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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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overnight we'll have an updatehd from police coming up.e comi u >> plus a popular bus line inin the district under fire. the new report shedding lighthe on the condition oddf the d.c. circulator. are riders at risk? we'rek? w live with what you need toee t know. >> it's all over for americanera idol. last night was the swansong. swa what a reunion it was. former contestants and the the crowning of. o >> trent harmon. >> as the final winner.the nal more from the star-studdedstudde finale ahead this hour. h >> a live look outside on thiss friday april 8th 2016. 201 44 degrees right now.ow going to be a windy one today.oy all the talk is about the coldol and snow perhaps headed ourd ou way tomorrow.omro of course tuck had talk allalk about the weather. erin has got you covered with traffic on the 5's at 7:05.:0 first we say good morning to mon you, i'm holly morris. allison seymour is off today.ody >> and i'm steve cne welcome to fox5 news morning. mg develop overnight d.c. policeni investigating how a pedestrianho was struck and killed earlynd kl this morningle.this morning it happened right around 1:30 1 this morning, 1300 block of bck mass avenue. for a time
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down. it has since reopened. since reo we're told the victim was not nt walking in a crosswalk when he was hit. police say the driver did trive remain at the scene.cene. no word yet if she will facel f any charges. crg also happening today, today local bus drivers speaking outig about what they say are say dangerous conditions puttingut rider at risk this after anisk a audit of a local bus lineus shows big safety problems. >> fox5's melanie alnwick ismen live this morning from unions fr station with this story. hey, mel. >> reporter.>> reporter: good mi this is one of the popular pop circulator bus stops.tops one coming right now. circulators are those red tse rd buses with the sort of yellowel swooshes along the side ofide o them. the bus driver's union says s that this is a disaster disaster waiting to happen and claims the operator first transit hasrt been taking dangerous dgero shortcuts to save money. the circulator has 67 buses running seven routes. it's just a dollar a ride.a ar a they're mainly in the down d taken areas but they also run r to roslyn.osly the system has been running hee for about 10 a ddot au
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summer looked at 42 of thef the system's oldest buses and bes a found that in addition too being very detective dirty dirtd out there were many defect.e may they found an average of 22 o defects per bus much higherhig than a rate by other fleetsther run by first transit.n by t 40 of 42 buses in speculate insd critical defects. problems with brakes and steering. that audit was last august. last month an informal auditma done by members of the driver's union found that the tt same issues persist. psi 29 buses with critical safety defects, brakes, doors, lights, wheelchair ramps among a some of the problems that that own informal audit found. ait now, the conclusion of the ddot audit was that not only o was there improper maintenance and lack of maintenance,
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of recordkeeping by first transit, also wmata and ddot d hadn't done a very good job ofjf maintaining oversight.veight. that hans to be a oversight bovr hearing today, 11 o'clock thisch morning city council chambers and at that hearing the that transit union will alsols present its findings saying really that operator first transit is basically taking takn short cuts in order to savee money. mone the union is also asking foror higher wages.higher w back to you t >> mel, i know earlier youknow r were making a comment that youha were still trying to figure t out exaryctly who rides the the circulator buses. buses of the ones that you've seen this morning, and i know it'sg,' still early, does it look like there's quite a few people one them oa r no? >> reporter: you know, theyw,he have regular ridership butsh b i've never seen any of these oft buses fully certainly not as popular ast asr metro buses. they really are intended justent to be sort of an internal astera they call it the circulator, cia just meant to be sort of annt t internal bus route. so, not as many riders as metrobus but still they
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fall under the oversight ofrs wmata and ddot. >> interring to see how iter toe plays out. o >> let's go to prince george'srg county. deadline day for some clubs tocl change how they're doingy're doi business or shut >> this the result of ahis th crackdown on adult clubs thatlut may be trafficking under aged a girls as strippers.girl it's a story fox5 has been5 hasb following for nearly a yearr now. annie yu is live outside one oue of the businesses in good morningse, annie. ann >> reporter: hey, good rorte morning, holly and steve. s you know, earlier this week, the county issued cease andd ces desist letters to 12 t businesses in the county that i are known for operating as adult entertainment businessesun or activities going on inside and again, as you mentioned, men this is something we have beenee on top of for the last yearast a and a half.and hal and so that has prompted the county to look into this and the crackdown is hg if you look on the window herew at the upscale ballroom inlrm in suitland you can see the t letters posted on the window.hen it's one of the businesses onuss that list and because theyause e were solely operating as adult entertainment they had to
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completely shut down whichn wh looks to be the case, guys, icay looked inside, they took the too sign down, they have tornrn everything down inside.own ns so the deal is once we lookede into these allegations of sex ag trafficking going on at someme of these clubs the countybs t began their own investigationnvi and they say that, you know, k they have 12 businesses thatine they looked at and as long as some of these businesses aresina operating as a banquet hall a restaurant or lounge they can remain opened as long as theyd stop the adult entertainmentnten activities. however, three on that list upscale ballroom here in suitland fuego and club c ecstasy they must shut downt dn completely because they were solely operating as adult entertainment establishments.ab here's a county official offia explaining more about theabou crackdown. take a listen.te >> thought this would takes woda adult entertainment away from a the community away from residential areas, away from f schools and put them into an area that's pretty much isolated and we've told themd te that if you're not operatingting within one of those areas
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you're illegal. >> reporter: so, guys, alls, 12 businesses and clubs onnd clo that list must comply withmply t this order by 5:00 p.m. today..d that's the very latest here in suitland, maryland, annie yu, y, fox5 local news. >> 7:zer7:06.7: >> gorgeous sunrise. sun little makes for a nice sunrise and sunset. got some nice pictures.icre cool today. mid-50's for daytime highs but s much drier than yesterday. y >> and warmer than tomorrow.omoo >> and, yes -- [laughter][l >> haven't even gotten to't eveo tomorrow yet. tomorrow looks wintry maybe.y me actually a wintry weekend. weeke we'll talk about it.ut it. 44 now in washington, 42 up in baltimore.balt 44 in fredericksburg.urg. leonardtown, good morning,ng, 41 degrees.41 had some severe thunderstormshur yesterday. had a beautiful rainbow. rainb did you guys see the rainbowheai he.he. >> saw it over nats park.s p it was beautiful.eautul. >> and you didn't snap atna photograph. >> where i saw it it was kin
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beautiful pictures online from m people on the on the side of sid the >> steve did take some amazing pictures at the ball game ashe b well. >> up until the second inningth it was a beautiful day at the at ballpark. >> yeah and then the rain cameam down. we're going back, okay.go mix of sun and clouds today.. i want to give you a head's up. freeze warning north and westnig for tomorrow that's how chillmoy temperaturet are going to be starting laterar tonight and tomorrow.ght w. there's a quick look at yourk y friday again details on the weekendeeee coming up but mid-50's today.-5a we'll keep it dry.we'll ke it will be a breezy afternoon.fn bring a jacket if you run outifn the door.e d >> all right, very good.very goo let's go ahead and check on o traffic now with erin como. >> 7:07 right now.:07 ow if you're taking metro newet alert for you. malfunction at greenbelt.a because of that green line t delays to branch avenue. no alerts for the rest of your r rails. rail also a we take a look at our cams are are right now the outer loop still typical congestion.ngon. earlier crash between colesville and georgia didia did clear but look at thatt residual leftover delay and congestion. 95 to georgia typical slowgi roll. let's take a look at some of
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our area bridges for you.dg fory this is 395 at the 14th street4e bridge. a bit of congestion some light l volume there from the beltway bl on through you'll hit someit stop-and-go traffic. tffic same story from roslyn into georgetown. cybrid inbound steady flow of fw slow moving traffic. gw southbound slow as you pass 123. wilson bridge over the inner the loop and outer loop. loop. inner loop a little bit ofloop l volume increasing there. we'll switch it over for a look at our maps. m 66 eastbound, 234 to, centreville down to about a 41 miles per hour once you geter into arlington you h slow as slo well by westemoreland.temond and then taking a look in look n prince george's county righteorg now, old fort road to kerbyo key hill road down to 22 miles per s hour on 210 inbound.ound. and then the inner loop localool lanes do jam as you headou h towards the wilson bridge.ri once you get there again the traffic does start to break up a little bit. little heavy on the outer loop by richie marlboro. suitland parkway slows to south capitol. >> friends and family will s
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their final goodbyes to a teen t killed over easterer ete weekend. 15-year-old devon at anyon a washington was with his familyhi when he was shot and killed asht nine deanwood metro station. st. he was a freshman at largo high school. washington's funeral will be held at first baptist church crh of glenarden.rd services begin at 11 o'clock.k. >> two men behind bars accused a of kidnapping and raping a rapg 12-year-old girl. enrique cas carbajal and tome. investigators in alexandria a virginia are checking whetherthr the two men might be involvedt v in similar assaults in theirs it areas.ars. >> fox5 learned georgetownne university has been the victim of a cyber according to an e-mail sentl se out by university officials,ia the hack happened last week.pen. now, it was not related torelatd that massive cyber attack onn medstar health.h. no student information norma university data wasata wa compromised. >> there is breaking news is bri coming out of the ngvatican thin morning. take a look at a live picture pu of vatican city where catholics
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answering questions about aut new document on family andme marriage. this was released just about an hour ago by pope the pope made bold arguments arg in in document likely to stir s controversy with traditional tdn catholics. >> bob barnard outside saint matthews cathedral with what the pope had to say. what does it all start >> reporter: holly and steve h very it's a 256 page document, docum 50,000 words available online.l. we can show you what it lookst s it is called the joy of love. now, pope francis is not changing any rules. rules he's just encouraging catholic o bishops and priests to take a more liberal or inclusiveiberin approach to divorced catholics who remarry and to consider csi offering them communion whichmmn officially they're notci supposed talo do. d pope francis wants priests and bishops he says to show mercy, m to be flexible when dealing with what he calls woundedls wnd families.fa now, there's been a split'seen within the church for a number m of years, in fac
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benedict and saint john paul joh ii have taken more conservative stances. they have basically said thatsia only divorced catholics who who get annulments can then receive the sacrament of communion during mass. mass. that pope francis says should change and that's for divorced catholics. did he not make any changes c for gay couples. cples. some were hoping that perhapst r in this doctrine he would bee ud more inclusive and opening towards same-sex he has not. and he did not basically greenig light contraception.epti he basically said it's up to catholic families themselves tel to decide what to do in terms t of controlling their familyol sizes so no word on contraception, gay marriage but he is saying that catholicc priests, pastors, bishops hackis cos the world should considerd r giving communion to divorced catholics who remarry. r there are 1.2 bililn bil catholics the vatican saysan
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we are outside saintdent matthew's.matt there's an 8 o'clock massckas here. we'll talk to some people whomeo are going in for mass and see ae what they t it's a very controversial matter obviously obvusly >> this is huge because, youecao know, annulment, that is suchthc a huge process for them to goo through and basically the popeop is saying we should do awayg we with that, right? just to confirm. >> reporter: he didn't sayter: h that but there are families fame who have been married and get divorced and say, what are we supposed to consider that t marriage that producedproced children didn't exist, get an annulment, that that union didn't exist? so, that whole idea of annulment angered people. he did not wipe that off the he's just saying that the priests and bishops should behos more -- worldwide not just j here in the states of course inclusive when consideringonderg welcoming divorced catholics who remarry back into the bk in church.urch >> interesting. going to be a talker for sure.aa thanks bob.thanks bob. >> still to come this morning,s, new surveillance video of oneidn of the men wanted for the deadly terror attack inack in brussels.
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well, it'sfo getting prettyrey ugly. ug the latest attacks and heatedted exchanges on the campaignon the trail, that's coming up next.
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>> ♪ >> all right. it is right now -- what timew is it? 7:15. >> yes. >> month of april. mth of april. >> flying by. >> what do we have to do tuck. >> only issue with april is it i really hasn't felt like april.f >> that's kind of a big issue. >> everything. eve so, let's try to focus ons us something today.od we have been talking so muchng m about tomorrow, cold,w, col possibility of snow but sounds like after the rain yesterday ye snow tomorrow, maybe we should d just enjoy today. today >> i thought you were talking t socially. you're talking about weather. wr >> you already made plans for ms tonight. >> going to be a little breezyty today, right. >> going to be breezy and cool b today, mid-50's for daytimeayti ghghs. steve we'll be togetherwe'l tomorrow you. >> brought it up.>> brought
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>> one day apart you guys can stand it. >> 44 washington, 44 up newnew york. look how cold it is north and west. pittsburgh pirates 31 degrees. hope they're not playing atre na home right now. n detroit is 28.detroit 34 in chicago.higo. that cold air headed in our. freeze warnings off to theoff te north and west. wes going to be a very chilly weekend. all in all it will be a nicee looking day.okin sun and clouds today.ds today. few snow showers will stay upayu in pennsylvania and we'll bee windy with temperatures aboutret 10 degrees below normal, againoa mid 50.50 here's a quick look at thek at weekend setup.det little clipper system stays to t our north brings in anothernno frontal system throughte saturday. that could kick offer a round of -- off a round of showers she and or -- go ahead, holly, say it, snow showers. >> snow.>> sno say it isn't snow. s >> snow showers saturday satda afternoon for parts of thearf te area particularly to the northlh and west. not expecting any any accumulations locally but asut you get up into northernthn maryland, southern pennsylvania there might
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>> you know what, i think thisc is like -- twhhis will be now, w don't know, maybe the third t t time that we're going to go surely this is winter's last l gasp.p. >> i do think we turn the corner next week.tee much more springlike patternatte next week. wee this might really be it. >> we will see.will. >> uh-huh. >> still the weekend did ike mention that. >> it is friday at least we have f that goingoi for us.for us. >> i'll take friday.da may be my last weekend to hibernate and justify my lazyany behavior. right now 50 westbound 202 to 22 ninth street we're seeing somern slow moving traffic as youing make your way inbound so watch w for that.rhat. this camera by 202 and as we asw show you a look as you get g closer to ninth street it i really starts to jam just a whole lot of trafficfra right now. no crashes to report. just the usual morning congestion as you head towards w brentwood parkway.brentwoo we'll god ahead and switch a things over for a look at our first though a camera on the a outer loop. you're jammed up by colesville.colesv an earlier crash cleared. ce dealing with leftover typicalr c delays. now a look at our aside from those slow movingw m areas for your moni
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the inner loop local lanes dolol jam right now heading towardsngw the wilson bridge.lsonri and then old fort road to can t kerby hill down to 22 mileso per hour on 210 inbound. suitland parkway inbound jamsams to south capitol. out in alexandria and virginia i 395 north duke street toe t seminary down to about a 31 miles per hour.31 mil per more volume does increase asase you get to the 14th streethe4th bridge. are you crowded on theu owde eastbound side of the southeast-southwest freewaysoute and green line delays to delays branch avenue from an earlier malfunction at greenbelt son give yourself a few exat ael minutes for the green line l metro commute. back to you. y >> belgian authorities saygi they want to know more about aat suspect who has become knownomeo now as the man in the hat. h he was last seen at brusselst us airport with two suicidecide bombers before they died inhey e the march 22nd attacks. aac now photos released by b prosecutors from surveillance s footage show him leaving the the airport on foot walking to a nearby town and then on intonto brussels. brus now at some point he discarded d the white jacket he was wearing. >> a lot of cameras doing their job.
7:19 am
democrats appear to be taking tk pages from republican playrom books this morning.ok the battle between bernies sander bs and hillary clintonet getting a little ugly as theythe fight for votes in new yorknew k william. >> wisdom martin joins us now with more. j it's nasty.asty >> absolutely. we thought the democratic sidecs was the sane side but boy, you b start talking about politics pit you know things can turnn quicking.quic if the democrats thoughtts t republicans had cornered thehadr market on tough campaignign tactics, that is changing with bernie sanders and hillary andia clinton now engaging in trenchh if being familiar with the subway is a litmus test fors t presidential candidates, both c, hillary clinton and berniend bni sanders could be in some trouble.oubl sanders thought the system still used tokens which were w phased out 13 years ago in favor of metro cards andar and clinton it took her five triesir to get her metro card to work.dw >> i lover it because it's so i convenient. >> reporter: above ground inr: a new york it's getting ugly with democrats concerned thatced attacks between clinton andntond sanders questioning oneioning oe another's qualifications
7:20 am
going too far. >> well, i think he hadn't done his homework and he's ande' been talking more than a year a about doing things that he obviously hadn't really studied or understood.nd >> maybe the american peopleeo might wonder about your qualifications madame secretary when you voted forwhen the war in iraq the most disastrous foreign policy polic blunder in the modern history ms of america. america >> there's an empire state'sempe battle playing out foryiut for republicans, too, with ted cruz hoping to win just enough o to keep donald trump fromnaldmp winning all the delegateseges there.there. >> i have no regrets aboutbo standing for the people of new e york. >> but trump has been hitting ht cruz hard on his earlierarli comments about liberal newer york values. >> and i've got this guy standing over that looking atoog me talking about new york n values with hatred, with wit hatred of new york. so, folks i think you can tnk y forget about him. >> all rig
7:21 am
in preparation of the april 19th primary in new york r trump has canceled a plannedlann trip to california and iss instead focusing all his attention on new york. yk. it's all about the big apple. >> a lot at stakes. a >> what does all thiss nastiness teach our children. that's what i think when i see e that. >> i don't think they're d thinking about that.on they couldki careless. celes this looks like a win at allt al ststs. >> you're taking people whotakiw have about an 8 percent per approval rating in congress cons and you expect them to behave properly when running forun president.en >> i expect my children to cldre behave better and he does. 7:21 right n coming up, a college campus on alert after the murder of a student.uden >> wild car chase throughugh hollywood.holl this was story straight out of hollywood.hoywood. bizarre pursuit. we'll tell you about it next. pass pal
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>> ♪. >> 7:24 right now. 7:2 there's new surveillance videosv this morning of a man suspected of murdering aderi university of texas student. that student 18-year-oldar haruka weiser last seen leaving a university building.ln her body discovered tuesday inai a creek on the campus inin austin.stin. autopsy showed she waspsy assaulted but authorities haveus not shared details of how she died. that's some of the's surveillance video that police are looking at. >> an ille egal californiaalifoa joyride turns into a police polc chase and actually ends with selfies. this is crazy video.s cry vi stop what you're doing andyou'oi take a look.take a l two robbery suspects
7:25 am
convertible then did doughnuts on hollywood boulevard.oulerd they even ran into a tmz bus. they then ran red lights drove on the wrong sides of the roadea but they did slow down forn pedestrians, it wasn't nice of them. they even high-fived some of the pedestrians.the the chase lasted about 90 minutes. the suspects fstinallyly surrendered to police while onlookers took pictures. extreme reach there.. people that were out and about.about. >> even the little dog wantsttld to get in on the action. act let's check in with tucker w barnes. looks a little rainy out there in l.a. tuck.. ck here we had quite the dose of d rain. >> that was the strangest video. he jumped out and put hisou hands behind hist back. b >> they were just playing. playi you don't want to play witho pli the law.the la >> another day in hollywood. >> amazing.>> a yes, steve, cool conditions.on clouds. this is a live i clouds to start your day. d 40's. 40's. 44 degrees right now ines right washington.wa it's going to be a chilly dayhid and a very cool weekend sond plan accordingly.plan it will not feel terribly
7:26 am
springlike around here the aroue next couple of days. however, we will be dry today with again temperaturesin topping out in the mid-50'sin which is 10 degrees below tees w normal.normal. that's how you know it's goingok to be a cool weekend.nd we got snowflakes flying thiske morning up in pennsylvania.pelvn >> stop it. i >> sorry about that a little lit clipper system and we're goingoi to have another clipper system s come through tomorrow.orw. so, 57 today. today cold tonight.ight. there's a freeze warning offfr to the north and west lateeer tonight.toni and then a secondary clipperpp system tomorrow brings usrings cloud cover, cool conditionsditn and some rain and or snow oow showers tomorrow afternoon.ftero we're not expecting any any accumulation here locally but north and west particularly upyp into northern maryland maryl southern pennsylvania there could be enough snow to cover thesn the ground so we'll talk t more about that but look athat your cool weekend. saturday, sunday very cool.ery c nice rebound next week.k. i do think we turn the corner cr next week into a moree springlike pattern so we won't t have these sort of extremes exte and freeze warnings everyee night and that kind of i'm smiling.sming. erin, are you smiling?g? >> tucktory, it's 7:26 in the
7:27 am
>> it's friday.>> i have no reason not to beot to smiling. smiling. >> okay. >> right now metro update toe your. yo malfunction at greenbelt.n taking the green like factor gre in a few extra minutes. extra delays to branch avenueo right now.ri no other alerts for the resthe s of our lines so that's good aside from the metro he i want w to take a live look around the t area because i'm seeing a lot al lighter congestion thancongestin normal. this is actually 270 as youly70s make your way down past fatherfa hurley a disabled truckabled tr blocking the shoulder.ngde not causing major slowdowns.wdow stretch of 270 from frederickrei down only seeing minor delays. l once you get to the beltwayay the outer loop by the american n legion bridge and the innerdg loop a little bit oe f volume vm but nothing major for that for a portion of your ride. rid we'll switch it over for a look at 66. 234 to centreville is dealings g with just a little bit of congestion.conges you can see some congestion asio you make your way into arlington.lingn. and sun glare, grab yourb your shades a little bit of a patience we'll take a look at 95 next. back to youti.k to >> still ahead this morning a crackdown on illegal dirt o bikes andn atv's here in theine district.ri police looking for hundreds ofso renegade riders.renegaid we'll tell you how you can you c help coming
7:28 am
>> later you know seats on o airplanes are already a tight tg squeeze.ue they could get even we'll tell you why. 7:28 is the time right now. >> ♪
7:29 am
7:30 am
♪ we are on it and we arend we ready to do something about it.u all we need is a little helpe h from you. from that's the message from several local law enforcement agencies e who are joining forces to put ao stop to illegal dirt bikes and atv's.atv's problem fox5 has been followingo for years, one that came to ouro attention this week when twoo videos surfaced showing just how dangerous and disruptive these packs can be.e but what
7:31 am
pictures, nearly 250 very clearr pictures that police have of heo those riding the bikes, and thaa actually is where you come in.o. also, why deputy chief gregory g nichols from the prince george'c county police department isice m joining us live this morning gni morning, sir. >> good morning, how are you.nir >> i'm doing well, thank you.nk thanks for joining us. jng u you know, first and for most when we saw from the press p conference yesterday all theen s agencies coming togetherhe obviously that sent out a o a message to have one this is aisa problem that everyone thinks t needs to be dealt with. >> oh, absolutely. yesterday chief lanier we were e glad she organized a forum in which we can discuss an issue ie that's become a detriment to ouo communities.unie the unsafe and negligentnd neglt operation of these vehicles.ehic >> you know i think there werew some people that were thinking k that nothing was being done, bub clearly a lot has been done ovee the years and now you have these pictures and you're putting theg out there, and i
7:32 am
these are definitely people that can be identified. identd so what does the public need to do for you to catch these guys?? >> well, what we need the publip to do is we need them to partner with us. u our communities we've done ae a great job with partnering too reduce crime and once againga we're asking for their assistance in identifying theseg people and bring about a stop tt this tragic events. >> there is a reward involved,d, right? $250 for eachorac identification of a person thatt leads to be a an arrest? >> that is correct.hat i know that metropolitan policel department, they have bonus to phone us program in they'll pay $250 for information to leads to the identification and arrest of these individuals.ndidua here in prince george's county, we're working on something similar in which we believe ours will be called bucks or bikes.r. >> how is it going to work.s gg >> doing something s
7:33 am
>> here's a question that we were talking about becausebot b there's been a lot of talk regarding this in the no chase policy, and chief lanier made ie very clear that she's got to gog to put anyone at risk in chasini these individuals is not annot a option. opti so if i'm in my neighborhood, if this is a scene going on aroundn me, and i'm unnerve, what shouls i do? should i take my phone out and try to take videos shows i can give it to police or what's the course of action foro the regular person who all of ao sudden finds themselves in aelva situation where theirheir surrounding by these dirt bikes? >> well, absolutely if you can,n photograph them.ra we would appreciate that and, o course, we would like to geto that information from thema community.y. however, we still would like fok to you call 911 and have ane officer respond. >> of course, our officers arefr well familiar with the chase policies and i know chase policies and if we are able to successfully and safelyy apprehend these individuals, wee will do so. >> i know also not only are your
7:34 am
but at the same time you're also looking for locations of these e where these bikes are stored.ree that's another thing you're asking the community to comeoom forward if they know anythingf w about that, correct?? >> that is correct. we're looking for the place p where is they are activelye acvl operating and where they are th storing these vehicles. >> do you feel like you all havl a good handle l on this situatin and that you are close to really making a department in theartm problem and curtailing it? >> well, after yesterday, what a you see all the partners of the region got together and took a show to stand that we are there together to prevent this, is, i believe that we are going tore have a good handle on it here ir prince george's county we havee another program in which we'renh running that's going to involvev some investigatory processes and unfortunately i'm not able toi'a tuck about that right now. but we do have a couple ofple things that we have in place.. >> we unthe evident that
7:35 am
are joining together to reallyea do something with this problem.l it's not just d.c. it's an area problem. deputy chief george nichols we o sure appreciate your time thishi morning. >> thank you and off great day. >>nd you, too.>> y take care. car 7:35.35 let's head over to tucker and tc get another check on the on t weather.athe >> thanks holly. very cool out there.very cou windy conditions as well.nss got some clouds a mix of sun ann clouds for friday. fri daytime highs in the mid 50s. 5. let's do the maps and here we go. 44 now at reagan national. nio 44 in annapolis. a look at your 30s breaking outakg again north and west. w 38 in hagerstown. martinsburg, winchester all ings the upper theirs to start yourtt day. a few flurries off to the northr and west this morning look atorg the flurries out into out i pennsylvania as we're watching a clipper system buy pass by tos y our north that.r no will lock in the cool for theher day. mid 50s for us for our friday fi should generally remain dryemain around here later today and thet very cold tonight. tonht in fact freeze warning north anh west overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning for parts of ps our area i'll show that you mapp coming up in just a minute.
7:36 am
we could have snowflakes arounda here tomorrow. tom round of applause. (laughter).(lgh >> boo! b >> 57 our daytime high. day we'll look at the weekend ae we forecast in just a erin has your traffic.r t >> i don't know if applause isl really necessary for potentialal snow. right now metro update for you.yo few train malfunctions at theal moment because of that several delays orange line delayed toedo vienna silver delays to wheellye reston east delays to franconiaa on the blue line and delays to branch of a green. let's switch things over andrnd show i was look what else you'rr up against outside. 66 east crowded, congested newsd york city crashes to report.ort 234 through centreville and once you get inside the beltway inely arlington stop and go traffic.rf top side of the beltway outer loop by new hampshire veryer slow-moving traffic. traff earlier crash did clear out by y colesville but leftover 95 toto georgia all jammed up. jd same story on our bridges.dg this is 395 north as you head5 s towards the 14th stree yts the s bridge. you can see traffic is crawlingg speeds under 14 miles an stop and go
7:37 am
beltway through that point andro then the key bridge inbound samm story from ross land intoand georgetown this is what you'rehu up against once you cross thero key bridge watch for typicalyp congestion on m street andtrt a wisconsin.sconn here we are across the wilson wo traffic is slowing better innere loop and outer loop the innerhe loop does jam in prince george'o as you get to the belt wage look by the american legion you canr see the outer loop is a bitit heavy from the 270 spur but thet good news is 270 is moving along just fine. fe. no huge delays between fre fredi and gaithersburg. inner loop and outer loop heavyo across the american legion.merin that's your's ytraf holdly?hold >> thanks, erin. you know that tight squeeze in your airplane seat? well, it's, not going to end any time soon.. we'll explain why coming up. >> pretty soon we'll pay a we'la premium to be able to sit in tht seat we were used to. >> exactly. >> the nationals first game ofia the season at nats park didn't go as plan. still a good day, though. it's the home openergo.r you have to have a good highlights from the home opener coming up next.
7:38 am
7:39 am
hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good.
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7:41 am
>> if you're need of postage ndp stamps might want to wait untill sunday to pick them up. them >> for the first time in nearlyl 100 years the price of stamps is dropping. stamps are getting cheaper 49 4 cents today if you buy themhem monday they will be 47 cents. c. stock up on those forever stampa the price reduction ends end a special program to make up for u lost revenue in the 2008-200909 recession. >> still need to pay your taxesp head to 7eleven.. convenience store is accepting a payments to the irs.thir the move is designed to helpd th people who don't have a bank b account or a credit card.. previously they would have hadwe to go to an irs taxpayer assistance center. cen the only catch, you got to payay in cash. cas >> but you saw that slurpee s there in the video.. >> slurpee to go. >> there it is again. t >> pay your taxes.heay youtaxe get a slurpee to be.. >> tesla model three a huge hug even though drivers won't bedriv able to get behind the wheel t w until late next year the company received 325,000 pre ordersrd that's more than $14 billion ini potential
7:42 am
get one you'll have to put downt a thousand dollars to reserveesr the model three just like 30000 some thousand people haveeoe h already done.on well holly this is it thist american idol is over now.ver coming up we'll take a look bacb at last night's big >> it was good.s g it was entertain taken.ak i loved it. it. >> we'll also look outside. pretty nice out windy and cool. c erin will update us on our traffic coming up next. 7:42 is the time right now.
7:43 am
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>> tuck, you know what that is.o >> playful music.>> >> a flute jam. p>>lute >> a flute >> i love a good flute jam.e j >> it goes with that very serial picture there.he look at the sky above unionvenin station. gorgeous morning.eous >> one thing tuck you point thei it out earlier one thing aboutno clouds, they provide a beautifua back drop. dp >> they sure do. there d particularly with sun rises andn sun sets. >> real pretty. >> the pam flute is beautiful as well.well. >> i hear you like to play the pam flute from time to time. >> i don't have any -- don >> under appreciated. >>er ♪ >> there you go. when you get like a sam fear anr a cdc mash yup going and you know you're having a good day. >> sam fear was a maestro. >> name another pam flute p flue player. >> you only need to know one. >> ♪ >> this puts me in good mood. >> all right. all rig drier cooler friday. by the way, steve, did you see s guns and roses is coming toomint town. >> i saw that.
7:46 am
>> it's a sunday night.ight. >> we've got to consider that.oe is it sunday >> yeah. >> do you think they'll still by together by the time they gete y here. >> yeah. >> dry but cooler friday. f cool conditions out there earlyh yes, a little bit of cloud cover and, yes, it will be very chillc weekend but i promise moremise m springtime on the seven day.ev d 44 in washington.hito 42 up in baltimore.timo. 30s to the north and the west hagerstown 38 degrees.gree 39 winchester.esr. and some winds out of the westft at about 10 to 20. so winds little bit of cloud cloudiness and, yeah those are snow showers thank you, somebody just tweeted me check out the ot cams up in pennsylvania it'sylva really sng it's really snowing up therelly believe it or not, and we'll wel keep this cool pattern intactntc for the next couple of days. clipper system number one. clipper system number two backrb towards chicago. this is a heads up for laterup l tonight. freezing temperatures, expected overnight to the northt and west. an so freeze warning in effect. eff we have a freeze watch for wat f everybody for saturday nightatur into early sunday.lyunda all rig this is clippesy
7:47 am
two. this is tomorrow for saturdayrr afternoonow.. we'll bring some localizedociz showers and perhaps some snowe s showers as it rolls througholls during the daytime hours tomorrow. it will lock in that coollon th pattern for the day. day. daytime highs tomorrow only bel in the 40s possibility of lightg snow accumulations to the northn and west.est. just keep that in mind.nin light snow accumulations to the north and west.d west we may get flakes mixing here ie washington. we won't get an accumulation aau here locally. lally very very cool sunday with daytime highs only about 50 degrees. >> quick look at future cast.urc we'll track the snowflakes tomorrow. tomorrow morning, tomorrowning, afternoon with widely scattereda rain and/or snow showers acrossr the area.rea. again, it's certainly a ctainlya possibility as you get up intoyu pennsylvania there could be coud accumulations with thishhi particular system, and once we get these next couple of daysupd behind us, i think we'll have -v be in for substantial warmuparmu next week and much morehor comfortable pattern by mondayon and tuesday with temps back inan the upper 60s.r0s 57 day and breezy.ez that's the weather update.ate. erin is back. ns
7:48 am
ever seen guns and roses?nd >> i've never seen them livem before. >> i know. >> i enjoy a little music everye now and then you need music in i your car if you're heading outdg there's slow areas so may ass well grab the good friday -- grab the friday morning music. little bit of a tongue twister t there. bw parkway southbound reallyea slow by powder mill towards the beltway northbound traffic backn up north of the beltway in greee belt. outer loop earlier by colesville cleared.cleared. stacked 95 through georgia. 295 jams through 50 inbound slow past pas bladensburg.en across the inner loop you are jammed in across the wilsonhe wn bridge and 395 inbound from thet bottom of beltway towards thear 14th street bridge all of your y bridges very crowded this this morning. also keep in mine you can seeyon that closer look at the wilsonsn bridge there you're slow from sf prince george's county on o through.h. i'll get out of the way because we have a crash inbound four ata west failure road before thed fo beltway and aside from thatero taking a look at our metro metro update a
7:49 am
malfunctions.unct orange, silver and blue andnd bd green delays to vienna, wheellye reston east, franconia andonnd branch avenue. a definitely plan ahead and get ae early start you're not startingt your friday morning l closer look at 395 northbound nh duke street to seminary. 31 miles per hour.erou southeast southwest freeway jamj by the their street tunnel and d 11th street bridge. quick look outside at our cameras. outer loop is very crowded asroa you make your way out by the bye american legion bridge innerdgen loop slows as as wel so little bit of stop and go and traffic both directions.irecti back to you guys. guys >> washington nationals lost ths home opener yesterday fell to fo the marlins six-four.r. all in all. a >> dusty baker got a big ovatioa before the moment crowd. cro he's been a manager of the big leagues for 21 years, but he's,h actually been in the majors for 48. 48 call him a league veteran. bryce harper received his mvp trophy from nats gm mike rizzo. he also got the key to the cityc from d.c. mayor muriel bowser.. but then there was this
7:50 am
emotional moment prince williami county police officers jesseoffj hemp ton and david mccallum shoo and wounded on the job.on theob they got to throw out the firstt pitch.. >> nice thing about the guys the they were throwing it to steven strausburg max scherzer a lot ot times you don't see your topr pitchers come out to receive the first pitch.h. >> opening day yesterday they dy were there for that honor. for o it was >> what an excellent choice. cic >> a lot of energy at the of ena ballpark yesterday.park yesterd game highlights. daniel murphy boy did he light g it up much he's been off to a hot start with the nationals.ata nationals down three-nothing.non one way to tight up. up doesn't leave the jar. j it's good enough to plate allte three. game tied at three and then the rains came. c as we expected.xpecd ballgame delayed an hour or so.. after the rain delay miami reliever david phelpss took ovee he shut down washington. final score six-four. s- boys had solo homerun. hom break for the team today they're off and tomorrow against miamigm again. it will not be miami like conditions at all.
7:51 am
first pitch set for 4:05. 4:05 all right. after 15 seasons that featuredee countless auditions in theion t thousands incredible performances, memorable moments, america has chosen its finalts l american idol. >> maureen umeh joining us nowow with recap of last night's series finale i thought it wasut fun show. >> i heard it was.>> i i didn't stay up to watchtay unfortunately but i heard it wai great show and i know lot of knf people are surprised by whopr b actually was crowned at the end, right? it was a night to a nigo remember and our very last tastt of american i have to say one of the of the highlights of last night'sts ofn incredible finale i hear was thw opportunity to see former idols returning to the stage too deliver powerhouse performances. they reminded us all of how talented that crop of idols hasl been over the past 15 seasons. o just listen to this. >> ♪ ♪ ♪
7:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> who was that. >> that's justin guarini with jordan sparks.rdan >> it took me awhile to figureoe out who it was. >> ♪ >> wow! >> oh wow, okay. i mean, this show promised tod o deliver and boy dark it. whoo! i'm exhausted just seeing the i want to see
7:53 am
of course, idol diehards alsorda had the chance to say goodbye tt the series original judges simon cowell, paula abdul and randy an jackson returning to the idol t set one last time. could you well stayed true toll form and made one final dig at a co judges asking them too apologize for being so mean tooa the contestants over the years.a >> oh, wow. >> what way to go out on top. on it was also a night to crown tht very last champ. look at this shining moment. >> the winner of american idol season 15 is -- trent harmon! >> what? >> did you see that one coming?? all you la'porsha fans. 25-year-old trent harmon becamee the big winner he beat la'porsha renae who like harmon hails fror mississippi and thanked him --di thanked her for pushing him to h work hard throughout thearroug competition.comp that's what trent did i shouldto say. say. foow
7:54 am
his new song "falling" laterg" l this morning on good day belinda will be live in the lot of you don't want to miss that. t we'll talk to her about idol ana singing on stage, having this ts jugger naught show coming to ann end. end >> this belinda >> vacation all i ever wanted. e >> that one.t o >> oh, my gosh. >> seriously, i'm sad i did miss idol because just from the clipc alone man that was a show.ho >> it was an awesome let me tell you i know tucker tc you watched it too. too i think one of the highlights performances was kelly clarksonk it was actually on tape becausea she's about ready to have baby.. but she did a montage of all her hits. hi >> oh, man. >> i mean she was singing ninee plus months pregnant. i mean she -- it was amazing. ag i really do think when simonnim came out they were surprised spr because they didn't think he waw going to be there they lookedhee genuinely >> i love they're still bringinn it singing years later afterer a some of them won or close to winning. winning. >> a a lot of highlights. lli it was a fun fun show.w >> friday it is
7:55 am
have a special friday giveaway a because it's fun for the whole o family you can enter only ournl face bock page. pe >> you could win four tickets ts see ringling brothers barnum and brothers circus stream at eaglee bank arena 1:00 o'clock sunday april 17.apri the prize pack includes a $100 0 american express gift card, coloring book, ring master hat,r plushin tiger and elephant. a deluxe program and a miniature circus cannon replica, steve.te >> you get everything. everythin for your chance to win go to ouo facebook page at -- facebook d.c. from nowo until 11:59 p.m. tonight.. tight one winner selected by random ro drawing april 11th this prize has approximate retail value off $400 provided by felleded entertainment.rt 7:55. what's up, tuck? >> i thought the show was greats last night. the other thing how many ofany f those people have come throughlh our studios. >> a ton, right?ig >> the past 15 years. i had forgotten.d forgotten >> every time i saw someone i so was like oh, yeah. >> like ace is married to --
7:56 am
>> reagan national 45 degrees. bwi marshall 42.shall 42. cool day day mid 50's for daytime highs.. it should be much drier, general al mix of sun and clouds. clo cool clipper system passing toig our north bringing snow showers to pennsylvania and new york atn this hour. it's april but snow showers believe it or not with a secondary area of low pressure s tomorrow.rrow we could see a few of those snow showers in our area along with a cool afternoon.noon. daytime highs tomorrow only inw the upper 40s. there is a freeze warning northn and west tonight for tomorrowrow and a freeze watch for theatch t entire area for early sunday sda morning.rning. look at the morning low sundaywa morning.rning. 29 degrees. so be prepared for chillyhi weekend then nice warm up next p week. that's erin is back with roads. >> wedge sol 56 right now a loto of congestion leading inbound. u seven on the eastbound side iftd you're waking up in loudoun loun county heavier delays than usual from berlin turnpike toe charlestown pike us a headwn pia towards the leesburg thisurg morning.rn
7:57 am
there. taking a look at our wide viewie right now of our friday morning commute, 270 pretty quiet right touch of stop gone traffic fromm gaithersburg down to the spur. u outer loop jams in the neural nu yacht 95 through georgia. bw parkway north of the beltwayl dealing way lot of congestion by goddard space flight center asct you make your way by powder mill watch for that one. one. 295 inbound jams from 50 on doww so be we got you covered this mornings keep it to fox5.toox back in just a few. ♪ life's sharing a meal. back in just a few. ♪ and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. it's friday,ox april 8, 2012 live look outside on this t glorious morning. the weekend is finally here. little cool that's the start toe the weekend.week. you see the camera shaking. s. we'll get the details in weath weather. traffic conditions coming up ono the 5's at 8:05.nse 5's good morning, i'm maureen umeh in for allison today.od >> i've steve chenevey.he >> let's get right to the's get headlines.line friends and family gathering to say their final goodbyes to aoos d.c. teenager killed over easter weekend. 15-year-old devonne thaionne washington way with his familysm when he was shot and killed at e the deanwood metro station. stan he was freshman at largo highh school. washington's funeral hell at first baptist church at glennt arden the service start at 1111 a.m. a.m. >> also happening today d.c.happ circumstance later drivers willt give the city earful due to due testify at a council hearing on
8:01 am
the drivers union points to ansa audit showing critical safetyaft defects on dozens ofozens circumstance later buses.later the audit found busesus averaged about 22 defects perefs bus many of them critical. defects include headlights, tirt treads and brakes and steering.r it's deadline today for tay clubs in prince george's countyo to either change the way they dt business or shut down.. >> this is a result of a crack a down on adult clubs that may beb trafficking underaged girls as strippers. annie yu live outside one of ono those businesses in suitland.uin good morning, annie. >> reporter: hey good morningdor maureen and stevely the clock ik ticking earlier this week thehe county issued 12 cease and cease desist letters to businesses in the county who are operatingin with adult entertainmentment activities inside.. and this is -- they have to thet change way they do business oris shut down completely and we're e outside one of the businessesuse that is on the list there. the this is of course following anli investigation we did last yeartr that looked into allegations off sex traffic going on at some ofe these clubs a s
8:02 am
prompted county officials to look into it. upscale ballroom here in h i suitland one of those businessee they have to actually shut down completely.le you can see the cease and desiss letter displayed on their window there. their sign has been taken down, and i took a peek inside, itidei looks like everything has been torn down inside they have complied with this letter.ed the county w found that the 122 establishments were violating zoning laws so clubs including sway go, club ecstacy andnd upscale have to shut down completely because they aree operating solely as adult alt entertainment.rtainment if they want to reopen, as thest types of add dull clubs, the,he businesses will have to actually completely relocate. roc however the establishments thate are operating as a banquet halll or restaurant or lounge they cay continue doing so as long asoion they stop the adult entertainment activities so the idea is to isolate these types of businesses a way fromay residential take a listen to a countyou official explain >> the thought is to take adult entertainment away f
8:03 am
community, away from residentian areas, away from schools, andls, put them into an area that's t pretty much isolated and we've w told them if you're notot operating within one of thoseono areas you're illegal. >> reporter: now, all 12 clubs have until 5:00 o'clock today to comply. again, they either have to shuts down completely like upscale ballroom or they have to changea the way they do business andnd comply with the letters demand.m that's the very latest here atet suitland maryland.arand annie yu fox live local news.ew. >> annie, thank you developinga overnight in the district persot hit and killed by a car.. the investigation closing partsr of massachusetts avenue for hours.ho the person struck about 1:30 1 this morning near thomas circler northwest the victim was not int the crosswalk when he was hit.we the driver did remain on theemnn scene. it's not clear if they face any charges two women under arrestwn in connection with the murdederf this this 36-year-old brian graves stacked on north marketar street just before 2:00 a.m. a.m monday and later died. later police now say the two womenwo n argued with graves inside the old town taverna
8:04 am
attacked him outside the bar. >> former sailor convicted ofvid rape and murder in virginia more than three decades ago will beas released from prison today.m ay the man we're talking about talo virginia highest court hhest c throughout keith harwood'sarwo's conviction after new dna tests t failed to identify his geneticec profile in evidence left thatat crime scene.e scene. harwood has been serving a liveg sentence since 1982 for the t killing of jesse peer ran andr a the rape of his wife in newportp news. the state has officially removed his name from the state' sex'ex offender over to montgomery counselys too two men behind bars accusedd of of kidnapping and raping a 12-year-old police say enrique, and vicky ac were involved with kidnappingidp the child from northeast dc andd taking her to home in wheatonn h last week the alleged assault a took place.oklace investigators in d.c. and alexandria, virginia arevirgia a checking whether the two men who might be involved in similar assaults in three otherer jurisdictions. all right. coming up on 8:05 right now.ghtn let's get a look outside on this friday morning. morni it's it's always a
8:05 am
weekend it looks like todayay weather cooperating at least ana little bit. bit it's chilly out there. tre not horrible.orribl >> as far as your outdoor happyy hour out on the porch or proofr top later today might be ater little chilly for that.y foat >> if it's happening enough ituh won't be that co >> we won't get wet today.oday. >> yeah. >> you get happy fast. >> exactly.xactly >> it won't rain today. you got it.. in fact, nice, dry 24 hours4ours here. we'll have rain and snow showers tomorrow. 45 now in washington.hi it is chilly out there. 30s north and west.nortand 39 gaithersburg.g. frederick, too, 43 this mornings quantico.. 43 in leonardtown the winds aree back.back feels like windy for weeks,ee doesn't it? >> yeah much winds are back out of the west today at 10 to 2020 typically march is our windyrcio yesterday month.y month. did you know that.did you >> no. now we do.. >> yeah. fun fact of the day.ct of e da >> lived up to it. i >> don't know how fun that factt is.. >> tonight we're you're at happh hour throw that one out there. e there you go. a little upper level lowell toot our north and that's bringing snow showers, yes, snow showerso to new york and pennsylvania.yli
8:06 am
of those visit our r aegion andd could bring us a mix of rain and snow showers to the dmv by tomorrow afternoon.ftno we'll talk about that.ut 56 today.. breezy conditions. we'll look at the weekend. a it will be a cool weekend but ww had springtime on the seven dayd coming. tghook at the bright side a lost people haven't done theireo taxes yet. you have an indoor weekend toeet work on your taxes. tax >> no excuses. >> or anything else you need toe do, right?ls >> one more reason for people tl look forward to the weekend.the. >> exactly. exaly. >> yeah, taxes.. hey, erin.hey,ri >> or you could just bundle upcl and brave the elements and heada out to the nats game on saturd saturday. yeaeah! >> maybe -- >> come say hi to you.e you'll be there, right. >> yeah.e >> come say hi to us.ome >> tucker will be there.ucr wilb >> i'll there be.>> >> a big party. >> what color parka will you bel wearing at the baseball game.asl >> red that's what we'll belle wearing. >> i hope to find a red parka and maybe warm beverages like ak hot chocolate.. >> steve, don't be sensitive 57 teague. you're're coming. >> i don't know where to go froh there. so i'm just going to move on tot metro delays. delays. does that sound good.ungood >> perfect. >> steve is kind of giving thend scowl. metro update train malf
8:07 am
at stadium armory delays too vienna, real wheelly reston and franconia on the orange, silverr and blue lines. les friday morning commute overvieww i'll get out of the way thereuth are some slow zones in the slowe typical spots. 295 that jams from north of 50 all the way dune. dune. 50 inbound new york avenue slows to florida and across the wilson very slow-moving traffic fromafi prince george's county.ce g take lock at our cameras now. n you're slow through annandale oe the inner loop as well.inneloop this is 50 inbound. inbound. you can see out by 202 very slow-moving traffic.-m as you make your way to ninth t street it's just sluggish. slugs we don't have any crashes.y csh back to our maps right now fromw that live look, notice the outeo loop side that's our silverr lining, nice and quiet. qui inner loop jams especially theiy through lanes across the wilsono bridge and inbound four at westt fail ya road a crash just befors the beltway and in lex locks lec right now 395 inbound dips downn to 31 miles an hour duke tole hu seminary you jam across thecr 14th street bridge as well.. things slow in rosland across as the key bridge as you get into i georgetown.
8:08 am
steve?ste? >> still ahead bernie sandersdes going after hillary clinton cli while republicans continue tonut throw jab at each other.h o >> the long await the document by the catholic church onrc o marriage and family finally out. those stories and more whenorn we're back in just 30 seconds. >> we are following he can bragl news out rome this morning pope francis released ath new documem on marriage and family.. >> the pope makes very boldy bol
8:09 am
likely to stir controversy witht traditional catholics.cathli fox5's bob barnard is livee outside saint matthew'satew cathedral with what exactly thet pope had to say. say. bob, being a catholic i was rivetted by this but i do knowo it's causing a lot of o controversy. >> reporter: indeed maureen.r: called the joy of love.ove. it's a document 256 pages long,l 60,000 words. words it's available online.'s avail we can show was it look like. l. it basically was issued back inn march but they waited this longt the vatican did to release iteai publicly so that it could bee translated into a number ofn different languages andnd basically pope francis is not changing any rules, however, hev is encouraging catholic bishopss and priests to take a moreor inclusive approach to divorcedod catholics and divorced catholict who remarry saying they are nota ex communicated even though theh pope called divorce an evil andl says he's trouble biteit increasing number of divorces.iv he is saying that those divorcee catholics who remarry
8:10 am
offered communion which officially they're not supposedt to. pope francis says he wantse w priests and bishops to showho mercy to be flexible whenflexibn dealing with what he calls wounded families. the pope says communion is not a prize for the perfect but a powerful medicine for weak. for of course, there's been a split within the church for years inea fact the two previous popess benedict the 16th and john paul ii had said that onlytnl catholics who get annul manies e can receive the sacrament of communion during mass.g there is an 8:00 o'clock massocm here at saint matthew's in the'i district this morning we spokens to a couple of people heading in this morning for their reaction. >> i agree with what popetop francis is saying, and i think that we can't hold things against people that have had situations and decisions. so the year of mercy and -- as d
8:11 am
it again and again and again. an >> no, no.>> no, n i think he's doing the righthe g thing. i think the church needs change. i think a lot of things wrongs with the church. i think there are a lot of pooro people arc lot of people we neee and the church is not doingt d enough for it. ♪ >> reporter: now thehe archbishop of washingtonngn cardinal donald westerly happenh to be in rome, was schedule tocl be there any way, not because oo this doctrine coming out, and he is pos posted blog this morningr basically his review of whatf wa pope francis has said cardinal r westerly says he will at a future time give his reaction to what the pope has put out todayt and the other thing that may m diss appoint some people, guys,y is that the pope did not in a sense open the catholic church's arms to gay marriage as some had hoped. did he not do that today.ot do t >> all right. but yet another bold step fortef the cat
8:12 am
more from this to come.m tho com thank you, bob, for that. tha all right. coming up football legend'seg harsh words for the black livesk matter movement.en >> first, though, bernie sander continueing to attack hillaryin clinton on the campaign trail.he that story and more.ore. coming up next.ext. it's 8:12, 8:12,
8:13 am
8:14 am
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8:15 am
have a nice day and you have h nice clouds -- cloud >> yup. >> then you bring in cuteness. >> and then -- >> aww, my gosh.os >> cute ability. >> oh, my gosh. >> time now for fox5 first fivev is our photo of the day. this is maraki.. >> hi. maraki. >> most importantly she justimpn recently celebrated her first birthday. >> happy birthday. >> okay, happy birthday. oka you are too cute. cute >> she's adorable.dobl >> her eyes are just like meltt me away. >> aww. she's so cute. >> awww. >> do you think we got that gota right. >> i'm not sure.>> i'm whatever it is. we wish you a super duper happyh first birthday. >> ♪ >> aww. >> okay. to zen us your child's picture go to our facebook page fox5 f d.c. send it on in and we'll w promise we'll get up there in te the next couple of weeks. >> have a good day.. >> no snow, tucker.
8:16 am
celebrate april with a snow? s >> maybe she is. >> let's go to the forecast.. chilly conditions out there thit morning.rnin 44 now in washington -- 45 nown4 in washington. washing 32 up in pittsburgh.tsburg look at binghamton, 27 degrees. ninety nine detroit. we are just going to be tapping that northwest flow all weekende and that's going to keep thingst below normal temperature wise. s should be mix of sun and cloudsd today. a dry day headed out thiss afternoon or evening probably don't want to be dining outdoo outdoors. it will be chilly out there. should be dry and breezy thisezt that's a clipper bringing snteow showers to pennsylvania and newn york. believe it or not as we get into tomorrow, we'll see a secondaryy clipper system dip down into ouo region and that's going to brinb a period of shower and our snows shower activity to our region r during the daytime hours withouw highs only in the upper 40s. so we're actually going to get a accumulation but north and westt there might be a dusting..
8:17 am
there could be a dusting.ti. northwest maryland that part ofy the world. we'll talk more about it butt cool weekend.eekend warm up next week. up next wee back into the 60s next week neak 70. i promise we'll turn the corner here soon. >> i know we will. >> erin, friday morning. good morning. >> good morning, 8:17 right now. we have some congestion lingering 50 inbound very heavy by 202 as you make your way in passed ninth street you'll hitlh that very slow roll. rol no crashes to report. t you really jam up by florida b a avenue as well.en taking a look at the beltwayel this is out by richie marlborooo outer loop is touch heavy he hey were looking britt tee good. g once you get to five a little at stop gone traffic as you make mk your way into alexandria butendt wilson bridge is pretty quiet. q this is 66 out by way bells mils you can see that the eastboundae side is just little heavy.. some sun glare as well. w as you make your way from way fo centreville into arlington justj give yourself extra time and tie watch for visibility problems.s. key bridge still very heavy ass usual. usual. from rosland into georgetownn you're going hit steady flow of traffic. outbound key bridge loki
8:18 am
into georgetown m street see wisconsin backs up.ks outer loop by new hampshire hpse still very heavy towards theds t spur. more traffic in a few. >> the presidential candidateslc now focused on new york bernieke sanders continuing to go aftero hillary clinton, john kasichn ki refusing to drop out despite d falls from ted cruz and donald n trump joining me chris wallace r made it to another friday, fda chris, good morning. >> good morning to you.g toou. yeah, it's something interesting when they get to new york andk this has been true since i started covering presidentialde politics with teddy kennedyen against jimmy carter back in 1980, it just gets rough andouga tumble in new york. y frankly i think it's the tabloids, the new york post, th, new york daily news, and maybeay it's the attitude of new yorke yorkers, but lecks always get a really rough and tumble when tue they get to new york.rk. >> it seems like we've seenve se evidence of this once again evei the hecklers in new york take on different attitude, don' ot thet >> that's right.>> that's righ look they're new yorkers.y' new forget about it. (laughter).ghter). >> what do you think is,, what, l you think will play out here might we see any surprises in ss new york? worry going into newe york with two candidates heavily ahead.ead. >> yeah, well, i'm not sur
8:19 am
i was going to say on the republic side the big question t is the size of donald trump' trp mars gin.. he'll within new york.he the question is by how m'luch? needs to after his loss inoss i wisconsin.. and you know one of things i o t remember so well from iowa when ted cruz was talking about newno york values and a very demeaninn way that somehow trump didn't d understand what it was to have e iowa values because he came froo new york. you can be sure that trump istrm going to wrap that around tedron cruz he's started to.tartedo. on the democratic side, hillaryl clinton has something of a lead but not sure lead yet, and if cruz -- rather sanders were tosr find some way to beat her thateh would be huge, huge as donalde o trump would say.p >> and the other thing we see, chris, obviously we've seen this on the republican side theepub closer a race against the more t chippy it seems to get and we'rd seeing that more on the democratic side, maybe what maye we've taken a playbook for somem of these republican candidates.a
8:20 am
when bernie sanders is saying sy hillary clinton isn't qualified and hillary clinton is sayingcls bernie sanders isn't even aven democrat, it's chippy. >> all right.>> all rig well, they all want to be at th white house and they all want tn be president and you have thendu president this sunday on foxdayn news you know when you are going to g approach an interview with theew president you can go in many many directions. what are we going to focus on on sunday. >> well we did the interviewid t yesterday at the university ofau chicago where -- university ofvy chicago law school where he wase a professor for about 10 years,, and when -- the lead is of course the fact that he's push pushing for supreme court nominee merrick garland to thead republicans won't even considere i can't go into detail becauselc the white house has put an p a embargo until 9:00 a.m. sunday.a morning but we also talk about k terror and the fact some peopleo like feel he under plays it it think the ming that will makel m the most news everybody will be talking about on sunday afternoon and monday morning isi we talk about hillary clinton back in october he said that she had not endangered security when it came to her private e-mail s
8:21 am
i asked him does he still feelte that way and what about the fbi investigation. can he assure the americanme people that there won't be an'te effort to protect her especialll if she's the democratic nomineen he makes some news on all ofs ol this, steve., steve. >> we won't ask about thewoou specifics until monday morning.d but the tone that you got from m talking to him, did you feely f that he was just as passionate now as years ago when he first s took office?ice? >> yeah.h. absolutely. and in fact we do a little bite sort of a walk and talk in thean law library and i ask him, bestb day in the white house, wore the day in the white what you're looking forward toow most, what you're going to misso most. it's really an interestingeresng insight into barack obama nearma the end his term. ter >> good stuff. looking forward it to sundayrwa morning. thanks chris as always. >> thanks, steve.>> >> you got it. fox news sunday 9:00 a.m. rightt here on fox5. still to come this morning i pro golfer sets a record he wilw not want to remember.em >> and later, if you put on somn pounds your place of employmente may be at least partially to blame.ble. coming was that a new study sayy about the relationship betwe
8:22 am
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♪ back now with video from thf masts that might make an amateur golfer feel better about themselves. how many have you done that onyo the course? not a lot if you'rr four time major winner ernie els embarrassed at the opening holeh at ugh is it a when
8:25 am
not one, not two, not three butr six punts to finally get the putt in the hole.e. even i don't six putt often.t ot >> what happened.>> what happ >> he was only putting fromng fm 2 feet away. he would finish with a quintuple bogie. >> oh, my gosh.>>h, m >> what. >> something i have also done. >> does that count.that count >> it is the worst -- did it d i count.count >> he take your ball and go hoe home.ho >> he was fed up.>>e wa >> when you lose it on the firsr hole, that's the worst scorere ever at the par four number onee in augusta.ugta >> oman you got to feel for thet guy. >> a full nine. n >> i most of my clubhouse -- mostly when i play golf i'm at'm the clubhouse.. >> right. >> where is tiger at, he's notot playing. playin >> he's at the clubhouse, tooou, apparently. >> i'll look for him.'ll >> he should.uld >> he's not going to be at myy clubhouse.ho >> with his bad back he probably would not have six putted that hole. hole >> is he just off for the year.h >> he's off for master.oras >> he might be back this summere >> he might.
8:26 am
those injuries take while.le. >> sometimes a career. >> yes. >> might be. >> 45 now in washington.ngton. feeling like 38 out there tre witness winds now once again aga back west northwest at 15 to 20, 25 miles an hour. a it will be a cool one today.n oa mid 50s for daytime highs. highs that is actually snow shower activity in pennsylvania and ne york this morning.rk ts mo i know we're well into april,, but sometimes these thingshings happen.. it looks like with a secondaryoy clipper system that arrivest tomorrow we're going to have aha period of rain showers and/or snow showers across ourur immediate area as well with cooc temperatures tomorrow. tom it will be 47 tomorrow.r so it's not going to stick hereh in washington.asngto but a little further north and west little better chance we cae get light accumulations noticent the cold temperatures freeze warning north and west forrtandr tomorrow morning and that sunday morning low even here in d.c..c only 29 so cool weekend then.dh i think a nice change of thee t pattern by next week.ex i'm looking at my. looking good. >> near 70.ear 70. >> rarely erin do i look forwark to monday.toda >> i think you're with m
8:27 am
i want to give a happy birthdayh wish to miles phillips one of mo buddies from firehouse fire f friday and he turned 41ne41 yesterday. >> happy >> happy >> he's my friend who gave the t huge i love allison seymour smo shout out. out. unfortunately she's not here toh wish i was happy birthday.thday. i'll make sure she gets it ont monday f you're waking up thisp friday morning metro delays toas vienna, we'llly reston and franconia on the orange, silver and blue line from an earlier er train malfunction from stadium i armory. ar nationals at home saturdayury afternoon game and sundayda afternoon.aftern watch for increased pedestrianpe traffic down by the stadium. sdi i really like the way that maptp looks. that excites me. so give yourself extra time toeo get down there.down there also metro use navy yard stoparo for that.r th in montgomery county, crash csh activity right now wisconsin avenue at dorsett avenue caution through that ic. aside from that 270 looking pretty nice on the southbound side. keep it to fox5. 8:30 half hour got you covered.
8:29 am
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♪ >> actually getting off to greag start on this friday morning. mi ignore the cold temperatures. 45 degrees at reagan nationalnia airport.t enjoy the pretty clouds. earlier sunrise this morning and. and fox5 learned georgetownetown university has been the victim e of cyber attack. attk according to e-mail sent out byt university officials, the hack was last week. it was not related though toho that massive cyber attack on mee star
8:31 am
university data apparently wasey compromised.romi fairfax county police releasing new surveillance video of a man who suspected inn robbery and sexual assaultss happened last wednesday in spring feel. woman you see there walkingal alone behind a shop shopping spp center on commerce street justco after 6:00 a.m. whemmn a man a grabbed her, pulled here no n storage container and sexually assailinged and robbed her.obber the latest search foror eight-year-old relisha rudd came to unsuccessful end yesterday. y rudd has been missing for moreii than two years now. the most recent search focusedud on the national arboretum. knocks five spoke exclusive with rudd's grandmother and she saids she was encouraged there washe w another search but she did not t know why police would search at the national arboretum.oret >> black lives matter movement v in the headlines today onofre fronts.fronts. >> football legend ray lewis lew with harsh words about whatt black lives should be focusing on. on. former president clinton going toe to toe with protesters onte the campaign trail. t >> we'll start off with ray ray lewis he never shys away from
8:32 am
former baltimore linebacker ray lewis criticize the black livess matter movement for being silenl on rising rates of black on black crime.k crime he did this on a video heeo h released on his facebook page. . >> -- paying attention to blaca men killing black men.en why we always find ourselves as the victims, and now we have the separation once again that we'rt being victimized because of one bad white cop, two bad white cops, three bad white cops killing young black brother but every day we have black on black crime killing each other. police in chicago reported 677 shootings this year.r >> ray lewis you heard him righr there at the end starting tort give out statistic he also gaveg some stats about what was happening in chicago like thecao murder rate has soared 72% in 2016 and 88% in the first threet months of 2016. 201 let us know what you think aboua using
8:33 am
if you think ray lewis was wayis out of line or agree with what h he's saying. sayg. meanwhile on another front let's talk politics because initicbeca philadelphia, some protesters heckled former president billntl clinton during his speech andnge held up signs one of them read "clinton crime bill destroyed d our communities" clinton spent e 10 minutes confronting protest protesters who criticized crimec bill he approved while he was president. he said it led to a surge inn blacks in black lives matter movementoven circulated footage of hillary clinton defending the reform in 1994 where she called the people in gangs predators who need to be brought to heel. here's bill clinton continue ctu fronting those protesters. >> i don't know how you would hw characterize the gang leadersrs who got 13-year-old kids hoppedp up on crack and sent them out oo to the street to murder other african-american children, maybe you thought they were goodd citizens.citins. she didn't. she didn
8:34 am
you are defending the people who kill the lives you say tell the truth. >> all right.ig also we want to tell you hillarl clinton back in february said id that cherie getted using thehe language she used back then.n. so this is a very very heatedd topic and again let us know whaa you think about this #gooddaydcc >> i think both of them makem very valid points. points. ray lewis is absolutely rightisa and this has been my disconnectc with the black lives matterckivs movement.movent. i take mom brach when people think it's an anti cop most. m it is not that.ha you can't say black lives mattem when do you black people killinl on the black people. there's no excuse for that.xcha take care of your home first hoi before you go out and make --ak and disparage others much as whole, you know, it's true allru lives matter.te i don't want to lump in that's a controversial issue to that is a well. black lives matter but we haveer to take care of our own beforeee we go out saying other peopleerl are killing us, t stop killing each >> got a point.>> got a poi all the way around.d >> it is coming up 8:35 rightht now. w. one thing we cannot argue withrw it's friday the kick off to theo weekend and tucker although youh do n
8:35 am
for tomorrow, the light is at it the end of the tunnel.un >> yeah. in the form of warmer t for temperatures.temper that's where steve is going. goi >> and monday. >> it will be monday it will be warmer.nd 45 now in washington.washngto 42 in baltimore.altimore. north and west we go.h and we we got 30s winchester 37. 39 haitians town.s tow thank you i'm getting lot of tweets off in the mountains off to the north and west and westnd western pennsylvania of some som light snow shower activity.ctit catch it right there kind ofre n strolling on through. tou and it's just hard to believe tv we're so far into april andar i we're still talking about snowus showers but you can see them t flying in pennsylvania and newns york this morning.morn this little clipper system syste energy stays to our north andouh keeps us cool today.od mid 50s with a mix of clouds ana sun and breezes are back today. bring a jacket i will be a i w chilly day d tod cold tonight and then tomorrowor our next clipper system dropsm o down. that could bring us another bot round of rain and/or snow s showers for parts of the area.he there's our freeze warning fornf later tonight and let me justus mention for saturday night and n early sunday a freeze watch fort entire region as we'll be very v cold around here
8:36 am
morning. planner for today, 56 and breezz keep it dry this afternoon. aftn i'll have the weekend forecast c in just a erin is back with friday roadsir which i think are moving, right? >> yeah, 8:36.:3 we're dealing with some typicall delays and some problems rightig now prince george's countys inbound four at westphalia roadr just before the beltway a crashh taking out lane. l you can city red line leading la tour the beltway there. t give yourself extra time to gett through that asteroid that montgomery countyt crash on wisconsin of a dorsette once you get into friendshipri heights you definitely haveitel backed up traffic on wisconsin s as usual. it's a slow roll on massachusetts and connecticut as well. we just because of some slow-movino track for your friday morning.yi nationals are at home tomorrowow afternoon first pitch at 40:00 0 expect increased pedestriantr traffic at the ballpark tomorrot and sunday in the afternoon aft area. take metro and get off at the at navy yard stop to avoid gettingt stuck in any backups trying to n fine parking. 395 northbound in alexandriaxari typical slow roll duke street tt seminary. 31 miles an hour. other otr
8:37 am
let's take r s live look outsid. 66 eastbound is still a bit slob as you make your way inboundnbou through fairfax.aifax and top side by new hampshireami earlier delays are starting toin dissipate a little slow betweent 95 and georgia. that's your look at traffic.ffi. >> till to come this mornings what a new study says about thet relationship between work and w gaining weight. w >> plus why you may want to grag whole milk instead of skim milkm on your next trip to the grocerg store.ore those stories and much moreuch next.
8:38 am
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♪ facing pregnancy closeng together may increase the risk of autism in children. p researchers found children bornl less than 12 months apart werepw nearly twice as likely toyo develop autism.m while nothing definitive wasas determined in this researchs experts say the bottom line is s woman needs to stay as healtheat though as possible before and during pregnancy to benefit herh child.d new study finds thatudfind teenagers sleep pattern could be linked to dangerous behavior.. cdc says high school students who sleep five or six hours and those who sleep 10 hours or morr are twice as likely to drive dri drunk or take other risks. r scientists say they don't knowyk if sleep issues caused teens too take risks or just reflection ou depression or other problemsob that may be involved. skim milk may not be thee best choice to keep your weightt in study. study people who eat full fat dairy di products are 46% more likely toy develop diabetes.p ia in other stewed researchersea found women who consume the most high
8:41 am
likely to gain weight overtime.. >> are you stressed at work.outs >> depends.. new study found here nine to t five could be make you found.u d 44% of workers gained weight att their present job.sent job of that number more than halfe h admitted to sitting at their t desk most of the day contributet to that weight gain.. 36% blamed stress.. 77% workers surveyed with highh stress levels say they considere themselves fat. fat >> it can happen.n okay. still ahead melissa mccarthy mch back in theaters with her new nw movie the boss.os. >> kevin joining us live with w misery vow.ow. >> the new and final american ad idol will join us live laterater this morning. morning. trent harmon is going to talk tl about his big win last night.ig that big moment and what's nextx for if you have questions let usnseu know. ow we'll chat with him coming up oo good day. good it's now d 8:41. 8:41. thank you. it's now d 8:41. 8:41. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand,
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♪ >> whoo! the flag is wavingg isa majestically, >> beautiful but it's cold outt there. >> oh, man. 45 degrees is what it says right now bundle up the kid as they at head off to school g we haven'tv had a whole lot of spring thisgt week, have we.ek, ha we. >> it's very disappointing iveri thought last week or when was i we had had 70-degree, 80-degreee day we made to turn.ur >> the first half of march.alf f >> we kind of got it backwardsic this year.r. started off so promising. promi >> is there hope in the horizon, hello, spring, are you there.out >> where are you yng >> hopefully you're not lookingy at saturday
8:45 am
>> no.>> no. >> okay. very picturesque.resque. let's go to the forecast. >> ♪ >> this is for to you walk.oou come on, walk it out. i walk it out. out. >> ♪ >> i'll be your hype man in thee ckck. go, tucker, get busy, it's yourr birthday, go, tucker, get busy.y >> you made me nervous. nerus >> sorry. >> oh, no. >> all right.>> a let's do it. 45 in yes, very chilly conditions to start your day. d love that song.ha 42 in baltimore. baltimo west and north we go 39 in winchester and in hagerstown.erw believe it or not we're getting reports of some snow showers,w o snow flurry activity here to the north and west and we're goingng to see that repeat itself i tomorrow with our next clipper i system. all right. so temps in the mid 40s. winds yeah i'm sorry they'reor e gusting again out of the west as about 20 to 25.o that is going lock in that coolo feeling for the day. d our actual daytime highs in thei mid 50s so it will be decentt temperature wise. wise. little below normal but mick off the winds it will feel cooler co than that.
8:46 am
morning up into pennsylvania ana new york and little bit of that activity sneaking intoing into northwestern part of our viewino area thank you i've been getting tweets of snow showers off tohoe the north and west. w that's round one.nd we'll get that through hereroug today. we'll be cold tonight.l be we'll have freeze warning northr and west for tomorrow morningw r and then clipper system number two arrives tomorrow. that will give us another roundh of reinforcing cool air for thee weekend it will also increaseonc the chances for rain and/or snos showers around here tomorrow. so there's your set up forp for tomorrow.rrow this is tomorrow that clipper smoystem most of tm energy stays to our north butr h enough moisture will get downilw into our region that we couldha kick up a few rain and/or snownw showers.ers. maybe some light accumulationshl tomorrow well to the north andoh west. i mean, southern pennsylvaniansa you guys in the mountains coulds get light accumulations on thehe grass tomorrow and then this is for the day on sunday.on s a very chilly sunday. very chilly start on sunday asuy well. all right. future cast put in motion realia quick for you. 5:00 o'clock great shape tonig tonight. i'm to the sure it will be the
8:47 am
dining outdoors later thisngla afternoon ton night.afternoon t at least it will be dry.lle that's tomorrow morning much tro that's tomorrow afternoon. tomoo widely scattered rain and/or ano snow showers. temp ands will be in the mid tot upper 40s we're not worried w about accumulation here locally but if you see the flakes, sende me pictures tomorrow and iretomo promise we'll, i don't know,w, some kind of winter -- lastas snowflake party or something.omi there you go.the you 57 today. t very cool weekend.. again, make sure that you gotout your plants protected if you'veu already been out planting, as ii will be at or near freezing herh both saturday and sunday morni mornings. and there's your warmup.e's your i promise it will feel better next week. i'm starting to get a lot of of frustration and despair on myir twitter from people who are nota happy winter is back. 68 on monday.. okay. that is a weather update. steve, i'll never be your beast of burden. of b >> thank you, tucker. >> check in with holly and wisdom find what's coming up upu on good day d.c. >> pack though show today.ugh ot >> fun way to round out the the week.week. good day all over big
8:48 am
that are developing including ae local bus service under fire.rir what an audit reveals that has some asking, are riders at risk? >> pope francis out with bomb wb shells today when it comes too marriage and family live for catholics.catholics bob barnard getting reactioneacn life. >> the power of a good haircut.t wait until you see what 1nbanb player did that has women sayins he went from geek to god.ek to >> what about his jump shot? abo what about his jumper. >> geek to god. all about the hair, >> all right. then american idol goes outweigw big bank.big the best moments from thetsm t star-studded finale and when a crown will be talking with theh new american idol trent harmon live, live at the top of goodth day at 10a.da >> from a brand new idol to 80s pop star.tar. who? >> melinda carlisle live in then loft.lo. we got the beat right, wisdomsd does we'll have it by then.. >> our lips are sealed, right,lr wisdom.sdom >> vacation all i ever wanted,i, wisdom.wiom >> that's impressive.ressiv that's impressive. t
8:49 am
tom rather than philadelphia he'll be here as well and we've got much more. so don't missas it.'t ms good day d.c. coming up next. nt >> there's no way we're missingi that jam packed show.that are you kidding me?g m >> we kind of have to be here.e. >> ♪ >> you go, girl. >> we are '80's girls.. >> looking forward to it that ia will be so much fun this friday we do have special give awayway special because it's fun for tht whole family and also becauseo you can only enter on facebook. >> within four tickets to seatnt ringling brothers and barnum and bailey service extreme at eaglee bank arena 1:00 p.m. april this prize pack includes $100 $ american express gift card, a a coloring book a ring master hate a plush tiger and elephant a deluxe program and miniatureture circus cannon replica.ep >> for chance to win go to our facebook page between now and left 59:00 p.m. only one winnern selected by random drawing ondod april 11th. that prize has an approximateprt retail value of $400 and is0 ani being provided by
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entertainment. >> all right. in the meantime queue the fox imbe music. kevin mccarthy with us thisith s morning much it's friday thatt' means let's fine out what to wht either go see or avoid thisid weekend.we >> i was just reading anas interesting article in variety.r brian dunkelman originally ongiy american idol. >> there was last night. nig >> it was interesting to read to his tell all if he was fired ord let go he doesn't really he beat them to the punch. do you know how much he wasno making in his first week.w n k. >> how much. >> 17,000 a week. >> at the time --ime >> that's amazing. ama >> he says he didn't realize r that was actually low fory low industry standards. still amazing.g >> the interview is amaz amazing you haven't read it the finale was last night.ig we're having the winner on thenn show today. tay. >> 10:00 o'clock. >> if it's every a trivia question.tion seacrest had an amazing career.e >> three movies this weekendthie including the boss, hard coreard henry and then final film demolition. the boss new melissa mccarthythy movie not for kids. not for kids whatsoever. there are kids in the movie.ds the kids are cursing. but in the movie is not for k
8:51 am
at all. it's very hard r rated move ben falcone is is her husband inusni real life you probably know himw the air marshall fromall f bridesmaids he directed movie called tammy which i did not d n i thought it was horrible.ough i love melissa mccarthy she's very funny. she's the only good part of ther movie. the problem is the jokes without her do fall flat i love kristenk bell she's amazing in frozen bub here i -- her character, peterer ding lidge tosse tosses characti didn't care for it. i the third act is unfunny. unfun moments in the movie where you m are laughing.g. laughing 50% of the moviely. mov you will find self almost in ali tears in some scenes. s i feel it had problem with its tone. did you not find a correct tonen of comedy.of i gave it 2.5. better than identity thief, better than tammy.n better than the heat. no wear near gas as brides orr spice.
8:52 am
film directed who's fault is.aut >> the writers and directors.irs >> i love her.e h it's not her fault.ault the over call film is not that a great. gr moving on hard core henry thishs film is so i don't know if you've heardoued about this film yet it's shot i' almost entirely with go pro gro cameras, and the cool thing c t about the film these actors whoh played henry they wore thiss helmet rig that had a go pro nearly mouth area and the entirr film was weighed basically toldy through a first person point ofo view perspective. >> do you ever see henry?? >> once once.>>nce briefly in reflection.lectio >> like a mirror something.e a r >> the cool thing is, if youis,f play the game grand theft auto o it's basically like a live action grand theft auto game.o it's very innovative shot verytv very well.ry w problem is it gets a littletle repetitive at times. it is very very violent.y vio not for children whatsoever bute you will find yourself feelingri like it's an experience. expien. the shots are they didn't use a lot of cgif they actually had stunt guysuy doing a lot of these stun. i believe almost over 12 p
8:53 am
played henry. >> really? >> different stunt people it'snt leak the director even got d behind the camera at one point.i so the helmet rigs kind of cool. the like the go pro is right isg here.he >> it look like it's set inok lt you're rom. >> it's in russia.. >> the shot in russia. rsi i gave the movie thee .5 out of five worth seeing if you're an action junkie. junkie. know going in it does feel likel it blends together a little tool much but it's kind of cool. >> is this first time they've f done a whole movie in go pro. >> i believe so because i'veau i seen -- remember the movie doomd with rock. roc >> yeah. >> they had first person shooteo moment, but this is first timet i've ever seen it's been doneeen fully on go pro. p i will say this entirely on gono pro is the word there becauseecu there were some shots that tt weren't done on go pro.. almost a little very well done.e. all first person 3.5 out ofut five. coming up next demolition. this is jake gyllenhaal hisnhaa character essentially loses hisl wife in a car crash.ra. yeah. ye >> he doesn't miss her.e do he doesn't miss her whatsoever e and he's trying to figure outige why am i feeling so numb. s num.
8:54 am
character is going through thatr struggle. st he's phenomenal in the movie ioe loved him in enemy prisoners and films like zodiac, he's an incredible character. really is. broke back mountain as well the film not gas as he is.he i it's worth seeing for his performance much chris cooper is amazing so a naomi what's.s i gave that a 3.5 out of five. >> midnight special sci-fi filmf will blow your mind. >> who is is that. is that. >> michael shannon and carries c sten dunce and michael shannonea character has a son who's an an alien and they're trying to gett him to a specific location so h can fulfill his destiny and thed world is trying to stop them.p e it is phenomenal. called midnight special. sci >> trust me it will blow yourou mind. you've never seen anything liken it film called 10 clover fieldoe lane and dead best movies out right now and batman versus superman. >> coming up 8:55. up check in with tucker barnes one more time before good day did. >> kevin is dropping theg the critical review hammer today
8:55 am
>> i'm trying. >> got to be honest. to >> i leak it, kev.. >> honest reviews right here.e. >> it's cool.l. looking live shots. sho feels wintry out there. there 45 in washington.washgton 43 dull lows. bwi marshall 42.l 4 wind chills, winds out of the te west at 20, 25. locking in that cool feel forino the day it should be dry day ana a mix of sun and clouds. andud we have pleasant afternoon. afto we are getting snow showersnow s thank you getting lots of sweetw from our -- our viewers off toif the north and west that have tht been getting snow showers thisns morning. it will not last all day long. in fact this disturbance will push through here pretty week. cold tonight.onht. secondary clipper systemper s tomorrow will bring us a periodr of rain and/or snow showersnow o during the day tomorrow.orrow. with daytime highs in the um per 40s. and overnight lows by sunday s morning at or below freezing fon just about everybody.very we might do record lows again by sunday morning for parts of thes area. once we get through the weekend warm up next week and the t pattern will sub shanley changel and noticeably more mild arounda here
8:56 am
hang in there a few more days os these cool temps much that's thh weather update.athe last look at traffic, if i friday, erin headlights 40.ts >> 8:56 got a high five fromh fe kevin crash reported outer loopo it's after new hampshire avenueu barbara checked in with me on twitter there were emergencythee vehicles an slow roll towardsmet that point. th that is increasing a delay that was starting to clear u aside from that fairfax, more, crash activity on seven east out at reston parkway caution as you head through that intersectionne and in montgomery county, moree, crash activity this actually aca just cleared wisconsin toconsin dorsett back to normal. n some increased volume on your secondaries no alerts from metre right now really good news.ew earlier problems we're dealingri with from a train malfunctionalu stadium armory have cleared.ared enjoy the metro commute andte a watch for increased people. p a lot of people out for the natn game tomorrow in the afternoonoo and sunday. take the metro stop at the navyv yard if you want to avoid tryind to park down there.ardown also as we take look 395 north n traffic getting back to normal.a some leftover delays duke too seminary on the inbound side ann some more stop ando
8:57 am
does continue as you head past d the wilson bridge throughroh back to you guys. g erin thank 8:57 right now. right n coming up next on if day we'll w learn about tasty low calorieal meals that you can make at homet this wee >> plus lots of star power inarw the loft. l tom arnold, belinda carlisle and your new american idol trentre harmon. good day next. ♪ wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way.
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she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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saturday in april? old man man winter just won't go away go a without a but there could be signs of spring's return on the seven d day. you are defending people who killed the lives you say mattere tell the truth. tth >> former president bill clintot taking on black lives matteratr protesters during a campaign cam stop for his wife. his w we'll show you the heated exchange. plus circumstance later safety. d.c. metro apparently not the nt only public transit system withh serious safety issues. i we'll have a live report. ♪ and later, secret out.. actually everybody out.body o american idol signs off after 11 years and it was a star-studdedd send off. send we'll have all the highlightsht and surprise moments from theeno grand finale. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ very fit to go talk aboutitt the last american idol with theh first american idol music.usic good day d.c. t


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