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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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alexandra limon is live in fredricksburg with the story. alex? >> reporter: great news for both of the firefighters involved is they have been reinstated and what that means they can once again run emergency calls. but i'll tell what you didn't happen, the chief of the stafford county fire and rescue department would not go as far as saying that the two men did the right thing. in fact we asked him, we pressed the issue. we also asked what he would have done in that situation. he evaded the questions and said it was unfair for him to comment in hindsight. >> it is my desire to conclude and get these members back of doing the good work of stafford fire and rescue. i believe they did the absolutely right thing given the circumstances. >> two firefighters in question are captain james kelly and virgil bloom. they're volunteers at the falmouth station and they
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responded to a call and found an 18-month hl old girl who was blue and who has suffered the seizure and they decided not to wait for an ambulance and take the child to the hospital themselves. in part because they didn't know exactly where the ambulance was and couldn't get that answer. now today we learn some new details including the fact that the child was wearing a seat belt in the fire engine on the way to the hospital. she was also being held by the firefighters. tonight we also have reaction from captain kelly about getting reinstated. >> the care provided to the patient was not the question. our focus has been on the decision to transport the patient in the fire truck. the decision to transport in the fire truck was based on the information available to the officer in charge at the time and his assessment findings. we did, however, find that department medical protocol for this type of patient was not followed, and that will be addressed with the individuals invoed
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>> reporter: an important question that was asked was would you have done the same thing again? >> ten out of ten times. >> reporter: why? >> doing the right thing is the right thing. that's all i can say. i mean, my decision was my decision and i feel it was the best decision at the time. >> reporter: the fire chief says this issue still has to be reviewed by the virginia department of emergency medical services, which i'm told is normal protocol in a case like this. but again, the good news for those two firefighters is that they are back on the job tonight. reporting live in stafford county, alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> now to a developing story in the district. dc police say sunday's drive-by shooting at a southeast bus stop was not a random act of violence but investigators still don't know who the killers were gunning for. >> two people were hit by gunfire that came
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van. a woman in her 30s was shot dead and a man was wounded. tonight police say they are looking for more information about that van which was stoelden from a prince george's county church. paul wagner joins us from southeast with that story. paul? >> reporter: at this hour, dc 34ris police have not released the name of the woman who was killed. they know who shes, they have not been able to reach the next of kin. she is in her 30s and does live mere in the district of columbia. this is an extremely busy intersection. there's a popeye's back here, a mcdonald's, a bp station and right over here is a safeway and also a large shopping area, extremely busy area on sunday. and just after 1:00 police say at least one, perhaps two people in a minivan sped by this bus station and opened fire. just after 1
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at this bus stop on alabama avenue, dc police say someone sprayed gunfire from a minivan hitting two people, killing one. >> you could be shot right now standing here interviewing me. i could be shot. because we have ignorant folks out here with guns. and lastly, where are these guns coming from. we keep asking this question. >> reporter: this is the neighborhood's amc commissioner and came to the community after hearing the news. >> they have no respect for each other. and that's the sad part. because you have to learn to live with other people. and that's not happening in a lot of places in dc. >> reporter: as the getaway driver was speeding from the scene, someone got the tag. >> there is a vehicle that we are quite interested in involving this murder. the vehicle is a honda odyssey, four-door, with maryland handicapped tags
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>> reporter: police say the car was stolen from this church on larg oroad in prince george's county and was last seen about 36 hoarse before the murder. it was found abandoned after the shooting just a few blocks away in the 1700 block of s street southeast. >> it pains me because i live in this neighborhood and i'm tiifrd of it. i'm seriously tired of it. it breaks my heart because this could have been anyone. it could have been me standing out here with my kids. >> reporter: dc police say that lock or i should say the ignition was not jimmied inside the car and that there were keys actually used to get into the ignition and start the car. so police believe someone had access to those keys and they're now trying to trace back to see where this car was, where this minivan was in the 36 hours before the shooting. that's when it was last seen out at that church in prince george's county. so if you saw that vehicle anywhere around here on sunday or
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been in the last, let's say 48 hours now, you're asked to call dc police. live in southeast, paul wagner, fox 5 local news. >> a final good-bye today in massachusetts for the prince william county police officer who was killed in the line of duty. there was a funeral service held today for ashley guindon in springfield, massachusetts where she was born. dozens of people honored the officer who died last month. she was shot. it was her first day on the job. two other officers were also shot. they are both expected to survive, but they face long recoveries. meanwhile, police in fairfax county are honoring guindon and other fallen officers. a blood drive was held in falls church today. it's the same hospital where the officers were flown to when they were
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>> these officers, yearround they're putting their lives out, just for us, to protect us, an our hospitals are always here for everyone in the community. this was a very special situation for us because they're here every day. >> another blood drive will be held this wednesday at the loudoun county sheriff office. >> a bald eagle is recovering after being hit by a vehicle. last thursday animal services got a call about an injured vehicle. it suffered a fractured shoulder. it is believe the eagle was struck by a vehicle on the road. the eagle's wing will remain wrapped up for at least three weeks but they're not sure when the eagle will be able to fly again. >> such a beautiful bird. >> it's a shame. but it's great to have organizations that take care of animals in need. >> absolutely. >> love this weather. >> i have the windows open. >> who doesn't? and i th
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improvements on this. >> even this gets this windblown when i'm out there. >> that's my favorite anamometer. look at jim lokay's hair. >> that eagle was amazing. i hope that he has a speedy recovery. almost shocking to see. they look like a puppet, right? hopefully he's going to be okay. we certainly have weather that is going to lift a lot of spirits and hopefully that eagle's spirits too. spring countdown is under sps way. you got a little bit of a sample of it today. our high temperature 66 degrees. let's go ahead and check the map so you can see our temperatures right now still mighty comfortable and when you kwr our average high testimony is 53 and we're up to 65 degrees, you can see last week when we were looking at the chance of snow we
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the pattern is going to change. all week long we're looking at warmer temperatures. we do have a couple of cooler spots, but that is a 70 you see on the map at cumberland and you're going to see a whole lot more of that and maybe even higher as we go through this week. so compared to yesterday, we are about 14, 15 degrees warmer with the exception of winchester a little cold out there and we do have some clouds that are going to be coming in tonight. not quite as cold as we have been. the clouds will have to keep us a bit warmer and as we watch those clouds come in with no moisture, we'll see the temperatures falling into the 40s overnight. your plan for the early part of the evening, so comfortable. 58 degrees by 7:00, by 9:00 about 56 degrees, and by 11:00, 54 degrees. so looking very comfortable and we also want to say thank you so much to brian buckmaster. what a gorgeous sunrise photo. sun comes up at 6:49 we think the temperature will be right around 48
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speaking of sunrise and sunset, this weekend is daylight saving time. so you're going to spring forward, set those clocks ahead as we are going to gain an extra hour of daylight. sun goes down today at 6:08. by the time we get to the weekend, it will be about 7:15 or so. laura and jim, we may be tying some record high trursz in the middle part of the week. more about that in just a bit. >> one of the few times people looking forward to wednesday. >> coming up, redskins say good-bye to robert griffin iii. >> as they welcome in a possible free agent to fill their needs on the defensive line. >> presidential contenders are finding it impossible to delete tweets. >> and tinder, it has a new feature that lets your friends pick your next date.
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it's actually tracking politicians all over the country whenever they delete a tweet. it's called polit-whoops. you can search by state, party and position. it tells you when it was. tweeted, how quickly it was deleted, after it was tweeted and where it was tweeted from. whether it was an iphone, an android or a special tweeting app. let's take a look at a few of the recent tweets deleted. i'm old enough to remember when chris christie said that donald trump didn't have the temp ra meant to be president. it includes a link where christie said this. it was deleted just 30 seconds after it was posted. now we've got one from bernie
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sanders. it says when bernie gets to the white house, no flipping, no flopping, with a quote from spike lee. it includes a link to the audio of lee endorsing sanders and it was deleted just 19 seconds after it was posted. and one from the real donald trump. this is one that you and i did speak about. every poll said i won the debate last night. great honor spelled wrong. it was deleted two hours after it was posted. now, that's the thing. these tweets, it will tell you how long it will took them to delete them. the person who the most, bernie sanders and john kasich. sometimes it takes donald trump about an hour to delete them and it goes on from there as politicians taking longer and deleting even fewer. we did do a poll we wanted to ask their viewers
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tweets. 74% of you say yes, i correct those errors. 26% of you said no, i own my mistakes. which i love. i definitely think sometimes if i tweet a mistake i'll own it. it depends on what the mistake is. if i really make a mistake, i just say i'll quote my own tweet and say look at that. we're all human so i understand that. and these politicians, they are held to a tough standard. >> absolutely. but you better get your facts right. >> right, exactly. >> not only that, you consider how many staffers have control of these twitter accounts. i often wonder with donald trump especially, that's just a stream of consciousness. >> that's what it seems like. >> the website has actually deleted retweet. sometimes you hear that a staffer retweeted something that
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look at this world we live in. you can't make a mistake. >> it's all about how fast you are too. and you've got to be careful. that's so interesting. thanks. coming up, a tribute to nancy reagan. >> we have some heartfelt words from the former first lady from the white house tonight. >> and one of the stars from the '80s sitcom is sharing how he says her appearance on the show helped shape his life. >> our nation's capital is named after who. >> and apparently americans don't know who washington, d.c. is named after. coming up.
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. >> president obama ordered flags toe
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honor of nancy reagan. flags to the white house and all official grounds, military posts and naval stations are being lowered out of respect for the former first lady. she died sunday from congestive heart failure. she was 94 years old. today president obama paid tribute to the former first lady. >> as somebody who's been lucky enough to have an extraordinary partner in my life as well, i know how much she meant, not just to president reagan, but to the country as a whole. he was lucky to have her. and i'm sure he would be the first to average that. so she will be missed. >> reagan served as first lady to her husband from 1981 to '89. she will be buried next to her husband in simi valley, california. >> has anyone ever tried drugs? >> i tried
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>> nancy reagan is being robbed by one of the stars of the 1980s sitcom "diff'rent strokes." in an interview with the hollywood reporter he opened up about the late first lady's appearance to promote her antidrug abuse initiative. i started remembering what she was talking about. once you figure out the root cause, what makes youo something self destrictive, you figure out how to stop. it was one of the ways. >> in addition to "diff'rent strokes" she appeared on several talk shows and she traveled to schools all over the country. some good health news from former president jimmy carter. he says he no longer needs treatment for cancer. pretty incredible. carter div
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yesterday at one of his regular sunday school classes in georgia. his spokeswoman says doctors will continue to monitor 991 to make sure the cancer does not return. speaking of presidents, believe it or not, some americans had a very hard time naming the very first one. >> take a look at this video. they were asked who washington, d.c. was named after they they failed miserably. >> who is the nation's capital named after? >> i don't know. i give up. i plead the fifth. >> i'm going to have to go with -- i don't know. >> our nation's capital is named after who? >>. >> i don't know. i just woke up. >>
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>> that can't be real. plus you don't trust a reporter wearing a tank top. >> because you wear them all the time. >> you know me so well. it's a little concerning but it just seems a little too farfetched especially with the "i love dc shirt" in san diego. >> it's official the end of an era for two 2340i68 quarterbacks. >> and an 18-year ride, the emotional good-bye. >> no more arrests for minor crimes in new york city. why the big apple says it's giving criminals more leniency. zblsh. >> reporter: why he says he found the problems even worse than he expected. he had a lot more to say than that. we'll tellyo
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fox 5 news at 5:00 continues after this.
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tonight there is some blunt talk coming from metro's gm and he's not painting a pretty picture of what he's found. >> as metro faces falling ridership. let's get you out to tom fitzgerald he's live at metro center with more tonight. >> reporter: good evening. this was a breath of fresh air. this was a conversation that was frank and held no punches at all. in recent years metro has gained a
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its problems. today the general manager made it clear that it can't get any better until it starts coming to turn with its own problems. he laid this out in an hour-long session. listen now to how he described two main complaints of passengers, both rail breakdowns and what's become a perception of an invisible mrs. presence on this system. >> what i found, to be frank, it's much worse than i expected and maybe even publicly we've been talking about. one of the first things that i noticed with our security is it tends to be almost invisible at times literally because of the uniforms. they blend into the crowd. so we have an evidence, where anything occurs, it's even hard to see who's in charge. >> reporter: and there was much more than that. he spoke for more than an hour today at the national press club
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detailing the problems he says are ingrained throughout metro both inside and outside. for example, internally he says he found serious turf issues between metro departments holding up progress, externally he says the depth and gravity of the problems have not been properly framed in both public dialogue and in talks with the metro board. what he is going to do? listen to how he tackled two other key areas. repair work and customer service. right now the focus needs to be enough. getting metro to clear the backlog repair work on customer service he acknowledged it is affecting ridership levels and he needs the cooperation for metro workers in order to make this change. >> here's what we said we're going to do, here's where we are. that's where i'm starting from. we have a backlog of work, what is it. once we get through the backlog, whatst plan going forward. in my estimatio
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everyone happy, we've pretty much made everyone not happy with some of the approaches we've taken. i think when you look at some of the other systems around the country you have to make some hard decisions. >> reporter: many in that room today said it was one of the most honest assessments they've heard in quite some time. he says he's also trying to tackle some smaller issues as well. developing an app that has real time bus and train information and openly wonder why in 2016 the metro rail system does not have a state-of-the-art cell phone system it is vital in the event of an emergency. we are live, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 local news. >> new tonight this fairfax county police car is barely recognizable. it happened saturday night on west moorland street. authorities say the cruiser is a ghost car which means
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typically parked in certain areas to get cars to slow down and increase visibility in the community. if you know anything about this, give police a call. the u.s. supreme court has thrown out a ruling in alabama against lesbian adoption. at issue a lesbian couple who divorced after having three children together. the birth mother tried to prevent her former partner from seeing the children even though that women locally adopted them. the supreme court sided with the birth mother refusing to recognize the other woman as a parent and declaring the adoption invalid. the u.s. supreme court voided that ruling. police officers in manhattan will no longer arrest most people who commit minor offenses like public consumption of alcohol, littering, public urination or taking up two subway seats. starting today officers will hand out sums onss. the policy change will free up officers to investigate more serious offens
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a drastic decision after it says it was losing too many talented say lors. a new rule allows sailors to retake a physical fitness test. the changes are the latest by the military looking to improve recruitment or attention. the number of sailors booted because they didn't past the pt test has more than doubled since twoirt. >> it is the sports story everybody in the district is talking about tonight. four years awful short to call an era. today the skins officially cut ties with robert griffin iii. the team says it was going to do it a couple of weeks ago and with the nfl teams getting their finances in order for their new business year, this was the time. no doubt about it rg3 was elek fiiing in his rookie
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2012. it was really the promise of something new and exciting for long-suffering fans. but that playoff game against the seahawks proved to be the beginning of the end. griffin suffered that knee injury and he was in every the same as a runner. unable to master what it took to become a pocket quarterback. this past season he didn't play a single snap. he departs with a 14-2 is career record. it was a blessing and i just want to say thank you and you can see a picture of him with the crowd. rg3 wasn't the only one let go today. so were desean goldson, jason hatcher, ter rens hatcher. the only ones confirmed by the team. that in turn saves about $30 million. it's possible any of those players can return, but if so they do it at a reduced price. meantime the redskins aren't waiting long. chris long who was recentl
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released by the rams when they were in st. louis is scheduled to visit redskins park tomorrow. long has played his entire career with the rams in st. louis. by the way, if he looks a little familiar to you, he is the son of former raider howie long. today peyton manning surprised absolutely no one and said we have seen the last of him, at least on the field. manning is going out a winner. the victory making him the first nfl quarterback to win the game with two different teams. 200 including the post sees ovenlt today manning with a heartfelt and emotional farewell to the game. >> when i look back on my nfl career, i'll know without a doubt that i gave everything i had to help my teams walk away with a win. there were other players who were mortal enned,
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no one who could outprepare me. i finished my football race and after 18 years it's time. god bless all of you and god bless football. [ applause ] >> wow. and i'm sure we'll see him on tv or somewhere very soon. big congrats going out to the maryland women who captured their second title with a win over michigan state. the best part the interview. >> coach congratulations back to back regular season and tournament champion. can you talk about what this means? [ cheers ] >> we were led by our seniors. they did a phenomenal job. our point guards in terms of what we needed to do. and just great kids. you see the tem industry. >> i like the one family is just stroking her hair ever so lightly.
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going so well. >> i love that. she has her caretakers there. want to bring you breaking news i think before we get -- the jury has awarded erin andrews $55 million in her civil lawsuit over the secret recording and the release of a video showing her naked during a hotel stay. this is just in. the sportscaster's original suit asked for $75 million from the owner and operator of the national tennessee hotel where she was staying. and the stalker who used a hack saw to tamper with her room's peephole to record the video. andrews testified last week over the course of two days during the trial, she broke down in tears talking about the effects that it had, releasing the video online, but again the jury has just awarded $55 million over
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lawsuit over the release of that videotape showing her naked. meanwhile an indiana woman literally went the extra mile to get several extra miles to get in the book of world records. she beat the record for the longest run on a treadmill. she just kept going. she repor miles in 12 hours. beating the old record by almost 5 miles. if guinness verifies the run, the 43-year-old will officially be the world record holder. >> we're just looking at different world records and saw this one and said hey, i think i might be able to do that. >> she says she's completed a few hundred mile races in the past but she had only made it 30 miles on the treadmill before her record breaking run of
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>> how about that. >> pretty awesome. >> coming up, in case you were getting bored with tinder, they have begun testing a new few tear to politely nudge someone else to swipe in the right direction. >> a new service that checks you in for your flight automatically. >> today did you know it's nation cereal day. what did you have for breakfast? did you know what america's favorite brand of cereal is? we're going to tell you straight ahead. >> i had no idea. i'm guessing it not one of the healthier ones. high temperatures today, look at this. the warm-up has begun. 66 at reagan, dulles, 65 at bwi. 70s on the way. dairy say 80 degrees? it is certainly possible. we'll have that 7-day forecast coming up right after the break when fox 5 news at 5:00 returns.
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>> on tv's biggest night. he will be taking center stage at this year's emmy awards. he will host the ceremony from los angeles in september. his second time hosting the award show. after the announcement he joked i have a feeling i'm going to be great. >> the last time he hosted it was absolutely hysterical. he does some great pre-taped bits. it will be a good show. i did like andy sam berg. >> he was right here on fox 5. >> i was out of town, i'm sure. >> what a nice week we have on top. >> i know. nice is probably even an understatement. >> i think everybody is giddy on social media
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too. >> planning days off. >> you know it's like a jail break this time of year because we've gotten through the winter and really warm temperatures in fact well above average and approaching record territory in the next couple of days. this is unusual even for us in early march. it's not even spring yet. spring officially begins on march 20th. on a beautiful evening it's going to be very warm and we're going to cap it off later this weekend with more daylight. we set those clocks forward as daylight saving time begins again. >> outside right now beautiful. 65 degrees, a few clouds out there. winds out of the southwest at 15 miles per hour. so it was a bit br
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today but that breeze helping boost temperatures well above normal. normal high temperature 53 and we got to 66 earlier today. still 65 in washington. cooler along the water and places like annapolis will definitely remain cooler than places like washington this week. 56 there now. 58 in martins burg, 55 in winchester, 63 out there in drus. regionally we're seeing that thaw all the way back to the mfd. the warmest interest in the central plains. 67 in wichita, 65 in farg o, north dakota. it's well above normal for them and that whole air mass is headed our way tomorrow. all the active weather out west, the rain continues across portions of california where they need it but they're getting so much. showers and storms in the southern plains. nothing here but high pressure and high pressure is going to deliver the sunshine day after day. it will just be beautiful. high prush also
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towards our south and east. it's going to block any storms from making progress. you see this line future cast goes from tuesday into wednesday. it's not going to go any further east because we have high pressure and that nice southwesterly breeze. that is a warm wind and that's going to boost temperatures 15 to 20 to close to 30 degrees above normal. 70s tomorrow and i think wednesday and thursday we'll make a run at 80 degrees here in washington. widespread 80s if you get down into southern virginia and into the carolinas. we're in record territory here. if we hit 80 on wednesday we tie a record from 1964. we would surpass a record setback in 2006 of 78. and i think on the thursday we have a really great shot of doing that. the nice thing about this weather, it still cools off a bit overnight so you get
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crisp mornings. not too cold but still that chill in the air where you need a jacket and you absolutely don't once we start to warm up. we hit 74 degrees tomorrow afternoon. sunshine to go along with that 80 degrees here on wednesday. that is 80 for us, we tie a record and we could see 80 off towards our west as well. this is what i was talking about, places like annapolis along the bay, definitely cooler. that south wind not going to pump into the 70s and 80s to you guys. just 67 degrees and on thursday when we should hit 80 again, we'll also cool in annapolis. we cool off for the weekend, 65 degrees and then we get that extra hour of daylight on sunday. jim, back to you. >> it is time to raise a spoon and honor one of america's long-time favorite breakfast foods, we are talking about cereal. >> yes, today is national cereal day and cereal sales have slowed down in recent years
5:49 pm
have looked to other options to start their day. but one brand is topping the list as america's favorite. and that is frosted flakes. >> you know why. that's because they're great! >> not happy about that. it's not a healthy thing to do. sugar in the morning. >> i know. but i always like frosted mini wheats. >> grape nuts. >> it's okay to have a little -- i had frosted flakes this morning. >> did you really? >> tony the tiger. >> just because your name is tony the tiger doesn't mean you're required. >> just because yours wasn't great and i am tony the tiger. they're great! >> i admit i don't eat cereal very much anymore. wle when i did, it was capn crunch. >> my favorite is multigrain cheerios. >> i knew i was getting
5:50 pm
first time i bought a box of fiber one. >> even i haven't done that yet. >> just a regular guy. >> if you live in the district, you may notice your drinking water tastes and smells a little funny. we will explain why and share everything you need to know to keep your family safe. >> what is your favorite tv show in binge watch? researchers say it depends on where you live. the people who live in our area are binge watching the most? >> i have a guess. >> we'll have an answer at 6:00. >> apple users, mac computers are no longer safe. hackers launched a big attack over the weekend. what this could mean for you tonight at 6:00.
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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there's a new serve isz that may have you have a speedy check-in. all you have to do is register for free on and set your seat preferences. after that it's allegedly a piece of cake. the right now the service is only available in germany but it is making its way to the u.s. soon. >> trust your friends to hook up on a date? >> no. >> you don't? >> no. >> really? >> they've steered you wrong in the past? those friends of yours. tinder is testing a new future that let them play matchmaker. >> i don't think so. >> here's how it works. you trust me, i'll hook you up. if you come across a profile on your tinder that you think your friend wou
5:55 pm
share it. if your friend approves, he or she will swipe right and sit back and wait for the love connection to begin. now there are some critics out there who say the share button could violate tinder's user's privacy. >> just a little bit, right? >> since it allows people to share other people's profiles. that could get ugly. meanwhile, an elementary schoolteacher created the gentleman's club to teach young boys an interesting lesson about life. why that story is now going viral. that's coming up next.
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an elementary school in south carolina starteded a ja's club. they learn how to act like a gentleman talking about things like shaking h
5:59 pm
contact and addressing their elders. >> what a great idea. i love that. >> fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. right now at 6:00, they rushed into action to save a child's life and then were suspended. tonight after hearing your outrage, stafford county is letting two volunteer firefighters get back to work. then a woman killed and a man injured in a drive-by shooting in the district. police think a church van is key to solving this case. and aas a fallen officer is laid to rest today, a community comes together to give back in her honor. fox 5 news at 6:00 starts now. and we begin with breaking news tonight at the white house. a lockdown was
6:00 pm
afternoon not too long ago after there was a security scare. >> megan dice is on the scene tonight. what can you tell us happened? >> reporter: here's what we know so far. we're still waiting on release from the secret service. it was not a fence jumper. they say a man, they haven't ided him got on the other side of a bike rack. he made it over the fence. a group of college students who are in town, some of them their very first time in washington, d.c. seeing quite a lot today. >> we heard a lot of cops yelling and saying run, and we were taking pictures and they did what they told us to do and it was scary and that's all we knew to do. >> this is your time to washington, d.c.


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