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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  March 18, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, rape, allegations at one of d.c.' moss prestigious schools. we'll have a live report.ort >> because i have a very good go >> targeting trump.>> tti hackers now take aim at the gop front runner posting some of his private information online. and why bernie sanders sayss he can't be counted out just y yet. >> same type of play here.pef pl >> how does your bracket look bk yale shocks baylor.ay basketball fans with upset win.w first ever in the big dance.. highlights from the first round of action coming up and see whaw is expected to happen when the terps take to the court today.ay >> but first, weather whiplash.l spring arrives on sunday.. but so could some snow.w. we'll track this spring snow sunday last minute winter stormo good day at 9a starts now.ow. ♪
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>> maybe not focus on that part. sunday. >> oh, yeah. oh,eah. i agree.i a >> first day of spring. >> like my grand daddy used to say, cross that bridge when you come to it.come t >> now that i've heard.ea >> your grand dad says some things -- >> look at this.>> first of all it's friday which is awesome iidn itself.el second of all we're starting to see cherry blossoms popping outm there. we have baby eagles arrivingsrr today. >> check. >> sunshine, 65 degrees. 65 ees >> check, check, check.heck jube bill laying. >> let's not think past today. it's friday, march 18th, i'm i steve along holly, maureen and wisdom. >> the new big story d.c. c hash new bald eaglet. elet. 24 hours aft the pipping procese began the first of the eagletshe has made its way out of its i shell noun we're waiting for we' number two.number t we'll have much more from the a borrow tum little later. excitement will build all overlr again for number two.. >> spring arriving
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instead of sunshine we'reunine talking about snow. i'm not going to be too sadoo about it.ab we'll push it off until we havel to cross that bridge.. >> it's not real snow, is itnowi like real is in this high. high >> no.>> if it were january, february,err really cold, we'd be much more concerned we'll be doing -- >> do me an ankle. >> i think it might be fallingel but not >> perfect. >> like the one we had had. it was pretty but didn't causetc any problem. >> decorated everything anded melted really quick ands willicw talk about today first we'rest doing spring for one of the lass full days of winter.inte dry and breezy out there the beautiful start to the day lot t of sunshine, yes, things are thi blooming and blossoming. eaglets are being hatched. hch everything looks great. great >> all is right witness world.iw >> that's right.>> t 55 right now in washington.hito 48 leonardtown.rdwn it was cool overnight.vernight. lots of that's rights.f that's r hanging on to 37 in frederick but nice bounce in the mountains winchester 52. martinsburg 52. 48 in hagerstown.stn bright and sunny today.
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pleasantly cool afternoon hereeo with temperatures in the mid 60s but a breeze so it might feelt f cooler than that. tt. that's the makings of our winter event this weekend, it will tap into northern gulf moisture and then roll off to our south and h east overnight saturday and sura early sunday it looks like theie starts a period of rain around here late saturday and saturdayy night and we'll transition overn to wintery mix by early sundayls morning and it's certainlys cery possible if we can tap into enough cold air precipitationrea rates are high enough we mightem have light accumulations aroundd parts of the area by sunday they morning. i'll have more on that comingn c you. we'll talk more about it focuseu on our friday first.yir 66 today.66 today. lots of warm sunshine out theret and breezy afternoon.zy ano should be nice day.should be nid all right.l righ guys, back to the eagles. to the back to you.backu. >> thanks tuck.s get to the eagle in a let's focus on the news in theet district tis morning serious mor news coming out northwest dcwe d police are investigating distu disturbing allegations of a rape at sid well friends school.ds >> that's where we find ourwh melanie alnwick thiers morning.r so, mel, what is the latest witw this disturbing story any waytoa you look at it? >> reporter: well, mau
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finally got e-mail back from the spokesperson for the school, and he made it abundantly clear thaa the school is going to have t hv nothing to say about this,hi saying that they cooperate witht any dc police investigation andn they do not comment on suchh matters but we can tell you you based on the d.c. police reportp that we were able to obtain that this is an alleged rape that happened on the school campus.pu we know that the department ofen youth and family services from f d.c. did come out to the schoolh as well as the mobile crime unii to take pictures of the allegedl scene. now this was not reported until about 11:00 o'clock on wednesday night.nigh but it is alleged to havee happened about 2:30, 4:00 in the afternoon. it is apparently between a boywa and a girl here at the school. o said to be in they are upper are teens, about 16, 17 years oldld which would make them juniors o seniors here at sid well friendd school.ol the police report does not
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where it happened much this is a 15-acre campus very largear education buildings as well as academic facilities.s library. very very large campus here witw also athletic facilities and courts and fields as well. w i think the big question a lotso of people would have is, yous,ou know, was school in session at n the time? it should have beenue in session on wednesday.ednesday school is supposed to be in tn session until 3:15 in the15 ihe afternoon.aftern so if this indeed happen at 2:33 that would bring up some s questions about whether thethere school reacted, how could it i happen within so many peopleso o here? other than that, the details we know that this sexual assault, rape, in fact based ond the details from the dc police report was not consensual.nsua even though dc police say this mail and female student used to have a sexual relationship. so again if all of these things play out this is very seriousers crime, and if the timeline is as we think it is, there certainlya will be questions
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school administration to answera though they are not sayingy not anything at this point. live in northwest, i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> melanie, thank you very much also in washington, d.c. thishi morning police are trying torert figure out how a man died onn metro train.. metro confirm the man was foundf with medical emergency een unresponsive around 8:00 last 8 night on the blue line at foggyy bottom. he was taken to george to grg washington hospital where he wae pronounced dead.ead. we're told no foul play is suspected and meanwhile, it'st' business as usual for metroor mt after an up precedented 29 hourr shut down. d system wide safety inspectionpeo revealed 26 badly frayedd electrical connections.ions virginia congressman jerry connolly is calling for metro's men jal manager to fire anyoneon who knew about the problems in wiedefeld says he wants to get o an agency before people don'tpln think twice before stepping on e to a metro train.ra >> turning to the race for president could it be a hillarya clinton/donald trump matchup in
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how the two frontrunners areers acting looking beyond primary challengers and turning fire ono one another.noer fox's doug luzader has the sto story. >> reporter: if you're playingf the odds right now, this is, ths likely to be the matchup come cm november and we're getting freee view now of what that could be like.. (dogs barking). >> give donald trump this his hs web ads are cheap, simple and cutting big hmm soup par pack is take a change from his playbookb >> because i have a good brainda and i've said a lot of things. (laughter). >> reporter: for all of the bluster drum many and hillary a clinton are no doubt flawedlawe front runners. trump may have a ceiling of o support and he's facings fac republican establishment effortr to dislodge him.e him >> there's more likely to become an open, um, convention than wea thought before. bor >> reporter: for her part her hillary clinton is dealing withi an enthusiasm gap and on-going fbi investigation into h
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of classified e-mail at the state department.aren >> that has the evidence it'st' corroborating and rowg a corroborating the evidence and e believe it will recommend to its superiors in the justice jtice department that the evidence bev present to do grand jury. what happens there nobody knowso >> reporter: at the same timethe there are real questions about new york times roaring behind bn closed doors president obama haa been urging democratic leadersea to unite around clinton. is it possible that his justicei department would actually pursuu a case against her.. >> we must either haveither h information or really strongg intuition that this will notill happen. >> even though these are the two frontrunners, nothing is certais it is fair to say that hillarytl clinton is farther along the ang path to winning a nominationomio than donald trump.. in washington, doug luzader, fox the hackers group anonymouss has taken aim at donald trump ad the group allegedly released trump's phone numbers and socias security number yesterday. yterd two weeks ago anonymous declared total war on the gop frontn e gf runner in a youtu
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waste nod time post owing and pd loop about their attempt toheirt contact tru most said the call went toent t voicemail or text messages theye received no response. all right.ig time now 9:09.tiow 9 allison is back with a check onk some of the other stories makin headlines this mng good morning,. morning,. >> good morning to all of you. first up, large chunks of hail i wreaking havoc it cross parts of texas.exas the ice so thick on the ground o in in places it look like it had snowed. fort worth zoo the hail sadly killed several he can on theanhe tick birds.. the balls of ice damaged severas ambulances and there was heavyrs wind and lightning as well leaving thousands without power. an american from fairfaxairx virginia who allegedly fought with isis is speaking out abouta why he did decided to surrendere to iraqi curdish forces.or he's doing so in a television interview.tew muhammed jamal he says that he e joined the islamic extremistremi group last year and turnedrnd hi
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26-year-old lived in mosul in an house that he said he was held l or held i should say at least 70 people including foreign fei recruits from russia, egypt,, pakistan, morocco, cruise beckre stan. according to this man he was tha only american in the group and a he did not meet with otherit oth americans during this trip. tri he has not yet revealed why he decided to fight with theit t islamic stream mist group in tht first place.ce. a prince george's countyouy police officer killed during a shootout will be remembered at a memorial service next week.teek. a viewing for detective jacaiai colson will first be held on thursday in beltsville.lle. then memorial service on fridaya in upper marlboro. son's body will travel to his tt home state of pennsylvania where he will be buried that will take place on march 28 and. and a spoiled tuna recalla l has expanded to include over 100,000 cans of chicken of theft sea tuna. tun in addition to 31,000 cases of
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plant.plan the reason for the recall, an a equipment malfunction at a a product plant which may cause some of the tuna to be under u cooked and that could make make people sick. head to to see if youry cans are impacted.ted. finally an american astronaut it said to lift off on a record breaking mission. m nasa astronaut jeff williams wii will be accompanied by two btw russians on the internationalonl space station.e the astronauts will lift off at 5:26 this evening. williams will spend 534 days in space.spe now that beats scott kelly's record of 520 days. d he just wrapped up his one-yearr mission on march 1st.. williams will also set a recordd for being the only astronaut to go into space station missiononm three times.eim we wish him the best. >> i was off last weekend did ii hear scott kelly retired now or that he's retiring or resigningn from nasa? >> did you hear that. heaat. >> i'm told that is correct. >> i heard he's back on i'm
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>> he's done. >> who blames him? >> what are you going to do at o this point. point. >> thanks, al g still ahead driving skills for life. l it can help you and your child bob barnard will take to us atau special event that might helpigh safe that teen driver behind tht wheel.wheel. >> the hacking process underway. national -- hatching process pce underway at the nationalay at th arboretum.e we'll take you there on the on growing first family. 9:12 is our time..
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♪ look at that. >> aww. >> can you even stan it? the wait is over. the baby owing gel has hatched.d >> indeed it has.>> we've been getting little peeksl of it here and p.m. being extra protective ofio her little eaglet. fox5's annie yu is live at theie national arboretum. arbetum when they hatched you literallye jumped for joy. forget panda watch this is whert it's at today. >> reporter: yeah, i got to g tell you such an exciting eit feeling being out here at the national arboretum.rb the folks that work here have been glued to this live cameraaa as were we.e but take look around. aun this is su
9:16 am
beautiful we're surrounded by nature and d we really experienced somethingi special remarkable a little bitb ago with the hatching of thegf first let's take a look at what the bird family is up there now as a we take a live look at the eagle cam we have been glued to thisoi all morning long for days now. eaglet broke free around 8:00 o'clock. mommy and daddy are both there t admiring their eaglet.let. the eaglet broke free aroundund 8:00 o'clock and not sure wherew dad was during all of it but he did show up just moments later l with some fish.e f i'm going to assume he was out t hunting which is his primary mission.ssion. he brought back fish for his bah wife and new baby eaglet they're munching away on that. t while momma kept her baby warm.. experts tell me mom actuallyctul walk on her knuckles for whileoi when the eaglet is really really young because is he doesn't want to harm the baby. b i asked the director what decto happens to the eggshell but heut wasn't sure.ur but it look like for awhile a there that she was sort of s hunching away on it. i i don't know if it's
9:17 am
special calcium or something ing it but then she kind of tossed it over to the side there. the we're still not sure exactly exa what happens to the shell if shf just, you know, kind of toss iti to the side. the but if you were lucky enough to catch glimpse of the eaglet, it -- there it is right there. g it looks like a little gray fuzz we should have also video ofde it -- look at that. oh, my goodness. goo the eaglet appears to be healthy and we're not sure if it's malea or female jut yet.. i'm sold difference begins right away, and once the second eaglea hatches experts will be able too tell whether, hooks is male orse who is female and then at six s weeks they'll do a blood test to determine for sure the gender, e but while we are in aww off eaglet number one there's still second one here in the nest. nt. here's director gives ugh ann update on eaglet number two. two >> the second egg should startsu any day now as well.. because what -- even though the second egg was laid several dayy after the first, the mom and dad didn't start i
9:18 am
first egg right away.away they like to try to synchronize these so that the eaglets are born close to each other and hopefully that way being fed atd the same time the same size anda so that one should start any srt time as well. >> reporter: and guys, i just got to tell you how lucky are wa to sort of be involved in thisdt process and really see it play out with just a few clicks? ick mean it's pretty remarkable ifal you think about it and those a cameras were put up about a yeaa ago when they had the first thef eaglet and then they all flew af away and during that time, the e eagle foundation came out andcaa install those cameras. cer there are two up there and so io really gives us a advantage aan point that we would not be ablee to see otherwise.erwise so it's pretty remarkable.emarkl back to you in the studio. >> all right. rig >> i feel like this with becomee cher particularly we shall belae watching we shall be hearing the song the circle of life.e. >> correct. correct. (laughter).. >> i love -- mr. president and
9:19 am
>> ♪ >> i love how they're both the there. co parenting at its finest full. speaking of new rivals, don't't forget the national cherryionacy blossom festival kicking offstai this weekend.eend but don't expect to see the t trees in peak bloom until thent middle of neck week with thewitt weather we've had up and down,nd up and down. they are confused. because of the changinge temperatures you can expecoft 77 in bloom on march 23rd and 24th next wednesday andsday thursday and so far no word onoo what affect the weekend snow s could happen on the tiny flowe flowers. hopefully not a lot.full >> it will be back to itsbao it original date with march 31st. >> that's hilarious. >> 9:19.>>9. coming up later on good dayter a kevin sits down with die very v jent star theo james. >> team members rally aroundd adam laroche after he leavesea major league baseball to spend o more time with his son.ime th h this story is crazy.ra we'll haveor
9:20 am
9:21 am
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>> it's prince wis.>> i >> this controversy we're aboute to talk about. i get it. look, adamrs laroche and thiss whole controversy continues thii morning.morning. we're now learning white soxe s players actually considered note playing in wednesday's spring'sr training game in support ofuppof their former teammate.eamm now on tuesday laroche a laroche interruptly retired walking awaa from a $13 million salary for
9:23 am
one year.ea this came after white sox team t president ken williams told himo he had to limit the time tldhata his 14-year-old son drake spents with the team. t williams has been criticizeded since his first year as gm in i 2001 but vocal white sox fans agree with his decision. many believe it's workplacece issue. whether the socks players support laroche or not.laro kyle long took to twitter with this adam laroche if you and your bob want to hang out with theutith chicago bears, let me know.t mek i grew up in locker rooms. best wishes 75.s >> some of my fondest memories run around places i wasn't i wn' supposed to be running aroundo n with my brothers.ers. memories are priceless. adam laroche thanked long lg courtesy of twitter for his but here is the rub in this entire thing. tng >> bring it on.ring i >> you have one year left onref your crack. c. is it a tis klee you had a badad year so you're to the very goodo eatery tire or keep your mouth u closed. don't bring yo
9:24 am
this is so silly. sly there's nowhere in this countryi where you can bring your son to work all day every day. the socks did not have at 10 this was something they said,red all right, fine, they're n,ot winning.g. so now they're changing --hangi >> he did not have it in his contract. >> this was not in his crack.. >> but did they know that's how he rolls because he's always alw done it every team.m. >> they absolutely knew that.utt >> i feel like they changed on o him. him. >> they absolutely did.y ab >> because he didn't have perhaps a good year. hod y >> here's the thing.>> her >> i >> when you're winning the ruler change. you're not winning there you goe >> they had problem with his h last year.. >> he didn't >> he didn't bring his son intoi it. it. the white sox >> no, no, no.>> n >> they brought you it up as anp issue much i think there's morer to this than just his son. s >> he was with him last season.. >> his source has always beenrc with him. the problem is when you are witu a company and the company isd ts doing well, there are no issues. when you start not doing well the company -- the people inple charge start finding issues as why you're mott doing well -- wl saying why
9:25 am
well. >> they're changing the work conditions if you work under a certain condition you kim hereer to work and all of a sudden theh are looking to get rid of you oy and come up with something youet too might go, well, look, you're changing the playing field on me. >> you know what happens? thewt people in charge say this is mym house. >> they can. the can. >> you got to go. >> he walk away. >> well goodbye.oodbye. don't peak this an issue abouts your son.anyo son >> all i'm saying i don't faulti the guy. >> i don't fault him.'t fau him >> this is what he did lastidast season.ason it was -- was -- >> all the seasons before. >> standard operating proceduree in the past of he's not doing d anything different with his sont the team is reactings reac differently. >> you're totally right on what you're saying. it's their businesy s.uses their rules. rules you have to adhere.dh we can't make the rules. rul the boss says you can't do'to something --ing >> right now the boss is sayingy move on. >> if we don't move on we getn t thrown out. o >> i'm moving on.>> you can keep talking. talking. >> still ahead on good day. >> we choose to move on.. >> tyler perry will join us li live. live >> first though, brackets busted. we'll go live to the sports
9:26 am
junkies for a look back at allca of yesterday's march madness action. there was some i was you someous upsets yesterday. that's what we love, right? a a look what to expect when when maryland take the court today.ry >> cherry blossoms covered inosd snow dare we say it with blueh e skies today. tod tucker will check our everur eve changing forecast coming up next. find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports?
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♪ >> oh, yeah. oh, >> here's the deal. hs
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one baby eagle under there fullf out of the egg. the egg we have a second one that willcd be hatching in the next two dayy because it was born a couplec days later than the first one.. the egg was laid. l >> we knew what you were sayingg >> you know what i'm talking i about win a couple days we'll dw have two eagles. t eag >> we need names.ed nam what they're going to do at thee national arboretum they're goine to let people submit names fores the first couple of week.leeek. >> okay. >> we want to know what youhat y think the names of the baby eagles should be.e. tweet us using #gooddaydc.c. >> are they girls and boys, howh does that work.ork. >> that's a different lesson. (laughter).ghte >> difference between girls ande boys later. >> i'm all in.ll in. >> maybe we should name them nem yale and little rock.ndtle rock. >> we can do that. >> upset specials. >> there you go.>> >> they got a bunch of irish i themed names yesterday for st.ey patrick's day.paick's day. they weren't born on saint patet tracks day. >> my were the 12 seeds that beat the five seeds.. >> speak of march madness.. jackets buster. b yale had big win yesterday.estey maryland sitting there.ting you never comfortable when youle draw the five seed.eed. >> never. nev.
9:30 am
the five seed something that ist vulnerable.erable what's up guys, can you hear us steve and holly and wisdom andnd maureen.. >> what's up >> hey, steve., st. >> hello. >> got everybody >> we're talking about --bout >> hey everybody.verybo >> hey. >> magic of the 12-five upsetps how that fares for marylandfaref today. >> hopefully it doesn't bite them, you know. >> the 12 seed won yesterday.esd i don't think they'll win todayo >> hopefully, south dakota state is a scary three-point shoot s shooting team.m. hopefully maryland can survive.e we thought we were going to talt brackets then they told us we're going to talk bad eagles with you.u. >> they told us brackets.y to whatever you want to talk aboutt >> we had a bunch of bad eagles jokes we were going to throwgog your way. >> go forget. >> that's pretty good. g that's pretty clever.ttle >> because you're old, too.e olo >>
9:31 am
i know the classic.know t >> i appreciate that. a >> steve said he was not goingoi watch the games yesterday yterd because obviously had to work tr today but today he can go out o and watch some where is steve going to watch tw the games today?od >> he calls himself sports fan.. i stayed up and watch.nd wat come on this is the best twot to days of college basketball everv the first two days.t >> i watch last night until thee late game started.rted i watched everything up untilryu then. >> i didn't watch -- dt wa >> but you can tonight.ut youon >> guys i didn't watch it all. here's my observation of marchrf madness.dness. it seems to me teams i've never heard of, i've heard a lot off them. th making an appearance aren't doan very well.. and got the crowds going.s goi is this a phenomenon every yeary what march madness is all about? >> absolutely. aolut >> exactly. >> i know for me look i follow a couple teams, i'm a marylandylan alum, obviously i'll watch wat maryland today i root for the fr under dog when you see a teamea like yale --al-- >> yeah yale.h y >> one of the big boys youe biyy you'll root for them or littlet rock yesterday.terd. >> you route for them if you sau the athletic
9:32 am
spends on their program comparee to arkansas little rock. >> this tournament greatent gret equalizer you see upsets likeps that all the time. >> the great thank about thehant little rock game they came backb they were 16 points down.oints w it wasn't like they just like js hung with them the whole they were down and came back. cb >> a lot of that is because offh the 32-point line.t l that's just been an mazingnin addition for college basketballs around for 25 years now but itoi is the great equalizer. underdog teams smaller teamsea under sized teams have chance te compete if they get hot fromm outside.tside the nature of the format in amai one and done type of deal wherew the tal leapt is also so evenlyl distributed across the country, anybody can win on any giveniven night. ni that's why the tournament is som fun. fu >> eric makes good pope and g there's so many good basketball players in the country andin t they're in the all going tongo carolina, kentucky and kansasd any more. any >> right. >> they're spreading it out. >> you can go to gone gag -- g - >> wichita state and be on tv. t >> going to butler, cu
9:33 am
those teams will do well. do w the helps the teams have olderlr if they have juniors and seniorn that have played together forple three or four years. >> you saw too the annal let tot civil in the perdue game. pere e they looked dog tired at the end of that game and little rock was still going strong. >> yeah.h >> the players go to jackson jks state.e. >> not going to happen.oing >> they already had, wisdom. wim >> that's right.s they already had walter peyton and len barney in the hall ofeyt fame. >> i have a question for you a all. we do all root for cinderellaine teams for the upsets but do weow really root for those teams to s go all the way because as it usually shows, within thosehihoe teams they get that big win one or two games in they don't holdh up for the big games.ames don't we want our big doing in i the final four. >> george mason 10 years ago10 y they made it to the final four. we've seen vcu get to the finall four. four. i definitely root for thoseforho teams.tes. >> butler. >> butler almost won a nationala championship. >> it's if you to see the littl teams crash the party that usede to be reserved for the one, two and three seeds now some of
9:34 am
through.h. >> holly didn't you fill out fl brac. you're rooting for the team tha you fill out in your bracketourt pool. >> say again. my producer was talking to mow w while you were saying something me. can you say it again. >> didn't you fill out fox5 bracsafiket. >> yeah yeah yeah. >> station wide brackets. b those are teams you root for. fr >> they are the teams you root u for. i was rooting for yale because a didn't want duke to play bayloro >> lock at george mason how manm years now but they still so mann people are aware of george mason what it's done for theirfohe program. it's huge.'suge >> yeah. >> put it's you on the map map that's what's school actuallycta scary about this afternoon's match up with maryland.aran south dac this is theirda opportunity to make a splash too the scene playing out in spokane maryland god bless their fansirn there won't be a ton of marylanf fans there and south dakotathak state starts hitting three whata is they're good at --he >> the crowd will get behind them. >> the crowd will get totallyotl behind them and it changes theht whole dynamic of the game.f
9:35 am
all season will start to feel te the pressure a little bit and a that's when crazy resultsul happen.happ. >> true. >> all right.>> >> it's exciting. >> it is.t' >> you can hear the fans. >> they're so excited to bexcitd there.e. enjoy the games, guys, we'll w talk to you soon. >> thank you. >> junkies 106.7 the fan. >> brody logan our sports guypog has a perfect bracket after dayy one, 16-zero. 1ze >> when it come to the final four give me a team that's noten ranked at all for someone likee me that's when i becomeecom interested show me a team that h wasn't supposed to be there, you know, let me see what they'remes going to do.. >> yup.. >> for non sports fans, too. >> as far as rater ratings go. . not so much.t so >> generally speaking they don'h make it to the final >> they don't. thedon' >> we don't own any tv networksk we can enjoy it. i much like we can enjoy sunshine today. >> until the bottom falls out. >> roller coaster ride.e >> upset might win on sunday gua this weekend? it snowed last l
9:36 am
why not do it this year. >> it's a cinderella story.atory >> you think so.ou thi s >> wasn't march in like a lamb k it should go out like a lion. ln good point actually. auall temperatures were in the 60 60sn the first day of 60s again today.agai we're off to nice mild start, 5 right to you in washington.hito was cool off to the north and west. west. frederick hanging on to 37.on t. that's always a little suspectit there north and west.t. thermometer in fred thicks.dhi 53 in annapolis.nnol 54 53 in fredericksburg.sbur you can see the numbers areumrs jumping as we speak now. up to 52 in gaithersburg.therg all right.all rit sunshine should be brighthod be beautiful day gorgeous sunrise i this morning at 7:15 and we'ree' in for very quiet afternoon much it is going to be a breezyy afternoon.n. winds out of the west and norths and west at times to about a 20 miles per hour so breezy hsob afternoon with temps in the midd 60s for daytime highs.time hig all right.lig that's the makings of our --ur ingredients of our next stormtom system. tack tap into northern gulfnt moisture and get an area of lowf pressure that will transfer torr the coast, and slide off to theo east and to the north by nth
9:37 am
january, february, we'd be muchh more concerned about the storm s system as it would have a lote a more potential as it speaks oras as we speak, as i speak, let mee try that again our overnight lows on saturday and early e sunday will be only in the lowye to mid 30s. 30s we'll have marginally enoughy eh cold air to drive a winter storo system her here's what's going to happen. . area of low pressure developingl pushing offshore and that wintrn mix will be in play overnight og saturday into early sunday i si think it starts as rape latera l tomorrow afternoon and tomorrowo evening and then we'll see thatt transition overnight and therene could be a period of snow arounn her bee early sunday morning. mi exactly where that rain/snowainn line sets up we're not quite q sure yet.sure yet either way with the recent warmm temperatures i would not expectt a lot of accumulation on paveedd roadways.adys but perhaps on grassy surfaces a off to the north and west we'll' be able to get a couple ofou slushy inches out that maybe ony to two, one to 3-inches. 3nc that's what we're thinking righn now. there's future cast.e' put in motion for it this t afternoon looks great.s great outdoor plans later today sports
9:38 am
great shape for it later thisati afternoon here comes the rain r shower activity by late tomorror afternoon tomorrow evening.n to notice it's so like physical you're goingoug out tomorrow night it will justg be wet and we'll see thateeha transition late as we get colder air mixing in late saturday int early sunday and again snow agas around who are early sundayuny morning.rn that rain/snow line may sneak ms further south and east before bf all said and done.nd d wrap it up by midday. mid stay tune. could be a couple slushy inchesc here north and west by early ear sunday morning. mni there's your snow cast with thet area we're expecting to get some accumulating snow and there'snos your seven day.ur sev roller coast ride. 66 today. chilly this weekend and rightndg back near 70 or better by next wednesday are thursday.e thursda i think this will be prime time if you're cherry blossoms my prediction is middle of next ofx week. when we get those warmerosear temperatures in here.atures in . back to >> all right. thank you tucker.than still ahead in the fox beat,he a we've been counting down theown days to the newest divergenterge movie all week.. kev rin is sitting down with star theo james who will join ui
9:39 am
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but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. ♪ what are you afraid of heights? >> no.>> no who told you that? >> sometimes when i look past wi t
9:42 am
something out there. do you? >> no. n i don't. d't. >> maybe you need to look hard harder. >> i am i'm just not seeing what you're seeing. >> when it's right in front offr your face you will.e you will. >> so are we going to do this? >> yeah.>> y >> aww. >> i think i'm awake now. >> did you give an aww to that. >> it looked like a >> some of the special effectsas did in the look good. >> did you like the previousviou two. >> i liked the first divergent.. didn't care fort second one and, this one --ne -- >> you don't care for the thirdd one either.e ei >> i haven't liked either one of the other two.e ot >> i thought they were pretty te boring.boring >> how does a bad movie -- i- heard you say this is awful howw does it get big name starstars attached to
9:43 am
>> automatic paycheck.chec >> i get it it. paycheck, this your legacy.acy you're an act. a. you wanted to good project. >> franchise people want to be damaged. if it does well you're a lock. >> they make an automatic amount of money.of mon >> jeff daniels, octavia spencer, naomi what's, miles teller, shalene woodly, theohe james a huge cast.. >> it stunk. s >> the script is pretty bad.crt i did speak to theo james -- jas >> like the other two.the otr t >> an actor cannot a >> i spoke to theo james who plays thor.. it takes in post apocalyptic chicago.chico. the people are divided intoo characters on personalities.nats they're escaping chicago reallyi cool shot they walk up ap building as they're running out. i want to know how they did th that. any of thor's characters in rear check it >> you guys are running up theit the wall it rin
9:44 am
inception when when did he runhe up the side street.e s how do you shoot that moment? are you running from -- is thest camera tilted? how are you a doing that sequence? >> yeah, that one is basicallyay an amalgamation of lots of lots different pieces that wholehat sequence is a bunch of different pieces.pi they basically built a section c of wall and it's angled kind ofo at a channel angle and verticalr but then the camera is skewed so it looks vertical.ti so they make the jump on to theo wall but it's not as, you know,, it's not quite vertical in the same way. >> obviously you've been playing this character for multipleultil films.lm i fine it fascinating actors can dive into a different characterr but also play them over multipll films. when you leave a project likejel this, is there something like d you take on any characteristicst from for is he part of you. have you learned anybody anything about yourself fromut playing him. >> i was surprised in a way whyy went back to the second film and the third film i'm thought i thg could put on t
9:45 am
the but you kind of shed reallye a lot of that character as wacka as that sounds. that sounds. it takes awhile to remember who they are ton get back into whont they are and how they -- howheyh they walk and talk and how theit voice is. i'm in the saying these arese a choices that you makee necessarily.nece you don't say he's going to wals this way or he's going to talknt in a certain way, but what but w happens you end up doing it and something feels rightight subconsciously. you end up being that way if way makes sense much all those all e little things have to come backb and i think you share elements e like every actor shares somes s element with their character but usually it takes while to gethi back to it when you've left it for while.wh >> that was theo james.heo j he was in london that was donead via satellite.. my other interviews were done ie person. i gave the movie one out of fie five. five. >> ouch. >> i personal dull not care for it f you're fan of the series i'm sure n you'lofl see it any w these movies are generally critic proof. pro i liked the first movie.ov. i like divergent i didn't care c for i
9:46 am
one of the season.ea i felt like the actors lookedke bored. >> he looks pretty good in thato >> my fiance' lauren is obsesses with him. theo james. james. people love him. h i mean listen he's in the a badb actor i think the script is bad. one the worst scripts i've everr seen.en. horrible script. >> one out of five.ut oiv go see miracles in heaven or get your tickets for batman versuser super man.super i can't say anything yet. >> cool. cool. >> thanks guys.>> >> thanks kevin get ready to go to extreme adventure with thisih week's fox beat free friday youu can win four tickets to see ringling brother and barn nulln and bailey presents circustsir extreme physical verizon center 7:30 p.m. on saturday saturday april 2nd it includes $100 $ american express gift card ands gift bag includes a coloring cor back book, ring master hat,ter , stuffed tiger, stuffed elephante oh, my, a deluxe program and a miniature circus cannon reply r casm enter for a chance to winne go to the contest page on foxdc.cofox5d.c..between now an9 one wne
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♪ all right. right it is friday.rida that means it's time to check out,, what are we going to check out, wis, those fab5picss presented by eastern automotive. allison is staning by to showoho off some of the best ones.the b. >> now, i love our viewers butis if i had it my way it fivet different angles of our eaglet.. >> right.. >> but let's show your photoshos off.f hey everybody thank you foryby h sending them in.. zen them in after this hash tag fab5pics. let's take a look what we havewv this w the first one, hey, steveve steve watches the show and ind just love this smile.mi this smile tells me. it's friday. >> yes. >> let's get it go
9:51 am
#gooddaydc.#gooddaydc thank you, steve.thyo have a good weekend. and thank you also to our beautiful cherry blossom yes, is know they haven't, you know, k piqued yet at the tidal basin bs but you can spot plenty of themt around town and this one thank you so much is from super african guy. we appreciate you sending themet in. hash tag super african guy. >> love the handle. hane >> thank you miss amy fornk yfo zenning in a picture of your niece during the kid news today. future allison, future annie,nne hey, future maureen or holly, i think absolutely. thank you so much. much. reminds me of sandy in here here recently. rece party hat in placent.t in pce. it's the weekend thank you sophie may for stepping in that one. and we can't have a baby eagleyg but we do have baby malcolm anda micah for life thank you so muco that picture makes me so happyo an little sleepy.le
9:52 am
i'm not going to lie.g to l that's your fab5pics.ab5ps keep them coming. we do it every friday morning.y make you feel good jumping intoi the weekend back to you guys. >> nothing better than watchingh babies sleep. >> when you pick them up andyou they're all balled up like that yes, so cute.e >> when they're sleeping you'reu asleep, too.asleep >> that, too. >> i remember those days. >> you can coordinate that, t that's gold. >> exactly.>> exactly >> well, look, ford driving tooo school for life hosting a free e hands on clinic for teens to f e improve that are skills in fouro key areas critical factors in more than 60% of vehiclef hi crashes. our very own bob barnard out att dulles airport previewing thiss weekend's sessions.ons. bob, what's on the agenda?nd >> reporter: hey, wisdom we're out at the economy lot purpleur lot at dulles with mike spec a a driving instructor for fordct fr motor company and what we'rewha' going to do this hour is to tall about impaired driving, youving know, with marijuana lawsna l relaxed in lot of places and obviously people drinking and a driving unfortunately happenstu all the time.
9:53 am
this is mainly geared to youngrg people for first time drivers that come out here this weekend. you go ford driving skills.comco sign up there's still slots lefl saturday and sunday.saay it's free. f you're trying to show younghow g people the dangers of impairedfi driving and what we have here wh are some goggles it's not theote full suit the kids will beids we wearing this weekend or parentsn if they want but this thing gives you the shakes. shake these goggles are ridiculousleer it's what you would see right ig guess. >> yes. it's a basic what you try and walk -- walkk w that right line. i can't even see the white linee there you go. go heel to toe there.he you can see you're totally offoo balance. >> i see two of these. two of te which would happen.ich wo we'll get in the car and takehet little course here which is whaw the students will be doing thisi weekend, and it's amazing, you u got to just -- you got to -- t that was a little bit over the top. i can see the car but you real really -- very unusual.sual this is fairly good sim layingiy though, mike? >> yeah. yeah. independent research they founde thseis simulation is actually vy accurate.rate. >> tgh
9:54 am
belt on. all right.l ri >> all right. we'll go on this course righteig here. you'll make a left on to the the object of course is to, to, well, not do what you're doingou which is hitting the -- >> honestly i can't see -- i can see the cones but like judgingng exactly where they are.hey are. >> and that's it.>> andt's isn't it? your whole perceptioo changes. your whole idea of what's right and what's wrong changes with those goggles. ggl >> i see a stop. you have a portable stop signpig here.he >> we're going into a traffic ia circle. circ >> okay. >> we'll crews on into there traffic circle.le >> i would think some people s sadly who are older and get usee to drinking and sometimes sometm driving would be able to kind oo compensate but if you're a young person who is just experimentint say with alcohol and god for bir you think i'm going to drivengod home and your friends aren'tiena stopping you, this is what you o would be dealing with, right?? >> look if the drivingol skills for life program our whole
9:55 am
is to help teens to understand t that what they do in the car cac have consequences.s. it's up to them to make the decisions after they come c through the class but we hopee that we're able to influencenflu them in positive manner. mne and all indications are that wee are able to do that. tha let's go through pitt lane aga aain. >> yeah. i can see kind of take that tight o left. >> there's stuff flashing by sta uh-uh kind of think you're doind it.. >> you might have caught another cone there.cone there >> i think i hit a man who wasas crossing the street.treet. >> you might have. you >> so this is fairly good sim laying again it's for folks whow want to come out and bring theie first time teenaged driver this weekend.en and the parent too can take it.e it's free. re and just to kind of give you aea sense of what you might do if you make bad decisions and howes it would be and obviously the consequences.nseque. >> shoutly.>>hout look, the things teching and driving like we look at issue lo it's a collective issue. iss it's not just tee.
9:56 am
bad drivers but we think that w can have an influence on them.m. positive influence to make themm better.tter. >> that's it guys.ha all good lessons for everyone. the texting and driving thehe distracted driving, and now n driving impaired, the consequences can last lifetime.t so if you can get to young t yog drivers early and theirandhe families, you know, and make good choices, perhaps live willl be saved. sed a life will not be impacted inte such horrible way as we seese s every day on the news. n >> agreed. >> thanks for the demonstratione and again, guys, what's name of the website. >> it's driving skills for >> driving skills ford motor foo company and ford fund supportinp this,, gus >> bob barnard. >> thank you for that. t f >> thanks for the demo. d >> it is coffee time on good day dc. you've been eyeing our cool good day mug we have a new din denen doughnuts mug to give away perfect cup for that great g dunkin' donuts coffee. cfe head to or our facebook page
9:57 am
mug contest.. one lucky winner selected byec random drawing but you need to o hurry you only have from nowromn until 11am to enter.. 9:57 is our time.ur good day at 10a rolling your way neck. ♪
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♪ ii can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients.ter. i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! >> it's been a star-studded wees on good day at 10a. why stop now. >> tyler perry joins us live.ry we're talking about this jing t weekend's live passion musicalic he's producing and what about that alleged feud with oprah? i'm asking. ask >> to another legend, keith sweat.ea the r and b singer life with ust in the loft. the lof he has some new music to tell u about.ab >> plus get ready to laugh. comedian pablo francisco is inis the house. hse we'll have fun with this one th
10:01 am
>> always fun on friday.n fri good day at 10a starts rightsigt now. now. ♪ >> it sounds like a partyty atmosphere.. >> the little eaglet came out co this morning so we're having a h little baby party. >> what do we do when baby isabi born? we don't have it's a boyy or girl we got pink and blue. b. but we've got cigars.. >> oh, fantastic.anstic >> smoke them if you got them.he >> we got them. >> is this from cuba. >> it could be.. >> e-bay that.hat >> oh, snap.p. >> come on. >> come on. >> we're celebrating it's super exciting. >> we saw the one little eaglele already out. out momma still protecting it whichi is awesome to watch how protective this of the littlehet one. on one is all right a rig i'm all choked up over this. thi >> i know. >> i'll be okay.'ll the other one will be out wille sometime this weekend.seeke >> it's emotional. emoon look.. there. look at that.. >> you really should just putd p the ea
10:02 am
because it's periodic when or we she gets up and you can see thet little eaglet there. the but it really is just a little t fur ball of cuteness.ess >> whichever one this is mom oro dad roosting not only the new n one but the one that's still yet to hatch should happen sometimes this weekend.nd. eagle watch not over it continues. continu >> it will be great.>> iwill we need names hit us up with w name suggestions #gooddaydc.good we've been getting good ones sod far. >> yeah we have.eah >> thanks store staying with usy for the 10a.r tha we're celebrating -- we'll talkl about the eagle and get youndety really good pictures we're keeping an eye on the camera. the eagle hatched a few hours ago. dad brought in breakfast littlel bit ago.bit we saw fish in the nest that'ses how they do it. dot >> he'll probably going out to o get more >> he's got a full belly now. >> you got kids you got to get more food. food. you got to feed everybody else.s >> annie yu has the details forr us covering the story and joinsi us live from the national nio arboretum once again. i thought earlier when you said we got that first peek of theofe baby popping out all of a sudde
10:03 am
the nature world, the bird worlr started celebrating. >> of course.e. >> reporter: i kid you not. not as soon as we saw the beak and d the fur ball just kind of of emerging out of the eggshell, eh birds everywhere were chirping.n i saw two to three birds flyingn tree tree. tre it was almost as if they werethw doing birth announcements it was a beautiful site.e. really nice to see.o and really being out here at tht national arboretum it is just st gorgeous out here. i can't emphasize that enough. g not only is the weatherthweather cooperating, but there's a a flight breeze, you're surrounden boy nature and we experienced ae lot of the beauty of navy justns moments ago.ments a if you look beyond there, beyony this mountain here, that's where the nest sits. and it's actually high up on tulip popular tree which isic i about 110 feet tall. and the nest itself guys is 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide, an, the director was telling us thau the birds just kind of add to to the nest and it just gross. but the baby came out of theut f eggsel
10:04 am
morning. morn we've been watching the cameratr since then.sinc mom has been keeping the babyaby warm.warm mr. president went out huntin hi and brought back some fish somef breakfast for them.t fot let's take peek in the nest and. momma still chilling that justhh on top of her baby. bab and there's a second egg in there as well.ther w so the eaglet if you weren't lucky enough to catch a glimpsee looks like a little grace fuzz e ball very small you can see the beak.ak. mom keeping her warm or him warm, and the parents are really, the dad has been kind oo coming and going and it's so its nice to see them both sort ofh s over locking the nest andest a they're admiring their baby. the you almost wonder what they'red' thinking like momma saying, youy know, hey, honey it look justk like you or, hey, it has your feathers.atrs okay. bad eagle jokes there but here'r the deal. i'm not sure what dad was doingd during the full emerging procesp of eagle number one, but whetheh he was like watching from far or out hunting but he's been cominm and going like i mentioned and he brought back fish not too n t long ago
10:05 am
what i find so fascinating ising that eaglets are able to eato e fish almost mom does not regurgitate to feee i thought that was fascinating g the eaglet appears to be healthy as you can we're not sure if yet if the mem or female. or fem we're told at six weeks they'lll conduct a blood test toes determine the gender, but rightt now they're waiting for thehe second egg to hatch so they canc sort of compare the two and seed who is bigger because apparentll size difference kicks in rightnn away. so really interesting stuff. and i heard you guys talk aboutt names at the top there.. the name selection process thect public will be able to be abl involved in that and that dateth is april 11 many. m so the national arboretum alonga with some other folks are going to be releasing some names foref you and you can actually log on through twitter and social media and help in the process. pro very similar to the panda naminn back to you in the studio.tudi >> hey, annie, you know whatow w those birds when you doing whenn you saw them flying around? >> what?>> what? >> tweeting. >> were they -- tw
10:06 am
>> interpret tweeting.g. >> wisdom, that's terrible birdr joke. >> you're welcome annie.'re >> he's been working oh and thad joke all morning. >> since 4:25.:25. >> exactly. >> that is so sad if he was so working on that all morning log long. >> you're welcome.ou >> annie he's a good friend.d if you have a bad joke there's always somebody come along withw a worse one to make you feele ul better. he did it for you, annie. a. >> i thought you were giving mee compliment but now i don't think so. >> you never know what's going o happen. >> you never know.ou n >> meanwhile give me that cigarg back. you don't deserve de >> thanks annie.nn speaking of new rivals spring ig supposed to be here this weekene but mother nature might bee little mixed because we're talking about snow this weekende tucker is downstairs in thetaire weather center with all thent details on hey, tuck.hey, >> we're celebrating down here w as well. that little eaglet is sot is beautiful i just want to -- owe -- cam come in. >> what happened?ne >> it's so beautiful. >> tucker -- >> and now your joke has beenasb elevated because their joke wask so bad.
10:07 am
>> circle of life. cir >> get out of here kev.he k i got to do weather. wth had to carry the segment an a extra 30 seconds. s let's go to the forecast.ecas looking at very nice friday andd yes, we are talking about snowga on the first day of spring.g. not expecting whole lot in theon way of accumulation but a couple inches possible by early seasonn day morning.orning. 57 now in washington. again we're looking at mid 60s d think afternoon.eron clear skies out there.s out thee should be beautiful day. day. our next storm system taking tak shape out into parts of kansas, oklahoma, nebraska there outhere towards wichita.towards wichita i see the snow that will get wig some energy across the northernn gulf and push in our regionureg later tomorrow, tomorrow night and sunday.and ay. looks like it starts with atas period of rain around here byerb saturday evening and by sundayun morning, it will transition oveo to wintry mix for parts of the and again there could be lighteg accumulations especially to thel north and west where we'll havel the coldest air in place and get into some of those higherhose hg elevations perhaps couple of co inches of snow.f mid 60s and breezy conditionsoni today. toda want to fast forward to theorrdt weekend and again first day ofiy sprin
10:08 am
notice the cool temperatures.. highs only about 40 and again a like al period of snow aroundron here or at least wintery mix by early sunday morning. mni as far as accumulations, sues, s will have the late at the time t for you at 5:00 o'clock and gweg to in it and caitlyn tomorrowtlt morning. we'll continue to monitor thatia storm system as get into the i weekend much that's the latestas from down here. sorry for my cheesy celebration. >> tucker.ucke >> your joke didn't fly.jokeidn' >> you just brought yourselft bo back down. back you're're welcome. >> there you go.. >> see, you were actually abovea and now --n >> now you just brought it allhl down again.dogain >> back down.>>down >> 10:08 is our time right now.. thankfully we're moving oni to see what is trending this thi morning.rnin. first up, brackets busted.te the first round of the ncaaa tournament delivered someived s stunning upsets. one of them yale beating baylory yale 79-75 victory marks thehe team's first tournament win since 1962.2. the number 12 bulldogs upset fifth seed baylor bustingyl
10:09 am
20% of people picked yale out of 13 million who fill out bracketk one of those was brody logan byg the way. w >> his is perfect. i had yale but brody was perfe perfect. >> 878,000 are still perfect. ap for those keeping track that'sha only about 6% but the big story that everyone talking about thit morning is baylor's post gamendn view. it went went viral take a look. >> how does yale out rebound baylor?yl? >> um, you go up and grab therab ball off the rim when it comes s off and you grab it with twoh hands and you come down with iti and that's considered a reboundu so they got more of those thanht we did. >> i love that. that. >> i love that.>>ove >> i wouldn't if he did on did purpose he looked so serious.ero >> he nail it. n >> he is a hundred% serious. ses >> that is brilliant. >> i love that response.ov r and he by the way had two clutcu three pointers at the game endld game. almost won the game for baylor.y >> the answers we give w
10:10 am
we're not on tv.n what do you want your team to t do. >> score more baskets. sre m >> i want to know what theant follow up question was to that.t that's how you end a press aress conference. you want to ask me a dumb a question i'll give you a dumbivd answer. >> yale shot out of their mine.m they shot 53% from the field and out rebounded baylor 36-32 likek steve said he scored 28 points2i and grabbed four rebounds rou himself that interview will govg down as one of the most memorable post game interviews in college hoops history.isry >> our hero. our her >> yes, yes, yes.>>, ye now that yale is on to the nextx round they'll have to passerbyy beloved duke blue devilse blue s tomorrow and with two of the most hated schools about to gobt head to head we're okay with ok you better believe the jokes were flying on yale versus duke in one picture. >> i can't see it. >> i can't owe.>> >> and will should yale duke end in a dye. bmw to the windsor
10:11 am
those are all hilarious.ilarus even a duke alum think that isht pretty funny. ncaa tournament is stressfultrsf time for arizona coach sean miller check out his shirt.hi bless his heart in this picture taken during the first half ofs yesterday's match up against agn wichita state.te miller's shirt is completelyompt soaked for good reason wichitanw led arizona 31-19 at the half.. still wisely miller swappedrwa shirts for a fresh one at the at break. brea >> didn't help.>> >> it didn't help.t di't h williams we used to work aboutkt gary williams sweating through this suits. >> that's a lot of pes pir race. >> the other big upset was was little rock over >> double overtime game.ertim gm i'll not be surprised honestlyon if there were a lot of bigig celebrations on k street for tht duke yale game.e ge. >> absolutely.>> a >> big alumni group.lumngro >> not normally watch.. >> big alumni groups.. >> you can't be running around like that.lit >> he needs to put on t-shirt.-t >> under his shirt. >> t-shirts cool you off.rts oly
10:12 am
>> this is what happens whenns your team doesn't go one-seven. >> is that right? i never swean like that.ev tha >> okay. >> maybe if you were a coach iye that worked, you would.ou w >> you know what -- kw w >> in the game. ithe >> you all are laughing rightauh now. if i'm here with you guys nextt year, we'll see how things >> where you going?? >> we want to be the bulletin board material. >> i may win the lottery, you t never know.hener kn >> we pretty much no. n >> next year we'll see.ll >> still ahead the passion tylet perry will join us live with avw sneak peek at a new life music musical. >> first we're diving into celebrity dish. it isce 10:12.0: we'll be right b now about that t-shirt --rt- >> ♪
10:13 am
10:14 am
♪ ♪
10:15 am
♪ that is so cute. omg. before we get to celebrity issui introduce new into internetinrn celebrity. check this little pig out. out huge fan of rihanna's new jamam work. wo you can see why. that is hysterical.l. i didn't think i could see anything cuter than the baby eaglet. i don't know, that might be up there. (laughter). >> awww. >> i would love to know weretoww this pig is trying to do g do you really?ly >> i think i do. >> secretly i think i do want tt
10:16 am
isn't that's little disturbing.. >> it's celebrity dish time.bryh >> serve it up.erve it u >> since we're on rihanna's's music let's talk bee rihanna. she denies there's a rivalry riv between her and beyonce' she dis this during her inter vow for vw the april cover of voguee magazine.zine now rumors of competitionrsm between the two super stars s swirled after beyonce' row he'sed her hit formation as rihanna dropped her long delayed eighth album anti. a the singer told vogue quote thee just gets so excited to feast os something that's negative negatv something that's competitive ".i >> i believe that actually.ieve we love to make rivalries andsnd they don't exist. >> there are none. t >> more news out of the mew zigz world. madonna pulled a young womanng from the crowd during her australian concert and exposednp one of her breasts in front ofnn an audience of thousands.. >> her >> the young ladi' breasts ias believe.beli tmz posted this still of thehe 17-year-old girl on stage withgt madonna seconds before having hn her breast exposed.ed tmz is reporting there ise i
10:17 am
to commit indecent assault whici is touching someone indecentlyly without their consent. the girl who had her breast exposed by madonna is calling it the best moment of my life. my l >> she's not going to press n gi charges no big deal. >> the good news she was only 2 minutes late for this show. thio maybe she learn a lesson showini 2.5 hours late for concerton earlier in the week.. >> okay. that's bizarre.. >> it's madonna.. >> maybe that young lady was a >> maybe she's a model orbe she something and liked thethin attention and people know who ii am. >> move on.. >> exactly. >> let's move on to singer egg guy azalea opening up about thee toll stress took on her in 2015. she told a magazine she canceled her tour because she felt tirede and stressed out. she blamed her mental anger and feeling vilified by the mediall she made countless headl
10:18 am
2015 but was unpressure for homophobic tweets.weet 25-year-old is now focusing onig her wedding to basketball playea nick young. >> former wizard.izard. >> swaggy pete.y p current laker. and working on highly anticipated second album titled digital distortion.. >> i mean look you wantyou wa celebrity you get celebrity.. >> that's right.ig be careful what you wish for. wh >> that's right. that' >> that goes for hooking up witi swaggy pete, too.oo. he watches tv he may come get mg if i say something bad. >> wisdom and i were wizards wir game and he was a foot away from i thought wisdom maybe havingben words with him.wo he likes to challenge the media. >> tell swaggy pete to come onye in the loft. l >> wis is willing to take you on. >> it will be good. it he's used to sitting on the side lines. >> oh! >> fighting words. fig >> fighting words. >> swaggy pete he put it out p t that. th come on inform another rapperrmh ki
10:19 am
50-cent has announced that heout will be host agnew variety shows on a and e featuring sketches,kc stand up, reality experiments,x, what are reality experiments,er, aren't all experiments really ep reality.real music, celebrity guests and more. mo in addition to hosting 50 will i be behind the scenes as an as a executive producer.cer this isn't the rapper's first tv venture he contributes to 50-cent presents and the starr series power his last -- he last released an album back in present 2014. >> i honestly think died is >> i do too.>>o >> i saw 60 minute piece on himh once. >> did you? >> he's a smart guy.>> he's a >> he was in here years ago anda he talk more about business plans.s business ventures than did hetue about music. >> exactly.. >> for him to not have music out in so long he's stayed relevantt witness stunts with the moneytsw and now this.d kudos to you. >> great business mind.sin >> he knows exactly what he's doing. oprah winfrey celebrating herinh weight loss by giving you tips p on just how she dropped thosese pou
10:20 am
fellow weight watcher followerss oprah revealed you shall think s of weight loss as lifestyleif change instead of a diet. she says that is the key toey t success.ccess. she also says you should eatat more seafood like salmon and sea bass. she suggests you replace noodlel with healthier options like spas get too squash. squas and if you live for potatoes try combining them with cauliflower. and according to o make sure yoy drink more >> there's nothing revolutionarl there.. >> look, i love oprah. i love anybody who keeps keeps themselves in shape and losesnds weight. weig >> yes. >> but when you buy a company ca like wait its weight watchers wt and constantly tell people howow successful it is so you can makk more money off of it, is that a good thing.good >> no.>> >> but is it, steve. steve. >> is it really.>> is it reall >> i'm just saying if you toldso me this, wis, you lost like 30ik pounds, this is what i did. that's i was m but she's gettint the more she does the more monem she gets. g >> it's still a brilliantrint
10:21 am
>> a brilliant even if she would have come oute and said -- she's gained and lost weight many times.y tim she would have been finallyin figure it out for me real for me it would have seem more -- i don't know. >> less preach chi. preh c >> she comes across littleittl preach chi show we love her.w wr he might be super man but henryy calf val isn't superuper the actor walked around new york city earlier this week dressed d in super man t-shirt and he says no one even noticed.ed he posted little hilarious video of the incident.. batman versus super man dawn off justice captioned it deer doubter, the glasses are good gd enough.. a joke about clark kent simple disease. di kevin mccarthy has interviews hr with all of the stars of thee sf movies those kick off on monday. ben affleck right out of the ouf gate on good day at 10a. >> okay.>>y >> i think it's one of thosef t things if you saw him you justou don't realize, surely
10:22 am
henry calf and not wearing a super man t-shirt. >> walking a round new york n everybody looks like super man.. >> if he claims down here inerei clarksburg and walk around he might seem celebrity. >> two celebrities wisdom martin and henry calf val.. >> we'll check in on what's on a happening in the d.c. region att good day at 10a continues.onties did we mention we have tylerha l perry.pey. >> yes, tyler perry, too. t good show today. ♪ i do everything on the internet, but it's kinda slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest, but i thought it would be too expensive. who's that, jenny? no kate. turns out they have a deal that cost me even less than my slow service. and it's 100 megs. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds.
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10:25 am
we brought you at the top oy the show zero years us in comin out northwest d.c. police are investigating disturbingturb allegations of a rape at sidt well friends school.choo we mind find melanie alnwick awi this morning life with brand ned details. details. mel. >> reporter: guys. this is pretty shockin shockingk i have it from a good sourced su that this alleged rape happenedp in the athletic center bathroom. and we know this is reportedor around 2:34 -- excuse me it was reported at 11:00 o'clock1:00 oc wednesday evening but it wast said to have happened around 2:34 in the afternoon.. if that is the case, and if school dismissed at 3:15 as thee school website says it does onoo most wednesdays, then that would mean that this was a very busyys and active campus at the time tt that this alleged rape was saids to have occur. certainly brings up a lot ofaot questions there.quons th no w
10:26 am
the school is on spring breakak today.da it is possible that its calendar make altered and maybe school so dismissed earl until day.til day we just don't know.'t the school is not commenting on that. but what we can tell you as fary as the details go this was between two students at thes ate school, a mail and a female, said to be in their upper teenst so around 16, 17 years old.. and police tell us that had hesa did have a prior sexuall relationship but the alleged all rape that happened here to this young girl was absolutely not consensual.nsen. those are the words from them te d.c. police report. sid well friends not commenting on this. they did give us a statement. st let me read it to you. y it says that it is long standind policy of sid well friendsends school to cooperate fully withh any law enforcementw enforc investigation. it's also our policy not to t comment on such investigations.a so, again, we did go back too that school spokesperson, askedk if they could confirm whetherrm
10:27 am
time of this alleged rape.. no response so f live in northwest, melanie man alnwick, back to you. you >> disturbing story there.y tre >> very. >> who is going on in athletic area.area. disturbing.urbi all right. more on that as the detailsdetal become available as melanie hase been doing all morning long. ken 10:27.> 1 coming up next tyler perry willw join us live. he's producing this weekend's's epic tv music event the bag. he gives us a preview straightth ahead as the number one good day at 10a continues.oinu ♪ ♪
10:28 am
we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ it's an epp pink tv musicalical event this palm sunday and itdai will happen right here on fox5.f e'
10:31 am
live musical that tells the 2,000-year-old story of the lasl hours of the jesus christ's livv on earth through passages from the bible and contemporary cte popular music and the man behinb the all super star producer extraordinary tyler perry joinsi us live from new orleans whereww the musical will take place. pla thank you very much for joining us this morning and this is arnn huge undertaking.ndtaking tell us first of all why you you decided to do this. >> well, for me i was broughtro into the project.into the pro i was asked to come and host ant narrate it.narrat it was the producer who's done's this in the netherlands forandsr years, and fox decided that doto it so i'm along for the ridehe it's to the really my show.y i'm along for the ride which i'h so excited about because when in was told it was going to be neww orleans and i was told we were e telling the story of jesus christ in modern day times, so s that people can understand it, i was blown away by it and when i read this stat made me si ya.siy a lot of millennials have nevern heard of this story that isry ta
10:32 am
to be part of that is really rll phenomenal. >> tyler when do you movie you can do multiple takes and make d sure you get it exactly how youy want it to be. nt it can be perfect much this ishi live and you're going throughngr the streets of new orleans.rlea can you just talk about the massiveness of trying to putingp something like this altogetherot and how you can pull somethinglm like this off.. >> well, again, it takes lot ofl practice arc lot of rehearsal. r a lot of rehearsal. and a lot of fame and hope thatt everything comes together. t but you hire the right t you hire the right people which fox has done and i feel likeeel it's going to be just incredib incredible. and there are a lot of movinge parts. it is a life.a it is l but you roll with it. you make it your best.. >> you're telling the right ther story for faith to be on yourn y side. i will say that. but -- >> york right. york right. >> right. >> right. >> but in terms of the pressure for this to succeed fox just did grease l it was hugely successful.. so do you and the cast feel that as the --
10:33 am
that?? >> i don't know if the produceru are feeling that for me, no n absolutely not. n i don't go anything feelinging f pressure of something else. when i go and i do i do my do absolute best and and and surveillance ren to it and ind i don't let a lot of other thingsg in you set your sell up for for disappointment or failure whenhe you go with that at to yu i'm going into the passion justi knowing i'm going here to do myo absolute best and that's it.. >> tyler, what do you think it,h is about a film like this that resonates? we're seeing otherio faith based films coming outd fm around this time. t why do you think that people are interested in this story that at loft us do know but as you said millennials may not know, why dd you think this is the right timt for this? >> because we're looking forse hope. there's so much negativity andgy we're distracted by everything right now. now everything. there's so much negativity in in politics, in the press, in so i think it's great to have to some balance and people areple looking for things that make use feel good and lift us and and
10:34 am
so that's why i think thes thin passion is so powerful. that's wyeth this faith basedthb movement is on the rise because we're looking for something positive and looking for hope.or >> and we are looking foreor something positive and hope andh you talked about negativity.ut t i've got to bring this up.o briu you've been in the news latelyse because apparently there's a alleged feud with you and oprahh can you talk at all about that?t what's going on? >> yeah, that's another thing si sad not one thing in that article is true. not one thing. thing. which is shock to go me that t people can print things thatng there's nothing -- nothing --ot that's t only prann i were just talk weal talk almost every other day. oer we were just together last weeke when she came down to celebratea with me at the studio and i hadd a situation i'll tell you thisot really quick with her reallyck told mow how -- i always knew ww were friend.ied. i knows she cared greatly forrey me. we got off the phone week ago we and she thought she hung up theg phone and i was in the car andie new her car and didn't know how to turn off the phone and she'ss having a conversation about howt great it's been working with me with her friend how much we love
10:35 am
phone and i'm saying hello, hlo hello. you didn't hang up the phone. he so it's awful that people willpl try to start that but friendshii is solid and it's great and thed shows are doing amazing. amazing all of that's a lie. >> glad to hear.o h we're looking for more from youm and her. an i know you've got the wonderfulw shows on own.ow o we're looking forward to seeings how that relationship continuesi to grow and more great productso from the two of you. >> absolutely. >> i have a question. >> they will because one thingse that was always important wasims our friendship and that is stils paramount above everything.veth >> as we talk about the passioni again coming this sunday it'sdai got lot of big names in it. i definitely has real star power.w since you're on the insideside there, can you kind of give us s heads up, is there any the particular part of this story p that you just really think is is going to be the most memorablete part that people are going to t remember from sunday? >> for me all the performancesee will be amazing from j he havee an carlos playing
10:36 am
lanta adams to seal to triciao a year wood, prince royce.ce. daute. they'll be mazing the thing moss moving for me 20-foot crossfooto coming from the super dome ae a place we saw all those faces of despair during hurricane katrina being replaced with faces ofac hopes and love and that cross is like a prayer being lifted uplif for the town and for the country and for me i'm just -- i'm'm inspired by it.sped by >> i love that. i just got chills hearing that.t i really did. >> we love talking to looking forward to it sundayfo right here on fox5. we have a pretty new studio here we call the loft.heof if you're ever and want to visiv tire tyler perry the loft, l you're well cup.l c >> tyler perry the loft, i'm in. >> hopefully we'll see in you d.c. thanks for joining us in the j meantime. >> the bag sunday march 20 andad right here on fox5.right >> very cool. >> that's exciting.ting i think it will be good.k it i'm looking forward it to.rd i i wasn't totally sol at firstt i but after talking to him -- i h don't know. don't >> i'm glad he addressed
10:37 am
hope particular thing. we were apprehensive to ask. it's been mazing twitter and a facebook people adding so muchgm into it. you heard from it the man itse itself. >> they were wrong.>> that's mazing. isn't tyler perry really shockeo that people make things up.hi >> come on listen, empire meetse idol. the stars of the fox hit guestst started on the reality show last night. it gets ready for mid season s come back at the end of the of month. mont empire that is.empi meanwhile it was the end of thee line though for another idol hopeful.ful check it out. ♪ >> dim the lights.ight here we government judges, whoue will take that final spot in the top five tonight? >> both beautiful so that was hard for us.. but we would like to see sonikan come back next
10:38 am
>> with to 15-year-old tristanrn mcintosh was he will limb nailei last night.ight the number of hopefuls narrowedd from six to five.o fiv one of these five people will be your next and last american id idol. you can see them perform ande eo fine out who will advance to the top four next thursday rightt ta here on fox5. fox >> it's getting good. goo we still have a lot more for yof on the 10a. up next, like terry perry saidad something you have to take theyt good with the bad and laughbad u about it. get ready to laugh coming up next. comedian fab low francisco iscoi with us.with maybe he'll do an impression ofn two. we can talk him night. >> he's doing tough guy right now.
10:39 am
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>> his shows are sold out from a melbourne to amsterdam. pablo francisco is online, youtube, a crush of fans on social media. definitely sees the worldree ru through fun house glasses and wings his observations to the or d.c. improv this weekend muchkeh here's here in the loft.ere the >> how are you. >> are you in good hands with allstate, septi cons andep con transformers usually become ane ability with all star.ta sometimes you more than into ayo mini cooperu or missile that's my all start guy. i'm working on him today. today. >> are you working on anythingkn glimpse trying to get mark wahlberg. mark wahlberg is in every movie. hey, man, how you doing? you dy doing good, huh? i'm out breath
10:42 am
huh? how you doing.. >> i'm surprised he doesn't d element row school announcements what's going on corbinn elementary.elementary. you do good? sounds very good.o >> i'll work it in. iwork being figure out something. >> you know what follows for you because you do the impression oe the move 53 guy voice yourself l you can set up your own impressions. >> this summer arnoldsummer schwartzing in gary is getting ouch, my back. i'll be back. >> mark wahlberg. heyman you doing o >> and chris rock. >> what's the done.e i don't understand this.t i don't even understand whyen u white boys doing i don't get it. >> you can switch and make movie you want to. >> do you ever feel like you'reu having too much conversations going on at the same time. at >> you don't want to go to a strip club you're tipping lot. >> hey, hey.ey, hey. >> go to the com dough club thec first. you're in town doing i think i five shows this weekend.his w >> tomorrow is sol sol o tickets available tonight and tt sunday. but you're also trying somethins knew this time aund >> we're going to try to takeak some cartoons, you know, and --
10:43 am
i figure this time why not justt add some more pizzazz to itt we'll put cartoons into it. it and we're going to give it aveta shot this weekend. wke you want to see cartoons andtooa comedy put together come on do down. >> you'll do another special a coming out next year, later this year. year. >> we'll film it next month.ilm it will be called cartoon carter i figure do it that kind of way and we'll make fun of the bounty >> he's a convicted felonctedel doesn't have the right to votee but has of right to come to your house and spay mace in yourn y face. he look like a barbie dollarbieo thrown in the drier. der >> pablo was hanging out a short time ago while we were talkingwl with tyler perry, eagle watch.ah you're focusing on everythingve around you. is that how you get your g material. ma >> i write it on my hasn't. >> i was going to call you outo for you. i didn't know water written down there. >> trying to figure out this fis one. do old people use viagra so thet don't roll off the bed. the b that kind of thing.hi that's one joke. joke. we got all the ideas usually u from the paper or just, you know, your friends relationships
10:44 am
stuff. it goes right there on the handh >> you got -- i won't say youror star.sta the life of a comedian starts ii paul places.laces. >> right. >> you were on fox. you w >> i was for while. for whi >> i was on fox and wrote for nfl films for while and justust basically became --ec >> you wrote for nfl films as comedian.comedian >> no. >> i miff those episodes.e epsoe >> back in the day. d during the hall of fame days. dy >> the tundra.a yeah. basically it's a hobby that t turns into a it's like youtube was it did worked for me. i like youtube karaoke star. sta it's a lot of fun. >> the way internet is with i w youtube and everything also,ryts people come to so you come too see in you comedy club.. using giving a great show. gr s if you get something good i goti to put this on youtube too.. >> be very selective a lostve as people put themselves on tv -- youtube for stupid thing much make it interesting and make it fun and get your 15 minutes ofes fame real everyone has got a shot at it.ta
10:45 am
nail impersonation to the point you can do it in public.doin >> sometimes it takes sometimes it takes a long. takel chris rock took forever. i called my friend up what's tht deal jennifer lopez. keep doing that. that. dennis harper came really quick. >> five minutes or five days.te >> you hear something. s a now star comes out or you havh like a list of established stars you're like some day i'll get tt this one?is one? >> sometimes you have to go bach in time. we got michael j. fox.el j.ox i like to do that, you know, doc, you know, sounds like a horn. honk honk there you go.eryou new one is been know sans. he's that little eagle because c he look locate a baby bird. b bock much that's new one.s new e that's a visual.. >> baby eagles here today.. >> little bernie sanders bock.oc >> do you do any politicaldo anl stuff. >> no. sometimes i'm trying -- i'mm working on trump but stay huge, okay, you got to say you're fire but then i'm supposed to be taking over the apprentice sont you're terminated. ter there you go. g make the joke little bit bettert if do you the
10:46 am
people do.peop >> with the way this electionleo cycle is going you have wealthea of material. >> it will be fun.>> it will b >> always good to see you my friend. >> thank you very much. >> check him out at the improveo >> always good to see you right on brother.onther >> ought some. thanks lot.than >> love it, love it, love it. 0: 10:46. coming up next, he's behind some of my favorite jams of the '90's legendary r and b singer keithrk sweat is we'll catch up with him right hr after the break.afte still looking good.oking od oh, man, that's my jam.yam ♪
10:47 am
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♪ all right. pinch me someone.pi our next guest hasnc that quitea few albums go platinum and manym hit songs topping the r and b ad charts over the years, don'trs stop your love, make you sweat, make it last forever, if youf missed him last night at the
10:50 am
howard theater he has another show tonight but first legendarn r and b singer keith sweat is it joining us live in the loft andd we're playing his new song good love. love keith sweat.sweat. such an honor and a pleasure too meet you he got the white and ad black memo. >> i'm good.ood >> oh, my good he is in. me i am completely blown away right as i was telling moo people i don't know how many of us didn'n grow up with your music it wast all of orison tracks for a longl peer of time.r of do you feel like legend. >> do i feel like -- i feel like i been blessed to do this forhis long time. a lot of people say livingg legend. legend i don't know what is a livingisl legend. le >> you. >> i just enjoy doing what i don that's all.'s a >> you enjoy doing the old musim just as much as the new music. s i know you have new stuff whichi we'll talk about.l talk abo >> as long as the new music as feels like the old music, youuso know, but i enjoy doing old music because that's whatt's wha everybody wants me to do, and ad people get very excited when iee do the old music. >>
10:51 am
the old mewing is you're talkini about loves songs or -- o-- >> yeah. the love songs. >> sounds, new sound you were sy credited with helping to develop. >> as long it feels like it, asl long as it has the for play inn it. it. >> oh, yes. yes, sir.yes, s >> the for play, the emotion.. a lot of songs that come outome today don't seem like they have that emotion.. the lyric content like -- it's ' like the beat is good then theye don't care what the lyric isics saying. sayi my music came out it was more m like i'm listening to what he's saying.. the hook men something, the lyrics men something as well asa the music. the so many artists nowmu it's justj about the beat.t. you were really talking to us. u when you said make it last l forever, and you're listening tg those words it takes you it max you say i'm in this'm moment and this man is talking to me. m brothers didn't like you thought because they were like look whah he's doing. he's got all our ladies lovingov him. >> a lot of brothers did like ml because they didn't have to say anything.anyt they just put the song on. (laughter).r) >> wisdom is co
10:52 am
there.ere >> all they had to do was putdos the music on. i'll let keith say what i haveey to say but i'm glad he's not not here. here. >> let's talk about the newe ne song, got the new single good g love doing very very well.l. >> yes. >> let's talk about that. t >> good love, youal know, just nice tempo.. nice lyrics.. nice up. feel good >> i'm listening.>> i'm lis >> i didn't want to go to thegoe slow songs yet.slow s i got those on the album as youa know the beg and pleading andada the crying is on the album but i just want to go with mid tempo o feel good, for play, making love type of groove.e. >> okay.>> o >> frankly beverly type of typ groove. >> we'll have the full gamut onl an album i'm hoping.'mop is there one in the works? whee is it coming out. it ming out. >> it's coming out the first the week of june.une. june 3rd. >> any title yet.ny tit >> dressed to impress.ress >> dressed to impress.ed t we know you're always lookingsoo super fly. f anything beyond that? the meaning behind dress to impress. >> first thing you see when a w man see as woman or woman see as man t
10:53 am
presentation.presentation. >> right. >> and the presentation is thent outer part before they get toet know the inn are in part. p so, you know, you have to dressd to impress.. >> okay. >> if i want to meet a woman i'm like i go put on my best, give g me best look, i might be a dog but --but (laughter).. >> first thing she going to sees he look like a nice young >> i want to you talk to theto menotti here real quick.uick because i find a lot of women w complain that chivalry is dead.s that men aren't doing the thingg they used to do and coming fromd you, the man who set the stage s for this is how you treat aou tt lady, this is how you woo ha he, school the young begins or notnn so young begins >> that goes both ways, you ws, know, it just doesn't -- it's -- just not from the man's point ot view but it has to be from the t woman's point of view too as well. it goes both g chivalry is not dead. inot dea you know, and i'm going to giveg as much as the woman is going tt give back. >> very true. t >> so i mean, if you want me t
10:54 am
treat you like a woman treat mee like a man >> amen. i heard that.i hear you're also on the radio because people listening to talk like l that beautiful baritone youe sound amazing.ze you're on the radio so have youe sinned indicated sho >> you have my sinned indicatede show. i'm at 57 marcus on the radio. . >> you've been doing this for ts while. >> at least eight years.least >> wow. you like it? >> yeah.>> yea i love women calling me too apologize.ogiz. (laughter).ter) >> calling me to --allingto - >> apologize for what. >> for the things they do to tn they men. not me. not me. >> i was going to say, what didi you do?you >> yeah. >> you know, apologize.gize confess and i get to play theyhe maintenance man. >> oh. o >> when all is not well at homee i get to may the maintenanceainn men. >> you're mening fences.ou're bringing people together.t >> i love that.he>>th >> i know. kno we love it, too. t the show oh night you had oneoud last night very successful yousl said you had a fun doing that.nt one tonight what can folksan f expect?expe >> hear all the hits. h make it last forever. fev how deep, don't stop your love. twisted, nobody. nob the new song. i mean, you know, they get tohet
10:55 am
i love playing with >> you tell jokes? tell jokes? >> all the time.ll t tim >> you're kidding? >> all the time.>> allhe t >> i wouldn't peg you for that.a were you okay. >> i get to make the fellas madm at i get to, you know, if you -- y- your relationship is kind of isd messed up and not doing well, i get the mend somebody'seby' relationship tonight. t we're running out of time. tim you work with llg. l anyone you want to with you wh think about having a future group with -- >> i've always said i like toys work with the old -- the legendary artisting like the lionell ritchies or stevier stei wonders or people hike that.eha i work with chris brown and, you know, august so it's kind oft'no like, you know, but i still likl to go back and warning work witw those artists from back in thean >> we appreciate you doing whatu you're doing. because we love theyo music anda you're keeping it fresh with new single. sing good love and new album coming n out. thank you mr. keith sweat forat stopping by making all of ourf dreams come true right here inht
10:56 am
that's where you saw him. y saw >> thanks again. a >> thank you soap.>> >> guys, back over to you.o you. >> awesome. a such great memories.emie >> just read the phone book.adoo that voice. i'm sitting here by the fireplace somebody give me abode blanket so i can just snuggle in. >> spoken word wealth of material out there.alo >> right. >> it's awesome. it's awesome. >> thank you, sir.hank >> we want to give a few suitese we asked towsend in your best b egg let names before we go and o we love this. king von jr., liberty ander a justice.ste. >> next. >> is larry bird since eagle ise a bird.a . >> okay.>> oka >> that's kind of -- that made your joke sound better.ter >> slap shot and screech.nd see >> that's a good one. o >> i like it. >> yeah. >> let's see.>> let's washington and a little washington historyn iso er we know that. >> why not? all right. not allr keep them coming in the meantimt we hope everybody had a as fantastic weekend. think has been a great week on e good day.ay lots of people in the studio,
10:57 am
lots of feedback from the viewers. >> bye everybody. passion with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't
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the spring home event is happening now. from classic to contemporary, havertys.
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