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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  March 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. >> fox5 news morning.ox5 ne >> and 5 o'clock straight up on this ut thursday march 24th 2016. taking a live look outside on on this friday eve as we like to we call it around here. her if you thought yesterday wasught nice weather-wise get readyiseer for round two today.oday gary has your forecast plusorasp erin will have a check of yourfu roads. good morning, i'm maureen m umeh. >> and i'm holly morris.orri wisdom enjoying the day offff today. breaking news first out oft ouf fairfax county where police whel say they were trying to serveer a warrant when their cruiserwhen was hit by another car. c now we're told two of the suspects has been
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to the incident. t melanie alnwick is livhee ine in spring fields, virginia, with wt the latest. this is a convoluted story, stoy mel. >> reporter: it is. ror and we're trying just kind off pull the threads together and we're getting a clearer picture of what was going on.oi first off residents reportepor that overnight they were keptre awake by the sound of helicopters search dogs and a even police commands overe commr loudspeakers so quite a scenequ out here on tray lee woodse woo court in springfield,ingfield, virginia. so what we hear from fairfaxairf county police is, yes,is y officers were serving a warrant in the area around 10 o'clock last night and willas those officers were comingt down the street, therers wereree two other vehicles coming inomin the opposite direction.econ one of the vehicles struck theut police police got out. o they detained the people ineople both of those vehicles.les. one of the cars only had a a solo driver. dri that driver was detained.ned. the other car had a driver and another occupant in it, twocupa men, and when police detainedne those people in that second
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vehicle, that's when 93 w93 discovered that those two menen were suffering from gun shotunho wounds. wo so, they took those men to the hospital. they have nonlife-threateningont injuries. they're going to be okay.go inwhat brought police here ishtc also very interesting.. apparently back on the 19th,9t there were reports in the in the neighborhood of a man standing outside and firing a gun into gt the air and so that's thehat's e warrant that they were cominghec to serve was for the recklessecs discharge of the weapon. also unclear from fairfax county police is -- it sounds sd like the person that they were going to serve the warrant on,ro they have not located that man m yet so that person may still m l be at large. large meanwhile we know at leasttea from what fairfax county count police are telling us that thest three people that they detained are somehow related to that house where they werewe going to serve the warrant butrt they're still trying to pullilti all the pieces together. togethe no police officers by the wayay were injured in
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live in springfield, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local5 cal news. >> we're following breakinglo b news in maryland where at least three townhouses are on fire. >> fox5's annie yu joiningoing us live with the latest. annie, what can you tell us. >> ♪ >> reporter: hey, guys, thisr:,u happened about an hour ago. ago we're just pulling up uh let me step out of the way so ws we can show is you.w it's a very active scene still at this time.his firefighters battling the battlh three-alarm fire and we're wre told it's under control rightolt now but just to kind of gived oe you an idea, this is the 7,000 7 plaque of chadds ford drive in brandywine. they have chadds ford drive fdre completely shut down and thewn t fire is about a thousand feetee straight ahead to the right. rht as you can see they've conedy'vn off this area so if you're you'r driving up you're being diverted away. awa this is pretty much as closes ce as we could get just pullingli up here but we're told four t homes are affected. ate i know we have some photosho that you might be looking at.e the fire chief telling us that t these homes are completely destroy
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serious one. one. we're told all occupants areante believed to be out of theo no reported injuries at thiss i time. obviously still very active aiv and developing and we don'te know the cause of thishis investigation. you can actually see there'she's still water hoses working there. so, hopefully we'll be able tob bring you some moreme more information in just a few. just. back to you in the studio. >> ♪ >> overseas in brussels nowel belgian media reporting thatinht authorities now believe a second suspect was involved in the bombing at the metro station.ation. officials believe that suspecte is on the run this morning. morg but was caught on surveillanceen video carrying a large bag alongside khalid el-bakraoui has been identified as thehe suicide in brussels salah abdeslam the t chief suspect in the deadlydl paris attacks faces a judge this morning amid increasingncan signs the same terror cell wascw behind both attacks.
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>> ♪ >> happening today a viewing tod will be held for fallen prince george's county police officeryo jacai colson. he was killejad earlier this month when he was hit byy friendly fire during a ding shooting outside the district dc three police station.tion friends and family are invited to the funeral home inom i beltsville maryland from 2:00yl0 to 9:00 this evening. >> ♪>> >> 5:05 is our time it gary,ary, yesterday just played me me happy. [laughter] >> it just played me happy.lad e >> that's good.>> well, today is going to make mae you feel ecstatic.cstac. >> love it. >> is that better than happy. >> that's a notch above >> happy at its best.its bes here we today's forecast, little cool this morning with some clouds to start, too, 56 it's just lard this time ofti year not to have clouds aroundrn at some point.e t. warm today.warm today. we're going to be up to aboutbot 77 degrees for a high hh temperature. yesterday we were 75.da so, again, a ly ittle bit warmee than that. a couple of spots later todayod right around 80. culpeper 79. fredericksbu
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3, 4, 5 o'clock today wouldayou not surprise me if you didn't see 80 degrees in your car yourc thermometer or your backyard thermometer or something liker that especially inso the places that have the sunnest of thehe t conditions. i think most of us are sunny sun today. to winds will be a little bit breezy. here's erin's it's thursday morning and as ans we like to call it around here friday >> on-time traffic brought toff you byic toyota.a. visit buy a for for special offers.l >> that's right, gary and os ri rightgh now as you wake up around the area increasedncre volume 95 through dumfries.roug in virginia give yourselfel extra minutes you'll need theoud time. ti southbound traffic lookingra really quiet right now as youou make your way out around theunth area. area. we don't have any majorany r problems to report as you y cruise through stafford yet.yet. we'll let you know when that normal volume does start to increase.inea to our maps, aside from that fr volume picking up things up looking good despite this construction 395 south after seminary.min we're not seeing any issues inue arlington right now on our secondary roads.
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head into the district thisis morning. 50 inbound problem free out byy 202. 202. keep in mind if you're taking tk the marc camden line train limited service today because of a fire from yesterday.esterd. penn line will honor your tickets. ticket you can also take metro thistroh check in with me on twitter at t erin fox5 d.c. for all thellhe latest. those are the trains that are running today.da aside from that morningrnin commute looking just fine onst n the beltway. keep it to fox5 news morning.or more to come in just a few. >> ♪
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>> it is concerning but i meanon especially because like once thisly campus i usually feell pretty safe.e. >> two alleged sexual assaults s on campus of george mason m university has students there worried. the first alleged incident happened friday night on orighto near the fairfax campus. a female student told policeoldp she may have been raped by a student.ent. another said she was raped in rd a dorm room by a man she metet on a internet service. >> frightening and randomteng ad attack in arlington has the h t community on edge.dge. arlington county police sayole y two men attempted to abduct a a woman near the lubber runrun park. it happened in the 200 block00lo of north columbus street.s s according to police the twoe t suspects approached the womanhem from behind while she was walking
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one of them attempted to placete an unknown object over her head while the other man inappropriately touched her. her >> placed something over her o head and they also grabbed her a and tried to muffle her muffle r screams by putting their hands s over her mouth. >> it's scary because this isbei a pretty quiet neighborhood. you know, my wife walkse wa around, you know, quiteui frequently and, you know,, u kn, having a new child, too, itoo i definitely scares you even s y more. >> the victim was able toble fight the men off. o police are looking for the the suspects.spects. >> developing overnight a man mn was found shot to death inth prince george's county lastnty a flight. happened on the 3800 block of of 28th avenue in marlo heights.arh no word yet on a motive.ot if you have any information please call police.ea also developingse thein suspects in the shooting investigation in waldorfst maryland have been caught.ig yesterday two men wereav shot on gettings court. skyfox was over the scene. o one of the men died from hisro s injuries. the other is expected to bee okay.okay. right now we know some sort of altercation throwed thatthat shooting. >> montgomery county police are searching for a missinun
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teenager. 17-year-old was last seen onlaso tuesday afternoon on dudleyud lane in bethesda. bethesda. the teen goes by her middle name uma. u. her family is concerned aboute a her emotional and physicalnd phl well being given her young age. if you have seen this missings n girl, please call police.ol also in montgomery county,ge the search is on for a 20-year-old from cabin john, maryland. police say joshua hoffle wasof last seen on tuesday afternooneo and he may be driving a 20044 silver corolla with maryland tags 1ax6530. 1ax6530. if you have seen this man giveee montgomery county police a call. call >> still ahead new details inewn the search for that missing malaysian airlines plane.lane what authorities are nowre n confirming regarding the the plane's debris.eb >> when it comes to the most valuable major league baseballal teams the nats make the top t t 10. where they stand against theirhr >> gary will be back withk another check of your friday fri
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it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. >> ♪ >> all right, we may have jumped the gun just a littleigun bit. yesterday we expected the cherry blossoms to reach peak bloom but the national park j er service says they're only at the puffy white stage. that's the stage right beforehtf peak bloom.peak once they do bloom the cherryrry blossoms can last four to 10t f0 days. the weather of course playing c a big role on the length ofouth the bloom. 1.5 m
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expected to go to see the iconic cherry blossoms. bloss >> so does that mean peak m oom starts today?oo >> i think so.>> ihink that's how i would read whatea w they're saying. >> do you think there will be room in town for all thek or a e people this weekend that areeeke going to be there. t >> of course.>> o >> aren't you hosting people? >> what did you say. w >> aren't you hosting people? [laughter] >> maybe. >> the more the merrier. merrier >> maybe you don't know it. >> dulles v did we talk about that? i don't even remember doe talking about that.out that. 43 degrees for culpeper. 55 degrees for fredericksburg. look at how mild it is back b out to the west here. 64 degrees for saint louis. lis louisville 65.uisville 65. 56 for columbus and 51 for pittsburgh.ttur chicago's pretty cool thisettyis morning at 37. at 3 detroit is 38 and binghamtonto is here's the deal on today. tod very springlike.inglik did you like yesterday? ifrd? i you liked yesterday, you'reay, r going to love today. because we're going to be even warmer.rm. temperatures -- now to theur north of us and here aroundund the area mid 70's but i'mbut going to go official
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70's here in town today.. 77 degrees and a couple of places late today will be up around 80, 78, 79, maybe 80. mbe that's right, erin como, i'm'm not joking. jin soak it in today becauset tomorrow clouds, showers around.nd. thunderstorms look like theyrms will be to the south of us. southern maryland you may be m b on the northern extent of af couple of thunderstorms, okay, o so rumble of thunder heard in hd the distance would notld surprise mainly showers moving through.ou the best risk of showers thehowe first part of the day and then d they begin to taper off into oft the afternoon and move off to mo the east.the ea the frontal system will come wic through for the weekend.r e weed it's going to be cool aroundoolr here on saturday but gorgeous. 62 degrees. d 65, a little warmer on sunday.un i think milder on sunday as a whole because some of the som temperatures will be able to w get mid to upper 60's and will stay in that zone a little bitet longer for the afternoonfton hours. hour it does look like, too, to meo that
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clouds coming in mainly high h to thin level clouds late in the afternoon on easter day.aste not perfectly sunny but we will stay drive. the showers will hold offers until next week, monday, mday, tuesday a is the time frame on that. this morning a few clouds out there. how long will these clo cuds stay? will they begin ton break up right at sunrise, 7,une 8, 9 o'clock something like that. so do expect a few clouds to f start the day but then we end up with sunshine, 77 it will be a little breezy breez today. winds out of thends t of south-southwest at about 10 tobt 20 miles per hour. h seven-day forecast looks like if you don't want to look past p sunday you don't have to look past sunday but i'm just kind ji of looking at today,oday 77 degrees. one day at a time.da erin como.y >> i'll take it, sounds like a perfect day for outdoor lunch today. >> absolutely. >> i went down 14th street yesterday, happy hourda outdoors, it was beautiful.eaifl right now for your m
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commute we'll switch gears, 5:17, i was trying to cleat usg of a couple minutes there, limited marc s these are there trains that are operational. 8:45, you can also take metro m we're dealing with an earlya e morning metro problem.roblem early repairs at new heads up the for the orange o line commuters.lineters residual delays to vienna. vie no other alerts. metrobus gearing up for service that is on time and i im like this wide view right now.iw not seeing any inbound volume is picking up south of of this point in virginia as youni make your way through dalehrgh d city and woodbridge.oodbridge. let's take a live look outside t and show you some of our quiet roads. doing just fine bottom side ofmf the beltway across the wilson bridge from rich -- to ritchieoi marlboro so no issues there. the got you covered if anythingth else pops up. back to you een. >> thank you erin. e time now is 518. is let's get a check of other top
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stories. for that we'll go down too to holly in the news room. >> we'll begin overseas in beg australia where officials sayer two pieces of debris discovered in mozambique likely came from missingm malaysian airlines flight 370.l until now the only other pieceee of debris from the plane that t has been confirmed was a wing w part that washed ashore on the island of reunion last year. y the plane disappeared march m 2014 and is believed to have that crashed somewhere in aa remote stretch of the southernon indian ocean. o now to can china where 19 w9 miners are dead following a late night coal mine accident. d happened in an underground undgr platform in a mine.n min officials say there were nearly 130 people underground when a mined-out area collapsed.coap authorities plan to closeo c several mines across the can ase country in order to reduce theee amount of fatal incidents.ncen spring is not bringing bngin warm pleasant weather foreath everyone in the u.s.nethe take a look at denver whereve w nearly a foot of snow
5:20 am this video is pretty amazing. at one point snow was falling at the rate of 3-inches an hour. hm. in texas, violent storms brought thunder lightning andnd a tornado warning.arni the storms caused significantiga damage in the area from busted s windshields to downed powerlds lines and now a strong coldong o front is moving in with in with temperatures expected to dropteo into the 40's today.. an alleged sexual abuse victim i of former u.s. speaker dennis hastert could testify at haft at cert's sentencing next month m this is according toccording transcripts from a court hearing that links sexual abuse allegations to the t illinois republican for the rep first time. back in october hastert pledterd guilty to violating bank laws b when he tried to pay three and a a half million in hush moneyushy to keep someone quiet about a past misconduct.uct. the misconduct dates backesac decades around the timeheim hastert was a high school schoo wrestling coach. coach. and closer to home nowom n u.s. park police haveark police identified a man who they sayy
5:21 am
smithsonian's air and space ands museum. investigators say 60-year-oldld bernard drai tried to grab arab child's hand and then walk away near one of the museum's ms entrances earlier this month. m surveillance video shows the then you see drai run away when a chaperone yells at him. h police say he then boarded a white shuttle bus outside the museum. a warrant has been issued fors e his arrest. anyone with information isimatin asked to call police.olic and that's a check of some of our other top stories today. maureen i'll send it back upt bu to you.ou >> coming up first baseballasebl fans find out what the top 10 valuable baseball teams are.alla here's a hinder. a h a local team made the cut butut how much money are they making?maki plus find out how your birthday could predict if you'll suffer from allergies. back after this.
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i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. >> topping today's sports breakfast we are on the sweetwea 16 in the ncaa tournament.. tonight maryland will look to to knock off kansas. kan the schools are meeting fortingr the first time since the 2002 2 if i think four when marylandnkn did beat kansas. tipoff for tonight's game is gae at 9:40 p.m. >> late game. >> uh-huh. >> forbes magazine came outs with itsma list of the value ofe every major league baseball team and the nationals made mad the top
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>> no shocker but the yankees yn are number one at $3.1 billion. topping list since 1998. 1998. dodgers second, red sox next,ex, giants fourth. our nationals coming in ninth at $1.3 billion.1. the average value of a major league team is actually about ao $1.2 billion. if you got one of those i got oe think you're doing all right. ar >> i think gary will know the gl answer. how many teams are there exactly?exactl >> shoot. uh -- >> and there you go. >> you are my go-to baseball guy. >> 30, 32. >> we'll google it during it duu weather.we >> 330 and 32. 3 >> jim was my go to guy.o >> i could have lied. >> someone would have called w you out. >> that's good. g that's right.that's right doesn't i don't worry about --don't wort >> you know what this shothis
5:26 am
looks like london. londo it did. it >> there you go. >> but alas it's not. we have bet weather, that'sthera what it is.wh >> 54 now.4 now. frederick has dropped down too 36 degrees. that's like -- that's justs j really kind of cold.of c so, be ready for that frederick when you step outside. warm today, breezy today.od, br yesterday was 75. today let's go 77. g that sounds good, doesn't it. >> yes. >> y >> let's get crazy.>> l >> double seven's, double seven's. n' >> go nuts. >> there we go.>> there >> okay, i'll introduce erin eri como. here she is for a look at yourou traffic this morning. mni >> we didn't have a heads up dia to go to erin but we will now. >> i'm ready. we have some traffic to talkic t about 5:26.abt 5: taking a look right nowow traffic is moving along just j fine bottom of the beltway b we're problem free as you makeoe your way out past richiechie marlboro.boro no problems top of the beltwayob either. whether you're making your way m out on the wilson bridge or wil top side out by new hampshireami and 50 on the inbound side by 301 i like what i'm seeing. s no issues either. e
5:27 am
look at our maps.look aside from quiet traffic thererc we're also looking really nice on 295, 395. 395. we do have volume increasing 85 to urbana. urb we'll let you know when other areas get that increased ire congestion for your morningour ride. that's your traffic.ic >> thanks erin. can coming up, we aree are continuing to follow breaking bk news out of prince george's of g county. a devastating fire rips through several townhomes inh so brandywine. we're going to bring you ag to live report after the break.he >> plus a heads up for u commuters this morning if you mo use the marc train to getrc trag around.arou your service may be impactedacte today. we have details ahead. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. live look l if you liked yesterday, then,he you're going to be over the o moon about today. gary says it's going to beit's i even better.even we'll talk weather of course. erin will update on thee t morning commute. commu first though we say we're sureas glad you're starting youroue str morning to us. good morning, i'm hollym holl morris. >> i'm maureen umeh.en u wisdom martin is off today. tod we begin with breaking news.akin >> first at 5:30 we're 5:3'r following breaking news out ofoo maryland where an overnight oveg fire has damaged severaled sevel townhomes. >> fox5's annie yu is live l on the scene in brandywinerandyw with the latest. annie, what can you tell us.ha >> reporter: good morning,t maureen andr: holly. this is a fire that happened hap around 4 o'clock, a very earlyly
5:31 am
it out okay because there aresee no injuries in this but thiss ti was a three-alarm fireir bringing about 100 personnelerso to the scene here. s still very, very active buteut now what they're doing is justt looking for hot spots and and currently inside these homesom the sprinkler systems are s going off. we have a total of four homes h that are damaged and are completely destroyed and thenoyd you have two that are damaged dd as well on the sides of eachh of them. t this is the 7,000 block of block chadds ford drive in in brandywine maryland. myl they have chadds ford drivechad completely shut down here.lyhut we just got done speaking toingo the can chief who confirmed that all occupants, a total of 15 adults, three children andldn three dogs made it out okayut o out of these homes. again, no injuries. injur that is pretty amazing hereng h for this time of day. again, the sprinkler systemsprin did kick in. now, here's the -- here's whatat happened.ha when they pulled up the first tf unit arrived minutes after a getting the 911 call. c they pulled up to the fires t f hydrant and for whatever
5:32 am
reason the hydrant on that t first one it capped off.t e it whether it was a maintenancewa issue, we're not completelyy sure at this point.hipo the chief wasn't sure as wellwar so they had to wait for the waie second unit to get here which sort of delayed the process byry a few minutes. mutes but the trucks each carry about 500 gallons of water, soo the chief saying that, you know, it might have delayed itei by minutes but they were stilles able to attack this fire. f but you can just look -- ioo-- mean, if you just look hereook h it's completely destroyed.estro. we have the american red cross c arriving on scene to help to h those that were displacedaced again 15 adults, three children, three dogs displaced l as a result of this fire.e. what they're doing right now rin is looking for hot spots. spo they have everything underevery control. back to you in the iu >> thanks annie. more breaking news inin news virginia.virg fairfax county police saycoun they're trying to serve aer warrant when their cruiser was w hit by another car. c >> it happened on the tray lee woods court in springfield.prind melanie alnwick is there and joins us live with the latest. mel, what tull. >>
5:33 am
guys. sounds like a chaotic scenea ti that happened here neighbors in the area report ret hearing helicopters and search dogs and police commands overmmr loudspeakers and when they and came out to find out what washaw going on police told them to get back and stay in their the homes. what we're hearing from policenl is when their officers came c here to tray lee woods courttray to serve a warrant there werente two vehicles coming at them ina the opposite direction.irection one of those vehicles strucktr the police cruiser.ruiser police got out.. they detained the driver of dri the striking vehicle.. the second vehicle they then discovered that there were twoer men inside who were sufferingsur from gun shot wounds. wou those men were taken to thehe hospital, said to be in nonlife-threatening cane-re condition, so they will be be okay. but they're trying to figuretrn out exactly what led to this -- this incident. i and then it turns out that what the warrant that policet were serving goes back to march 19th when people in the te area reporte
5:34 am
man standing outer here whor rew was firing a gun into the airir and so that investigation continued. they developed theey information. they came here to serve the warrant on that person, onrepern that man for recklesseckl discharge of the firearm whenrmw all of this happened.appe but certainly a very confusing we know that police are continuing to talk to those people who were injured by the gunfire, also the driver of drie the striking vehicle. they are all detained evenve though the two are in the the hospital they're still undertilr police custody and being i guess questioned to try tory figure out exactly what washat s going on but it doesn't sound'tu like the man that they weret thw actually looking for, the manan who they had the warrant for,or, doesn't sound like at thise at point they have located that tha man but they do tell us that the three men who are deere d trained somehow connected too that home. h live in fairfax, i'm melanie'mel alnwick, fox5 local nes.
5:35 am
>> ♪ >> overseas in brusselsrs belgian media reporting that authorities now beaelieve theele second suspect was involved in the bombing at the metro station. statio officials believe that suspectls is on the run this morning butnt was caught on surveillancen video carrying a large bag alongside khalid el back crewacc who has been identified as thede suicide bomber. also in brussells salah abdeslam the chief suspect in c the deadly paris attacks facesas a judge this morning amid increasing signs that the same s terror cell was behind botigh attacks. >> ♪ >> happening today a viewing t will be held for fallen princear george's county officer jacaiai he was killed earlier thisrlieti month when he was hit byy friendly fire during aireuring shooting outside the district dr three police station.lice statin friends and family are invitedit to borgwardt funeral home inn beltsville maryland from 2:00fm2 to 9:00 this evening. >> ♪ 5:35 is your time. talking another wonderful day.ry even better t
5:36 am
>> right. i was going to say you'reay youe talking about. aut >> a few degrees, yeah.h. >> six in one hand half a half o in the 54 in town, fredericksburg is 46. culpeper 45.cueper manassas 46 and it's reallyea cold up to frederick, most of frederick county is on thek coun chilly side.ide. right now frederick is 36 they've kind of been bouncing bc around between about 34 andetweo 37 degrees. dre clouds in places this morning. we'll see clouds when the sun t comes up. there's not clouds fors f everybody, okay, and as a and a matter of fact where some off cw these numbers have dropped off this morning into the 40's andni the 30's, generally fair skies there. there. here's the temperatures latereme so, pretty much you likedou l yesterday you're going loveoingv today,, rht 77 degrees for a high. h we were 75 yesterday. 77 today. fredericksburg 78. culpeper 78 and just aboutust ao everybody away from th
5:37 am
here's erin como. c thursday morning with a look l at your commute. cmu hey, erin. >> lay, gary, good morning right now traffic is pickingaf up. up we're seeing delays 270 past urbana. ur no surprise there. sur no crashes to report. and as you take a live look inki dale city traffic is increasing 95 northbound yourord commute through virginia this vr morning. you'll need a little bit of of extra time.extra tim south of that point as you make your way out in stafford, r some more congestion as well. you can see just a sea of headlights right there. let's switch it over for a look at fo our maps.ap aside from those delays, keepayk in mind lane closures still lingering 395 south afterthft seminary and that is becauset of construction.ion. 395 inbound quiet to the 14th th street bridge.reet no problems through the thirdh street tunnel and key bridgeri from roslyn into georgetowneorgt still looking good. we'll let you know when thatkn changes. back to you. >> coming up what month were moh you born in?n? >> >> okay, december. o turns out your birthday canurirt can actually have a huge a impact on your health hlt especially during allergy season the story next at
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>> and that does mean mys mean y birthday is coming u plus we don't need to tellet you this but work can be a major source of stress in our o lives. too much work related stressat could mean trouble. find out how you can keep it all in check when we return.
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they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message. >> ♪ >> researchers have found that h the season you were born in is
5:41 am
linked to allergic diseases. die researchers found those borns fb in autumn had an increase eczema risk compared to those born in the spring.rn in people born in winter had an increased asthma risk pairedpa to those born in the fall.all. here's a question for you.ur we were just talking aboutalkino this during the commercial break. is your job stressful? think? t about it. if so a neabw study says it could affect your mentalfect y health. a survey by the american ame psychological associationlogi found 75 percent of americansris consider their jobs doctors say our bodies create c stress and anxiety when we start to worry too much about what might happen.what doctors say the best way to combat work stress is tos t recognize the source of stress s and learn to live in the now.ow hm. >> okay, so we need toeee recognize the source of our stress. >> uh-huh. >> and what learn to live withn it? >> learn to live in the now, n, live in the moment. men like, you know --no-- >> that stresses me out tryingun
5:42 am
seriously. >> you know, to me that --ha 75 percent of people thinkeoe their jobs are stressful sosfuls they just think working is >> and i wholeheartedly agree. e >> i think working is i t stressful because you try tocaus manage at work and then youyou got to manage your lifee yo outside of work whatever that w may be. b >> exactly. >> life is stressful.sful. >> life is stressful.trsf >> i give up. i ge life is stressful.tresul >> better luck next time iteluck guess. coming up, would you stay in i an industrial building withtriag limited amenities for $113 a night? a listing on air b and a b for a local homeless hess shelter. find out why it's being postedos on air b and b and if there t have been any takers.ak pretty weird. gary and erin are back e with another check of yourou weather and traffic on the 5s. get ready for sunshine and warm temperatures.
5:43 am
it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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tylenol®. services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern. >> ♪ >> i like that music betterth with the cherry blossoms. it gives me energy and a start to the day. look at that awesome picture. pu thank you to the photographerog that's providing us with i would give you a shout-outho if i knew who it it w back way live look.e look. this is what everyone isone is talking about today, of course c cherry blossoms and today theyoe are expected to reach peakeach k bloom. it was really supposed to besu yesterday but the nationalth park service came back andeack said they were only at that t puffy white stage.tage i usually put cream on whennhen i'm at that puffy white stage.ta that's the stage right b
5:46 am
the peak bloom.peak bloom. once they bloom the cherryy bl blossoms can last anywhere from four to 10 days, weathers,a of course playing a big role r on the length of the blooms. tho >> man, okay so we're talkingal about this beautiful we want to see your pictures pic of the blossoms.ofs. send them to us on socialn soci media at fox5 d.c. on twitter ot and on instagram on our fox5 f facebook page.okage. you can even when you givehen yg them to us we might even usemige them on the show he. h i think you can't get a bad shot of the cherry blossoms,er can you.ry >> you have to be a really horrible photographer because it is just picturesque.tuue >> your thumb in the >> then it could be a little,ou you know -- sort of like ld-- l what do you call it when it'st' distorted, the picture.tu. >> it can be like an impressionistic view. >> some of the pictures we sawiu from our live video or pictures people were sending sei in, i was thinking it's not peak bloom. >> we said it yesterday. it yesy >> i was like it's not peaks nop bloom. but you know what, near peakpe is gre peak is awesome and then right r through the weekend it's goingwe
5:47 am
so, there's going to be a lote t of folks out there enjoyingheren those the next several -- looka it's going to rain it's not going to rain allai a day. i'm actually beginning to think possible that tomorrowat afternoon into the evening eveni hours it's going to be prettyore dry around here so if you'refour planning on getting down thereot tomorrow afternoon, tomorrowrow evening, i think you're going to be okay. i think we're going to have to h some sunshine breaking throughg in the afternoon as well. hopefully that trend will holdil but we definitely have showers e in the forecast for at leastt lt the first part of the day tomorrow.tomo. gaithersburg you're 52, frederick you're 36 and'r36 quantico is 56 degrees. satellite picture shows clouds out there. temperatures later today, howest about that, 77 degrees.7 ee we're warm today. tod we're going to be breezygoing today. we start off at about 56 degrees. we'll warm up to about 70 by lunchtime. outside lunch would be great.d g warm conditions late this afternoon. here are temperatures now heresh in the city. we're 54.e look how mild cincinnati isnnati this morning at 60 degrees. 60 r holly is over there,
5:48 am
over there, giving props fors that. that little rock is 65 and saint65 s louis is 64 so that warmth ismth coming in our direction.irti super cold with all the snow on the ground if denver.v casper 29. real cold stuff newspaperff n canada. here's the deal for our weekend.ek you seat big blue h.e that's the good stuff.tu it shifts on sunday, thatunday,a warms things up, we'll staye' s drive. a few clouds coming in lateds cn sunday afternoon but other than that this is going to beis a really, i really nice weekende shaping up. this morning we have a littlee a bit of cloud cover out there but some good sunshine through the day and temperatures will warm up. here are the showers tomorrowomo morning, a little wet morningor commute perhaps and then we'lle' end up it looks like again thege trend here is this stuff wantsss to get to the east of us byeasts the afternoon. all those showers back out to the west now. high pressure protectingth usecu and bringing in the warm conditions. 77 today. we fall off 77into the 60's 60' and then a cool weekend but a a nic
5:49 am
how about that? here's erin como. >> 5:48, gary, and greatat weather for our morningorni commute traffic just typicalyp congestion as you make yourak way across the occoquan. ooq 95 on the northbound side is picking up, increased volume vol towards the bottom of thethe beltway.y. some in stafford as well so bewb prepared for that usualhat usual commute. we'll take a look at our maps um right now.. aside from that volume thingst starting to slow down as you doy make your way out on 270.70 a look at our maps can show s you that we are slowingre slowi through urbana this morning. also 395 south lane closuresanes at seminary sary road. northbound side from thehbou beltway all the way throughl wa edsall road as you make yourakeu way to the 14th street bridgeri in great shape there.he no issues across the 11th 1 street bridge.e. on suitland parkway towards towr south capitol issue free. there's that look at 270.that you can see the yellow zonee picking up.g u more traffic in a few. maureen and holly.nd >> heads up if you commute by cb marc train. brush fires may affect your travels today. marc service on the camden line will be extremely
5:50 am
this morning. skyfox over the scene as fires s came close to the tracks in tck howard county know near the dorsey marc station. stati officials recommend going to ara penn line station or evenine taking metro.ta service is expected to be backtb up and running at full speedl sd by the evening by the way burn ban ban remainsn effect through frederick fde county through this >> scary moments on a flight at reagan national airport.l ai. fire and rescue crews werecrew called to unspeculate the the southwest airlines flights fght after there were reports oforts smoke in the cockpit as the a t plane flight attendant reported a rubber fire crews searched the plane but nothing suspicious wasing ss that found. >> a virginia man has pled has p guilty to assaulting a flight attendant during a trip from a o d.c. to florida. fri court documents saycour 36-year-old joseph sharkey was on a jetblue flight back in i january when he verballybally assaulted another passengerng and then placed that passengerct in a headlock.k. sharkey then fought two flight attendants. if convicted he faces up to 20p years in prison.
5:51 am
charged with animal crueltyru after police say he punishedhed his cat by dunking it under ier water in a toilet and a bathtub. 62-year-old albert knox wasrtno arrested after officers responded to a call from a a c concerned citizen. ciz police say they found the cat soaked, wounded and disoriented he.ented . authorities say knox told say k investigators that he hadth he a dunked the cat in order torder correct behavioral >> it's an unsolved mystery ofn a lost and found puppy from new york near 86 months ago a a woman in brooklyn lost her h pitbull who disappeared fromaref her backyard.r ba he has been found safe and a sound hundreds of miles awaydrel in charlotte, north carolina. officers scanned his microchip and found its owner. oer still not clear how he made itt all that way.ay >> it's the first thing we do. w we find a lot of animals that can come into the shelter thatha have a micro clip but the
5:52 am
phone number that's registeredeg to the microchip is no longer working.working. >> he's doing well is thating wt waiting to headha back home. hm. >> ♪ >> 5:52 right now let's goig ahead and take a look at thek stories there are trending inthr our region this number five, developing out ofiu belgium this morning theisorning suspected bomb maker in the i paris attacks in november was w one of two suicide bombers who targeted the brussels airport on tuesday.on tsday at number four, open table released its 2016 list of the best 100 restaurants in all off no washington, d.c.hington, restaurants made the list but so be lounge in maryland. maryl americans have been killedan by prisonersha released from the detention center at guantanamoce bay in cuba.nt take a look at the ongoing debate between supreme courtwe justice about an obamacare mandate that coversatover contraceptives for women.oren finally the number one storyr oe trending in our region
5:53 am
now publix supermarkets could sp be making their way into our area.area. maureen. >> in d.c. ward five residentsve vented their frustrations on r d.c. mayor muriel bowser's proposed site for a homeless a s center on air b and b.. residents say you can get an a overstoned apartment a stone's o throw throw from train tracks, a shared bathroom with no housesne in sight. sig. residents say they have annts tn issue with the proposedhe propoe facility to lack of access too services and transportation.poro d.c. mayor muriel bowser saysowe she was not open to changinghang location and will move forwarder in order to close d.c. general. so far though no takers.noak one of d.c.'s most iconic i buildings is beginning to look l like its old self. scaffolding coming down from the capitol dome. it's been up there for nearlyora two years now.year the scaffolding was put thereutt while crews worked on restoration projects to fixn more than 1,000 cracks in thes dome. workers are moving onto thetohe next stage of the projecte pr which is painting.ich there's also interior workork that has to be done. d the ent
5:54 am
expected to be complete beforebe next year's presidentialia inauguration. gloria gain nor's hit song g i will surviveai will survive forever. >> it is more than a dozen a den recordings that have been that e added to the national recording registry. other well known recordingsecdi making the list include piano pa man by billy joel. j where did our love go by the supremes, mac the knife byy louie armstrong and bobby b darrin. a recording must be at leastg sb 10 years old all of those are sufficientlyfil more than 10 years old. the registry holds 450 recordings.recordings. >> you know what troubles mewh in this age of songs like, you know, these raunchy songs canon you imagine someoneon nominating, you know -- >> oh, they will down the line. >> two live crew songs. [laughter] >> time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. nya stuart. sar >> okay.
5:55 am
>> 16. >> wow. today is nya's 16th birthday. working it. i happy bunch day.pp her moy m says they watch fox5ox every morning while getting get ready for school and work.l d w we thank you so much foror watching ladies. >> nya's mom you have ayou ha a problem on your hand.rd. she is gorgeou my goos.dness. gooes happy birthday baby girl. g for a chance to be tomorrow'somo fan of the day head to ourur fox5 facebook page and post at a selfie and comment underment gorgeous nya's photo. >> uh-huh.h-hu look at her nails.t r na >> striking a pose and everything. >> i remember 16.>> i >> really? you can rememberu that far back.that far back. >> it was only 10 years ago, i mean, come on . >> [laughter] >> hello. >> we kid because we love. >> we do. >> and we do love the weather,t, gary.gary. >> yeah, man, it's good.'s g 77 for a high today. >> okay. >> it's hard to imagine we're t starting off in the 30's foro nf frederick and you're going to gi warm up to, you know, the 70'sh7 today but it will happen. >> wow. >> here in town we've dropped t off, now down to 50 degrees.0
5:56 am
and again, you know, even e though we're starting off aing little on the cool side we'll co be able to warm war that's not a problem. pro the atmosphere is fairly dryry and a lot of sunshine today sun and that's going to keep thehe numbers from staying in the 60's and we're going up intooin the 70's. yesterday's temperature wasre ws 75. 75. today's temperature is goingatug to be 77 degrees.gree i keep pushing the button butut the seven-day forecast willill not come up.e u it's not wandering toandering to cooperate. weekend looks good.en weekend looksd good. goo sometimes it works and wor sometimes it doesn't. doe >> it doesn't matter.t alldo we need to know is sunny n and 77.7. >> i agree, holly. 395 southbound northbound north volume increasing but speedsutpe looking nice from the beltway f to the 14th street bridge.h st moving nicely on the wilson bridge from prince george's county on the inner loop.n th no problems on the outer loop l past richie marlboro. moro. top of the beltway lookinghe great nice and quiet rightnice t now. if you have an early morningan e flight traffic on the way to
5:57 am
bwi reagan national and dullesnl is in just fine shape. sha metro update earlier repairs rai at new carrolton. carro because of that orange lineein facing residual delays to vienna. vien keep it to fox5. 6 o'clock hour coming right up. >> ♪
5:58 am
the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.or >> straight ahead at 6:00, several townhomes catch firetch in prince george's countyrinc more than two dozen peopleeneopl forced from their fire crews are on the scene s right now.
6:00 am
a live update straight ahead.he >> new details about anotherut r possible suspect involved in iol the brussels attack and he mayln be on the run this morning.orni what we have learned just lea within the last few hours.ou >> first though, a live look outside on this thursdaythursday morning. mo it's march 24th. 2 cherry blossoms almost at peak a bloom. our tucker barnes is down at b the tidal basin this morning. tg we'll have weather and traffic t for you coming up as always on w the 5's at 6:05.:0 good thursday. t i'm allison seymour.allison seym >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m welcome to fox5 news morning. m. first up at 6:00 though tug breaking news coming from comin prince george's county. a scene of a massive firee of there involving multipleulti townhomes.ho >> fox5's annie yu is live on the scene in brandywine. good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodepor morning, allison and steve. ste well, residents here woke up hee to heavy fire conditionseaire co around 4 o'clock this morninghi ands nearly two hours laterur firefighters still remain here. it's a very, very activey, vacti scene. we have roads shut down but this is the area here. this is the three-alarm fire bringing 100 personnel to theso scene including


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