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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 24, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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right now at 11:00 two men try to snatch a woman off the street in the this arlington neighborhood. what she did to escape. >> and terror in belgium settingtors are lee ees leasing more on the men suspected in the deadly isis attack and hundreds of fighters are ready to launch more. >> and reports of two sexual assaults on a northern virginia college campus. police say one victim may have been drugged. the disturbing details at "fox5 local news at 11" starts right now. >> and thanks for joining us tonight at 11 i'm jim lokay in for tony perkins and i'm sarah simmons in for shawn yancy we begin 11:00 tonight in arlington virginia where two men tried to kidnap a woman near lover run amphitheater last night. marina morocco is live there and they're taking this seriously. the police. >> they were out here second ago and just left, sarah. neighbors here are rattled to hear of another assault in their neighborhood. last summer
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happening similar to yesterday's. police are saying one assault back in the summer happened within walking distance of where we're standing here now. two suspects in those case president main in custody. police say they're now looking for a set of two any suspects in yesterday's assault. >> i was shocked i was so taken aback i cannot believe in this neighborhood. >> attempted abduction in the heart this residential arlington neighborhood. >> we come here on weekend and evenings and wonderful park it's very bucolic and safe. >> it was here at the lover run park where a woman in 50s was out for usual evening walk tuesday. and it was at dusk when two men approached and tried to kidnap her. >> he placed something over her head and grabbed her to tried to muffle the screams putting their hand over her mouth. >> in second she was able to fight them off and it left neighbors here uneasy. >> it's starey because this say quiet neighborhood.
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frequently and you know having a new child, too, it definitely scars you even more. >> come out here to get away from that element and here in a nice washing in arlington it's so unsettled. >> police spent the evening canvassing park and speaking with concerned neighborhoods still wondering how this happened in your backyard. >> what the ultimate goal was if robbery or to scare her or sexual in nature all that we don't really know. . >> police are asking that a viewer in this neighborhood are that park in the past couple days and spotted any suspicious activity they're asking you give them a call. live tonight into in arlington. "fox5 local news". >> sky fox high above the scene in waldorf maryland where two help were shot in guidings court and one man died from injuries and other is expected to survive. right now we know an altercation led to the shooting and the suspect took from
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and it was a huge police response and tonight that investigation continues. >> tonight 31 people are dead and estimated 270 wounded following yesterday's terrorist attacks in brussels. these three men on your screen targeted airport and the men in black detonated suicide investigate trapped to bodies and died on the scene and third man wearing bathe is still on the run. this is a closer look at the suspected isis bomb makinger that blew himself up at the brussels airport yesterday. it's believed he built the bombs used at airport and brussels metro station yesterday. he's also suspected of making bomb used in november 13 attacks in paris. and "fox5" caught up with d.c. residents that was actually inside the brussels airport when those bombs went off and ashley broingman explains what she encountered. >> i was through security when the bombs went off. all i saw i was look ago around for coffee and sincet
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early and all of a sudden a few people started running past me and i saw it oh, they must be running for a plane. but then it was more and more people and then just dozens of people running, panicked. somewhere crying. and that's when i knew something had happened, something was wrong. >> rugman was not hurt and fortunately this morning she flew out of paris and landed in new york. >> four out of five isis fighters are been raped from and ready to attack. 5,000 europe peeps have gone to syria to train with isis and other training grounds in libya and elsewhere in north africa. now there's no credible threat against the nation's capital. metro says they have stepped up patrols in and around med row station. we asked the chief for an interview what they are doing in the wake after tacks and the chief will not respond to attacks. we september our
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gallery place. they only saw one police officer in an hour. passengers say it's pretty 2eu7 call. >> have you noticed increase police presence since you've been here. >> not really. >> you have not seen it. >> it looks the time me. >> i have not seen it at all. police officers or security i have not seen them personally. >> there's a good reason why many of those officers may be on trains and metro police say security steps they're taking are on d. if you see something suspicious around metro station call metro place 202-962-2121 they have phone numbers all over the place and send a text by typing my npd. >> and d.c. public libraries is investigating a report that a muslim woman was asked to leave shaw library because he was wearing a ha job. they are looking into reports of a public safety officer asked a who to remove what they thoughts with a h
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what as a head covering and it is taking the accusation very seriously and the officer involved was removed from patrol and library director is trying to track down the woman. >> the woman in question we have not been contacted by her. and we would love to get in touch with her fravrmingly to number one apologize and number
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to give them a call. >> "fox5" is in fairfax where police are investigating reports of two sexual assaults at george mason university. the first incident happened friday night in or near the fairfax campus. female student said she was raped by another student and may have unknowingly b
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student said she was raped in dorm room by a man she met through dating service. the school sent a note to students that said timing water notifications are ref leased by george mason university department of police and public saferty to alert the campus community about crimes that pose a serious or continuing threat to safety. >> a vigil tonight in honor of prince george county police officer killed in the line of duty. >> biker groups gathered in greenville to remember detective jacai coleson. he was struck by friendly fire during ambush outside of district three police station. funeral set for friday in upper moreboro. >> new tonight we're getting a look at cellphone video showing part of a police chase take down in anne arundel county. michael shot the video and you see stopping the suspect car oakland road glen bernie. when they get out to run police quarm and tackle them. they don't believe pollryes are violated but they plan to review the video in any case. charges against the suspect are pending. >> scaffolding is m coming down from the capitol dome. it's been up there nearly two years now if you can believe that. scaffolding was put there while crews worked on rest toretion to fix more than 1,000 cracks in dome and workers are moving on to next stage of project and it's painting time. there's also interior work to be done as well and entire restoration is expected to be finished before next year's presidential inauguration. >> coming up
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>> coming up at 11 town to tidele basin with cherry blossoms almost reached peak bloom. >> if we deposit make it today it's not too late. >> i think lael be prettier tomorrow. and into the weekend they should be hang around nicely as well. we'll be briefly interrupted though before we get to the weekend with a little bit of rain. but at least temperatures will stay well above average for this time of year. i'll have your weekend forecast in a few minutes. . >> and as sue mentioned we have sunshine and warm temperatures another part of the country is buried under a blizzard. where raerpts completely shut down tonight. >> and no doubt some die hard justin bieber fans are heartbroken tonight after pop star decided to cancel all meet and greets. the reason why he's backing of off. sarah. contain yourself. >> what will do i. >>
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>> is fbi getting closer to hacking an iphone that belonged to san bernadine owe terrorist. several media outlets say they hired israeli sellbright which is a software developer. they have a mystery of working with military and law enforce: fbi took app
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crack into the phone and monday they said they no longer need apple help. >> military veterans and others that suffer from post traumatic stress disorder may be at height eped risk for heart attacks and stroke. stud any from university of calipari in san francisco found people with ptsd are more likely to affect people with blood vessels. >> researchers made a strange link between birth control and acl injuries. they may be less likely to seriously injury knees. those on birth control pills were less likely to need corrective surgery than those not on them. estrogen may make women more vulnerable to acl injuries by possibly weakening ligament. >> sunshine, warm weather all across the d.c. area today and
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it's a much different site in colorado. there's a blizzard bearing down upon denver in city up to 14" of snow expected and denver airport closed indefinitely with more than 1300 flights cancelled and more snow outside of denver and of course we're concerned mostly what we're seeing around here at the tidal basin. thousands of people pack around the monument to see the cherry blossoms. if you did not make it today you're in luck. mike thomas says the blossoms did not heat peak bloom as expected today and that should happen tomorrow. >> so close. >> yeah. >> still a good show. >> yeah. >> 50%, 70 rs they'll be great over the weekend at 100% i'm sure and they'll last 4 to 10 days defend pending whether we have high rain, strong wind, heavy rain. >> is that in the forecast. >> right now not. blustery tomorrow and not strong enough to knock blossoms off. rain friday. they're still so newly out i don't think they'll knock them off. monday could be different story rain to rattle them a little bit. actually even beautiful when the blossoms start
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>> pink rain. >> pink rain exactly i love it. >> the worse prince song ever. >> gosh he's quick. holy cow, pink rain that's first attempt at purple rain right? >> that was the original version. >> redo. oh, my gosh. that was a good one, jim. tonight looking at quiet night around d.c. and after a wonderful day getting into mid 70s it's good to know we can do it again tomorrow if you didn't have a chance to shok it up. quite a cop traingt tonight as well d.c. hanging on to 60 and culpeper 48 and frederick 45 most places north and west will hit the 40s overnight. and here in the city 54 to low 50s elsewhere to the south and east. it's nice to know we'll be back to mid 7 0s tomorrow. easy to hit 75 today. i would not be surprised if a few places gets closer to 78 tomorrow. in the the average high is 59. 76 tomorrow. but we are a little cooler on friday at 6
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keep umbrella handy if you head down to cherry blossoms friday. i think there will be primarily morning showers. quick hitters but our model guidance is kind of bullish on a little more popping up in the afternoon. and we'll see if we can iron it out tomorrow. couple days away. saturday, cooler still, 62. easter sunday, 65. we're in good shape heading into this holiday weekend. and this is the mrizard we were talking about. it looks like it's just about out of colorado now and a good foot in denver and they were close tore 21" in some of the morning community there's in eastern colorado. that's moving into maces like nebraska, iowa, minnesota, across wisdom martin and into michigan. we will not see any of that. we'll have clear skies generally overnight and good amount of sunshine during the day tomorrow. and because the skies are clea clear, though and air is dry that's why we'll head down to 54 in district. could be as cold as 42 frederick and 39 hailingers up to and 52 fredericksburg and
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time of year. 76 degrees tomorrow. one change-up. notice t the winds a little more breeze tomorrow afternoon out of southwest 10 to 20 we'll pump that up a little and notice few more clouds around tomorrow afternoon still great photo on. 76 for district and 7 the fredericksburg and 79 annapolis and hagerstown and as the front gets closer we'll have chance for showers and very late thursday night. but more likely holding off we think to friday. if you didn't see the future cast earlier i think it's helpful to plan out what the rain comes and you can see the entire take tomorrow is dry. that squall line gets closer and produces a few showers in the morning on friday and a few more still by the noon hour according to future cast it's been really sticking to this scenario today before wivking everything way friday evening. on "fox5"accuweather 7-day forecast great looking weekend and looks like monday with easter egg roll coming we'll have few showers possible, 64. maybe more substantial rain on
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cooler for tuesday at 58. right now wednesday looking delightful. sarah and laura, sarah and jim back to you. >> one of us is usually up her here. >> can you tell what's perched on on top of the tree. >> let's take a closer look it's a man more specifically a man refuse fog dom down. he climbed this 80 foot sequoia tree in the middle of downtown seattle and didn't come down for 25 hours he get this threw pine cones and apples at rescue crews who tried to coax them down. he came down this afternoon and was taken away by ambulance for medical evaluation probably a good idea. >> might be. >> let's talk sports now and tonight we had a khapsz for wizards to go over 500 mark for first time in four months the last time that was november 24 when 6-5 they also had a chance to extend winning streak to
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po bone enters hawks team they defeated two nights ago in atlanta. first three quoorters kept to close. john wall best move of the game. wizard lead. and then the hawks went on offensive explosion. kyle kosher drilling one of hive three pointers. hawks team made a season high 17 of them. 51 point behind the arch and second half wizard give up 70 points not a typo 70 points for mike scott scores in for sduvrping and wiz losses 122 to 1011 and ought trail the pictureones for final playoff spot in the east. they're in it but time slipping by. >> colonial army packed the smith center. hosting the florida gators and we go to game action with less than a minute to go. alex matola goes to tyler cavanaugh draping klunch three pointer seeking free-throws
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gw wins 82-77 advance to nit final four. facing san diego state next tuesday 9 a.m. in big app. >> baseball, yankees facing nats in viera facing home-opener april 7 best outing of spring five scoreless innings allowed six hits and struck out nine avrments wilson ramos underwent laceic surgery this month eeing the ball well. 2-1 over to right field. 7-20 since the surgey give him endorsement deal sdm nats rough up tvrments anaka and cruise to a 17-0 victory and nats 14-4 in league play. reasons to be optimistic we get ready for opening day very soon. >> we're always optimistic for the nats. >> it's not snow. >> cherry blossoms and optimism for baseball. >> let's hope. >> still ahead at 11 why justin bieber
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than just sorry to most devoted fans that are suddenly out thousands of dollars. >> you can guess who this celebrity is here's a hint he kept us laughing late at night for years. take a guess. >> i had no idea. >> i can't believe it. >> there's eye top ten list somewhere ahead. >> give it away don't you. >> stupid human app
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>>♪ is to too late to the say sorr sorry♪ because i'm missing more than just your body♪ . >> sorry justin bieber fans making one change top purpose tour he's canceling vip meet and greet. >> i know say it isn't so. >> he posted on instagram i enjoy meeting people but i feel drained and i end up so drained and unhappy. . >> fans pay paid 2,000 for meet and greet sessions and anyone
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will be refunded money if they forfeit concert tickets in exchange. >> give me a break. >> your spiritual energy jim. >> exactly. oh, yeah, i'm just aarr aof positivety. right? >> ah. >> let's talk about the cartoon hello kitty you're probably familiar with it. it has a huge following worldwide the character is popular in taiwan an entire train is suited to her likenes likeness. train just made its debut in city of tie pay and took 11 hour long ride and hello kitty is wrevr on the train. from the outside the paint to interior seat covers and toilet seats and conductor's room. hope the conductor's like hello kitty and they're greated by life size hello kitty dolls. >> we asked who is this? i couldn't believe it. do you have
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believe it or not this is david letterman. >> shocking. >> the balanced state gives it away. >> new york post published picture while letter man was jogging in caribbean. >> what else does she have to do these days. >> here's side by side. >> it's him. >> it's hard to believe. >> i know and --. >> it'sed beard. >> you think in the face. >> yeah. >> it's a big shirt, too. it's a huge shirt he has has on. >> you can kind of tell on eyes i guess. i really thought it was was one of beach boys i'm shocked it's david letterman. >> he's laughing all the way to the bank. >> retirement too he worked hard. >> stay tuned
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