but you get two bigger bigge sandwiches for five. >> what if i only wanted ate little sandwich.anic >> silence. sence >> new details on what may be oe causing problems with takata aia bags. scientists say multiple factorsf including moisture and high h humidity can cause those airse a bags to innate with too much wio force. that would send the shrapnel noe drivers and passengers. air bags made by takata caused u 10 deaths and 139 injuriess worldwide. so 28 million takata air bag inflaters have been recalled inc the us so far and safety sand investigators say that number n may still grow. consumer reports meantimeumr come out with its list of top car brands. >> audi the number one top automotive bran. bra subaru, lexus, porsche and bmw
8:43 am
luxury rounded out the top spo spots. coming in at the bottom jeep -- sorry steve. >> an american auto.o. and land rover as far as luxury models go. also, chrysler.. >> i'm happy with my jeep. j it never does well in those tho studies. >> but it's an american car.s an i love i coming up social media and d teenaged girls.ed g we'll talk with the author of af new book as she explores theres dangers of young women growingeg up in a digital world. w >> it's really interesting.esti also a little >> it is frightening. exactly. >> getting around the field on a hoverboard? how about an umpire using technology to his hope he has like knobby tires on that thing.
8:44 am
8:46 am
8:43.8: >> what kind of tires.f ires >> knobby. >> tsunami. >> knobby. ♪ ♪ >> trouble on the tracks as wel this we really just can't catch a't h break. there you see at union stationoa they're trying to work on ii believe it is the vre train or marc train excuse me. eus there was a disruption there one trains in and out of union u station but they're trying to t figure out how,, what has gonets wrong here.wron operating at slower earlier today train 310 and 3288 were delayed about 10 to 15 1 minutes or so. s but again marc train disruptionu they're working on it at union u station to get things back up tt speed.spee >> trouble on the rails.le on t. on the beltway this morning. thi the weather not cooperating c either,, tu.
8:47 am
>> no. >> no. light rain showers overnight bug picking up in intensity, and we thunderstorms this afternoon. so wet one today. t definitely umbrella weathera wth throughout your wednesday. wedn. but along with it we'ret ong expecting temperatures to eventually top out in the upperu 50s to about 60 as we get warme air in here. here. there's your rain showers your activity most of it -- honestlyn even if you're not getting au'rg steady rain at this hour you'rer getting drizzle heaviest of thef rain moved through the district in the last 13 minutes and and pushing up into howard and montgomery county and loudoun cu county too.ty too we'll see periodic bands of rain showers for the next couple of o hours as warmer air is trying to lift into the region from thegie south and south and east. and as it does so, we'll so, continue to see showers here fof the next couple of hours.f hou very very powerful storm systems history of tornado producing yesterday across portions of louisiana, mississippi, alabamaa and now our focus is into the carolinas and southeast virginir
8:48 am
and potentially even up close te the washington area later todayt for severe thunderstorms andstor even isolated tornado or two aso we have a very -- later today lt have a very very unstablensta atmosphere here in place. p so with that in mind, keep anp eye on the time frame betweenamt three, six, 7:00 o'clock tonig tonight. as we could have a band of very strong thunderstorm avectivityit moving through.movi currently it's cool 43 intly ito washington. but look what's happening to the south and east. 66 degrees now in cape hatterasa that warmer air will at least l temporarily get pushed into ourn region for couple of hours.e oos it's also very unstable. utabl dew point temperatures in the low 60s very unusual this time s of year then the cold front will slam into that very warm, very, moist very unstable atmosphere h we'll see thunderstorm activityt rain showers keep your umbrella handy today.ndy tod will we are at 11:00. we arat 1 showers around all day. all d drizzle if it's not raining anda then there we go prime time juse when we don't need it in time it for evening rush hour, and agaid the potential for an isolatedted tornado particularly to thecu south and east of town. t and winds gusting maybe 60, 70 miles an hour if we get severe thunderstorms and verystd
8:49 am
heavy rain.herai we also we're under a flood flo watch through this evening.roh g good news we'll kick it out ofs here tonight and forecast tomorrow.row officially under a slight risk for severe a little unusual in february. fu in fact very unusual in february. we see this kind of thing but ot there it is. enhanced risk as you get down gt into southeast virginia and thee carolinas. there's your seven day forecasts 60 today.60 tod quiet it down. still gusty winds tomorrow tom pleasant 55 and the weekend looks great.ks g particularly sunday.unday 58 degrees with sunshine.she steve, allison that's theon tt' latest. back to you. to >> tuck, thank you very much. ta let's check in with holly andk wisdom finind out what's comingn in a few minutes on good day g d d.c. d.c. wis. >> good morning. as you just heard tucker barnese say today is shaping up to be a wild weather day in the d.c. d.. region.on you'll want to keep it tuned ton good day d.c. for the very t ver latest updates on the potentia potentially severe stormsntia rolling our way this afternoon. >> mutter chaos first on fox5stf first on the scene avenue s tractor trailer crash that sentt debris flying and we continue tt
8:50 am
follow the aftermath affecting c thousands of drives. drives. >> also developing this mornings a new twist in apple versus thee fbi.i cases of the zika virus being transmitted by sex. we're also live with tmz who has new details in a legal fighf between kesha and doctor luke.r >> we continue to follow theo fo future of rgiii and we now knowk that he will not be back with b the redskins next season. >> shocker.. >> we'll fine out though what ha just said on twitter. >> plus live in the loft on gooo day at 10a as we get ready to rt say goodbye to american idol. i we have the season nine winner right here live with us, his name is lee dewyze. leeew he'll be in the house.heou >> not only will he be in the house, he is going to perform p life in the loft. loft good day d.c. a few minutes aw away. >> we look forward it to thank you very much all right.> alght. >> very cool. hilton hotels apologized too cleveland cavaliers guard khiryk
8:51 am
everybody it irving was bitten by bed bugs bb during his stay in oklahoma cits and not able ttao only played nine minutes of that big match up against theh upgain thunder. he was not feeling well after hh discover bed bugs on a pillowilw that forced thyme sleep on thele couch that led to just three jue hours of sleep and a sore back.. hilton and health inspectorspe call it an isolated case andd ce they said that room has been treated.ea how about this story? umabh fire getting on to the diamondia in a rather unique way.ay >> this video shared by the johns hopkins baseball team tm twitter account showing an umpwa riding along the base path on a hover board. boa blue jays capping the video quote next level umpiring ". " >> could not find any reason whn did he that in my little lit research.rech >> just to be cool.>> >> but it was an exhibition gamg so apparently he is allowed tolt that. >> okay.. >> no word if he stayed it thede whole game or just road it to his position.s >> seems like it would mess up s the turf. >> you would think so. y getting attention for johnsns
8:52 am
today children and teenagerr are steep in the world ofheld internet, social media, selfiesi new book is called "americanam girls social secret lives of teenager" it says your teenaged girl could bl on their devices or consuming cu media including television foren up to 11 hours a day. d and sending 100 texts betweenexb the time they wake up and they t go to bed. bed. how does all that activity shapy a girl's view of the world and her place in it? joining us now live from new york city a author nancy joe sales also nancy is a vanity fair contributor. this book that i have in my hand with two teenaged girls is -- ii want to throw it in the fire bur i cannot put it down. it you have to face the reality. ra good morning to you. y >> hi, how are you. howre you >> i'm doing okay. thank you. you spoke to 200 girls for almost three years getting get involved with what they're doing online. on what's the headline here? >> the main thing they're on it'
8:53 am
almost all the time, and this is really an unprecedented changeec in the lives of teenagers and a it's not something that we grewg up with as so it's really important for usu to know what it is, what they'r' what the apps are like. a what goes on there. >> how do we do it and still try to maintain a level of trustf t when it comes to privacy? >> that's a very good question.e i think the first step is justu to start having conversation. co just talk to them about it and d found that when i talk to girlso about social media there was sos much going on that they wanted n to talk about and no one waso e really asking them.m they were so ready to havee someone listen to the problems l that they were having there and i really think that this is a a kind of conversation that canath begin with parents, you know, a, very early age just as naturalst as what happened in schoolned in today. what happened on social media
8:54 am
today? but at the same time, tm you know, i think that you gethu to a point where there is maybee signs of something serious going on i really think, you know, privacy is, you know, maybe know, think of more as like whal is my responsibility here as a parent?pant? >> reconsider indeed.>> r we hear a lot nan is he aboutheo cyber bullying. blyin what other things did you comedu up against when you were talkini to some of these teenagers in i their candid conversations? >> i was really struck and surprised by how much sexual content and explicit sexualt sex content there is on social medim on a daily sometimes hourly basis. that kids who are very youngo ay even middle school are encountering and have sexualized their pictures are that they are posting. po and really how that's become the new normal. >> so what we do? what reallytr can we do? you know you canuan talk to you're blue in the facef don't do it will come back to get you. y it's always there online..
8:55 am
should we go and sale them aboua these horror stories that we w report in the news about girlsbg meeting up with people who they thought were interested in themn what do we really do, nancy think you have to give them thee critical tools with which tohi t analyze their own behavior.n bio why do you feel you need to post this picture? make them sort ot start thinking about themselvesl and what they're doing. ty're d because a lot of times they tole me, you know, we don't reallyonr even question it. qstion i it's just the it's just how we live now.ive nw they're not really even thinkink about what they're doing becausu it's become so common. com >> i really wish we didn't haved to let you go, but we do. we thank you so much for writing this book. this is the times we're living in much it's american girlca social median the secret livest of thank you very much.ery m hopefully it starts a dialogue. >> thank you for having me. >> okay.>> o so many on the questions.sto steve like what do you real you dollar if somebody is beingis b bullied on -- do you go and talt to the person in person? youn? just, you know, hopefully youopy
8:56 am
never have to deal with it. in the meantime, i guess that'st mom problems and dad problems. tucker barnes looking outsidesi and all this rainy weather tod today. weather problems later today. ty low clouds, fog light rainn across the area early thisarly morning and our main event event unfortunately will be later thil afternoon with potential for pof strong thunderstorm.stor just potential not a guarantee.a but the ingredients there are. e all right there's your raint th' shower activity at the moment.ot we had pretty good rain towardsw front royal along 81 and lightya rain showers moving through thev district in the past 15 minutesn that's the main event we'll talt about the storm system but history of severe weather wea including wind damage andin damg tornadoes last night to ourightt south.uth. we are very concerned we'll getg thunderstorm activity in hereivy with a cold front late thislatet afternoon and that could kickatc off around of thunderstorms with winds that could gust to perhapp 60 or 70 miles an hour.r. more on that coming com the good news the seven day forecast is featuring sunshine s and pleasant conditions for ouro weekend. we've earn it, right, erin? en? >> absolutely earned a niceoluta weekend. 8:56. road problems problm this is the outer loop as your y
8:57 am
head past georgia still veryer heavy traffic from earlierm ear tractor trailer crash that hamht after 4:00 o'clock this morning. mix that in drops on the camera and typicalt morning congestion and i would w say exiting at 95 route 1 eithet of those might help you work yow around getting stuck in thattu mess that continues to linger. e inner loop is heavy fromro wisconsin through georgia. georg let's move it over now.over n you can see we're also dealing i with inner loop delays as youp s make your way out by the springfield it's just very heavy from springfield to gallows.l. steady flow of traffic. traffic. we also have a crash blockingvea the shoulder by four. f really slow-moving traffic as t you make your way from princero george's county across the acros
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
wilson bridge. bridge. we'll have more traffic.l ve moi keep it to good day at 9a.ta. coming back in just a few minutes. ♪ ♪ straight ahead -- >> trump triumphs. >> we won with poor the educated.ed i love the poorly educated.cated >> gop front runner the bighe b winner in nevada. it's his third victory in a roww and he had plenty of support.rt. now his closest competitors area betting it all on super tuesday. rough ride.ide. multiple cars damaged ands damaa beltway traffic reduced to a crawl after a chip reactioneacto tractor trailer crash left partp of the road littered with debr debris. we'll have update on the lingering delays.elays. number one in the nation.n. metro has been playing boy problems from deadly accidents


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