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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  April 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> right now at 7 o'clock o'c police shoot a suspect in a late night break-in in n break maryland a second suspect in sut the crime just 15 years old. o how did this go down? fox5 fox live on the scene.ce >> also developing overnight,vet a local sheriff finds himself he on the other side of the law. lw the wrong side of the law.he he is under arrest thisest is morning. the charges he's facing straight aad >> also the final push to pass p noah's law in maryland. myl the clock ticking for ticki lawmakers to crack down onn repeat drunk drivers. dri what's standing in the way? inhw we'll tell you coming up.ou comg >> first though a live look outside on this mondayn this morning. it's april 11, 2016.1,01 weather and traffic on the 5's. good monday to you, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. i'm we're following developingelop news out of laurel maryland. l a police-involved shootingce-inv happened there. >> police say that two peoplethp broke into a store in the 900
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block of fourth street.ur s a teenager is in custody.usdy the other suspect was shot and is at the hospital fox5's f melanie alnwick is at the scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning steve and allison. i don't think we'll get a whole lot more gk detail from laurel police until theyo really have finished up everything as far as theirngr investigation goes.vest but what we can tell you isl you there was an alarm that wenthatw off inside the building here, the indus food and international market.l this is a really popular popul market that's known for south fs asian food, spices and halal h meat. the alarm alerted police to a break-in. police came here and theye and y fouled found two suspects atound the building. one ran, the 15-year-old ranyear and was caught and then insiden the business is where policeol located the second suspect. spe. an officer fired one shoter fire striking the suspect. that one, 20-year-old male mal taken to medstar in s
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condition can. we don't have details yet that t i know everyone is asking inin terms of why this officer feltif compelled to shoot. s we're just not going to getet that at this point.s p i am told that the officer is a 17 year veteran of thean of t laurel police department andolic this is the first tfir police-involved shooting sincetn 2000 tree. as for that 15-year-old, theld t 15-year-old was released toto the custody of his parents. par that is because juvenilee services we're told doesn't ordinarily hold juveniles whool are accused of burglary.y the suspect, that student will have to still face chose face ce charges in this case.arge live in laurel, i'm melanieie alnwick, fox5 local news.ocal n. steve and allison. allis >> mel thanks.>> anne arrundel county, the sheriff in mde legal trouble.le >> sheriff ronald bateman bat facing second degree assaulte charges. fox5's bob barnard joins usoinsu now with the latest on this investigation.vest bob. >> reporter: hey, allison and steve. i wish h we knew more besidesess the charge roughly. rgh it's a second degree assault aau as you men
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department we can show you his official photograph. ron bateman he's 54 years old.'5 the sheriff here first electedle 10 years ago in 2006 was arrested last night around 7:30 p.m. now, that are reports that this is a domestic issue but we reallyeay don't know anything more thanthe the fact that he's been arrested, that he is facing a misdemeanor charge of secondseco degree assault on social media, he is married and appears to be happily so andlyo that's about it, guys.t, guy i wish we knew more. m we believe he was arrest heed he at his home in the pasadenaaden area last night. nht we're not sure if he is stillsti in custody, if he has a court ct date this morning but again, ain it's a misdemeanor second s degree assault charge for ther anne arrundel county sheriffri ron bait a mone bateman who hasi office for 10 years.ears. >> fairfax county a motherher there who went missing with her nine-year-old son is inear- custody this morning
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undergoing a mentalunoing a evacuation.acuati the family of 29-year-old jury-r chavez reported herself andse a her son missing yesterday. yesrd she suffers if schizophrenia.opn her son is in the care of family >> as d.c. police continue tooni search for the gunman who shot o and critically injured a seven-year-old girl, the mayor y will visit that neighborhood today.toda that child shot on fridayhoon f night in the 2900 block of knox place in southeast. southea police say the young girl andirl her parents were coming backomia from dinner when gunfire broke e out.ou anyone with information on this shooting is asked to call l police.ce. >> today a preliminary hearing h will be held for one of thef the suspects in connection with the death of a prince george'sgr county detective. elijah ford is charged with conspiracy and attemptedem murder. his brother malik charged withl the same police say their brotherheroth michael was the gunman in the ambush that led to the to friendly fire death of officer jacai colson.ol >> congress wants to know morewr about metro's 29-hour9- emergency shutdown that happened last month. metro's general manager and
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board chair will testifyha before a house citizens bankiti committee this wednesday. wedne. two federal transportationdera officials had also testify.ha metro's generad l manager paulau wiedefeld says they shut the the metro system down because he beu wasn't sure if it was safe to to run the the shutdown allowed inspectors to find any issues with third rail power cables and replace them. >> might see more protests ineem the district over the nextct week starting today throughtoou next monday more than 3,000ha3,0 people have pledged to sit ineds at the u.s. capitol. u.s. part of a mass civil disobedience civil protest. c pe the group calling itself the democracy spring movementing claims the nation is in a cries because our memorial memol mukasey isn't working fory everyone only theis wealthy andd the elite. >> 7:05, 48 degrees on aees a monday here's tucker barnes.erar >> good morning. mor >> good morning. ea ready for warmer r temperatures.te >> bring it on.>> >> yes, please. >> you can can't>> wait? >> yeah --ea >> after this >> yeah,
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>> okay. >> are you going to deliver. d >> i promise i will. wil rain showers right now. n temperatures about 20 degrees warmer than where we are att right now by mid to late afternoon.oo upper 60's maybe some 70's.e 70 >> that's were i'm talkingking about. >> 47 in washington. was 46 good morning leonardtown,eonn 48 in fredericksburg.ricksburg. 47 culpeper. cper. i'm going around in the mountains 46 in winchester and e 45 in hagerstown.agerstow yeah it's cool its a little ltl rainy out that we've got some rain showerse ras across the region. t regio most of this is very light andva it will be with us for just aus few more hours. hou i think by late morning theby l rain will be out of here and o we should get some breaks inre the clouds this afternoon andhi our winds will start to picktart up but that will really pumpeapu the warmer temperatures into the region so expect highxpect temperatures noticeably warmerbr this weekend. that won't be hard to do. 68 with a nice dry afternoon afo and again a little sunshine out there.t th more rain tomorrow. tor seven day features no freezing temperatures, no snow in the the forecast. fore >> looking better.>>ooki >> most good news. >> all right. >> you delivered, tuck. >> i try, iiv tr
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>> yes, you do.u >> let's check in with erin. looks like the challenge is ons her this morning. >> i don't have great news.avea delays still pretty heavy back to 202. 2. inside the beltway new york avenue slows by florida with ay lot ofor congestion. constio we'll switch it over for aswit look at our cameras.eras. waking up in virginia look atk 66 eastbound. eastb huge delay and within thathat delay between 123 and 50 we a are also dealing with a crash ch out by 50. b 50. you can see some heavierer traffic there. we'll look atre.l that as you try to get past p that crash scene.race right now it's blocking theck left shoulder and part of theare left lane and that is what's w causing additional backups.g we'll look at the americanhe a legion bridge on the inner the i loop and outer loop.nder loo inner loop and outer looput loop traffic looking okay rightyig here but we are dealing with ana lot of slow moving traffic on tc most of your inbound routes. suitland parkway jams as youkwaj make your way to south s capitol. a look back at our maps. we have other slowdowns allwdowa over town. inbound right now the inn
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loop is slow 414 to the wilson bridge.. four west volume towards dowerow house road and five north jamstj from 301.from 301. be prepared for fothat 210 is dealing with inboundith b delays as well. 395 northbound edsall tolo seminary and then again overve the 14th street bridge, heavy traffic. you're slow from there s springfield interchange through annandale.ugh aan 270 southbound from frederickrek down to the spur ton of stop-and-go traffic.ffic wet roads. it's a headache for this h monday morning.eamo i'd say just leave early and and try to have that patience withae you. that's your traffic.r affi back to you allison. allison. >> erin thank you.>> now to the latest on the tht road to the white house. house it is a winding road indeed. i we're eight days away from the new york primary and a new a poll out this morning from gfk finds that americans trustri democratic presidentialatic frontrunner hillary clinton more than anyone else inhi thehe race including donald trump toru handle a wide range of issues.. trump is name calling again. a this morning he is calling boston globe "stupid andnd worthless" after the newspaperhp published a
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page yesterday with trump as the butt of the joke.he j meanwhile secretary s hillary clinton and senatoren bernie sanders hit the streets s of new york yesterday.ework clinton and her husband visited several african-american churchs inhurc harlem new york.rlem of course her husband,usnd president bill clinton. cnton center sander center city fromd new york. he held a rally in his home borough of brooklyn. sanders reaffirmed hisffirmed hi campaign mess message ofe of demanding more accountabilitye from business owners and and highlighted the differences dif between himself and rivalal candidate hillary clinton.e hia >> investigators learned thatrn brussels was not the terror group's first choice on wherenhe to the suspects were planning a pl second attack in france butranc prosecutors say they wereuty surprised by the speed of the ot investigation and decided to deo rush and attack in brussels instead. instead. officials in both francein b and belgium are warning that despite the recent arrests thea threat of additional attacksks remains high.igh. an active duty u.s. navy. n officer accused
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secrets to a foreign government possibly china. chi court documents say lieutenantet commander edward lin committed c he espionage twice and attempted on three otherthe occasions. according to u.s. ni news lin n served on some of the nation's a most sensitive intelligencege gathering aircraft.ircr he became a naturalized he's also charged withlsarged prostitution and adultery. alt president obama sat downidtb with chris wallace for a wide ad ranging interview on fox news n sunday discussing everythingssi from his response to theis recent attacks in europe to e the legacy of his time in office. fice. >> hes touched on the e-mail scandal centering on hillary clinton. >> reporter: the presidentsi did discuss hillary clinton's cn e-mail scandal. sal he says he does not believeeliee she jepp sized nationalatio security but does show as ow degree of carelessness.elessnes he gave his personal guarantee e that he would not exert any e political influence over thever justice department during theen investigation into thevest
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he also discussed what he wha considered to be his biggest big accomplishment and failure so far. >> biggest accomplishment.plish. >> saving the economy from ath great depression. >> worst mistake. >> probably failing to plan for the day after what i thinkti was the right thing to do in intervening in libya.ibya. >> the other big take away the president said he'll stand byy judge merrick garland as hisarl nominee to the supreme courtto t even if a democrat wins in november.novemb now it took chris wallace and a fox news sunday to get eightight years to get this interview. fox news brett bear some have more on i guess you could calllc it a pretty historic his interviewer with presidentiewe obama again the first time heth was on fox news sunday ine his eight years in office. off >> much more with brett comingtn up. still ahead this morning atr
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killed during a case of roadf rage in new in ne what led to that deadly ddl dispute coming up.spute ming >> first though it's down to do the wire for the bill known asot noah's law. why supporters are worriedre that it might not pass. 7:12.7: back in a moment.
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>> yes, warmer temperatures on the way, upper 60's, perhapser the low 70's by afternoon.ftnoo. and it will feel springlike.ik >> rain today.ain >> this morning.>> this just for the next couple t next hours. just some light s 47 now in washington.n notice those arrows if you'res r looking carefully at your tv yor screen are coming out of thet oe south and west. this southwesterly breeze willwt allow to us really warm thingsln up today. 43 up in boston. finally the eastern half ofte the country getrn something set warmer temperatures.erpera 50 in detroit. and we'll be in for a warmerr ar week than last we're not quite where we want to be as far as temperaturesemra for this time of year but no freezing temperatures on theratn seven day, no threat of snow ofo on the seven day, so we'rere headed in the right direction. here's your morning rain shower activity. most is pretty light. i it's warmer air working ins from up high to down low. and as that warm front getsrm ft north of us we'll start to see temperatures get a boost later g this take a look cold front out to the west.ld question?qu >> no, i'll wait until theil end, ooh i'm sorry.
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cold front out to the west is going to bringo us -- tomorroww looks like a damp rain showers much of the day including the morning commute.n. we'll clear it out. out wednesday thursday, fridaydaridy look great. >> you did a life lesson i just wanted to point it out.o pt we're not where we want to betob but we're moving in the right direction.dire >> thank you. >> that's right. t >> thanks, tuck. thank >> yeah. >> words of wisdom, erin. >> absolutely. every day is a new chance toew be a better version of yourself.your >> my goodness -- see, this issi why i love this show. >> there you go.ou >> motivation monday.ionda >> that's right.hat' share with us your motivationr t on twitter at erin fox5 d.c.ox5 or any of you guys.f u guy we like to hear from you. tucker just shook his head athi me. 66 east jammed from 50 to 123. 3 reports of a crash in theran backup. look at that.loth that is nasty.that is nas it is not movingty along nicelyn in virginia.nia. 95 northbound also is jammed. the crash is blocking the left l shoulder and part of the left lane on 66 able. let's switch it over for a for look our bitches.lo we have other american leach looking good inner loop and outer loop butnd as y oou cruise along farther into the area we are seeing s
7:17 am
no problems to report on the beltway.beway. usual coaches outer loopl co between new a.m. and georgia.a. this is the chaim.n bridge wherh you can see typical slow downoww an pretty wet ride out there.ut watch for slick spots as youicks head out. ad o key bridge is actually doing d okay between roslyn as youlyas make your way into theo t georgetown but your b secondaries in georgetownn typical congestion. congest fourteenth stree14th street brir no crashes. cra a lot of kelce an stall blocking the right shoulder.houe 270 southbound is like athbod is parking lot from frederick on down. inner loop closed across thes wilson bridge. bridg five inbound, four inbound innbd prince george's slow trafficeo as well.rg lots to get through this morning and we want to see your pet pictures. they make a rainy monday inyon back to you guys. >> yay! >> you going to put petut pictures up steve.p . we're encouraging everybody tobt do so. >> can i borrow a pet from a pet you. >> meantime we have news. n >> in the district i.r.s.the employees back to work thisba morning.
7:18 am
last week forcedck the downtownt following shut down most of building to shut down.shutow the tax return process was notsn affected by the building closure. the i.r.s. says continue tor. file your tax returns asou normal. they are due on the 18th this year. [laughter] time running out for r maryland lawmakers to pass a a bill that honors a fallen >> bob barnard with more onnardt what might happen regardingeg noah's law.. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,r: guys. yeah nyeah, portions of noah's w has passed. passe set to be debated in a conference committee ince c annapolis this morning.po theli general assembly expiresee at midnight.ght. so the clock is ticking. tki basically what's happened here is the senate has passed a stronger version of this billerl and they've added on an amendment which would require -- or open up the possibility for repeat drunkeatr drivers to pay punitive punit
7:19 am
in a drunk driving crash. the house version is basically a little weaker than thee senate's version and they don't have the punitive pun damages added on and so basically what the senators are saying is you either take t the punitive damages amendmentma and add that on and that will be what we'll put to the floor or you then take our versionouro of the original interlockinte device bill which is stronger, e so that's were it stands, putting interlock devices onevin people convicted of driving drunk in the state of maryland, .08 or higher. hig this is named after the montgomery county police cou officer who was killed afterdft pulling over a suspected drunked driver, killed by another ano drunk driver on 355 in rockville. noah leotta's father and the police chief in montgomery county tom manger are not happy with the way things hav mh come down here at the last hour. here
7:20 am
>> noah's law is in peril.ner a bill that had unanimous unanio support in the house, unanimous support in theport senate is now in jeopardy of je dying in committee because of bo extra unrelated provisionsrovion that were added to the bill atlt the last minute. min >> reporter: again, this is the interlock device part ofear this whole thing which is i basically what this is all about has been languishing here in the general assemblyeras for about seven years.r about se and after theve death in december of officer noah leotta, most people thought this was going to finallyo finay bring it to ahead and make itake happen today but as i mentioned, it's in conference ce but the house and senateenate versions with this extraxtra amendment are kind of muckinguc things up here this morning mni and they've got until midnight h to actually pass noah's lawaw and we'll be here watching, guys, and seeing how thishi whole thing plays outer here oun nap liz today. >> still ahead the latestt singer could cancel a showl sho
7:21 am
discriminates against members m of the lgbt q community.ommuty. >> first a traffic accident t turns deadly for a formerorr football star. this morning his accused killer behind bars. the latest on this case next.
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>> ♪ >> secretary of state john kerry is in japan tay. earlier this morning heier th visited the memorial siteal where the u.s. dropped theu.s. d first of two atomic bombsmbs during world war ii more thani e 70 years ago.70ears
7:24 am
official to visit hiroshima. his john kerry is in japan for the annual g-7 summit meeting. mti foreign ministers haveav scheduled to discuss a whole dis bunch of topics ranging fromginm north korea toy and europe's eur migrant crisis. >> will smith was killedl smit saturday night in a road raged e incident. the suspect 28-year-old cardell hayes charged withhargeh second degree murder.nd police say that he d rear-ended- smith's' car and then opened o fire after an altercation. smith's wife was also shot. sho she's expected to recover.expece investigators say a connection between hayes and the police may complicate this case. c >> that is interesting and we aw right now, we're investigating the homicide. all of those facts perhapsha will -- we'll ask questions q about those and maybe see if there's any correlation. >> just hours before there the incident, smith had dinnerinner with a police officer who had
7:25 am
once been sued by the shooter here, the alleged shooter sho whose father was shot and canan killed by fleece 2005. 200 they're looking to see ifloing there's any possiblee' connection can.tian. confusing story.tory >> from new orleans to las vegas. if you were planning onnnin on driving in las vegas on saturday might have needed a m boat instead of a vehicle.igcl heavy rains caused flashsefl floods stranding a couple sandi cars. cars firefighters rescued severalev people trapped by those risingpp waters and tucker ased you well know those flat lands not a lot of places for the water tos run off. >> no, it's like concrete, thect soil s they don't get a whole aw lot of rain so it runs offun real quick. quick 47 at reagan national, dulles de 46, bwi marshall 47.shall we are looking at a brighterht and warmer day today. i know we've got some rain showers out there early.out that's a warm front that's tha moving through. and it is bringing light rainli to the area but you can seerea the back edge working out toki the wes front royal you guys are just aj about done with it and the a t next few hours we'll see the s t rain showers kind of drift off d here to the east and the north n a
7:26 am
warmer sector of air.f we should get a littleit clearing this afternoon anfterna more pleasant afternoon withonit daytime highs, get ready for this, applause, drum roll, anything, 68 this afternoon.68hs thanks, allison, a little lateit for that.r tha 68 today. tay the rain does return tomorrow t and we are going to keep itkeept relatively cool this week butwk look, no freezinging temperatures, no snow in thenown forecast over the next sevenexte days. all right, i'm going to talkngo to the sound people aboute ab improving that round of applause a little bit. littlit erin has traffic. >> give me a high-five tucker.uc it will make things allll better.bett you there go. we're not high-fiving overng o traffic them to i think the word of the day is slow.f th because of the rain and theheai wet roads we have a lot of jam-ups. 66 eastbound very heavyy hea between 50 and 123. and 123. we had a crash blocking theckg shoulder out by 123. 123 and then you can see it's see i' still there a little bit butttib all lanes reopened. you're basically parked past that location.ocatn. then again in arlington thingsrn also back up. so let's switch it over for atct look at our map and show youw what else you're up a
7:27 am
edsall to seminary on 395 northbound, 18 miles an hour., 8 then again you're jammed past the 14th street bridge. bdg you're slow across the wilsonheo bridge through the inner looperp and 95 northbound all the way between stafford and dale cityfo you're srdeeing a lot ofing a lo stop-and-go traffic.opnd-go just heavy volume thisolum morning. morning commute as we take a closer look north side of town w in maryland outer loop from 95 to georgia really slow traffic, under 15 miles per hour. ho 95 on the southbound side jamsde by 32. if you're heading down to d.c. from baltimore this morning, mo, 95 on the northbound side jams by the icc a bit and then bww parkway southbound by powderow mill jams.ll northbound jams out by 32, soo give yourself extra time. t steve and allison. allison. >> the latest singer toige protest a new law that sometom says is discriminatory to lgbt people.pele >> a thief breaks into a local burg are joint helps himself joi to d the must see surveillance video is coming up. >> ♪
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monument. it looks a little rainy out there. tuck we said it's going to clear up. nice and warm today. so just hang in there. it's going to get better. >> brian adams the latest musician to take a stand on politics over performance canceling his show in mississippi this week because of the state's new allow that religious groups and private businesses to refuse service to. >> it restricts public bathroom use by transgender people. fox's jazz minute spencer has the story. ♪ >> bruce springsteen's river tour is skipping past north carolina and it's all because of house bill two. the announce many made on his website explains canceling sunday's concert intlo amsgainn worry is quote the strongest qtt means i have for raising myngy voice in opposition to noticeooc who continue to push us u backwards instead of for wards.. >> it absolutely is not the mindset of greensboro. >> mayor nancy vaughn is disappoint and cancellation is the first direct economic hit h hb2 has on greensboro worthro thousands.thou >> they estimate there is aestia hundred thousand dollars loss tt our bottom line revenue justt from this -- just from this this concert and that doesn't take tk into consideration the loss thet restaurants and hotels will wil suffer by not having him in he here. >> reporter: restaurants like ra under current,ur downtown lookol forward to out of town >> it's tough.ou it really is.lly i
7:32 am
gross worry and north carolinaa and as a businessman, it's it' difficult to know that one billl such as this not only is discriminatory but also affectsc businesses all over north o >> reporter: co owner weser wheeler says his restaurant hash always had an open door policyol to all its customers yetet springsteen did the right thingi for the greater cause. >> it is affecting local loc businesses, but bruce b springsteen being living legendd that he is and having the voicei he has and knowing that that voice has a broader range andnd can reach more people isn't verv important when it comes to thisi sort of thing.sort o >> reporter: mayor vaughn v however worries thisho cancellation won't be the last s for the city.. >> well, you know, i'm concerned about the ncaa he have we have h quite a few tournaments over the next 12 months those are innths jeopardy what's more we're also bidding on tournaments for the future, and my concern is that a we are going to be discountedisn right out of hand.
7:33 am
spencer reporting.ep now the concert cancellationsano big trends this morning inrninn social immediate y we're askinge you to weigh n we put a this pol on our fox buy d.c. twitter ttt account it asks, should sho musicians get involved in politics to the degree that thet cancel shows? yes, they shouldl take stand or no, they shouldyho state out of politics and just perform.rf so far, out of 100 votes 68es people say yeah, they shouldhoud take a stand.take. let us know was think.s tnk feel free to vote online at fox5 d.c. c. all righty.hty. tucker barnes joining us early.y he must have great news to passs along. >> i mean it's a little gloomyey this morning.ning >> okay.>>y. >> sometimes, you know, looks ao little gloomy. >> yes. yes >> but then sunshine returns.. >> okay. okay it wasn't as deep as early. ear >> it was good. >> no, steve, it was good.d >> we're work on the delivery. >> let's do it live shot you cal see the cloud cover light rainir showers across the area. aa but we are anticipating warmerir temperatures to be moving inuree here shortly.ho and after a very chilly weekende sorry about that with freezingrz te
7:34 am
the rest of it we're featuringtg upper 60s and perhaps a few lowl 70s by later this afternoon.. with some custod gusty winds.ins light rain shower activityctit pressing on through here the the western edge of theedge of precipitation now working its way along 66 coming out of theif mountains. so it won't be long before we be put an end to the rain showersho and i think by afternoon noton only will we be dry but partiall sunshine and again much, much milder air working in with workn breezy conditions.zy ction upper 60 buys this afternoon.on. enjoy a nice monday afternoon.on more rain for tuesday and looksd at the rest of the work week ink just a minute. let's do traffic now with erin. >> give me a song, t nucker.uc i need a monday morning rainy commute song. >> um -- um >> something good. >> glory days by springsteen. >> there you go.>> 66 eastbound jammed 50 to 123 slow-moving traffic.ff you can see unfortunate just att nasty gloomy day. d. wet roads as well, give yoursels extra time to get through thatt area. ar cras
7:35 am
shoulder out by 123. 1 delays continue inside the beltway as you pass through pash arlington this morning.. we'll switch it over and show io was look from our cameras to our maps where we have other h o problems. 395 jams 95 northbound sloww towards the springfield interchange.terc morning commute is very slow as you make your way out outer loor top side of the beltway 95 to5 georgia.gegi bw parkway southbound jams by powder mill road northbound sids is slow as you make your way yor towards bwi this morning. mni be prepared for that.hat 95 unfortunately also slow on s the southbound side by 32 and 32 the northbound side by 175. 175 inbound traffic is slow on thelt inner loop across the wilsonilsn bridge.brid. and then four and five north jah us a try to get your way towardw the beltway this morning.s morni aside from that if you're takinn metro no alerts. a everything back to normal justmj grab your umbrella as you head h out to the stop. the stop. once you get there traffic -- - metro is moving. min traffic is not moving so well. 270 south volume 70 to the trucu sales a lot of stop gone traffic th
7:36 am
rockville as you head towardsoc the beltwayas. ythe beway and your bridges are backed up.. suitland parkway to the douglasu bridge also very slow new yorkyr avenue inbound towards florida. i could basically tell you everybody inbound route will sen d congestion. steve and allison.. >> thank you so much erin.muchri coming up kevin will sitin s down with kevin costner for hish new movie called criminal. cmi it's really good.d. >> police looking for hungryun thief where a man was caught onn camera cooking up a snack. that's next.
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♪ 7:39 right now.7:39 in the district caught on camerr what is that man doing ask you.. >> well, he broke into a io restaurant and then decided toeo make a snack. a sna this is five guys on irving iing street in columbia heights.ei. never even went near the cashhes register. apparently was just hungry.. wisdom martin life in columbia l heights outside of five guysf fg where this all good morning,, >> reporter: good morning tooodg you. you've had hamburger from fiveme guys, correct. cre >> absolutely. good stuff. stu >> reporter: is that right? >> yeah. >> reporter: very good stuff. it'ser really good and apparentl it's so good this guy actually a as you just mentioned followed a delivery guy into the store theo between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00 back in the morning, back k in march, into the didn't go near the cash the c register. when he got inside the store tho fired up the grill, had a burg burger, drank some water, hung out and then left the restaura restaurant. didn't take any money.ak now that's quite a burger. now, t
7:40 am
releasing this video to us thisi happened back in march. it's trending right now on now n social media.socialia a lot of people talking about ao this. this. we want to know what you think about this as well. w use the #gooddaydc.odyd we want to know what you think y about how big of a deal is this t because, again, he follows theot guy in, stayed inside, had a burger, didn't take any money.nm so they're putting outngut information asking if anyone has seen this guy through this vides to give them a call. c they're offering a reward ford information leading to his lead arrest.arre. let's take listen to someiste sm reaction to the story right now. >> must have work here before oe something.some he's got the skills to flip some burgers. >> reporter: so again, this aga is -- it's a fascinating storyno about he followed the delivery v guy into the store and hung outg made a hamburger a lot of peoplo may think that's not big deal dl but did he actually go into then store. isdn't have permission to be inm there.
7:41 am
you heard some people wondering -- how you doing? ng thank you. y just my fox5 fans over there.. again, we want to know was thini about this. #gooddaydc.ddaydc do you think this guy is a hardh core criminal or just someone so who has an obsession for the f t good hamburger? let us know uno what you think.hi back inside to you in the studio. again, i've had a five guysuys hamburger.ger. i don't know if i'm breaking ifr into any restaurant anywhere too get a burger.ur >> i paid for >> you would have to make itav yourself.lf >> that's a little over the tope to break inside the store and se start cooking. >> wisdom likes when someone som makes it for him.s or h >> and buys it, >> the other thing is as you i s heard him mention he knew how to turn the grill on and new wherew everything was. that's also very interestingesti part of this story. s he knew how to turn everythingry on and cook the burger.the rge i'm not really -- i can cook ink my kitchen but when i gon i g somewhere else like if i was was inside five guys restaurant, iu, would probably need some prep pe time to get --et >> even the pros.e p >> that's just me.>> that's just >> oh, boy. we
7:42 am
>> everybody wanting to be wng around him. >> he is the mayor.. >> fox5 mayor.ox >> talking on his cell phoneho like he doesn't care. c i think he's in the worried about people finding out he wasw in there. >> okay. strange story. >> kevin has the scoop on kevin costner's new action moviectioni called criminal.lled crimina it. >> looks like such a different t role for kevin costner. costn >> did you see the trailer.oueet >> i saw the trailer. >> tucker will be back with the forecast next. ♪
7:43 am
7:45 am
♪ aww, it's national pet day. look at, hooks says cats andatsa dogs can't get along?lo >> they're all getting along. a >> that's right. that'g >> a little care bear in there.e >> and sharing a toy.nd sring >> this day is all about celebrating the wonderful littlt creatures in your life.our life. >> yes. loved ones.ved >> smaller family members.em >> exactly.ctly the pets -- i like to say familiar members. mem thank you for that phrase. family members in your life thaa don't speak earn lib we can say it that that here's a picture from one muchon our viewers who lives in springfield. theo scott is the cat on thehe left, theo scott. his sister sadie joyce is on thn i they're inseparable and so ans cute. keep sending your pet pics with the hash tag far fox we can't wait to so them. so the >> they grew up together ashe kitten and puppy.up >> so cute. ce very good names. nes don't they.t they. >> they do. theo and
7:46 am
>> i get so many photographs of various pets watching our show t each morning.each >> i love that.>> >> don't you love those.on >> i do, too't.. >> put your old dogs photos on,s too. >> you know what i find, pets p love music.. and they love motion. mio so if we could put some motionot to some music -- >> oh! >> i was like what is happeningg >> ♪ >> steve, this song is for you.u >> let's see it. >> glory days may have passed me by but i appreciate it.e i >> allison i got to go to ao a couple we hadding in a coupledda weeks. i need some mov >> you do. >> can we pick out a sears s sucker suit for you. y >> i didn't say i needed helpelp getting dressed. dss i need help dressing.. >> a see beach wedding ourur outdoor wedding. wed >> not my wedding.otwedd >> we'll dress him up.. >> steve, i'm going to dress him up. >> can i contribute? can >> yes. needed dancing tips. >> moves.>> m >> a light blue zero sucker.uc >> i'll show you all the new the dance moves.e mes >>7
7:47 am
>> you're welcome.>>'re steve didn't volunteer to help h with the new dance moves.ov 48 in annapolis.annaolis 47 in baltimore.almo let's see, milder temperatures moving on in.. yes. these temperatures are notratur terribly warp.arp however, much warmer than we tn were 24 hours ago when we hadead temperatures on the are or beloe freezing and we'll be upper 60ss maybe low 70s later today.erod look at that big push of air ouo of the south that's a great sign fours.fos. winds out of the south at 16. a1 nine at dulles much it will belb breezy day.ay winds out of the south and soutd and west at 15 to 20.o 2 rain showers still doing a fewna of those. tse. but notice the last couple of frames here getting back edge oe that precipitation shield se pushing off to the east andhe es north and this is all good newsw because this is warmer air warmr trying to work twork when warmer air moves in it hass to work from up high and workh w it's way down to then surveillance fans that's what ta we're seeing with the rainng wai shower act v things will only o get better from here.mer this afternoon should be dry.on if you are going to be out andba about, and at least partial par sunshine later today. l starting to see breaks in theakt clouds there in parts ofre in so southwest virginia which isvirgw
7:48 am
west. west i mention it it will bring us a period of rain for a good partdr of tomorrow. om i think the morning commuteommu tomorrow morning we'll have raii around here's future we get clearing here we are at 4:00 o'clock. should be very pleasant thisry afternoon highs near 70 and that rain shower activity, hmm, lookl very different than it did justj a moment ago. a rain shower activity returns byr early tomorrow morning with a wt interest rain around for much of the day keep that in mind. rain showers in the forecast for tuesday.da 68 today.68ay 61 tomorrow.or little cool for this time ofe year.year however, no freezinging temperatures and no snow and/ora winter weather in the forecastor for the neck seven days.ay i think we have finally turn tht corner much more spring likeg lk conditions here. erin is back with roads. roads >> 7:48. we have a lot of problems ifbls you're heading out right now this is new hampshire avenuee southbound by lockwood dealingco with a crash that is causingssi very slow-moving traffic towardw that location.atio breaking news, darnestown roadsd in both directions shut down fof crash investigation out by 109.1 p
7:49 am
closure should be out that out through noon.through be prepared for that.for t switch it over from the jamup on new hampshire to look at our atr bridges. things arebr looking nice across the american legion bridge on bi the inner and outer loop.. typical inbound volume there.he right now you can see traffic on the beltway typical delays this is a look at came bridge at channel where we can see typicay slow moving traffic there.raffhe a lot of volume this morning. mg key bridge isn't terrible from o rosland into georgetown a steady flow of slow moving traffic. trc much heavier across the 14thhe t street bridge from 395. 395 eleventh street bridge, third ti street tunnel jammed suitlandnem parkway inbound to douglas as ds you can see here brake lights up ahead as you make your way on to the bridge we'll switch the back to ourh tk look at our maps.t our 270 all jammed up as you makes m your way down the stretchhe strt towards the spur and delays bacc to sentville and 66 eastbound aa crash on the shoulder by 123. b3 metro is on time and i think that's a better way to get to g work this monday. mon allison and steve. >> erin, thank you very much. to hollywood now and the big
7:50 am
winner at the mtv music awardswa was the rock.k. >> movie awards. >> star wars the force awakenswe was the big winner really the te rock was the host. hos >> oh, right. right >> everybody had their life lif sabers they better win. win star wars is the winner.. it won the golden poll cornoll c trophy for movie of the the audience waived red and lou sabres.. her role as ray in the star wars film. >> she did a great job. gre j >> maybe kevin can answer. kevin is joining us from la andd kev, good morning. m i want to know how the rock and kevin -- >> i didn't see it. i were d as hosts.os >> what's kevin's last name? nam >> kevin >> good morning to you i think it was more avenuernasan promotional thing they're both e in a movie called central cenal intelligence coming out later ot this year i think they ---- clearly they were
7:51 am
kind of promote that movie.. their in a film together comingg out this year they play buddiesi in the t i'm looking forward to seeingee that. that that's why they were hostingreos >> if you go into an awards show and they give you light sabers r when you go is that a tip off of star wars will win big thatigha night. >> i'm pretty sure it is.urit i was thinking the same thing ig saw the light sabers. ser they know had to know it wasnoit going to win. the cool thing about the mtvtv movie awards, i know they'rew kind of considered to be more m joke like than the oscars. they chose better films than tht oscarste i loved spotlight.tlig don't get me wrong it was a it s great film.t fi star wars was a better film this year, also, charlies theron goto an award for playing in mad max. they won last night as well.ell. will smith got generation awarda he wasn't even nom mate 98ed ate the oscars for amazing performance in concussion.on good on mttv for recognizingecng some of the best performance the
7:52 am
will smith was amazing. amazi >> i know you have to get tohave your kevin costner. costner. don't answer this now.n't answ think about it for next time.ext if all of the awards were equal, okay, whether you won mtv awardd or academy award, which trophyhh would you rather have? >> just think about it.nkbout >> don't answer it now. answeitn but if you're going just off the trophy the statue the bucket of popcorn, et cetera, which one w would you rather have.ere. >> now you may talk about kevin costner. >> the answer is easy the oscar. >> they're all equal. allqual. >> i think i'd rather have theae oscar statue. stat it's an iconic thing.hi >> the movie criminals comingg out this friday gary old man and kevin costner. ryan rinked in character is a cia agent is killed but his memories transferred into a convict whose suppose to leado a the cia to a specific realmfi where there's a lot
7:53 am
information.rm i spoke to kevin costner about o the role about memories in his s mind from past characters but also how he almost actually died film a stunt shooting this mov movie. check it out. >> i love these sequences wheree we're seeing ryan reynoldseynold memories come into your brain ib fine it fascinating you've youe played so many characters inhari your career.your i'm wondering is there one one character after you left the the role that may be came back evere once in while as a memory? >> no. but watching this character, i', always surprised at the level oo violence and knowing that in thi certain instances not only was some of it written but there wae a lot that i created. i was really surprised how deep i went and the level resourcef resourcefulness that it tookat o forger ricco to survive in thisi >> now, obviously, there's anout amazing sequence with the bridgi is turning and epic actionion sequence.. incredible shot from them t overhead.over when you drive off and they havv you coming out of the water, ho, do they film
7:54 am
coming up from the water? are you in a tank. i was in a car about 20 feet down. >> whoa!>> they took the water -- took the oxygen away, and i startedtd to go out, and i got my hoodie got an the back of b that car, you know, the littleit extra head rest and i didn'tid know what it i knew something was really rll really wrong, and i had given un the oxygen and i knew it wasn'ts just a matter of -- i had to still get out the window.w and later on we talk about it. o i figure it out.t o i had been underwater for a lot of stuff. sff i kept my wits about me. but i remember the stunt mantu m going, i saw that. t he goes i knew that was a traint wreck right there, because i was down there and stunt men don'ted often know when to come in andnd because maybe they ruin a shot,s you know, somebody goes hey ioee was doing that perfect i was pew acting that way. i wasn't panicked at all but i b was in trouble. tub and we talked about it a little bit. i always have the signal of when means the
7:55 am
come get me. >> what is the signal do you? >> this is like -- this is thist shot is over. or. let's go. >> could you imagine being theng stunt man and not knowing if kevin costner is acting oractino really struggling for his life.f >> i would never want to make nr that decision. decision. that's insane.e. >> see, kev, that's when you'rey right, that's the curse of beinb a really really good actor at a some point you don't know, don o right? right? >> that movie looks really goodo it seems like such a departure from how we leaguely see kevin k i'm looking forward to seeing it. >> costner is brutal in thes br movie. i'll have more from him and thee gary old man coming up.oming the movie the rock and kevinin hart are in called centralal intelligence as i mentioned mti opens up june 17th.7t that's pretty much exactly whyxt they were hosting the mtv movie >> did you try to break the sound guy eardrums with yourums gary old man interview?nter >> i tried to. tri >> i knew you would. >> everyone.>> e i knew you would. >> buddy, see you >> see you at
7:56 am
america himself chris evans ande i have really really funny starr from jenner aniston about a working in an ice cream storeto before she got >> i don't want to brag but just like me. thanks so much kevin.ev >> let's check in with tuckeruce and get a look at the forecast.c >> steve a little cool out coo there. upper, 48 in washington.hing 47 dulles. bwi marshall this is a day we turn corner tor warmer temperatures. the warmer temperatures movingsv in with morning rain showers.wes still very light rain out theree rain should end pretty soon.ttys we'll be cloudy this morning. mr partly sunny this afternoon anda temperatures jump into thein t 20 degrees.egre upper 60s maybe a few spots get into the low 70s. 7 by late afternoon and dry laterr today. toda so that looks great.looks at. do have rain showers back in tht forecast by tomorrow morning for that morning commute it will beb cool tomorrow. t there's your seven day forecastc erin is back with lots of peoplp honking and going slow.w. yeah, rough monday morning morni unfortunately the a lot ofa lot problems.oblems montgomery county darnestown dar
7:57 am
at 109. 1 that is going to be out there t through noon because of a bigig accident investigation you'lltil need to detour around that and 270 south there's a crash at the truck scales causing additional delays and heavy traffic througa gaithersburg this morning. ts mo 66 east dealing with a lot of slow-moving traffic right nowfio and then northern virginia vni cascades parkway south at sth woodland road a crash andarash belmont ridge road at evergreenn mill road another crash. road a a lot of problems this morning.i please leave early have some patience. keep it to fox5.ep i we'll keep you covered through our 8:00 o'clock hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning.ox >> reporter: 8:00 o'clock now.0 giving you a live look outside.k it is monday morning, apri april 11th, 2016.6. weather and traffic on the 5'sne going to be a little warmer thit week much that's good news. 8:05 well check in with tuckeruc and err erin. eri good morning, i'm allison seymour.our >> i'm steve chenevey.ney two big stories coming outsr of the annapolis this morning. one, time running out forut f maryland lawmakers to pass aas a bill that honors a fallenn officer.officer. >> a top lawman finds himself of the wrong side of the law. fox5's bob barnard is coveringog both of these stories. bob joins us now with the latest from annapolis.ap good morning. >> reporter: good morning,oo allison and steve. the first to tell you that thehe anne arundel county sheriffff ronald bateman was arrested last night by anne
8:01 am
police and charged with a seconn degree assault. that is a misdemeanor. there are reports this morningsr that this was a domestic issue e but we don't know anything moree than the fact that sheriff sri bateman was arrested last night. 7:30 charged with second degreee assault. we are told we will hear more from anne arundel county policec and the sheriffs office here in annapolis later today. ron bateman is 54 years old. old first elected in 2006. 200 so he's been the sheriff here for 10 years, again, charged chg with a misdemeanor. the second story is noah's laws today is the last day of the t 2016 session for the marylandyln general assembly they go out at midnight, and joe what's law isi in the balance. the balance. named after the 24-year-old-old montgomery county police officec killed in the line of duty last december, know what leotta wasas on a traffic stop. he pulled over a suspected drunk driver. he was then hit and killed byild another suspected drunk
8:02 am
noah's law would requireui interlock devices for the cars of anyone convicted of driving i drunk in the state of maryland. there are senate and housendou versions that have been passed.e this is to go to a conference committee this morning, howeverr the senate has added on an amendment that would allow for punitive damages to be assessed against repeat drunk drivers who cause injuries in a crash andrah that is not going over well with the house confer reece. we'll have to see how this thini shakes up today. here' social security tom mangee the montgomery county police p chief speaking about this last night. >> noah's law is imper roll i a bill that that hugh nan mussn mu support in the house and the senate is isn't jeopardy dyingyn of committee because of extra unrelated provisions that weres added to the bill at the last
8:03 am >> reporter: those who are proposing this punitive damagesg legislation say that if the t house will adopt the senate's's stronger version of noah's law l then they can get by without adding or approving this other legislation that's been added t it. so, guys, we'll see. see that's a conference committeeomt with the house and senate today. the session expires at midnightt we'll be here watching the fatet of know what' law in annapolisal today, guys. guys >> bob, thanks very much.h couple minutes past the mine hour. let's get to developing newsevel coming out of laurel, maryland,n where police shot a suspectct overnight.night. >> this happened as officersices investigated an alarm for a a break in at a store. fox5's melanie alnwick is live e in laurel with details now.. mel? >> reporter: steve andve and allison, perhaps one of thene surprising details about thisuti case are the ages of the suspects involved.nvol just 15 and 20 years old. neighbors around this area tell us they really didn't hear a lot of commotion last night.t nht kind of surprised that this is i the store that they
8:04 am
break into the indi. s food and international market. they have south asian food,anoo spices and halah meat. m there was alarm for break in. 11:18 last night.t n officers responded and saw twowo suspects, one the 15-year-oldyeo ran and was caught. caugh police found the second suspecte a 20-year-old inside the business and for reasons stillnl yet unclear, an officer fired one shot hitting that man was taken to med starr in stable condition.dion again we don't know exactly what transpired. we are told that the officer whw fired the shot is a 17 yearr veteran of the laurel police department, and this is thed isi first police involved shooting v in laurel since 2003. the 15-year-old we're told wasdw basically handed over to thevero custody of his parents. because juvenile services do
8:05 am
burglary charges, but he will hl still have to face charges very serious charges in this case.ase live in laurel, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> d.c. police continue to conti search for the gunman moooo critically injured a seven year old girl.ol the mayor will visit that visita neighborhood today.oday. that child shot friday night onn the 2900 block of knox place southeast.sout police say the young girl andira her parents were coming backomin from dinner when gunfire brokero out. anybody with information on thii shooting is asked to call poli police. all right.>> tucker barnes. how we look dag? we would liked to order up warmer temperatures at the weather bar this morningt >> you've come to the rightcoo place. >> thank you so much. you >> i prepare whatever you orderr >> i would like a mint julep. >> i've never had one.r had one. i don't know why that came to tt mind. >> got to get into steve's ste liquor cabinet.liquor cabinet. let's do the the upper 60s later today. tay warmer temperatures. >> we're ready for them, tuck. >> i think we've earned it aftea weekend of freezing temperatur temperatures. yes, we had snow showers onn saturday.rday. parts of the hear coverage.ove diyo
8:06 am
towards calvert county in i southern maryland they had like --ke - >> snow? >> like a covering. full covering ofe snow.w saturday midday. 48 now in washington andashi 46 in frederick.ederi it's cool, quantico 50 degrees.. but we're still expecting a nicn warm up.p. upper 60s low 70s later today. d the warmer air is moving and inn bringing with it light rain shower activity the back edgek e just to the west of washington. and we should see the rain windd down for the day here pretty quickly, and then we'll turn tun gradually partly sunny thiss afternoon and agai enjoying thoo milder temperatures. 68 later today. today it will be a breezy day but dryd afternoon for you. you seven day has more rain on it. i let me you know when thatou k arrives coming up in just a in t minute. enjoy your erin is back with roads. >> 8:06 right now. tucker --er (laughter). >> i was waiting for my beep.y e thank you allison.llon >> not looking so good rightoodg morning commute 270 southboundon there's a crash at t
8:07 am
scales.scales. look at that red picked up oned our map. p. congestion that was starting to ease has gotten much heavier.. south of that point you jamint y through gaithersburg towards thh spur and darnestown road keep ii mind it will be closed in both n directions at 109 for accidentit investigation in montgomeryin county from an earlier crash. through about noon.n fine an the nat to get aroundron that one. at as we cruise to loudoun county,t we have crash activity cascadese parkway south of woodland roadda and then belmont ridge road at ever greens mill road a lot of l crashes a lot of slickf ic conditions. leave early take your time this morning.moing. unfortunately f you're headingy out in staffords you may make your way towards quantico 95 northbound a crash at 610.10 jam again through woodbridge asi you try to get towards the springfield interchange.chan live look outside at somethingoi interesting that's happening right now. you can see they're doing some e dedicated bus lanes this is newe on georgia avenue. between florida avenue northwest to barry place northwest lanessn dedicated to just buses.uses that is great if you're y traveling on the
8:08 am
trying to get to work that willl help ease delays there.s t what it will do to the rest of the traffic patterns if you'reou driving in a car trying to get g through that area we'll keep yop posted. dedicated bus lanes new for thet week on georgia.ek on georg back to you, steve. sve >> still ahead this morning secretary of state kerry makingr history this morning in japan. top u.s. official speaking outg about extreme interrogationtion techniques. >> and bollywood getting a royal visit. n ose stories and more when wehe have we're back in just 30 seconds.
8:09 am
♪ new details this morningde about the belgium terror attackg after the arrest of several suspect. >> investigators have learnediuo brussels was not the terrorro group's first choice on where to strike. instead the suspects weree ects planning a second attack in france but prosecutors say theye were surprised by the speed of e the investigation and decided to rush an attack in brusselss instead.. officials in france and belgiuml are warning despite the recent t rest of the threat of additionao attacks remains high.h. to greece where syrianreecwr refugees were met with violencee and push back this weekend aske they tried to cross over from f greece into macedonia. riot police fired tear gas canisters and rubber bullets att migrants as they tried to pullol down the fence. confrontation went on for hoursu they spent a few minutes there t before being returned to greecer by police. secretary of state johnta kerry is in japan today. earlier this morning he visiteds the memorial site where the us
8:10 am
dropped the first of two atomicc bombs during world war ii.rld ii this is more than 70 years ago. he's the most senior u.s.. official to visit her row seemer ma. kerry is in japan for the annual g7 summit meeting foreign f hipsters are scheduled tochuledo discuss a range of topicsrange p including nuclear threats, norta korea and europe's migrantig crisis.. cia director john brennan jn says his agency will not use not water boarding as an interrogation technique.hnique. donald trump and ted cruz are cu open it to.o. brennan says he will not agree r to carry out such technique tec because the institution needs ti endure his words. 8:10.> criminal case is now openow following a deadly fireworks blast at a hindu temple ine southern india. it was packed for religious festival at the time. t more than 100 people were killed when sparks from fireworkirew display ignited larger stockpili of the explosives. exp police are searching for 15hingf members of the temple
8:11 am
fled after this accident. the royal family is enjoyiny its time in india this week.. >> today prince william and katk middleton spending the second t day of their week long tour byub meeting with young entrepreneure in mumbai on the first daveirst their trip they had fans see bollywood dinner. prince william gave a speech how his then newlywed wife told him india was at the top of her lisl of places she wanted to visit. . >> beautiful. as his time in office winds do down, president barack obamapres takes a moment to reflect.momeo the best moments from hisro h exclusive interview with fox's's chris wallace coming up.. >> masters melt down. jordan speith missing out backm to back wins at golf's biggest tournament.
8:13 am
welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship.
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>> i love when it we play thisw sing.we >> you like a little cold play.t >> yeah i do.ea >> it's very upbeat.pb kind of feel good morning get it off to goodd start. >> makes me want -- mwan >> maybe the rain will stop soop and we'll warm things.armhi >> go do a little chris martinn dancing. >> i'm not familiar with theamil chris martin dance. dan >> at the super bowl i saw himim >> yeah. >> perhaps those are moves thate tucker can move.cker cove. we don't have to teach him. h he can watch the super w >> i have a wedding i'm going tt in a few weeks. wee i need some new moves.woves >> we're going to make you over. >> i get to choose the clothes.s >> i didn't say i need helpee hl dressing.dres i need help dance. >> please let us make you over..
8:15 am
>> i want to make you the bestyt you.u. >> maybe we can take tips from cuteness.cuteness. >> i think we can.>> i >> let's do it.o it >> maybe i should bring cutene cuteness. >> aww. >> we got cuteness, >> great opener. one >> what great name for that team the grasshoppers. >> this is can i everybody.rybo he's four years old and over the weekend he's celebrated openingi day for t ball. >> all right. rht. >> he must have been tow sew s excited. so >> i remember the first -- we -w didn't have tee ball growing upu in the stick. t they call it farm league. >> yeah. >> i remember my first farmbe league game.r leue game. >> yeah? yeah >> you were about his age here? >> probably five. >> aww.>>ww >> my first games i remember wee never had tee ball either. eitr we just pitched. pch 27 balls in a row beforeef somebody hit o >> that's right.t' i hit a ground ball once and i i was so excited. excited >> made it was a big deal. w a b >> his picture is like, yum, old timers, what about me?bout me? >> you are adorable.. >> we love the smile and themi d outfit.outfit we love the name o
8:16 am
>> home the game was gt we know it was. >> tuck, we should be playingla glory days again now.orda >> we should. back in my day we played withh marbles. and a it was (laughter).(lau >> to send us your child'syourhd picture go to our facebook --ac >> we were good, too.e wereood, >> go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. speed ball. >> we were very good.e we >> thank you kia. k you look fantastic. >> yeah, do you. yeah, you >> i love it. >> okay. all right. 48 in washington.hito 42 in boston.. 55, yes, cincinnati.incinnat look at 55 in cincinnati and 59 in nashville those warmerr temperatures will be pushing ing our direction on a strongg southwesterly breeze later thisi morning. we'll warm it into the upper 60s perhaps a few low 70s by later i promise much more spring like later today.od not spring like in winnipeg it's 16 degrees this morning.. fargo very chilly 24. so there's your cooloo temperatures. if you haven't had quite enoughg
8:17 am
saturday and sunday didn't do ii for you. fo >> okay.>> >> go to upper main showers just about doneboun with t we've got another 15 minutes oro so of rain here in the city andd then it should all push off to o the north and east and we'll trt it out this afternoon.ernon partly sunny and again with w those strong southwesterlywe breezes much warmer air. air there is additional rain out too the west in ohio and indiana. ia that cold front will get in herr tomorrow and bring us rain isai think particularly the firstarly half of tomorrow.f tomorr that morning commute tomorrowmu will have rain around and thennt back in the sunshine by theineyt middle of the week. 68 today.. >> it will feel brought.el b maybe a few 70's.maybe a few 70. >> all right. thank you. >> just have to get through allt the traffic out there thisfic ts morning, erin.rnin >> it is just jammed.t jammed. 8:17. a lot of crashes in stafford. 95 north was backed up.acd even more back up now because of an accident by 610. 610 as you head towards quanticouant you'll hit a lot of slow-movingi traffic.affic north at that point closer to the springfield interchangean through mug ton you jam as welll in loudoun county belmont ridge road at evergreen mills road ass
8:18 am
at woodland road slick sli conditions the roads.itio the give yourself plenty of time. reduce the speeds you'll needu'e to. and grab your umbrella.r umbr if you're taking metro, metro ii on time. t that's good news for foru unfortunately f rhetoric 270 aca crash by the truck big delays there.. darnestown road shut down at on sore nine for crash through about noon you'll need to deto detour. let's take live look outside ant show you how things are shaping up. up as you cruise around the area, river crossings inbound volumeu right now very heavy on theeavyt outer and inner loop.nneroo so be prepared for that. t outer loop jams from 95 througho new hampshire, and as you can see, canal road is all jammed ue as you make your way out by they chain bridge. bridg 14th street bridge jams from 395.5. key bridge is really slow right now completely stacked up fromdo rosland into georgetown and onca you get into georgetown ourown secondaries are slow as you make your way towards suitlandan parkway towards the douglas dgl bridge. bumper to bumper traffic. traic i'd say like i've been sayingayn all morning get an early start,, get some good jams you nee
8:19 am
music. back to you.. >> thank you so much.ouc there's a new golf championo after the masters yesterday. >> holly. >> we thought it would be thee old golf >> but it wasn't.>> b holly is here with more now.e n. holly i've been >> you said that with authority. >> jordan speith.peit >> jordan speith.>> he is the go to golfer j rightrg now, but, oh, he was it was a painful day for him yesterday.t. >> did you watch, steve.te >> yeah g it was dramatic. drati it's what we know when it comess to the masters, right. rig the masters really turned into n shocker yesterday.terd when 28-year-old danny will let won the tournament.ament. he did it, though, at thet expense and at the dramaticrama collapse of jordan speith.peit he of course won last year. jordan speith through away aithh five shot lead in less than an hour.hour he put two balls in the creek,ek made a quadruple bogie seven ata the 12th hole. speith missed a huge opportunitr to become only the fourth player to win back to back titles.acit and he was leading all
8:20 am
days.days will debt let won by three by te strokes and here's what he hadde to say after his big >> it's just crazy. c just surreal.ural you know, words can't reallyea describe the feeling and theeeld emotions. so much involved in what you'rer doing when you're on the golf course and do you somethingomhi special and it doesn't sing in quiet what you've achieved. aie >> will let was all smiles s having won masters and recentlyl becoming a new more thon in a moment.omen he is also the only the secondhc english man to win the green now, i actually think this is a story about karma. i believe in karma. kar. good karma, right? so danny waw not supposed to play in the to t tournament at all.. his wife's due date waseas yesterday.ery. sunday. so he had told her i'm going tog be by your side i won't play in the masters which is big dealbig for professional golfer, right.t she gave birth eight days eight earlier. >> aww.ww >> okay. i'll hop on plane and go to suggest is it a.. >> there you go.>> the you >> now
8:21 am
a green jack.ack. >> celebrating with newborn. talk about speith will handlelll this. th it was colas sal melt down golfl is a mental game as much it is a skills game. game. it will be interesting to see. e >> just 22.t 2 >> he's got time.. >> it will be okay i think. t thanks holdly.thanks holdly. >> that's great story.t' new boss at the weekend box office.. >> plus pain at the pump what is behind the recent spiket in gas prices? ♪
8:22 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> 8:24 right now.>> it is national pet day and we pt would love to see your petet pictures use the hash tag fox55 pets. pets. from one of our viewers this iss carter and dexter taking a nap n together.toge carter is a ledge. dexter is seven. the owner says they're alwayslw together and favorite thing to o do is to sleep in the same bed.b those are well behaved dogs.ehad aren't they.en the >> adorable.>>rable. >> send us your photos witness t hash tag fox5 pets.. >> that's great picture. picture looks like they're resting up. maybe they're we'll behavedll bv resting up for mischief letter t when everybody leaves and theyd run the house.anth >> yeah.>> yeah >> we'll sue how that goes.ueow. >> you're exactly right.ig everybody has cameras they canhe see what's going on whilen while they're at work.. >> watch at on your phone whilew you're not phone.hone. >> exactly. >> still raining out there.aini >> it's winding down quickly.g i we should turn much more mor pleasant this afternoon in then form of sunshine and warmerr temperatures.atur so this is warmer air workin
8:25 am
in. currently 48 cool but not the bitter cold wgw had around here yesterdaye yeste morning. feeling like 43 43 t. winds will be a story today. be. out of the south and south and u west about 15 to 20. t 2 it will be a breezy afternoon at that will help clear thing out.o there's a leftovers of our rainn shower activity very quicklyy qk pushing to the east and to the t north, and this is actual warm r front so it's going to bring bri warmer air in pretty quick hereh with afternoon high temperatureu much more spring like. 68 today.68 tod i do want to give you heads up.u rain showers in the forecastecas tomorrow. particularly the first half ofhe the day that morning commute tomorrow will have rain showerss around and then a little cool c for the end of the week. however, daytime highs will behw 60 or no freezing temperatures.rares no snow in the forecast norfolkr seven days.ays >> whoo! >> we turn the corner to spring >> excellent. let's check in with erin see how the roads -- little windshield wipers right there on the cameras. cameras. >> that sums up the u exactly. put those windshield wipers on.o a lot of heavy delays lingering. earlier crash new hampshire avenue by lockwood backed upoc
8:26 am
you can see the southbound sided is not looking good. g give yourself a lot of extrafxt time between lockwood drive andd powder mill road because of that accident. let's take look at our maps l right now and showoo you what es you're up against a lot of slows traffic gw parkway inbound jamsj to the beltway crash activityity cascades parkway at woodland wdn drive in loudoun county. count montgomery county a crashrash darnestown road for thisd for t investigation will be closedati through about noon at 109 you109 need to detour around that. 270 south the truck scales a sle crash blocking the shoulder butr heavier delays leading towardsnw that point from 85. we also have very slow movingg traffic towards the spur as you gets towards the inner loop loo springfield to gallows bottom side of the beltway down toown 16 miles per hour. 395 inbound completely jammedely from the beltway to the 14thh street bridge. bri you're very slow suitland stl parkway inbound as you get toett south capitol and douglas bridge memorial bridge is heavy. earlier crash southeast southwest freeway did clear onao the westbound side of the thirdt street tunnel.un closer look at that delay on 395
8:27 am
395. you can see 18 miles an hour mih edsall to seminary slower northh of that point and taking a looko at your morning commute top sidp of the beltway still down to about 13 miles per hour outerr t loop to georgia. georg more traffic in a tffic metro is on time. that's our good news.oows. allison.lin. >> sure is. still to come the biggest take aways from president obama'sbama interview on fox news sun today. >> the latest test from the the campaign trail coming up next.p.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ taking a look what'sking a happening on georgia avenueon g right now.ri new dedicated bus lanes from florida avenue to barry placebap northwest and there you go. go. there's look at the 70 bus. bus. still a little wet out there. ot a little damp but tuck says say temperatures will get up there t and that will dry things off. of close to 70 later today.ay details 8:35. 8:30.30 biggest this weekend for foxeekf news. president obama sat down withh chris wallace for interview that aired on fox news sunday.y they discussed everything from f his response to his legacy whilw in office. his first appearance on fox neww sunday.ay bret baier, if we do math, eighe years in the works finallyin happened yesterday what do we take away from tis interview. ii >> steve g morning.>> i think it was interesting s w t interview. chris wallace
8:31 am
of questions, and one of the ohe most interesting news worthys wt items was about the president'ss reaction to the hillary clintont e-mail investigation. he was asked first about it by b 60 minutes back in october. oob at that point he said it was non a national security threat.ity r he said at that time that it was ginned up politically in hisp words from that chris framed aie question saying, you know, doese he still believe that? theha president said that he doesn'the believe it was a national natna security threat, but that the justice will work itself out ana there will not be influence onn the investigation.. political influence end said e s he'd guaranteed it.he'd that no one is above the law. lw but critics would say that, youy know, by saying it's not at' national security threat the president is discounting the possibility that some foreign f entity or country hacked into h her personal server. >> the interview itself fascinating being held at the ht chicago law school where thelaho president used to teach.ent one of the other things thatsha chris talk about witnessit
8:32 am
when it comes to merrick garlana the supreme court nominee it'sei interesting here, brett, because the president basically said,lys you know, obviously we don'teon want to set this precedent nowcn if republican members of membero congress just simply don't talkk about this then what happens ifs republican is elected in the in fall then democrats may do the e same thing. thi so by that logic may we ever ser someone nominated to -- or someone actually seated at thedt supreme court? >> well, yes, eventually therele will be and what was interestins from that he can change was thaw the president said he's notde' going to pull merrick garland from consideration.side if hillary clinton wins the presidency. pr in other words, this will go ono if it's not been taken up by that, i would assume republicani get to appoint where they then consider merrick garland becausu the options in hillary clintonry presidency may not look as good as the nominee that theha t president put forward.wa so the fact that the presidentai said he's not going
8:33 am
merrick garland off consideration was interesting.ei >> i agree a hundred%. huned let's go to the campaign rightig now. new york obviously the next bigi step for the candidates right now. donald trump is calling out when it comes to this delegate math and i think at no point have we really seen delegate math come h into play as much as what we'rew seeing right now.eing rht n >> yeah. i mean it's kind of like whene w you focus on something, do youou see the bad parts of it? and ia think the colorado, louisiana example is basically, you know,o these are the rules set up going in, and now people are saying,rn wait a second, how is this fare? the problem is, organizational organizationally.or the cruz campaign is much bettes positioned in all of theseal states than the trump campaign,a and the trump campaign haveave something some diss takes. t there's not getting their tir delegated seated and it'sndt' becoming a problem and you'reem starting to see how big a deal d this could be ahead of cleveland
8:34 am
cleveland. >> one thing it is certainly noy just must viewing but mustut mus interest now for folks as we gew even closer to what's happeningg i mean the convention ision i obviously and obviously in notify. brett we'll be watching to'l wao night. looking forward to another greag special report this >> thanks, steve.teve >> you got it, brett.. >> 8:34 right now. and. >> as we were talking earliere e tuck hopefully that rain is gons at least soon we saw a few folkf covered up out there on georgiag avenue. still leftover rain showers,hors steve. st things winding down prettyinng d quick. it's cool. jacket here early we'll warm iti up.. much, much more spring like sprl around here later today.od 48 now in washington.hingn. 48 in leonardtown.wn 50 quantico. fredericksburg, good morning, 50 mid fours in the tu light rain showers overnight bug the back edge of that t precipitation rain shield justes work through the northeast sidea of the city up towards howard hw county pushing through annegh a arundel.unde. we'll have morning clouds and then come into the last frame le down to the south and westthe s clearing skies.eari we should turn partly sunny thii
8:35 am
going to have pretty good breezr out of the south and west butouw look at your temperatures get at nice jump. >> yeah! >> into the upper 60s. few low 70s in central have aala have by later this afternoon. ar much warmer air on the way. enjoy.enjoy. open the windows and it will feel spring like later today. >> smiles.>> i thought you were smiling ande happy. >> i am. >> okay.>> oka >> i was cheering. >> that was cheering?ha >> i was givingt you distant dt cheers from all over the peopleo over d.c. for that forecast, tucker.tuer >> awesome.some i'm not cheering about traffic.n big problems ong 270 southbounn a crash that is by the truck scales cleared out of to thelear shoulder look how low you are.ho you are backed up all the wayhey from before 85 through thatughht point. and then as you get closer to the u spur just typical conges congestion. it's gloomy, roads are wet. r give yourself plentyoa of time.t a look at our maps right we'll show you how else you're u shaping up this morning.s mor. again that 270 crash and thennde don't forget darnestown roadnes dealing with an accidentccen investigation and will be closeo through about noon at 109. 1 take look downi
8:36 am
activity cascades parkway stilli dealing way seen in allow a counsel county wide view of thee area i'll hop out of the way,f e and you can see just howtow painfully slow everything is. whether you're traveling from f prince george's county intotynto alexandria trying to take theg k wilson bridge jammed. 295 is both directions crawl. 395 through the 14th streettr bridge and then 66 inbound i through centreville very slow.w. same story top side of theide t beltway from 95 to the outerer loop.lo 95 north and southbound, bw parkway northbound andbod a southbound her heavy. headed torts bwi for a flight ai get an early same story on the way to reagana national or odull bw parkway jams to the beltway w key bridge is slow from roslandr into georgetown.into georgetn. and then the outer loop towards richie marlboro towards newds n carrollton a lot of heavy h again, it's still a morning to t get early start f you're takingg metro they're on time. but grab an umbrella. steve?ste?
8:37 am
it seems or just as bad for your as soda? we'll put popular popr drinks to the test.e t >> first, though, it was a tigha race for the top spot thist this weekend at the box office. also, netflix raising its prices again. ag those stories and more next. ne.
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ drivers who enjoyed all those super
8:40 am
months starting to see changes c now. the average price of gas up eight pennies over the pasts ove three weeks. $2.10 a gallon the average now. in the district it's 2.16. in maryland 2.05 and virginiagii drivers paying an every adversary average 1.88 a gallonn experts expect the prices to p continue to rise as refiners switch over to the more expensive summer blend.r b >> rushing to get your cat --- taxes -- your cat maybe but -- >> international pet day.nationd >> your taxes done by apri april 15th? in some placesla april 1h. everywhere else, okay. you can relax this year you havu three extra days.s. tax day april 18th not the t 15th like we're used to paying y the district celebrating emancipation day. president lincoln signed the aca that freed 3,000 enslaved peop people. for most pain maine and massachusetts it's even latern r april 19th. ap patriots day falls on the 18t 18th.
8:41 am
of april. >> leap year utter you had anaru extra day too in february. you have no excuse. no cuse you have almost a full extra ful week much.ek muc >> it's raining >> it really is.>> it ally still wait until the last minutn on the last day to get it done. >> starting next month sayne goodbye to the 799-cent netflixf subscription. >> many users grandfathered into the plan will still have too cough up two bucks per netflix issue creased the pricet to 9.99 for new users around 17 million customers are stillus on the grandfathered rate.ered r i hope i am. a analysts estimate three to 4% oo users will cancel their subscriptions. >> we don't like it when youe ny raise the prices on us. >> no.>> no sneaky races matter. the boss starring melissagissa mccarthy new boss at the gobsats its box office.its x of it took the comedy top spot earn $23 million.$23 million. batman versus superman dawn of justice took second placesecond rounding off the top fivee zootopia and my fat greek
8:42 am
those round out your top five fe coming up flavored water, it'sv, all the rage these days. you know it's like not theliot t calories but it's not just plane water. wate >> right. >> are these drinks as healthy k as they seem?hey s >> certainly see a lot of them live look look outside on mondaa morning. we'll have another check of youh forecast coming up next. up nex.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> friendshi
8:45 am
it's drying out a little two as the temperatures creep up therec it's 48 degrees right now at reagan national airport. al, a big event coming up this friday.ay >> yes. heads up about this friday bigyg event. even i was asking could we share it u one much our co-workers chris. s 41 years of marriage today?od >> happy anniversary.. >> that's the goal right there.e meantime, heads up about thisbo friday fox5 going to be rockingc out in farragut square park as k we kick off our spring concert series.ri. we've got three fantastic localc bands set to perform. >> friday april 15th thispr 15t friday it will be sound of the city. city. they're going to kick things ofs brand new single out right now.w the following friday aprily twenty twond secret society wilw perform and then the muddy crowc will be the finale on the 29th t as we mentioned sound of the city's new single called run. rn they are kind of a time less soulful classic sun.ful clsic here's a quick listen.ten. ♪ >> ♪ all you got to do is runun ♪
8:46 am
♪ >> they have one of our favorite percussion any of thes playingts there mr. kenny martin. from us right here at fox5. a you would like to see them perform live. l it's free.'s f join us farragut square parkquae 17th and k49 day.ay the party gets going from goodmg day from 9:00 to 11:00 and we'll also -- we'll air it and streama it online on fox5 d.c., too.oo everybody gets a chance to see e it. it >> what could be better than br springtime in washington. in wah music with springtime inime i washington. >> no rain and comfortable a conditions. >> i can think of a few thingshi like free food. >> maybe free food, too.ood, t >> we don't want to over silt o much we're not offering freeg f food. >> that's true. as far as we>> know. >> if i was a betting person --- (laughter).gh >> okay. oka probably not.obab music is free.. >> all right.>> music is free.muis fre excellent. ex can't wait. are we going to go down, too. t. >> i hope so. i think so.think so. >> okay. weather is looking good forngd o friday morning. m 48 now in washington.ashi weather looking good for thisg t afternoon, too.rnoo rainho
8:47 am
this morning much that's thethat warmer air moving on in. i queue the music, i'm ready too walk.walk yeah, i'm moving right now. n just me. m thank you allison.on >> let's go back to the maps real quick. >> you shall epp open up for the brand on friday.brd on >> maybe i will. may >> 46 in 47 dulles.s up p per 60 today's. today's winds getting a push out of theo south and south and west nowes n about 10 to 15. and they'll be gusting at timest to about 20 this afternoon aer breezy day but otherwise a goodo news forecast with the warmerwar temperatures, getting the rainni out of here.t ofere. trying to get clearing skies ofo to our south and west.ur sound those move in this afternoon iti should be a very very pleasant s after saturday and sunday whichi featured almost like winter likl conditions across the areacrther temperatures near 70 thisures ns afternoon should feel pretty goy that's cold front much that'sonh tomorrow's weather. we have do have some more rain in the forecast as we get into tomorrow.morr once again i've showed the wrong map. saturday's clipper.saturd wee get that out of here. and -- >> ♪ >> there's your future cast mucu this promise is an accu
8:48 am
and notice the clearing this afternoon.afrnoo we do have clearing skies to ses look forward to and again thehe milder temperatures with breezes out of the south and west.he s looks like rain showers return by early tomorrow we'll have rain around likelyndk for that morning commute cmu tomorrow as that cold frontold t moves on through it will kind oi linger just to our south and soa east much of the day.of theay not sure we'll get a lot of clearing tomorrow afternoon.noon fingers crossed. cross 68 today.ay 61 tomorrow.omro and there you go. wednesday, thursday 49 day stevs a little cool for concert fridai morning we should have plenty of sunshine with daytime highs in h the 60s.e 6 that's pretty good music playini weather. >> i get to play the drums,ru, right? >> you're invited. you'rvi >> cool.l >> awesome.>> awe. >> check in with wisdom and in w maureen we'll find out what'suta coming up on good day d.c. 10.c. minutes from now.s fr good morning.good mor >> good morning to you.nioornin >> good day d.c. all over the oe big local stories this morning s including a local sheriffhe arrested we've got the details life. >> police shoot a suspect afterp a store break in overnight.vern one of the suspects just 15us years old.s old >> also, developing thiseloping morning, new details in the daie shooting death of a former new orleans saints football player e
8:49 am
>> plus scavenger hunt unfoldinl around the dc region.n. how you could win two tickets to the caps home play off game. g we're live with that.h tha >> once a popular go to spot for drink in the district.isic ahead how you can own a bit off history.ory. >> then on good day at 10a kevin's interview with kevin, kevin costner that tha >> and people say she's acrosscr between brittany and and this rising star will beillb popping live in the loft.t. we'll tell hugh it is.tell h >> just wait until you see how s we start the 10a off this morning. we'll see in you a few. >> coming right over here in th kitchen.. hi, guys.uys. >> good morning.oorning everybody seems to be jumping on the vitamin water and flavored e water band wagon with the warmew weather coming. comin you'll see a lot of folksf f carrying around their bolts.ol are these waters better for youy than drinking soda or other o beverages much joining us ourois friend on mondays specially dr. shilpi agalwar a physician n board certified in familiard in good morning. >> good morning,go alliso
8:50 am
how. >> heim well thank you.m we i bought the soda stream not tot long ago bought i wanted water but sometimes water is boring.i. >> yes.>> yes. >> so you have to show me how tt use this. >> absolutely get to how toow spice up your water withoutut adding all the other junk that might be in it.mi >> in the meantime how many cupc of water for women and for men m should we get regardless?ar >> we really should be getting g good rule of thumb is to take your weight so divide your your weight in half somebody ways ws 150 pounds. divide that in half and that's a approximately amount of ounceson that you should have. so 150 pounds person shouldson o really have about 75 ounces perp day.y. >> okay. throw out that old eight glasseg of water every day. d it's weight based if you'ref'r really active and doing a lot of exercising, even a little bitbi more. >> okay. eighths lot. but that's total fluid and you want to really get that in thehe form of water if you can. can >> excellent. all right. now does this count as water? >> okay. so we're really seeing a populal trend towards all of thesef t flavored waters, right? some o them are named as wellnesslness drinks. some of them are vitamin enhanced.hanc
8:51 am
flavors. but it's really hard to tell are they any better for you thanorou soda or diet sodas.iet sod we'll go through them. >> okay. >> how get a flavored water, f there's really a couple of things that you need to lookook for. first you want to look to see ie it have sugar in it or does it i not have sugar in it? that's ta really the two separate tepar categories. then of those that don't haveav sugar in them, want to see how h they're sweetened.ened. either they're sweetenedhe swe artificially or they're sweetened naturally and what is really going surprise peoplepril here is that if you look at whaa people are thinking, they're ty' doing something very healthy for that body by drinking a vitaminm water healthy water that's enhanced with but some of these drinks rangesa anywhere from having no calorier all the way up to 120 calories.. people think that it's justs j water.ter. >> right. >> and then sugar wise some of these drinks have over 30 gramsa of sugar.. >> defeating the whole purpose.. >> forget diet soda closer tor regular soda you really have to be careful with that. and
8:52 am
right here this is how muchho m sugar would be in that. >> that's over 8 teaspoons ofooo sugar in a drink much that's ths other thing you want to look for. for. also, these waters sometimes set will have caffeine in them.e int that's a hidden source thatou people don't realize, and theynt start to develop an addiction to it. they're not understanding why.rh it's because there's caffeine in the water. wer and then there's also theseohe hidden words that they use that are sweeteners --ens >> i was going to ask you aboutt sue crows and fructose and allrt of that. of t >> exactly. if you see the words you have t be very savvy. ver pick up the water and turn it tn around that's the best place fof you to actually get the get information on what you'reioon a actually drinking.nkin and they're going to have words like sue crows, words likeik nectar sweetened those are still sugars and so that's all in disguise. you want to be verdiy careful wh that.. make sure three things you'rereu looking for.or. what type of sweetener, whethere or not it has calories in it ana if there's any hidden sources of caffeine.. >> we don't want to advertiseadt we've put t
8:53 am
over the label but of any ofny these i'm sure you know them k from going to stores, betters, b than the other ones this one ise very iconic we know that thesehe come in all flavors. flavo >> right g is this okay.ig >>ht there's two different versions of there's the zero versionrs and t regular version.sion. in the regular version that's going to run you up 120 caloriel with the 30 grams of sugar. sug. you're much better off doing dog alternative.ativ >> okay. okay. >> 01 is potentially betterly bt without the calories and thelort hugh garr but again you'regain y getting that artificialat artifl sweetener so it's a trade off. o >> these are kind of cuted o because they got the littleit thing that you infuse. inf over what's the rule on these? e just depend on the differentifre kinds. >> these ones have the vitaminss and hansed in them i think these are definitely better than thete ones with sugar. however, you're pushing throughr it's really not doing that muchg you're going to kind of get ridt of most of it through the body.e you're paying a lot for for something that you could justyoj make on your own. own >> okay.>>y. >> and then cash 98ed ones arere good alternative as well as lonn as they say they're naturally
8:54 am
we have some other alternativesi we can talk about that goodgood options.. i always say if you can at all sweeten the water yourself.. add fruit and put it in. i put your own water in. gives it that essence but still natural.l >> it's cheaper than buying what you have at the >> it's so pretty. >> exactly. and then if you really like that cash 98ed feeling -- feeling >> i do. >> i'm an ex diet soda addict, c this was the only way i can c really get off of having diett soda stream machine or any of a these machines that are cash c 98ing your water there's sohe'ss easy. you can do it really quickly. qy kids love it, too.e , all you do you fill up thelp t water.wate >> okay. >> you put it on in. it onn. and then you push it back. bac and then you push it down and it cash 98s. 98s if you want little bit more case bow nation you just add more bubbles.bu. >> so when do you your soda do o supreme you don't put any flavoa in it you just do the cash 98ed9 water. >> i drink the just plain.lain. >> okay. >> it does come with some of tht flavors, and you can add those.d you can even just add the fruitf
8:55 am
>> all right. >> as dr. shilpi works thiss machine.. >> that is -- that's why i got g that i want the water but i need a little fizz in mine. m we appreciate it. don't do this. do something like that.e thank you. >> cheers! cheers >> gary, over to you. >> hey. hi gary.y. just talking about oural about r preferences in water.. whether old school still or or bubbles.. >> old school still plain oldla water. i guess i'm boring.s i'ming. >> you're probably more healthyh than a lot of folks.. >> maybe.. >> listen, we love having youavg here every time you're here somebody is is not. where did mr. tucker run off to. >> i'm not sure.ure. something to do with theitth capitals. that's all i >> i think he's on a scavenger hunt. treasure hunt.trea >> i don't know always talk to him when we kind of pass the -- >> ships. >> boom. i think he's headed out somewhere with the's caps. c >> cool. it's okay. i can handle this job.his j it's 68 degrees for a high today. it will get there. w i mean -- it will be the warmese we've been now in self d
8:56 am
of course, warmer than the wmera weekend much that's the big t headline it's going to be breezy, too,ezt winds coming up from the southhs and southwest.uwest gusting up to 20. t 20. maybe even at times over 25.ver look at this. manassas 72. fredericksburg 73 actual the next couple of days it fees features some showers sm most the rain for today hasn fos moved on out. tomorrow looks like more showe showers. less sunshine and cooler temperatures because the front will be coming through. what's left of the rain moving i on now? there could be anothero spotty shower or two through tht late morning hours but for theor most part, the rain has gotten t east of the district. still over into anne arundelru county annapolis is getting wetw right now.t now. give that a half an hour it wilr get out of here.t of h at 11 a.m. officially, yes, y there's a chance of a spottyy we're breezy by 2:00 o'clock bub notice sunshine coming outing o temperature up to 65 or so thent we'll end up in the upper 60s here in the city but again, it looks like temperatures will be into the low 70s tout in the t suburbs.surb especially south and west.alou
8:57 am
so we're pretty much out of the rain this morning.s mni more rain tomorrow. then wool cool off wednesday,olw thursday, friday temperaturesaye more like the upper 50s to thehe low 60s as we get into theetntot weekend right now.en kind of a 5050 deal. d clouds on saturday lower 60s. sunday right now sunny, someunno spots will be back up into the 70s. so at least it's something to look forward to. steve, back over to you.r to >> gary, thank you very much. t 8:57 right now.8:57 still ahead on good day d.c. d today details on how you couldou win two tickets to the capse cas first home playoff games that'sa where tucker is is n plus a chance to own piece of o d.c. history iconic adams morgaa bar just closed. closed. but you can get all the stufft that's inside.thns we'll tell you how coming up cop next on good day.
8:58 am
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straight ahead, an overnighn break in ends in a shootout witt prince george's county police.ol we'll have a life report. the system corrupt.or and it's worse than on theon republican side.. >> plus, fighting the partyhe py establishment.taishment donald trump and bernie sandersn have plenty of momentum in theit presidential race but their butt chances are clinching anchi nomination don't look good. g we'll tell you why. w rock the red.ed. the caps request for a stanleyta cups thursday.huday. but today, you can score freecoe tickets to that playoff gameyo g against the philadelphia flyersr we'll show you how. ♪ and later, the rock,


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