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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> right now at 11 friday evening making way for a cold and windy weekend.. the weather about face that's in store. >> washington monument force too close after another elevator malfunction leaves visitors stranded on observation deck. elderly alexandria man viciously beaten during a robbery has died. tonight the search for his attack consider. fox 5 local news at 11 starts right now. >>we begin with breaking news at 11. we've learned that one person has died following a double stabbing in arlington. thank you for joining us.g i'm tone me perkins. >> sincere sincere for shawn. stabbing has been at eight:15. jennifer davis live and the seen jennifer.
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>> reporter: say ran tony since we last spoke to you this hass gone from a double stabbing to the first fatal. let me step aside so you can sen the seen.een this initially stretched fortret self blocks. now police really have condensed things here to 300 block of south glebe road. you can see a very large police presence a command center and a lot stillot going on. what we understand is it was w just after eight maybe about -8g:15 when people say there wae an argument between two men. then appears to have turned intd a stabbing. sta reports one of the victims programs bloody and hurt was running in the area. initially they thought an assailant had run into one of the houses they think it was on of the victims running for help. police tell us they were able to take one of the victims to the hospital but he later died. they have not released his name. he was about 46 year old. both of these
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the other victim has non life-threatening injuries.teni they are beginning to piece thee seen together. there are reports there was awas car going by that may have been involve. police tell us that is something they are looking into at this .. but at this point they do nothe have any descriptions of suspect and they aren't sure at this point whether they are dealingty with one or multiple assailants back to you guys. guy >> jenny thank you. well we hope you enjoyed the warm sunny afternoon that we saw today it's all about a change. >> gwen is standing by she has h the latest forecasted. we got a mixture of things happening it's going to get vere cold and windy on top of it. let's begin with la look at ourr maps we'll show you where thinge are happening we had a few isolated storms. that is now out of the picture e we are being left with cloudylod exercise they will
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around for tonight. pretty warm air mass in place frontal system down moved its way through. head its way to the south andnd that's where it will stay as we move to, into tomorrow we'reorr going to see a low pressure system along that boundary anday that's going to be the trigger i for early morning showers. sho right now, in dc 74 degrees. still fairly mild. our high today were in the low '80s. winds from the west northwest at beaten miles an hour.iles and we're talking overnight low tonight of 54 degrees with light westerly winds mostly cloudy and cool. but that cooler air is going to get cold once we get into the te later part of saturday and especially into sunday as arctic air starts to move in. we get a real plunge in our temperatures. we are wrapping it up with a a strong weekend windy weekend ahead. and i want to tell you you areel going to want to bundle up it's going to be too far cry from thc 80 degrees that we had today. tony. >> all right, gwen thank you very much. >> pol
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to solve their first murder of the year. searching for a killer who investigators say targeted a man stake taking a stroll in the neighborhood a tisha lewis iss life in alexandria with more. >> reporter: tony how rare it i for homicide to happen here in i alexandria. last year, they had four two ofo which remain unsolved. in this case the victim is 69 years old. and he was just blocks in fact, take a look over my shoulder he lived down the street win walking distance from where this all happened. h police identified the victim, he died this morning four daysays after he was attacked and robbed. near by residents were surprised. >> one of my college friends visiting i was telling him this is the kind of place i feel i can walk around three a.m. by myself and i'm fine that's surprising to hear. >> i always have my phone ready and just be like aware of your
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surroundings have a key ready those ties of things as women is think you do that any ways. definitely more now.e be looking arounder round a little more. >> all of this happened on the 200 block of south, he was walking monday night shortly after nine 30. neighbors tell fox 5 they heard a commotion when they came outside a few moments later hees was laying on the ground. we're told he had severe head injuries but was still conscious when police arrived, enough tov, converse with them and give them information. police are using o that information to search for the suspect. in the meantime bh when he waseh taken to the hospital at some point over the last few days his condition worsened. police say this was all the after math of a robbery. >> robberies just nature of them, they are crimes ofme convenience where a person wants your valuables and they are looking for somebody that youh know may be in an
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or a certain time at night andht it looks like they can get away with the crime. >> reporter: so all of this happened across the street from from the alford street baptistai church one of the oldest the chumpings here in alexandria. so why does that matter. well police tell us that they are going to be going to area a businesses and merchants and looking at surveillance camerasa in addition to interviewing witnesses. it still remains a mystery what was stolen. sto police are not releasing a description at this point.t t they are talking to people to find out what happened. >> we're learning more aboutbout deadly shooting that look the life of a virginia state trooper yesterday. trooper chad dermyer and 16 of his colleagues were undergoing a training option at a greyhoundi bus station in richmond. police say that the suspect james brown of illinois was heading to chicago from north carolina. he walked over to dermyer and ad pulled out a gun when the
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he was shot and killed. two other near by troopers fired at brown killing him. two bystander shot in the crosss fire. they are expected to be okay. earlier this evening a a prayer vigil was held to honoror the life. some of the colleagues and members attended.tten dermyer was a marine veteran. 37 year old joined state policet force in 2014. and recently transferred to the department's counter terrorism unit. he leaves behind a wife and two >> montgomery county police have charged essex maryland man withh committing sex offenses againsts a juvenile. police say that roy david evans junior solicited on craigslist. posting encouraged potential models to contact him through the kick app that's how he met a 14 year old victim and began a sexual relationship with her. police think that could be other victims as well.
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montgomery copt police.go >> in fairfaxme don't police ara searching for a man who rapid and sexually assaulted a woman in springfield. she was walking wednesday morning when the man grabbed her and sexually assaulted her in a backpacker king lot. lot he drove away in a red olderlder model two door car that has a patch on the driver's door. springfield police hope that someone will recognize the car r and give them a call. >> well the washington monument will be closed all day tomorrow because of an elevate malfunction. today, the elevator stopped working as passengers exited oni to the observation level.on no one was trapped but allll visitors at the time on the observation level were evacuated by walking down the steps. cause is being inspector ted. this is the he could time that the washington monument was forced to close this week because of an elevator issue. you can add more to the t growing list of problems for metro. insulator for s
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the woodly park station in northwest. a few hours later a door stoppep working taking the train out of service and covering delays during the friday rush hour. latest incident add to resent comments by paul wiedefeld that they could shutdown entire lines to complete major repairs. >> poo people who drive by the white house may see an unusual demonstration. local advocates for realizinglii marijuana. a smoke in. 1:45 in the afternoon. from there, they will carry a 55 foot long fake joint toward the white house. by the way fake joint is 51 feet long because the demonstrators want the district to becomely 50 first state.tate >> everyone will pick up on than as they are walking. >> they'll pick up on a lot of others things.ot [ laughter ] >> sti
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idol is breaking a longstandinga tradition when the series comese to an end.. why you won't be able to see the song birds on tour this summer. >> later in the show, bar manager from oks dental grill in here to make a cherry ricky, we'll be right right back.
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♪ brave to take on that song. when american high dollar signsl off for the final time nextex week, wow, another tradition iss ending with the show. this is the first year in i dollar history that an americann high dollar live tour will notl follow the season. representative for the so says y that the brains behind i'dd dollar want it to end on i was high note during the series finale. american idol airs tuesday 8:00. witness show is
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and the big finale is next thursday night 8:00. 8 end of an era. >> all right. april is autism awareness month fox 5 is recognizing the occasion in a big way. fox5ddcares partnered with autism speaks to raise awareness in the community smooch into foy 5 held a telethon from eight to 11 am.11 a number of guest joined us on the air including phil martin he lives with aspergers syndrome he was diagnosed when in high school. his girlfriend and baby bryce joined shawn yancy to talk about impact of autism. >> i want to bring in one of o you're biggest prides and joys what he want, i know a the loofl people think when you have autism or aspergers they don't know what's going to happen nexe in life, this is your girl friend angelica and baby bryce what are fier a
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dad. >> with having that communication, or lag ago little bit, it mictions me nervouson there's going to be issues if he as he gross >> it is not too late to donate to autism speaks you can find aa link on our website or just text the word autism on your phone to 2538 3w. and you'll automatically make a donation often dollars. >> beautiful family there. all right. let's check in with gwen she's our own little cherry >> you absolutely >> thank goodness they are going to be gone bit time the weekend is over. somebody has to step up to the plate. that's because we're going to have pretty strong winds. win it is going to get cooler this weekend. much cooler on saturday afternoon than today. watch inw the '80s but you know w
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tomorrow those temperatures aree going to dip into the 60s everyy where we've got cool artrt particular air settling in and i it's going to be cold by the time we get to sunday. be prepared because that colde t air is not going anywhere for a couple of days at all. in fact, we have a frost freeze that'se going to be possible for some areas. as i mentioned pretty strong wind we're going t deal with. a couple of isolated storms move through. right now we have no storms. plenty of clouds. they'll be sticking around. tomorrow morning we have a chance of seeing showers however that colder air will start to settle in as well into the 70she they are going to drop into the 50s by the time we we get to sus you'll see a really big difference. a frontal system moves through tonight. continuing to move through tohru the south. low pressure system just right a long that boundary. that's going to set us up for u morning showers. by the afternoon hours we'll sel dry conditions. little bit of sunshine.f winds are going to start to pick up
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as i mention we are going to bet into the 60. stronger frontal system that's going to push in some air. overnight saturday into sunday i we're going to see some showerss and i can't rule out can't can believe i'm having to say this,i but a passing snowflake or two.. don't worry something that'somet going to accumulate just a passing flake not going accumulate on grassy service. it will be in and out of here in overnight hours.ov by the time you wake up sunday no site whatsoever. you will have strong gusty winds we're going to have and you'll see plenty of sunshine it's sun going to feel very very chilly. we have a freeze watch in effect from midnight saturday until then am on sunday.m high wind watch in effected as well. those winds gusting to visit to 60 miles answering hour. ans that's going to damage the t beautiful viewing of those cherry blossoms. 54 degrees for tonight mostly cloudy and cool.o tomorrow talking a high of 62 degrees. showers in the morning. m clearing by theafternoon
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here's a look at fox 5 accuweather seven day forecasted. well cooling down a little bit.. monday night into tuesday,uesd another very very cold period. and then showers on thursday. for that nat game. n that's it for me. i check in witth brody see iss what's happening in sports.ngn >> getting a freeze and flurries that is not baseball weather. okay, a little bit of baseball today the nationals got home nat park campaign off to to a nice start of the being twins in first game. that's regular season home opener next week against the marlins. in atlanta too facing away fromo second straight f year, mat will be the open day starter. mad max era starts with them taking on a more of a leadership role. his teammates make him feel old. >> i'm realizing how much older i am 31 you feel pretty old
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you got 23 year old's who barely know the oj trial happened. that's the stuff i'm dealing with. [ laughter ]. >> trying to watch, it changes things. best major league story comesto fromry baltimore, baseball carer cut short by injuring. inj his mother was diagnosed with aa brain tumor she was in treatmene she asked if she could see himm play base bull one last time. the or ryals gave her that,er signing him to a one day contract so he could play in the game in spring training. >> well hockey now colorado taking on avenue large, issues with the post. on the break away, off pike you know that thin rocky mt. airy. in the corner there for the gold
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added his 40 fifth gold still s going on leading three to one. tiger woods announced he will not play in the pat masters next week no time table for his gturn to golf. hasn't played back surgery in september and october. woods finished 17th last year. a that was his best finish since 2013, injuries have played his season. i know i haven't had a chance t go down and see the cherry blows systems yet i know i'm a bad districtedder, i feel maybe if i can drink something like the cherry blossoms that will behat just as good. >> coming up next toastting to a the cherry blossoms. >> make a cherry ricky i know the ricky but i've never had a cherry ricky. little twist we'll be right
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>> into cherry blossoms sticking a ruined -- around. come on tony every friday night we are joined by a local bartender as they share local. >> bar manager in downtown dc is here to make a cherry ricky r which as twist on a historic h drink here in washington. >> that's right. actually dcs native, it was created when colonial joe ricky walked into shoe makers a bar in downtown dc and asked for for ao drink. bartender put lime soda water and ice. wap wanted to modernize that a little we are going back to its route origins with bur bin just like
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see engine in gin in the ricky.c it is the oldest bottle bower bin. >> your a historical restaurant. into snake not believe how longb this has beeeln around. 110 years. >> is that the oldest restaurant >> second older oldest sec restaurant in town. town. >> second to a mcdonald on newcd york avenue. >> so you added a cherry is this because of the cherry blossom >> exactly. you got it exactly. we wanted to celebrate the cherry blossoms so we did though cherries in there, reallyeall important that you are using fresh juice in there. >>the cherries.
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>> hit me in the back of the throat. >> keep it nice and light. >> tell us a little bit about the menu. >> absolutely. we have a history in the city. we do classic american with a real modern twist. we just love to reinvent thingst and actually for our anniversara year we're doing throw backshr every month, thursday you can t come in, have a little throwe back and have our modernoder interpretation of that. >> fantastic. cheers to the weekend. i'm not really aldrin kier. kie >> oh that's delicious. >> refreshing. >> if you choose to drink drink responsibly. >> i'm sorry i was distracted. >> join us again tomorrow fox 5 news starting at 7 a.m.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> turns out kylie jenner might have some maternal instincts after all because she shut up a bunch of whiny kids last night. >> she went to craig's because she released her lip gloss. the fans are there and this is how she reacts? >> no, you stop for the selfie and go -- >> yeah, what is that? >> what are you doing, mike? [laughter] >> manny pacquaio. we're like, you know the reaction from getting banned from the grove because of his homophobic comments. >> do you think you still have the privilege to go there, have the rights to be there? >> yeah. >> there could be a public risk if manny goes in. >> gays would beat him up. >> the bears will take him down. >> the bears will take him down. otters will be pretty good. >> what's an otter? >> an otter is a lesser level of a bear. >> i thought an otter just laid on its back.


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