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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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straight ahead
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shot there it is right there. bang. all to d.c. grad that made happen. local guy does good. >> we're celebrating d.c. region because of two brothers on the team. one on each side. that's a win for us all i thin think. take a look outside. traffic now. wilson bridge traffic moving slowly. details on the traffic and gary will fill us in on the cold weather settled in. >> for that brother that lost lesson hard. >> it was a tough one. it was a fight. >> holly morris alongside wisdom martin and maureen umeh we want to get right to that incredible game. everyone is talking about. >> epic kris jenkins with one shot left on the clock. nailed it at the buzzer. finished with 14 points. villanova wins 77-74. second national title leaving
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georgetown 85 to win first one jenkins is adopted brother of nate britt who attended norm carolina and both attended gonzaga. we'll talk to their dad. >> such a happy, sad moments for the dad oh, my goodness, brutal, brutal. >> the stories the family will have to tell for years to come. you played against each other game finishing this way. >> what a story for kris. nate has no story. >> he'll enjoy that story not nearly as much. >> for as horrible as the games were saturday it was a disappointing final four national championship game made up for it. >> absolutely did. it was a great game. 5:02 is the time in other news d.c. police investigating a stabbing 2:15. 4500 brock beping road east capitol street northeast a man was taken to the hospital. he was conscious and breathing at the time.
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so far no suspects. police are still investigating. >> to a developing story loudoun county. a pastor in percenterville is recovering after stand inside hi home according to percyville baptist church. he's in stable condition receiving care in icu. he was flown for treatment after stabbed in his home canterbury circle yesterday. the suspect is in police custody and there are reports the suspect is pastor's son. all right. want to take to you "fox5" exclusive bikers rolling down the streets of d.c. will likely pick up as the weather heats up. they were spotted in shaw neighborhood boldly driving past a police cruiser. it was shot by diners sitting at a patio in shaw. one restaurant owner fed up. he is worry idea somebody is going to get hurt. >> the time i can hear dirt bi
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the time go outside and sort of watch over the patio a little bit if somebody --. >> although he tried to protect customers he wonders why police won't do more. khiv linear has been clear there's no chase policy in the district. and the video, they're not sure in an officer was inside that car at the time. >> we want to go back out to breaking news. a developing story overnight started as carjacking in silver spring there was police pursuit and ended bening road northeast d.c.. >> we want to go to melanie alnwick live on the scene with the rate eingts on that story. good morning. repair works con didn't beping road and min mip avenue trying to get this traffic signal back up and operational before too much of the heavy morning rush hour traffic begins. this is result of that overnight crash it began in
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spring. 8700 block of first avenue. montgomery county police cop firmed there was carjacking of bmw 10:30 last night. not sure if a gun or some other
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really most of it now is confined to i 81 martinsburg perhaps snow in the air for winchester avenue maybe snow in the air too for washington county down to frederick county and really anything you can see pretty good would be there along i 81 see how it's coming down from the north this is not outbreak or anything but flurries in april. come on, man, breezy conditions later today all day long. it will be cold, too. you thought sunday was cold, well, it's going to be colder today. winds not as gusty obviously but will feel colder today. we'll top out previously 48 degrees. most ever us will stay in the 40s. wind northwest 15 to 25 miles an hour will feel like in 20s and 30s and low 40s all day long. >> erin cuomo is not looking happy about this. . >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit for special offers. >> i wore m
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today. i'm saying it's not the best. >> i should know to wear my winter jacket and i did not. >> breaking news we're tracking out of norm west. outbound fox hole road a downed tree closing roadway reservoir road. here's a live look from the location. "fox5" crew on the scene. you see it's taking out all lanes there. some inbound traffic is getting by. it's going to be a big cleanup here on outbound side. heavy winds in the area causing problems. please be patient as you detour around that in northwest section of district. police are at that location and will keep you posted to when we think they'll be able to clear that and get traffic moving. let's look back at maps a side from breaking news we're trac tracking in north east. 29 5 north bening road crash scene at that location. right now seeing green on the map. not causing any major slow downs and top of the break at that location. crash activity that was closing all lanes cleared to the shoulder pohik road. traffic is getting through that intersti
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arrundel now 50 on westbound side. dealing with a work zone road boulevard that cleared to traffic moving fine there. we have active wind warnings in effect across the bay bridge. extra caution for those larger tractor-trailers and trucks. back to you. . >> coming up few hours away until voting begins in wisdom martin for today's primary. big question has donald trump done enough damage control to calm the badger state. >> later virginia community comes together to remember a mother shot and killeded in her own hope. 5:08 is the time now. we're back in less than a
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sgli >> a poll shows sanders with a slight lead over clinton in wisdom martin and trump trying to regain traction. she gushed about her husband on sglainl he's a great leader. he's fair. i do may know about now when you attack him he will punch back ten times harder
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. >> the latest poll showed trump trailing ted cruz by 10 percentage minutes wisdom martin and wisdom martin would be crucial for ted cruz in dwoingt shut down trump momentum. in the meantime looking to squash fires of his own primarily national inquire report accusing cruz of extra marital affairs. during the town halle vent with megan kelly cruz reacted to accusations. >> you have commit add adultery in your marriage. >> i have not. that attack was complete and utter garbage. it was complete lies. and it dpraim donald trump and hedgemen. >> nominating dona
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>> supreme court rejects an effort to change political boundaries justices ruled the state can count everyone not just eligible voteers in deciding how to drawee lec toreal district. two texas voters challenged use of total population data and drawing senate senate district because it inmates from the voting power of those living in the city at their experience. >> several federal agencies are reviewing norm carolina new law that limits lgbt protection and bans and transgender people from using bathrooms aligned with gender identity and how it will impact state federal funding. white house spokesman josh ernest says he's not surprised is businesses across the country are cutting back spending in north caroline a white house is not involved yet and could be at a later date. >> meanwhile the issue of whether to raise the minimum wage in d.c. could be put on ballot for november election. that was ruling by a judge yesterday. it reverse as i previous ruling and that would have blocked a measure from being put to a vote. supporters of this particular initiative will now need collect 22,000 signature if the
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vote rz will be asked to decide if minimum wage shoulding gradually raced to $15 an hour by "20/20". >> that's happening new york and calipari. governors of both states signed legislation to raise the wage to $15 app hour and other states may follow suit. however opponents warn the move could cost thousands of jobs. >> all right. straight ahead. heads up for drivers in the district. d dot set to inspect several bridges in the area and roads affected as a result. >> and nationals kickoff season in atlanta. highlights from the match-up against the braves as we countdown to their home-opener. extra kippings i think it was right? and first though, gary and erin will be back with a check of "weather and traffic on the 5s 5s". 5:12 is the time now.
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folks in massachusetts in here in washington d.c. by the way. there's a little more. snow started falling over the city. forecasters say part of southern new england have broken records for snowfall for the day. snow accumulation in boston is around 3.6" breaking previous record of 1.1" set on april 4, 1915. >> so let me see. we're tracking snow in michigan yesterday. >> right. >> yeah. >> we see pictures out of massachusetts this morning. >> listen i had my winter hat, scarf, everything on here in d.c., no snow. cold enough to snow it fields like. >> i was leaving my neighborhood no joke this morning and i thought it was blossoms blowing off the trees heck no, it was flurries. >> what? >> yes, wisdom didn't see hem. i saw them. they were coming down north and west of this cold air. check out the gusts, dulles 26. gaithersburg 24 miles an hour. 20 frederick an a lot of teens up here feels
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north and west call pepper you feel like 27. fredericksburg feels like 28. what's going on here. cold stuff, buffalo 20. boston snow opt ground, 24. still this little area of super cold air north eastern and eastern sections of canada. that's coming down on northeasterly or north westerly jet stream winds pardon me and you see where we're getting it here. northeast through midwest. kick chick right now 26. cincinnati is 34. and then down further south there nashville at 42 this morning and high pressure is just off to the west of us today. that does a couple things. it keeps winds coming from the northwest. there's cold winds too. it's reaching up here and grabbing all that cold air mass i showed you off to the west of us it's competing with low pressure west of us there's a squeeze play going on. winds breedsy to windy and gus gusty at times today. nothing like sunday okay. t
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east of us northeast of us we'll get more on backside of this. so instead of squeeze play going on and it being windy it will be coming in east and southeast. tomorrow warm, 58. know showers from northest wes west. snow down to part of southern maryland you emmaus see some near the shore. 43 to start and cloud and breaking into sunshine breezy and cold. 48 degrees this afternoon. it will feel upper 30s and low 40s. not a typical april day around here. there's your 7 day forecast. nats on on thursday, looks wet. real cold weekend coming our way. i wish hiet better news for you erin and everybody else for that matter. >> i'm going to nats game saturday late afternoon game. perfect time. bundle up what you're saying.
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>> okay. >> we can handle this. >> or stay warm. >> first baseball game of the season. >> did you watch it. >> villanova game. >> no national game. >> national game. >> i'm sorry i'm from philadelphia. >> i did not get to see. it i'll catch up on highlights today. >> i was rooting for villanova too. >> there you go. fox hole road downed tree closed reservoir road and inbound lane getting by. here's a live look. police are at that location waiting for a crew to get there and get the large branch and limb removed from the road. use caution as he detour around that. traffic is quiet and not causing tieups in northwest. let's switch back to maps. problems crash activity 295 north lanes blocked bening road. tap the brakes past that active the scene. treat that intersection like a stop sign. more traffic in a few, back
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happening today. d dot will be in and out full force this week checking several locations for their routine bridge and tunnel safety up ex inspections. cop condition avenue over rock creek and rock creek parkway and cathedral avenue will have lane closures and d dot will close left lane going north and southbound in that area and will be closed through wednesday afternoon and on thursday, z dot will start work on the southbound side of capitol street over anacostia river. no lanes will be closed. >> it's a time i can hear dirt bike and four wheeler most of the time go outside and sort of watch over the patio a little bit if somebody wants more -- i can stop it. >> restaurant owner in shaw neighborhood of norm west d.c. wants police to do more about illegal bikers driving through the area. this shows bikers popping wheel
5:20 am
this shows bikers popping wheelies near police cruiser. the person that shot this video is not sure if there was an officer in the car at the time. but officers are to follow no chase poll? i district. the restaurant owner doesn't want to see anyone get hurt. >> friend and family gather to remember remember a young mother shot in her home over the weekend. christina fisher was killed by exboyfriend derrek lewis after they got into an argument. fisher recently had taken out and re straining order against lewis. she leaves behind three children. a go fund me was set up to help fisher pay for the funeral. >> several small fires were start around an apartment bugged. investigate towards responded to report of several suspicious house fires. they late area rested robin so sop. investigators say there have been similar fires near the incidents in recent months as well as fires in silver spring. >> still ahead good news for thos
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certain type of heart medicine. solution researchers are now looking at. and first incredible shot that evelyn is talking about this morning to help clinch villanova clench that ncaa tournament. we'll talk more after the break. weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk!
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>> all right. we're just four second left on the clock. villanova chris jenkins hits a game winning shot this finish the championship. villanova beats north carolina 77-74. kris jenkins adopted brother and he both attended gonzaga. >> it shows what type of teammate he sxts we did it as a team we fought the whole game. fouls called against us shots
5:24 am
didn't play villanova basketball for us to make adjustments coach told us to make and go out there and compete, man, we played hard. >> three of villanova starters are from maryland. >> that's right. >> they were legitimate very legitimate. >> coming on good day at 10 a. >> there's a part of him that is sad for his son. it's a difficult situation to be in. >> for him to be so unselfish. >> it was so difficult we had to hear it again. >> i think it would be difficult situation to be in as a parent. >> right. >> i think you're ectatic for one kid and i heart breaks for the other. >> all right on the woman's side march madness or maybe no not? okay. let's talk about baseball instead. nats kicking off opening day on a good note. . >> big win on the road beating braves 4-3. took ten innings a
5:25 am
murphy brov in game winning ru run. let me tell you about murphy. >> three hits in 7 innings and daniel murphy had a big day in nats debut. solo home run and double and two twawkz as well. bryce harper homeerd first at bat. marks 23-year-old's fourth opening day home run. that's good news for him. >> i can not hear the name murphy without hearing your story. >> they didn't get to second upping without use of starter. >> already? >> yeah. >> wow. >> i think it was second an third inning. >> it's a long season we'll be back. >> yes, 160 some games. >> time to heal. >> i got to the give it to my sop though he said they would never make it to first game for starting lineup. good for him. good for my son. not
5:26 am
something. >> does anybody care about baseball when it's that cold outside. >> opener thursday, nasty messa round here thursday. not extremely cold but raining. here's where we are today. breezy, cold, temperatures today will warm up. we'll get into the 40s right. you know what it will never feel like that way. 48 for a high. wind gusting 15 to 25 miles an hour. here's future cast. 7 a.m. feels like 19 outside. gosh. here's 1:00. feels like 34. this is not april 5. somebody pinch us and by 7:00 tonight it will feel like it's in the 30s everywhere. now the good news here a little good news is winds should lighten up late this afternoon into early evening hours that's best i got for you. >> april tools day. >> it's april fool's month i think. >> goodness gracious. >> let's check in with erin cuomo and see what she has to talk about this morning. >> that's confusing weather
5:27 am
5:26 now we have a tree down. fox hole road outbound side reservoir all lanes blocked. inbound getting by. police are blocking that intersection as you can see they still need to get that tree limb cleared out of the way. we'll let you know when they can get traffic to move through that intersection again. we'll switch for the maps and show you where that is and what you're up against this morning again inbound has one lane getting by a side from that one northeast crash activity two lanes blocked on 295 north of bening and lights malfunctio malfunctioning intersection of minnesota and bening treat that intersection to show you the stop sign. back to you on the desk. >> thanks, erin, coming up 5:30 latest on overnight pursuit that began in maryland and ended in district. melanie is live with the late sgleingt hours before the polls on in wisdom martin for today's primary a look what the is at stake for candidates in the live report
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>> just how long will old map winter stick around. >> plus, voters set to head head to the polls in wisdom martin has donald trump done enough damage control fol controversial remarks on abortion? >> and a "fox5" exclusive another pack of illegal bikers caught rolling through the streets of d.c.. this time right in front of a police cruiser. >> gives it to jenkins for the championship. >> and he shoots, he scores
5:31 am
with just seconds left a former d.c. basketball standout thinks the game winning shot -- takes the game winning shot in ncaa toushment. "fox5 news morning" starts starts right now. >> good tuesday morning to you i'm wisdom martin alongside holly morris let's get to the big game last night. it's amazing right. >> it was epic. >> let's look back there you saw it. >> game winning shot. chris jenkins four second left on the clock. it is nba three pointer way behind the line nails it at the buzzer. had 14 point in the game. villanova wins 77-74. second national championship since 1985 and jenkins adopted brother nate britt plays for the tar heels. both attended gonzaga in d.c.. we'll talk to dad and get his reaction to the game. >> and check out the massive crowd of fans that hit the
5:32 am
"the buzzer" beating win. thousands ofville november owe students flooded campus and poured into nearby neighborhoods to celebrate. >> you know what it's how a national championship game should be comes down to last shot. last two shots really. >> marcus paige shot to tie the game and then --. >> barn burner. >> out done by a maryland guy. >> all right. >> let's head to mature each for more news. >> republican nam nation may come down to nail biter. road to white house wreblingd with turmoil big day in wisdom martin as voters head to the polls. down to the wire for presidential candidates. fox doug luzader joining us live with the later. good morning, doug. >> good morning. i guess we'll start with republican side. this really is going to be big deal for republicans here. this may ultimately determine not necessarily who wins nomination but whether it goes all the way to convention this summer. because ted cruz whs
5:33 am
might all of a sudden that makes it less likely donald trump reached 1237 delegate threshold he needs to win this outright and that then pushed this to the convention in cleveland this summer. >> cruz said he believes the republican party is starting to rally behind him and is that in fact true? >> well it's true he believes that. i guess we'll find out today. degree to which that is actually true. there's one recent poll, for instance, that suggests donald trump is back on top in wisdom martin the polls were all over the place. cruz had decided advantage in most recent polls in wisdom martin. >> yet there's john kasich we don't talk about. he's not draping out despite donald trump saying he should. john kasich hanging strong. what's his strategy. mathematically cannot clinch nomination but what is his strategy. >> to hold on tight all the way to convention this summer and he emerge as republican nominee
5:34 am
ballots. that's really the only realistic shot john kasich has with nomination and he only carried one state, big state, ohio that's it. both trump and cruz would like to see kasich drop out and begin to console david that vote. does had you have a chance of beating hillary clinton there in wisdom martin? >> looks like it. hillary clinton seems to more or less conceded state. she said that. she's moved on to new york where really that's going to be more critical state for her. bernie sanders is newspaper wisdom martin and a couple points just a couple it's going to be a horse race it looks like. cruz -- or sanders has done quite a bit to reverse fortune there's in wisdom martin. at one point hillary clinton had a huge lead and does not anymore. >> quickly if bernie sanders were to win
5:35 am
damaging is it for hillary clinton's clam pain. >> her campaign is saying the delegate map is just not there for sanders. what sanders is hoping for to win wisdom martin and build momentum and then knock clinton off in new york which you know is clip ton adopted home state. she has a lot of connections there and so does sanders he's down considerably he has to turn things around quickly. >> indeed he does. polls opening soon. we'll see how it shapes up tomorrow. doug luzader on capitol hill for us this morning. >> gary mcgrady. cold start to day. >> i for one vote for warmer temperatures. that's where i'm placing my vote this morning and rest of the month for that matter. listen here's what go going on out here now. temperatures cold. we knew it would be cold this morning and windy this morning. this is not a big surprise. temperatures north and west especially are down below freezing. gamersburg 30 -- 28 pardon me and 30 in
5:36 am
with 34 degrees. air temperature is not really concern this morning. the wind is really blowing and i mean it's sustained 15 to 20, 25 miles an hour and gusts this morning autopsy round 30 in spots. feels like temperature in town is 23 and pretty much lower to mid 20s across the entire area and north and west frederick has been bounce around in upper teens. hagerstown bounce around upper teens. you don't see it here but westminster as low as lower teams. p cold. 30 to 35 i showed you wind chill value. layer up kid owes this morning and for the afternoon it will be cold. breezy. winds 15 to 20. 44 to 48 degrees feels like it's mainly in upper 30s. each with sunshine. it's april 5 and doesn't feel like. it here's erin cuomo with a look the traffic. things getting better
5:37 am
>> worse, 5:36 a minimum of accidents and delays and tree down northwest we've been tracking and closing roadway reservoir road outbound side. some inbound lanes getting by. use caution this morning. police are at that lobe. i'm wore questioned this could cause delays as people hit the road. crash activity continues to take out two lanes. 295 northbound bening road and lights malfunctioning minneapolis and bening, give yourself extra time to get around the intersection. slow down and treat it as you would a stop sign. inbound slow between south dakota and bladeenssburg. pennsylvania avenue between silver hill and southern avenu avenue. we look at 95 delays in dale city next. back to you. >> thanks, erin. still ahead good news for those up tolerant to certain type of heart medicine. solution researchers are being ing at. >> unique way space book is helping vision impaired connect with friend and family. . >> but first a quick check of stock market asian stocks mixed and european stocks lower and u.s. futures
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back in a moment
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy.
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approve this message, because i'm on your side. >> 5:406789 debate whether to tax tam pops could be taken up by city council. and from city sales tax. if it passes d.c. would join no, chica
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supporters say tax is up fair to women because products are medical necessities. right now about 45 states do tax tam ponz. >> research is underway for people taking stat ups. those who took the drug complain about muscle pain, weakness, research suggs those that cannot tolerate statins can take another drug. >> this is helping blind and visual eye impaired for facebook it will interpret what's in a patient using artificial intelligence that recognizes faces and object. the built in screen reader voiceover must be turned on for photo descriptions to be read. they want to make sure world's nearly 300 million blind and visually impaired people can connect with others o
5:42 am
media site. for now the feature will be only available in english. . >> that's fascinating very much so. >> still ahead day out for the family leaving 4-year-old maryland girl in body cast. the search is on for cyclist that plow nod her. >> later changes coming to kfc how it is trying to win back customers. >> first gary and erin back with a check of traffic on the fives.
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>> a tree across the northbound lanes fox hall road that area blocked for traffic as a crew gets on the scene remove the tree and northeast crews working to put up awe light pole bening road and minnesota taev was knocked down a few hours ago by two carjacking suspect now custody. . >> weather headline cold temperatures this morning and clouds break in the morning hours. temperatures won't warm up much. we'll be way below normal and gusty winds this morning and cold are out there this mornin morning. notice gusts westminster 22 and frederick gusting to 21. not here in town right now but sustained winds up there between 15 and 20 miles an hou hour. windchill value as you might expect cold. winchester feels like 16, baltimore 22
5:46 am
annapolis 23 and lower 20s for culpeper. high pressure off west of us. there's a squeeze play. see this area of low pressure. you get two big weather systems together and competing for space basically. right here between the two we get these winds pretty strong out of north and northwest. gusty today. it will be breezy if not gusty all day. and winds gusting 15, 20 -- 15 to 25. there cog occasional gusts high are 35 mind an hour first part of the day and wintd taper off today. 48 today never feels like 4830s this afternoon and upper 30s and lower 40s feels like temperature later on. keep that in mind. warmer tomorrow. cool side. sunshine. not windy and 10 to 15 and temperature of 58. good and dry today. clearing skies.
5:47 am
high sunshine and high pressure in control and high pressure moves east tomorrow and allows window to on up for clouds coming in late in the day. welcome what we have thursday morning 8 a.m. line of showers thursday morning pushes off east of us cold are air comes in thursday afternoon and thursday evening and that could provide a few more showers late into the day and evening showers. right now looks like wet most of the day. and passing showers anyone a couple of thunderstorms on thursday. cold this morning. 34. notice sun comes out. but it will still be cold. 48 for a high. again it won't feel like that not with wind. 58 tomorrow. late day clouds. nats home-opener thursday. 63 with rain. probably delays in there i would think. and for the weekend it will be cold. saturday, 48. sunday, 54 time for traffic. >> a lot of delays now gary 5:47 looking at virginia 95
5:48 am
northbound side prince william parkway and slow from dale city to 123. south of that point as you make your way stafford. 630 to 610 heavy as well. let's show you the maps. aside from that downed tree closing roadway reservoir road outbound fox hill road and police at that location inbound has one lane getting by. let's see if we can forward maps and look north east this morning crash activity continues now move over to the shoulder bening road and if you head out on secondary mip mip beping lights are million fawnksing and stop sign in northeast aside from that more crash activity pennsylvania avenue silver hill and southern avenue and seeing again typical slow doupz on 95. also backed up it 70 southern by the struck scailz back to you. >> happening now the faa investigating a deadly helicopter crash in tennessee that killed five people. the victims were on a sight seei
5:49 am
write mountains yesterday when the crash happened. fire started after the helicopter slammed into the ground spreading flames into a protected wood land. so far the cause of the crash is not determined. >> ntsb releasing new details about deadly crash outside philadelphia. the train was not speed when it struck two track workers operating backhoech the train operator hit the brakes five second brim pact. victims were identified 61-year-old joseph carter junior of delaware and 5 59-year-old peter adomvich of pennsylvania. no one on board the train was killed but more than 30 passengers were injured. >> now to a "fox5" exclusive a gang of illegal bikers spotted this weekend in the shaw neighborhood boldly driving past a police cruiser. it's unclear at this point if a police officer was inside the vehicle at the time. d.c. police chief has been cleared. there is a no chase poll? i washington d.c.. >> a restaurant
5:50 am
neighborhood says he's fed up about this with bike riders and worries someone could get hurt. >> to columbia maryland where a little girl sl in a body cast six weeks after run down by bicyclist lake elk horn trail. amy says she was walking with her daughter and son when heard bell of cyclist from behind. davidson says she and daughter each stopd one side of trail and that's when 4-year-old kiley was hit. the little girl will number body cast six weeks and she broke her right femur. something the little girl remembers vividly. >> a bike ran over me and my mom --. >> did it hurt? >> it was red bike it broke my bone it hurt bad. >> it was a red, mean bike. how did it hurt a lot i'm sure? >> it hurted so much. >> aan anonymous person is offering a $1,000 r
5:51 am
caylee. >> now to warning from montgomery country police hackers are sending emails pretending to be police saying you have a speed camera violation and you're then asked to click on a link. this is allowing crooks to takeover a computer. if you receive one of these emails contact them immediatel immediately. >> maryland governor lori hogan wants to honor those who lost a parent who was law enforcement officer. the measure increases maximum age for eligible surviving children from 18 to 26 the law takes effect immediately. this honored two depitys killed if february by a gunman. >> the issue of whether to raise minimum wage could be put on the ballot. it reverse as i previous ruling that would have blocked
5:52 am
pressure n from being put to a vote. supporters of this initiative will need to collect 22,000 signature and ft. measure reaches ballot vote rz will be asked to decide if minimum wage should be gradually raced to $15 app hour by the we're 2020. . >> eight minutes before 6. let's look at what else is trending in the region. first up prince george county police made an arrest in triple stabbing at martinis vawpt and lounth. philip harrington is facing first degree assault charges and the victims are expected to be okay. >> people driving on part of i 70 maryland can go faster. new law in effect increasing speed from 65 to 70 along most of interstate. now that's between howard and frederick counties where the limit remains at 65. >> possible trouble for d.c. howard theater "washington post" reports poor
5:53 am
employed late represent and loan payments. the venue is reportedly owing thousands of dollars in back taxes. >> next up big perhaps for future of rk stadium group event d.c. laid out ideas what to do with prime piece of real estates including 20,000 seat arena for wizards and capitol as well as nfl stadium. >> and finally a topless glon geography for a mega store walmart. the company is selling these tee shirts that had university of maryland fans doing a double take you probably are now the maryland logo and word terps written on top of the state of massachusetts not the free state. walmart has since apologized. . >> there's a new delivery service in town and capitaliz capitalizing on initiative 71 law which says you can use by and grow marijuana in district and not sell. it the company high sp
5:54 am
delivery deliveries high quality juices with gift of marijuana on the side. the owner david umeh says he's not trying to break the law but he consulted with several lawyers. i feel like this put this in to creatively facilitate the space and not be a harm or threat so i sighty. >> the web site d.c. c did a story and reaction was so big customers bought everything david umeh had in stock. he said he'll deliver again by wednesday. . >> we have a recall alert to pass along. emerald recalling cashews due to possibility of packages of glass in the packages. so far no entries reported and the company says they're investigating the possible source. recalled packages were sold nationwid
5:55 am
>> kfc trying win back customers fast food company president in the united states says a lot of people were upset over the taste of food over the past few years saying it doesn't taste as good as it used to. the chicken chain will undergo changes and effective immediately if someone order kfc and is not happy with the meal the chain will remake it. they hope their old way of doing things wins back to loyal customers. >> 11 herb and spices right something. >> i think they cut back at nine that's the problem. . >>. >> i can't remember the last time i've even kfc. it's chilly. >> plaque eliminate. >> we're talking about chilly, soup, blank et cetera. >> breezy and cold today. it will be a little gusty from time to time we'll have wind gusts 25, maybe 30
5:56 am
teming turz warm mid to upper 40s. low 50s. it won't feel that way with the gusty wind coming out of north west 15 to 25 later this evening, 6, 7:00 winds come down a little bit and gusty wind and chilly out. there most of the day the wind chill factors in the upper 30s and low 40s. ouch. . >> ouch. >> cold this weekend too. . >> silver linings. >> it's not in the 40s. >> is there a silver lining in traffic today let's check in with erin and see. >> unfortunately it's a whole lot of problems now. 5:46 and outbound fox hole road remains shuts down because of a downed tree across the road as reservoir road. inbound traffic is getting by your best alternate
5:57 am
macarthur you're boulevard or canal. aside from that earlier crash cleared on 295. things on northbound side of bening doing good. minnesota beping road. more traffic, news, weather as 6:00 hour begins. keep it here to fox 5.
5:58 am
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>> an overnight police chase ends in a crash and montgomery country as armed carjack we're live on the scene. local graduate chris jenk behind "the buzzer" beating three to whip the game and national championship for villanova. . >> live look outside tuesday morning april 5. weather and traffic coming up on the five at 6:05. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox5 news morning" good to see you. >> developing overnight sta stabbing in alexandria 12:30 this morning 6,000 block of richmond highway near the virginia lodge hotel. minor injuries to victim no word on suspect or motive. >> a lilingts pole was dmrooshd after a chase starting in montgomery county. >> mel smell on bening road and minnesota teev tell us what led to the chase. mel, good morning.


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