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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 0. right now at 10, a deadly derailment, two workers killed when an amtrak train went off the tracks outside philadelphia. we got off track and then it was lying a big explosion and then was a fire and then the windowsn busted out. straight ahead, thehe investigation into what caused the crash and the impact on im train travel up and down the east coast. and then that wind, it hit uss hard.
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i knew something had happened. p as ninors clean up the damage left behind we're looking at the potential for more rough weatheo this week. the news at 10 starts now. good evening, everyone, thanks e so much for joining us tonight,g i'm matt ackland and i'm marina maracco. we start tonight with a deadly amtrak crash in pennsylvania.shi two workers were killed when a h train carrying more than 340 people derailed.erai dozens of passengers were injured. fox5's alexandra limon is life i at union station tonight where o some passengers had to deal with the latest today. tod alex. >>reporter: that's right, that fatal train wreck left people le here in our region unable to t travel in some cases because the northeast rail corridor wasorri either shutdown or partially shutdown for a large part of the day. but the latest update from amtrak is that on monday, so tomorrow, trains will operate on a regular schedule. take a look at this video from o earlier today after that cras
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happened. about 15 miles south ofth o philadelphia. you can see passengers, some were injured, others just dazed of after palmetto train 89 pal collided with a backhoe that was on the tracks. tra the crash happened around 850 80 this morning. the train was headed from new york to savannah. the national transportation safety board is now on the site and part of their investigation will be to look into why that backhoe was on the life tracks. investigators confirm that one of the two people killed was the operator of that back on. it's unclear if the two victims weree amtrak employees or employed byy a contractor. more than 30 of the 341 th passengers on board the train were also taken to the hospital. the train's engineer was also hurt. earlier in the day amtrakak release a statement saying theyy do not believe that their th injuries are life threatening. i was in the second car, the one right behind the one that h
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of panic. p a few people actually jumped ofj the train and then had to be be retrieved by the amtrak personnel. we're still gathering the facts at this time. as of now we have recovered the event data recorder, the forwarf facing video and the inward inw facing video from the locomotivo to send to our laboratoryabor washington, d.c.gton most of our team has arrived ono scene and we will be looking at mechanical operations, signal, track, human performance and survival factors. scheduling is something else the ntsb investigation will look loo into. in other words, was their track maintenance scheduled for thed f same time that that train wasas passing through the area? reporting life at union station, alexandra limon, fox5 local news > now to fairfax county where we're learning new details aboue a pedestrian killed by a police
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car. this happened around 11 last la night on boweller street in investigators say an officer on routine patrol struck and killed jeffrey aglare of alexandria. of they say aglare walked into traffic against the light and was wearing dark clothing. the weather also may have been a factor. it was raining heavily the at the time. this is a tragic loss of life and in any such crash in fairfax county where there's a loss of f life our crash reconstruction rc unit responds out.pond so they are working this case cs just like they would any other case in fairfax county. the officer involved in theed i crash is a two-year member ofemb the force and is now on paid administrative leave until an investigation is complete. what a night. boy, that wind was strong. it was so strong many spent s today cleaning you up. up. the storm brought down trees, even caused some power outages in some neighborhoods. fox5's jennifer davis joins us o now with a look at
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damage, hi jenny. >>reporter: reporter hi, matt. it's doubtful that anyone had a crazier story than judy willard. the 79 year old springfield woman was jolted out of bed as s tree landed about a foot above where she was sleeping. maybe around 2 or 3:00 a.m. we heard a big boom. from arlington, virginia to northeast d.c. people experienced one rude awakening after another. i heard a big gust of wind and i felt the house shake. i knew something had happened when i looked out the tree was on$e house. if it wasn't for the wife i probably would have just split the house in to. it was a wild saturday night of weather. winds were blowing, trees were e falling and a lieutenant ofieut people lost power. but nobody had a night like 79 year old judy willard. i was
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having my ceiling fall on me. she had been fast asleep in here springfield home until this th large oak tree fell right into n her upstairs master bedroom landing about a foot above her. i got up on my knees actually and pushed some of the piece essay way. > of the ceiling. c >> of the ceiling. i had to crawl on my hands and knees to get out around the door because it had come off its its hinges and i just came downstairs. > this is the tiny space between absolutelies of wood she somehow crawled through to get to her stairwell. she didn't have glasses or shoes and it was are very dark. you respond quickly, i think, th something like that and you y don't necessarily take in in everything. you know what you need to get gt moving. you need to get out of there. and that's -- so that's what i did. mehow she survived it all without even a bruise. this is my big injure. welladays set to
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old next month even though her house now needs a lot of work. in am ways it feels like herer birthday present came a about it early. >> i feel amazingly lucky. my house is a mess, but i'm not. > that's a neat laid definitele she says she isn't even sore. welladays a mother of nine and a grandmother of nine and she says she's always considered her lucky, but this takes it to a whole new level. lev the tree hit with such floor itt not only crashed through the ceiling, but hit parts of ted floor of her bedroom.edro really an incredible thing. >> it sure was. she actually crawled outdoors last night. incredible 79 years old. ol > what a great spirit, too. to let's take a life look outside. thankfully the wind has calmedas down compared to this time last night. a beautiful shot of washington
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monument right now, but thehe cold, it is still sticking sti around. the weather is taking us on quite a roller coaster ride the next few daze. >> absolutely and talking about the winds they were definitely e very dangerous and gusty. thank goodness that lady is okay. so let's take a look at some of the peak windigos that we had.a. at our airports yesterday we hit 59 a mile per hour peak winds at reagan national airport 66 at dulles and 49 at bwi marshal. so definitely dangerous and in am of our neighborhoods thoseds winds were that strong. a good indication of why the natural weather service had issued a high wind issue yesterday. we have calm winds. we also have some partly cloudy to main skies outside am we have some dry air in our atmosphere m so that has set us up for someoe colder conditions to areas ofre our north and west. wes but our current temperatures te now, 50-degrees in d.c.,
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gaithersburg, 52 at fredericksburg, 46 at yap lastku and 40 at baltimore and northwest and the west of us with that older air in place we are talking a frost advisory that kicks in at midnight tonight until monday at 8:00 in0 the morning. we're going to be a far cry from that tomorrow as we get a southerly flow and ournd temperatures start heading to the 70-degree mark. we are into the 50s today. but we are talking an overnight low of a chilly 38-degrees. winds pushing in from the south. and we are also talking anothera artic blast that'shooded our wa as we head into the beginning of the week. definitely a roller coaster asot we warm up, cool down, warm up p and cool down again. i'll let you know when the nexte big chill is coming when i get upstairs with my full forecast.o > to loudon county now where we are learning new informationew tonight about a deadly shooting we told you about in leesburg last night. police arrested and chargedharg derek lewis in the murder of christina fisher.
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investigators say lewis shot sho fisher after the two got into an argument. fisher was taken to the hospitah where she was pronounced dead. police believe the two had been in a relationship at some point. lewis is being held without wi bond. and this week, friends and family will say their final goodbye to the virginia stateate trooper killed in the line of duty tomorrow a visitation will be held for trooper chad did tro your meyer at a church in hamilton, virginia. the funeral service will be held the next morning. did your meyer was killed thursday while participating in a training exercise at the greyhound bus station in richmond. police say james brown, the third shot and killed did your meyer after the trooper beganrop talking with him. moments later two troopers shott and killed brown. now to brussels where the city's airport reopened just 12 daysays after suicide boomers carried b out aoo deadly attack only a few flights took off and as you might imagine security ia was increased. fox's connor powell report
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>>reporter: the first plane tor take off today at the airport ar was greeted with cheers andth c applause by this small crowd that waros on hand to witness ts emotional day.nal security, however, not surprisingly was extremely tight. all passengers went through thr extra screening and were told to arrive three hours early. of course it was only 12 days that isis militants set off a string of bombs at both the th brussels airport and local metro stations killing 32 people and wounding hundreds. some passengers said today it to was a about it strange to be s back at the airport where so am people died. di but airport authorities are proud they managed to get the airport back up and running after what they say was a cowardly act. a it is a very emotional moment for us. us. we worked day and night over the last 12 days to make this momenm possible. the airport is not at full capacity any time soon. a there are still a lot of repairs
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left to be done. right now the airport is only running at 20 capacity or about 800 passengers a day. more flights, however, will be added over time, but the airporr should be at full capacity later this summer. today was no doubt a big step forward for belgium, but it is a country that remains on edge and it will take sometime beforeefo life returns to normal. > am countries around the world are reassessing their airport security since the attacks in brussels. coming up in a few minutes we're going to take a closer look the at steps being taken to keep airports more secure. and breaking news right out of montgomery county. rescue screws are on the scenehe of a serious accident along northbound 270-6789 this is a706 traffic camera of the scene which is at route 121. 12 you can see there on the right hand center of your screen some brake lights. montgomery county fire tells us at least five vehicle also weree involved. ther
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involved but all the injuries are not life threatening. > still ahead at 0, a make or k break state about to head to the polls. why wisconsin could spell spe trouble for donald trump despitr his prediction of great successe the washington's monument elevator made it through the dae without getting stuck. yep, what's being blamed for its two break downs in the past week you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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> a trump presidency could mean non disclosure agreements for federal employees. in an interview with the washington post, the republican front runner said he would try y to prevent inside accounts of a trump white house from leaking out even years later.ate trump told the post he would want high level federal employees to disclose non-disclosure agreements.lo the latest now from the campaiga trail. republicans from
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elected 25 delegates to send to the convention this summer. most of the people elected today are leaning toward ted cruz. cru meantime the candidates areidat gathering up for tuesday's big primary in wisconsin. we get the latest from fox's fox john rob instance. >>reporter: gop p front runner donald trump campaigning in cam wisconsin ahead of the primary t here on tuesday. sunday night at a fox's news town haul he clarified his past nuclear foreign energy comment. if we go to japan and say listen, you got to pay more. i don't want them to have to incomes. i don't want them to defense themselves, but at some point wp can't continue to do this. trump predicting success despite polls showing ted cruz leading in those polls are now getting about even. i think we're going to do very well. this as cruz claims he's no longer paying attention to trump's latest jabs
10:18 pm
>> i'm he glad donald realized it's a mistake to attack other people's wives.'s w he's opening for an open ope republican convention much we have to keep going. this is the republican party r chairman admits it is possible someone other than the gop candidates can become the nominee the a the convention. >> they can be, but that would u be an extreme hypothetical, highly unlikely. meantime hillary clinton is reminding voters that she is a s democrat and bernie sanders identifies as an independent. i would so humbled and honored to earn your support and make a sure we have a democrat in the white house.ous sanders is keeping up his fighti he's ahead of the polls in po wisconsin and is fighting for every delegate ahead of new york's april 19 primary. secretary clinton has supported virtually everyone of these disastrous trade agreements.
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issuing a call for ohio governor john cusack to drop out of the f raise saying he has no business continuing in the primary business if he has no hope of of getting the nomination. nom in wisconsin, john roberts fox news. > meanwhile twice in one week we're talk about the elevator th that carries people up and down the washington monument it had to be shut down. park service blames a power a issue. apparently too much electrical current caused the elevator to o shutdown automatically toally protect the public. pub all has been fixed and l elevator should be up and running tomorrow.g to fingers crossed. > taking a life look outside once again there is a beautiful shot there. it feels like winter won't let n us go. g chilly throughout the day todayo and here is gwen to tell us when things will warm up. we can only hope it will be be soon. we are going to warm up soon, but the problem is we're goingog to cool back down
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all of these mixed conditionstin going on and definitely chilly. that's the whether or. we had some pretty strong windss but take a look at my maps right now because those winds have ha improved so much. winds are pretty calm just about every where. but the calm winds and fairly clear skies and the dry d atmosphere is going to set us to some frost to areas to our norto and northwest. our highs some 10 grows blow seasonal. 53 at reagan national, 52 at dulles and only 50 at bwi thurgood marshal. ma here's a look at our temperatures right now becauseus it's going to get pretty cool ic the overnight hours. h right now in the city it's 50-degrees. we have clear skies and windss are pushing in from the south, southeast. those winds are going to increase from the south once we move into the later part of of tonight and tomorrow and that'ss going to help to warm us up. right now if you take a look upl and down the mid atlantic you can see the colder air to the north. by the time we get to monday m night that cold air is going too invade
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coming our way. in the the meantime, a frostrost advisory to the north and the northwest. that kicks in midnight tonight until 8:00 tomorrow morning. so if you have any vegetation outside, plants, make sure you protect. they're going to be damaged or you're definitely going to loseo them. overnight lowe's tonight into the low whose. we have someç 30s as well. 38 in the city give or take. we're talking about round two of an artic blast headed our way. w guess what, there's a third onei before the week is i'm going to have all the the detaste a little l later when i come upstairs. > still ahead tonight at 10, at keeping flyers safe at the airport. what the united states is doing ind the wake of the brussels attack. the way you commute could make it tougher for you to lose los weight. details on new research that res might have you reconsideringecon your daily drive. that's all coming
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> the terror attack at theer brussels airportro has countries around the world taking a hardad look at airport security protocols. some experts worry that isis iss trying to recruit airport workers to help them carry outar these attacks.acks fox's garrett kenny has more. >>reporter: us officials are concerned that american airports could be vulnerable to so-called insider attacks and the terrorists brussels bombing are causing the us and many otherndm western countries to take a hard look at airport security protocol. this also comes after isis successfully bombed a russianusi passenger jet over the sinai peninsula killing over 200 people on board. us officials believe we'll be seeing more of those kinds ofins threats as
10:26 pm
isis recently has a research and development facility in the middle east and their sole focus is finding ways to get aroundaru airport security and below up airplanes. back in belgium the police unioo says more insider attacks couldd be on the way and that there are at least 50 isis supporters working at thes before else airport in low level jobs suchjs as cleaners, caterers and baggage who all have security access. the problem is actually much bigger after an isis operatorrive in the gaza strip recently claimed that the terrorist group already hasas terrorist cells in airports around the world. they have succeed in north africa. they're trying desperately to do it in year and we, the united states is lodgely the next big target. they. many lawmakers in both partiesoh have
10:27 pm
enough. in wash attorneys i'm garretat kenny, foxto news. > and meanwhile the head of the french national rail service says armed train mash shalesra will patrolling somein passengeg trains. it's a series of new security measures being put into place since the paris attacks. the marshals will not be in union. one step closer to a cure foror aides. this is great news. researchers say that it could bo just three years away on details on a recent breakthrough coming up. new research suggesting drivers might want to switch things up for their health. you know what, we've got less winds, but still cool c conditions. but it's going to warm upp tomorrow. but it's going to cool downown again. i'm going to have all thehe details coming up.mi stay with us after the break. k.
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gwen, the up and down, and up and down. d he called me gwen line. i can get away it with.ith. that's when you're upset w at someone. my mother used to say matthew. >> when i did something wrong.n. there's good news at the end of the it looks like we're going to have to see the light.igh it looks like we're going to go through a roller coaster. will you stick around. >> tell me to go.o. i'm the bearer of. we're going to talk about whatht we had yesterday which no onene really likes and i know it was really bad for our neighbors and communities. the high wind warning thatin brought the really tremendouseal gusts in. here's some of them, what
10:32 pm
66 at dulles, 49-mile per hourer wind gusts at wi thurgood marshal. in am of of the counties, the same story. montgomery county 58. 59 in prince george's county.ceg i know i could hear my screen doors just ratting last night.t a lot of you dealt with a lotot more. such as loss of power and thingd of that sort and a loft damage. the good news is the winds arere finally calm down. we're not dealing with anythingt strong at this point. at take a look. calm winds which is really great. we're going to see them start to get gusty again but it doesn'tdo look like it's going to happen again until tuesday. temperatures now into the 30s and 40s. 40 at baltimore, 43 at manassas, 39 at martinsburg and 35 at hagerstown. and we have a frost advisory in effect. so we have this dry air mass inn we've got fairly light winds across the area and fairly clear
10:33 pm
skies. you combine that altogether and it sets us up here for the north and northwest, parts of centralr virginia. here we're dealing with a frost advisory. this kicks in at midnight untilt monday at 8:00 a.m.:00 and that cold air is going to settle in monday night.nigh we got our second shot of artic air. it's round two. rou we have three rounds to deal with. we had the first one, this iss the second one. p monday night into tuesday isto when wore ' going to see ouro se temperatures really take a dive. before that we're going to go in the opposite direction.po we're going to get a nice southerly flow in here soso tomorrow's high is going to bebe close to 70-degrees.0-de it's a real roller coaster. so we go from freeze watch tonight to almost 70-degrees tomorrow and then we're just dealing with frost advisory i should say to 70-degrees tomorrow and then a freeze watce tomorrow tonight.morr we're going to get the southerly flow kicking in. the
10:34 pm
the door for the warmer air andr our temperatures are going to head into the upper 60s, closese to 70, but with the passage of this frontal system later in tht day on monday we're talking about a chance of some showers. just how warm we're going to get will depend on the timing of this front with the wet weatherw and the amount of cloud coveragd we get just so you know that. i also can't rule out areas to the south and central regionseg that maybe we might have a passing isolated thunderstorm om two. it's very possible. behind it, though, we get rightr back to the cold air again.agai temperatures start to drop monday night into tuesday. futurecast showing you that that wet weather pulse through lateru in the afternoon and by the 8:00 hour starting to move out.ove so it's very brief in nature that shower for tomorrow. but it will be around. freeze watch kicks in monday night into tuesday morning. another time period when youerio have to take kay of your plants outside if they're sensitive and really protect them otherwise you're definitely going to loses them. if you're heading to the nats game on
10:35 pm
we've got rain that day but it's going to be 62-degrees.. this is another day i can't rule out a maybe a rumble of thunder. tomorrow we have a high of 68-degrees. here's your fox5 seven day fo forecast. we have a mixture of things happening here from the frost advisory tonight to almost 70-degrees tomorrow to a freeze watch tomorrow it's all over the place. take it one day at a i am too. i'm glad i got it all straight in my head so i can tell you guys. > we're going to go back tok breaking news we're following in montgomery county. a serious accident along northbound 270. this is showing the backup around this this is around 270 and # 21. # you can see a lot of stopping and slowing.slow avoid this area if you're going to go anywhere around this area tonight. at least five vehicle also areo involved in this accident,ccid multiple people hurt, including one person who was trapped in their vehicle.
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very latest information as we get it here on fox5.ox5. moving on now in tonight's health watch, peanuts are are witness of the most common food allergies. one dr. in north carolina testing out a new approach. the affects of a peanut allergyg can be severe. hives and swelling.w they can get some shortness of breath as well wheezing. the swelling can also includencl the throat. it can get very difficult to breathe. doctor eric williams with allergy partners of salsbury says 3 million people in theli country have the allergy andnd they're told to avoid peanuts. but that can be difficult.ficu about 12 percent of patienceatie will have an accidental exposure to peanuts even they're trying actively to avoid peanuts. he recommends a protocol that gradually introduces a patient to peanuts starting th
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small amount. i start myçó protocol at 2 micrograms of peanut protein and try to give you a sense there's 2350 milligrams of peanut protein in just one peanut. from there increasing the amount of peanut protein over the course of 100 daily is. they're taking this on a daily basis and as time goes on they become desensitized. after someone finishes the program they can eat as much peanuts they want. kids who had anaphylactic flaksa is can eat a peanut and jelly sandwich. it isn't widely used.d. he's been running the programgrm since december and says he's's seeing results. i have about four other kidsfour that are going through the protocol right now who are actually ingesting peanut protein. he admits that everyone reacts
10:38 pm
differently and the program has about about an 85 percent success rate.. but he says it's save and worthh a shot to get rid of the allergy yes, kids do have reactions buta if managed appropriately the kids do just fine. a cure for hiv and aides could be just a few years away. scientists at temp university school of medicine say they're confident they'll be able to start human trials on a cure within the next three years. researches were able to successfully snip away the virus from infected cells in a lab. experts believe the treatment to allow the body to effectively cure itself from inside. > a new study is adding to theo evidence that where you carrycar your weight can be an indicator of heart disease. researchers found people who are apple shaped or carry morecarr weight around the middle have a higher heart disease risk thanik those who carry their weight on their hips. that has held true regardless of body weight or bo
10:39 pm
researcher others say the takehs away is reducing your waste size and reduce are risk of heart disease. your compute can take a toll on your health. researchers say people who drivo to work every day have higher body fat measures than others who use walking or other. even a small amount of physical activity like walking to a metro station is better than sedentary act of driving. i ask this, does it count walking to your car.a that's a good thing. that's just mind blowing isn't't it? you drive, you sit in then car the whole time or you walk. that's why i asked you the question.qu that's opening new eyes. coming at 10, hiking the minimum wage. california is about to becomeo the first state in the country to set a
10:40 pm
wage. will other states and possibly the district follow? andnd opening day for the nats is tomorrow in atlanta. brody logan here on deck has aas preview of that game and the top 5 plays of the week coming up in sports.
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onuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. > so have opening day coming ig at atlantic and and the marlins will play right here at on. it'e a big week for baseball fans.s. although there's going to be rain for the home opener. i keep hearing there's going to be thanks, gwen. do you think bryce is going tong live up to the hyper. he's done a lot of talking now he has to step up to the plate. exactly. i think he will. maybe like last season and thend if the rest of the team can
10:44 pm
healthy he'll drive in more runs 2015 was a massive let down forn nats fans.nats outside of an epic season from matt joker and an great season from bryce harper they pretty much fell flat. a new manager, dusty breaker has brought a new laid back attitude to the team. a new second base p man dan t murphy.rphy his first homer in nats tomorrow we'll get to ' the ace, matt general knowledger.ener he threw not one, but two no hitters something that has yet to impress anthony remember rendon. he didn't have that good of a year last year. i think he'll go out there and t see how he starts inç the first incorporate. if it's anything like last year, i don't know. i'm realizing how much older i
10:45 pm
at 31 you feel pretty old when you got 20 years olds in therere who barely know the oj trial even happened. that's the stuff i'm dealing with. > blame the oj trial. a few teams in action, kansastin city royals taking on the mets. the royals getting to raise the world series champion onbanner. the rays and beluga's got the ale season started. the gist get a head start on repeating an al east champion. this is gist' outfielder chris column bowl oh struggling to complete an 8-pound mack and cheese. his teammates said if he can finish ate pounds of mack andck cheese they'll give him15
10:46 pm
after an hour he waived the wai white flag. > i think i can do this. for 15 grand. the boss is probably listening. he might have you do that. i'm seer yes, sir i really think i can eat 8 pounds of mack and cheese. let's get a charity going orng something. it's always a challenge to whittle down all the plays that come across the desk to justt five, but this week we've done ' just that with the close five co top five plays of the week. number five, premier boxing championship d.c. armory, robert easter jr. the week after easter putting al mendez to sleep. he tries to get up, but it's over. just go down. before the fight he promised too knock out and he delivered for the d.c. crowd. thank you for coming. that's number five. n number four we go toum the bougt p more or lals
10:47 pm
oh. he flings it across. chris davis, a nice place at first. a the kid from miami from it ohoh high. i love the throw there. some nice yoga at first. number three, this is porter may bring. his instagram handle is ignoree graft. that's what he does here. jumping over two guys, one onn top of the other. two guys on top of each other, it's like little kids in a trench coat. he's only five foot five. that's the crazy thing. he is a professional jumper. everyone else just fell out. number two, jeremy line ups the insanity. just throw it up there and it's good. no look over
10:48 pm
he's like, i can do t that. up and in. you didn't mean to do that. just be happy you got it. number one you'll need to pay attention on this one. malvern prep in pennsylvania, lacrosse team ten seconds left in the game. the pass goes to number two. he passes to number 20.mber 20 goes around the outside, going for goal. but wait where did the goal come from? watch number two, he throws it in the the air. but he keeps it himself. and that's the game winner. i can't believe they did thishis with 10 seconds left to win the game. how many times did they practice this? look at that. when you you see it, you see it. fooled me. fooled me, too. the first time i was like why is this a big deal? to call th
10:49 pm
up. let's do the fake ball play. to win the game with 10 seconds, that coach pretty good.ty do you remember the oj trial. >> these guy, i'm not even going to answer that. . still to come tonight at 10, ato drug sniffing cat.t. what? you've got to see the epic prank one police officeric pulled during a traffic stop. that's coming up. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts.
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or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? > what would you doç if a pol officer told you his drugis sniffing cat was going to checkc your car? yes, a prank from a police chief in utah is going viral. he deployed few few the cat. didn't he have another name fore this cat? >> i don't know.
10:53 pm
> this all happened during a traffic stop. i am many with the feline unit, the police department's feline uninit with me.h me i'm going to deploy my caty around the outside of your vehicle. >> i can't keep playing withh you. this is an april fool's joke. (laughter).. this is our feline unit.nit. > that's pretty good. they loved it. > where is the cat, though? >> where is few few. > few few is governor.ew f the family got a good laugh and the officer only gave them a warning for the speeding.peed that's terrific. >> is this something they planned at local call or was itc spur of the moment because thate is
10:54 pm
can you imagine, we're going to search your car today with a cat have you ever seen people withep their cats on a leash? i always think that's funny. > a police chase shutdownshut traffic on the bay bridge. an officer was trying to catch a runaway doing.y he started running from oakland to san frisco. running right in the middle lane. they were actually to grab him and get him to safety.afe they are now trying to tracko tr down the dog's rightful owner. > look at him. speedy gonzales with those little legs. > he has no way out. still to come tonight at 10, 1
10:55 pm
the first state in the country with a $15 an hour minimum wage. and we explore what the new law will do to businesses and if and other states are likely to follow. that all coming up next after the break. fios is not cable.
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it will be a historic day into california tomorrow. tom the state is poised to becometo the first in the nation too officially raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. other states could soon follow suit. we hear more from fox's will car. >>reporter: all eyes will be on california. the state is set to commit its minimum wage to $15 an hour. governor jerry brown will sign the bill into law on monday. but critics worry about unintended consequences and the economic impact. california's current minimum is already $10 an hour and
10:59 pm
with massachusetts for highest among states.s. governor brown says this plan is careful, responsible and provides flexibility if the economy goes south by allowing lawmakers to push the wage back. there is no doubt in this country the gap between those who struggle at the bottom of our economic world has groanas g bigger and bigger. it's a matter of economic justice. it makes sense and will help our entire state do much better. new york recently reached a similar deal to raise its minimum wage to $15, but notot everybody is on board. business owners, especially in smaller communities inmm california worry about the impact saying they may have toae cut workers, turn on automation or close altogether. one republican lawmaker calledcl it a death sentence for struggling businesses. a few are going to get a wage increase. am more are going
11:00 pm
jobs. it will increase in faces. it's set to hit $15 an hour in 202 #. will car, fox news.ews. > this is fox5 local news at 11. good evening again everyone thanks for being with us. i'm matt ackland april and i'm a marina maracco.rina we're going to start tonightrt with breaking news in montgomerm county. a series accident along northbound 270.nd this is traffic camera showing the backup near 270ç near 121. maryland state police says 12sas patience were evaluated on the scene, including some children. at least five vehicle also were involved. all the victims are expected too survive. take a look at this photo fromrm one of the mangled cars.ars this was taken by montgomeryen county fire. the crash has shutdown all lanes on northbound 270 near route 121. and now to the deadly amtrak crash in pennsylvania.h twino workers were killed when a


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