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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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right now at 10, a deadly townhouse fire has now turned tu into a murder investigation, th, question is who is the killer? we're life. dirt bikes and atvs roaring down d.c. streets. tonight we're pressing the mayoe to find out how she plans to fix the problem.robl and stranded at see. the waves hit the back of the boat and just pushed me right off. > this man had to swim for for seven hours to reach shore.hore his incredible story of survival. your news starts right now. we thank you for joining usng u tonight, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy.n we begin tonight with the twist in the investigation of a deadly fire. firefighters found a man dead inside a gaithersburg home afteu it went up in flames last week.w now, investigators are calling a this a homicide case. fox5's teisha lewis is life at the homeworking this one
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tonight. teisha. >>reporter: tony and shawn, sh first and foremost this is how h you know this is not your yo typical fire investigation. you see this fence more than six feet high surrounds this home which was once the center of a fire investigation. it is now the focal point of a murder investigation. in fact, police identify the victim as 63 year old steven physicalol brand. they say that physical brand's body discovered inside the homeh and they're calling his death suspicion based on the scene and also an uppity. it's all surprising to those who knew california brand best. >> quiet, but friendly. he got along with everybody that i ever saw him around. he was not argumentative at all. he was always positive and when asked to do something he gave it
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right now police are tight lipped about the specifics that led them to determine skal brank was murdered, but investigators did return to this home tonighto to physical more the body was reportedly found iu the basement of this home. ho we're told he has lived here for a few years now. he was one of three ten t ants renting a room in the the house. the other than was not home at the time. two of the tenants survived thah fire, to neighboring homes weren also destroyed. now all of this happened on on tuesday on the 1800 block of wind p jamber way. since then federal investigators have helped analyze the scene and will remain involved in the investigation. > we have a goal of perhaps o being done with with our investigations on the scene by s wednesday evening. but it's a fluid situation. it just depends on the other things we find in the house andd making sure that the house still remains stable for our folks tos be
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as montgomery county police captain, darren frank just mentioned their goal is to makeo sure that this house and this th scene stays protected. now, again the fire fi investigation and the death dea investigation both are pending and still are being investigated. in the meantime, police are working together to put together a timeline of sell brandt's whereabouts leading up to this fire. they are referring to the public for help in putting that th together and they ask anyone as with information to call them.h. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > thank you very much. a lot of people, t including soc leaders in the district are ar talking about the story we brought you last night at 10. the video shows a group of of illegal dirt bike and atv rideri going down the middle of florida avenue. many residents have had it andnd asking leaders to do somethingod about it. fox5's marina maracco joins us life tonight outside the wilson
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marina? >>reporter: and tony, it's a conversation that folks here in the district continue to have especially as the warmer months approach. now this video that you're going to see right here, it's fromt's sunday evening. this is all taking place on pennsylvania avenue.nn a group of illegal bikes swarming downtown and at about the same time a similar group of nearly 50 illegal bikes up in in the shaw neighborhood of d.c. here in d.c. if you're arrestedr for riding an illegal bike ill you're looking at a misdemeanor charge with a maximum penalty of 30 days in jail and a $500 fine. d.c. police union says that theh most recent 100 cases, two-thirds were either never ne charged following arrests or o simply dismissed.ismi now, of the remaining third ofgt those offenders who did actualli face a judge they got off with absolutely no jail time. are your hands tied? >> well, they are tied in in respect that we can't chase the vehicle also. i
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tell you that it creates a more dangerous situation techies theo around. we out smart these guys all the time. we catch them at gas pumps, stop lights, in traffic, stashing vehicle also in alleys and wee make arrests all the time and we cease the vehicle also and put them in jail. but at the end of the day day they're not charged with wi anything. the safety of the pedestrian ise first and foremost. it's not specific to the th district. we have some issues around thehe region and we are exploring the ways to deal with it. you are willing to propose legs? >> i don't know that we need legs.d >> how would you move to get to them off the streets. >> like i said, i'll be happy to talk to you when we find out o something soon.g >> so something will be coming soon? we want to be sure we have your word, mayor. >> i just said it twice. > now, council member ken onmack duffy said he's willing to propose
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the penalties stricter and help curb these and particulars and you just heard mayor bowser sayb she doesn't know if legislatione is necessary but will be making an announcement sometime soon.o. > well, also in the district an administrative law judge has turned herself in to police. judge joan davenport has been charged with assault after aft allegedly attacking another judge last week.dge it all happened inside a government building in northwest. the other person involved isç davenport's supervisor. the two have reportedly workedly together for more than a decade. davenport is scheduled to make her next court appearance in may. we are following some breakingow news right now in the raise fors the white house.e wh the results are just beginning to come in from tonight's wisconsin primary. >> fox news is announcing texas senator ted cruz will win the republican primary. 52 percent voted for cruz, 30 percent for donald trump who
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runner. just a short timing a ted cruz d spoke to his supporters. >> as a result of the people ofe wisconsin defying the media, defying the fund and the i am more and more convinced that our campaign is going to earn the 1237 delegates needed to win thh nomination. > on the the democratic side od things, fox news projects bernie sanders will win the wisconsinwl primary with 25 percent of the votes counted. co sappeds leads hillary clintonled who is the democratic front runner 53 to 46 percent.nt. sanders, by the way has racked up a number of wins in recent weeks. he has won last of six of the seven. > the presidential hopeful's name will now appear on the d.c. ballot in the june primary. pri the city council passedass emergency legs today to makey that happen. sanders' name was initiallyy going to be left off but d.c.'s democratic state committee did not submit his ne
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of elections in time. that's because they say sanders waited until the 119 hour toour submit a check to the committee so he could be certified as a candidate. > it feels more like januaryi than april right now. we're going to have another bitterly cold night. will we see any warmup tomorrow. > that's the question. >> it depends on what time of ti day you want to know when thehe warmup will come.ill it certainly will not be in thee morning. we are on track for another colo night and another freeze warnin is in effect for all the areas r where the growing season has ha begun. we did drop down last night eves in d.c. to 30-degrees. and that is really significantal because it's the coldest april low temperature we've seen here since april 8, 2007 when we dropped to 29 and it's certainle the coldest temperature we've seen here in the local area since march 3. average low should be right around 44-degrees and it's going to be another cold one tonight with a freeze expected. much more widespread than last a night because we
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wind now that helps to keep at least a few places from fallingr blow freezing. so southern suburbs you're in this. this go to 9 in the morning. already down to 32 in many in spots. manassas and culpeper blow 32. 2 already down to 30.y do so it is going to be really cold as high pressure set also the al winds, brings us clear skies, s dry conditions and perfect for a us to really bottom out. ou for the kids tomorrow morning am the bus stop i know i was really bad this morning. the wind chill won't be around, but those temperatures wills still be between 25 and 35. an after school feeling much better, though. tho there's your relative warmup, 54 to 60. still a little bit blow averagee for this time of year, but it'st going to feel a lot better after we get through the very cold morning. > back to you.> >> thank you, sue.nk y > he he spent only a few weeks on the job and tonight the th controversy over the resignatioe of the st. elizabeth's hospital ceo. >> also ahead tonight, mysterious shootings in an
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homes, cars rite led with bullets.s. while police are having a tougho time tracking down the shooter. > a vacation turned a nightmare for this man. he had to swim several miles mi ashore as after he was thrown overboard. tonight he's telling his story. stay with us, fox5 news at 10, 1 we'll be right back. back.
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> a man is recovering from injuries he suffered when burglars broke into his home in wheaton. this happened this afternoon on whispering pine drive. dri the victim tells police the burglar hit him on the head and then stole some items in the th house. the suspect got away. montgomery county police are looking for them now. now we're told the victim was not seriously hurt. police also tell us the victim is not cooperating with investigators. > police tonight are struggling to explain a string of shootings in the woodbridge area of princr willm
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someone shot up two houses, a hu car and that's not all. fox5's paul wagner has the details. >>reporter: there have been at least 0 homes hit by gunfire in prince william county since mid-february and at this point p it's just very fortunate that no one has been wounded. to get this toç stop, prince st william county police say they need some more help. the gunfire has been reported ae different times of day.ay. here on stock home way there have been two shootings, one friday night around 11234 which a number of people called polica to report hearing an argument and then gunfire. gu in the same block three days later, the homeowner calleder police to say his home had been hit by gunfire, perhaps the pe night before when he heard a loud noise. at this point police believece they are two separate incidents. about five miles from there, police found another home and a car riddled with bullets over the weekend. just 2:00 saturday night a man a called police to say he heard ha gunfire out in front
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house. when police arrived they found one bullet hole up here in this section of the house, one over v here and then one here into the shutter. they also found bullet who elsel in a car parked out on the street and a number of shell casings. no one knows what's going on. at this point all we have is someone is shooting at a house, different locations. we don't know if they're connected or not. we're finding shell casings in different locations where gun shots are heard. he like here in this thi intersection of when neat a fitzgerald drive and brazil circle. it was just after 5 sunday night when police said multiple peoplu called to say they heard gun shots. police found shell casings, but, no one saw the gunman. we have no suspicion persons per that may have been in the area. like i said the only thing we'r' recovering at this point is that someone has heard gun shots ando then later through our th investigation we were able to
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locate shell casings on the roadway. back in february someone fired homes into seven homes, but in n that case no shell casings were found and at this point police have no idea why anyone would ay want to target homes like that. at this point prince williamill county police can't say whether this was the work of one personp or multiple people and they werr unwilling or unable to say to whether any of the police particulars have been able toar link any of theses shootings. in woodbridge, paul wagner, fox5 local news. > the fbi needs your help yo tonight identifying this bankk robber known for his rather unusual attire. at the fbi nicknamed this man, thea badge age. as you can see he's wearing a a neck brazen bandages to hide his face. he's than whatted in connectiono with nine rob wrist across maryland starting last octobera and most recently a few days ago. investigators say the suspect su handled the teller a note saying he was armed and then demanded d money. if you have any information, ifi you recognize this man, call the
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fbi. > a beloved pastor in loudon county is recovering after he was stabbed in his home. h investigators say the suspect iu the pastor's son.on. sheriff's deputies were called to pastor david january any's home in pureville home yesterday afternoon. when they arrived they found the pastor suffering from stab wounds. he is still undergoing treatment. > a short time later police arrested 19 year old jonathan january any. he is being held in the low don't detention tonight. > family, friends and relatives of virginia state trooper chad o deer meyer turned out for his funeral. >> the 37 year old was shot and killed by a gunman at the greyhound bus station in richmond last week during a training exercise. the gunman, james brown the third opened fire. others shot and killed him. deer meyer leaves behind a wife and two young people. > the irs headquarters will be closed all the rest of this th week. th
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still undergoing repairs after f fire broke out. it affected the air handling system. employees who normally tell he commute are expected to still s work. it will not expect the processing of tax returns. > one month after he was hired to run st. elizabeth's hospitalh mayor muriel bowser appointed him to lead the hospital back in february. questions about his qualifications playinged the process since the beginning. >>reporter: the mayor was sinking his praises in a press release announcing doctor james kyle's appointment as chief as executive at the end of february saying that dr. kyle is a nationally board p certified b healthcare executive with over 30 years of experience in the medical field. but some in the community havey been questioning his resume from the beginning. saying hospitals under kyle's supervision have been shutdown because of negligence.caus in a letter provided to us by doctor james kyle a few weeks ago, in 2013
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nursing with the d.c. department of health decided mr. kyle didn't have the educational ed experience for the director of i practical california nursingia position he was applying for at the time. dr. kyle contacted fox5, providing documents he felt would proof his case and says it was the d.c. government's mistake for not vetting him properly. mayor muriel bowser spoke with our own marina maracco earlier today. the mare says she asked for dr. kyle's resignation.. > we want to move in a new a direction so we which.. amid you a the resume, red flags and qualifications questionsalif after his appointment, the mayoh never mentioned the new appointment during the state of the district address and refused to comment about his appointment until today. we tried contactingr.
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today, but so far he has not has returned our calls. cal sean. >> sarah simmons, thank you.ou. > still to come tonight, another mess on the metro railsa tonight metro's m is responding to rumors about a major shutdown. and a flight attendant takes a trip down the emergency slide.y the problem was there was no emergency. > that story coming up of after the break.
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a flight attendant with united n airlines has been suspended after this incident. you saw her slide right down the emergency side and walk away. the plane just landed at bush intercontinental airport from sac row meant oh. >> it's not sure why she deployed the slide. none of the passengers were wer there was no emergency. > a new york man
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jihad on an air flight willflig spend nine months in prison. he pled guilty in january to interfering with a flight crew.w d.c. charged the cockpit and yelled jihad. > a onterm shutdown will not be necessary for metro to deal with the transit agency's backlog of repairs that announcement came from general manager paul weed feld with a meeting with the m montgomery county council. earlier this month weed feld shutdown the entire system for one day. he said it's possible some stations will have to be closed. >> now that is off the table. i'm not considering that extensive of shutdown anywhere,h but i am looking at again att what we've been
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have to deliver and what makes the most sense.ense > metro cannot reduce its huge repair backlog by just doingdoin work in short bursts overnight and on weekends. > have you heard robert griffin iii has a new team in a new town. so his house here is up foror sale. we're going to take you inside i coming up. cool. all right. we told you about this we told you about this one before. it folds up to look like a cellphone. now it's drawing fire from the feds.fe we're back in three minutes. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. > this is fox5 local news at 10. welcome back everyone it is 1030 and here's a look at tonight's stories. >> teisha lewis is working a townhouse fire that has turned into a
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the boarded home behind me isme now the focal point in a murdera case after a fire destroyed thes home last week. police say 63 year old steven california brand was found in the basement and his death is suspicion. in fact, the feds are involved in the investigation. they will protect the scene and the important evidence inside. > as warmer weather approaches we're going to start seeing morr scenes like this this is last sunday out on pennsylvania avenue near the wilson building. as well as out on the streets of shaw. dozens of illegal bikes. there's a no chase policy here in the district and police officers say they feel likeeel their hands are died. when pressed today mayor bowser did not say a how she's going to address the issue, but saidut there will be an announcement soon. > in tonight'sç wisconsin primary ted cruz and bernie sanders are the big winners. crews are beating donald trumpti with
10:31 pm
52 to 32 lead. on the democratic side berniee sanders is ahead of hit. hi > there is a threat of cyber attacks on this side.side fox's mike he man yell has theth details. >>reporter: millions of americans have fallen victim to cyber crime, their personalthei information stolen. the head of us cyber commandcomm says the medical records are increasing being targeted by hearings. healthcare is a good example where the amount of data that all provided to the medical the world and is available out thert on all of us and our families, that worries me. > appearing before the senate armed services committee today admiral michael rogers discussed the threats posed by
10:32 pm
nations. the countries are russia, china, iran and north korea.orea admiral rogers also says isis operatives are using career websites and encrypted communications to talk backack stirring a national debate over cyber security and privacy. p >> it's not either or because we have got to have safety t and privacy. right now we're in a dialogueiao that seems to paint it as one or the other.t > non state act rs are a loom threat to our country potentially using cyber terrorism as a weapons victim to inflict pain against the united states. they recently announced plans to team up with silicon valley hackers and hopefully prevent cyber attacks before they happen. in washington, mike emmanuel, fox news. > med may have been able to prevent tho recent cyber atta
10:33 pm
there have been public warnings since 2007 that med star's computer service needed to beded fixed with a implement the fbi, though, has declined te discuss how the hackers broke in. med star say its major systems are almost fully restored and it doesn't believe the personalerso information of any patience was compromised. > the instant messaging service what's up announced it willit encrypt all of its users' messages. the users' messages will be scrambled as they leave the sender's device and they canan only be decrypted by the recipient's device and the messages are not readable if they're read by some once. it's use worldwide. > a top democratic senator is calling for an investigationnve into a new handgun that can fola up to look like a smartphone. we first told you about the gune known as ideal conceal last
10:34 pm
month. now, senator chuck schumer is slamming the weapon calling it a disaster waiting to happen. he wants the atf investigateinve whether the begun manufacturer is violating the federal law by making the begun look like an every day item.tem. there is economic fallout foror the state of north carolina after lawmakers passed a law restricting protection for lesbian, by gender. pay pal is cancellation its planned expansion because ofex that lpaaw.that the expansion would have brought 400 jobs to the state. more than one hundred corporate heads have passed the law whichw was passed next month. the law makes it more difficulte for them to attract talent tot north carolina.arol there is a new facebook feature to help the blind and visually impaired. the two will interest interpretr what's in a picture of the it will use artificialrt intelligence. the descriptions are described to the facebook user. facebook says it wants
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sure the world's nearly 300 blind and visually impairedmpai people can still connect withtil others on the social media side. > now that he's been release bl the redskins, robert griffinbert iiis has decided he no longer needs to have a house in this area. it makes sense.sens griffin has put his home in leesburg on the market.mark the list price $2.75 million. the home includes a theater root and wine cellar and an elevator. griffin is now playing for the browns in cleveland where realhe estate is a lot less pricy. i was enjoying the pictures.pict > nice looking house.ou >> let's go back so we can lookn at more of the pictures.ictu pretty cool. > still to come, local elementary students make a powerful video bleeding for mucu needed lenizations to their school. >> also coming up tonight, ann incredible story of survival. we're going to hear from this man who fell overboard and then had to swim for seven hours just to get to dry land. and he still lived to tell
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it. americans are doing a great jobt when it comes to getting a job. 5.4 found a job. that's more than since 2006. more americans quitting theirqut jobs hoping to find new work. homeowners are trying to boosto their curb 36 million homeowners arere planning renovations over the next 12 months. most say they will pick things outside the house. and twitter is giving nfl fansan something to tweet up the giant announcing it will life extreme professional football games onge thursday night.nigh tieing the not could really tiel you down financially. a new study showing the pricehe tag for wednesdayings soring tog a record high. the average newly wednesdays are spending, more than $32,000 for the big day.ay. what? that's $5,500 more than just five years ago and $3,200 more than when igo
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> welcome back, a nine year old pennsylvania girl is firing bacr at her critics who say she's tos young to be a newses hill did i kate lies acc received a tip over the weekende about heavily police activity i a neighborhood. so she took pen, paper andnd camera to the scene and posted the story online. my, reporting from the orange street on the 600 block where ar man suspected murder his i'm working hard on this ongoing investigation.
10:41 pm
you heard, was about a murder and she beat the local daily paper to the story. her commitment to news did notdi sit well with some. critics posted mean comments tom the third grader's website saying she was too young to report and that her parents shouldn't encourage herer behavior. >> i'm going to tell you what, this little l girl is prettys inprcredible. i looked at her she covers all sorts of storieso she's nine years old.old. she's obviously not too young to report. she's doing a good job. her dad is a former newspaper reporter. > you're supposed to encourage your kids. >> absolutely.y. > children at an elementary school in the district areare calling on mayor muriel bowser to not go back on her word. >> parents of america created this video. in it the students are asking the mayor to make sure their school gets renovated.s take a look. >> most schools in d.c. were built or renovated in the past 87 years. some were scheduled for a second
10:42 pm
march has never been renovated.t >> city leaders say they miscalculated the $68 millionth needed for renovations and the project would actually cost 20 million more. in the video the students eat lunch in the hallways are taught out in trailers. the promise to fix the schoolcho goes all the way back to 2014 when she was campaigning toamp become mayor. >> the kids are getting in onn it. teaching kids how to make change. > coming up on fox5 news at 11t mayor bowser has banned official city employee travel to northton carolina because of aof controversial law in the tar heels state. one member wants to take that one step further. > by and say responds to claims that her song formation is antii police. what she had to say to
10:43 pm
critics coming up tonight at 11.
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> a vacation off the coast ofas puerto rico almost turned deadly for one michigan man. he had to swim for seven hours o to get to dry land after falling overboard. fox5's caitlin roth joins us nos with more on this incredible story. >> credit is quite incredible. david thompson is a 68 year old retiree from michigan whosç waç sailing his boat solo from saint martin to south florida in the e carribean last week. he says he got knocked off his 60-foot boat by a massive waive during a period of very rough weather. he had his life jacket on and he was tethered to the boat, but bu the combination of high within and 0-foot swells were too strong. so he tried to hoist himselfto back on the boat but the rough e waters ripped off his life boata and he quickly floated away abandoning thompson to
10:47 pm
he spent the next seven hours alternating between swimming and floating.ti eventually he drifted onto the n north coast of puerto rico after naked and exhausted. as thompson scram bled to shorem he cut b his leg on the reef. his arms and legs were so weak from swimming that he could barely stand. i was tucking the sale in and i didn't notice this wave hit thei back of the boat and pushed me s right off. looking at my boat sailing off on autopilot. au i could see my tether and my life jacket still hanging off t thhae back of the boat on to thn sand finally. yeah, that was quite a feeling. it was like i made it. i'm alive. i think after something like li that you always look at life a little bit differently. i think you would, too. thompson says the beach resort that he stumbled up to gave him food, water and clothing. they help
10:48 pm
where he is still recovering. a dangerous level of protein built up in his body from over v exerting his muscles. he was also treating for dehydration but he is expectedhi to be release in the next couple of days. that was actually a picture of i his wife that you saw. she was on the vacation with hip. she flew home before he then sailed his boat back to south florida. she's getting a call from the coast guard, they saw his boat i and they don't know where he is and then she gets a call that he comes up on shore. >> it's incredibly tough. i can't believe he made it. > a day of swimming. a workday. wo >> swimming, floating and having nothing to tread water, your own body weight to support yourselfu > i'll bet there will be a movie called the swim, russell crowe will be castellanied.aste >> there you
10:49 pm
> what a story. sto it makes me feel bad when i can hardlyan even get across a pool anymore. i could never safe myself. my i'll bet he'll never sale alone again, though. >> he won't. i'm looking forward to vacations next year, just on dry land. > he should be traumatized by y that. >> that's not what we want to wa hear at the beginning of boatino season. having to swim for seven hours. it doesn't feel like boating bo season. > it doesn't. it feels like winter. win >> it's more like early february. are there watch et cetera or cet warnings out tonight.warn >> we have a widespread freeze d warning and if you're not in a freeze warning it simply means e the growing hasn't started in yourer tonight.onig everyone will head from the mid 20s to the low 0s and potentially even colder than last night because we don't havo the big
10:50 pm
i see a spot out toward garret county in 20s. we had a cold night last night and a cold day today, but we had some snow overnight.w this was a surprise. this is ocean city. c this is a great picture that wet got today and i want to say thanks to ashley dagel. ashley's picture is from fr pitsville, maryland. i put one on facebook from oceao city where they got to a coating to an inch of snow. basically this h was that really cold air behind the front catching up to the a little bith of moisture that was left at the coast. satellite image, this is really great. you can he see the finger lakesg of new york state, all of this is snow cover and you know thatn that amounted to a foot in some spots and even west of massachusetts getting snow. get so if we were to slip that t picture a little farther south s you might have seen just a little bit of snow here and there before the sun melted it e off today. even the sun can do that with ta temperatures in the mid 40s. these were our morning low low temperatures. dulles dropped to 29.
10:51 pm
we only recovered into the mid 40, everies which is more typical. would be out toward the potomac highlands where the growinghe g season hasn't started. it should be a little bit more comfortable as we get into ge wednesday afternoon and we'll see the temperatures start to to come up to about 59-degrees and9 right now we're still timing out the nats other than.e rain is inna the forecast. we think the bulk of it will bei earlier in the day, but we still can't rule out some showers in h the afternoon.n. temperatures 32 for gaithersburg, 30 for frederick culpeper, manassas, already down to 28-degree. we're going to have a cold one.o tomorrow we'll recover in the re afternoon and we're noting whying to be dealing with the cold wind in the
10:52 pm
rain on the way for thursday, 63-degrees of the the bulk ever it will be before noon, but more showers in the afternoon. aft > here's a look at morning temperatures. by 1:00 we may be able to see a few spots getting up and over 60s degrees. de with that high getting off the f coast we'll see some rain comino in for thursday and coming up at # 1 i'll show you the futurecast so you can see the timing for that. > let's head over to our seven day forecast, friday about 56-degrees and then another colh shot friday into saturday. your eyes do not deceive you.e we think there's going to be some snow showers with a clipper on saturday that's going to to bring in very cold air for a saturday night and sunday. we're starting to come out of it by next week. > thunk, thank you. > american idol has been on the air for 15 seasons. the hit fox reality show will sh say its final goodbye this week. fox's adam housley is in in ll
10:53 pm
>>reporter: three contestants will be syncing for the final american idol. from the crowning of kelly. to notes from nick. american idol has sent 14 seasons worth of music superstars with a fan base already in place.y this show was amazing. it's a one of a kind show. sh they have a great team here andh blessed to be a part off television history for sure.ure. > it's a show that changed the landscape of reality television drawing thousands of hopefuls each season and pitting those appearing stars against aar healthy dose oinf criticism. >> that was terrible. simon cull was such a force tou be reckoned with. his honesty was brutal. along the way, some moments made us cheer. while others made us cringe. > but no matter where
10:54 pm
contestants finish in the final rankings, they athe experiencete was life changing. ch you don't necessarily have to win the competition per se to se have one. we kind of all three feel like we've alreadyç won.on. here at the doll bee theater one wednesday night will be the the final show down for the last american idol for the star studded phial any to crown the last champion. in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. > i can't believe it's over. > stay with us. we'll be right back. t. rowe pri. ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh!
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your nats to the top, the nl east today undefeated. un they've only played one game. we start with a blank slate where anything can happen can between now and one thing we can count on, though. full display the final opening o day atv atlantic a's turner field and for some reason they only game out for the defensing national league mvp. by the way, he did this that happened, maybe the braves fans were a little bitter. dusty baker says the haters gota to hate, hate, hate. i heard bryce usually gets booed here. i just told bryce i still lovele you. j
10:59 pm
meantime the yankees catching flak barring from fans from buying tickets that they buy online and print at home. they can't do that. offering $700 premium seats that hbo bought for just 25 cents who could most dress like people who have never saturday in a premium seat. >> yes, those are grown man dressed up like teenage mute and the ninja turtles. tur this is what a national audience saw. is that raphael. >> donatello and raphael, yes, i this i so. > there are two other opportunities for fans to have some fun with the yankees. they put out this policy because frankly they want to sell those premium seats for as much as as they can and they say it's about the atmosphere. at they don't want riff rav sitting in the nice seats. se > i hope we see
11:00 pm
>> they ordered pizza, too. > turtle power. thank you much. stay with us, the news at 11 starts now.arts this is fox5 local news at 11. . right now at 11 a devastating house fire in gaithersburg has s now been linked t a homicide. what we've learned about the man who was living in the basement of this home.ome neighbors in a prince william county community are scared hala to death after someone fired bullets into their home. tonight they're demanding actioo before someone gets hurt. plus, a hollywood star who is is coming forward with her personal battle to help bring an end to alzheimer's disease. di > fox5 local news at 11 starts right now. and we thank you for joining us tonight. i'm tony perkins and i'm shawnni yancy. a big fire at a gaithersburg ga townhouse is now linked to a t murder investigation. officials first thought the firh was an accident and everyone goe


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