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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  March 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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trooper was doing there but itdh seems like before the shootinghn there was already a large l police presence at the bus terminal. reports are that there wasatther some sort of drug trainingra exercise under way when the whet shooting happened.ap however, virginia state police l aat this point not confirming ci that information.nformation. we doan know what led up ton the shooting.knth all we know again, fournoagi total shots.ho the gunman dead.e gu that virginia state trooper trop now in life-threateninging conditions. two other civilians also shot, unaware of their condition at ci this point. w soon as we get an update we'll pass that back to you bac guys. >> all right, very serious marina marraco thanks very tnk much. >> the u.s. park police uic defending actions of theiro t officers after two gay men sayas they were tasered pepper pepper sprayed and beat ton followingbe a traffic stop in southeastatnoh d.c. c. >> the men say the officers used antigay slurs while theyay were trying to arrest the pairto during a chaotic few minutesut early monday morning. fox5's paul wagner joins usroi now witth
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paul. >> reporter: sarah and lauer remarks timothy cox and john and davis admit they were in a car with the wrong tags but theyng t didn't deserve what happened des when a uer.s. park police park o officer pulled them over early monday morning.. davis says he was tasered more than once while handcuffed. they were both charged with assault on police officer charges which were droppedweropp later. late >> do not touch my gun.toh my >> i did not mean to touch touch your gun.ur >> reporter: this is ther: ts is scene after a u.s. park policea officer tried to arrest johnrren davis for driving without adrin permit and having the wronging g tags on his car. officers said davis' boyfriendoy timothy cox on the floormoy co inside his sister's houses h bloodied and in handcuffsn andcs after police say he threw two tr hula hoops and a cooler at them. in return, cox says an officernf hit him in the head with a metal object. obj >> four or five times until iun guess it bust and then when bus you saw the blood and i guessnde that's when he stopped
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>> reporter: the trafficor stop occurred outside cox'sutsic sister's house on ninth street s and cox admits throwing theg t hula hoops and the cooler butoob says he was upset after seeingee the police use a taser on his boyfriend. boyf >> i cooperated fully with what he was requiring, asking me to do. that's why i don't understand the injustices done here as d far as himon tasering me after putting the handcuffs on me. m i was very community. >> reporter: both men sayorte the officers used antigay ant slurs against them. t >> like yelling what are y'all do. i was like you don't have to bell tasering him. tas you already have him in handcuffs.nd why are you doing that and he started yelling like gay stuff saying this and that.ying >> reporter: u.s. parkpark police confirm an officer didr d use a taser on john davis butvi it was before he was in handcuffs not after. sergeant an are a rose alsoar says an officer only used force against cox inside the t house as he was being >> the second officer that had t come did pepper spray that t second person and a
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point that suspect grabbed --ed reached out his hand and hd grabbed that officer's genitalia and squeezed.nd s the officers only recourse was to punch him in the eye with a m closed fist.ed f >> reporter: sergeant roseepor defended the actions of thens oh officers but couldn't explain why the assault chargesltha against cox and davis wereavis r dropped by prosecutors within pu hours of their arrest. arr >> any time there's a use of use force involving the park t p police we do an internalo ainte investigation to make sure theao use of force was in compliancei with our policies.with in this case it's no it's no different. >> reporter: cox and davis and say they were brutalized bye brl the police and have hired an attorney to represent them.reent now, sergeant rose says it'sgeae routine for u.s. park policearko officers to be patrolling inrs t that section of southeast d.c.hc and added that timothy coximhy admitted to smoking pcp whichcp may have account canned for for his aggressive behavior towardra the officer. however, cox this afternoon said he has smoked pcp in the past but was not smoking it smot that night. that night. on the dropped charges, the u.s. attorney's office has as fe
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other reasons why a case is i not prosecuted in court.n c paul wagner, fox5 local news.l >> new tonight, as the fbihe investigates the cyber attack a on medstar healthcare, the group says operations arera almost back to normal. n >> but the question remains,emai did they pay the ransom money? fox5's alexandria limon isim live tonight with more on the security breach that took place at one of the largest healthcare groups in the area. alex.ex >> reporter: well, that isorter, the question and medstar has remained pretty tight lippedip since this all happened onis alp monday saying only that theyha were hit with a virus. vir they have, however, confirmed ci that they are working with thekt fbi. and today they released aey rel statement on their facebookeboo page saying that they're the moving toward full restorationeo of their major it system. s patients tell us things aregs ae running pretty smoothly other oh than some departments that areth still using pen and paper and versus computers but this allhil leads to some pretty bigs to sor questions
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companies protect themselvesel from things like ransom ware. w pled star says they do not believe personal patient information was compromisedio but how do they know forn surer a cyber security expert we talked to says that type ofe information would be very valuable. valuab the other question is how is i medstar able to restore their systems? did they have a hav backup system or did they pay that ransom that source isso telling us the hackers werers w asking for? we know that in kn the case of hollywoodol presbyterian a california cif hospital that was also hit with ransom ware in february, fr they admitted to shelling out the money.. >> the fbi has to be focused toc on this and they only get focused when it's critical infrastructure, when it's enough money, right and now your cooperation with theoo international authorities, aatio lot of these attacks are the coming from eastern europe and sometimes those authoritiesri aren't cooperative withhe
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u.s. government because it's a veritable industry of easterndu europe now cyber crime. c >> i came in on tuesday to get a bone s that went wen i wouldn't have known if they hadn't of said anything thatg the system was down. >> reporter: and that t security expert told us that this type of a ransom ware anden usually asks for payment in pmen bit coin. that's in part because it is harder to trace than actualto cash. impossible. impossi he also tells us that the wayhey medstar likely got infected is because an employee likelye clicked on a link from a f phishing e-mail.hi e-m we did reach out to medstar and the fbi baltimore field bali office that is investigating this today are still waiting wai to hear back. reporting in georgetowng in geor alexandria limon fox5 localia lm >> it has been six months m since a u.s. marine was killedwl in a hit and run crash inra frederick county, maryland.ard. police say they
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up the search for the 21-year-old marine corporalor william ferrell was hit as hehie was helping another driver stuck on the side of the route r 15 north in thurmont lastnt l september. police say the pickup truckickur that hit ferrell was together wg a trail. they say it pulled to the sidehs of the road for a few minutesd e and then took off. a reward for more than sixe thax thousand dollars is stillsand being offered for informationre leading to ad n arrest. at. >> metro police are investigating a stabbing in stab prince george's county.ince it happened this morningpe outside the addison road metrooa station. a newspaper vendor got into an altercation and stabbed a man.nn police are searching for theng r suspect involved in thatt incident. the victim was taken to theas tt hospital and is in stable stae condition. a lot of people area talking about this today.loabout should metro consider closingos down an entire track line to lie make major repairs? so far s there are no plans to do so. s >> but the idea was talked tal about by metro's boardrd chairman jack evans yesterday as a way to handle a major aaj repair.
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currently an internal reviewan of the system is under way and d evans says closing a line may be necessary. fox5's matt ackland is live i l in northwest with more on more reaction from passengers and asd letter sent to customers thismes afternoon from the generaln fr e manager. hey, matt.y, >> reporter: hey, guys, so guy s many people are talking aboutalt this and you're right, a letter was sent by general manager paul wiedefeld todayfeld to all metro customers c basically saying, hey, we'reheyw doing a review of the system.ys it's going to take four to sixsi weeks. we haven't made any decisionsecs on what we're going to do next n and if we do make a decision, ds well, we're going to tell you y well in advance so you can so uc prepare if there is a shift in n any type of commute.. now, we should tell you that t doing a shutdown of a line is not totally uncommon.totally in fact, within the lastheas couple years it has happened y in a major u.s.ea city t let's's take you to video now. n this is back in 2013. it's the chicago transitit authority.authorit they decided it had to shut st down
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for about five months to makehsk massive repairs.ep the cta added free shuttle stt buses to transfer people to ppl other lines and added manydd more buses along the line that was shut down.wn media reports indicate it iicat would have taken four years tovt make the repairs in chicago onco the weekends. instead, it took just five juste months with a completehs wit so, we wanted to know if metro riders support this idea thatde could happen, could happenou h here in d.c. what do you have to think do about it? we asked a fewit folks.? take a >> i agree that if they shutheys it down they could just get it t fixed. just shut it down for the timehm needed fix everything, get itryg up and running and it can be running smooth again. >> reporter: would it affectld your life if they closed ae if s line down for you?? >> if they closed the lined t down it would affect me prettyme bad 'cause i have no other wayay to work. w >> reporter: do you have toor choose a bus.choo bus >> yeah, i would have toav choose a bus
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>> reporter: you're willing to deal with it, if it meanswiti fixing the problem. >> yeah, if it means fixingh, i it, yeah, i would be okay with a the idea of it. >> reporter: all right, soig, s we decided to reach out tonut social media as well.ia as wel we did a twitter poll asking ask would you support a shutdown of a line or maybe more linesins for major track repair? your? can see the results there. tre 53 percent of the people who responded said yes. 47 percent said no. s n by the way, doing a little lit research on chicago media and a the shutdown there, it appears a that the repairs that took tha five months, they happened onne time.ti. they improved efficiency andnc apparently the system, the the tracks, the trains, they runun much faster through that areatht now. live in north evident were,t we matnorthwest, mattackland fox5 w >> world leaders gather in the district for the nuclearri for security the event got under way todayay t
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center in northwest.n nor as a result, metro has closed the mount vernon squarenqu station until tomorrow eveningw and several road closures andd r parking restrictions are nowonsa in effect. eff fork more information on whatrm streets are affected you canu visit our web site you may have noticed somee changes under way at the u.s..s capitol specifically on they capitol dome. all that scaffolding isolng i starting to come down finally.dy >> it is. it's sort of like a teenager losing its braces.ce >> yeah, a little bit. littl b >> we've been watching thetching restoration process since 20'sre 14 an2014. the top portion of thertioof the scaffolding covering theg capitol dome is expected to beso all gone by today. tod the scaffolding will stay upy in the area just below theel dome where the workers willrs now be focused on the the capitol architect sayscal ac they removed 13 layers of leadsf paint which now has the dome looking much brighter.ok they are also repainting the
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and restoring the inside ofns the dome. the entire project is expected c to be done by the end of the year before the presidentialde inauguration. and a lot of people have been hn snapping pictures and posting ps them on social media. med we found a ton of beautiful bea shots.shots. >> pretty. >> on instagram today.instagr here are just a few but iewut i think people are really,eall really enjoying seeing the capitol dome once againtol me o because that scaffolding has been up for so long. >> right. >> for at least a year and a half. so, nice to see it again. aga >> and to actually see the t dome 'cause there were 13e we layers of lead paint there.he you weren't even really seeingtn it i guess i >> bright and shiny and new. n >> cool. >> up ahead government traveltra warnings don't typically typic result in >> but the state department'seps latest travel warning campaign g acknowledged do just thamanagedy tweeted a warning. warning. >> are you someone who pointsnts out typos and grammatical errors whenever you see them? t >> guilty. >> well, it turns out scient
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something distinctive abouting your personality.your >> oh, what's that mean,t's th a laura? we'll find out.e'lld >> i >> clothing apparel lululemon ll throwing shade at beyoncé'seyce new clothing line. tonight the brand apologizesth to beyoncé.e. hey, sue.he >> hey there, sarah and laura. l a bit of a gray day althoughhoh warm. atrm least 74 degrees maybe ware we are.we a currently 73 degrees and we're d watching radar closely becauselu we believe a few showers are s going to enter the forecast. for not too much out there now.herew we'll give you a first look atot tonight's forecast and letast ad wasn't to expect for tomorrow. fox5 local news at 5:00 will0 be right back.
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>> ♪ >> the state department wanted to make sure that you are notha spring breaking badly.adly but their warning didn't go sots well. all it took was one tweet toweet create a firestorm on social media. me >> let's show it to you.'s s here it is. it says not a 10 in the u.s., us then not a 10 overseas. beware of being lured into io buying expensive drinks orxp worse, being robbed.en #spring breaking badly: the state department pulled thelled tweet after all the backlash bas and they have sinceavsinc apologized. >> people are now mocking the department on twitter tweeting t thing like t are you hot enough to work ato the state department? we'retmen hiring. there's also if you'ree's beautiful on the inside younsid should be safe to travel to foreign countries.eignntri and is the secretary of statete a
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>> now here's my thing. thi they got a lot of attentionf att for this. >> yeah. >> and i think that was thehi point.nkpo >> yes. >> and i don't think it putson't anybody down by saying are youwb a 10? i think the whole point was to be catchy and get the attention of spring breakers bak and people who are -- who may- m be traveling right now. >> right. to be b >> yeah. and how often does the statethe department do, you know, out there tweets like that?e tha >> yeah. >> so, i don't know, i kind ofon don't have a problem with it.h . >> i don't, either. eit i really don't, either and ihera kind of don't have a problemro with this weather, either, sue palka.a. >> don't change it, sue., sue don't go changing. >> i'm trying to not let the weather break badly on us o guys.. it's a great day that's forfo sure and it's been so mild. have you been outside a littlen bit to soak up those 70's? hose' very we'll have another warm dayarm y tomorrow but we are about toe eb get a little bit unsettled.nsetd it's dry out there at thethe moment and we'll focus on fus temperatures first and thenst a we'll talk about a little bitbot of rain entering the picture piu 'cause right now 73 degrees,gr very noticeable wind o
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the warm direction, south-southwest sustained ataine 20 but we are get somethinghi stronger gusts again and that will stick around tonight but bt nice to hit 73. big jump up over yesterday'sesty 62. it is 71 in culpeper,pepe fredericksburg and quantico qua 74. even annapolis warm todayaray because of the change in the wind direction and they're notne feeling that bay effect asect much and so they're up too 74 degrees.rees everybody's getting thoseg th gusts. we're currently gusting over o 30 miles per hour in30iles gaithersburg right at 30 inburg the district, 32 for2 hagerstown, 33 for baltimore so that doesn't change overnight and radar at the moment pretty quiet so for the r early part of your evening i eni don't think you have to worryu about having an umbrella toollto close by but don't let it get it too far out of your sight.ou while wet see a couple showerso up towards charlottesville wesve have another line approachpp wind gust a frontal boundary a o and that i think we'll beat i ti dodge something showers anders n storms during the day fridayayy and it may start fairly early e in the morning or even beforee noon.
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haven't taken in the cherryhe cr blossoms and this great photo from jen johnson maybe tonight is the night. sun goes down at 7:31. 7:3 the temperature will be w delightful at 72 and i stilltill think even at 7:00 we'll likely be dry. be dry by the time we get to t 9 o'clock a couple showers 70 degrees and by 11 o'clock1 cl 68 also want to let you know thatt we have a marginal risk of one n or two stronger storms storm tomorrow that will be tomorrow afternoon. t can't rule out a rumble ofou thunder early on so it's a pretty significant front that's going to come through. to we stay warm tomorrow but that t definitely -- definitely wantnt to have that umbrella handyrell for tomorrow. we'll time out the rain for rn friday because we know the nats have their exhibitionxhibit game tomorrow evening.vening. hoping that things are goingth to be dry for that. t so far so we'll talk about that forecastac as well with your full reportulr a little bit later. laura, sarah, back to you.ou >> sue, thanks. donald trump's evolvingvolv stance on abortion.n tio >> up next, trump's position has been a key area of criticism from h
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since the start of thert of the presidential race and now itandi is back in the tonight he's drawing criticism from both >> and whoopi goldberg joiningoi the marijuana industrytr launching a line of cannabis infused products specificallyy for >> hm. and beyoncé debuts her newrn clothing line but one brand seems to think queen bey is imitating their designs now beyoncé is coming for them.hem. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> i don't agree with anything that guy has to say about h to anything. >> i don't support them at allpo because that's not right f a woman wants to get an abortion that should be their choice. >> honestly i think he's kinds of sexist when he says that.ay a >> it's hard to make muchhard tm sense out of anything donaldinga trump says and i'm not sure'm ns donald trump makes much sense m out of what he
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>> that was reaction from thehe streets of washington, d.c. ons. donald trump's most recentos rec remarks about abortion. art donald trump said a womanaid w should be punished if she has se one illegally. >> it's not a position thata sit trump has had for long or oner that he's stuck by for long. fox5's political reportereporte ronica cleary he is here withs t more on donald's latestates controversy, just the latestustt and this has gotten a lot oflot buzz. bu >> reporter: it has peopleter: talking, could this be the controversy to stop trump? p um we'll just have to wait andai see. donald trump he has said "yous " have to show a degree of dege flexibility. that is a quote from donalddo trump at a fox news debate onebe march 15th as he responded topod a video showing him changing cng positions on various key issues.sues. now, many politics -- many in politics change positions over o time. that's not a big deal or deal o anything new.ew but trump's recent stance onst abortion and then quick change has some saying it's all too's a much. first, i want tta
5:25 pm
to 1999 when he sat down for an interview on meet the mt t press. he was asked about hised a thoughts on abortion. >> partial birth abortion, the eliminating abortion in the t third trimester.ird ester. big issue in washington.ton. would president trump ban partial birth abortion.bortn. >> well, look, i'm very pro choice. i hate the concept of abortion, i hate. i h i hate everything it stands. std no i cringe when i listen to people debating the subject e but i still believe in choice. c >> reporter: now in thisn t presidential campaign donaldtial trump has said that he is nowhen pro life and in an msnbc townbc hall event chris matthews mth followed up by asking him a hypothetical scenario type snari question. he said if a woman who has -- h- if a owe abortion is illegal, il should a woman be punished forhr having one. one donald trump said yes. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion yes ori no as a principle. as a principl >> the answer is that theret has to be som
5:26 pm
punishment.puni >> for the woman.>> f >> yeah, there has to be somehe form. >> 10 years? what?years? wha >> that i don't know.hat i don'. >> why not. >> i don't know. >> you take positions on everything else. >> i do take positions onit everything else.ev it's a very complicatedomplat position. >> reporter: well, donaldte trump he releasedr: a statemente soon after saying that, thatha t the woman should not be punished. his statement said in part that the doctor or any other orr person performing this illegalgl act upon a woman would be heldd legally responsible, not the woman.woma association we followed these different position onstion abortion. what do you think is donald trump's true position on the ont issue? i took twitter to ask you. you. 35 percent of you believe thatle he is pro choice and believes bs the mother should be punished. 14 percent of you believe he b is pro life -- i think i said s pro choice pro life and believes theieves t mother should be punished. pis 14 percent of you believe he'svh pro life and believe the doctor should be punished anduns 51 percent of you believe thatha he is still in fact pro choice. you can still vote on twittern i on my twitter page at ronica
5:27 pm now the donald you may have hav heard he was in washington, d.c. today for a reported meeting with the rnc chair. hopefully details will comeom out about that meeting soon. back to you ladies. lies. >> i kind of agree with theof 51 percent. per >> oh, yeah, yeah. although he has said that tha there was some personal issue that had made him change his mind i understand.mind but -- >> then he needs to be cleareedr about that. >> yeah. >> he was very clear in his his interview with chris matthews. w >> yeah. >> about how he felt and heow took a h breath and he thoughtug about it and he answered. >> yeah. >> stumbled around a littlearout more on that than i figured he would. straight ahead uber is adding a new feature thath allows you to see what yourhatou driver thinks of you. you >> drivers ratings for passengers. how to pull up your score ahead. >> and a high school footballtb player is being called a heroler he for a big tackle he madee off the that story ahead and tom
5:28 pm
fitzgerald is in montgomery county. hey, tom.hey, t >> reporter: good evening.or go a dramatic rescue to tell youoel about tonight.abtoni a senior citizen gets lost and s drives off of the fortunatelytu a cell phone leads police to his the story and the rescuecu coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey.
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in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy,
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"has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. >> ♪. >> we want to update you nowup on the breaking news we told w you about in richmond,in r virginia. a gunman fired shots this afternoon at a greyhound busat station. st virginia state police tell us sc they were alertee d to a reportp of shots fired and troopers quickly responded to the area. >> virginia state policea statee trooper encountered a male a m subject just inside the entranceway of the greyhoundf bus station. while he was talking to this t individual, the individualdu pulled out a gun and shot thale
5:32 pm two troopers who were standing nearby returned fire.urned f the shooting suspect was transported to dcu medical m center where he died laterree di thursday afternoon.thursday aft at this erpoint we'll just saywt it's a male subject. we're still in the process of positively iding the individual. the state trooper was transported to vcu medical m center for treatment ofreatme o life-threatening injuries. still in the process ofl reaching his family andhiis getting them transported topoed the hospital.hoi >> serious situation downerio there in richmond.ere inhm two other people also weree shot. their injuries are not life-threatening. state police tell us thosepolice victims were hit by gunfire b gn after the trooper was shot.r s it's still unclear whatar w prompted that shooting. >> fox5's marina marraco is mra on the way to the scene. sce she'll have a report straightav ahead. a dramatic rescue. an elderly man from montgomerymt county is lucky to be alive be a after he got lost and drove d his car into a river. fortunately police were ablece e to pinpoint his location withoci the help of his cell phone. and they
5:33 pm
fox5's tom fitzgerald justerald spoke with the officer whothe oo pulled that man to safety. s fitz what happened >> reporter: good evening. w this all started about quarterte to 9:00 last not. that's when montgomery countyn e police got a call from a a croma family in silver spring.mi in they told police that ahat 72-year-old man by the name of shing wong had gone for a a medical appointment but neverntv returned home. ed the family didn't know wheren' he was but they did knot w thatd he had a cell phone and it was then that montgomery countymont police started tracking that cell phone and they finally got a ping on it but that t ping, it was all the way way 80 miles north of here.orf now, we want to show you this t picture right this is the car and this is i where police found it all thetll way up in the gun powder riverrr in hartford county. c wong had reached a dead endea and then police say he kept on driving in fact, he drove 150 feet right into
5:34 pm
powder river.powder river. montgomery county police gotry him on the phone but the 72-year-old was so disoriented d he wasn't able to tellhe w officers exactly where he was. so, police started listeningted to him. his description of what hedesc saw, the bridges he was near w n and they compared it to maps tom of the area. they finally located mr. wong mw where he described he was andes they located his car. now, montgomery county policenti officer jason huggins was the wt first to reach the man. when he finally reached him hefa said the water was at the door d level and still rising. r mr. wong was cold, he was cd, h disoriented and he told officers that his legs couldou not move. he was so >> unlocked the dorm he had been in the water we estimater t about two, two and a half and a hours by the time we got to him. his legs were pretty crampedpr a up. he couldn't stand on his onlyiso lucky for me he's a pretty a p light guy.guy. we just picked him up and walked bacto
5:35 pm
>> reporter: the happy ending to this today shing s wong we are told was taken toldk a local hospital in aberdeenberd where he was treated for hypothermia but make no mistake, this could havehis turned out very differently.. that water temperature in thenhe gun powder river where he was ws pulled out of, it was 52 degrees.52 police say he might not havet no made it through the night ifthet they had not gotten to him in time. we are live in montgomerymontgo county police headquarters tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local >> thanks, fitz. new tonight police haveni made an arrest in the murderghse of a college student from f prince george's county.s c gerald williams was stabbed toii death back in february at an a a off campus apartment complexom near morgan state university. us police in baltimore announced a today they arrested a a 20-year-old man who was a former morgan universitynirs student and charged him with wit william's murder. investigators say the fightthe t was over a small amount off money. money. >> a high school football hig player is being called a hero h for a big tackle that he madet m off the
5:36 pm
surveillance video here showsho police chasing a shoplifterpl through a store in washingtonton state.ate. that is when 14-year-old, 14-year-old kevin mertz sprung r in action tackling this man onhi the floor. floor. moments later the suspect was when asked why he helped stopels the robber, mertz says he was just trying to be a good citizen. >> we are seeing very longeing lines outside tesla dealers dea across the country today and tay we want to show you the scenehe in pasadena, california overnight many people sleepinge outside and waiting to putand it down a deposit for a chance tohc buy the company's newest sedane here you can see the line. the tesla model three won't goo on sale until late next yearl ly but lots of folks are excited ec about buying the affordableffora electric car. the price tag is about $35,000b$ t when fully charged theed vehicle can travel at least 200 miles, that's about twice tb as far as tesla's main'sai the nissan leaf and the bmw
5:37 pm
i would love to have one oflovet those. th >> yeah, very sporty >> really s tesla is such a great >> if you are a frequent uberqur passenger you may want toger listen to this.listen the company is t making some s changes it says will improvempre service. uber says it's getting rid ofngf its support e-mail instead, if you run into a problem, file your complaint with uber's app. the company says response time o will be faster this way and the updated app has another ath feature. while you can rate youre yo driver, your driver can now rate you.te you. so you can look up your y passenger rating by going to the uber app. a >> have you ever checked youryo rating. >> i think that part's new,'s n isn't it the passenger rating.en >> they've had that for a little glial they have? g >> yeah. >> boy, i guess i better checkte out what my review is. is >> we'll have a little competition.etitn. i'm just kidding. kdi my husband and i were competing against each other.chh i had a higher rating than he did. >> brody logan joins us withan j the biggest story in thetoryn sports world. wld >> i'll worried.orri >> about your ube
5:38 pm
>> didn't you know.know >> you have to request it.e eque >> you can do it through thehroh app and there's a locationocatn where you can just pull thatul up. >> i don't really want to know a what they think of me. thethin i just don't care. [laughter] >> you don't care?ar >> no. >> n >> you might get refusedet r rides. >> i care what people think ofa me. me >> i have a five star rating. rt >> i bet do you.>> bet >> and we have five goode ha fi stories. >> awesome. >> to talk about.>> thank you. we're bringing you the fivehe f most talked about sports stories of the day with our thew top trending topics.opic a d.c. native comes home. hom george washington looks to cut down the nets. n kobe bryant on ice.kobe bce the u.s. women's soccer team som fights for equal pay and the youngest toughest hockey fanough you'll ever see.u' the redskins not big players bia so far free agency have signeden d.c. native vernon davis to a one year deal.r d the tight end played highgh school bar at dunbar then atr ta maryland. he was a 49er for his entire career before being traded to te the broncos last season. sea davis joins jordan read niles r paul and
5:39 pm
tight ends on the skins roster. tonight gw they face valparaiso. a win tonight will give the colonials a school season record 28 victories. victo the kobe bryant farewellbe tour hit a new low when after nine minutes of play and pla bryant left the plane with general soreness. and ended up looking like akiike mummy with all the bandages bana and what looked like ice packs. >> yeah. >> reporter: twitter wentr: ter off on the 37-year-old withld wt jokes like kobe is the reason ro polar bears don't have anys n'ty more ice. kolb is like an old cop twold c weeks out of retirement. retem he's just staying out of this. for the record kolb said itbd wasn't ice, it was heat packs. >> he probably has >> reporter: this is what i thi was look like after nine lafte minutes of basketball. i'm not an nba player. today five stars to theday biggest stars of the world cupod champions women's u.s.
5:40 pm
national sock can kerr team filed a complaint with the equal employment commissionploy alleging they make a fraction af of what their male counterparts earn for games. fom for example, the women make apl, base salary of $72,000 for 200 f games over the season an win w bonus of $1,300 per win. w. now the men they get $5,000 per game regardless if they win or loss and they can earnan up to $17,000 per it's estimated the women'sheom team will generate gen $17.6 million in revenue thislln year. while the men are expected to generate $8 million less. ls. hockey players are flownyers for their toughness and at a least one fan is trying to tin match them. this five-year-old from sanrom a antonio his name is james evans he was at a san antonio rampage game when a puck flewuc over the plexiglas and hit himnt in the head. in t he was rushed to the hospitald t had to get three staples puttaps in his forehead. fehead. get this? he told the doctore o to hurry up because he had ae h game to watch. wat he rushed bk
5:41 pm
see the last two minutes of regulation. they tied -- they tied they ed game and then won in overtimeve three to two.o t end says it's because they were so happy he was okay and made it back to the game. >> that's so precious. >> he's going to be the nextin hockey player. hurry up i got get back to the t game. >> reporter: he has blood onon his shirt.s sh >> oh, look at yeah.yeah >> really tough. >> reporter: yeah. they say hockey players are tough. >> he's going to be one.e's >> reporter: he's going to be one exactly.xact he might be missing a fewng a teeth soon. >> exactly. e thanks brody. all this week we areeewe partnering with autism speaks.ip ahead we're meeting a collegelee sorority who is committed tomi helping raise awareness about autism. >> an woman gets a huge, huge he morale booster during herer chemotherapy app point.ot find out who dressed up likeho the doctor and staged quite a qi surprise. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> enjoy it while it last, it right? >> yeah, we have bige have changingies coming for theg fo weekend. >> no. >> a couple of warm days. today is e one of the warm daysm tomorrow will be warm but some s thunderstorms possible, someosse showers late morning, maybeningm another round tomorrowoundomor afternoon. and then bring in a colderolde weekend so that april gets agets little attitude with us.s. >> >> oh, april, it always does als this. that will mainly be on sunday sn is what we're thinking. tnking. tonight is just kind of grayis j and it's definitely dry so youit don't really need your umbrella short term.erm. i have a couple showers downn towards the charlottesville area. tomorrow is another warm day,hed even slightly humidding, aumid, sign of things to come. there could be some scatterede e storms a few which could be strong. strong. a marginal risk but the bigth risk would be the gusty windsthw and certainly even withoutrtnly storms today you know thatay yo it's ratherg
5:46 pm
most of the weekend will be w dry. there will be some earlyll b morning showers i thinkhowers it saturday, long gone by noon noo but it will be getting much here's a quick look at theook weekend forecast. fas saturday 62 degrees, again anydy rain we see pretty early in ely the day. d but then that colder air comes in, sunday is a very windy dayay and only 52 degrees. 52 degr and you know what, it wouldn'tdn even be shocking to see a snowflake overnight saturdayovei into sunday. most of next week is also a looking like it will be belowll normal. it's a big warmup though forug much of the midatlantic.lant 71 for hatteras. richmond 77 degrees. 77 de we are 73. pittsburgh 71. new york 68. boston 69 degrees. 69 degree local look and you even see that places like annapolisnnap warm today.warm usually they're cooler nearler n the water but this wind direction out of the southwest h brings a land breeze over them. 69 for martinsburg and again and the gusts will be with us for b the next several hours gustingus at 30 here at reagan nationall now, 30 at frederick, gusts to 32 at hagerstown andown a cumberland.cumberla blowing that tree poll
5:47 pm
over the place. not much rain to wash it outer at this there will be a little bitll bei more tomorrow but even witht w tomorrow's rain not everyoneain is going to get that free watering of the lawn. we've got a few showers down through livingston.ivgston. chance of a shower laterater tonight but looks like it willkl probably hold off until we seeee the second line comingndine tomorrow morning.rr speaking of tomorrow morning, get a load of this sunriseunse forecast picture. this was sent to us by needy,eey 66 degrees, sunrise at 6:52. 6 you know with all the windll the we've had and tomorrow's windsid as well i bet the blossoms aress going to be leaving us in as i big way over the weekend. weend a frontal boundary will be approaching.oa we'll have some friday showersch and thunderstorms and the lastom of the rain on saturdayrmai morning will come from an area e of low pressure that forms on the front.ont. again, reminding you that we are outlooked for one or twor o of those storms tomorrow to beo on the severe side and thatide could mean gusts over 60 milesil per hour, heavy downpours andnpa sm
5:48 pm
not much around tonight. maybe a passing shower.ho you can see tomorrow morningw mi not necessarily wet but youut begin to see what the front thef might be able to do.e to i pause this at 10:00 in thet 1t morning. showers moving across much ofh maryland, maybe some rumblesomeu of thunder. thunder what about that natst about that exhibition game at 6 o'clock? 'k right now our futurecast showsas the rain out of here. her so, that should be good newsew but i would certainly keep keep rain gear handy just in casendy and then get the layers readyerd for sunday at 52 degrees, itdege will be getting much colder. coe monday though we bounce right b back up to 68 degrees withgrs some showe last thing i want to say is to s the nats home opener is thursday.ay. our temperature 64 drones herete is what we are expecting for exg those nats as they return. r of course the exhibition gameion tomorrow. showers are possible for our 4:05 game, the home opener ope next thursday against theinst te marlins at 64 degrees.deees. that's your seven-day sarah, laura over to you. >> thanks, sue. >> ♪ >> fox5 d.c. cares, it is ourres
5:49 pm
highlight the great work of nonprofit organizations in ourir area and all this week we areeea partnering with autism the goal, to raise awareness are about autism in our communityurc and to highlight the joys and challenges fail facingail fa families living with autism. >> fox5's shawn yancy whose son is on the autism spectrumm e has been leading our coverageag and today she's introducing us to members of autism speaks sorority partners. >> that's right. kind of exciting for it's not a family this time. alpha z delta they've aide almost $4 million, 150,000,0 members nationwide including inu local chapters including the university of maryland george mason and also american university.univer i had a chance to sit downit dow with them last week to talk t about their commitment tohe helping autisirm speaks.mpeak thank you so much for beingh b here. this is such an importantn impot cause. i want to start with you sue.h e tell me what your title is andsd then i want to know how you h y got involved with autismutm speaks.
5:50 pm
philanthropy director whichhr means i am oopur chief volunteer.voluntee about seven years ago, i was serving on our nationalatna council and we realized that tha we could be doing more for the t community.commun we needed a philanthropy focusrf that our sisters could really ra sink their hearts into, where we could really make a difference and have an impactanp so we went looking around to try to find who would be ae good partner for us and i happen to walk into the autismet speaks office here on k streette and i walked in cold but hadad an appointment and it was the week of their walk here on the national mall. m so , it was a really busy, lek , particular week but they took the time to sit down and talkdol to me and kind of think aboutbot what our sisters could contribute to autism speaks.spes >> well, you have brought someus members here from the american i university chapter so ladieshaps thanks so much for being here.o. >> thank you. y >> grace let me st
5:51 pm
you. tell me why this is important ia to you. >> so, the prevalence rateshe p for autism are just continuingoi to grow. so, of our sister, if we don'ted know someone right now who is affected by autism spectrum spet disorder we may have a child chi in the future or one of us is going to be affected at someteds point in our lives. so, we definitely -- i personally, when i first joined alpha xi dealt my cousin was just diagnosed oniagn the spectrum at that it's really something there w ae have a personal connection to but also if we don't have h someone who we're connected to t we will some day.. >> absolutely.ely. lilly let me ask you, you also a have a personal connection.sona >> well, this is reallyell, important to me, somethingto that is really important about alpha xi delta is we want help everyone find personal growthd andpe also to grow in courageou graciousness and peace and wessa just really love to give backveb to our community by going outoig to autism speaks walk and weknd love waking up at 5:00 a.m. if you're with your sisters it's
5:52 pm
really not typical to go out.g o >> that's what it is, found wake up at 5:00 a.m. with youriu sisters then. >> okay, all right. >> ♪ >> congratulations to all ofatis them. coming up tonight anotherp incredible story at 10:0to0tory: we're going to introduce yourocy to not them but we've got another family, sybilybil burroughs a incredible mom toom twin girls that both have autism. she has an important message msa for parents who have children ci on the spectrum. we hope you'll join in tonight.tonigh tomorrow april 1st is the apr start of autism awareness. aware as you watch our coverage weerae hope you would think aboutnk abo giving a donation. they work with the autismork wia community and of course they help families living with autism. go to our web site you can find donation link onioi the home page.the you can also text word autism to 25383 to make a $10 donation just right now and a reminder tomorrow morningomrow fox5's big push for autism a speaks right here on good dayhtn d.c. we will be starting bright and early. i will bin
5:53 pm
live telethon so call us onal u the i will be answering yourr donation phone calls. cal many of the folks we've beenve b featuring all week will alsog al be in here tomorrow morningw mni along with representatives from autism speaks its a great e opportunity for you to seeunu where your donations are going g to firsthand.irha so we hope that you will tunel u in and watch and donate.onate. >> love that you're doingt yo this, shawn.thisshawn. >> thank you.ou. >> amazing. great work. great job. we'll be right back.
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[laughter] >> a mom battling breast bat cancer got a huge surprise and a morale boost from her son son during her first chemotherapyher treatment. mary glasher thought it washtt w just another doctor entering e the then he pulled down a mask and s she realized it was her sonon corey is a marine and hadn'tdn seen his mom in almost twolmt years. that's so beautiful. butif i love it.i lo i >> i loved her
5:57 pm
>> yeah. >> all right, everyone. eryon the news at 6:00 starts right after the break.
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>> ♪ >> thanks for joining us. we have breaking news ryes right off the topton brnigheatth from richmond virginia. richm i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. a virginia state trooper has life-threatening injuriesea after a shooting at theg at greyhound bus station inhod bu downtown r investigators tell us at this ui point the shooter is dead. we know that two other peoplethp were shot.were we're told they're expected toxd survive. police have not identified theii suspect. theres no word yet on a on motive. a witness who was traveling byvb herself was clearly shakelely can't up after the shooting.hoot another passenger helped her hee in the midst of the chaos. >> we first took cover behindin the concrete thing that washat holding up a sign and that'sndha when we exchanged names and a stuff and we started to hear t h sirens. she was like we're going to get up and we're going run andud we ran and we were duckinge ck behind this car and we


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