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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 25, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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>> and i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. it was hard to take our eyes off this video that poured into the "fox 5 news" room today in waverly, virginia, at least three people died after a tornado ripped through that area. and waverly is located about 50 miles south east of richmond. >> meanwhile closer to home incredible flooding across the d.c. region some most step ear we saw was in southeast d.c. where cars struggled to make it home during the evening commut commutech the storm is still impacting travel in our region and at national airport arriv arriving flights are delayed two hours and bwi there are also residual delays. dulles airport tells us there are no flight delays that time to report. >> and mark trains stopped operating out of union station and amtrak says they were not impacted by the storm. >> as for power outages pet coreporting over 4,000 outages and dominion has more than 5,000 and bge has more than 6,000 outages.
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tonight of the storm and damage starting with sue palka. sue, this has been such an incredible sight for february. >> unbelievable, sarah, you're right about that and strong tornadoes on first glance when we seat piingts and look at the damage they look like unusually strong this time of year. we've had about 15 reports of tornadoes in virginia in february and they're usually week and to my north these are the first fatalities for february tornnado outbreak. what is going on at the moment? there's a few lingering showers this should not amount to much. a few popped up in frederick county and these are moving south to north. we have frontal boundary to come clue later and i see a few more showers in the mountains. of course tornado reports were mostly in require virginia. there were a bunch in north carolina as well. it seems like tremendous damage from four of them which in waverly is where fatalities where. caityln will have more on that
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flash flooding was our big issue with strong wind and lots of lightning, what's left now will ikely produce few inches of snow in the moup taps and more than that as we look on the back edge dropping 6 to 12" across michigan, chicago, will also get a lot of this. and this was typical of may. 55 and due point were really humid this afternoon and evening. that was the fuel for the storms there. they're moving out now and what will be left is windy conditions tat will come in overnight. get rid of the little fog that's out there and again maybe 1 to 3" of snow in mountains. just wanted to mention area is saturated. water will still rise and fill streams and creeks and we want you owe to be aware flood watch in effect until 1 a.m. and flood warnings you see in darker green are for rivers and streams. as we go forward through the overnight it looks like we'll drop into the 40s and tomorrow while we may briefly touch 50 it will feel le
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and at least it will not be stormy. we'll have more on the 7 day forecast and when we can relax and not worry about storms. we have a nice steven of weather coming up telling you about that later, tony. >> sue, thank you very much. three people lost their lives when a tornado ripped through the town of waverly, virginia as we mentioned earlier. waverly is located about 50 miles southeast of richmond. incredible images of damage have been coming into the newsroom from that area. caityln roth joins us now with the latest. caityln. >> tony, we first heard records of tornado near the waverly area around 3:00 this afternoon and this video behind me shows you the destruction and damage that was in the wake of this storm's path. we can tell it's most likely tornado damage and not straight line wind damage by some of these images in which the siding is ripped off the side of the house but structure remains standing and also a lot of trees down. power lines, roads impassable and cars overturned. you can see emergency crews on the scene in a lot of this video.
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mentioned there are three confirmed fatalities and five major structures within the town damaged although looking from the video it suggests much more daylight tomorrow. it will give us a much better idea of how much damage there is and the strength of the tornado that went through. and now due to the significant debris both route 460 and route 6 40 head the into the touj are impassable at this hour and reports of flooding and high water coincides with tornado damage and we seen a lot of receding floodwaters and hopefully that's not a ken of tonight. virginia state police have been responding and virginia governor has declared a state of emergency. and it does, of course, include the town of waverly. so this video that we've been showing you behind me, it does indicate that it was a very significant tornado as sue showed us many other tornado reports acrosser virginia she'll have a full wrap-up in the main weather
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tony. >> caityln, thank you very muc much. "fox5" annieu is on her way down to pave arely. she'll bring us cover range 4:25 on "fox5"muz morning. >> meanwhile "fox5" is in montgomery county where a man had to be rescued from his own home after a wall collapsed during the storm. marina morocco, how is that man doing tonight? >> he's going to be okay, sarah, that's the good news in all this firefighters have to first check stability of house before they can get in to get him out. you cannot tell anything happened to the home. there is a bright orange sign on the front porch that says do not enter and there's several stickers throughout the home. but it was not until owner's roommate dialed 91 after the basement wall collapsed and they found that man in the basement and he was checking subpump as rain was hitting hard here throughout the storm in silver spring and making sure his basement didn't
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and that's when the basement wall caved in and collapsed on him. thankfully tonight he'll be okay. >> he was transported with minor injuries limited to his lower extremities. he was alert and conscious at all times. the crews worked to confirm stability of the house and then removed debris on his legs and brought him out to the outside. >> now tonight there's still one large beam hoding this entire house up. red cross was out here helping the family and this man and roommate get through the night. the roommate actually spending the night at a neighbor's. fire department tell us if you hear some sort of weird noise or unsure of the stability of your house seek higher ground during the storm and then call them. for now reporting live in silver spring, marina morocco, "fox5 local news". >> and all right. staying in montgomery county swift water rescue crews were deployed to
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in bethesda. a car was stick in high water in the intersection and driver was rescued. intersection closed while the water receded. there are no reports of any injuries. >> tonight we saw widespread flooding across prince george county and it set in during the evening commute and we saw many people determined to drive through the floodwaters and some of the pictures are incredible. that flood water was up to their headlights and even higher in come cases and "fox5 "fox5"'s lauren demarco was in capital heights at the height of the storm. she's in the south east now. lauren. . >> hey there, tony. we were driving through prince george county and we came into the district here to this intersection beping road and east capital street where we pulled off because we saw flash flooding taken really was the perfect example of flash flooding. take a look
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>> there were at least three cars that were stranded and they blocked traffic lanes until they could be towed a way and engines stalled as they drove through what was essentially a mini rivera long bening road and we pulled up around 6:15 this evening than was lightning and rain was pouring down and we stopped because we saw the road was starting to pond. within minutes it was completely flooded. the high water caused traffic has ashd and some drivers stopped to turn and avoid it and people behind them honking and majority did drive through it and they had us holding our breath because along with threat of ep jip stalling out which again happened to three cars, there was debris, the water which had actual tuille waves in the whipped carried umbrellas, trash, a piece of wood, also orange kopz and in fact there's evidence you can see that now, this large piece of wood still here on the roadway along beping road and this is because of the storm train right h
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water was receding. this is all from work zone just a few feet away. if you turn the other way, you can see the dry pavement here now. we did our live hit just before 8 p.m. probably 7:30, 7:45. the interesting thing was it really was flash flooding. it came so quickly but then in receded just as quickly. it was just about an hour here we saw that dramatic video you were looking at with the high water and then it was gone. and so again, three drivers, pretty frustrated. in fact unin of them wanted to talk to us on camera and annoyed their cars had to be towed a way and they'll have to deal with the expense of that. fortunately no one was injured here tonight vrpt that's the late nest south east, back to you. >> lauren, thank you very much. still ahead at 11 a new study ranks d.c. metro system the best in the country. we'll show what you commuters have to say about that next. >> and plus the intimate
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teagan is revealing about her ibf treatment. >> flashback to one year ago today. we were in the middle of a blizzard. not that wrong ago. >> record breaking blizzard dumped two feet of snow across the area and dulles saw 30" of snow. we'll be right back.
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in the district tonight police are looking for the gunman that took a man's life today in south eat. that victim was shot at martin luther king jr. avenue and alabama avenue the man was conscious an breathe when they arrived at the scream and later died. a suspect lookout has been issued for a black man driving green car with virginia tags and if you saw anything police want to hear from you. >> staying in the district, police have made a third arrest in connection with a deadly shooting. christopher procter charged with second degree murder in the death of matthew savings and loan ski the a
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out of cab last august near the shaw metro when two groups started shooting at each other. he was not the target and simply got caught in the cross fire. >> two teenagers arrested in connection with shooting on a metro train will be tried as adults in the case. 16-year-old hasan graves and andre brody were both charged today with a salt with intent to kill. a 24-year-old man was shot in the back yesterday afternoon as the green line train approached anacostia station. police believe the shooting may have been the result of an an attempted robbery. and graves was also charged with for his involvement in an armed robby last december at a 7/11 in southeast and despite yesterday's shooting a new study ranged metro the number one transit system in the country and the tech firm smart assets looked at census bureau data for transportation in every major city in the country. today we checked in with metro paerms to see if they agree with the rating. >> stressful. >> timely.
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>> efficient. sometimes slow but you know hey i get where i need go. >> the study looked at the average compute commute time for transit users and percentage of commuters that used public transit and difference between the commute times of car commuters versus transit commuters. the study did not consider the accidents and other issues surrounding metro. >> our area took a big hunch from a thunderstorm that moved through this afternoon. there was incredible flood ago cross the region. take a look at screen right now including this video here in chef early, maryland, a lot of folks were dealing with that you can see the cars trying to roll through there and in some cases it was coming over the hoods of so. cars. so if you -- a few people stranded or stalled at least the cars were. it was quite a mess. and nothing raetly compared toe when you think of what they were dealt in virginia. >> yeah as a matter of fact we want toet you know we're getting updated information from virginia state police reported that there were three deaths
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storms. earlier. there is now one additional death being attributed to the storm system. it is a death that occurred in apamazax country virginia one death there and then reports of a lot of damage and injuries near the time of tabahana you were talking earlier about the possible touchdowns around there. and we should let you know there's been a total of 15 buildings destroyed, 30 structures damaged and at least 25 injuries reported ranging from minor to serious. this is in tapahanak. >> they may have had a couple of rounds gone by too and there were several big tornadoes ins excountry tobahana and last of longest it was held a couple times and the one in ever green where the man from apamatics was missing and he's now deceased and three fate tal tallties in the waverly area as we mentioned. let talk about the storm reports. there were a
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norm carolina and virginia and not all of those will be confirmed. but we do know that these are the ones we're talking about. in the tapahanak area and as tony said the time of the report was 6:45. and what we got was that multiple structures were damaged. and multiple injuries reported. and sometimes it does take a little while to confirm this because there are so many trees down it takes a long time to get into the areas. of course, this very dramatic picture is the one from apamadax county west of richmond and this is where a man mu have -- he was reported missing and now, he is confirmed deceased from the tornadoes and when you see large hail from this you know something bad is coming any storm that can support this kind of hail is capable of rotating and droping a tornado. no reports of tornados in maryland or district and this is really going to be a long cleanup for not just tapahanak but ever green area and waver
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in sussex country. as we look at the storm in position the backside of it all all slow. one month ago we were dealing with an epic blizzard and then a tornado outbreak and temperatures of 65. that's classic el nino winter friends. >> our temperature trend has good signs on it. we'll be at 50 tomorrow. it won't feel like it because of the wind. it feels like low 40s bundle up in the winds and get into the afternoon especially. it will be a chilly day on friday, 43. still kind of hanging on to the cold air for saturday and then nice spike in time for weekend at 5. it looks like there will be a lot of sunshine as well. we have to continue to watch these water wades and local dreams, creeks, and under passes and now rain is over an we know a lot of storm trains cleared out and water ways could still be rising and if you live fear the strem or creek that has a tendency to flood you're still going watch until 1:00 in the morning. >> cold air will be pulled east for the next couple of days
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the mountains. maybe 1 to 3" possible to remind us that gentlemen, it is still february by what we saw today. and with temperatures like this. and let's get over to our "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. what you can expect the next couple days a couple chillier days here friday, saturday, and tomorrow chilly as well. and then sunday at 59 we'll feel great. so will monday. next chance of showers maybe not until next wednesday with temperature of 57 honestly we need that much time to dry out because this area feels like it's been saturated and everything is spongy out there. that's it from the 7 day forecast. jim over to you. >> sue, it's a second night to remember. home cooking suiting them well. four regulations losses at the verizon center and game three of four game stretch against once muddy montreal canadians. caps down 3-1. canadians break doubt
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through to you brew bauer for second goal in the game. caps fall. deficit 4-2. return bass from gal yet. he threw the five hole, 13 of year for him now 4-3. final second, caps have n extra man an up the middle and shot nrovz with two seconds to show. caps 4-3 fifth regulation home loss of the season. >> wizards in kick chick facing bulls with four starters. the bulls that is. wiz arizona trailing by 15 and rallying behind allen anderson after ankle surgery. he gets this three that cuts the deficit 91-88 and earned him a chest bump there you go earned with with john wall and bulls were able to cover come depleted lineup. todd gibson to mcdermott. boom, one handed jam. bulls withp players and double figures
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three games out of final playoff spot in the east. >> college hoops. make and gm looking to avenge a loss to richmond. let's go to seconds half. mild, 45, shot clock winding down. paul for the wing. swosh, three pointer gives them the lead for good. gw up by 6 and get the ball to her and he drives across the lane. lanes for two. gw wins 73-61. so does bcu in front of sol sold-out smith club saturday. george mason upset vcu 76-69. >> dispointed there about the caps. >> yeah. >> only five losses at home this year. >> yeah. >> come on. . >> thanks, jim. >> christie taegen is opening up details of her iv of treatment. >> what she
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christie taegan and john legend have been on about their pregnancy problems and she says she chose sex unborn baby. >> the 30-year-old model says her husband devrn deserves to have a little girl and father daughter bond. taegan said a boy will eventually come along. >> something tells me they know that for sure apawrptly. >> i don't understand how it works okay. >> twin sister from salt lake city welcoming their second set of identical twins. >> carry buching erin kelly wall delivered twins within weeks of each other. five years ago the sisters gave birth to first sets of twins at the same hospital. several months apart. and the signature herbs are also neighbors and co-workers don't you all get sick of each other. >> and twins. >> are they twins. >> i don't think so. >> they're not twins. >> they're twins. and so now they've had two sets of twins. >> right. >> getting confusing. we don't
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>> do they have endorsement deal with double minute gum yet. >> shoot sli right. >> that would be cute. >> stay tuned tmz is next. >> absolutely rite and a lot happened today as we know with weather and there will be updates throughout the morning including live reports from waverly, virginia on "fox5"news mornings starting at 4:25. >> you can see on the 7 day forecast we'll go to a quiet smell way warm-up surprised's temperature close to 60. we'll keep that going to monday. we need a break. >> no kidding. >> we do. >> shawn yancy hope you feel better. >> see you pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete.
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