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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> who are you again.. >> i'm maureen even umeh. >> those allergies. tho >> good to have you with us. ha wisdom has the morning o today we're saying a final f goodbye to fallen princealleprie george's county police officerot jacai colson. c a viewing will be held at 9:00 9 this morning followed bywed b colson's funeral at 11:00 a.m.0a this is at the first baptistap church of glenarden. glenard both are opened to the public. b at yesterday's viewing inngn beltsville hundreds of friendsen family and fellow officers offir paid tribute to detective colson. he was killed earlier thiserhi month when he was hit byit friendly fire during an ambush shooting outside police pe detective colson's fathere spoke about his son outsidecohii the funeral home. h >> this is a hero inside here. . ever since he was born, neverev any trouble to us. he was the kind of kid and young man that any parentny p would be proud of, any brotherth would be proud of and any, you know -- he was just that type of young >> detective colson will beve buried in his home state ofatof pennsylvania on
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>> now to the latest in prosecutors say police have detained six people in connection with tuesday's tuesd deadly attack in brussels.nss officers are continuing totinui conduct raids in neighborhoodsbo where isis sympathizers may be b hold up. so far authorities believehoes b five men played a part inyed a i tuesday's bombings that killedtk 31 people and injured 330.ured30 three of the attackers arersre dead. two of them could still be on b the loose. >> the government and theov authorities will dero the utmosm to shed light on these attacksg and related events.nts. >> belgian authorities have auti slightly lowered the threathe level in the can country but can they say another attack is att possible and we are toldd belgian officials were warned about one of the suicide turkish officials say theyayhey warned the netherlands and belgium about ibrahim ibrah el-bakraoui after he waster as deported last june. el-bakraoui was caught trying ty to cross into 082 from turkeyro and was deported to the
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to paris where officialsials say they thwarted a potential pn terror strike. strike. authorities arrested a man they say was plotting tott attack the country. cntry investigators say the plot was in an advanced stage. yesterday's raid took part in the northern part of reports indicate there is nodi connection between thursday'scau plot and thersda attack launchee against brussels this week oruse paris last november. >> fairfax county police need cu your help finding a wantedte man. take a good look at this picture.ur this is research shad jameshad s suspected of firing slots into t a spring fields neighborhood last saturday. wednesday night police wereolice patrolling outside his momentism when they spotted three men gosp inside the house. h moment later officers heardater gun shots and the three men left and drove off in separateae cars. police pulled one car over and c found two men with gun shotho wounds.un investigators say it appearsears the shooting was accidental.ccia the other car hit the policeolie cruiser and officers detaineds n man. police in the district inn h eoince george's county say g they've got their
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richard butler the third is accused of firing a gun at aunt car in the 600 block of mellon n street on wednesday.eday police in the area returnedaet fire sending people on the streets scrambling for cover. one woman crashed into anotheran car trying to avoid the chaos.. luckily no one was injured. iurd this man's name is bolter.ol bolter was arrested on thed t scene. he was wanted for attempted aem murder and sexual assault inlt prince george's'sount. bolter was in court yesterdayur and is expected to bet extradited to face those charges within the coming weeks. week >> to prince george's countyince now. now. four townhomes were destroyed wo another two were damaged whenweg a fire broke out in brandywine. the fire broke out on chaddsn cs ford drive yesterday morning. amazingly, all 18 people wereple able to make it out safelyaf despite the fact they were alll asleep when the fire started. st we spoke with one man who lost l his home. >> so, i looked out of my lke window and i saw the housendaw e next to me was in flames so i immediately went and got my
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i camee outside the two units i beside us was up in that up in t flames and then within 10i minutes i got out of my house hu our house went up in >> when i went to move my cari i just started blowing my horny hoping everybody who was in the houses would wake up. >> the cause of the fire is fir still under investigation.. >> 4:34 is the time right now. let's get a check of today'st a forecast with gary mg gary, it is a very nice start s to the morning but i notice it c was kind of windy, though. t >> yeah, it is, the winds aredsa gusty and you read my mindd maureen because that's exactlyst what i'm starting with. w the gusts right now here in the city approaching 30 mileshi3 per hour. per hour. hagerstown the gust is the gusts 30 miles per hour so the windoud is really strong coming up out of the south and the and southwest. there's a frontal system backon to the westta of us. looks like it's going to takeak most of the day before that beft front gets here.ongets h checking on temperatures aheadnr of the frontes we're 67 now, annapolis 63, culpeper is 65. 6 everybody in the 60's thiss is morning.morning. the rain is very scattered s
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it hasn't crossed the cross t mountains yet but we'll waitll w and see how much that of rain tt comes on across. definitely looks like we're l carrying showers in thers i forecast for the first part of p the day. the da it will be breezy, it will be mild.ld. later today, expectxpec temperatures to be right back b up into the 70's.0's. we're talking 74 degrees or soo for a high temperature here in the city. fredericksburg 75.ksburg north and west it will be all little cooler because you'llausl go from clouds and a few showers, fronts will start passing through and that willl keep temperatures pretty steady in the mid to upper 60's. you may pop 70 degrees or sos oo up there. up t there's a look at yourtou forecast. i'll be back with a look atckit your easter weekend.ur easr w it looks really nice. n but before that we got to getwe a check of your traffic onraic this friday morning.darning erin. >> 4:35 gary.gary if you're getting up and up trying get out the door in stafford 95 northbound allbound lanes opened and moving nicelyic through dumfries, no issuesie n there. plenty of green on our m then om same story as you get intotory fairfax right now. n inner loop between
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and gallows wide opened and o you can see 395 inbound plentyle of green on our m295 and thehe freeway moving along withoutvina any issues. some road work montgomery county. this isn't causing any majorny r issues.issu veirs mill road eastbound atastd twinbrook parkway dealing withng the right lane blocked there.he and in prince george's county inner loop traffic also movingvg nicely across the wilsonn bridge. fourteenth street bridge, keybr, bridge also in great shape. shae if you have an early flight to catch traffic on the way toay t bwi is cruising on bw parkwayay northbound 95 northbound andndno things on the way to national na and dulles moving alongsovin without any incident this morning. we're crash metro gearing up for service f in the next 20 minutes with noon reported issues. issue any questions at erin fox5 d.c.c. back to you, holly.ol >> thanks, erin. e don't go away.>>don' you'll want to see this. we're checking in with the in wt eaglets at national arboretum am right near d.c. i love it.ri lo we happened to catch thehe eaglets at dinnertime last night.t. that's one of the parentshe par feeding em
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fish, eating dinner as a, ea family. >> i love that. >> seems liang the eaglets i are strong, that's good news andat'a they're doing well in their t nest. ne >> that is good to see.ood to s i know there was concern aboutwc one of them not being okay but they look hearty to me righto rt there. love it. >> i do, too.>>o, t the district is getting is ready to welcome another setthes of baby eaglets if you cants ifo believe two eagles named freedom andom a justice are perched outside of e the mpd southeast academy.camy the the birds have been there bt for 11 years and produced twodu eggs in mid january --- february i should say. the eaglets are expected toxpeco hatch within the next week soin again we are on eagle watchwa there. it is hard times for hardhas times cafe in maryland. myl the restaurant is closed because of a hacker at affectfft the co-owner tells us whats what happened and if past customersms are at risk.e at risk. >> take a look at this. a car, whoa, takes a scary four-story dive off a parkinge i garage. >> oh, my goodness. gdn >> can you believe someone is i your that? tha >> whoa.>> whoa. >> that's the good news.hat' the story coming up.y ming >> can't w
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>> ♪ >> in fairfax county policeir are looking for a manfa suspected of firing shots in alk springfield neighborhood last saturday.saturday >> police were patrolling outside rashaad james home on tralee woods drive. dri moments later officers heard of
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left and drove off in two in tw separate cars. police pulled one of the carsle over and found two men withh gun shot wounds.t w investigators say it appears app the shooting was accident accid today. meantime the other car hit the police cruiser and officers detained that in prince george's county cu four townhomes were destroyedhoe and another two damaged when aoa fire broke out in brandywine.ndn that fire broke out on chaddschd ford drive last night. amazingly all 18 people were able to make it out safelyaf despite the fact that theythey were asleep when that fireeep wh started. the cause of the fire is stillll under investigation. today final goodbye for a fallen prince george's countye police officer jacai colson'ssos funeral will be held today at ty first baptist church ofhurch o glenarden in upper marlboro. mlb there will be a grave siterave s service on monday in hisn his hometown in pennsylvania.nsylva. colson was accidentally shotcc and killed earlierid this months by fellow officer during a gun fight outside policeut headquarters. >> this morning a family isin pleading for help to findto f their missing daughter. dgh >> let's take a look at the teenager on the she hasn't been seen in details on
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vanished ahead. ahe but first gary with yourwitou forecast. gary. >> thanks a lot guys.hank it's very mild out this o t morning, gusty, too.usty a few showers.w show. we're back in the 70's today. we'll have the forecast coming up. up.
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>> ♪ it's thes t now, moment we've all been waitingaig for. fo say it isn't so but the cherryhy blossoms are indeed popping.ppi. >> what?>>t? >> yes, as they reach peak reack bloom as you can imagine many m people are flocking to the tidal this weekend is the kickoff of the national cherry blossom festival.festival there will be traditional and contemporary performances heldce at the warner theater. the cherry blossom festivall para
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>> why so late? is therehere some -- >> well, the -- it always endsse the festival.til. parade ends the festival andtivl the festival runs for quite qui some time and we've seen the blossoms not bloom until that bo late. all depends on the weather. wthr >> it teased us this year. y popped a little. lit >> held back. b >> withdrew then -- yes, thenw it got to that puffy white stage. stage. >> gary we were saying we feltet like we were in the puffy p white stage this morning withag the allergies.rg >> a lot of people are sayingopy that. it's definitely the season for that. that listens it's gusty out o.ty out it's mild out. o >> it's very >> it's showers and we'll have showers on this friday beforehi it's all said and done.s i say showers because that'sse really all it's going to be.gogo some of you will stay wil completely dry today the way t it's looking.'s lki we're not measuring wind gusts here, we're just measuringmeasin sustained winds so if you're yor not getting the gusts up to up o 30, which is what we're getting hee
4:46 am
national you're still getstl g something pretty goodthinpret sustained winds. 18 miles per hour sustainedta wind frederick, westminster a a 15 miles per hour sustained sta wind and fredericksburg theur te sustained wind down there iss about 12 miles per so, it is gusty and breezy outey this morning. mni that's helping to keepng to k temperatures up just a bit. b. check this out. o i mean, reagan national 67 degrees.67 deg dulles 66. bwi marshall is sitting at 67 degrees.67 this morning and the entireninga region is coming in in the 60's. a little tweaker on thehe holiday weekend forecast. basically 63 degrees on this saturday -- for saturday - expected so that's about whereue we were yesterday. i think we went 62 yesterdayt ee so we warm that up a degree: de it's trending in the rightrend direction at least.n east sunday late clouds, milduds, m temperature getting closer to 70 degrees. i think easter sunday is going s to be gorgeous around here.e. futurecast does not see a lot st of rain with this, okay. o this is 8:00 a.m. this.m. is morning, still some clouds, a c
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few showers coming on acrosscrs and then perhaps late in thee t afternoon off to the east off us it does look like we'll getwl some sunshine and that willat wl help to elevate theevat temperatures up into the 70' cruising right throughht tomorrow we look great. sunshine, high pressure in control. on sunday, the only thing we tng have to worry about is hows how much in the way of high cloudiness or cloudines cloudinn stream in after 3 o'clock. 3 o'. showers back out to the westck o of us. they still have to cross theth mountains.moun it will take several hours and a lot of it won't make itt across the mountains.ouai clouds and showers for the andhe first part of the day, a drye dd and breezy afternoon.. temperature does manage to get up to about 74 degrees or so for a high temperatureperare tomorrow, 63, cooler. a nice easter, high of 68.f clouds and showers on monday. mn mostly sunny tuesday,uesday wednesday, a few showersho possible next week but you see how temperatures climb back up c into the 60'sli, possibly eveny 70 degrees there.he it's good friday, er
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come in here done isn'tone isn traffic for us. >> that sounds great.ds g if you're making your way to wat work on this good friday right y now 4:47. let's take a look at our areaa bridges. bridges. traffic moving along just finenj on the outer loop and inneruter loop oveanr the american legion bridge. a little bit of volume increasing. increa we'll switch it over toswit another camera and show you sw this is canal road at chain a bridge and traffic is verysy light. no incidents reported on thatdna stretch of roadway, either. eit key bridge from roslyn intoo georgetown love what i'mha i'm seeing here. i don't rememberly it's very backed up on the inbound side. e as you head towards m street str traffic is wide same story across its wilson bridge. no issues bottom of theues bo beltway across the inner loop. o we are crash free on our on secondaries as well as youell travel in maryland, have a vanea the district.str a look at our maps and we'll wel show you veirs mill road eastbound at twinbrook parkway p right lane blocked by road b work. aside from that road work zoneha traffic is really quiet on 66t e eastbound as you make your way out in manassas. massa branch avenue no incidents reported 301 to the beltway inhy prince george's county. same story in stafford.afrd usually we see a lot of aot
4:49 am
hit 5:30 half hour from aquiaroi harbor right now to dumfries dfr traffic moving along justing alt fine. no issues in fredericksburg. in maryland in frederick 270der2 on the southbound side isunide i looking really nice towardsds the spur. spur. got you covered if anythingyt changes. metro service picking up ing upn about 10 minutes and they areina on time as well.asl. holly.ho >> thanks, erin.>> t e happening today, the funeral for fallen prince george's county police officer jacai colson. detective colson was killed byon friendly fire during an ambush-style shooting outsideut of police headquarters.olic yesterday the man's fathern'fath spoke about his son.ison take a listen. lte >> this is a hero inside here.e. ever since he was born, never n any trouble to us. he was the kind of kid andnd young man that any parent any p would be proud of, any brotherra would be proud of nyand any, you know -- he was just that type j of young man. man >> detective colson will beti cl buried in his home state of pennsylvania on monday. m >> students are on the alerts at george mas
4:50 am
after a pair of sexualua two students say they were wer raped in separate incidents ons different days this week. some students are angry sayingrn the university did not sendd alerts fast enough. eug >> something like thatethingiket happened i would want to bee alerted just so i'm like -- i i know -- i'm aware of my surroundings.ndin. >> george mason interim police chief thomas longo says say security alerts were sent outset on the sexual assault casesaults when investigators had gathered enough information tong alert the public. pub students expressed concerns exp about getting notified afteroti bomb making materials were were recently found inside a dorm d room on campus. on police say they did not immediately send out an alertn a because they did not believe there was a threat to students t on campus. cams. and developing thisoping ths morning montgomery countymont police are still searching for a missing teenager. tna take a look the 17-year-oldyearo was last seen tuesdayay afternoon on dudley lane inane bethesda. the teen goes by her held namee uma. her family is concerned aboutrn her emotional and physical well b
4:51 am
they spoke to us yesterday atesy walter johnson high school.chl. her father came down from f couldn't done look for her as hr well as other relatives fromivef new york.rk. >> she doesn't have the cell phone with her and she doesn'tsn have laptop also with her. so, she is kind of isolated.sole >> it's not the time to be yourself.yourself. you must speak up.p. go into any grocery store, ask,a anybody for help.el you have my number.umbe you have your dad's number. so, uma, please, you have toav be brave and fight yourself home, okay? >> uma was last seen wearing aei dark fleece jacket blue jeansuea dark blue sneakers an gray north face backpack. bkp if you know anything about known her, where she might be pleasele call police.ll polic >> check out what happened in wa baltimore last week. yowza! yowza! a woman's car plunges fourng f stories from a parking garage and lands on the street.ds on t miraculously she walked awayly s from this crash.from thi police say the driver, dri 23-year-old lindsey cook wasoo
4:52 am
accelerator instead of the brake. her audi crashed through thehroe concrete barrier of the garageag and landed on the pavementhe pat below. firefighters pulled her to safety. safety. again sharks noagain, she was ny hurt. skyfox was in gainsville, wi virginia where a strange atrange rescue took place yesterdayook c afternoon. a man was rescued from a water tower after he fell into it and became trapped. t fire department sales the manena was walking along the top of the water tower when he fell. fl rescuers say the man was alert a once they else queued him.queu m no word this morning, though,, on his condition.ondition. >> it may be a done deal but critics of the pepco exelon exe merger say customers are the are ones who are losing out. the two companies solidified their deal after districtfter dc regulators approved the merger e on wednesday. the agreement cree crates thee e largest publically heldll held utility in the country. the sale will affect 2 millionti customers including 800,000 8000 people in d.c. a m
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critics say customers will w likely see a rate increase ase s early as this summer.sum >> a popular montgomery countyot cafe closed yesterday because it's been the target of online pirates. hackers have taken over ther computer and payment system ofme the hard times cafe in rockville.rocke. now, a few days ago thego manager turned on hison h computers found a message demanding $10,000.nding $10 the hackers are holding all oflo the restaurant's computer cpu files ransom forcing thehe manager to close yesterday. >> i've been compromised bybeenc something known as ransom wearr where they basically encryptnc all your files and basically bil enclose your computer systemur so it can' ct operate. ora >> the cafe's owner has paid aai computer team to replace allla of his computers. cpute he also contacted the fbi. fbi at this point it seems that no customer credit card information has beenrmat compromised. the web site for obamacareca lab an attack tiff target for f hack a the government accountabilitycoi
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to hack into healthcare.govlthc. 316 times. each time they were unsuccessful in accessing sensitive information aboutut people who have signed up forsio the health insurance.nsan >> washington wizards willng soon have a new practice facility on theto other side ofd the river but one localne politician wants to make sure the district doesn't pay asn pay penny more than the city has agreed to. commissioner at large elissa eli silverman says she wants to t cap how much the district canan spend on the wizards newd practice facility. the wizards have agreed tfacilia >> we are making a $50 million m uninvestment in the wizards practice facility.prac we're making a much larger in the saint elizabeth's elizabh project that will includelude housing and retail. ret i am fully supportive of those efforts.s. i just want to make sure thatto the investment that we makee has a great return, a great a gt return forward eight an great return for our city. cit >> mayor murl
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construction of the newtion oth facility should be complete by 2018. >> ♪ >> all right.>> rig this week's fox beat free f friday you could win four win fu tickets to jersey boys. boy they should be playing, oh playi what a night.. the tony and grammy award winning smash all you do is go to thehe contest page on betweencom/ now and 11:59 p.m. and enter. a for a chance to win. >> tickets are for the night of april 6 and have an h approximate retail value ofalue 372 dodges they are providedre p by the national themed one win o are will be selected by random n drawing on march 28. 28. complete rules and online online entry are at >> ♪ >> temperatures out this morning in the 60's. 6 the wind is keepingwind temperatures up just a bit.uresu showers off to the west. w here we go. w g 67 in town right now winds are gusting up to 30 miles per hour in the city. t not quite that much back toac the northwest
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to have 20 to 30 miles peril hour wind gusts all morningning long. pardon me. the temperature has droppedurha off to 66 degrees in town. it was 67 degrees last hour.ou gaithersburg right now is 64.4. but you kind of get the idea t i just how mild it is out theret e this everybody is in the 60's. 60' showers back out to the west thw of us.of us. otherwise, we have clouds inveus place now.e no the showers will start coming across i would say -- it'ss scattered. it's not going to be aot gng to consistent rain across the a area for everybody but we'll b have some showers across herecrs for the morning commute. cmu by 7, 8 o'clock i wouldck iould imagine.imagine. 74 degrees later on today, soato we will warm up. northwestern neighborhoods will stay in the mid to upperer 60's. 60's. really the upper 60's i thinkhi more than anything later today t until the front comes through tu later this evening intois eve tonight.t. so, a nice warm day with a fewew showers.showers. that's basically the deal.asic here's erin como.he's e friday morning, erin. >> oh, it is friday morning.ida. you know what i'm thinking about, gary, how many times i can possibly sneeze off camera m before it happens during a durin traffic
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>> i hope it. >> and oh, friday morningh,rida questions.qu right now 270 southboundoubo definitely allergy season sso heads up if you're waking upg this morning and heading 70 to the truck scales looking really nice into gaithersburg,sr no problems on 70 as you cruise out some road work rd wor still lingering, right lane blocked in montgomery county veirs mill eastbound at eastbou twinbrook parkway. parkway. caution there. prince george's county things looking nice on branch avenue. more traffic in as few.. >> ♪ >> coming up at 5:00 major developments overnight inen brussels where authoritieshe have detained several more people in overnight >> and a chaotic scene in minnesota after a train derailed colliding with a wh propane tank.ane tank. the latest on that and ournd other top stories ahead. >> ♪
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>> a community comes togetherniy to say their final farewell aewl fallen prince george's countye detective killed in the linell of duty. we've got the e la >> plus, the iconic cherryc ch blossoms have bloomed.e med. we're live from the tidalrom thd basin as we gear up for a busyus weekend of sight seeing. seein >> a balmy start to this b friday morning but it'sal beautiful and it's going to be o a pretty nice weekend as well. . we've got your full forecastl fc with gary. fox5 news morning at 5:00:0 starts right now. now


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