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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> a major hospital chain hacked. what that means for patients. metro riders listen up how you score a free trip today. and later name the team. how the eagles team still needs a name. >> good morning to you on this march 29, 2016, tuesday morning for you. live look outside. clear outside. cool. grab a jacket if you head out. you may need it for the morning part. good morning everyone i'm maureen umeh alongside holly morris and wisdom martin. we'll start this morning with breaking news in montgomery county. firefighters on the scene of a town hour fire i
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>> going now to "fox5" jennifer davis live on the scene with the latest. jennifer, good morning. >> good morning, guys, good news, firefighters have helped all the occupants of this townhouse here in the bethesda area on sangmore road out. you can see there's an extremely large fire response. i'm joined by pete barring ger. talk to me about why so many people here and what you saw when you got here. >> this is typical response two story duplex type of apartment fire second floor extended to attic. when firefighters got here there was fire showing. of course this time of the morning you never know what the human response would be. we had to assist anybody out of the building nobody was rescued per se they need add signature answer. cause of the fire under investigation. we'll have a couple families displaced maybe 7, 10 people in total. good thing is no injuries. but, again, fairly
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response but in the meantime, we still have fire out and under control. no firefighter injuries or civilian injuries but sagmore road, macarthur you're boulevard blocked a little while. >> when we look up at the top there initially came in as smoke and then the fire was shooting out of the roof. tell me what firefighters found when they got here and with the wind it's real windy today. how hard was that to get under control. >> wind aided in fire spread. but, it was not problematic for the firefighter part of. it so as far as the first call i believe was smoke. then apparently received multiple calls 911 calls indicating fire was through the roof. so when firefighters arrived on the scene they had some fire conditions that where visible from the street in the attic area and again occupied buildings. 3:30 in the morning could be problems. life safety problems. fortunately it was not. pretty significant damage.
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we'll have two family is displaced i believe here now total of 7 people will be displaced as a result of this fire. >> thank you so much. and you know, as he mentioned this was 3:30 in the morning and people were fast sleep. the fact they could get everybody out good news. there will be impact on traffic if you travel in the sagmore area in the morning it's at least another hour if not a little more than they expect before they're able to on up the road. back to you guys. >> we're told as all passengers are released. >> we're following breaking news over sea as i hijacked egypt airplane may have a bomb on board according to officials in florida. and it was forced to land at airport in cypress. eight americans were on board. 56 passengers released. however, we understand the crew and four foreigners remain on the plane. it in unclear whether any of
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those are americans. >> now to other big story this morning the u.s. capitol investigator center will welcome people back one day after a man pulled a gun. the visitor center says it will on 8:15 this morning. larry dawson was shot by police and remains in the hospital this morning. it caused capitol hill and white house hosting its annual easter egg roll to go to lack down mode monday for a while. this is not dawson's first brush with the law in d.c.. he is a minister in tennessee. he disrupted house chamber last fall by shouting hes with a prophet of god. >> today marks one week since deadly terror attack at brussels airport in belgium. people of all faiths came to
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and the family. there's confusion over man on the video. he's there in the right dressed in white clothing with the hat. belgium media dubbed him the third bomber but police asked people to help him the man in the video was ordered released for lack of evidence. >> med star hospital chain in d.c. area is under attack by hackers. it crippled the system making it off-line for thousands of patients and doctors. they are seeing if hackers demanded ran some to restore systems. if so it's the same computer problem restaurant chain hard rock cafe dealt with last week. . >> 4:35 is the time now. let's get a check of today's forecast and mr. michael thomas happens to be in today. good to see you, mike. >> good to see you as well. jack they morning. you wear your jacket you'll need it as
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door this morning because whipped chills around the region in 30s and 40s. still springtime here up and down part of the springtime whereas yesterday we reached 70 degrees and today temperatures in current locations. and baltimore is 47 and annapolis is 48 and quantico fredericksburg still low 50s and dropping to 40s as well before sunrise here. here's the wind chill map. i was hoping not to show this now that we're in springtime. i have to pull it out this morning. feels like 33 hagerstown and 40 in the district and 38 for mannasas. satellite and radar, few clouds to start out there this mornin morning. though these will break and lots of sunshine will come our way today. won't be too terribly warm. here's presidential planner for the afternoon. 46, breeze yes, i 8 a.m. 52 noontime and 58 at 4 p.m.. high today of about 59 yes, it will be breezy onc
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and not as windy as yesterday. all right. a look at the weather. erin has traffic. >> coming up on 4:37 and so far so good roadwork however 395 southbound to etsell road you can access the ramp use caution. there you see the cone. there keep in mind nobody side backed up later in the morning. beltway to 14 street bridge problem free. outer loop river road dealing with some construction and lanes getting by and not enough to cause major delays at this time. inbound traffic so far moving well on five from waldorf and four at speed upper marboro. problem free 50 as well. look good in buoy. new carlton if you head out to early flight. reagan national and dulles looking nice. problem free 270 southbound and 70 to truck scales metro gearing up at 5 that's on time. we'll let you know. that's your traffic back to yo you. >> look we have good news for caps fans. for
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history washington capitols clenched trophy for regular season record. first time in 2010. that year, it didn't go so well. montreal beat them in the first around of playoffs. they seal the deal with a win over couple bus. caps locked up home ice advantage for the staply cup playoffs. hopefully they get it right year. >> this could be it. >> may feel like spring here but mother nature wreaking hof of course across the country from tornadoes to volcanoes. >> and police under the microscope in maryland. 4:38 is the time back in a moment. discover new magnum double raspberry. made with the perfect balance of raspberry ice cream, luscious raspberry sauce,
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>> 4:41ment back to the campaign trail we go. trump planning to on offices in the district. it will help mark the campaign's first major headquarters expansion outside of new york. democrat hillary clinton is talking touch about trump. monday clinton warned voteers in wisdom martin future of the supreme court hangs in balance of 2016 election. if donald trump is elections she said he would bring division to the court and insisted he would roll back the right of individuals and further empower corporations. >> also, wisdom martin announcement expected from the
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governor walker planned to endorse republican presidential candidate. he previously signaled he would back texas senator ted cruz. last week walker said cruz is only candidate to beat trump. >> fbi says it dmrookd iphone tloyvrping begun nan calipari mass shooting and th means the battle between apple and fbi ended. apple fought their request and right now mother nature is causing headaches from coast to coast. in alaska massive ash cloud stretching more than 400 miles forced alaska airlines to cancel more than 40 flights. mean while, cleanup is underway in kentucky after tornado ripped through the area sunday damaging several homes there. and in nevada residents are deal with more than half a foot of snow. .
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graduate in a few months and looking for a fleiss settle down, right, turns out our region actually not to shabby. coming up local cities name some of the best for college grads. >> and d.c. eaglets still need names how you can get involved in the naming fun coming up. "weather and traffic on the 5s" with michael thomas and erin cuomo. don't go anywhere we'll be right back.
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>> back now, 4:45 breaking new news. on the scene of a townhouse fire in bethesda in the 4300 block of sing more road. people had to be rescued inside and everyone made it out safel safely. strong winds making it hard for fire fighters to put ot the flames. a live update at 5:00
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jennifer dave sglis following breaking news overseas high jacksers took over egypt airplane in cypress. the plane was high jacked from egypt to cairo and forced to land in sign res a cording to tweets from egypt air 56 passengers were released and eight americans were on board and however we understand the crew and four foreigners remain on board. >> all right. live look outside this morning. not a bad start to tuesday morning. it is a chilly start. they'll want the heavier jack they morning and in fact most of today the breeze sticks around and it will feel kind of cool. today is i guess you could call it worse day the next few. lots of sunshine. that's the good news. no shortage of sunshine. that's a tongue twister later this afternoon and good amount of sun tomorrow as well. tomorrow brings warmer temperatures and today cooler day. this morning a few clouds overhead and we're breaking them up already and again a cloyd or two to start the day an
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into the afternoon hours. no rain expected. currently outside again there's clouds out there on our tower cam. 49 at this hour. feels like 43 degrees as we head through the next several hours here. 47 by 5 a.m. and 46 by 7 a.m. and up we go a little bit, 52 by 11:00 this afternoon. taking a look at your current winds. they remain rather breezy. 17 miles an hour wind in d.c.. ten gaithersburg and 15 baltimore and wind gusts up and over 25. maybe 30 later today as we head through the next several hours here winds increasing. again all the more reason to bring the jacket out this morning. and we have a little wind chill as we head through the course of the day today. high pressure building in. we have wind. bringing in cool air today out of the north and west. by tomorrow this hear of high pressure worksists way off the coastline. southerly breeze begins. mid 6 0s and he by the time we get to thursday mid 7 0s. you see that in the
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accuweather 7 day forecast. little unsettled thursday and friday 72 as well stronger front comes through saturday in sound and cools down and next weeks starts with cool note 57 on sunday. let's look at the weather. erin cuomo has weather. >> good to see you. >> good to see you too, mike,. >> i want to let everyone know accident report on the beltway. traffic light right now. outer loop we're getting reports of crash by coalsville road. watch for that. as you wake up in virginia 95 north prince william to 123 wide on like what i'm seeing there. we don't have any congestion yet causing problems south of that point stafford and fredericksburg as well. 95 looking good. 66 eastbound through mannasas and centerville also quiet. earlier roadwork cleared 395 southbound etsell and 3 5eu7b bound sweep ago long without any issues. closer look at the crash reported outer loop coalsville and outer loop river road ongoing construction. ou
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we'll keep you posted on that. 270 southbound quiet frederick to gaithersburg as you head to the spur. closer look north of that point you see how much green is on the map. that's what we like to see this time of morning. no alerts from metro as they pick up service in the next ten minutes. we'll keep you posted that's traffic back to you. . >> metro is marking its 40th anniversary n and mcdonald's is getting in on the milestone. today mcdonald's representatives will giveaway $10,000 in fares in form of smart trip scars loaded with $5 each. giveaways will last from 7:00 this morning until 8:30 at five different metro station as cross the d.c. area. silver spring will be one of the locations. others however are a surprise. >> all right. heads up. metro riders starting tomorrow. mount vernon square station will be held two days for nuclear summit closure is necessary because
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secure perimeter for the summi summit. mount vernon scare station explosions 8 p.m. wednesday that's 8 p.m. wednesday and will not reon until late friday evening. gallery place or shaw howard stations can be used though as alternate exits. >> private ambulances are officially rolling through washington d.c.. d.c. fire and ems started using contractor to help transport patients yesterday. the service operates 18 hours and i day and takes patients with injuries or illnesses not life-threatening. d.c. fire or ems arrives on the scene at all cause to evaluate patients. they determine what care they need and how they will be transported. . >> we now know a man suspectsed in a deadly shooting in howard county was struck and killed by a marked train yesterday morning. witnesses say del prado stepped on the tracks as the train approached. they believe he shot two men at the truck stop jess up on sunday. one shooting victim tied and the
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stable condition. they believe del prado went to the truck stop to confront someone else and the two victims may have been snot case of mistaken identity. >> the judiciary committee is moving towards studying taser use by police. this is after ike legit reviewed all taser use reviewed following death of a man in 20 2013. outle 11 who died from taser incidents four involved montgomery county officers. >> we found over 60% are not compliant with best practices and standards all over the state. so this is something that has to be addressed. it has resulted in death and in montgomery country i believe there are four deaths. we have to take that seriously. >> montgomery county police say they support the review of taser practices and
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are khited to making county a safe place to live and work. >> let's talk about eagles in the region. a pair nesting at the national arboretum still ned names. you can have a say. >> the eagles are d.c. 2 and d.c. 3. the american eagle foundation launched a social media campaign using #namethenestlig #namethenestligs. you can use that hash tag. >> bo, mo, stars and stripe, liberty and justice. >> i like that the best. >> we have that. >> yes. >> frany and delno for franklin roosevelt of course and freedom and honor. >> nah. >> too much pressure. >> and you have until april 26 to submit suggestions. >> how about frick and fractio fraction. >> how about glen and don. >> who. >> glen and don. >> the eagles. >> i didn't put two and two together you. >>
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>> have to think about that one. that's why i like it. right? . >> i like it though. okay. more positive reviews for area according to new survey. arlington and district rank in the top three festivities for recent graduates. arlington number one and d.c. number three. arlington described as the suburb to live in if you want to live near other educated people. and d.c. made the list because of other opportunities. >> i can see that. >> if you want to live near dumb people i have some ideas. >> i'm not going to say where. >> owning car can be expensive and cost of driving in major cities can put a dent in your wallet. washington d.c. ranked 6th as most expensive city to drive in causing drivers 98 cents a mil mile. they took in account fuel, tire replacement and maintenance for the study. new york area was ranked number one followed by boston and philadelphia you. >> had you. >> all right. af
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egg roll easter egg roll at the white house finished strong more than 30,000 people packed south lawn for annual event this was obama last easter egg roll. president and first lady came out and greeted crowds and participated in a few games and read stories to the kids. the theme was let's celebrate. and, hundreds turning out for this year's easter monday celebration at the national zoo. this year the zoo stepped up security after out breaks of violence in the past. we reported on that before. events included traditional easter egg hunt. field games and animal demonstrations and instead of easter bunny we had easter panda that made appreance. why not. >> a reminder that april is autism awareness month. it's a cause close to us here at "fox5". our own shawn yancy is sharing he
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and all this week "fox5" is partnering with saw six speaks to raise awareness in the communicate youty and we'll be sharing stories of incredible local families living with autism we hope are youen spird to donate to autism speaks. you can find a link to donate on the home page of web site which is or write this number douchbility you can text autism to the number 2538 25383. you can text autism to number 25383 and that will donate ten dollars right now. we hope you join us friday morning because we have a live telethon with autism speaks. >> all right. after a day where we reached 70 yesterday. very different today. we'll struggle to reach 60 this afternoon an wind remain gusty temperatures cool. bring the jacket today you'll need it. lot of sunshine. that's the good news. satellite and radar here. a few clouds to
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they will quickly break up as the sun begins to rise as we head to the 7:00 hour. all sunshine from there. look what's going on as we zoom to eastern half of country. not too much. very quiet earth weather and by tomorrow into the mid 6 0s. hang out there for today. it will be the one cool day. 59 degrees. 64 by tomorrow afternoon and into the 70s we go. 72 thursday. most of thursday is dry. not until the evening hours do we get into those thunderstorm activities, more details on the weekend coming ury in a bit. now time for traffic. erin cuomo. >> 4:56 now we have a crash alert outer loop two right lanes getting by after coalsdale road. the overpass, look at that delay. traffic is backing up earlier than typically does because the of the scene. give yourself extra time there. upper loop flowing freely without slow downs this mornin morning. aside from crash coalsdale outer loop we're dealing with
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river road. should be cleared soon. not causing major slow downs. i'll get out of the way he you can see the red line leading to a crash in coalsdale. inbound traffic on four and five looking nice. more traffic in a few. back to you guys. >> all right. >> coming up at 5:00 an overnight house fire displacing several people in maryland. firefighters remain on the scene and we're live with the latest. >> and breaking overseas egyptian plane high jacked with more than 50 people on board. well have the latest. >> first a quick check on the stock market. asian stocks down and u.s. futures also up. we're back after this
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only fios can.
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>> fire rips through a maryland home. >> and details about the man shot inside the u.s. capitol visitor center. and sending people running for their lives and his previous run ins with the law. >> live look outside tuesday morning. we're at 49 degrees this morning. little chilly out there. grab a jacket. shaping up to be a nice day i think. we'll confirm that with michael thomas he's in to do the


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