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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  April 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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woman who ran the day care is behind bars facing first degreet murder child abuse and assault charges. police say this beautiful little baby girl, nine month old savanna wright was taken to thek hospital from the day care aftea manning herself called 911 to report the baby was throwing up leg that are psychiatric and unresponsive.on chargeing documents show dc medical examiner office ruled this was caused by non accidental trauma to the head. baby's brain injuries were so zero continuous she was on life support for two days before she died. death was ruled a homicide. hom now we're talking do neighbors here in the neighborhood wherehd the suspect lived and they say they just can't believe this news.. >> well, she probably fell or something. i'm sure. i'm pretty sure that she didn't get hit. i'm
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terribly shocked.te don't believerr it. >> she go get him from schoolool and all that. i don't believe it. i think it was an accident. >> reporter: you can hearr: y neighbors are surprised.ed. some of them tell us they tookhy their own kids to that day carer police say it took more thank t three months to make this arrest because investigators had to to figure out a timeline of whatf time exactly the baby was dropped off and then what time w they believe her injuries happened after they did all that is when they were able to arrest manning, whose being held with h no bond. reporting life in oxon hill alexandria limon fox 5 local news snooded line is now passede for self prince george's countyg county clubs to either change et how they are doing business oror shutdown altogether. many of those adult clubs are accused of using under age girls as strippers. the county is moving toward closing a legal loophole that allowed businesses licensed as restaura
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clubs. eerier this week they issued seize and dissift letters to 12 business five this evening thee club's have to make necessaryake changes to opt as one business or the if they don't, they face citations and fines. into. new details about a fight near rhode island metro stationa happened this afternoon. witnesses tell us a large group of teens started fighting behind a group of apartment buildingsre one person stabbed but it i expected to recover. police broke up the fight. no one was arrested.ested. wootton high school footbalb star accused of causing accidena that killed two friends.rien pled guilty to two counts of vehicular manslaughter. sam ellis and three of his friends just left under age drinking party last june when that crash occurred. two of his passengers were killed. ellis was due to go on trial tri this coming monday before agreeing to the plea.lea. >> there are no winners in this situation. it is a
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happened. you know it is reflected in what seemed to be remorse of this young man coming forward and taking responsibility for his actions. >> alex family called today's events bitter sweet, while it relieves us from having to endure the endless plain off sitting through days of trial, it drives home the cold hard fact that our son died at the hands of another human being. bi fire erupted on a flighted to la because of the boom box.x. three passengers suing airline they claim they were hurt durint that fight. f the incident happened last month when two woman blasting music oa the passengers confronted them, punches thrown, police escorted five women off. women suing saying spirit didrit not protect them and counted too serve alcohol spirit denies >> first it was metro, it's n
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the only public transportationit system in the district with serious safety issues, dc circulator drivers spoke. driver's union highlighted audid with critical defect on buses average about 22 defects per vehicle. many critter k defect found with headlights, tire threads and a breaks and steering. a document by the catholic church is out. o straight ahead at six the stronn substance pope francis is taking on marriage, family and home >> pour pledge by vice president joe biden to stop sex assaults on college campus. it won't be a blizzard, snowflakes will be flying this weekend, since it is i well i that's just wrong. [ laughter ] last. >> chances of >>ou
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the tip line, fox 5 tip's that's how you can email them to us. fop want to give us a tip about the snow tell us about that t call us. we'll be right right back.
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>> welcome back everyone.el we have news of a majorco arrest related to paris terroristserro attacks last november. french officials tell associatel press they arrested, were looking for stemming from those attacks. authorities in belgium say it is still unclear if he is the same man seen here wearing a hat on surveillance video prior to the blast in the belgium airport last month. also following news out of
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arrest in this weeks murder of university freshman a homeless teen even seen here is charged with killing. she was seen leaving. l her body found tuesday, police say the teenager in the video was seen pushing a woman's pick bicycle. detective received numerous tips after they released the tape and that led to the arrest. pope francis made news todad by releasing landmark documentak on family and marriage. leader of more than a billion catholics world wide make bold arguments that will stir controversy. bob barner has reaction in the district. >> reporter: it's a 256, 600 thousand word document that thea vatican is calling the joy of love. you can find it online. here it is. pope francis the not changeing
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rules just encouraging catholic bishops and priest to make, to divorce catholics who remarie, he finds it troubling. but he says, those people shoulo not consider themselves excommunicated. and that priest should offer off them community which they areun not supposedit to do. pope frances wants priest and business shops to show merry and be flexible when dealing with w what he causes wounded family. >> i think it is progressive. i'm right there with him on this. >> i agree with what pope francis is saying and i think that we can't hold things against people from past situations. >> reporter: we spoke to catholics heading into eight a.m. mass in downtown washington. >> i think it's great. we're in associate now days where we are all about
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and you know accepting people different, what they believe in, from may perspective i think that's what church aren't religion and spir pal lot is all about. >> i think it's awesome. >> reporter: he said community s should not be considered add prize but a powerful medicine for the week had weak.eak. >> smythe he owes doing theth right thing.e right th >> reporter: there's a benedict the 16th and st. john paul the sector held a more conservative stans. in the document pope francis talks about sex and family planning, but he did not do something that some in our community were hoping he would. he did not embrace gay marriage, did not open the church's doors to same-sex in washington, bob barnard fox 5 local news. >> vice president joe biden and joining forces with super star la
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about sexual assault on college campus. they visited university of 97 sad dan university of coloradoer as part of the white house, it's on us campaign.ign. initiative urges people to support victims of sexual s assault and intervene when theyh feel consent is questionable. >> fraternity brother or teammate or friend start to walk up the steps en theme pre88 ted, have the courage to say not on my say something. not a joke. because if to you don't enter 15 you are an accessory. >> has been add indicating sincd february when he appeared with laid degaga at the academy awards. >> they say you are what you eat. but have you stopped to consider was eat can effect more than just your waistline we'll talk ' about that t plus six years old
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anna, is showing off her moves o in a viral dance video. the first greater has down d syndrome was turned away from happen dance class for not beinf quote up to standard. an n her mother and new dancence instructor proved everybody wrong. did a hip hop dance that has been viewed. by the way, anna is now preparing to end her first ever dance competition. go girl. ♪
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>> welcome back. 14 minutes after six right now. >> i don't know if if you heard tony perkins, it might snow this weekend. >> what.t. it's not going to be major. you know who has all the answer. high th
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say gwen tolbert just a messenger i know i'm going to gi hear about this. winter weather coming this weekend. short-lived folks. we've got a freeze for some overnight. we're going to see some of our o areas are going to be under freeze warning, freeze watch and advisory are going to be kicking in. we're talking about not a lot just a dusting here and there in terms of any kind of accumulation and snowfall. s not too much to be worriedh about. period of snow possible foror saturday. windy as well.el saturday night and sunday winds are going to get gusty.ty. get he prepared for that. we're going to see them in some of o our neighborhoods they are goins to be picking up to over 40 miles an hour because we have ae low pressure system moving out. so hang on to your heart. and freeze likely by the time wm get to sunday in the morning hours. we'rewe're going to begin with k at salt radar, tonight things are going to be clear. a little chilly. skies will be clear. when we get into
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overnight hours going to see precipitation moving it's way through. low pressure also got a clipper system. in between the two of them it's' really going to sit us up for bitter. 50 at baltimore. 52 at annapolis this hour. 55 at quantico, 51 degrees at dulles. freeze warning kicks in at mid neither for the area you see shaded here until nine a.m. on saturday. those temperatures really goinga to drop. we have to warn you if you liveu in this area, make sure you you protect any of you're sensitive vegetation out i side.ut winter weather advisory thaty kicks in 11:00 tonight until two p.m. on saturday. higher elevation. here we are talking from about three to five inches of snowfall very possible.e. but also going to have gustyty winds. that means we're going to see to blowing snow through here if yoe are in this area or headed toedo this area, visibility will certainly be reduced quite a bit. so, low pressure system moving through.
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clipper system, what's going toa happen it's going to redevelop.d get wrap around prezip precipitation. and that freeze map we're goinge to have freeze watch for entirei area. by noon on saturday, here's a look at what we're talking about. i'm sorry, hitter night, once wi get into 4:00 in the morning it going to become pretty widespread with rainfall. here's a look at the snowfall. here's a look at 7 a.m. in the morning you can see it starts to wrap around redevelop here by by afternoon by the time we get to the game by four in the afternoon little bit of rainfall north of the city snow shower active have it, dress warm going to be pretty b coaster it's out of here ef is e or 8:00 at night. not too bad. pretty much a dusting.. isolated in nature. to the northth west a little bit more accumulation. the mounts three to six to three to five inches. 36, a cold
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tomorrow 47 degrees periods of r rain and snow. sno we'll see some of it by around y the time the sunday rises then again redeveloping in the afternoon. here's a look at 7-day forecast warmer conditions. >> thank you gwen.ou all right.ig everybody i'm sure you have seen this picture on social media. j.c. penney responding to internet uproar to new spring skirt it embrace the skirtrah despite many people saying it has anil place flower it looks e like a period stain is whats people are saying. we think it's a fab skirt for any time of the month, period. >> all right. >> okay. people tweeted and people outout there you guys have too much time on your hands. >> it's a purple flower. >> let's talk about breakfast. experts say your breakfast
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on your skin. >> downer diet news. let's start with a time less favorite, toast and jam i had some this past weekend. bread is high in sugar not allur eds breads, which causes, that process breaks down he last this is the of skin sells which causes skin to sag and wringag kell. so don't spread bread on your face. so what about serial and milk, not only is cereal a culprit or acne, it causes cool la engineoo in skin to breakdown when makes skin age faster. >> many of us start the day with caffeine fix, they are not at good idea.od experts say they are one of theo worse ways to start your day.ay. the caffeine dehydrates skin and causes build up of low level toxins that can encourage acne flare ups. yogurts may be doing you in. dairy increase oil and
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cause break outside. so, i'm going to recommend thata maybe you guys just drink water. >> all we've said is don't eatot any of this, did they say what you should eat. bagels that don't have sugar in them. >> so maybe fruit and waternd that's all you do. all right.t. now we're going to talk about miss jackson, if you are nasty. ky the music. >> some people are really upset about this. ♪ >> janet jackson is postponing the rest of heroon breakable h tour because she is starting a family. several of the venues haven't received official word that the tour is called off they can notn offer refund yet. tonight janet jackson fans are very unhappy because now theyse could have to wait up to a yeara to see janet in concert depending of course on the baby swaying. >> all very strange. little
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♪. refund the people their money.
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are.
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r us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> now we want to tell astor about a student at watkins milis high school. she needs a wheelchair to get around. >> classmate and community rallied together they raced 32 thousand dollars to get this power chair. steve williams was there when he showed off his new wheels. you used to get pushed down to o an event like this. t how does it feel? >> sometimes you take life for granted you have bad days y co
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gone through, for him to get this machine that gives him this independence is everything. other chair was like sitting on wood almost everyday he tells me ho mw appreciative he is. how much better he feels. >> he was born with cerebral palsy that effects is arms, legs, his torso. it gives him completely neww level of independence that he never even knew existed.
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slow down. slow down. slow down. it couldn't have happened hap without the student body, the kids obviously, social media, it's been such a huge help spreading the world. whole new sense of confidence about him, he's now kind of inn control of where he's going. at lunch time the kids hang out and talk have a good time listening to music, now he's in the mix. >> he's grateful to everybodyboy that helped out and
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that contributed.uted >> what a great story and shout out to all the students there at watkins mil who got together to raise the 32 thousand dollars. >> reaching people you normally wouldn't have reached. >> that's a lot of money to raise. >> senses offer community there a great thing. >> all right, othing could keep one man from finding a unique way to propose, scaled a rock in california to ask his girlfriend to marry him. good news she said yes, bad news the helicopter, he got stuck on his way down. california highway patrol pat helicopter had to rescue him, he was citied for trespassing because climbing this rock is prohibited and he was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence, which actually throww the whole proposal into question. >> oh, no. >> let me ge
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was drunk. climbed up a rock. >> and then proposed on face time. >> and she said yes. >> after that she better say yes, i'm sorry. >> we will see you tonight at 10:00. ♪
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: we got video of nic cage trying to restrain vince neil. >> [bleep], [bleep]. harvey: after the crazy incident in las vegas where he allegedly attacked a woman. >> i hate to go out on a limb. was there drinking going on? harvey: no, no. it was 5:00 in the afternoon. [laughter] >> so the craziest police chase happened on thursday. do you know how catch the burglar? "tmz" tour bus. the "tmz" vehicle. >> the chase was zany. >> they did doughnuts. throwing sandwiches. >> i heard a rumor of a hamburger. >> that many -- ham burglars!


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