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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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latest. >> an emotional day. >>reporter: it certainly was. you already know that since she lost her life tragedy on the saw, the try butts to officer ashley gulf done have beenulf pouring in from our area andrea around the world. but here in this church today in the midst of the mourners' grief, the grief you could hereby the police officers who somebodied openly here. they were reminded to rememberr the life of officer ashley guindon, a life that she gave in sacrifice not only to her community, but to her country. there was lit aa see of blue here at this facility today as hundreds of police officers and law enforcement officers from virginia, from maryland and d.c. were joined by their colleagues from other states. police officers, motor vehicle units, honor guards, ceremonial rifle units they all stood at attention in formation outside the hilton memorial church in
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woodbridge. inside this church, more than 3,000 mourners, including family, friends, colleagues and digna tries including govern terry mcauliffe participated ini a service that lasted more than an hour. police chief steve hudson talked about officer guindon's life. she was not only a police officer, she served in an aviation unit, she involvedd tiered in supplant kitchens and enjoyed a lot of nature and outdoors. officer guindon lost her life as she willingly tried to ensure the safety of her community inmy the face of what some here describe weeks
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positive memory of her and the warmth of her life. our sister ashley was suddenly and violently taken from us. come swiftly to her aid. have mercy on her. comfort her mother, her family, her friends by the power -- > officer guindon was originally from mere max, new hampshire, her casket is now being brought to massachusetts.s there will be a family serviceiy on sunday. officer guindon will be laid to rest in massachusetts on monday. > for now, this story, we're going to turn to fox5 marina5 ma maracco standing by with more. marina? >>reporter: yeah, and tomorrowm here in woodbridge on lash mere court is where tonight there will be a candle light vigil to remember the other victim in this senseless act. 10
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lost her life allegedly at the hands of her husband. you'll see behind me the memorial continues to grow. we've seen neighbors stop bias well as those who appear to be co-workers of crystal hamiltonal at the wounded warrior regimen the at walter reed hospital.tal. they're still trying to put together what happened. we're hoping hat # # year old y son would show upea for tonights vigil, but they say they've mete withy' the son finally today. he will not be in attendance as he is staying with his father's family. they say they want to hear that 911 1 # call that crystal placed asking for help, but they don't have the courage to hear it just yet. they also don't have the courage to walk inside the home where they know their sister and daughter lost their life. take a listen. and apparently she died -- we're presumably right after the 911 call went out. she was already dead
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so it was just -- it's just something of disbelieve. i mean it's that we would have you ever imagined that wouldould have happened, especially notial like this. not in this -- there was no indication to me personally that anything was ever this seriously wrong. for it to end like this and twoo lives to be lost n and so young, it's just wow. crystal hamilton's family is hoping that the community will come out here to lash mere court to their loved one who also died inside this house here. the candle light vigil will start at 7:00 tonight. marina maracco, fox5 local news. > thank you.ou. and as the servicer for officer guindon was taking place today, someone was robbing a bank not far from that
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fox # 5's teisha lewis with more on that. >>reporter: it's did happen here at the bb and t bank. it was robbed as people were saying their final farewells. as you can see behind me over my left shoulder that the bank isak now closed. all of this happened around 11:30 this morning and i can tell you right now this is located about 10 minutes from where everything was going on and people were saying their final farewells where law enforcement and officers were gathering. according tweeness, a man camemn into the bank, jumped the counter while pointing a knifepo the at the teller and demanding cash. the suspect then took off with an undisclosed amount of money and a white grocery bag. he then was headed all of this on foot eastbound into the woods along old bridge road, which is one of the main roadways in this area. now, i want to give you a suspect description. according to prince william county police the suspect is
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between 17 and 18 years old. he's about five eleven and he apparently had metal in his mouth. some of what you might know as a grill of some sort. his is shoulder lent and he was wearing a dark red wig with w baggy again, all of this happened thip morning here at the bb and t bank. there was a notice on the door of the bank saying that the business is closed and referring customers to other branches.hes. again, what's most disturbing is that this happened this morningm during a time of mourning foring this community and this area. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > a man was found shot this morning inside a car on the campus of montgomery college. so far he is refusing to tell police what happened to him. fox5's paul wagner joins us from rockville tonight with that story. >> paul. >>reporter: at about 10:00 thi0 morning there was a call for a shots fired on the ca
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montgomery college here in rockville, but that did not happen. what we know happened is that there was a man here in the intersection here in the 900 block of hung river drive, many people consider this to be rockville pike or 355.r and according to police hee he flagged down a motorist who thet drove him onto the campus heree in montgomery college. let's show you some video thatie we shot earlier today. rockville police say the driverr was told by the man to make a u-turn on 355, but instead pulled into the college campus and drove to a parking lot towards the west end of the school. that's where police and ems were called to help the witnessed man who was taken by ambulance to the nearby hospital. police took the driver in for questioning while officers searched the car in the parking lot with a k9. the driver cooperated and apparently just happened to be in the block when the man wanted him to
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at this point police don't knowc the circumstances of the shooting. the gentleman stepped out fromrm the median strip in front of his car. he really didn't have much of a choice to but to stop or he would have actually run him over. and that's when the guy said he had been shot and he got into h his carment he was shot in the right leg, upper thigh area. > so what rockville police are saying tonight is that the man who was shot is not cooperatingi and therefore they don't know where he was shot or the circumstances under which he was shot. they said he's still hospitalized.ho as far the driver of the car, he just happened to be going by. b he has cooperated. he was release from custody and he was given his car back. so at this point tonight, a about it of mystery here about what happened. life in rockville, paul wagner, fox5 local news. police in fairfax county need your help tonight to locate a man who escaped from a mental health facility. michael marshal was last
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yesterday evening. marshal, who has been known to exhibit violent behavior has ties to both the center villian sterling areas in virginia. they're asking anyone who may w have seen him to contact them immediately. > today marks two years since relisha rudd went missing. rude was 8 years old when she was last seen with khalil tatum a janitor at the homeless shelter. tatum killed himself not longg after she went missing. we spoke people at an event in northwest to celebrate rude's life. am of them told us they have not given up hope in finding relisha. today the d.c. council approvedd an anti crime bill that includes a provision to pay people whoeol may be at risk of committing a crime. under the provision, the district would pay up to $9,000 a year to as many as 200 at risk residents.resi those identified must participate in behavioral therapy and remain crime free.
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member ken onmack duffy. he says the district can't arrest it's awith out of crime c and this bill is n a step in the right direction.ght > a us veteran is out of a jobb after doing what he said was instinctual. he tried to stop two shoplifters. he was fired for that action. > playing dirted think, how the quick come backs have shaped the 2016 election.ion. it is super tuesday. scott kelly comes back after nearly a year. y the history making mission mayom have been worth it, kelly missed some things here on earth. five things that we remember the most. i am obsessed with scott kelly.. i look at his twitter feed. some extraordinary pictures ofic our i'm glad he's going to be heading back down to earth. i'm sure someone will be taking his place.
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winter not quite done with us. we'll talk about an up and down forecast that's going really downhill really soon so get out there and enjoy this beautiful evening as the sun goes down after 6.ter we'll be right back. k.
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a record setting mission in s spac
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astronaut scott kelly is headed home. he has spent nearly a year, 340 days to be exact on board the international space station. that's one of the longest space flights ever.fl during his year in space, kelly has celebrated a birthday, holiday, he's conducted space walks and eaten space groan veggies. he's also been taking lots of pictures and tweeted this one. he tweeted this stunning photo just this morning of his last sunshine from space. owe, the things that you can sen present space.ce. meanwhile a lot has beenn happening here on the ground on that he has missed. caitlyn roth is here with the five biggest things that kelly missed during his year in space. it's amazing that he's been up there so long. >> a year is very a long very long time. we went through the five things. it's super tuesday, but get
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space station last march, donald trump was just still a billionaire businessman. he hasn't announced his candidacy. >> he made his official announcement a couple months after his mission began in 2015. none of this we knew about yet.t then in september, of course pope francis paid a visit to tht united states, including here io d.c. during the historic trip, the pope also made stops in new york and philadelphia. this was huge. obviously nationwide and such a big event for us here in d.c. as well since it was so local. then in december, crowds went crazy for latest installment of the star wars franchise. he could have his own star warsw >> that was going on for the entire year. the force awakens set box office records, but luckily the star wars universe can travel. kelly didn't get to see it in a morning
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of the movie was held on the space station.e >> he should be watching it from up there and it's good to know that he has a source of entertainment. unlike the rest of us kelly didn't have to clear away any snow during the blizzard of 2016. > lucky man. >> he had a view from above.bove the monster storm slammed partsm of the mid atlantic how could we forget. even though he didn't do any shoveling, kelly did try to help out. he wanted to entertaintain everyone inside here on earth. he held an ask me anything segment tweeting, tweeting since its blizzard 2016 outside i thought you should stay in and anything. he gave earth links all kinds of answers of what it's like to live in h he tweeted one of the best
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photos of the actual lightning bolts. i was an incredible picture. on the list, beyonce. >> i'm sure he's heartbroken. he really wished he saw this, right. she dropped her formationon without warning and then sang it at the super bowl party the next day. of course kelly could watch the performance and the game fromrom space. then he was able to see over the stadium as the space stadium passed over san francisco. >> how cool is that. he did say at 17,000 miles per hour, his glimpse didn't last long. >> it's weird that he could see that from up there. >> it's so odd to think about that he was not here, but he was literally up above much whattinn everything unfold, from weather events to the stadium.. > that's really neat. >> i know sue has really enjoyed looking at some of the pictures. >> in some ways he's reallyy inspired at a time when we should have such a shortest
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astronauts he's inspired a whole new crop of young people who aro maybe interested in looking into it. he tweeted over a thousand photos in his 340 days in t in space and the beautiful storms, the aroar as, the sunrises andss sun sets, the geography of the planet and the vast blew in. it's really been extraordinary.i i hope he will put themm altogether and maybe do it in a book. i'll one of the first one to buy it. it has been delightful to. he has encouraged everyone to join him. a spring-like pattern with ah about it of a bump in the road. today 66, bwi63-degrees and we-g are going to enjoy a pleasant evening, but a big changeup tomorrow. we could almost go so far toar call it a game changer for wednesday because theday
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dramatically and the winds arere going to pick up. it will start with a little bit of rain and maybe a rumble of thunder. right now a pleasant night. culpeper still at 69, breezes are starting to pick up a littl bit as a strong cold front is beginning to approach and it won't be too long before we seeb some of this rain coming in a ri little bit later tonight. maybe 0 or # 1:00 in the western suburbs. there's a couple of hardy down d powers and there might be a rumble of in the short term planner, not bad at all. 59, by 9:00 still dry, 57, but 5 by 11:00 with a temperature of 54 we'll likely to start start to see some showers starting to cross from west to east. it l will produce some snow ine the mountains. we're not getting off the hook with that. that is for sure, maybe a rumble of thunder overnight. after it goes, through, big time temperature drop.temp if we're lucky we'll he be in i the 40s for a while in the morning and then dropping with strong winds out of the n
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northwest at times over 5 miles an hour. h matter of fact, with the snow in the mountains they also have a wind advisory from 9:00 tonight until 1:00 p.m. wednesday. w for gusts over 50. our gusts could be vigorous as well.ll. staying strong through the noon hour and even through theve evening rush hour.en the good news is the bulk of the rain will be out of here by the sunrise. we have to talk about thursday night into friday, another hint of winter before we close the books on the winter season of 2016. we'll talk more about that in detail coming up. laura, sarah, back up to you. > thanks. new tonight, chick-fil-a is trying to cut down our screen time. the fast food chain ischial jinxing people to coop up their cellphones. they are providing these coups at select vacations. families are ebb couraged to puo their phones inside. a chik-fil-a ow
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came up with this idea and he's giving out free ice cream to those who complete the challenge. >> i want to know how peopleeopl will prove that they're doing so they can get their free ice cream. >> maybe it's the honor system. > airport show down. a woman is stopped by the tsa, after they noticed she was wearing gun-shaped still let owes. >> aren't those who the.e wh > and if you're struggling with embracing your gray, gray hairss that is, scientists may have discovered to prevent your hair from showing signs of aging. big breakthrough discovery in our health how lack of sleep gives you the same money much is as smoking the pot. we'll explain. .
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> in tonight's health watchgh even if you've never smoked weed you can still get the munchies.. apparently it is lack of sleep. a new research shows a lack off sleep can impact your appetite similar the way marijuana does. they kept track of their hunger and their eating habits. they were hungrier when they had less sleep. they craved things high in salt and sugar. >> as a former morning anchor host i agree. > i totally agree with you you. >> meanwhile, what's going on with those sheets? i missed it. i'm seeing something totally different.ent. > scientists say they have targeted the general that i linked to going gray. researchers studied the jeans of more than 6,000 people to come up with the finding and they say the specific jean k
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is what is associated withd w graying hair. the findings could help reconstruct what a person looks like from their dna and would be useful in forensics and anthropology.thro meanwhile, here is a case of a dog's bite being worse than hiss bark. this is wesleyan yes, westerly is wearing graces. look closely.sely >> it looks like he's smiling.n. this may seem a little strange to some of you, there's actualla a medical reason behind this.son as westerly adult teeth grew in they were so misaligned s was unable to close his mouth completely making it difficultg to eat. he is expected to have the braces on for just a few weeks.e >> i'm surprised just that long. > it's funny. very cute. > coming up, the supreme court's massive abortion case.a. >> five things you need to know about whole women's health versus heller stet. hel when they put mark owe to refute president obama's speech, do you remember
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>> and political insults fly f fast and furious. f how candidates are using theirsg swift tongues to get one up on their opponents.onen and a retired army vet workingkg at a cvs makes a heroic effortot to stop thieves in the act. his quick action to protect the store resulted in him being fired. fired. 
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when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity.
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid
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i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. > this is fox5 local news at 55 an army veteran is out of a job tonight after doing what he said was instinctual. he tried to stop two shoplift others from running out of a cvc store he managed, but he w
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>> joe mar rhys i served in the army forcep years, including a duty of duty in afghanistan andi now he's not sure what he is going to do next. >> this all happened last fridaa morning, we're told two men cama here to the cvs, ran inside, ran straight for the pharmacy, they jumped the counter and then apparently told the pharmacist open the safe. >> my main concern was to make sure everyone was save in the building. > he couldn't just watch as two men invaded his store looking for drugs. i went down to our cashiers, told them to # call 911 and tell them the store was being robbed. he then con granted the two men. one of them had this screwdriver. as we passing through the aisle, the one tried to hit me with the screwdriver. i met them at the
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i ended up disarming the man ofn his screwdriver. the two suspects got away and not long after joe's boss arrived, with bad news. due to the action i did, they th had to terminate my employment effective 5:00 p.m.fect we asked cvs about it and their policy following incidents like this. in a statement it said in packets the safety of oursafe customers and employees is always our highest priority. pri we do not comment on specific security policies as we do notot want to undermine them. > do you think that he shouldte have been fired for this. >> i wouldn't have. i wouldn't have fired him if i were management.agem > joe doesn't think he shouldnh have been fired, either. >> he moved to this area to t manage the store and isn't suret what he'll do now.. >> it's not a good feeling. i've never been let go from a position, especially foron something like that.. >> joe says he really feels down about losing his job, but he is already on the job hunt. when police officers came toe investigate the scene he asked them if they were hiring anding they said
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so joe applied for a job at the prince george's county policerg department.e' in beltsville, matt ackland,land fox5 local news. > the battle between apple and the fbi shifted from the courtroom to capital hill today. fbi director appeared before the house judiciary committee. apple's top lawyer also testify. the two sides are batting overer whether the government can force apple to help the fbi unlock an encrypted cellphone that wasphon used by the san bernadine owe killers. the issue at stark is whether we national security should takeldt precedence over a person's righo to privacy. > decisions should be made by s you and your colleagues as representatives of the peopleple rather than through want requests made on a 222 year old statute. we only use the tools that are given to us under the law. our job is simply to tell people there is a problem.em. > the fbi is complying withh privacy laws and there is no
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the dispute between apple and the fbi ultimately may be decided by supreme court. > it is the big day on the nation's hire court tomorrow. pro life will be closelysely monitoring the developments. the eight justices will be considering a controversial abortion case. the death of antonin scalia maya hang over since the chiefs lost one of their most conservative voices. here are five things you need know about the case, the casee challenges a law in texas that would reloose the number of abortion clinics from 40 to fro about 10. that's because state law requires abortion facilities to meet those in line with other facilities. opponent of the law say it vellets previous court rulingseo which prohibit states present placing undue burdens on women who went abortion and thent clinics that offer a them. again, eight justices will be
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voting. if the vote ends in a tie, the e justices can elect to reargue the case at a later time or let the lower court ruling stand. if that happens, the number ofro abortion clinics in texas would be reduced. this is the first -- the court's major abortion case in nearly a decade.. > today is super tuesday and we will see results from a dozen states by the end of the day. big day, as the raise heats up, the insults seem to be flying even faste br among the candidates, as if they could. fox5's political reporter ronica clear i is more with more. >>reporter: we're watching for the outcome of the raises. it seems that negative campaigning and advertising,erti they are often a normal part of political life. recently, the in saltsthe especially on the republican side they seem to be a little bit more personal and sometimes a lot less relevance whenance considering the issues. now here's a hand full of examples from donald trump andnd ma
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when they put marco onto refute president obama's speech, do you remember that casitas troughhat fee? he's like this and we. i need water. help me.. i need water. help. and he was sweating so badly i have never seen anything likee it. it looked like he just jumped into a swimming pool with his clothing objection to the formei he doesn't sweat because hise pierce are clogged present the spray tan that he uses. donald is not going to make america great, he's going to make america orange.make i just want to make sure that'ss not trump's plane. it's called hair force one. > so here's the question, is this election dirtier than elections of the past. according to historian and author, richard birk hire, not really. some of the worst must sluggingm occurred in the founding era. e often it
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children, the way that politicians resolved the disputes, it was very ditch back then. this is not new to politics.itic it's going on as long as we've had politics.olit i will say one difference between now and then is politicians don't kill eachl other now, which they used to do. they used to fight duals. you couldn't call someone a liar, you couldn't say he was a villian, a rogue or a razz california. you couldn't attack his personal honor. and if you did, he could and would challenge you to duals. > well, interestingly enough, donald trump and mark row rub owe they have called ted cruz a liar and ted cruz has calledle both of them liars as well. > back to you, ladies. >> it's crazy.zy. putting it in perspective it's i kind of nice to hear that.t. should we take solace in that, though? what's different now is that they can't kill each other. >> i guess not
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> this is crazy.zy >> welcome to politics. > same with russian roulette. > moving let's talk about the >> this is deadline day for the redskins. they made a pretty big decision on the future of kirk we're getting a little more insight on it.on the skins put the franchise tag on kirk cousins. yes, it ensure that he'll be in burgandy and gold next year. there were reports that cousins and the skins broke off talks as few weeks ago. a his agents and the team talked, but in the end it came down ton the franchise tag he is one of only a handful of quarter backs to ever get the designation.igna what does the non-exclusive franchise team big. $19.5 million. for one season to play football. cousins can negotiate with othew teams and the skins can match the offer. if they don't, the team who signs cousin
5:39 pm
first round draft picks.ks. it's highly unlikely any team is going to do that. nonetheless, the skins and cousin have until july 15. if he does sign thor. cousins earned 38,824ed a week. next year in 2016, just about 1,173,706 every week. > that's a nice little amount.o > what big teams out there neee a quarterback and would be willing to negotiation and give up the draft picks. the browns because of johnnynny mencel experiment is over. and the texans who somehow made the playoffs and they did it using four different quarteruart backs. today the eagles signed quarterback sam bradford to a $26 million deal. > to give you perspective on this. last season he had 19
5:40 pm
touchdowns. cousins had 29 touchdowns and eleven acceptings the by nfl stand radar he's certainly earning his money.ey. it's really nice to get paid that to play sports.s. > and guaranteed. >> that's nice.>> > all right. thanks, jim. you got it. coming up there was a about itt of a security square at bwi airport after a tsa worker whoke thought someone had a gun in their carry-on bag stopped them. it turns out they were just shoes shaped like guns.s. >> your every day apparel. > and a six year old creates incredible paper replicas of oscar red carpet dresses. > pretty cool and he's modeling them ahead.. > hey, caitlyn. >> how about three days in a row of high temperature of 65. that's what we had and i hope you enjoyed it. it was beautiful. but we are watching some rain coming in off towards our west and then following that thee return to some very winter-like temperatures,o
5:41 pm
more snow. i'll have your full seven dayy forecast coming up next when fox5 news at 5 returns. ns.
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> i got to tell you if p today's weather doesn't put a little l pep in your step, i don't know what will.l. we've been waiting a long time for this. >> it's a nice tease for spring. > it's going to be hard to get back to reality. for the time being i feel it makes you happy to be alive again. >> it has been a wonderful few days. and like we said, yes, a preview because it's still march 1 and a gorgeous start to the month of o march. we're not fully in spring yet. winter is still hanging on maybe by a thread, but it is still hanging on with all of
5:45 pm
and that's because we have a winter storm that looks to be moving across the mid atlantictn in the next couple of days. who would know as you take a nice look outside on a beautiful tuesday evening. we saw three days in a row thew temperature hit 65, well above normal. here's what's ahead, big changes with a storm system coming in. a cold front that will bring some rain overnight. it should not be affecting thetg morning commute. behind that we turn chilly c unwiped did i.i. most of thursday turns dry, witi you then snow is possible late thursday into friday. the storm system should be towards our south bringing a mixed bag, mostly snow from d.c. north and west. a mix of rain and snow justw south and east of the city and then only rain along the coast.. not a huge storm system and it is fast moving but it does look to have winter weather impactsts thursday night into fridayday morning. heads up on that. > who knew we'd have snow in the forecast because it's 60-degrees in washington.
5:46 pm
60s still hanging on as we've got the last few minutes of daylight. a little bit cooler along the water. 55 in leonardtown. winds right now starting to gus out of the northwest. spring doesn't seem to come co without the wind and right now we're seeing some wind gusts over 20 miles mile an hour. we could see gusts 50 miles an hour hour plus. some high clouds increasing out there. here's what we're watching heavy rain, and some thunderstorms. that is some good snow in the great lakes. from chicago up through detroit and into canada, just west of toronto they're seeing some winter weather.nter for us it's just the rain and futurecast will show that arriving by about 10, 11:00 p.m. some of these showers east of 81 and into some of the western suburbs into virginia and briefly heavy rain with some thunder. you see the line has crossed 95.
5:47 pm
by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning look how quickly that clears. snow showers along the mountains behind the cold front. i think most of tomorrow is really sunny. it's dry, but it is breezy andy it is chilly. here's the set up through wednesday afternoon. one storm exits. windy and chilly and it's going to feel so much different outfee there because we're talking about a high temperature of just 49-degrees on wednesday, butsd wind chills making it feel more like 49, upper 30s. still chilly thursday. early morning rain to snow, a mix, but probably lightly justut snow, north and west, a slushy inch or two. 41-degrees on friday, but then we warm things right back up. here's spring returning for next week. 65 by next tuesday. > thank you, caitlyn. let's head over to tony and seas now for a look at what's next on fox5 local news at 6. >> hello to you.ello do you know, i have a questionea for you, do you know what you're supposed to do if you're ever caught p up in a tornado. >> if
5:48 pm
tornado. > if if you're in the tornado it's a little too late. >> you mean one is coming? > take them off the screen. >> you go to an interior room without windows and you get down low to the ground.d. > yeah. >> well, what if you're outside a twistier caught this fed ex driver off guard as she was out delivering packages. she tried desperately to find shelter. see how this one ended at 6. 6 coming up tonight at 6, former president clinton is back in the news and not because his wife is trying to become the first woman president. what he credits for saving his life. and it helped make mc hammer a music icon. if you like to dance, get up u right now and bust a move. we'll explain why dancing could help you live longer.r. that's coming up at 6 6
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there was a bit security scarea at bwi airport after a tsa worker had someone had a gun in their carry-on bag. it turns out it was this pair of shoes on your screen. you can see at first glance while there could be a mixup. the front part of the shoes had designs that looked like bullets. tsa told her she had to check it her shoes at the ticket counter. she didn't have enough. she left the sures with tsa in order to catch her flight. >> she left them. i hope they weren't too expensive. > that's my first thought. >> young girls often like to play dress up. maybe they can play dress up with these dresses you're going to see. >> one talented six year old is taking dress up to a whole new level.le she's using tissue paper, continue foil to create the
5:53 pm
dresses worn by some stars from the oscar stars. sta >> she and her mom created these at one. this one mimics the one worn by alicia industry candider. >> amazing. finally this gown that kate plan set wore. >> unreal. i'm sure she did it mostly bio maybe she had mom's help. she's going to be a designer, a full-fledged designer, i think. she's got the skills.lls. beautiful picks terse, too. a solemn display of love and respect. a community remembering officerm ashley guindon and crystal hamilton. we'll be right back. 
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> itself be been a veryel emotional days across our area,, saturday night officer ashley guindo
5:57 pm
officers injured. robert hamilton shot and killedl his wife before turning the gun on the officers. fox5's photo journalist turns back on what has been a very emotional week for am. fo the news at 6 will begin after this. yesterday afternoon at about 5:37:00 p.m. officers werep.m. responding to a domestic disturbance. >> the husband had shot the wife. my precious baby is gone. g > when they arrived on scene, they approach the front door of the home and a subject inside the home opened fire striking three officers who sustained critical wounds. officer guindon succumb to her c injuries. passing awayin
5:58 pm
> it's sad.> i it was her first day on the job. she had trained and trained and trained, literally begunked down on her first day.ay terrible. > this is a shock. > we called her chrissy. we called her sunshine. > we're just still trying tog make sense out of everything.vey we're still trying to understand what would have motivated such violence, not just against my sister, but against the officer that lost her life. it's hard to put into words. > this is so incredible. it doesn't matte
5:59 pm
what county they wear, they're all doing the same job, trying to protect their communities. each and every day when a law enforcement officer goes outoffi there to do their job they don't know if they're coming home that day. respect the people that are out there that are willing to protect and serve. this is fox5 local news at 6. 6. tonight at 6, a final farewell. today, officer ashley guindony u did, who was shot and killed on her first day on the job was laid to rest. >> my heart goes out to all the officers. and remembering a wife and mother, the other victim in thit heart wrenching attack. my precious baby is gone
6:00 pm
> good evening, i'm tony eve perkins and i'm shawn yancy. friends and family are beginning to gather for a candle light vigil to honor crystal hamilton. police say they are husband shot and killed her following an argument. he's accused of also killing one of the three police police offis that responded to the scene. officer ash guy guindon wasuind killed on her first day. she was remembered during an emotional funeral service. fox5's tom fitzgerald is life outside the hilton memorial chapel with the latest. >>reporter: good evening. it is no secret that the tributes to officerly guindon have poured in these days, on d this day, in this church in prince william county, those tributes came from the heart. understand, the grief here is real and you could hear it from the police officers who went openly both inside and outside this church as this service, this funeral servi


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