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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 10, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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police are investigating twogatg overnighter shootings.nigh the first happened just before r 1 o'clock this morning in the mn 4700 block of benning road inoad police say two men were shot.e s they were taken to thee tak to t hospital with minor injuries.ure the second shooting happenedd just before 2:00 this morningisi on the 400 block of atlantictlai industry in southeast.dust now, one man was shot there t but he's expected to make aak full recovery. >> ♪ >> now to a developing story. so a d.c. firefighter is in thein hospital after helping rescuepie a woman from a burningman from b apartment. the fire broke out yesterday yed afternoon at an apartment artme building in the 1700 block of minnesota avenue.otve the firefighter removed his oxygen mask and gave to it aaveo woman he was rescuing from thege building.di many were displaced reasonceaso receiving help from theinhelp american red cross but theyut t say they're grateful they madele it out alive. alive >> i was in the bathroom andm he was beating on the door and o he said you have to -- you gotou to let me in -- no, i opened one the door and said yes, sir andir he said you got to come out oftf there, he said because there'sst a fire in the building and ig ai said well i got to get m
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then sir.thenir >> in addition to the firefighter one woman remained m at the hospital. h the cause of the fire is still i being investigated.ted. >> happening today, d.c.ay, officials plan to shut down the tent city camp near unionca station t officials will clean c it up on first and h streetstr in northeast it's comes after a new audit on how thehe department of human services was overseeing homelessness ines d.c. came out. came t. the audit looked at wheret w money for the city's homeless services was being spent in 2014. the result the dhs was notas n doing what it needed to do to to oversee management of serviceer for the homeless. >> they're certainly nothey' spending any money on us. and i feel that the money m should be used wisely.isy. its director of dhs saysay they've started implementinglemt some of the 35 recommendedecmend reform. the city will rebid for thebid o contract for the homeless the hs services later this years yea opening it up to new companies and new ideas.deas. >> also today a
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after montgomery countyr mo officer noah leotta killed by l aeo suspected drunk driver will be hold today by maryland lawmakers.s. the bill urges tougherough penalties when it comes to ces drunk driving. advocates are calling for anca all dui offender ignition iitio interlock wall withoutut weak amends adopted by the house judiciary committee ci last week. sentencing for coleman who pled guilty to making threats t to the transit system. sysm. he faces 10 years in prison he appeared on the mtv show catfish two years ago. >> ♪>> >> turning now to the race forow the white house.ou a high stakes miami debate forif hillary clinton and bernie sanders. sanders is flying high aftering pulling off an upset in michigan tuesday but clintonli is now halfway to thehe delegates needed to clinch theed democratic nomination.ed fox's steve rapport has the latest. latest. >> reporter: hillary clintonr: l
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miami florida yesterday.esterd >> one of the great trap d.c., c human tragedies of recent rec years is children from honduras where there'she probably more violence than anyplace in this country and iit say welcome those children chi into the country.nt secretary clinton said senden them back. >> i did say we needed to bededb very concerned about littleboutl children coming to thiss country on their on. o >> this the scene fresh off fsho sander's upset win over w o clinton in michigan onhigan o this debate less than a week w before important democraticem primaries in states including ohio, it now and florida. flo >> i did not send or receiveve any e-mails marked classified at the time. >> if you get indicted. iic >> i'm not answering that. t >> sander's campaign with awitha feeling of new momentum but clinton team says they'reays th nearing the point w
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lead had been insurmountable.ins >> i got a hundred thousanddredt more votes last night than my t opponent and more >> we have won nine statesine primaries and caucuses and is an think in the coming weeks and cm months we're going to continueoi to do extremely well. w >> reporter: both candidatesh ca using the debate to take aim ta at r >> several years ago trump was o in the middle of the so-called a birther movement trying to dee legitimize the president of prei the united states of america. ai >> is donald trump a racist.aci. >> if i'm so fortunate enough e to be the democratic nominee nom there will be a lot of time to o talk about a i was the first one to calle fin him out. hi i called him out when he was calling mexicans rapists.s rap >> reporter: steve rapport, fox news. >> let's talk about the gopout g side. the candidates faced toughfa tou questions at town hall forumsalo on fox news last night. night donald trump says he's say prepping to take on hillary ohi clinton in the generaln in t gen election while ted cruz still c believes that he has the bestt chance to beat trump and m
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are calling for floridada senator marco rubio to droprubid out but rubio says he's he' holding on to win his home his h state of florida.e oflori florida and ohio primaries are r coming up this tuesday. both are winner take all. a >> happening today canadiananad prime minister justin trudeautid is in town to attained stateain dinner.n he'll meet with president obama at the white house. he and his family whe arriveded on the menu colorado lamb pastries an desert cake with ant toaster pecans and new englandnd maple syrup. sup 200 guests are expected.gues it is the first u.s. statefi dinner for a canadian leaderea in some 20 years. >> ♪ >> 4:35 is the time andnd yesterday was spectacular, the t day before was spectacular. spe. i'm going out on a him and aim a saying today and tomorrow tomor going to be spectacular as well. well. am i okay. >> let me check. hold on.hold yeah, pretty good. >> two days ago, today, tomorrow,. >> right, and the weekend has gotten better.ette >> yeah. >> you're winning right now.winh >> who is that in the t
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screaming?sc >> you already know who it is.nt >> off camera. off cera. here's what's going on out whatn there now.ow. i mean, what -- need we sayay more? i mean, temperaturesres out this morning in the 50's, 5' the 60's even. annapolis is still at 66 degrees.rees. wow. 55 for culpeper. coolest spot frederick at 48. a4 way out in cumberlandumberl 48 degrees, too. so, there are a couple of coolul spots but most of us are us a pretty mild.ild. the reason that clouds ares pretty much streaming over the top of us, we're going have hav more clouds today than what wena had yesterday f there's anyherey drawback to what we're goingo aw to have today, it will bewill be because clouds will be audll b little thicker and at times it s will be mostly cloudy.stly clo now, we'll get some sunshineunsh poking through as throuh don't get me but it definitely looks likey we're going to have moreave mor clouds today.clds tod we're going stay dry, though.ho high temperature 81, 82, something like that.thin most of us right around 80,d 8 maybe a little bit more, a me, little bit less. l kind of depends on how thick h these clouds are later on this afte
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time. so, we'll get a little range rge there. ther annapolis by the water aer little cooler of course.of okay, there's your forecast. fec we'll talk more weekende forecast coming up in just a co bit. erin is in with a look atat your -- let's see, this is i thursday you like to call itur what? wha >> friday eve, gary. it just sounds pleasant doesn't it? your morningour commute is not -- what am i -- off to a terrible start.rt it's not friday yet. yet road work between 1212 leften 1 lanes blockade there.dehe give your smell extra time te that's before 121. aside from that we havet we another work zone in princei georges 95 northbound between the icc i the vial blocked. so something to keep in mind m if you have to head to bwi for a flight. bw parkway quiet right now. rigw work zone 395 southbound afterda so many nasty aside from work fo zones not seeing any major maj slowdowns. we'll take a live look outsideot next. back to you. >> thank you erin.nkou e starting to feel likeeel l spring with these warmer temperatures like i needed to l
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>> i know. a lot of you have probablyik hav enjoyed spend something timee outside this week. w while you're enjoying the weather we want you to send us pictures using the #five signs e of spring. of you may see your pictureic during the show so let's go,le g take some pictures, send themm in. >> five signs of spring.ivgns >> yes.>> >> i love it.ove you know i grilled out yesterday. >> did you. >> you had to. felt like summer. >> andlt there's nod into here.. >> next time. still ahead this morning foris the first time google is taking blame for a recent accident involving one of itsf self driving a look at the damage just j ahead.ead. >> but first a shooting rampage leaves five peopleeo dead near the city of of pittsburgh. the very latest coming upp next. next. time now 4:38. 4 stay with us. with us. we're back in a moment.
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forces recently began their largest ever joint military exercise amid the heightenedghtd tensions on the korean peninsula.ns now to the water crisis inhe flint, michigan.flin the city says it will stop sending water bills toater residents until april so it can account for $30 million inin aid for the state of michigan. now recent bills have caused c frustration and confusion.atiodo lawmakers are sending sendi $30 million to flint to pay for 65 percent of the water w portion of those bills.rtion ofo >> still ahead as the citys t prepares to roll out private oua ambulance services we'rebula learning details as to just j what their roles will be inhe rl helping those in need.heing no surprise here, the sur, price to live in d.c. going up. how it stacks up against othersr u.s. city. hey, gary. >> one more really springlikee day.y. he temperatures it into the inte 80's today. today. made a few adjustments to the weekend. i'll have that forecast coming up. stay with us. more news, too.
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>> ♪ >> residents in texas bracing i for more wet weather today.n od. cars were submerged by water. many had been forced toor evacuate their homes.uate t three people died in oklahoma om texas and louisiana and raina ar is expected to stick aroundro for much of the week. w forecasters predict thoset th states could see up to a footeea of rain by the end of the weekend.ekd. >> ♪ >> meanwhile nothing but sunshine here in the dmv. >> yeah. >> yesterday another day outside, a party with the wh >> you -- okay, wait.y, >> i invited them over again. aa i didn't invite them over --intt >> they just kind of showed up. >> yeah. this time we didn't doim basketball. they were just in thehe backyard.ya >> leaving you alone.. that's the good thing. t >> while he relaxed with theed e paper. >> in the recliner. >> that's how you do it oe n a o lazy spring like summer day. what would you call it a lazyt l spring summer day. >> this is just a nice day.s >> preview of what's to come.'so >> you figure it out.ou figure t >> i will. i will. i'm going sit here and figure it out. >> i'll see if there's anyre's mo
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>> you go do that. t >> i like what i'm seeing i'm here, too., too. well, there you go the nextgohen couple of days. day today is 82. i 8 i think we're 82 -- we're wre starting out so temperatures are,,.re,, >> did we break a recordecord yesterday.da >> we got 79.e go79. >> oh, just >> yeah, we got to 79 degrees.9e i mean, dulles i think broke ane i'll check the records across as the area coming up here inup h i just a second. aecon i should have done that but ie t got busy with something. listen, 82 today, 70 degrees0 de tomorrow. tomorrow looks g tonight there t will be a shower passing by,ssin okay, so just keep that inkp t mind. it won't be a bimg deal and it a will get out of here quickly.uiy tomorrow increasing sunnc through the a little cooler because the t front will slip to the southsl of us. mild conditions. con this is saturday, okay.ka the change to the weekendge t forecast, we've taken the rainkr out of saturday's forecast, okay. i was saying there was ayi chance for a few showers but we were trending in a drierer direction so it looks like nowll we're going to be dry on saturday and it looks prettyre nice, too. we're going to have some
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in the afternoon but still s pretty good.pretoo mild conditions, temperaturespes will be in the 60's.0's. for sunday, oddly enough we'ren going to have more clouds andsnd more showers but we will be be warmer because the warm frontaue will go back to the north ofrth us and we'll get on the warm gem side of that and so then it the will be temperatures in theture upper 60's to right aroundro 70 degrees so kind of a 50/50 weekend if you l sunday doesun not look like a washout. washout temperature now 61 in washington, baltimore is 62.ores annapolis is 66. 6 left hand turn to 63.ft hand tut fredericksburg is 64.s 64. culpeper's kind of cool in thefn 50's there and frederick isrick sitting at 48.8. chicago is 46. 58 for detroit and 55 for column bulls. secolumbus.comb all the rain is back to the bk o west of us but we just haveust e clouds coming looks like we'll have a lot of o clouds today. today. more clouds today thanlos to we will stay warm.m. temperature 81, 82 for highs. hs and then here we are for the next seven da
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82 today.od 70 tomorrow. tomorro it looks nice, too.oo some clouds on saturday, 65. 65. showers possible on sunday, suna 70. look how nice we stay even eve through next week. 60's and 70's. 7 how about that, erin como? >> brings a smile to my face,smo gary.. perfect forecast.rf >> yeah. >> 4:48 right now.:48 rinow. traffic also shaping up reallyil nicely this morning as we takert a look across the wilson bridge whether you're on the maryland or virginia sidenia s traffic is moving along justin fine. very light conditions. cdi none of that usual morningni congestion popped up yet. let's go ahead and take a look a at our map. at we have some constructionstructn zones ongoing work zone 395inrk south after seminary. semin northbound side through thed te 14th street bridge cruising cru along without any issues.s. road work 270 before 121, two 1o left lanes blocked.left now, southbound side does tend e to back up a little bit laterat this morning. mning we'll let you know if this t causes any congestion earliery e than what we typically like toit see in montgomery county then in prince georges countyges cout
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causing any delays. day maureen and wisdom.andis >> thank you. one ofou google's selfgle'sf driving cars just got intocars another accident.her cide but for the first time googleoo is taking the blame.g the blame. both police and the tech giant say the car went into a publicc bus in silicon valley. vle google sales the car -- the --he crash happened back onedac valentine's day none one wason hurt. now the car was going to makeoak a turn but detected sand bags around a storm drain and tried t to avoid them. google's test driver thoughtr gh the bus would yield to the ca car. ca >> ♪ >> checking your other topckin stories a man who told police pl he ambushed a philadelphiade police officer in the name ofer islam is expected back inack court today.. edward archer is accused ofus firing into a marked cruiser c and shooting officer jesseiceres hartnett more than a dozen the 33-year-old officer survived the january attackuaryt after spending two weeks ino the hospital. hostal. the fbi's investigating thisinvn as a terrorist attack. new conspiracy charges have been filed against melody l gliniewicz.glin that t
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police officer josephh gliniewicz.iewi she's charged with conspiracyit for helping her husband with a charity ripoff scheme n january gliniewicz was charged with money laundering and misuse of charitable funds. funs authorities say he staged his own death to look like a murder because he feared bec someone would expose him forld embezzling money from a youth y the man accused ofthe shooting a pastor in idahorn ida over the weekend made his made first court appearance yesterday right here in the district.dist kyle odom faces charges ofge attempted first degree murder following the shooting of that t pastor. police say odom hopped on aed on plane to d.c..c secret service agents arrested s him tuesday for allegedly alled throwing items over the white house fence.ho police say odom wrote a manifesto that claims pastorims tim remmington was a member mem avenue martian species thatrt taken over the earth.iaovhe the 30-year-old will remainl rai jail until hearings scheduledea for april 6th. charges have been filedha against two baltimore school s police officers at the center tn of a disturbing cell phone cell video. the video
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officers anthony spenceny spence slapping and kicking a student. pretty hard to watch.arto wat city police began a criminal cma investigation into last week's e incident after the 82nd clip surfaced. surfaced. now spence is charged with assault and child abuse. the other officer has been charged with assault.. both officers are out on bond. b >> in loudoun county theouy sheriff's department doing its part to honor fallen prince william county officer ashley guindon.don. yesterday they hosted ay th community blood drive at inova loudoun hospital. hospita officer guindon and two otherwor officers were shot respondingeso to a domestic violence mallencem woodbridge.odbridge. ronald hamilton allegedly shotly and killed his wife and then the opened fire on the officers. ofr we now know what happened h to the virginia teen who tee disappeared and was later found deadline a bar in adams morgan. an autopsy report show he hadad alley alcohol poisoning andsonid died from multiple jointe joint injuries. his death has been ruled anhaenr accident.
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the 19-year-old died back inolda deals. his body was found at theas foud bottom a of a staircase behind a popular adams morgan lounge.e. also in washington, d.c.sond that this morning d.c. policein need your help identifying twoyt people who broke into and burglarized a charter school a in southeast. now, look at this it happened back on march 2nd md at the excel academy public p charter school on martin s luther king jr. avenue. ave police say the men tried to ted steal electronic equipment.ectr they may have taken other hav property as well.e pr now, if you recognize theseze t men you're being asked to call police. >> ♪ >> now to a fox5 follow-up ona a story we've beenfo keeping a i close eye on for several sev months now. fox5 has learned privateed p ambulances will soon bences rolling into the district. the third party service startsrt march 28th and willy operate 11 hours a day. each private ambulance will have two trained emt's on board. they'll handle basicey emergencies like cuts and cs sprains. and d.c. fire and emsire d em personnel will continue to cnue care for patients with severe con
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overdoses and severe allergic >> a lot of our members arer mea still apprehensive as we goe into this because they feel thee like are we giving -- giving abandoning the patients andng pt the same thing for theng f the citizens and the reality is a no.nd we have an opportunity to t treat the patient, make sure the patient is stable, turne, tr that patient over to somebody sd who has the same training asing them to transport the patient pe so they can get back in service and to respond too respo other alarms within theirn tir district. >> firefighters have been tolde to be friendly but firm with w patients when explaining newlai protocols. the weather is warming upr andis so our complaints aboutait illegal dirt bikes and atv's racing through local l neighborhoods and sidewalks.ho d.c. residents areod concerned e about the noise and safetyth issues created by thee riders r who aren't supposed to be on suo the streets and sidewalks. it is illegal to operate dirtte bikes and atv's anywhere inwhe d.c. but police are not allowed to pursue >> just can't come o
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street. they not really looking on thent for kids' safety.ety. they just pop wheellies.heli >> kenyan mcduffie has sponsored legislation to goo after riders. >> barry's body was laid toas li rest at congressional cemetery r but the plot is marked only by y a place card. his estate pledged to get hiset tombstone in place by barry'sy r birthday on march sixth.ix barry would have been 80 yearsda old. a spokesperson for marionar barry says a design firm has made plans for an eventual entua headstone. the cost of living in thevig district is going up. up. a new report find that is d.c. d was the least affordable place for renters 2014 compared to t 11 other large cities.itie now the study as the averageve representer in d.c. can only onl of a toyed 12 percent of allperc units.unit behind d.c. was san franciscorac and new york. y
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half of their income on render n rose from 21 percent to 23 percent. i don't know if that was aow ifw surprise. >> i know. >> those are some expensiveen places san francisco and newiscd york into the good group to be b in though.hough. >> telling you looking for a yoi house when i moved to d.c. t.c shocked.ocke but i came from south carolina l where i worked.i wo >> the where they paid a hundred dollars for a house.s f. >> you could buy a whole block.blk. >> whole different ball game dre once you get below the mason-dixon line.n-di >> i'm telling you. telling y >> with the weather warming upei many of you are probablyrobl spending a lot of timetime outside. outside. while you're enjoying thiss weather send us some pictures. u this is from terri using #five # signs of spring. sin we'll share them throughoutare the show so keep them coming. c. >> gary this weather just makes you happy. hap >> i >> everybody is doing happybodyi dance. >> you can't be in a bad mood am with the sunshine, warm breeze. breeze. >> especially when you come tol work in the middle of theth night like we do ande it's 60 degrees, more thanmore than 60 degrees. wow. wo check out these nuns it's
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the temperature has dropped in the city down to 57 degrees.deee you knew it would. it can't stay 61 degrees forever.r. frederick has come up to 50. t 5 you guys were 48. dulles 60. manassas 61. maureen, i told you i'd check c on the records.on t i apologize for not doing thatna earlier but it was a recordec setting high temperature for dulles yesterday, 82.rd it was a recorday setting temperature for bwi. it was 82. was 8 it was only 79 degrees forgreesr d.c. and there's a reason foror that, too. i'll talk more about it comingng up. satellite temperature -- i'm not sorry not temperature,y not satellite shows clouds.lo off and on clouds today. tod more clouds today than yesterday but temperaturest should be we should makes up to 82 or so o for the high in the district dtt today. that will be a record.ill rec record high today is 78. is 78 time for erin. for en. it's time for traffic thursdayhs morning, friday eve, that'srida, what we call it.e callt. >> 4:56 gary and right nowight look behind me, it is a very quiet looking prince georgesnc county. traffic is moving very nicelyic on 50 and 301, no major slowdowns just yet at all. in a fact we're see
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conditions. we'll switch it over and show i you how things are shaping up in the a district. d south capitol street and m street same story there, all all of our secondaries are quietre q once you get downtown.owow all of your routes into the io district as well are lookingll g really nice. re let's take a wide view of ourur maps. we'll show you all the agree end that you're looking at. let me get out of the way so ouo you can enjoy that many rightig now 66, 395, 295 problem free. metro is gearing up for gearingu service that is on time.e. any updates we got you covered. back to you.ou >> ♪ raight ahead at 5:00 a new effort to shut down d.c.'s so-called tent city, the areate, that's set to be closed dansed how a recent audit played acenta role in that d >> plus a-violent night in the e district.di at least two people shot in in southeast. we are live with the verywith tr latest from the scene.e sce back again.
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>> ♪ 5 news morning.ning. >> ahead at 5:00 a d.c..c firefighter injured while rescuing a woman from aomanrom burning apartment building.uiin details of heroic sacrifice heee made to save her life.e. >> plus, show down in miami.ia. the democratic candidates candis facing off less than a week before the crucial march 15thci1 primary. prim >> live look outside righte ok o now. it is thursday march tenth t 2016.20 brilliant, that's the word i'mha


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