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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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scene overnight at ae overght restaurant in prince george's i county. three men established overnight, were you ever them wr a security guardly we're liveua with the latest from police.rdt >> also amtrak back to normalool service this morning after a mnt deadly train derailment nearear a train slammed into ao construction crew on the tracks. trac this morning federalal investigators are looking into o what went >> also with the wisconsin w primary now just a day away,way, candidates in both parties b taking shots at donald trump. tu what they're saying, plusg,s who's leading in the latestes polls. >> live look outside opon thiss monday april 4th 201 it is a much calmer day today. all that wind dying down just dt a bit. we'll have the details for youar in weather and traffic on theic 5s at 7:05. 7:0 good morning, i'm maureen umehru in for allison today. today >> and i'm steve chenevey. cneve welcome to fox5 news morning. mi let's starts with two w developing stories overnighto both from prince george'srom pr county.ty. first one is a house fire inse capitol heights.capil heig this was in the 1600 block of o opus of a a2 story housery house caught fire just before 4:00e this morning.ning two word right now how it started or if
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living in the home at thethhomee time. nobody was following developing flues coming out of prince george's county three people stabbed in p fort >> melanie alnwick joining uswik live with the details.h the dets good morning, mel.orni >> reporter: good morning,orte steve and maureen.eve and maure. we are still not clear fromar prince george's county policee' where exactly these stabbings sb happened. we do know from sources thatm so there was a large altercation,e, a fight and it was also described as an angry melee arym from folks outside of this popular restaurant here onstaure cady drive 700 block. b we can also tell you that that sunday nights this restaurant rr and club does have a regular event, regular bands that come in and that event usually goes from 9 p.m. until 2:00 a.m..m. and the incident was reportedd shortly after 2:00 so that:00 st would be when there would be some patrons who were leaving li the venue and perhaps out hereuh in the parking lot. l we know that prince george's g county police called for
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additional ems to come to the co scene and help them controltrol the situation.ituaon but we don't know that any arrests were made in this so thi far. we can tell you that theouhat injuries are said to be nonlife-threatening, three what appear to be adult malesdus stabbed in one of them prince george's the county police confirm to m usiro was a security guard at the venue but not someone who wasnew employed at all, had nothing to do with prince george'srg county police.county you know sometimes off duty he y police officers do provide security to private establishments. in this case this was simply ahi private security guard. securitg we do not have an update one on his injuries but again, nonegaio of these injuries considered to be life-threatening.ening. all of those injured wereured w taken to the hospital wherere they're being treated foring tra their injuries and so far noo information on any suspects. live in fort washington, i'mngti melanie alnwick, fox5 locall news. news >> thank you mel.ou m in the meantime i-270 backnt opened after a major crash c last night in rockville.kv several people were hurt whent f
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route 21 clarksburg road.ur eight people including iludi children were taken to the wtakt hospital. one woman is listed in seriouser condition. all the victims are expectedarec to survive.ur >> autopsies will be conducted c today on the 2:00 a.m. track t workers killed in a trainkill derailment outside ofly. o >> happened yesterday train 151 will not beot b two workers were killed andled d more than 30 passengers png injured after the traine collided with a backhoe on theoh tracks. passengers on board say the crash shook the entire train. ta >> i was on the second car, on h the one right behind the one the that had the most damage andamae it was a lot of panic and a few people actually jumped offae the train and then had to beadob retrieved by the amtrak personnel.pers >> we're still gathering theng t facts at this time. as of now, we have recoveredco the event data recorder.ecr. the forward facing video and the end ward facing video from m the locomotive to send to our to laboratory in washington, d.c.n most of our team h
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scene and we will be looking at mechanical, operations, signal, track, human performance and survival factors.fas. >> safety investigators haveti recovered the black box fromblao the crash scene.h scene. they also have forwardeorwa favoring video of the crash. vid the national transportationpoat safety board is >> final goodbye this week toeet virginia state trooper chadop dermyer who was can killed kil while participating in a training exercise last thursday at the greyhound busey station. police say the suspect in the case james brown, iii shot and a killed der player after the trooper began talking withking h him. brown was also killed in that altercation. visitation will be held for trooper dermyer at theon liberty baptist church inptist hampton. the public is invited to invited attend. trooper dermyer will be laid bel to rest tomorrow morning followed by a private burial.ter >> big announcement on theon t future of the rfk stadium site.te. the group events d.c
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develop the site. sit matt ackland revealed two setss of plans were being president pe bushed one there includes a inca football stadium and one there t does not. jack evans told matt do not do expect today's announcement to include anything about the any redskins moving back to d.c.bact we do know the plans call for open recreation spaces soccer s fields also possible an amphitheater. >> mother nature can't make upre her mind these days.ndse >> over the weekend many ofmanyo you saw blustery conditions tos say the least.ea and some wind gusts were so damaging they knocked down trees and even caused powerer outages in some areas but nos bt one will a night quite likeike julie wellard. the 79-year-old was fast-y asleep in herea springfield home when this large oak tree felleel into her master bedroom. bedro judy made it outer okay. out >> i truly expected tucker to see trees down everywhere.verywr >> felt that way, right. r >> these were almost hurricanee e rce winds, right.rc >> up to about 70, yeah, yeah. y >> some of the gusts. gus >> unfortunately somebodytu tweeted me out of southernut ofn maryland they had a
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200-year-old tree on their property fall down. d >> it was scary. sca >> a lot of power attaches. att we'll do winds --we'll do wn unfortunately we're going tore i do winds later again today. tay it won't be the 70 miles permile hour variety but probably 30, bt 35 miles per hour winds withwind our next front.r nextnt mild to start the day at leastaa here in d.c., 52 degrees, 52 in leonardtown.. quantico 54 degrees.s. gaithersburg 46.hersrg 4 34 up in frederick and 41 in in hagerstown. all right, we're looking at sunshine for the start of your r day. we'll get some crowds prettywdst quick and the rain showers youis see pushing now into southwestwe pennsylvania will sag downl s into our region kind of midafternoon so bring ann umbrella. we'll have a period of showerser between probably 3:00 and seven6 o'clock, 7 o'clock. orioles home opener if you're going to that game ttm i'd expect rain showers.ct r plan on rain showers rightin sho around the first pitch at 3 o'clock.o'cl and then very colds againy
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we'll have very freezeerfr warnings. we'll talk more about that.ore b cold in you have that it'sat i snowing north and east of newas york city tomorrow, boston,os providence hartford, three to te 6 inches of snow by late this l afternoon.te >> baseball opener clevelandop e and new york both threatenedthre by snow today. >> yeah a-just telling steveustn about cleveland.ou cleveland at game time today tod 32, winds 35 miles per hourds5 i off the lake with snow showersoo in the forecast.ort. >> that's football weather. wthr >> yeah. 67 for us.67 fs. showers this afternoon.ft >> all righty.>> >> all right.>> all rig let's check in with erin como.i. fortunately not here, erin.n. >> that's true but later this li afternoon you might need toyomi grab that umbrella and have some patience for the rideier th home, ride right tucker. tuc >> that's right. >> saturday night i was ada victim that of wind outsidey eating dinner and all of a and a sudden wine all over thein ground.grou tragic event.trag >> that is tragic.t isra >> for your monday morningmo commute big problems.mmute big s crash activity on the outertivi loop at university boulevard. two lanes are blocked andlo because of that delays areck extending past route one right t now. also keep in mind some s breaking news.king n skyfox on their way to tyson
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seven on the eastbound side atie dulles toll road reports of an overturned tractor-trailer on its side. s one lane blocked. watch out for big delays inlaysi tysons.sons inbound 295 typical slowdownsals eastern to pennsylvania andto then if you're taking p suitland parkway inbound there's a a crash after stanton road causing some big slowdowns.lowd slow on your bridge, the keyyour bridge from roslyn intolyn georgetown. and then we're also dealingo dli with some slow moving trafficovf from earlier crashes on the on 14th street bridge. 395 on the northbound sidethboud delays from duke street toto washington boulevard. average speeds get to about a 17 miles per hour at the most.o. basically from the beltway btw down to the 14th street bridge4g it's just a mess of really r slow moving traffic. ta inbound traffic on foo youoo have slow from 301 to surratts road. four on the westbound sidehe w looking good. 301 does have some congestion and 270 south from frederick down you'll lit thatlit that stop-and-go traffic especiallysl once you get to gaithersburg.thb we have you c
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any questions at erin fox5 d.c.d. steve. >> still to come this morning, 7:08 focusing on the race for rc the white house. both democrats and republicansep bracing for the criticalubfo contest tomorrow in wisconsin. >> frontrunners from both from b parties are starting to sweatstt with donald trump predicting pri victory despite lagging in thegi polls while calling on on challenger john kasich to drop out.out. fox's doug luzader has >> reporter: if the numbers we've been seeing out of wisconsin are corrects, donaldro trump is heading into thisnto t contest tomorrow in a strangege position. he's the underdog: donald trump at a town hall in milwaukee making his finalal arguments into wisconsin after r a tough week promising to toneno it down if he's elected. elected >> i'll be so presidential.l. greta, you will be so proude soo much me. mu you know i'm a smart guy. being present is easy but youou make it very boring. very borin. >> reporter: if trump losesru l tomorrow he'll still be aheadll in the delegate counts but cous will it make it much more di
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cruz and john kasich a heads of miss this summer's convention.on. he still needs 501 delegates. >> he might ends up with onlyh l three or six delegates out ofest wisconsin which alters hisltersh plath to make it where heto makt would have to win 60 percent 60c of the remaining delegates toels get throws 501.t >> reporter: if there's athter: convention floor fight the flo g head of the republican party reluctantly admitted that it is possible even likely that t someone not even in thee not evi running right now could emergene as the nominee. >> fughetta multi-ballotulti-bal convention where you got five yf or six or seven rounds it's rou possible that a person can be nominated that's not one of the three. >> i do know my campaign haspaig been really trying. t >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton says she'sclin open to another debate with her rival bernie sandersde bought the sanders campaign cpa thinks she's playing games in gi their words whileds acknowledging that a lot is on i the line tomorrow. tomor >> if the voter turnout is high, we will win.l win if the voter turnout is low, low we
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it's as simple as all of that. t >> reporter: and that math tt may essentially be correct if ct there is high turnout tomorrow o in wisconsin among democrats dea and if young voters especially turn out, sanders has a big advantage.advantag in washington, doug luzader luzd fox news. >> house speaker paul reinhold d ago meeting today with israel's parliament speaker asts parter of a congressionalgreson delegation trip.on t he'll meet with the speak s during the meeting -- didng -- d pleat with the speaker earlier r this morning.or they discussed how israel isr enjoys support from the whitepot house and the u.s. congress. cos it marks the first trip abroadrr ryan has taken since becoming bm speaker.eake >> data leak at a panama based b law firm revealed a worldwide wi tax evasion money launderingoney ring that allowed world leaders to hide funds in off h shore accounts can. leak exposed hundreds of hundref thousands of clients.s it covers a period from 1977ro19 until as recently as last december.decemb the papers reportedly showeportl some companies are being usedei for
7:12 am
arms and drug deals.ea >> the first boat taking t migrants from greece has greecea docked in turkey. in tkey. the first to be deported underdd a european union plan to limit t the amount of migration to to europe. some 50,000 migrants andants a refugees stranded in greece. grc those arriving after march 20th will be detained in deportation.po >> brussels airport reopened.air first flight took off for portugal yesterday.teay passengers were screened on anso access roads as they as ty approached the airport then apot again before check in. service is hope is to be back up to fullp speed in time for the start ofht the summer holidays at thes ends of june. coming up highlights fromhls two award shows featuring therig biggest and brightest stars inti the music industry. >> first though big game tho tonight villanova and uncnd squaring off for the national no championship. we'll take a look at the matchup coming up next. u it's 7:12. weather is next, too.
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>> we shall see if the windshal machine fires back up again are little bit later. >> it's going to. won't be what wes li>> had satur night. >> enough of that.>> eof >> when we had the nearly t n hurricane force winds.e rce little sunshine today but ie t i guess it's on the way. on th way >> little rain. >> little rain this afternoon,ta yeah, kind of mid to latein afternoon. af >> got a little ofte everythingn >> sports and everything laterg this afternoon you need to benoy ready for it. >> going to warm up. goi to wa >> near 70 yeah.ea today is the wham one this w week. most of the weekstf th temperatures will be welluresl e below normal. if you put away the jacket fora the year, go get it. okay.ok. >> boo. i done? no. >> 52 in washington. looks what's going on in boston. it's 24 degrees in boston and bo snowing this morning.snng >> they expect that.>> t >> no, they don't not inin april. nobody expects that in >> early april. apr >> 37 in new york city. c detroit is 30 degrees.
7:16 am
turns trying to find who has got the worst ci onditions fords opening day baseball.l. >> who did you decide?ho did d >> we settled on what, steve.t,s >> i think cleveland with the winds offer the lake is goingr h to be pretty bad. >> yeah, cleveland, they'rehe opening temperature atgpe 4 o'clock or 3 o'clock isock 3o going to be freezing. freez >> yup. >> yup. >> with 35 miles per hourith winds out of the north andt west. >> that's going to be tougher g to beat. >> and snow showers.nowho >> those lake effectse lak eff conditions, yup going to bensyuo rough. >> if boston was playing at pyig home today that might be it.hate >> if new york city wasf york playing at home today the yankees playing at home at 1 o'clock.1 that won't abgreat lookingre l day. baltimore, too, going to the orioles game this afternoon rain showers. for us we'll have rain showerse developing mid to late lat afternoon.fte they won't last for more thanorm an hour or two but quick quick downpours and then a lot of o wind behind that front as yetin another arctic front arrives. av that is a freeze warning. growing season starts april 1st. april 1st. freeze warning for everybodyarni early tomorrow >> can't. >> and overnight lows for justit about everybody at or below freezing and it will be rightllr around freezing here in theere city by tomorrow morning.y
7:17 am
there's the seven day.ev our nationals home opener on thursday does not look good,.k g i sorry.i so temperatures will be okay butes mayb we it will be raining forag much of the day.e d >> hm. >> of course you know the redse sox are not at home but y they're playing in involvedla so, you know. >> either way they're gettinget it. >> not sure if it's any betterur for them.e >> 72 today. >> that's our warm day of the oarm week. much cooler rest of the >> enjoy it while we got it.e gt >> try to enjoy 70 while wehilee can. you're right.u'reight. erin good morning. ni >> i have my first nationalsatio t-shirt to wear on thursday. weu >> put it under a raincoat. roa >> you life to get a sweatshirt.hirt. >> perhaps a sweatshirt wouldsh be necessary. big delays top of theg de beltway outer loop by new hampshire.ou you're basically parked because of a crash by thee shouoflder. let's take a look at our maps. t i'll slow you where that accident s as you head to the a locations from 95 past newas hampshire you're going to encounter those delays. they're back past route one. rte that crash is by universityve boulevard. look at that long line of red. 95 southbound backed up fromd the icc down to the beltway as a well. 295 inbound big slowdowns justns because of
7:18 am
hour as you head from easternm e to pennsylvania.ennsva crash reported inboundd i suitland parkway after stanft done road.done rd. we also have delays on bw parkway by powder mill road. nothing out of the ordinaryt there. 395 northbound is very backederd up. we had several crashes earlier a this morning. all the scenes have cleared c but delays from duke street toke washington boulevard are the heaviest. basically from the beltway tofrm the 14th street bridge a ton of stop-and-go traffic.p-ango gw parkway inbound slows by b 123. and then notice here you canoti see that 295 inbound from thendm bottom of the beltway jams ands 210 inbound also dealing withh typical slowdowns. five north, 301 to surratts sra very slow moving traffic asg well.we if you're taking metro andngro trying avoid those congested c roads we had a malfunction atti capitol south. because of that orange line tt e delays to new carrolton, blue silver to largo, red line looking good right now. back to you steve.o yo steve >> ♪ >> well, it's been an exciting n day for baseball fans here ins h washington, d.c.washington the nats opener is today.od now they'll be playing in in atlanta. home opener is thursday.hurs but t
7:19 am
braves at 4 o'clock today. nationals ace max scherzer ace s gets the start. s after a season where he threwe not one but two no-hitters, steve van strasburg will pitchsr the second game of the year on m wednesday.dnesda manager dusty baker has yet to determine who will throwill thursday's home opener against' the marlins.. march madness comes to an end tonight in houston. >> battle between the northorth carolina tarheels and villanova business com back with more on c good morning. talk about the game with villanova over the weekend.weeken >> how are your brackets doing. >> they were done a few weeks ago. >> maureen. >> i know you're in the talking to me, right. sew .g >> this is why i don't put money in it. i just do it for fun because bec mine would have been bustedld hn early and it's always thatways way.way. let's talk about what's going at to happen tonight. unc tarheels one of theonof storied programs in college basketball lower and villanovaow coming off what steve just jus talked about one of thelked a biggest beat downs in collegen basketball history.ll the number one seeded
7:20 am
tarheels they're looking for their fifth nationals title. t they beat syracuse 83-66 on66 saturday but the big story was not what the tarheels wereels able to do, bryce thompsonmp throwing it down it was alldowns about villanova because they destroyed boomers sooners in oklahoma 95 to 51.o 5 there was a record in the final four for margin ofarn victory going all the way backk to 196 oklahoma not happy about that.ha 33 shot 71 percent from floor,lr oklahoma didn't score for sixrer minutes at one point in thatt through five games theth rowildcats have a 24-pointav24-p margin of victory while unc has a 16-point margin of victory. back end some history between these two back in 2009 in the national semis unc beat villanova 83 to 69. tarheels went ono win the win championship this year.pion villanova last won the championship in when? 1985 when they beat georgetowneoet hoyas and pat ewing. ewi
7:21 am
a still record 78 percent from the floor. that's unheard of in any in sport. sp i couldn't even make 78 pearls7a of my layups if i was by myself. >> i couldn't make 78 percentt of my dunks.y dks >> right. to this date that's a record.s r tipoff for that game justame jus after 9 p.m. i think it should be a good game. gam >> does history even mattertorye though because in college ballae it's a new team every year.ry y >> it doesn't matter.>>n' the only thing that matters is roy williams and he's tryinge'st get another championship to add onto his claims so you'res y talking about north carolina and all the history they have with the five championships. f trying to get anotheryi championship and villanova trying to get numberng two.. otherwise it's all new.ew >> were villanova and oklahomanh were they well matched or was it clear --- >> they should have been. >> it was supposed to be as close game buddy healed for hear oklahoma was the player of the t year. scored nine points so if buddy healed had scored 50d they still would have lost. have >> wow. >> or come close to losing. >> amazing. >> it was crazy how that games turned out. turned out. >> do you have a favorite.avor >> tarheels. >> hm. >> okay.
7:22 am
which means you better put bet your money on villanova. villa >> thanks, wisdom.s, still ahead what caused a ce small plane to crash on ash california highway. >> and a car plunging over a cliff. a woman still l in she survived. survi we'll tell you about herl you a condition coming up next. great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business.
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>> an investigation under waystg this morning after a smallng plane crash in virginia. the plane crashed onto a carra t on a highway and that killed ahd
7:25 am
the pilot and thethlot passenger in the plane werehe pe hurt but they survived. sur authorities are still not sure what caused that plane to crash. cr but witnesses say it lookedt lo like the plain plane had somened type mechanical issues. issue a woman in canada drovero her car right over a cliff at ca a popular tourist s >> police say the 20-year-old0-d drove through a gate and overug the edge of a hill.e the woman was thrown from theedf car as it crashed.ed slaw the only person in then in car at the the woman was later rescued by emergency crews is that now inwn serious condition at theondion a hospital.spit but again, my goodness. gdn spring storm bringing snow rain and strong storms to upstate new york.up some places saw eight and a eigt half inches of snow. s wintry conditions are like to lt blame for a 12 car pileup on a highway yesterday.terd eight cars three semi trucks tru and a tour bus all involved in an accident. everyone is expected to be okay.okay. >> ♪ >> let's check in with tucker barnes get a look anotherck a lt what'helook at what'shappening.n >>
7:26 am
tonight. currently reagan nationalagan n 52 degrees. 47 out at dulles and bwi marshall 46 degrees.6 degr believe it or not we'll pumpll m the temperatures into theerat upper 60's near 70's but only for a brief time and then this cold front which is yetro whi another arctic boundary willary drop down into the region reg later this afternoon looksthis like we'll get a break out ofet some showers around here kind ad of midafternoon between 3, 4,et3 5 o'clock and then the windse w pick up and the colder air rushes in behind the front abehd little later today. tli lat yeah, it's snowing offer toowin the north and east thist is as maureen mentioned upstateps new york but boston providence, three to 6 inchesth of snow by tonight. tonight good thing they're not opening i babe up there. they're in new i york city where they'll have a e rain/snow mix early this morning and condition there isni will not be ideal for baseballas either later this afternoon.ate for us again this fronts getsts south of us, east of us, winds w pick up and we get very colderyo tonight. we have a freeze warning forwa just about everybody here forver early tomorrow morning. mor 70 today. only 50 tomorrow way chillymoow breeze around and then quickqu rebound in just want to mention veryer quick that thu
7:27 am
terribly optimistic that we're w going to keep it drive looks dre like we've got rain showers sho and temp in the low 60's for our home opener thursdaynerhu afternoon so keep our fingersr s crossed. might change a little bit but a right now does not l look greata for the nationals home opener. wish i had better news.ter ne erin how are roads? do youre ra have good news. >> no, it's a slow sad monday m morning commute. tucker despite the cold des temperatures my allergies canerc i just complain for a momentla have been bee >> oh, i'm so sorry.h, i'm so s. >> you, too, though, you were dealing with there last week.he >> last week. w >> mine was over the weekend.s v right now if you're sitting onou the beltway it's because there's a crash on the outer tht loop out by university u blocking the tho really jammed up from 95 onrom o through so watch for that. t we'll switch it over now andno shoshow you what else you're up inner loop not bad top of the bp crash scene past route one. 95 southbound jammed from thejat icc down to the beltway andelayd then bw parkway out by powdery e mill road jams on theams southbound inbound delays in southeastdelai right now.w. suitland parkway delays
7:28 am
silver hill road to sterling.g. earlier crash by stanton. 295 north jams from thert beltway to malcolm x avenue.lm e be prepared for. that look at that red linet redn lined that. that's the inner loop as you head from prince george's across the wilson bridge intogei alexandria you really slowlow down. 395 on the inbound sidenbou s extremely jammed as well. 295 not look sewing h keep it tkeep it to fox5. we got you covered this morning. >> ♪
7:29 am
7:30 am
♪ and we're back on this onhi monday morning 7:30 looking outside much calmer start to the day than we've had this weekend. little bit of sunshine right not but rain is on the i tucker will have the details oni that when we do weather and wead traffic on the 5's. first at 7:30 police pol investigate a triple stabbing ig fort washington around 2:00 thih morning nearest aunt and lounge on the 700 block of katie drive. police tell
7:31 am
between multiple people. peo three men stabbed, one of them e security guard.rity guard. all three are expected toree arx survive. overnight from princeni george's county a house firea u capitol heights this was in thee 1600 block of opus avenue. two-story home caught on fireone just before 4:00 this morning. g no word how it started or if anybody was inside living at thv time. nobody was hurt.body we do know that.. amtrak says it's operatingit on a regular schedule todayule after yesterday's deadlyy derailment near philadelphia. service on train 151 canceledan today. y. and there may be delays on otheh services as well.el safety investigators recovered d data recorder and forward facing video from the crash.ra two workers were killed. k more than 30 passengers injureds after the train collided with backhoe on the tracks.racks this morning d.c. judge will rule on the legal battle overeve raising the district's minimum n wage to $15 an hour.r. >> a lot of residents in the int city support wage hikes.age hik some of the business communityeu trying to stipulate.tipute. bob barnard joins us live fromvf northeast d.c. this morning witw both sides.both good morning, bob., b >> reporter: hey, steve,ve maureen, g
7:32 am
big talker just spoke to storeoo manager here who said, you knowu f you make the current minimumin wage which is around 10, $11 an hour you can't qualify for an fr apartment in the city so it is s matter of living wage it does have great support inpo the city. city. recent poll by the washingtonngo city paper showed 87% of d.c. residents support this $15 an15n hour minimum wage. wag the board of elections in theti district approved a ballot balt initiative for this coming cin november but it was challenged n in court by the former head of f the chamber of commerce here. h a judge earlier this year blocked the initiative sayingeay that two of the board off elections three members weree me serving expired terms.d ter now the board of elections hasch appealed that ruling by judge maurice ross and this morningorg the superior court judge ross is expected to rule on that appeal. now, if judge ross reverses his ruling, supporters of the $15 an hour minimum wage need too collect 25,000 signatures to get the measu
7:33 am
ballot.ball but if the judge doesn't budge,d questions will intensify over or other recent decisions of theecs board of elections.ctio including green lighting the initiative which legalizedeg marijuana here in the district.t so a big talker here. here some saying in the businessusin community that it just wouldn'tl work. raising the minimum wage to $15$ an h and again as i mentioned thetied people we've been talking to here on eighth street northeasta this morning say, yeah, withoutt increasing the minimum wage w people who are making theg current minimum wage just can'tn really live in the city, guys.ig big talker a lot of interestt over superior court aterior cout 10:00 o'clock this morning wheng judge maurice ross issued hisiss ruling.ruli guys? >> all right, we'll keep an eyee on that one.on that one thank you bob. over in allow counsel downed county new details bout suspect accused of gunning down his exie girlfriend and the mother ofhe r three year.threyea >> they charged derek shot fisher after the two got into aa argument inside her leesburg ler home saturday. s fisher was taken to hospitalo hi
7:34 am
luce and fisher have twoo children together.oghe he's being held without bondithb charged with murder an violation of protective order.rder >> in fairfax county weatheryea played a role in the death avenue pedestrian. it happened late saturday nighte in alexandria.nd it was raining hard at the time. investigators say an officer on routine patrol struck and killed 26-year-old jeffrey aguilar of alexandria.. aguilar walked into trafficd ta against the light and wast nd wearing dark clothing. c the officer involved in the crash is a two-year member ofr f the force and now on routine administrative leave.. happening today, on the on t heels of the water crisis insis flint, michigan maryland senaton ben cardon and the mayor of mor baltimore will gather today toay discuss the importance of safe s lead free drinking water acrosss their state. they will tour the infiltrationn plant in baltimore.ti we can no longer delay needed up grades to our infrastructure cardon said. ♪
7:35 am
let's neck with tucker get ack t look what's happening.t's ppen hello, tuck.hello, tuck. >> good morning, steve.d rning,e >> mild temperatures to startert the day. low 50s out there.he near 70 this afternoon but a quick-moving cold front which io going give us rain showers mayby quick rumble of thunder and cold blustery conditions setting upgone name 52 now in washingt washington. 53 in annapolis. in north and west pockets of prette good cold weather in frederick, 34, and 37 this morning in martinsburg.mart that's our cold front. arctic boundary is bringing bngn winter weather north and east. t for us rain showers. swe again, not during the morningor hours.hours. sunshine the next couple of nexp hours and then we'll quickly qcy cloud up and look for a period r of rain around here betweenet about 3:00 and 6:00 or 7:00 tonight, and again could bu a rumble of thunder the winds t pick up.pi up the winds ahead of our frontnt will be out of the south and tha west and then pick up out of the north and west 30, 35 miles pere hour at times later so another blustery night withiw very cold temperatures expected by tomorrow morning. mni there's the seven day.ev d
7:36 am
only 50 tomorrow and tomorrow t morning most of the region wake up to temperatures at or belowro freezing so just keep that in i mind. and then we'll gradually warm im up.. unfortunately it looks like rail right now for nationals homee opener on more on that in a let's see about roads with erin. >> good thing we're going to tht game on saturday then.n. >> we got sunshine.t nshi >> we. to it will be cold, though. bundle up and grab a upon co un ponchos are so i wasn't trackn't tiff but necessary for rainyorai baseball games. >> i've got very fashionablehile ponchos. >> i'm sure do you.>> i'm sure o right now crash cleared piney point road at dre don road don things getting ba back to norman in saint mary rhee's.hee' a rush of scholl jump.oll j outer loop after universityit boulevard earlier crash clearedr but look at that long line of li red delays back to before route 1. 95 southbound really jams fromls the icc to the inner loop and l then bw parkway southbound jamsd from powder mill road on down as usual.l. inbound 295 eastern toaste t pennsylvania still an area of ar lot of slow-moving traffic and a inbound delays n
7:37 am
hot from the bottom of theomhe t beltway on 295 northbound you jam to malcolm x avenue inboundb suitland parkway deliver from silver hill road to firstst sterling ave we'll hop outside for live looko right now.t n inner loop jams as well. w you can see just how slow-moving traffic is. as you cross the wilson bridge.i once you pass that area there'se also a crash on the shoulderul shoulder before little riverle r turnpike slowing things down.hig dealing with really slow-provino traffic through annandale on thl inner loop as well.r op a let's go ahead and take a lookeo back at hour maps much asides me from those areas that we're a dealing with some problems thise morning, five northbound is slot as well ouhbt by 301 and four fu west. west. we're dealing with minordealwi congestion from woodyard road to dowerhouse road. 50 slows by kennel worth and slow past braids burg. nothing out of the ordinaryhe there. 395 inbound jams from them t beltway to the 14th streett bridge. slow moving traffic across theos third street tunnel.reet the key bridge jams as well. wl. gw parkway by 123 a lot of volume.volume that's your's steve and maureen.and ee
7:38 am
coming up in today's fox up beat kevin sitti tng down witnet stars of the new movie barberar shop the next cut. c >> first though pre orders for tesla's new electric car showini no sign of slowing down. down how many people have reservedes their vehicle? the number mayuy surprise you.rpri >> um-hmm. >> 7:38. ♪
7:39 am
7:40 am
put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> blue origin is step closer ti space shuttle. the rocket successfully launchee and landed o
7:41 am
third time. it made it to the edge of space before returning to the remoteni launch site. that is pretty much theetty much definition of remote s not. n. >> yeah. yea >> future flight tester successc the company plans to start sta taking tourists up in orbit by 218. very cool. c also technology news, teslaa ceo thought orders for thehe company's new electric car mighm slow down aft last week's big unveiling.. in fact they s >> pre orders of the model three jumped 28% over the weekend. there are now 253,000 people whe paid a thousand dollars too reserve their vehicle. the model three is less thanesst half the cost of tesla's other h models starts at $35,000 and hah a range of 215 miles per charge. >> new study claims air b. nb is causing the city of laa millions of dollars in missedd taxes. they allege a large percentage g of their revenue comes fromm people running unregulated hotel
7:42 am
if those businesses were forcedr to pay the same room tax towards and fees hotels do they would w owe the city of los angeles $41 million a year much that'sha why people use air bnb. >> exactly.ct keeping that on shhh. >> coming up kevin joins us livs from los angeles. with at stars -- paying hising h taxes barbershop the next cut. . >> taylor swift winning big atit the i heart radio awards.ward she gave a special shout toututt during one of her acceptance speeches. we're wired differently. during one of her acceptance speeches. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can.
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they say character is what you do when no one is watching. david trone banned the box so people who've paid their debt to society could have a chance. and fought so hard for criminal justice reform, they named a center after him. and because education was his way out david offered it free to employees. and over 14 years ago began offering them partner benefits. evening the playing field has always been david's mission. in congress it'll be his job. it's not how you run, it's how you live. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
7:45 am
♪ >> 7:45 right now.>> 7 there's a look outside.. >> yup. >> what we can never see inev i these pictures tucker unlessr ul that camera is bouncing all ove the place are the winds outinut there. >> are not winds are not an wina issue right now.ise ri they will be later today.ay >> not right now.. >> not the 70 miles per hourlese winds he we had saturday nightdy when we thought the world wasord coming to an end. end. 20, 30 miles an hour with ourn front >> 52 in washington.hi nice sunrise, nice sunshinnge oe there early. ely should be a beautiful first half of the day here.ofhe d we'll get some clouds.s. little pocket of very cold airod off to the north and west. wes frederick hanging on to 34. 37 in martinsburg.. 52 leonardtown.rdtown 53 in annapolis. all right.ig orioles home opener today headeh up to baltimore to catch that tt game, bring an -- everybody evey wants an umbrella here latererer this afternoon heads up.eads i think it a period of rain between 3:00 and 6:00 o'clock0 c tonight as this cold front whict is another cold arctic front fro drops down into the region again
7:46 am
here late this morning and we a will see a period of showersowrs around here i think after about 3:00 o'clock. won't last more than an hour orr two. but there could be pretty goodeg downpours and potential forum bell of thunder as that fronthao comes through as mentioned theas winds will pick up behind the front as it sags off to theoff t south and east later tonight. hey, it could be worse.e look what's going on up in in boston. 24 degrees right now and it's ai snowing expecting three to sickr inches of snow no boston by later this providence, hartford parts of o upstate new york getting in onyg the snow as well.. so winter not quite done. don i know it's april 4th but justus not going to feel like it acrosr the mid atlantic and new englang over the next couple of days. d here's future cast.'s fut it will feel like it today.e td near 70 up ahead of the front f but by early afternoon thatno ta front approaches.front there's your rain showeryo rain activity at 5:00 o'clock.'oc may come through in a couple a l different parts here but thertst bottom line scattered showerswes between three and 6:00 maybe a0a rumble of thunder and quicklyndu get it south and east of us butb then the winds pick up.. that snow flurries out in the it
7:47 am
tonight an freeze warning in effect for just about everybodyy here. he. growing season starts apri april 1st. so as i mentioned earlier with h that threat if you haveuav sensitive or tender vegetationrv you want to bring it insideg its later tonight or cover it up. u there's your seven day forecasts 70 today.od very blustery tonight.ig. only 50 tomorrow.orrow and the seven day featuring somm pretty chilly temperatures for the first 10 days of april here. as we'll be chilly next week enw as well. wel just real quick look at nationals home opener onper thursday. i'm afraid it's going to be ao e wet one. one so i'm hoping we can change that forecast up a little bit butli t right now it looks wet withit temperatures in the low 60s.lo >> okay. that's the weather update.heeath erin is back with your roads.oa >> you know what, tucker, iwh, u thought steve got his haircutai because it was first day of spring but really he's excited for national hug a news person r day.. >> is that what it is? >> that's what it is today.what >> that is a really random day.d >> do i have to choose betweenos you and tuck dover give me thedm hug. >> we could do a h
7:48 am
don't it will be fine. fine maureen can get in oint. in o we'll do a big group. >> erin, see what happens.ap we had to cut away.cut y >> thank you for that.ou for tha >> save you from that l >> let go, now.>> let go, let go. let there you go. >> back away. >> moving on to traffic now, ior was just so excited to make mye clever comment about steve'som haircut and the day.theay right now we have some sun glare grab your shades also look at lo the delay 414 to wilson bridge slow-moving traffic watch fortrr that on the inner loop. one taking a look closer to theser t wilson bridge it gets reallysea heavy there. let's switch it over for a lookf at our maps. m show you what else you're upe y against this and. a inbound delays 295 from the beltway to malcolm x avenue. silver hill to first sterling on a delays. red on the map not looking soooi hot. in prince george's county fivege north is slow by 301 come on01 m whoever here.hoeverere. what are you doing right now riw four west minor congestion from woodyard road to dowerhouseowho road. caution there. in the district inbound 295ict eastern to pennsylvania about at 14 miles per per hour. if you're taking metro, incidend at
7:49 am
green line delays no longeroonge single tracking right now sog rw that's good the rest of them -- the rest ofs the lines are on or close tor co schedule. so be prepared for that.t. that's your look at traffic.rafc just give yourself extra time ta get around the area. area >> all righty. jason aldeen winning the tog award at last night's academy aa country music awards.wa he said he didn't think it washk in the cards for him to win w enter tear then of the year.hee clearly he was wrong. was wng looks like the cards had otherah plans he beat out luke bryantbra and miranda lambert for theor te award.ard. singer chris stapleton cleaned n house last stapleton won album, song and mail vocal lyft list and new male company vocalis of the ye year. >> he's on roll.>> he' >> friends with justinus timberlake, too. t >> taylor swift stole the show w heart radio awards.wa not only did she win threeinhr awards but her boyfriend calvinl harris took home some hardware,w too. too. apparently. appa taylor wouldn't awards for female artist and album of theum year she cl
7:50 am
honors for her 1989 world tour. during her acceptance speech shp thantaked her boyfriend from tht stage calvin harris who wonho dance artist of the year.. >> super heroes are conqueringon the box office. >> batman versus superman, dawnd of justice the most popular filf against this weekend earning $52 million.$52 millio ticket sales dropped. 68%. usual al drop off between weekwk one and week two but that b t decline is pretty steep. zootopia managed to hold on toon second place earning $20 milliol and my big fat greek wedding two game in third. followed by god is not dead two and miracles of heaven.n. >> let's check in with ketchithc kevin mccarthy speaking ofpeg hollywood.holl >> he is in hollywood. >> hey, how are you?? >> good morning, steve and ste d maureen.een. batman and versus superman made $680 million worldwide a lost story you're seeing in theeein e reports about it dropping thatr percentage you are right maureea
7:51 am
weekend but in reality, two weeks $687 million worldwide wli that's pretty successful forssl that fil though did it have massive d it massive budget. b i think a lot that's going intoo whether or not it will actually make a profit. i think it has to reach over 900 million to get an actualn at profit margin there.profit we'll see what happens there.ath i think it will hit a billion.. >> i'm still hearing good buzznz about it i think a lot of peoplo have not gone to see it but thet plan to. so -- not crying too much foro h the movie. >> i have seen it three timese now. a fun it was flawed as i mentioned ind my review. jesse eisenberg was not a good lex luther. it's a good action movie. i don't think it deserved the negative reviews it received. re it was insane how many bad bad reviews there were. wer >> watching a lot of basketballs saw a lot of ads and commerciale and trailers for the ice cube ic movie for barbershop. >> yeah. obviously we had ice cube and ad said direct the entertainer inta studio a couple of weeks ago iki had chance to catch up with thee this weekend oddly enough when got to the press
7:52 am
the exact same setup that we had at good day d.c. d.c >> no way.>> no w >> with the barbershop chairsshc i'm wondering -- i think they tk might have stolen our idea fort press junket sigh at down withwn cube and cedric the entertainerr to talk about the movie oneeovie thing i wanted to know since the first barbershop in 2002, do02,d they actually do any of the real haircutting themselves and the styling, is that really happening when we see it, butent ily talk to ice cube about hisat children in regards to when didd he let his own kids watch his r rated material when they weren w growing up. watch thisgr. >> how much of the haircuttingng and styling is actually happening onset? are you doin doing -- there was you there's y shot you shave a guy's head a h little bit.littlet >> those parts are, you know, but, you know, do you a littleil thing you just hide everythingvn back behind the head. you don't have to -- you justt hide your hasn' i don't want to mess u yp nobodb hair. hair you know what i mean? we acti acting. but we look good.but >>ne
7:53 am
for barbershop one.p one. that was barbershop one.. since then we have been gone ofe our acting acts ever since.ince i wouldn't sit down in eithern e one of our chairs if that was ct the case. eddie i'm almost messing up up people's hair. hr. >> compton is one of my greatest movies i've cena long time.ime. your son was brilliant in the ie film. you made r rated movie friday, a the movie you made was parentala advisory stuff. s at what point in your stop's sp' life did you let him listen andn see them things. thing >> i walk in one day he wasay he listening and watchingg everything. had the whole friday collectioni on, the songs. son i'm like man ya'll going througu a little ice cube they took it upon they own. which is fine, you know, they to me was at a cool age i was able to kick and watch it with themhe and explain it to them and run n it by them and i just think jus that's what you need to do.t yod you know, you can't be fake with your kids. kid you know, they know when you lying.. they know when you, you know,w, just t
7:54 am
answer and not giving them the real, because most of the time t one of they dumb friends doneend told them the real before theyoe even come to tell you or talk tt you about it.. so they're looking for you to b real, and if you're not, you, y actually going to lose someose ground with them.em so the thing is, it's better for to you show them, for you to be the one to expose them to all ta the crazy stuff so you cano youc explain it to them better thann their friends who are going to mess their head up.d so i just started to have thatet kind of relationship, and it's work. >> all right. i'll have more from the cast of barbershop the next cut whichuti opens next friday april 15th i l also sat down with eve andve and common and anthony anderson aer yesterday all here in los ilo angeles and then tonight i'm going to the world premier of the jungle book which i saw onn saturday. the movie is absolutelyolutel incredible.incredible. i'll be talking to the cast alll night tonight including lupitaup as well as other cast members in
7:55 am
that tomorrow morning. 8:47 this morning i sit down dow with gary old man for criminal a and i'll have box office news an well there.well there. back to you guys in studio. >> kev, when you talk to john will you tell him every time wew go anywhere we all driveve separately.sepa >> dude, i'm telling him -- i steve, you'm and i love swingers of course i'll bring that up.i'l i have to. it's funny, i sat down with him yesterday. he's become one of thesee onof t incredible directors.irec we all know them as the actor a from swingers he did is he for ya, evidential and doing theal t jungle book and, y i will wil definitely bring that up tonighn wee see him at the premier steve for sure.ure. >> i knew i could count on you, see you soon. sn. >> kevin, living the life.g te. >> sure is.>> sur >> hollywood dream. dam tuck, now if we can bring that t la weather this way.his >> we need it.>> we need it. >> we'll get the warmth.h. kevin just say he loves being swinger?swinr? >> um -- >> i think once again you heard part of the conversation.age >> i'mco sorry.orry >> it's okay. o >> reagan national, yeah, steves we'll be near 70 today.od reagan national 54. 54. 50 dulles.
7:56 am
bwi marshall 46.arshal we're looking at temperaturesres which are going to be aboveing o normal today. but today is the warm one thisot week as this is yet another coll arctic boundary that will drop p down into the region, and bringb us a period of rain showers kine of mid to late afternoon andno then very cold, very blustery air not the 70 miles per hours e winds we had saturday night. san very cold and blustery aroundy o here later tonight with winds gusting at times at 30 miles anl hour and believe it or in the at freeze warning for just abouttbt everybody for tomorrow morning. so again we'll have to take cold seriously here as just can't c quite put away the winter coatsc quite yet. y 70 today near freezing for everybody tomorrow morning.y to look at that. chilly day. d 50 tuesday and gradual warm up.u unfortunately it looks like rair for the nationals home openerpe thursday afternoon. aernoon erin is back with roads. roa >> i am.>> i am. 7:56 right now, let's take a te quick look at your traffic.ic metro update. upd earlier incident in college parr green line no longer single tracking all the rest of yourt y rail lines are on time.nim things getting back to normal. r wide view of our morning commute
7:57 am typical slow zones 95 on theon northbound side from dale city.c 66 on the eastbound side through fairfax and then 395 basically c jams from the beltway to thetwat 14th street bridge.. suitland parkway inbounday extremely slow to south capitol. and 50 on the inbound side slows by kenilworth and then new yorky avenue jams by florida. flori outer loop jams from earlierarer crash in college give yourself extra time to gett around the area.ound t back to you.yo >> still ahead this morning onei of the world's most famousamou female athletes arrested for du it. >> when it comes to airline com satisfaction new study revealiny where passengers say service is improving and where it mightt mt still need some work.or ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.. back now live at 8:00 a.m.0a on this monday, april you're looking inside the terminal there. the the delta airlines departuretu gates at reagan national. nio a few special guests as you canc see greeting passengers this the washington nationals racingn presidents happen to be hangingg out there.he there they're to mark the starta of a new part summer ship andr d between nats and delta the teame begins the 2016 season on theson road taking on the braves inra i atlanta this afternoon.. >> very cool.. >> that will put people in a good mode whether you're goinghr atlanta or heading out to the ot airport.
8:01 am
>> i wouldn't how they're ablen' to get those through security.t (laughter).hr(l >> a little tall for the devicec there.there. >> a little too wide i thinktowe maybe even as well.el that's a good question, i like it. good morning to t y we're glad you're starting youru day with us.y with i'm homily morris.ris allison off today.od >> i'm steve chenevey.vehe welcome to fox5 news morning. mg we'll get to weather and traffia in a few mndinutes at 8:05.:0 today autopsies will betopss wi conducted on the two amtrakmtrak workers who were killed in thatn train derailment outside of philadelphia yesterday.esrd this morning amtrak is resumed normal service between here ande new york but train 151 will nott be operating.perating two workers were killed mored me than 30 passengers injured after the train collided way backhoe h on the train tracks. tck passengers are back insidee terminal b at new jersey's jse newark airport.. that's after fire caused twosedw evacuations overnight.ig passengers airport workers were forced -- were forced firstd fit around 1:00 a.m. when a firen af started in a boiler room r ceiling. now it was put out and theas put terminal was ventilated.enla same thing around 3:45 this
8:02 am
morning.g. no one was hurt in either incident.nt fire crews out in our areaa overnight.over take look at this.ta loo it was a house fire in capitolil heights.s. 1600 block of opus avenue.venu a two-story home caught fireghtf again around thee 45:00 thiss morning.rnin no word right now on how thenow fire started or whether anyone was living in the home at theat in prince george's county,gu police investigate a triple tril stabbing it happened in fort washington.shinon. >> 700 block of katie driveat d there melanie alnwick has been e there all morning and has an an update with this still s developing story. hey, mel. >> reporter: good morning, morng guys.guys yeah, initially prince george's county police and sources told us that there were two stabbinga victims and then later policeer department confirmed to us they had located a third.hi so all told three stabbingbbing victims. vict all believed to be adult males fortunately non-life threatening injuries.ries still, though, really not a lot of information in terms of whatt led to the stabbing or whether just one person was doing the stabbing.abng. we can tell you tat
8:03 am
our sources, told us there was a large fight outside here in her front of this very popularul restaurant and lounge here onren katie drive in fort washington. there are regular sunday night events here at this club. c they go from 9:00 p.m. until u 2:00 a.m. so this was reported r to us a little after a 2:00 o'clock in the morningck i which was sort of coincide withw if there were patrons a largens number of patrons inside all ofo them being let out of the club.. but right now the other thingeri that police toll us is that one of the stabbing victims is a security guard. a security guard privateri employee of the but really no information in terms of who might have done tht stabbing, no suspect look outut information. did sound like there was some s sort of an argument, a fight. it was described to us as larger angry crowd that was out here. we know there was a police tapet police cars out that. they actua
8:04 am
backup to try to contain the scene. but still no word yet on whether anyone has been arrested in this case. ca live in fort washington, i'masnm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> thanks, mel.>> happening today a judge in thedg district will rule on whetherhe d.c. voter voters will get decie $15 an hour minimum wage. w last summer the former head of the d.c. chamber of commerce crc sued the board of elections ect after they approved the measurea a judge ruled against the boardb in january. the board then filed a motion tn reconsider if the judge reverser that decision, the measure woulm be allowed on the and would likely pass as a as recent poll found that 87% off d.c. voters approved that wagete increase. this morning we're talkingre about the future of the rfk stadium site.iusite >> we all know it's beensn abandoned for years.for years but today we could learn whatt may be become of that property.. this morning fox5's bob barnarda is live from northwest withorthw more. everyone interested to hear, hea bob. >> reporter: absolutely, hollyyl and steve.teve the days are clearly numberedlyd for this old bui
8:05 am
to rock on those sunday afternoons with the washingtonai redskins playing here. and anybody interested in theine potential redevelopment plans p should go to the d.c. conventioo center tonight at 6:30. events d.c. is hosting a gathe gathering to show off the six ts plans for this 190 acres along a the anacostia river at eastas capitol street next to the d.c.c armory.mory now, one of those plans wouldld include a new pro football fooal stadium and perhaps an arena for the caps and the wizards to play in. in other plans would not include aa stadium but instead parks andnd playgrounds.nds. perhaps commercial development with shops and restaurants. dc mayor bowser says they justut cannot leave this property theye way it is. >> i have asked events d.c. to c be prepared to have a plan thata can go any number of directions, 'cause my responsibility will b we don't just have vacant v
8:06 am
so i expect that we will have hv concepts that would include nfl stadium not include an nf. stadium but regardless it wills be many uses, multi uses. u we have a lot of acreage at rfkr and we can get a lot of uses at the stadium. >> reporter: 190 acres and acr again if you're interested,eres events d.c. hosting thisnghi gathering at the d.c. convention center 6:30 tonight. you can see and perhaps weigh in on some ofe the different plans for this foi property.prop guys? >> all right, bob.ig it will be interesting. by we don't mean to slight d.c.. united. they still play there.. before anybody says anything wen recognize them.recogniz >> they're getting a new home,nn too. they're moving on to a better ot place. >> down by nats park. down thanks bob.anksob emotions run high any time you m talk about aut r what would you like to seee see happen with this sight? we have a poll on twitter. oitt here are your choices.our cho build a new stadium for the for skins. build a complex for the caps ana the wizards.thzards. make it recreation facilities fs for the kids or tu
8:07 am
open space and parks and rightig now most people are saying sin they'd like a new stadium fordim the skins. a lot of people want to see thee come back to the city. the c >> yeah.>> yea nostalgic for the good old days. so much space there. you can do a lot with it. with >> right. the potential is great.s gat. >> i've seen a thousand concerts there over the years. >> special place in your heart as well. >> oh, of course.ou of course last time i was theret don't rock too much because --ae you know. k >> that's true.hat' >> a tree will fall on top ofn p you. >> rock at your own >> there you go. y there y >> exactly.ct let's go to the weathergo t forecast. we're looking at 54 in washington.washin mild day today.mi near 70 this afternoon beforeef our next cold front rolls on o through kind of mid afternoon.fn take umbrella here we'll getet some showers developing mid tood late afternoon. they won't last more than ant rn hour or two but there could be d quick downpours maybe a rumble r of thunder with that front and gusty winds pick up again, yes,s gusty winds back later tonight.t there's live look and again looa cloud cover across northernorthr maryland.ryland. that will sag down into thel sa region by late morning and raind show
8:08 am
pennsylvania will arrive.rr could be worse. worse could be look at bostonul and upstate new york and providence, rhodee,hode island all looking at three to e 6-inches of snow by later lat tonight.night. for us near 70.r us n again showers, mid to late afternoon between three and 6:00 p.m.p.m. and then cold and blustery bster tonight. i'll have all the details on dei that. look at the nationals home opener on thursday in just an minute on the seven day.n the s. >> very good. thank you, sir. >> keep an eye othut for that. t in the meantime let's check hi, erin.hi, >> still dealing with lot oflin congestion and issues if you'ree taking metro earlier problem ato college park did clear.rk d cle no longer single tracking oning green line. things getting back to watch for residual delays theayt rest of your lines on time this morning.mornin taking a wide view of ourw o o morning commute right now yoummt can see the outer loop top sidep of the beltway from route 1 rte through university very slow and then bw parkway southbound as sh you head from powder millpowderm towards the top of the beltwaype you hit those delays same storys 95 from the icc to the inner thn loop.. 395 is basically parked from the springfield interchange through the 14th street bri
8:09 am
and then from prince george'seo' county as you head from 414 414 across the wilson bridge very slow-moving traffic. traff inner loop through annandale tha very slow. slo crash right now 95 northboundor approaching prince william.prini caution there. you can still see a delay.ay south at that point in staff of staffed for typical delays asays you make your way from 610 and 270 southbound touch of stop sp gone traffic through gatorringsi burg and rockville as usual anda more inbound delays right now ao you head out 12 miles an hour that's a closer look at thatt t inner loop delay bottom side ofs the 295 inbound jams and suitland sn parkway jams to south that's your traffic.r traffic. puke maureen and steve or hollyl and steve.teve. >> escalator malfunction pilingn hockey fans on top and each other.otr. >> a new report on airlineew rt passenger areas that ranked theis highest and those that still need someom work. we're back in 30 seconds.
8:10 am
put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> well calendar says spring s s'more sometime now in michigang take another look at it. a what a surprise this weekend aee winter storm dropped less thanpt 2-inches of snow but the heavy t winds made it tough for driversr to get around.un several highways had to be shut down. several accidents as you canci imagine reported. fortunately only minor injuriesj i mean it's pretty from a far. >> it's pretty when it's nothe where you >> first week of april not wasen want to be looking at.t. >> no. also in the news, massiven data leathk at a panama based ll firm revealed a worldwide tax evasion money laundering ring that allowed world leaders tos t hide funds in offshore accountsu the le
8:11 am
11 million documents fromli doc hundreds of thousands of clients. the papers reportedly show somew companies that were sheltered id tax havens were being used forn suspecsuspected money launderins and drug deals.and drug deals. >> another major airline mergerm on the horizon right now. alaska airlines apparently aarey buying virgin america for moreor than $2 billion. $2 bill alaska air and jet blue reportee until a bidding war over the t company. co the combined airline would haveh 1200 daily departures were hubs in seattle, san francisco, la, anchorage and portland, oregon. they doubly fly to the dc airports. once the deal is finalized is fi alaska air would become theecome fifth largest carrier in passenger traffic.enge >> i actually live alaska alask airline. i've flown that. that. new reports finds airlinereo service is improving.e is iving the customer satisfaction is ats its lowest point in over decade. the report found the percentaget of nights that arrived on timen rose to 80% last year. the number of loft, stolen or delayed bags also dropped. dropp but despite all this improveme improvement, the number ofen passenger complaints jumped 34%3
8:12 am
cancellations and delays. we complain because we can,aibea right? >> it's easy to complain.n. >> exactly.>> e coming and u.s. olympian under abby woman obama's apology too fans after being charged with du it. >> live look this monday mornini tucker will be back with today'y forecast coming up next.g up ne.
8:13 am
8:15 am
>> that guy is going excuse meys sir -- >> there they are.. >> my bag from the president. >> the nats are announce agnew partnership with delta and of o course many people might beeo flying delta head to go at thanh where the nats are going opennge their season against the bravese >> helping with baggage there. actually just those giant hats.h >> they have the sunglasses onn so they must be headingea somewhere warm like atlanta will the nats will be playing today.d 4:00 o'clock is the start.tart >> i'll watch. >> good weather down there,at thoughhe. >> hope they're not flying not y economy because they won't fitca very >> right. i have feeling, um, they createt a commotion wherever they go look at all that craziness.rane >> look how happy all those people are. a >> one person taking a picture. >> it's too early for this. t they're going i hope they're non seated next to me. >> right.. >> encroaching oh and my seat.
8:16 am
going >> that's a game face right >> well, you know -- >> all right much that's what'st happening down at reagang down n national right now if you'reig w headed down to atlanta you'llou have some large headed company.y >> it would be 75 and sunny down in at at a fof the game today. today. >> nice. at least they're opening withy' nice wreeather. weath >> hopefully we'll get a win. gn let's get cute, shall we. >> let's do's i >> what's up?>> w >> what? >> adorability. and cute little hat. queue the music. >> ♪ i didn't know that wasidt ka actually going work. goik this is janyah, everybody.body >> hi, ja inform ia.orm she is five-year-old. >> look who she's route fog tonight, tuck.tonight, tuc favorite in the basketball muchc she's routeing for the unc tar t heels. >> we're going to win! >> holly you're a bit of a carolina can you tell me what a tar heele is. is. >> little babies that got into t the tar hadn't the little ltl footprints. >> is that what that >> i think. >> here's what you really need to know. nobody likes a heel. said every duke fan.
8:17 am
>> holly, what are you talking t about? >> no, no, no i'll take her.ake >> this is my moment right now.n >> so cute. >> all right. janyah, we love your hat andrat good luck to your team tonight. i hope you're allowed to stay ua and see the end of the game. gae it will be late one.. >> 9:20 start to the game0 stt o tonight.nit. >> that's my bedtime.ed let's get to the forecast. that hat is exactly what you'llu want later tonight as it will be much kind of a funny day today.od we'll hit 70 by early afternoono or close to 70 and then much m colder air gets in here tonighte behind our next front. our nro 54 now in washington.ashing look at detroit and chicago, 30o in detroit. i've been enjoying looking atoog the cleveland forecast for the home opener there.he 32 degrees in cleveland againste the read sock later today.. with a brisk northwest wind at 30 to 35 miles an hour. h it will feel like the teens forr game time.e. with snow showers. that will be fun to watch.o w for us, rain showers get in herh mid afternoon.eron between about 3:00 and 6:00. 6:0 only be with us for an hour or o two. could have
8:18 am
then things will get south and a east of us and winds pick up ana we get very cold tonight.. cold enough we have a freeze warning in effect for the entirh region even along the bay forhey early tomorrow morning. mor so most of the area will wake up to freezing temperatures tomorrow and rile reel al chilll week to be honest we should be much warmer thanart most of these temperatures.s only 50 tomorrow. tro chilly and bries see conditionsn set up after that cold blastlast tonight. >> all right.ll right. we've been warn. wn. >> yeah.h >> thanks, tuck.s, tuck. >> that's why we were hopingwh april would start, erin. e >> not at all.ot >> feels like april fool'ss continuation. 8:18. we have a crash 95 north it's i clearing in the process ofn thee clearing you can see folks out l vehicle trying to get towed at d prince william parkway delayskwy because the left lane and theend right lane right now is blockedo let's go ahead and take look att our maps much aside from that you have delays south of thatf a point in stafford 395 on thehe northbound side at the most about 17 miles an hour. mil hou huge line of slow-moving traffic from the beltway to the 14th4th street bridge.ri slow through the third streethie tunnel and we're seeing slow wes downs on the1t
8:19 am
bridge as well as the key bridgg from rosland into georgetown.rgt a lot of red on our map and tilt cal locations.ocatns. gw parkway by 123bw parkway southbound and northbound stoptd gone traffic by powder mill. m if you're taking 66 from6ro virginia look at that long linel of yellow as you head towardseao the beltway you'll hit a lot ofo congestion and then inside theie beltway in arlington as well. w we're really slow on the innerhn loop through annandale across ar the wilson bridge. bridg taking a closer look there let l me guest out of the way fromy fo five to the wilson bridge the biggest slow down suitland parkway delays cellarer hillllah road to first sterling to 95 jams from the beltway to malcolm x avenue. 50 inbound slow by kenilworth avenue. as you turn into new york you'ry slow by florida. b that's your traffic.'s your trai back to you.back t >> scary moments at at a philadelphia flyers game over f the weekend. an escalator malfunctioned and went into top speed sending fann tumbling to the the game had just ended and the escalator was packed with dozend of people as they tried to exiti good news here, though, no one n was seriously hurt.. retired
8:20 am
abby woman back palagissing this morning.morn for more on why maureen joins us now studio with more. m hate to see this happen, mo. >> abby wham bock got into aotnt little double with the law. l she was arrested in portlandortn after leaving a friends houseenh for dinner.dir she was pulled over by policey p for failing to stop at a red red light.t. she later failed the sobrietyrit test and was arrested forte f driving under the influence. ine she took to facebook tok t apologize saying in part, lastna night i was arrested for dui in portland after dinner at aner friend' house. house those that know me know i'vew i always demanded excellence fromf myself. i have let myself down andown a others down. i take full responsibility forif my actions.ions this is all on me. "police say she was polite ando cooperative throughout thee investigation she was chargedche with a misdemeanor dui but, again, i think she is proving to be the bigger person taking takn responsibility for her actions.o saying she's sorry and hopefullf moving forward and being aneing example to other people ofotpeop whatnot to do and how to respons should you do something inn appropriate like
8:21 am
yeah.yeah >> thanks, maureen.. >> still to come this morning ai new ride sharing companyngom catering exclusive to women. >> but first a police chase oveo a major bridge all because of a dog. we'll tell you how this ended td coming up next. nex ♪ stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder.
8:22 am
... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
8:23 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast >> little
8:24 am
traffic mess on california's ba bridge. police stopped traffic to catch a run away chihuahua. it took officers about fourca tries to pick up the lit tleraawcers guy. g they did eventually get m the dog was not hurt. police are now trying to trackra down his owner. >> aww.>>ww. >> sweet. >> i didn't know, yeah.idn'know. for now the rescued animal has earn the name perform after eric estrada's character on the tv show chip. cp >> look at that.. >> he has little buddy. buddy >> super cute.>> super cute. >> good thing they got just running scared. sre >> poor guy. >> all the drivers behind that are running mad. mad >> that is true.. >> but the story ended well. >> 8:24. let's check in with tucker.k in he's busy highlighting theing changes in the forecast foras what we can expect all thingslli good, bad and windy today, tuck. >> yeah, starting out good.ut g look at sunshine. s it will be a beautiful firstul r half of the day.. we'll be peek through the 60sroe maybe even hit 70 here before br cold front arrives and then rain showers and then the winds picks
8:25 am
had saturday night.ight but only 30 or 40.0. >> it will feel like a meree a breeze. >> it will. >> overnight low we have a freeze warning at or below obe freezing for everybody. once again if you planned tomato plants or other plants thatnts might not make the through at kt freeze you might want to cover them up or get them insidem iid tonight. >> tender vegetation duly noted. (laughter).(laughr) >> tender your sensitive plantr s. 54 -- apparently i need to n clarify that for some 54 at ray dan national.l dulles 50.0. bwi marshall 52.l all right.l right. front will sag down in the region threats to our north and west. pretty good quick-moving rainn showers there moving throughovih pittsburgh at this hour.ur that will move into our regionio probably after about afterbo 3:00 o'clock. orioles have home opener inner i baltimore f you're headed upe hp that heads up you'll likely gety a period of rain showers duringe the middle of that game, and we, too, here in washington will ge a period of rain showers againra right in time for the rush
8:26 am
tonight. sorry about that. about cold and blustery tonight.. only 50 tomorrow and i wish i wh had great news about thursdaybo for our home opener, but it look like rain with low 60s on thursday.ay. >> looks like a rough weekee really. up, down, chilly.ll >> cool week for sure. for sure. >> okay. >> let's check in with erinck i right see how things are on the roadss it's monday.y >> it is definitely monday at 8:26.8: crash activity 95 north approa approaching prince williamchingr parkway you're really slow leadl to go that g in the process of guesting thecu flatbed there.he have some patience. somti aside from in alexandria a messy of congestion towards theds the springfield interchange 95ange 9 northbound congestion continuesi and then once you pass the beltway, from the beltway to the 14th street bridge, givedge, g yourself a lot of extra time. same story as you make your wayw on gw parkway southbound by 1233 you're jammed across the key t k bridge and then the top sectionn of the beltway the outer loop l right now, from about route 1 a1 you make your way passedas university boulevard very slow slow-moving traffic. traff bw parkway nor
8:27 am
dealing with stop and go traffia north of the beltway as well. w 95 southbound icc to the inner loop 295 the entire stretch very slow and then you're reallyea seeing delays across the inner i loop as you make 84 way to theat wilson bridge from five.m f down to about 12 miles per houru 295 northbound from the beltwayl to malcolm x avenue and thenhe inbound suitland parkway delaysd from silver hill to first to f sterling avenue.e. right now metro is on time. t so that's good news. and i'm send august hug hollyly for national hug a news persongn day.da >> aww. >> we already talked about this with steve and tucker.r they got there's already. aeady. >> we got virtual ones as well.. >> don't worry. wry i'm virtually sending you one back.. >> 11 day away from crucialcria primary in wisconsin and thecont candidates are all taking jabs a on each >> we'll get the latest on the race to the white house from fox's bret baier. he joins us next. 8:27.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ not a site you see every day at reagan >> but one you definitely can'tn miss if you do see it. i >> those are the racing presidents, of course, kind ofr an exciting day because the natt are announcing their partnershin with delta airlines, delta of o course has lots of flights totso atlanta which is where many natn fans are headed today as they'll be opening the season down there against the braves thist thav afternoon. >> all right. should be good weather for the a game today. hopefully the forecast for a win as good as well. speaking of winning somebody is trying to win the white house ie keeps getting better and bettere could be one of the most mos critical contests in this year's presidential rce
8:31 am
wisconsin have their turn theirr tomorrow. the front runners from both bot parties could be in trouble.ubl. joining us bret baier host off fox news special report who rep joins us every monday. hi, brett good >> hey, steve, good morning. m >> let's talk about theabouthe republican side. sid this is a state where drumhe system really starting to fallg off. off. >> the real clear politicl clea average of polls ther recent rn polls has ted cruz up almostlmos seven and it seems like it'sms ' heading that way.that w donald trump is saying that he's going to surprise in wisconsin.n if he doesn't, it does reset tht gop race a bit depending on thee delegate split in it would show that the lead frontrunner is vulnerable as heh then defends his home state of new york, and as you see the states going forward, steve, iff he loses wisconsin, it becomesom increasingly likely that there will be some sort of contesteded convention, in other words, heor would come up short of t whet oe majority needed the 1237 delegates.gate >>
8:32 am
into the critical nature of o wisconsin then because when youu look at states like his home state new york where he holds h more than a two-one lead, bigig leads in pennsylvania,ylvaa, california all these states thaa have huge populations wisconsins could still play a critical ro role. >> it could play a very critical role, and it could reset thisess race, both ways.ay i mean if ted cruz wins and wins convincingly, he then essentially holds off trump from getting to that majority.. if donald trump wins he iss he i definitely on his way to the t 1237 number much the interestins thing about new york and in twod weeks is that if donald trump doesn't get to 50% there, here doesn't get all of the knifehe i delegates in new york.ork so it's all about the math to m get to 1237. 17. >> right. >> if he's not there, then it'si kind of wide open. >> political math gets very verr complicated as you get closeret and closer to the convention.ntn let's talk about the democratici side real quick.eal k. this one has actually inn wisconsin would have bernie b sanders ahead but thi
8:33 am
pretty close. >> it is close.lo probably win the margin of error or close to it. to but it looks like bernie sanders mow moan tum is if there's a state that lines up for him on the democratic sidess it seems like wisconsin would wu fit the bill.fithe a lot of young people in madisom are rallying to bernie sanders cause.cause and if he pulls off a win that t will be six of seven contestss that he's won ahead of new york, hillary clinton' as topped homed state.state. >> you're going to switch gearsr on special report now tonightw t because you're actually talkingg some international politics, ana when we think about russia wesia think about ukraine.kraine we don't necessarily think about impact here, but when you talk ukraine and european union that's also big changes coming.n it is. i i talk to ukrainian presidentsit tonight in an exclusiveluve interview on special report and he talks about putin and hisis goals and that does directlytl affect us. us. the president of ukraine says s
8:34 am
soviet union.nion he think that is he's not done e with eastern ukraine and that ii he was in a stone ya or lafia oo anyone of those other countriesu there he'd be worried as well,s because he thinks put sin on the move. that means that the u.s. potential system nato membero m would have to defend thoseefen o countries and that's where itre becomes sticky it. scky >> really does. i believe if i'm not mistaken hn told you he flat out doesn't don trust the russian president.dent >> doesn't trust him at all. and says that his aggression ha not stopped, has not let up.. he thanks congress specificallyl for funds that are coming hisinh way just in the past few days to help their efforts, but says the administration was a little sloo off the -- off the block at thet beginning of the crisis withh russia.russ >> all right.>> domestic klee internationalnaal sounds like a pretty full fl special report tonight.ig thanks brett.thanks b we'll be watching.'lbe w >> have a good day, steve. ste >> bud, see ya. >> 6:00 -- 8:
8:35 am
>> don't go backwards.ackwar moving forward. >> moving forward with the day. >> tuck, what's it lookwi like weather wise? today might be b the best day of the >> not bad, steve. ste. you're win a couple hours.ers >> margin of error waking up inn the middle of the night. o >> 54 in washington.ashingto 55 in holly called it.holly called i it will be near 70 today.. i we'll get a real quick warm uu ahead of our front. cool out there particularly p north and west.rth and west pockets of 30s near hagerstownow and frederick this morning.orni 39 in hagerstown much that's our next concern a cold front thatnt will drop down pretty quick inyk the region little sunshine early the clouds and rain showers by mid afternoon.noon you know what, it won't rain fon a long period of time tim unfortunate just couple of houro with the rain could be a quickui heavy downpour and maybe aay couple rumbles of thunder as itt moves through between three andd 67:00 o'clock tonight across tht region and then the winds pickic up again and then it gets veryer very cold again tonight.ight overnight lows tonight by early tuesday morning likely to beely right around the freezing mark.g very chilly temperaturesra expected later this afternoon. there's your planner, 67 degreee at 4:00 p.m
8:36 am
around. but again colder temperatures on the way. we'll look at the seven day inay just a minute.just a min erin is back with roads. roads. >> all right. 8:35. we have some breaking news forak the outer loop right now.r loopt look at that heavy traffic. tra. we're dealing with a crashsh taking out two lanes by 95 because of that delays are tt de really heavy back to bw parkwayr give yourself plenty of extraxta time as you make your wayr through that active scene.cene we have a crash on the westbound side of the freeway at the thirt street tunnel causing slowunne downs. let's take look at our maps.urap a lot of congestion lingering lg around town right now in now montgomery county you can seey the outer loop delays spanningls way before 95. we're seeing 29 throw slow downw towards the beltway and 95 southbound earlier delayel dissipated from icc to the inner loop. and just a steady flow of traffic as you make your way w through gaithersburg towards tho spur. bottom side of the beltwayof delays across the wilson bridge and 395 inbound really bigll big delays holding strong this morning from south of south springfield interchange on 95er5 all the way to the 14th streetet tons of congestion there. there you're s
8:37 am
district also filling up with massachusetts and northwest section of the district seeing stop gone traffic. traffic if you want to avoid the crowded rolls no alerts from met fm m tomorrow all rails on or close i to schedule.edule. some delays for your busesou bus because of the congestion in the district.distct and then against earlier crash activity 395 cleared but you can see it's not helping that volu volume. that's your traffic. you holly and steve? >> still to come this morning aa new ride sharing app is outut there.e. it's exclusively for women. >> hmm.>> hmm. plus tickets to the olympic are not selling selling. what's being blamed for the slow sales ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
8:40 am
>> concerns over the zika virus and mosquitoes part toll blame for predict sales for this for t summer's olympic games in leo. . ticket sales are lagging just j half the tickets sold only fouru months before kick off to the te olympics.ymcs. mosquito born illness ise frightened fans, frightenedghne athletes also concerns overcerne terrorism and rio's high crimere rate.rate summer games begin on augus august 5th. if you're going to go you cang o still get tickets.l ge if you refer yout r music withot profanity, apple has a new patent that could help in the future.fure the company developed newany ved technology is sense or out thost swear words.or new sensorring software would automatically edit out any sweae words in songs you download word on any apple device and may alss be used for audio books, but itt could be awhile before bor introduced right now apple is
8:41 am
ex uber driver created newrd ride sharing service this onecen has a catch. >> it is for women driven by women.. it's called chariot for women a massachusetts based company tha will soon offer rideser res nationwide. now the unique service focusesvs on the safety and comfort of both drivers and passengers. chariot for women also accomodates children including c boys under the age of 13. anyone older will be denied service.serv chariot for women launchess nationwide april 19th. >> interesting. interesting concept. c see if it work or not.ot. >> see how it plays out. o coming in health news, we'll take look common intestinal diss or. or. how do you know if you have it h and why -- why what you eat youe could actually make it worse.ore >> first let's take look outside on this monday morning.y m it actually looks pretty good g right knowledge the winds aree going to king. it's a little chilly but notll t like yesrday we'll get another check on yourn forecast from tucker coming up next.
8:42 am
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♪ there's a look at wisconsino avenue right now. it's nice and sunny out thereute this morning. this looks good so far. tullytown. >> it will get warmer as the das goes on. go we sent tucker outside.. tucker, i have to admit i thinkt this is a little awkward.rd i know it's hug a news anchors a day but the fact that you havehh to tell people that -- >> you're kind of trolling forkg hugs. >> very awkward. i'm not going to deny to and the worst part is currentlyt there's nobody win a hundredy wd yards of me.
8:45 am
hug here.e. but it is hug news person day.n hug a news person day. day. and if you're somewhere s northwest washington over the or next couple of hours, i'm going to be outside with erin asking people to give us hugs.s. >> have fun, tuck. >> trip to human resources ifouc i'm being honest with >> everybody needs a i need a hug. h. that's erin's fancy word.or she did a better job witness huh a news person day sign than me.a we'll go out and do the best wee can to see if we can't get hugsh out here. if you're in northwest d.c. andc you're watching please drop by d and give us a we need it. let's do the weather.heeath we got a nice breeze out of thee south i know you can hear itr pumping temporarily warm air.r nice and mild out here with with items in the mid 50's right nowt 54 in with the exception of those exce north and west most of the areaa waking up to temperatures righte now in the low 50s. 50s not bad a lot of sunshine.shin we are going see clouds quicklyy here's your satellite/radar, and some showers in the forecast f
8:46 am
afternoon. so keep umbrella handy if you'li be out later this afternooner you'll want it.u' we'll probably get some quickeui downpours with our neck coldec c front and that's going to pushnp in another blast of very chillyy air for this time of year. o winds later tonight, 3035 miless an hour out of the northth westf and very cold temperatures.empeu as we get into the overnight. in fact we got a freeze warningw for tomorrow morning.or the growing season has started.. again if you planned tomatoo plants and plants sensitive cole get them inside or cover them ut tonight. we'll have very coldhave vy co temperatures by early tomorrow.r your seven day forecast, 70 today.toy. only 50 tomorrow. tomorro and we keep it chilly this week. unfortunately, our nationals nio home opener on thursday could be a wet one. o we'll have some showers around with conditions which -- h unfortunately h.el that was interesting. inter which are expected to remain rem below normal here as we get into the end of the week.e end of th. all right i going to continue to try to solicit hugs over thes or next couple of hours, guys.. i'll toss it back inside to you. >> we wish you well.ou wel 8:46 right now
8:47 am
head over to studio b that'so ta where wisdom and maureen areen right now in the loft with the what's coming up on good day.d >> we'll be hugging it out at ot the end of this tease. t >> we are?e a >> maybe not. i don't know. (laughter). >> all right. we're all over the big storieser this morning.this m >> three people unorfortunately opabbed at a popular restaurantn in maryland. one of them a security guard.. we're live at that scene. >> also at 9a, flyingg frustration.tratn what makes travelers mad. a new report breaks it all down. >> the big dance comes to an end tonight. tonight. that will mean d.c. sibling sbli rivalry. the sports eighty one keying k back live to fill us in.ill us . >> summer just around the corn corner. i swear it is. trust us it is. we're live in the kitchen this morningtr on how to make healtha ice cream for kids. >> hmm g day d.c. delicious gooo day d.c. just minutes away. come on. >> oh, my god. god >> that is the worst hug ever.. >> look, hey, steve, steve,, look, steve -- >> he hugs himself. him >> thanks, wis. his head is on swole patrol.atro >> you're supposed to turnou'rep around when you do that.n
8:48 am
thanks guys. see in you a few. ncaa men's final all setville notify in a and north carolinaon for the national championship game tips off tonight.. tar heels favored by a couple oo points. the last time they met in the final 4th2009.nal 4 north carolina won and then then won the whole thing.hing villanova trying to win justin second national title in schoolo history. tar heels aim fog their sixth. s game tips off 9:19 tonight. tont if you want to be super heroes still conqueringllu the box office batman and superman dawn of justice mostt popular film again this weekendd earning $52 million that is drop off however of 68% from the weew one earnings. usually there's a drop offy ther between week one and two inwo movies but it's pretty steepte decline.cline still good enough to be number m one. zootopia held on to second place earning $20 million.$20 mi followed by my big fat greek gre wedding god is not dead two and miracler from heaven. holly? steve, april is awareness month for ibs or
8:49 am
syndrome is condition thats itio affects one in six people in thn united states.edtes so how do you know if you haveiy it? and if you do have it, didd you know that what you're eatint could actually be making itt worse? joining us now with morm about the symptoms, causes, cau treatments is dr. spill tee, a physician board certified inar familiar medicine.edine our resident doctor.t d >> yes. >> we shall say. >> medical monday. >> here we are. fairly one in six people.lyonin six >> it is. >> that's lot.>> that's lo >> yeah, it. >> let's talk about the areaal that we're talking about. talkit exactly what is a affected by ibs?s? >> when you look at ibs or irritable powell syndrome people are affected they eat somethingt they have significant cramping and bloating if you look at the diagram it's not just the gutt g but many other parts are affected.feed. but specifically right in theigt intestinal area we see that tha people who have ibs, they have alternating diarrhea andrrhe constipation. when you get that constipation, some of that pellet stool sitsto right in the colon and through t
8:50 am
creates that spasmodic activityt right over here and that's why w you get that significant bloating and pain. pai >> is that too much -- >> after eating. >> is that people referred it t as a spastic colon or colon lights. >> it's more than that.t's >> it comes under the new termer ear tal powell syndrome.e people can have rec cal pain. overall largely people arepl having a lot of stomach pain,map bloating significantly and it can even cause them to have ahe lot of gas.. i'm have so many patients if you're suffering from ibs aftert they eat they need to lie down.n >> interest. let's talk about some of the symptoms. more specifically so that peopll can kind of be conclude in thatn they have this. >> some of the most commonom symptoms from ibs are be a nomr daal pain. you'll have a lot of discomfort or cramping even almost as ift a you feel that your colon is inoi knots and things are moving inrn there after you eat. eat sometimes even when you don'teve eat on an empty stom
8:51 am
see a lot of changes in yourn yu bowel movements. either diarrhea or constipationt there's a sub set of people who suffer from both where they're e constantly altering betweenerg diarrhea and >> it's interesting it could ben one or the other or even both. >> or both together.ogethe >> obviously total opposite o problems there.oble the >> yeah.eah >> it becomes uncomfortable.omfb and then it's a chronic problemo people should know it's not juss something -- it does come andg o go. but it's not just something that you have over the weekend afterd you ate something bad.hing bad. this is something where theing symptoms are going to last withh you. you'll have them three or foureo times a month.mes for at least three months.s. that's really pretty ptty significant, and that's really what clues you into diagnosis of ibs. >> let's head over to the's h kitchen because people might peo even be aware they having thiss chronic problem they might not t t derstand that what they'rend a eating is actually making it mak worse.e. >> absolutely. that's one big thing is that the three -- the three issues --ssue three things that really kind od trigger ibs are largely stress,s anxiety and then the things thag you're e so foods.sooo so there are a lot
8:52 am
that we might not even think ark bad but that really trigger up r those symptoms of the cramping.a some of them that we have hereer the refined foods are chips, cookies, that's very hard fors y the body to break down andn and process. so that's why you get that paini after eating >> which is also interesting tol me because these are sometimesrt the foods we go to when we're w having stress or anxiety.. >> exactly. they go hand in hand.o ha in >> right. >> and people who are veryeo stressed often have a lot of of coffee.ff because they need that energyt e jolt but the coffee and caffeinf is making the cologne more spastic and recreating that paai pain. fizzy drinks we take it to calmc our stomach it's actually makinm things worse any carbonatedte beverages create more gas ande a pain.pain here's one that's really goinghl to surprise people is theprpeop broccoli and cauliflower. >> healthy.. >> brock cole system my superol food.e it gets healthy confusing in you're sufferingg n from ibs lay off the vegetablesg because those create so much gas that you will not be able tonot make it out of the bathroom.atoo >> what is this? >> this is cho
8:53 am
so any type of chocolate cho products can also aggravate it. we eat chocolate when we'ree're stressed.stress >> exactly all of these foodshee will trigger your symptoms of ibs especial until bloating and pain. >> even if you eliminated all of this, it's not going to make t your problem go away if you havy it. >> it would very likely make lim your symptoms significantlynifia better and then if you add goodd foods to help you you couldou really solve your problem in yri addition to taking care of yourr anxiety.anxiety. >> like a self remedy. ry. >> yes.>> y >> here's foods that will helphl us with ibs. so sauerkraut and foods that are fermented so that's sawyer kraur and ambu cha. amb gong you've heard of it's tea based drink that's actually a fermented it's fizzy but not sot cash bow 98ed it has good packea bacteria to helps to heal theo a gut and get rid of that bloatinn and cramping. yogurt is a great source off probiotics and what that does id helps tore colonize the gut witt healthy bacteria. so you're not having all of allo
8:54 am
really row heals the gut.lshe g then last you can take a probiotic supplement that'sem extremely helpful, too, if, you're to the able to get thesee foods really the best way to adt some of these healthier foodser in. >> i feel like probiotics isics such a buzz thing right w everyone is saying take theake e probiotics.probiotics they really make a difference. f >> it absolutely makes a a it heals the gut and makes and m difference in your skin and ices always say the gut is kind of id like the second brain.econ so if you can heal up your gut,g you're going to see changes insg your skin.ur you'll start to feel moreeel energy. i mean who wants to have that cramping, bloating. >> it's miserable, right?e, r >> so given all this we're not e eating this, we are doing all of this, and you're still having'rl problem. prob are there medicines out there tt help. >> there are definitelyre medication that is can help you to stop a lot of those symptomst and help to you get through your day. the thing i would want tothini o mention is that ibs really doesn't affect the physiology o the way that our colon is on thn inside. if you look in there.n the there are other more serious conditions called
8:55 am
ulcer riff colitis. you'll see blood in your stool.s if you ever sever blood in youry stool you salute should go andda see your doctor. if she's symptoms become out off control, go ahead and visit the doctor there are medications we can give to you calm yourveyo symptoms in addition to helpingg change your diet. die >> thank you much.nkou all good advice.go this is one of those things you might be embarrassed but listenl one in six people that's a loth' of people. peopl >> somebody right here probably has it. >> the last tip i wanted tod mention peppermint oil is a a great great option for people.. >> o. >> you can add a drop into warmw water that calms and as soon ass the >> that's why your resident resd doctor. heading on over to you, tucker. >> we're jumping. 58 at reagan national.t outside a minute ago.e minute it's nice morning.. dulles 56. bwi marshall 52.shall 5 rain showers on the way this t afternoon. morning hours will be fine welln may get up near 70, upper 60sers near 70 and deal with that raint
8:56 am
yankee game up in new york in canceled now because of wintry weather and snow up in bostonos believe it or not. three to 6-inches expected the there. this front sags south and east. rain showers between 3:00 and seven could tonight.onig quickly get south and east of as us. the winds pick up and the cold l temperatures rush in tonight.on look at your morning low morow tomorrow morning 34 in the citye and the area in the 20s. 20s. only 50 tomorrow for daytime high. unfortunately rain showers foral our opening day on thursday.y more weather in just a minute. i erin has last look at traffic.rf >> an important one.impoant breaking news if you're headed out urbana.t urba crash activity 270 northboundtho right now all lanes blockeded between 80 and 85. a you'll want to exit and take 355 as an alternate that is causingu very slow-moving traffic in traf congestion leading northbound. h let's take live look outside because 270 southbound a crashna in the local lanes has us backec up a bit.up a bit you can see some slow-movinglowo traffic right now. n just past the overpass a crashsc involving a truck. t so give yourself extra time extm there. a look back at our maps asides from that seeing problems top
8:57 am
we have a crash as you make youe way out right now. let's see if we can get to thato outer loop at 95 cleared but residual delays lingering ingern inner loop crash by connecticut so use caution this morning.sorg back to you guys.back >> still to come the stars ofcos two upcoming reality shows joinn us live in the loft. one a wounded warrior helping h other people turn their livestil around. college college student teamingt up with kelly roland hoping tont make it passion >> we'll show you how to maket guilt free ice cream right in im your own kitchen.ur o kit good day dc headed your way you next. ♪
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♪ state ahead a fight inside a nse prince george's countysou restaurant ends with three thr people stabbed. s one of them a security guard. g we'll have a live a l i will be so presidential,dt greta, you will be so proud of f me. i'm a smart guy.rt >> one day until the wisconsin primary and donald trump ismp making a last minute plea fora r votes. votes. right now, the gop frontrunner is behind ted cruz in the badged state and that could make it mai even harder for him to clinchm h the nomination.the nomi we'll tell you why. 2016 quest for world series crown begins today. tod. against the braves in atlanta. bryce harper to max scherzer to brand new skipper we'll takepert look what the nationals have inh their favor but first the boyshe of summer playing in what feels like winter.ter. when it will finally startly s feeling more like baseballikbasl season? good day at 9a startsrt ♪


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