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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  April 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead this morning, is this an extended april fool'sl fool's prank? i hope not.hopeot caitlin will be here to telleo t us about the weekend weather. wr it's rainy and cold outside out with the possibilities of snowes flurries. details on your weekends weekene forecast coming com >> i'm pleading with chiefef lanier to righ find resolutionss >> and a community in amuni southeast d.c. known for high fh crime is shaken again byga a little girl is the latestatest victim. vict we'll have those details t ahead. plus, a teenager who gotr w behind the wheel after a nightfg of drinking that ultimatelyltimy led to the death of two his classmates faces a a je we'll have those details asls a well. we good morning, welcome tolco fox5 news morning saturday. i'm annie yu. >> and i'm caitlin it is not a pr
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as you look outside on this april 9th, saturday morning,y mi that's a beautiful view of theif potomac a gorgeous lookingoo morning but we had rain showers as i was driving in adrn couple hours ago and we've gotra a couple of snow flurries showing up outside there, too. t we've got cold ahead in the next 24 hours just like lasteas weekend. not much has changed in this ths very active weather week.eather here's what to expect later today. today. a wind advisory for the d.c. metro and all the way back to the mountains in west virginiaii as gusts are expected overd ove 40 miles an hour at times.t tims we could even see power outages like we did last week. that wind will increase laterasl this afternoon.this it's not so windy right now. now in fact it's fairly calm but like i said we do expect it toti increase later on today. tod so, even though we he do have dh some snow showers out there, iut think the bigger story is going to be the wind. w freeze warning that's out for tonight into early sunday morning.morning. feels like every night we're nig issuing one of these or
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national weather service iseath butter expect very coldold temperatures toll morning. 2 o'clock a winter weather advisories for accumulatinges fr snow. storm tracker radar right now showing some showers sweeping se through, just rain inside theehe beltway and on the western w edge of the district soisict another round of rain expectedui there.n those are some snow showers att least showing up on radarad towards our north, over up 95 u towards baltimore so someom pockets of snow flurries. if you're seeing them send them to me caitlin roth fox5. fx but so far so good when it comes to the snow showers here in d.c. d.c we haven't seen any yet. y i don't know if we'll see muchie 41 in it is cold towards ourin west, w temperature in the 30's bute in everyone is above freezing soezg any snow that falls not falls n expected to stick here. h like i said winds are calm butab they will be increasing rathergr rapidly as this cold front sweeps through later today.ou here's the setup for thisgh weekend. what's moving through rightov now are showers ahead ofin as af cold front and it's cold now n with temperaturesn
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once that sweeps throughhr expect the wind to really rea crank and then early tomorroww morning very cold.ol sunshine tomorrow the.omorrow it's at least a brighter a brigr looking day but it will be here's your numbers for youror y weekend forecast.end fost. 47 degrees with a few showerswho today. very windy later on today. that mine affecting the nats game. they play at 4 o'clock this'cck afternoon. sunday starting off cold but b we hit 50 degrees with somee sunshine, looks a little bit l better and the week ahead brings more april likel li temperatures.te i'll have that in yourave seven-day forecast but that'sha' coming up.coming up. >> thanks so much mha developing overnight arnig child was shot in the chest in i southeast d.c. it happened around 9:30 lastst night in the 2400 block of hartford street. first responders say thesp little girl was conscious andios breathing when they arrived toai the scene. s she was flown to a localoc hospital and commissioner paul tranci says enough is enough. ig >> this is a very violentiole area, knox place hawthorne street and 24th street has become
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spots in southeast. it makes no sense. sen you have seven churches ine less than ase three-block radiur from one another and a seven s district police station and pol yet this is one of the hottest spots in southeast.ouea that makes no sense. it's a slap in the face to the seven district police stationti and the churches and it needs to >> so far no one has been arrested in this case.rested police are investigating andgang still no word yet on theetn little girl's condition atondita this time. in other news the former f wootton high school studentl t accused of causing an accident c that killed two of his friendsii faced a judge yesterday. yester. sami his pleaded guilty to two counts of vehicularhicula manslaughter. prosecutors say ellis this ellit evening other teens left anef under aged drinking partyed dri shortly before the crash lastfot june. fox5's paul wagner has more.ras >> reporter: when sam ellissam l got behind the wheel of hiseelf car and took off prosecutors pru say he was under the influencenn of drugs and alcohol. aoh court records show he had ahow e blood alcohol level of
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.07 and .09 which is above the legal and when he hit the gas downe ha the road that night the speedometer topped 100 miles an hour before the 19-year-oldr- lost control of the car crashing into a fence and overturning into a yard.turn two of his passengers friends alex murk and calvin li were killed. >> today is a difficult day i not only for thes li and murk k families but also for the afor ellis family. fam there's no jumping for joy. fory there are no winners in thisnert situation. it was a tragic incident that t happened and, you know, it i certainly is reflected in what w seems to be the remorse ofsef this young man can cominging forward and taking tak responsibility for hisonsibi actions. actions. >> reporter: prosecutors sayter: ellis and his friends had been at the home of kenneth saltzman a parent who prosecutors say allowed theed under aged drinking to go on. he pled guilty to the chargecha and was fined $5,000.5, ellis and the two friends whoris were killed had just graduatedte from wootton high when theigwhen crash occurred.ur a fourth person inth
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survived. >> alex murk's family calledamie yesterday's events e they released a statement thatat reads in part while it relieves us from having to endure the endless pain ofai o sitting through days of trial a it dives home the cold hard hr fact that our son died at the hands of another human being. investigators found his credit card -- hooters hte employees told police reelice rl llewes company closed his tabny and paid c for more drinks witht cash. after he left the bar he hit officer leo to with his car. car today hooters told fox5s told fx they're cooperating with theoopt investigation and released aionn statement that reads in part hooters required all front of the house employees to undergo responsibleal
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the bartender directly in involved in service to murrell r llewes company has not com has returned to work at hooters asos a result of this tragedy and disciplinary action is ongoing o for others involved.for othe a d.c. woman under arrestndr in connection with a deadly deal pedestrian accident. aid are a shonda jones has been charged with driving under the influence.uee. it happened yesterday thursday a along the 1300 block of massachusetts avenueachuses avee northwest. police have not identified theti victim and the case remains remi under investigation.esti and a home day care c provider from oxon hill isom onl being held without bond thisondh morning after she was chargedteh in the death of an infant.t. back in december beatrice beatr manning called 911 to reportt that nine month old savannah saa wright was having a medical emergency. the child did not survive.di the medical examiner says sher s died from intentional blunton force trauma to the head.auma we spoke with manning'sanni's neighbors who can't believe the allegations she is facing. >> well, she probably fell or fr something, i'm sure, i'm sure,
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yeah, yeah, just by characteristics.char very shocked.ry shocked. disturbing. shocked, don't believe it. >> running with them, she go s g get them from school. sch i don't believe it.i do i think it was a accident. accin >> now once the case closede clo this week manning was finallyin charged with first degree murder and fox5 has alsoox5 haso learned that manning's home day care on hell mont place in e oxon hill had been operating without a license. licen in fairfax county policeai arrfe investigating reports of a suspicious man lurking outside of the thomas jefferson jefrs elementary school this week.eek. the principal sent a letter toet parents yesterday alertingery a them that a man was seenman wan taking pictures near the school's playground.laro school security approached theye man and he ran away.anwa the principal is askingssk parents to remind their children to always walk inlwaysa groups and be aware of their surroundings.ound he's credited with takingin down one of the most pantedost d men in the world and now a former navy s.e.a.l. has ay a.l. run-in with the law. find out why he was thrown in ws jail. ja and of course caitlin willos be back with another look atoo a today's forecast. forecas stay with us. fox5 n
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saturday will be right back. wie time now 7:08.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now 7:11. new concerns about d.c. circulator buses. drivers say some of the buses are are unsafe and that'serrcmed tputting passengers at risk. r an audit last august foundound 95 percent of the buses inspected had serious safety issues. is first transit a private pri contractor that runs the buses s for the city says a second audit several months ago foundod improvements but the bus drivers' union disagrees. dis the city's department oft o transportation has a contracton with metro to oversee the circulator buses and they're b workinusg with first transit to monitor progress with bus and remember the 24 or 29 o9 hour metro shutdown for safety inspections? congress wantsons? to know more about it.
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manager paul wiedefeld toiedefeo testify before two house oversight subcommittee this coming public safety and violence are also issues for the troubledtr system. fox5's jennifer davis has jenni the story. >> reporter: guardian angels ang have been patrolling metro forao awhile following ahsir reecengie of violent incidents in recent c months in and around theroun t transit system and thursday thu they detained someone for police. >> the main thing that we are trying to do is just to be assistance to the police and just detain, make sure no oneeon gets hurt. i wasn't sure if what he -- heeh had a gun or knife. o knife. >> reporter: aaron thompsonter:n says it started when he noticed the young man tryingryin to surf a train at gallery >> i just observed the i j individual that was in a veryhan dangerous he put himself at risk by holding onto a train that wastas about to begin to move ande could have brought a lot of danger to himself as well as others. >> reporter: thompson saysr: t when he asked the ma
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the teen rider threatened him.dh >> the guy said to me, he say, e you know what, you get on this g train i'm going to stab youtab and at that point i said,ai okay, you know, time to getet involved.involv >> reporter: guardian angelsuarn detained the young man untilan l metro transit police arrivedolir and took him away. ay. police were busy again fridayri just after 1:00 when they say a large fight involving a group of teens started outsideed the rhode island avenuesl station and moved about ad about block up the street where a w a juvenile was stabbed. stabb metro riders say safety isafetyi certainly a hot topic right >> i think the young people do o get on when they probably needbd supervision or need some rules, some points on how to behavior out in public.ub they're representing theirg t family and if their families knew they were behaving in that manner away from home i'may sure many families would not let them out. out >> it would help if there wereer more police officers on it.t. but, yeah, hasn't been awful.ben >> reporter: metro's gmet's speaking to reporters onrepors o wednesday said there is much
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for the system to work on but also said it still has sll h strengths, >> we do 1.2 million1.mill passengers that's pretty strong, if you're moving that manyat people. i think maybe we've lost a little bit of pride in itde through some of these problemsos but we can regain that. t >> no word about area arebo rests in either case andinit police say the victim in the road island avenue incident is expected to be okay so good sod news there. there. all right. time now 7:14. 7:1 time to check in with our with caitlin roth.itlinh. >> yes, good morning. m >> good morning.>> some interesting weather.esti >> ing know. i k interesting is one way to putg e it. it does not feel like >> no. >> last weekend we weret talking about how chilly it is andwe here we are again talkingg about cold enough for snow in si our area.r ar >> i heard you in your firstn yu report saying the winds areayin going to kick up today. >> yes. >> they were fierce yesterdayer when i was out in the field.ut >> seems like every other day has beenev incredibly windy.dy it's been just some wild w weather. you probably don't even want en the umbrella later todayi
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continues to rain because itause will be so hard to manage butang yeah our big weather headline ha this morning some saturday satua snowflakes they're out there. te us you are just off towards j our north in d.c. let me knowt k if you're seeing any of that snow. caitlin roth fox5 send me aox5 e tweet and a picture that would be awesome because it isecse i pretty rare we get any snowflakes in april.flak here we are april the ninthin and i think we're making up maku for the early march weatherea that was so balmy in bal comparison.compar outside right now satellite sati and radar this is a clipperlippr system but it is pretty dynamic and it is bringing ing n some very cold air from ourro or north. look at snow showers up in pennsylvania, upstate new york drifting through ohio, thegh mountains in west virginia vgi where they'll have someve accumulating snow with this t winter weather advisory in effect there.effect the let's see what's movingt'see wh through the metro right now.t n. mainly just rain showers forin o d.c. and that would be on the western side of the district they're seeing light rainra right now. up towards baltimore and towards the pennsylvania border that purple indicatese is some snow. zooming in here in d.c. we saw showers earlier.owers you guys are just seeing raineea showers still.showers sti
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tier of the beltway anday newspaper southern montgomerysot county there. but as you head off towards our north and east towardsd columbia into howard county int here in maryland, that ismarylah snow, at least covering tooving radar and that is some heavy h snow in some spots, the darkar purple so if you're just westtes of 95 that's what you'ret'at y seeing up towards 70 west off baltimore and temperaturestem there at leastpe cold enoughd eh aloft to support that falling as snow. you can see temperatures at the ground though all above th freezing. from unin washington, 36 gaithersburg, 39 in baltimore, , 36 in frederick.36ed so any snow that does fall not anticipated to stick.tick. we've got one round of o precipitation now. we'll have another round later l this afternoon. aerno very, very cold air, unusually u cold approaching record lowsdow tonight with these temperatures. 24 in binghamton, 32 pittsburgh, 30 in columbus. cumu this part of the world that's t' where snow falling will stickilt because temperatures are below freezing.zi fox futurecast shows here'sers the snow and rain showers that are moving up towardsow philadelphia within the nexthitx hour or two but notice we'veicew got another wave back towards
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our west. so we could see some peeks ofpe sunshine later morning early afternoon butter then 4, 54, o'clock more showers coming through, possible delay at day t nats park with this it will be brief but with the game binnin beginning at 4 o'clo could be soggy. soggy wind advisory takes effect at et 3 o'clock for most of theost ofe area. it will last through tonight.. here's why. w wind gusts increase later thisai afternoon to over 20 to t 30 miles an hour and at theirt peak as that cold air really rea rushes in we could see brief sef gusts over 40 miles an hour.0 m. that's about for the wholeut area. getting out of the way you seetw those winds come down substantially sunday morningundi but it will be very, veryery, v cold.cold. temperatures later today 47 in washington. well below normal.ll bel nor we've got the wind which willchl make it feel even colder andr these temperatures overnight approaching record lows, we'resw only in the 20's.0's. that's the air temperature, 29ra here in washington.ashingto this time tomorrow morningor i'll be showing you windshowingu chills for sure. nationals baseball
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we battled rain on the homeon th opener on thursday two timestwo and now we'll be battling some snowflakes and some wind.aknd sm first pitch, 43 i think it's mainly just rainin showers, though, here ins,ugh, washington to be honest. seventh inning that wind iss howling 40 39 by game's end.s en the cold weather gear will bewib needed as you head out hd tomorrow morning. mning we start in the 20's.0's. we see a decent rebound up to 50 degrees despite that cold thl start and finally some more mor april-like temperatures return m by monday. we hit 68 degrees with someit s showers through tuesday.ue temperatures right aroundroun 60 degrees to end the work theor week. that's your seven-dayat you forecast. annie, we'll send it back tod b youly. >> all right, thanks so much caitlin. to brussels where the citys remains under a terror alert. officials there still thinka i another attack is likely. lik this comes after policeice detained five men last night fiv accused of having links to the brussels bombing. b one of those suspects mohammedmd abrini could be the mysterious y man in the hat who escaped thesd double bombing at the airport. t officials suspect abrini maybrii have also played a role in the paris
7:19 am
he was seen in the attack att convoy en route to paris in p the days ahead of the moodthe md shed but disappeared afterward. there's growing concerngrow over north korea's nuclearucar program.ra leader there is say they have i successfully ts ested the engine of a new intercontinentalntinta ballistic rocket.llistic now, if this is true that would be a major step forwardor for the country's nuclearuc weapons program and it could cou give them the ability to abilito launch a nuclear strike on the u.s. south korean officials disputeid that notion saying north koreare does not have a reliable relia missile cape of hitting the u.s. ma main lands.ain at least four people claim hastert sexually abused themsedt as children. hastert pled guilty lastpledlty october to breaking banking b laws so he could secretly paytly millions of dollars to an an individual so they would keepo quiet. prosecutors say they'll ask a judge to senteny ce hastert upat to six months in
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>> ♪ >> new this morning the formerrn navy s.e.a.l. credited with taking down osama bin laden was arrested.resd. police arrested robert o'neillrt for dui early yesterdayterd he was found asleep behind the wheel of a running car inn butte montana.ontana. he has been released from jail i after posting bond andng b released a statement denyingtemn he was intoxicated and says he took a sleeping pill. p this is o'neill's first timen beineig arrested.. the u.s. government haarrested.e janet jackson fans crying foul. find out was fans won't beas seeing their money for thoseho hot tickets they got. got time now 7:20. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> bruce springsteen taking aenn stand against north carolina'sa' new law that restrictss protections for the lgbt community. the boss has canceled his show s scheduled for the city ofled fo greensboro tomorrow. t he released a statement thattemt reads some things are morehingsr important than a rock show andow this fight against prejudice p and bigotry which is happeningap as i write is one of t it's the strongest means ist mea have for raising my voice iny v opposition to those whotion tths continue to push us backwardsacs instead of forward.. tickets for springsteen's showpe will be refunded to fans ands an earlier this week
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pay pal backed out of itskeout plans to open offices in charlotte north carolina because of the sameusof t legislation.le and it appears janetet jackson fans have anotherno reason to be disappointed.isapin not only is she postponing theoe lester of her unbreakable tourau because she's starting a family but now there's word you can't get a refund forf f those tickets if you already a bought one. one several venues where janet was w scheduled to play say theyhey haven't got 10 official word oia yet that the tour has been called off and that meanst m they're treating it as a postponement for now so theyow can't offer those refunds. fans are not happy about this.ui and they could have to wait upo to a year to see janet in concert depending on her baby situation. wow. as we head to break wehead want to tell you about ann inspirational story about a beloved student at watkinsat mill high school. abraham uses a wheelchair to get around butter needed a new one.on his classmates and community com rallied together and raised r more than $32,000 to get him a new customized power chair. fox5's photojournalist stevest
7:25 am
williams was there yesterdayteay when abraham showed off his new take a look.take a l >> used to have to get pushed pe down to an event like this? >> yeah. >> now you can drive yourself. >> yes, sir. >> how does that make youoeat feel? feel? >> pretty good. >> ♪ >> sometimes take life forim tak you having a bad day, you comeym in and you realize what he'ss going that was and has gone through and for him to getto this machine that gives him h his independence, it's everything. so, his other chair was just like sitting on wood almostt every day. he tells me how appreciativerece he is, how much better heow m feels so it's a good thing.hing. >> it's pretty. i thank the people.e. >> ♪>> >> he was born with what's
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and that affects his arms, his legs, his torso. his tor it gives him a completely new level of independence that he never knew existed. [cheers and applause] >> he can move it with his ownhw head. he's in total control of it. it's like having a personer behind the wheel for the firsthr time. slow down, slow down. dow slo that you go. [cheers and applause] >> we raised $32,000. $32 [cheers and applause] appla >> let's hear it for the entire community each and e a every one of you matter in mte this. >> it couldn't have happened'ta without the student body.e st i mean, the kids obviouslybvio with social media anded a everything it's been such
7:27 am
huge help spreading the word. w there's a whole new sense of sse confidence about him that he's ' now kind of in control of conol where he's going. g >> at lunchtime the kids just j hang out, have a good timed listen to music and now he'sow h right there in the mix.ix >> he's just really gratefulllre and thankful to everybody erybo that's helped out andped o and everybody that's contributed.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now 7:29 as we take a:29 live look outside. outde looks a little gray out there.ue it is very chilly but caitlin c is going to tell us if we're i e going to warm up any.. hey, we should be thankful tnk it's not white out there out t because check out thesese whiteout conditions in ohio.s ii this is snowfall fromall f overnight there. the the area will see several inches of fresh snow by theesh y time it stops falling around aro noon today.onay northern ohio is no strangertrge to snow but caitlin i guess weus should just be thankful that'sl not us, right?ig >> exactly.>> exactly annie we've got some got some snowflakes in our area, too. so odd and unusual an april an snowstorm. we had one last week up in newn england and here we go again.oga it has been nothing like aprilna across the thea. all week we've had active active weather and just about everyd jt day it's been incrediblyredi windy.wind later today will be no e n exception. i think this will be theis businesser headline as we move into our ourat wind advisory takes effect at 3 o'clock.3 o'k. we'll see gusts over 40 milesust an hour for just about ther whole d.c. metro down through tu southern maryland up throughd uu northern maryland and through sections of western virginia vii
7:31 am
wind behind this cold fronthis that's bring showers righthowe g now. following the wind a real pushnu of arctic air, freeze warning wr out for basically the whole area. area. sensitive plants whichnsit probably didn't survive at allt this past week due to the wind w and cold will not gun tomorrow r morning as we approach app record-low temperatures.empe finally a winter weatherr wehe advisory for the mountains mouns accumulating snow through 2:00g2 p.m. today. they'll get a couple inches on the ridge i don't think we see much snow here in washington. it's just too warm.'s we've got rain showers outside j right now sweeping through these district and we've had some overnight rain wiest got thesewe showers which had been aroundic forh probably next hour or sooo and then we'll have anotherenotr wave of showers later thiserhi even some snow mixing in upg in north on 95 through columbia c towards baltimore you guys arees seeing some snow showers some s there. but all of us haveav temperatures above freezing atea this hour so nothing is going ii to stick. sti 41 in washington, mid 30's0' back off towards our west, 39 w, there in baltimore.altire 39 in annapolis and current curt winds are very calm.very c this is the precipitation outtan ahead of the front. f
7:32 am
you have to wait until we get we behind the cold front to seento that wind.that win so here's your setup for thiss week. fast moving but very dynamic clipper system moving through. u showers and snow but mainly m that snow confined up top pennsylvania and the higher elevations. high pressure moves inre overnight.overni very, very chilly tomorrowom morning. and then some clouds increasee l later in the day but i thinkay i we at least get a period ofio o some sunshine. here's how it breaks down your r weekend forecast just 47 today with some on and off showers. and very, very windy win conditions and then tomorrow morning, very cold. c we'll have some late dayl clouds and see someha sunshine n and there is some betteretter weather in your seven-dayr in y forecast. fo i'll have that coming upavat around 7:45.:45. but for now let's go back too annie. >> all right, thanks so much smh what comes up -- or what orh goes up must come down and d thunder theory tomorrow mightth be a good day to go stong on stg that's when the price drops from 49 cents to 47 cents. this is the first time in 97 in years the united states postalua service has cut stamp prices.tap the price reduction marks theonm end of a special
7:33 am
to make up for revenue lost in the 2008 to 2009 recession.. national highway safetyet administration doesn't think't self driving cars are ready to c hit the roads yet. officials meta national hearing in d.c. yesterday anday they had a lot of concernsrns can. one of those concerns is conce i terrorists using self drivingf v cars to hurt people.eo the industry says there's sostry much work to be done and thate h self driving cars may be on car the road one day.ay still ahead this morning, m, the nationals fan who changed ca his entire look. l >> a lot of people say when whe are you going shave it? i >> it's all because of a packet he made four years ago.m we'll have that story and much t more coming c time now now we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do. >> ♪ >> welcome back. hey, fast food chain roy rogers is expanding.xpandi the company plans to open sixpe new stores bringing jobs tog maryland and virginia.a. >> joining to us talk moresalk m about this is co-president and owner of the roy rogers restaurant is jim clementon.lemt he came down from the t frederick area early thisrea ear morning, snow sticking to the te ground. >> snow on the ground in frederick. freder >> but you're here and you you brought such an incredible a spread. this is all very familiar tofamr me. caitlin, did you grow up onou g roy rogers as well.roy >> i d i grew up in theup i philadelphia area t
7:37 am
rogers as it is like going back in time. t t> it is. this is such great news, jim. j why now. n >> our guests are clamoringng for more roy rogers in theirerse area. we got a great menu, roast, beef chicken and burgers. burge people remember it.r >> one of the best thingsbesthi about roy rogers to me is thatis you always kept thatha traditional aspect of it.ect of nothing new, nothing fancy,hingn you're not adding like cheetosls to your sandwiches.r it's just that authentic realea good fast food, >> it's quality fast food. f our roast beef is usda choicesdc beef slow roasted in the outn tt of haven't like you do at homei sliced to order. >> we have that that and also a lot of chicken ascken well.well. >> we've got a big chickencken strips promotion, fresh never frozen hand battered in rest restaurants and fry it up. a it >> what do you think about roy t rogers that people love sot ople much. is it the traditionalra sandwiches? the bread? what's the's >> we like to say quality say q variety and choice.d cho the quality that
7:38 am
choice beef, the variety beef got thee great menu items, i roast beef fried chicken and chn burgers. we have nine side items to ite choose from. it's not just burger fries anan drink.drink. we've got mashed potatoes baked potatoes baked beans. >> can't forget the salad bar.t they do not go cheap on then th salad bar. >> that's right. >> i have taken many exat a manx stuff home because of that.caust it's like a free for all. >> and we mentioned this, this i is great but jobs.ut jobs. you're bringing jobs into our area, six new stores means howts many jobs? >> gosh probably about 150 to 200 jobs with those six new s stores we're opening inpeni gainsville at the end of theleth month, pasadena maryland.aryl we just opened in aspen hillsp last month >> okay. some of the original locationsoc still exist like the one in myki backyard alexandria which wewh talked about, it's the it' t original one, the one that ine t went with my grand glad that gla was the first roy rogers location. >> not the first but one ofirst the first roy rogers and it'sy ' still there doing very well.doi you got to go back. >> because
7:39 am
>> you want to mention theou other locations before we go w he. >> gosh, we're in six states. maryland, virginia, westgi virginia, new york, new jersey r and pennsylvania.and pennsylvan. we're growing all over theinl ov area. as i mentioned gainsville islles coming online pasadena, pasad maryland coming on line soon.ine we'll be opening two in newwo i jersey in the next three nt th weeks. >> wow. >> yeah. and what's your favorite part about roy rogers. >> it's the food.>> i've got some favorites, thete double r bar burger is one of ie my favorites. we love the food and the t quality that we >> excellent. exc well, caitlin and i are ready to chow down here and as we down we're going to go to h breako tb real quick and be right back. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. i say we own it.xperience become something to hide? lose all that negativity. just let it go. it's just bad energy. oh, and lose those terrible black balloons
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7:42 am
>> take a look at this. have you seen this hilarious video? it's going virall showing two dogs playing hockey. caruso hit the pavement --en they're so cute. cut >> is this real?>>s th >> yes,'s for real. the celebrity dac sound has over 900,000 facebook 9 followers to go along with his 200,000 followers onn the video has been viewed morevw than 20 million times and we a contributed quite a bit to t that. >> i can't believe they can't hold the b sticks like so many viral videos are likerel okay why am i watching thisghi but that is so adorable.dora >> i think the hockey stick is stuck to the shirt glued on so that when they're running itth looks like they're holding it. it's like one of those
7:43 am
costumes. >> that makes a lot more sense. what is happening that. ipp >> so cute. >> how is the weather lookings for us. >> pretty great if you loveov wintry weather.. >> no.>> >> if you want it to feel likent april we've got to wait a'v couple more days.cole m taking a live look outside o raindrops on the camera right there. we have rain moving through the off towards our north inugs ou carroll county, howard countyd maryland, frederick county,d, fi you guys are seeing some snowme and it's probably sticking to sk the ground. let me know what you're seeinga up that, caitlin roth fox5. we have wintry weather and wea that includes saturday sat snowflakes falling as i we have another round ofoundf showers moving through later thl today and that could even bring some snowflakes, too.omsnw nothing really expected toxpte stick unless you're up in theupe mountains, some of the higherome elevations but along with theuta saturday snow, we'll have some wind and very, very colderyol temperatures later ln so, i know high to dig back b out the heavy winter parkr p today, the gloves thisthis morning. this storm system sweepingto through is bringing mainlyis bnn snow to portions of of pennsylvania, ohio
7:44 am
they've already seen severalread inches, west virginia and into t western sections of marylandaryl and virginia, rain showers upair through the delmarva.el zooming in closer those arelo snow showers in the we've also got rain showers moving through the districtis now. a little bit of rain thatrainhat started as snow as you head y northeast on 95 towardsow baltimore but that looks likeoks it's switching over to rain asnr we speak that in northern north sections of d.c. up towards tow takoma park light rain.light outside the beltway up through t 95 mainly rain showers but aswet you get towards 70 west oft o baltimore that looks like snows showers mixing in at l least on radar. radar. despite any snowflakes we mayke see nothing is sticking withis t our temperatures well aboveve freezing. 41 in washington, thirty nine, in baltimore, 39 i tn annapolisp and it's 38 out in culpeper p.ue even cumberland 37 degrees 3degr right now. across the area, that are some s temperatures below freezing. it's sticking up in westernnes new york.k. 24 in binghamton, 31 in pittsburgh. 28 in columbus and this cold air just rushing in behind a rus front that's passing as we goatp through the morning hours. so here's
7:45 am
some mixed showers aroundwers an right now. that will move through and by mid morning i think we even see he some sunshine.e som but you see what's backhat' towards your west.ur w that's our second round ofonund some precipitation which willtah come through midafternoon.idafto we'll stop the clock at 4:00. nats game which got delayed twice thanks to the rain i te r believe the home opener on thursday, could be delayed yetud again today with some of these t rain showers which may feature f a snowflake or two.a that's late afternoon. after whatever passes through shouldhu be pretty brief and thenrett behind the front wheel see whe those winds really howl as weow clear out late tonight early e tomorrow morning. mo winds are calm but they'llhe increase this afternoon.ftnoon gusts over 40 miles an hour0 les are possible at times and with these heavy windeavy gusts we could see brief powerri outages or at least your trash t or recycling bins will be thewie next neighborhood over. nei the wind will stay with usits overnight tonight and we'll wll quickly diminish as we go past sunrise tomorrow on sunday but y this time tomorrow morning i mor will be talking much moreng muc
7:46 am
wind chills.wi it will be so cold out there approaching record-low temperatures.ur forecast for today, not thethe best one, that's for's f but i think the wind will beinwi the bigger story than the showers. a couple rain showers, maybe a couple snowflakes 47 degrees windy as we head into theas wafternoon. 29 that's it for the lowr temperature this morning. 51 after a cold start that on sunday. we see a little bit of some moderation but the real r moderation doesn't come untilond the work week.e wo 68 degrees there on monday so my that's much more like april. apr and it looks like we at least a stay in the 60's despite thedese fact that we have somee som showers. finally quieting down as we head towards the end of the e week. we a little cool but much moreuch like mid april than what wen wha have been experiencing so fariec this week. th we've had a wild week of weather.we a lot of rain, a lot of wind w and we're talking aboutng snowflakes this morning,ow annie,fl so pretty crazy. >> it's crazy and look at thatt 29 on sunday. s >> yes. . >> and then we jump to 44. >> 20's, i know, so it'so it' changing at least pretty pretty quickly.ic so pretty i mentioned the nationals gameis at 4 o'clock this afternoon soln if
7:47 am
fans watching this morning, ini, hope there are. a >> there are. >> a lot of you. >> well, there are severalell, ways that nats fans show theirhe love for the home team.ea >> that's right.>> some do it by buying tickets t clearing at the park or even wearing a bryce harper jersey but one nats fan goes to new t lengths to support his team.m. sports reporter brody loganbrodl has that story.. take a look. a >> reporter:. >> ♪>> >> reporter: opening day atningt nationals park a-day when every nats fan dreams of a world series. >> ♪ >> reporter: none more than bj. >> ♪>> >> reporter:bj became a nats season ticket folder 2012.older that year he made a pact with his end. >> nice long friday nighte after the game and one of my friends said, yolou know, you k, should probably never shaveer again and so sure enough ino said how about this, i won't i shave until the nats win aats w world series. >> reporter: easy enough. the
7:48 am
perennial contenders sinces 20's 12. >> four years later, we'reer, w still here growing, we're we're still going strong and a lot of people say when are you going shave it? not until the l nationals win the world serie series. >> ♪ >> yes! >> reporter: yes, we'reeportees still growing with strictst rules. >> this is all original.s is the only thing i trim is the mustache just because if this was 9-inches long it would be absolutely tortuous to eat. eat >> ♪ >> reporter: beards are aep part of natsor culture. cultu that are bearded fans of allfll shapes and and even the most prominent of nationals beards appreciatesrect bj's facial hair game. hair gam. >> i sit right next to theto foul pole. jason caught
7:49 am
it in. he looks up and he goes -- g >> reporter: giving up yourinupy face in the name of fan dom has its downside. >> one girl that i did dateirl d when i first started growingrowi it out said if you let it go i crazy we he will not date ever. we obviously are not date anything mohr. i miss enjoying ice cream, ae ca good sandwich, a hamburger, a hot today. i can't eat anything without w being self-conscious.elf- my dad hates my beard,my d absolutely despises it, wishes w it was gone. mom she thinks it's funny but fn hates it. >> i really wish he would shave it off.she it >> reporter: the beard has its admirers.. bj or bam bam as he's known to section 108 has become a fan fan favorite at the park. >> the beard definitely gets aea lot ofrd love. >> ♪ when, if ever, er, the nationals win a worldld series, bj will celebrate with a cold beer and a fresh
7:50 am
smile. >> ♪ >> quite the beard. >> it adds character. i like it. >> it's fun, getting into the spirits of the nationals and beards are trends now. >> he should maybe even dye it d red. >> that would be taking it tobe the next level.the next l >> make sure you shampoo itevoui and keep it clean. c >> a challenge.llenge >> right, exactly.>> all right. an 89-year-old holocaust-old survivor in michigan has one big wish.gis >> she wants to sing the to national anthem at a detroit d tigers baseball she first gained attention after relatives posted a video v of her singing on facebook. fac hirsch is so cute by the way.utw she was born in czechoslovakiavi and lost both parents andents several other family membersami at the auschwitz concentration camp. she says she has no fear of hasr standing in front of the a the a crowd. crowd. the detroit tigers are working on giving hirsch the hirsc
7:51 am
national anthem during a game. i would love for her to haveer that >> i'm going have to google g heresy if there's a video of if her singing out that. out that's a great story. sto coming up on fox5 newsmi this morning, for anyone whonyoe celebrates passover, we've got g a special treat for you. we are dishing out some gluten free, yum, yum, passover passo recipes. stay with us. hi, ladies. >> ♪ i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment.
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7:54 am
>> debbie asher and and jenn bernstein. be did i say that rig >> bernstein. >> i'm sorrily written wrong. wo they're the founders of charmed bar. they're founders.they're founde welcome back.lcom >> hello. >> good to see you.>> g i always say this every time evy y'all come here, you guys lookso amazing and remind me -- we w call them the housewives ofves gaithersburg, right. right >> right. >> real quickly before we jump p into this simple recipe talk about charm bar.abou it's a really cool story. >> yes.>>es. so, jen and i created charmre bar because i have foodbecausha allergies and i couldn't find a great nutritious deliciousousi bar i could these are free of glutenlu grains soy dairy and refinedai d sugar and we're sold all overoll the country actually right now g so i think last time we werewe r on we were mostly local but loc now we're all over theall er t country. >> that's amazing. tha caitlin was saying these in t our very own vending machine.
7:55 am
>> yeah and they're delicious.a >> that's very cool. t >> okay. so, the simple recipe, whatipe,a are we making. >> so, passover is coming up and we wanted to give you y gluten and grain free recipese c that you could do forthat passover. passover we're going to be making -- min >> well, we have to show you deviled eggs. avocado deviled eggs and then t we have grain free matzahgraieem balls and we have gluten free gn toffee and chocolate covered matzah. delicious. >> let's get started. >> so,? end is's going to mix up our grain free matzahur graie balls. you basically have fourhave f ingredients chicken fat andat that is the key to the flavor fa of these matzah balls is you take three tablespoons of t chicken fat and you mix it with two eggs, so you want toan get that together and actuallyny what you want to do is you wto d want to use cold chicken that's pretty important andor then you're going to mixta that together. and then you're going to put the avocado -- not the avocado, that's a differentiffee recipe, you're g
7:56 am
the almond flour which is blanched crushed up almonds,.,. >> okay. >> put that in the bowl andt tb put some sea salt. s why don't we go ahead and do. ad that we're going to put thehe almond flour and the sea salt. a things this together really thie well until it gets stiff.ets if it's not stiff you can add more almond flour. flour >> almond flour is a grainrain free rigight. >> really just almonds. >> wonderful. >> you can use almond flour in most things that you would useae bread crumbs for. >> sure. so then you're going to mix this up thoroughly and then a you're going to cover it ander t put it in the refrigerator forto a half hour the when it comes out you go ahead and you roll them into these matzah ballsatzs about an inch and a half and hf then you can drop them --m -- actually you drop them in them boiling water for 45 minutesr and they can come out likefoano this and then you can drop them in your soup so it absorbs all the flavors of thea chicken soup and it's a greatea alternative for traditionaltio
7:57 am
in them. >> what makes the avocado andvoa the the toffee here glutenlu free.. >> so, the toffee chocolate cco covered matzah is actually made with gluten free matzah. m >> gluten free matzah great.te and the deviled eggs. >> deviled eggs have avocado lemon juice and you blend itnd t up and squeeze it and you can put in it a ziploc clip off the end and squeeze it like at k pastry bag.. >> nice. >> decorate them and putor watercress on top of them.toof >> eggs are a big part of part >> i love deviled eggs.ed >> thank you ladies. >> thank you both so much. both great often. >> that does it for us here atr 7:00. there's much more ahead as the 8:00 rolls on. stick with us.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning, i'm annie yurnn thank you for joining us.. caitlin also here. a her >> yes, good morning. >> good morning.>> and it's chilly and rainy and windy. >> i know. really sounds like a greate gre forecast, doesn't it? but, ut no, it is going to be veryo be wintry over the next 24 hours.ou some wind and some cold.eol it's >> it really is.>> >> we're talkingd record lowecow temperatures. it's been such a chilly start a to the month. ctohe m >> yeah. y and i think everyone wondering i when are we really goi
8:01 am
in the thick of the summerhe s months, like, you know, summer-like temperatures youike know what i mean. >> when is it finally going tot warm >> i think by monday we get better. be a lot of headlines thisin this afternoon.te wind advisory takes effect atrnt 3 o'clock.3 that last until 10:00 p.m.l 10:. saturday. the whole metro area back upackp through northern and westernte sections of maryland and downann along the mountains as we can wc have some gusts over 40 milesr l an hour at times. t that is behind a very strong s cold front that will be movingen through later this morning delivering some very cold air cr behind it.behi as a result we have not just not the wind advisory for tonight tg but also a freeze warning forin the whole entire area. are in fact we should all be ind the 20's by this time tomorrower so, if you resisted diggingig out that winter coat yetr at again, you're going have to if o you'll be up early tomorrow tor morning or even out late out tonight because there's nohere's escaping snow still in the ridge tops,ide couple of inches through thishrh afternoon where we have a winter weather adv otherwise, we had a couple ofd e snowflakes showing up on radar la
8:02 am
most of that has changed to chad rain. zooming in on the district dtric itself we just had showersadhowe swinging throu now moving through easternving h sections of the beltway up u through prince george'sh pr county, toward howard county,wat carroll county in maryland.untyl that is mainly just some rainomi but we've had reports of snow oo coating the ground up in frederick as that swungun through last hour and maybe,andm you know, up towards theowar t columbia area. a looks like pretty decent snowret is coming down so tweet me m caitlin roth fox5 if you haveouh any snow in your yard and yd a temperatures right now, rig though, do not really support s any stickage of the we're all above freezing. fez 41 in washington, 36 in gaithersburg, 36 in frederick.rk winds are pretty calm rightig but we will see them increase is later on today and i'll havel he your whole full forecast who including the seven day coming c up at about 8:15. 8:1 but now let's get to our topo or stories with annie. >> ♪ >> developing overnight aing child was shot in the chest inht southeast days. isoutheast d.c. d first responders say thers the little girl was con
8:03 am
breathing when they arrived on scene. she was flown to a local hospital.sp the commissioner says enoughssio is enough. >> this is a very violent areaor right here. knox place, hartford street and 24th street has become one b of the hottest spots in southeast.sout it makes no sense. you have seven churches inn chus less than three block radiusiu from one another and a seventh v district police station and polc yet this is one of the hottestst spots in southeast. south that makes no sense.. it's a slap in the face to the e seventh district policeict li station and the churches andandh it needs to >> so far no one has been arrested for the shooting andort police are investigating.tigatig still no word yet on the yet little girl's condition atdition this time. and a d.c. woman is under u area are rest in connection undr arrest in connection with a deadly pedestrian accident. rashonda jones is accused of
8:04 am
hitting and killing a man along the this evening hundreds block of massachusetts avenuee northwest.rtest police have not identified theid victim and the case remainsemai under investigation. and a home day cared a home provider from oxon hill is hil being held without bond this boh morning after she was chargedch in the death of ana infant.t. back in december beatrice bea manning called 911 to reporttoep that nine month old savannah san wright was having a medicalmedic emergency. the child did not survive. svi the medical examiner says sheays died from intentional blunderal force trauma to the head.trau we spoke with manning's mning neighbors who can't believe't the allegations she is facing.a. >> she probably fell or something. i'm sure. sur i'm pretty sure that shepretty s didn't -- yeah, yeah.'t -ah, y just by characteristics liketi l very shocked.ry disturbing. shocked, yeah.shd, y it's unbelievable.ieva >> running with them she can go get them to school and all that. i don't believe i think it was a accident.n'as n >> once the case closed thissedt week manning was charged withedh first degree murder and forurr a has also learned that manning's home day care ine dayn oxon hill had been operating ora
8:05 am
to fairfax county nownty n where police there are there a investigating reports of ag rts suspicious man who has been lurking outside of the thomass jefferson elementary schoolnt this week.thiseek. the principal sent a letter tott parents yesterday alerting alein that em that them that a man wan taking pictures. p the principal is askingssk parents to remind thatemd that children to always walk in groups and be aware of their surroundings. >> ♪ now to the race to the white house. candidates are getting ready gty for the new york primary.e york the state has 291 delegates upes for grabs. grabs on the gop side right now republican presidentialican candidate donald trump isld trui leading in the pack in the packt number of delegates he has.. he has 743 while ted cruz has 520 and john kasich has 143. 143 candidates need 1,237,237 delegates for the on the democratic side bernie sanders and hillaryrs any clinton are going at they're both campaigning inampag new york.
8:06 am
earlier sanders criticized c clinton and said she wasshe unqualified to be president.side she responded and said she'sdhe been called a lot of thingst hig over the years but unqualifiedni is not one of them. the that should have said she, s excuse us.ex us. voters hit the polls for theor new york presidential primarydel in 11 days. meanwhile president obamae n will do something this weekendhe he hasn't done in more thanmo seven years. he's going to appear on fox o news sunday. the president sat down withen host chris walt lace for thece e first time since he was elected and our shawn yancyhawnn spoke with chris to get ahro ge review of what they're going g to discuss. >> we talk about hillarylk abo l clinton's private e-maill server. back in october the president pe said that he did not believe bel she had jeopardized national nia security but since then wehe w found out that there were w 2,000 pieces of classifiedlassie information on her e-mail, 22 top-secret e-mails that tt contained top-secret-sect information, so we ask him does he still give her a cleanec bill of health and what abouthat the fbi investigation into allst ofhi
8:07 am
american public, will he direct the justice departmentept that this will be a legalwi be l decision not a political decision. so, i can tell you, shawn,ha that you guys will be covering his answer on monday.. >> ooh. >> president obama's exclusivele interview airs on thisw ai weekend's edition of fox newsew sunday at 9 o'clock rightckig after our 8 o'clock show. >> ♪ some of the concernse crn lawmakers are we'll have that and much more tu coming up. 8:07 is your time.
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
>> welcome back. time now 8:10. as we take a live look outside, it is windy and win chilly out there and it's nott't going to be warming up any time soon. s caitlin is going to be with us h with a full forecast but first f there are new concerns about a d.c. circular drivers say some of the buses sf unsafe and that's puttings putti passengers at risk.tis an audit last august found 95 percent of the busesbu inspected have serious safetyety first transit a private private contractor that runs the buseshs for the city says a secondond audit several months ago found improvements but the bus drivers' union disagrees with that. the city's department ofartmento transportation has a contracttin with metro to oversee theversee circular buses and they'rear a working with first transit toitt monitor progress with bus repairs.irs. and remember the 29 hour9 hu metro shut down for safety inspections? well, can wan congress wants to know moreants about it
8:11 am
lawmakers called met tow gm tow paul wiedefeld to testifyo te before two house oversight subrs committees this coming week. we. public safety and violence also issues for the public publi transit system.stem fox5's jennifer davis has the latest.ates >> reporter: thursday the the guardian angels detained det someone for police. p >> the main thing that we aren h trying to do is just to be assistance to the police and just detain, make sure no oneren gets hurt. h i wasn't sure if -- whether he h had a gun or a knife. k >> reporter: guardian angel ang commander aaron thompson saidhoo it started when he noticed theie young man trying to surf a train at gallery place. >> i just observed therve the individual that was in a very t dangerous position.daous po he put himself at risk by holding onto a train that washaw boy to begin to move and it i could have brought a lot ofe danger to himself as well asel a to >> reporter: thompson saysor
8:12 am
the teen rider threatened him. m >> the guy said to me, he sayses you know, what you get on this train, i'm going to stab you'mog and at that point i said, okay, it's, you know, time to get involved. >> reporter: guardian angelsrdia detained the young man until metro transit police arrivedpo and took him away. a mostly sunny were busy againerea friday just after 1 o'clock 1 ok when they say a large fightge ft involving a group of teens of t started outside the rhodeho island avenue station and ave moved about a block up thea blo street where a juvenile wasil stabbed. >> the young people get onng when they probably need some nem supervision or need somed s rules, some points on how to to behave out in public.ub they're representing their t family and if they -- theirir families knew they were wer behaving in that manner away from home i'm sure manyome families would not let them lete out. ou >> the safety has been okay.s it would help if there wereere w more police officers on it. it. but, yeah, hasn't been awful.l >> reporter: metro's gmetro's g speaking to reporters ono repoer wednesday sai
8:13 am
for the system to work on but also said it still has still strengths, too.streng >> we do 1.2 millionmi passengers a day. d that's pretty strong, right. ri. if you're moving that manyg thay people. i think maybe we have lost a little bit of the sense ofse pride in it, you know, through u some of these issues we're facing but we can regain that. a >> reporter: no word about arrests in either case andinithd police say the victim in the road island avenue incident isni expected to be okay so goody news there. >> ♪ time for weather talk. wea >> i know. kno and it is such a chilly and wintry forecast, annie. annie before we get to weather, though, our favorite parter ofe the morning every morning hereg on fox5, itev is time to meetee our little fox5 first five.iv how cute.wut >> so cute.e. >> she's styling. sling >> she's cool.>> >> attitude. this is she is just three months old and she loves waking up every ee morning at 5:00 a.m. a >> she wants her milk andd fox5. >> well, yeah.l, that's a milk call 5:00
8:14 am
>> that is.hat all right. well, her mom says she loveshe watching fox5 especiallyspecll because she loves allison's ais style.styl she's got some great style of her own, don't you think but sealed to go with her therego wt an -- i would haveto agree with. and tucker always makes her laugh. >> he makes us laugh, too.augh,. >> if you want your child tont l be our next first five, postost her picture under bailey's picture. i don't think she needs those sunglasses unless she wants toas wear them for style.r style bundle up weather for the kids d dan tomorrow morning, annie.rrom thank you for bailey's pictureiu so cue.sout let's do some weather. wea and, yes, i know we have beenven talking about snow out therew oe today and we're also talkingki about a lot of wind but the third piece of this is the potential record cold tomorrow r morning. i don't think we get there but e just the fact that we're closeee enough to some record lowsrecorl here in early april is pretty remarkable. the old records as they standhea 28 degrees for tomorrowrees morning in reagan set back
8:15 am
1997. dulles is 19 set back in 1985n and bwi also 1985, 22 degrees.2e here's what we're it will come pretty close.lo 29 at reagan. r 22 at dulles, probably notbly nt going to hit it there but wee b might have a shot at reaganeaga and bwi, 27. b we'll see how it all shakes alla out tomorrow morning but basically everyone below freezing and probably everyoneby below 30 degrees by this time tm tomorrow morning.morrow morning. satellite and radar shows yourah why. y. very wintry type storm systemmye moving through it's not a biga one but it is enough to bringng accumulating snow to parts ofars pennsylvania, the mountains ofof west virginia and extreme e western sections of maryland. ml pretty dynamic so as it passeste it's going to have a a lot of wind coming through, too.ough, we had overnight rain showersrnr here in the district. in and we are still seeing somere e pockets of some light rain r south of d.c., eastern side of the beltway, you guys are also seeing some light rain and ife d it's not raining it's probably l just drizzly and damp out damp there. earlier this morningliert about 6:00 a.m. we had some s snow showers from montgomerywerf county all the way overo
8:16 am
howard county.ou it looks like now just rain lik showers on 95 as you head upd up towards and i think we mainly just seeus rain today.. maybe a snowflake or two mixes in later on but probablyn but py shouldn't be a big deal. dea temperatures well aboveurell freezing right now. rig. 41 washington, 36 in and we'll all get into thel all 40's later today. tod hence why i'm not too worriedno about any snow out there although in the mountains it will accumulate a couple a c inches. temperatures right now veryuresn cold, 25 binghamton, 31 pittsburgh, 27 in columbus col where northern sections ofrthe c ohio they have had severalheve d inches of snow on the ground already. re here's our setup through this weekend.
8:17 am
better and those temperaturesemu much more tolerable there by monday, 68 degrees monday and we'll stay a little cooltle c certainly better as we goin through the rest of the week.ret that's your seven-day forecast. annie. >> thanks so much mct well, a murder suspectr suec that left a texas campus onn edge has been caught. can coming up details on then te bizarre way police were ablece a to track him down. tra him time now 8:17. 8 be right back. t cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received aew more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can.
8:18 am
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8:20 am
is. >> these comes after policeom detained five men last night accused of having lynx to the brusselsesin bombings. bbing one of the suspects mohammedmo abrini could be the man in thetn hat who escaped the doublehe d bombing at the airport. airpo officials suspect abrini mayy have also played a role in theit paris attacks. att he was seen in the attack a convoy en route to paris in pari the days ahead of the ahead of h bloodshed but disappearedisapper and there's growingand therg concern this morning overn north korea'sth nuclear program leaders that say theyhe successfully tested the engine of a new intercontinentalcoinen ballistic rocket.llistic rocket. if this is true that would beru a major step fe orward for the e country's nuclear weapons wpo program and it could give themee the ability to launch ay tonch nuclear strike on the u.s. u south korean officials dispute that saying north korea stillno does not have a reliableava re missile cape pal of hitting the u.s. mainland.e a man under arrest inmaunde connection with the death of an 18-year-old university ofni texas student.
8:21 am
haruka weiser was found dead d on tuesday. fox's caron mchugh has detailset on the investigation e policeonl say they are very certain 17-year-old criner isner i responsible for the death ofea o student haruka weiser. firefighters identified the homeless teen from this surveillance video as personce v they previously met at thevi scene of a when police caught up with criner they said the suspect had her duffle bag.e >> it's important to be veryy vigilant when you're outhe unfortunately we know there are monsters in society thatocit would do us harm. us >> reporter: her friendsepor reported her missing mondayer ms morning. g. on tuesday her body was foundasd in waller creek in an arean a between her dorm and the dralara building. her family and schoolfami officials say the portland poran oregon native was passionateasst about dancing and was planning p on double majoring in dance and premed. pmed. while the university of texas tx says it's step
8:22 am
security, her death as put fellow students on edge. e >> it gives me comfort that he t were found someone but at the b same time knowing that it was probably a random attack on campus, it's scary. >> reporter: police say they t informed her family of theed h arrest and they delivered aniven emotional message from her mother.moer. >> please tell everyone at thehe university of texas, please,le tell everyone involved in this investigation thank you but also please they will tell mee h to take care of themselves...el. tell them to take care of themselves but go home and hug your children, no the once but twice.twic >> reporter: kriner could face additional charges. crg ut president says additional patrols will continue ton campus until further notice.e. caron mchugh, fox news. >> hour for the jury to findfor corey b
8:23 am
this case was a retrial.waet last year a jury convictedonct beatty but the verdict wasdi thrown out after a judge declared a mistrial afteria lawyers discovered that theth jury foreman had been a victimnv of statutory rape.ap and we are learning newre ln details this morning about thebt hush money case involvingolving former house speaker dennis new court documents reveal at least four people claimple hastert sexually abused themd t as children when he was a high school wrestling coach. he pled guilty to breaking banking laws so he could payws u millions of dollars to anns o individual so the p earn wouldnl keep quiet about hastert's past misconduct.isconduct. prosecutors say they will asky a a judge to sentence hastert to t up to six months in prison. >> three, two, one. engine ignition. liftoff. >> a historic launch foror landed its falcon nine rockett on a drone ship. s this is a huge feat. fea the rocket was carrying several n
8:24 am
inflatable room for theflab international space station. stn nasa expects supplies to sup arrive at the space station by sunday. su coming up, a nats fan isatsi taking his love for the team the to the very next level.xtevel we'll tell you about a vow he aw plans to keep, plus caitlin iss back with another look at l today's weather then alln a important work week preview. pri stay with us. time right now 8:24. rigow we'll be right back. ht back.
8:25 am
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>> welcome back.>> are there any nationals fansnati watching this do you think so. t >> i think y so, annie.nnie >> multitude of ways nats fansw are showing their love.irov >> some do it by buyingy buy tickets cheering at the parkee b wearing a bryce harperri a jersey but one nats fan goes to new lengths to support his team.te. sports reporter brody logan has that story. >> ♪ open day, a day when every nats fan dreams of adr world series. serie none more than bj. b >> ♪ >> reporter: bj became aam nats season ticket holder in i 2012. that year he made a pact with his friends.ds. >> had a nice long fridaygda night after the game and one ano of my friends said, you know, ko you should probably never n shave again and so sure enough o i said how about this i can'tian won't shave until the nats winta
8:28 am
>> reporter: easy enough.r: the nationals have e been perennial contenders since 20's 12. >> four years later, we'rela still here growing, we'rere still going strong and a lot of people say when are you y going shave it? not until the nationals win the world serie series. >> ♪ >> yes. >> ♪ >> reporter: yes, we're ywe' still growing with stricth st rules. >> this is all a the only thing i trim is the mustache just because if thishis was 9-inches long it would be absolutely tortuous to eat.. >> ♪ >> reporter: beards are arer: a part of nats b culture. cultu that are bearded fans of all all shapes and styles.nd and even the most prominent of o nationals beards appreciatespprs bj's facial hair game.acia >> i sit next to the fou
8:29 am
jason caught a ball knew it in and they panned in on him and ha he looks up and he just goes.t e >> reporter: giving up yourp yor face in the name of fan doman has its down sides. ses. >> one girl that i did date d d when i first started going it it out said if you let it goto crazy we will not date ever. eve we obviously are not datingin anymore.anyme. i miss enjoying ice cream, iam miss enjoying a good sandwich hamburger hot today. i can't really eat anythinging without being completely cometel self-conscious or using 20 my dad hates my beard, wishesrds it was gone. gon mom she thinks it's funny butunb hates it.hate >> i really wished he wouldheoud shave it off. >> reporter: the beard has its admirers. bj or bam bam as he's known to section 108 has become a fan fan favorite at the park. par >> the beard definitely gets a f lot of love. >> ♪ >> reporter: when, if ever,r, the nationals win a world series bj will celebrate way way ol
8:30 am
smile. >> ♪ >> i love that story.ry >> there's nothing like a man with agued looking beard,ookingb right. that's quite a beard.uite that's going to keep him warm w on this very chilly and windy weekend. taking a live look outside,utsi seeing sunshine peak through the clouds after overnightig rain showers and thosehose overnight showers brought snowno to some parts of our area.s our even got word that there's aat ' coating up in frederick.rederick that's a little bit further fer off towards our north in theourn higher elevations which ish is best chance to see any snow sno stick. otherwise i think it's mainlyt'i rain showers we'll see again later this afternoon. wind advisory out 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. including the metroeo back up through western wes maryland and west virginia as gusts may exceed 40 miles anex hour acet feels like every other day isayi incredibly windy wdy today will be no exception. it's pretty c
8:31 am
this afternoon you've been'v warned, very, very windy. wdy following that very cold tonight freeze warning out forao the whole area so sensitiveentie plants need to be broughteeto b indoors. if they've been outdoors they te probably haven't survived theve past week where i think we'vee' had freezing temperature everyre other day but we're startingrtin off quite cold tomorrow morning. mo winter weather advisory forer the mountains in west virginia, western marylander m where they'll get a couplet a cl inches of storm track radar showing swi pockets of showers out in o i northern virginia from f gainsville centreville, 95il south of the beltway here and that's kind of sweeping upwards as you head offas y towards our northeast.r northeat within the district itself just some light rain, mixed bag of some light showers andgh then also some sunlight at sunlt times. just like on thursday, we'lle' see things move pretty quicklyui off towards our north and east there's those snow showers as s you get up towards western wesrn sections of the baltimore area seeing some of that snow.t s temperatures above freezing. abe 41 in washington, 36 gaithersburg, 37 in dulles andnd fox futurec
8:32 am
showers moving through rightvinh now. this is our first round andnd then later this afternoonaf we'll get a second round. mainly rain. maybe a snowflake north but iak think that's going to be's pretty tough to pull off. to the bigger story today i think will be the winds that will betl howling later on thister on afternoon. showers may briefly delay theie nats game. 47 degrees for a high temperature later today.e let's check those lows tonight. in record territory here, h very, very cold. 29 in washington, low 20's l0' north and west. and we'll have your seven-daye forecast still ahead.yo sti but for now let's go back to annie. >> ♪ better sleep may lead tod t better grades for your child. c. researchers found in increasing their sleep time byet about 18 minutes each nightes e can actually significantlyigni improve their report card car grades especially in englishialh and math. very interesting.venter well, it appears most, it am states do not provide students with enough physical educationys and a new study finds that only 19 states require elementary school students tooo takel pe classes for a set
8:33 am
amount of time and only 15 set minimum rules for middle school students the reporttu states only d.c. and oregonded.. require the and amount of physia education recommended by national experts. and the dreaded deadlineeadl for filing your tax centerng y city right around the cornerun and according to a new surveyvey it's an especially scary time te for millennials. fox's matt king explains thehe younger generation's fear of filing. >> taxes? >> internal revenue, somel re service there you go.ere >> i think the irs is extremely corrupt.em >> reporter: none of us like paying taxes but nerder survey of more than a 2,000 americans found millennials feared preparingfe their taxes more than anye thana other generation.her >> no, i got -- i don't know. >> millennials are absolutely intimidated by paying thereg the taxes and the i are rs becauseus that parents have been helping them with that money forever.orv >> reporter: jason dorsey a millennial himself blames hislfe generation's dread of taxes on
8:34 am
world experience.p >> when you interview a millennial who is 24 they may m only been in the workforce two or three years whereas otherrs generations may have been in the w workforce eight . >> i don't know much about't k taxes, just a little bit more mr complex than what it needs toeet be.. >> it's a lot to digest dig though. >> we don't want to get itnt t wrong and what makes that badha is some millennials have h chosen not to file so they denhe get it wrong. >> reporter: by not filing any taxes millennials probably l get it more wrong than theyhan y would by making any unintentional tax filingl t filg mistake. >> the government might finden out that you are not reportingei your taxes and will simply simpy file your tax return for you.tuu >> reporter: principal princip prepares the taxes of many millennials. >> some of them have miss t conceptions thahet if they are not an employee somehow they can live tax >> reporter: millennialsilleials tend to hold more free plans pla part time and one time jobse jos than members of other generations.nera >> multiple state returns andsn it gets kind of confusing.onfus. >> reporter: fear confusionr:ea and intimida
8:35 am
breaks so just as every he era of americans were us did we millennials will learn towillean endure and overcan come the resentment and perplexity ofex o giving a portion of our earnings to the it just might take us a littleit longer. >> it's not enjoyable.enjoy. >> it's a lot of informationnfon that i don't understand.on't >> reporter: on the upper o east side, i'm matt king, fox5o5 >> coming up a classic play is s hitting the stage right here in our area. a we're going to meet the actor whose are playing in cat on a hot tin roof at the round rnd we'll be right back. life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine
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8:38 am
>> a classic play written bylayt tennessee william has hit the te stage. the round house theater is premiering cat on a hot tin a h roof this month. m here to talk about the play is melissa keegan. good morning. mor >> good morning. >> is this super early for you e guys? i can tell.el [laughter][laughte >> so, this is very, very exciting. exci this is a play that's wittyitty intense thrilling. but for those who aren't who a familiar, can you talk ayou k little bit about what the story line is. >> sure. sure. it's -- well, it's a play bylay tennessee williams set in theamh mississippi delta in theth 1950's. >> right.>> >> and it's kind of surrounds this family and t
8:39 am
the ensuing death of the patriarch of the family and the relationships in thatatiohis play. >> yeah. >> and you play maggie.y tell us about your character.rat >> maggie . >> [laughter] [laug >> dramatic. >> she's an extremely alive, a fun character to play. and she is trying very hard toad accomplish her goal of o securing some stability withom the death of the father-in-lawrl and just trying to regain the relationship.ti >> okay. so, we're seeing a clip of theoe scene right here where it's very intense. int when you're doing somethingm like this, do you just block the audience out and get into that zone? z >> i actually do. like looking out at the audience -- >> you like looking out at theot audience. >> i do not. >> you do not. because we have all different de reactions to what we're seeingg
8:40 am
me a little a >> there is quite a bit of bit humor in it actually as well. >> yeah. >> so, i don't know about you dt but it's kind of impossible tosi shut the audience out you want that fourth wall.four w you want that to be kind ofto bd consumed with who you are areu e with on stage and what you'reha doing but at the same timeut with the humor you hear h a response which is good. is goo >> yeah. so for the audience who haveieeh already come to see it what it w has the reaction been fromn f them. th >> pretty -- pretty overwhelmingly great.elmi >> yeah. >> yeah. >> it's been a very positive pot response thus far.on thu >> and you play brick. >> i do. i >> tell us about yourell character. >> brick is big daddy's son. s he's a complicated and quiet qet man. man. >> yeah. >> who is really spending the majority of the time trying to achieve his click. >> okay. and tell us about round house u theater,, too because i knowtoo there's this reall
8:41 am
program that can actually getet younger fans to come see thee te show. i think that's pretty remarkable.remark >> it's a fantastic programfantp called play it forward. f any high school student withnt w an i.d. can come to theome theater and get a free ticketeic to any show in the entireire >> that's fantastic it's tha really promoting the arts and encouraging younger fans, thes,t younger generation to get in tot on this right,.ig >> which is so important.hich i >> thank you so much. t it's playing now uhantil april 24th. >> that's right.>> t >> tickets are available round house theater in bethesda maryland on east-west highway. y thank you so much.uch. coming up if you thought tho you would be able to get a refund for your janet jackson j tickets, we'll tell you why tel you may not get your money your back but first let's check inhe with caitlin. c >> we've had rain showers, showe snow showers in the area.e are what to expect as winds pickindc up and temperatures fall laterle nothing like april but whenut will it feel like it? i'll have your seven-day forecast straight ahead.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> welcome back. for all you stamp collectorscols get ready. rea tomorrow might be a good dayoodd to go ahead and stong on those starches.arches. that's when the price drops from 49 cents to 47 cents. this is the first time in 97n years the united states postalsp service has cut starch prices.ts the price reduction marks the m end of a special program meantra to make up for lost revenue ren back from 2008 to the 2009 recession.
8:45 am
>> ♪ okay, i'm getting mixed , i'emotions from people out thert about this weather.t th wea >> i'm getting a lot ofng aot o negative emotion from people p about this wea >> nothing personal. pso >> nothing personal.>> not it never s but i've had many a frustrated tweet and iweet and understand. heat's got to go back on.k on. people are getting their the fireplace going, have to dige t back out all the winter gearea and it's like a february f morning all over again.ovga >> messing with our emotions etn man. >> i know. we'll get through this together i promise becausese bau better days are ahead in the seven-day forecast. live look outside right now, i know everyone is like seriously, another cold potentially snowy day and it's april 9th. we've had just some rainjust sea showers across the dmv this d t morning but that are some snowsn showers off in the mountains m and up towards baltimore right now even philadelphia but central sections ofl ions pennsylvania, they've got aania coating on the ground uphe g there.there. so, this is very elevation eva dependent.depend quite hard to pull offo pul snowflakes in even if we doow it's harder toht get that to stick.get that i don't think we'll see mucheeuc sticking in our area if youif y even see it. i let's start off with storm wh
8:46 am
we have what is not a very a v strong storm system movingov through but it's dynamicynam enough with the cold aircoldir coming in with it so pocketsooc of showers around the area and in the past hour northern virginia around gainsvilleinsv centreville and 66 and thenndhe down towards 95 the dale cityalc area you guys are seeing someeem pockets of rain that actually aa look like they might have ae a few downpours associated withss them. th these can be rather gusty atn at times. can can't rule out a rumble ofom thunder with any of thesef t you head up 95 into thento t district, it's just some light i rain that's been movingthat through. further off towards our northto and east like iwa mentioned offf towards baltimore this isaltimos actually some snow mixing in.. mainly west of baltimore up towards towson and then northor of i 70's as you get towardsow the pennsylvania border that'ser your best chance to seence to se snowflakes mixing in.owfl columbia, they've had lighthey'd snow but just about alloutll morning i wonder if they've got anything sticking that. sti caitlin roth fox5 if youox5 if happen to be in columbia let me know. temperatures though showatho they're not very supportive of anything sticking to theng ground. 40 in s annapolis, 36 baltimore, baltie 41 in washington, 37 out at
8:47 am
dulles. by this time tomorrow morningrow we're all going to be in thel go 20's and i'll probably bebl b showing you wind chills wind c tomorrow morning.orning wind speeds very calm rightm now but a wind advisory takesort effect at 3 o'clock thislohi afternoon.tern so s-it will be very, veryryry gusty.gusty. gusts over 40 miles an hourou possible.possible fox futurecast shows morewsor showers will arrive later thisrv afternoonly i'll stop thenly so clock at 5:00.ock at 5:00. that may be enough to brieflyo f delay the nats game at 4 o'clock.oc this would be the second homee e game of the season and wouldse be the second delay. the secondd we had those rain delays onelayo their home opener on thursday o but the rain looks to quickly qi pass and again i don't think we see any snowflakes here inern washington that would just j have to be up into the higher elevations. future wind gusts.tu here's what we're dealing withlt later today. tay. over 40 miles an hour at timess this evening. that had that continue overnight. we could have pretty gusty winds through about sunriseabou and then they fall off prettyy rapidly.dly. nationals planner for the gameot today, if you're headed out to t nats park bundle up for the cold weather. aside from the brief rain showers it's incredibly windy id and temperatures will be righty around 40 degrees.0 want to show that youw th you seven-day forecast real quick. . showers and windy on saturday.
8:48 am
that's today. t tomorrow we start off veryoffer cold in the 20's but we shouldu make it into the 40's later in i the afternoon and then finallynl by monday we turn things around. 68 for the high there. tre showers likely in the first tst part of the week went finally fn calm down second half of the week. >> all right. all >> ♪ >> time to say hello to ourlo to facebook fan of the day. this is miss ida and today she s is, get this, wow, 105 years old. we got things cracking in the studio for you.or y >> celebrating for you.el f >> happy birthday miss i'dss today. her family says she enjoys enj watching fox5 in the morning. m. we appreciate that and yourecia look fantastic. to be our next facebook fan ofeb the day just post your pic y right beneath ida's picture. >> ♪ >> all right n today's fox's beat it appears janet jacksonacs fans have another reason to be disappointed. not only is she postponing theit rest of her tour because she'sse starting a family now there's ts word you c
8:49 am
refund if you already bought a ticket.. >> yes, several venues whereerae janet was scheduled to played tp say they haven't gottente official word word yet that yeta the tour has been called off. bd that means they're treating itg as a postponement so they can't offer refunds.n't as you can imagine fans aren'tse happy.y. they could have to wait up tot p a year to see janet in concerton depending on her baby situation. >> all right. and he may be born to run but b bruce springsteen won't bespngse running to north carolina anyorh time soo the rock legend canceled a concert that was scheduled toedl take place this weekend ins weed north carolina. >> this is big news when it big broke yesterday.yes the boss says the cancellationt was done to protest the state's new law restrictingtrici public toilet use by b transgender people.eople. the new law blocks an earlierer antidiscrimination ordinancerimi that would have allowedld he transgendered individuals toua use bathrooms that match their e gender identity. the concert was to have beenve b held in greensboro on sunday.un all right electroniclero sports growing in popularity por that's for sure. for >> and in fact athletes
8:50 am
play so-called e sports are beginning to earn the sameg types of salaries as the real life players thatotie they emulm on screen. fox news correspondent willdentl carr has more from los angeles. >> three, two, one,. one [cheers and applause]anapplause] >> reporter: there are no basketballs or baskets but inkei the growing industry of etr o sports video games like riot rio games' league of legends have major parallels to traditionali professional sports.essi >> we filled out an olympic olyp soccer stadium in korea a a couple years ago and the years d energy of the fans is just the same. >> reporter: josh covers er: sports athletes as they're called as they compete inmpete i front of live audiences andie stream to millions online. to ms the best can make sevenakse figures a year. year. >> we've seen the cost of players double, triple every e six months because of thebecaust amount of revenue that's being b unlocked into the industry. int >> reporter: to get the most t out of its investment teamea owner steve aaron requires hisu players live and practice praice together not only online
8:51 am
also outdoors where former nflor players help them with wit physical >> if you have a healthy bodyve and mind it makes you play aes a better and have a better >> reporter: hi lam is oneam i of the most talented e sportt athletes in the world. >> a lot of people get 20,000, , 40,000 people a night. a nig >> reporter: it's paying is p off. industry experts estimate e e sports revenues could hit half l a billion dollars this year. y >> this is the type of content e where people watch itline,tl they watch for long periods and advertisers love that.veer >> reporter: somee international players arers are receiving athlete visas toisas o come to the united states andedd now even colleges are gettingar into thee mix. m uv irvine recently announced aoc its intent to offer to o scholarships for an e sports team, hire a coach and build anb an e sports arena.rena. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. >> all right.>> all did you know that a taste ofhate new or
8:52 am
here in the district. i >> i did not.n >>id n coming up we'll tell you about a local restaurant cooking up u something special for us right here in the loft. >> can't wait.
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> welcome back. the taste of new orleanse of cuisine has made its way to d.c. iden the h street corridorr the restaurant po boy joe provides a new orleans classic the po boy.. >> here's how to make a
8:55 am
traditional po boy. welcome chef jeff. j >> welcome. >> thanks so much.>> >> what's the deal? you're ae d.c. nate native.deive. >> yes, ma'am. >> your grandfather.ndfaer >> gate grandfather from newgr orleans so it kind of helpedant contribute to the wholete tthe concept of the po boy. b it's very popular down there. te kind of ran with it andh it a brought it up here and it's been a wonderful success. >> there are different twist at the restaurant.esta what are you preparing for us p to >> we have 18 different porent p boys. >> 18. >> my gosh.>> >> we have a slight on tray menu and starter menu and onend of the popular po boys is a traditional one and it's one it' people are not familiar with it's called the barbecue bar shrimp po boy.shrimp boy when people hear barbecue theyhy think traditional sauce but saue new orleans has a twist its a is scampi, a garlic a spice.pice i already precooked the shrimp m a little bit 'cause it takescaes some time. so i have my pan
8:56 am
couple cloves of butter, sautets it in that pan.hat n. then they have our heavyur cream. you don't want to put too much m heavy cream because you don'tu d want that milky taste. tas >> is that like a table spoon.ln >> yes, about a table spoon. these are two awesome flames.soe you have worcester sauce that ta gives it that rich t >> more like a secret ingredient. >> house made cajun spice a pinch of that. t >> i would have dumped the whole thing in there.he >> recipes heavy on the blackn a pepper many people have their own twist and remake to the recipes but you put the garlic last. you don't want it to i put a good amount of garlic. >> so far it's very easy i must say. >> some scallions.ions. >> scallions. and then lemon juice. >> yes, squeeze some fresh lemon juice.n ju >> okay. so that's kind of thet's ki marinade. >> kind of the
8:57 am
>> was that pan too hot or ist a that working for you. w >> no, it's working for me its a little horot but it's fine. f i'll make do. >> you have been open for.e en o >> two years.ea >> two years.>> two yea >> yes. >> 18 different types of po boys. boys great business there.he. not just slump but what arelu some othermp things.hing >> bum bow igum bow is very popp we have fried shiver po boy but we have specialty onese like we have the atlas po boy, b district po boy can which is a a combination of everything sorytn you have a little bit of stake, bacon, shrimp, cheese,es, sauce, so those two -- it's as a very popular we have a full i service bar upstairs for diners seated and we have hurricanes which is one of the most famous popularol new orleans >> yes, strong, too. >> very strong. there you go.o. >> that looks fantastic. fantast >> yes. >> so you took the shrimp likehi that and just plate them and. >> call it like a open face and you have the shrimp mixedav in ande you put the shrimp on the side like this. t >> great. we'll let that cool offoo
8:58 am
caitlin and i will dig n thank a you chef jack. >> thank you. >> thank you for joining us and that does it for us here at 8 o'clock. we'll see you back here again tomorrow.
8:59 am
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