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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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people died bombing and nearly 200 other ones were hurt. the first blast went off at thet morning rush at the airportairp going off near the american airlines ticket counter.coun and you can see just how powerful those blasts were.e images from the scene you can see windows blown out at the terminal. a little while later attacks ata the metro system. all air traffic in and out ofut bruise also is shutdown so iswns the city's subway system. tonight these images have awakened our city putting thehe city on high alert. we have life team coverage for you tonight, tom fitzgerald looking into possible local threats after three recent possible isis threats. ronica clear i with reaction from the president and the presidential candidates and caitlyn roth with the overwhelming response we'reming seeing on social media. first this type of throat couldh be closer to home than we thinkk five isis related arrests withae ties to
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within months. he helped join a terrorist group in syria. then in december a maryland man indicted foray lemly receivingay the money to be used for operational purposes in support of isis.s. in january two woodbridge men were charged with terrorism offenses. and joseph far sam far rock later pled guilty. most recently you'll remember one this one, muhammad of fact was arrested in iraq accused of fighting alongside isis. today the attack raising a lotot of questions in our area,rea especially in light of these recent arrests. let's go to tomorrow with that story. >>reporter: this is increasing alarming to security officials. here the at dullesles international. this is the place that 17 year old alley aminute drove his friend 1
5:02 pm nick gentleman job got on a plain to situatery yeah andeah joined isis. no one knows where he is. we know where ally amine is, behind bars after pleading guilty to terrorism charges inn an alexandria courtroom earlier this year.ear. how am other individuals are ous there and what are they up top tonight. this is all taken on newçew importance in the last several months since a landmark study by the george washington university center on extremism. that study found that in total there were 61 arrests for isis-related activity in the us last year. now, if you stretch that number out here into 2016 that number is up to and why is this concerning where there is a two-fold track on aln of this, the terror cells thatel we saw at work today in bruise also are of particular concern.o these larger networks where terrorists have joinedog
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to launch large scale attacks, but then there are the smaller units, the one and two-men so-called loan wolfs. these are the types of convictions and cases that are currently being brought by us officials in connection to these incidents in northern virginiaot and in investigations in the maryland area.rea. sean shame just whose on the center on extremism at george washington university talked tuv us today. he said if there is one caveat that runs through all of thesell cases here in the d.c. metropolitan region it is this, that northern virginia officiali are looking at these cases very closely and that by and large these investigations are havingn one thing in common, two end these loan wolves from actingctn before they strike out. northern virginia has a number of people that are drawn toto this. but it's also an interesting case study in terms of the profile that isis reports. by that i mean there is no profile.
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rich and the poor. the 17 year fred and the 25 year old cab driver. there is no profile which makese it very hard for law enforcement to prevent that. the unknowns in all of this are enormous. we mentioned reason nick dot at the top of this report. tonight no one has any firm a intelligence on where he its. homeland security officials aref also wondering here domesticallm ines our area how am other wrise nick jobs are out there and what are they up there and how likely are they to act at. we are going to continue ourur coverage. we want to look at the transit coverage. fox5's matt ackland standing byd at metro center with more. matt. >>reporter: this took onlyk minutes for the news of these attacks to reach this area. local officials spring into action, especially law enforcement within a few few minutes, law enforcement agencies were notified. here at metr
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of oners were told to work overtime this morning. also all of the k9 units thatts work for metro police were put into action. i want to take you to some video now and show you something thatt really stood out to us today. this is a sign at a bus stop near metro center and you can see it says we stand with belgium. this afternoon metro police chief met with the fbi to discuss the very latest figures in the wake of the belgium attacks.atta it's important to point outnt again local officials are telling us they know of no planned attack in the nation's capital. we caught up with mayor boys and chief lanier. here is what they had to say.. >> we stay stay focused. obviously a transit system has been attacked. we look at what our top, what wt think could be target areas and make sure that they have the resources and visibility thatd they need. i think for the general publicbc you will see an increased
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visibility, both uniformnifo officers and cars and otherher equipment out. but there's a lot of things that we do t that are not visible toi the public and are intended toee not be visible to the public.blc i think that goes for all forms of security. back out life here at metro center. this is one of the main entrances. it is rush hour so a lot ofot people are heading in we're told as the chief justt said you might see some officere riding in the rails. you might not see the extra protection there.ther could there could be undercover officers riding as well.l. as far as how long this extra security will last, officials are not telling us, but whatut they would say is during the paris attacks it was really ramped up for several daysays before they pulled back on but terror acan don't want to say exactly how long this rampep up security will last.ast. obviously they don't weren't to give any information away toway anyone who wants to harm the people who ride the metro rail. life at metro center, matt ackland, fox5 local news
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terrifying video right here on n your screen was taken moments after the explosion that killed at least 11 people at bruise also international airport.port in the aftermath you can seean s people seeking shelter through h fog of smoke. police later found an unexplodeo suicide vest and an assault rival in the airport. and this was the scene of the second location struck by an by explosion and you can see the people trying to evacuate a train after a bomb went offwent between two metro stations in brussels. at least 20 people were killedre and more than 100 others injured. charles michael has called the attacks a dark moment for the country. speaking at a news conference n earlier today. he said quote our country hasha been hit by blind, violent and cowardly he has asked citizens to bebe calm. adding the
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together against terrorist andtr face the challenge together. michael also declared three days of national mourn as a result or the attacks.tta tonight's flags are flying atlyi half massachusetts.tts. people were laying flowerswers outside of the gates. earlier the belgium ambassadorma spoke to reporters, he callede the belgium people resilient and determined not to give in to terrorists. the strength and ourand determination to fight these kind of people who in the most t treacher just way tried to upset the way we live our lifestyle, a lifestyle of freedom, liberty and demsy that they won't get we are even more this mind today to fight them than we were in w thee past.ast. > the ambassador says his son was in brussels this morning ani was near the subway attack, butk he was not, hurt.urt we are also hearing tonight from the director of the department of homeland security.ecur secretary jay johns
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the belgium a.m. bass i to express his condolences. although this is no specific credible threat in the us, the department is increasing security at airports and transid stations around the country. president obama says the american people stand withit belgium in the wake of today's attack the presidentiall candidates also weighed in. fox5's political reporter ronica clearly outside the belgiumelgi embassy with more on that. >>reporter: yes, the americanhe people and really the world, they look to the president in in times of crisis. since we're in the middle of this heated 2016 presidential pe campaign they're also look ting the candidates to see how theyow might respond to an attack likec the ones today in brussels. the president is in the middle of this historic trip to cuba before he gave prepared remarksp to the cuban people he asked the audience indulge and allow him to make some comments in
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response to the brusselsbrus terrorist attacks. the thoughts and prayers of theo american people are with theare people of belgium.e we stand in solitary with them in con determination these d outrageouset attacks againstgain innocent people and this is yet another reminder that the worldh must unite. we must be together regardlessea of nationality or race or faitht in fighting against the surgeong of terrorism.err specifically in reference the terrorists attacks they werey only about a minute long.ç the presidential candidates thes seemed to spend a lot more time responding to terrorists through prepared statements, social soc media and of course in interviews. we compiled a few bits from thee republican candidates for you to listen to to hear what they had to say today.toda >> i would be coming back home to gather the leaders, you known the
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together teams of people toeopl figure out why we have these vulnerabilities. today's attacks in brussels under score that this is a war. this is not an isolatedisol incidence. this is not a loan wolf, this is a war with radical islamic terrorism. look at brussels, brussels was a beautiful city, a beautiful place with zero crime and nowow it's a disaster city.ity it's a total disaster. bernie sanders he posted a tweet that said we offer our deepestdp condolences to the families whoo lost loved ones in this bar baric attack and to the people of brussels 6789 hillary clinton tweeting these terrorists seekeo to undermine the democratic values that are the foundationhe of the way of our life. they will never success and shed signed it h.. hillary clinton she also tweeted
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and prayers to those affected by the attacks. > for fox5 local news i'mi'm ronica clear i.. thousands all over the world harnessing social media in solve dry for brussels. > the worldwide support that ih pouring in all over the worldld we'll show you that coming up. tribute are also being paidpaid tonight to controversial former toronto mayor rob ford who has lost his fight with cancer. > we have a beautiful day in d.c. our current temperature of 61-degrees after a chilly start but all of those chilly temperatures are about tout t change. at least in the the short term. we'll let you know what toh expect for tonight as well as how things are looking as we head to the peak of the cherryt blossoms. d.c. is standing with belgium. we want toive good you another look at this.lo this is a heart felt image we're sitting at city bus stops we're seeing all around the areas. we remember those lives lost in
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belgium. our coverage continues afterer this. we're watching fox5 local newss at 5.
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new tonight former toronto mayor rob ford has died following a fl battle with cancer. back in 2013 ford made national headlines when he admitted to smoking crack, buying other illegal drugs and driving drunkr all while he was in office. current toronto mayor john toronto mayorry expressed his
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condolences for ford's family calling him, quota man who spoko his minds and who ran for offico because of the deeply felt convictions. he was 46 years old. > now to prince william county. one of the officers ashley guideline done was killed when she and her fellow officers responded to a call in wood woo bridge. one day after the shooting a 911 operator received this call. > 911 1 #, where is your y emergency. >> nothing. i'm telling you this that you are great people. pe > what's the address in. >> no, i'll tell you this, this is a comment, that you safe people's lives every day no, because this is polices are great people because they safe people. and no matter what
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safe us. you're very great. you're just a great person. you belong with great people. thank > you could tell the operator e didn't know. kn >> exactly what do. > we've mentioned the other officer shot they are recovering. the saw pecked shooter, ronald hamilton is being held withouted bond and he is also accused of murders his wife shortly before he opened fire on the officers. > it's 6 # degrees outside as o we take a life look at the white. you can see the sun out and the flag at half staff. let's get a look at the weathere with sue palka. >> hi there, we are in very gooo shape. it will be a comfortable night, a little bit breezy this afternoon. but all things considered we're in for a very settled and beautiful stretch.l s tonight a solemn night in paris as the sunset was belt e
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settings. they decided to light up the evil tower. they're tweeting paris and and brussels are united. sadly a sorrowful thing to see, but also quite moving as paris stands with the victims tonight. locally we are looking at a comfortable evening here in d.c. the pollen is starting to fly, the cherry blossoms are set to e really start to open in a big way tomorrow and temperatures like these will really help. 61-degrees in d.c. 63 in manassas, quantico and culpeper. a little bit of a breeze outeeze there. you'll notice that. not as strong as they were yesterday, but we're up to gust of 5 miles an hour at 5:00. those gusts will get a little w bit better as we go through the next several hours and we're looking down to the south and s west to see the first signsç of warmer temperatures beginning tu return to the area.o th we're going to jump things up in a big way tomorrow. knoxville is 67. 67 lexington
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even chicago and detroit warmere than we are right now. rig winds out of the southwest willw make a difference. dif it was cold last night. we got down to 35-degrees. we will not be that cold tonight. your evening planner does get ut through the 50s early as 7:00. a dry night and our forecast for tonight with high pressuret beginning to make its way over to the coast. the wind direction changes. it comes in out of the southwest while it will have a few cloudsl around, temperatures will droptp into the 40s, not the 30s and 30 even the few upper 20s that we saw tonight. a big headline for tomorrow, 70s are back in the forecast. they are on their way and we'lln let you know how long that lastt as he we are now into the runupn to a big easter even. ev that's the latest from the weather center. back up to you. coming up today's events in brussels are also affecting thef sports world. a former local star and now world humanitarian at the airport where the bombs went
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off. ncaaa security concerns are arising after the attacks. caitlyn, over to you. there's been an overwhelming response on social media due to this morning's attacks in brussels. we'll have the most popular pop hashtag as well some of your tweet. that's coming up next when fox5o local news at 5 returns. stay with us. .
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in response to today's deadly de explosions in brussels, facebooa activated its safety check feature. that option allows users inin dangerous areas to markar themselves as safe. that feature was widely used during the paris terror attacks. the safety check will allow family members to get in touch with their loved ones and tond make sure they are okay. what a great feature there. social media is he
5:24 pm
to check on their friends and loved once oversees. caitlyn roth is following the social media all over the world. >>reporter:rter reporter yes, that's true. we are seeing support for all over with images right behind me that are taking over on social media sending thoughts andhoug prayers to the victims and their loved ones. the hearts, piece signs and all these other images all in black, yellow and red. the colors of the flags of belgium. there is one figure with the french flag embracing one other saying 13th of november when n the paris attacks when thehe terrorist attacks took place and the 22nd of march. these are a lot of the images that we've been seeing on sociac media today. let's take a look at most some of the popular hash tags.ash this is what we've seeneen throughout the day, hashtag brussels, pray for brusls
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brussels attacks, pray for the world and pray for piece. and people all over the worldorl are expressing their sadness, fear and anger over the attacksa let's take a look at some of the responses, some of the tweetshe that we've seen throughout today. this one coming to us through twitter. candle placed in honor andnd memory of the casualties ofof brussels today, march 22, 2016. with a prayer he moggy. also we saw this one from molly, so much respect for all thehe beautiful people staying strongy through times like this. t again hashtag brussels, hashtag prayers for brussels.usse we've got this tweet, too, withh again the powerful image of the red, yellow and black piece fine. my daughter just said it's so well that i'm just repeating het thoughts. there are no other words for this tragedy and many othersthe going on around the word, end yet, pray for brussels. a little light in these darkhe
5:26 pm
to think that this happened in my country. one family member worked in the airport. here's another one from brussels, it looks like this gentleman saying i'm safe. i was at hashtag malindustry metro station just 30 minutes before the bomb attack. a all of my thoughts are with all of the family and friends of the victim. a powerful part of social media amongst everything else is that we do hear from the people whoe were in the line of fire, he is, okay and good to see his prayers for everyone else and all of his support. we'll have more social media coming up as we go through the e rest of the evening. > back over to you. > we see so much bad on social media every now and then it's nice to see us coming today. we just hope that you can sustain the goodwill. >> clothing store zahra inthin rubble with its customers following the sale of a t-shirt so
5:27 pm
problem. > you may have seen this virall photo. well, the sad grandpa hashas reunited with all six of his grandkids after they skipped his homemade meal.ho and we're continuing our coverage of the belgium attacks. fits, out to you. >>reporter: jim, good evening, the business of air travel continues at dulles international airport, but it is not business as usual.s take a look for yourself. there are officers out there ine force tonight here at dulles international airport.i all flights belgium are we'll continue our fox5 local news after this. .
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this is fox5 local news a at 5.. new tonight, sky fox is high above the scene earlier today in virginia after a shooting involving a fredericksburg police officer.po that incident took place along the 100 block of ken lot drive. the suspect who reportedly had an outstanding want was pulled l over and then dragged the officer several hundred feetra before attempting to get away on foot. following an altercation the officer's weapon went offff hitting the suspect in the leg.t the suspect was taken to the hospital with serious injuries while the officer involved was not injured. recapping tonight's top storytop now, the terror isis has claimed responsibility for threeonsi explosions that killed at least 3 # people and injured nearly 200 others in brussels. the first two explosions happened at bruise elselse international airport. an hour later another bomb went off during rush hour at the
5:32 pm
malbeing station. how the attacks are interrupting travel. take a stroll through the mainn terminal at dulles international and it will appear as though all is well at the airport today. but take a good look around and you'll see heavily armed police officers on patrol. that's really the time of ourur lives right now.ow. you know, we're not safe anywhere. > police k9 teams also on the lookout for anything suspicion.s while there's no word of a specific threat against any of our washington area airports, police here at dulles are on a heightened take it of alert. i don't think anybody can stop things like that if people wantp to kill themselves in the process of killing others. i feel like our government has a pretty good handle on the threats that we have going on. we haven't been attacked here a home in a long time. so hopefully they'll keep up that good work that they're
5:33 pm
doing there. > how to control it, that's the big thing. united airlines daily non-stop flight from here at dulles to brussels has been canceledcele tonight. it was supposed to depart around 7:00 p.m. yesterday's flight 950 landed in the belgium cap l toll thisl morning one hour before the bombing. in a statement, united airlines tells us it's ' employees are all knowledged for and are okay it makes no mention of the whereabouts or welfare of flight 950s passengers. i understand people are angry, but, you know, innocent people, it doesn't make sense to me. > we spoke with dr. charlotte toms as she left to board a flight this morning. does it cause you any concern about flying yourself?ours >> no, i fly all over l the world and i just get on theren and go to sleep.ep. belgium authorities have closede the brussels airport, no flights in or out for the time
5:34 pm
which is certain to continue to impact air travel into and outnd of washington as well. at dulles airport, bob barnard,a fox5 local news. > belgium officials say the airport will be closed tomorrowr and have no timetable on when it may officially reopen. > meantime american airlinesana says reports of two explosions taking place next to their check in desk are incorrect. they did release a statement that reads in part, quote, all of our airport and crew memberss are save and accounted for with no injured injuries.urie they operate at row 8 of the departure hall. the explosions did not occur att row l. the airline is one of am allowing customers to changenge their travel plans or request a refund. > in regards to the effort tofo stop isis in the d.c., maryland and virginia area. tom fitzgerald joins us. i know you've been in courtrooms and a lot of the men who are facing
5:35 pm
what are you hearing from law enforcement with the kinds ofof cases that we're seeing right now. >>reporter: if there is a hallmark of all of the activity that we've seen in your other,r you have by and largeç people o have self roadway lied, turnedie to the internet and then tried to bring others along with them onto this ideology. we have not had large-scale-s terror networks that have been uncovered in the d.c. virginia and maryland area.rea. that's a good thing. the concerning thing, though, is what constitutes a cell.ell. we saw in san bernadine oh itt only took two people to launch that attack that killed all of those folks at the shootout.otou as these individual actors, these loan wolfe ofs as they have been called come along inan this area in particular. we've had them happen up in aberdeen, maryland as well. how am of them are out there? that is the big question for homeland security officials and can they get to them before the
5:36 pm
act out on these radical ideasas that they've developed.eve fits, you know there was a casee of a prince william teenager who had become roadway lied andnd pleaded how concerning was that forfor lawen enforcement. one of the things of that case that became apparent when youo talk to the us authorities whoah became involved in it, how muchw they had to learn about youngb people and their activityvity online.onli the us attorney the day thathat case was prosecuted said they si have to do a lot better job of getting on these social neat works, getting into these platforms where these kids are talking to each other, things o like x boxes, us homelands ho security officials are trying to educate themselves as quickly as possible on these myriad that allow these individuals to acta with each other. > it's pretty starting how theh can speak in code to each othe
5:37 pm
for us. thank you. a number of college studentscoll from our region are studying abroad in belgium. we had heard from a couple of universities. george washington university says its students are save and accounted for. the same is true for loyola, m.. they have 1400 students studyind about 20 miles east of brussels. when the terror acan thatshats happened this morning, schoolcho officials responded. so we were very quick to proactively be in touch with the students who are in life inife studying abroad. other students studying abroad throughout user. the parents of the kid studying abroad in life in and ourn community. besides the 14 students, a loyola university maryland employee is in leave even. that employee is safe unsown.s the events are
5:38 pm
on the sports world, too. we are talking about the final four. the final four weekend is less than two weeks away. the nyaa doing its part to allow its fears. today a spokesman told foxtold business they had working about local and state police as wellel as the fbi long before the t brussels attacks. there will be in place come final four time. meantime we have learned mbamba great, he was in the brusselsssl airport when the bombs went offf earlier today the georgetown alum posted a photo from thethe airport with the caption god is good. i am brussels airport with this craziness, but i am fine. he was traveling from a women'sm conference in congress go. i has been room ordinary from last season that robert griffint iii griffihan the third could be ending up back in his home state. one red skin officially became a cowboy. we're
5:39 pm
morris. he is heading to the loan star state wearing number 46. rushed for over 1600 yards.600 his production declined over the last three seasons down to about 750 yards and 3.7 yards to carry last the cowboys meantime tweeted out this photo of alfred putting pen to paper. welcoming, we wish morris well except for the two games when the redskins game the cowboys. we have to talk about baseball because opening day 13 days away and the opening starter hasstar president been announced. it should be matt yearser:bakerr knows strasburg has one yearne left on his contract and says he will indeed test the free agentg market. you can feel it in the
5:40 pm
you -- this is baseball. this is baseball that's why i love it. it sort of signals the turning of the tied for the most part. 1 days away. >> it's really close.lose > zahra is pulling one of itsts t-shirts after a customerom started an online petition toett get it out of stores. sarah pay line may be coming too a tv dial near you. reportedly set the star in a new judge judy courtroom style show. it is getting close to baseballb like weather. 62-degrees was the high todayig out at reagan. 61 at dulles and bwi. 60s in site for tomorrow. plus a peak at the easter weekend weather.r. that's all coming up when fox5 local news at 5 returns. .
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> we have some breaking news s we'reom following retama. f these are lifeo pictures from sy fox. this is over woodbridge, virginia where you can see what a mess they are dealing with there. two vehicles in a head on collision near franklin street. there are at least two patience that are being taken to area hospitals with serious injuries. that's all we know at this time. but as you can see they've got quite a mess to clean up thereln and the damage to those vehicle also. we will continue to follow the breaking news to bring you the very latest as we get it. > we've been in you a of what a beautiful day it is out there. all the flowers are starting to bloom. peak bloom expected to occur tomorrow. this is when the crowds are atre the tidal basin. you'll be fighting through them to see the beautiful cherryerry blossoms, but the weather will be perfect. bloom occurring right on timeime here. as we take a life look outsideus there's the blue skies.
5:45 pm
cloud cover earlier thiss morning, but once that dissipate ed temperatures jumped. it's been a slow climb out of the wentry weather but we'rery w getting there.g like we said, 70s on the way foy the next couple of days. that leaves your weatherther headlines. it is going to be beautiful tomorrow t and into thursday. cherry blossoms, they do start their peak bloom tomorrow and here is your official cherry blossom planner for tomorrow ifr you are going to be down at the tidal basin, potomac park. even in the smaller lesser knoww areas. we are at 7 # by 3:00 p.m. b by the days end, 6:00 p.m., back to 68-degrees. we should have a high of 73 in there. workweek does end with some reign. factor that in, it looks like friday morning best chance for showers. easter weekend still looks good. i think that rain will hold offf until monday of next week. current conditions a couple off high clouds, 6 # deee
5:46 pm
out of the south at 15 miles ana hour, but it is a south wind,ind not a north wind, so it's drawing in all of the milder air. 56 in yap last, 61 in gaithersburg and 64 out in cumberland. we've had the ambiguous terrorist attacks winds today. they are still sustained at 18 miles an hour.hour 23-mile an hour in hagerstown. i think the winds really startrt to subside tonight.ight outside satellite and radar showing clouds and showers off towards the north and some clouds coming off the mountains here in west virginia and providing the high clouds for us, but otherwise with high pressure in place we'll really just see a cleared night. at the surface here's your set up as we go through tomorrow. high pressure moves towards thea east a little bit and that southerly flow continues.onti we're talking about sunshine ana 70s tomorrow. then into thursday right ahead of the wind front, out ahead ofd the cold front that's when we ge
5:47 pm
mid 70s expected around the area. low pressure with the showers, it does look like it holds off until late thursday night, early friday morning. so thursday looks absolutelybsol gorgeous and that will be the warmest day of the week. once the cold front does arrive on fog friday we are looking at some soggy weather to start off the day, rain, possibly thunderh but if this comes in overnight it will limit our thunderhun chances so i think this is more some showers. ing some i start to friday, butt actually by the afternoon it looks pretty good, but then a nice start to easter weekend and then a little bit breeze a l zimmerman we've got some nice late march weather. 48 in washington, 45 at dulles, 47 in leonardtown. high temperatures tomorrow, welcome back 70s. we have missed you since you've been around last week. 73 in washington, 73 quantico, even 76 down in fredericksburg and upper 70s are possible in fredericksburg on thursday. seven day forecast, 76 onore thursday with just a few clouds around
5:48 pm
let's look at the highhe temperatures where we could seed 77 towards our south.out mid to upper 70s back off towards our west. friday starting off with some showers giving way to sunshine. a little bit cooler, but theseol temperatures are still above normal. sunshine saturday and then easter sunday this does look perfect for at easter. 64 here, but mid 60s elsewhere and then we'll watch out forth the rain chance on monday. m let's a look at our seven day forecast. we'll have much more from sarah and jim when fox5 local news returns after this.
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a spanish clothing company has a pretty bigfoot print in the us has decided to pull a t-shirt that critics says trifle lies ae health problem. the shirt reads are you glutenre free. an online petition was started, they decided best thing to do is remove the
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they have also issued an apologo to anyone they have offended. this isn't the first time they have come under fire, the white is the new black. maybe that one is controversial. the gluten free one isn't. i guess there are some people so that are angry because they're like i don't have to be gluten free. there is nothing health conscious unless you have celiac disease. sarah palin may be coming to a a tv dial near you. she has reportedly set the stage of a judge judy platform. the former governor of as alaska reportedly signed a deal with montana of-based productionrodu company that is behind courtrooo reality shows judge judy and also judge joe brown. keep in mind doctor t philadelphia isn't rely
5:53 pm
psychiatrist. she's the not a judge. ju it will be interesting and she'll draw an audience and yes she will continue to tv. > do you remember the oklahomaa man sad what p pennsylvania pennsylvania after he was stood up by his grandchildren. he finally enjoyed a nice meal i with all of his ungreatful grandkids. it also out pennsylvaniaia pennsylvania wasn't stood up. they say they never got a headsa up with the dinner. di they can their own taste of pennsylvania pennsylvania's burgers and even buy the shirt. a couple of them look really thrilled to be in this picture. when i saw the picture initially, to be honest with you i would kill to have a burger with my grandfather. i would. unfortunately that's not possible. you got to enjoy every moment mm with your grandparents if you're lucky to have them with you. >> that's so true. sad pennsylvania pennsylvaniasyv looks to be a very happy
5:54 pm
> tonight taking you back to this devastating story that we're dealing with around the world. everyone reeling with the deadli terrorist attacks in belgium. we're going to leave you with ai look at the memorial and tributes honoring the victims ii brussels and beyond. .
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> this is fox5 local news at 6. straight ahead, breaking news.s brussels under attack. it was not something underground. more than 30 people dead andple dozens hurt in the belgium cap e toll after what appears to be a series of terror acan thats at t an airport and several subway stations. > tonight the world is on high alert. we're not safe anywhere. and security here at home is being stepped up. we'll have team the news at 6, starts now. > and again i'm jim lokay inoky for tony perkins and i'm shawn i yancy. thanks for joining us.oini here's what we know right
5:59 pm
dozens of people are dead aftera a series a of coordinated terrod acan as at the brussels airport and two metro stations. isis has now claimed responsibility. meantime the death toll still climbing but we now know more than 30 people died in the bombing. the first blast went off at the mercer county rush he going offt near a ticket agency the aty te airport. you can see how powerful the blasts were. eight windows blown off. a little bit later two t explosions killing more than a dozen tell people. as of now all air traffic is shutdown. we have life team coverage co tonight. matt ackland is in the district now with ain look at how thehe nation's capital is respondingng and tom fitzgerald is at theç airport. > sarah simpsons joins us with more details. >>reporter: investigators are i still working to verify the claims. police razor have been happening around belgium. prosecutors there say a raid inn one brusse
6:00 pm
covered an explosive devise, chemical products and an islamis state flag. fla belgium authorities release thii photo of three suspects they s believe are behind the airportpt acan that. they think two of the men detonated the bombs in a suicide attack and a third ran off. authorities did find a thirdhird unexploded bomb inside the airport. leaders from around the world, including president obama aret b pledging their support for bruise ill ills and the belgium ambassador to the us says his people are resolved to over come this hateful act. we will do whatever is necessars to support our friend anal i belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible and this is just yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith, in fighting against the surgeont of terrorism am. we have already some information and what might


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