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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  April 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 6. it felt like the train hit something and were like three or four really big banks that thre us off the chairs. there was ath the lot of smoke d everybodymo was yelling. developing tonight, a chaotic scene after an amtrak scene derailed near philadelphia.phil two people are dead. for several hours serviceours between philadelphia and newph york wasil suspended creating ht problems for those trying to get back to our a. more on that inot just a few minutes, but we want to begin tonight with some wild weather in our area.ea. that wind, boy, it really haslly been strong throughout the day and last night.ight so strong it left damage behind. also we started out really coldy this morning, butt sun, it did warm things up a about it.ut good evening, everyone thankshan for joining us tonight,
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ackland and i'm marina maracco in for lauren. those winds tore down trees and power lines leaving thousands without power throughout the night. fortunately only one person was seriously hurt. hur one thing that won't improvempr right away is the weather. we have team coverage tonight,og jennifer davis is in springfield, virginia with one woman's amazing survival story. we begin in the weather center with gwen tolbart with the latest. >> last night we talked about the fact that we had a high wind warning. the winds were exceptionally we strong. let's take a look at some of our neighborhoods and what did happened. 66 at dulles and 49 at bwiwi thurgood marshal, montgomery county, 58-mile per hour wind gusts, 63 fairfax county and 59 in prince george's county. and am of our counties in the same numbers in terms of those wind gusts so
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knew that that was going to be happening and that that wind warning definitely was one thatn definitely came true.rue. so temperatures, we had dippingg temperatures. our highs today only in the loww 50s. we should really be in the 60s. 53 degrees right now in d.c. 58 at quantico, 48 at gaithersburg, 50-degrees at martinsburg this hour. we have a frost advisory in effect as our temperatures are going to dipo tonight into the 30s. the this is mainly for areas north and northwest of the i95 corridor. but very cold. this expires at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, but kicks ini at midnight. 38-dgg$m2uju our overnight low, becoming partly cloudy, a chilly night. we're going to get a warmup forp our monday. a far cry from where we've been. we also have some wet weather to talk about and then another artic blast. i'll have the details on that.h warm and then cold again. > thank you. now to the l da age in our area, the powerful wind knocked down trees
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our team coverage continues con tonight with fox5's jennifer davis life in springfield,d, virginia. jenny? >>reporter: i know there are a lot of people out there cleanina up damage today, but i'm not sure there is anybody in ourn area who has a survival story to tell like the 79 queer old womad who lives in this springfieldsp home. take a look, this is the gianthe oak tree that stands in the backyard and you are looking at her mass fer she was sleeping in there at 26789. 30 in the morning. take a look at the incredible pictures that her family shared with us. the first one is the view as ths tree hit the house.o and then the next pictures areit the view from inside. this amazing, mrs. willard says she was lying in bed. the first thing she realized was that the ceiling had fallen on top of her. she felt pieces of shock rockock and the tree was about a foot above her head.abov she was able to
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bed, climbing over the debris climbing out of her hands and trees. she found a sliver of the door. she managed to crawl out of her bedroom down and out of the house. she did not have glasses on. it was dark. she was barefoot.bare somehow she made it out withith just one tiny tiny scratch oncr her elbow.ow. if she had to sum the experience up she could do it in one word. i'm going to go with lucky for starter, but i do think that the -- essentially i was protected by the sheetrock. it's not that heavy.eavy so if the tree was going to come down further, then i would havee been in real trouble. it didn't. di so the sheetrock sheltered me present the tree. so mrs. willard says she's always thoughful of herself as a lucky person. she has nine children and nine grandchildren. ever
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says after this experience itxpr seems to take it to a whole new level. dominion electric was out here.e they have repower to everyone in the neighborhood.. everyone has electricity back and the most important thing mrs. welladays doing fine. fin honestly, just one tiny scratcha whore. it's just amazing and nobody,and not neighbors has any idea howni she was able to walk out of herf house with this kind of damage. back to you guys.guys >> that's good news. construction equipment on the the tracks. two workers were killed, dozensn of
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the derailment has effected service along the northeastort corridor including train rightrn here in d.c. fox5's alexandra limon joins usa with the latest. >>reporter: the national transportation safety board held a press conference about half aa hour ago. one of the two people killed wak the driver of the backhoe thatak was on the tracks. at this point it's still unclear why that piece of equipment was on the life tracks. the front car of the train derailed when it collided with that backhoe. ba the crash happened around 7:50 this morning on a stretch of rail about 15 miles south off it's still unclear if the two people killed were employed by amtrak or by a contractor. more than 30 passengers and thee train engineer were l also taken to the hospital.pita earlier today amtrak release a statement saying their injuries were not believed to be life the train involved was palmettom train 89 that was heading from new york to savannah and
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event data recorder as well as video. there were a total of 341 passengers on board and sevennd crew members.embe and passengers say they heard what sounded like a loud explosion and then saw a lot of dust and smoke. it felt like a car accident, like an impact and then it was t rough ride.ide. it took a long time to all you could see is a lot of dirt and debris flying past the train and then there was aher couple can of sort of liquefier flashes and then we came to a stop. it was pretty panic i. we were on the train andrain everything was going smooth i.. we got right outside ofouts philadelphia and we were at at wilmington and then we justwe heard oh oat train was rumblingb and then we got off track, i guess. and then it was just a bunch of dust. there was just dust everyone.evr and then the train conductors, they were running to the front.e i was always in the back. five more
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waiting there than a then thehe train conductor came up and he told us that there was a pay allot and he was wanting to see if anybody else was injured. there was some people, they were pretty bloody. this evening there's still limited service between wilmington and philadelphia as a result. people with questions aboutques family or friends that were on train 89 should call amtrak'smta emergency hotline. that number is 800-523-91016789 you can also find that number oa our website.our in the studio, alexandra limon,i fox5 local news. > and tonight police in fairfax county are investigating the i death of a mann who was hit by a police car. investigators say last nightig around 11 an officer was traveling on bruler street in alexandria. as the officer was approaching an intersection a man stepped m onto the roadway against the a green light. the officer was unable to stopt in time and collided with thethe victim who later died. police are looking into whether speed or alcohol may have played a role in the
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new information tonight in a developing story we first brought you last night about a woman shot to death in her homer in leesburg. police have announced derek for p trooper chad door meyer ah a church in hamilton, virginia.n and the funeral service will bel held monday morning. door meyer was killed thursday s while participating in ag in training exercise at the greyhound bus station in richmond. police say james brown, the third shot and killed door meyek after the trooper began talkingk with with him. moments later two troopers shot and killed brown. coming up, do
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even more drama in the raise forth white house. when fox5 local news at 6 continues, what he said on fox news also coming up, the securityhe concerns being raised about airports around the country, why there are fears about an inside job being pulled objection tou the form and one of thell most popular female athletes has beee arrested of. what she's accused of that put her behind bars. all of that and more, you'reç watching fox5 local news at 6at6 and we're back in a moment.
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the rig for the white house wil make a stop in wisconsin thisin week. on the w republican side presidential front runner donald trump predicts he'll do well in the badger state even though polls show him trailing senator ted cruz by nearly double digits. trump appeared on fox news sunday this morning and chris wallace asked him whether hehe
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party if he's not the gop nominee. i want to run as a republican. i would beat hecht.i wo but if you don't get the nomination. we're going to see how i was treated. very > you're not ruling it out.ut it's not a question of win or lose, it's a question. of of treatment. of i wanted to be treated fair. > republican party chairman answer preface also appeared ona the show. he says trump anlsd the other candidates signed a pledge to support the party's nominee and they should keep their promise.m if a candidate isn't willing to commit to the principles and values of our party, then theyhn ought to just tell us. but if they commit to it, then they should do it. and these candidates are running to be the nominee of our party.t we're not running for their loyalty.lo they're running so that one ofne them will be chosen by us. now preface also
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possibility that gop could turnn to someone other than trump, ted cruz or even john case okay ifae none of the delegates have the delegates to clinch the 234078 nation before july. polls show bernie sanders holding a slight lead in wisconsin over hillary clinton sanders is distorting her record. he denies and says he runs an honest campaign. the reason that our campaign is doing as well as it is is that we are dog something very unusual in contemporary american politics.po we're telling the truth. >> (applause) when people makep these kinds of claims which now i think if ben depunked. the new york city times t also analyzed and other independent analysts have said
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misrepresented by record. while sanders may be leading in wisconsin, over all clinton leads the way. part of the airport was open today for the first time since the suicide bombing 12 day as as you'll remember two suicide boomers set off explosions in the departure hall. at least 16 people were killedpp at the airport and at least another 16 people died in the brussels subway. isis has claimed responsibility for the bombings. since the attack at the brussels airport nearly two weeks ago, countries around the world are reassessing their airport security measures. fox's garrett kenny has more. >>reporter: us officials are concerned that american airporto could be vulnerable to so-called insider attack and the terrorists bombings in belgium are forcing the us and many other western countries to takek a hard look at airport security protocols. this also comes after isissis
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passenger jet over the sinai peninsula in october killing more than 200 people on board. investigators believe airport insides were responsible for that attackment us officials believe we'll be seeing more ofe those kinds of threats as well.. isis literally has a research and development facility in the middle east and their sole focus is in finding ways to get around airport security and blow up airplanes.airp back in bell p gym, the police union says more insider attacks could be on the way, that theree are at least 50 isis supporters working at the brussels airport in low level jobs such as cleaners, caterers and baggage handlers who all have security access. global security officials arey f concerned the problem is actually much bigger after ann isis operative in the ground zero a strip recently claimed ca the terrorist group has terror cells already in place at airports around the world. isis is 100 percent co
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doing this. they've succeed in north africac they're trying desperately to do it year and we the united statet is the next big target. they. screenings of airport employeese though many lawmakers in both parties have argued it simply is not enough. in washington i'm garret kenny, fox news. > meanwhile the head of the french national rail serviceervi says armed marshals will bee patrolling some passenger trains now. it's one of am measures beingeig put into place since the november attacks in paris. the marshals will be in civilian clothes and they will be armed.d > and i woman back arrested for drunk driving in the 35 year olds was taken into custody last night. she was pulled over after she was ran a red light. she failed a series of sobriety tests. shes was plight and polite. another arrest of
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national soccer team p. >> that's unfortunate for sure.. > but hopefully things will get better. what being blamed fort washington monument getting shutdown this weekend? get we ready for a cold and rainy start of the workweek.rkwe gwen will have the latest on your forecast. stay withç us. . if you have a story identify wet sure would like to hear fromrom you. give us a call 202-895-3000 or there's our e-mail address right back in a moment. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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the washington monument is opent again foonr visitors. it had been closed since friday because of an elevator malfunction. the elevator stopped working ass passengers exited onto the th observation level.atio a faulty power supply was to was blame for this break down as well as the one thatted happened on tuesday. the park service says the power supply occasionally causes an elevated electrical current to r flow back to the elevator andr when the current goes over the h limit the elevator shuts down as it's designed to do in order to protect safety of the visitors.i what a scare especially for all those tourists who are down at the mall for cherry blossoms. but with the wind that we have, man, the cherry blossoms aresoms hello and goodbye. that's what we said yesterday. i walked out the door and it was the artic circle.
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it was blowing. i had to get home. and then this morning i did notice a change right around noon. the sun really came out. we went from 80s on friy to 60ss on saturday to 50s today. >> dramatic. > and now we're going back again. >> 80s tomorrow?0s t > no, i wish. we'll be near 730 tomorrow. unbelievable. but then we have another artic blast coming. com it's all crazy. cra things are all over the place, l spring, summer, winter fall, what season is it? what a beautiful shot right there. the it's not the same shot there. a few clouds. we did have some sunshine todaye but yesterday i said don't be fooled by the sun because the winds were really gusty. we also had the high windig warning yesterday which really set us up as i had mentioned foe downed trees and power lines anl that's exactly what happened in am of our neighborhoods. good news for now with these th winds. we're finally getting a about it of a break. winds are sustained anywhere from three
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just before i came upstairs i us checked and i only had one area that only had one wind gust ands it was to the east of us. not much happening in terms of f that anymore, finally getting aa break. it's still going to be a cool break. 48 at gaithersburg, the same at frederick and hagerstown. 59 to the south at fredericksburg d 51 at yap a last. tonight we're going to see some partially cloudy skies. it's going to be a dry night tonight especially to areas tors our north and northwest. we have a frost advisory in effectment this kicks in at midnight and it expires monday o at 8:00 a.m.:00 once again we are talking a threat to any sensitive vegetation that you might have.. so make sure that you protect po it. once we get into monday into mon tuesday we've got another artic air blast coming our way. i know. it's just unbelievable becausenb in the daytime we're going to be warming up to near 70-degrees, but by monday night the
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falls over again.fa we have a frees warning into f effect. once again you'll have to protect the vegetation that youa have. in the meantime our overnight oe lowe's tonight.lo it's going to be into the 40s te and we've got some upper 30s. a lot cooler to the north and northwest as we mentioned. men here's a look at the next couple of days. we go from 68 to 49-degrees in a 24-hour period and by tuesday, guess what, those gusty winds are back all over again. aga so we'll see some partly cloudym skies on monday in the morning e hours but we have rain coming ia the afternoon. matt, here we go, round two, another artic blast. i want to tell you, there's a third one in the way. it will be in my seven dayay forecast. we thought winter was over. o >> that's why i call it the weather buffet. lots of things to choose from. o back homie was swimming by april. don't you remember going back in the pool april. >> it's taking time to get here, but soon
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summer. > and then we'll explain aboutp the heat. hea fox5 d.c. cares is our station'a campaign to highlight the great work of non-profit organizationg in our area. all this week we're partnering with autism speaks.pea that's right and our goal hereol at fox5 is to raise awareness about autism in our community and to highlight the joys and challenges facing families with autism. tonight we wanted to introduce n you to the burrows family. sibling is a very proud mom of twin young women who both have autism. a lot of times when people talk about, or they athe word autism they immediately think a small child. they don't always think about ti the teenagers or
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adults. your girls now are 19 years old. they're young adults. ad when were they diagnosed?ç >> at six. > did you know before six. >> they were premature so there was some indication that there was something, there were allg, the tests and the school testeds them and they just came autism mild to moderate. > he with you heard that, what went through your mind? >> so i was like they're going to institutionalized, but then the school was like, no, there'r therapy and they're not -- not they'll be able to mainstreamed. so i had no blueprint. i had nothing to go on. there's things that i tried to t research and tried to get them involved in for the adolt limit. what's your advice to people out there who may have young children and they're thinking oh
6:27 pm
what am i going to do once my my children get to be teenagers, get to be young adults. >> the only advice i do have forth the parents that are out e there raising autistic kids iss to keep going and keep researching and then develop the their skills based on what their child can do, not to have their child live in mainstream society. create the autism society. i get down to my girls' level and you know what, whether it's eye contact or a verbal queue, i treat them like, you know, me. a couple of years ago you got gt involved with autism speaks. >> me a little bit about it changed my life. so all these times that i wass living with the girls with apple i was trying to fit them into my world that year i went to autism speaks i fit them into my
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lightbulb came in. it is a different world that wed live in, but we can live altogether. so then i asked my employer, she's city, the next year, to ya help sponsor the blue puzzle piece campaign. like i said, you know, the company is just amazing that i work for because they said, sa sure, why not.y and we put it up in all of ourur stores throughout the dmv and our customers responded and they responded with overwhelming results. last year alone we raised 41,000 april all of the and all of the proceeds 100 percent goes to autism speaks. let me ask you last but p not least, what are your hopes for the girls in the future and what are your fears. >> my hope is that they could live on their own and my fear is this they don't. they work in the community so they both have jobs and they every day and they
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and they don't do well -- sidney had a job at the grocery store. she was eating a snack. i'm an hr manager. i said i would fire you, too. you can't eat.t those are my fears that they don't success and that they'll need somebody to take care of them for the rest of their lives. thanks to all of you who donated during our telethon friday our morning. we're still tallying up the up final numbers.numb but you can still donate, go to our web you can also text the donation to 25383 right now to make a $10 donation. it's so important that we th continue to educate. her first thought was, my god, my children are going to be institution lied. i have to ill you, i learned a lot. i watched friday morning whenaym all of the guests kept coming in. i didn't know much about
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until then. the it's such an issue that really needs to be addressed and there's a lot of people out there. so am people have something on m the spectrum. everybody is very different. it's see great that we're dog this campaign and truly educating folks. two stories making headlines in our era. er tuesday one final weather which has left behind plenty damage. m also a deadly derailment out of philadelphia. the latest on that investigation when we come back. vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®.
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> and the latest now on that train derailment near philadelphia. the ntsb is now investigatingw what happened. the train struck a piece off construction equipment and that caused the derailment. two workers were killed andkill dozens of passengers wereseng injured. we get the latest now from fox5's bryan llenas. this, the scene after a deadly amtrak train crash happening some 15 miles south off philadelphia sunday morning. it felt like the train hitr something and there were like three or four really big banks that kind of threw us off theoff chairs, the seats that we wereww sitting in. there was a lot of smoke andnd everybody was like > authorities say the trainay t heading from new york to savannah, georgia, struck a piece of construction equipmenti described as a large backhoe in chester, pennsylvania.ia
6:34 pm
the impact causing the train's lead engine to derail.erai the train was rumbling and then we got off track, i guess. and then it was a bunch of dust. it was just dust everyone. local offerings say two people were killed.kill neither were passengers on the train. in addition more than 30 others were t injured, taken to area hospitals with non life threatening injuries. there were some people that were pretty bloody. there was like an explosion.xplo we got off track and then therer was a big explosion and thennd there was a fire and the windowi busted up. there was just minor injuries. > the national transportationon safety board ials determining hw the crash happened. this crash coming after another amtrak passenger train derailed in kansas last majoring someas three dozen people in thatpeop incident. in pennsylvania, bryan llenas, fox news. > our big story tonight, the weather. today
6:35 pm
from the damage caused by the heavy winds around our area.rea. there were several reports of downed trees, some crashing intc cars and we are hearing some incredible stories about what some people went through. fox5's jennifer davis is life in springfield tonight with more on that. jenny? >>reporter: hi, there, a 79 79 year old springfield woman has an unbelievable story to tell after she crawled out of her house after this giant oak treek smashed through her bedroomedro window.ndow take a look at some of thesehese incredible pictures that herer family shared with us. you can see first the view as the tree hit the back of her home. judy willard said it happened hp around 26789. 0 in the morning when she wasas sleeping. she's not sure whether she heard the loud bank first or whether the first thing she noticed was the ceiling caved in on top of her. she had to push parts of the ceiling off of her, crawl out of her bed.
6:36 pm
after the tree landed maybe aa foot above her. debris is every where inside her home. she crawled on her hands andands knees to get out of her bedroom making it through a small sliver in the doorway. the door had been blown off. somehow without her glasses, inn the dark not even wearing shoes, this woman set to turn 80 years old next month managed to walk away and out of her house despite the incredible damage.a. here's what she told you. >> you respond quickly touick something like that and you don't necessarily take in everything. you know you need to get moving. you need to get out of there soo that's what i did. > back here life willard says she has called this house homeoe for 30 years. she he certainly has every inception moving back in oncenc this house is repaired. she's always considered herself lucky. she has nine children and nine grandchildren, but thi
6:37 pm
to a whole new level. it's not just our area gettingei hit with wild weather. check out michigan. high winds created poor visibility for drivers. there were reports of severalevr cars sliding off the road or even rolling on. some highwayshh had to be shutdown for a couplep of hours.of > could any of this weekend's new movies be a match for bat man or superman. a potential game changer may be for those in the works for thosr who like to shop online. it involves those places where crohn's may be allow to fly. find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace.
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bat man versus superman, dawn of justice beat up the competition against at the box office this weekend. the film took in more than $52 million. however, that's a 68 percent drop from its opening weekend. some analysts blame that on the poor review critics gave the
6:40 pm
film. do you tone yeah came in second followed by my big fat greek wedding 2.. god not dead two opened in fourth place. what do you think about allbout those movies? you were saying you can't wait to see bat man. i'm asking who won. i haven't seen any of them so i have no old. i like the orange l until superman, but i have been reading what the critics said, too. >> i think kevin mccarthy is the only person who really likedreal that movie. are you in the mood to laugh tonight? of course, if you so you may want to check out fox's' all new sunday night lineup. fox's jonathan fox has the latest. fox is back with more laughs onh subbed night. the post apock lip particular line up returns to the line up after a two-week break. mary seen bergen gives us a preview of what fans can expect in
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two. my character is part of a love triangle and there's only six of us left on earth soothe is finding love where she can. the last six episodes were honestly -- the fans will not be disappointed.ed they are extraordinary.raor the castellani will be spending even more time more time now that the show has been renewed e for a third season.seas when the word went out, the cast began this crazy e-mail train-mi that mostly was he moggies. in my case it was mostly winene glasses because that's what's right for my character. but we love each other. we really, really wanted toç ce back. it's very exciting. hold it right there coy oat '. the freshman sitcom returns
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one of its main characters stepping on the wrong side off the law to make some extra cash. it's bud buck wold who is kinddh of our archer bunker who works as a border patrolman neared vert eventually starts working for -- helping to further the efforts of a drug kingpin on the the other side of the border. now, where were we? cuba barracks side to a surviving life has four episodes life. they shouldn't expect his exp character to have it figured out. that's what's fun about the rest of the cooper, cooper trying to grow up and making the sort of mistakes that we all made in our 20s and you realize, kind of what he said before, he really doesn't have a plan. he doesn't know what he's doing.
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rounding out every sunday night is the simpsons and bob's burgess. you're all that and a half. the laughs continue this weekend on fox. jonathan hunt, fox news. > how many decades have thehe simpsons been up and running. >> forever. you can never go wrong.rong it still gets great ratings,rati too. when we come backs, what's being donees that's going to allow you to get your online purchases faster. when will spring return?
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> a potential game changer mayl be in the works for thos ge who like to shop online. the us government is looking at recommendations that could clear the way for commercial drone c flights over populated areas. this could speed up the introduction of drone deliveryev and news gathering flights according to the recommendations drones weighing about a half a pound or lease would be allow to essentially fly unrestricted over people. the recommendations come from af group that includes drone manufacturers, a company that want to fly crohn's as well as airline pilots and othernd aviation interest groups. and i will tell you right here e don't think that will fly here in the district, no pun intended. other major cities, but nope, it's noting whying to happen.ape we already had one crash landing at the white house. i think that set the precedent here. >> exactly. and with the winds that we'vedst been having, nothing is going to
6:47 pm
be flying up here. no, for sure. sur we're getting improvement in tho winds temporarily. >> okay. > and some temperatures thatte are going to be all over themp place. we have a roller coaster temperature ride to get on. here's a life look outside for you. today not bad.y no we had some sunshine, but it was windy and it was chilly as well. temperatures only in the 50s for daytime highs today. a far cry from the 80s that wewe enjoyed on friday. we spoke about the winds yesterday. we had high wind warnings in effect. so we did mention that there th were going to be incidents of of downed trees and power lines because the winds would be sobe strong and that's exactly what happened. we hit up to 59 with wind gusts at reagan national airport. in montgomery county, up to 58-mile per hour wind gusts, 63s for fairfax county. and prince george's county, 59cn and am of the other neighborhoods were right in thet same ballpark as well.ell. so, yes, my screen doors were
6:48 pm
craze crazy. here's a look at the current wind gusts right now, 18 at baltimore. temperatures right now still onw the cool side into the on 40s and 50s. the high today was in the 50s as well, about 10-degrees cooler than it should be about. 53 at d.c. we've got 50 at baltimore, 56 at culpeper, 52 at winchester and 50-degrees at martinsburg. so for tonight, midnight, right through until monday at 8:00 a.m., we have a frost advisory for areas to our west and northwest. we are talking about really you're going to have to protectc once again any sensitive plantsi or vegetation you have. so here we're talking aboutout temperatures that are going to you'll wake up in the morning and you'll see a little bit of frost on the ios know, it's april why are we talking about this? here's what's going on. we're requesting to get a brief warmup for your monday. so we're going to be on the roller coaster again. tomorrow
6:49 pm
with a southwesterly flow that's going to move in and that's going to boost our temperature.a we're headed to the upper 60s, near 70s degrees tomorrow butomr then it's going to change because we have a frontal system to deal with. as the frontal system moves through. we're looking at seeing a fewew showers by the afternoon hours. in the afternoon some of the showers will kick in. but behind the front we get another ridge of high pressure building in, but another blastlt of cold artic air. so temperatures going to start to dip quite a bit monday night into tuesday.into it's going to start to turn colr all over again and then theen winds kick in all over again.gan we're going to look at wind gusts once again on tuesday. here's a lookç at the timing fn that by the afternoon hours, 3, 4:00 we start to see some of the rain kicking in. it doesn't stick around very long. it's out of the picture by the y time we get into the late th evening hours.hour monday night into tuesday with all that cold air we have a freeze watch in effect. so once again, we are talking those temperatures that aremp going to be suerb freezing, verr
6:50 pm
for the nats game we're talkingk wet weather so make sure youou grab an umbrella, but it will be 62-degrees. 38-degrees fo62r tonight, then, becoming partly cloud definitelc tomorrow we're talk a high of 68-degrees with rain in the in afternoon. this is round two of the artic air. by the time we get to the later part of the week, another blasta is coming our way. keep the woolies handy, you're going to need them once again. so much to keep up with. >> nice if it was a nice sunnyuy day for the home opener. >> rain is in the forecast. as we try and heat up, so are john wall and the wizards. they're three games out of the last playoff spot with six games left to play. the wizards are out west playini the clippers trying to shoot their way into the post season. brody logan right behind the camera on deck. he'll see you in just a few minutes.
6:51 pm
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march has to come to an end andm with it thee madness is comingo a close.
6:53 pm
busted a long time. 1.6 percent of the 11 million t bracket ares entered into the tournament online. tomorrow night nor cane line a anvil nova will kick off. last night both teams advanced.e villanova set a final foural record winning by 44 points over oklahoma. they should have renamed it the final fer. chris jenkins had on the other side, north carolina beat syracuse behind balance scoring with four players in double figures. villanova is a great team,am, coached by a great coach andch they do some of the similar things as we do. our main goal is to play a similar game that we played tonight and get the ball inside and knock down the free throws. as a senior in any program, this is always what you want your last game
6:54 pm
there's a great job putting uses in the difficult situations in practice. when we prepare for a situationi like that, it makes blame gamese we played yesterday a lotye easier.stea there's some interesting localte connections in this championship game. you just saw nova's josh heart. both played high school ball inl zag a, they are brothers. they took in him and adopted him at age 14. the washington wizards are three games out of the eighth playoff spot that have been losing the wizards today in loss angels six games left. they need to make up three. john wall looking to will hisll team into the post season. john wall, the skip pass finds
6:55 pm
porter, he had 14 points. the wizards trailed for most oft this game. went on a 10-0 run in the thirdd quarter. nice passing here. correspond to the led the wizards with 21.h the last minute of the game, the wizards down six, john wall hitl it, brings washington win three. well, then chris paul puts the wizard season -- put them out of their misery. at the buzzer, hits it. the wizards lose in la114-109.11 it really kind of heart us. we came out 9-0 to start the third and then they answered back quickly with 8-1, i think, run, that kind of take away that -- what we did. and then we had to fight again.. we didn't stop playing. > basketball works.
6:56 pm
tomorrow, but there's anothere's national basketball tournament set to tip off next week. it gets started in louisville, kentucky and one local team is hoping to bring a trophy back to fairfax county. wheelchair basketball is not for the faint of heart. it's really physical. you are bleeding sometimes. nor the faint of breath. you're using all your upper body. you got to keep up with them. it's a lotto oh you got to haveo a lot of momentum.entu the fairfax falcons are a group of wheel chair athletes from 8 to they're here for the competitioi and the camaraderie.erie it feels like at home because i'm around the type of peopleof with the same disability as me.. it's really rewarding to play with th
6:57 pm
we're all the same. we can't wait to play basketball. they played their way from a small middle school gym in springfield to next week's national basketball wheelchairwe tournament in kentucky. they get to experience it. i never saw that coming when he was born and so he was sick and needed all these surgeries. i didn't think he was going to be my traveling athlete. he proved me wrong. don't doubt yourself. never play yourself. if you want to do something, go, out and do it.. don't letç nothing stop you.. the attitude and let me tell you, it is a physical game. going for rebounds, some kids fall over in their chair. their teammates would help themp back up. they don't mess around. they play dirty. >> they really play and theyy an like it. good for them. >> they play better than i can,, that's for sure. > gwen, tonight. >> tonight we're going to beo dropping down to a big chill. we have a freeze
6:58 pm
warmer tomorrow.orro we'll be looking forward to seeing you tonight at 10. hope you have a great evening. good p night.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
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