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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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are you thinking about chilling this weekend? a dip in temperatures is going to make it easier. as weekend snow flurries head our way, we have your weekend weather timeline. >> and a home day care provider is under arrest for killing a baby in her care. we'll have stunned reaction from neighbors and details on the investigation. >> plus, bruce springsteen makes a bold political statement and canceled a weekend concert in north carolina. we'll explain why, right now at 11:00. >> but first we begin tonight with breaking news out of southeast dc. a 7-year-old girl was shot in the chest. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. let's git right to jennifer davis. she is live in southeast where residents there are
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jenny, tell us what happened. >> reporter: the scene is very much just beginning. i can tell you it stretches about a block beyond where we're standing here. you can see a lot of police here. they tell us this happened, they heard the shots at about 9:35. they have these shot spotters around town that detect the noise of gunshots. that's what alerted police in this case. we understand the girl was outside. reports are she is seven years old, she was medevacked out of here. she was conscious and breathing. he's the anc commission commissioner here. this is an area you say needs some attention. tell me what this area is like. >> this is a very bad area right here. as a known spot for crime, for violence. and i'm asking for the community's involvement, i'm asking for prayer.
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>> you say you've been pushing for better street lights, you want more of a police presence, you've even asked for a substation here, even though 7-d is only a couple of blocks down. why? what are you hearing from parents? >> what i'm hearing from the parents is they're sick and tired. young ladies coming up to me saying can you help get us out of this area. we're sick and tire. >> reporter: you say parents say they're afraid to let their children go outside. >> i was told some parents say i don't even let my child come outside because of the violence out here. and i think that's a sickening to me because you shouldn't have to be in prison in your own home. this stuff must stop. i'm pleading with chief lanier to find resolutions to resolve the issues over here in ward 8, especially right here in this area. >> reporter: thank you, paul. i think you can tell how passionate he is about this and we're hearing the same thing fr a
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up here, especially when they learn the victim was just 7 years old. again, we don't know a lot about her condition at this point other than police tell us she was conscious and breathing when she was taken to a hospital. this is certainly developing and we'll have more for you as we get it. >> very frustrating and disturbing. thank you. let's take it outside, or you probably don't want to go outthere. we're going to talk about the weather outside. we are in for a weekend that could be a shock to your system. snow showers are expected to move into the region. gwen tolbart is stanning by now with your forecast. snow? >> there are going to be some snow showers. if you take a look here at this video, you can see that people are bundled up with little heavier jackets and coats and getting ready and so it should be. we are going to see a significant drop in our temperatures. by sunday we could have some of the coldest air in the season. we're keeping an eye on a couple of systems, and yes, we're talking some rain and some snow showers. we'll take a look at our map
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happening right now because it's all moving its way in from the west and it will be late in the overnight hours to the very early morning hours of saturday that we're going to start to see this. before dawn at least we'll start to see some of this precipitation as it heads our way. we are talking light and scattered in nature, except for the higher elevations and we'll talk about that in a second. the temperatures playing a big role, they're going to really dip down. we've got 43 degrees in annapolis, 46 at gaithersburg, frederick only at 32 degrees. 39 at mannasas and 42 at fredricksburg. so far here's what we've got going on for tonight into tomorrow morning. and that is a winter weather advisory. this just kicked in and it's in effect right through until 2:00 p.m. saturday and over this entire area we're talking a chance of about 3 to 6 inches of accumulation and this is in the higher elevations but also some gusty winds, though visibility will certainly be reduced. freezing temps and we'll keep an ey o
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tonight we're dipping down to the 30s. i'll have more details later. >> happening now in prince george's county, the deadline has arrived for some adult entertainment venues to shut down. last week a dozen strip clubs received cease and desist letters because they're operating in residential areas without proper licenses. sarah simmons is here following this story tonight. sarah? >> reporter: today three out of the 12 businesses has to permanently shut down because they operate solely as adult entertainment locations which is illegal under county law. the county says it doesn't end here though. inspectors will be out making sure all 12 locations are operating the way they should be. the three ordered to shut their doors permanently are fuego, upscale ballroom and club ectasy. they operate solely as adult entertainment clubs. permitting found these clubs were violating zoning laws established back in
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other clubs that also operate as restaurants, bars and banquet halls can stay open but stripping is out as of 5:00 p.m. today. if they want to operate adult entertainment venues, they will have to relocate. the rule is, those businesses have to move to industrial zones throughout the county and officials say most of them are more than a thousand feet from residential areas. they consider this a big victory and it gets the adult entertainment away from neighborhoods and schools and pretty much isolates them. these closings come more than a year after fox 5 investigated allegations of sex trafficking at many of these clubs. the investigation found illicit activities inside several clubs that are now being forced to shut down. a sex trafficking survivor says these clubs are a breeding ground for sex traffickers and this is a step in the right direction. if the clubs don't comply, the county says fines and violations will come and eventually the
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they have to. tony? >> thank you very much, sarah. a home day care provider is being held without bond after she was charged with the death of an infant. she called 911 to report that nine-month-old savannah wright was having a medical emergency. the child did not survive. the medical examiner said she died from intentional blunt force trauma to the head. we spoke with the neighbors that can't believe the allegations that she faces. >> she probably fell or something. i'm sure. i'm approximate -- pretty sure. i'm shocked. >> i don't believe it. i think it was an accident. >> wobs the case closed this week, manning was finally charged with first degree murder. fox 5 has
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day care had been operating without a license. >> police are investigating reports of a suspicious man outside of tomorrow as jefferson elementary school. the principal sent a letter to parents alerting them a man was seen there taking pictures. officials approached the man and he ran off. remind your children to always walk in groups and be aware of their surroundings. fox 5 has learned new details about the hit and run driver who hit and killed a police officer at a dui checkpoint last year. he spent about four hours at a hooter's restaurant prior to that crash. he ordered five beers and four shots of whiskey. he closed his tab and paid for more drinks with cash. after he left the bar he hit the officer with his car. today hooters told fox 5 it is cooperating with the investigation. hooters required all front of
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re-undergo training. the bartender has not returned to work at hooters as a result of this tragedy and disciplinary action is ongoing for others involved. >> a dc woman is under arrest in connection with a deadly pedestrian accident. a woman has been charged with driving the influence. she is accused of hitting and killing a man after he stepped off the curb. it happened overnight along the 1300 block of massachusetts avenue northwest police have not identified the victim. the case remains under investigation. there are new concerns tonight about dc's circulator buses. drivers say some of the buses are unsafe and that is putting passengers at risk. an audit last august found 95% of the buses inspected had serious safety issues. 95%. first transit, a private contractor that runs the buses for the city, says a second audit several months ag
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improvements but the bus driver's union disagrees. the city's department of transportation has a contract with metro to oversee the circulator buses. they're working with first transit to monitor progress with bus repairs. protesters gathered in opization to a shopping center. opponents say they enjoy their suburban neighborhood and they don't want to see more commercial traffic come through the area. the montgomery county council is expected to vote on the final plan later this month. coming up next at 11:00, bruce springsteen canceled this weekend's concert in north carolina. the boss says he made the call because of a new state law that does not sit well with him. details are next. >> also coming up tonight, we are saying cheers to the weekend! that's andrew fox the owner
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>> bruce springsteen is taking a stand against north carolina law. the boss has canceled this sunday's show that was cancelled for the city of greensboro north carolina. some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bog on thetory is happening as i write for one of them. it is one of the strongest means i have in raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forward. >> tickets will b
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>> it is time to get updated on what is a pretty active weekend of weather. >> we've got strong gusty winds, rain, snow showers and falling temperatures. >> will there be some sunshine at some point? >> by sunday we'll have some sun. so let's get right to it. i would not go into a weekend without giving tony perkins some sun because i'm telling you i'm sure i would pay the price. but i do have to also give some snow showers. just remember, just the messenger here, folks. tonight we're seeing some clouds increase and take a look. here's the system. we've got two systems and this is one moving its way towards us. we're going to see some precipitation from this. we've got a clipper system and a surface low to deal with as well. we are talking some rain and snow showers from all of this. i can't rule out maybe a rumble of thunder. just be aware of that. here's a look at temperatures right now because they're going to drast
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48 at dc, 36 at gaithersburg, 39 at mannasas. winter weather advisory for the higher elevations, we're looking at 3-6 inches of accumulation. but with gusty winds through here, we're also talking about blowing snow and very poor visibility. this kicked in at 11:00 already and it's in effect until 2:00 p.m. on saturday. we have a freeze warning for this entire area that kicked in midnight until 9:00 a.m. on saturday and we want you to make sure that you really protect all your plants and vegetation. we're talking isolated dusting from dc to the south and to the east, behind that dusting to about an inch and the higher elevations will see that 3 to 6 inch total. by 3:00 a.m. we're going to start to see some of this moving its way through. here's a look at 7:00 in the morning. you see that mix and some snow to the north and rain to
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south. we get a break before it kicks in again. but if you're going to that game at 4:00 tomorrow, you're going to have to protect yourself. dress warm, take some rain gear as well. this is 4:00 in the afternoon on future cast. we're getting this wrap-and from this precipitation. and here's 7:00 in the evening we get that mix again and then it starts to get out of here. and behind it all we have a ridge of high pressure building in. so when that ridge builds in on sunday, we're talking about clouds later in the day, some sunshine which i told tony, but it's going to be chilly as well. sunday morning could be the coldest air of the season so far. here is a look at your 7-day forecast. good news. we warm up by monday. 68 degrees. a far cry from the 47 we're going to have tomorrow. and then we're talking about a chance of some thunderstorms on tuesday at 63. back to some sunshine, clear skies and temperatures between the upper 50s and lower 60 as we move toward the end of the week. but bundle up for sure because as we get into tomorrow we're go
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and they're going to produce some wind chills so it's going to be very, very cold. there's a basketball game -- baseball game people want to know what's going on. >> the good news is the 60s return next week but probably the wizards won't be playing
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basketball. eliminated from playoff, 112-99. to augusta, round 2 of the masters, jordan speith leading after the first round on the first hole. nice long putt here gets it to drop for birdie to get the 7 under. then seventh hole from the bunker, leaves it just inches short going in for birdie. finish of the day first at 4 under. phil mickelson, the opposite end. no, sorry phil, the ball didn't go with you there. shoots a 79, missed the cut for the third time. round 3 is tomorrow. also tomorrow, tomorrow night, fox 5 will have the duck commander from texas motor speedway on the
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kyle edwards. the bigger news out of texas is the speedway's new mascot. this is little dale. fur in the shape of a number 3. the goat will be used to memorialize nascar's greatest of all time number 3 dale earn heart. and i know if someone wanted to honor my memory after i was gone, i can think of no better way than with a taxidermyed livestock. >> we're going to get to the good stuff now because it's almost time to raise a glass and raise some money for autism awareness month. >> after the break he's going to show us how to make acai smash.
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tony is feeling it tonight everybody. >> that's because tonight we're saying cheers to the weekend! april as you know is autism awareness month and leflt located on west street in annapolis is raising money for the cause. >> andrew fox is the owner of level and he's here tonight. you're going to make an acai smash. if folks order one proceeds will go towards a foundation that helps families living with autism. >> we start with a little fresh
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lemon. >> your favorite vodka. >> that was a long pour there. this is from brazil. very nice color. >> would it still have its medicinal properties? >> it would. >> may we try these now? >> yeah. >> tell us about the foundation and how you guys are partnering with them as the benefits from the cocktails. >> the bowen foundation is a local anne arundel county foundation that donates to needy
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they provide anything from doctors' appointments to insures, simple things, strollers. >> they have a big football game coming up to also benefit them, right? >> we have a big football game. they have donated the stadium for next friday. we have a girls game and a guys game. >> tell us quickly about some of the food items. >> this is our seared pork with a ras p berry jam. this is our grilled lam chop. >> fabulous. now it's time to sip the acai smash. cheers to the weekend, everybody! >> if you choose to drink, please do so responsibly. >> enjoy your weekend, everybody. go visit level in annapolis. tmz is next.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: we got video of nic cage trying to restrain vince neil. >> [bleep], [bleep]. harvey: after the crazy incident in las vegas where he allegedly attacked a woman. >> i hate to go out on a limb. was there drinking going on? harvey: no, no. it was 5:00 in the afternoon. [laughter] >> so the craziest police chase happened on thursday. do you know how catch the burglar? "tmz" tour bus. the "tmz" vehicle. >> the chase was zany. >> they did doughnuts. throwing sandwiches. >> i heard a rumor of a hamburger. >> that many -- ham burglars!


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