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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  April 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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ahead this morning, bundle up. how long will old man winter stick around. plus voters set to head to the polls in wisdom martin. has trump did enough damage control on abortion remarks. and "fox5" exclusive another packle illegal bikers caught rolling through the streets of d.c.. this time in front of a police cruiser. . >> for the championship. >> plus, he shoots, he scores, with seconds left a former d.c. basketball standout sinks the game-winning snot ncaa tournament. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. all right. good tuesday morning to you i'm wisdom martin alongside holly morris and maureen umeh. >> your weather and traffic coming up 4:35. first. >> we'll talk about that amazing game last night. villanova chris jenkins with four seconds left on the clock
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that was nba three pointer sho shot. that's "the buzzer". they win, villanova wins at the buzzer. finished with 14 points, 77-74 was final. marks the team's second national title. they won in 1985 by beating georgetown. jenkins adopted brother nate britt plays for unc and they attend gonzaga in unc. coming up good day 10 a we'll tubing their dad to get reaction on the game last night. >> now this say massive crowd of fans who hit the streets near philadelphia to celebrate "the buzzer"-beating win. thousands flooded campus and flooded to nearby neighborhoods and came into the morning hoursz to celebrate this win. >> it was crazy game. what you don't see from there if you did not watch. >> i was up for the last minute of the game. >> you stayed up for the whole thing? >> marcus page amazing three point shot is
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three pointer. >> i don't know about you i came off the couch. >> it was craze question. >> what time did the game end. >> i stayed up for one tiny moment. >> i don't do that anymore. >> my husband doesn't like it either. >> oh, man. >> i was into the whole thing. >> this is the only time i like sports when things like this happened. those of us that don't participate we can understand the thrill of a last minute shot. >> thrillainova. >> this guy is around here. >> his dad, his --. >> both teams though, great job you. >> hated to see a team lose in that instance. >> right, right. it's cool. >> not sure here now to head lines. breaking in montgomery county and ending in d.c.. leading police phone a chase that ended in northeast. "fox5" melanie alnwick liver at the bending road anmi
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intersection. mel, when can you tell us? >> good morning, take a look here. you can see that crews are on the scene as they are looking to try to repair the damage here from the crash this is light pole intersection bening road and minnesota avenue. looks like they want to try to get the signal up and operational before the morning rush hour begins. we're told from montgomery county that this car crash happens -- the carjacking itself happens around 10:30 monday night and that was 8700 block of first avenue and silver spring. we're told the victim was not injured during the armed carjacking and apparently we don't know exactly what kind of weapon was used in the carjac carjacking eitherer. 12:15 in the morning d.c. police spotted vehicle and there was a pursuit and that's how suspect ended up crashing here into the light pole. there are no injuries though and d.c. police tell us two people were arrested. sore
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to put this light pole back together and gethings back to normal here. but can't tell you about how long it's going to take. but i can tell you it looks like they're working to get it done quickly. back to you guys. >> new this morning, d.c. police investigating a stabbing that happened 2:15. 4500 beping road near east capitol street northeast and a man was taken to the hospital and was conscious and breathing and so far no suspects. police are investigating. >> happening today, friends and family will gather to say final good-bye to a virginia state police trooper killed in the line of duty. yesterday hundreds attend aid viewing for trooper chad during meier who was shot and killed at the grayhound bus station in richmond last week. the gunman was killed in the altercation. today's funeral will be held 11 a.m. liberty baptist church in hamilton, virginia. >> now to developing story. loudoun county, pastor
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percenterville is recovering after stobd in his home. they say past for david janey is in stable condition receiving care in icu. he was flown a hospital for treatment after stabbed in his home on canterbury circle yesterday. now the church says the suspect is in police custody and there's reports the suspect is the pastor's son. >> let's take you to the race at the white house. we're a few hours away of the start of vote voting in the primary battle ground which is wisdom martin. trurmp held a rally in wisdom martin after he is trying to gain traction. he is trailing cruz in the state. bernie held a rally also and he has a slight lead over hillary clinton. >> time now, 4:35 let's get a check of the forecast with gary mcgrady. >> good morning. >> do i have to. >> sure. we know it's cold. >>
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this forecast. i want to start with wind chill factors. this is what you feel with you get out. i mengd earlier maybe themes frederick dropped down 18 with feels like temperature. fred rikdzburg 29. loudoun county -- not loudoun county but leonard no one loudoun county, for dulles feels like 24. this is the way it will feel through the morning hours, too. we have cloudy skies now for the most part. and listen i mentioned a couple of snow flurries. we have had them. snow flurries through southern maryland there's some snow this morning out towards shore as the little disturbance is sneaking by south of us that is kind of kicking up into cold air on the northern side. that is ridiculous this time year and we have cold air coming down from the north and west helping to generate a few snow flurries there. i saw some coming in this morning. 34 at 8 a.m. i think we have cloud. winds up -- wind will be kicking up
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15 to 25 miles an hour. we get up to 48 degrees. it's going to feel like it's in the 30s and low 40s most of the afternoon. oh, and it's just rough. we will get a little warm area round here. we'll talk more about that coming up in a bit. right now let's check on traffic, tuesday morning, erin cuomo is in. hi, erin. >> we have breaking news for you. this is out of the northeast -- northwest section of the district. outbound fox hole road dealing with a downed tree closing roadway reservoir road. use caution and avoid fox hole road this morning. aside from that in fairfax now route 1 north across closes northbound lanes out of po huk road and caution in fairfax and more activity in prince george this morning. crash not yet cleared on crumb road. that's both directions mill town landing road. caution there. as you make your way 50 anne arrundel wind warnings in effect across the bay bridge. use dawtion as you travel across the
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wind heavy. especially for those raffling in larger truck and tractor-trailers reduce speeds. also, westbound side of 50 we have roadwork at row boulevard. little caution there. we'll certainly keep you updated that's a look at traffic. >> all right. 4:38 is the time. nationals kicked off opening day with 4-3 win over atlanta braves it took ten innings murphy drove in the game winning run a louing 3 nitz 7 innings daniel mur any a big day in nats debut with solo homer, double, two walks, bryce harper homener first at bat that's a 23-year-old fourth opening day home run. got a big man. man on the field on the diamond. >> what did you say world series already. >> already. >> already on track. >> still ahead a adventure turning dead lich the latest on a helicopter crash that killed five people near the smoky mountains. first 5
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packer caught on camera with impasse. a d.c. police cruiser, time 4:38 we're back after
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences,
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lence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. >> 4:4 with a check of other top stories. friend and family gathers to remember a young mother shot to death in her no leesburg over
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christina fisher was killed by her e boyfriend derrek louis when they got into an argument. fish her taken out a restaining order against lewis. a go fund me page was set up to pay for the funeral. >> a maryland sman under ta arrest accused of starting small fires around an apartment building. robinson is charged with arson and wreckless endangerment. several suspicious trash fires gaithersburg yesterday morning. they late area rested robinson. investigators say there have been similar fires near this ins dment recent months and fires in silver springs. >> now to "fox5" exclusive bikers rolling down the streets of d.c. will pick up as the weather heats up aix gang of illegal bikers were spotted this weekend in the shaw neighborhood. and this video was smot by a diaper sitting in the pat joych a restaurant in shaw. and one restaurant owner is fed up saying he is worried someone is bound to get huvrment. >> the time when i can he
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dirt bike four wheeler most of the time go outside and so they'll watch over the patio a little bit if somebody want to walk out i can start ever stop. >> though he tries to protect his cust hers we hadn't to know where police wipt do more. there's a no chase policy in the district. and they are not sure if an officer wased in that car at the time. . >> still ahead a day out with family leaves a 4-year-old maryland girl in a body cast. this morning the search is on for cyclist who plowed into her. >> and what a way to win. form are d.c. basketball star helping win ncaa championship with incredible shot. those highlights and more coming up. >> first though gary and erin will be back with weather and traffic on the five. 4:33 it the same now.
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emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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>> the suspect now in custody. . >> and hey, listen, we're starting out with this freeze warning still place. now, this was through the night and it goes -- officially until 10 a.m. or so. there may be a lingering temperature at 32 by 10 a.m. but probably not any around here. most of that will be up to the norm of us. so you know. temperature right now reagan national 35. i doubt reagan gets down to freezing. we have clouds in place and the wind surprise good. dulles 34. bwi marshall is below freezing now 31 degrees
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check out wind speeds. these are not gust but wind speeds. here in the city we have sustained winds of 2 miles an hour. frederick 18, west mipster 18. gusts up to 20, 25. we'll have 30 mile an hour gusts today. this is what it feels like. gamersburg feels like 236789 westminster feels like 13. frederick 18, layer up today. it's going to stay breezy all day long. temperature only makes it up to 48 for a high today. it will feel like it's in the 20s and 30s and low 40s late this afternoon. look at the snow. off to the shore. believe it or not. ocean city, beaches of delaware and maryland maybe up to south jersey could get a little snow flake flying there. we had flurries coming down. we're in good shape in afternoon. lots of sunshine. winds die off this evening. tomorrow we're dry and clouds in the afternoon. watch showers gathering to the west. this is thursday rain. thursday morning, 7 a.m. shower
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with warm temperatures coming up. it looks like we have to keep showers in the forecast pretty much all day long on thursday. i know the nats opener is on thursday at 4:00. so they're in danger of being delayed. possible there until later on in the evening. so, thursday, definitely wet. today, 48, cold, windy, late day clouds tomorrow. up to 58, 63 thursday. mostly cloud friday and does look like it will be a real cold weekend. cold and breezy, 4, cooler on sunday. >> here's erin. >> 4:48 gary unfortunately a busy tuesday morning outbound fox hole road tree down closing roadway reservoir road. a northbound lane gets by and southbound side shut down. we should have a live nikt northwest available of that location shortly. again a tree down and we've been dealing with
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this morning. route 1 northbound in and out lorton and fairfax crash closing the northbound lanes at pohik road you may want to deep 5 northbound at alternate this morning to safe time. we have a crash in the process of clearing krim road should be opened shortly near mill town landing road. more traffic in just a few being back to you. . >> happening now faa investigating a deadly helicopter crash in d.c.. it killed five people. they were in the smoky mountains yesterday when the crash happened miles from dolly parton dolly wood theme part park. a helicopter slammed into the woods and the cause of the crash not determined. >> ntsb releasing new details of the investigation into sunday deadly train crash. the train was not speeding when it crashed into
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victims were identified as joseph carter of delaware and 59-year-old peter adam vip of pennsylvania. no one on board the train was killed. . >> a little girl will be in a body cast six weeks after run down by bicyclists lake elk horn trail. amy davidson was walking on the trail last week with daughter and son when they heard the bell of psych nriingt behind davidson said she and heard daughter stepped to one side of the trail. the little girl will number a body cast for six weeks she broke her femur. davidson has a message for the person that did this to her daughter. >> it's been torture and hel and she's four and she doesn't understand and she's traumatized by what happened. i wish he helped me
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saved her minutes of excruciating pain i wish he would have helped. >> anonymous person is offering 1,000 reward to anyone who can identify the psych wloyingt hit kiley. >> maryland govern nor larry hogan wants to honor maryland families that lost a loved one in the line of duty. governor hogan signed a measure to change the age of eligibility for state pension benefits for people who lost a child. the measure increases maximum age for eligibility from 18 to 26. the new pressure was signed during a ceremony honoring two county sheriff deputies killed in february by a gun sglan in the district now the issue of whether to raise the minimum wage could be put on ballot for november election. that was ruling handed down yesterday by a judge and reverse as i previous ruling that would have blocked the pressure from being put to a vote the initiative will need to collect
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measure reaching ballot voters will be asked to decide ft. minimum wage should be raised to $15 an hour gradually by 2020. . >> the company known as hig high-speed delivery deliveries high quality juices 2459 come with a gift of marijuana on the side. owner david umay says he is not trying to break the law he's been contacted by several lawmakers. >> my goal to figure out how to do it creatively in the law to make an impact. i feel like they put in gray framework to see who can creatively fall is till that face and not to be a thoorm sew sigh tie. >> he kumented with several lawyers. yesterday the web site did a story on the company and we actually was
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bought everything he had in stock. he'll replenish and deliver again by wednesday. >> a virginia bill to let parents block sexually sxlis the books from schools was vet owed. it would require school teachers to notify parents of classroom materials with sexually explicit content. it's unnecessary because the legislation lacks flexibility and could require the label to apply to artistic work based on single scene without further context. first up prince george county police make arresting in triple stabbing at martini's restaurant and lounge. 33-year-old philip halving ton is facing first degree assault charges and victims are all expected to be okay. . >> and next people driving on parts of i 70 maryland can go faster now. speed limit is up from 65 to 70
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entire interstate except between howard and frederick counties where the limit remains 65. >> there is possible trouble for d.c.'s howard theater and the "washington post" reports mismanagement and poor ticket sales led to late represent and loan payment. the venue owes thousands of dollars in back taxes. . >> and next up big plans for future of rfk stadium the group events d.c. laid out several ideas what to do with the piece of prime real estate including a iriana for wizard and capitol and nfl stadium. >> and timely, tough lesson in geography for a mega store, walmart. company selling these tee shirts with university of maryland fans doing a double take as the shirt has maryland logo and word terps written on top of the state of massachusetts. not the free state. walmart has
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i know what i always say. miss pints, those are things that become worth something. >> exactly. >> right. >> that's histerkle though. >> all right. >> thanks. >> we wanted to say big thank you to all of our viewers. you may remember last week we partnered with autism speaks to increase awareness and raise money for families living with autism. our fundraising efforts were a huge success with your help we raised more than $10,000. again, thank you. you can still donate by the wa way. find donation lincoln "fox5" d.c. home page and text autism to 25383 to make a does 10 donation >> when you wake up and get going this morning you find it cold. winds are gusting out of the northwest. temperatures dropped down below freezing. it feels colder than nat spots matter of fact last we checked
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to 23 miles an hour now. but they were down to a 13 degree feel like temperature and it felt like 18 degrees in frederick. temperatures are really, really plummeting this morning and it feels colder with the wind. when i called this up a second ago we had gust d.c. 35 miles an hour taken since comes down. so you know it's gusting all across the region this morning. wind chill factor now feels like 19 frederick and 23 gaithersburg and cold for culpeper too feels like 26 and mannasas coming in at 23. we've had a couple of flurries out there this morning. see them out here right now. you can still see them interstate 8 1. martinsburg you're seeing a few out there this morning. a few more time to time over the next few hours or so. cold today. sunshine this afternoon. that's a look at forecast. let's get a quick look at traffic. erin cuomo is here with that how is it going this tuesday morning, erin. >> live news breaking out of the northwest portion of district we have a large downed tree fox hall roa
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northbound outbound lanes this is on -- out by reservoir and you can see some southbound traffic excuse me getting by. but that large tree branch needs to be cleared. watch if you head out bound on "fox" hole road this morning. you can see where that tree got uprooted from the ground and spewed across the sidewalk. taking a large portion of the drive there. let's look at maps. we'll give you details on that situation. again inbounds has one lane getting by. doesn't look like that is clearing any time soon. also in fairfax this morning route 1 remains shut down down in lorton. crash closing northbound lanes powhock road. 95 northbound is best bet to get around that one. reports of new crash 295 southbound side by bening road we take a look at that next. that's traffic. . >> coming up at 5 a "fox5" exclusive dozens of dirt bikers caught whizzing by a parked police cruiser and hear from one local business orn that says he's fed up
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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