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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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and cold air kicks off the cherry blossom festival but will it warm up in time for peak f p bloom? the news at 6:00 startsr now. no ♪ thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00. 6:00 i'm jim lokay in for tony perkins.perk >> i'm shawn yancy. shawncy drum in that washington, d.c. >> hey, hey, ho, ho -- >> brand of hate this kind ofnd scapegoating of marginalized --d >> dozens of protesters lined the streets today as the controversial gop presidentialst frontrunner visited the nation'' capitol. capi trump toured the site of his of future hotel in northwest gave a speech to probe he is rail is lobbying group. gup alex limon starts us off tonig tonight. alex, were those protestsrehose peaceful and it sounds likeounde they're still going on tonight. >> reporter: well, actually, acl one person actually just got arrested. you can see very large group off protesters out here and they are protesting both apec as well asl donald trump scheduled to speaks shortly inside of the conventioo now a group of these protesters actually faced
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down on the police asked them to get up anda move. they refused to do so.. then police brought in these the additional barriers to sort ofot block the protesters fromers f getting any closer to the front entrance of the convention andin shortly after that, one person r was arrested.ed but this has remained peaceful.u other than that one event. now, there could be a secondarya protest that actually happensy n inside the convention because a group of rabbis is encouragingng those who are attending to get g up and walk out when donaldonald trump takes the stage because of the comments he's made in the te past about israel.. now take a look at video from earlier today when several dozen people both supporters andrtersa protesters were outside of the old post office building inuild downtown d.c. where the newhe donald trump hotel is scheduledl to open later this year. y donald trump held a pressss conference at that locationt l
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that showed up wasn't a huge one, not as big as the one here at apec but there were strong sr opinions and heated back and forth debates between trumps bem supporters and protesters. >> ku klux klan that show up top donald trump and do robo callsal for him. >> ku klux klan are the democrat party.y. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, donaldd trump has going to! >> trump promotes racism. he's practically selling it. he's campaign with the. he has the clue clucks clan, he has nats cease showing up to his rallies. >> they were shouting andwe wanting to know who wanted to vote for trurempw and a lot oft people on the other side of the street that do not, dorks not ds support the protesters. there's a lot of people that are satisfied to collect welfare and unemployment and not jobs. he's trying to provide jobs for people.le >> definitely over the top.elere i just think
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know. more like reality show candidati than a real presidentialsint candidate. >> reporter: now, all three republican presidentialsideia candidates ted cruz, donaldruz,d trump and john kasich are are scheduled to speak inside of tht aipec convention tonight.. and earlier today, hillary, clinton took the stage and she e used her time basically to rip r into donald trump withoutit actually naming him and she s called his policy on israel dangerously again, out here live now, stilll a large group of protesters as -- inside donald trump is is scheduled to take the stage inhe just a few minutes. reporting live in downtown d.c., alexandra limon fox5 local newsw the protesters didn't seemns to bother the republicanepubca presidential candidate.tialandi you heard alex mentioned he wasa touring the future of his new hotel today.hoteda debate continues on whether orns not trump will eclipse the number of delegates needed todet lock up the gop nomination nomat before the convention inve cleveland in july. trum
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he stands though and he says he is a pretty backup plan.. >> some people are saying we'll' be a at 1450 quite a bit highere we'll see.. i mean, look, hey, the worst w that happens, i go back to thisi which isn't so bad. b you know, not so bad. b but i think we're doing veryoing very well, and i think we willil qualify over that number.r. >> as you heard alex limon say trump will speak before theor american israel public affairsff committee at the verizon centere a little bit later on tonight. fox5 is in fairfax county cu tonight.tonigh a dangerous discovery the campuu of george mason university.nivet three students are under arrestt after police found bomb-makingma materials in a dorm room. r according to court documents dun police raided jefferson hall wednesday night after someoneome reported flames shooting out ofo a window. investigators found a leafy aea green substance lighter fluid and pvc pipe inside.nsid they say the materials werelsere being used to make fire bombs or explosive materials. mater students who live in that dorm m are understandably concerned. >> it'
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the fact no one else on thelse n floor knew about it and if theyf they didn't say anything abouttg it. you know, because explosives ari very very harmful.very ver at least they police caught itt before, upping, something bad could have potentially happened. >> one of the students is charged with possession ofn of bomb-making materials. two others face drug and alcohol charges. take a good look.. dc threes searching for thisrchr burglary suspect.ct he was caught stealing packagese from an apartment building. b as you just saw there theere surveillance video is pretty look at the clothing there, iff you recognize anything policeine want to hear from you.. this incident happened in the 1700 block of 19th street in northwest earlier this month.on again, take a good look.oo loo if you recognize this man,an please call dc police. pic there's a new report outut calling into question the use os tasers by police in maryland.yld baltimore sun reports there hav been 11 deaths caused by taser since 2009.00 in five of them instances thensa victim was hit with the taserasr longer than recommended by theoh manufacturer.factur maryland ranks in the top 15n t1 nationwide for deaths caused by
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tasers nearly 60% of though tho tased described by police as nos compliant and non threatening.ha there's good news tonightgow for howard university hospital.i the water main break that shut s the hospital down today hasod since been repaired.d. a water pipe burst overnight in the basement of the main m hospital building.uildin eight patients from the criticac care unit had to be moved toed t another facility.hecili the emergency room was closed for most of the day, and, and ambulances were diverted toivte other hospitals. all patient appointments were reschedule. i think if there's less's l water in the hospital probably some water, it makes it difficult to, um, take care of patients, because you have toe o wash your hands, you have toave feed patients. and you have to do the general things of cleaning instruments and things like that.ingse th >> i had an appointment to takeo my mammogram.. whole hospital shut down. dow can't even get in there to useho the just have to call to reschedulel my pope appointment edge theyppt said it'
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i don't know. at least they could have callede us and said something.. >> emergency services for walkco in patients will resume ate a 7:00 o'clock tonight.. well president obama is inmi cuba tonight.. >> this a historic day becauseae it's been so many years since uu president has come to cuba.. >> he's the first commander inom chief to visit in nearly arl century.century. ahead at 6:00 tonight a look atk what happened today during the historic and controversial trip to the island nation. hey, sue.hey, sue beautiful day out there.. >> little bit windy, shawn that's correct wind should get n little better especially as thee sun goes down here in shortho while and again another chillyni night. so hopefully you don't have anye plants outside. out. i'd bring them in just to be on the safe side because we'reec headed back down maybe even m e colder than last night.last nig what about the rest of this thi beautiful week? especially wity the cherry blossoms on deck took start we've got some good news in then forecast. it's warmer news as well.s i'll have details for you inn just a few minutes.ew minutes we'll be right back.'ll be rig ♪ ♪
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all right. president obama woke up in cubau this morning for the first fullt day of his historic trip.cri it is the first time in 90 years sitting us president hasresidenh traveled to the country.e cotry today president obama met withih cuban president raul castro.. the men discussed theirn di differceenon human rights and democracy.democracy. despite the historic nature ofu the visit the president's triptp is not without controversy.ontrr and we don't have jordan hereere for no reason jordan fabiania white house correspondent forore the h thanks so much for joining. joii >> thanks for having me.nks >> so much has been made of trii with the united states diplomaco mission to bring the two face nations together. this is just a short trip. three days. d how much work or how much diplomacy do you think will y ti actually happen in these shortns view days.view d >> i think a lot. l this is really symbolic visit.ct a lot of the ground work to breor chipping away at theping t embargo that's been in place for the last years was done in thehe dieseling up to this this is i really about a symbol about abo president
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and try to make it for free and democratic place. >> we are looking at images from what earlier today and we knoweo later on the president and cuban president raul castro had a whaa was supposed to be more a photo op but press conference wherere they made statements. state but it got contentious a littlel bit and especially when we'rene' talking about diplomacy give us a break down of whatn happened. >> cuba and the united statesd e could not be more different whee it comes to human rights and press freedoms on dull display l during president obama's press's conference with raul castro. ctr first of all it's remarkable castro took questions from there american press and then he got g very testy when he was asked about the cuban governmentov rounding up political prisonerss cracking down on free speechpe these are things the presidentnt pushed him on and this is par oa the president's visit that he believes that engagingag with cuba rather than having tht policy of isolation that we'veht had for the last 50 years is tht way to make them change and we e saw that today at that presst p conference.nference. >> let me k
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there. th from your perspective becauseece you cover this, you knew inn advance that this wasn'tsas necessarily a q and a session it was supposed to be statements. >> that's correct.t's correct >> once castro was askedas asked questions especially specifi specifically about prisoners, ps what was his response to that? >> well he really kind of shutno down. down he denies that cuba takeses political prisoners into custody and he has human rights right organizations in this countryn y who say that is the case ands td they have documents to prove ito so he denied that.t. he rolled his eyes at reporteror who's were asking questionsio saying you're asking too manyiny and then at the end of the prest conference he did somethingd met remarkable.rema where he lifted the president'ss arm up in the air as if he had d sort of won a prize bocking boci match or something like that.hig very bizarre.ryizar very contentious press couldn't' friend between these two leaders that don't agree on very much.h. >> that's the reason we've had d so much resistance from so manym cuban americans about this viv.b real quick here i want to changg the page a little bit now thatoa the administration has clearedsc the way for travel to cubao cub directly from the us touristss are lining up
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our produce sr. kimber brown got back from cuba saturday. she joins us now.e joinus n kimber wal was it like? what w did it look like? were youwerey welcome with open arms. arm >> it was very nice.e. many cubans they love they love americans. america they wanted to come up and talkt to us. hug us and we had really great time. ti it wasn't at all as regimented and serious as i expected.xpecte i mean it was like, you know, yo visiting any other country. oerc they really loved americans andd welcomed us there.welcomed us th >> i know we've got pictures of your visitpi if we could show se of them. when you got away from the tourist area these are some ofr the classic cars that folks wann to see downtown havana.avana. when you got away from thefrom t tourist area what was it like. k what did you see?ouee >> a lot of people live in veryv small self families live in one home m at a time. and they all put their moneyhe together and do the best theye can. so the next picture we have thet classic cars everyone the next one i'm going to showoo of cuban homes that many people have. we also went to school. schoo there's a classroom that you're
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it look like just like the classroom we have here and the v library. in the library you noticed there aren't that many books and they need a lot mr. the last picture i have of of myself with some of the kidsmefe there. they were just excited to speakk english and count in numbers ans learn the days of the week.heee it was really great time. time. >> thank you for sharing your sa perspective.peive. we certainly certainlyin appreciate it.appr kimberly brown or 6:00 p.m. producer. jordan fabian thanks forking ini we enjoy your perspective and behind the scenes at whatnotot everyone saw that that presst ps conference today.conf we'll be right back. back.
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i feel like i should beel l singing happy birthday orha someppthing.something >> twitter turns 10-year-old today, can you believe that. >> there you go.>>re social network home page evolvel since the very first tweet.rst t >> hard to believe it's beentoe' that long but were a couple ofeo milestones from 10 years of yeas twitter.r.
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u.s. are a lines happened onn january 15t 15th two to us ninen the miracle on the hudson tookk place.ace. sully sill len berg saved theers lives of unon board. brd the flight was bound foroundor charlotte north carolina frominf laguardia when a few minutes few after take off geese struck andk cripple the engines.engine he got the plane down safely and retired in aviation hero theero following year. >> in january 201 2010 astro tjn the first tweet from outerspace. high twitter verse we are now live tweeting from the nationala space station. sti send your questions. >> november 2012 president obama marking his second presidential win with a tweet which at thechh time back the most retweeted rwt tweet of all >> wow then on april 2013 morere than 27 million tweets were sene out about the boston the world discussed thecussed t bombings, the manhunt fortntort suspects and that hash tag tag boston strong was created.. >> very powerful tool duringl th
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that's for world cup is the biggest sportso event on twitter in 2014 more than 672 million tweets duringet the month long tournament. then there are a couple honorable mentions.s. depends how you look at it. it. caitlin jenner when she joinedoi twitter she reached a million mi followers in less than four thao hours.hours. >> wow that was very very fast.. >> in february 2016, leonardo la dicaprio oscar win sparked a tweet spike of 440,000 tweets tt per minute and broke a recordor previously set during ellen'sll oscar i went back and looked i wantedn thong my first tweet was. w objection twenty seventh,evth 2000 say the. how can voters still ben vo undecided with eight days to go. what are you waiting for to makk up your mind? clearly about the presidential vote. >> i delete the all my backe tweets. >> really. >> the thing was -- can you wasy delete them. >> i may have actually had someu i think i deleted some, too. >> i did that at some point.. probably something very deep and >> ick hi, i'm jim.>> i >> i'm here.'m what is twitter?er?
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>> this is not facebook.ebook >> all right.ll r let's check in with sue palka. sue, no doubt people areple a tweeting and talking about the cherry blossoms. >> in fact i got great picturere on twitter in a minute. 2008, shawn, go way.. wait to be on save of the trend. 2013 i got on because they saidi get on twitter, would you? oh,o okay much what's that? any wayw we're looking at video that we t shot today down at the tidal tid basin. you can see those strong windsow and the update is while we are definitely shooting some of thef trees that were in bloom most of the trees are not blooming yetoe but they are still on target too begin the process of peakingea wednesday and thursday of this i week which simply means 70% of f the blossoms are out but they'rt on their way no doubt about itbo look at the chop on the tidal basin with those strong winds at 30 miles an hour.r. fortunately they're not out far enough there was any damage fror the wind that is one of thehat s things that eventually does them in. strong winds, heavy rain. r thank to you chris duncan who da got this picture earlier todayay of how the blossoms were lookino and
6:20 pm
process of 70% out by wednesdayd and thursday of this week.this w and boy, do we have a nice warmup timed for the beginninghn of the peak.k. meanwhile today, it felt a lot colder than this 53 degrees anda 52 at dulles because of thoseho strong winds. win the gusted many times um to 30 miles an hour and stronger. n the winds will get lighter g tonight the skies will bel be clearer and we'll get cold ind fact it will likely be colder be than it was last night.walast so if you found that a cold a start keep in mind tonight willt be even chiller and the furnacea will likingly clicking onn gaithersburg and frederick down to 46.6. 45 in martinsburg winchester and comer land. land. 52 here in the district.ic heading for the 30s to night.o n what about those winds? they'rt still a little bit gusty. gusts to 25 here in the city. c 30 at baltimore.timo almost 30 at 32 in winchester.chte a few more hours they should geg a lot those were the gusts. g the sustained winds are a little bit better 13 to about 21 milesi an hour. an but still very noticeabl
6:21 pm
satellite/radar still bringing g little bit of snow across the lakes and they're getting thatet in upstate new york and acrosscr north central pennsylvania.i we'll just have those clouds that will be breaking up andg we're going to be dry and a spring warmup is rhee returningr into our forecast.t. you'll notice it tomorrow.row not very warm but, hey, that 60t will feel a lot better than 53 t especially when it comes without the wind.e wind. average high is 58. 58. ooh, wow, bonus weather on wednesday.wednesday. 73. thursday looking good, too,, although after the sun goes doww and maybe even little bit soonee we'll likely have some rain inei here. maybe even a rumble of thunder.d that will last into friday fday morning. we drop to 64 on friday with the cooler air that comes in with ih that front but still really nicn run up to our easter weekend.. and it look like tomorrow asorrw high pressure is trying to get into position, to warm us up onm wednesday, we'll get into thee'i 60s. the 70s the good stuff wednesdaw really looking like the best daa of the week if you like it ae i little bit on the warm side. s great day to get down and seeowe the tidal basin and cherry a c blossoms should be on their way
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here's the change up.hang thursday night this frontalsro boundary approaching.pprohing it doesn't quite move through s we'll be in the warm sector wm ahead of it with rain and maybea a rumble of thunder until the front crosses us.ont crs u that will be on friday morning.g but they have got to worry aboua snow for a storm that this weeks will be tracking well to theg wl north of us. that's why wnoe get warm. war that will push the rain in heree but only heavens we're talkingwg about really significant snowfall euro model is right and if you look at the color code cd here that's a couple feet of snow not good. g so we'll watch what happens inpn the northern and westernnd wte portions of lakes and the and northern central planes tonightt 35 degrees though for us.hofor . a little bit chilly out there. clear winds will get better. down to the northwest at five to 10. tomorrow by 60 degrees, windsgrw out of the southwest warmerar direction fours.di five to 15 with a few clouds ano again milder temperatures.ratu let's look at your fox5 accu au weather seven day forecast.ecas and easter is on the way. the wy and boy, do we have some greatog days.. again arc brief interruption fon o
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thursday night evening intoningt friday morning. and a little bit cooler into tht easter weekend but consideringog this is such an early easter, 64 isn't bad. b boy, some years -- y- >> it's been col >> and usually very cold vy especially for people who are fl trying to get to the sunrise services. looking forward to wednesday any thursday.ay. >> me, too. >> makes up for that little bite of snow event we had over the o weekend.weeken >> just a bit.. >> no harm, no foul., f >> big shout out to eastern higg school sophomore a kill lailla johnson.joso (applause). >> that's much deserved.mucheser she won the national competitioi for the doodle for google gooe she beat out 50 other competitors. she also gets a their thousand dollars college >> awesome. >> you go on you canl see it right there. congratulations to aquilla and d all because you voted for her. >> absolutely. absutely. >> i mean, hats off to hero h that's awesome.that'sso first of all i mean i bet she started doodling as a hobby anda then look wait turned into.dnt >> big dea
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>> huge deal, yes., y congratulations to you. y all right.>> another huge deal people allhuge over the country have their eagle eyes 1dc's eagle cam. ♪ ♪ >> second of the two babies hatched yesterday.tcst right now they are temporarilyra named d.c. two and three as thra sarah mentioned that's reallyeal not original. origina but any way, it is now your turr to weigh in on name choices.. early suggestions include sashae and malia, cherry and blossom, i believe, we've also heard -- um, liberty and justice. jti >> liberty and justice orusticeo freedom.dom. ng something along those lines.o but nonetheless we need eagled e suitable names.ames. so --- >> i think cherry and blossom cr are cute. >> i do like those. >> yeah. >> can't dislike the cherryhe c >> you can't go wrong watchingng these little guys.e le g >> momma, feed me! >> oh, there we go.
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♪ wow!> wow! >> wow! >> that rihanna fan has gone viral.vil. paris stuart singing her hit four, five seconds. that was fabulous. >> all right. everybody, see you at 10:00.
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>> today on "tmz"-- >> best party sunday night was in houston. drake shut down an entire city block. ♪ >> they're up on the roof at the chicken and waffles place. the whole block is singing after it ended at like nighttime and it's like trapped. >> was there chicken everywhere, like chicken bones? >> no, we use trash cans. don't just eat chicken and throw the bones. >> hulk hogan got a huge sex damages award. the punitive phase of his trial is starting. if he gets two times the damages awarded, he could end up with half a million. harvey: didn't he use the n word in the tape and that got him fired from the wwe? >> you're telling me he can get half a billion dollars for saying the n word? [lau


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