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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 7, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> right now 11 prince george county closed a loophole on an underground strip sglub having it shut down permanently will help that nobody else gets involved in anything or hurt in anything. >> why it's taken so long for the crackdown. >> temperatures are warming up. but it comes at a price. we're attracting heavy rain in the thursday forecast. >> and plus a local school district could have extra days added to this year's calendar. fipt out why on "fox5"local news at 11. >> thanks for joining us tonight i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> party is over for a dozen clubs in prince george county ordered to shut down their adult entertainment activities or face county action. "fox5" told you about the concerns neighbors had about the clubs during undercover investigation more than one year ago. >> marina
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story from the beginning and joins us from fairmont heights maryland. >> this establishment behind me here is ebony inn one of the twelve establish.s ordered cease and desist by prince george county saying allal adult entertainment venue operations need to end effective this friday. you'll see behind me this establishment operates as something other than a strip club. under this ordinance they continue to do so as long as adult entertainment seizes this. >> prince george county ordered twelve establishments to stop all adult entertainment activities. >> they don't have to close at all if they are operating as a banquet hall and restaurant or lounge and uno allows them to do it they can continue to operate as banquet or lounge. >> for some clubs like fuego and club ecstasy that operate as adult levels they have to do so as designated industrial sglaer the thought is
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adult entertainment away from the community and away from residential areas and away from schools and put them into an area that is pretty much isolated and we told them if are you not operating within one of those areas you're illegal. >> tina front is sex trafficking ur is vivr and runs courtney's house a safe haven for weming that want to weigh out and 2015 a "fox5" investigation along courtney's house uncovered elicit activities inside several clubs now being forced to shut down. front says clubs like these are bleed breeding grounds for sex traffickers. back in 2015 the "fox5" investigative team wept inside irving and club anything owe and captured fully nude dancers and girls appearing to be under age and performing lap dances and a woman passed out and surrounded by men in a back room. . >> we get a lot of calls from prince george county survivors for having the strip clubs shut down permanently. and it would help that no one else gets involved in anything or hurt in any type of
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for every day past the deadline these businesses continue to operate they will issue violations and eventually they will end up having to padlock the establishments. all twelve of these establishments now have until 5bg on this coming friday to shut down all of their adult entertainment operations. in prince george county marina morocco, "fox5 local news". >> the search for 8-year-old d.c. girl that vanished more than two years ago will continue tomorrow with second day of searching. police searched a pody of theer on ground of national arboretum northeast to relisha rudd. kathy linear expects search to last through thursday and will not elaborate on what information led overs to the site. >> it's also not uncommon for us to find missing children, months, weeks, years even after they've gone missing the more we keep our activities and follow up notice press the more the public is
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>> little relish us was 8 when she disappeared 2014 more than two weeks past before a social worker reported her missing. she was seen on hotel surveillance with khalil tatum. tatum was later found dead from a self inflicted gun shot woun wound. >> relish arudd's disappearance up spird council members to introduce legislation to protect d.c. children under relish us rudd lawl parents and guard yaenz will be charged with a misdemeanor for failing to report a missing charge to lease. they may introduce that bill to city council. . >> turning to weather now we're keeping an eye on rain that is approaching the d.c. area and it could throw a wrenches into your morning commute. sue palka is here with what to expect. hey, sue. >> tony, yeah, timing will be rough for the morning commute and that's why we're playing with the fact we're not dealing with freezing told temd turz tonight it's increasing clouds, warming temperatures
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on door step. we'll get it getting in here when the sun comes up tomorrow morning. leading edge pushing in to western maryland and we sxrekt this to be in western suburbs as early as 6 in the morning. definitely affecting the commute and may be moderate rain maybe a rumble of thunder as this frontal boundary gets closer. that's the first wave that will come through with the heavy rain between 7 and let's say noon. by noon especially east of bay. but there will be a second piece of energy behind it that comes through in the afternoon. and that could promote scattered showers and rumle of thunder especially beginning around 3 or 4:00 and taking us until 7:00. couple waichz with heaviesting in the morning and we have fingers crossed for nats and definitely take rain gear in case hoping they don't postpone probably not needing to postpone but delay may be' fibl one of those showers set up near the park. tonight we're a lot warmer than we have been the last couple nights near 50 or upper 40s and th
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overnight and just wanted to give you an idea for the kids at the bus stop. we're not dealing with the cold or windchill and we're dealing with the wetness. 47 to 55 at pickup and after school, there could be a few showers scatter about it's much warmer 59 to 6 5. rest of thursday looking like this 8 p.m. 54 and pleasant change in terms of being warmer than the past couple of mornings and we actually set a record low this morning dulles 2 4 57 by noon and by 5bg, 62 maybe even a rumble of thunder and hey we've got a chance of snow showers in the forecast and we're talking about those with the weekend and i'll have that 7 day in just a few minutes. tony. >> all righty. federal up suspecttors announce today they launch a receivety glinch with metro tracks an identified smerk point of concern on all six lanes of tranit system. metro new gm weighed in on this and more when attending an add vicey meeting at headquarters tonight.
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joyngs us liver with the frien friendship height metro station. jen jury. >> hi there so federal transit add m. or fda says what they're looking at as they zero in on tracks are ten trouble spots where they think they need extra attention and that includes tracks that affect this station here in friendship heights. take a look at map. fda says it will up suspect numerous locations but with it will do walking up specs and attend specific track segments of specific concerns those are purple shade areas on map. the agency said it identified these because of their difficulty of access and because of a history of incidents at these locations and inspector recommendations and includes stretches like medical sent to friendship heights and roz hand to collar ton and mc fear stone foggy bottom and water front to navy yard. now metro general manager attend aid meeting of riders advisory counsel ill tonight and said he thinks the more eyes on the system the better right now
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the fda safety blitz and as for the plan that he is working ton overhaul the troubled system he didn't say they is dialing back the dire openings floated last week of shutting down entire lines for long periods like 6 months but he did say rights now he does not see that as necessary option. >> i have not seen anything that leads know that length of shut down. we'll do it system matt ingly and holistically. . >> now he's still saying 4 to 6 weeks for results of his report that he will then release to city. as for fda they say they have other areas to look at as part of safety blitz and they'll vl their findings by early smevrment back to you guys. thank you very much good news for commuters in montgomery and prince george counties today the maryland board of public works unanimously approved the contract to build the new purple line. 5.6 billion light rail p
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will run between bethesda and new carlton and 16 mile line will create more than a dozen new stop sign and project is expected to be finished by near 2022. >> d.c. police officer shot and killed a pit bull that charmed at him this afternoon and the dog was one of two that attacked a woman on galton street north west and the victim called 911 when police arrived they say the dog charged at the officer and shot it. and animal control took the other dog. a witness told us she heard the gun shots and saw the dog running. >> i happened to see the dog running up the street an he was parking at somebody on the bike. the dog came back but i ain't seen what happened i heard a shoddy didn't think it was the dog. >> the woman the victim we're told suffered minor injuries. police state dog's owner could face charges for having dogs of the leash sdmrb 30-year-old man arrested after trying to jump the fence to white house will be extradited to idaho in the
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and investigators say kyle odom shot a pastor 8 times outside idaho church in march and then threw to d.c. and was arrested at the white house. he said he would return to parish soon. odd oodom would be extradited next week. >> george mason school of law is guilty accused of aspiring several jokes and gears when they rename the school after an to anyone scalia. if you make acronym of the first letters of antonin scalia school, a-s-s and then add law that would be o and l well you get and in a letter of almuni they state university decided to go with the name antonin scalia law school asls. >> much better than alternate. >> still ahead at 11 the
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federal government easing classification of marijuana in order to on doors for medical research anteimpact it could have. >> say it ain't so montgomery county public school students could see extra two days of classes added to the school calendar. we
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>> some preliminary nary findings have researchers lin linking processed carbohydrates with breast and prostate cance cancer. 500 participants were diagnosed with cancer and women who hate bad carbs were more likely toe develop breast cancer and men that drank sugary juices or so
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develop prostate cancer and again these are preliminary findings. >> dea is thinking about changing ways toy describe marriage in order to expand medical purposes. eight senators are upping federal government to research marijuana medical benefits. right now pot is classified in the same cat or fwory as heroin and lsd. a new classification would deem pot as less dangerous than the other drugs and would ease restrictions on medical reser. . the action would not legal lies marijuana. >> all right. montgomery country public school students could see extra two days tacked on to school year and maryland officials rejected school district request to waive two school days lost during snow storms this past wipt erin school system yet to make calendar adjustments to make up for lost time. june 1 is currently last planned day of school for students and 17, wow, seems late this year. montgomery county school officials say they are looking
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issue. >> so could become the 19th. >> wow. >> i don't -- i think that's a sunday. >> oh,. >> so --. >> any other days planned. >> i bet what they'll do is add 15 minute on to it they could do that. >> they've done that before. >> i don't know. >> anyway. >> those snow days we love them when we get them. >> i didn't realize we got into deficit category. >> didn't seem like it. >> right we lost the week during the blizzard there must have been a number of other days. didn't seem like this this yea year. >> i heard the words you heard us talking about snow showers. >> yes. >> on saturday. >> yes. >> and that is it still in the forecast and looks like healthy clipper will go by. temperatures at the ground should be in 40s and vigorous enough in some spots to produce maybe a coating. that's what it's looking like as of today. only wednesday. so let's see if that continues on
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show you stat how many times we've seen that this would not be a lie. maybe a small amount. and maybe it doesn't stick at all and maybe it's just wayne rain. that's what happens on a wednesday, guys. i like it. >> i talk about snow and bring reality. >> whether should have own reality show. >> yeah. >> exciting. >> i would watch that. >> thanks, tony. >> he's a good friend to the weather department. >> all right. tonight what we're talking about is fact it won't be as cold overnight and in fact we bumped up high temperaturesed to mid 50s to be sure is that the stibl low normal and look at this tomorrow about 10 warmer. 64 degrees. it will come with round ever rain especially heavy for the morning commute and more scattered in the afternoon and rumle of thunder cannot be ruled out. that front that brings us rain will also bring us back into below normal category question for friday and drier day and minimum of cloud and sun and little bit of breeze and definitely cooler at 5
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that's how we're looking in the next two days. dry at the moment and begin to see the first of our showers showing up around the morgantown area and those will continue to fill in strong south wind will also continue to tlpt moisture look at that snow. few to see nat april found me probably not anybody living with it and still passing snow showers around the boston area today. rain will be on our door step as early as 6 a.m. that's what our future cast is showing us and maybe you're seeing it in western loudoun and across fauquier. rest us may be dry by six and won't be by 8 and moderate to heavy downpours and can't rule out a rumble of thunder. that would not be a lot. by 1bg you can see bulk of that at beaches or eastern shore and then we have a couple or maybe three dry hours before the next wave comes in reinforcing piece of energy that will promote a few more showers and unfortunately this has been really persistent and so that maybe our game gets delayed nats game
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miss them but there's also even a little bit of wet snow showing up in the mountains and that will continue to expand as we get later into the night showers should be out of here. scattered showers 8:00 in the evening. hopefully it's not most postponement and maybe a delay and that's the way it's looking now and maybe we don't have to deal with the day if showers pass around the stadium. 48 for gaithersburg right now this say whole lot warmer than it was 24 hours ago when we already saw places into the 20 20s. we're some 11 to 25 warmer tonight and with rain copping in that's good news. we don't need any icing problems on top of difficultyy with wet roads. scattered showers in the afternoon with second front and then on our "fox5" accuweatherp day forecast another strong system again one of those fast moving clipper type things to bring rain or snow showers and right now looking more like snow saturday 47, chilly surprised mean 65 we'll warm thingsp a bit. we have had chances of snow april before. didn't get to show you that
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map. i'll put it on facebook and twitter and accepted to to jim lokay now because i'm into his sports time. >> strasburg becoming strikeout leader at east in a nats uniform. four strikeouts for strasburg and most exciting action after he got off the mound. top of 7th. nats down a run. runner on second. wilson ramos chopped up the middle and throe to first it's off-line but ryan zimmerman doesn't stop running catcher can't handle throw sdixt m safe tied up and matt denmark decker called from snorey syracuse got out in time and arrived at ballpark in fifth comes in good by base of the law in right center. ronald scores followed by danny espinosa. nats win 3 14eu6 because of kid from syracuse home-opener foam allegedly 4:00 against marlins. >> orioles
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davis resigned with 7 year 161 million deal shows why this right here effortless fly to center field first of many homers for davees and/or yolz up fronts-1. >> bottle of fiv th. orioles up. matt came out with a walk out single. gaps between fielders and left. mark trum bow third he's going to score orioles win 2-4 they're-0 like the nats. >> tonight john wall spectator for first time all season look going on the bench. fortunately sore right knee. sessions against nets taking advantage slices through the nets with dunk. 18 point, 13 assist. 4th quarter wizard blow it wide on.
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pistons use history for annual masters par 3 record nine holes in one and jim write walker dynamite on second hole with 70 yards begins to roll and finds cup. there it s will go. will go. 51-year-old record finishing 8 under par. no par thee winner has gone on to win that year's masters
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>> welcome back everybody grammy winner megan train sore on the books the head line the capitol concert this smevrm the concert is planned june 12 pennsylvania avenue and third street. charlie poof thank you you know i did not know how to say at i never heard of charlie he will take the stage and capital pride freingt val includes several hundred exist force and family zone and vendors. lots going on. >>
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idol" fans picked up phones and voted for winner for last time the final two contestants la porchea renee and sang for vitae head of tomorrow season finale here's a peak at their their performance♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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. >> who well you vote for sglom la porche a. >> tomorrow i'd all lumps kelly clarkson and carrie underwood are scheduled to perform in addition to last year's winner nick frediania and the series kicks off 8 p.m. tomorrow night
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