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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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this morning, we're learninge le more details about that gunman a as investigators couldn't contie their search for answers.we >> police looking for ang newspaper vendor who attackedve a passenger. a live update from the scenehe straight >> lots of reasons toof r celebrate in foggy bottom this morning.g. gw national champions.. capturing their first posthe fip season title.ason t we'll take a look at theirtheir impressive win coming up.oming . >> a live look outside on thisnt friday april 1st, 2016.. april fools day. weather not playing any tricks on us though.onthough looking pretty good at leastettg right now. weather traffic coming up oncomi the 5s at 7:05.:0 good morning everyone, i'mnn maureen umeh in for allison. alo >> i'm steve chenevey. stevenev. welcome to fox5 news morning. mg let's start with breaking newsgs from overseas.verseas. big explosion in paris rockingip a building in central paris. par take a look at these images. ige there you go many people haveple been tweeting these pictures. pu at this time emergencyme officials though believe thisgh is not terror related.el they believe this was a gas g line rupture. we do understand that peoplend p are being evacuated loafered l from this neighborhood.his again, big blast in
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paris just in the last few last minutes but at this point early indication is it doescati not have any ties to ties to terrorism.te the big story closer tostors home state police in virginiairi investigating the tragic tra shooting of one of their own. >> trooper chad dermyer was cha killed yesterday at a y greseyhound bus station inund bt richmond. fox5 has learned much more about that gunman.t wisdom martin back in studiock with the very latest.he good morning.od >> good morning to you.morn this morning we are learning more about the man who opened od fire during a police trainingin exercise at the richmondichmon greyhound station.grey our fox affiliate in chicagon ca says the shooting suspect isuspi james brown the third from police say trooper dermyerermy approached brown and that's when shots were fired.ed dermyer didn't have his his bulletproof vest on.proof and he police say all this happened hne in a short amount of time. >> it was so brief there ief the can't imagine he had gone muchec further than hey, how are you, e where are you going, just,us small talk. >> two women were also shot inoo the shootout. they are expecting to be okay.k. duri t
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state troopers fired backack killing brown. brown we learned that brown doesha have a criminal history and has faced several violent viont right now police are trying to learn more on what actually actl led to this shooting.ho police also have a vigil tonight for trooper it will be held near the near greyhound bus station andbus begins at 6:30. 6:3 he lives behind a wife and two t young very sad story there.ryhe >> very tragic. >> yeah. yeah. >> thanks whiz. >> happening this morning,ng t police still actively searching for a newspaper vendor they say stabbed a planst outside of the prince george's county metro stop yesterdayday morning. >> annie yu joining us livejoine with the very latest on thisy tt good morning, annie. ann >> reporter: hey, goodter: morning, maureen and as you know, being out here ande ad talking to riders who takee this -- take the metro every day here at the addison road roa metro station tell us they the feel uneasy and they never n feel safe on metro.etro if you look right now therehe are plenty of people at this t hour. things started picking up up around 5 o'clock this morning and this incident happened aten 8:30 really tells youells something. i mean, this fight tha
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down here at 8:30 here yesterday.yesterday. now, buses coming and going.. we've even seen police making mn the rounds here but stille ill riders say they don't feelon't safe on metro and. and >> fox5.>> >> reporter: hi, good morning. we have a picture of the man police are looking for.king f he's daniel brown awn a 50-year-old man from templeman l hills, maryland.s, m as you mentioned he is a newspaper vendor but officialsnr haven't confirmed to usco whether he was actually on anfuo paper route when all of this went down yesterday morning.. now, brown got into the anto th fight with a man just outsidejut the station ended up stabbing sb that man.that m the victim was taken to a to nearby hospital and is expected to recover at this point we don't kannow what the argument was about, abt whether the -- brown knew thene guy that he stabbed or howed o h this all went down but metro m is certainly hoping thatg that footage from surveillance cameras will help them solveheme the mystery. take a listen. >> we have cameras all over ove the metro system, so when youwhu commit a crime on metro, m chances are we're going to be gg able to identify you and then
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in court. >> reporter: so, again,gain, metro transit police lookingng for 50-year-old daniel brownl b of temple hills, maryland.aran if you were out here or if you know this person, they want to, hear from you.he that number being (202)962-2121. that's the very latest here inla capitol heights.l he back to you in the studio. sdi >> annie thank you. you. the 10 and the man accused ofccf firing gun shots inside thee t u.s. capitol visitor's center'se this week has been formally charged.charged. a capitol police officer shotceo larry dawson after he allegedly pulled thews weaponea out at a security checkpoint.po. dawson's weapon was a pelletelt gun but he's facing resistingng arrest and assaulting aa federal law enforcementenforcent officer with a dangerous dangero weapon charge.rg if convicted he could face up u to 55 years in prison. priso today u.s. park police defending the actions of their officers.offi >> after an attempt to arrestrr two gay men turned into aen brawl. now this was after a traffic a f stop in southeast police tried to arrest johnes davis for driving without aivut permit and having the wronge wrg tags on his car. they say davis' boyfriend boyfrd timothy cox then
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hula hoops and cooler at them. cox admits throwing the objects but says he was suchas c yet that the cops tased his boyfriend. >> i was cooperating fullype with what he required me tod me do. that's why i don't understandon the injustices done here aser far as him tasing me after a putting the handcuffs on me. m i was very com >> the second officer thereond f had come did pepper spray that a second person and at that t point that suspect grabbed out -- reached out his handsan and grabbed that officer's genitalia and squeezed.eezed. the officer's only recourse was to punch him in the eye with a closed >> both men were charged withe assault on a police officer.ic those charges were later dropped. dropped. they have hired an attorney tot represent them. >> ♪ >> good >> 7:05 right hey, tuck.uc >> hey, very mild temperatures m to start your dayil.r day. the sun is getting up withp sort of a mix of clouds andud a some sunshine here early. ear but we do have some rain showers in t f
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maybe even a thunderstorm.erstor a marginal risk for severealk fe weather. there could be a few rumbles of thunder later. 69 in washington.ngton. look at quantico. 70's degrees.egre good morning fredericksburg.cks. 64 in winchester. everybody off to a veryy f to comfortable start.mforta almost a little humid outtle there and here comes someom moisture moving in from then fr south and west.h an you can see it just to the west there.he richmond and again tracking incn our direction so we'll get g showers here shorter. then a bit of a break and then t this afternoon as the actual acl cold front comes through it's tracking back in there ohio valley. we'll have another round of potential showers ander thushnderstorms.rstorm so, keep the umbrella handylla y today. not going rain all day today. in fact, during the lunchtime di hours you might be able to kind of dine outdoors for anou hour or two. two >> that would be good. >> that would be nice.hat >> then another round of rainr o later this afterno. 78. enjoy the beautiful temperatures.mperat. weekend forecast.t. baseball games tonight andes we'll talk about that andt at a whether or not you can goorot yo sledding by the end of theenof t weekend. >> come on now. com >> my goodness. goo what a tease. te
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that but i don't think so.hink s >> that's what it sounds like.ik doesn't feel real withl real wih temperature in the 70's.e in d.c. weather i haven't figured'd it out yet. yet >> none of us have. ne of >> makes your job fun, doesn'ton it >> sure does. >> crash investigation three north 450 and crawford and crawd boulevard. deadly crash at that location.o. we'll let you know as soon asu a everything is cleared out of the way there.thway new crash northbound side of se baltimore-washington parkwaywash it's after 197 and you are jammed packed from the goddard a space flight center. more crash activity on thesh a inner loop approaching thepp wilson bridge.lsonridg some slowdowns are clearingarin but you're kind of heavy with wt stop-and-go traffic from five on through.hrou a little stop-and-go trafficra through an anotherro crash there we'rere w' dealing with is closing c georgetown pike in fairfax.airfx both directions at oldld dominion drive you need to need detour around that. arod that. 66 eastbound heavy as you makeva your way through arlington arlin this we'll take a live look outside i right now and show you what wha else you're up
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as morning congestion isning concerned. right now you can see trafficn r is very slow as you make youre u way out on the inbound 14th 1 street there. just a lot oft a brake lights in the area.ghts i same story 95 on theon the northbound side through dale se nothing atypical there, just a,s lot of congestion.ongeio same story south that of point n in stafford at 610. staffat metro right now is on time. don't forget mount vernonmo square stop is still closed.ll c the yellow and green lines arere bypassing.g. use gallery place or you can use the shaw stop to get around.around. that should it reopen tonighteoi once the nuclear securityy summit is wrapping u that's you were traffic.e trafc. back to you steve. >> thanks erin.s er. big change on the way for o students at george place sont ge law school as the universityrs announced its law school will sh be renamed to honor the latee l supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> renaming comes after ag co major donation from a man somem see as controversial.ersi fox5's bob barnard joining joini ugg live from arlington withron more. good morning, bob. good morning maureen andni mau steve.steve. yes, this is now the antonin ann scalia school of law at georgegr mason here in arlington and the name change comes
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in gifts to the university. $20 million of those gifts from an anonymous don't 94, 9 20 million i don'$20 million frs donor. $10 million from charles many people say this is aple sa fitting tribute to the -- athe-t the time he died in februarydied he was the longest servingvi supreme court justice.usti charles koch who is this? ko well, it'sch the charles koch foundation. he is a man, a billionairelionai from texas who has made his his fortune in the petro chemicalmia industry. he's donated millions oflion o dollars to not only georgey geog placmason but other universities as well. now in a statement after the t they voted to make the name change the universityrs president angel cabrera putrera out this statement.tement she said this is a milestonetone moment for the u
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these gifts will create opportunities to attract and to retain the best and brightesttet students and continue our goal l to make mason one of the preeminent law schools in thelse country. now, antonin scalia went to t georgetown university.versity. some people are not necessarily thrilled with theilt naming of the school to thehe antonin scalia school of law and they're not thrilled withlei the charles koch influences here at george mason but mostly people are seeminglyming happy about this guys.y abth so, this is going to be thee the antonin scalia school of lawlf at george mason university.ity. 37-year-old law schoolw with roughly 500 students herede in arlington county.ou >> bob barnard thanks.ha the george washington washig colonials are officially nit champs. >> knocked off val post lastffal night. the team set a new team recordd with 28 wins on the season. seao win number 28 gave them thehem t championship. last night's victory marks
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gw's first nit championship and the first post seasonpost sn title of any kind in school history.or >> oh, wow, congrats to them. what a major. major >> marty going on in foggy on iy bottom this weekend.eend >> there will be. tesla unveiling its newestie car. the price tag of the model three plus how many peopleow have already preordered this. ti >> this just in. this ju a lot.lot. later hillary clintonr hill lashing out after a question over a touchy subject and howsuj donald trump is trying toying t distance himself now from thero abortion comments he madeomment earlier this week its 11 pastts the hour. ur.
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>> oh, man. >> good song. >> eddie grant; is that right.ra >> i think so, yeah.nt thi >> morning dance party. mor >> i agree. >> especially on a friday. >> and it's april fools f >> in honor of kevin's 80'ss movie he was just talking was j about, right. >> that's true, >> allue right. all r >> hello erin >> i came over to tell youe ov guys about something exciting.xc >> all right.>> a >> from coast to coast electric car lovers stayed up late last night.tenig guess why? to get the first tir look at tesla's latest car.ates this is a look at the new model three, four door sedan revealed at midnight. midni said to be tesla's car for theor masses and that's because thesee price stag just a mere a m $35,000. $35, and that's before possible tax ededits. now tesla did broadcast therocat first ride in the model threeodr on periscope.oner that's what we're going take atn look at to show you inside theie car. the model three is said to get 215 miles on a single charge.glh that's pretty good.'s pregood that's about twice as far as tesla's main competitors, the t nissan leaf and the bmw i3. i like the
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two trunks available one inunks the front and one in the back.d the tesla model three won'tmode even go into production untilo next year but, get this, thi that's not stopping peopleg p from putting down a down d payment of $1,000 already to get their first new tesla.. >> what would be your sigh oft o relief.ul the people who put down that puw that you saw waiting in linenin include hearing in d.c., put put down that thousand bucksusand before they saw the car and you had to be like last nightlat thank goodness.oo it looks it's not a box on wheels. wel >> judging from the other two you probably think it's goingt' to be a pretty nices car. >> but what if it was a disappointment. i don't think it is. >> i wouldn't imagine a teslan' t ing a disappointment. i've had thea pleasure of sitting in one of those s oh my god. >> the only question is road i r trips. you have to stop and charge at some point. poi >> does it like have like a gas tank that can kicks in. c k. >> it's all electric.>> i >> you can can't have too manyem guest in the vehicle for thein road trip. t >> w ith that car you justou j profile you and one other person. >> roll up to a
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>> apparently it's fast, too.y . >> oh, yeah.>> o >> i think we should get ank tesla here and try it out. out. >> pool our money and put that t deposit it in. >> we can shrimp it can be thent fox5 field trip >> go team. >> thanks erin. i doing weather? yeah, i am. 69 in washington. washington. warm out there. even a little humid. we've got showers and thunderstorms on the way.rsto couple different rounds of round storms today. showers and storms today.rms t you can see that rapidlythat rad approaching from the south andfu west. the green and yellow you see on your map. m then we'll get a bit of ait of a break. later this afternoon a coldis aa front comes through which iss t lagging out to the west.ou the w we've got a better chance of another rounder of showers and thunderstorms between abouttorm 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock right during happy hour.d there's your seven day. d 78 glorious degrees today. cooler weather gets in here tonight. there will be some lingeringin rain showers tomorrow morning. g tomorrow morning lingering lingi rain showers. if you have a sporting event iae
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up until early afternoon. aer the nats game tonight andon tomorrow i think they both get inform i know they'refo exhibition games but peopleon going down give it g a test runr their new seats, vendors. >> lots going on. >> yes. >> yes. >> always an exciting time. t spring right around theund corner, erin., eri >> i'll take it. i like the flowers that areers out. i don't even mind the rain asd long aths it's warm. war >> how are your allergies?es >> i can't tell you how many times i've sneezed. sneezed. sinuses are not happy. h i'll quote the allergistuohe a tucker. you're allergic to the world wor so that's exciting. eitin but i have some medicines soci i'm feeling a lib better. l crash investigation -- i know a lot of people suffer aroundpl the area, too, so they can c relate.te three northbound between 450we 4 and crawford boulevard personfod hit by a car. deadly crash investigation.tion. now this crash is a new one on e the bw parkway after 197. you're backed up through thr goddard space flight center.d sp heading to bwi this morning mor you don't want to get stuck in i that long line of very slowline moving traffic. 95 northbound a much bettermuch bet for you this morning.
7:18 am
county crash activity inner actt loop approaching wilsonhing w it's blocking the shoulder buthr delays are very heavy back to t 210.210. and then more crash activitycras georgetown pike closed bothot directions at old dominion.omin. earlier crash 270 southboundouth by montgomery avenue did clear c but you're dealing with heavy traffic and kind of a rainyand spray up there.he grab your umbrella and your y patience. take it slow if you encounter i wy of those wet roads.of those some of that rain as tucker t mentioned is moving in before bf our morning wrap concludes --cl morning rush hour concludes. co. there we go. that's what i was trying toha say.o >> we flu what you meant. thanks erin and new pollnd p numbers in the race for thein white house and donald trumpe may be in trouble in wisconsin. wi >> more extreme weatherore extre overnight down we'll take a look at some ofooke the cleanup efforts under waytsd coming up next. it's 7:18.
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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>> ♪ >> severe storms on the move this morning as cleanupning continues in the south after tornadoes hit alabama, louisiana and mississippi.issiip the teenager is lucky to be alive after a twister tossed his truck into a ditchk into trapping him inside. h ins at least 10 people were injured in those storms.rm turning now politics, pitic there is fresh polling data pola this morning showing thatng donald trump may be losing momentum at a pretty critical time. time. >> democratic frontrunnerrati hillary clinton apparently losing her patience.sing her pae let's get the details from fox's doug luzader. >> reporter: wisconsin is wis the next contest up on tuesday d in fact and there's a new fox f business poll out indicating inn that bernie sanders has builtasb some momentum in that state. he's up five points overfive hillary clinn.hi still within a margin of error
7:22 am
turn around for him in wisconsin. in what was supposed to be a few moments of pleasant glads handing hillary clinton losty cs it. >> i am so sick of standard snd campaign lying about this.bouthi sick of it. of >> reporter: clinton wasnton responding to questions aboutns donations from the oil and gasnd industry but she's clearly not c happy with the kind of momentum behind bernie sandersin who is now leading a heads ofea next week'sdi wisconsin primary and he is gaining in whatn wh should be a clintonlint strongholds, new york. new y >> and if we win here in new york, we are going to make it i to the white house. >> reporter: donald trump arriving in warrants no doubt hoping for something of a reset after what lab a s tumultuous few days. d there was his statement about holding women legallymen legal responsible for abortions ifns the procedure is outlawed andre that followed the controversy surround his his campaign cpa manager charged in florida for grabbing a reporter by theeportt arm.
7:23 am
foreign policy team as well as republican party chairman trying to head off talk of a convention floor fight.or fight. >> hundreds of delegates adred heads of everyone else, i really think that whoever hasoe that kind of an advantaged of aa should get it. >> reporter: but his realisea problem may be back in bk wisconsin where ted cruz isz is now leading and john kasich is gaining. and these are the numbers inthnb that race right now.ight n ted cruz in wisconsin is up 42 percent. donald trump 32. john kasich 19.9. in washington, doug luzader,ader fox news.ew >> all right, also leer ineer in washington the nuclear security summit continues today. it has been a busy week in thebu district for world leaders. lde today's session will focus onn c preventing isis and other extremists from obtaining obt nuclear weapons. wea more than 50 leaders areeaders attending this gathering in want. the road and metro closings csi are still in effect. eff >> police in india detained det
7:24 am
officials followingof yesterday'sfi deadly overpassdlr collapse in calcutta. this morning rescue teams arengr still searching for victims. vii officials fearing more people are still trapped.ll t crews are using saws, small s cranes and their bear lands to pull people from there rubble. b more than 20 were killed. kil caught on camera along thelg u.s. mexican border two teensr t from mexico scaling the borderhr fence in arizona. azona a mexican news crew wass filming when it spotted the stt teens entering u.s. territory.eo now when the teens realized reae they were being recorded theydet ran back to the fence and returned to mexico.ex >> an infant kidnapped from an o upscale mall near philadelphiarp back home safe with his family m this morning. morni tips poured in afterti surveillance vidpseo surfaced of the suspect leaving the mallvinl with a seven week old baby. b the woman took off with that infant for the food court areare after offering to hold theld the baby while its mother steppedot away to make a phone call. c the two women had just met.ust m police found the child after cha five hours.. the suspect facing seriousous charges now
7:25 am
>> ♪>> >> hey, welcome back.lce bac yeah, we've got very mildgot ved temperatures to start yourures day. look at those numbers. nbe nice and comfortable out there.e. near 70 reagan national. natio 69 bwi marshall. 67 this morning dulles. d everybody's looking forward f to -- or everybody is going tooi get in on mid to up are 70's today. but we've got some showers moving n even somesome thunderstorm. just looking at another one ofte our radars and we've got someome thunderstorms just to the south and west ofsout fredericksburg.erksbu so, this little batch of shower activity is going toity move on through over the next tn couple of hours.couplef h we'll probably get a break midday, maybe even some scattered sunshine.un later this afternoon ashs the cold front slides in anotherin h robbed of showers and o thunderstorms. keep the umbrella handy.mbrellad very mild temperatures todayte as that colder air will lag wil offer to the north and westto and really start to move instarm overnight tonight and during ann the daytime hours tomorrow. tom. pardon me. here's a look all right sevenal day. 78 today. showers and storms. srm i want to mention we're goinge'g have a few showers around therod first half of tomorrow. torrow. probably through 9, 10 o'clock1c tomorrow morning we'll have mor some showers around and thennd we'll finally get it out ofit oo
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temperatures moving in by mov sunday, daytime highs in the low 50's with a pretty goodet g wind.wi it's going to be very chillyy cl around here to end theer to weekend. that is a weather update.r upte. erin is back with a look atita your morning roa >> that's right, 7:26 tucker tuc and it's a gloomy friday unfortunately.atel fairfax right now crashowra activity georgetown pike shut down in both directions at old dominion. domini you'll want to steer clear to chooer of that intersection.erct typical slow moving traffic 66rc eastbound as you make your wayey in from the beltway. bel let's take a live look outsideot and show you some of the the congested areas you'll want to w steer clear of but first keep in minds as you take a look atye metro right now there are no now alerts so metro is a great option.opon inbound 14th street bridge very light volume so that'solsos good but it's starting to pick up and create more congestion.on key bridge is also slow on then inbound side as you make youraku way across from roslyn intoto we'll move our cameras overur c and show you what else you'reeor up against for your morningr mng commute. aside from that slow roll you ta can see things are starting toro break up on 270.. earlier crash by montgomery mong avenue has cleared.aven it's just a steady flow of traffi
7:27 am
gets more congested north ofnorh that point in frederick as yousy wakey make your way out by the e truck scales.k this is a look as you makeloyou your way out on prince william m parkway on 95 northbound.orthun some slow moving traffic. traff a lot of stop and go conditions from stafford onns f up.n we'll have more traffic in few minutes. minutes >> still ahead this morningad tm the smithsonian responding topo the criticism over an exhibitr t that includes some works ofde bill cosbys . >> but first a turf battle battl brewing in montgomery county. mn why county officials aretyffic raising questions about the t quality of turf on its fields. stronger is blasting her tumors...
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it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message. ♪ back now at 7:29 on this friday morning. mning say it aga. friday morning. mni hope off great day as you headoh out for work are school, soo whatever you might be doing migi today. going to be a nice one..
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coming up on the 5's. t in the meantime makingakin headlines, virginia stateirnia trooper is dead this morning.ori he was killed at a greyhound bub station in richmond yesterdayes afternoon.ternoo trooper chad durr meyer was ater the bus station for trainingg exercise. our fox's a pill 88 in chicago o says the shooting suspect iss james brown, iii from illinois.n two other state troopers fireder back killing that gunman.tun to night vigil will be held forf trooper dur meyer near theea t greyhound bus station. also happening morning metro met transit police are looking for r man wanted for his involvementot in a stack. stack newspaper vendor daniel brownann stabbed another man in ananot altercation outside the addison metro station yesterday morningm police are asking anyone withg w information to give them a callc want to take you to northerh virginia the national museum off the marine corp. reopens todaynt after month long project add new artifacts and other up grades.s the change most noticeable two new -- aircraft on display in the letter net gallery including restored world war ii diveve bomber.
7:31 am
final phase of the project.of te you can expect new galleries tot begin opening next year. steve?eve? >> 7:31.1. six members of montgomery countu council asking for testing on the turf used in sports fieldsrd at local high schools. now this comes after the companm that supplies the turf to thef t regions parks and schoolss a sco acknowledged that their turf ant filling has been found too contain lead.n lead. joining us now one of theusow council members who sent that ta letter mark he will rich. good to see you this morning.ism >> good morning.>> >> this issue it seems has comem up in one form or another in the past. >> yes, sir.>> >> was was the difference thisrc time? >> i think the thing that changt it was the story about the the soccer goalies, because in the e past i've been the only personsn voted against artificial turficu field with chrome rubber afterrf the story broke the soccer goalies resolution wasution w introduced basically sayingallyg montgomery county would have noo more chrome rubber fie i thought that news reporting r was actually critical toca to increasing awareness of thehe possible risks there are out out there. there. >> what happens that happensppen now, where does the countye coty
7:32 am
in place. what happens next? >> well, i'm hoping thehe executive agrees to do thes to d testing.te i think it's really tre have been some tests ie think we need the systematicalla test all the fields.s. there may be difference in phili depending on when the fields the were installed.we there may bens differences in te blades, depending on when thewht fields were installed.. i just read something that wasts interesting because you could cu argue the blades don't have led but the mat has lead. the mat deteriorates dint greatt just like everything else does.s i think we need a comprehensiven answer to this.his. we ought to act then based on what we find scientific klee,le and there are no save levels ofo lead for children.hi you can't argue that there's a safe level of lead for children. in in fact if lead is present we needed to something. >> it sounds like that's the ket because there are some who mayay oppose this who may say, look, l people are not sleeping on these fields, they're not living on fields. fi they're not on
7:33 am
much could the risk be that ris strong that something couldld happen? >> there have been some studiesn and new jersey they ran a robotb over a field and to stir up the field and see where,, what was attached particulates weretilate attached to the robot.. they found led at breathable bra levels an bunch of otherer carcinogens.ens one study that comes up with about 20 carcinogens, endocrined lives disruptors that are all tr present in artificial turf fields.ds. tirtires are hazardous waste.. when you pound them up and run on them you get more stuff intos the air. we need to know, we be able to assure our population we're notn running our kids around in a lead atmosphere.tmph i'm concerned it was presented e to us by the school system andtm by the ap representative that t there wasn't led in the fieldshe and i went back and look at thel testimony and the ap guy wasuy w very careful to focus only the blades he didn't talk about the rest of the which i thought it was curious.
7:34 am
>> your position has been the same, hasn't changed sin the't g start of this. others have changed theirheir position. where do we stand right now asia far as council and theouncil t relationship between council,en the school district, the superintendent and of coursent obviously mr. leg get. g >> i'm pretty sure everybody isy going to want to do the right thing. th lead is not somebody anybody any so knowing that it's out there,t now having the representative testify in annapolis there's lel in their fields i think gives everybody a moment of pause. pau i can't picture any electedle official arguing it's okay fors your kids to play on a led 59. 5 >> if parents have concerns, co, what's their best course of action? >> at this moment, i guess woulw be to ask the executive followol up and do the studies that wee requested and then to hold ourdo feet to the fire if the studiesi come out indicating there'sg problem making sure we doe something about it.meing >> i'm sure you're used toure y' having your feet hell at thereft fire. >> it's a normal part of daily part ai life. >> representing people in thisnn area. listen, one last thing.e lasthig this company field turf thatiel makes these fields, the companya
7:35 am
another issue right now being ni sued in california because someu of the fields are falling apartt at least according to this t t lawsuit. la but apparently the people representing the schools inchoo california contacted montgomeryn county as well.coun is that accurate?e? >> >> and are that the fields tt th holding up here, is that as tha separate issue, what'st's happening?en >> i haven't heard directirec complaints by deterioration ofof the field but we've had to go and put large quantities ofitie chrome rubber back in existxi question where did the chromehem rubber go? either it left the fields it finds its way into way streams potentially.stre the other possibility it justt s gets ground down from beingng beaten up you lose the fluff off the field and they're adding additional chrome in order tohr maintain the thickness of thehet field that gets to the point ifi it's getting beaten down andnow ground up into finer particles,l then the finer the particles tht more inhalable they are.hey a >> it all does come together. >> it does come together. tet >> we appreciate you joining us this shedding a little more light ono it. again if you're a parent contaca your official official if youia have any questions or concernsis in mon
7:36 am
other place to be quite honestin if you're dealing with field tub.b. 7:00 arthritic right now.rthr check in with tucker barnes andu get a look at the >> steve, very mild temperaturee to start your startour upper 60s, low 70s get very a mild -- in fact a warm afternoon upper and if force day heim h highs.hi rain showers moving in prettyint quick. threat of thunderstorm. of 69 in washington.hi 64 in new york city. cit 61 in boston.61n bo the arrows you see that is showing that southerly flow out there up ahead of our front. and that's going to continue ton pump in those very warmery w temperatures.mperes. here's come the wayne rain wayne showers off to our south andouta west pushing into manassas,anas, culpeper, fredericksburg, youur, guys look like you're getting at thunderstorm just south of inutn you fredericksburg if you aref tweet me, let me know. k and we'll be dealing with roundd of showers and storms today.oday first round will get through thu here probably get a break wereer he had midday the cold front f will approach.pph that could fire up another rounr of showers and thunderstormsorms midday afternoon.noon. 78. keep an umbrella here
7:37 am
on again off again showers and d storms for friday. for friday. let's do traffic with erin.n >> coming up on 7:37 tucker. tuc we will take a look and seeknd what's going on around the area. 66 right now very jammed up by sedgley as make your way intoo centreville, stop and go traffic from 234 on. you can see it's just somet s congestion, no crashes.rashes 395 much better shape by edsalle road. no problems to report there.he. closer to the beltway things ara still moving along great. gat but you'll hit a little stop stp gone traffic closer to thelo 14th street bridge.ridge. move things over and should youo you else things are shaping upha this mor 270 right now not having anyin complaints right now.laints rig earlier crash by westmont wtm cleared and traffic is flowing g bit better. bte by the truck scales you do stilo encounter some additionalr me al congestion really slowing thingi we'll switch it over now as youu can see things looking pretty p nice right now as you make youry way out on 95. on 9 no problems there.shere 50 inbound by 202 also movingov along without any we'll take quick look at ourk to now that we kind of have the h idea what all the cameras are
7:38 am
this light congestion and voluml for the most part keep in mind m we have crash activity right non on 267 the access road.d. westbound side after 657 in centreville some caution inti i fairfax. ir more traffic and check in withih nuclear security closures as wee continue.. maureen. >> thank you erin. tha still ahead the smithsonian'sthn plans to include material fromia bill cosby at a new museum isms drawing a loft criticism and this morning the smithsonian is responding.sp what they plan to do.y plan to . that's coming up. >> first now report on autism ot rates in the united states.ta those stories and more coming up next. it is 7:38. wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra
7:39 am
un safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ seasonal flu shot may reducu a pregnant woman's risk of still births. team of researchers say women they studied who received the re vaccine had 51% lower risk of still in addition the team found stils birth rates rose after fluer season and fell in the months te prior to flu season.ea the findings appear in the the journal clinical infectiousal i disease. new research showingw rese reaching for that midnight snacs may increase the odds of gettini breast cancer for second time.e. researchers say breast canceranr survivors who fasted less than 13 hours had a 36% increase risk of recurrence fasting caneasting protect against high blood sugar levels, inflammation and weighti gain linked to cancer. the slicer your favoritee deli uses to slice meats may noy be as clean as you think. think. >> the centers for diseaseis control and prevention surveyede hundreds of delis across the
7:42 am
country.cotry. half the delis fail to clean their slicing equipment every ee four hours.ours. cdc researchers leaving machinem cleaned and unsterilized forlizf longer than four hours may raisi the odds for deadly listeria. le i hope they're telling them that and not just us. >> >> i'm not in the business ofth going behind the counter andound cleaning the machine.nihe machi. >> every four hours.>> e still ahead the latest report op autism rates in the u what researchers are finding fii coming up. >> let's head outside on thistst friday kind of an overcast almost muggm kind of day out there. the. starting to feel that humidity.d temperatures rising too.g too tuck has the forecast next. nex. a gadget to help you rundget better. the loom mow run feeds that information to an app even given you real-time audio cues in youy ear buds so you can improve your form. i'm laura ev ans.laur evans see you next time in the fox5 fast lane.
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7:45 am
♪ getting ready for someing action tonight at nationalsnals park.park tonight first exhibition game oe the season.son kind of a dress rehearsal.. for everybody who has to work aw the ballpark for 81 games.1 gams >> i think it's 6:00 o'clockcl tonight and 12:00 o'clock2: o tomorrow your two exhibitionib games against the minute opinio twins and off to at land to ford the home opener on monday.. >> okay. okay. >> 6:00 o'clock start time t tucker that might be when thehen next wave of showers comes in.ei >> late this afternoon anotheren round of showers. swe fingers crossed out of here by
7:46 am
i can't completely guarantee ite >> can't rain on our nats parade can guarantee warm temperaturesu >> you cannot or you can. >> i can. >> that we'll take. >> ♪ >> oh. >> is it back.k. >> am i walking? i didn't know. >> making it a good >> you've been waiting for thiss tucker.. >> there you go.heou g >> uh-huh, it's >> i didn't know this was back.b the spin, too.spin, t >> oh, yeah. oh, >> what, backwards.ards oh, snap. s >> there we government it's friday. tuck, let it go. i >> no tuck friday. fri do the no jacket friday.t fri >> i think i hurt my back on o that move. warm but unsettled friday. fri that cause me by look at the numbers. at the 69 now in washington. wasng 70 in quantico.nt 68 in fredericksburg.ri mild for everybody.body. very pleasant frederickck 64 degrees.rees rain moving in from the southinf and west.and wes show you right now on now satellite/radar.. have seen some signs getting a thunderstorm south along 95 dowd towards fredericksburg if you'rr seeing that tweet me let me knot that look like a pretty goody g line of thunderstorms developi
7:47 am
to our south that will bet will crossing the potomac intoomac it southern maryland over the nextt hour.hour most of us will get at leastus w some showers with this first round of rain.round of r then we'll get a bit of a breakb very warm temperatures mid toreo upper 70 today's look out for of that cold front late this afternoon as mentioned that gamm at 6:00 o'clock night.oc we'll have another round at least the potential for anotherr round of showers maybe m thunderstorms between aboutt 4:00 and six, 7:00 o'clock0 cl tonight. keep our fingers crossed keep it dry out there for the preseason game.on all right.all right. there's another look.oo also want to mention that this t front that comes through tonight will bring us cooleroo temperatures but it will hang ug just to our south and east andta little area of low pressure psse riding along that later tonighta early tomorrow morning willorni bring us clouds and rain showero for the first half of the day td tomorrow.ow probably through nine, 10, 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morningo rain showers around. sho if you have early morning plans outdoor tomorrow likely rainelyi showers then we'll get that front southo and east of us and we'll juste's bring in the cooler here's future cast notice theict shower activity hit and miss here by late morning get a breae and then there
7:48 am
for additional showers andl storms at about 6:00 tonight but the good news we shall get thata east of us later this eveningve get that game n rain showerho activity i mentioned tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. one more m round of rain then cool it downd for the remainder of the weeke weekend. got a lot of weather going on. marginal risk for a few storms later today. we're not expecting major outbreak of severe activity keek in mind there could be few cld thunderstorms later thisdersto afternoon. there's your seven day.ur sev 78 todayen. only 52 by sun today. last little blow of wintertimeit temperatures sunday with lot of wind around as well. as w that's a look at weather.ea erin is looking very nice inice blue not sure that outfit will bewill pefect for sunday but looks gooo for today. >> i'll take it for friday.r fr. i like the skirt it's a littlee flow wee. matches your time and steve andd maureen all dressed for autism awareness. closed in both direction becausu of that mayo elementary schoolar is shut down today it's closedlo because it's in the vicinity ofn
7:49 am
so difficult for students to geo to school keep that mind ifd you're traveling in anne arundel 214 shut and mayo elementary eme closed for the day. d crash activity three closed insi both directions. dec earlier deadly crash involving g person hit by a car. c for investigation it's closed 45 tee to 424 in both baltimore washington parkwaye wa after 197 a crash.te197 delays are starting to dissipate but heavy from god fartherer flight center. cen 267 the access road westboundnd after 657 centreville roadle dealing with crash in also crash activity georgetown t pike remains closed bothh directions and old dominioninion drive.ive. don't forget for the nuclearle security summit aft of the aft closures in place.ur watch out for additional addit motorcades in the area.cades int a lot of visitorhes in town. seventh street remains clove k, l and m portions oftis massachusetts and new york.s ano there's restr
7:50 am
pedestrian traffic and park fogo commercial and residentialenti vehicles. so give yourself a loft extra a time to get around today anddody have some back to you.. >> the autism rate among children remains stable federalr health officials say it's toot'o early to determine if rates are stabilizing. >> new report from the centersfr for disease control and prevention says onase out of evy 68 children had autism in 2012.0 that is the same rate as it wasw in 2010. 201 >> all week we've been we've highlighting stories to raiseesi awareness about autism in ourn community later this morning ths fox5 is teaming up with autismut speaks for phone bank we'll dotl starting in a couple of minutes kick it off at 8:00 o'clock and from 8:00 until noon you canu call in and make donation. we've love for you to do.ouo d if you would like to donateonate right now you can text autism to the 25383. 283 it will be a $10 donation. from what i understand a lo unof people have been donatingag already. thank you, thank you.k keep the money >> love it. >> we're making a difference.a >> all right. fox beat time.x beat t le
7:51 am
what's going on.what goi >> we're all rocking blue today as well.. shawn yancy is doing incrediblei job as well.job >> rivetting stories.toes. >> definitely important as wellm call starting 8:00 o'clock this morning. moving on to serious topics sert here. after facing criticism for an exhibit of works from bill cosby's personal art collection the smithsonian now confirms that they will acknowledge the comedian's checkered reputationp at the new african-american museum -- history museum which w opens this now cosby as you know faces numerous allegationsns investigations from women who claim he drugged and sexuallyexl assaulted them now the museum says it is not a bill cosby exhibition and two items that it they will on display will be aie comic book from his tv show iho spy and the cover of one of his comedy albums.s lonnie bunch the museum's founder directing sent intingen statement thursday the visitorst to the exhibit will recognize ri that cosby's quote legacy has been severely damaged. dam so it will be recognized at thet exhibit.t. now one of the attorneys fm
7:52 am
the netflix tv show making aki murder which i love the show has scored a tv series of his own. dean, will be starring in ae sti investigation series called cal steen strang road to justice it will be series into eight, onein hour episodes during which strang will investigate legaltil cases and highlight major systemic flaw,. fw, idea of the show that was steven avery innocent or guilty the big question about what happened onw that show.that very fascinating if you haven'tv watched it on netflix.etix he will also by the way serve ay an executive producer for th project. strang along with his defenses n attorney will be at the warneria theater this weekend doing shows at 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. tal talking about legal elements asl well.. finally, fans of ghost bustersos beware the company released aeaa statement claiming it created cd the actual proton pack. pack. product designed to catch ghostt just like in the movie but don'n take it seriously.erious obviously it's all part of aart prank for april fool's day.oo aside from the prank, the actual
7:53 am
summer. summer this is the all female cast starring melissa mccarthy, kristin wig and lesley jonesle n and, no, that last part was notw joke but the proton pack itselff is prank.ra so i'm sure we'll be seeing ae e lot of those today.od have you guys had any april fool's pranks pulled on you yety >> not yet. yet >> it's still early.t's >> our producer chris was cis telling me erin already pulleddd one on him. >> yeah.>> >> i'm interested to see whatte happens this morning.s this i think tucker has something upu his sleeve. i can see him.i ca he's so interested in thisin ths segment right now.segm >> he always does that.t. >> he's so engaged in what'sn ws happening with me right now.wi lock at at >> i think he's a prankster --n- >> i agree.. >> thanks kev for this week'see fox beat free friday you can win four tickets when you'ren y'r washington wizards host theoshe charlotte hornets at the verizor center on sunday afternoon apr april 10th. >> if you'd like to win for youu chance go to the contest page on between nowen and 11:59 p.m.1: p two winners will be selected byb random drawing on april 4th
7:54 am
this prize with approximateim retail value of $108 provided by monumental sports.rt good luck! >> ♪ >> it's time to say good mornini to our facebook fans of the day. kattena posie and her sons sons joshua, ryan, matthew and tj.. good morning, they are all long-time fans anda their whole family watches fox55 every weekday morning. three of her boys are celebrat celebrating birthdays thisatin month. happy birthday to her and the boys. >> leave a comment and a photo a on the fox5 facebook page if pe you'd like to be the next fan of day. good luck, everybody much cominh up on 7:55.up o tuck is back with look at our forecast.cast. warm out there.he >> love that picture. p is he warm we're gettingwarm w i thunderstorm activities reportor to do our i'll show in you second. reagan 69 degrees. dulles 67.lles7. bwi marshall 69.all 6 most of the area in the mid to o upper 60s to start the morning.. quicquickly moving batch of rair showers and thunderstormrs activity thank you i'm gettingom
7:55 am
everybody tweeting me down dow towards fredericksburg along 95g pretty good thunderstormndst activity breaking out rightingut there. that very quickly pushing off to the north and east.north d ea so looks like charles county,esu saint mary's county cross the potomac and getting intoetti southern maryland quickly.rn mac i would look out for that anduta the possibility of pretty good gusts and quick heavy downpoursp as that area of rain shower swe activity and thunderstorms moves through. for the rest of us we've got the prospect for showers in thewers forecast this morning.mning we'll get a bit of a break andre perhaps another round of showerd and thunderstorms a little latel this afternoon with that coldhac front. front. so keep an umbrella handy here.y not going to rain every minutern today but soggy out there and ta even a little humid for thisid r time of year. yea heads up.s tomorrow morning the showers mor will linger for the first halfih the day we'll get them out off here by afternoon saturday. sura and then much much cooler airoor gets if here by sunday. 78 today. 25 degrees cooler. 26 degrees cooler by sundayy afternoon with highs only in th low 50s.low 50s. so make sure you have a jacket j handy for the end of the week
7:56 am
that's weather.'s wea erin is back with roads.ds >> i was waiting for the beep. i don't know why i feel like ihe have to wait. >> you have to stop. you h >> you do. crash cleared right now old pike to old dominion drive. dri let's see if we can show you our maps.maps overturned car 267 the accesscc road on the westbound side after centreville road. r use caution around that area.t if you're heading out forut morning night, give yourself you extra time to get to dulles ande are you began national.ben right now some breaking news foe you out of anne arundel.nd. to 14 shut down in bothn b directions between lock haven ln road and west shore road becausu of that mayo elementary schoolah is closed for the day. d the school location is just toot close to that closure.lore is he please be prepared forpad that. let your friends and family know if they are living in annelivinn arundel something you'll want tt remind them of this morning.orng crash activity three north isths closed between 450 and 424. 4 that is for an earlier crashrash investigation deadly crasheadlyc person hit by a car. we'll let you know when threekne does reopen as well. in addition to that, summitt, st closur
7:57 am
nuclear security summit watchtat out seventh street, kh, l and m a lot of closures, massachusetts, new york andsetty additional motorcades throughoua the district. you need to be prepared for soms headaches with your ride haverie they'll reopen saturday.da keep it to fox5. f5. we got you covered 8:00 o'clock hour coming right up.
7:58 am
7:59 am
welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. >> this is fox5 ne m
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right now 8:00 o'clock thiss morning there's look atin nationals park.tion wisdom, guess a?? >> what? wha >> first game is tonight. ge is it's exhibition.ibit but playing baseball in d.c. >> that's true.hat' t >> it's also april 1st yesterday by the way last nightg eight years to the day for the t very first game at that ballpa ballpark. >> nice. >> home opener 2008. eight years ago yesterday. yesty it is friday, april 1st, 2016. tucker will have much more on m today' forecast, weather andea a traffic coming on the 5's at 8:00 sorry five. sor he'll tell you how you have aou chan hce to go see him at the te ballpark a little later this lai season. always an exciting thanks for joining us thisningsh morning. i'm steve chenevey.steve >> i'm wisdom martin for allisol seymour.seymour. welcome to fox5 news morning. mi >> first off the top thishe t t morning, a have have a stateve a trooper died. he was shot at greyhound busou terminal.tein the suspect also shot and kill killed. >> this morning we're learningge new details about the very tragic story and fox5's bob barnard is live at the nationalt law enforcement officersnforcemo memorial with more.ffrialith bob? >> reporter: hey, wisdom,,is steve, good morning.orng sadly some more names will be wl
8:01 am
starting next year. year. the most recent coming from this shooting just yesterdayay afternoon take you down toown richmond.. about 2:40 p.m. at the greyhoune bus station there.he virginia state police say theyey were conducting some kind of a a field training exercise, whene, one of their troopers chad c durmeyer approached a man whod w pulled a gun and shot durrurr mirror. two other troopers opened firedf on the gunman and he, too, was killed. he now has been identified as james brown, iii of illinois.lln our fox phil 88 says he has criminal hit reach once been oe charged with murder in fact. f not sure if he was a wanted manm at the time of the shootoutt yesterday. now trooper durmeyer was 37 3 years old. o he joined the virginia stateta police in 2014. in014. a former marine and policeolice officer in michigan.n. virginia state policee superintendent steven flay hearh tee was asked about theut confrontation that led to hist o murder.rd >> the period of time they weree together was
8:02 am
can't imagine that he had goneon much further, hey, how are you,y where you going, anybody with ay you, just small talk. >> reporter: two other women oer at the bus station were also a shot and wounded. wound they are expected to be okay. the trooper leaves behind a wife and two young children. cld again, we don't know more aboutt what that training exercise was about and why trooper dermeyerme approached her brown at the buso stop. i mention at the top we had officer ashley guindon shot andd killed january can i colson and two other officers in hartfordar county in maryland.. so five names from just virginia and maryland guys sadly next n year will be added to this sadls growing memorial. >> bob, thanks. 8:00 sorry two right now.ort ly metro police looking foroong newspaper vendor who stabbed avs man at a metro station in princi george's county.georount the person they are looking forr a 50 yeared daniel brown much police say he got into ant int argument with man outside thee t addison
8:03 am
in capitol heights.itol hghts the fight escalated, got, got physical and that one police sap the suspect stabbed the victim was taken to the hospitai and now in stable condition.onti anybody with information on thih stabbing asked to call police. c the tennessee man accused on of firing gunshots inside theidt u.s. capitol visitor centeror ce formally charged now.ed n a capitol police officer shotero that man larry dawson after hefh allegedly pulled the weapon outa at a security checkpoint. dawson's weapon was pellet gun.g he faces resisting andnd assaulting a federal laweder enforcement officer with aemen dangerous weapon charges. crges. if convicted he could face up to 55 years of years in prison. the nuclear security summiti continues day in washington,s da d.c. d. today's session will focus on fs pro haven'ting isis and other extremists from obtainingts nuclear weapons and using themnt in an tack. t more than 50 leaders from around the world are a tending the road and metro closures areres a still in effect.t. also this morning, a big a chance on the way for studentste at george mason -- big change ba another on the way for studentsu at george mason law school. sool t
8:04 am
that the school will rename tomo honor the late supreme courtme t justice antonin scalia laterliat this year. y the renaming comes in light of a $30 million in combined giftsbid given to george mason foundatiot to support the law school.l. now, a third of that donationono around $10 million came from the charles coke foundation. fouati. the controversial conservativest coke family has helped futilelyt at any time millions of dollars donations to colleges emptyges t united states.un >> in india police containedta five construction companies officials after yesterday'syeera deadly overpass collapselapse collapse.llap. rescue teams still searching foi victims but they don't believeon anybody else is alive. officials say there may still bl bodies under the t rub crews are using saws, small s cranes and bear hand just in case there are people stille trapped and alive.d and e. dozens have been rescued butcu more than 20 people were killedl also developing this morninm severe storms on the move across the united states.e unittate >> this is happening as clean up continues in the south after s r tornadoes hit alabama, lou
8:05 am
and a teenager lucky to be alivelive after a twisters toed his truck into a ditch trapping him insi inside. at least 10 people were injurede in the storms.. well it's 8:00 sorry five right now speaking of the of th weather. find out from the man himselfe f whose running the show for us f this morning.orng tuck. >> hey, steve.>> mild temperatures to star thes getting pretty good outbreak ofk thunderstorm activity just toy o our south. thank you much getting lots ands lots of tweets of a lot of lot thunder and lightning and againa take look at radar. 69 in washington.hi 69 in annapolis.n annis warm start to your day.ay. quantico 70 degrees.0 um per 70 force daytime highsme but we're dealing with i a couple rounds of showers andhe up that storms today. that the first one moving through as we speak. spe just approaching the beltway there.. but mostly concerned to thernede south here we're getting againtn reports of thunder and lightni lightning. king georges county, thank you very much, getting lots of mentions on twitter down there that you guys are getting a lota of thunder and near fredericksburg as well. and all this will be pushing pus across the potomac and into i southern maryland very shortly.y so prince george's count
8:06 am
charles county, saint mary's mas county calvert county you guys g on the look out for thunderstorr activity as it moves on through for the rest of us showers thiss morning. we'll get a bit of a break and k then the possibility of of additional thunderstorm activiti this afternoon as the actualhect cold front comes through so keeh an umbrella handy today. it's not going to rain all daynd today it will be very warm uppep tents.te very humid out there as well fow this time of year.r but we do have again anotherer round of potential another round of showers and thunderstormsnd u later this afternoon.fternoon look at the weekend forecast in just a a m let's do traffic with one andh e only erin. >> thank you very much, tucker. right now 80:00 taking a look you can see justes east of 234 rain coming down ada adding to the congestion on 666 as you make your way from man throughs through centreville t give yourself extra time.hrrselr watch for slick spots and grabcd that umbrella today. tod. we'll take look at our maps mucs aside from those slow downs,ow station closure keep this in thi mind security summit the nuclear security summit because of thata metro the green and yellow linew are bypassing mount vernon verno square.
8:07 am
place to get around that.und tha these metro lines that stationta set to reopen this evening we'll keep updated on that additional road closures in mace for several days nouse. nse through saturday portions ofrd r seventh, k, l and m down by the convention center.. massachusetts, new york insetts, addi ntion to that some stop and go traffic around motorcades soo you're seeing a lot of traffic a headaches downtown. i'd avoid the convention centere white house areas if possible. i keep in mind there's parking restrictions and pedestrian traffic restrictions in place ae well in addition to those loadha road closures.rosure everything set to get back to s normal by tomorrow morning. mni crash cleared on old georgetownw pike typical stop and go traffic 270 southbound as you head you h through gaithersburg.itsb the beltway is pretty backed upp as you make your way across the wilson bridge on the inner loopr and 267 the access road on thedt westbound side after 6657 centreville road we are dealingw with a crash involving anolving overturned car and this ishis is breaking news out of annef an arundel wolf 14 closed right nog because of a crash between lockk haven and west shore road s because of that closure mayo m
8:08 am
elementary school also closedlso for the day.ay back to you. y. >> today is the kick off tos tho autism awareness month and fox5 d.c. cares is partnering withert autism speaks to continue to raise awareness and highlightht amazing members of the autism t community. >> you may have seen theay incredible stories we've shareda this week leading up to today tt and now is your chance to make e difference.diff maureen umeh over in the loft tf with more on that story. story. >> good morning again, guys.rna, yes, i am in the loft with at group of wonderful women rightit here who are manning our phone p bank this as you said fox5 d.c. cares our station's cam paper.a highlights all of the importantt work happening in our communityo and this year we are talking tal about autism, autism speaks isas what we've been focusing on alln week long with very movinging beautiful inspiring stories. st. so this morning from 8a until 8t noon we'll be hosting a phoneng bang. call in and make donation during that time. the number (202)895-3307.2)89337 call in during 8:00 a.m. to nooo to make a donation or you canr n donate right now.
8:09 am
you can also go to our website or text autism that is a-u-t-i-s-m. to 25383 to make a donation off $10. huge thank you going out to so many of you who have alreadyelr been texting and donating moneyn we really want to make a mak deference here.fenc yes, that's wawa we want to heah the phone call (202)895-3307.2)895- and not that you need thedhe incentive if you do we areo a giving away for every caller who donates $100 or more you'll gett autism speaks t-shirt and if in could just show that you rightig here. here and for the first 68 callers each hour who donate $100 or $1o more you'll get this autismm awareness bear.ea i love the chatter behind me b that means that you are making a difference. differ you are calling in.. because you know that wew that together can make a difference.c autism speaks phone bank for 8:00 a.m. until noon today.od please dig deep in your pock. yp any bit of money that you canha donate will make a difference.fc we're here all morning long witt inspirational stories, with
8:10 am
can help us make a difference. e all right.ight steve and wisdom, back to you. >> mo, thank you very much.uc. tesla unveils its latest carar overnight.overnight. the lines the people that wantlw this, the affordable price tag i of the new model three and hownd far you can go on one charge.hae all right. r police beyonce' diving into thet fashion business. bus where you can get her newn gehe athletic clothing line.inine. those stories and more when wese come back in 30 seconds. second.
8:11 am
>> a lot of anticipation teslaf motors has unveiled its sleekan new model for the masses what they're calling it. pre orders have alreadynveith'rg in. in. this is a look at the new model three. four door sedan.n. here's the deal, wis. you're a little, um, financialll responsible.onsi >> right. >> you might like this.e this >> electric car features two trunks.trks >> yeah. >> one in the front, one in thei back.back. >> okay. >> mod he will three will go onn sale late next year.ex a year away from product. produ the price tag about $35,000. $,0 might sun like a lot but other r models are about $100,000.000. significantly cheaper. when fully charged it were it wr travel at least 200 miles andila that's about twice as far as tesla's main competitors were im comes to electric cars. no gas motor in this.his. >> okay.. >> you're going to change up, dwight 200 miles. >> it's too little for me.too i got big crew. cre >> they say it seats five.eatsiv
8:12 am
i like the 200 miles. >> would you trade that comfort for the $100,000 model.. >> you might be cramped in the savings. >> i might have to leave somebody at home.body ahome >> beyonce' diving into theg ine fashion business.busiss you knew would it happen musichm diva launched her new athletic clothing loin. >> this is promotional video for the new line called ivy park the 200 piece active wear collection is a joint venture way britishai company that owns a fashion chain called top shop. t sho the in you line will debut apr april 14th. i'll bet i was lot of possible e will be buying that.ll bbuyi >> you better believe it.r beev >> she's m everything she touches turns to gold.s >> coming up donald trump doingd damage control after hisft comments on abortion.entsio we'll get the latest on the ract for the white house when we wn w check in with chris wallace.. >> take lookout side on this o t friday morning.. weather and traffic on the 5's next. it's 8:12. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks.
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8:15 am
>> a look at the white house.att coming up we'll talk with chris wallace about a family that has been at the white house for whny, many, many presidenttafa ce actually a very cool story. sto >> wow, okay.>> wowoka >> interested in hearing aboutt that coming up in a couple of minutes.nute >> steve, i think you would lool good if that was your house. h >> he looks presidential.ntial. >> you do look presidential.o p you look like you got policy any ideas in you.ou. >> there's >> they may not fly. >> future cabinet member. mbe >> i don't want to be high't wto level. i want to be low level.ow lev i get in trouble. trole >> wisdom is is good economicsem guy. >> i don't know what i'll donow with you. >> a party the b
8:16 am
your party coordinator. >> time for fox fox5 first five. let's have some fun.un. we've got cute less.t cuteess. i love his she'll. kareem. big birthday, today is number one. e. >> happy birthday >> hope off 150 more. m happy birthday! >> all right.ig that's all we need to say. s >> happy birthday.irda >> you know i don't do that goo-goo, gaga thing any more. m i brought something else.e. a little poem.oe kareem, kareem, you remind me of a dream. d we would love for you to be onoe our team.a thank you kareem, kareem.m,ar you're such a dream. d >> did you just think that upt k right now.ri >> i just did. can't you tell.t yotell >> i never would have guessed. g >> you want me to go back to goo-goo, ga-ga.. >> no that was beautiful.utul to send us your child's picturec go to our fox5 facebook page.. >> i want to show you what's wt' happening in mild warm afternoon. aftno mid to upp
8:17 am
outbreak of thunderstorm activity moving right across tht region here just to our south. getting widespread reports inor charles county and saint mary's county, king george county ofco thunderstorm activity with frequent lightning and some quick heavy downpours.nprs just be on the look out for that if you're in southern marylandn that will be moving through t shortly for the rest of usrest u shower activity over the near tr term and then the possibilityosi that we can do another round ofd showers and thunderstorms thisot afternoon as the actual coldl cl front starts to move through tho region so keep umbrell a handy h are be on the look out foror showers and thunderstorms thisur afternoon not going to rain alli day but we'll have that threat later this afternoon.fteron all right.. one other change to our forecass rain showers linger into lger in tomorrow morning. mni so you got sports events e tomorrow morning they'reninghe outdoors, they'll be rain arou around. i think by early afternoon itlya will all be out of here.fer nationals game at noon might bei cloudy but hopefully the rain will be out of here tomorrow.. >> thanks, tuck.nks, keep an eye on it. 8:17. 8:17. today drum system pushing back saying he was misquoted aboutut his abortion remarks that he h
8:18 am
this after one of the frontnef h runners worst election weeks sos far joining us chris wallacealle host of fox news sunday to helph us sort through what all of this good >> it's terrible when you sayodb something on tv and etlech g wog tape of it and then you say you were misquoted. misquot he wasn't quoted at all.ed a a he just said it on tv. o t we her it. >> tough to defend that unwere.r let me asking something you'll be talking with donaldwi trump this weekend. do you think, do you believeieve that donald trump truly wants t be the president or do yount oro believe that donald trump wantsr to believe that he could have been the president?en the presit >> well it's a good question. qo because i have to say he's hadad two bad weeks and you almost wonder -- look, i don't think it he's trying to sabotage himselff but he couldn't have had twoad worst weeks. wks you know, the abortion commentss that women should be punishedune legally if abortion were made illegal he backed off it butfftt that was his original statemente it was just the last. las you have the whole thing whole involving his campaign manager g grabbing a woman charged withrgw assault. you had the whole back and fortr
8:19 am
looks. it couldn't have been a worst wt two weeks for trump and it's ons of the reasons so fascinated ina sitting down with him thiswn w m weekend to fine out what's goins on with his campaign and how hee plans to turn things i will tell you he's in little t bit of trouble for the first t f time. he was leading in wisconsinding which is the big primary next tuesday by 10 points a month aga he's now trailing cruz by 10g c1 points. so that's a 20-point swing in aa month. month. >> chris, when you -- you've interviewed anybody that -- tha anybody could imagine if you if pointed a finger you through agh dart at a board you talked tod o them at some when you know you have to talkoa to donald trump do you have to e approach that differently justd because of the way that he'she t been handling the media so faria in this campaign? >> well, i have to say he's always been very polite with meh except for the time in the te debate when i asked him aboutimo his bankruptcies and he said iai had blood coming out of my eyese except for that one he's been -- (laughter).(l >> he's treated me very ver i mean the one thing he's nott scripted and it actually make it fun and make it challengin
8:20 am
an interviewer you don't know yk what he's going to say.e's go you got to do the key thing toot many interviewers don't you got to listen.ewisten. >> right. very much so.very i think that unscripted part ist why he has become endearing tont so many american people is i because he's not giving that yon traditional line when it comesnt to politics. the question is, though, ason ia we're finding now, how much iswc too much? how far can that do.t >> that's right.haright and, yes, sometimes thesese politicians and politicos speaks sounds very boring very scriptee very phony and inn authentic.utt trump is none of those things. g on the other hand, i think mostn politicians would have known kno that for the pro live movementmm the woman is not the person committing the crime it's thehe abortion provider and he step hs right into that.t >> chris, last 45 seconds or sor i want to talk about your powerp player this week i'll try to not litter rate too much the fix lynn family is fascinating whene it comes to the white house. >> you failed you did a lot of illiteration there. there >> it was t >> 's 98ing story.>>s 98 fix land family the grandfather was a slave in virginia
8:21 am
his son started working a as butler at the white house in the 1930s starting with fdr, actually worked for nine for nin presidents retired in the 1980s. he in fact not eugene alley he was the first butler to beto b invited to state dinner bitebite reagans that was the story of sf course the movie the butler butu it was actually his story. his son who is the man we we interview as our power playerlar this week also named john fixed land ended up a special a speci assistant to the president thedt head of records files for theilt national security council from slave to special assistant toa the president in generationseneo only in america. >> it is amazing. very much looking forward to the fascinating fix land story. stoy chris, thank you as always it'sa a we'll see you on sunday.e on s >> thanks, steve. thanks, s >> you got it. 8:21 right now. rht now. still ahead this morning theorni george washington cole colonials can now call themselves thevehe champion colonials.olials highlights from the big win in new york coming up.w yo >> you're about to look liveoutl right now at our autism speakss phone bang. if you'd like to make a donation
8:22 am
there it is right there to helpl us out we'll talk more about thatlkore throughout the morning. mning shawn yancy will be here at somm point this morning. we're back in a moment.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> look at the street closures e today. is last day. we made it through yesterdayou without any major problems.. hopefully the same will be saids for today. tay little dreary out there thit i'll tell was, tuck, yrnou knowo what i felt today. ft t >> you share, steve. you sre, s. >> i felt some humidity today.yy >> oh, yeah, me, too. >> sticky.>> i had a sticky sleep.y sep >> kind of had that like humid air smell beach smell kind of. o >> you're right.> you'r off the the ocea let me mention those roadson t yesterday, it was not pleasant.n i was downtown.ntow >> you went ---- >> you went down there. tre >> rolling closures everywhere.r isn't yes. >> it tock mow like hour and a a half in a motorcade to goca t anywhere.anyw i should have just wk. >> you should have stayed away.a >> maybe i should have taken's erin's advice. >> 69 in washington. real story here, yes, the warm w air, humid conditions.ditis the rain showers andwers and thunderstorms that are movings t through. we're getting a big batch ofa gc thunderstorm activity thatity developed in the last hour or ss that's sliding across thecros te potomac and into southernth maryland. i'm even getting reportsng somebody just tweeted me they lost power down here.ow dow so these -- this line of line thunderstorm activity meansns business with pretty goodprettyd downpours a
8:26 am
the rest of us north of it, of we're getting shower activity.iv we'll get a break and then perhaps additional -- sorry, sor i'll show in you a additional showers and and thunderstorms develop later thip afternoon but along with it warm em t tomorrow morning rain showersnig get it out of cooler temps by sunday.un 78 today.. only 52 by sunday. so much cooler air on the waynhe for the end of the weekend. weed that's a quick weather update. u erin is back with roads.ith >> i will tell you tucker i knok yesterday afternoon was big wasb traffic headache with all theadc close showers downtown but righr now, with the closure in macere for the nuclear security summit it's still not so bad. b things are okay.kay. >> great. >> i'll let you know if it gets worse with the rain in thekn ara grab your umbrella and your andu patience.paence overturned car in fairfax 267 access road after 657. 657 use caution there and a policeae investigation 214 is closed cse between lock haven and west wes shore road closing mayosing mayo elementary school for the day s for that police investigatichonn so be prepared for that.or and then a crash did clear three -- between 450 and 424 and tucker come on in her
8:27 am
come on. come talk with me.h me this little teddy bear that bea tucker and i love, you could geg one of these if you donate to our phone bank.. worry raising funds for autismim cares. cares. >> he's super cute.. >> first 68 call every hour thaa donate a hundred dollars or moro get this bear.s they're busy in the loft. in t l phone bank set up fromet up 8:00 o'clock to noon.o n the number is 202-895-3307. phones have been ringing. we're excited you get to win a t-shirt.t-sht. >> really? >> obviously that's not thely t reason to donate but if hayou bu donate and share generosity witw us we greatly appreciate it.rec. more coming up in the next hourr keep here to fox5 news morning.r we'll be right back. ♪
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is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else?
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♪ children who have aspergerss or who are on the autism spectrum, they're special and ii don't mean special as in special needs.. i mean they're brilliant. briia and i wish people were more patient and they took the timeie to understand and appreciate that. >> i was trying to fit them intt my world.or that year i went to autism speaks i fit into their worldher and then that's when the lighthl bulb came on, that i need to bee part of this. ♪ >> autism doesn't define him. hm it's part of who he is but he is a 21-year-old young man. without zach my life would havew gone in a
8:31 am
direction. but zach let me see a differente world.wod. >> we told him your brain is brilliant and what we want youet to know is that it's not a disability.disabili it's a gift.t. because your brain can do thingg that most of us can't even imagine. ♪ >> our shawn yancy fox5 d.c.5.c cares has been partnering withi autism speaks all week long. wkl we've been featuring localri l families living with the joys tj and some challenges when itge comes to autism.. >> and shawn yancy we just saw in that piece she's here thisert morning because she's been's b spearheading the efforts tellinl those great stories.e good morning, shawn. always good to see you. g. >> good morning much it ismoingu wonderful to be here with youeru guys this morning.orng wonderful for this cause that we are here. we are talking about autism speaks. the challenges, the joys, j everything that families gofamil through, and joining me this morning is ann gibbons seniorr regional director for autism ais speaks.sp we've known each other for long time much you have an add dull d son philip who has autism andis
8:32 am
organization for a long time. >> right. right. >> i'm so glad you're here andad glad that we get to start offwet this coverage today with you. wy >> my pleasure.s >> let's talk about the fivek biggest challenges facing the autism community isn't well thee centers for disease control isti in charge of estimating theatg h prevalence of autism, and they actuallactually released new num yesterday which indicates thatea the prevalence of autism is still being counseled at one in 68. 68. one in 68 children in this -- in this country are now diagnosed w with autism spectrum disorder.. >> one in 42 boys. >> more common in boys. b that's what happened in both of our families.r fam more common in boys. bs. what the study brings into focuf the number is the same, that tht cdc reported two years ago, itt brings into focus a couple ofoue still incredibly important impta one is, while families have concerns, before the age of three we're still seeing a delay in diagnostic, full diagnosticti evalua
8:33 am
that delay is critical becausel those early years are so so important for intervention.ernto second thing we still see in the cdc study black and hispanic hia children are still being diagnosed >> i know that sometimes andimes i've heard from a lot of hearom families since we've been airing our stories, they don't they don't understand and kidss get labeled incorrectly or theyh think there's something elsehi wrong with them, and there's nos services given.ices gen. they don't know where to go toho seek help.ek h >> exactly. ely with do you bother to get au boo diagnosis of anything, right? ig it's so that you have a betteret understanding of what's going oo and you can get effectivetive treatment. until we get to the point wheret we're actively diagnosing autiss and doing effective treatment,ae we're in the getting those kidse the right path. you see a young man like philphl martin the fireman, my beloved fill, same name as my son, thata was diagnosed a little bit later, phil struggled trying too understand his world view for a long time it set him he's doing. d better now that he understandsns what he needs.s. >> for tho o
8:34 am
our -- online phil has beenas doing video diaries.iaes he has asbergers.sbrs we'll be talking to him later or this morning. let's talk about another one ofo the challenges.haen wandering and safety concerns.rn >> you know, we want our loved v ones with autism to lead a long and safe and happy life.ife. >> absolutely. >> but unfortunately, thehe leading cause of death for athor youngster with autism is drowning because the youngstersy don't understand safetyrstandet concerns, and they don'ty understand no and we see theme t loping we call it it's quiet devastating.tang i mean your station coverstion r covered something every fewing r months for a child is not beenee safe.fe. so we are trying to get ahead of that. working directly with familiesae so they understand how to make m their child safe in their homehe and in the community we workk directly with first responders to train them to understand our kids, because first responderesd has very little time to make a we want the community, we wantew our police and firefighters to o embrace us, and understand
8:35 am
we're not less, we're little bib different. >> if you hear a lot of noise il ise background it is a goodnd i thing right now.g righw. the telethon is going on so youo can hear everybody talking.ry tl were encourage to you call 202-895-330202-895-3307 right n donate to autism speaks. spe we'll jump back to an inform ana tack about one of the nextheex signs. si signs of autism early screeningi and diagnosis which you alreadya kind of mentioned.f meione >> right. >> and also a lack of a lot of times people don'tpln' understand.unde >> i know. it's really troubling. i mean, when god for bid my bid sister was diagnosed with breass cancer, you know, she was effectively treated because the medical profession is at a poini where they can provide what ist now called precision they understood her type ofe of cancer and how to address itss andly alleviated my concerns for myself and my daughter that wehw don't have the same issue in our genetics.netics. however, for my son and what he faces, we don't know what causec it. we don't know what caused -- yoy know, what tyson is facing inaig your own famil
8:36 am
we have a limit thee a lit th understanding of the best way tt treat it, and we certainly don't know how to prevent it. in a situations where therehe te are -- i mean like really threatening symptoms, we need td get ahead of that. t we need to get ahead of that ant we need to make sure that we are providing people with the medical and social andoc a educational care they >> i skipped ahead of myself. i missed the point adults withh autism. which is really really importanr because when we talk about thist we always hear about the kids. >> right. >> you have an adult son.e an as i mean certainly autism doesn'tn stop once you hit 20.0. >> no, no, no.o, that's the thing. you know, thanks to a federal mandate, individuals withh special needs are promised, given, mandated a free and appropriate education in our country.. god bless america until they'ret 21 years old.. at 21 years of age, the services that are available for job coaching, for support, forport, residential placement, for psychological assistance are are
8:37 am
butch. so then it really matters where you live and how good yourood diagnosis and access to servicee are. so for someone like my son who s wasn't able to get a high school diploma, we are very much muc dependent on the generosity of f our fellow residents of thedes t state of maryland to support sup him. he has a happy life. l he is thriving.g he's a bar back in montgomeryomy county.unty you know he will never drive a car. he will never have a girlfriendd but he's leading a life of quality, dignity and happiness.s and what else could we want forw any of our children. childre >> that's very very important.eo >> right. a inform n thank you very muchnr for coming in my pleasure. >> we know a lot of guy us havea questions.qu give us a call right nowes. the telethon line phone bank isi open 202-895-3307. we will be here to answer yourny questions. go to fox fox5 d.c. on our faceb page. pa a inform n even will continue cn this c steve and wisdom back to you. >> we'll chat with shawn lateha
8:38 am
first though let's get a check g of the forecast. here's tuck. >> raining tuck. rai heavy, too. >> big thunderstorms to ourstoro south.sout 68 now in washington. 68 in mid to upper 70 today's. tay big batch of thunderstormstor activities developed just to tht south of d.c. d.c just heads up reports of some power outages os and very bust gusty winds and heavy downpours crossing intoron charles county, saint mary'sars county, calvert county somebodys just tweeted me, prince george'g county, keep in mind that theree could be pretty goodbe py g thunderstorms moving through your neighborhood over the nexto d ur or so. we'll get break and then we cant do it all over again thisga afternoon at least the a possibility with the actual colt front kind of mid to late late afternoon keep that if mine.keif keep an umbrell won't rain all day.rain a day thunderstorm activity at theat t moment here just to the south o the city and raining inside the beltway pretty g78 thiss afternoon, showers and storms am possibility.possib that's a look at weather, guys.g toss it back to you.bao yo >> all right.ight tuck, that was thank you veryask much. 8:38. 8:38. george washington colonials with lot to celebrate this mornings i and caps fans have their chancea to get they are hands on playoff
8:39 am
tickets if you act quick enoughg >> three new movies hitting theg box office today.of tod kevin is coming up with hisith h reviews of today, n today's fox beat. be ♪ ♪
8:40 am
he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's.
8:41 am
eventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message. >> george washington colonials are officially nit champions.aly they knocked off 76-60 lastast night.nit. kevin larson had 18 points. poi set a
8:42 am
wins and last night's victory vc marks gw's first nit championship and the first postp season title of any kind inind school history.. last night gw official twitterlt account tweeted out this picture of the team captioned, nit champs. >> it's nit but big deal, rightg wis. wis. >> you play the people that are put in front of. they beat them. t they beat them easily. eas >> the team doesn't have anyve control of that.cont take it as far as you can that'h right. gh >> they're hoisting the trophyrh this morning. >> love it congrats. >> washington native is coming m vernon davis agreed to a one a o year deal witness burgundy andnd gold. gold >> davis spent 10 years with thw 49ers his entire career until u late last season when he join wj the broncos just in time to win a super bowl.per bow how does that work out? prettye nice, right? 32-year-old wellld known here in the dc area. area a graduate of dunbar high dunbar school. graduate of the university off h maryland. now gets the chance to put on cc the burgundy and gold thisold upcoming season. season. >> let's hope it work out. work out for him.wo let's talk hock company now.pany in just a couple of hours, youou can purchase tickets to see the
8:43 am
capitals battle it out in the it stanley cup playoffs. plas. tickets are available on thehe caps website by phone all tick master outlets. officials say there will be ayhe limited amount of tickets forics the first three home games.omeam they go on sale at 11:00 o'clocc this >> those are going to go realngr fast. fast >> good luck. >> still ahead a lot of moviesov opening at the box office this e weekend. kevin mccarthy will join us ands talk about them.ut >> right now you're looking livu at our autism speaks phone bank. we weren't to keep these phonesp rinking all morning. if you would like to donateould we've been sharing great storiet all week.l we you can call the number on youry screen 202-895-3307.. back with the weather next. n ♪ put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six.
8:45 am
stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
8:46 am
♪ not supposed to rain at the ballpark. got a little rain delay on thelo preparations for tonight's gameg had to bring out tarps already,a tuck, on the security devices >> oh, yeah. >> kind of looks like it, le i doesn't it?t? >> certainly does.oe >> you know what, if it rainsais today, let's hope it doesn'ti rain on monday. mony >> you mean down in atlanta.. >> yeah, yeah, yeah.. >> well whenever they starten here, thursday is the home game. >> actually we have showers latv thursday. we'll focus on that coming up ip a little bit. b game down there tonight atig 6:00 and game item at noon.t noo just want to give everybody a a reminder, we've got weather daya coming up at the end of may. m nationals take on the mets at 1:05 before to game we will belb presenting weather day for area
8:47 am
as an individual if you'reividlf interested or bring your bring familiar down there.mi down the. always great i have brought out of moth ballh one of my favorites. tony perkins is returning this i ha.d to make lots of phone p calls to talk to lots of peopleo >> had to offer up something sei real fancy.real fcy >> i have. i'm giving away pretty much alla of my earthly possessions but it tony to agree to come down.. sue will be, caitlyn will be wib with us and fantastic morning. m we do meet and greet with everye single student that comes down.w last year was three or 4,000,,0 and we'll try to meet and takeet pictures with everybody. we have lots of great give awaya and we do just very -- we have v lot of fun talking about weather isn't who is throwing out the first pitch?hr >> this year it's very special.. you'll have to stay tune.e. >> oh, okay.kay >> very special person in yearsi past both steve and wisdom.m. >> yes. yes. >> right? >> yes. >> with -- and you. wit >> with success. with i through it out many year ago.a back when my arm was still fresf and i was still throwing, you y know, heaters about 60 miles an6 hour.hour >> still in the 60s..
8:48 am
>> for more information, go to again, they sell discounteddiscn tickets if you're going toif y' weather 68 now in washington. 69 in annapolis.. 64 in frederick. temperatures are mild but we've' got a real strong band of thunderstorms developed just tos the south of d.c. now pushing ps right across the potomac.otac earlier it was in king georges g county pushing throughh fredericksburg.ks now it's in southern tweet me, power outages and very gusty wind. keep that in mine.t rain here inside the beltway. montgomery, howard county innty maryland seeing rain as well. weep get this batch through herh and get a break.ant a later this afternoon the threatt of another round of showers ande thunderstorms with the actualthl cold front lagging off to the te west and that kick off again the potential for a few strongew stg storms later today.storms lat so because of that, we're underr a marginal risk for severeere weather. i think we've already seen signe of that early this morning in southern maryland with some vern gusty winds.stnd i've been seeing some reports os gust that is about 40 miles an0 hour
8:49 am
small hail and lots of lightnini seeing that as well to the soutu and east. here's future cast notice we gee a break here during the middayy hours.hour it won't be raining every be ran minute.minu warm and humid and soggy out there during the afternoon we'l' watch that cold front slide inon and that could give us anotherio round of showers and storms.wens it doesn't look very impressive. not sure how much we'll get butt heads up we could and then i'm t hoping we get it out of here ini time for the game tonight.ight tomorrow morning we'll have soms lingering clouds and showers ane with a little area of lowa of l pressure that rides along our ag frontal boundary, and i'm hopinn we get that out of here by early afternoon as we have anotherwe h game and i know a lot of people want to get outdoors. it's springtime now.e n between get outdoors springtimee in the afternoon hours. aft 78 today. 78 tod much cooler weather by tomorrowm afternoon. 62 and then look at the bottomtt drops out sunday. 52 with blustery conditionsontin around here. h sunday will be a plane old coldd day and we'll be flirting withln the freezing mark by mondayday morning for much of the areamuch here. all right. guys, that's weather update. i'll be back in a minute do ano update on the thunderstorms back to the south. back to you guys. to u gu
8:50 am
d.c. d.c. let's check in with maureen.auen >> coming up at 9a anothernoth tragic loss for law enforcemente we're live with the latest of deadly shooting that killed a ke state a baby kidnapped from upscale us mall how police say social medid helped track the suspect down. plus, major road closures insurs downtown we have what you need to knowd k and then live at 9:30 we talk tl the latest contestant voted off idol and get ready to laugh. tou ahead on good day at 10a, he won last comic standing and this t morning clayton english joins us live in the loft. l good day d.c. jam pack just a ta you minutes away. >> thanks, maureen.aureen for this fox beat free fre friday how about checking out ak the wizards you can win four for tickets wizards host charlotte e at verizon center on sundayda april 10th a week from sunday. >> all right. to enter for your chance to wini go to thne contest page on fox5 dc's com/ two winners will be selected bye random drawing on april 4th. 4th the pr
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of $108 and is proked by monumental sports. >> good luck.>> 8:51 right now.ow. hi, kev., k. >> hi, steve. hi, wisdom., sdo >> hello, kevin.e >> wisdom real quick before we r get to the movies. the mie >> what's that.>> ws th >> you saw batman versuss superman.superm >> i saw it.t >> ill will dominate the bockatb office again this weekend.nd >> i like it. i agree with you on two thing. >> okay.>> oka >> lex luther was terrible.r wa >> and lois lane terrible. tri >> i think her story line was l unnecessary much the action was amazing.azin >> yes. >> their fight was w >> right.ight >> i loved affleck as batman. an you thought he was okay.ough >> i thought he was okay. he s . >> i think he's the best batmana since keaton.e k >> out of five what do you giveg it. >> four. ou >> okay. solid four. >> we're right on with each rhto other. i gave 84. gav 84. not as bad as everyone said itt was. it will be number one this ts weekend.weekend. i've seen it three thre >> three movies opening i saw og the light hank williams bio pick you also god two i saw the lighl great story about hank william. dying at 29 yeared. such a arage
8:52 am
tom hiddleston plays him in the film brilliant performance.forme you know him as lokay from theme avengers.enge. he did his own singing, ownng o guitar playing he became hankam williams.llia olson is great in the film, toot the songs are so great and in ad the six years of recording heecg had over 30 hit singles, he had sold 11 million records andn re amazing story. sry the film itself is not as goodso as he is.e is. i wanted more appreciation forei his music and the impact it hadh on music today but overall ira think he's worth give it 3.5 out of five only ses it for him. he's phenomenal in the movie.ov shows his range as an actor.ct not just super hero. >> he's not low key.. >> real quick i know he was with us yesterday and you talked tokd him for while. did dough anything special to prepare, since he's singing and playing, did dough anything --n >> he had to learn to sing andd >> did he do anything to channea hank william.hank william. i'm sure he read his
8:53 am
luke the drifter was like ae a different name he would writeoud poems and certain songs i think he went and downed thede darker path of williams live ane i think one of the interestingei things was that he has a mastered the voice many he's a h british guy from london.ondo hank williams is from alabama. a he was having a hard timee saying --sang >> big difference.>> b >> saying the words he the wayt he did.he did >> overall not bad. not b >> very well done.y wellone. 3.5 out of five.f fiv >> what else.>> what else. >> everybody wants some.ry w this movie has two exclamationmi points in it's title in case c you're typing it out on socialus immediate y spiritual sequel toe days and confused. richard link later -- lat -- >> means it doesn't pick up't pc where the other one left off.t >> in the same spirit as dazed z and confused. link later did daze and confused and boyhood.and boood. this in many about a college cle baseball team and the guys justs partying it up.ngt up. it's a fun movie really well wel done. done. a lot of unknown actors in thehe film that might not know by na name. wyatt russell, kurt russell andl goldy he wasn't's son.t' s it's a well made college partylp
8:54 am
not as good as dazed and a confused but does it work.ed it's hilarious the drama worksrw as well. there are some scenes that will make you laugh out lard.ut the beauty of richard link later are the sun tracks. tra he does a great job. job vanhalen in the movie he uses hu sound track as a leading leadi character very very well.y we >> he's set up to make movies tm about the '90's and two a two thousands.nd >> hopefully he will.ule wi i gave that four out of five. f >> god not dead two.. faith based movies doing reallya well at the box office. miracles from heaven was great.e war room was phenomenal.. >> these movies don't cost a lot of money to make. mak war room made millions.s god is not dead one costt $2 million made $63 millionilli worldwide at the box office muce this one deals with melissa joaj heart public schoolteacher inear 11th grade.ra she talks about jesus in hersuih classroom one day when a studenu asks her about jesus and she'snd taken to court for her job. and the idea separation between church and state and it's a very very well received movie inie regards to the messages. messag
8:55 am
lawyer much he's great.he'sreat problem witness film it's aess i little too long at times andimed some of the dialogue didn't word but overall i think it's pg for families.mi. i mean i think it's good movie g to take your kids to s a lot of great messages abouts standing up yourself want youyo believe it and that's what ind like about it. 3.5 out of five. oiv faith messages are amazing. amag i would say batman v superman or 10 clover field lane. some really good films infilms i theaters right rig n >> thanks lot.ot guys. >> tuck if there's rainy day iny the near future or now.e n >> cold day on sunday with highh temperatures only in the lowures 50's. that's good movie day if you. got it real good -- reaa strong band of showers andwe thunderstorms working throughki the region. the bulk of the activity isiv south and east of us.east southern maryland you guys areae getting hard hit here with w downpours and some cloud to cud ground lightning and very gusty winds. just hang in there.just han this will be pushing veryl pus quickly to the east across thecs bay. and then we'll get a break.e' but later this afternoon, potential is there for another h round of showers andund ofwers thunderstorm. actual cold front is off to thes west. keep up bream
8:56 am
i don't think. of your midday hours will be dr but later this afternoon oneno more round of showers andswers thunderstorms and then clear iti out tonight. at least dry the out tonight.on heads up. tomorrow morning one last batcht of showers through about 10,bou1 11:00 o'clock in the morning.hem then we'll clear it out tomorrot afternoon.rnoo 78 today. only 52 by sunday. cooler air on the way.thay erin, how are roads? >> well, right now we have r breaking news atig vick with m metro. courthouse stop dealing withp an power outage that is affecting electricity at the station. right now the orange line is ini service at core house all linesn stopping through courthouse as they shall be but they arebut operating on emergency power sow please be prepared for some potential delays to start to sta growing at that location. thaoct we'll keep you posted on that one. one. over turned vehicle this shouldh be cleared soon access road 267 west after centreville.eneville. things are moving along muchlo m better than they were we'll take live look outsidesi right now.t w. light congestion things really a breaking up on our majors rightg now as you make your way out ont 270 or the beltway keep in mindm we have a crash in the district this is 14th street northwestwet at independence avenue.eve causing some backed up
8:57 am
so watch for that. wat you can see as you make your way on 14th street because of that t delays as we continue on goodnoo day we will remind you about ala the closures around the nucleare security summit. back to you. >> good day is coming you neck.u first keep the phone callsne coming in. we want to make sure that thee phone bank i ts busy this mornii our autism phone bank is up andd running. runn there's all the great volunteere who came in today. tod high fives all around. a we shall reallyll be high fivini those who are calling.e who aren we can just giveg you sincereoun thanks.thks. number is on our screen seen 202-895-3307. ♪
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♪ straight ahead state trooper senselessly today the commonwealth mournslt the loss of the trooper gunnedgd down during a training exercises what we know about the victimic and the gunman. hundreds of delegates aheada of of one else. els donald trump may have a big leaa but there are new signs he's stumbling at a crucial time ofaf the cal what it could mean for the party and the next primary.. terrifying moments for newow mother after a strangerger kidnapped her child from a mall. the escape all caught on camera. how police and social media med helped track down the suspect. george washington ends thehe season with a championship.. >> later, nit champions go dancing george washingtonge w bringing the trophy back toroph foggy bottom for the first timem ever. how the team is celebrating its big good day at 9a starts now.


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