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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at then a lightening strike sparks a fire during a storm tonight. that's just the beginning of what will be a wild weather weekend. >> alexandria first homicide ofs the engineer a murder mystery ie old town. tow we're live with new details. >> a big announcement is plannem for the area around rfk stadium. we got a sneak peek of what to expect. news starts right now. >> thanks for joining us wes begin tonight with breaking news in arlington three people havepp been stabbed one person taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police are searching nor multiple suspect. we have a reporter heading to the scene. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. hope you enjoyed the weather.
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>> through tonight. take a look at this video from o the montgomery fire department. we're told a lightening strikee during a storm hit power linesle and sparked a fire in potomac. luckily no property damage or injuries. questions what can we expect for the rester of the weekend.r gwenof tolbert is here with the first look test weekends. we did have storms that sto rolled through earlier. thingsg have finally calm do you understand. we're dealing with a frontal system that's going to be responsible for changes as well. let's take a look at our maps. t i'll show you what i'm talking about. there's the clouds in full force. you can see one of the stormse that rolled through earlier. right now there's that frontal system its actually going movey to the south. we're going to see the low pressure system along it. that's going to be responsible are a few showers as we move into the early part of your saturday. we do have changes because we are also lookings at a lot of cold air and very very gusty winds that are going to be
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moving in. here's a look at your current temperature right now in the nations capital, 72 degrees. winds are firely light on the o south southwester.outh we had a high today in the low '80s. will be a far cry from that tomorrow as we better a lotter cooler. right now elsewhere its 73 at quantico. 66 baltimore, 63 at frederick, seventy degrees at dull less, 54 at winchester and 55 degrees at martinsburg.rtin 54 degrees overnight low. mostly cloudy exercise and coolc as we move into the weekend we e are talking about strong weekend winds and maybe a snowflake. details coming up later. back to you. >> let's go back to the breaking news out of arming ton. twor people stabbed in the 300 blockb of agree >> one victim is now at the hospital with live threatening injuries. jennifer davis is near the seen now with the latest, jenny whatn do you know. >> reporter: this as giant seeng i'm going to step away so youway can take a loo
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they are setting up a command center in threat hundred block. you can see tackle units. u they are here because there weru initial reports that an a sale ranter lant may have run off h into a home. they think it was actually one a of the victims that went running for help. but still this seen vetches forn blocks, it's not just heree actually goes all the way up glebe pass the 7-eleven and winds a bit of the activity un folded here. continues for another one or two blocks. as you mentioned, what started all of this two people who have been stabbed. it has been about eight:15. the department says units were responding to reports of assault with a weapon with, we understand now one patient inati grave condition the other patient has what is considered more minor injuries. inj police at this point tell us they don't know a cause. they also don't know suspect at this point they don't know if they are dealing wop one suspecp or more.or this seen is just unfolding andf just beginning. but i can tell you if
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any plans to be in arlington this evening you are going to want to stay aqua from thisqua area. a number of roads shutdown. a lot of police activity. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, police in alexandriai are searching for a killer who investigators say targeted a man taking a stroll in hisis neighborhood. it happened in older town. it is the city's first murder of the year. fox 5 tisha lewis is live with more, tisha? >> reporter: well, toning kneee, here's how rare this is for this to happen here. last year in addle, there were four murders alone, two of thost cases remain unsolved. in this case, the victim is a 69 year old man who lived just w below blocks if you take a walkl with me and look down the street he lived down this block where that couple is walking right now. police identified him as. he died this morning. four days after he was attacked and robbed near his
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residents were surprised. >> one of my craig friends wasig visiting me today i was tellingt him this is the kind of place i feel you can walk around three a.m. by myself. that's very surprising to hear.n >> i always have my phone readyy and just, be aware of you're surroundings and have a key fob ready those type of things. women i feel like you do thato any way. definitely more now looking around a little more. >> reporter: it all went down on this street the 200 block of of south alford street.rd he was walking monday night shortly after nine:30.e:30. neighbors heard a commotion andn moments later when they came outside he was laying on the ground. he had a severe head jr, butr, according to police, he was was still conscious when police arrived able to talk and converse. now, he was then taken to theakn hospital and at some point, his condition worsened but detectives were able following
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excuse me, and they are now going through that information.i police say that this was all the after math of a robbery. >> robbery just nature of them they are often crimes of convenience, where a person wants your valuables and they te are looking for somebody that you know may be in an isolated o area or certain time at night. and it looks like they can getgt away with the crime. >> reporter: it repains a mystery what exactly was stolen. what we can tell you is that police say that right now they do not have a suspectct description. they are speaking with witnesses. and if you take a look over my left shoulder that right there that is the alford street baptist church a historic church here in i please tell me they are also going through surveillance video hoping that businesses and merchants may have captured what happened. tisha lewis fox 5 local news. >> a prayer vigil was held in richmo
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life of a virginia state trooper killed in line of duty. they attended ceremony atery virginia commonwealthnwea university. they came together to remember chad dermyer. der a gunman shot him in richmondhmd yesterday. dermyer was participating in a training exercise at the bus terminal with more than a dozens troopers and supervisors. investigators say -- >> they were pretty much side by side with brown being to chad'sc right. he turned into him and fired the shots multiple shots. struck chad multiple times.d and hemu went down. as soon as that gunfire erupted there were two of our troopers t who in close proximity in plain clothes, they returned fire and fired at brown. and struck him. e. >> he had a brief encounter wite the gunman. james brown iii near the terminal's entrance. moments later he
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caliber handgun and startedrt firing. brown later died at a hospital from his wounds as did trooper dermyer. two women also were shot but will survive. police say brown had extensive criminal history inningtory illinois. the gun you was impot illegallyi by someone else. e still unclear how he got hisot hands on that weapon. state police say trooper dermyer's death devastating andv the department has lost a good man. he was a marine originally jackson, michigan. mc the 37 year old joined state police force inning 2014.014. and he had resentedly been transferred to the departments counter terrorism unit. uni he lived in gloucester virginia and leaves behind a wife and two children. >> troubling video from inside a charles county courthouse we see questionable conduct by a local judge that got him thrown in jail. plus after a month of testing the results are in on the
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found at the former estate of oj simpson and its officials on a a different story. and its official guns and roseso is going on tour find out when you can catch them here as fox 5 news at then continues.
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>> after weeks of forensic tests detectives have determined at o the knife found atave the formr estate of oj same simpson wase not the 95 used to kill nicholl brown simpson.mpso it had been in possession of off an lapd officers after a construction worker found ittion after the estate was being demolished simpson found not guilty in connection with theone murder. the weapon linked has never been found. >> former charles county judge was sentenced to one year off probation the reason he ordered a serr riff deputy to shock a defendant in his
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tonight you can see and here the video of this crime for yourself. paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: judge robert nalled says he made an error unjust when he ordered sheriff deputy to activate a stun gun.un. prosecutors called the judge's order disproportionate for what were verbal interruptions in court. king calls what happened to him torture. tonight you can see for yourself what happened in court that day. a warning this video may be very disturbing to some viewers especially children. >> that's king with the pulled back dreadlocks standing at the defense table inside the judges courtroom. he's representing himself in ag gun case.ase. right from the start the judge appears agitated. >> i didn't ask you what your name was i asked how you wishedu to be addressed. >> sheriffs deputies attached ac stun cuff to king's
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they cang remotely activate. if he tries to run or becomes unruly.ruly just minutes into the proceedino the judge has become exasperated with king's behavior. watch what happens next. >> mr. sheriff, do it. use it. all right you want to take him. >> a little more than a month after king was shocked the judge was removed from the fence and later charged with violating the man's civil rights. that's the judge on the right.. he pleaded guilty to one count and will have to attend anger management class.nt king attended the meeting andeeg told the judge what happened tot him was a very dehumanizing experience. he later told reporter the the judge's sentence was no justice at all. judge
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this statement. he was already on probation forn another gun conviction was in custody because he had fled from the courthouse on an earlier proceeding. judge nalley regrets he did notd use another means to have had king act appropriately in the courtroom. paul wagner, fox 5 local news. >> there is new information intn the case of deonte cara way the prince george's county county school aids accused of producig child pornography. in the lawsuit, one of the victims claims carrawayarra threatened to kill her if she told anyone.e. accused of making child pornography and a abusing at least 17 children. he pled not guilty to all charges. a disgrace virginia state legislator who admits he had sex with a teenage employee wants tn be the next mayor of richmond.
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the 58 year old lawyer pleaded e guilty in 2014 to a misdemeanor charge to>s contributing to lending what see of a minor. he is now engaged to to that employee. and have two children. he has experience to run the city. general manage has a lot ofo people talking after announce an all options on the table after he creates a maintenance plan for the rail system. it may include, if necessary, shutting down an entire metro line to do major repairs.epai this as regular riders deal with major to the best including twot more day. jennifer davis filed this this earlier tonight. >> reporter: trains were movinga well aint woodly park today unty they weren't. about three p.m. in insulator forced single tracking precautionary
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it was removed.. service was back to normal after 20 minutes. traveling were several young cousins admitted reports like this have her worried when sheen hospital on the train. >> i see that they are working on. right now it's okay. but i'm still worrying about it. a few hours later another smallr problem it felt like a big one.. the chaos was captured. the door reportedly stopped working at fer gather north.e high gearr right now several we spoke with said despite delays i and problems, they are still excited to use this system especially when they are traveling with >>they had never gone on anything like this before that's why we decided to do it. saw a couple things on the newsn over all i don't have concerns. >> metro
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he sent a letter saying he's working and a long rage maintenance plan and expect toaa have it ready in a couple weekss includes possibility of shutting down entire lines for repairs. but he says he'll give ample notice to folks no matter what he decides. dec >> that was jennifer davis reportings. its been a long week for the elevator at the washington monument. days after 40 people got stuck at the top and had to walk down it experienced anothererienced interruption in service this afternoon. it happened after unload ding passengers at the observation level no. one was trapped on the elevator and park rangers walked 86 visitors down the stairs. it will remain closed until clo sunday at the earliest while repairs are paid. cannot keep that thing working.r >> still to come preparing for outbreak how the feds are t helping local agencies get reade for the zika virus. later its mccarthy and mccarthy, fo
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sits down with the boss star mccarthy. cursing in front of kids. >> as we head back from the break the dates have been announced for the tour that many thought would never happen, guns and roses featuring the ruin ofu rational rose and slash hitting the road this summer they will be playing fedex field june 26 ticket go on sale next week. ♪
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>> health oven initials are warning transmission of zika virus is likely to hit the us in a few months. nother looking to help local officials and organizationinganz improve ability to respond to the local
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>> reporter: obama>> administration is taking actiong against zika as the weatherer warms the us is likely to see is local transmission of the virus and c dc is hosting a zika summit to help officials prepare a response. >> nothing is going to be easy or quick. months seat toes capable of spreading it could be in more areas here. a new c dc map shows a range may include some of the midwest and northeast. potential range for a relateded months seat to stretches even farther more. if what was cabby haves as, that's a big if we don't know if it will we may see explosive may spread in one area followed by a long period of lower level transmission. >> zika is considered a global g emergency by the
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organization. those people experience mild symptoms after infection if anyf at all. but it is being linked with birth detective where babies ar born with smaller than usual headaches. >> the spectrum of risk of pregnancy is beyonds. the spectrum includes apparently miscarriage and other adverse outcomes. >> puerto rico and us virgin islands are experiencing activee transmission of the virus. who are in the u.s. air conditioners and screens may.. >> all week we've been highlighting stories to raise awareness about autism tin ourm community. today there is some news from the autism world. into fa a new report by the center of deeds control autismee rate remains stable. according to the report, one ofn every 68 children had autism in 2012.
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in 2010. but federal health officials say it is too early to determine whether this means rates are stabilized. as i told you fox5ddcares has been partnering with autismism speaks all week to feature families dealing with autism. >> we hosted a telethon with autism speaks and the phone banks were ringing off the hook with donation calls. we brougho in all sorts of guest to showo you where the money is going. including the nonprofit n organization that trains service dogs to help people with disability. >> we're still tally final numbers. you can still donate. your donation will help autism speaks fund recertain. help local families and give giv grants to local organizations who help people who have autism. you can find donation link on the fox 5 dc home page. you can also text the word wor autism to the number
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now to make attending dollar donation. it's very easy i did that one th last night. >> this is shawn yancy baby. bab you know. i know she's been really excited to see impact it has had into coming up next update on the hack a tack that crippled medicine star hospital in our area. >> we have a sneak peek at major plans surrounding rfk stadium. back after this. they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits.
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in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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>> we have an update on our breaking news from the top of the show. police now say one of the two people stabbed in arlingtonrlin tonight has died.t h this happened in the 300 block b of south glebe road around 8:00a this evening.this we're told the other victim hash non life threatening injuries. police are looking for what they say is several suspects.cts. this is arlington's firstst homicide of
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a vigil in richmond.d. fellow state troopers and the public attended to remember chad dermyer shot in killed inning richmond yesterday. elevator at the washington monday you meant had another interruption in service no oneic was trapped in the elevator.leva park rangers walked visitorsgers down the stairs.down it will remain closed untillose sunday at the earliest while repairs are made. fairfax county police are looking for a man who robbed and sexually assaulted a woman in springfield. they are nowthre asking for the publication help. alexandria limon has the latests tonight. >> reporter: its a scaryepor scenario a woman is walking in this springfield neighborhood on commerce street early wednesday morning when a man grabs her and sexually assaults her. residents and workers in this neighborhood s t
10:32 pm
edge especially because suspect is on the lose loose.oo >> be cautious whose around you, what's around you. just take precaution. pre you e fairfax county police investigator hope the publicubli will help them trap track down the man responsible. his car was cottoning surveillance cameras and has a distinctive feature described as answering older model red two door car with a sunroof and a gray or white patch on the driver door. 72. >> if h if they see the vehiclee call it in especially with tag information. we don't know if it's virginia or any other state tag. >> when he hear stuff that makes me feel sad. sad how can people come down to this point where they need to do stuff like that. >> reporter: alexandria limonlea fox 5 local news into police art asking anyone with informationit to give thehm a call. they believe getting the license plate number could be the key to
10:33 pm
arrest. they had enough in dc. members gathered this evening for a safety walk. >> we want this neighborhood to be safe. >> someone fired shots in the so neighborhood near 19th and h streets. no one was hurt. but two cars damaged by the gunfire. commissioner cathy henderson said her community is standing a strong and wants this type of behavior to stop. >> we're out here with our officers to restore a sense of law and order. and to send a message to criminals that we're notot interested in the lawless nest and they need to go someplace else. >> she said she's concernedd s there could be a spike in violence if the neighborhood doesn't put a stop to it right now. new at then after a cyber attack we're hearing from medstar health they released a statement medstars priority remains focused on providing high quality safe care fo
10:34 pm
the care, meeds of the, community. they are continuing to work with the fbi. they believe no patient information was compromised i think the breach. dc mayor signs an order banning travel to north carolina. it is away of protesting their approval of new law, public security privacy and security act. anti discrimination laws to protect lesbian. the districted stands with the lgbt community. >> i think when good well-meaning people don't stand up and speak up or speak out o against what is wrong, then, then we are couple list and so s we don't want to be that way and that goes to the values of our city. >> district now joins connect, vermont, new york and washingtos state who have also implemented travel bans to north carolina over the law.
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become a prist dollar primary in the race for the white house. >> big announcement is coming about the rfk stadium stadium . more people hearing magic words you are hired.ed. economy hading 215 thousand jobs in march. a little bit more than expected. but it looks like fewer construction crews are taking out hammer and nails for now. construction in february feb dropping by biggest amount inin three management's cut backs inn government and non residential projected. meantime, drivers need to bring a little more cash to the pump after a the starting the year with low prices gas has beenas moving higher over the past few weeks.we national average two dollars six cents a gallon. if you drive a volkswagon listen up, german
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cars with diesel engines. d causing vehicles to overheatt possibly starting fires. that's business. business.
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you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? we turn to the race for theor white house. the wisconsin primary four days away. republicans routeting against a donald trump. on the dement cat particulart side sanders hoping to keep his momentum going. get the latest from fox joe balanced man: hillary clintona in new york looking ahead to ahe april 19th primary where 291 291 delegates are on the line. she could first have the big big problem in
10:40 pm
sanders according to fox business pole poll. >> my opponent joined with republicans to vote against authorizing the bank and to me this was a no brainer: it was tough week for trump sieged by a series of problems with his campaign manager charged with a crime to trump's comments about punishing women who have abortions. today cruz and john kasich keeph piling on the mann they insist s in fit to be president. pre >> into we're going to end up aa a convention that's going to be cool kids are going to learn more about how to pick a president. >> hoping to patch up some of the negative numbers surrounding his campaign. a recent gallons lop poleallo showing seven% of women view
10:41 pm
>> not a small demographic group. republicans can win these dayshe even if they don't do well with latino, they can't win if theyhy are getting destroyed among women voters. vot its no april fool joke sayingayn he'll support whoever the republican nominee is even if it is donald trump. >> tonight at 11 on fox 5 dozens of people are expected to meet up and light up outside of the f white house tomorrow. they are pushing for the legalzation of marijuana some of them are prepared to be arrested. that story at 11. >> later in the show, we're saying cheers to the weekend. the bar manager from oks dentalm grill and seafood is here to make a cherry ricky. fox 5 local news at 11.
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>> well washington redskinssk
10:45 pm
almost 20 years. least runs for 13 more years. but, the skins current home lacked the charm many say of rfk where they won five nfc championship games. >> fox 5 matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: big plans won't be announced until monday at a public meeting. but we've talked to several city leaders who gave hints on what n will be announced because they've been briefed already.ed first of all there are two major plans. one that includes a football stadium not rfk but another stadium, another one that has no plans for a football stadiumtaum here. also all of these parking lots so many people have complainedad about, there's acres and acresrs of them, they are going to be removed replayed with
10:46 pm
recreational spaces even soccer field. let's take you to the individual yost you know that this site it lines the an cost yay river y there are plans for that for many years people complainedpl about run off from the parking lots going right into the river, i'm told there are plans to develop this area near the was e the so the public can have access to it. it. one leader told me maybe volleyball courts near by. earlier today mayor bowser was asked about the site and she says he she'd like to see it developed soon and wouldn't mind seeing some shopping, maybe some designing here as well. >> i have asked events dc to bee prepared to have a plan that can go any number of directions. cause the city, my responsibility will be is thatth we don't just have a vacant stadium at rfk. so i expect that we will have concepts that would include nfl stadium, not include nfl stadium. but regardless, it will be many uses, multi uses, we have a lott of acreage
10:47 pm
of use at the stadium. >> reporter: we did ask the the organization that's putting this altogether for renderings of o what this might all look like le they said they couldn't becausee they are still tweaking the project they hope to have them altogether monday. one thing for sure we talked to counsel member jack heavens he said don't expect to see thee redskins join this meetinghis monday and announce the redskins are moving back to dc. in northeast matt ackland fox 5 local news. >> a lot of people were wondering. they are honing. >> if that were to happen that's a long way off. they have major obstacles too overcome. >> a lot going on this weekend weather wise. i'm telling you you name it. we've got it. we've got every lym bit ofym something for everybody this weekend. some you might like some you may not. we started off with a few storms storms tonight.ight now we're going to move to the said part. p we've gotten a little bit of winter, a ltl
10:48 pm
almost a little bit of a summer temperatures into the '80s thatt wasn't all bads. you know it was a pretty nice day, we had lots of sunshine. and it really was fairly warm as well.we with those em t p chars into thr low '80s. but you know what we're going tg see a big difference as we move into this weekend because we'ree going to get cooler. we'rewe'r going to see the winds get very gusty. i can't he rule out a snowflake and maybe even a shower. so we've got a whole mixture of things happening. but a live look outside over national kathy drail, we havewe clouds outside. not all bad.. we're talking much cooler saturday than today. we were in the '80s. we're going to cool down at a least by beaten degrees so yound are going to see those temperatures really start to dip. once we move into sunday it gets cooler. then we're going to be seeing a real influx of air that's going to be moving inovin from the north. arctic push
10:49 pm
down to the 50s. it's going to be chilly andlly colder at night.ight a frost freeze possible for some of you. and winds are going to be ae a major problem this weekend. gusting even up to 50 or 60 miles per hour. definitely hang on to you're hat weather there. look at the clouds what we havea right now we had storms earlier tonight. they moved through. are now out of the picture. they were all associated with aw frontal system. this one here, which is sinking its way to the south, we're going to say owe to see low pressure system right along that that's going to set us up once we get to early hours of tomorrow morning with showers. look at temperatures right nowrh 73 at dc 66 baltimore, gaithersburg, sixty threeburg degrees at frederick, 70 dulles, 68 at. now the winds aren't so bads right now. they are going to get gusty once we get into tomorrow and son. they are going to be worse.orse we'll have wind chills. as far as rain is
10:50 pm
early hours of tomorrow morningg we anticipate seeing some rainfall. it's not going to last all day. it should be out of here by midday or so. once we gets into saturday night into sunday we get arctic air moving we're actually talking about a passing snowflake this time of year can you believe we'reou bel talking about it. it's really going to be a passing flake. nothing that's going to stick around. in the overnight hours of the you wake up in the morning you won't no what happened house that. it's going to move through quickly. higher elevations may see aons little bit. other than that if it's justha going to be passing we have a couple of systems. this particular system will bring us showers on saturday ina the morning.the by the afternoon we'll have a mixture of clouds and sunday it will be dry in the 60. stronger front with arctic airir movers through sat night into sunday that's when we are going to see few flakes sunday moree sunshine very windy. and very chilly as our temperatures dip to the 50s. 50. freeze watch in effect from midnight
10:51 pm
am on sunday. o and then we have a high wind watch in effect saturday night through and until sunday noon. and guess what, that's going to really e those cherry blossomshe be prepared for that. wind gusts really strong. be aware of that. and you know make sure that you get into those cherry blossoms over the next day or sot day otherwise you are going to misss them. sunny and windy. keep ton car show happening. 7-day forecast you are going tou see we a are going to get very cold monday night into tuesday again. as we get another reinforce sink shot of very very cold air.r. we go from '80s to overnight lows in the 30s real quickly i'll say that fast. and for the nat game on thursday we got in rain. >> all right. >> okay. thank you gwen. >> melissa mccarthy is back in a new movie called the boss. sh
10:52 pm
america until she gets into legal trouble for insight trading. she wants to rebrand herself as america's sweetheart. kevin mccarthy sat down with her to get inside scoop. >> hello. i love you in a suited. >> that's a real device. you know, i stole that t because chris works in our movie one of the producers his wife brooke shields sent him a picture of her at the dentist i literally, it blew my mind, what's in her mouth. i said, thank you, brook. >> my favorite shot in the film you were in the bed it flies you up, looked like one
10:53 pm
how did your husband get that shot how did they do that? >> he, today i'm talking about it. he said, i was like what's thehe trick. he said we're going to put you on the end of the bed and then we're going to data bullet youat against thata ball wall. >> you can't talk about thebout trick erie, right? >> it is one, it is, it isn't one shot. it's amazing but i did part, somebody did part and then, thet whole thing that's why you can'y cut away from it, it has to be done in one, cause if you cut around, you know that it's fake so were like it got to actually happen. >> when you are doing scenes with young children you are saying raunch key cursing. >> its terrible. >> are there parents onset. >> there are no one seems toms have as much of a problem with it as i do. i kept
10:54 pm
would do the seen everyone we've, everyone knew no one was prized i would preface it now what i'm about to say is not how i speak in life, all of the kids were like we get it it's a movie. >> i'm like, okay. afterwards i was like, apologize for saying those words. nobody else really cared it wasa just me. every time i did it, oh i'm sorry. >> i love her. >> she's really good.d. the physical comedy. >> really. >> you can't laugh at everybodyo that gets thrown against a wall. >> all right. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> sunday is opening day major o leaguepe baseball.eb opening day everyone is in first place even the
10:58 pm
getting in my cub shots early. they are the favorites to breakr the curse and win the world series. nat came in with all the preseason praise. nationals get to fly under the radar. back from florida taking on the twins at nat park. exhibition game the nat will need simpler man to stay healthy. harper one run lead. brings in anthony make it two nothing. up on the basis. then ballet baseball to get the out. i had to look that one up. nats turner drivers in winning run. nat beat twins four-three. adding to their confidence heading into opening day. d >> got to get a air of attitude and air of of confidence about us. that we can build
10:59 pm
through the course of the season. cause it's not always going toly be easy. we're not worried about anybodyy else. we've been saying that for the last couple years. all we got to do is worry abouty ourselves and how we are handling ourselves. if he we do our part and play our game.ame. >> not being worried about abo anybody else. seven experts on fox sports .coo only one picked nat to win nlat east only one other to making play a unlike last year where'ss my ring, it's not that much different of a team. but they don't have the expectation hads.ex >> maybe that's good. >> i prefer that. >> other way ruined hasn't worked so well. >> baker wants to see a little t more of that cockey mess come co out. he likes that, not having to wait weight of world.. >> news at 11 starts right
11:00 pm
>> right now at 11 friday evening making way for a cold and windy weekend.. the weather about face that's in store. >> washington monument force too close after another elevator malfunction leaves visitors stranded on observation deck. elderly alexandria man viciously beaten during a robbery has died. tonight the search for his attack consider. fox 5 local news at 11 starts right now. >>we begin with breaking news at 11. we've learned that one person has died following a double stabbing in arlington. thank you for joining us.g i'm tone me perkins. >> sincere sincere for shawn. stabbing has been at eight:15. jennifer davis live and the seen jennifer.


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