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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  April 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> ahead at 5:00 leaders lea across the region comingomin together to hold illegal dirtl d bikes accountable.ountab >> controversial name changeer comes to a heated end forsi a virginia examined how exane residents are reacting to thetot board's decision this morning. m >> and a live look outside onute this home opening day for the t nats.nats unfortunately i think it'satelih going to be a soggy one.oggyne grab your umbrella, raincoat, rc rain boots. we'll talk more about allaut about what's headed our wayeadey with gary.wi gar erin will have traffic.ra those both coming up on the 5s. right off the top breakingt news of a child shot in the district.distri this happening overnigh
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foot street northeast.orea >> the age of the victim ande vm just how it all started istart i still unclear.nclear >> our melanie alnwick iselan gathering details. detai she is live at the sixthth district police station thisol morning in northeast with the details.icth melanie, good morning. mor >> reporter: good morning,or guys. yeah, a little bit moreb information again, not confirmed by the public information officeortion officially but we are hearing from sources that the child,t tc the boy, may have been as young as six years old, shot sho twice in the arm and thehe injuries again nonlife-threatening but stillat very scary nonetheless. also, it sounds as if this may have been related to some kindei of a domestic incident whereinti the suspect, perhaps went into the home because he was angry a with a former girlfriend and we don't know that the young the child wasn't in fact the ft target but it may have been an unintentional shooting of that young
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and it happened around 11:45 1 last night.. that's on foot street. ft by the time we got to the scene everything seemed toer have been cleared up butytup but certainly we're trying get t some information in terms oftiom whether a suspect has beenr a sc identified or arrested yet andda there was initially a lookout for a black male in a grayn a g suv.suv. so, police we know are arere still trying to like look atoo the reports and work out the details here.s here. i hope to get a little bite more information for you. y as soon as we have it we'lle it get it out. o back to you guys. >> ♪ >> new this morning, the prince william county schoolli board standing firm in its decisionam to rename mills e. ms godwin middle school.hool fox5's annie yu joining usng live from the school with moreih on this story. good morning, annie. a >> reporter: hey, goodeporr: h morning, maureen.g, mau. yeah, i mean, this has beenee going on for quite some time now, for weeks since early march, and you know, it was a heated room last night at thishh board meeting with dozens ofozs people showing up to testify,
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to share their thoughts aboutbot why they should change this chat others saying they shouldn'ty s change this name trying tohiname convince board members on membes which way to vote. ultimately the board membersoa voted unanimously to go ahead a with its original plan to t rename godwin middle school to dr. george hampton middlergmp school who is a long time time educator community leader andoma army veteran. ver this name debate arose as aaros result of a compromise back ina earlyco the school board made aol boaad compromise at that time that a it would name its newest n school after prince william fallen firefighter kyle wilsonht and then the godwin middle school to dr. george hamptonam middle school. soo board members thought it was aia good idea because former for governor mills godwin was a session nationist though we should mention he served two terms, rose above his segregationist past and became one of virginia's mostsos effective leaders.ea to some community members thembs past still hits a nerve. a n last night many presentedsent heated
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from both sides.ides take a listen. >> although the name changing cg process was not done as artfully as it could have been done, the name change was thee t right thing to do. mills godwin was an avowed >> if you deem dr. hamptonr. ham worthy to have his name on an a school then make eight newne school like you have done foryod everyone else.lse. please restore the community c to the great place it waslace i before your march 2nd decision d and honor dr. hampton with a new school as you've honoredon everyone else and show him the respect that you have shown hav other people.eo >> reporter: association you had 50 or more people there inside that room presentingreseg both sides of this argument aum but as it stands now, godwinow,w middle school will be renamed to dr. george hampton middleeo school.rg that's the very latest here inhi woodbridge, virginia, anniea, a
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>> happening today, day two inat the ongoing search for relishaor rudd. the d.c. girl vanished moreisd than two years ago. a police will continue to look t for any signs of rudd at thed t national arboretum today.ay she was last seen with a janitor who worked at a d.c.d ad homeless shelter. the janitor khalil tatum khali t killed himself.edimse police believe tatum killedumil the little girl and may have hav disposed of her body in northeast.heast. d.c. police are being tight t lipped about what led them touta the search at the arboretum.rbem >> ♪ >> 5:05 is the time right gary mcgrady is here with an wia update on the weather.e wth yesterday in there afternoonre a at baseball practice i wasacce i thinking it was going to be it okay just like the previoushe pe day. >> uh-huh. >> it was windy and cold. we had to cut it shortwi.hort >> remember, wisdom, weber, wdo, started yesterday morning with w record-low temperatures.pera >> i know. >> record lows.>> >> i know. >> and when you are startingyour off in the hoe 20's, kind ofs, hard to warm up in thein t afternoon. afte >> i know that now. [laughter]ghte >> i've learned my lesson.arne >> well, you know, they he didhd postpone the astros and the yankees g
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because it was snow. s >> i heard about that, yeah. y >> still be cold for baseball. >> right.>>ig rough. >> how is your team this year? good.good. >> we'll see. >> showers coming to the west tw of us and we're going watchng w these track on across. a you know, obviously the early part of the commute is goinge now but once we get thiscoce wg commute going, there's going t to be a lot more rain coming com on across and just within the te last 10 minutes, we've seen'v s quite a bit of increase inase activity to the west of us.westu so, it's going to start ran to across. across. here's the last's you can see ah approaching i-81, a lot of this is kind of moving -- individual cells areiv kind of moving northeast butid a the whole line is moving to i m the east and when that whe happens, takes a little whileitl get this over here but it'shereb going to happen so we'll justllj watch this come on across fromcr the morning commute.e morng co erin of course won't bee wot b tracking the weather but b she'll be tracking the traffic so in tandem we'll get it allt taken care of.n ca of. 53 this morning with rai 60 at noon.60t n still going to be breezy thisez afternoon. we will reach the lower 60'sr0' but by late in the afternoon afo
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coming across, we will coolill off again back into the upper 50's.'s here's your traffic -- no, no, there's your forecast.ere' for here's your traffic with erin como. >> on-time traffic brought to bt you by toyota.a. visit buy a form special offers. >> 5:07. on rainy days weather and traffic go together becauseher e we're both business z inner z loop earlier road work by braddock road did clear. c traffic is very light.yig dry roads but as garys g mentioned rain is going to to move in.ven. not a bad idea to get an early e start today so you're notou're stuck on in you have thatveha congested area that build upt bp when the rain hits the district.dist let's look at our maps.look a we have an active road work w area at clara barton parkwayar on the inner loop. outer loop movinp.g along fine.n traffic on clara barton asar well as your secondaries inondan montgomery county looking good.good in prince george's this roade work area should be clearedge soon.shou 50 east at lottsford vista. v metro he is on time but don't d forget grab that umbrella umbre before you hit the that's you yr traffic
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back to you. >> ♪ >> happening today, police agencies expected to announceoue a investigation into illegalll dirt bikes and atv's on areare roads. this comes after a d.c. police.i officer was hit and dragged byrb an atv over the weekend and another incident where.. tv's surrounded an ambulance on its way to children'saych hospital.hoital. many residents demanding thatdit officers take action now to tak get the illegal dirt bikes off the roads.oa >> local lawmakers want to wt t beef up security at airportssecu that serve the d.c. region inhei light of recent terroristist attacks.atta virginia senators tim kaines and mark warner proposing aos bill that would increaset woulce security at dulles international and the reagan national. kane and warner want to strengthen security at baggageyg check areas and increase thencre presence of federal agents andgn bomb sniffing dogs.bomb sniff we'll talk with senator kanean more in depth about the airport security bill.t >> for the first time sinceir 2014 president obama willsidentw appear on
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the president will sit down sitd with chris wallace for an a interview that will air onl air this weekend's edition of fox ox news sunday. s that interview will be conductew canned today when theed t president visits todhevi t university of chicago.hi fox news says it had cover ahadv range of topics including the 2016 election and obama'sba legacy. the interview coincides withes h the 20 year anniversary of fox news sunday. >> coming up, the college col basketball champions gettinget the phone call of a lifetime. lt >> first, though, a fox5 f investigation leads to a crackdown of illegal stripal str clubs in prince george's county. time now 5:09. we're back in just 30 seconds. what sore wrist? what headache? what bad shoulder? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil
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world's #1 choice. what pain? advil. >> step clubs shut down permanently will help thatentl that no one else gets hurt inetu any type of way.type >> a fox5 investigation helped l crackdown illegal strip club c operations in prince george's county.. 12 establishments have been bee shut down to stop all adultlt entertainment activity.ity. >> three of those businesses will have to permanently closeto because they operate sole ass adult entertainment. on that list of shut down shut w clubs includes club fuegob fue upscale ballroom and club ecstasy. >> the thought to take adultught entertainment away from them the community a-way fromy y f residential areas, away from f schools and put them into anhema
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area that's pretty muchuch isolated and we've told them that if you're not operatingti within one of those areas you're illegal. illeg >> this problem was firstas exposed in a fox5 a fox investigation last year. we along with courtney's housey' an organization that helpst under aged survivors of sex trafficking uncovered illicit il activities inside severalnse clubs now being shut down.n. >> the organization's founder f tina front says by having as byn strip club shut down permanently this will help prevent others from getting hurt.rt. >> the original reason why we did this piece on sex s trafficking inside strip clubs c from my own experience and and many of the other survivors that were still experiencinge st the same thing so i think ahi s lot of awareness a lot of l phone calls from the communitymi just really helped that this tht was being aware of what they wht see daily in that dai i neighborhood.neighb >> now, all 12 clubs have2 cls a until friday to comply with prince george's county'sce g orders. >> the county says for everysaye day these establishmentsliment operate past the deadline
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layings. if they still continue to operate they will padlock the establishment.hmen >> happening now, d.c. policee investigating an incident incidt involving a pitbull shot and killed by police officer. oicer the officer encountered theouerd dog in a northwestor neighborhood after getting aorho call about an animal bite.l the dog was one of two o pitbulls that attacked aatacke woman. she suffered minor injuries. inj police say the dog's owner o could face charges for havingorh the dogs off leash.ff lea police don't know if these were stray dogs. s d.c. police need your help tracking down whoever shotng three women late tuesdaye wo night. happened around 11:00 p.m. on o green street police went door to door in atth neighborhood looking foroog clues. all three women were taken tore the hospital.spi they are expected to recover r but anyone with information ishi being asked to call police. p >> the white house takes on gender roles.gender what it is doing to end can c courage more girls to p
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careers in math and science.dcin >> we'll talk about the rain r this morning. erin will have details on traffic. back after the break.
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♪ to the women who know what real values are,
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you inspire us to bring you real value every day. >> ♪ >> opening day in d.c.en we're back now with a livein look down atow nationals park. . the nats home opener is this ish afternoon at 4:05.:0 they're going to host the marlins.marlin if you're headed to the game today, everybody goes that wastt a metal detected at the gates. that's a new security changeity for this year and bob barnard bd he's down at nats park thiss p morning and we're going tooi check in with him, talk to him about today's events at 6 o'clock.ock let's talk about the natsat because the nats have some s great momentum as they get set to open their home season. seas. they come in with a two-game two sweep of the atlanta braves. max den necker hit a tieneer h breaking two run double two r du helping the nats beat thet bears yesterday three to one. he was just called upuscall yesterday afternoon from theaftn minors
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ben revere got injured.ured now he said it was surreal. surl he started the day in practice in snow in syracuse then toldheo get on a 5:30 flight toght atlanta and by the end of thef t night he was the game's that was a pretty big change. ca from syracuse to atlanta. atlan you're in the pros. ithe >> in the big show. sho >> he was up with the big clubb last year. >> yeah. >> and then -- you know, they y, just -- they got great talent tn this year so they sent himse back down. >> he got called up.e got call >> no game in the minors for him and then he -- i don't i dot think he'll be going back down probably. >> probably not. n >> you're here now get your gr bat and get in there and winin the game for us.s. here's where we are thishere w morning. we're still dry here buthe showers back out to the westut e of us. we're seeing an increase inin this not loan in coverage butut intensity as well if you'reu're right along i-81 it won't be't b long before you start gettart something showers. winchester martinsburghe hagerstown i'm talking to youst and then down towards t
5:17 am
royal if you don't have yon sprinkles in the area n it's th not going to be long, probably l in the next 10 minutes or so10 o before the rain starts comingarg look at the loop. ouis is the last hour so it'ssth definitely on the increase. on again in coverage, in intensity and now we just waitat here because it will continueonu to drift in our direction andirn it means that super early thisli morning's commute is dry but drt that's going to change as we get to the latter morning lr mo hours.s. futurecast at 6:00 a.m. shows00s this so you can already see itt can coming into western and northwestern suburbs, along i-66 definitely compromisedel with some rain there, comingom down the 270 corridor as wellasl and then up i-95. i-9 association it gets wet this thi morning.rn you know what happens. give yourself extrafxt advertisement erin will beem keeping track of all this thisei morning. a few showers later on.ater on. so, i think that we probablyroba get the game going. goi it would not surprise me if me there's not a delay or two. two but then again, it wouldn'twodnt surprise me, either f-thesef-the showers this afternoon aren'tft heavy enough to cause a problem. so, erghit's kind of this, you 50-50 on exactly how it goes but they'll get the game inn eventually this evening. tomorrow is dry, little coolerit
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with some clouds and then we we watch the potential -- yes we- w have a potential for some snowon showers coming across. acros it looks like early saturdaylyat morning and then perhaps againpa saturday afternoon northwestern areas you couldrn see a little bit of a mix a here, mleaybe b some snow flyinl in the air.he air it looks like just rain j showers for us. there could be a snowflakenowfla mixed in but there's's absolutely -- well, i don'tell,i want to say absolutely noely chance but it really doesn'tyoet look like there's a greatthe's chance at all of having anyinny accumulation with thisthi anywhere.he we're just going to be too warm.warm. 55. speaking of warm this morning. g a little colder back out to b the north and west and that anda will settle in.tle in so, what we know this morning, r definitely a rainy commute andad it looks like it could be --ld it's definitely going to be a rainy morning commute and thenhe it looks like we could have c some showers for the evening commute as there's your seven-dayyouseve forecast. pick a day you see you like.e. just don't look at saturday sata because that's not goo and then next week we wantan 60's and hopefully back upk close to 70.o 7 here's erin. en. >> so i'm going to the game onan the saturday and i just decide c maybe i'll wear my wintery wter jacket and that will be fine.ll. >> yeah, whatever
5:19 am
stay dry probablely.robl >> a poncho. >> hand warmers, toe warmers.ars >> it won't abfashion >> no. >> no. >> but that's okay.ut t we can deal with it. right now crash activity mattawoman-beantown roadn d northbound at pineville road.pi little bit of caution at thatutt intersection in prince george's county. also in hutches let's see ifes we can forward our maps shows you what else you're up're up against this morning. traffic is moving very nicely nc bottom of the beltway littleay e glitch in our system that,our we're getting there. it's thursday morning, friday fi eve and the traffic maps arec me like guess what we're untile uni bed. i get it.get 50 eastbound this constructionro zone just cleared lottsfordottso vista road. rd. not doing terribly righty right there. we'll let you know when n the morning congestion kicks ni we'll take a live look around la district next.ct n that's your traffic.our affi back to you.back t >> it may seem just like just li child's play but have you everyr thought about the impact thethee toys your children play withy could have on their future.n ei. the white house had ae ho conference to examine that issue. these are the numbers they're hoping to change. only 2mb9 percent ofng jobs in stem, that's science,, technology, engineering andinnga math, are held by women a
5:20 am
get this, less than 25 percentpn of public school teachers and only 9 percent of nurses aresesr men. we caught up with a mom at a toy store yesterday who is thinking twice about the choices she makes for here daughter.maer. >> exciting to see that especially as a mother, to let your daughter inspire you even. i said to my daughter about the color blue. i was going to pick out colorsul for her birthday balloons andona i asked her what colors would you like. and she said blue. blue i said blue? she said yeahah i love blue. >> netflix will renew a young teen oriented show calledd show project mc2.ojec it features four girls recruited as spies. >> ♪>> >> ahead in this morning's health watch, do you sing at home or hum a tune in your carur perhaps? still ahead, findead, out at
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to one hour's singing cangi c bring you. >> interesting. don't mess with maryland mylan governor larry hogan.og on the other side of the breakhb we'll find out why he's wearing a black b i think we w can kind of figure it out whenre we see that >> ♪>> >> but before we go, let's take another look at ourur realtime news tracker and seeers what stories you're engagingngan with most on the web.eb. first the search for relishaisha rudd has intensified too include new areas. areas more on that at 5:30. 5 snow in april? a deep d pool of cold air will diveill towards our weekends dropping temperatures 20 to 25 degrees below normal and bringing withit it the potential for wet snow so on saturday.y. your eyes could get acoult a whole lot smarter.rter samsung has been granted a patent in south korea forea for contact lenses with thele wit display that projects imagests e directly into wearers' the futuristic lenses featur
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a built in camera that snapstna pictures littepick literally wik of an eye. robert griffin, iii said gri he's ready to prove imself anded that he isn't going to let to baggage presumably from hisrom s tumultuous career as a redskin, hold him down. >> ♪ etitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts.
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>> tell jenkins they lookedjenk pretty cool out there takingre that shot shot. i'm looking forward to welcoming you guys to thes whiteto house. hou >> that was president obamawas congratulated villanova'sla men's basketball team on theirir 2016 march madnessarch mad championship kris jenkins our friends hereds at fox5, the player heyer mentioned by name went to highnt school right here in d.c. at gonzaga high school.
5:25 am
>> ♪ >> that deserved a dramatic a di pause. >> every time we see that seet video.deo. >> he's going to have a lot ofif fun at the white house. thite >> oh, yeah, he is.>> oh, >> the whole team had, the, t coach, everybody. everybody. >> before that he called the girls at uconn. >> they're on direct he calls them every year. year. >> you guys know the drill. d congrats, yes, y-come can to t the white house, okay.y. >> the secret service doesn'tvi even need to screen those tse girls any. any >> they have all their information on file.n >> that's right. no rain in the city yet f t but it's marching in our in o direction. let's look at radar to showw you how these showers are are a coming in. the sprinkles should be coming into front royal and i think r they probably are so thereoy you go. heaviest of the rain is justf ei back out to the west of front of royal coming over parts of i-81 and then just moving uping to the north her this includes martinsburg.tins you may have a sprinkle in martinsburg but the heavier stuff comes in over the next n 20's minutes or so andr sond eventually that's going to get on offer more to the east andnd get to hagerstown and tond t fred
5:26 am
we got a big game thisame is afternoon, starts atterns 4 o'clock. it's the season home opener for the nats. n i think about 60 degrees or soso at the park. p it will be -- it will be some s showers but look, there could tc be a delay yet. y sometime during the game butingb it doesn't look like we'reook talking about a postponement.osn looks like we get this gamehi g in. >> all right. getting it in.getting i erin como hoping the roads areoa not so bad this morning.or >> and ready to play ball herself.herself. >> absolutely. hopefully the game doesn'tga have a rain delay.ain d the rain hasn't moved in yet and traffic knowing freelyic from frederick down throughri dw rockville this morning. mng 270 southbound at montroseuthbot road little bit of southbounde i volume increasing.g. we'll let you know when thatt yo starts to cause any delays. dely we'll look in virginia, 95 onni9 the northbound side same storyod there. you're quiet in stafford. sta and you're looking good as youku head northbound throughorthbo newington making your way to yot the springfield interchange.ntee we have a crash on one of our secondaries in prince george's. mattawoman-beantown roadntowroad northbound at pine field roadt traffic still getting by butl watch for a delay.for metro is on time. o
5:27 am
we'll more in a few. back to you. you >> ♪ >> 5:30 cracking down on dirt bikes in the district.s in what city leaders plan to do to keep the illegal dirt bikesbe off the road. r >> a popular touristopularou destination in d.c. in.c now it's the focal point in aoit search for a missing d.c. gir girl. the search planned for relisha rudd.
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and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> a virginia school>> a controversy comes to a heatedco end. >> it is impossible to provide i a world class education way single class mentality.lity >> after much debate, theebate, school board stands firm ontand its choice for a middle school's name change. plus, a fox5 investigationea leads to a crackdown of illegal strip clubs in maryland. and grab your umbrella andea get ready for a soggy thursday. just when will the rain arrive a and for how long? fox5 news ns morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> okay. >> good thursday morning tosdayg you. the gang's all here.e we are getting you all set too go on this thursday morning of g course we are excited. excited let's may ball for the nats thet home opener today. t >> indeed we are.>> it's going to be a wet one,beeto though.ou. gary, what time is that rain thr getting here? h >> i thi
5:31 am
roads anywhere between aboutut 6:30 and 8:00 a.m. sweeping across the metro area here. >> and gary says it.t. gary said it once the rainhe moves in, we are going to see ts some dicey condition cans.on c i say get a start right now. n things are quiet. qet enjoy it while you >> not quiet in the breakinget news world world tho we have breaking news to tello t you about in the district. tistr police looking for a gunman guna who opened fire inside ae a northeast tomorrow happened along foot street.t s >> police say one of those t bullets hit a little boy.ttle >> all right. melanie alnwick is live now at the sixth district police station with the very latest t on this story. melanie, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hey, goodor morning. yeah, so it turns out thattus ou this happened around 11:45 1 last night and the good news here is that it turns out o these are nonlife-threateningng injuries but we're hearingut w that the victim is as young as possibly six years old, a o young boy and that it may bet iy related to a domesticc what we're hearing from oureari sources, again not confi
5:32 am
by the pub nick informationformt office, is that there may haveh been a situation where therehe e was a mother with a protectivere order against a former fme boyfriend.boyfri the former boyfriend brokefrie into the house because he was be upset with the new boyfriend, b, that the young boy was sitting next to the intended targetdarge and that is why he ended up being shot twice in the arm,e am was taken to the hospital. hta again, he's going to be okay.ka. now, initially there was ahere a lookout for a black male armed with a handgun, possiblely insi a gray suv but we're hearingeari that that information may beon b changing.anng. so, we're still trying to gettro all the details in this story s hammered down, so things just js kind of -- stick with ush because things could change.han. we're hearing that perhaps two police officers may have beens a injured slightly trying too carry that young boy down then stairs to awaiting ambulance. still trying to confirm that tt with police public informationni office as well. w at the sixth district policeicpi station, i'm melanie
5:33 am
>> 5:32 is th5:32 is the time. police will resume theirume search for relisha rudd.ha rud they'll be at the national arboretum looking for any sign y of rudd. she was last seen with a janitor who worked at a d.c. a homeless shelter.elter. the janitor khalil tatumorlil tm killed himself and policeol believe tatum killed the hill tl girl main have disposed of her h body in northeast d.c. d.c. police are being tight t lipped about what led them to t search the arboretum.rboretum a year long investigationin into illegal dirt bikes and atv's on our roads. rds this news comes after a d.c. d police officer was hit and dragged by an atv over thever weekend and another incidentnotr where an atv surrounded ande ambulance on its way toay to children's hospital.dr many residents demanding dan officers take action now toion n get the illegal dirt bikest offeoff >> after weeks of controversy ovary naming a middle school the school board says thech
5:34 am
mills e. godwin middle school will be renamed for a long time community leader. lea annie yu is with this story. sto good morning, annie.ning, annie >> reporter: good morningter: hole oily.hole oil that's right, after a very long night with the school the s board and many communityyom leaders and residents here,en h they are going to go ahead andnd change the name of this school, mills e. godwin middle school to dr. george hampton. middle school. there was a lot of controversy n and it was evident in that evidt meeting last night.etin it was a packed room withmit dozens of people addressing board members for hours tryingso to convince them when whichhen h way to vote and this name debate arose as a result of asea compromise in took place weeks s ago in early mash the school thl board made a compromise that a t it would name one of its i newest schools after fallenal firefighter kyle wilson, ar le w prince william county firefighter who died in a firew and then rename an existing school to dr. george hampton. g who is a long time educator, ar, community leader and ow, an arm
5:35 am
veteran. a board member thought it wasmbt a good idea to replace theepla t name because the formerormer governor mills e. godwin was g known as a segregationist but arrows from that past andast became one of virginia's mosta's effective leaders but to some community members his pasts h p still hits a nerve. ner now opponents of the namepone change felt as though theirt asg voices weren't heard and so hrda they held this meeting lastting night which got very heated and both arguments weremes presented. take a listen. >> although the name changingmen process was not done as artfully as it could have beenha done, the name change was the wt right thing to do. mills godwin was an avowed racist. >> if you deem dr. hampton h worthy to have his name on ahavm school then make it a newew school like you have done for everyone else. please restore the communityhe c to the great place it was it as
5:36 am
decision and honor dr. hampton m with a new school as you have honored everyone else and showes him the respect that you have hv shown other people. >> reporter: association the board voting five to three tothe go ahead endanger name.r it is the final decision. so as it stands now godwins nowo middle school is now going to be called dr. george hampton middle school. that's the very latest here inri woodbridge.brid back to you in the studio. >> we saw annie wearing herng h raincoat in that shot. we'll need it because it isse raining today as you said.ou >> she's prepared.'spared. right now the rain is to the i west.we >> okay. >> i want to show you s first i do want to show youho temperatures out there.eres it's a far cry this morningmorn from where we were yesterday we morning where we were in thewe middle 20's. mi this morning we're in theorni middle 50's. 5 some of these temperatures are almost 30 degrees warmer thisarh morning than where we weree yesterday morning.yey mo ly that is just outrageous. outrageously nice 'cause wee aue don't want to have temperature in the 20's with all thisthll moisture coming in ourg in our direction. you can see the big picture. ptu obviously we
5:37 am
that's helping to keepelping top temperatures up.te just to the west of us showers are starting to move on in. we can get a little closer to ce this and use our storm trackck radar to give you an ideaa where -- most of this is still s west of i-81 but it is now now starting to get a little bitit closer and given the nexthe n couple hours or so, this will cross over 81 into the the t western suburbs and eventuallyva come right on into i-95.-9 rain right there western weste sections of front royalro already getting a little bitgett of rain and it's tracking closer to hagerstown as well. martinsburg you're still drye sl now but it won't be long be l before the rain comes onmes n across and a lot of this will tl come across the mountains herenr so we'll continue to watch 63 for a high today. t it does look like we're okaye're for the home opener.per. that may be a few showers. swe there could be a delay but ielab don't believe there's going toev be a postpone.e here's erin como. c we call it friday eve.y eve snows with traffic.ows wiraffic >> i love friday eve. eve it's almost as good as fridayri and saturday, and sunday.unday. volume building.ui we hit our 5:30 a.m 5:30 half hh
5:38 am
an early start now that we're starting to see congestiononstio plus rain moving n i would tryou to hit the road earlier. earlier crash activity mattawoman-beantown road at road pine field road.d. steer clear of that area.ear live look on 95 as you make you your way out in newington ason we take a look at our cameraam traffic a starting to s increase.increase we're seeing delays pick um ds m over the occoquan.over the o be prepared for that.hat. tap of the brakes just because b of congestion can.ra no crashes to report. we got you covered as thing cshg start to pick up on this friday eve commute. back to you, wisdom. >> ♪ >> still ahead, if you've got gt a set of pipes it may be time to dust them off and belt outut a few tunes. we're going to tell you how singing can be good for your foy health.he. >> a deli getting reputationepuo for wonderful food and even better service.
5:39 am
5:41 am
>> top health stories.op h today is world health day and h diabetes is the focus.ocus events are being held hel worldwide to focus on beatingeag diabetes a chronic disease disea that impacts millions off people. pe some alarming news. new in the last 35 years diabetes da cases have nearly quadrupled.dr. health officials are seeing ani increase in low and middle midde income countries.ountri high numbers linked to severalor factors including obesity obesiy aging and population growth.n gt the obama
5:42 am
wants congress to act now on its request for funding to to fight the zika virus. virus white house is requestinguestin $1.9 billion in emergencyrgen money. as of now, federal money lefteyf over from the fight against ebola is going towardsds research into the virus andd the vaccine. vaccine. in other health news, being in a choir could help your body fight diseases likeli cancer by actually boosting your immune system. singing boosts your mood whichd reduces anxiety and takes the strain off your immune system. that relief could allow your you body to better focus onn fighting disease.. the research raises the possibility that singing in agia choir could help put cancer cane patients in the best possible position to receive treatment and stop tumors from returning afterwards.. >> with that i should say. >> ♪ over you to >> ♪ thank you holly.. ♪ brand new local deli
5:43 am
serving up a dish of kindness.d. but first gary, he's back withht a check of your rainy thursday forecast and look at your y commutes with erin como. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready,
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>> opening day in d.c. ope back with a live look down atli nationals parvek.alsar the nats home opener is this its afternoon at four. 4:05.05.
5:46 am
metal detector bob barnard isrdi down at the park.e p we'll talk to him at 6:00. 6:0 >> the rain is not in the city c yet but really it won't be be long. long prepare if you're leaving thevit house 7:00, 7:30, 8 o'clock 8'c that you'll have to deal way dea wet commute this morning.orni it just looks inevitable asble we're watching some of these of showers back out to the west toh of us and they are approachingpc the area here.area h now, listen, they still sti haven't come over ther t mountains they'll probably weaken aobablyw little bit as they do but thenhe get a little bit off the o t mountains and they'll reformy'lf again and become a little bit stronger. this is coming on as we get a littlemi closer herr notice they're beginning tong touch i-81 now so front royalroy you're getting wet, winchesteris probably getting wet now foret n just about all of winchesterchee up towards martinsburg and that's the initial area. a the cells are moving up to thei northeast. nine entire line is moving to m the east so in this case ito in takes awhile to get to it move t on off to the -- and approach i-95 but it's going t
5:47 am
here and we think that as wehaas get a little bit closer intoo sunrise and whatnot it had get h over here and brings some rain e for the morning commute. cmu just about everybody gets wet for the morning commute. commu front royal rain there.roya winchester a little bit of shower activity and we'rectiv still watching it come down 68 onto 70. this is 6:00 a.m. on futurecast. maybe just maybe it's a little l bit faster than what is inst reality but you get the gistgets here of what's happening and hpa it will continue to move on o across right on over the metro, 7:30, 8:00, eight to 9 o'clock it looks like it'sli i going to be wet here.towet it pushes off to the east. e there's a little bit of ale bitf little late morning into early afternoon then late thisoon th afternoon we get a few more fewm showers popping up and maybe aaa thunderstorm.. look, this represents 4 o'clock. and if this is indeed the casenh then the nats home opener willpi start with a delay and i think there could be a couple ofbe a delays through the game with gaw these spotty showers, maybeay even a thunderstorm, too.orm,oo but i can't imagine how this thing gets postponed okay. so it looks like we'll get the home opene
5:48 am
miami is coming to down, nationals start anotherart ather season. first pitch temperature rightmpi around 60 degrees or so. could be a little bit ofit sunshine poking through. tou shower or thunderstorm in theorn area is possible. psibl same for the seventh inning,nni, too, right around 6 o'clock, olo still the possibility of a pos temperature that drops offur into the upper 50's. upper0's. and by the final 7:00, 7:05, 7:0 something like that, usuallysu they're about three hours hou long, it will be breezy andreez that could be a shower still in the area. this weekend there's a little ll clipper coming along. along snow showers primarily northwers and west, that comes we're not expecting any accumulation. high pressure dives down for adi chilly sunday but it does looklo like sunday is going to be dryed and sunday is going to be --,e well, obviously a little on o the chilly side. not an april-like forecast.-likf but it happens.appens what can you y it looks like it's messy and msy yucky on saturday.aturda sunday drier but sunny. sun there's your seven-daye'ou forecast. once we get through thist thughs weekend hopefully w
5:49 am
corner but no guarantees. here's erin with a look at your friday eve traffic.raff >> breaking news out of virginia out of 95. out of 9 look how parked we are inkewe a newington if the fairfaxn if fai county parkway as you make m your way towards franconia-springfield. we are seeing huge they're investigating potential for an accident oute there but i can tell you it'sois jammed.jammed. avoid getting stuck in that, ina look at that huge backup ase bas you head towards theards springfield interchange, ierch would say exit at route one rteo and take that for stretch. stret that will save you some time s this morning.omthis m we'll check in with orour maps.r rain not yet moving into the immediate d.c. area.diate d.c. i would say get an earlierli we'll take a look at our maps l and showoo you 270 south. typical volume 70 to the truck scales right now. it's a yell so l once you pass that pointhat in things open up and volumeolume increases from rockville toockv the spur. th we have crash activity on oneitn of your secondaries.r this is out in prseince george's county. mattawoman-beantown roadawoman-t northboundow side at pine fieldf road so caution there. aside from that in prince george's a look at your inbound traffic. we are at speed on four a andn o five as you make your way your y towards
5:50 am
metro is on time. >> ♪ >> happening today, d.c.ning department of transportationnspn will be out in full force checking local bridges and beria tunnels. the agency will inspect thepe bridge along south capitolth c street over the anacostiastia river. it will not be any lane lan closures. work on p street and potomacot avenue will take placela tomorrow. this is routine work that ddot does every year to assure thesse safety our bridges. bridges. >> montgomery county publicomer school students could see any extra two days tacked ontont their school year.ea maryland officials rejected rec the school district's requesteqe to waive two school days thatwos were lost during snowstormsri this past winter. pt wi the school system has yet toas t make calendar adjustments totmts make up for the lost time. june 16th is the last plannedtla day for students t montgomery county officials say they'reicit looking to quickly resolve es this calendar issue. >> actor charlie sheen is thehe subject of a criminal a criminal investigation by the losn byhe l angeles police
5:51 am
law enforcement officials offics declined to release detailso res about the case only sayinge casl they have obtained a search s warrant. the celebrity news site radary online says they havene beene served a subpoena from the lapd for a 35 minute audio recording that allegedly hased sheen threatening his exfiancé. she is suing sheen for havingor sex with her without tellingelng her that she is hiv positive. pv another major set back for ke$ha in her case againstgain dr. luke. a judge denied her bid to geto out of her contract with sony music. the judge threw out ke$ha's's case after ruling allegationsat happened outside the jurisdiction and exceeded the statute of limitations. limitat in the civil suit against dr. luke, ke$ha accuses the t producer of drugging andinan raping her in new york in i 2008. but the judge ruled her claims m were not severe enough toug t break her contract. well, tonight many of us will tune into fox5 for the
5:52 am
very last episode of american idol.idol. >> the show has been on for 15 seasons. season sure will be an emotional farewell la'porsha renae and a trent harmon will battle it it out.out. the series starts atat 8 o'clock.o'ock. >> bye-bye to american idol. il. exciting news for one one local brewery. fredicers flying dog brewery ranked number 37 on the on brewer's association top 50 list for craft sales beer salesr involvement they're the onlyt local brewer on the 2015 list15 and was number 37 in last year's rankings as well.s asel nationwide the number of operating breweries in theie united states grew byed s 15 percent last year to a last total of 4,269.69. >> something that bringshat bri people together and a new tog restaurant in montgomeryaura county is doing exactly that. that's a wrap deli drawing plenty fanfare. fanfa hadon't have was their bigt grand opening. they sell organic healthy h treats. the owners
5:53 am
developmental disabilities andt those who's are not disabled.s >> in terms of structuring thett menu, structuring the recipes so that somebody with the wh specific disabilities andities special needs that we he employ can can can follow themoo and can can be safe. >> that's a wrap employs 20 people behind the counter andd h in the kitchen. the deli is located in norinth potomac on darnestown road. r i love that.i lo tha >> good for them. goo >> watch out because you don'tud want to mess with maryland mar governor larry lar >> check this out and you'll tyo see what we mean. >> he was governor hogan h backaching boards in a tae a kwon do celebration.ebti the four boards he broke had the words part sonny san sonny s gridlock written on then. then. he was awarded an honorary hon black belt during his trip toin korea. kore he beat
5:54 am
nonhodgkin's lymphoma and his'sl cancer is now in remission.issi >> that's pretty cool.oo >> uh-huh.>> uh- three boards.boards >> four.>> four. >> four boards.>> f >> four boards. >> nice. >> he's strong, that's whatt's that is. >> time now for our facebook fan of the day and we say goodao morning to chanel brown andwn her son.r son. >> she says she's been s watching fox5 in the morningor ever since her son was a baby. >> aww. >> good for them. very night.very night. if you want to be our nextext facebook fan of the day post your picture below chanel's photo. >> cute picture. i like it. >> gary it's cold, we know col that. >> that's not cute.>> that' >> what's that? >> the cold weather and thed he rain.. >> yeah, especially thisea weekend. >> at least it's not snowingit's so it's all good.d. >> not not snowing now. n >> it's all good.>> >> what does that mean. idoha >> did you hear that . >> there's technically snow inl the forecast. >> really? >> have you not beenav listening? >> snow in april? you knowpr y there's a prince
5:55 am
>> we already had snow in april. >> there's a prince song sometimes there's snow in april. >> who knew he was ahow he meteorologist, too. t >> i love prince too. too >> but did you know there wasnoh a song called snowfalls in april. >> sometimes snowfalls inetes april. >> that's what i said.t's >> this is moving in ourhi direction. the line is coming together sont i suspect over the next ---- within the next couple of couplf hours all this begins tos t continue and move on through mon the district, okay.ka here's the'sor we start off with some rain aten 8:00 a.m. moving across, 53 degrees or so. temperatures are fairly mildes a this morning. 60 degrees at lunchtime t itime will be breezy.will bbreezy. there may be a few spottytty showers but it looks like aik lull late morning early afternoon. more showers around the area late this afternoon.ftnoon that could even be a littletl spotty thunderstorm in thender area as well. so -- >> okay. >> and wisdom just so you know, that m could be some snowflakes up the hill on saturday. >> oh really? okay, all right. ri
5:56 am
whatub wisdom and i call it. clt >> snows in april by prince.nce. >> blizzard in june.nun >> she's got her hat on now, onn erin como is ready to go. >> this is serious. sio >> this hat is also for ao f purpose. you don't is to do your hair h today because the rain ise rn is going to be intense later.ater grab a hat if you can. if perfect thing for opening day.oy right now -- we can have catchac in the parking lot gary.arkingog >> let's's go. >> things not looking so hots n in virginia. 95 northbound in newington new from the fairfax countynt parkway all the way up to franconia-springfield we'resp jammed up. exit at route one, save yourself some time. t let's switch things over andch show you a look at our t maps. 270 south 70 to the truck t scales also jams up and thenms t once you get closer to thelosete spur outer loop typical volumeo out by new hampshire and mattawoman-beantown roadown road northbound at pine field road a another crash. metro is on more traffic in a few. back to you.
5:57 am
>> double billed and annoyed. ay ahead at 6:00 some angry honda customers after realizing theyze were charged twice for one caroc payment.ymen >> plus, do you have student do loans, rupp behind on paymentbe or two? what the educational en department is doing to figureing out why 40 percent of students aren't paying.en't ping. >> plus, the nationals welcomell fans to nats park for thefo first time this season.time t bob barnard is there gearingre g up for today's home opener.ay's we're going to check in withhe n him in the next hour.r. >> ♪
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only fios can. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.wsr >> straight ahead at 6:00 a 60 young child is shot in thehoin district overnight.rnht police say this happened hpene during a break in at a house h in northeast.theast we're live with the verye with v latest. >> also a heated debate ina ed d prince william county over thevt renaming of a middle school. but this morning the school board is standing firm on its decision. >> and a live look at nats a park on this thursday. thu we were hoping for a dry day today but it's rain in the forecast. it's april 7th.> it the team's home opening todaynid but will it be a washout? who weather and task on the 5sr an at -- traffic on the 5's at 6:05. good morning, i'm allisonni, seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. cnev. we will can um twelcome to fox5g breaking news in the district. d word of a child shot. s this was overnight on footn street in northeast d.c..c >> our melanie alnwick isanie as


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