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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 9, 2016 11:30pm-12:30am EDT

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♪ toyota let's go places. nars on fox presented by kfc sponsored by sprint. proud son soponsor of the nasca sprint cup series and by toyota, let's go places. nearing 200 laps and live here, time for the fox nascar midrace report, at texas motor speedway, the start of the rate delayed a couple of hours because of weather but it hasn't slowed down, martin truex jr. and carl edwards, they led the most laps in the first half. jeff, who are you keeping an eye
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>> i know that two toyotas are really strong enough there. i'm looking at a chevy, dale earnhardt jr. has been holding steady and keep making adjustments getting better. won his first cup race ever. junior loves his track. if there is a short run at the end, he's got a really good short run car, as well. >> kyle busch qualified 15th trying to win his fourth consecutive nascar race like at martinsville and making major changes on the car. we may see kyle busch bowing to the crowd at the end of the night. >> my guy started last and all the way up inside the top ten and taken half the race to do that and look for chase elliott competitive second half and maybe get into contention to win his first ever sprint cup race, the rookie is tough. >> i talked to my guy at the beginning of the race. martin truex jr., tonight he gets his first win in that toyota. >> carl edwards came in with a brand-new crew chief in dave rogers and have been on a hot streak and got their first pole of the sean
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tonight they get their first win together. >> i'm enjoying watching ricky stenhouse. so good on the big tracks this year, 12th or better at all of them. fifth at auto club speedway. started fifth tonight and won an xfinity race having a great run. >> jimmie johnson for his fourth straight texas win. currently fifth. as high as fourth and as low as 27. darrell mentioned truex, 28 races since his last win and lost at the daytona 500 by 0.01 seconds. there's been five overtime finishes here. this race could be headed for an even later night. you're watching nascar on fox live from texas. ce. let's check it out. do any of you have kids? i do yes. this car has a feature built in called teen driver technology, which lets parent's see how their teens are driving.
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rt. it even mutes the radio until the seat belt is fastened. will it keep track of how many boys get it in the car? (laughter) cause that could be useful. this is ahead of what my audi has for sure. wish my beamer had that. i didn't even know that technology existed. i'm not in the market for a car but now i may be.
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[ intense music throughout ] [ fans cheering ] introducing the x1 sports app. get live stats, averages, and standings. right on your tv. change the way you experience tv, with xfinity x1.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. good luck down there. let's have a big win tonight. >> after that -- >> blind on both straightaways. >> definitely seeing spots on the track. >> talking about pit road. >> we're making big changes out there. >> i tell you, i know he's in the race. >> i know what i'm doing. >> let me put it into p perspecti perspective. we finish that run two inches down. that's pe
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>> 202 laps complete. battle for the lead heating up. between carl edwards and martin truex jr., four seconds ahead of dale earnhardt jr. matt kenseth and kyle busch. looking down from the front straightaway from the spotter's stand. brad keselowski almost caused a big moment for the leader as edwards came up to lap the deuce. see the white car there. look at that. >> through the center of the corner. >> brad, i think he was doing all he could do wobbling trying to get up out of the way and how much faster the 19 is than the 2. >> the 19 hooked that white line, the paint down there sometimes gives you a little extra grip. the 2 -- that's what i love about brad. drives the wheels off it. they just don't have the car to keep up. >> no, he's trying to get out of the way and hitting the gas and alst
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was right there but did not force the issue. between edwards and truex, they have now led as they come around 200 out of 205 laps tonight between the two of them. >> here's the difference i'm seeing. i talked about this before. went to the brakes. you know, in the past he hasn't had to push the issue when we got to this stage of a run he would run up on that 19 pretty easy and be able to get inside or make the pass happen. that's not -- it's not happening that easy this time. i think carl and that team are starting to figure out some things to make their cars better. >> back in fifth place. kyle busch is eight seconds off of the lead. >> why is it every time i need rear grip i go down on the track bar and spin out? i'm faster than the guy in front yet i can never pass any of them.
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>> that guy in front of him, matt kenseth, is going to use the 46 as a pick here. michael annett to get past his teammate. >> you know, kyle is one of those drivers that he gets animated on the radio. he gets excited but it doesn't prevent him from still focusing on what he has to do to get his car dialed in as we look -- pats for the lead. >> this is where i get excited trying to go three wide on turn two. a pass on the outside. kind of a pick for the 78 of martin truex. but, again, martin does not force the issue. taking his time. >> you can't. when the tires are falling off this much and the grip level is going away you can't force the issue. what you have to do is find a way to just ease up on the tires, find a different lane, search around there, wait for them to either make a mistake or find an area on the track where you are a little bit stronger. >>
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keselowski. the harder he tried the worse it was. that's what you run into. you got to be patient. >> there he goes. >> truex to the bottom. patience pays off. >> i got to believe. did carl point him to the inside? that looked fairly easy to me and carl has been fighting him really, really hard for that lead. >> i think that's smart. even if he did or didn't knew he was faster. >> i think carl wants to follow him and see what he's got that he doesn't. >> earnhardt on pit road. the rest will be there soon, jamie. >> dale jr., they were talking like -- it sounded like they were talking about a loose wheel and got three tight but another one so i am speculating what happened but junior kept saying i'm ready to come in whenever you are so obviously pitting very early for the 88. >> i don't know, jamie. looked like something was weird with the right rear when he went down pit road.
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only ran 32 green flag laps. >> in the wall goes josh wise. caution. he had tagged the wall earlier and came in for repair and now he's up against it and we're under yellow for the third time tonight. >> yeah, the 30 had been in the garage and almost caused this a second ago. vince. >> yeah, the 20 of matt kenseth came in. he said it was way better that run but about 30 laps in turned wicked loose. >> the 48 is going to go a lap down. the 0 car actually stayed on the lead lap, i believe. >> guys, where kenseth and johnson are pitting, what they had to do is beat the leader, martin truex jr. to equal to the start/finish line across pit road. it's the imaginary line that goes all the way across. the 20 did beat the 78. to your point. jeff, i think the 48 did not. he'll go a lap down. the good news for
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that 20, they should be leading this race when it all cycles through in this is going to work really well for the 20. >> now, at the moment of caution dale earnhardt jr. was the first car one lap down. he'll get the free pass. and to larry's point, kenseth has now made his stop so everybody else will make a pit stop under caution. if matt does not he will be the leader. josh wise up in the wall, turn three. >> yeah, the car they've taken it to the garage once and worked on it and brought it back out. >> really hard hit. >> look how flat the right side of that car is from that impact. >> got fluid running out of the front of the car so requires a good bit of cleanup. josh is okay and out of the car waiting for the rest of the field to file by under caution and he'll go down to the ambulance, make the mandatory ride to the care center to be checked out. >> we have
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on on the racetrack between the 48 and probably nascar. but you know they said that the 88 was the free pass car and we saw where the 48 as larry mentioned was not at the start/finish line when the 78 went by. i think that chad and jimmie and them are arguing that point and they're probably going to have to go back to video to prove it. >> so they'd be saying they were the first car one lap down as they approached that line that larry spoke of. >> that's the other side and know they are a lap down. they think they're the free pass car indeed. >> i tell chad one thing, do not take your headset off. >> because right in front of jimmie johnson is the 88. so obviously even nationwide is not quite certain on this. not the 88. >> the reason that dale jr. came in early, the left rear was loose on the number 88. here's the
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>> got to make an adjustment. >> i think chad sent the 48 by and i think nascar is saying no. >> all right. here is truex coming to start/finish. >> 20 just crossed over the stewart finish line. you can see that the stewart finish line, i believe it's right -- sorry, sorry. got -- i think it's right there. >> 48 -- him back here. >> and the 43. >> back here. so -- so the 0 was clearly part the line. the 48 was not and so now i guess they'll hole the 48 and put him back in his spot. so race control is now checking on the position of all the cars that were a lap down at the time of the caution. >> but again now here we go back to the free pass because they were giving it to the 88 but wouldn't it be the 48? >> the question they're resolving right now. it may or may not be. just have to wait and see here.
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helmet. and the l.e.d. lights. everybody -- michael is wearing l.e.d. lights on his glasses. >> i can tell you based on what i'm seeing on the wheels and gleeing up these lug nuts they need less of those. >> doesn't need one in the helmet. i know where the fifth one, on his helmet. >> the wheel with the lug nuts glued up. >> hey, guy, i want to make sure and clear this rule up. if you're pitting before the start/finish line, you have to beat the leader to that start/finish line that goes across pit road. if you're pitting beyond the start/finish line, then you have to beat him to the exit of pit road. in the case of kenseth he's pitting well before the start/finish line that goes across the road and make sure we're night and clear on that. >> larry, absolutely, i've been in this position and burned on it where you come into your pit stall and actually your crew chief says, yep, we'll stop but you only have to make it to the stewart finish line if you're on that half of pit road. if you're
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pitting on the other half pitting on the start/finish you have to beat him to the other end of pit road. >> pit road is closed as nascar reviews the position of the cars and that will determine who gets to pit this time around and review who the free pass car is. >> that was always -- >> i'm sorry, mike, go ahead. >> one of the most complicated things in our sport. when the green -- when the caution comes out and the leader is coming to the line and there are people on pit road, you know, time and score does a good job but need to back that up even with video. >> even this doesn't happen very often. one of the things we were adamant about pitting past the start/finish line for this very situation. >> i love looking for turn four down pit road on this, the first night race of the year. it looks like the neon lights on broadway because many of the 40 teams have used these neon lights to illuminate the pit boars and help guide their driver into th
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some of them are really creative. >> i've never seen -- i've never seen pit road lit up like this. they are taking it to a whole other level and 88, they have a sign that happenings above their pit stall and the sign board that they put right in front of the car are both lit up in neon. >> 48. 48, 48 in front of the 38 -- >> i want to take this even a step further if we have time to describe this. in my opinion, it's really beneficial to actually pit before the start/finish line in this situation because you're talking about you come off a -- off the racetrack at speed. you get into your pit stall, now you only have to go to the start/finish line. if you pit on the other side, d.w., that means you have to come all the way down pit road real slow losing time to the cars under green and then with -- you cross the line, you come into your pit stall then
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now you've got to make it awe the way to the end of pit road so to me it's very beneficial in this situation to be in the first half of those stalls. >> how dale jr. won phoenix last year. >> but when the caution comes out, you have to slow down so it's probably 6 1/2 of another. >> while you guys are trying to sort that out and chad knaus is trying to sort it out, as well now they believe maybe they didn't get all the lugs tight on the left rear when jimmie came in on that pit stop. jimmie is feeling a vibration so they're going to consider here bringing jimmie back down pit road to make sure that left rear is tight. >> that's a man in deep thought right there about this whole process. so pit road remains closed. they have removed josh wise's car now being dragged to the gara.
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now, you look straight across the start/finish line. here comes the yellow car of matt kenseth. he passes the line. there's martin truex. past the line -- way back here. >> no doubt in my mind. no doubt in my mind the 48 is definitely down a lap. it's whether or not he's the free pass car. >> all right, pit road is open. >> the key tonight for truex is to keep the car cutting to the center of the corner. the second half of this last run the tire really came to him but it was a little tight down the middle of three and four where the cutter is. jamie. >> chase elliott doing a heck of a job, in the back and up to fourth. they'll make a wedge adjustment, four tires, air pressure, carl edwards said all we need to do is beat the 78. the car is good. another air pressure adjustment, it's a drag race but 19 gets it. >> that number one pit stall, man, it's just so hard to beat that.
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tomorrow, ufc fight night returns to fs1. heavyweights rule the octagon. junior dos santos. watch it live on fox sports go. slugging it out and matt kenseth is your leader. toyota, the top four spots with 116 laps to go with michael waltrip, chris myers, nice to have you watching. we starred late. rained a couple of hours. once they got going, they had that going. >> early in the race kyle busch and jimmie johnson were the fastest. they haven't been as fast since. >> martin truex and carl edwards dominating the first half of this race trading the lead back and forth. edwards led 124 laps. truex, 87. dale earnhardt jr., top five. a problem with the pits but
11:53 pm
they've got the fire out and hammed it hoping to hang in there. and carl edwards who has turned the fastest time in the race just over 192 miles an hour currently right behind matt kenseth. kenseth has been the hard luck loser so far having opportunities for victory. but, michael, just our fourth caution. we've seen guys on short run, the long runs. it's a balancing act. which drivers have done the best with which. >> you have edwards with a blading fast car right after they pit and truex tracked them down and takes the lead. these two have been dominant. matt kenseth has been looking for a break all year long and got his pit work before the caution -- he asupered the lead and got a fast toyota, as we. look for kenseth to try to establish himself as a dominant guy. >> rookie chase elliott quite a day having to start at the back. worked his way up, the 20-year-old in the 24 car currently running fifth. remember, dale earnhardt jr. is the only rookie who won in texas. that was his first top victory. >> you watch chase elliott and
11:54 pm
reminds you of who used to drive it, jeff gordon, so styling making moves around the track and fighting his way to the front and he's my pick. >> speaking of jeff gordon, he's getting ready to call the rest of the race? >> we can sort out the issue of who was the first car one lap down and it was as called. it was dale earnhardt jr. when we saw the cars on pit road racing to the line to try to beat martin truex to the line that extends all the way across pit road, the caution had already flown and the first lap down had already been decided and that was earnhardt so a matter of not whether he would be a lap down or whether he would stay on the lead lap or be a lap behind. >> so just think of it this way, at the time that caution came out, junior was the first car one lap down so he got the free pass. >> now we're one lap to go. so we get to go back to racing. >> got that sorted out. >> so a little confusion.
11:55 pm
but all resolved now so earnhardt will join the lead lap car, there will be 14 of them when we go back to green at 220 laps. problems for kevin harvick. too fat entering pit road. and a tire got away. watch the rear tire as they work the left side here. >> one of the gas guys is supposed to catch that but bounced out and couldn't get to it. >> that will roll all the way across pit road to the grass. >> almost got hamlin in the process. >> there she goes. >> a penalty for harvick, so he will go to the tail end and harvick's been hard on his pit crew lately. this is not good for harvick and that bunch. >> he can't say too much. he was speeding coming down pit road. you got more on that. >> too fast and section four, the section right before. it's just out of control. it will not repeat. one minute it's loose and one minute it's
11:56 pm
a lot of work still ahead on the 4. >> now jimmie johnson took the wave-around so he will be back on the lead lap. however, he -- >> how did he get the wave-around? the 20 car was ahead of him. >> we have to get back to raceing. >> i'm really confused now. it was all clear until then. >> we'll restart. >> four toyotas up front, green flag. look at that. >> all those gibbs cars right out front racing for the win, racing for the lead but what a night they're having. >> look at joey logano coming on the outside saw him have early run speed earlier in the race. >> been working on that little car. hasn't been that great and happening an the top ten but showing speed but, man, did he go into the third turn. >> only a short window of opportunity out on the outside before he has to get down to the bottom. >> i think he'll do that just fine. >> whoa,
11:57 pm
together. >> carl edwards, he's off the pace. >> yeah. >> something is -- got a problem. something's happened. he'll get run over. >> the field flies by our polesitter. >> he'll come to pit road. >> definitely got a problem, not sure what it is just yet. >> what's going on? >> i am not wrecking it. >> edwards led 124 laps and now sounds like a flat tire to me. he said he's trying to come back without -- >> maybe they made contact and cut the tire or something. >> he comes to pit road. >> it's a wheel, guys. four tires. >> under green. >> jamie. >> and you heard it there. crew didn't know what was going on because carl hadn't said anything other than he was trying to save it so saying something is wrong with one of the wheels. carl right now saying he's not sure which one bringing it down pit road and been the dominant car tonight. they're change all four. tough break for 19.
11:58 pm
>> tried to guess, it's one of those left sides only hit four lug nuts. maybe they only had three. >> a replay of the pit stop. looked like to me the right front had maybe two, three lug nuts most. let's take a look at it right here. watch this area right hire on the front right. watch what you see when the carrier goes away, it's bouncing right there. any -- >> fairly -- >> that's the problem. >> yeah, that wasn't even close, larry. only four over there and didn't any any of those tight. >> great job, larry. >> first three or four, carl edwards' crew had the three fastest stops of the entire night. make a miscue here. one of the things that is bothering me is, you know, we've been suspecting that they've been doing four lug nuts. but when they make it so obvious but not putting a nut on there i don't
11:59 pm
at that in d.w., i'm pretty sure that's on the left side. on the right we think they're hitting five but you have to get the ones on the wheel first. >> never thought they would be so blatant with leaving it off and looking at it and seeing it. >> we brag on the pit crews especially joe gibbs racing and their pit crew but that's the problem when you're going that fast when you're doing it consistently and the competition is on the line. you go too fast and you miss one. you get out of rhythm and all of a sudden have a loose wheel. >> 11-second pit stops. that's physically impossible. >> hard to do that every single time without making a mistake. >> matt yocum showed us 78 was only gluing up four on the left and right? oh, my. >> i know. as i say it's coming -- it's become pretty blatant and pretty obvious. matt kenseth has led in six of the seven races this season. best finish, though, seventh at phoenix. vince. >> yeah, ha
12:00 am
which is as well as they've run this season during the stretch of rates their average finish is 18.5. matt has talked throughout the course of tonight about how dirty and turbulent the air is and how it's affected his race car, being out front is what the doctor ordered for that and helped -- >> interesting to see if the martin truex can chase down the 20 like he was able to do the 19 of carl edwards over the long haul. 78 has really been the best car. 14 cars on the lead lap. now, based on fuel mileage, we need only one more pit stop for sunoco racing but based on tire wear, it's going to take two more stops at least to get it to the checkered flag. crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make.
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stomach pain, upset or burning. don't just go with the flow. go with pradaxa, the only blood thinner that lowers your risk of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. 100 laps to go in texas. chase elliott is the biggest mover after they drain the dance mission fluid yesterday they saw a little bit of metal on the magnetic drain plug. changed the transmission so he started last, jumped up to fifth as the lead is at stake. well, this is what the 78 was able to do to 19 after a few laps. always better than the 19 on the long run, same with the 20 now but the guy that's really lurking right behind these two is the 18 car. that green car back there of kyle busch. they've really adjusted on that car and got it very competitive. >> i agree, d.w
12:04 am
thought with the 78, the 20 got side-by-side we would see the green interstate battery fly by both but he wasn't able to do it. >> martin truex's pit crew reacts. >> reel him in, baby. reel him in. >> oh, boy. >> that car is sponsored by bass pro shops. >> got me a big one. got me a big one. i love that. >> we talked about chase elliott up in the top five after starting last. right behind him, austin dillon, top ten again for dillon. he's sixth. he's been top ten in four of the six races this season. mike, you know what's impressive. you n
12:05 am
young kids having a lot of patience but that car is a good example of what patience, working on your car and getting it good for the end of the race is really paying off for them. >> what i'm starting to see, d.w., mike, is just this is consistently happening week in and week out. cars showing speed. they seem to get better as the race goes on and find themself in this position week in and week out. that's something that you build on. >> here's the 17 car of stenhouse jr. and trevor bayne covered roush cars and for second place, kyle busch going after his teammate, matt kenseth. boys, we don't have to get that broom out again, will we? you know, a weekend sweep. >> you know, one thing i want to point out this is the first time that matt kenseth has been in the lead and controlled the restart and going back to what carl edwards learned when i hook at the lap times matt took off super hard, he really was ab
12:06 am
the lap times he was running to maintain that lead and now it's fallen off. whoever gets control of that lead has to really back it off and hold back as much as they possibly can to make those tires live longer. >> kind of find the gap. don't drive off and leave everybody like we seen truex do and still maintain the lead. might want to think about doing that. also in the top ten, jamie mcmurray having a strong run here in texas tonight, matt. >> two year win, mike, on a mile and a half racetrack running in tenth. the car if anything on the free side. jamie just excelled, tire management making his tires last, the car, a long run car and it's showing. >> he's trying to reel in denny hamlin in ninth place, about 0.8 seconds in front of mcmurray, 19
12:07 am
to did that if he can. mcmurray is trying to chase down hamlin. just out of the top ten, kurt busch and 11, 11 seconds off the lead. dale earnhardt jr., 12 seconds offer the lead in 12th place. jimmie johnson and kevin harvick are the other two cars on the lead lap. jepsen flew in and his wife was in the hospital. i think she -- i'm not sure she got home or not. till in the hospital, right? that's correct, so we wish her well. carl edwards, 124. 91 laps to go in kanaan.
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12:11 am
chase elliott who radioed in concern about a vibration. hey, i recognize that guy. >> bass pro shops, donny morris. let's hear what chase elliott called in. >> got the wheels tight. racing. >> yep. >> is it getting worse? >> yeah, it's better than it was a few moments ago. if it gets any worse i'll come in. >> keeping an eye on that. alan gustafson atop the pit box. there are fast cars and slow cars and sometimes the track just isn't wide enough for all of them. watch chase elliott come up on jeffrey earnhardt. >> never wide enough for kyle larson. >> kyle larson and jeffrey earnhardt. >>
12:12 am
earnhardt. because that was pretty big hit from the 42 behind and jumped sideways. wlukly in the banking and straightened it out. now, remember, carl edwards a lap down has come in also with a vibration, loose wheel. go back to chase elliott as he talked about that vibration the first thing a crew chief will ask and driver thinks about is it getting any worse because typically when it's a loose wheel the vibration gets loose or, you know, gets worse. you know that it's a loose wheel and you know you got to get to pit road. it's something you don't want to risk. >> these guys are getting a lot of experience with loose wheels. starting to identify. >> guys, let's talk about the strategy here now with 81 laps to go. we've been seeing
12:13 am
under green. if you start backlogging it, that means the next stop could come at 254 and 294. that evens it out to two 40-lap runs but they go back to lap -- going back racing 221 you can even that to 38 laps and i think we may see them come to it 258, 259 and again somewhere around 297. >> tight right now. >> we're in a one-stop window. a lot of guys might try it. some guys won't. it all depends on whether there will be a caution or not. >> wow. >> i like that i mean that's a definite maybe. >> olong way to go on a set of tires. >> they'd have to go up to lap 280 and i don't think a lot of teams will tie that in they'll lose so much time to those on new tire, aren't they, larry? >> last time,
12:14 am
truex and he's a little bit quicker than everybody else so they've slowed down again, a couple have, about 2 1/2 seconds. that would mean kyle busch would have to run 25 more laps from now to make it a one-stop race. >> denny hamlin is in, matt. >> mike, pretty much the entire night denny hamlin fighting a very loose race car on the 11. they made significant adjustments to the toyota. haven't really made the improvements that he has wanted. >> brian scott also made a stop. more coming in. jamie mcmurray in pit lane and his teammate kyle larson. >> mcmurray 13th spot there. larson is running 18th. he is a lap down. >> well, this opens the window for a two-stop race as larry pointed out. three more laps and we should
12:15 am
i'm sure the 24 would be happy to get on pit road. >> the trend we've been seeing, once somebody comes they all come and look at the line of cars coming in pit road right now. >> the 17 of ricky stenhouse just been fighting loose, particularly loose in throughout the course of the night and had a couple of runs where the car wasn't really good but getting better inside the top ten most of the night. chassis adjustment there, as well. the 48 of jimmie just loose in the higher -- he said he tried to help that with his own driving man. the 20 of matt kenseth is in, as well. kenseth said the car is not terrible but he just doesn't have the grip that he needs. loose in, tight center. it just goes away on him about 25 laps into the race. >> the leader is in. martin truex jr. comes in and he pits with a six-second lead on kyle busch.
12:16 am
dale earnhardt jr. getting service. four tires and sunoco race fuel and 78 slides to a stop, matt. >> all three came in. no chassis adjustment on the 78. the car onta red line. very good on the bottom. service complete. >> and kyle busch, in, as well. trevor bayne picks up the lead. he's the first ford to lead today. trevor said the team was starting to thinking they were getting a handle on the car and started to have pretty good runs and had trouble last week in martinsville but nice run tonight by just about all the roush cars. >> look at this os
12:17 am
the 18 on the 6. wow, that's the difference between new tires and old tires. >> 43 laps' worth of difference. i would want to get me some tires and than keep getting run over. >> you do this because you think the caution is going to come out. you don't do it because you think we'll make a green flag stop and take it all the way to the en. >> almost 50 miles an hour. >> wow. you can't stay out there long. you have to get to pit road really quick or the caution has to come out. >> trevor bayne, i don't know if he led a race all year or not. i would maybe take advantage of this a little while anyway. >> all clear. >> only got a 23-second lead. and plenty of fuel. >> let's keep watching that lead. it's going to go down in a hurry. >> i don't care if i'm going to lead this race until i have to come in. that lap he was nearly three seconds slower than tr
12:18 am
truex would grab the lead. 56. >> clear behind. >> not now. he's just wanting to keep it straight, stay on the racetrack. that thing is loose. >> don't want to be the caution. first laps he's led since may of 2014 in talladega. >> that's what i'm talking about. take advantage of it but don't go wide. >> don't get run over. >> oh, my goodness. >> look at truex. that difference is steady at, what, ten miles an hour or more. 20. >> but he's losing even more time than he would in -- you know, because he's having to avoid because of new tires. only costing him more time by being out there. >> the good news you're the leader. the bad news you're about to be toast. >> he's going to be a lot down. >> the bad news is you got to pit. >> what's sad, guys, they almost are making their bed and
12:19 am
here right away. >> they're going to need a caution and hope it's not them. give him another lap or two and then he can pit and he'll be good to go. trevor bayne leads by 15 seconds with 70 laps to go. >> that is a comfortable lead at this time. like larry said, they made their bed. are they really going to try to do it on one more stop. >> i think they got to now. i think that's the plan. >> truex and heading off. bayne up in four. >> two seconds. >> this isn't going to work out for trevor but i like it. >> it's great. for us to talk about and i wanted it to work out for him. it would be
12:20 am
work out for him. >> if they do what everyone else does their chances to win are slim. still don't know if they'll win the race but hoping to finish getter than if they stayed on the same cycle as everybody else. >> the chase is all about winning so you'll take extra risks and chances and this is what i love -- one of the many things i love about it. you'll take these kinds of risks. at the end of the day there's somebody very possible that's going to get in by points so they could go back to this day and say, hey, look how many points we lost because we didn't win. >> right. >> matt dibenedetto. >> all right. trevor bayne's lead now comes to 9 1/2 seconds by a hard charging martin truex. when it comes to capability and efficiency. the ram heavy duty is the most capable full-sized pickup on the road today. and, the ram 1500 is the most fuel-efficient, full-size pickup. ever.
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nt goes right here. in your case, yes. the amount goes right here. thanks. intuit turbotax. taxes done smarter. here'swith iphone forevert a newfrom sprint.y year ♪ here's how it feels to get 50% off most national carrier rates too. ♪ so, imagine how you'll feel when you get all this and 50% off iphone 6s on the fastest network. plus, try us out for 30 days. if you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money. trevor bayne's lead has been erased. here comes truex and there he goes. trevor bayne led 12 laps. he is the only ford to lead
12:23 am
tonight and he's the only driver, well, no, one of two driver, he and danica patrick are on this one-stop strategy. here's your busch race summary. martin truex, the new leader. 14 cars on the lead lap. 15 lead changes among eight drivers. four caution flags counting the green/yellow start for 24 laps. dale earnhardt jr. coming on denny hamlin for seventh place. let's take an inside ride with the 8 sponsored by nationwide. the 88. >> outside and quick.
12:24 am
clear. 15 seconds off the lead. >> you listen to that lap for dale earnhardt jr. where they burped. throttle and then you pick it up slowly to get up off the corner. >> since the roo he start jimmie johnson's gained just one spot, that pass of kurt busch who is in 13th. >> goes to show you what happens when you get further back in traffic and all that aerodynamics of the car, track position still important. look who is on pit road. he's pitting at 275 with 59 t
12:25 am
go. they can go to the end on fuel. now, my friends in the race say the average that the last caution in the last ten spring races at texas, 51 laps to go, about seven laps from now. >> larry mac, before it started trevor bayne has been running in eighth position. overall just losing grip. his biggest issue right before his pit stop was loose on entry. >> danica patrick also pitted. the other driver on that one-stop strategy along with trevor bayne. a.j. allmendinger second last in martinsville. >> looks how close he gets to that wall. >> running up right against it the whole race. i don't think anybody's gotten closer than a.j. allmendinger. look how big that bump is. how severe it is. you can see his head move around. >> do that 334 laps.
12:26 am
that's a long race. >> another one. >> caution is out. debris in the front straightaway puts us under caution for the fifth time. >> if only trevor bayne could have stayed out. >> it would have been huge. >> because all these cars are going to have to come down pit road and get tires so it would have put him in the top three. >> he can take the wave-around -- i know he needs his tires -- >> i think he'll definitely take the wave-around, larry. >> now, everybody could make it from here on fuel, of course, we know everyone is going to get four fresh tires, as well so this is going to be interesting how this unfolds. these caughts always fall at that interesting time. >> 56 laps to go for this one. and kasey kahne will get the free pass. >> kasey kahne was running in 14th spot.
12:27 am
and pit road is open for what as larry says should they care to gamble could be the final spot of the night. >> matt kenseth coming into pit from the third place position says it doesn't people like the balance is all that bad but they just haven't had the speed that they needed. he made note that when kyle passed him he put a little -- almost a straightaway on him. speed differential so they've been working on this 20 car throughout the course of the night but just haven't quite gotten it where they wanted it. matt? >> big swing for the 18 and kyle busch. a huge adjustment and pulled the spring rubber on one stop and made a packer change on another. the car still needs bounce change, wedge adjustment on the previous stop and martin truex jr. on the bottom, 11.6, solid stop by the 78, guys. jamie. >> 22, joey logano had a slight vibration and takes o
12:28 am
splitter. came in fourth and goes out fourth. >> vince. >> had a problem on the 20. didn't get the left rear tight so matt kenseth will have to come back. you documented the troubles they've had throughout the course of the season. add this one to the list. >> better to find it now than after they go green. >> goodness gracious. man, you got to guess these lug nut s tight. he came out third. >> a lot of pressure on these guys on pit how fast you can do it is crucial. >> track truck stops just shy of the start/finish line to pick up a piece of debris. under caution in texas. y the ha. forged in the fires of racing. (engine revving)
12:29 am
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in texas, matt kenseth problems on pit road moments ago with michael waltrip.


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