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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. >> fire ripping through a townhouse. hours after the flames were put out. we're live with the latest. >> and braves and tack on a popular d.c. trail leaves neighbors on edge. who police are looking for this eng evening coming up in a live report. . >> 4:30, live look outside wednesday april 30th. we'll talk to gar doctor and erin cuomo is talking traffic in five minutes. . >> first stay good wednesday morning to you we're glad you're starting the day with u us. . >> a
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behind the area of the art museum. our annie yu is headed there live in a few minutes. >> a tragic discovery made in the aftermath of a house fire in montgomery country. >> flames broke out last night firefighters on the scene all night long once the blaze turned dead limit jennifer dave sis live in gaithersburg with the story, jennifer. >> think, guys, this fire started 10:00 and the sad discovery of body was made sometime after midnight. let me step away so ask you see the damage left behind it's extreme this was a very big fire and real challenge for firefighters to get under control. it went to second alarm and required is 100 firefighters here because of the heat and flames were so intense. residents were able to call 911 when think got out.
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it took them a while to knock it down because they were dealing with a partial collapse on the entire floor. amazing though. amazingly, though, mostly continued to this one house. although at this point this morning several families are displaced and investigators still don't know the cause and they still don't know the origin although they have theories and some preliminary ideas. they're not talking to us about that just yet. and their work though not done. we have several fire trucks still here and that's because cruz will have to come back this morning and they need to secure the home dean work here and shore it up beus
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loss of the floor. and they have to get in a position investigators can go back in and finish work. busy morning out here for montgomery country fire department. back to you guys. a storage system collapsed trapping several people and killing one. the occupational safety and health administration is investigating. . >> in the district terror on local trail. police say 15 kids attack a man on metropolitan branch trail yesterday afternoon happened before 5:00 northeast and attacks on the eight mile sfrech trail the weather could play a big role.
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>> i'm sorry that happened and sad thing about it this is just spring break as heat rises both will do crazier things. . >> after the attack this summer they installed lights as well as mile markers police are investigating this latest incident. . >> a teenager charged with a murder every of 15-year-old devr an take washington.
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>> tell they many will work. >> it's a june thing. we should be in june safe by june. >> here's what's going on out there. it's cold. maybe we're being a little over blown here. maybe, maybe not. at least initially is some spots it's cold out there. especially suburbs. not bad here in town. 45 degrees. frederick 28. baltimore 3 4 you can see down to the south, fredericksburg my goodness this morning down 36. clear skies, light winds. high pressure settling in over the top of us and that's all you need, all the ingredient for cold temperatures out there and that, indeed, is the case. chilly this morning, 436789 gorgeous sunrise. by lunchtime today 58. a little on breezy side this afternoon. okay? winds will be kicking up south, 10, 15, maybe a little higher than that. could have gusts up around 20 miles an hour. we'll warm it up a little more today. 64 degrees. but be patient
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because 70s are right around the corner. i'll talk more about that coming up. let's talk to erin cuomo with a look at wednesday morning commute, hey, erin. >> we made it to hump day, 4:36 now and braking news out of howard county. overturned tractor-trailer crash 100 east remains closed long gate parkway. use caution around that area. as for rest of morning commute let's take a live look outside and show you cameras, right now volume is light. we're not seeing problems as you make your way into the district. right down by the convention center. nuclear security summit takes place tomorrow and several road closures are kicking in and tonight, starting at 8, green and yellow line trains will bypass mcpherson square. there's no stopping at the convention center. i tweeted out all the information @erinfox5dc adds you can see you will encounter a lot of extra police presence. factor in extra time to get around. we'll keep you updated throughout the
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right now if you have an early morning flight traffic bwi, reagan and dulles, back to you. . >> no word yet on whether the washington monument will reon today. it was closed yesterday afternoon after an elevator stopped working people got stuck at the top and had to walk down hundreds of stairs to get out. this is not the first time elevator problems caused the monument to close. last month a problem closed it for several days. >> still ahead a week from the next presidential primary. all five candidates making stops in wisdom martin. latest from the campaign trail coming up next. >> and compromise to rezone a school district facing harsh criticism. why it's unfair to lower income students. time 4:37 we're back after the
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>> 4:40 is the time and back with more top stories. med star said it's making progress to restoring computer systems after sign area tacks at least check the system was still down. monday, hackers shut down the healthcare provider's computer system the healthcare chain has been turn ago way patient and changing appointments. there's no evidence patient information was stolen on compromised. fbi is trying to determine if this was
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>> the presidential campaign reached a fever niche wisdom martin. gop candidates took to the stage during town nal milwauke milwaukee. trump said he will no longer honor pledge to support the eventual republican pick for president and rivals decided not to phlegm their pup sport as well and hillary clinton wanted to curb gun violence and sanders zeroed in on voter id laws. next is april 15. >> trump is defending his campaign manager. who is charged with battery. he grabbed a reporter's arm during a rally earlier this month. surveillance shows lieu endow ski grabbing michelle fields by the arm as he tries to ask trump a question. trump calls it unjust. >> the court revolved a case to threaten to
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cross the country. it was brought by calipari union. the decision nrevz place a lower court ruling favoring unions. today's decision is second since scalia's death. >> 4:4 2. straight ahead a compromise to rezone a virginia school district not sitting well with everyone. why some sayty wrongly target low income students. >> and fox's star of prison break sending message of online bullying after this image of him went sglirl gary and erin will have a check weather and traffic on the five. today's commute could be troublesome for those of you in the district. erin phills us in on why. next. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. ii can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients.ter.
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we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> back now at 4:44. this is a live look 9 and l streets northw
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lots of activity downtown around the washington convention center there. crews getting security measures in place ahead of nuclear security summit happening. that happens home they're getting ready today. may look different than you're used to seeing, there's bareiers lining streets the closer you get to the convention center look there they're much, much taller. you can see they're significan significantly taller. leaders from more than 50 countries will attend the summit on stopping nuclear tier rix. as these are going in place as you can imagine it may be difficult getting in and around the area. dunn town. let's check in with erin and see what our options will be today. >> well i'll tell you the majority of road closures go into place at 7 and changes in metro and metro bus kick n as of now s street closed 14 and 15 northwest in addition to closures around
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center we'll see closures around the white house and parking restrictions are already in place along m and l street. you can check in with me on twitter erin fox5dc i have the full list how this will affect your commute and tomorrow through friday and deep in mind with park restrictions in place as you head downtown you may want to plan ahead and get down there early. let's see what you can expect from metro. no stopping at the convention center from grown and yellow line they will bypass mcpherson square tomorrow. if you take metro bus they will not stop 7 or 9 street snopz that area as well. that is in effect until saturday. plan ahead for metro commute also. we'll forward maps and show you a look at overturned tractor-trailer. this is happening howard county 100 east remains closed long gate parkway. aside from that interstates quiet and earlier crash cleared 295 bement way no problems there. things looking good in new carlto
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now that's on time. like i said you saw live looks at the barriers it will be a lot of crowded conditions around the convention center and we'll keep you updated on "fox5"with everything you need to know to get around. that's a look at traffic. let's toss things over to gary mcgrady. it's at least a beautiful day. >> it will be beautiful. lots of sunshine. cool. cold this morning in some spot spots. wow. especially suburbs. we have 20 reading coming in from culpeper and 28 in frederick. not just at freezing. well below freezing. big three coming in this morning, reagan 45. dulles 33. bwi marshall 34. you can see how much colder it is for dulles and bwi. just get outside the beltway a little and drops off. fantastic weekend albeit on the cool side. we'll go 62 on saturday. lot of sunshine. 55 on sunday. lot of sunshine. and just a little cooler as we get into sunday here. here's the deal this morning. high pressure
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stuff signature right on top of us bringing us nothing but clear skies. so, listen, you get clear skies and get underneath one of these high pressures and wind is typically fairly light. so the conditions are perfect this morning for good what we call radiational cooling which means all the heat from yesterday. there was not a lot of it but it escapes into the atmosphere and it's cold conditions. this is future cast. see this here it's high pressure sitting on top of us through the day. high pressure will shift just to the east. just enough that we'll be on kind of the backside of it by late this afternoon. so we'll start bringing in the southerly winds. i feel like they'll be a little gusty, too, this afternoon. sustained 10 to 2515. this afternoon a gust around 2 20, 25. that makes the lower to mid 60s today not officially a wind chill or anything like that but you know a little breeze out there if you are especially outside the sunshine and shade it will feel cooler light is
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be prepared for that. tomorrow morning clouds come in. tomorrow is a warm day. looks like friday is warm day too. notice the showers west of us getting closer to us. big thunderstorms. severe weather tomorrow down to the deep south. looks like a bit of outbreak as well. as we get into thursday afternoon a couple showers. friday, too, friday morning we may have a few showers around and right on through the day on friday we could have showers. see this right there? i believe we'll have thunderstorms in that friday afternoon into friday evening. right now doesn't look like anything severe. we'll keep a close eye on. it 58 at noontime. breezy conditions this afternoon into evening hours. here's a look at 7 day forecast. 64 today. 72 tomorrow with showers in the afternoon. and couple of thunderstorms on friday possible. temperatures middle 70s. won't that be nice and we cool down into the weekend. there's the forecast. guys.
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country police are searching for a missing man. 52-year-old steven todd cats last seen monday night restaurant in bethesda north avenue. his vehicle was located in front of his home. he was nor to be found. his family and authorities are concerned for his welfare. if you have seen this man give police a call. >> a former redskins player is behind bars this morning talking about george stark because he was arrested in d.c. last night staying at the w. hotel when he ghoot argument with a woman that turned physical. the woman told police he hit her in the face. stark is now charged with assault. he played for the redskins from 1972 to 1984 and part of that great offensive line called the hogs that helped washington win the super bowl. >> loudoun county where school officials railroad able to dom a decision at last night's school board meeting of what to do about heated debate over rezoning school district. initialing plan on table would have rezoned thousands of students to schools closer to their home.
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would have led toe segregation in the county and instead a compromise plan emerged that will only impact a few hundred stuchbilitys the new plan will avoid too many low income and minority students attending title one schools supported by federal funding and government subsidies. >> i understand a lot of those parents are not happy with their kids going to a school that's got a high number of english learning kids and also free lunch kids. >> i believe that there's no reason why central loudoun needs to be exception in loudoun county and fairfax and prince william, d.c. city schools, do not take courses of population and bus them across lines to another school just to balance demographics. >> the new plan called plan will prevent only some of counties poorest and minority students being sent to a small number of schools in the area. >> also in virginia things expected to go on schedule today as dulles
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airport after tense moments yesterday. the main terminal was shut down because of a suspicious package. officials say an unattended bag was found just after 5:00 the area was cleared as precaution. people were let back in though a short time later. >> the suspect accused of hijacking he jiption airplane will appear in court today. police say 58-year-old mustafa claimed to be wearing explosive belt and demanded plane make emergency landing in cypress and made several demand during the six hour standoff including asking to speak to his evrm wife who was brought to the airport. this was not an act of terrorism and the mana period. to be mentally unstable. the incident races concern about egyptian airport securit security. >> this is just somebody who had an issue and caused great distress or did somebody get through what should be enhanced security protocols in the region and was able toe get explosive on bo
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if that's the case huge problems. >>al the passengers including eight americans were released from the aircraft before the suspect surrendered to police. he has a long criminal record police say. >> investigators still searching for one suspect wanted in connection with the deadly terrorist attacks in brussels. last night belgium justice minister called for political unity. they need to come together and not fight each other. they are facing criticism investigators should have been aware of months i believe attack. 35 were killed and hundreds more hurd. >> meanwhile president obama laid out his plans to fight the country heroin and drug epidemic speaking at a meeting of doctors, law enforcement and recovering addicts in atlanta president spresd importance of looking at heroin use as a problem as a public health problem. the president says he wants increased funding for a drug that can reverse the effects of heroin overdose and president obama also says more first responders need to be trained on how to use it
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award whipping actress patti duke pass it passed away 69. they say she died early tuesday morning of step sis from a ruptured intest tin. diagnosed with bipolar in 1982 she championed mental health programs and raised three sons. one of her sons is soliciting donations to establish a mental health initiative in his mother's history. he intends to use the funds to assist with public awareness campaigns, lobby efforts and supporting a multitude of other mental health programs. no celebrity is safe when it comes to prison break. this mean was posted before and after of miller when the caption when you break out of prison and find out about mcdonald's monopoly. after seeing it he repasted it of why he looks different in the second picture. he said in 20
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semi-retired from acting and suicidal. that's when he turned to food for comfort. >> hm, never a good idea to shame people on social media you. >> never know what someone is going through. and these people who think it's all fun and games you never know what someone is going through. >> especially when someone lives in the public eye. they have a face they have to put on for whatever the job s you don't know what is going on behind closed doors. so it's never assume. >> it's easy to hide behind a computer screen and talk about the mess. think about the person on the other side. >> twitter gang sisters. >> that's i love when you call it that. >> that's why we're sensitive when it comes to gary you never know what is going on in his life. >> hi, gary. >> hey, i'm back, how are you doing, yeah, clear skies. >> you feeling better? >> i am. >> you need a group hug. >> it will be a slow recovery but recovery nonetheless. thank you very much. here's what's going on out.
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thank you, high pressure. because when the sun comes up this morning it will be just great. it will warm us up a little today. we're not expecting temperatures today to get into the 70s. look how cold we're starting this morning. it's 29 in around dulles. mannasas, 28, culpeper come up from 28 to 30. fredericksburg 36. over in annapolis by the water that's warmest spot at 45. we'll have lots of sunshine today. look it's going to be breezy this afternoon. keep that in mind. it will be a little chilly even in the afternoon. winds will be south at 10 to 15 a little higher than that at times. but we got 70s not too distant future. airport erin is in with a look at traffic on wednesday mornin morning. >> that's right, 4:56 now. new crash in prince george county on the northbound side before the beltway. so watch for that if you head towards bwi this morning. 95 northbound now quiet. another crash blocking shouldner virginia dale c
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shouldner virginia dale city, 95 northbound side. watch for that one causing delays as well. overturned tractor-trailer dealing with the scene here. this is 100 remains closed eastbound side long gate parkway again in howard country and some delays in that area. please be prepared for that. and metro right now gearing up for service it's on time. with the nike here security summit in town no stopping green or yellow line mount vernon square. we'll have more on the closures that's your traffic. >> ahead at 5 tragedy overnight as we follow two fatal fires in the region including this one in montgomery country. we'll have the latest in a live report. >> and will it reon? that's the big question surrounding washington monument after elevator failed once again. stay with us we're back after
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>> ahead at 5 a fire overnight ripped through a maryland town home. we're live with the latest. >> and search is on for a group of teens accused of attacking a man on i a popular d.c. nrail broad daylight. >> live look outside now. cold start to the morning. weather and traffic coming up in a few minutes with gary and erin. thank you for waking up with us i'm wisdom martin


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