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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 6, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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jvr developing now at the top of the hour overnight hoot shooting in the district leaves three people in the hospital. and police search for a gunman. plus. >> to thank the people of wisdom martin for their strong support. . >> how the results are changing the momentum of this race. that's coming up. >> also embarassing mistake for george mason university law school renamed one of the late justice antonin scalia had to honor him again and change the name. why the change was made. >> and it's 7 a.m. live look outside april 6, 2016 weather and traffic for you coming up at 7:05. >> good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox5 news morning" developing orn
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the scene of daetdly car crash this morning not on the road and on the bike path. that's not the vedo for him. 400 block of 56 street north east maybe we'll get to the video. we'll get in a little bit. happened before midnight car was found over turned on the bike path and search is on for person that shot three women last night on green street southeast. >> annie yu joins you live with the latest good morning. >> allison and steve that's right police still activity serving for gunman i want to show you quickly this neighborhood there's a sign posted in big letters that says warning all activities recorded on videotape and police certainly hoping surveillance video will help them sort of piece together what exactly happened late last night around 11:00 here on green street. 2300 block of green street if you look straight ahe
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see nearly eight hours later after this shoot ago he koyrd d.c. police investigating and focusing attention on that car straight ahead parked on green street. now people who have tried to turn into this neighborhood were asked to turn around and asked to block off this block. you can see evidence markers about 4 or 5 there surrounding the vehicle parked on the street there investigators looking for basically anything that can help them figure out what exactly happened. and what's unusual about the shooting as you mentioned off the top is that all three victims are female and here's video late last night here's a lot of questions this morning and we know three adult female victims were shot and everyone was conscious and breathing when police got here last night and they were all taken to area hospitals and good news is all are expected to recover. and the gunman still opt loose and we don't have a suspect description or any more information beyond that and i can tell you that this roadway here will be closed off for several more hours as investigation continues. that's the latest here in south east.
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back to you in the studio. >> all right annie thank a lot 7:03 now breaking news "fox5" as d.c. police plan to give us an update on the alicia rudd. unclear what the new developments are but we know d.c. chief kathy linear will speak to the police at 8:30. she has been missing two years after seen with a mana at a motel in northeast d.c. in 20 2014. >> victim of a stabbing earlier this week died. 36-year-old brian graves was tabbed r stabbed on north market near old town tavern own monday. anyone w information is asked to call police. >> the story we brought you earlier a group of illegal dirt bike and atv raiders has people concerned. >> they're asking city lead others to do something about ten and some leaders are speaking out. melanie alnwick is live to tell us what
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. >> the reason we're standing here along pennsylvania avenue is because this is where some of the most recent video was tape frightening as people in the area. this is not a new problem and everyone says it's expected to get worse as weather gets warmer and some want tougher laws against these illegal dirt bikes and mayor bowser says that is not necessary. the most recent video was taken sunday evening on pennsylvania avenue as a group of illegal dirt bikes squarmd near 7 street and at the same time a similar group of bikes regard up florida avenue midray park and in d.c. riding illegal dirt bike is misdemeanor 30 days in jail and 500 dollar fine. officers are making rests but most of the time cases are not prosecuted and that's frustrating to officers. >> officers are very conscious we out smart the
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and catch them at gas pumps and stop lights and we make arrests all the time and sees vehicles and put people in jail. at the end of the day they're not charged with anything. >> safety of motorists and pedestrian are 1st and foremost as well as law enforcement officers. it's not issue specific to disstick. we have issues aropd the region and we're exploring ways to deal with it. >> councilwoman ruby said perhaps the city should look at building a racetrack for these dirt bikes and atvs to ride on. but a lot of people also say that's probably not what they want to do. they would prefer to ride on city streets and enjoy the chase so to speak. leadership we know in d.c. police department and prince george county police department did meet last night and some of what they discussed was how to dole with these illegal dirt bikes. live in north west, melanie alnwick,
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>> mel, thanks. 7:05 let's bring tucker on board you saw him bundled up for good reason. >> record low this morning. >> 34 degrees. >> i don't know why i feel like celebrating that. any time the weather is --. >> it's not a record at reagan right 34. >> not reagan national dulles tide a record and new record in baltimore. low to mid 20s north and west. we very, very cold april 6. down to 33 allison reagan national. >> normally this is when you say it is april 6. >> you said that earlier. >> i missed it. >> i realized it after i looked at the calendar. 28 this morning leonardtown look at most of the area here. i'm looking the only exception is reagan national. everybody still remains below freezing and cold. look at frederick that's hard freeze. 21 mannasas and 22 culpeper and i know i make reference to sensitive vegetation and i'm actually concerned. that's a good, hard freeze any time
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hours. hopefully the rest growing season was not going yet. there's satellite and radar nice and quiet lots of sunshine and upper 50s later today and wind south 10 to 20. breezy. >> late day cloud. remains droy later today. rain on track for day tomorrow. we'll take all the details of with it arrives and when it might get out of here. home-opener for the nationals that's important forecast. >> thanks tucker. >> all right. >> all eyes on baseball tomorrow. >> right now on roads. what's going on erin. >> 7:07 and right now we have a lot of congestion around the area and even though some of the earlier issues cleared up. right now 270 southbound side you see a mess of slow moving traffic headed through gam gamersburg and earlier crash montrose cleared up to shoulder. as you can see that's not improving speeds knowledge of that point in frederick jammed by truck scales as well. switch it over to for a look at maps. i want to show you wide view of morning commute just a lot of
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typical spots annandale and upper loop slow same story 66 eastbound. 3895 northbound earlier crash cleared. but from bottom of belt way to 14 street bridge heavy that continues across the wilson bridge prince george county toe alexandria this morning and same story 295 inbound side and 50 inbound slow and as you make your way to bw parkway north and southbound directions dealing with con joington powder mill road. delays and closures on prince george country landover road east keterring drive that should be cleared soon and let you know when the intersection reopens and richie marboro road to bower house road checking in slow 14 miles an hour inbound sutland south capitol to douglass bridge and key bridge heavy traffic as well to georgetown. back to you steve. >> turning to politics now. big primary wins in wisdom martin for senators bernie sanders and ted cruz. >> victories do they signal a turning point in race for white house veronica c
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live in studio with more. we expected this upset right? >> we did expect it and you said it turning point. that is big thing that both of the stick tores last night they're trying to convey okay so this idea of turning point senator ted cruz wanted to bring this humid in victory speech last night. win in wisdom martin for cruz brings us all one step closer to a possible contested convention. cruz note the he feels he could still win required 1237 delegates for nomination without one. >> tonight is turning point. it's rallying cry. it is call from the hard working men and women of wisconsin to people of america. we have a choice. a real choice. and as a result of people of wisconsin defying media and defying pundits i'm more and more convinced our campaign will earn the
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needed to win the republican nomination. well ted cruz and delegate count inching closer to donald trump count and ted cruz 514 there's kasich at 143. the only way to avod a contested convention with certainty is for a candidate to go into convention with 1237 votes. now even with this wisconsin victory for cruz it's still possible for trum top reach that total before the convention. so let look at democrats. bernie sanders took a solid victory in wisdom martin last night and now he won 7 of last 8 con nests this presidential primary race certainly giving him momentum and reason to stay in the race. >> and momentum is about all across this country the american people are looking around
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that real change is our countr country's history whether trade union movement and whether it's civil rights movement whether it is women's movement whether is gay rights movement, they understand that real change never, ever takes place from the top on down it always takes place from the bottom on up. . >> each with this up deny annual momentum sapders had contact map get him to victory. again let's look at the delegate count. sanders has total of 1056 to clinton 1743 that includes super delegates you hear everyone talking about democratic party leaders that can vote for whoever they want unbound by voter results and will those delegates
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from sand others to clinton. with rising moments they consider a switch and without those super delegates even with all of the victories sanders had victories may not be mathematically possible for sanders. there's a lot of time and you see 2016 is full of surprises. >> always entertaining and never disappointing. >> that's true. >> something all the time. >> thanks. >> thanks, guys. . >> coming up this morning wildfires parts of midwest. battling flames. tell you what is complicating efforts. >> newly renamed george mason law school has new name again. we'll tell you why this change was made next. 7:1 2.
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>> remember the relisha
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case a couple years ago. we found out they'll talk about it today, d.c. police and police chief kathy linear who will update 8:30 this morning. rudd was seen with a man at a motel in northeast d.c. and that man was found dead early march of that year kenilworth park. a few months ago they said there would be new serves for her after they received new information. it's unclear what will be announced today we'll have that for you from the chief live in the next hour. again said to happen around 8:30 this morning. right now 7:15 let's get a check on cold, cold weather. >> literally seemed like you were here a second ago. >> i feel like i was. >> yes. >> sampling new product. >> is that right. >> yes. >> enjoy it. >> what is it. >> brand new m & ms there's like coffee >> i'll give a full review nay bixt i need to dot weather.
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>> cue the music. >> and no music all right there you go. record moreing lows. dulles now tied record that goes back several years. bwi marshall record goes back to late 1800s. . of course, then it was taken -- what are you laughing at? late 180 0s that was bament more. 24 degrees. bottle lunch you get the idea. it's very, very cold out there early this morning and much of the region waking up to in the 20s. currently 33 reagan national. regionally boston mid 20s. 16 binghamton and notice warmer air to west. chicago yesterday was in 20s. 42 this morning warmer air in here later today. southerly breeze. temperatures maybe 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and less of the biting wind. should feel better for you. sunshine first half today few clouds later and still on track for rain tomorrow although coming up i'll try to time out the rain for you.
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heavy rain tomorrow morning between 6 and 10 and bit of break and scattered showers will redevelop in the afternoon hours and all in all maybe half inch to inch of rain and plenty of rain around. fingers crossed they may get the game in tomorrow ang. >> i'm hoping so. >> cloudy and scattered showers. >> it's a close call. >> i hope it's not like baltimore wait, start, wait, wait. >> it could be one of those. >> maybe they'll postpone top friday when the weather looks better. both teams have on day. >> that would be nice too. >> you know how it is erin it's opening day you want it to be a big party and celebration. >> sunshine. >> yes. >> baseball. >> i have a ticket saturday night i don't want to sit out there cold. >> first it's saturday afternoon don't go late or you'll miss it. >> sadly 4 p.m. is night to me with our schedule. >> tee shirt giveaway saturday we can wear at the tee shirts. >> i like everything about the plan.
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lines and clarifying yes saturday is 4 p.m. game i don't want ton mislead anyone. delays continue reachy 345rboro 14 miles an hour. earlier crash shut down landover road eastbound cleared and intersection keterring drive getting a long fine. we'll take a live look outside now and see how cameras are shaping up. still slow on 270 south across clear path montrose road and volume discontinues frederick making way to rockville. stop and go traffic you know drills this is normalroute to beltway. a look back at maps now other delays around the area as we take a wide view across the wilson bridge inner loop crawl around 5 to alexandria and 395 basically parked as you make your way to 14 street bridge and norm ofbility way 95 bw parkway by powder mill and bw heavy traffic. back to you allison and steve. >> thanks very much. time now 7:18 newly renamed law school george mason university has
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>> the name announced last night that honored late supreme court justin an toe nip skal he was going to something up appropriate. "fox5" bay bridge bob is live in arlington to explain i need write it down to see what it spells out i have not done that yet good morning. >> i have done it four. >> good morning allison and i steve. hi not thought this apparently shorm immediate was was on fire i typed it up than was original name announce aid week or so ago antonin scalia score of law they pointed out it had bad acronym thought thought it was not a good things. they said this is logical substitute it will be antonin scalia law school at george mason university. easy change
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guess a lot of people had not thought b of course former supreme court justice died in february. and then there was 30 million dollar gift to his law school here at george mason here in arlington. 10 mill gone charles cope foundation and 20 anonymous lumped together gift was made with the conditions that the law school be named after justice scalia. a change that will take effect on july 1 and yet when they first came one antonin scalia school of law it didn't take long for folks to point out that unfortunate acronym on social media. and so the dean said this is logical substitute and they made the change and scalia was graduate of georgetown law school and soon here the law school in arlington and george mason law school will be re2345eu78d antonin scalia law school. not school of law guys. . >> than
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i now i don't have to do word math thank you very much. >> it's not the name how it's portrayed. >> coming up businesses are now required to provide six weeks of paid leave for new parents. all new parents. >> i like that. >> also. firefighters are battling massive wildfire in oklahoma and what's hindering efforts to stop it
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. >> 7:23 pi pal decided to take its business elsewhere. lawmakers passed a law of restrictions for lesbian and gay and transgender. this is economic backlash for the state so far. more than 100 corporate heads de noupsed this law saying it's unfair and makes it difficult to attract talent. >> san francisco is first in the country to provide paid leaf for parents. they unanimously approved measure this gives new mothers and fathers six weekends of fully paid time off. not everybody is happy with the decision. some small business leaders say they are unfairly targeted by the new measure and have to pick up almost half the cost. >> wildfire is burning out of control in oklahoma. that state is under extremely critical fire conditions due to dry air. warm temperatures and strong winds. and those strong winds are complicating matters for firefighters
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quickly moving because of shifting winds and official say the wildfire burned roughly 40 square miles. people living near the fire have been told to evacuate. >> 7:25 here we're dealing with cold, cold weather this mornin morning. record breg akincold, tuck good you said it steve. dulles and a record in baltimore. that's a live shot. it looks beautiful. you know what actually it will be comfortable day today. happening in there by this afternoon upper 50s. mid up toer 50s and less wind as well. current nuns 33 washington and again that's herener d.c. a warm stot much of the area good hard freeze overnight temperatures in mid 20s to wes west. feels like 27 degrees. notice winds out of south and west at 7. that's a sign of warmer temperatures on the way. lots service sunshine first half of the day and clouds this afternoon. this cold front is what arrives tomorrow morning and we'll be big player in forecast tomorrow. nationals home hopper comes
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a good soaking rain tomorrow morning and probably break midday and showers redevelop kind of mid to late afternoon where secondary front. tomorrow is very, very close call. i can see it going either way. it may be just light showers tomorrow afternoon. we're able to sneak the game in conditions won't be ideal or maybe they'll push to friday when conditions will be nicer. 58 today. 63 tomorrow. setting up for cool weekend once again. one more shot of cold air for the weekend and then nice warm-up. 60s and 7 0s. i know everybody is asking about where is spring. it's going to be back next wee week. 60s and 7 0s by middle of next week. we have warmer temperatures on the way. that's weather. airport is back with the roads. >> thank you. well 7:26 now and i'm wearing my rain boots some police sock socks. i didn't feel the motivation toe put heels on today. was not happening. right now volume building as you make your way prince william 95 norm to dale city to 123 heavy traffic south of stafford
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no trash crashes just a lot of people going to the beltway. a live look outside now. 395 once you pass springfield interest changes on 95 collide king street. it's kind of little tricky because cameras look bright tucker you think sunshine indicates warmer temperatures but grab a jacket before you head out. speeds under 10 miles an hour towards king street. a look back at maps we'll show what you you're up against. south east south west freeway 22 miles an hour and heavier traffic there and also keep in mind 295 slow roll as you make your way past east capitol new york inbound slow maidensburg and seeing usual delay as you make your way down through rockville 2 70 southbound. that's traffic allison and steve. >> still to come another mess on metro rails. major shut down. >> and city leaders searching for ways to stop illegal dirt bikes in district. ho
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is next.
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy,
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"has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. >> that's what we're dealings wh with right now.wi little bit of sunshine and hopefully the sunshine combinedi with the clear skies will wil translate into warmerinto w temperatures.ur not doing its part so far.t so 33 at reagan national 24 at dulles.s in the district irst employees who work at theorat downtown building will have toae telework the rest of the week.. that building will stay closed.o they had transformer firee earlier this week.s wee haven't been able to get all off the smoke out of the building. . tax processing is not impacted c by this closure. so doesn't affect any delays orr anything to get your taxes in. >> pepco new general says a long-term shut down will not be necessary to deal with thehe agency's backlog of repairs. maintenance worwi
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shutting down sections of the track.ack. wiedefeld is expected toefeld i announce which parts of the part transit system are in most needm of repairs and a plan to fix the problem that's plan will bell revealed in the next few weeks. med star may have been able to prevent that recent cyberyb attack on its computer system. according to the associat assoce press there had been public pli warnings since 2007 med starmeds computer server needed to bed te fixed with an update. the fbi has declined to discusss how the hackers broke in. med star says major systems area almost fully restored and it doesn't believe the personal information of any patients was compromised.. nip-year-old junior reporteo of sorts a reporter wrote abouta a suspected murder in her hometown she's getting a lot of criticism for
7:32 am
crime.cre. >> wisdom is back with why sohyo many negative comments. comment. >> i'll get through the storyroh then at the end we want to knowo what you think about this.ut t whether she's too young oroung whether she's just doing hernger thing.thin she's being aspiring journalistl let me give you some backgroundc we're talking about nine-year-old hilda kate lies l see yack covering the news since 2014. she actually got a tip on on saturday afternoon about something on ninth street in at town that's about 150 miles50 ms northwest of philadelphia. so the aspiring journalist wentt to the scene to get the scoop,co and she actually beat the local news. news it turns out it was a murderrder investigation.station. she posted the story and a video clip on her website called the e orange street news later that day.da ♪ >> hi, hilda reporting from the orange street news on 600 blockk a man suspected to be murdered.e i'm working hard on this on-going investigation.tion >> all right.ll
7:33 am
that.that. after that report on hern h facebook and youtube channel, cl she was bombarded with lots of negative comments.ment some of the people on theeople t website and on youtube yoube questioned her parents judgmentm in letting her go to a murder mr seen and some even suggest thegt that she should be playing withw dolls or she somewhere having av tea party. she posted a video on her site e she revved some of thoserevved comments and defended her work w this may make some of you be uncomfortable because you wantan me to sit down and because i'm 9f want me to stop covering theg news get off your computer andrc do something about the news.ngut is that cute enough for you? y >> she better work work work.woo >> drop the mike on them. >> we want to know what youowhat think about this.hi use the #gooddaydc. do you think she's too young to be covering murders and coverinv the news. she covers the news.wsshe >> let me ask you a question.cou >> yes. >> would your oldest, would shes have wanted to go out don thisut at nine years old.ld >> probably
7:34 am
so this thing is in her to do ht this. is >> right. >> this is a special a >> right. >> you know, i get it but guess what, she is world is -- has ugly details to it. it. >> absolutely. >> we have to site all the time. that she has this passion tossit want to do this, i applaud her.r i want to protect her no murderr doesn't happen, no -- but guesss what, it does, and she is rightt out in front of it. of i she's amazing as far as i'm'm concerned.ncer >> she's covered all kinds of stories in that town my thing is, i am not at the point where i'm comfortable telling otherlih people what to do in theirn the household.ho how to raise your kids. kid because i don't know otheri don' people. >> no do i ever hope to be thate kind of >> exactly. i only control what goes on insn my hou i know my children.kndr my children won and comfortablet doing that. >> right. >> i can't tell other peoplee what to do because they knowy k their >> it's a little disturbingistun because she says crime is heryss favorite as nine years old whata she enjoys covering. i can say this.i that town where she is i used tu live in that town.hat tow >> did you. >> there's no tv coverage
7:35 am
tv station within an hour and a half of there.f ther. if it is somebody -- the point of the news to get the n information to the public.ationp >> right. >> if she's able to do thatablet accurately, then she's goinghe g empty going for her.or >> she has a passion for it and this kid will not be stopped ord denied. the tea party be a littlea t girl and all of that, bye-bye. >> that's a little insultingittl that you should be -- b >> why are you going to judge tj somebody until you know them.w . >> exactly. get out of other people'sof o houses. let item do their own thing. >> i want this on the record rod because when she's my boss in 10 years i'm want ---- >> 10 years?>> 1 >> right. she'll be 19 she's got to go to -- i don't know.n'w. any way, that's an interestinges topic. thanks so much.than >> all right.>> a >> 7:35 right now.ow let's check in with tucker barnes and get a look at the ge >> you knew you had wanted toyoa weather at what, three years wht old. >> five years old. fe year >> five. >> i was five. i mean, i have literal followerl other skills.s (laughter). >> i don't even have the skillv to do the weather forecast. let's go to -- yeah, i mean, mea that's just in you.n >> it's in you.>> >> let's just do
7:36 am
hey, 33 in records now tied at dulles andus set in baltimore, 24 degreess this morning. morni most of our area waking up too 20s. so very very cold temperatures.e record low temperatures.ratus good news, a warmup to look to forward to tay upper 50s winds will shift out t of the south an dry day for us if you got afternoon sporting st events that kind of thing you're in good shape for it. there's your satellite/radar. s yes, some clouds later today.erd but again remains dry.ains d looks like we get a period of pr rain tomorrow morning with ourio initial cold front and then a secondary wave of rain showersn tomorrow afternoon. so that nationals home openere o very complicated forecast.orecas i can see going either way withw the showers in the forecast for we'll talk more about that in just a minute. minut let's worry about today.or upper 50s near 60 a little a l better than yesterday. than yese that's weather update. wther u erin is back. bk. erin, when did you know you you wanted to be reporter.epor >> my best friend growing upster meghan and jackie have videos oo me at nine and 10 doing fakeake news and weather reports iner ri their living room.
7:37 am
i didn't have the real thingeali down like that little girl did.d >> she's kind of amazing.of azi >> she's a step of where i washi at nine years old i always new at well. right now metro update. trail malfunction near eastearat falls church.fallchur residual delays right now no new carrollton on the orange line residual delays to silver. no alerts for the re or yelloww line. line. blue line looking as we move thingse over delaysy the inner loop 214 to pennsylvania.nn 27 miles per hour.iles you still slow once are once yoy pass prince george's county into alexandria over the wilson ove bridge and then four inboundnd richie marlboro road i'll out ot the way to dowerhouse roadhoused 14 miles an hour.14 m suitland parkway inbound jams towards south capitol 395 northr from gw parkway to seventheven street. speaking of gw parkway slow from 123 on in.. and also across the key bridge e lot of typical stop and go g volume building. it's been building all morning. 95 north dale city to 123. 123 and then as you make your wayouw south at that point in staffordr some delays as well.l. taking wide view you can see i's going toet
7:38 am
all of though red zonesed z including the top side of thehe beltway outer loop, 95 to georgia, 95 southbound jams toa the inner loop and bw parkway southbound out by powder milly r road if you have an early a ear morning night to catch giveatchv yourself extra time to battleoat the knife congestion as well wl heading to bwi and make sure you take your time on your way tor t dulles and reagan national.iona you'll need some extra moments n to battle that slow-movingov wednesday traffic. tic. allison?liso >> erin, thank you still aheadad how loader local leaders plan tn stop illegal dirt bikes in thekt district.distri >> later, parents don't want to play favorites with their kids e the family of kris jenkins founu a unique way to cheer he and his brother on at the national championship game.onship we'll explain what they did coming up. 7:38.
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>> some people living in theng e district now see it as anct n unfortunate sign of spring.e dozens of dirt bikes flooding city neighborhoods, highways, even booeven s some members of thide dewalistrt council say they've heard from constituents, residents,ts, business owners.busine they're sick of the noise and ne the speed of the bikes.ik counsel ruby may says she mays e have at least a parcel solutionl to the the probl she joins us live from southeast good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you., e >> i'm doing well. thank you. than first i want to ask, what dt you think about the mayor'say decision and the police chief af well not to pursue these bikersk who are going at a high speed ii those cases? >> what we k
7:42 am
bikers are doing this thi recreationally they're notot professional bikers f we engageg in high speed chase, what we'rea going to have is a loss of life. and so although we want to get bikes you have the street wetrtw don't want to do it at the a expense of a young person's live or the life of an innocent inn pedestrian or someone elserian riding a car and so i think thak we do have to look at other alternatives other than chasinga the bikers. >> one of the alter tiffs youte suggested is perhaps a designa designated area for these bikerb to go. tell us about it. >> yes.. so atv and dirt bikes in ward wd eight have been problem not juss now, not just this spring, but for years, and so one of the t first things i was elected -- id was worn in may and it was oneds of the first issues that is tt addressed. i had an opportunity to meetor with a group of bikers to talk with them about what they were w doing and how we can engage witw them in positive way and then ii began to have conversations witn the administration, and have hae some really good
7:43 am
with keith anderson the directoc of dpr and we're moving forwardr and look forward to a proposed plan to see how it is we're abli to provide a safe place and an opportunity for young people anp young adults that are on bikes to get off of the streets.ts >> when you talked with the talt bikers, was that something thata they seemed to be interested ind or what was the general feelinge here as far as why they ride in this manner in very public areas? well, you know, one ofwo the questions i asked them, why do you think you guys think it'i okay for to you break the laws w and to break, you know torquenot run red lights and run stopp signs and, you know, veryw,er honestly most of them were likel it's recreation.ecreatio it's something to do. to we know in ward eight and acrosa the district we need to find ton opportunities for our youngur yu people and young adults to as engage in so meeting with them wasas actually very educational foron me. i mean, the one thing that i i didn't take or that i didn't dn' understand before meeting with t them is that these young peopleo they fix their own bikes, they e do their own body work and so a that's a transferab
7:44 am
we begin to find a safe placeafa for them to go, we also have too begin to look at how do we takek this natural gift that they havv and help them to get certifiedei as automotive technicians andiad provide opportunities for themoe again to have a pathway to ao different experience.erience >> i love how that sounds, but b have to be honest in the meantime, if you're diningoue di outside and walking on the sidewalk, what is the solutionot now or what can the districtistt look forward to now?? >> so i mean, you know, mpd hass a plan. there's the reward system foror identifying bikes off the o street. we do know that we are getting i bikes off the street at gast g stations and sometimes you'llou see a helicopter that dispatchec that will follow the vehicles vh until they get to their the destination and then the copsd c are going. we're doing -- i believe mpd iss doing everything we can.erhing obviously until we get them offm the streets we want mpd and the community to do mor i'll just tell you unfortunatela they're not -- we don't see thee sitting at
7:45 am
sidewalks in ward eight becausee we don't have restaurants weta know that it's now. n it's become an issue downtown dt and northwest and affluent areas.ea it becomes an issue for then suh city. but in ward eight and under served area in the blackhe community it's been an issue fo us and we continued toontinued everything that we can to make n sure that we're getting thesewet bikes off the street.. >> got to let you.ou give me one word on why you vo voted against public marijuanana smoking and what's next for th that?that? >> ward eight resident, you saie one wore. can i give you two?ve t >> give me two.. i'm on borrowed time. >> our residents.. ward eight residents, um, are really somewhat frustrated weted definitely don't want a pot cluu in ward eight and so we're goine to make sure that we get regulations around where it i happens and making sure we protect ward eight residents. >> all right.ll r another vote coming up.r vo we'll have you back to talk morm about that. how is that? >> that work out.ut i appreciate that.i ap
7:46 am
that is d.c. counsel member representing ward eight la rubyb may. thank you so much.thank you >> let's check in with tuckerckr get a look what's happenings hai outside today. >> we'll save tucker. it's cold. c that's all you need to knoweed o right now.ri it's cold.d. coming up how the family of chris jenn jenkins found a wayay to cheer on him and his brothero during the ncaa tournament. we'll have that for you next. ♪ ♪ to cheer on him and his brothero during the ncaa tournament. we'll have that for you next. light & fit,
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15 delicious flavors, each 80 calories. try to beat that! thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
7:48 am
>> blue skies can't explain about that, al.ab >> n
7:49 am
explain about the chilly temperatures. >> you know what, though, we could but then it's just goingug to warm up later and we'll we'lw feel like we wasted our wte complaints. >> see all the green out there.t the trees are really bloom. >> ing everything looks springig like. doesn't feel spring l >> check out your morning lows. unofficially new tied a record at dulles. at 24 and new record up bwi marshallah of 24 degrees.degr that record went all the back tc the late 1800's. 33 here at reagan national. very cold temperatures to start your day for april the sixth. s 33 in north and west we're trying tosw warm it up a little bit. le a lot of temperatures in the lol 20s.20 manassas 21 degrees. 24 in culpeper. 23 -- >> editorial review on it.aliewn 23 in martinsburg.burg 32 in leonardtown.nardto 32 as well in annapolis this >> it will be a bright sunnye bt beautiful day for the most part. clouds this afternoon.fternoon. high presse
7:50 am
air slipped further east thatfu allowed the southerly breeze an southwesterly breeze to set upy thbrat means warmer temperatures on the way. upper 50 today's and a dry a d afternoon. so that's great news.great n clouds get in here late thisates afternoon ton night.oon to nig that's our next weather makererm that will be rain showers forwes tomorrow morning's commute. comu it will come through in a couplc different ways.fferenway the official wave gets in here r think for the morning commutemou tomorrow and then we got to beo concerned about tomorrowmorr afternoon.tern of course, we have the nationalo home opener.per got to be concerned aboutcernedt tomorrow afternoon we'll getnool additional rain showers. s i'll show what the set up here.h front number one that's tomorrom morning with pretty good rains i around bit of a break midday.da then kind of mid to late to l afternoon the secondary front ft will deliver shower activity.ctt it won't be a heavy rain butn bt scattered showers around hereere for thursday so it's going to be a reallyea close call.close ca if you're going to the nationala game tomorrow stay tuned. a close call i'm not sure whichi way the nationals will go withot that. they have friday maybe they'll slide it into'lid friday it might be good enough they can actually pull the gamem off. here's future cast.e st. take a look t
7:51 am
7:00 o'clock tonight cloudhtlo cover. co here comes that rain showert rao activity.activi that's tomorrow morning'somw mo commute. could swath of pretty good raini half inch to an inch of rainf ri with that initial cold frontold you'll see the scattered scaer activity.tity. scattered showers redevelop midl to late afternoon.afrno so that's why we're thinking it will be a close call fora closel tomorrow. we'll clear it out thursdayut ta night and friday back into some sunshine with temps in the mid d 50's.50 58 today better than usual.n u rain shower activity for tomorrow.toow and explanation what we canha c expect an cool weekend.ct an cow cool weekend. wnd cool enough we may have a few rain and our snow showers around here saturday afternoon withit temps in the mid 40s.. is it april or february? (laughter).. >> thanks for laughing allison,l i appreciate it.preciat. (laughter). >> who said i was giving you gio editorial on your weather. wea beautiful weather report.. i just don't like temperaturestu in the 20s. neither did allison.d ais all right. right now we don't like jammed up traffic on wednesday morningr 295 from eastern to pennsylvanii we have seeing a lot of
7:52 am
slow-proving traffic there.raff you can see those taillights are just jamming up. u. northbound side not looking loo terrible right now. n grab your shades it'sde i deceivingly sunny outside itnnos look like it would be warm but w it's not. it's not grab your jacket you'll needet l that and some patience on theiec road. we'll move it over from a look on 295 south and show you howw u else the rest of your morning m commute is shaping up. things in prince george's countu let's take look at our maps maps right now are slow.lo the inner loop is jammed down to about 27 miles an hour of a houa adversary from 214 to four andfo then take look here four fou westbound down to 14 miles an4 e hour between richie marlboro and dowerhouse. as we take a look in alexandria, 395 north reall really slow-movg traffic from the beltway towarde the 14th street bridge.e. eleventh street bridge, third t street tunnel also slow and asan you head from rosland into georgetown key bridge jams withm a lot of traffic and wisconsin o avenue i wish you can see the se version of tucker's walk he'sk ' doing as he hits the bell. b that was the sound of approvalpo for the morning traffic. >> i second it then, ding.
7:53 am
>> ding. one quick metro update. malfunction near east fallstal church delays new carrollton onl the orange.e. residual delays to largo on then silver line.lvere no alerts for the rest of yourfr rails. s. hold on one second.ecd. back to you allison. >> thank you.>> it's a love fest. two prince william county polici officers wounded in the lineound much duty will be honored athoed nationals park tomorrow. officers jesse and david willid low throw the first pitch at tht nationals home opener againstga the marlins.ns. police department also sayst als they'll be a moment of silencefs held to honor all first responders and officers killedes in the line of duty. d the iconic clydesdaleal budweiser horses are making ag pit-stop in the nation's capit capitol. for the next five days, you hava a chance to catch the clydesdall out and about. abo your first chance to see them ie later tonight at the cantina marina in southwest d.c. they'lt be there from 5:00 to 7:00. from there, the horses willses
7:54 am
gallop on over to duffy's irishh pub for a kick off party frompao 6:00 to 8:00. 8:0 that should be a site. s they'll also be at opening day d tomorrow at nats park. steve? al thank you very much. you 7:54.7:54 brothers nate, britt and chris s genuine made headlines forin playing against each other inear monday's nc avenue aue championship game. so how did their parents chooseo sides? the simple answer is ans they did not. now dad wore a neutral gray g shirt mom wanted nothing honor both sons she asked michael hinton to her her out.ut >> what did mom say to you? o y what did she want. >> she sent me a text last monday afternoon and she said,, mike, can you give me a call? al my called her back she was likee can you design me something form the game? for the boys.. so came up with the design the first design she was like... >> try again.>> try >> i like it but let's try it ti >> i set the second design.d des there it is.
7:55 am
right to you.right to >> yes. on the front we see for nate it says britt north carolina his injuries see number on the back we have kris jenkins villanovava number two. in this case the back ended upkd being the champion but eitherit way they're both repped. rpe so you made these for the wholee family right.fa >> i made it for the sisters, se the father and the mother.. >> okay. >> and we know at least somebodd wore theirs at the game, right? >> yes. the sister she was very visibles on tv the whole i watched it, and it was amazi amazing. >> all right.>> mom asked you this because you c do design clothing but you alsou have another role that you played in the life of this ofhi family which is what?wha >> yes, i cut their hair for har some years now. >> you've been doing it for adof long time, haven't you.'t y >> about 20 years.ut 2ars. >> really? >> yes. >> >> you've been dealing with thed brothers moo played against eacc other cutting their hair foraior long time. te >> since in high school.h schoo they went to >> that's where the family fam history goes back to bat apparently not just nate is notn the only person from northro carolina that you have as klein, rig
7:56 am
>> yeah. >> tell me about it. >> well, i have -- well -- well >> when the guys came in whenhe they were in town you said you were cutting on the other hair.h >> oh, the other guys from therm north carolina tar heels. hls >> yes.. >> meeks, jackson, >> this is just recently the ncaa tournament. >> at night i went and cut theit hair overnight and, you know,, o they went and played the game. e >> you've known both of thesehfe guys the brothers now for years. cutting their hair when theyhen were at gonzaga you were cuttint their monday night they're on the bign court facing off each other. oth i'm assuming you watched the game, right., right. >> oh, yeah. watched the game.watchethe it was amazing. >> did you wear your own shirt r when you were watching the gamem >> i wore my shirt. >> did you really.>> d >> i wore my shirt. >> were you trying to be neutrae and happy for whoever comes outo on top.. >> happy for whoever came out on top and fortunately chris cameic out on top.. >> for chris it was a good day.a he joined us yesterday and he ah was very happy for his brother b as well. you broug
7:57 am
well.we some of your other d. >> for howard and norfolk tryint to actually get it in rightig through through barnes & noble.& >> did you ever do a hampton a t project. proj >> you got norfolk state the arrival of hampton and you havee howard.rd the other hu.u i'm wondering when the hampton shirt will be made. mad >> very soon. >> as a matter of fact as soontt as he leaves he'll start workinr on it.ll >> i'll write i was check.heck. >> we're working a deal. wor a d >> awesome. i'm sorry, steve.i'm so >> how can folks get a hold you. >> instagram right now four f underscore the underscore fan. >> for the fan with under scores. michael, thanks much.chae thank you, sir.thanu, s >> job well done. don you knew you were going to haveo a championship one way or way or another.other. >> i'm sorry for giving i wasryf hard time but i do wantor the shirt. >> we'll have more coming up.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. life look outside.utsi it is wednesday morning, april sinks, 2016 it's april but sures does feel like february.ebar weather and traffic comingic outpatient on the 5's at 8:05.:0 good morning to you i'm allisonn seymour.ymour. >> i'm steve chenevey.'m welcome to fox5 news we'll start here at 8:00 o'clock with breaking news this morningo d.c. police due to give updatepd on the relisha reedmace about 30 minutes.minutes rudd is the little girl who wepg missing more than two years agoe her heartbreaking disappearancen gripping the d.c. region.n >> fox5's melanie alnwick livewl at the fifth district policeolie station in northeast.east.
8:01 am
what they might say? >> reporter: well f what wete understand it doesn't sound likk there's any new information thaa will come out in this case t c today, although you just never know.know but we do know they're going to give up an update in the case ae chief lanier has said she has promised to do on regular basiss and it does sound like there'sis going to be some sort of anotheo search again today as well.l. now, back in september, d.c. police searched large construction site near a hotel h where the man accused off abducting relisha was seen w s according to d.c. police onole surveillance video with largege trash bags. cadavers dogs combed that areas for hourcos.four but police said they didn't find anything that would help movehal the case forward.wa relisha rudd was eight years olo when she disappeared in march of 2014.20. family members told fox5 allowew to tatum a janitor at the d.c. general to care for the his wife was found
8:02 am
in a maryland hotel.d h in april of 2014 police founde f his body in a shed at kenilworto park in northeast d.c. but stils no traces of veal had a wereveaa ever found. fou police and the community haveniy never given up. there's been vigils and volunteer searches and several targeted sweeps of parks andnd construction sites relisha would have turned 10 last objectionbji her mother shameeka young saysay she's not giving up and stillnds believes her daughter is aliveli so we are planning on streamingg that press conference from d.c.c police chief cathy lanier lifeie at 8:30 when it happens. happe so stick with us for all the the updates.te back to you to >> mel, we'll be looking forookf that coming up in few minutes.i. happening right now the searchrh continues for the person whoe po shot thee women last night in i the district.the district. >> this happened on green stree in southeast and a block of that street has remained a crime seen all night fox5's annie yu is there now n live. li good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, allison and steve. s that's right. it's been an active scene sincen the shooting happened late lastl
8:03 am
the 2300 block of green streettt southeast here as you mentionedi this roadway is completelyetel blocked off. off. no one is allowed to go in and come out. out and police have been checking ig as well for the residents thatts do live here and need to getd tt home. home. dc police have been working thig scene since 11:00 o'clock last:o night into the overnight hourshu and really focusing theirhe attention on that car straightah ahead with all of the doors widd open. you can see about 45 esther5 ese markers surrounding the vehiclec on the ground there.he g what sort of stands out about this shooting is that all threee victims involved are here's some video from late last night when we were out here. multiple units arriving on then scene after police got that 9111 call again a total of threere victims shot all we're told they were alley we conscious and breathing when police got here late last nightt they were all taken to arean toe hospitals and the good news isdw they are expected to make a recovery.. so they're still at the hospitae now. meantime the gunman still on thn loose which has some residents r
8:04 am
we see small children going tono school this morning and many, um, holding their children ahen little bit tighter as they walkl by what you're looking at now, bacc out here life is a sign of a surveillance warning sign sayinn that all activities are recorder on video tape in thise in neighborhood zone police are zpi certainly hoe he hoping that hon surveillance toot taj will helph them piece together what exactly happened last night if there's s look out because at this time we don't have anything on the i did speak to neighbor who actually lives right inside that white building there with the white colon knee, the poles outo front schenn said she washennai asleep, her daughter was asleepp she heard dozens of loud pops around 11:00 o'clock.00 o'c she told her daughter, stay in bed. and she said that she knows oneo of the victims and describes heh as a young friendly woman and ad has no idea how this unfolded but certainly she is concerned for her safety as well her younu daughter. back to you in the studio. >> annie, thank you very much.. developing this
8:05 am
man killed after his car flippep over and crashed on a bike pathp in northeast d.c..c now this happened near the 400 block of 56th street. str the emergency call coming inalci just before midnight.night investigator sauce alcohol alcol appears to be factor in thisactt deadly crash. happening today, in prince p william county the school boardb is said to revisit theirsihe decision to row maim godwinaimwn middle school in dale city after long-time community leader dr. george hampton.ampt meeting will be held tonight. tt some residents and schoolts and officials say the public should have the opportunity to giveiv their input, too.. powerful message today foror students at walt whitman hightm school in bethesda. bsd >> father of fallen officer noah lee yacht at a will talk withalw students about making wise w choices behind the wheel his soh hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver in december. officer's death led to strongerr drunk driving laws being passedp in december.embe bob barnard headed to whitman.hi we'll bring
8:06 am
dc at 9:00 this morning. >> 8:05 right now. 33 degrees. it's going up a little bit. u >> tryp ing to became up.g toecm >> okay.>>kay >> records set at dulles, new one up in baltimore, 24 degrees. obviously not typically thisly t cold this time of year. oea >> right.ight >> we're dropping here at leastl holding steady 33. 3 >> no, we're up to 35. to see just got update.pde. >> magic. >> just like that. j >> it's magic. it'magi >> sing it.g i >> now we've had the sun for an hour or so start the gradualradu warmup it should be a nicer at r least temperature wise withh highs in the upper 50's later l this afternoon and dry day for d wednesday. headed in the right directionric later. 34 in leonardtown. holding on to 20s west and a north.nort frederick is 27 martinsburg 27.urg 2 32 this morning winchester.. satellite and radar is featurini sunshine to star the day. get clouds this afternoon.ft we'll keep it dry and then we'l' be dealing with periods of rainn showers tomorrow we'll talk more about that got the n
8:07 am
home opener.r >> omaha per. omaha p >> thank you. >> nationals home openerne tomorrow.tomorrow. wait. go back to the -- i didn't knoww i was on tv for that part.hatar >> you weren't.eren't >> you're good. >> that's okay.>> that' >> there you go.s t that's the part i was trying ton show. upper 50s later today.ay with quiet conditions. >> you better hope it doesn'tr rain becauseho i heard that youa were heading down that tomorrowa morning. >> i'm planning on being downinn there all morning. brnin i'm excited about it.d aut >> you are. >> yeah. >> you might want to take your y weather umbrella just today ca case. >> weather day. >> no the weather day inther dan pavement just for the homent jus opener. i didn't know about t it. >> i wasn't invite.nve >> i wasn't either.>> i th you were both invited lastbo >> we just -- it's fine. fe >> i can see how this is going.g >> i'm just saying. >> everybody is invited. >> we're talking about weather a day or home opener day. >> we have thick skin.ckn >> i was thought he was talkingt about weather day.ou he's talking about home opener.r >> allison and steve can both get tickets at weather/weathereh day. >> it's fine. i'd rather go and not have to he work and enjoy the game. g >> allison and i will get get
8:08 am
and hang out. out >> and steve. >> obviously. metro update train malfunctionfn near east falls church delaysel from new carrollton on therotont orange line and silver line to o largo watch for that. t grab a jacket.acket. it is chillier than you wouldu w expect for today outside. outde we'll take live look outside oue right now. now delays as you make your way pass shady grove we had earlier crasa there. blocking the shoulder just heavh traffic lingering. linge you know the drill fromll f frederick on down give yourself about 45 extra minutes it's juss a lot of congestion right now.. same story outer loop top side d of the beltway past newne hampshire. we'll move over from our camerar to our maps right now. inner loop down to 27 miles per hour.ur 214 to four out in prince george's county. count four west, 14 miles per hourr hr approaching dowerhouse road usual morning congestion.stio suitland parkway jams as you jas make your way in towards southth capitol and then also 395 on the northbound side typical slowicas roll look at that long line thee red as you make your way in wayi towards arlington this mo
8:09 am
need a lot of extra time there. same story on the inner loop ieo from the springfield interchange through annandale.h annaale >> still to come this morningmes something new for football fans if you do not have where you can now watch nfl games. >> and later, big primary wins w for senators bernie sanders ands ted cruz in wisconsin. wiscons so what does this mean for the party front runners? more whene we come back. ♪
8:10 am
>> 8:09. let's get a check on the latest for the race for the white house. the wisconsinec primary dealtlt serious blows to both donald bot trump and hillary clinton.. >> fox5's political reporter rer ronica cleary following all thei developments for us.deve she joins us live in thes us lvi i guess not expected last nightg the question is how far can thin take these candidates? >> i'm in the sure, steve.e, ste that is the question onn everyone's mine even thoughven t these front runners they --he-- front runners still hold strong leads, okay but it was not a good night for donald trump or p hillary clinton. now, ted cruz he called last cl night's victor he call it a it a turning point. bernie sanders ooh got incredible momentum now thathat he's won seven of the last eight contests in this race. >> with our victory tonight in wisconsin we have now won sevenv out of eight of the last
8:11 am
have won almost all of them with overwhelming landslide numbers.e >> tonight is a turning point. i it is the rallying cry. it is the call from the hard-working men and women of wisconsin to the people of we haveer a choice, a real choi. >> but even with these victoriec here's the question is it possible for cruz or sanders to actually within the nomination without couldn't testifiedcoul conventions? for cruz it is cr possible but it would be extre extremely difficult.tremely di more likely what he'll do, heo,h could stop trauma from thatuma r getting to the 1,237 delegatesas that are required to avoid a contested convention with w certainty. as for sanders, he's going to gg need more super delegate supporo to win the nomination right nowt the vast majority have pledgedad their support to so here's my question. who do you think will win the nomination after last night'sigt results? are you worried about all of these details
8:12 am
think that cruz or sanders is c really stop the frontrunnersro with this momentum we're talkint about or is it just in inevitaba that trump and clinton will beil the nominees for their parties.r you can find me on social mediam back to you. back to you. >> if questions to x coming upsm the big announcement from the ft nfl about the new place to watch >> tying the knot could reallyho tie you down financially.anal average cost for the big dayheig according to a new study. new su those stories and more when wen come back. b ♪ ♪
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ where is tucker? we neede n cuteness and i'm not talkingot t about tucker (laughter).. >> no, tucker i'm not.. grab a chair,, come along for the as soon as you get set up we'll' show that cute face of yours.ou >> i do like this powder bluer e tie. it's very >> very nice tie. >> there you you >> okay.y. >> there's our cuteness factor c for the >> on fox5. f >> let's get cute. >> time now for my first fiveirt photo of the day. >> tuck, cups take lessons froms this young man?ng? >> yes.>> y >> let's get cute everybody.very >> okay.>> o >> he is very sharply dressed. . >> he's like i can wear it withw the jacket.e j i can wear it without thewiout jacket.jack. >> cute. >> either look you're going to notice me. m >> cutest smile ever.le >> look at his little outfit. lf look at his little suit. lui how do they make suits that tha small. >> look if the hannity pock.nitp this is i a.m. n. he is very well dressed d two-year-old.o-ar
8:16 am
>> >> in these pictures he wasture recently a rink bearer in arer n wedding.g >> i love the all white on whitw on white look there, too., that's sharp.. >> underneath that jack.t j look at him. >> love the hand in the pock.ndo he's like -- like >> he's like comfortable in in those clothes.ose >> he's so cute. he's cut >> looking cool.ool. that's a great picture. picre >> i hope the weather went wellt too.too. >> my parents learned at ants la early age white shirt was notas okay for me.ok for m >> if you had a responsibility like ian did as the ring >> it's an indoor day i get th that. >> to zen us your child' picturc go to our facebook page fox5 pa5 d.c. ian we love your picture. pture i'm sure he fulfilled his dutiee with excellence. >> little flare. l >> i'm sure. there was time i was almost a professional flower girl.we g >> almost a professional? youia were that cute.were >> i was in high demand. >> really. >> imagine if instagram wasf aga around back then you can have a professional. >> it would have been instanthae gold.
8:17 am
a wedding that you knew nobody.d >> no. >> they hired her. td >> this was only inside gigs.nsg i'll try harder.arde >> flour girl on demand.l eman >> yeah.h >> maybe it will return to youit later in life.later life. 35 at reagan national.l. record temperature -- cold -- temperatures this morning.orni tied at dulles knew one inon i baltimore. so 20s around this part of the area. we'll warm it newspaper the the upper 50s later tod i want to mention while we are cold, california is getting hot. upper 80s, low 90s in the bay tb area later today.. >> wow. w. >> maybe 93, 94 degrees in parts of the san francisco bay later r so that's where the heat is.e t. if you need the heat get out west. we're doing cold they're doingrg heat this week.hehis we all right. we're going to have a few cloudo later today.. and eventually some rain showere by tomorrow but today should bed a more comfortable day than dayn yesterday with daytime highsthae about 10 degrees warmer.reesar um per 50s, maybe a few spots so hit 60 later today. tod nice spring feel out there.ut te should be lot more comfortableom than yesterday with wind out ofw the south at about 10 to 20.0. rain showers tomorrow morning.n.
8:18 am
will have good steady rainady r around then we'll get a break be midday. and scattered showers return inr time for the baseball gameall g tomorrow afternoon very closey o call whether or not our homer he opener will go on as scheduled.l it will be a tough call. i feel sorry for people involvev in that one tomorrow. tor it can go either way at this point. point. >> you should have better ideada tomorrow morning.morrow m >> better idea, yeah -- >> what did you say. say. >> going to to need an umpire tu make the weather call it will be so close. >> that's right.t' >> going to be so close.oio be s maybe even instant replay. rla >> instant thank you erin.urin. >> i thought that was funny. thy i got a chuckle. chuck i liked it. it. >> thanks, erin. >> right now you know what iwha don't like traffic on southraffc capitol as you make your way yow inbound to the douglas bridge bg jam pack.jam pack. we don't have any crashes whole lot of people patiently waitingi to get across the douglas dgl bridge. we'll move our camera over andaa show you what else you're upp against for this morning. 395 also dealing with some very slow-moving traffic as you headd from theel
8:19 am
cap -- toward the 14th streethtr there we southeast southwest freeway 3953 delays to seventh street verytrv heavy there as well.there asell. watch for lot of delays. you jam on the southeast souea southwest freeway bite thirdit street tunnel and across the kek bridge from rosland intoosland i georgetown this morning. this i. as we take look 395 closer tolo the beltway off and on delays from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. bdg and then in prince george'sce go delays on the inner loop fromrom 214 to four.oou they continue through annandale to springfield interchange andaa four approaching dowerhouseowers road. road. 270 south it's the crawl as youa make your way to the spurway tou through that's your traffic. >> 8:19. thanks erin. twitter is going to give nfl fans something suite to tweettet about. the social media site says it will live stream pro football games on thursday nights. not just short video clips but b entire games.ames the deal also includes pre-game per scope broadcasts fromcast players and teams.ays an new broadcast will kick
8:20 am
fall available through twitter apps on phones, tablets and some internet connected tv sets. s those are also the gameshe thursday night are not typicalll on regular tv.onegul >> they're not.hey' >> the ones on nfl network. netk >> i wouldn'ted how it wouldw iu impact i know we show a lot of the few football games and what have you. ha >> fox is usually onve sundays.a >> okay. if you plan on getting marriednm soon listen to this because thee cost to tie the knot might tieht you down when it comes too >> maureen is here.aure do you have news? >> do you want to break news on the morning show.ngho >> you and me after the show.afs >> it's on.s o >> can't believe her. her >> tell us about the costhe cos wedding much it's wedding season, one day soon, my mother is saying. one day soon. it is wedding season and that aa means couples across the nationt are gearing up for big day howay much does it cost? new study bb the knots the price tag for tag wedding is hitting record highs. the average newlyweds spent morr than $32,000 on their weddinged that is $5,500 more than just five years ago. a experts say the growth is due to one key
8:21 am
over the past few years, bridesi have found ways to differentfe shape their wedding from others they've attend.e attend many times that means spendingnn more on the perfect brand or add adding extra touches like say aa signature cocktail. experts say personalization is playing a bigger role in couplel weddings because they're footin' or splitting the bill. the knot broke down the expensep suv cities for weddings noo surprise here manhattan came ine at number one.umber o the least expensive place to get married, all right, destination wedding everybody, it is alaska. yes. ye it runs couples you about $17,000 to get married there.he we talk a lot about the bridehee and groom but what about the bridal party? according to thet study bridesmaids spend averagee of $1,400 including cost of the dress, the bachelorette party, bridal shower, travel and a gift.. >> that's a lot. t >> that's a lot of money.s a if you have a lot of friends itf adds up. i know some girls who actuallywl have to take out loan because their bridesmaids in so manyides girlfriend' weddings. wdings. >> it's interesting because youn want to make it >> yeah. >> but then, you know, that dayy
8:22 am
more cash.h >> i've only been a bridesmaidsi in one we hadding.e hding >> really? >> i know. >> it's fun. but it didn't cost that muchcosm when i was in it. was i. >> no.>> >> you didn't have -- as for the wedding thing allison my princec is c >> your prince is here.ince you just have to -- >> steve.>> steve. hey. >> okay. >> wanting to to alaska.ting t >> i'll work on it.n i >> there you go. the you >> there's proposal.. >> see you later.ater thank you. >> still to come the ladies turt on the hardwood who took homeooh the woman's ncaa title. tit this just in.this jt in. it was not surprise. w not s >> later why amy schumer is schr lashing out at a popular women's magazine.
8:24 am
only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
8:25 am
♪ >> championship goes to connecticut for the fourth year in a row. >> they were the huge odds on favorite to win the all and they t did not disappoint.. the lady huskies beat syracuseue last night, 82-51.51 31-point victory in the championship game to win their fourth straight championship and forehead coach geno, his 11th national title. tit that's quite the dynasty.yn >> the ladies of connecticut art a dominant, dominant basketballa team. te >> wow. four in a row.four in >> four in a row. >> okay. >> wouldn't that be nice to go g to school you're there four trer years you got four nationalr nat championships
8:26 am
>> it would be like, i don't know, tuck, like -- >> waking up and watching tucket barnes every morning on the 5's. >> yes, exactly like that. t >> you guys are like the huskiei of morning anchors. anc just keep winning.nni >> all right. rig >> well thank you tucker.ou tuce that actually was kind of -- o >> i had to work it out in myn mind. >> i was waiting for the dig toi come in at some point.nge point. >> no. >> thanks, tuck. >> he usually sets the pickets c doesn't his own thing this timet he was actually like an assist.s >> accept it. a appreciate itcc.apprec >> 35 in washington. whing south southwest at eight.tight we got sun shown today.oday. winds out of the south and we'lw pump the temperatures aboutre ao 10 degrees from yesterday with s dry conditions this afternoonio it's all good news forecast fors us. we will see clouds thisse cloud afternoon. real quick. ui that rain, that's a cold frontoo rain will get in here tomorrow t morning with a cold front thatnt will bring good soaking man raii for the morning commutethe moinm tomorrow. we'll get a break midday andy watch showers redevelop with aih secondary front tomorrownt afternoon the reason i'm gettinm detailed about tomorrow's forecast because we have t
8:27 am
nationals home opener it will bb a tough call tomorrow becausew b either way to be honest with you at least the possibility we'll w get that game in 63 daytime high. hig that's weather. wth ervin back with >> i am. 8:27 right now and let's take lt look and see what you're upe up against.ainst southeast southwest freeway slow 395 north delays gw parkway to seventh street. str gap slows by 123 as you make your way inbound cease seeing as lot of stop and go traffic fromo ross land across the key bridgeb into georgetown. g m street, wisconsin, typicalyp stop gone traffic there.ffic t same story in your secondariesre in the northwest second of thess district.stri like massachusetts andlikesach connecticut. be prepared for that. tt. in alexandria and arlington 395 north jams off and on delays o d just because of congestion.geio no crashes to report.ept as you make your way from the wo beltway to the 14th streettree bridge slow across the wilsonhen bridge on the inner loop, outern loop top of the beltway typical delays 95 to georgia.rgia delays continue on the inner t i loop 214 to four and prince pri george's before you get to theee wilson bridge and then four four westbound i was approaching
8:28 am
dowerhouse jams.ouse we're slow bw parkway southbounh by powder mill. m more news, weather and traffic a in few. we'll be back in just a couple of minutes. ♪
8:29 am
he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
8:30 am
♪ back now 8:30 on this t wednesday morning april 6th a and you are looking live at thet fifth district police station in northeast d.c.. that is where police chief catht lanier is due to give an updateu on the relisha rudd case at any moment. that's what we're waiting for. we'll of course bring that to
8:31 am
you when it happens.appe >> melanie is down there keepine a close eye on it.a clt. it's been a little over two or o years since that little girltle went missing. has not been seen since. s a couple of months ago we heardh new information may haveonay surfaced in the case.ed in c we heard that from the police pc chief. so we just heard from the police department this morning that t they will will be briefing the e media coming up just a few minutes with what we believe to be new information in the caseoa of little relisha rudd.isha so when that happens, we'llpensl bring the to you live.e toou l other stories this morning,g still developing one man was m killed overnight after his car s flipped over and crashed not onn a street but on bike path inn northeast d.c..c this is in the 400 block of blok 56th street. strt the emergency call came in justs before midnight.idnight. investigators say it does appeap alcohol was a factor in this deadly crash.. the fbi wants you to take ae good look at this picture of a serial bank robber wanted inn maryland.nd the man is wearing a neck bracec as you can see and a bandage to cover part of his that perhaps is a disguise. diss most recent robbery happened on friday in elk ridge but policee say
8:32 am
other banks since october.. two magazines in hot watersw this morning with powerful powfu female celebrities this morningr for perpetuate wagon they viewie unreis realistic body standardsd >> holly morris joins us now with this scoop.s s holly. >> it's definitely invokinging conversation to say the least. you be your own judge talkingkig about two separate incidentste s here. one involving amy schumer andame the other kerry washington.ashio comedian amy schumer slammed sld glamour magazine for including her in a plus size issue without her consent. schumer was listed alongsideng singer adele, model ashleyley graham and actress melissa mccarthy in the issues women who inspire us category.or the actress who says she fluctuates between a size six s and a size eight says magazine mislabeled her and is spreadin g unfair standards for young womew who look at her body as being average. she stressed there's nothingsses wrong with being plus size butut that she is simpl
8:33 am
standard for plus size in then united states which is theteich average size of 16 by the way. meantime, let's talk about kerry washington.wash she's speaking out about her add week cover in message postedd instagram the actress says she s was taken a back by the image i while she admits she's nos s's stranger to photo shop she saysy it felt weird to see a picture u of herself that was different de from how she actually looks. now ad week insists they madee minimal adjustments and minor changes to her hair to createe so you be the judge. j it is a lot of people weighing w in on both sides of the issue regarding both issues. >> right. i think i'm fully understandingl what amy schumer way s saying. s she's saying she -- if you looko at her and you say okay that's s plus size, and she in fact is a six, eight, then for the people -- now all of a sudden ia you're a six, you know, okay, i'm muss size not that there'sie anything wrong with it but it's
8:34 am
misrepresenting --se >> what really is plus size.ntls >> what really is -- what really is plus size.s s is it an actual number? is itri just how you come across? i mean, you know, i think in the magazine's defense they'resehe comparing amy schumer she livesl in hollywood that's an unreal world in and of itself. its compared to a lot of hollywood actresses, she is -- >> god for bid you're above twoe in hollywood.lyod >> or negative two.r in the reanel world, you know, k she's wonderful. she's fit.. obviously not plus size.s s like you said she's not sayingan there's anything wrong withng being plus size she doesn't want to be label as that she thinks i it might send the wrong messagea to regular there's i would say to anybodyuo and everybody. whether you are a person walkinw on the street or an editor of a magazine, don't comment on a woman's weight. >> never do it.>> nev do >> because whatever you viewhatw them as, chances are that's nots what they view themselves as.vea so probably best to just tous steer clear.steer cle >> thanks holly.>> tha >> check in with tucker get akeg look
8:35 am
today. to we still in record territoryrecr this morning,, . >> i'm writing down notes fromeo holly. yeah. in fact we hit record -- here'sh the records.. dulles hit 24 degrees.deee that tied a record. recor it went back to the 1960s.960s and up in baltimore we set a new record 24 that record went back to thek te 1800's officially the low or unofficial low at reaganea national 32 this morning. morni so everybody bottom line everybody waking up to extremele cold temperatures for this timet of year.of yr. still 27 in frederick. only 30 in cull per 32 in 32 this morning in it's mostly good news forecast c for wednesday we'll warm it up t and hit upper 50 force daytimeay highs maybe few 60s just off tot the south and west of d.c. latet this afternoon with a nice a southerly and southwesterly breeze setting up as our area oa high pressure can move a littlel further to the east. these rain showers cold frontnt that will slide in heree in overnight tonight and earlyand e tomorrow morning.tomo that morning commute tomorrow morning is going to have lot ofo rain around and then we got toet keep a very close ee
8:36 am
afternoon forecast as it looks l like we'll have period of showei activity that will arriveliv tomorrow afternoon.. so as far as the home openerr down at nats park it will be awb close call tomorrow.w. 58 today.ay enjoy a warmer day with winds w out of the south at 10 to 20.o 2 little better than yesterday.esy okay. that's the weather update.he wer i'm off to pet clydesdale.lysda. >> me, too. >> i can't wait. >> i'm so excited i wore special boots. >> they're like huge horses.ik >> huge. we'll make some friends. right now randolph atlp at connecticut dealing with acu crash. you can see fire activity andity some police at that locationha l taking out few lanes. l one lane is getting by again aga randolph road at connecticutic avenue give yourself some time.. volume light but this coulds cod cause slow downs. d we'll move it over now for lookf south capitol as you head to th douglas bridge. bdg inbound traffic is basicallyficc parked because of pretty typical for this time oft same story across the key key bridge, 11th street bridge andtb 14th street bridge. check in now with our maps aside from those delays, metro rightht now all service back to normal
8:37 am
across all rails so that is good news. ne earlier residual delays clearede outweigh as we take a vied viewe of your morning commute i'll i'l leave you big read zones.d zon 95 from newington towards the t springfield interchange slow.w 66 inbound through centreville.l you can see that sluggish yellol line just because of volume. vum same story the inner loop as you head from the springfieldgf interchange through annandale very slow through mclane thisani morning and see stop and go a traffic gw parkway on thekway on inbound side. 295 inbound and florida avenue u out by new york, new york avenuy is very heavy. 50 inbound by kenilworth top oft the beltway jams bw parkway 95 5 inbound traffic very slow. s any questions at erin fox5 d.c. steve?ev >> if you ask me which whi generation was most at risk forf scams, i would not have said millennials.mi we'll tell you why comingll up.u also wal*mart making a big a change to a popular groceryce those details next. it's 8:37.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:40. we are still waiting to see whaw happens with the relisha ruddth case we were promised update this morning. texpected that to happen arouno 8:30 or so but obviously they're running behind. beh so we're going to obviously keep our crews down at policen headquarters and we'll let you u know as soon as we hear as something but supposedly the police chief saying they wantedn to speak speak today we know that they had announcedu previously they had found some e new information a few months m ago. we will wait and see whathat happens. happen any update on this case ias think the public rea
8:41 am
hungry for.ry if that's why we're there. wheat len you know as soon asn o find out. researchers found the price ofue inn sewell lane in the united states tripled over the last 10h years. they also say patients spends s more on insulin than any otherny diabetes drug about 29 million9i americans almost one in 10 suffer from diabetes and are fro entirely dependent on insulin is for their medication. wal*mart is making a switchi to one of its food products. company is pledging to initialli eventually excuse me sell onlyel cage free eggs.e e they're hoping to make the me switch by the year 2025. the cage free standard will fret apply to eggs sold at both atot wal*mart and sam's club stores.o this move comes almost a year ya after wal*mart urged thousandshs of us supply ares to curb thebhe use of antibiotics in farm animals.. homeowners are trying boosto their curb appeal.thcurb according to new report from bank, 36 million home openers are planning renovations over the next 12 months.ths. most saying they'll fix thinghet outside of the house like
8:42 am
driveways, decks, patios and ifd you're lucky enough, pools. p very nice. could the millennialul generation be most gullible ofle all age groups? new study founf yeah in some cases it's true.ass >> it is interesting.>>ti i wouldn't have thought that't h either. eith the new report says 17% of women and thought% of men between then ages of 18 to 34 said they lost money in a phone scam. s compared to just 11% of americans at large.. and cyber security companyy norton reports 44% of4%f millennials have been scammed online in the past year. coming up, kevin sits downsd with kristen bell to talk abouta starring alongside melissa mccarthy in new movie the glosse live look outside on thisn tuesday morning.tuesday it looks nice out there and and honest whole it does warm up it be will be nice.e nice. blue skies, s it's just really really cold ouo there.ther temps still in the 20s and 30s.s expect it to get into the 50'ss later. we'll check in with the forecast team next.
8:44 am
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(man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪ still waiting for the police update on two-year-old case inin the district of little relisha rudd that little girl who went n missing from d.c. general sheens was living there with her mother and was handed over to at that t time a janitor khalil was his ws first name and i'm strugglingugn with his last name right now.htw tatum, thank you. y khalil tatum and then latern khalil tatum was found to
8:46 am
taken his life. we're waiting for an update nown we spoke earlier with melanie. she said that she had heard h there was nothing especiallyec knew but they were just givingun an update.. had said they were going toe g t search new areas. so we are all waiting.l ting the area very anxious to see iff any progress has been this case just really grippedri our entire area.tire aa her face was hard to forget.orge just eight years old at the time of her disappearance.. so public, the police ratherat just keeping with their word tor keep the public up to date.e really has become almost aelmos symbol of all of the missing and exploited children who just go t and you never hear anythingr ang again from them.. so i'm very interested to heardh what the police have to saye hae about this. t even an update shows they'rehe trying to move forward with transparent see as especially iy a case that means so much to soc many people.mapl >> gary mcgrady joining us now.n we saw those members of thee media bundled up out there thist morning for good reason.g for >> it's still.>> it' you know what, it's alreadyt's
8:47 am
suburbs. subu here in town, you know,no temperatures still 35.ll we bottomed out about 32, 33. so we haven't warmed up a ton here in town, gaithersburg wassb down in the 20s this morning.or. they've come up. up dulles 20s they've come up ate p least a freezing.ezg frederick still in the 20n cup per if he 23. fredericksburg 27.burg blue skies, sunshine, winds wins today will be coming from thehe south.h. as high pressure gets off to tho east of us.east o so with the clear skies it'sest' mostly sunny at 11am. temperature about 49 or so9 or temperature will jump up prettyy quick or 55 by 2:00 o'clock.o'cc now it will be little bit breezy during the day today. nothing like yesterday wind guss possibly 20, 25 for the afternoon hours. h and a few clouds start coming in late in the afternoon.eron late day clouds expected.d. hopefully no more than just a a few high clouds to make for makf gorgeous sunset and we want to t hold the rain off as long as wee can so late day clouds cuds temperature gets up to about abo 58 degrees for overall high temperature it will briefly berf at 58 degree o
8:48 am
day will be spent in the 40s ans the low 50s and again winds out of the south at about 10 tobout0 20 miles an hour. miles so little on the breezy side sid with the winds coming up from uf the south.e so here's the deal for tomorrow.. there will be showers and maybem even a thunderstorm.nd i think a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow morningtr will be to the south of thehe primarily where this warm frontf sets up that's where we could w get a little boost in the atmosphere to give a little aite thunderstorm or two.. this front will clear during the early morning hours tomorrow morning and that will take onea wave of rain with it.. another stronger cold front will approaching from the westg froms tomorrow afternoon and tomorrowr evening ahead of that we'll havv another round of some showers and i believe, i don't believe we have to weather about thunderstorm threats tomorrow afternoon just showers in the sh this front will come throughhr tomorrow night and that opens the door for some colder air to come suddenly -- settling back into the area and by the weekene it is just going to be really r real cold around here. h temperatures across the region r 39 for detroit.. 37 for columbus. colbus. you see the warmth coming up st
8:49 am
louis right now sitting at 60 degrees. d weekend forecast looks like th this. th 47 degrees on saturday.atur with some showers, too. it look like it will be littleel bit blustery that's the next t n little wave of cold air comingim on in.on i and sunday we'll go for high hig temperature of 50. of 5 more sunshine there, though.ugh. 58 today. t 63 tomorrow with the showers ans perhaps a thunderstorm. nationals look like they'll gete the game in tomorrow. tomorro the game starts at 4:00 there:0r could be some delays, though. t but i think they'll get it sun and clouds on friday. again, much colder going intoldg the weekend and then hopefully next week at least we'll takee'k the temperatures back up wherep they should be lower to mid 60s. maybe an occasional upper 60s t around 70 degrees for next weekw there's look at your forecast. c guys, back over to y >> let's head back down to thebt police station right now.tation expecting update from d.c. police cathy lanier momentarilyn and it look like they are slowly approaching the microphone right now. this is update to the relishate rudd cas the little girl in d.c. was found missing -- found to beo missing a little over w
8:50 am
ago. she's never been heard fromrom again.n last seen with a man here inerei d.c. an new months ago the chief said they apparently had newad information.form this morning, they have told tov us come gather.e they will speak to what we to w believe is that new information. >> we are continuing with our investigation and disappearancer of relisha rudd.ud as you know, she went missing in march of 2014. 2 we have conducted numerous searches in various areas arouno the city. our last search was conductedon just across the street from herr back in december.em we continue to follow up on anyn information that we receive that may lead to us different searche area or lead to us different dif people that we need to talk to,, and this morning we'll be conducting a search actually itl will begin this morning and probably go through the end of the day tomorrow. tom we'll be searching over in the arboretum pretty extensive area. so we have a combination of k9 dogs, personnel about
8:51 am
personnel, partners from fro national center for missing anda he can polited children, the f fbi, along with mpd members thaa will also be doing a search with our harbor branch in a body of water. so this will be probable tollbao full days of searching and we'lw let you know the results when ws but we'll continue to follow upu on any information that weha w receive that may lead us to us other search areas.reas. >> why here, why now. >> any reason why thesehyhe particular areas, do you havee any newing? >> we continue to getcontinueo g information. we get new information on caseoa that has led to us differ search areas and this is one of thoseii areas.. >> question from reporter. >> i don't want to get into wan specifics about that right now.r >> can you talk about the bodyah of water at the arboretum. >> in the arboretum it's not att large body of water it but itt t will take the divers sometime to get through any other questions? >> give me a sense of yourr personal feelings of why youngsu want to keep us updated in this case?
8:52 am
letting us know when you'll be u searching and where.he >> two thing. one we want to let the publichec know were we're doing and we'lll to follow up on on leads because they want those leads to lea t continue to come it's not uncommon for people toe provide information they've hadh for long period of time that t they didn't provide initiallytiy they may provide at some lateret time.time it's also not uncommon for us to find missing children months,th weeks, years even after they'vet gone missing. missi so the more we keep ourur activities and follow up that's press, the more the public isc i aware. >> how would you describe... (question from reporter).eporte >> i really don't speak on the t specifics of what we'reha we' following up on today. tay maybe later at a later time butb not today.oday okay?? (question from reporter).orr) >> no. no. we're still -- this is still an active investigation i'm notnvei going to comment on gaany of the details. >> how difficult does that make it two years has
8:53 am
some of the challenge challenge. >> you may remember we did quite extensive search last year in 2014 where we had divers and inn bodies of water over the courseu of several days much eighths eig difficult search environment wer have trained divers that are t trained to do this kind off search. it's difficult.'s it's difficult on the divers.iv but that's what they're trained to d >> even two years later.. >> yes, >> how is the family feelingyeei these days? thes >> i haven't spoken with theen's family today. so... >> all right. if we have anything to report tp you afterwards we'll get its gei back to you. >> can i just can you a question about --abou-- >> yes. >> reports -- >> they come back every summer.. (question from reporter). >> so we have -- we have anave event we're going to put out
8:54 am
been on-going investigationtigai involving multiple jurisdictions so we'll be with our partners tomorrow announce the results o that on-going investigationtiga that's been going on for several months. so we'll -- you'll be gettinget something today for that followw up on the atv's.. there's about seven differentene jurisdictions we're all workingn together and we've been workingb together since last year. >> in this one case though --ho >> we'll talk about all thoset l cases tomorrow. t we'll talk about all those cases tomorrow. we have press set up fort up tomorrow in the afternoon.the to all right.l ri thank you. >> last comment from chiefmmenti lanier talking about the issue of dirt bikes in the districtisc something we were reportingere r earlier today after the video came out many bit dirt bikes and atv ride through the district.ic more information about thatorma today. another search for they are they still trying to find any body or remains of relisha rudd. some two years now after shehe has -- was last seen or heard oe from.from >> they'll be searching the arboretum and also a body of o water there it's going to take k
8:55 am
they expect the search to takesh about two days.. >> they say at least today and a tomorrow. very out there this morning forg the searchers.eahe and of course, we know the we t weather might be a challengemiga tomorrow as well. arboretum if you're not familiat in northeast d.c. near gala debb off of new york avenue kind ofno in that area of northeast d.c. so that's where the search wille be today.ay police chief making that announce many as you saw herey h just a few minutes ago.esgo much more to come this mto c morning.rning let's check in with wisdom, wdo maureen, good day d.c. right. rg around the corner guys.neuy >> good morning to you.rnin we're all over the big localer e stories this morning including c that update just now on then t relisha rudd case. ce. we'll bring you more informatior on that live. tha >> we're also live at the scenei of a shooting that left three t women hurt.t >> plus a for you pull messagela aim at local high schoolchool students, bob barnard is live i with the latest thon isn't at 9t the new twists and turns from t the campaign trail. t big upsets for the fronthe runners. what does it mean? we'll breakb it down for you. dn fo >> and live at 10a we're livee'l with the one, the only, john tucker barnes thinks he
8:56 am
him.m. >> i'm glad it's tucker not you. >> behind the scene of the lyeon brothers.hers. don't miss this empire exclusi exclusive.ex >> red grant is opening for cat williams this weekenopd in d.c.. we've got a jam packed good dayy d.c. and it starts in just a few minutes. >> john cena!ohn ce! >> okay.>> o >> and so tucker is with the clydesdale horses so gary, you better do some push ups.h >> it's on you now, gary. >> yes. >> his face, though.. >> right now just worry aboutryo the weather. weaer >> i will.>> i so so cold this morning.orng temperatures a lot of it in then 20s easily.asil we will warm up today.ay warmer today than where we werew yesterday. ye today we made -- yesterday wetee made it into the fours todayintu well make it to the 50's muchs c warmer and temperatures will bee actually feeling more like theee actual air temperature because c it will be breezy but it's notts going to be windy like yesterd yesterday. manassas 60 degrees for a high. culpeper 61. fred burg 61 degrees. 61 gr along i81 temperatures thereture generaly
8:57 am
here in town we'll make it up tt the upper 50 as welch it's not necessarily cold. c of course cold start but i thint by later on in the afternoonft it's just going to be chilly. cl tomorrow we warm up but there t will be rain tomorrow morning mr and there will be some showers tomorrow afternoon.fterno so we'll watch and see whatnd st happens with the start of thertt home opener out there at natst n park and then we get much coldel another set of cold temperaturee settling in for this we'll talk more about that fullt forecast as welcoming up on gooo day. more good stuff headed our way.y stay with us that's coming up in just a few minutes. ♪
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead, cruising too victory.. >> tonight is a turning point. t it is a rallying cry. >> texas senator ted cruz wins c the wisconsin primary deliverinr a big set back to the donaldonal trump's presidential hopes. hop and it was a night for underdogo as vermont senator bernie sanders continued his winning wi what these upsets mean for the s campaign and what comes next. breaking overnight, a tripll shooting in northeast.east. the victims all women. we're live on the scene asce police search for a suspect. what's in a name? georgeeoe mason university doing some damage control after social media spots an unfortunatetute acronym created by its law school's new name sake. and later, night two of american idol's three-night sigs off. what to expect when the final fn three singers take the stage one last time.laste.


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