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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, a man is attacked by nearly a dozen people on a popular walking trail. you really have to be careful. with the suspect still on the o run, we look at what's beinghat done to prevent another violent then, a workplace triage particular, a man was killed an several others were hurt after a large shelving rack collapsed on top of them. what led to the
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accident? plus, families us service members and governmentge workers are otherred out of a mid 8 earn country over concerno of a possible attack by thehe islamic this is fox5 local news at # 111 we begin the 11 tonight witht wi breaking news out of gaithersburg, maryland.rg, firefighters are on the scene of a townhouse fire on wind jamber way in montgomery countyin m montgomeryville age. crews we're told rescued three people. one person was still missing, but at this time all three people have been accounted for.. that's new information. three people rescued. we think everyone has been accounted for. we will let you know more about this as we learn more.more > we do thank you for joiningof us tonight, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy.i' now, the latest on a terrifyingr attack that happened on a popular d.c. walking trail. a group of about 15 people targeted a man walking on thehe metropolitan branch trail just
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fox5's sarah simmons is life in northeast with more. sarah. >>reporter: phony and shawn, this is the time of the day when you would expect to become the victim of an it's nighttime. it's on the trail when there are few people around, but thiss attack happened during thehe daylight hours. police say this man was attacked by what they believe to be 1515 juveniles.s. we're not sure if all of them were juveniles, but this is a section of the trail that hashat seen its share of attacks before. just like any other trail youl see people running and biking on the met poll ton branch trail.ti just a few hours before we shot this video a man was attacked by a group of juveniles.uven it happened not too far from the rhode island avenue metro p stop. helena also son walks this traii just about every stay. i'm sorry that that happened. the sad thing about it, this ist spring break.sp as the heat rises folks are going to be
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things much this isn't the first time, last july a woman was attacked while riding her bike h on the trail.trai she happened to be wearing a camera on her helmet and itnd recorded some of the suspects during the attack. after that, the neighborhood pushed to make the trail safer. lights have been installed along the trail as well as mile markers to help emergency crewsg find someone in need of help. but ralston would still like to see some improvements. >> they can do better with thete lighting. there are enough lights, butig they have to light up. what good is a light fixture ift it doesn't work? what's thehe purpose? and she was talking about that she had noticed a few lights but as you can see behind me on the trail, for the most partart it's pretty well lit up.p. again, these attacks were happening during the daytime. so it doesn't matter how well lit up the area is, police sayay as they always do, that you have to be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are at anyat time of the day.ay. that's the latest here in
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local news. > fox5 is following morewing breaking news tonight. this time in virginia. nearly 15,000 dominion virginia power customers are in the darkk the company is reporting outrages concentrated in lease ^berg, ashton and herndon.hern there is no word yet exactly what is causing this problem. crews are investigating. we will keep you posted. part of dulles international airport was evacuated thiscuat afternoon after a suspicionuspi package was reported inside thee airport. a, post office of the package claim area and the main terminal arrival and departure area were temporarily closed while c security attended the unattenden item. the scene was cleared just after 6:30 this evening. nothing was dangerous was found. one day after gun shots rank outside the capital visitor center, a suspicion package delayed the opening of the capital today. the package was found thishi morning against a tree at theatt library of congress. all tests of the package were
11:05 pm us capital police aren't takingn any chances with securityh following yesterday's incident. 66 year old larry dawson ofawso tennessee allegedly pulled out a weapon at a security check poinu at the visitor center. dawson was then shot by a police officer. it terse out dawson's weep one d as an air soft brand pellet gunt made to resemble a barrett a handgun. he is now charged with a i salt with a deadly weapon. additional charges could be filed. > us officials say that families of american service members and government workers must return home from southernoh turkey because it's simply not save for them to be there.h officials say that relatives of a central chief of mission mis personnel can stay.can there are reports that isis is planning imminent attacks onn jewish schools in turkey.urk this is video from a suicide attack that killed ten
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istanbul this past january. now to prince william county, investigators want to know whata caused a deadly accident at at aware house in manassas. one was killed and others hurt when a huge storage rackstor collapsed on them. marina maracco has the latest. >>reporter: just before 4:004:0 this afternoon, 911 calls started to pour in from inside this warehouse here in manassas. several employees trappedrapp underneath boxes and one man unfortunately never walked out.d a couple employees were crushede right in front of me. i saw it with my own eyes. what started as another afternoon of work inside this large freezer warehouse turned deadly in an instant.inst the support system started crushing, buckling. a domino effect all the way down the aisle. everything came down. it was very chaotic. everybody is digging, pulling boxes. an aisle
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holding thousands of boxes of frozen food products cameame crashing down. they're 30-foot tall.all. think of your local warehouseocl store that you go into and putut it on steroids. this picture shows fire crews inside the ryan heart foodood facility searching for a missing employee. a man did not survive the t collapse and two other co-workers in critical conditioc and air lifted to the hospital. i had four beams sitting right on top of my lift. employees hearsay they're thankful to be alive. not only did we lose a good employee. he was a good father. goo i mean, he had another one on the way.
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fire investigators as well ass osha now trying to determine exactly how this collapsecoll happened. they're wonderingsing was it a spontaneous act or did somethini actually provoke the collapse. that all now under investigation > in manassas, virginia, marina maracco, fox5 local news. a teenager is facing charges ina the murder of a. in front of his mother analysisl terse as they stood on the platform at the dean bad metro station in northeast. d.c. police chief cathy lanierir called the murder absolutely senseless. >> the loss of a 15 year old under any circumstances is tragic, but certainly in this case, even more so as it appears that there's just no reason for it. > washington was on his way to get a haircut for easter when he was killed. he was a freshman at lairing go
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high school.hi > med star is still working onk that computer program that has disrupted service across our region. hackers got into the hospital systems' computer yesterday. med star runs 0 hospitals and more than # 50 outpatientpati facilities in the washington area hospitals have had toto cancel appointments and turn away many patience. they're trying to determine if this was a ransom wear attack. t in previous hackers have demanded money in exchange foror returning a victim's system to normal. > in loudon county, the schoolh board debates a contentious issue. the original plan would have rezoned thousands ever students closer to their emergency crews who. some parents objected saying it would have led to segregation. instead a plan will a i void too am low income students attending title one
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new video of a bizarre crimeizar caught on camera.era. someone stole a cement mixer from a landscaping business ands police need your help findingdig that man right there.her >> it's getting chilly outy ou there. a lot of places are heading forr the 30s tonight. there might be a a little bit of frost around tomorrow morning.r you don't want to plant too early. i also have some warmer changese on the seven day forecast. we want to take you to theto breaking news in gaithersburg. fire crews are on the scene of a townhouse fire. this is happening right now on wind jamber way in montgomeryville we understand crews rescued three people earlier this evening. we are staying on top of thiss trying to figure out exactly what may have caused the fire. once again we want to mention that earlier we reported one person was missing. we're now told that is not the case. we were told that there werehere three people in that home, that structure. they have been accounted for.
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gaithersburg and we'll get you some more information as soon as we get it. we'll be right back.
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> there is no word tonight what caused a fairfax county to goçp in
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the fire started on the on youn side of the house and then spread to the garage and the attic. as you can see the damage is extensive. it took about 60 firefighters to put out the flames. fortunately no one was home att the time. > knew at 11, video of a exchange theft in lord done, virginia. someone stole a concrete mixer from a business on objection ford place. you can see a man attach the concrete mixer to the hitch on his truck and then take off. police are still looking for loo this man. if you have any information, give them a call. > meantime police in fredericksburg, virginia are looking for this woman. they say she stole a $13,000 rolex watch from the crown jeweler on williams street.. at she put it out the on and rad out the door.oor. > there was a large emergencymg response on the national mallth today when the elevator insidela of the washington monument brokk down for fifth time since the monument reopened
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there were a total of 19 peoplee inside of the elevator when ithn stopped today. another 23 people were on thehe observation level of the monument.. no witness was injured duringnjr the evacuation, but the washington monument is nowow closed while the necessary repairs are made. > this is video property lastpt time the monument was forced to close, it was february 20 of thisar year. in this case, a contractoront working inside the monumentonum accidentally damaged the elevator control box. there's no word on what led towt today's incident did. > donald trump says he'se's advised his campaign manager noa to settle the misdemeanor battery charges filed againstfi him today. corey lieu do you ski is accused of grabbing a female reporter's arm during a campaign stop instp florida earlier this month. police filed the charges afterhg seeing surveillance video that appears to show lieu do you ski reaching his hand towards the reporter. speaking from his plane today, trump told reporters that he's standing by his campaign
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and he lashed out at the accuser. > today marks 43 years sincece the last american troops returned home from fighting in vietnam. secretary of defense ash carter thanked some of the surviving vet during a special ceremony at the vietnam memorial. back then the wear was many controversial and many soldiers did not receive a welcome.elc you did not receive the par razor and thanks of a greatfulrt nation that you so itchilytch deserve. as secretary of defense i'm'm proud to use this moment andmome this place on this day to say thank you and welcome home. you can never hear those words enough. > president obama signed a proclamation back in 2012 declaring march 29 vietnam veterans' day did. > a butt day out there for it,, too. it's
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tomorrow. > after a chilly start. i was chilly this morning, too, but tonight will be colder because the winds are going to get lighter and temperatures will drop considerably and yound can still get a frost and freeze. you won't hear about any warning. the growing season really hasn't started yet. but let me tell you you will gew a little bit of frost. if you're like joe palka who hao been planting like crazy. >> every year i tell him please don't plant too early. and then he says is it going too be a frost tonight. i say, joe, wait million may.. > i guess there are worst things he could be doing, that's for sure. the colors are in fuel bloom at the tidal basin. you can also see in this picture that while some of the blossomss have come off there's still plenty t of see. definitely t still worth a trip down to the tidal basin.basi i love this great picture. a lot of the blossoms are in the
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a couple of strong wins will do that to them.o tomorrow it's a the lot of mid-week sunshine that we'ree're going to be ushering back in. tomorrow will be a cold start. by the time the sun comes up at 6:55 the temperature should be at 41. thank you chris bit letter for the beautiful photo you sent in today. the temperature trend of w a hive 61 will be a little bit above it. thursday the warmest day of the week at 72. friday, 70 and saturday 62.2. we'll have to much what far a few late day showers on thursday. our guidance has gone a littleo bit back and forth.fort it seems like friday will be a little bit wetter.ette those are a couple of unsettled days. it will be goating cold again. gaithersburg, 39, manassas downn to 39. a big contrast in the city, one of the few places only in
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50s. cambridge 37 and stevensvilletee still at 50-degrees. you can see that at 11:00 it's already pretty cold which is whs you could be dropping as low as 29 in frederick, 30 in martinsburg, winchester 32 and manassas 32 so that's why you want to protect anythingthin sensitive you planted. note to selfie have to bring ing a few house plants as well.ell. the winds are diminishing because this big area of high bg pressure is going to be settling in right on top of us for a clear, cold night, but also a beautiful day tomorrow and thatt high will actually continue toct move a little bit further offff the coast which means instead of a northwest wind like we have tonight we'll have a south windd so 39 degrees and here is a look at what we expect tomorrow. i understand that we need too take a quick break.reak maybe we can get back seven day forecast because we haveecau breaking news.e the seven day forecast will bed coming up a few minutes later. > he want to take people back to the breaking news out of gait
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firefighters on the scene of at townhouse fire. we understand that pete hairiere the spoke person for montgomery fire and ems is on the phone.the what can you tell us.s. >> i'm here with scott goldstein. we are in the middle of a townhouse. a little after 10:00 p.m. wee received a deck on they did encounter heavy firei conditions on all levels of the townhouse. there were reports of people trapped, still inside unaccounted for initially. we were able to rescue andnd assist several people out of the townhouse. right now we still have a lot of work. we did call in a second alarm. over 100 firefighters currentlyg on the scene.cene right now complicating matters a little bit the fact that it's as gas shed fire. for the most part we have it contained and confined to thethe townhouse origin. nonetheless pretty significantig damage and we still have aave li
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at this point no firefighterefig injuries. we did have some pets that wes were looking for.or. they've all been accounted forco at thiuns point. still a lot of work still early on, i'm not sure of the cause, but a lot of heavy work done bye the firefighters.e just as they first arrived on the scene. > pete, just a quick question. of the people rescued, any injuries there? >> the good thing is none of the injuries were serious. they were apparently -- there te were some residents in the townhouse origin upstairs, aps smoke alarm did alert them to the fire. they apparently were trying to get out and may have gone backak in, i believe.elie and that's where we found them. but at this point no serious injuries. > you said gas-fed fire.e. do we know is that gas that wast something inside the home, outside the home?e? >> i believe it's a naturalç g. quite
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believey it's a natural gas. the gas company are on the scene right now but i believe that the meters probably have been burneu off. this was a pretty significant fire. again, real quick we see this as in between two other townhomes much the houses on either side of where the fire happened, those homes are save for now? >> generally speaking. they're still intact for the most part but obviously they are going to have some collateral damage, water, smoke and it looks like some fire damage to one of them. for the most part, the fire walls held up pretty well here. these are older style townhouseu and the fire walls did theirs george but for the most part, the firee is contained to the townhouse of origin. > pete berringer withith montgomery fire and e s.m. thanks for talking with us and giving us the latest information. tax for staying with us. we'll be right back.
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washington colonial is lookingkg to cap off their year. let's take you to the attacked by a group in new york.ork. the win would match the school's record with a win to 27. tyler kavanagh leads the break, he goes behind the back,s pass for the dunk. gw up 15 at the half. the second half, kavanagh to guarino. he gets the reverse lay in. a bit later, kavanagh, gw built a 0-point lead.d. they go onto win 55-46. the winner faces the title gamee in new york city. so congratulations to them.tu ala little post-season glory. >> very good. a very enjoyable minute and the fastest seven day forecastseve you'll ever seen.r it loose like it will be warmer on thursday, some rain thursday, friday.rket tmz is next.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> five months after lamar odom nearly died, he's back in a bar. >> he had three remy martins within less than an hour of being there. >> the kardashians and his family are worried. he says i could have a couple of drinks. >> the fact of the matter what happens when you drink, you start making bad judgment calls eventually. >> yeah, but pizza, not cocaine. >> britney spears in hawaii. this woman, her body is on point. >> she's back with like snake body. >> it's pretty close, snake body. >> what the hell is that? >> you just draw that snake. [laughter] dax, you're so weird! >> tim tebow was on fox news and they asked him if he would ever want to get involved in politics. >> that would be intriguing. >> he's a smart, super honest guy. >> i say athletes are smart all


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