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tv   FOX 5 News at 11 PM  FOX  April 10, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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in texas, matt kenseth problems on pit road moments ago with michael waltrip.
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some have had issues. some recovered well and earlier kyle busch and jimmie johnson. >> contact, that set these two back early and kyle has been able to recover. jimmie not quite there yet. >> martin truex jr., 121 laps. the jack man has trouble and lost ground and were able to recover. dale earnhardt jr., fire on pit road. this didn't cost him at the time. >> when he gets on the track, that blows up but lately how close things are. pit road has been so busy guys on and off all night because of the tires wearing out. >> harvick, uncontrolled tire and lost ten position, very frustrating. carl edwards not getting all the lug nuts off. yet to dominate. >> the latest to do that. you mentioned matt kenseth, he's in trouble now but lately kyle busch has been following on pit road but gaining on martin truex jr. his car is just as fast as truex at this point of the race. >> across the board joey logano pick up a spot and four and pick up two.
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without any lost ground currently running heard. >> one of the top competitors. >> dale earnhardt jr. currently running sixth and denny hamlin is all of a sudden -- >> that's because of solid, solid night. haven't seen the speed out of hamlin but he has not had any orens. >> martin truex jr. lost by 0.01 seconds at daytona. your leader here with 53 to go and rejoin the guys. >> thanks, chris. the only team that had a victory last year in the sprint cup series that has not yet won this season. 15 cars on the lead lap. 52 laps to go. here in texas.
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his crew chief from london, ontario. they pronounce things differently. >> it's not cole pearn. >> i know he's been saying cole pearn a lot but back home they do say cole pearn and some say peron. it has different variations. i'm good with d.w. saying it as long as he keeps saying it. >> the main thing they spell it right on the chest. pearn. >> i like peron. >> how talented he is. you can tell he is a good guy. like them leading the team, doing well. fast race cars. keep doing his game. >> d.w. >> i am. cole pearn. tonight's aerial coverage provided by goodyear. superior performing tires to face challenging conditions
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goodyear, the official tire of nascar giving us these great views of texas motor speedway. fox sports supports, very proud to team up with merging vets and players dedicated to ensuring our nation's warriors can be as productive on the feel as they were on it by joining combat veterans with former athletes to form a common bond over dedication and teamwork. fix to learn more. 51 laps to go finishing up fifth caution of the night. talked about the 20 not getting that left rear on tight. how foolish is there. when they took the left rear off, a lug nut was flying in the air and when they put the new left rear on, it got caught inside and that's why the left rear tire did not get on tight. applying the lug nut. unbelievable. >> put that on the list of things thatha
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before, particularly to matt -- look, there it is. >> those lug nuts are flying all over the place and seen them land in the strangest places. >> 14 cars took the wave-around and puts trevor bayne back on the lead lap and ready to restart with 50 laps to go and 15 cars on the lead lap, truex and kyle busch front row, here we go. >> chase elliott getting a great rupp underneath joey logano off turn two. >> third plate. chase has done a
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night long and that car is fast. >> we heard him talk earlier on the radio, whoo -- >> whoo. >> whoa. >> man, he was wearing that bumper out talking about helping the -- they think they'll need that later in the race and paid off. >> the 48 fought hard with the 11 of hamlin all the way into turn one. >> hamlin tried to block the 88. >> two more go by. >> three more. one outside. two up side. is something wrong with hamlin? >> yeah, he's not going fast enough right now. >> whoa. doing it again. >> yikes. >> carl said, i'll help you out, teammate. carl is trying to stay in that free pass position one lap down. greg biffle, the next car a lap down, about five cars back. in line.
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>> well, i would like to say if it goes green the rest of the way we know trevor bayne might try to make it. the question is will anybody else try to make it. how many others will try to make it to the end? >> car in the wall, turn two. that's greg biffle and he hit hard. >> stay up, stay up. >> wow. >> sixth caution. that thing is -- >> now what do you do? do you come in and get tires? >> uh-huh. >> if you are a trevor bayne, you do. >> a lot of wave-arounds. what, did we have 14? biffle was 17th. the second one lap down and he hits hard. >> oh, yeah. contact by the 5 of kasey kahne. >> kasey kahne, biffle. left a little bit of a door open there. it's closing it and the 5 just put it right there and th
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just no room. >> carl edwards will get the free pass. that is the second incident for kahne in the last two superspeedway races. had a problem in california with danica patrick. similar situation and here again tonight. >> guy, real quick, pit road is open, we ran three laps. we basically have 15 drivers on the lead lap. i think the top six or seven stay out but i think if you're back there harvick to earnhardt jr. you come on to pit road and get four more? see what denny hamlin's crew intends to do. >> wow, look at the 78 staying out. 3 staying out. this will get really interesting. >> let's go to pit road for these stops. matt. >> and talking to
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chief, anything after three or four laps they think they'll come because of the tire give-up. seeing allot doing that jamie. >> they told them to follow the leader. air pressure adjustment. 22, joey logano, a four-tire stop. this is the ninth stop of the night. pose teams still have two sets sitting, mike. >> wow. two tires on the 24. do you like that. >> i do like that. there's very, very little laps on the left side. take right sides. i mean i think the wear is going to give goodyear a lot of credit. yeah, there is a lot of falloff but the wear is good and since they didn't run many laps, certainly better than the 78 sitting out there -- >> i like that better than no tires which is martin truex and austin dillon. they did not stop. >> but how many types have we seen this? when you're the leader you're a sitting duck. you know they'll do the option of whatever you do. >> we know 78 has been good on the long run so see how it works out for them.
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stay with it right here. 45 laps to go in texas. 6 ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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44 laps to go in texas. one week from tomorrow will be in thunder valley for our second short track race of the season. >> this week nascar on fox takes on the fastest. it's the coliseum of races and it's sure to be bumping and bruising down in thunder valley. it'll all be right here next week starting with race day at 11:30 a.m. on fs1 and continues on fox at 12:30 eastern. >> always exciting. when we go to bristol. >> trouble is already brewing. >> matt dibenedetto. >> checking in with cole pearn. is that going to be a g
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difference to where you're not going to have a penalty or sitting pretty good. >> it's hard to say. i mean we'll know momentarily here but that's just the spot you're in. everybody is going to do the opposite of whatever you do. so hopefully the clean air pays off and would knows, could get another yellow and equalize it all out, see how it goes. >> jamie. >> alan gustafson has made the call for right side. what as your thought process? >> get the bottom an two guys stayed out and hopefully it'll pay off on the restart and i think if we get clean air, fine. otherwise the other guys will have advantage. >> he starts second row inside between truex and dillon who did not pit. chase elliott got two, everybody else got four. >> chase is giving martin truex a nice push into turn one. >> martin truex is
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elliott and dillon. >> dillon did a nice job getting down to the bottom at 22 will take advantage of the outside. seen him be very strong. >> here comes elliott looking for the lead closing right up on martin truex. i thinkic like what cole pearn said it might possibly be another yellow. >> i think the longer they run here -- >> just -- oh, in turn two. >> oh, yeah, this is going to -- >> dillon caused a big -- >> big crash. >> crashing behind him. >> still going. >> teammates. menard. ryan newman all get caught up in austin dillon. >> somebody got into austin dillon. i can't tell who it was. >> jimmie johnson, we believe. >> wow, i have not seen a melee like that on the back straightaway for a long
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>> guess what. we'll get to see it again. that was pretty big. that was unfortunate. michael annett involved. oh, ricky stenhouse. all right, watch the 48. so we watch him. 48 is going to come behind him. see what happens here. >> see the closing rate of the nurrer tires. the 11 kind of got him loose and up the racetrack in front of the 48. >> comes across right in front of stenhouse. >> stenhouse just clipped him. >> nailed him. >> that's really going to hurt that left front fender. >> looking all the worse of the childress cars piled up there. >> 3 of austin trying to get down in front of 11 gets him loose and yvon is sideways trying not to get into him. wow, look at that. amazing save by jimmie. >> boy and by trevor bayne who got almost by -- >> you're right. >> like a
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>> 15 is pretty bad. >> he tried to pull down in front of 11. 11 sent him into me and i finished him off. >> you okay on your car. >> yeah, i just tapped him. >> he tried shutting the door on the 11 and that just wasn't going to happen. >> that's the downside of -- >> 20 back got a run inside. check, watch, easy, inside, inside the track. he's coming. yellow is out. yellow is out. >> number of drivers have pitted led by chase elliott. jamie. >> well, right side has been to work well but they'll take four tires and see what they can do with it. >> mike, i really think -- the 3 car was in a bad pot got 11 under him anticipate gets him loose and gets him up the hill a little bit and jimmie really didn't have any alternative. tried to stay off but couldn't do it. >> ride with brian vickers. he was behind all that.
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>> clear, looking low inside. inside. back it down. slow down. slow down. slow down. >> man. >> wow, what a mess. >> one more look. let's go back to the outside look. >> see, austin, if he could have gotten to the white line the 11 may have loosened him up but left just enough room similar to what happened to the 16 and 5 and it just brought the back end of the car around. he's already on older tires. >> i don't think the 11 touched the 3. >> i don't know -- >> gets the 3 to -- up the hill a bit but gets loose and then that gets him up the hill in front of jimmie and with a head of steam and trying to get it whoa'd up.
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there. >> what a save. >> look at harvick coming through there. somebody turned bowyer in the back right in front of menard and that's where the 14 got all involved. along with newman and annett. >> all three childress cars. >> and listen. >> that last one i believe is 14 making contact with the 3. >> yeah. >> there are all of the cars that sustained some or a lot of damage, 13 of them. kyle larson will get the free pass. trevor bayne had a tire violation. uncontrolled tire on that pit stop buts that he a lot of cars to pile up. 38 laps to
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commander 500 in texas. >> all three of those childress car, the 3, the 27 and the 31 all involved in that. >> and some interesting pit strategy by some coming in to get four tires. >> 78 stayed out again. people know me as dale earnhardt jr., racecar driver. but there's more to me than that. at my office, they call me boss man. i scout the talent, close the deals, do it all with a firm handshake. (loud clap noise) gentlemen. (loud clap noise) to others, i'm water cooler dale. steve still hasn't accepted my friend request. he has really high standards. and he doesn't check it that often. i'm friends with everyone but him in the office. it's so steve. don't worry about it. are you guys friends with him? (both) oh no, we're friends with him. i'm friends with him. oh. (dale) for protecting my small business and more...
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under caution in tax crossing the line for 36 laps to g martin truex in front of kyle busch. let's talk about chase elliott because chase took two tires on the previous caution, went out there, ran a few laps and came back in and we're wondering why. >> but if this thing were to green i'd rather have four, i think. >> yeah, yep, yep, i'm with you. >> yeah, tires and -- in. >> yeah, and i mean i question but i just wonder did chase spill something there when he had those two tires. he really didn't show the speed i thought he would against the 78
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the 78 is pretty good, number one, but i think he's thinking, you know what, we really needed four tires there if we're going to get up and win this thing. >> i think where he was, though, would be up in the front with truex but will restart in suchth or eighth spot. the tires aren't worth that much. where he was is where he should have stayed. the seven drivers this front of chase elliott did not pit under this caution. next saturday, mlb on fsment1. doubleheader. blue jay take on david ortiz and the red sox and n.l. east between the marlins next saturday at 3:30 eastern on fs1 or watch live on fox sports 1 so on this restart, martin truex
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drivers stopped at 289 or 90 and then chase elliott and the rest of the drivers who just made a pit stop. >> the guy i'd be worried about is the guy that will start outside of me, the 1. he came in ten laps later, tires are better and 18 has been good. >> he woo know how good he is on restarts. >> he'll be going. >> we didn't see a or talk about it lot but looked like the 78 was really struggling with wheel spin on that last restart so, you know, it's a good chance that will come into play here before they get to new tires. >> when you're on hot tires you pick up a lot of debris and have to remember to clean them up. kyle busch in the same boat. >> he on newer. >> he's on newer. i like that i think i like -- i'm -- >> i think 18 is in the best position. >> i think you're
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larry, kyle busch had one green on his tires and martin truex has had more than that but really how much of a difference between truex and busch's tires now? >> yeah, it's about 3 1/2 to 4 laps max because they ran three laps on that caution prior when truex and austin dillon and your point one lap in but i'm going to go back to what i heard jeff say. where the 24 went astray was doing just two right. if they hit pit road should have changed four and that's why they came back to get four then. to me the mistake was when they didn't get four the time before. >> good call, buddy. two right sides worry it would have too many laps on but i'd have gambled and stayed up there and gotten that clean air and been right there with the -- >> it's interesting because now you are behind others that came in and took four on the previous spot. >> yeah.
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>> 15 lead lap cars back to trevor bayne. >> he's going to have to be really aggressive here. i'm not talking about just about martin truex jr. and kyle busch on the front row but you want to go back to chase elliott. now he does have fresher tires and has to go three wide on the restart and got to be super aggressive. keep the momentum going and make a bunch of moves early to make up the gap. >> restarts on the outside in eighth position. this is the third time martin truex has led more than 140 laps on a mile and a half track. the two previous types finished second both times. >> this time the 17 he and the 18 are both cleaning up getting ready for the restart. i'm not sure he did a great job the last type. they will restart with 33 laps to go. restart will be -- that 18 is going to be tough on this restart. green flag.
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loose and logano looks to the inside. nothing there. three wide behind them. here comes chase on the outside. that's what he's got to do. get up there and go on the outside. 18 will be hard to beat on the restart. truex slams it into turn three but kyle busch powers around the outside for the lead. logano looking low for second. >> just think martin truex jr. dodged the bullet and got the lead but i don't to about whether they should have come in the last time. certainly starting to not pay off for him. >> third. never been good anywhere other than the white line pushed up the hill and can't get back down. really hurting him
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here comes chase with his four good tires. could be the right call. alan is pretty smart. >> coming back picture here, carl edwards man, he's fighting hard to get back on the lead lap. now look at him. all the way up to sixth. going for fifth. >> first three drivers and kurt busch just ran their fastest lap of the race. let's see how many races has kyle busch won in the last week? >> right. >> three so far. >> i'm telling you the truth. kasey kahne tenth. >> we don't know if caution is going to come out again before this thing is over. >> may or may not but this looks -- looking pretty serious to me.
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>> they're definitely laying down some really fast laps. don't have a longer run to go here so they can -- >> tenth place. kahne, harvick, 29 laps to go and hard to catch that 18. >> put that cat out front. you got your work cut out for you. >> slides up to the top five. >> and the guy is probably saying oh my god how can this happen is martin truex. furthest back he's been all night, fifth with jimmie johnson breathing down his neck. know he's got a good car in the long run but i don't know if
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>> i don't know if 27 laps is long enough to get back up to kyle busch but make up the ground on the fresher tires they still have. >> from 3.3 seconds back. he's almost -- he's about almost the straightaway hype the 18. a long way to go. and that gap is increasing. >> yes, it is. joe gibbs racing has been class of the field tonight. their cars plus their satellite team, the 78 of martin truex. between that bunch they have led almost 300 laps tonight. >> yeah, you might be able to beat one of them but there's five of them now. four of the gibbs cars and 78 so one of them is going -- one of them will go to victory circle. >> jimmie johnson going to the
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outside of 78. martin truex jr. jimmie is another one. fought pretty hard. come through some interesting things tonight. >> well, dale jr. has been up and down all night long and look at him. he's running third. let's take a look at this restart. our 5 hour energy big move of the race we'll make it. truex on the inside. kyle busch on the outside. logano and hamlin looking on. >> you can see where the 78, he needed to clear that 18. >> did you notice, mike, on that, the 78 took him all the way to the end of the pit box. didn't tart at the beginning of the restart zone. took him all the way to the end of the restart zone before he went. he


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