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tv   Teen Kids News  FOX  April 9, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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♪ >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm brandon. let's begin with our top story. ♪ granted, few of us eat the perfect diet all the time. but too many of us have really unhealthy eating habits. and that's why it's important to watch for warning signs. katie tells us more. ♪ >> americans tend to be very concerned about how they look. in fact, more than half of teen girls believe that they are overweight. yet 80% of those who think they're overweight really obsessing
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and how thin you look, can be downright unhealthy. dr. megan jones is a psychologist from stanford university, and she's here to discuss this. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> so, doctor, when it comes to worrying about weight, how can i tell if i'm going overboard? >> well, there are some common warning signs that we like to think of that will give you a clue that maybe it's going too far. >> okay. so, can you give me some of the warning signs? >> sure. the first one is describing fat as a feeling. so, when you hear yourself say something like, "i feel fat," or even talk about yourself as being too fat, that's a clue that you might be too self-critical and that your appearance is becoming so important that it's affecting the way you feel about yourself. >> okay. give me another warning sign? >> another is cutting out whole food groups. so, that's where you might become a vegetarian just so
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you're eating less, not because you care about animal rights. whenever you're avoiding eating a larger variety of foods, that's a clue that it might be going too far. >> interesting. are there any other warning signs? >> avoiding eating with other people. so, when eating becomes a problem, it often isolates you, and you're more inclined to eat by yourself and avoid going to dinner with friends. so, if you find that you're avoiding eating with your friends, it means you might be too concerned about controlling what you're eating. >> i've been with some friends that measure everything they eat. they want to know the number of calories. they want to know how much fat. is that also something that could be a warning sign? >> that is definitely a warning sign. so, when you find that you're counting calories, that you're trying to keep track of what you're eating in a really detailed way, that's also different than just being aware of what you're
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to eat generally healthy foods but allowing space in your diet for those favorite foods. >> how about if you're feeling uncomfortable about what you're eating or after you're eating? what about that? >> a really serious red flag is when you feel ashamed orui after eating. so, that emotional component, that feeling really hard on yourself, that's definitely a sign that you could get -- that you could and should get help. >> and, you know, a lot of people talk about wanting to look like either a model they've seen in a magazine or maybe even a celebrity they've seen in a movie. is that something to be wary of? >> that is, because holding yourself to an unrealistic standard -- so a standard that's just too high, like looking like a model or a celebrity -- really sets you up to have a negative relationship with yourself. it sets you up to feel bad and to do things that might be really unhealthy to try to get there.
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>> doctor, does having just one have to get help? >> if you feel ashamed or really guilty after you're eating, or you even feel ashamed or guilty about the way that you look, that's a sign that you should get help. >> okay. so, what do you suggest? where do i go for help? >> well, a great place to start is talk to a trusted adult, talk to your doctor, and just get some feedback. "am i -- is this okay? am i eating in a healthy way, or am i going overboard? am i cutting out too many things? am i upset with the way i look to a degree, to an extent, that really is causing me suffering?" >> you're also working with a new app called go lantern. tell us about that. >> so, is an online tool where people can go to take a free assessment to get feedback on your emotional well-being. so, what that means is you'll
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get asked questions about your sleep, about your moods, or how you feel, and about your eating behavior. and then you'll automatically get feedback about where you fall on a range. so, "am i doing okay, or am i doing a little bit worse than others?" meaning that "maybe i should go talk to my doctor." >> interesting. thank you very much, dr. jones. >> thanks for having me. >> just to review, here are those warning signs again. you describe fat as a feeling. you eat a limited variety of foods or become a vegetarian just so you eat less. you avoid eating when other people are around. you constantly calculate the amount of fat, carbs, or calories. you feel ashamed or guilty after eating. you dream of having a body like models or celebrities may have. as dr. jones said, having one or two of these signs doesn't necessarily mean you have an eating disorder. but it is food for thought. for "teen kids news," i'm katie. >> we'll visit a music program
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where the teachers are truly in tune with the kids.
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>> studies show that learning to play an instrunt develops our brains in a way that helps us better learn other subjects, yet many schools don't offer music lessons due to budget cuts, and a lot of families just can't afford private lessons. that's why this next story is music to our ears. here's emily. >> so, to play "hot cross buns" we use the notes "b," "a" and "g," right? so, this one's "b"... >> this might look like any after-school music program, but look a little closer. [ saxophone plays ] that's right. he's part of a program called a-chord with kids. young volunteers teach kids who might not be able to afford music lessons. [ keyboard plays ] ♪ the program was orchestrated by two friends, chase and austin.
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>> music's had a big impact on us, and we really wanted to share the joy of music with everyone here because they might not have the privilege to be able to have enough money to buy an instrument or something. >> the guys took their idea to a nearby community center, named after the famous scientist george washington carver. >> well, we came here, and we went to one of the directors here, and we asked if we could start this program, and through those channels, we were able to get this program off its feet. >> many of their classmates were happy to help. >> so, put your second finger there. [ violin plays ] see, right at the end, that was perfect. like, literally, it was perfect. when one of my friends told me about this opportunity to work at the carver center, to teach kids the instrument that i played and that the kids were very eager and willing to learn, then i really wanted to be a part of this program, and in order to give back to my community
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that i have learned. >> start from middle "c." and then we go up. >> you could say this instructor has the perfect name for teaching music. her name is melody. >> yeah, a lot of people say that. [ laughs ] i started playing piano at the age of 5, so i've been playing for a total of 10 years now, and it's been a really great journey, i think. and i think after giving concerts and things like that, i think it's great to be able to reach out to the community and share my love of my instrument with everyone. >> two of the instructors are chase's younger brothers. alex teaches guitar. >> good job. and now over here. >> as soon as i heard that my brother was doing this, i wanted to join. >> it's a really fulfilling experience. and you really get to develop a relationship with these kids through music, and it's really something special. >> remember, you want this hand on top. yeah. >> the students choose what they
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there's no pressure, just fun. [ drumming ] >> they tell us what they want to be taught. and so it makes it unique from any other program because there's no strict guidelines or deadlines or performances we need to be ready for. it's really just a fluid thing. >> volunteers teach music basics, as well. the program is a big success. its founders say that any teen can turn a good idea into action. >> 1, 2, 3, 4. really, all you have to do is find the right people and ask them how to start it. and even if music isn't your thing, just doing something else to help others is really a great thing. ♪ >> of course, it helps if you're as talented as these two. chase started on the piano in second grade and moved on to the saxophone. austin plays guitar, piano, drums. and, oh, yeah, he sings, too. >> ♪ there will be many other nights like this ♪ ♪ when i'll b
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>> austin plans to make music his career. chase isn't sure about what his future holds. but one thing is certain -- they'll always have music in their lives. and they want other kids to have it, too. >> coming up, i'll tell you about an organization that helps wounded soldiers in a unique way.
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>> they fight overseas for our freedom. and if they return home wounded, they face another kind of fight. carina tells us about an organization that literally races to help. >> i'm very proud of what we did, and if i had to do it again, i would do it again. ♪ >> those words are especially meaningful when you realize how much staff sergeant de los santos gave for his country. he lost his leg in afghanistan >> it was like -- everything was, like, in slow motion, kind of like being in a movie.
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and then when they pulled me out of the truck, that's when the pain... that pain... >> after the pain came the questions. his plans for the future seemed shattered. >> you know, i was like, "wow. my life is over. what's going to happen to me?" >> but staff sergeant de los santos didn't give up. he worked hard to regain his strength. and he learned about an organization called achilles international. in greek mythology, achilles was as close to being invincible as any warrior could be. but even the greatest warriors can be hurt. achilles international encourages disabled athletes to compete in marathons and other public events. and they have a special chapter for members of our military. it's called the freedom team of wounded veterans. >> they meet the wounded vets, and then they give them the
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opportunity to participate in these events, and through these events, by doing these events, they can see their potential. they can see that they can be incorporated into society in a very positive way. >> it worked for staff sergeant de los santos. he was introduced to handcycling, and he signed up for a marathon -- 26.2 miles of fierce determination. ♪ >> that was my first marathon, and let me tell you, it was hard. and i made it. it was the best feeling ever, because it made me realize i did a marathon. if i can do this, i can do anything. >> in fact, since that first marathon, the sergeant has completed many marathons and raced 3,000 miles across america.
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achilles also runs programs for kids with disabilities. you can find out about training, as well as racing opportunities, by checking out the link on our website. whether a soldier or a kid, the goal is the same. it doesn't matter if you run, walk, or roll towards the finish line. what matters is that you're able to show that you've got as much game as anyone. >> in 1927, babe ruth broke the single-season record for home runs with 60 in a single season, but lou gehrig also had a phenomenal year. he hit 47 home runs, batted .373, and had a league-leading 173 runs batted in, which is amazing considering he came up to the plate 60 times that year without anyone on base because of ruth's home runs. gehrig eventually won the 1927 mvp and helped the yankees win the world series against the pittsburgh pirates. i'ma
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♪ >> coming up, we find out what teens think. our "speak of the week" question is next. don't go away. "teen kids news" will be right back.
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>> "speak of the week" is when we get to hear what you have to say. here's this week's question. ♪ >> katy perry was stalked by them. kanye west actually attacked one. during a high-speed chase, princess diana was killed trying to flee from them. i'm talking about the paparazzi, photographers who try to capture pictures of celebs without their permission. while there are some laws that restrict how intrusive the
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say the laws aren't strict enough. should the paparazzi be subject to stricter laws? >> that's a hard one. i mean, they are celebrities, you know, so they are choosing to put their lives out there, but then again the paparazzi get, like, really crazy. >> oh, yeah, totally. like, they invade people's privacies, and i know it's their job, but it should be no one's job to invade anyone's privacy, so there should be definitely stricter laws. >> yes, i do think there should be stricter laws about the paparazzi, because many celebrities can be hassled or abused when they go out, and sometimes they just want to be left alone. >> and so, celebrities have to deal with them so much that sometimes they snap and they get a bad rap for yelling at them. >> i don't think that it's fair that just because someone is an actor or a singer or whatever that we feel like we have ownership over their lives, you know. they should be able to have the same privacy that we are allowed to have. >> lawmakers in california listened to celebs like jennifer garner and halle berry
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only stalk them but their children, as well. one picture may be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to hounding kids, just one word is sufficient -- don't. with "speak of the week," i'm eden. >> don't throw out those dead batteries. there's now a flashlight that can use them. here's why. once the voltage drops below a certain point, a battery is unable to power most devices. but there's still energy trapped inside the battery. so, the people at had a bright idea -- create a flashlight that works off of very low voltage. to learn how to build your own dead-battery flashlight, check out the popsci website. >> this important message is brought to you by the national road safety foundation. ♪
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[ horn honking ] [ tires screeching ]
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♪ >> this report is brought to you by the fox sports at the new york auto show on fox sports 2. >> we're taking you behind the scenes at a 2016 new york international auto show. kids, i get to be your tour guide. all right, let's get right to it. first up, sedans. first launched in 1966, it's the 2017 toyota corolla, and with more than 43 million corollas sold in the marketplace, they're
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anniversary. the exterior of the new toyota corolla has been updated as well as the interior. look for that vehicle to hit showrooms here in the very near future. all right, looking for an affordable vehicle? take a look at the 2017 mitsubishi mirage g4 sedan. standard features now include power windows and locks, usb ports, keyless entry, and, of course, android auto and apple carplay. and, of course, that price under $14,000 makes it affordable for your first-time driver. all right, parents, this one's for you. it's the 2017 kia cadenza. totally redesigned with a more luxurious interior and more masculine exterior. expect that cadenza on the market here in the very near future. all right, we got to talk about s.u.v.s. buick launching the all-new 2017 buick encore here in new york. by the way, the buick's the best-selling vehicle in 2015 for the brand. 60% of all buicks sold today are s.u.v.s. new exterior, new interior, and an 8-inch touch-screen,
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keyless unlock on the interior of that buick encore. mitsubishi launching the all-new 2017 mitsubishi outlander plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. it's the world's first plug-in hybrid electric crossover vehicle, and it's a full five-passenger outlander. beautiful new interior, beautiful exterior. that's the j1772 plug that you use to plug it into the wall. jeep launching the 2017 jeep grand cherokee summit and trailhawk. look at that coming down the steps right there. it's all about off-road but with a luxurious interior. look for these jeeps to hit the road later in 2016. by the way, that's the trailhawk, their top-of-the-line edition. acura also launching their new 2017 acura mdx here in new york. it's acura's first hybrid mdx edition. it's also a world debut here in new york, but one of the key features with this vehicle -- semi-autonomous driving. simply take your hands off the steering wheel, and for less
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drive itself. big news from lincoln here in new york, as well, it's the lincoln navigator concept, and lincoln's claiming this will be the most spacious navigator yet. check out those gull-wing doors. very similar to a mclaren with those concertina drop-down steps with that vehicle. i believe this new lincoln will be on the road in the very near future. all right, you can't talk auto shows without talking about electric. the vehicle over my shoulder here, it's the all-new 2017 hyundai ioniq, and it's the world's first dedicated vehicle platform with three electrified power trains -- hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric models. one of the key features that's a standout for me in this and will resonate with families at home is a wireless smartphone charging system on the interior. i know you're waiting for it. kids, parents alike are gonna really love this. this is all about sports cars for this last segment. let's get right to it. it's the all-new 2017 jaguar f-type svr convertible. it's all about pedigree. under the hood, supercharged, 575 horsepower, v-8 engine, zero
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to 60 in less time than it will take you to put on your seat belt -- by the way, that's 3.5 seconds -- with a top speed of 195 miles per hour. we'll close it out with this. nissan showcasing the all-new 2017 gtr here in new york. the gtr has been newly redesigned with nissan's v-motion grille, a new hood, front spoiler, and bumpers really to accentuate the look of this purebred racecar. by the way, 565 horsepower under the hood. so much news, so little time. this has been mike caudill for "teen kids news." >> that wraps up our show. be sure to tune in to "teen kids news" again next week. bye for now. ♪
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we're talking about the draft this week on sports stars of tomorrow. hundreds of prospects are hoping to become n-f-l players later this month... and we've met quite a few who could be selected in the first round. from a dominant defensive lineman... to a west coast quarterback... to a heisman winner... we'll look at features we've done on some of the top prospects. we're on the clock... our n-f-l draft special starts right now. (show open) welcome to the show everyone. i'm your host charles davis. we have a special show for you today, so let's get started. we're going to begin our n-f-l draft special with some names you could hear very early in the first round, starting with a defensive lineman... back in 1987, john


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