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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ahead at 6:00 a triple te stabbing overnighter in princevn george's we'll have a live update frompdr the scene.cene >> also amtrak back to normalk r service today less than 24ha hours after a deadly accident near philadelphia.lade federal investigators in theigao meantime are still on the on t scene analyzing data from thatoa crash. >> go ahead and take a live l look outside on this monday april 4th. it is a little bit chilly outt there.there. 50 degrees right now. degrees rg nice and clear, though. tho tucker of course will talkillal weather, erin will talk traffic coming up on the 5s up 5 at 6:05. 6 we say good morning right now,ng i'm holly morris in for i allison seymour.allison seymour >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news morning. first up at 6 o'clock let'sckets get you caught up on the the headlines. first from prince george'sm county fire damaging a home inmm capitol lights. this was on opus avenue.venu the flames broke out about 3:45 this morning.s mor unclear if anybody was living wl in that house at the time,t ho though.thou fire crews are wrapping upws their work at the scene right a now. also developing overnightini a triple stabbing near a restaurant a
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washington >> fox5's melanie alnwick isck on that scene with the latest. mel, what tull. >> reporter: what can you tell s county police tell us itsolic stabbing, certainly good news here in aai way, that thet injuries are considered to be nonlife-threatening. the three injured people were taken to the hospital and areosd being treated for theirir we know that it happened rightnt about 2 o'clock in the and prince george's countyin policece responded here, had he, this whole area in front of in the restaurant and lounge and lu taped off. ta it appears from what we are hearing that there was somethom sort of a large fight involving some -- a crowd of people.le we don't fl know if it happened inside and spilled out or ifpili it was contained just to theustt outside of the restauranttaurant area. there is an event that happenst here every sunday night, aight club event with a number off bands and that usually runs
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and that would be right aboutut the time that patrons would be getting out of the club and restaurant here. h prince george's county policerg' did have to call for additional backup and ems as well. and turns out that one of thee injured was actually aually security guard at the club, not affiliated with prince george's county police but ay cb private security guard. gua at this point, though, we have no information from prince fropr george's county police as to cn whether a suspect is ins custody or whether they areer t still looking for a suspect.usp. live in fort washington, i'm i melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. ne >> thanks mel.hank 6:02 now. n 270 is opened again.gain big crash last night in the rockville area. several people hurt when fiveleh carsen collided near clarksburgk road. ro eight people includingpele inc children were taken to the hospital. one woman listed in serious condition.conditio all of the victims arere expected to survive. svi >> amtrak says it is operatingpi on a regular schedule todaychedd after yesterday's deadly derailm
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service on train 151 has beenase canceled today. tod that's train 151 already canceled today. t. there may be delays on otherth service between philadelphia phi and wilmington, delaware. safety investigators have recovered a data recorder and forward facing video from them t two workers were killed andild a more than 30 passengers wereerse injured after the train collided with a backhoe on the h tracks. >> a final goodbye this tweak t virginia state trooper chadtater dermyer who was killed while w participating in a training exercise at the greyhound buseus station last thursday inn la richmond. police say james brown, iiiiii shot and killed dermyer aftermyr the trooper began talking with w him. brown was also killed in that altercation. this afternoon and this and this evening visitation will be held for trooper der player atyr liberty baptist church down in n hampton, virginia. virginia. the public is invited toed to attend.atnd. trooper dermyer will be laid be to rest tomorrow morning followed by a private burrly.ur >> loudoun county new details ce about the suspect accused off gunning down his ex-girlfriend and the mother of three chmoildren. police arrested an
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30-year-old darrick louis ofolda middleburg for the murder ofurdr christina fisher. investigators say louis shot s fisher after the two got intohei an argument inside her leesburg home saturdayome sat evening. fisher was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. louis and fish very two children together.ildr he's being held without bondhoud charged with murder andge violation of a protectiveion order.order. fisher's family has set up aas go fund me page to help cover funeral costs and help herp her children over the weeks and weea months to come. c so far more than $5,200 hasn $50 been donated.on. to fairfax county nowounty w where weather likely played alid role in the death of ale in e de pedestrian who was hit and killed by a police this happened late saturday flight on beulah street inn ul alexandria. it was raining heavily at thelya time and investigators say an s officer on routine patrolne pro struck and killed 26-year-old jeffrey aguilar of alexandria. they say aguilar walked into traffic against the light andns was wearit ng dark clothing. clh the officer involved in theolvet crash is a two-year member ofero
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routine administrative leave.ea >> happening today, d.c. judge d will rule on whether a 15-dollar minimum wage ballot measure will move forward. fwa the head of the december decem chamber sued the board. brd a judge ruled against thegain board in thear board filed a motion to mo reconsider. if the judge reverses theses the decision measure will beon m allowed to the ballot. b a poll found 87 percent ofrct o d.c. voters approve thereofhe wage increase.ase. ♪ ♪ >> 6:05 now. good to see you. to seyou. >> hi. >> good to see we're all hererel and didn't get blown away thisys weekend. >> saturday night, yes.ur did yodau enjoy that 60 miles 6i per hour wind gust.wi >> crazy. >> beautiful yesterday butte kind of today we're waking up withh warmer temperatures for a timepo and then another blast of what t would be cold arctic air if it i were february but it will justis be cooler air. a >> not happy about that. >> rain showers kind ofn sh midafternoon. 50 now in washington, 52 in annapolis. coer
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west. 30's intu frederick, 34 degrees, 37 in winchester and martinsburg. believe it or not we may touch 70 degrees before that coldeford front really starts to workal its way through the region. so, a brief warmup today. then we'll get some clouds. clo see the shower activity northwei and west of pittsburgh? ittsbur congrats, steve on your firstev win of the season. sso >> thank you. you. >> let's see. let that will fade down into ourn oo region a little later today latd and we'll have some showers shos around here kind of mid to ofid late afternoon so i think the tk orioles have their home opener o today, don't they.he >> orioles and nats.ries a >> the nats are away.arewa >> they're in iatl >> orioles are aree. >> orioles are in baltimore. there will probably be rainy brn showers if you're going to the orioles game later today. tod keep our fingers crossed. f >> they were saying yesterday s wind chills in the 20's. >> it just looked cold.ayst l on tv it looked like they weree miserably cold.y >> like a football game.ball >> i know. i felt bad. a lot of you felt bad. b >> maybe next time it will w feel let's check in with erin.chec >> i see you got your nice spring haircut. >> i did. >> nice. right now traffic is notw
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to 95 northbound a crash on thea on shoulder involving a tractor-trailer after daler-tr city. look at that mess of slow moving traffic. mngraff you're backed up for several for miles. try your luck on route one routo northbound but watch for typical starter for this timeare of morning.orni 395 over the 14th street bridge, the inbound side we sid are dealing with a ton ofon backed up traffic all the way t past gw parkway. parkway there's a crash on the ramp tocs the eastbound freeway so you're basically parkedally pare leading towards that location.r. taking a look at 66 right now rt the eastbound side at the rowsrs vet bridge also some crashge activity blocking the right ackn shoulder g it looks like it's li moved over to.moover to. traffic is getting by butng byut watch for some delays as youayay make your way through thatghha area. let's go ahead and take a look t right now at our maps.s. if you're taking metro delaysel to shady grove on the redha line. police investigation at farragut north.nvfarr aside from that all othaguter rr lines no alerts to report.ep you can always check in withnh me on twitter at erin fox55 d.c. starting to see a lot of o inbound congestion.on suitland parkway inbound jamsnbs up to south capitol. to we're seeing ton of ea
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traffic 295 by burroughsc avenue. back to you. >> one day awa29y from a crucial a crucial primary in wisconsin.imin wisco. candidates taking jabs at each h other. >> plus an escalator malfunction piling hockey fans f on top of each other. o what went wrong? we're backre c in 30 seconds with that video. 6:08 is our time right now. stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> then again before check service is still limitede though. thou the hope is to be back up to bat full speed in time for the in m start of the summer holidays hoy at the end of june.he endf j here locally security concerns heightened after the tragedy in belgium and last a week's shooting at the capitol l visitors center.vitors cen today hundreds of security officers who work in i commercial buildings willingsil gather in farragut square tore demand a fair contract.ontr vincent gray expected to joinn that rally. rly >> back overseas u.s. airack strike in syria reportedlyn taken out a long time leader of al-qaeda.l- a web site that monitorsonit jihadi web site says abu farisis al siri was killed along withs w his son and several other allosaur rewas a spokesman for people. >> hundreds of migrants forcednt to return to turkey thisurn morning after having played it to greece. this is part of an agreement to limit the number
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migrants coming to europe.e. 50,000 refugees are stranded sae in greece following borderwing r closures but only those whonly o arrived after march 20th will 2 be deported. most are from pakistan andnnd 33 either did not apply for asylum or applications wereer rejected. reject >> on the campaign trail in in wisconsin the presidentialsidena candidates are gearing up for tomorrow's crucial marry inal mn that state. on the republican side a recent poll shows donald trump p trailing senator ted cruz. cz. meanwhile trump is calling on o ohio governor john kasich too drop out of the race saying say he's stealing his delegates. del >> no, i actually think heyhi hurts me he more than he hurts s cruz if you want to know the kn truth and frankly kasich right now is -- he's got one win and 29 losses and he shouldn't s even be in it. it. >> but kasich says neitherer trump nor cruz would have n enough delegates by the gopor gp convention to win outright. now, as for the democrats, senator bernie sanders he's hoping to continue his winning
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streak.streak. polling slight al head ofg hillary clinton in thsle badgerd state. meanwhile both campaignsanwh continue negotiations over aovea debate in new york before that state's primary later this month. >> retired world cup soccer s champian abby wambachba apologizing after her arrest on a drunk driving charge. cha she posted a she is taj on her o facebook page. p shpolice say the the 35-year-old was pulled overled saturday after reportedly repor running a red light nearnnin downtown portland.down they say she failed a field sobriety test an breath testath at the police an escal tator malfunctionen and it went into top speed. s it was packed at the game.ked hg sent everybody tumbling onto t the ground on top of each other. some tried to slide off to thefh side. the game had just ended so youns can imagine how crowded thathat escalator was.lar w fortunately nobody seriouslyelyr >> crazy video. v
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escalator.r. >> the fact that it sped up, too, right. still ahead the nats home nm opener still a few days awaywa but it is a busy day for they fr racing presidents. pside that's next.'s next. >> let's head outside as we hd u head to break on this mondayhisn weather and traffic on ther an 5s next. it's kind of a comfortable comft 50 degrees but cold in theut cie suburbs this morning.suburbs thi >> ♪ ng
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>> looks like it's smooth fore t now. >> as long as it's moving that's the first big hurdle.s >> absolutely. >> it is relatively mild i guess but going to be up and b a down this month it seems likent or at least this week, rightk, r tuck. >> yeah, next couple days, it will be 70 today and struggletrg to 50 another round of cold air. air welcome back to school. everybody back to school.back >> i think so.>> i
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temperatures in the 40's.ures we're 50 here in the city this t morning. cool temperatures out there totu start your day and by after school, the showers return.rsur so, kind of mid to latee afternoon we're going havee go another round of showers with sw our next cold front and as and a mentioned that's going to keep e temperatures much cooler as wels get into tomorrow. tom 50 now in washington.hington. 42 in baltimore.42 i mean, it's certainly cool to o start your morning north and west where temperatures are a noticeably cooler than to ouro o south.south. look at this.lo 34 in frederick.frede we're 55 in quantico so aboutbot a 20-degree difference.e. 52 leonardtown. 52 this morning in fredericksburg.ericburg the further north and west youey get the cooler ther temperatures. up ahead of that sunshine forshn the first half of the day andtha we'll pump the temperaturesre pretty quickly.etty quick i think again highs in then hige upper 60's maybe topping out for a brief moment near 70.mer 7 and then the cooler air willr start to work in along withit some rain showers kind of midafternoon, so keep an umbrella handy particularly during thearly afternoon hours. i think we'll be dry the firstrt half of the day but byut b afternoon as the showerhowe activity arrives we will w
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winds will pick up again and we'll kind of do a repeateat performance from saturdaynce fry night. i don't think we'll be talking about 70 miles per hour winds hn but certainly gusty winds andnd cold temperatures look atpeture this. this. look what's happening off tos ha our north and yeah, that's actually snortw flying three to 6 inches to incs expected in boston by late tonight.tonit. so, never too late for snow in boston apparently.pparently. all right, that cold air will aw kind of settle in.len. tuesday and wednesday muchay colder. and i want to mention this isnth for later tonight.islate overnight tonight into early eay tomorrow morning, officiallyffia the growing season startsts april 1st.1s we have a freeze warning forwag the entire area issued by the national weather service forea tomorrow morning.thmorr so, what's that mean, erin? >> it means it's going to be's cold.cold >> it means if you have tenderhr vegetation you want to bring w it in. 70 today.od 50 tomorrow.or much colder tomorrow.der torrow. chilly and 58 on wednesday.ednesday just want to give you a head'svy up. i'm excited too for thethe nationals game on thursday. however, we have to keep our keu fingers mother nature doesn't want tot cooperate. looks like showers likely with temperatures in the low 60's. that's a look at weathther.ea
6:17 am
your roads.yo roa >> sorry i missed that lineisd h tucker. tuck >> that's okay. >> glad you had me covered. right now skyfox is overw se college parkr.coege beltway outer loop especially ep by 95 in maryland backing up. outer loop slows 95 through georgia as usual. inner loop not terrible at the moment. let's switch things over for ang look at our cameras. really big delays. b this is a huge heads up for u f you on 395 inbound over ther 14th street s right now two lanes are blocked.blocked. the ramp to the eastboundou freeway is also dealing with agh lane closure and delays areay ae back past gw parkway. parkway you can see not getting anywhere any time quickly souico if you're waking up in alexandria and take 395 inbound this is what you're up'u again. northbound lane is blocked ine o saint mary's.aint my's. accident investigation in the area of piney point roads and r drayden road.dr one lane has opened however how traffic is alternating both directions. it was previously closed.ou let's see if we can forward for our maps to a look in princepr george's county. c inbound traffic is lookingaf good on 5t a little bit of volume picking up towards the beltway.belty.
6:18 am
you're at speed 301 to the t the beltway. i'll let you know when thatw wh changes. volume increasing over theas wilson bridge on the inner thenr loop as usual.s usu steve and >> speaking of cars, orderss, or for tesla's new model three topped 253,000 in the first 36i3 hours. that is a retail value of about $10 billion by the way.n y the electric car is not even t e slated to go he into production until next year andxd tesla's chief executiveie execue tweeted that the averageat there selling price will be $42,000, 0 much higher than the base price of 35,000 bucks. bks some fear the company mightpanyg have trouble filling all theline orders many people who putoplehp down a thousand dollars dolla deposit have the option for a fa full refund until 2020. 202 >> that's another 25 million in cash front of the from therot refunds right there. the surprise this morning for baseball fans at reagan fan national airport that is if i you're flying to georgia.rgia four of the nats racing presidents will be on hand to t greet and board detectiveec delta customers on a
6:19 am this gets under way at gun 8 o'clock. the racing presidents will bent giving away signed merchandisend and tickets to future games.ame. delta was recently named theed t official airline of thef the washington so if you're headed to atlanta a this morning, don't wait, getait down there early. >> yeah, that's a fun sight tost see at the airport.port. >> right.>> rig >> get you in the mood.he mood. >> i think you would noticeou w them. >> kind of hard to miss. d a new ride sharing companysh that caters exclusive toxcluve women. the focus safety. safet why a former uber driver dve decided to start the business.e. >> plus, when is the last timeas you complained to an air giant turns out air travelir tra complaints have soared to a 15 year high.igh. we'll break it down after the break.
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards,
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we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> airlines improved on timenes arrival but complaints surged. first though let's get a check c of the markets and joining us jg from the fox business network studio is adam shapiro. shapiro. good morning to you sir.u >> reporter: good morning to you, holly. hope things are good inngs e go washodington. they are well, thank youe for asking.we let's go ahead and start with sw markets and trading.rkand we ended the week
6:22 am
well and early signs on thisis monday morning is that we'reng positive, right, heading in heag the right direction? direction? >> reporter: heading in thete right direction.r: you keep seeing me look oriff lk screen 'cause i'm looking at the, you know, futures rightw, now and actually about two hours ago dow futures were a little bit softer. they've improved somewhat asome we've headed to the openingpe bell at 9:30 new york time butkt they can change.ha asia for the most part tradedhe up this morning.up t so that could be a good signbe g for the start of our trading tra week as well.week >> i would think the airlines ti would be happy with the revieww right? almost all areas inreas this new report things were thi better for them and yetet americans are complaining morenm than ever about the airlineir industry. >> reporter: imagine.epor okay, this is a report from fro wichita state university and also embree riddle both aeronautical facilities.ut the numberic of complaints filei bypass jersey aboard airlines in 2015 are the highest level
6:23 am
15,000 complaints filed lastntse year. the complaints have to do with v cancellations and that's the biggest pet peeve. but the airlines have improved e for instance lost baggage, thet, number of lost baggageag complaints and destroyed bags ar they actually fell 17 percent. on time arrivals improvedarrivae something like 3.7 percent.ce. so, the only explanation iton it appears for the reasons theeans complaints went upcomp cancellations and delays ands as the worst airline for thene f complaints was spirit.piri >> we were talking about thiskig earlier adam and we think that also maybe complaints went up because it's so easy to e complain these days.comp you can do it see he ya' twitter, via facebook, yelp. it's instantaneous.nstantan there's always going to beoing e something you can complain about. >> reporter: you can follow up online with the department of transportation. i can y t understand the complao about if you're over 5 feet 5 f tall there's no leg room butre' that's another issuele. issue >> you mean if you're a groan adult you can't fit in at you ci regular seat.t r >> reporter: bing low he. >> alas.>> let's talk about this new ridebt
6:24 am
women. >> reporter: it caters toter: women but you'll hear a lot about this i'm betting.. it's called chariot for womenrir based in massachusetts.. it's going to go nationall april 19th.apri they will only hire female drivers.s. they offer rides to women and a 13-year-old guys or younger. if you're a gal and you have aae guy with lie you who is 13 or oo the driver has a right to to refuse transportation to you and the male passenger.asse this is going to run up -- up there's no way. >> yes. >> reporter: i'd put moneyter: on it there is no way that antidiscrimination codessc throughout the country would allow a company to say we'reri only hiring women but youing woe never know. they're launching april 19th nationwide and it's calledsal chariot for women to competeo ce with uber and lyft. ubend >> i'm with you.>> i'm i think there's some w detailsei they need to iron out there. thanks adam. >> reporter: you got it.epor take care. >> all right. have a good one.d o >> tuck is back. bk. my big question is the winds. ws are we done with them nowh th
6:25 am
are more going to fire >> we're not going to do not g t hurricane force winds like weik did saturday night but we're goingoing to do very gusty wind. beautiful moon rise ahead of aho the sun. sun i'm kind of make that up.ake tht i think it's >> in your mind it was rising. >> yeah,.>> yeah,. >> go with it.>> go with i >> i speak with authorityhty whether i know what i'mr i knowm talking about or not.g abouor n dulles 45 degrees, 42 bwi marshall.mars. just a little sliver.e there's your satellite andyour radar. yeah, the reason we'ree' concerned with more wind the w front off to your north andf to west, see the green, raintheen, showers out towards pittsburgh p and now into southern i pennsylvania, that will sag, thl down into our region a little later today, bring us a rounds u of showers, maybe a rumble ofber thunder and then the windsin pick up and then we get very g cold tonight. we have a freeze warning for just about everybody later tonight.togh overnight lows by tomorrow tor morning very close to these t freezing mark in the city andk c lots of 20's north and westes so. >> put the heavy coats away away but i don't think i'm goingn'
6:26 am
moreroun days. day next weekends looks very cooloos by the way. yeah i'm going tots nationals game next saturday. nt saturd may need several layers.l laye >> i will keep my heavy coat het out for you, very cold c saturday.turd >> not looking good.ot temperatures around >> it will be beautiful -- -- tomorrow morning, yeah, it'snin, going to be a cool week. wee maybe some rain showers forom our home opener on thursday.e we'll talk more about that inret a minute. >> may need to rethink thatd toi decision erin for next saturday. >> can you guys hear me. you >> yes. yes. >> yes, you, okay, right now let's go ahead and take a look at skyfox. new crash.rash this is top of the beltway the y outer loop on the ramp to 95 on northbound is blocking the right shoulder and part of the right lane. ri traffic light at this pointgh but the beltway is backing upkiu as you make your way from 95 towards the spur as usual. let's take a look at our maps lo right now. aside from that crash scenecras that we're tracking keep in find that saint mary's county s we were dealing with a crashai that had everything completelyil shut down on piney point road. . right now north and southbound d sides are sharing the one lane with -- right at the -- intersection of drayden road and north
6:27 am
some of them are still blocked so watch for delays.el prince george's county inbound traffic on five d fouron looking good.good. suitland parkway very jammed. 295 inbound burroughs to pennsylvania about 23 miles per hour. and if you are taking 395 you5 y are jammed on the inbound sideos from well before shirlington because of a crash taking out ct some lanes over the 14th the 1 street bridge.stet b we also have a crash partiallyly blocking the ramp to the ramto eastbound side of the freeway. y let's take a look at our our cameras, want to help you get around some of those flames you can see how heavy trafficho is as you make your way outw ot 395 inbound. we'll keep you updated. 66 over the roosevelt bridge, the inbound side 66 eastbound es also dealing with a crash wh a taking out a lane.king back to you. >> thanks erin.nks er up next sports junkiess going to join us live.iv >> talking the nats seasons sea opener today and also theohe finals of the ncaa tournament.on is it north carolina? is it villanova? who will reign supreme? it's 6:27.
6:29 am
6:30 am
>> ♪ >> 6:30 now. welcome back to fox5 newsck t morning. morn beautiful picture of the sun coming up.ming u we'll talk more about weather. going to be an interest weather and traffic on the 5'stn at 6:35.:3 developing overnight in thernigi news in prince george's county t a fire damaging a home ing a hon capitol heights.pito this was on opus avenue.s ave flames broke out around 3:45 3 this unclear whether anyone wason w living at the house at theou a time. fire crews are wrapping uprews their work at the scene righte h police are investigating ang triple establishing
6:31 am
washington on the 700 block ofck cady drive. there was a large fight fht between multiple people.ipleeo three men were stabbed. sta one of them was a securityit guard. gu all three victims are expectedee to amtrak says it isamtrak operating close to a regulareg schedule on the northeast corridor today after todayft yesterday's deadly derailmentai near philadelphia.ladehi however, service on train 151 t1 has been canceled today.oday. two people were killed, 30 kild, hurt when the train hit a backhoe that was on the tracksaw early sunday safety investigators havee recovered a data recorder andnd forward facing video from the crash. >> ♪ >> 6:31 right now. 6:3 time for the morning line the right now. m an exciting day for nats fans. f it is opening day andinday an thankfully not here 'cause it's cold's let's check in with the sports junkies 106.7 f.m. the fan. t fn what's going on.wh going welcome back eric. eri >> thank you buddy.uddy. >> hello. >> i went to the game on wen saturday with about a thousandhn other people. people. 'cause that's all that wast wa there.
6:32 am
[laughter] >> but you know it's nice, no lines, kind ofw cool. today it's opening day it all counts. ooh i think vegas has the natsat picked as fourth best in theest national league something likegu that. what do you guys think as far as the teame ys season preview.e >> i think they're total wins over-center about 89 and a half. half. vegas thinks they'll be right t arounhed that 90 win mark.k. the keys are guys likeuys l strasburg who is going to walk w here if he can stay healthyea and pitch like he did in hisn h rookie he year. y that would be and then ryan zimmerman formermf mee at first base his health het because when ryan zimmerman isri healthy he's going to produce, o he's a big bat to protectrote bryce. so i think for those two guys, g these those are key guys toe kes stay healthy and produce forrodf them and the bullpen is still is kind of a question mark for me f because you have like four orikr five new parts.veew parts >> absolutely. >> so and then papelbon closesns out. there are a lot of questionlot f marks but at least they're all healthy going into this season. >> i think it's an interring year. last year they were
6:33 am
pressured and a world series favorite. i'm buying what they're selling. that a they're flying under flye the radar. the additions they made. m they'll have more contacton hitters and i think they haved enough pitching that thingsit are looking up for thechokg up nationals. >> they have a ton of talent. a here's the t thing if they stayy healthy as jason and jp said. i i like that they're under thende radar. da last year we allegedly had theey greatest rotation in the lastat 25 years. 25 y didn't really liveea up to the t hype. really focus on beyond straysd r and scherzer the back end ofnd the rotation.ot joe ross, is he as good as he looked last year and tanner.r. >> can bryce harper build andcee have a better year than last las yearly he appeared in a lot oflo games.gas. hit 42 home runs. runs. hard to forecast tho
6:34 am
again but this is what thist th guy does so hopefully hes had h another year like that and cana stay healthy and if he he doo that, sky's the limit for this team. >> if he doesn't build and't b just plateaus at 42 home runs 4r i'm okay with that. with tha >> that's okay.>> >> i'll take it.>> >> pretty good. pretty goo >> absolutely. >> as far as the team though i a buy into that under the radarher but if they don't make the m post season it's a disappointment to me just because of where they are as whr an organization.rg so, the game tonight, who do, w you have, north carolina? villanova? do you like one over the other? villanova hasla been surprising? north carolina has been dominant. has what do you like.wh >> i like north carolina. they've been the best teamatno s throughout the tournamt teent ad have the most talent but what ba villanova did on saturday satda night definitely makes you pause.e. >> shoot 70 percent they'rehe unbleat tam. i like carolina's athleticismthi especially on the blocks ilyn th like their length.he i think they'll put a lot of a l pressure on villanova's bigs's b but again if they're going to gg sloot 70 percent and just make everything carolina will losel s day. >> wants it to be the final four games were
6:35 am
just two blowouts verywo difficult watch. i want a competitive a com championship i think if both teams play upy p to their capabilities, i thinkhi you have to give the nod tood carolina. >> yeah, i think roy williams is going to cut down the netshen tonight against villanova.nova no disrespect to jay wright wgh and the wildcats but i think t that team is loaded, they comehm at you in ways. w >> do you know what thato means? all fouryo of us pickedc >> yes, villanova is going tooit win. before we let you go whenyoo it comes to the finals and thend championship do you like aike team like north carolina carolin that's kind of -- it's the favorite coming in, if they i t win they're the no question qst the dominant number one team in the country or do you like ye an opportunity where say ahsiraa cues got in and you have that chance for a long shot upsetet to win the championship?ionshi >> well, if maryland is notr going to be in it because we're maryland alum i like the e underdog myself. myself. >> right. >> i don't like betting on thebe favorite but problem is thee favorites i believe have won in the championship game seven of the last 10 years althoughh the last two champions have h been underdogs.erdogs. y
6:36 am
>> although the last championtha was duke it's hard to call them an underdog. >> they were underdog.hey >> unlike the butlers of thetlee world but luters always ends e up losing.up l >> here's a simple answera si a i don't care who wins really. i just want to see a good game unless i'm betting on the game g which i will. just not sure who i'm goingur t onon yet.e be >> kind of annoying to route for carolina. c i believe it's their 13thir 1 final four. na could they win any more games? m >> big winners. winne >> lurch if it makes you feel any better i'm taking north'm t carolina, so you might want to go with villanova.villanova. >> bet heavy on villanova.vy >> so you're betting on carolina. >> i'm not getting but i'm but i choosing north carolina toorth win. don't put words in menages. >> not everybody gambles.ry >> steve looks like you got aoos fresh cut. cut >> i was hoping it would bring g warmer temperatures but itures t guess we're still a couplewe'rel weeks away.l we >> see you guys. >> thank you. >> junks 1067 f.m. the >> what do you think they'redo i doing with the
6:37 am
newspaper on their desk?paper ot >> it's a prop.he hey, what should this radio rad station have if we put it on tv? a newspaper.ew >> all right. let's see.le local home opener oriolesriol today if you're going to t baltimore rain showerse ra sho midafternoon. >> is it at 4 o'clock.s it a >> i think it's at 3 o'clockat 3 in baltimore, 4 o'clock -- ilo - just looked atlanta, mid 70's, sunshine for the opener.pene >> good for nats fans ifans you're headed to that game.ame. >> enough to postpone the gamepe in baltimore. b >> i would not be surprised ifii they don't have a delay there.he 50 in washington, 42 up in 42 un baltimore, 52 in north and west we got 30's so chilly temperatures.petu freezing there in frederick.rede we'll all be flirting withrtin freezing by tomorrow morning. mi we have another round of verythu cold air on the way, cold forold april standards and it'sar coming in the form of a coldf ac front which is just to ourwhic north and that's actually snow flyingwly north and east of new york city this morning. m they're expecting three to tee 6 inches of snow in providencero and boston by late this afternoon.tern >> no, sir. >> gotta love it. around here rain showers one ra
6:38 am
they'll arrive midafternoon beon with us through 7, 8 o'clockck tonight and then colder airder and windier conditions set ups later this evening.r ve up ahead of it it will be a b mild days, upper 60's near >> perhaps our most mild dayt md of the week right. >> yeah you got that right. r >> red sox on the way, too. no snow in bottom of the beltway on. >> i think new york is at home. >> i think they are. >> let's check in with erin.ew >>wi 6th:38 right now taking a look at skyfox there over the top of the beltway outer loopel ramp to 95 northbound a color ca blocking the right lane andane shoulder.ou bigger delays on the outer d loop from el95 to the spur. let's take a look at our cameras. me 395 has been a mess all ms morning on the inbound side. you're basically parked rightal now a new crash taking out the left lanes just before glebe road. delays are back to before duke street. and then the delays continue cou to the 14th street bridge because of an earlier crashrliec there as well. you can see it blocking theckinh shoulder there. the this is by glebe and then asn you pass that point you are still parked so i'd say gived sd
6:39 am
as you head out in alexandrialei or arlington.ingt. 295 on the inbound side backede up. crash activity in saint mary's right now. still an investigation in the i area of piney point road and drayden roads so cautiono cautin through there area.thro that lanes remain block. block inbound traffic is slow right now five northbound in prince i george's county.n ge's 301 to surratts road and then four west at speed from 301 tor the beltway. beltw in the district here's atricter' closer look at that inboundnbou 295 delay. 295 in addition to that 66hat eastbound slows as you maked ow your way past westemoreland.mord 50 inbound starting to delayg by kenilworth as usual and as as we take a look at our twitterwir update keep in mind right now rt this morning baltimore letting everyone know for orioles ori opening day be mindful ofindful parking restrictions andtions ad closures and they are asking t everyone to obey the trafficraff laws. laws i'd say give yourself plentyelfe of time get there. you could start to see delays backing upcn from d.c. towards baltimore btie this morning and as far as andfa your mta update, if you'ree taking amtrak
6:40 am
been canceled for the day and that's as a result of the train derailment over therant weekend. we mta has some options for you.. i have everything listed on myn twitter at erin fox5 d.c.. back to you.ckyo >> thanks erin.>> still ahead why a d.c. animal shelter closing itsltlosi doors today. >> plus, kevin hours away fromro walking the red carpet for there premiere of the jungle book. he's in los angeles. we'll check in with him for our fox beat next pass pal
6:42 am
make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> 6:42. on the heels of the flint,ls michigan water prices maryland senator ben cardin and mayorin m of baltimore will gather to discuss the importance of safe lead free drinking waterki across the state of maryland. they'll tour the ashbrook filtration plant in baltimore.b. senator cardin said we cand no longer delay needed nee upgrades to the infrastructure. >> heads up about a local animal shelter closing its doors today.tod the washington humane societyani on georgia avenue in thevein district is moving all of itslli animals to a differentiffent location. they are going to the goio washington animal rescuees league which is on ogle thorpegh street just about 2 milesiles it's part of a merger betweenr the two organizations.rganizatio the move will provide the animals more space and increase traffic for adoption. next, a frozen broccolin brc recall that we need to telleed l you about involving cases soldas to stores in several stateserals including virginia. vgi >> and a reminder if you haveav a news tip for us, share it sre with us. you can do so a couple can ofo ways. you can call us at
6:44 am
895-3000 or e-mail us. u the e-mail address is fox5 f tips at back with the forecast next.
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> ♪ >> all right, live look atig reagan we got a lot of light out there early this morning it'sotm actually relatively mild heremie in the city although we haveougv 30's north and west and we're w going hit a temperature near 70 up ahead of our next fronttrt but we got another blast ofher t cold air on the way.ay that will get in here laterere l this afternoon. aftnoon if it were january, february,eb, we would be talking
6:47 am
bitter temperatures around tem here but we are talking aboutar the potential for freezinge forz temperatures later tonight and t tomorrow morning. so, it is april and thend growing season is officiallyff under way so we'll talk morell e about that in a second.t th 50 here in washington, 42to leonardtown annapolis, good morning, 52 degrees.g, 52 degr north and west got a littleot al pocket of 30's there up's tre towards frederick where it'ss 34 degrees. 37 in martinsburg andnsbu a hagerstown. we're focused on our nextur n frontal system off to ourl syou north and raining pretty good in pittsburgh.pittsburgh. pretty gusty winds there atty w the moment. as this fronts sags down intowni our region later today we'llod get an increase in clouds i c pretty quick and then someck anm shower activity that willhat breabreak out mid to late afternoon. orioles home opener today at 3 o'clock. rain showers are timed justrs about perfectly to kind of get through the region augthe regi midafternoon. so if you're going up to the gn orioles game plan according. aci for the rest of us bring an umbrella. we'll have showers as we getho into the afternoon hours asnoona this front moves through andou then winds will pick up.l it won't be 60 or 70 miles perer hour wi
6:48 am probably 30, 35 miles per hour winds. winds. we're not going to get thisgo t but look at what's going onwhati north and east of new yorkf w city up towards boston providence that's snow in april. a three to 6 inches expected eecte across parts of southern new england. future cast put in it motionpu for you, there you go at notice we're just getting g cloud cover.oud cove showers hold off until midafternoon but we could evenoe hear an embedded rumble of thunder as it moves on through. showers up and down 95.s it quicklyup moves to the easths and to the south and willndil clear out overnight but we cane now see on our futurecast windy conditions which are going to to septe. freeze warning for everybody.ngf just a heads up. i know we still have been coldol the last couple weeks but with t the growing season officially under way we got to give you aoi head's up we got a freezeot a fz warning for the area.waing there's your seven day. d 70 today. only 50 tomorrow with a goodmorr breeze out of the north and west.f we 58 on wednesdays.wedn quickly just want to mentionen that on thursday for our home opener, wish i could be aou b
6:49 am
like rain showers for much of the day there, 63 degrees.3 gre. we'll kind of fine tune that oft forecast as we get a little a lt closer and then chilly nextt weekend but should have somebutu sunshine saturday and sunday.urd okay. that's weather.that erin is back with the roads.oa >> break out the poncho he is ii what you're saying for openingng day. da >> right. we'll have to watch that one carefully. >> right now lost delays saint mary's county. crash activity in the area of ao piney point road and draydenad a road still dealing with someiths lanes blocked there. let's forward our maps.ur ms inbound traffic on five slow s 301 to surratts road and four au westbound side at speed 301 tosi the big problems in the district. dc we have a crash right now onow the inbound side of suitland parkway after stanton road roa that is causing big slowdownswds and typical congestion inbound i 295 eastern to pennsylvania pns down to about 14 miles permilesr hour. as you make your way out onn metro this morning, new alert na for you right now. n keep in mind largo boundargoou blueli
6:50 am
capitol south due to apito mechanical problem. problem. because of that we are seeing sn delays across the orange blue b and silver lines to newino ne carrolton.rr we'll keep you posted on howd on that's affecting your morningr g commute. if you're taking amtrak a because of the derailment outeru of philadelphia over thea ove weekend train 151 is canceled ic this morning.ning. mta does have some options. watch out this afternoon fors ao extra traffic on your way toouwa baltimore for the oriolese ool opening day. d and also give yourself timefim for some parking there ifking tf you're leded to that game.o at g aside from that delays to del shady grove from earlier thise r morning as well. investigation at farragut north another metro issue.othe steve and holly.andly >> thanks very much.hankry m well, the answer to what w may be causing traffic delays t in d.c. today is jeopardy jeord filming in the district. dar constitution law is the site because of the local l jeopardy filmings several ser street closures will be in clo place from now until april 14th.april today until 5 o'clock this'cloct evening d street northwest nth from 17th to 18th streett northwest will be closed.e the next street closure is setss for friday and the times willl vary. vary. >> we have an importan
6:51 am
frozen broccoli is being b recalled over listeriaeria concerns. concer they're being pulled in 11being different states includingng virginia.virg officials say it's packaged inside 16-ounce plastic bags and label information includesle the upc code you see on your y screen right there. it was recalled after a random test a found samples in ohio testingng positive for listeria.a. the company says simply throw t this product away if you haveav it. it >> a massive data link at panama based -- panama basedma b law firm revealed a worldwide tax evasion money laundering ring allowing world leaders to e hide funds in off shore accounts. accounts. the leak exposed more than exp 11 million documents fromlion hundreds of thousands of o clients. the so-called panama papersampa cover a period from 1977 until1u as recently as last deals.ast the papers reportedly showtedlyo some companies that wereompa sheltenired in tax savings were being used for suspected moneycy
6:52 am
deals. fox beat today kevin is kin getting ready to hit the red t carpet.rpet >> he joins us live from l.a.. where he has been interviewing celebrities all weekends.ies so go ahead, kevin, you can, u name do. name drop. drop. >> how are you doing today.oday. >> we're well. >> it was a huge weekend herege in lo los angeles. ang i was interviewing almostg s every basketball.ketbal barber shop cast, common, eve, e cedric the entertainer aser wells as the new film starringm gary old man and kevin costner n called criminal but yeah there's been a lot of fleshle views this weekend but tonightut i'm in los angeles for the t world premiere of the junglehe book. the original version came outna in 1967 based on the popular pul book there we all know about but this version is directed by john favreau and stars a young
6:53 am
a seventh grade kid who landedan the role through an you had ayo day. he's basically the only live l action actor in the entire movie. movie. pretty much everything elseuch around him is done through cgi, all the animals, ani everything but this kid reactsir so well in the movie and i sawaw the film this past saturday night and it blew my mind. myin i've never seen 3-d done this well. we both flo john favreau fromre swingers. he's an amazing actor, right.rih >> kevin here's my question.e's this movie seems like -- thee t trail are i saw on tv differedvd a lot from the trailer i sawraii before "deadpool."." that one looked really scary. >> i will say this guys.l sa it's a disney movie but it's it' definitely pg, so it'so i definitely one of those things e where -- remember the movie- ree the lion king had a lot off scary moments as well. so, i'll be at the premiere per i'll have all the stars including loo
6:54 am
gary old man you know him as serious black from the harry potter films but one of thems best movies he ever made back mc in the day was movie calledalle the professional and in that an film there's a very, veryer v famous line where he just he j screams the word everyone and ad i mention this line to hime to h before but i've never askedver e him as an actor where hed wentew there mentally even if youve haven't seen the movie the professional which is one ofonal the best action movies of the 90's listen to this answer. a it's very surprising. watch this. t >> i've always wanted to ask a you this question because it's interesting to me to watch you y in an emotional when you say the everyoneon line. line >> bring me everyone. >> what do you mean everyone. >> everyone! >> as an actor where do you goyg to have to get there and dond you do that line multipleulti times. >> it was a joke. j >> it was je. >> was one take.asake. i said to the sound guy i'm guy going to do this one really rea
6:55 am
make him laugh. it was -- it was just me turning -- i did it multiple i t times in different ways andays then i just did one like thatont for a joke and he kept it. i that is just one time only and d it made him laugh and he saidndi i love it, i'm going put it in the movie. m >> i love stories like that.s lt his new movie criminal iss coming outer on april 15th, it5, stars him and kevin costner. ctn stay tuned for the 7:00 a.m.ed f hour. hour i sat down with ice cube and cedric the entertainer whoertair were in studio with us a wit u couple weeks ago but 33 went deep into some information i was very surprised to hearpris about from ice cube. c stay tuned for that at 7:47 this morning. m >> did they have barber chairsbi for you to sit in cold frontld glynn steve, what's funny, i'm wondering in they copied offpieo us 'cause when i got to this thi press jung ked yesterday there was barbershop chairs, they actually set up a barbershop seb i'm like this looks a little a l bit like the good day d.c. set.. we had a couple weeks ago. a >> let's tell ourselves thatrses that they copied
6:56 am
we're goingpi hollywood. hollywd >> i think they were copingy wco good day d.c. i real dollar. >> thanks cold front glynn seecd you guys. >> 6:55 right now. now >> let's talk weather. what do you got for us today tuck. tu >> opening day baseball.asebal looks great in atlanta for the nationals home opener.pene rain showers by midafternoon.afo that's our next arctic front. ft blustery can conditionsondi tonight.tonight. 52 washington, 47 out at dulles.ll up in baltimore 42 degrees. 42 e looking at satellite andsallit radar, those rain showers you r see he in southernou pennsylvania will less before b niece our area. they'll hold off until midafternoon. period of rain probably afterbaa around 3 o'clock and then wee clear it out tonight. tonight freeze warning for tomorrowarni morning. much more on the weather coming.coming erin has traffic. traff. >> 6:56 and a lot of6 a a l congestion for this mondayon fon morning.da we're going to start you off s with a metro upday.ay. earlier malfunction at capitol t south. because of there we have delays from new carrolton onroln the orange line and delays toely largo across the blue and lu silver all other lines on or cle
6:57 am
as you make your way oduutut inside the district we have aish crash reported on the inboundn i side of suitland parkway after a stanton road causing bigig slowdowns so watch for eastern s to pennsylvania 295 inbound inbd slow roll as well. keep it to fox5. we've got you covered this monday morning. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love.
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> right now at 7 o'clock on o'n this monday morning a-violent
7:00 am
scene overnight at ae overght restaurant in prince george's i county. three men established overnight, were you ever them wr a security guardly we're liveua with the latest from police.rdt >> also amtrak back to normalool service this morning after a mnt deadly train derailment nearear a train slammed into ao construction crew on the tracks. trac this morning federalal investigators are looking into o what went >> also with the wisconsin w primary now just a day away,way, candidates in both parties b taking shots at donald trump. tu what they're saying, plusg,s who's leading in the latestes polls. >> live look outside opon thiss monday april 4th 201 it is a much calmer day today. all that wind dying down just dt a bit. we'll have the details for youar in weather and traffic on theic 5s at 7:05. 7:0 good morning, i'm maureen umehru in for allison today. today >> and i'm steve chenevey. cneve welcome to fox5 news morning. mi let's starts with two w developing stories overnighto both from prince george'srom pr county.ty. first one is a house fire inse capitol heights.capil heig this was in the 1600 block of o opus of a a2 story housery house caught fire just before 4:00e this morning.ning two word right now how it started or if


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