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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is northwest because of at situation happening with metro. get a bus or get another way around today. trains are not an option. >> this is due to the metro rail shut down today. rail service will not resume. any rail service at all will not resume until at least tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. we have team cover ramming on the metro shut down and everything you need to know about emergency inspections and thousand get around. . >> let's get up to speed. no reigns trains on any line today. federal govrmingt is on. employees have option for unscheduled leave or telework. . >> metro lots will be on and
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a big impact on the road. for that we'll turn to erin cuomo following the situation as we progress throughout the day trying to help us get around and deal with what is going on. that's right it's absolutely a very, very busy day and the good news is right now bob barnard showed us the roads are currently quiet and i can guarantee it will not stay that way much longer. if you are up, getting out to work, right now, is your best bet. >> you should have left yesterday. >> don't do your hair just get in the car now. >> know the curling iron seems look a good idea it's not. but the good news is there's a lot of other options. the bad news they'll be really crowd the. this is a lot of people in the city of d.c. that depend on metro every day. so what can you do. extra metro bus service now. you can take metro bus service. they're tweeting outleting you know hey it's crowded. i'll make it ahead. and free parking at the metro lot. a t
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today during the shut down. uber is capping pricing at 3.9% that's high make sure you budget for that. offering normal service and virginia vre regular service fairfax connector they're offering additional service and can get to you penitentiary gop and from that point into the district from metro bus. we'll goat other information with the next look at traffic. we want to help you get to work on time. back to you. >> we'll check in with gary in your forecast in a moment and first we'll check in with
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line in bethesda. mel. >> good morning. here's the sign that nobody wants to see. improper installation and maintenance needed immediate action and now, again, paul wheatfeld the new general manager who has been on the job since november decided this was something absolutely necessary. and especially after what happened on monday. and yet another fire on the tracks and smoke pouring out of the station at mcpherson square and while no one was hurt, what
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mcpherson square they said was pretty much the same issue that led to the la front flaws plaza last year.ear they'll fan out in the metro system inspecting those problematic cables that powers third rail. we asked gm why now why not wait for weekend he said safety wins out over convenience. >> well, the risk to public is very low, i cannot rule out a potential life safety issue here and this is why we must that i action immediately. and in this case, there was potential metal on metal which is similar to what we had at the la front flaws asituation. it happened once. okay what happened and it's happened twice in a year. i can't wait for the third tim time. >> so, again it will on
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we're told yesterday there could be depending what inspectors find there could be lag-over and few lines that needed to single track that sort of things until they make sure everything safe for passengers again. live at grossner i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> getting an update on the weather with gary mcgrady. >> thanks a lot. good thing it's quiet weathe weather-wise. we won't have to add any weather into the mix. just to show you satellite this morning. it's clear out there. so the only thing -- only little concern this morning may be a little fog. i'm keeping one that to see if spots get reduced visibility. don't worry about it now. kids ha ground fog in the morning commute, okay? otherwise skies clear and it looks like we have good amounts of sunshine today and that's going to warm things up. we start off this morning it looks like we should start off sunny okay? temperature 51. look how warm it is lunchtime. 67. later today we'll go lower to mid 70s
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to be a few showers between 4 and 7:00 today and there could be a rumble of thundner some of that as well. it shouldn't be a big deal. hopefully it won't be a lot. that will cause a problem for the evening commute and we get the morning commute in dry and hopefully not dealing with much later this afternoon. on the bright spot it's really nice today and middle 70s. we can't complain about that, guys. >> all right. gary. we appreciate. it still ahead a check of the other top stories making head lipdz and a local college student sentenced to more than a dozen years in a norm korea prison. >> one candidate smaller this morning after super tuesday 2. 0. >> as we head to break a live look at the early commute on the sutland park way. now the cars you see there coming towards the camera is the inbound commute into d.c.. 4:36 in the morning. expect that route and many more to
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the metro rail shut down we're back in a
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>> prime areay vults been rolling in all night and this morning, the state of missouri still too close to call. dive right into the states that have been called at this point. big night for donald trump gop front runner won florida. illinois and north carolina. governor john
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offer a win in the state of ohio. ted cruz is locked in a tight race with donald trump in missouri. >> the democrat side is looking more like hillary clinton will be the nominee. clinton won in florida, north carolina, illinois and the state of missouri still close to call. >> and florida senator marco rubio suspending his campaign after loings his home state of florida. rubio told the crowd while clear we're on the right side we will not be on the winning side. >> developing -- developing --. >> developing overnight an american student being held in north korea is sentenced by the country's highest court. 21-year-old otto warmbeer faces 15 years hard labor in prison after allegedly trying to steal a banner from a hotel. he was convicted and instanced after a one
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wednesday morning. he was arrested back in january as he tried to leave the country he was visiting as a tourist over new year's. >> and now the lateet on zika virus. cuban officials have detected first case of the mosquito born disease. authorities say a 21-year-old woman if havana was diagnosed with the virus after suffering from headaches and fatigue. that woman has not traveled outside the country. the announcement comes a day after the u.s. up veiled new measures to make it easier for americans to visit cuba. president obama is scheduled to make a trip toe havana next week. >> if if you have somewhere you need go, give yourself plenty of time. >> team coverage on what you need know to get areturned and count us online at and all the information you need to have a smooth commute today. also you can download the free "fox5" d.c. news app to help you on the go. coming up back in a moment. kling
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. and metro going to cause a lot of chaos on the road. metro closed. rail service will not on until 5 a.m. tomorrow. if you work for federal government you can take on scheduled leave -- unscheduled leave or telework. and d.c. schools are on. erin cuomo will try to get us round the mess. there's other ways to get around besides metro rail. metro buses are running but it may not be enough. >> right now if are you deciding to drive roads are quiet. 270. they initially said they would lift hov restrictions and then reversed. it hov restrictions in montgomery county are in place. traffic is still slowing. get an early start that is my best advice at 4:44 in the morning. looking in virginia why on 66 hov revisions
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in place. you can see traffic coming towards us quiet and things are pigging up. maureen mentioned extra metro bus service. metro access operating on a normal schedule today. and then metro parking lots are free. but a lot of folks starting to reserve spaces. you can meet there and car pool and drive in and walk to work. so those are options for you as well. and if you're heading out in d.c., some free options for you d.c. circulator and d.c. streetcar and capital bike share helping with service and keep folks moving. if you want to take a taxi, lift, uber, uber is tapping surge pricing at 3.9% and i would say uber pool is good bet that allows to you share the service with other folks headed to the same location you are in the same vicinity at least. if you take mark today camden line trains servicing green metro station and today they're making that stop they usually pass buy
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vre regular servictotransits anh offering off seat services. and any questions@erin fox d.c. we wanted to help you make your way around town without huge headaches today. >> can i say erin cuomo is our go-to girl. listen you are on. it you need to go nowherees. she'll get where you you need to go. >> we're working hard i tweeted and retwet tweeted and checked in with different services montgomery county reversing hov lines that cot affect drivers on 270. we'll keep you up to date. >> enough chat get back to work. >> i'm running. >> all right. >> i can say i've now seen it all. >> what do you mean? >> who would have thought metro closes on a wednesday. >> yeah. >> i don't know has this ever been done before it has to be unprecedentd we have good warm. if the warm were an issue today my goodness this would be like some sort of worse.
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>> worse than two foot >> our advice would be don't come out of your house until next week but leave the tv on. >> leave the tv on. >> always. >> tv, phone, queue ipad, twitter, facebook all the immediate yawmz. that's good. nine mile visibility in town. dropped a little. you're down to quarter of mile in fled rick and look here's the deal. you see reduced visibility out. there let me check okay they just issued a dense fog advisory that's what i wanted to look at i started seeing visibility dropping. up here frederick county you're under dense fog advisory and down i 81 too i'll get that graphic updated and i'll tweet it out too. northwest neighborhoods will be released this morning. temperatures now, 51 national and bwi and dulles 43. weekend forecast, saturday good, chilly. 5 2. sunshine. looks like clouds thick eping up towards the end of the day on saturday. then we get into
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46. so it's a little bit of chilly rain here. it doesn't look like all day rain or anything like that. spring does arrive on sunday. let me just say this too. on sunday, there is a potential costsal storm. and i'm seeing all over the place on social media that there could be snow through the mid atlantic. we don't see it here being a factor for us. but i'll tell what you the models have not converged on a solution. i'm not saying there's snow here. don't get me wrong. i'm saying i think it's a little too early for definitive forecast coming out on sunday with this potential storm. here's a little storm system back to the west of this will create a couple showers and thunderstorms later on this afternoon as it gets closer to us. this morning just a few clouds and sunshine too. here's the deal, late this afternoon. this is 4:00 on future cast. and just really not painting much in the way of showers and there could be a couple thunderstorms too. and then it gets out of hereby tonight. and tomorrow it looks like good amount of sunshine as well. today,
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we're 74 degrees. and late day showers maybe a thunderstorm too. tomorrow, for st. patrick's day. looks really, really nice, 67 degrees. pretty good on friday, too, mostly sunny, 60. mostly sunny, 52 saturday and spring arrives on sunday. just in time. it always gets here just in time. guys. >> thank you, gary. >> let's check in with bob barnard now he's down in an cost yaing with a look at how the morning without metro shaping up and bob a lot of people caught off guard by this because it was in middle of week. do you think they had enough warning? >> yeah, i think so. wisdom, we knew yesterday 4:30, 5 p.m. i actually picked up my daughter from a girl scout's meeting at 5:30 they were in closed dpoor auditorium when she came out she told me. one of the moms had hard. people know. was it enough time to make plans or cancel appointments or what have you that's on individual pace is. i'll
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parkway this is inbound set land parkway anacostia and it's coming in waves. so, some people are getting early jump on getting into work today. and so, if you're still debate what to do, and you have the potential to drive and have not left yet if you get on the road now at least in this part of the region here in southeast d.c. coming in from maryland, you won't have a tough time of it. so, that's the key. what wee planning on doing, you had enough in the i think and yet with the telework and all the other options that people have today, it may not be as bad as people are fearin fearing. and we'll see. maybe 6, 7, 8:00 this morning atroshious. hi a neighborhood tell me he was warned stay out of downtown when the pope was here in september he had to go and wept for it said it was a breeze because so many people headed warnings and stay home. we'll see i believe the next move guys we'll hop on eye bus and take a ride in
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and see how it's going that wa way. no metro road service. bus, cars, roads, at least right now are fairly on, guys. >> you know go ahead. >> i was going to say, bob, we were talking and i don't recall metro was shut down after 9/11 this is first time in my memory. i came a year after 9/11 i'm wondering putting in context metro gm saying i would ratherer ron the side caution. i would rather do middle of week and let's get this shut down. to your point of people having enough warning i personally don't think they did. to each their own. i'm wondering as you go around today i would like to hear whether they had enough time to plan and make alternate plans. >> metro did not shut down on september 11 that morning one point before going over to the pentagon ways at connecticut and k right outside far gat north and roads right there were grid locked but metro kept running. reagan airport shud
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was almost a month and people found ways to get around people adapt and find best solution when's things are shut down. we'll see how this mornings goes. so far, so good. >> bob i remember the gridlock for sure on 9/11. >> i'm interested to hear what people think. this seems sudden and drastic. do they really think maybe it's something more. it's a little bit unnerving to me. >> like what did they find to have to do this. >> what might they find. >> and what might they find if they find something bad will they shut down certain lines, certain you know rails, yes, so they're going under today to see how bad it is and if it is bad or worse perhaps than expected what's the ripple effect going forward sdm absolutely, thanks, bob, appreciate it. >> all right. we have everything you need to know about what's going on here and how get around. stay here on "fox5". team coverage
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down all morning long and stay up to date online on our web site fox and facebook and twitter as well. share your comments on your commuting storys with us as we endure the metro shut down. >> 4:53 now let's check other top story this morning. a maryland court commissioner dropped the murder and gun charges against two of the three brothers charmed in connection with death of officer jacai cole sglon elijah and malik ford are charged with con sirs spirscy and attempted murder. their brother michael was a gunman that led to the friendly fire death of officer colson he was off duty and plain clothed when he came to visit a friend and was shot. >> u.s. park police need help finding two persons of interest in attempted abduction outside the air and space museum it happened march 3 a man held a child's hand outside and walked with her for several steps before chaperone yelled and scared him off. a second
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to the first person of interest. police want to talk to both of them. >> a live look at the capitol now. capital hill today's flight attendance all over the country will be here. they are in town to de mapped more rest: they railroad considering flight attendants want 10 hour minimum rest and proper investigate critical for them to do the work. they call safety, health and equality issues. >> and we're still on balanced eagle watch this morning. this say live streaming video of that balanced eagle nest at the u.s. national arboretum in d.c.. one of two eagle eggs will hatch eaglets. these birds are named mr. mr. president and first lady. the pair first built their nest in 2014. due date was yesterday. and you can watch the eagle from home. we have a link to this web cam on
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and she's awake this morning, which is pretty cool. listen, here's what's going on out there temperature-wise. we have a dense fog advisory norm and west. frederick county you're includ included in that in those counties i 1. visibility is reduced now in some cases down it as low as quarter of mile. watch for that. frederick temperatures come up. 37 last hour and now up to 39. 45 for west mipster and here in town we have dropped off a little bit. we're down from 51 to 50. just so you know watching temperatures generally clear skies. that's one of the reasons we have a fog threat north and west. now, listen, we should wake up with pretty good amount of sunshine and then today, later on this afternoon. after 3:00, they'll be a chance of a shower or thunderstorm coming on aacross. it does not look like it will be a lot or a big deal. just so you know. full weekend forecast coming up in a bit. right now, i don't even --
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would be an under statement to see how busy you would be the wrist of the morning, erin. >> that's rights we're gearing up for a busy morning. bob showed you traffic is light right now. if you're planning to drive the earlier you canit had the road the better we're anticipating congestion later this morning. and extra metro bus service is in place to help you get around during the metro shut down. metro access is on the normal schedule and metro parking lots are free if you want to try to car pool to work. we have more options for new maryland. camden train lines servicing green belt melt row station they'll be stopping there today and out in virginia, vre on normal schedule and fairfax connector operating and arlington transit operate anticipating if fairfax corrector they're offering service to pentagon where you can hookup to the district. dash is offering off peak service. keep that in mind if you travel in alexandria this morning. we want to hear from you on twitter. keep in mind that if you are taking 270 hov restrictions have been
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so they in place this morning. and keep in mind same story in ver vir for taking 66 or 95 and hov restrictions are still in place. and if you take ride on bus we want to let everyone know that they will be running on regular weekday service and d dot said shared riding in cabs are offered today. >> all right. erin, taking a live look cries workingen metro rails this is why the systems are shut down and trying to figure ar out what is causing smoke incident and other problems on the rail. 5 a.m. will be shut down metro is until 5 a.m. tomorrow until they try to figure this out. we have more for you on how you can work around from bus service to road and uber area lift ape all those other means of transportation. more details after the break.
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snv happening now metro shut down us is spending service for 24 hours leaving thousands of commuters scrambling. this morning the emergency repair work, rider reaction and how you can get around town. >> "fox 5 news" mornings starts right now. >> good wednesday morning to you it's march 16.


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