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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  March 31, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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the answer is that there hah to be some form of punish many.h >> for the >> yeah to has to be some form. >> more campaign drama courtesyt donald trump.nald gop frontrunner sparking a firee storm with his comments on comn abortion then backtrackingcking now his critics areel taking aim thought that one day metro shut down was bad? wait until t you hear what could come next.ex why transit officials say wholew lines could close for months ath a time. and later, a whole new way n to be awful. aul. the internet up loading on the disrespectful plain passengerngr who did this mid flight.ligh good day at 9:00 starts now. ♪ >> don't do it with that dit w ponytail.po >> you become the mid flightthdl entertainment. >> all right.>> good day d.c.od d time now 9:00 o'clock on this ts thursday march 31st.t i'm maureen i was nay along holly, steve and wisdom. >> also ahe
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empire is i think it sounds like god isike saying that. tha and so is the drama of course. . we'll have a full recap coming up.up but guess what, we need youreed help. tweet us your favorite moments and who do you think really rea pushed rhonda down the stairs? >> lucious.ucio >> what you thought of the showo remember last season or i guesss the beginning of this seasonhisn whenever it was -- i don't i d understand seasons any more. sny >> me either.>> m >> last time empire was one got off to slow star. sta >> it did. >> was did you about last nightt as the first episode to this newest half season, whatever we're doing. >> we have changes outside.ha big warmup but weng might haveav little rain somewhere theain soe question is where because we see clear skies over washington.hin. let's and joy the while we canhn for a look when the rain mayn m start where it may be, how longl it will be around so manyso man questions this morning tucker.oc >> that is a lot of questions, steve.e. i'll try to answer as many as in can in a short period of time. 59 not now in washington. let's start with the mildwith temperatures. mild start to your day.r and a -- plain old warmm afternoon we'll see highsee temperatures in the low to midwm 70s with a strong southerly
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already up to 61 now in manass manassas. 60 up in b 59 leonardtown. so sun has been up for coupleorl hours starting that warmup. saw in the live shot high thin cloudiness in the moment the t clouds will lower and thickenhin throughout date we'll turnll tur mostly cloudy by afternoon, butt we should remain dry.n d we have a cold front out to the west.west steve asked about rain.ked t it looks like that will mostly l get in here late tonight earlyay tomorrow morning in the form off some showers maybe even some thunderstorms but we'll keep the mild temperatures intact for the next couple of days.e of d so again i think your daytimey hours today out and about should remain dry.. tonight maybe a sprinkle andkle then overnight tonight real fool your first half of your fridayoa that morning commute tomorrow that's when the best chance fort the shower a cctivity out to tht west to move n73 enjoy those t warm temperatures. early sun afternoon clouds a clo warm day winds south 15 to 20. . again temperatures aboutrebout 10 degrees warmer than yesterday should be a beautiful afternoonu all right, guys. g i'll toss it back to you coming up we'll have the weekendavthe forecast.reca. ♪ ♪ new on good day at 9:00 a0 head shaking 474 about what wha local school kids were riding or
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loudoun county school officials confirmed to fox5 that bomb ma making material was found on aua county schoolbus yesterdayterday afternoon.ternoo now they say that material in itself was harmless as it wasast not in a bomb but material usedd to make bombs. the bus had been used last weekw for a bomb sniffing training exercise. parental law enforcementorce exercise since the start of thia week that bus drove an eighte at runs to three different schoolsh picking up some 26 kids on thoso routes. their parents have been notified. today is day one of the nuclear security summit. sum i apologize for my microphone. could we work on that maybe ambe little bit? which is being bei hosted by president obama.. the summit -- maybe someone --o- there we go.ther the summit is bringing world wor leaders together to address ways to keep nuclear material out oft hands of terrorists and streamta mists.s more than 50 world leaders are e expected to attend this morningm president obama is meeting wi
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south korea.or both countries are deeply dpl concerned about north korea's's nuclear program. now, this summit is causing major traffic delays in d.c.n.c roads are closed near ther t washington convention centeron where the actual suvemmit is bei held.ld fox5's annie yu is live therehe with more on which streets and what whole area of downtown youu should just avoid, rye, annie? >> reporter: that's right.ig anywhere near the washingtongn couldn't schlepping center islep where you want to avoid.nt to av there are multiple street see closures in effect now until saturday afternoon, and you'll'l see these kinds of signsf signs everywhere.evywhere. the no parking signs along roadways here we're at 10 and mm street right now a couple blocks behind the convention center, and we began on sickth and new york avenue then hopped other or side of the convention center on tenth and massachusetts avenue and now here we are behind no matter which side you're on,, this is pretty much the scene. you can see fencing along the te roadway here.e. big barricades prevent
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unauthorized vehicles from vicle getting through and there's alsa limited pedestrian traffic.ffic now they're being a little morer lenient let somebody use the port o potty believe it or not.t folks are able to get in and oua of the this roadway.he t on the other side they're moreye strictor he can't whiching idshi and that sort of thing.ofng we have a brief overview of some of the closures for you.s y main closures being k, l, n andd m streets between sixth andth tenth streets. if you're looking at the maphe p there, the roadways in blue aree the ones you want to avoid. avo those are the ones closed now n until saturday afternoon.fterno also, closed until saturday isdi mount vernon square metro station the green and yellow lines trains will continue to run through that station withouw all other metro stations will b open during the summit but keepe in mind mount vernon squarear metro will be closed until unt saturday afternoon.. now, press began yesterday andrd since then we've seen members oo the national guard, secret service, dc police out here. they're keeping guard of the barricaded areas making surege that no cars are getting
9:06 am and there's heavy policeic presence around the conventionvo center. so you just want to keep that ii mind if you have to head downtown.wn more than 50 dignitaries areriee expected to attend this summit,, and we've been mentioning this.t this is president obama's fourth and final nuclear securityy summit.. so while this is going on today and tomorrow, traffic is prettyt much going to be a nightmare ana so much so that federal workers actually got alert i believe on wednesday urging folks too consider teleworking or usingrsi other work arounds so that theyy can help alleviate some of thiss congestion. but you know what, guys, i haveh to say, we've been maneuveringei and navigating through all ofth the closures and traffic is definitely lighter today so s maybe folks are heeding thedingt warning and staying away from fm washington convention sent.ion n we have a full list of detailedi road closures as well as the t parking restrictions andtriconsd everything you need to knowd too detailed out for you at back to you in the studio. the . >> all right, annie, thanks.e, k i was reading through the statea department e-mails john kerryai met with this leader, john kerrk met with this leader.
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so so many important people inn d.c. d.c. pack the patience today ifnceody you're trying to get down arounn the convention sent metro thougt considering more drasticre dst measures to fix safety issues on the train lines and boy younebo would need extended patienceatic here because it could mean rider boss have to deal with more shuu downs in the future. futur some lengthy.engthy board chairman jack evans sayinn closing the system for a few few hours a night and on thendn t weekends like they do now is non enough to do the major repairs needed. eded. he says, the metro system has been neglected for so long the t only way to make the neededde repairs may be to shut down an a line for a long period of time.m now metro will review the systee before any decision is made thaa decision making process expectec to take about six weeks. will sommer from the city paperp was on earlier.waon he said maybe the orange or thee green, the yellow line could bed shut down for weeks at a time. >> wow. >> not just one day at a time. >> that would be totalot craziness. hopefully if they did decide toe do this they would give people o like at least a couple months mn warning to make plans.e plans not a day or
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>> it would seem they would have to. >> better safe than sorry.r safe you got to get it done at someom point.t. >> exactly to politics and the campaign trail rocked byoc controversial candidates fromasf gop candidate donald trump thist time the republican frontrunnerr is walking back his in just days before thebe wisconsin primary trump could be facing some trouble in that tt fox's doug luzader has all thehe details.ta >> reporter: the backlash was swift.ift. did donald trump' controversial comments on portion and so was his correction.tio >> the church -- first there was this. msnbc town hall in grey greengr bay wisconsin >> do you remember l do you believe in punish many for pun abortion, yes or no, as a principal? >> the answes r is that there he to be some form of punish. pun >> for the woman? wan >> yeah, there has to be someass form. >> reporter: there are outragehe from trump's democratic oppone opponent. >> what donald trump said today was outrageous and dangerous s. to punish a woman for having ann portion is beyond comprehensionr >> reporter: the idea that wo
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should be held legally responsible if the procedure is outlawed also runs counter tont the real core of the pro liveive movement. even trump's fellow gop candidates piled on. >> of course, women shouldn't bt punish. punish. >> it's the latest demonstration of how little donald has thoughg about any of the serious issuess facing this country.cing >> reporter: trump's campaignamn quickly issued a correction.reco saying the doctor or any other r person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be heldel legally responsible.nsible not the woman. >> nobody respects women more than donald that i can tell you.ou. >> reporter: but this comes asoa there may be more trouble aheadd for trump. new poll now shows that he's he' poised to lose in wisconsin. the margin of err oh sr. rathert large but it shows that ted cruc is now 10 points ahead of trumpu and john kasich just nine points behind him. on the other hand, the contestot after wisconsin for republicansn is new york. york and there is a new poll out this morning showing that trump has a 36-point
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in washington, doug luzader, fox time now 9:09.ow:0 time for check of what else is making had he lines this morni morning. all right. we'll start with this. developing this this morning at least seven people a mre injured following severe weather in weai parts of oklahoma last night. n multiple tornadoes were reportee throughout the tulsa a according to the national wetnat service at least one tornado tor touched down. the twister sent debris flyingsn while knocking down trees and causing structural damage. also 31st graders in1st alaska have been disciplined for allegedly trying to poison a school officials say theay t students all girls plotted tottt kill fellow student with silicon gel packets.kets authorities say the girlshe admitted to the plan. p parents of the students weres we notified of the incident theidet same day it was first reported.e the three have been suspendedped but haven't been charged with wt any crime. president obama is commuting the prison sentences of 61 people serving hard time for drug related offenses. offse one of those people locale l
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to 27 years in prison for his h role in a dc drug rink. byron lamont mcdade of bowie --e maryland, will be released in july.ju. he was sentence totter 27 yearso in prison back in 2002 for distributing cocaine. and chipotle looking tokingt expand but not with burritos. bo the company wants to get into gi the burger business. chipotle recently applied for fr trademark for better burger asur part of move to open a burgerr restaurant chain. the move is a businesss diversification plan to help tht company recover from that salmonella outbreak linked toind its restaurants. and finally, a careful -- bee careful who you inconvenience oo your neck night it might comehtc back to haunt you in a very bigg way.way. boston globe columnist donte ramos shared this photo of af a woman on his flight whose longeg ponytail was blocking the tv of the passenger hyped her and it i quickly went viral.. it got over 8,000 retweets. ramo
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moments of owe live yousness ths young woman got the message ande moved her hair.r >> i was thinking she must nott have known h would purposely dod that?that >> really?ea? >> you don't realize there'she somebody behind you? >> seriously? >> it seems a bit much.em it seems a bits much. m you would let your hair danglede over someone's >> really.eally >> you would feel it. it. you'd be like this. thi >> it was a ponytail.l it had to be -- this -- look at this.this. >> but okay she has long hair.oi would you risk having someoneeo get mad at you and snip it ort r something.g. >> that's how you know you're a jerk and you don't care. c >> i don't even care that it's s covering the tv.covering the i don't want someone else'se's nasty hair in my space. spa >> it will be right in yourrighr face. >> exactly. >> that's ultimate all about mee move. i don't care about anybody elsea i'll throw my hair over. o >> you're right. >> real quick back to the firstt graders and silica packs used in i haven't been in school in in i decades i still don't know what's in those silica packs. pc i don't know if those girlshose really knew what they were doint
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>> the story that i heard was hd they actually said they wantedan to kill another girl so theyirly were going to poison her with wh those packs. p >> i wouldn't even know that'set poisonous.po >> it said it on it on. they come in shoes and stuff.ff >> i see them all the time. tim. don't ingest.t. >> okay. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> it's very disturbingvery obviously that young to be thatt calculating. >> yeah.>> yea >> the president in that videoni you saw taking formerly pardoneo people to lunch yesterday inlu d.c. which was greatnc. >> cool.l. still ahead one more problem for pop star iggy azalea.zale what she's saying about that abt tape of her fiance' seeminglyeey admitted he cheated.heat >> well it will come out at some point i guess.s. first though another duet for f vice-president joe biden andid lady gaga. gag we'll talk about their encoreire perform man after last month's oscars appearance.ppearanc we're heading in the know coming upping in with judy kurtz. it's 9:13. 9:13.
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♪ lady gaga on the edge ofhee glory.glor vice-president joe biden anden lady gaga fresh off their oscarr got a good response they teamedt up for encore also a twitter war over donaldvo trump between two hollywood stars. everybody wants to get involvedg in the trump game. judy kurtz the in thece know columnist.ow cumni good morning.
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>> let's talk about the encorenr performance.rf >> yes. vice-president biden and lady b gaga teaming uidp once again. an they were just together at the r oscars. bby biden introduced lady gaga before one of her performances n at the oscars they're doing it den next week in vegas the pairi will be on hand again to raise awareness about sexual assaultus on college campuses. couldn't get enough of eachnouge other. other. >> yeah. what do you think they talku about?th >> that would be -- i'd love tov be fly on the wall. wl. >> right.. >> during theirs >> how was this pair born.pai i had no idea they were goodoo friends theater they'd be teaming up for project after project.. >> the obama administration hasn a campaign.n lady gaga did a to know tom nominated for an oscar.scar on their own they would bring crowd but definitely odd coupleu pairing that draws attention to them. >> a lot of times you might youm think it's a cabinet member or even lower
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speaking on behalf of theng on government for this but when the vice-president to line up with i cause like this is prettyre significant.ific >> it's definitely significant.a i think duet maybe should be ony the horizon. i don't know he has a voice.oi but i think that's the obvious v next step. >> she sings the phrase and heha says word. >> that may work.>> >> maybe a rap song. >> right. >> something like that.hing >> all right. let's talk a>>bout this trump notices.ti that's what's explaining it alll now. >> this is new phenomenon n phe according to top hypnotist we spoke trump nosis. hypnotist says donald trump is u the creator of trump nosis the are a of the mass persuasion.eru >> he's created everything. eryh >> might as well coin a term for it trump nosis.os he says to get the best lesson in hepatism watch drumly he useu all the technique a top hypnotist would >> like what? wha >> he
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hemoglobin means he he said when i'm your next president. presi so he kind of sets the expectation of what the huge h will bring.ri all these techniques that hypnotists traditionally use.. >> there's a fine line between t hypnosis and brain washing,hi, right?t? (laughter).. >> some would argue it's one ino the same.e same. t?ght? >> i think everyone is lookingvn for an explanation for trump's's rise from celebrity apprenticeship and real estate mogul to the top of the gope g field.fiel now the hypnotists are getting g in on the act.the ac >> bigger question clap threeclt times will they snap out of it? right?gh >> let's try. >> hypnotists put people to peol sleep and trump certainly doesly not put people to sleep. sep >> no one is highly confident tt be said for that.or you see somebody who exudes that much confidence you want tofide believe what they're >> when you say you're the bestb ever ever ever ever do you ad nauseum -- >> i haven't had that success with telling people. >> keep working on it. >> telling people i'm the ne
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lottery winner and that neverera happens. >> keep talking about trump. >> two stars a wore of words onn twitter. >> usually movie stars fightrs f over parts and different rolesfl this time they're fighting overe politics.ti susan serandon and debra messing going at it on twitter overer or susan serandon' recently comic. she's a big bernie sandersan supporter saying she's not suret if the election was between b donald trump or hillary clintonn who she would vote for.. so debra mississippi sing is a big hillary clinton fan foughtcl back at these comments susan serandon made saying that she doesn't see how susan serandondo could say such a thing and evere vote for trauma many. man serandon want to clarify her moment.mont. she would never vote for trumpmp under any circumstances.ircumsta they are having some twitter beef. i think the emmys will be super awkward neck year.d ea >> good. look forward to that. >> must see tv.
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actresses.tres >> yes. >> snooze fest. >> aww.. >> not enough drama.. >> who drum is better bet midler -- now that's drama. that's drama.'s d. >> no.>> no. >> what's the one girl thats really puts it outth there? >> you know i can't think of it. with kanye? >> amber.. >> that's some drama. >> amber rose obviously the next one. >> taking it up a notch.ot thanks judy as always good to go see you. 9:21.21. coming up the final four. fin f we're not talking aboutki a basketball, though., we're talking about americantoui idol and tonight they all headea home. we'll tell you why. you w first though good news in the n fight against obesity.aiobes why it looks like america might finally kick its soda habit.ab ♪ ♪
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♪ >> all right. welcome back. time now 9:24 today. 's hell news it looks like a lot of people are kicking the habit when it comes to drinking soda. couldn't something in the united states at its low well level in 30 years. now part of the reason for suchh steep decline americans a switching to healthier optionset even diet soda has taken a big a hit in all of this.hi this however has not hurt the hr big soda companies likeniesik coca-cola and pepsi because they, too, have branched out. coca-cola offers did he san knee vitamin water and power
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pepsi offers aquafina, gatorader trop can and naked juice.uice >> a break through at johnshrou hopkins university in baltimorey for the first time ever doctors have successfully transplant add liver and kidney from an hiv positive donor to hiv positive recipient.cipient. the kidney patient is now home.. the liver patient remains rai hospitalized expected to be released in just few days. >> we were throwing away organs from donors infected with hiv w just because they were infected with hiv.iv. these were potentially perfectle good organs thor these patients. >> doctors estimate as many ass 500 would be donors who are hivv positive die each year. still ahead on good day, he is an actor a model and one hecc of a dancer now this morning gia marini is helping save livesives across the district.istr we'll join us live to let usin t look at him and to explain howlh he's really making a differencec a little later.le ler >> first though tucker will beuc back. he wants to you look at him,o yo
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wet start to the weekend.. erin will give us an update uat what's happening downtownownt security thanks to the nuclearlr security summit.t. it's 9:26 right now. you're watching good day d.c.
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>> nip 28:00. we're taking a look now at whato stories we're engaging with most on social media this morning mog with our live news tracker tra wisdom standing by with thoseh e details. details. >> all right. we'll start with bernie sans the democratic candidate will likell appear on the dc primary ballott despite a registration mix upix
9:29 am
d.c. dem autocratic party chairy the party filed the necessary ns paper work day late but that'sha such a practice has never been n problem in the past due to theuo board of elections officeions oe closing several hours before the actual filing deadline. also, trending a speciala e litter of foster puppies on maryland's eastern shore.ho they're all named in honor ofor law enforcement officers whorcem have lost their lives in ther line of duty. d five of the puppies were nameme after recently fallen officers know what leotta ashley guindond jacai colson, patrick daily and mark long s let's go to texas next a mom iss in custody for allowing her boyfriend's brother who is alsos a register sex offender to tattoo three of her children wh were also under the age of 13. the children's father says that all three children were tattooed on their ankles and were told by their mother to get them but non to cry and complain about theute pain. the father is now fighting forig custody of the kids.
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rapper who's facing serious s charges this accused of using counterfeitouer money to gamble.. montreal receives goes by theei fame of fat tell arrested att maryland live casino in casino.. security contacted police afterr they say he presented $450 in in fake money just to get chips.. also, actress whoopi goldberg is lending her name and hernd checkbook to a new line of line medical marijuana products pduct designed to help relieve women'n menstrual cramps. that's look what stories arees engaging on social media rightig now at this very moment. >> all talkers indeed.d. thank you sir.ank yor. it's going to be tough to get around downtown d.c. for thr next few days. d thanks to that nuclear securityc summit getting underway thisnd t afternoon. leaders from all over the world are here for the event and roadr across the region are shut downd for the details and the detoursu more importantly erin como joinj us now live.ive. good morning, erin.od mor >> good morning. 9:30 right no
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let's sweat over for look at our maps much the beltway is quiet t want to get to list of all offll those closures for the nuclearlr security summit.ummi these closures are in placee inp through saturday. sda k, l and m streets between tentn and sixth those are the billinge ones as you make your way outay around the convention center. ce also, portions of massachusettss between ninth and sixth as welll as new york between 11th and a sixth because it's a large a l vicinity of street closures as a well as pedestrian traffic is i being restricted and parking pag restrictions in place we advisee avoiding the area around theunde convention center and the white house if at all possible.. added close showers near theerat state department kick inmeick tomorrow afternoon at two. seventh street northbound between constitution and pennsylvania and 22nd betweenwen constitution and c so that's aha heads up those additional a closures tomorrow that couldt c affect your evening ride home on friday. also, the station closure forsuf metro is in place mount vernonno square the green and yellow yelw lines are bypassing that statiot because it's so close to thelose convention center.ter
9:32 am
place metro stations to getet around that.ha that metro stop is set to reopeo mount vernon square by friday fa evening.en we'll keep you updated on that.. metro bus is detouring aroundngo the seventh and ninth street between inform and k streett stops because of the vicinity ty all the street closures.sures barricades are set up.icad there's a lot of additionalt ofo police activity and secretec service in town so please uselee caution as you drive i would just advise factoringfag extra time to get around theme e city as folks try to navigateo t around those closures lostres ls people have been avoiding thevog area. any questions about your commutu you can tweet me at erin fox5 d.c. c. back to you in the loft. l all right. thank you erin.thk yo i want to take to you liveov pictures now tornado damage from twister touching down there t destroying property we propey we understand that there areha several tornadoes actuallyua spawned in the oklahoma regioneg overnight. you can see right there. just homes destroyed.estroyed. again a lot of damage there inhe the oklahoma region. reg nothing like that luckily for us here. here weather looking very good today.
9:33 am
tucker barnes with the details i of what we can expect for thewen rest of the day and perhaps this weekend? >> yeah you got it maureen. six reports of tornadoes just to finish up that story. up four in oklahoma.fouroklahoma. one in kansas and one in arkansas. fortunately around here goodarog news in the forecast in the forh of warmer temperatures.s how about 70s, yes, they're back. back later this afternoon after nicen mild start. we'll have clouds out there.s o. take look at the satellite/radai in a second. here are your mild temperaturesa 59 now in washington.ashington. 61 in manassas. leonardtown good morning,ng 61 degrees.61 d 62 fredericksburg.. 58 in some place to the southla and west.d west yup, there's youryup, satellite/ looking at clear skies early but we're going starting to see high thin clouds move energy and it d will gradually turn into an to mostly cloudy afternoon but itnt should be a dry day.a dry day i think the rain showers hold hl off until later this evening and really the best chance for raini doesn't get in here untile u overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning as a frontalro system cold front you can seeonn working its way
9:34 am
and ohio approaches the area.a. again we could have showers ande maybe even a thunderstorm around here for much of friday. friday. friday doesn't look great temperature wise it looks great but as far as rain showers i sho that's our best chance for then next several days. d what can we expect warmxpect temperatures that's the theme oa this afternoon.fterno. enjoy low to mid 70s an nicee push of southerly air.uthe winds up to about 15 to 20 at 2a times this afternoon and thenndt we'll look for late night showers. might be a sprinkle or showerwer earlier than that but again the main event hol holds off after midnight closer to day break as that cold front gets closer witt showers and thunderstorms.or let's take look at future caste very quickly together. togher. just want to show through we are tonight at 8:00 o'clock.ock future cast just giving us cloug cover maybe a sprinkle here. he. if you got sports events orr outdoor plans this evening ihis think you're in pretty goodu' i shape. overnight tonight first part ofi tomorrow there's your rain the shower activity tomorrow mornino at and the possibility of rumble oo thunder there, and we'll havee'h showers sort of on and off off throughout the day on friday.ri we'll keep the
9:35 am
along with the mild temperaturee cool down this weekendthisnd noticeably cooler air gets in g here particularly overnight saturday and early sunday with a very strong front we could haveh shower or maybe even a flurry fu around here overnight saturdayhs and early sunday. 73 today.od by sunday our daytime highs in i the low to mid 50s with ah blustery wind out of the northdt and west.d we so got to love this time of yeay getting no april but it's goingg to feel very chill ale round a here by the end of the weekend.n enjoy thisd afternoon. aft that's the latest from down here in the fox5 weather center.ente i will toss it back genericallyc to you guys. ♪ fox5 d.c. cares is our. res station's campaign to highlightl the great work of non-profitro organizations in our area.rea. all this week we are partneringp with autism our goal is to raise awareness e about autism in our community cu and to highlight the joyce and challenges facing families whoam are living with autism.m. today we meet the
9:36 am
strong mom to twin daughter dau who's both have autism.. here's shawn yancy wither story. ♪ so a lot of times when whe people talk about or they sayy s the word autism, they immediat immediately think a small child. >> um-hmm. >> they don't always think aboua the teenagers or the young adults. your girls now are 19 years old. they're young adults. when were they diagnose.ia >> at six. >> at six.>> at s did you know before six.ef >> they were premature there was some indication there wasion th something but, you know there te were all the tests and it'st' school tested them, and it justs came back autism mild to to moderate. >> when you heard that, what w wept through your mind? >> ra
9:37 am
>> so i was like they're goingrg to be institutionalized but thee the school and all of their they were like, no, there's therapyhy and they're not -- they'll bellb able to be main streamed. str so i had no blueprint.nt. i had nothing toe to go on. there's things that i have triei to research and try to get them involved in for the adult. >> what's your advice to people who may have young children andn they're ick thinking oh, no, what am i going to do. d how am i -- what am i going to i do once my children get to be b teenagers once they get to beyeb young adults?? >> the only advice i do have for the parents that are out therehe raising autistic kids is to keep going and keep researching and then develop their skills basedd on what their child can do. d. not to have their child live in main stream society.ociety create the autism society.oc i get down to my
9:38 am
you know what, whether it's eyee contact or a verbal queue, i treat them like, upping, me.. >> a couple years ago you gotrst involved with autism speaks.pes. >> um-hmm. u >> tell me a little bet about that. >> it changed my life.y lif so all these times that i was iw living with the girls withls wit autism, i was trying to fit thet into my world.or that year i went to autism speaks, i fit into their world and then that's when the lightwl bulb came on. came o that i need to be a part of this. this because it is a different worldw that we live in but we can live altogether.geth so then i asked my employer sho city the next year to help sponsor the blue puzzle peace campaign, and like i said, you know, the company is -- just amazing that i work for, becausc they said sure why not. n and we put up in all of ourf stores throughout the dmv, and our customers responded and they responded with overwhelming
9:39 am
results. >> last year alone we raised 41,000.41,0. >> wow! w! >> all of the proceeds 100% goes to autism speaks. >> let me ask you last but not least, what are your hopes for the girls in the future? andur what are your fears? >> my hope they can live ony cao their own. and my fear is that they don't.t they work in the community.nity so they both have jobs.e job they go every day and they dohed well and they don't do wellel sidney had job where she was eating at the grocery store shes was eating a snack.a sna i would fire you, too.d fiou you can't eat more than you stack. those are my fears that theyhe don't succeed and that, youha yu know, that they'll need somebodm to take care of them for them fe rest of their lives. ♪ >> tomorrow mark the start of so autism a
9:40 am
you watch our coverage we askage that you think about making autg donation to autism speaks. spe they do lot of great workor involving research, giving giv grants to local organizations that work with the autism tutis community, and of course theyrst help families living with auti autism. you can go our our web ate or the home page he pe you'll find a link to donate oro text autism to 25383.53 there you can make a $10 donation which will make all tht difference, help make all the mt difference in this fight.isig >> we've learned a lot and seens the faces that you learn a lotrt more from hearing individual i stories and what -- you know,ouk how it changes people on daily basis. basis. then all this great success stories that come out of this a well. tomorrow will be a big day forlb us as we wrap up this week. shawn yancy will join us livens tomorrow on good day hosting a i live telethon to benefit autismm speaks. spea some of the family memberse you've met throughout the weekhe in these stories will be hereril joining us as usw along with representatives fromt autism speaks. speak so we want to know where -- if - you want to know where your w money will go, if you choose to
9:41 am
you'll find out and we'll learna much more together tomorrow.omow >> look forward it to. loo >> special d today still ahead aty stilaa 9:00 american idol final fourinf all heading home this times t getting the super starup sta treatment. we'll tell you why we have awrya preview of the big show as thewt finale winds down.ow time right now 9:41. 9:4 ♪ ♪
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
♪ ♪ ♪ there's your final four.r. no?no >> the first one was catherine mcphee. mc >> that was incorrectly edited.e >> well, let's start over.rt ove >> there you go.>> theou g >> your final four will take tht stage tonight for american idolo then next week one of them not n named catherine mcphee will bee crowned the final idol winner. first though dalton, porsha and mckenzie and trent will take a trip back home. he they're already getting theread super star treatment.reat jonathan hunt with a preview.
9:45 am
>> reporter: american idol'sdos top four contestants traveledrae home to dallas texas, jackson, mississippi and lafayette louisiana over the weekend to to visit family, friends and their adoring >> ♪ >> i remember like getting to t the airport and there was like,k you know, 50 people on thee onth runway and then like, you know,, 10,000 people watching my concert.nct. like i was brought me to tearsos just knowing that these people l regardless of what happenspe support me and love me for who i am. >> it kind of felt like it wasf all worth it.. because i was from a small townt everybody showed up. not a lot of stuff happens.appe i mean it was amazing. ama i got the december 2 cities. cit i got pae. no one gets parades. mickey mouse gets parades.arad that's about it it. >> before hitting the road theyt said getting home c
9:46 am
their number one priority. >> my mom makes these amazing ketchup and grape jelly meatballs.meatball i was just talking about ingut i wanted her to overnight me somee banana pudding, man much it's mm favorite.vo >> with only two more twoore performance nights to go beforef america votes for idol's final champion, judge harry connick, jr., offed some advice to the contestants.ess >> they all need to just take it easy, realize what their strengths are at this point thet have to hit it out of the park. they have to. h it has to be somethingometng extraordinary otherwise it'serws just the competition is too great. >> reporter: in hollywood,n hold jonathan hunt, fox news. new >> you can catch all the all t hometown action tonight t 8:00 o'clock right here on fox5 and the three night finale begins next.uesday so can you imagine next wednesday we'll have empire and middle night of american idol.f >> my wordam. >> we need a viewing party ofar some sort. >> yeah. >> it will be a big week. >> very exciting.
9:47 am
american idol also at at 10:00 o'clock this morningclockr former idonil contestant sarah strom will join us once again. a she has joined us in the past and talked about the show and tw talk about her journey out to hal hollywood.od you know what she'll do tonightt steve. >> she'll rock the loft. lof >> right before she heads off to belmont that is. i right.right. >> she said she'd come back tos sing and she's make going on itt >> she's right there. there >> i thought we might -- there she is. i we were trying to blow you up. u as much as we can. there she is.ther look at her. a >> she's been rehearsing and itn sounds good. you're in for a treat. treat >> yeah you are in for a treat. yes.. okay.ay. coming up next 9:47 here'ser question for you. breaking bro code.roode. i agree.iee former washington wizard nickarc young busted on camera admitting now the teammates that took thet video is apologizing, yeah,ea little too late. and young's fee san iggy azaleae has message for him on twitter.r she didn't think it was so fan fancy. ♪
9:48 am
9:49 am
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9:50 am
♪ well, one more problemwell actually. some big new drama for pop star iggy azalea at t
9:51 am
nba feud and it's all over an undercover video exposing heros fiance' la lakers star nickr young and his alleged infideli infidelity. lakers rookie deangelo russell secretly recorded his teammate young talking about cheating ono azalea. on the video russell can beselln heard leading young into a conversation about the women won he's been with. young unaware he's being taped freely spills the beans to hisis teammates.te the video was later leakedeake online and unsurprisingly thegly news has not gone over well in o the lakers locker room. roo at least one insider told esp e inform it's bad.rms b it's about as bad as it can gett there were trust issues already. now there is no trust. russell's teammates won't evenot eat with him.him now, for her part iggy seems tos be taking the news in stride. in the fancy rapper tweeted thisedt about the scandal.cand hmm. i see deangelo russell isll is trending.tren actually liked h
9:52 am
thanks bro.thanks bro. russell takes full blame for tht incident but he has no idea how that video leaked. lea >> but it was on his phone.on h >> two things -- >> two wrong go wrong and i takk the full blame for for t i wouldn't consider this a prank or anything i wouldn't wantn't w anybody tolls see. i'm sick and only time can makek this really go away. >> never going away.y. nick young also addressed theed incident during post gameurinpog interviews. he plans to talk to russelltalks privately.aty >> i'm sure there will be words >> first of all nick young iskou not a star. he's never been a star in the nba.nb that's number one.'s nr one >> that doesn't matter.hat does >> number two, russell he's ase young immature person. why on earth would you recordecd that, that's number one in thehe first place. firs >> no idea. >> why would you record it?d it? >> with no intent of anyonenyon seeing it. >> how do you know there's noowe relationship there.. >> you don't know how it gotw it leak. you record something and make sm this up this additional fib
9:53 am
don't know how it got there. h give me break. bak. >> it won't get leak unless hees did it -- there's no the relationship here.rela people who have relationshipsns don't do that to eachhi other. you would never record a video of you saying somethingmethi inappropriate or whatever it is -- is >> without steve knowing it.tevi >> and you not know about it. you know that's inappropriatepp conversation to be having and te have it recorded, that's how you know there's no relationshipp there. th russell will be on the teaml win because he's high draft pick. p nick young and a lot people onen this horrible basketball teamasm probably won't be there next't n year and because they're losing, this adds to the drama. >> i don't even think it mattere if's they're winning or losing. it's like -- like -- >> if they're winning it gets covered up. >> it's in the locker room. locr you're with your what happens in the locker roomk stays in the locker room kind oo thing. thing. >> if you have a relationship it the locker >> i think there's universal brb code. is there not? >> kobe didn't have the bro codo when he spilled the beans oneans shack. >> same thing.>> s >> just because you have 15 guy5 in the room -- it'
9:54 am
the locker room. you have 15 athletes in a room.. 15 on roster inform ba thata t doesn't mean everybody is goinge to get alo. there's dislike in there because everybody doesn't get they clearly don't subscribe toi the bro code.the o c >> there's people i don't like p but i wouldn't throw them undern the. >> that's you. that's you. clearly they don't have thatavea relationship shack and kobeip sk didn't have that relationshipats i'm sure they're not the only ol ones.ones >> well i'm not throwing you alu under the bus ever.s e whether i like you or not.. >> i may secretly record somed m stuff.stf. >> right. >> what happens in the lot ofent stays in the loft except amongsm our >> speak of sports drama believd it or not women are still fighting for equal pay even in sports and now the us women's national soccer team is taking k act. five members of the team filed f wage discrimination actionion against the using is kerr federation it sites figures fro the federation's 2015 financialn report. the women's team generateded $20 million more than the uss men's team and won the gold cupd i'm sorry the world cup. c the women were still paid
9:55 am
four times less the number citet women earn $99,000 each if theyy won 20 exhibition games whileiom men earned $263,000 for the samm amount of games. g get this.t this. even if they lost all 20 games0g men would still get $100,000 $0, each.ea on top of that men earned between 5,000 and $17,000 for each game played beyond 20 whili women get paid nothing forothing playing additional games. i wonder who negotiated theseiae deals. that's the big question i haveua there.the >> and we've talked about talke clearly it's not fair.ot f the playing field is not level.. >> no. >> i wonder what the tvder whatt contracts are?s ? >> that goes into negotiationsin as well. >> it's also gate prices as welw if you're charging more for one chris versus the other morethere money coming in thus more moneye going out. >> if you're -- if this is likes an olympic event and you're your like, look, you're paying theeat same whether you're going to yoo semen play or women play you pla better have what's coming in ben going back out the same.e. >> exactly. >> all right. still ahead at 10:00 o'clock. ome! >> thank you
9:56 am
>> former dancing with the stars star -- i would say giles. g >> it's giles but one of our our producer said it was giles.asils i don't see it. >> i would say giles marini. >> how about we say hot body weo marini. >> exactly. ect >> mr. marini.>> m whatever we call him --im >> i would just said giles.d g >> you know would be easier ifn he would juswot come in here. >> giles, come on in here. i h >> you know what mr. g can comec sit right >> exactly.ct right here. >> whisper in my ear.y >> we'll talk about how he's h helping spread awareness about the nefight against breast cance legendary gospel singer bb, you can get much bigger than aboutnt to brand new musical a familyily affair as you might suspect.usp. you don't want to miss that. mis it is coffee time on good day gd d.c. there's one of new mugs up for grabs right now. new good day dunkin' donuts mugm if you would like to win goo wig ahead and enter our on ourur o facebook page or our website at you only havv until 11 a.m. to ener
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try to beat that! ♪ straight ahead on good day at 10a, ome! ome >> did you watch? >> empire came roaring back last night.. we dish our favorite moments. mn tell us what you think.s wh hash tag good day dc.ood da dc. oh, ladies, it is gettingetg hot in here.. why? hollywood hunk giless marini live in the loft. >> and legendary bb is hereer live. live let's just get right to it. tot. the 10a starts now.s n ♪ oh yeah. >>
10:01 am
>> all the drama. the dma >> i'm telling you. >> is that what it is. >> we're all a blurry eyedy eye because we were up watchingchin empire.empire. >> it was a good one.was it was good. >> season off and running.unng. >> season two part two.rtwo >> season two part two. >> 2.2. >> came back with a boom boomit boomh bank bank bang. it did answer some questions qut right out of the gate but them e of course left a lot more.e le >> not the big one.ig o >> no new york city, no. >> who pushed her, who pushedhe rhonda down the stairs? >> i have different theory.or i've amended my theory now. >> we're not doing any spoilerss >> let us know what you thought. >> enjoyed the show compared tod past seasons or partial seasonss >> we'll be talking empire. emp. talking american idol. whole bunch more for you. mr. giles marini. >> marini. >> there you go. >> mr. money. >> mr. shower. few minutes past the hour of the let's check what's trending onro this thursday morning
10:02 am
drum many doing damage control n this morning after he madee controversial comments onents o abortion during an interview inw with chris c he stated women who get illegal abortions should be quotes shou unquote pup initiate. initiat he's backtracking this morninghi and backlash from critics and a political rivals. rival >> do you believe in punishment for a borings, yes or no, as a principle?pl >> the answer is that -- therehe has to be some sort of of punishment. >> for the woman? for >> there has to be some form.o >> 10 years to life.oife. >> that i don't know.t i >> why not. >> i don't know.on't k >> you take positions onake everything. >> i do take positions onke everything else. p it's a very complicatedyt posi position. >> within hours of pre taped interview his campaign tried ton backtrack on those commentsse cm saying trump believes it is the abortion providers who should b punish not the patients meaninga the doctors.doct in a statement trump' says "if congress were to passass legislation making a abortion illegal, and the federal courtst up hell this legislation, the, t doctor or any other person per performing thisly legal act upoo a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman.oman
10:03 am
like ronald reagan i am pro livl with exceptions. meanwhile ted cruz was guest on abc jimmy kimmel live last ls year and he got a few laughsew when he talk about what if hethe would do if he saw drumly in th back up camera on his car. take a listen. >> i will say i was watching the early part of the show, and if were in my car and getting readi to reverse and saw donald in the backup camera -- (laughter). >> i'm not confident which pedad i'd push. (applause).. >> okay.>> okay. cruz went on to say he believess he is more qualified to take the oval office. that was pretty good. >> i have not seen ted cruz with a sense of humor. >> that was a first pour me. >> that's one benefit of theefit late night shows sometimes youhs get to see their personality. >> here's my question. did he come up with if i saw hii in my rear view camera or did jimmy kimmel say if you saw himw in the rear view camera.ew camer >> it read to me like a questioe
10:04 am
from kiml i don't know. i could be w >> if he came up with that on ta his own it's even more clever.v. let's talk musicals.icals. hit musical hamilton making hadd he lines for months, but this bt week those headlines unfortunately aren't so flaggedd broadway smash hit which tellsst the story of alexander hamilton recently announced a casting cas call that specifically asked for non-white men and women for upcoming roles in future fut versions of the play. now, that language landedanded casting directors in hot waterow with the acto actors actors equy association which said castinghi calls the language was not official or in compliance with their rules. the show issued a statementta saying they regretted the confusion and will amend thend t notice to add that quote wee welcome people of all ethnicit ethnicities to audition now, since it opened os fftodff broadway last year hamilton hasn been celebrated for puttingng minorities at the center of america's birth the showw african-american, asian and a latino actors have been cheeredr by president barack obama,dent british actress helen mirren and many many many others.
10:05 am
bit earlier. the show was written for actorst that are black and latino to play the roles. it's just that you can't legally and specifically ties for certain ethnic group good goo sometimes we he had get these thing asking for specific roles. it says men, women 40, 4 specifically black.. >> if you're audition for a specific role.ole. a large person, a smaller persoo arc day taller person, darker person.on the issue here -- >> blanket.>> >> think of it a as jobnkf it application a new company isn ae coming to d.c. we want to hire h 50 people much this is whatis i we're looking for many don't apply if you don't fall underald this cat >> i initial hal a differentalfe reaction when we talk about thii earlier.ea i thought about it.ought out i've seen certain casting callsl they're very how is it different.iffere >> if they had listed the role,s you know wawa i mean but the basic they are saying comein c audition for this but we don't
10:06 am
became illegal.came iegal >> the issue. the iue. >> okay.>> oka >> but the play is still good ii hear government see it.nment see >> if you can get a ticket.. >> yeah. also this morning, parentingaren alert to tell you about.. a new dumb trend that's goneat g viral.ral. it's called the banana peel challenge.e. basically, kids are up loadingog videos of themselves slipping og bananas and if you enjoy failed videos, you'll love watchinge wn these because they are plenty op them apparently.aren but with many of these tse challenges there's a strong possibility that you can get hurt.rt. several people have skinned snnd their knees and hit their headss on tables and on doors as well.l if you decide to try this banana peel challenge, be careful. >> okay.>> >> thanks for the warning.e wa >> that's what the guy did in the metro elevator. remember he sued -- it was a banana peel thing and it endednd up being a whole lawsuit and legal issues.s >> gets your fix from america's fun yesterday home video. >> for us we just scrub naturally. >> we naturally slip on things.n we don't have to stage
10:07 am
have you ever dated someone and one day they just disappear? they are responding to your -- aren't responding to your phoneo calls or text messages as ifs i they were non-existent.xisten there's a term for that's called ghosting.. apparently actor charlene theron ghosted sean penn in 2015. according to the source charlizz wasn't responding to his phone o calls and texts.d tts she denies those allegations a saying quote and the ghosting gn thing like literally i still i l don't even know what it i it's just it's own we're in a relationship then itt didn't work any more and we both decided to separate.eparate. that's it. it she did do it, she is not aloneo according to plenty of fish, 78% of single millennials i i'll get that word right one time peopleo twenty seven 18 and 33 have beeb ghosted at least once which lea means that over three quarterset of men and women within that aga range have some cut offome c o communication altogether.ltogete >> no offense to her.o ofnse if it's mutual it's not ghosti
10:08 am
ghosting. >> it's not >> but i think -- somebodyt - wanted that relationship toso continue.relaco >> he wanted it to continue. con yeah, i think many implicationli he kept trying to contact herer and she didn't respond.espo >> some relationships you justsh have to ghost.ost. they're just some do you. >> don't you know? >> the person ghosting, no. >> don't both parties knowarti o something a miss?s? >> i think there's still along a level. >> if you break up -- if you'vev broken some woman's heart,, imagine, full, wisdom, and shehe continually keeps trying tops tg contact you and come back atk at you --u -- >> that's stalking. tha >> i think it's more, wis -- w >> you're dead to me.e deado m >> if you just start kind oftart hanging with somebody maybe some you're seeing other people butrb maybe there's somebody you som really like and you're hitting i it off and all of a sudden ita u goes away. wait, what just happened.appene >> that's i think that's more along the ml lines.s >> more along ghosting.e alon >> getting the answers as to why somebody disappeared. >> you look shift tee when you u talk like that.t >> how many times have you changed your phone number?ur p m >> that's true. >> how many times have youy ti changed your >> up and moved onge somebody.od
10:09 am
closed your facebook page and ewened a new one.tiboed n these are just questions.. >> i haven't done that.avenon those other ones we'll talk offf camera. camera. >> how much money would you dro to get married? most couples cs spend about $26,000. $26,0 to get married. one russian couple who tied thee knot over the weekend in lavish ceremony dropped not a million m dollars, no theyropped a full billion.. ? what.. >> were billion dollars. drs here's the dress. dss. ladies, you've worn weddingorneg dresses let me know was think.wt >> i have not. >> wedding dress weighed 25 pounds.s. >> okay. just in diamonds and jewelry. >> okay. >> that will set you back. >> okay. that dress alone costs $1 million. >> what cost 999 million.99 mili >> let me entertain you withenri that. >> the entertainment jennifermei lopez performed for 1 million. n i can have gotten 10 times that money. >> stink and henre yea iglesiass were there to liven up the par party. no word on how much they made.
10:10 am
hopefully not more than ahan a million banquet call was coveres in $2 million of flowers andrs plants.plts. the cake was a massive 9 feet f tall entire bash ended with big fireworks show. s we don't know what the weddingei rings cost, what the tab was the dinner or the booze we only covered $10 million. million. we have about $990 million inio alcohol. i did hear the guests weree usher isn't by roll royces. r >> maybe they got to take themyo home with them.ho with them. >> those were the guests gifts.f >> take the car.. >> apparently the groom's father some big oil magnet.. >> clearly. he's a big something.. >> they're able to do this. >> the bride didn't have to pay for the wedding at least. >> she's probably saying thankaa the lord and baby jesus. jes >> you know who loses out in i this? all of her friends. fries how are we going to compete with that?that >> right. >> totally. totally. >> a billion dollars wedding. ridiculous. what do you do for theyo honeymoon? >> i know, right?now, rht >> what do you do for the restod your life? all right. finally, we'll do a quickck celebrity dish.brdi you ready?you rea >> all right.
10:11 am
>> here we go. g not that i need to remind you yu earlier this year kim k posted e this picture one of her many man naked selfies to her instagram s account and saw backlash andh a support from many on instagram.a well one of her biggestigst supporters is super model emilyy rod could you ski the duo hitthh what looks like a publiclic restroom together to share theie feelings with those who have ann issue with their topless selfi selfies. kim k did post the photo with po the black bars over their breasts but under those other black bars the middle finger. fe they are sharing with all theire haters.te. move on. >> how fun is that?s >> still ahead at 10:00 o'clock this morning the ride of a ridea lifetime to save lives across the district.ic finally something that matterstn we'll tellg you how actor giles marini --- >> way to go steve. to >> that sounded awesome. >> tell us this next one. o >> giles marini and a
10:12 am
difference when they roll intoho the loft like they're doing'r right now.rit no >> are you kidding me.ding >> get that camera on what'ss happening. >> oh, my >> come on!e >> did you walk that bike allatk the way here? >> wow ! >> keep bringing it all the array round so we can see you.ou >> keep coming. keep ng keep coming. there we go. now we can see it.we >> this is a first for us. >> whoa! are you kidding me? y d >> that's some hardware.dw >> before we get to that the lyon family is back.s b recap of last night's empireir premier coming up next. tweet us your favorite momentit and who you really think pushedd rhonda down the time now is 10:12. i say lucious lyon did it. it. >> don't say that. >> that's what i think. t
10:13 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
10:14 am
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♪ >> empire that's my birth right i'm the youngest son. i gotyo the swag, the talent, tt looks, you know it. to be the future head of this company. co but i'm going to take empire to the future.ure >> and some ups to get up onp on that table. t i'm just saying. sin be careful what you wish for hakeem.hake empire came roaring last night.t boy did he bring the drama. d you know what this means. means you ready?ea >> here we go. ome!
10:16 am
row captain show.w caain sh maureen and wisdom joining me im the kitchen to dish allison is off this week i have no doubto d she watched.shtched. >> she did. >> we want to you join us, too. #gooddaydc let us know where your favorites moments. ments where yo.u think the stories ara going much.. >> let's start with yourith favorite.ri. cookie is mad. isad she's mad at hakeem how can hean sell out the family and you know what, you are not too to get your oops whooped by momma. mma >> take your vote back, hakeem.. >> no.>>o. >> take it back ! bac ! >> take it back! take it back! c >> take it back! take your d yor vote back, boy.. hakeem, i'll whoop your ass. a >> i'll beat you like you stolee something. >> i was surprised to see heroee being so brutal with her son. s. because she does love her h children cookie clearly but itut j
10:17 am
emotion this family has for oneo some good, some bad. >> crazy. >> that, too. that, too. too you felt the hurt. ht. the hurt that he could be trayey the family this way. this >> it was rough night forh nighr hakeem. was it not.was it n >> it was.. >> when you get with the broom you know -- -- >> got a little moreor interesting. i'm not going to say better.g got more interesting because heh had a meeting with pops. with lucious lyon the devil himself here's where lucious tot to bring to the table for his fh son hakeem who's now in charge. >> don't be scared. now is the time for to you decide how far you willing to gt to have the empire. you want to be king, kill yourr it's live or death. dea if you don't shoot me rightig here, promise you the neck timec i see you i will do
10:18 am
>> this is the ultimate in great panning you got mom beating him with a broom an purse.n p dad saying you better shoot mero now i'll take you down by any ba means >> it's the hurt, wisdom., w the hurt. >> hurt all right all if he pull the trigger. thegg >> emotion this family brings tn the table.e table. >> they're all nuts.y're a >> that's what makes it so good. >> look, let me get to myy emotional moment because int bei actually do think that andre isi a good actor. >> yes. >> so of all of them i think he real sal good actor. a and so there was a particularar emotional moment when the wholew family rushes to the hospital, a rhonda has lost the baby. and this was the scene outsideut of rhonda's room. >> i know, baby.ab i know. i know, i know, i know. >> you can go in there likeherel that. that. >> i want to see her.. >> get off me
10:19 am
>> dre, dre, let me go. >> there's such anguish in that it was the -- cooenkie, the momm afraid that's correct you know,e he was going to get taken away because of his issues that he h deals with being bipolar butipol then the hurt of the dad who -- and for his wife and then t there's hakeem on the outside looking in and questioning nownw because he's so much like my l family is huring and i want to be there, and yet -- they don'tn want me there.nt mehe >> more on andre's acting manyia the scene that touched me at th crib when he broke down crying. >> i cried. i c >> i'm telling you. >> i admit you know i'm a cryer. a c >> it was painful to see howo sh much he wanted this baby and tot have lost it.t. so raw, so real.ea >> real quickly go down the linn real quickly the big question ot the season is who push rhonda. right now she doesn't rememberem she was push.was h i think she's kind of's kinf remembering.g. >> lucious push her.uc >> why do you think that.o yo >> red shoes, red men's shoes io that little flashback she had. >> hh.>> h >> look at get end you'll see gd
10:20 am
>> who do you think. who >> that's a deep one, wisdom. i don't know.n' i'm going -- the lawyer thinks the lawyer might done it. de >> the little rapper the girl. >> frieda.ried that's my >> let us know who you think.oww of course empire will be backk next wednesday at 9:00 and eme will be here on thursday. >> here's to you. >> steve, please save us. p >> any cookies left.oo >> there are. >> i think thekire's only three. >> hey, boo >> that's bigger shock than whak happens at the end of the show. 10:20. a pair of musicians one an upper and comer, one a gospel legend.. bb will join us to talk about a brand new musical lifee performance from former american idol contestant sarah strom. major tie ups downtown thanks ta the summit of world leaders. lde we'll take you there live to lit take a look at what you need to do to avoid it. all of that coming up still on the 10a.
10:21 am
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>> 10:23. happening right now we do havet breaking news to get to prince george's county where parental man was stabbed this morning outside of a metro station. this the add m son road metro station in capitol heights. hei. live picture from the sceneturef right now. you can see the police tape isct up there. the the crime tape.e. victim 24 years old apparently r got into a fight with another wo man around 8:40 this morning ani that is when the stabbing sbb happened.happ we are told the victim's vic injuries however are minor. arer the suspect though got away. a authorities are still lookingoo for that suspect.. downtown world leadersea ga
10:24 am
morning to begins meetings thisi afternoon for the nuclear nle security summit. s huge security presence downtownd near the convention center withw lots of roads closed.lose but there's all that really rll having an impact? fox5's anniei yu is live at tenth and men a streets in northwest with more. annie?anni >> reporter: hey g morning toorg all of you.l of you yeah, we've been out here for h the past hour or so, and at thii location on tenth and m they're' allowing cars do actually turnur here to go down the roadwayoa straight ahead if you're lookinr straight ahead there, pat. also, they're allowing foot traffic to get through as well.l now, on the other side, the side that hug the convention center,o they are not allowing folks to o get past it without propertyrty identification.entificati but there are numerous streettrt closures and changes to they're also parking signs and parking restrictions riddled r throughout the street closures e around the convention centern cn that say obviously emergency, no parking.rk all of this is in effect untilnl saturday. so keep that in mind. a couple of blocks behind thes t conv
10:25 am
and then of course on the sidesd and in the front.ront. secret service basically closedo off those blocks surrounding tht building and they're security measures you're seeing now agaia are going to be here until saturday. you can see here there's fencini and big barricades blocking outo the traffic and these sections are being closely guarded byrded d.c. police and national guardlg troops and there's even secret service with bomb sniffing dogsi sweeping cars as they pass tas through. so just a very heavy securityur presence but we're not reallyotl seeing a lot of traffic.ff traffic is definitely light.niit but more than, you know, top 500 world leaders are gathering herr in washington for this two-daywo summit and then you add to thatt the close proximity between thee washington convention center to the white house about a mile yol can imagine just super tightht security in the area. a and some of the main closures co you should be aware of, k, l and m streets between six andth sixa tenth streets are closed.sed. massachusetts avenue from sixths to ninth is closed as well and l just today 17th streett northbound from constitution too
10:26 am
from two to 10:00 p.m.:00 p.m as for metro just keep in mine mount vernon square metro squart station is also closed till saturday. satu as well on our website at before i let you go, though, ley just a littloue side note. n what we've noticed over the last two hours being out here are h people walking through and just really intrigued by the scenerye here. it's not every day that you sees you know, a port o potty with d.c. cruisers and humvee, mull,m pell humvees coming through andu guards keeping close eye on these barricades.barrices people have actually stopped top take photos next to these tthes humvees. we've seen 10 people do that soo far.. side note from the observe out o here. back to you in the studio. >> d.c. can be an interestingn g place. >> indeed it can. ind >> thanks, annie.>> still ahead at 10:00, the wait is almost over you know him from sex and the city, dancing with the stars, giles marini is live with us in the loft.t. y, he is and good friend chrisis alberto who
10:27 am
looking good over there. over t. they're in town for wonderfulul cause. we'll talk all about it coming g up next.. 10:26 is our time right ♪
10:28 am
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♪ we're not bringing it back. sexy is here. let me tell youin.y. okay. our next guest is a model, actot reality star and dancingng champion. you might know him from his jawj dropping seen in the sex and thd city movie.tyie. >> we do. >> the shower, you know, his role in abc brothers and sisters and two appearances on dancingni with the stars but now giles n g marini is teaming one with keala to help safe lives called the live ride for the man oh van an evident to raise money for the d.c. mammography program.. other special guests were ride r motorcycles to d.c. to talk toat people about the work and importance. ma'am know van their first stopf the loft. l i mean literal they will g
10:31 am
their bikes here in the loft.heo good day d.c. d.c thank you both for coming in. >> thank you for having us.ou fn >> we want to confirm it'sfirmt' giles, right? rht >> yes. >> say it again.>> little closer. >> i said it.. >> wait, one more time.e. >> we have serious business to talk aboutle.. >> okay. o help me focus maureenka. >> wait a minute. mut i just happened to choose this i side. (laughter).aur) >> we got it down. d >> you got it. >> let's talk about it because u you guys it's the live ride thah keels has committed to for to couple years now but this yearha you're doing it for breastor b cancer. tell what's going on here in thn d.c. area. a our way of wanting to debting to behind breast cancer and the mammo van such an important vehicle because it literally lir gets to women who have no access to health care and they're soy's under served and go in there tot provide mammogram and god forod bid there's a diagnosis that's positive, they'll get them into the clinic actually serve themve and treat them and also i waso i about early dee deck. that's
10:32 am
they're donating $100,000. $0, giving a check to dr. this this evening at our georgetown storeo at 6:30 and -- and -- >> this is our chance to say the dc news bash will be there andbe for people that aren't familiarl that's when the women tv anchorc and reporters from all the four stations come together to help,o you know, rise raise money for f cause that has to do with breash cancer. >> women who want to taketo advantage of this, how do they get involved as mammo van is vai moving through? do they spot is and just walk up? how does that work? work? >> so there's a loft ways yous can get. yes, the mammo van if you go ono their website there is moreore information about where the vant will be and then also if youso come tonight a representative there to answer the questionsweh about how to ge et that mammogrm it's a great time to get inn there, be informed. learn about good skin care. car learn about how to take care off yourself.urse a great thing to learn.ea >> i want to see the mammo van.. how can people see you two ifout they want to?o? >> i'm actually giving the mammography myself.f >> joking.
10:33 am >> no. >> where do you sign up? sign u? >> only joking.nljoking >> the truth of the matter is,s, it's so important the mostos important to me most important r people in this world are women and -- amen. >> she's doing something cruciau because the only way to stop tos breast cancer to detect it veryr err until early stages and it should be 50 of those vans. >> right. >> i'm talking directly to thet government right now. and it will be helping quite ane bit of people and -- how did yoy get involved. i >> why was this a passion fors s you? >> i have a mom.>> i have a sister.have a i have people, i have family f with breast cancer.cer it's absolutely logical.ical. when you're in this business ofs acting want not and you have the power you need to use it towardw those things.hings. otherwise it's meaningless. >> that's right.>> that platform means nothingnsot unless do you something with.hit >> if people come out do night n or today.oday there's a commemorative produ
10:34 am
you put together.her. >> great product. pro it's one that for anybody whosew active you ride a motorcycle, you jog around with your baby ab great product to get your skin n back in shape.ha >> your products are great a because all skin types can usesc it. >> yes. >> i think it's wonderful thatet you find something that everyony can use. u you don't feel i can got to look for something else because itelc may not work for you.ou kudos on having line that isine universal in my opinion. >> we've been around for 16565 years. year >> is that all?>> i (laughter). >> why motorcycles? other thanl the fact that it really ups thet cool factor? fto >> we've had motorcycles in oury stores for very long time.. and about 10 years -- seven- ve years ago when we were -- want-w to go raise more awareness for f aids and hiv if we can get the g motorcycle on the road this t would get people' attention andn get people talking it's been ate huge weapon for our fight fht against aids and hiv. and hiv let's turn it and use it for i f breast cancer and see if we cane dot same thing.dohi so the motorcycle is justust unexpected.cted something
10:35 am
you don't think about then't in motorcycle.motorcle so it gets people's attention ai and gets people talking likeki we're doing right now.e doing r. >> when you came into the loftme with the motorcycle it caughte t our attention.our ntio they're beautiful.utul absolutely beautiful.ea >> are these actually yourctualu respective.. >> they actually are mine. >> do you ride, too?? >> i do ride motorcycle. (laughter).auter) >> 27 years and i do that, too.. >> what kind of show do we havev going on today? >> what's next on tap for you, y giles. >> i just finish -- 2015 i shots dare devil and what else? alse? teen wolf was pretty cool.oo >> teen wolf?f? >> i'm starting a new show next week in la. i'm starring on bones. >> that's good so much are you still dancing.stil >> i was just going to ask thata >> last night with lauren i was dancing. every day music is everything. h so if you hear it, i mean, every time you watch you want to boogie.og >> i have to a
10:36 am
have children as well.s wel how do they handle your steamyy scenes? >> you don't let them watch.m w. >> i don't think they saw it. ti >> no, no new york city.y. >> i'm sure you're personae pso obviously you're not hard toyouh look at.look >> thank you.. so i'm sure you have ---- >> thank you. >> this guy is selling this.s i'm just saying how do your kidd handle that?handle that? >> i think just being such ank j long time i'm doing this job ts it's very second nature to theme my son is actually really good g as an actor.ct. he's really -- how old is he.ldh >> he's 17. >> oh wow.h wow. >> julianna is nine.e >> i know i started --ed - >> you look really good.. >> he's really 75. you can look like this. >> i'm really 65. 65. >> he actually drinks it. drink >> there you go. >> they loving it and there's no
10:37 am
it's really second nature tondar them. th >> well, we thank you for youou lending your star power ofr p course the over kell ming over i generosity of keels and their te contributions. >> my pleasure.plre >> upping such a pleasure to plr have all here. >> one more time. >> giles.>>iles >> serious. ser >> say hello in french. >> no, she doesn't. doesn >> she did. >> you want to do it again. >> this is really where it's ats >> you can give me a kim it's ki okay.. >> thank you.ou >> thank you so much.ou souch. >> say it again.. >> gorgeous skin. s >> i'm done i'm done congrats to you guys. g good luck with this. t >> come on out to georgetowneoet tonight.toght >> when he's done with me he'll' see you.ou >> it will take all day. >> another cutie we love our ler friend of the show -- they'reowe still talking. >> i know.>> i know. i wish you can see the look op wisdom's face right now. >> what's goes better withter w motorcycles than rock and roll.r you know her.. sarah strom will join us once js again. she was on american idol.on she talk a to us about ame
10:38 am
idol. idol you never perform with usperfo t before, though. she got the band togetherband tr because they have a special gigg coming up in very good place gop here in d.c. we'll hear from fro the. we'll talk with her coming uphen next.. it's 10:38. 10:38.
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>> when you can get the judges j to smile like you know you'rewou doing something right.doing we'll talk about her in just a minute.nute. the centreville girl with a bigg smile and a big voice.. sara strum was on american idol she went home just shy of the top sara's fans have a chance to see her life in the d.c. region. r we want to hear from you becausc last time she was with us whilei she was still competing she sais when the idol journey ended shed would come back and she would w perform for us.s. we love that she kept her wore.t this morning she's make going o that promise performing the aim my winehouse hit valerie policep welcome sara strum. ♪ ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
♪ ♪
10:44 am
♪ sometimes i go out by myself m and i look across the waters ana i think of all the things what you're doing in my head i paint a picture. come on home where my body, kes, 84 ginger hair and the way you y like to dress, why don't you d'y come on over, stop making a fool out of me. why don't you come on over, valerie.
10:45 am
yeah. valerie. yeah.ah valerie. why don't you come on over valerie.lee. ♪ (applause). >> all right.ight >> all right.. >> you sound >> how are y >> good. how are you. >> i know holly liked yourou performance.ormance >> oh, stop. >> that's my girl over there. g. >> a little bit. >> just a little bit. >> introduce the band first ofa >> yes so i got ban togetherher they're from bock which arehi rock. very cool. so we have maddie on my back upc vocals over there.voca ove we've got sean on the base. adam on the drums, we've gotve g matt on base and claudia on o keys. >> very cool. >> you guys all going to be g performing at jama java or solol show for you. >> we'll all be popping at jam and java on april 17th at 2:0
10:46 am
p.m. m. >> such a cool venue.a co venue. >> i'm so excited.o exted first gig ever. ever. >> really. >> >> i'm excited. >> everyone has to come out com scene you first gig ever. let's talk american we're down to the good stuff n now. first of all are you surprised r with who's in or not in the i final four?final f >> i'm not surprised at all all actually.actu i've seen them going far from go the very beginning. >> really.>> >> i know la porsha wasorsh definitely going to be with herh big voice and big hair. and trent of course is just cou amazing. and i mean dalton and mckenzie k are my f i'm so happy for them film whatt don't we know about them? dono you have any stories you can share?w >> i have one.. so you know how dalton wears guu liner. one time he ran out and he was s like, all right, we going toin shopping for i went on my first guy learner n run eve for him. for him not for me.or m you're a good friend.dri are they enjoying the experience now as far as it's going along g and everything. i can tell they're humbled byum the whole experience
10:47 am
episode tonight coming they goge to their hometown i can tellian it's an mazing experience.erie >> the last time we talk to youo it was bittersweet. you had awesome opportunitieseso but at the same time you knewrt the end of your idol sam road ws near.. >> right. but now how are you feeling we g left there and moving on within the solo career now.ow >> honestly it was just a greatg platform for me.rm for they've given me so much i meana i have pie gig coming up, and i also have move have a idolve a coming up next >> very cool.>> verol >> which is next thursday a weey from today and i'm judgingudng alongside of top four idoll contestant ravon owens so it'so' like a local american idol typet thing.thg >> keep in touch with all theint other folks that are still the there. >> yup. >> school coming up veryy prestigious music school.choo belmont university hoping to git a lot. l raising money to go there.ney th >> nashville end 10. >> country songs in your futuref >> you never know.ou ner k >> the gig at jam and java is when. >> april 17th at 2:00 1ht >> all sounded great.sounded gr you guys all sound great.nd gre. thank you so much for coming i
10:48 am
it is a sunday afternoon thaton means even folks who have to geg up early can make it to theeto show. guys, back over to you., ba >> all righty. hey, you know what, that was i was m this is going to be ioing awesome, too, because there'sect another -- legend in the house. six time grammy winner six times, six times, six times bb is in the house. niece town for new play near anr dear to his march. his m we'll explain what that's allt's about coming up next.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
♪ >> all right.ll r welcome back. 10:51.10:51. bb6 time grammy award winner ana a member of a musical familyily dynasty and now his live story s is hitting the stage in the new musical born for this. the bb story which debuts at as rona stage this it takes it's title from a hitit called "this is off line and up close, the name of the al
10:52 am
through mew cal features, newtu, original music along along withg classic hits as well also starsa the next generation of winana singers his niece and nephew plays younger versions ofersion himself and his sister cc.ter c for more he's right here. mr. winan an honor an pleasure for to you come here and spendne time with us this morning.his mi >> thank you. t >> you got your nephew and niece playing younger versions of your and your sister v.d siste do they nlai it.y i >> you know what, what's beenee more scheme for me is for them to find out more about their abo aunt and uncle, you know, and sd that to mow has been just rewa rewarding, because you know thet think it just happened for you. but now they understand the the struggles and the doors that doa were slammed in our faces andacd this and that and so they're a a little bit more appreciate tiff. >> okay. tell me a little bit about why w you decided to do this and whatd people are going learn when then go and see this.. >> one of the
10:53 am
dear to me is this all happenedp from a phone call from roberta flack nine years ago. years ago we were on the phone speaking,, and all a sudden she takes thees conversation a different d direction and said, when youandn going to write that musical about and you and your family. it's musical. it's a movie. movie. i look at the phone where didth that come from? you know.ouno a week after i went to montreal and opened up my laptop and likd a faucet came on and i began to write the story of me and my sister' journey and my family'sl journey many a lot of peoplefeo don't know that be be/cc wouldn't be if it wasn't for jim and tammy faye baker inye ber charlotte, north carolina.orthar that's how we became a duet.. >> all ought the winans that'ssa how it got started. start >> that's how it got started.. they became our parents, and toa do this day jim is just a dear friend. a little he'll be at the opening
10:54 am
knows a little bit about the the story but it's been exciting tog take this journey. >> okay.>> all right. talk about coming from family, i mean, the music roots in thistsi family are are we're talking now we're moving' on to the next generation here. >> yes. three generations?ree >> it's three generations. >> that i can speak of.o >> a loft people. lofteo name them all?? >> no. i can't.i i can't. i i don't evenn try. like 35, six nephews and about 15 great nephews and nieces.nd . so it goes on and on and on.nnd but music has been part of ourur lives all our lives. my grandparents sang on bothn bt my father's side and my mom's side. side >> that's musical dna. >> in our blood.n ourod it really is in our blood.lood. no doctors or lawyers in myr la but it's also been a help to us as well. my life through my songs have he been answers, you know, to situations and circumstances c that i found myself in, so it's always a positive for me to bum
10:55 am
nap people and they tell me that through my music it encouragedna them to keep on and to go on ann their medication through thisn and that, you know, and it's been mine. m right so i think when people p leave the -- the musical they'le find even more answers throughrr the music we wrote for it. >> you were talking about thee therapy that comes from thethoms music. i just told you i heard you hea perform if my church. crc you sang the song if god be forr us who can be against.e ain >> yes, sir., >> some of these struggles likel you said people that ared p successful they have to he to sometimes go through things tost get to where they are an lot oft people don't know that.'tnow tht >> yeah.>> >> when you go to this play youy said you'll see some of thel struggles and some of the doors that were >> right.>>ight >> in the winans face. >> right, right. right to me, it's -- i've been bravenv enough through my whole career c to show those things through myy songs through my lyrics, and i i think the play, you know, itt really puts me out there. the i'm okay with that, because i'vv learned. if it comes from the heart itrtt
10:56 am
it's all about people.ll aeopl it's all about helping people,e, and i believe what we have pute together which is my life, youiy know, will help people throughpo situations that they're goingthg through now, you know. k we deal with a lot of racism, rc and we dealt with that, you know, and so it is some answersa i think to some questions that o people are going through. >> mr. winan it is a pleasure pe and an honor.onor >> sir. >> to talk with you. t >> always. >> we appreciate it. you're always welcome here. her >> thank you. thank y >> any of the winans. w bring them all. >> fill up this whole studio. si that will w we appreciate you coming in herh and spending time.and spng t >> can we crash the >> crash the party. the >> come on in. >> crash the party.>>rash t >> i want to sit next to you. >> i said this to them this an i honor to me.r t a dicked to love whenever i'mve feeling down i put that on.hat it takes me to place i need to be at. >> that's it's worth all thes ih pain. i was going through something when i wrote that song. wro >> i feel it.te>> >> we all go through something. >> i intervew
10:57 am
at christmas and went had and ad baby. >> that's what i'm saying. >> i told to you name him bb. ♪ as a small business owner, here's one thing you can rely on: your business will change as it grows. whether its new space, more employees, or better equipment, things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. and that's not good for business. thankfully, a switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios is all it takes to keep everything moving in the right direction with fios you get 99.9% network reliability and the fastest wi-fi available.
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show". ♪ now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: thank you so much. another big day here


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