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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> new at 6:00 traffic moving again on one of d.c.'s busiest00 roadways after af deadlye overnight crash. c we are live on that scene withcw an update.pdat >> unsafe for service? the d.c. circulator buses b crumbling apparently.g aparen details from an audit showing s several safety issues. >> and it is a chilly day as we cheer the weekend. wee come on saturday and sunday. sd. a live look outside on this o ti march -- oh, my goodness, helpes me with the wit i forget what day it is. >> april. apr >> it's april, right.t'apri oh, goodness. gdnes >> get the right month firstontf then we'll worry about thebo day. >> it's so cold i forgot.ort. april 8 is your date.r dat weather and traffic on the 5'sd at 6:05. man, if you start off the o morning like that, where do wre you go? hopefully up. good morning, i'm maureen umehie in for allison this morning.sori >> and i'm steve chenevey. i we will can um to fox5 newsca t morning. right overnight developing aeven man hit and killed by a car.y ac it happened in northwest d.c. d early this morning about 1:30 a1 a.m. this was on
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avenue. >> let's get right to annie yu live on the scene all morninglor with details of that story. annie. >> reporter: steve, a muchuc different scene now if you if y look behind me you can seeee traffic is flowing in allwing i directions here along the 1300 1 block of massachusetts all lanes opened just in time jn for the morning rush hour. h the accident reconstruction unit and d.c. police were out. w here for about five hours investigating and processing pro the scene and we have some som video from earlier this morning.rn police got the call aroundl aro 1:30 this morning and they and e tell us the car travelinge car g eastbound on the access road aer just past thomas circle struck a male pedestrian.edestrian. it's still early in the e in t investigation so policestigatiop haven't been able to tell uso u exactly how it all happened but the pedestrian did notn did survive.surv we do know that the driver did remain on the scene and the incident occurred just a few ouu feet away from the crosswalk c here at mass and 13th. and3th. so, the victim not in the not crosswalk. cr unclear whether the driverri wi
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but again, the 1300 block of massachusetts avenue nowaven opened to traffic and moving without any issues.yss back to you in the thu >> annie good to see things goo are cleared up but unfortunately a fatality therei at thomas circle. new this morning, twothis mg women are under arrest for thefr murder of a man, 36-year-old brian graves.n you recall earlier this weekgr we told you aboutar this manhi m stabbed on north market streetkr in frederick just before 2:00ef a.m. on monday.non that man d police say the two women argued with graves inside oldavs town tavern and then later lat attacked him outside of the bar. also happening todayoday former sailor convicted ofvict rape and murder not the rightde video but convicted of rape of r and murder in virginia moregi than three decades ago will beeo released from prison.rison. steve. steve. >> have a is' highest courtsst c threw out keith harwood's conviction.convic new dna tests failed to identify. he's been serving a lifeife sentence since the killing of jessie peron and t
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his wife in newport news. n the state removed harwood's hard name from the state's sex offender registry he. registry e >> local bus drivers speaking d out about what theyri say are sa very dangerous condition that is put riders at risk. r this after an audit of a popular bus line showinge s safety problems. probl >> melanie alnwick lie at aln union station with more on the story. mel, what's going on. w >> reporter: we're here because this is one of thehate f circulator's more popularul stops. the service has been running for 10 years.ea last summer ddot did an audit a of the system's oldest buses b to see if any of them neededm ne to be replaced or retiredired early and the results of thosefo were shocking. serious safety defects forefec many of these buses thates t shouldn't have been on the road at the time. at e t now, we want to tell you about a some of the specifics here.e sp average of 22 defects per bus. s they looked at 42 of the busesus in the 67 bus fleet.usle they said they were dirtyeir inside and out. o the defects really at a much muc
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that are run by first transit this private contractor thatvate the city hired to run the 40 of 42 buses had critical cti safety defects, we're talking tl about things like fire extinguishers, headlights,ea tire treads, emergency windows and problems with brakes and brd city. the vast majority of the defects were the result of neglected maintenance and saidin wmata anted ddot had not done ad very good job of properroper oversight of his contractor conr first transit but it did say dis that the buses are are a structurally sound and there'shs no reason why any of them of t should have to be retired orave replaced early as long as theynt get their maintenance in check but certainly causing a lot ofst concern especially when youes hear that some of these,pe again, safety defect, those a rated safety defects onesects where buses should not haveot been operating. opeti ddot is going to be holding an oversight hearing today to tday discuss this issue and we hethis do know that the union that re
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says that even though thatev tho audit was conducted a year y ago, the problems haven'tav gotten any better.etter. the union says it's conducted ct its own informal audit inudit i march and found that theret ther were still many, many busesany b with critical safety defectsety that were allowed to be on theot roads when they should noty shol have been. so, the union will be testifying at that hearingyi again we should tell you also thato tt the union is currently in in labor negotiations with thewi city asking for higher wages.hea live in union station, i'mtatio' melanie alnwick. back to you guys. >> mel, just curious, how many people ride the circulator andlr have there been any injuries leading up to this audit? aud >> reporter: i don't know how many people ride theeople dt circulator.ul i know when i see it myself iitl never see the buses very full.ef there's only six routes andro they just run the main popular p corridors in the city and alsoin one down to ros tlyn.o ros i'm working to try to find fin those numbers but as far asfar injuries we don't know of anynoo and it seems like there havehe h downs but really the recordsec according to the audit, they're not maintained wellnot
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enough to say whether those in-service break downs areow a increasing or decreasing overr time. >> thanks mel. let's check in with tucker barnes. weather and traffic on the 5s. survived the rain t r yesterday. how we looking today? >> yeah, second round of raind r that. >> little messy at times. tim >> slowed the game down awed little bit. >> little bit. >> chilly overnight.ig winds picked up and that isand your morning sunrise.unse >> that's beautiful.utif >> gorgeous. >> that's actually how it how looks outside right now. n >> like a postcard. postcard. >> 44 out that.>> 4out definitely cool.oo winds have picked up.wive pickep winds are back out of the westtt 15 to 20. 20. going to be a chilly day.. mid-50's and some winds around n but we should be much drierhri than yesterday with daytime highs in the mid-50's. ready for some snowflakes this weekend?ekend? >> no. >> you should be okay. y shoulde it's still the weekend. >> yeah, that's true.rue. >> you made a quick curry on cur that. hey, there's your storm yst tracker radar.trackedar. we've got cloud cover ander there might be a flurry orlurry sprinkle out that early butly nothing to be terribly terri concerned about.ncned ab a little chilly r
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of year. it's going to be a cool going ta weekend as well. w we'll talk all about that but tt we still have springtimespng temperatures on the seven day.ea promise it will get i think we turn the corner turnc really after this weekend with the cool weather.eath >> all right. tough morning to get through. tu >> erin i know we had thewead problem on thomas circle. c that's been cleared up.p. hopefully no other problems onbl the roads this morning. >> just some congestion and weon have a crash in stafford.n sta we'll take a look at skyfox sk this if you're waking up ing up i frederick or anywhere else you o can see you're very slowe v heading down to the spur. t that is just your normal morning volume as you can sees no crashes, all lanes opened. oe speeds reduced.uc traffic is heavy as you try to a get to the beltway north ofortho that point in frederick by the e truck scales, saemisch way,aemi it's a ton of stop-and-go traffic. you know the drill.yo leave earl to get to work onu n time. look back at our maps, we'reap w dealing with residual delays dey on the red line.edine. normal service resumed but weesm had an earlier signal problemblm outside of '. be prepared for that. we'll let you know as soon asou things are fully back to bk normal for your metroetr commuter. 66 in virginia you can see c
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234 through centreville. centree we're just seeing some volume vl building. we'll let you know when things get a little bit more crowdedoro out if we can switch back to ouritco maps, we also have a crash in ch stafford. this is the one causing bigausib delays 95 northbound past 610. t the left shoulder is sde blocked and delays are back toko courthouse road but i got you yu covered. let's get you to work on timetom this friday. maureen.ur >> thank you erin. taxi companies in thehe district are the first in thethe nation to require a passenger r safety button.eqsafe but the new device will be addededd to the more than 6,000 crabs000c across the city.sshe c the button appears on touch tou screens and credit card c machines in the back it triggers an alarm to police dispatcher if the passenger pse feels threatened.fe >> a cyber attack hitting one of our local universities. univt >> we're back in 30 seconds with that information plus weather and traffic on the 5s.
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>> ♪ >> back now at 6:09. police in fairfax countyunty releasing new surveillance video of a man suspected in aedn robbery and sexual assault. aau this happened last wednesday in springfield a woman walkingkg alone behind app shopping sho center when a man grabbed herrad pulled her into a storage container and osama binne ladenly assaulted and robbed anr her. >> recent two day search for at missing eight-year-old hasg ei come to an unsuccessful end. end relisha rudd disan period about two years ago.
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fox5's spoke exclusively elusi with relisha rudd's grandmother. she's unaware of why policehyol would search the national arboretum. d.c. police will not say whatlls led invesaytigators back to that scene.ene. >> georgetown the victim of aow cyber attack, georgetowneoet university.un according to an e-mail sent-ml e out by university officials,rsi, that hack happened last week.hap it was not related to theedo th cyber attack on medstar health. mom student information orud university datena apparently compromised. dmv police agencies anc joining forces trying to put a p stop to illegal dirt bikes and atv's on county streets andtrees roads. they released photos of 245 bikers they want identified.nt so far they have made 100 arrests, seized 400 bikes after aier long investigation. just yesterday -- few days ago rather video surfaced of illegal riders riding downown busy streets. stree in another instance atv's blocked an ambulance. >> a campus on edge asams on detectives in austin texas
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working to try to solve theo s murder of an 18-year-old8-ye college freshman. fsh the body was found on the mainen campus of the university ofversf texas earlier this week.ier th e police say she was assaultedlt and they have surveillance video of the suspect.o aof vigil was held last night.ig disturbing video fromng v texas again, a school policeooli officer seen -- has been put bn on administrative leave aftereaa cell phone video surfacedeo sure showing him body slamming a a sixth grade girl. this happened in san antonio.ono the school district is investigating this incident. >> republican presidentialca candidates hit the big apple getting ready for new york's yo' presidential primaryprenti april 19th. candidate john kasich hostinghnk a town hall in brooklyn his his team attacking ted in a new ad kasich's campaign cm says cruz won't be able to ae t defeat hillary clinton.nt. kasich is currently running runi far behind frontrunner donald trump in the polls. ted cruz hitting the t streets of new york as welll visiting a jewish bakery. baker he held a rally at a catholic high school. soo the texas senator laid intod
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him a new york liberal. liber cruz said trump was cozy withasc the media and had supported srtd new york democrats for day.tsor presidential hopeful hillaryopey clinton rides the new yorkn city subway as she made herriy s way outside of yankee stadium. m a crowd of supporters gathered d for the former new yorkew y senator's arrival chantingal chn this is clinton's territory.err. she was escorted by reubeny reu diaz. di while there she responded toespt bernie sanders' controversialtr statement saying she is not n qualified to be president. prede sanders spoke at a labor conference in philly.hill he hopes momentum will carry c over to the next contest intesti new york april >> coming up a high speedhpe police chase seems like it was straight out of a hollywood ended with the suspects takingig selfies. yeah, you heard right, selfies. we're going to tell you about the case next.xt >> bizarre as it gets. g >> let's head outside. l's h a little sunrise as we head to t break this friday weather and traffic next. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad...
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>> ♪ >> oh, man, look at that. can't you just feel it, the manh weekend getting started, srt people making their great gre escape that many at union station. wherever your travels take youtr this weekend we hope it's a safe one and a good one wforoo you. >> i don't know, tuck, all ino see is the flag blowing out there.ere. >> yeah, winds are backre unfortunately but you see someys breaks in the clouds there and a we'll be in for some sunshine sh today. much quieter day.much quiet let's get going. gng bus stop forecast, it's chillyhi out that. mid 30's for parts of the areaha here, 40's in town. eventually mid-50's so a-5o little cool for this time of year. ye the breeze is back as well as steve mentioned.entioned flags will be flying withwill winds out of the west at 15 to 20. cool 42er in washington.ol iwash north and west a lot of 30's. 3 39 in hagerstown, 38 thisis morning in martinsburg.artinsbu thirt39 frederick.ederick. chilly to start your day.o t yo chilly afternoon with a mix of x sun and clouds.d c you can see we still got some gm clouds out there. got the got t
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remain dry. d i don't think any of this is touching the ground. gro if it is tweet m there might be a sprinkle or quick moving flurry. flu we'll be cool this weekend. weee we have a clipper system thatmha will drop down from the northwnh and west and as that arrivesrr during the day tomorrow we could have a few showers few sws around and believe it or not, n believe it or not, a few, a snowflakes particularly to the north and west, northernn maryland, southern pennsylvania perhaps enoughia snowflakes that we could getha some light accumulations by late saturday afternoon soaftero it's going to be a chillybe a cy weekend.en there's your clipper system.yste most of the energy stays tostay the north. we'll have a few showersew showe around here. h the winds will pick up in the ie wake of this system it will be a very, very cool sunday with daytime highs about 15 or soro below normal but then the then t warmup starts and i promisero we'll be back in the 60's byy all right, snow cast. snow possibility here in lighterin lr blue that we get some flakese fl off to the north and to thehe nh west, maybe enough for someore light
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steve, late season skiing,in does that sound appealing.d app. >> oh, man. m >> he's not coming. c all right, here's yourere's y seven-day forecast. 57 today.ay. some showers tomorrow, 47.orw, 50 on sunday and then we start s that warmup into the 60's nextst week.week. i promise next week will feel fl more springlike erin. e >> i trust you.. >> do you. >> glad i have indoor plans pla tonight. >> oh, yeah.>> >> jersey boys.>> i've never seen it i'm excited.ed >> i hear it's fantastic.antaic >> it's amazing.s mazing right now unfortunately nottu loving the morning commute. com outer loop volume building newum hampshire to georgia avenue.rgia we have a crash report the int e that delay as well so please give yourself extra timeextr tim erere. it's not looking so great. things are still quiet on 95 on southbound as you head to the ho inner loop. loop. let's take a look outside. out that is that heavy delay that dt i just showed you byy colesville. it's just a lot of very slowloer moving traffic.moving traffic things starting to wake up. inner loop still looking verykir nice and the overpass is quiet i a look back at our maps, aside a from that we h
6:18 am
95 northbound in stafford justfu past 610, the left shoulder issu blocked. delays all the way back toll courthouse road.thou r a few extra minutes there andhea then also in montgomery county on 270 southbound 109 to germantown road dips down toownt about 29 miles per hour as youir head into gaithersburg.thsb things open up right now fromowf gaithersburg to rockville butle i'll let you know when thaten t congestion starts to lingerrts closer to the spur. north of that point inint in frederick we have congestion ha by the truck scales. the not looking so great.o gre the good news all lines onl les time once again with red line service is back to bo normal and then in prince william 95 on the northbound non side moving nicely dale citye ct into woodbridge.rie. 395 cruising along just fineus n and volume building on 295.. steve, back to you. y. >> thanks.>> thank an illegal california joyrideid turned into a police chase andnd in true hollywood fashionod f ended with selfies.elfi >> oh, man. m >> two robbery suspects spedusps do you know a hollywood road.oa they ran into a tmz tour busily they ran red lights,d l drove on the wrong side of thehe wroad.
6:19 am
pedestrians even high-fivingans some of them. the chase lasted about 90 aut minutes and then their 900 minutes of fame was over. o they surrendered to policeool while onlookers took pictures. little damage though car ase th well. >> only california. man. to howard county now how residents there receiving a special honor this morning.err r giant food will honor annette womack for beeping the first woman ever to receive the maryland motor truckmary association's driver of theion' year award. womack's service includeslu 1.7 million miles and morellio than 30 years of accident-freec- driving. drivin breaking news from theki vatican this morning.can pope francis saying the saye catholic church should not be so rigid when it comes tohen family life, marriage, divorceir and sex. >> major document out just nowtw the pope says individualnd conscience should be the t guiding principle foring pr catholics when it comes towh those issues not black andnd white rules.le the pope said the church canehuc no longer sit in judgment andgmd throw stones against those who o fail to live up to the church's teachings.urch's >> huge coming from the popehe p this mor lots of catholics respondingespo to that. >> u.s. st
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changing the price of stamps. >> new price tag for the firstor time in 37 -- the first hikest in 97 97 ye we'll tell you how much it's going to cost coming up.
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>> welcome back.>> uber has to pay up.ub this weekend may be the bester h time to buy some stamps iftampsi you're still using them. s first a check of the marketits.e joining us from the foxox business network studio lauren simonetti. good morning to you.or >> reporter: still useni stamps, still write checks.heck >> every once in awhile. a >> reporter: happy friday.y. >> happy friday.pyri once in awhile there's that errant check you have to mailoum and you're like if only i had one starch. let's start with how are they doing thisng morning. >> reporter: looking pretty good.go. the dow nasdaq and s & p down 1.4 percent on the week.k. big tumble yesterday.terday. the dow fell about 175 points. p investors thought -- bought -- u safer investments.estments. oil prices up about three andutd
6:23 am
energy stocks and thcee japanesp yen it's been so strong so recently kind of killing the exporting stocks over inrn it's retreating a bit thising at morning so that's helpings things out overall. >> all right.>> a r let's talk about uber.let's lk a you know a lot of people loveeov it. but we've had some problemsro with them lately safety issuesei coming into play.ominto two cities in california cifor cracking what's going on here. >> reporter: uber 'sused to advertise we're the safest caras on the road, our drivers are full vetted, full backgroundkgro checks. well, some of that is you can't o necessarily useessay language saying you're the you'e safest ride on the roadfest because you're not and now a uber agreeing to settle a s lawsuit paying $10 million andla potentially an additional addit $15 million to los angeles and san francisco to say, yeah, we're not going the usehe use language like that going forward. there's a lot of pressure ona ts uber right now to include fingerprint checks in theirin driver background checks.und no word on if that is going tooi happen. >> all right. and of course we started talking about this
6:24 am
stamps.amps yeah, stock up while you can,hin is that it? >> reporter: i'm a little annoyed because i have a lot of forever and i paid 49 cents for them.tse they go from 49 to 47 cents. to. we've seen stamp prices go uptae so dramatically since 2008 and a now they're going down and down by two cents. we haven't seen a decline in sn about a century so stock up onk the new forever starche stamp tp sunday. they'll cost you 47 cents.ou 47e >> why. >> reporter: they need moneyter: but basically around the if this crisis they were giveniven this temporary opportunity totyt charge more to gain enoughain eo none bring in more revenue.evene they did that. and now as part of that t temporary agreement they havegrt to pull back on the price.rice. >> so, if you've got a bunchch of 49 cents stamp can you goce to the post office andnt cash c in. >> reporter: no.>> you're out of luck. >> as always. alw out of luck.of l
6:25 am
lauren simonetti thank you soetk much. pleasure talking to you. >> reporter: you as well.s >> have a great >> who would have thought youyo would lose money on starches. se >> with a forever starch iever s know. >> you get your chance to buyo b low now.w n >> what you going to do with wit all that money, two cents heres and that. adds up. >> does add up.>> all right, winds are are w are a adding up, too.ding u too we got windy conditions this morning. it's going to be a breezy day. 15, 20, 25 miles per hour andr a a cool day. d in the mid 50's thisid afternoon. right now reagan nationall 44 degrees, dulles 42 at bwi marshall we're 41 degrees and again, temperatures, we're kind of getting used to thesein cool temperatures but we'retre going to be about 10 degreest 1r or so below normal laterormal lt today. waking up with a mix of clouds o and sunshine soon enough and ugh might be an early sprinkle or flurry. it will remain cool today.oolod cold again we got freeze warnings for parts of the area. area. we'll look at that coming upomig and then the prospect of some showers and or -- go
6:26 am
just say it maureen. mau >> what i want to say i can'tan say. >> snow showers shw >> don't. that's not what a you trying w to saily. >> during the day or overnight. >> early in the morning thatn will be a round and then there t will be another round -- nonend- of this is heavy by the during the afternoon it willnooi be scattered snow showers.ho north and west you have ah an little more we'll talk about that as well at coming up. coming u >> all right. >> okay.>> okay. that's baseball weather. >> no, it's not.t' >> hi, erin. hi, >> hey, yeah, it's like winter i coat and ski pants weather,er, right? righ >> i tried to tell steve to go t skiing this he did not take me up on the offer.of >> i would go but everythingould is closed. is clo >> how about that in betweenhate >> they close in february wheney it's normal to close the ski resorts.rt >> at least i can catch up on all my shows on netflix. nfl right now crash activity on a the outer loop.ter loop. it's between colesville andvilld georgia. because of that delays reallyha heavy back to new hampshiret neh avenue. it's going to take you an extra 15 minutes or so to getin through that we'll take a live look ande looa i'll show you wha
6:27 am
against because it's not looks t sewing pretty. you can see just a heavy areajut of slow moving traffic. traff inner loop on the the other hand top of the beltway isop flowing freely. let's look at our maps because we have some other delays and o problems. in stafford 95 northbound past9r 610 the left shoulder blockedr and delays are back tola are courthouse road. r look how slow moving that traffic is. route one is dealing withealing stop-and-go traffic and north-g of that point in princehat po william we're starting to seestt things pick up and then old the for the it's to kerby hill on 210 north dips down toip 22 miles an hour. got you covered this morning.thi back to t you >> well, the nationals off toiof a great start on the road andn a then lost the home opener.r. >> yeah, but they are still sti off to a good start.oo s we're going to talk about it abt with the junkies coming up u next. >> ♪ >> ♪ in you
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>> ♪ >> sing it again. t.g.>>i.f. indeed. looking outside, winds blowing o a bit much this morning.. might want to bundle up.nto bu it's cold. cd. tucker has got details. talking about snow showers tomorrow. boo, his. he's only the messenger folks.os details coming up.oming u weather and traffic on theaffic 5s. welcome back to fox5 newsews morning. first at 6:30 d.c. policelice investigating how exactly a ect pedestrian was hit and killedita early this morning inis mning northwest. happened around 1:30 in the 1300 block of massachusettschet avenue. for a time that area was shutas down but has since reopened. ree we're told victim was not not walking in the crosswalk whenhe he was hit. police say the driver remained on the scene.he s no word yet though if she he will face
6:31 am
happening today d.c.oday d.. circulator drivers will give dri the city an they're due to testify at a council hearing on the statearin of those the drivers union points to an a audit showing critical safety st defects on dozens of of circulator more on this in a moment whenene melanie alnwick joins us liveoil from union station. it is a big day forda f villanova fans. about 75,000 people expected,0 to turn out for a victory00a vic parade for the men'se m basketball t the wildcats won the national no championship after hitting aafti buzzer beating shot to knockck off top seeded north carolina. it marks their first title in te more than 30 years. y all classes canceled today soodo students can attend that parade. parade. >> 6:31 right now.>> 6:3 let's go from the collegeheol level to the pro level. the nationals fell to the masters under way.ers unde we'll find out what the sports junkies.nk lots to get to today. tod let's start with the masters.hes this just in. i jordan spieth likes playing atlt augusta. >> pretty good.>> >> he's apparently 29 under in2d all of his rounds at
6:32 am
he dominates. >> what is it like fiveikfi straight rounds he finishes number one? >> five strght rounds he'sra had the lead, yes, on the lead l at augusta.. he's 29 under par as a professional at augusta in hisin first nine rounds, steve.s, s tiger woods in his first nineine rounds 21 under par. he got him by eight shots.ho yesterday was an astoundingnding round of golf because he had h no bogeys. every other player in ther in t field had at least one. lst with those conditions, with w those greens that'shat' incredible. >> here's what's he's the first golfer at gfe augusta since 1966 and jack and nicklaus to be the defendingbe f champion and lead thed following near in the firsthe fr round. so, most guys have thatys have moments and can can win multiple green jackets in there but they rarely do it it back to back. b >> and steve -- ste >> spieth is right in positionir to do it. >> the only thing he doesn't doe do great is drive the ball far. he was averaging about 265 off f the tee yesterday. everything else he does hi
6:33 am
iron play, short play,rt pla putting, he stays within himself, mentally he's tough.ou. all these other guys takeuy t chances. all the other guys that areuys a physically better than him,im they take chances.hances he doesn't do that.oesn't tha he's so smart on the golfthe course. >> he's a fierce competitor. sounds like your rounds. rou >> if i can get through a round where i bogey every holeio that's a successful round toro me. i will take that. t >> bogey golf. >> right. >> only round we can relate to was ernie els and he shot 80. s we would all be happy to shootpo 80. >> and i could easily miss a 3-foot putt.3-ot put listen we're going talk more about the masters.abthe masters. monday of course is going toco be huge. sunday is one of the best dayses in sports.port let's talk real quick the caps c last night they're not hitting i their stride at the rightride time.time overtime lose last night.last n. last 10 games the caps four, f three and three.three ee that has to be one of their lower marks of the season.rks e >> yeah, we were talking about t it really since the all-star a brea
6:34 am
well and part of it is bradenad holtby.ho he took the blame in a loss aos couple games a you look at his save percentage it's dived sinceed sn the all-star break.tar b some of us kind of think wellnkw it's because they've been in first place have had the besthab record won the president'sredent trophy for awhile and they're coasting until the playoffs much hopefully that's the the case.. >> you're seeing it with the the warriors chasing the recordhe r trying to win 73 games a team that's up in that stratosphereos and has really nothing nothi tangible to play for they'llorhl lose their focus from time too time. i think barry trots now has guys' attention. >> cakes it's interesting because i was thinkingt' the t same thing as the same kind of parallel with the warriors butor wouldn't you as a team, fans do but who cares about us, wouldn't you rather celebrate a stanley cup or an nban n championship than setting somee record for the most wins w during the season?ea >> of course. would braden holtby like totb set the season record forord f wins? yes. would he want a stanley cup
6:35 am
much more? of course he would. trots is the type of coachis t that will get their attention.t. he's already done it. it. >> it's human nature to kindo of let up if you don't have to o win games.n ga >> right. >> they don't have to winn' these games in thet standings n but i think they have to winaveo these games for team psychesy purposes and right now theyhey just don't have it. h >> they're two games away from the they had their first three firhe game losing streak, theystak, haven't played well admittedlyde over the last month or so and you have to really questionst can they just turn the switchwi on on that own? we're about wbo to find out. out i'm nervous about it.nes ab you can't keep digging dgi three-zero holes and expect to l come back. b as trots said yesterday steve,re it's the race to four the race to four wins.o fo w so they have top find a way toay figure out right away.wa >> i'm with you on that one. o just based on past years here, i'm a little bit nervous going into the first round buthe f hopefully they turn it back turb on. all right, guys we'll talket nats next time. good to see you.. the junks at 106.7 f.m. the.m. e
6:36 am
>> you got it.>> >> i went to the game yesterday and it was at st erbeautiful start to the day.toy >> i know, gorgeous. i kno >> sunshine, the clouds even cl looked pretty, got two good twod innings in and then -- then >> oh, >> yes. >> downpours. >> hour delay. >> and then they lost, right?eyg >> yeah, then they lost.he >> yeah, they lost. yea the >> sorry.>> >> they'll get another chance tomorrow. >> bryce hit another bomb,it upper decker.ker. >> yeah.>> he's the man.he are you guys catching the beautiful sunrise behind you.rib >> yeah. >> if you get a nice sunriseun picture tweet it to me, sende,en it to me. m that's gorgeous. look and the sky this morning. g 41 in baltimore, they have 37 in frederick.ick. it will be a cool day.ool mid-50's for daytime highs butig a dry day with a mix of sun of and clouds. clos. look at your satellite andur s radar. there's a regional look and we are keeping the snow showers,hos yeah, there are snow showers s to the north today bhout itay b looks like by tomorrow a a little clipper system we'll get a few of those dippinghose down into our region as well.s we'll talk more about that. just a heads up.just the growing season has
6:37 am
i kid about the sensitive vegetation but there's aon b freeze warning off to thear north and west for fridayniwe fr night into saturday morning.orni >> you definitely have to cover your vegetation tonight.on [laughter] >> is that what you're saying.t >> now steve is gettingti playful. >> you want to cover your vnsitive vegetation.e >> you need take care of your tender vegetation.eget >> gosh. >> year round but particularly tonight with the freezing fre temperatures. all right. >> even got lee laughing about that one. >> sun and clouds, gusty winds out there out of the west ate wa 15 to 20. 2 all right, seven day will beilbe back in a minute. we have a warmup so you don'tout have to be as concerned but as beautifulco sunrise.. >> looks amazing behind youin y guys. >> i know, man. i k hello. hello. >> taking it all in.>> t i just tweeted out and askeded everyone what they're doingey'rn this weekend and todd wrote me m and said he's snow shovelinghovg which made me happy because i bu don't think anyone needs a shovel. crash activity top of thep he outer loop between colesvilleet and georgia a crash at thatwea t location. delays back to new give y
6:38 am
get through that part of theartt beltway. now a live look on 66. on if you're waking up in virginia, manassas centrevilleee trying to get towards tar arlington this morning you cants see some slow moving trafficra 234 to centreville.tril just a lot of stop-and-go traffic. e u can see some of the cameras are clear and some are r not. this is a disabled caris i blocking the right shoulder out by 29.ouby 2 we'll let you know as soon as sa emergency vehicles get thereget if it blocks any lanes. les a look back at our maples our mp right now. aside from those issues, still o a crash after 610 on 95 o northbound blocking the left t l shoulder. delays back to courthouseack road. they have been pretty heavyrey h from stafford. metro is on that's your friday traffic. we'll have more in a fewo .fr back to you. >> when you go to the grocery store and you head down to t the dairy aisle you might want towat grab whole milk instead of skim milk.d >> coming up we'll tell you y why skim milk may not be the healthiest choice after all. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back at 6:41. let's take a look at our realtime news tracker to see what stories you are engaging y with most on social media thisou morning. first up, d.c. rapper fat trel t is in legal trouble again. aga just two weeks after beingft beg arrested for trying to change counterfeit money chips at a local casino fat trel is facing charges for dwi and narcotics distribution. former baltimore raven r star ray lewis is sparking sparg controversy after he posted ated pass passionate 10 minuteinut video on his facebook page. lewis q
6:42 am
black lives matter about why auy they seem to ignore black on o black crime. c that video was created a call cl attention to a recent surge ofro violence in chicago. finally, hm, if you loveov whole milk you'll love this t story. looks like skim milk might not be the healthiest choice athit h all. full fat dairy like whole milkhe may be healthier than low fat dairy. dairy. researchers found skim milker could increase your risk fors diabetes. diabet >> still to come this mornings i a grandmother's facebook postebt about her grandson's birthday party has gone viral. how it turned an unfortunateor situation into a birthdayinto br surprise an reminder for your before we head to break right now if you have a news tip news share it with us call (202)2) 895-3000 or e-mail us youraius y tips to fox5 tips at back in a minute.
6:43 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course...
6:44 am
nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks.
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wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> ♪ >> all right. look at that beautiful sunrise. hope you're having a good friday -- start to yourt linda foru marstshaar and tweeting me pictures of theturef sunrise out there. t absolutely gorgeous and goingan to be a nice looking day. d going to be a cool day todayod but you can see that sunriseun getting up that that it will iwi be a lot quiter than let's do some temperatures andtp cool start to your day.rt to yor 44 now in washington.ashing 44 in annapolis.apis look at your 30's breaking outio off to the north and west.
6:46 am
we're doing 36 out in cumberland, this afternoon at, h winchester so very coolster s conditions to start your dayr and our friend the wind isin seems like it's been verybeenery windy the last couple weeks. wee today the wind will be out of wn the west at about 15 to 20.5o and at times gusting a little al bit more than that so breezes,rz daytime highs in the mid-50's,i' mix of clouds and sun today s but a drier day than yesterday e as we're waking up generallyener with quiet conditions. might be a sprinkle out there.he i just got a tweet fromro somebody in cumberland that let me know they're get know thy something snow showers out inows cumberland so well to theel north and west we're get, someem light snow showers early this morning. we got a chance for a few moref snow showers, not so muchrsnot o today but as we get into tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, maybe even as far south as sth d.c. we might see a few snow few little clipper system off the our north. ou we're going get a secondary sona one that's going to drop downoiw into the region tomorrow andor as that does so, focus,, friday, not sure where that tha map is coming from, as it does e so notice what's going tosoing ha
6:47 am
here we are at 6:00 a.m.. this is as we get intot io tomorrow. tomorrow watch that clipper systemli approach overnight tonight andrg it will bring us probably a period of light rain shower activity tomorrow and then by tomorrow afternoon this is tomorrow afternoon we're going to have a few rain and or snowrw showers around across the area. and going to be honest here,ere, as were you get further northge and west, northern maryland,an southern pennsylvania thereen may be enough -- there may be enough snow for some light accumulations. by light maybe a dusting,aybe a maybe an inch, that kind of thing later saturday afternoonft and saturday evening. then it quickly gets out ofout here. again, it's just a clipper it'sa system. not a lot of moisture to work m with.oi with under no condition cans willan w this become a major event but ee any time you're talking aboutkia snow in april that's something to talk about. that we go. 57th today. today 47 tomorrow.omorro remains cool on sunday andday then we will start a nice warmup, a more springlikepringl pattern by early next week i promise erin. e i promise it will get warmer. we >> please. >> okay. >> i'm so ready for. >> chilly today and tonight,y a, though. thou
6:48 am
at least i can get a few more fm wears out of some of thes t of winter outfits before we switch out closets, right, tuctucker? right now 210 now northbound old fort road to kerby hill road down to down 22 miles an hour. mil it's a slow roll in prince e george's. starting to see that usualse volume on 50 pickup on thehe inbound side by kenilworth.enilo dealing with a crash on the on t outer loop between colesville and georgia blocking the shoulder.ld delays back to new hampshire.psi i'll show you a live look atoo that so you can get an idea as a to what you're up against forpin your morning really heavy by new hampshire. . all lanes stacked.lanesta give yourself as least 25 lst extra minutes to battle that tht congestion. inner loop looking good top ofki the beltway. look at that sun glare.un gre beautiful but grab your gb shades. even though it's a little a l chillier than we like the see for this friday morning it'sings sunny. sunny. we'll take a look at our maps. aside from that delay 109 to09 o germantown road 270 south keepok it down to 29 miles per hour. ph more congestion as you passou ps through gaithersburg as youhe get to the spur and north ofr af that point in frederick you're'r jammed up by the truck scales.
6:49 am
nothing out of the ordinary there. y ash activity 95 north still blocking the shoulder at 610. at big delays up through staffordgd then you hit more delays towards the springfieldthe interchange. metro son time.son me. back to >> thanks erin. an 89-year-old holocaustye survivor in michigan has one big wish.g wh. she wants to sing the national anthem at a detroit tigers ter baseball she fares gained attentionned ae after relatives posted a videoto of her singing on facebook, steve. >> hirsch was born in she lost several family members at the auschwitz camp.wc she has no fear of standing intn front of a big crowd. c the detroit tigers now work on r trying to give her her wish and the opportunity to singity o the anthem during an upcomingpc baseball game.seball game. >> i know they're going tow th make in happen for her. h that is awesome. is aweso here is a beautiful endautil the a heartbreaking experiencexr for one indiana boy stood up stu by his friends on his birthdaydy and it's all thanks to his t h grandmother.grandmot >> the nine-year-old the celebrated his big day lastas weekend. none of the friends that hee invited showefrd up.
6:50 am
his grandmother says he has a disability due to three majorthm brain surgeries and he often hen plays alone but when no oneo on came to his party she sharedhe his story on facebook and thatot led to thousands of shares andrd presents that came in from in strangers all across the globe. hope he had a happy one.had a the cobblestone streets of hogs meade have come alive on ae the west coast.oa harry potter theme park had a its grand opening.dpe several cast members on handem for the festivities. the first wizarding world of of harry potter opened in 2010 in florida and was credited for a a 30 percent jump in visitors.ors. >> ♪ >> kevin is back.b >> maureen, good to see uglies u good to see you.d to see you >> like the haircut.ike the haic good to see you guys asyou uys always. three major movies opening upniu in theaters today. tay harry potter world does seem s cool i went to the one in florida.fl it's ample. it's amp rides amazing.ride
6:51 am
including the boss as well as a hard core henry andnry d the boss is a new movie m starring melissa mccarthy. mar >> i'm interd in this. i >> it's so many kids in the film butntan it's not a kids mom it's raunchy directed by ben falcone. melissa mccarthy's husbandma in real life. he was the air marshal inn she plays a self made businesses woman. she's like a millionaire and all of a sudden she gets in sud trouble for insider trading. tdg goes to jail and comes back b and then wants to be able toeble try and reinvent herself and and kristen bell's character tries t to help her do that as well. tts the movie itself melissael mccarthy is really funny butun b the overall tone of the filmhe doesn't wo it never finds a balance. >> really?>> r >> evil like that are timeske t where it tries way too hard tors be funny w and it uses its rs it rating over the top. melissa mccarthy is funny tounny watch but i found myself justyst a lot of jokes falling a especially peter ding latch. lat i loved him in game of
6:52 am
but he really falls flat inls fa this movie and i felt like he lh could have been a betterd ha character but the whole ending n sequence didn't work for me so r i gave it a two and a half outa of five.ive. mccarthy is better than identity thief,ity e better than the heat and it's i better than tammy but nowhereow near as good as spy or bridesmaids. >> oh man. >> in the middle of those guys. if you liked those moviesmi it'i definitely funny in times.imes. >> we hadn't seen the best seent parts in the trailer as we've av seen so far but i get thehe sense we may have.ay h >> you'll go, you'll laughou'llh half the time.lf the time. just think about t it's worth a matinee. >> what else do you have. h >> hard core henry this is onerh of the coolest concepts i'vece ever heard for a film ever. e it's shot almost entirely onntio go pro cameras. cer >> i saw the trailer for this. t it looks interesting.erti >> very interesting.>> ver the entire movie from thehe credits forward but theut majority of the movie is actually shot from the pob perspective you're alwaysyou' behind the camera with the star.
6:53 am
and has to try the save his s h wife and goes through a bunch bh of henchman trying to do that.yg it's a very violent movie, very hard core as the titlehe t tells you. i will say this. it gets redundant after awhile.awhi action blends together. ble from an action perspectiveon pec it's very, very cool to and there are scenes that willsw blow your mind considering theid whole thing is shot this way.hiw and i did find myself kind ofeld blown away by the action butut the overall thing it does getd a little bit over the top atthe times.ti i gave it a three and a half a out of five.out f hoping it would be a littled bet bit better but overall three t and a half. hal >> can i make two observations. i only watched the three t minute trailer for this.te t two things i noticeed. noticeed >> watch this shot. wat this is cool.this wait, wait. w that's awesome. that part is cool.that go ahead.. >> one just in watching the t trailer for three minutes ofee m action i got really dizzy.zy. >> me, too. >> trying to watch it in the wa theater.ter. and two it looks like a videoksi game to me more than a movie. me >> first of all the video game concept is very trauma it'sauma literally like watching a l
6:54 am
action "grand theft auto" game. dizziness people are saying they're getting motion sick. s if you get motion sickness sickn don't see it i had no problemro with it because i ridee rollercoasters all the time. three and half out of five. worth seeing if you're an action >> one more.ti >> demolition jakeitio gyllenhaal's character his's c wife dies in a car crash and cra he really tries to figure outigo his life after she passes awaywa and tries to miss her as well. w it's a very good drama. drama he is phenomenal in it.t. again, a case where the actorct is better than the overallrall film. gyllenhaal proves again he'sprov one of the best actors working r today. law amazing obviously in prisoners and enemy and e and zodiac. this is a great performance, aan good movie.ov three and a half out of five. f. not mind blowingly great.reat. >> blows i was weigh thiswsas week.. >> hard core henry could haveeny blown me away and it didn't. best movies midnight specialpe "10 cloverfield lane"ovfield la" "deadpool" and batman versuser superman. >> a special give away because b it is fun for the whole family m and you can only enter
6:55 am
facebook. >> you could win four tickets to see ringling brothers andthsn barnum and bailey circus extreme on sunday april 17th. at price tag includes a $100 $ american express gift card a a coloring book ring master hat a plush tiger and elephantlephan deluxe program miniaturetu circus cannon replica. rli >> go to our facebook pageook p between now and 11:59. 1 one winner will be selected byed random drawing april 11th.pril1t this prize has an approximatete retail value of $400 and it is provided by feldy entertainment. >> what's going on tuckers barngoes? >> alallall right, chillyght, ci temperatures to start your day. day. did you see the end ofyou american idol. >> did you talk about it. >> no.>> >> did you see dunkel man. m >> did you see ryan seacrest'scs hair? he has the frosted --ros- it was was oen. really cool see >> i thoht
6:56 am
pretty good last night. gd la are you going to review thatiew at some point.nt >> at 7 o'clock. >> perfect. can't wait to hear. hea i pay close attention. attention let's go to the weatherea forecast. cool to start your mid-50's this afternoon.araftern few clouds out there.clou out t. mix of sun and clouds out that t but a dry friday. f there are your winds out ofur w the west at seven and thatv makes it feel just a little cooler than that but again mix a of sun and clouds withsit temperatures in the mid-50's mi5 this afternoon.fternoon. we'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up but it'sominp going to be a chilly weekend. wd 40's to about 50 saturday, satda sunday. erin is back with the roads.oads >> if you're headed to bwi, bw parkway northbound dealingno with art delay by goddard space flight center. heads up for your travels there. going to slow down 210 north n old for the it's to kerby'so hill. . still down to 22 miles an hour in prince george's'sn. suitland parkway inbound isound very slow as you head towardsead the douglas bridge as well. 295 southbound typical delays dl as you make your way out by pennsylvania.pennsylv outer loop this crash stillh sll after colesville road taking out the shoulder.houlder. delays are very heavy back toact new hampshire. hampshire. montgomery
6:57 am
continue but right know nearnown 109 and metro is on time.nim that's your traffic.traf we'll be back in just a few with more weather and traffic.
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> new at 7 o'clock this morning, new developmentsevel after a deadly overnight crash c in one of the district'sistr busiest streets.t see a pedestrian struck and killed th
7:00 am
overnight we'll have an updatehd from police coming up.e comi u >> plus a popular bus line inin the district under fire. the new report shedding lighthe on the condition oddf the d.c. circulator. are riders at risk? we'rek? w live with what you need toee t know. >> it's all over for americanera idol. last night was the swansong. swa what a reunion it was. former contestants and the the crowning of. o >> trent harmon. >> as the final winner.the nal more from the star-studdedstudde finale ahead this hour. h >> a live look outside on thiss friday april 8th 2016. 201 44 degrees right now.ow going to be a windy one today.oy all the talk is about the coldol and snow perhaps headed ourd ou way tomorrow.omro of course tuck had talk allalk about the weather. erin has got you covered with traffic on the 5's at 7:05.:0 first we say good morning to mon you, i'm holly morris. allison seymour is off today.ody >> and i'm steve cne welcome to fox5 news morning. mg develop overnight d.c. policeni investigating how a pedestrianho was struck and killed earlynd kl this morningle.this morning it happened right around 1:30 1 this morning, 1300 block of bck mass avenue. for a time


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