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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 11, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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straight ahead, an overnighn break in ends in a shootout witt prince george's county police.ol we'll have a life report. the system corrupt.or and it's worse than on theon republican side.. >> plus, fighting the partyhe py establishment.taishment donald trump and bernie sandersn have plenty of momentum in theit presidential race but their butt chances are clinching anchi nomination don't look good. g we'll tell you why. w rock the red.ed. the caps request for a stanleyta cups thursday.huday. but today, you can score freecoe tickets to that playoff gameyo g against the philadelphia flyersr we'll show you how. ♪ and later, the rock,
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joker and star wars. w a little bit of everything on e display during last night's mtv movie awards. awards. we'll have a look back at somet of the biggest moments and the night's big winners. wrs good day at 9a starts now. ♪ we are rocking and rollingnr on this monday morning alreadyea good day d.c.good.c just after 9:00 o'clock on this april 11t 11th. 1h i'm holly morris alongside ofsio maureen, steve and wisdom. wisdo >> first up, we had snow on sw o saturday. we had rain this morning.n th and it looks like springtime spt finally this afternoon.. mother nature kind of all overu the place so far this n but we could be back on trackck real soon as in this week. let's chuck check in with gary.r tucker is out and about. aut gary has our o >> it's a one day wonder.r. we're 70s today.. we're back down upper 50s low 60s >> there's no snow. t >> it's all relahetive.. >> are you sure.>> >> i always say we thought we tw were donwi
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came back. b it seems to not want to go awaya temperatures out there thisre morning i think we're done.thine i think we're done. 49 now here in the city. t c warmed up into the lower 50s for showers moving out, okay? this is really breaking up for up annapolis now and then headedena off across the bay to the other side of the shore there. what they call the eastern shore, right? then dry back out to the west of us.of u listen there could be one or twt more showers before it's all said and done. for the most part all of this is out of here.out of here. it was complicating the morningg commute. 68 for a high today. tay. here for us but notice the 70s aren't too far away.wa i'm just going to put this outho there. with more sunshine thishinhi afternoon or the sunshine comese in a little earlier, this t 68 degrees could actually maybe be 70 before it's all said andaa done. now, look, here's the trend much this is kind of a one-day wonder with temperatures upper 60ingsng low 70s.w0s we cool off again t rain in the forecast forreca f tomorrow.ow we're 60 on wednesday.sday 61 on thursday and it looks likl if you were to extend that backc out, friday we're still talkingi about
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showers are pretty much out of t here once the clouds brake up and the sunshine comes in thenhe afternoon and back out to the oe west of us tonight, we noticee more showers getting ready too move through and they will stars to come on through overnight ovg tonight and early early tomorror morning so more rain is thehe offing for tomorrow morning'sngs commute.ut so we'll do it all over again.ra sorry about that, guys.t th, g back over to you.toou >> that's all right.hat's l ri we'll take it.we'lke i >> you're only the >> we'll live in the moment.ive >> thank you very much. y >> thanks, gary.>> thanks, let's get to news nowt's ge developing this a 20-year-old man is in thein t hospital after being shot by b police last night in laurel, maryland.maland. that suspect one of two people p police say they found breaking into the ind u.s. internationala market uniform street.etniform s the other person a15-year-old-y boy, tried to get away but was caught.caug the 20-year-old man was shot byy an officer with 17 years on the force. some people we spoke with in i laurel want to know just whatt w led up to the shooting. >> i would like to hear what's w going on, lik w
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shot for? was he -- did he come threaten you? did you give himm protocol like, hey, stop, putut your hands up? up? >> or did you just run in andjud shoot because the alarm weptuser off? you know, stuff like thist everybody needs to understand ud what's going on. on you know, just because they t police they thick oh, we can do it this way or this way there'se rules it to.ruleit to. gnaw security for long time nown there's rules to it. it. >> the suspect who was shot isht current its colonel until stabll condition at med star.nd the teenager who police say wasy involved was released to hisis he will though still face stille charges. ch two big stories coming outoo of annapolis this morning of the one time running out forunning maryland lawmakers to pass ao ps bill that honors full len fl l officer.of >> an top lawman finds himself e on the other side of the law. fox5's bob barnard is followingo both of these stories. he joins us nouse with veryy latest bob report roar wisdom,rw good morning. we can tell you that the sheriff of anne arundel county we are in annapolis in anne arundel county the sheriff here ron bateman was
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he was arrested at his home inoi the pasadena area around 7:30 73 last night, and charged with a second degree assault. aau we have his mug shot we can show you.u. bateman whose 54 years old hasrd been on the force -- has beenasb sheriff here for 10 years, firss elected in 2006. he is on leave at the he had to turn in all of his service weapons, and is charged with second degree assault. asst it's a domestic case according g to the anne arundel countyy police.poli. now, according to one of the sheriff's colleagues colonel paul tabor, he says that the sheriff adamantly denies wrongdoing while this thing iss initially being investigatedti here the sheriff son leave h toh turn in his weapon and wasn andw released on his own recognizan recognizance. so that's the story here. the sherife f of anne arundel county arreste arrested at his s night.nit. the second tower is noah'ses law th 9
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conference committee threettee members of that the houseouse judiciary and senate judiciaryua are meeting 9:30 this morning tt try to marry the two versions oi no what's law name after the 24-year-old montgomery countynty police officer noah leotta who w was killed by a suspected drunku driver after having pulled overo another suspected drunk driverri on rockville pike.e p this was back in december. dem there are two versions of this law. the bill coming out of thegut oe senate is stronger than the tha house.e. but the senate has also added an amend that. would allow for punitive damaged to be assessed against repeat drunk drivers who cause injuries in a subsequent crash.t cra so that is complicating matterst this morning.ning this is all about requiringui these locking devices on cars of anyone convicted of drivingri drunk in that's the goal here is to getet these interlocking devices in in cars of convicted drunk driverss that's at stake. a the general
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midnight.midn so this is the deadline day,e y, guys, to make noah's law happenp and right now it's going to a conference committee and hopefully those who want this t law passed hopefully compromisem will be work out here inere i annapolis this morning. guys.guys. >> bob, barnard thank you forouf that. happening today, d.c. mayorr muriel bowser said to vision aon section of southeast dv that was the scene of a shooting thatg tt left a seven-year-old girl girl critically hurt.critic it happened friday night alongaa the 2900 block of knox place.xle the shooter is still on the runr and anyone with information onon the shooting is being asked to k call police.ic. also today, preliminaryry hearing held for one suspectsust linked to the death of a prince george's county detective. aaliya forward for faces conspiracy an attempted murder his brother malik is chargedhard with the same crime. cme their brother michael was in the gunman that led to the shooting death of officer colson. >> 9:07. allison is back with the otherki stories making headlines thiss hey, al. >> good morning everybody.d rn
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into the shooting death off former saints player will smith. he was killed saturday night ini road rage incident the suspect 28-year-old car dell hey social security charged with second wic degree murder. m police say that he rear ended smith's car and opened firedir after an altercation on both o b smith and his wife actually. acl his wife will be okay. investigator sauce connection cn between hays and the police mayy complicate this case. hey social security being hellee on $1 million bond much his lawyer says he's not guilty. glt the bros settle terror tror suspect arrested over theve t weekend says the attack in in belgium was a backup plan. investigators say the surviving suspect known as the man in the hat confessed the bombers brs originally planned to attackott paris again.. the french prime myhr my p minister says the threat levelrv remains high in the wake of bott tragedies in france and belgium. after eight years in officef fox news got interview with thee president.esent. president barack obama sat downa with chris wallace for ackn for exclusive interview on fox newsw sunday
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he discussed everything from hir response to the recent terrorer attacks in europe to secretaryoy hillary clinton foss' e-mail eai scandal. he says he does not believe shee jeopardized national securityser but did say it shows a degree of carelessness.ssness. he also told chris wallace heale considered his biggest bgest accomplishment to be saving the economy from another greatreat depression. changes at the pump much ofh a adversary price of gasoline gl jumped by 8 cents over the pastp three weeks.thre drivers in the district arein te paying average of $2.16 now. n in maryland $2.5. $ the lowest prices in virginia vi where drivers are paying a dollar 88 accepts on average. experts expect prices to to continue top rise.e. and finally, it was theelt m down heard around the world.ld the masters turned into a shocker yesterday.. there's some excitement.ement. 28-year-old danny will let wonlt the tournament after collapse cs for last year's winner jordandan speith. speith through away a five shoto led in less than an ho
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two balls in the creek and madem a quadruple bogie seven at the e 12th hole.e. will let won by three strokes.o. congrats. congra back to you guys.. >> shows they're all human. >> it shows you how hard golfol is. is. >> absolutely does.>> absolutel >> i could have done that. (laughter).(l >> i could have put more ballstb in the creek. >> you had to get to the maste masters. >> if they let me get in there e and put me right there i canhe i have blown that, too.t, t >> thank you allison.llon >> let's talk about the caps. washington capitals wrapped upeu their regular season with a loss to the ducks yesterday but it doesn't really matter.atte because the request for thest f stanley cup officially begins b >> the caps will face offaps against the flyers in the firste round of the playoffs if yous want to be there to see them ini action listen today you can score free tickets during what w they are calling a rock red scavenger hunt the team posted the first clue in the online scavenger hunt and tucker hitrit the road. he is trying to get those tickets for himself or at leastl try
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where you guys headerred now,s e tuck? are you following the clues? >> all right, steve, so are youu did you guys mention what theysm first clue is.firs >> left it for you. y >> let do you it. >> okay.>>ka the first clue is i'm lookingng for the letter c just anotherthr day at the office.ffic and there's a picture and i think i might know where it is.. although if i tell you guysou gy where it is, i'm not going get g there first and i'm not going tt win the tickets. >> move it!? >> come on. o it needs to be -- >> tell us what neighborhood we're talking about. abo can you narrow that down? >> what's that. >> can you narrow down the nar neighborhood? >> no, i can' go to the website at washington.caps. they've got a picture of the c it looks like it's in a doorwayy it's likely to be -- shall i s tell you guys? guys? >> come on. >> just tell us. u >> i'll bet you at their officec in arlington.. >> tha
9:12 am
>> i think it's at kevlar.ev i'm not going tell you how far away i am. ay i'm not win an hour. >> okay. >> well, if somebody is watchingwatching - >> go ahead, tuck.. >> steve, you think it's at kevlar much that's where we'rehe head. >> i do. hopefully whoever fies finds iti will get their then you can talk to them seeno how excited they are to be going to the >> go all the way to the top ofo the parking garage. >> let us know was fin >> that's the plan.e i'll check in with in you a bit. >> you and indira drive safely.. >> he gave the hint out andt everybody will be racing over bi there. >> he didn't want to do it. wan >> i know.>> know. >> are we all listening to each other here.otr he i feel like conversations areata happening but people are --e ar- >> we should go to tucker barner and see where he is. he is. >> exactly.. >> caps playoffs begin thursdaya >> 9:12 is our time right >> the caps, right. >> still ahead it is hockey it c we're
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a real life hamburglar righg here in d.c. d the national making national n headlines coming up later. >> a trip for local gradera schoolers. what they learned their trip too cube b time now 9:13. we're back in a moment.
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♪ 9:16 right now.ight there was a report about a montt or so ago about the number of maryland people who keepe who financial secrets from their spouses, having credit cards ans debts their partners newing in i about. ab even when you're not hiding a dig bet money issues could beul damaging your money. regina lewis joins us about wayt to make sure we're not ruining our marriage.. >> first of all, how often would you say out common would it be for one spouse to keep or onepr partner whatever it may be toeo keep a financial secret from the other? >> it depends how you defineyoue though the rationalizations you will hear i'm doing it for thege kids or he's made mistakes before or she tends to overspens it's a little bit of a slipperyp slope. because where there's one secr secret, there can be others. >> safe to say, a lot of couplel are doing this. >> absolutely. it is a sl
9:17 am
but it's a tough topic it's notn conversation you want to have. v i will say people who do go do through the process of having oh open and honest conversations will universally recommend andoa say it was good for theirood thi marriage. >> we'll get to her tips on how to do that just a minute.t st first let's go back before thebe marriage happens hap now okay, we know we'll get married. we're involved in and investednv in the relationship.atio so at some point before thebe wedding we need to talk aboutbo finances or don't we? is itis i easier to get thing out of theno way. >> you're going -- yes. you're because you're going to inherith those you don't want to be blinb sided by surprises.y surpr debt is of course the biggy.e >> when is the time to have this conversation how detailed shoul you good it. >> before you get married ifu you're doing to live together any time you're going to poolo your finances and have joint malt the label because here's h what happens that makes perfectt sense. if you look at debt if there's credit card debt or student loans and two college educated a people getting married are reala until a tough spot you need to n know those numbers. it's sheer math. she otherwise, when you start doing thing joinderly getting a car,na get a house the pers
9:18 am
better credit score i'll buy buy the, put the mortgage in my na name. they become hard to undo andharn have long term consequence.onsen >> i've been around people who have had put off that talk because in some cases the persor may have higher income than they first led on don't want to maket other person aware of that ort o somebody might be carrying for he had he debt than they first i led on and there's afraid ifai this comes up maybe that personr will think differly of me.rl of >> of course. >> how do we get around that.ha >> it's very humbling you haveio to be transparent or it gets tot you sooner or later some of that has to do with up bringing and expectations.ctat savings is the other thing to oi look at or savings goals. g somebody might say, well, look o don't expect to pay for our kidr college. i didn't pay for mine.'t pay the other person might say might that's absolutely one of my m goals.als. what is our plan to save? what is our projections. you can almost have to make amo game out ofst it so that's fun f you're not keeping secrets i doo hear i would tell her but it b will pull he
9:19 am
better she not gnome it's tax ga time right now. >> that comes back. >> so there's no better time really what happens in thely w household now one person will dn the taxes, and too often someone hall say thanks for handling t that. you don't want to be thatn't wat person. you want to know the numbers.o n >> you talked about before thett marriage and having that, and when we're finally married is ii typically come out when there'st a crisis?a >> yeah. that's the shame of it i'mhe s really glad you mentioned that.a what happens is, sooner or latet there's a breaking pointer. poi i can't believe this, we are so that is not the timwee to be be addressing things.thi >> why didn't you tell me this t was the situation.ituation >> well, i meant well. wel. that's all well begun but you're losing time along the way.alont i do think it's constructive tov have the conversation and, you,o know, use tax season as an as opportunity to do that.ity do >> okay.>> oka well tax season we have an extra couple days this year. ds th yup. >> you basic val a week fromic w today now to have that talk andt get your taxes done. done. yes. >> if we miss that, though, is i this the kind of thing we just s sit around the dinner table, go, on a din are in date haven
9:20 am
this conversation. >> you have to pick your momentp i think treat it like a like business. if you take the emotion out ofeu money unhe view these these thee things quarterly you can neverov have that moment in time wentn e talked about this.ta but honey, that was two jobs, three townhouses an kid ago.n kd >> much like with your portfolir or whatever it is that you're, r your live plan you need to keep update wrack we stand.e >> i think if do you it if youi quarterly.quar i know some couples ii interviewed we have a sundayknny you never get too far behind.t n it's when you really get in deee that honestly somebody isody i bearing that thurden. it's not like you don't know the numbers.nuers. also don't guesstimate there's s tendency to just round thed t numbers if you owe $22,733 $22 that's not 20. >> right.. >> that's 2,077 -- that's a lota of car payments.aymes. >> paying off the debt can bee liberating but it's not fun.un acquiring new stuff is fun.uf >> you know what else is not fuf having the argument later ander somebody saying you never toldet me about that much that's true. contribute along the way.bu joint accounts, steeparatents, s accounts if you can both -- credit card companies ar
9:21 am
24/7 online. o if you can make a $20 payment20 today, make it.e chip away it. we are/7 game. g >> never fun discussion to haves but better to have it now. >> really is.. >> thanks.>>nks. sure. >> 9:21. >> one time i actually thought g was now i'm grown up when i paii off my credit card billion didin think it was fun.. i was like, i've grown up i find this fun. f >> can't wait to get there.. >> exactly. e it was last no, i'm just kidding. >> i'm kidding.di >> 9:21 is our time right coming up later, a chance to own a piece of d.c. history iconic adams morgan bar just closed. c but it will live on thanks to a memorabilia auction.. we'll show what's up for grabs.s >> first, why drum many is calling the presidential campaign process corrupt. yup, he said we'll be back after this.fter t ♪
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>> all right. welcome back, 9:24 this monday24 morning. presidential candidates drum many and bernie sanders startint the week with one thing in i common. both are saturday battling their party establishments and maymenm come up short in the end may may lead to discouraged voters onoto both sid. fox's doug luzader has theas details. >> reporter: the nominatingatg rules for both pares
9:25 am
coming under more and more firef now especially among non-traditional voters,naoter supporters of both bernieotbe sanders and drum many. man donald trump and bernie sanderse find it common cause? trump thinks so.thin s he was clearly agitated as he campaigned in new york on sund sunday. >> i watched bernie. watched he wins, he wins, he keepsee winning.nn winning, winning i see he's gott no chance. chance. they always say he has no chan chance. why doesn't he have a chance? ? because the system is corrupt. t it's worse than on the the republican side. side >> trump angry ted cruz pickedie up more support in colorado oveo the weekend through a party convention in that state instead of a primary or caucus.. >> news bulletin we juste just wouldn't wyoming.'t >> reporter: sanders probably pa none too pleased while he wonle the wyoming caucuses over therhe weekend he and hillary clintondr will walk away with the same number of pledged delegateselat and clinton has also seeminglymg locked up the vast majority of super delegates.eleges party insider who's decided did early on to back >> it goes
9:26 am
new york and america stand for.d >> reporter: clinton meantimeonm with a new ad out this morningrg targeting she still has another concernern the fbi which is stillll investigating her e-mail practices as secretary of state. president obama raising eyebrowb by talking about the on-going on investigation but while he saysy clinton didn't harm nationalna security she was he says careless.carele >> what i've also said is that and she's acknowledged that there's -- there's a -- a carelessness in terms of managing e-mails that she has she >> reporter: now here's the big beau good news for hillary clinton. she's well up on the delegate t count about 700 delegates morear than bernie sanders right now. n once you factor in those influential super delegates.ates in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> still ahead on good day, how mtv honored will smith and smith melissa mcc
9:27 am
night's mtv movie awards. >> tucker still on his way to ketler. that's where he hopes he can h scoop play off tickets.icts indira playing good music or tucker has his eagle out right t now.w >> plus, feeling more likeik spring? gradually that is.dulyt gary will be back with the seves day next. 9:27 is our time right now. ♪ 
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all right. caps fans can get their hands on free tickets, play off tickets today all they have to do is solve a rock the red scavengerer hun.n first clue came out 30 minutes n ago. tcker barnes is trying to beis the first to get his littlee hands on some tickets or the or clues, not sure.ur tucker, you're coming out ofg o your seat earlier there.he what's going on.wh goi you any closer?? >> well, i mean, there's nothinn like trying to get free ticketst in bumper to bumper 9:00 a.m. a. monday morning traffic in d.c. we're about 5 feet away from th station at this point. >> well -- >> they're not here. (laughter).r) >> i'm kidding.di we're headed to ketler ice are arena. we that it winner has been founa there. but we are determined to get there any ways.e ay and just make sure that -- maybe they drop the tickets in the i e parking lot. there's your winner.ere' we'll get them.. >> move on to the next clue. >> yeah. >> did you hear that
9:31 am
>> the next clue,.lue, >> they'll release it atel it at 10:00 o'clock. (laughter).(l >> listen guys we'll go up togu' ketler. we're going to ketler ice arenaa and we are going to see if theyf give away any like, you know, k extra prizes. pze maybe some free t-shirts, somerm hats, some gloves. high five with ove something soi like that. that. >> consolation prizes. >> i would -- i would probably p head to verizon center because u if the first clue was at ketler, the second clue might be atight verizon center. so -- you might be want to bet close to there, too.oo decisions, decisions, tucker. >> steve, that's smart.that you're thinking ahead. ting you're saying it might actually -- we anticipate thent clue before we get it.e weet >> there you go.hereo. >> there you go. there go >> now that coffee is kicking >> nothing gets past you, tuck. >> wahoo! >> i'm guessing the third cluetd is probably going to be in b in philadelphia somewhere.adphia sm so -- >> start heading north. >> start heading there.ding maybe by thursday you'll get yot there by i'm just saying much that's juss my guess.
9:32 am
>> exactly.xaly we spent $35 is gas so far not to win tickets. >> we believe in you, tuck. we believe in you indira. inda keep on keeping on.n. >> thanks, see you la >> move it!? >> oh, road rage. rag (laughter).(lau >> getting hasn't agree now,ng hgary.. >> oh, no. >> the story may not be tickets, right or scavenger hunt beforeve it's all said and done. aaid >> you never know with tucker.. >> story definitely a little bit of a warmup coming. a we've been waiting on w it, rigg we're breezy today.. mild, warm in some cases i thins we'll end up being mild here in it's looking like upper 60s or s so before the accident all saide and done.done gaithersburg 69.rg 6 frederick the same. 68 here in town. manassas 7 so there will be a few lower 70s out to the west and southwest oo us. the winds will be gustyus southwest 10 to 20 miles permile hour. here's the deal today.lod warm front will get to the nortn of us. u clouds will brake up a little at bit more sunshine and againgain breezy conditions winds out ofdo the west and soutw
9:33 am
15, 20, maybe even 25 miles per hour.ur. this frontal system this is thes next weather maker that we haveh it gets closer to us tonight. it will sweep through the area u and as it comes through tomorrot it's going to do a couple of thing. it's going to bring more clouds, more showers.. perhaps late tomorrow afternoonr as the front gets to the east of us. winds will kick up a little bit. much cooler tomorrow.omor 50's, lower 60s and hopefully il the front will get to the eastte of us, we'll dry out a little at bit in the afternoon.ftno and it will just be a wet morning commute instead of a wef morning commute an wet eveningni commute.comm all of this rain to the west an northwest of us now, most ofos this will stay to the north ofto us today. there could be maybe one or twor little passing showers later onn this morning. before it's all said and done. d but we're beginning to get someg breaks in the clouds here souths and southwest so that will openo things up and bring in the the sunshine, okay? later on today, expect a few possibly latebl l morning showers.we we'll call for that.or a dry afternoon, though.ugh. te
9:34 am
city to about 68 and your seven day forecast forc shapes up like this.hi 68 today.od much cooler tomorrow.w 61. . then sunshine returns wednesday. we're 60 degrees.0 de still chilly on thursday.y. temperature of 61 friday dry and sunny, 62.2. so we're not talking a bigig warmup this week. until hopefully on sunday lookso like ladder part of the weekende we'll actually get temperaturesu back up above normal maybe upore into the lower 70s before it'soi all said and done. d so look the whole thing here, improving conditions afters aer tomorrow. just a couple of days of rain here. and cooler temperatures andtured lower 70 today's.. we'll definitely be nice.eic so that's your weather forecast now. now. back over to whoever it is i'ms tossing it to this time.ime >> where is it going.toi >> to me, gary.,ar >> thank you very much.hank local students from the maryland international day school justl j returned from a historic trip tt cuba. ba the visit came on the heels ofhs president obama's visit to the country about 26 students sde
9:35 am
eighth grade went on that trip t along with their parents and for more on this trip it look like a beautiful trip an good time weiw turn now to the founder and thed head of the school esther vanded cruise. good morning to you and you also have with you kadar hudson.ud >> good morning. morning >> good morning. g good to see you.oo how was cubago?? >> cuba was amazing. amazing. >> it was amazing. it was am >> it was excellent. it was students had a very beneficialil and meaningful trip. >> what did you learn overuearn there? what did you see? whata did you learn?diu le >> i saw a lot of afro cubans.ub i saw a lot of different dances like rum ba, salsa, ma'am ba. b it was also fun to placeo baseball with the cubans.ub >> you played baseball as well.l >> yes. >> we did. >> i heard good baseball andl ad good salsa as well, right?ht? >> yes. >> okay. all right. did you win the baseball game?e? >> well it was a friendly game.g it was a friendly game.ame (laughter).ter) >> and actually we are mat todat tour sock kearse our team wear
9:36 am
got to the baseball game andal d they look at our kids and reloor at their kids we thought thishts needs to be a mix and it needs n to be friendly. fen >> i >> wonderful game.>> it was very moving before theore game they played the national -- star spangled banner as well asa the cuban national anthem and ii was just wonderful to see alleea the kids together when both b anthems were played. pla >> right. tell me about how this trip camm to be much is this something yoy had been working on? i know yoy do a lot of travel. >> we do. >> how did you come to thee t t realization that this is okay i now is the time we need to dod this trip. this trip. >> let's go to cuba now? >> the opportunity arose and foa a long time we thought it wouldi be a great idea to take our kido to cuba. cuba has 97% literacy rate, anda we thought it would be nice forr our kids to really live the immersion in the cuban schools,o we work on it for while but itt was prohibited for quite f q sometime. so when the opportunity came upe in the summer we thought, well,l let's pursue it and we d and we got some help f
9:37 am
for friendship with the people o which is a cuban institute there in havana, and they work really hard on this trip, and getting i our kids over there, and we're w so grateful that we were able to take this trip, and our kids o k were able to have thisave this opportunity. >> right. what was the reception like frok the cuban people out there at te the cuban school? we talk aboub the salsa and baseball.eball what about everybody else overre there with the schools? >> i think that it just exceedee our expectations. everybody was thrilled to seed o some americans and some americaa children in the schools.choo we happened to be there on a day when they were doing the 55th jose march tiz celebration went became a part of thoseart ofho celebrations and the warmth and the friendship and just the facc that they were so interested in knowing and thrilled to have uss and we were just honored to beoo there.e. >> right. >> and it turn out to be
9:38 am
trip for the kids and an eye opener for parents as well.. >> right g it was a real peopleo to people experience.experinc >> right. parents and kids. what do you remember about most about this trip? give me two mw things you remember most outsidt of the salsa and baseball. whether you saw it, daveed it, talk about it, what did youd remember most? >> i remember being septemberedr by the children in cuba most ans learning about the history. >> wow.>>ow. okay. all right. that's -- now, as far as, you know, being over in cuba, whatuw do you hope that these studentst take away from that when theyhet come back over here and, you ano know, many years down the road,r what do you think that they -- you hope they remember from this historic trip? >> well, of course, you learn a lot about different countries,oi but when you live it, when youo have your own experience, whenhe you can say i went to school ini that country and i met this particular person and this whatt i fell when i was there, it'sre' something t
9:39 am
life. >> right. >> so i hope that they cc continue not just motivated too continue with the spanish butnib also to embrace culture.ture >> okay. o >> and to understand that norsho matter what's going on ingog on politics, it's the people thate matter.tter >> right. okay.okay thank you very much.k we're glad you came and sharedns your story about your trip withw thank you for coming in.r ng i >> thank you for having.or havin >> did you learn salsa moves.rnv >> the kids already new salsa moves. ves. i just kind of cheered them on.h >> okay. you sound like the way i dance.n from the side >> i've senior dancing. dan it's not true. te >> i thought you were going g smells with that.elith th >> no.>>. >> thank you for coming in. cin >> thank you.hank >> holly, over to you.ovo >> what great opportunity.p that's's g thank you ya'll so much for m coming. still ahead in the fox beatt a little something for everyoner kevin sitting down witness stars of new romantic comedy, and marvel's latest epic.. 9:39 is our time right now. we're back right after .
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
♪ >> that's not necessarily.. they're nine bucks.'re nine buc nine bucks each. >> cancel that price check on tampons. >> daughter? >> oh, yeah. y two actually but only one is currently, you know, becoming a woman.woma >> gotcha
9:43 am
same boat. two sons. >> how is that the same boat?? >> i guess just the number.r. >> yeah. nice meeting you. y sandy with two >> it was two, right?? (laughter).(lghter) >> aww.>> aww. >> okay. >> a little endearing >>tl and we've got a little a something for everyone coming ug in the box office. o he was a clip from the upcoming romantic comedy mother's day. if you prefer more action, waiti for captain america civil war is almost over. o kevin mccarthy got a chance tonc sit down with the stars of botht over the weekend.ovhe w >> kev is in la and joins us via good morning, ketch. ketch >> wisdom, g morning steve, mng wisdom, by the way i thoughthoug about you all friday night.y i know it sounds kind of weird but i did.bud. >> what? >> it's okay. vin, i understand and kevin and you can't see me i wore thisore just for you. you. these are iron man cuff links. >> what? >> captain america civil war. a >> you and ime are on the same e >> you i kn
9:44 am
those. i feel you buddy.i feel you i feel the nerd i. but, yeah, wisdom i'm telling'ml you right now i can't say much,m but all i will tell is you thatu your mind is going to be blown.n that's all i can tell you rightu now. now. i'm text you my thoughts in then film but the movie opens up mayy sixth called captain americatame civil war the reason why wisdom is wearing iron man cuff linksul is because iron man is fighting captain america the based on comic civil war part of the captain america and the avengers universe spiderman is in the i t film as we've seen in then in trailers as well.sel i sat down with captain americai chris evans to talk about this t film we talk a lot about how abh they did a lot of the effectsffc with the shield and how spiderman all those scenes butns first he directed a movie in 2014 called before we go, and that was after he played captaid america once before so i wantedw to know how being a director changed him and if captainptn america changed at all from allo being a director even though he didn't direct this film at all.l check this >> you made the firs c
9:45 am
before you direct brrr'd weirecr government this captain after you directed it. how have you changed an actor aa since you became a director and in this captain since directingg >> that's a great question.uest. >> thanks dude.>> thanks >> thanks for not just askingtsk how i work out and i wish high g good answer for you. you there's nothing more eye openine than being in the editing room editing yourself as an actor ana realizing what do you. you know, your gimmicks, i don't hiccups your weaknesses. and there are abundant. and so going into this onehi especially coming off of o directing you really try and shed as many -- what i found asd an actor what i did is, you is,y protect yourself a lot.a l you real dollar lot of things, you know, you use as many takes as you can doing what you thinkt is the most safe interpretationp of the dialogue. as opposed to taking risks and saying, you know what, because -- we're on the clock, c you know, we o
9:46 am
amount of time. t but taking those risks and beini more adventurous with yourith yr performance the best stuff comes from. in this one i tried to be as on little more free in terms of hof i was going to approach theap character. >> all right.ight so that was chris evans from captain america civil war the wt movie opens up may sixth. i'm not hearing you guys i apologizing in i'm talking overg you mother's day opens up on o april 29th.april the movie you saw the clip of if the beginning with jennifer aniston and jason is a day kisss i was talk to them about jobo to interviews. she has a job interviews withh julie roberts.bert >> gary marshall also directedha britt tee woman.brit kind of a reunion for her and julia roberts -- him and julia roberts.rorts. check this clip out.ut >> just job in general it couldl be audition or but in general gl your first job interview. >
9:47 am
>> i don't even remember -- ier just remember working at sdudos. >> which was --ch >> an ice cream star. cream s >> it's not there any more. >> i don't know. >> what did you do there.t d yo >> i served ice cream. cre i was so chubby.y. (laughter).r) >> i literally i'd make a shake, milkshake and, a little left. >> absolutely. >> makes all the sense in the world. >> why waste that. t>> why w >> i love this. thi >> you're like a commercial.merl you're advertising. >> um, this is a good one. o >> trust me. >> i tasted it it's really good. >> that movie opens upns up april 29th. wisdom i'll sent i was super sur secret text about captainboutap america civil war.a civiwar. just do not share it. sha i >> i'm not sharing >> i will be murdered by someons at the marvel i'm sure.ur >> no new york city, no i gotiti you. >> don't share it.on't s >> if you were would it beyou we captain america or iron man? >> personally i'm team captain.n >> no, no, no, if somebody tookt you out for sharing the
9:48 am
amount america or ire man whorew takes you out.take. >> good question.>> i would probably want to beoban killed by captain america.n i don't know. >> ponder that.r >> ponder that. that. >> exactly. >> let me think about that.e >> kevin, i can't wait for youri text. i'm geeking ut. i'm crying nerd tears right now on the inside for this >> i'll send i was text wisdom. wisdom and i just bond.t b i love this.e t >> i know. >> that's right.. >> opposite sides of the nationi amazing thanks kev. >> this friday we've got a wholw lot of fun planned. plann fox5 will be rocking it out in far gut square park we kick offc our spring concert series we'vee got three fantastic local bandsb set to perform this friday april 15th sound of the city c will kick thing off. off. following friday april 22nd secret society will perform and the muddy grows will be our big finale on friday april 29th. 17th and k street otts it's i streets upon friday as fox5day f rocks to sound of the city. t c kick things off early of course we'll really get things goinghig during good day d.c. which is
9:49 am
from nine to 11:00 and if you i can't make it out just watchouth right here on channel five ore streaming at fox5 d.c. d >> very cool. coo >> 9:49 is your time.our t after more than 50 years adams s morgan watering hole shutting st down but you can help it live oe with upcoming auction.on. erin is live with a look at what's up for grabs next.ra we'll be right back. b ♪ life's sharing a meal. we'll be right back. b ♪ and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
9:52 am
♪ >> oh boy, in won't be any more' jell-o shots or sloppy pizza att adam morgan bar that just closet its doors.. >> but you can take home a piece of neighborhood watering holesio when it's contents go up for auction later this week.n ter th erin como is at millie and al's the auction house owner sellingl off everything from barstools tt model airplanes to neon signs.n. you're getting a early look,k, erin.erin >> reporter: i am. a it's great to be in here rightet now.w. i mean there's so many thingshi that choose from to get a littll piece of history to take homee h with you from mill and am's. ams chris is running the auction, an and you can right now bid on any of these items and you said it'' through wednesday, corre
9:53 am
>> wednesday at 1:07 when it7 wi starts closing it's online righe now. >> reporter: just behind you iiu can see some dancing skeletons.s we have the famous jell-oell-o shooters light on just abovebo people get those jell-o shotsl-o have great time here.e h for the past, what, 20 years? >> it's been 1963.. >> much longer than that. tha t it's been a great run. dancing skeletons are even upenu for auction. you can have them in a he wasn't house, put them on your baseme basement. >> everything from like look at this little clown. there's so many uniqueom little items quirky and fun that you f can take home with you, i mean,, look at the t-shirt you have h that say i met your mother atotr millie and al's.. >> there's so much americanarica here and d.c. americana makes is so much cool.choo there's so few places left in lt washington that are truere t originals this is the cheers ofr d.c. adams morgan is hot spot forpot kitchen of the kitchens. it was voted number one kitchenn bar. >> definitely unique had here.uq hundreds of different items that
9:54 am
barstools we're sitting on to'r the tables, anything is up for r sale and look at that amazing a picture with the country westerw thing. >> that was put in here by aerey patron who used to come in evere night up through all these yeary all these bar fights that peacee is still looking great. g >> i love it. even though the bar is closed, o it's not too late. late. you said through wednesday. wedy you can bid on the items. and tomorrow you can have the h chance to come in here even e though the bar is closed andlo kind of pick up feel, touch, tch hold everything that's up forg r auction. >> we'll be here from 12 tohere 4:00.00 come in take look and see whatda you've been looking at it looks so much different infee person. and the stuff really pops. there's so many neat little things in every little cubbyhole from 1960 version millerr highlight sign to goof tee gwe g feels painted hand.nted hand. so many things here that you'll love to take home with you the y thing we're really excited abouo all the stuff will live on righr here in washington. >> i know current bar owner wasn saying she loves the feel ofeel this place, and what better wayt than to give back
9:55 am
community who spent tomorrowomor great party nights in here andea let them take a little piece ofo history home with them. >> ultimate repurposing great.r. to great to let the buyers buyer decide what they were willing tr pay for.or we'll start everything at a timn dollar. really a cool chance to get a piece of d.c. >> just a dollar but thingsut ts could start to get competitive.e >> that's what we hope. the person willing to pate mostm amount of money wins much we mhw don't care where it starts.tta >> keep it going. i would suggest coming out heres on tuesdayt , tomorrow, and whaa time did you say the doors are opening tomorrow.w. >> 12:00 to 4:00 tomorrow.tomoow take look at the star ship sp enterprise or anything up in big al's room.m. come out, kick the tires, seeess what we've got going on and takd a piece with you.. >> let's talk about the star hi enterprise.enterprise do you that become a big staplee here. >> there was a favorite dj and t he was moving out of the areahea he's a big deal out in o california that was up in hiss s amount. nt and him and barbara were goode friends he offered it to her and they bargained for a price got g screwed up on the wall like so many other things and became ade part of the p
9:56 am
it's really cool. >> i'll tell was i'll take lookk around and see if we can coolanc little picture to bring home tog the loft at fox5 and have a hav piece of millie and al's hit hit reach you can bid online andine where auction website. >> atlas >> you have until wednesday atnt 1:07 in the afternoon to bit on a little business of history.ry. i'm having so much fun i'll watchly dancing skeletons and se take a look around. i'll to us it back to you in tht loft.ft >> good idea, erin. >> a lot of variety. v i already look on the website.. lots of things from thes skeletons to the barstools.arsto >> anybody watch the mtv movieov awards last night. nht >> anybody know they were on? ko >> we'll the highlights if youhu mister and show how the channell honored will smith and melissasa mccarthy and too slow tucker finally found the c but the tickets were gone becauseon becu somebody got there first. he's not giving up, though.ho just few minutes away from clue number
9:57 am
(laughter).ter) >> rest up, everybody. scavenger hunt it's knot 9:57. 9:5 10a is next. >> first, though, it is coffeee time on good day d.c. if you've been eyeing our coolgu good day mug we have new goodne day d.c. dunkin' donuts mug tosg give away the perfect cup for that great tasting done did youo doughnuts coffee much head to foxfox5 dc/contests or our faceo page to enter.nt one lucky win shrek beside ranid do you mean drawing. you have until 9:00 o' l time now 9:57.:5 time now with more good day onoy the other side.the othe
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stories this monday morning.on the boss and bryan adams take a stand. will smith is honored plus what the -- why did vince kneel and nick cage start fighting? also at 10a kevin goes one-on-one with kevin,taregh kevin costnert is. they are talking the suspensee thriller criminals. >> bill maher cause as cross brie rihanna and brittany. >> we have surprises in store aa well. wait for it. the 10a starts not. not ♪ >> good day d.c. here on fox5. >> good day d.c. on fox5. we're live on fox5. ♪ >> whoo! >> high five all the way aroundn good job.od job good job. od i got them all trained. >> nos -- you guys sound aweso awesome. >> oh, my gosh. oh, >> they do a sound amaze.. >> their caking off our good day
10:02 am
national barbershop quartet dayd >> that's not all. it is national other things day as ass we.e. >> we'll take a trip back intoao musical history also nationalato eight track day f you're notk do familiar with the eighu't track, let me allow to enjoy. >> ♪ >> that's quality right there. >> not only impressive our ownwn tony, who has eight tracks. trak he has the player that actuallyl plays them. them. >> in case you're not sure, yes and the dooby brothers yes iss tape in there like your old o cassette tape.etteape. >> yes, owner of the lonely lonl heart or before that.ore >> well before that. >> >> oh look i see it. >> true story. sry when i was in my ride to high h school my buddy bruce had 1970 7 something ford bronco that eighe track player in it. it. we used to listen to alabama ala eight track.rack >> it was not new at the time.wm >> it was a very used but it still had the eight tract
10:03 am
>> it is also by the way w national pet day. day. >> it is.>> >> awesome.>> awe >> yes. yes so -- a lot of people are celebrating and we'd love for t you celebrate with us.te with u so zen us pictures of you and a your pet or just your pet using the hash tag fox fox5 pets or go day d.c..c if you're a barbershop quartet show us videos of you singing or if off working eight trackck player send us a picture of that, too.. >> dooby brothers, dolly parton. >> jimmy hendricks. >> that's a bootleg. >> put that back. b we don't want do show that.hat >> don't show that one.t o >> we celebrate all day here one good day at 10a.0a that's how we roll. rol >> that's how we roll.oll. >> bootleg jimmy hendricks.. >> who knew there was a bootlegl eight track.k >> i don't know how you makew that >> is this first time weth celebrated three days in oneis?? >> yes. i think so.. >> still no food. (laughter). >> thanks for staying it wussyi for the 10a.0a i'm steve alongside holly, hol maureen and wisdom.m.
10:04 am
we'll check our real time news tricksier first up from washington, d.c. mayor bowserayr will go to the enabled where aew seven-year-old girl was shot ona friday. now last check that girl wasirl still in critical but stable condition.ion active duty u.s. navy. nav officer based in norfolk accuseo of of giving u.s. secrets to to foreign government possiblyossil china. court documents i was he had wa lynn successfully commit espy iy don't know nature twice andatur attempted espionage on threehr other occasions.asns federal taxes due not on thn 15th this year but on apri april 18th. why? well that's the day d.c. celebrates emancipation day.ay and that holiday is observed obe this year on the 15th. d.c. holidays are treated as federal holidays for tax filingn purposes so while the holiday ii celebrated here in d.c. the. t whole country gets an extran ext three days to file taxes you'rer welcome everybody.lcome ev and finally,er a georgia based s appliance and electronics company broken the world recordw for the largest human mattress
10:05 am
domino's chain.. yes, they do these things.hi they found 1200 people to take part in the feat which actuallyy happened in some of the exhibitt halls close by at nationalna harbor.or >> you're kidding.ou'rddi >> the chained toppled in 13 minutes and 38 seconds as far ar we can tell nobody was hurt when their mattress crashed. >> national harbor.arbo >> they could have done that onn life tv. t >> we could have added four morr people to the mix. >> i'd videoed ya'll. >> no fun.un. >> all the way down to one in ao matter of seconds.. >> look, let's talk aboutk aut hamburgers everybody likesrybo k hamburgers, right? right >> um-hmm.>>hmm. >> a master how much you likehok your hamburgers next up there'ss a real hamburglar we're talkingl about dc police say a hungry thief broke into a five guys inn columbia heights and, fire up u the grill, had a late night snack, yeah, went in there, andd started cooking. c this happened sometime betweenee 3:00 and 5:00 in the morning ono march 18th this burglar,gl, burger burglar --ar
10:06 am
>> burger burglar, that sounds like hamburglar actually. >> yeah. >> doesn't he sound like >> what is with you today?ay >> any way, i'm losing you.g you here's the thing. thing he didn't even go near the cashh register.ster didn't want any money.t he didn't take any money.oney it seems he wanted to take care of that empty stomach marc march 18th between 3:00 andetwe0 5:00 in the morning got drink and left the store the way he found it minus a few pattie pat. police believe the hungry thief got through a door. >> best ad for five guys ever. burgers so good they're worth wh breaking in for. for. >> do you think he did a singled or double. dbl >> there were two buns.ere two b might have done two sandwiches. >> cajun fries or regular frush. >> mustard, relish, ketchup,chup white onions. oons. >> white onions or saw tied onions. >> and peanuts.eanuts >> did dough little think ofe tf mallemalled vinegar?
10:07 am
regulars. >> all right. refunds start for bruceru springsteen fans in north in carolina he canceled a schedulel concert over the weekend becausu that the state's controversy bathroom laws restrict bathroom use by transgender people.e. springsteen and facebook postoot said, some things are morere moe important than a rock show. sho get on you bruce.ruce another big named artistbima canceled a show canadian singere bryan adams canceled his show in mississippi this week because oo thanew law. it was supposed to be thursdaysd night in biloxi heay cannott perform in quote good consciousu in a state where certain peoplee are being denied their civilheiv rights due to their sexualual orientation and again we say we good on you. you. we ask you to weigh in the oh question do you agree with y musicians taking politouical sta this way? so far 66% of you say yup, they should take a stan.
10:08 am
politics.liti >> it's i'm i'm not trying to get t g involve in the political actiono in it or the decision making in i'm a fan and i've been waitingg all year to go to the concerton it's canceled because of becausf something that i had nothing too do with it, then that's going ti upset me. i understand the star power ises going to go along way in drawini attention to the cause maybese m there's another way to not hurtr the fans who don't subscribe toi the same view as the politicians who made the decision. >> i think i disagree.nk i here's'shy i say if i admired a singer who did this, to me i think theirhe conviction being that stronghatr they would cancel a tour andour give up money --on - >> so if you're -- you're >> you wanted to see bee i don'i know san it your little girlsels couldn't wait to see beyonce'ey and she canceled you would plain explain to them and they wouldhd be okay with that. owith >> depending on their age rate.r i really think that's somethingm we said standing by yourandi convictions.ictns >> i think artist should go tors talk to those lawmakers person personally and publicize that meeting. and. >> why have a platform if youato can't use that platform in i ff
10:09 am
>> you can. if you publicize you'll meet m witness lawmakers and calling them out. o >> i see what you're saying. san >> i feel like you're hurtingurg the fans as well.ns as l. >> no, no. but okay. >> i can see both sides of theoe issue much this is throughoutisu time ray charles did this whenhw he was alive back in georgia and the whole racial issues thats happened in good g i can see ita both ways. i can see how the artist wants n to take a stand and say i'm not going to be part of this and iti can also see how the fanshe f haven't done -- some of the fann haven't done anything wrong thee paid fort tickets.ort >> are you punishing the right r >> i can see both sides of these argument honestly. >> it is a tough call.ou >> that's why it's an argument.. >> i do think the artist has a right to do whatever makestevers them --them -- >> they absolutely do.y ab >> feel >> they're conscious feel bett better. >> all right. >> a well, there isll a new r golf champion in town.ow no arguing over there.. golfer danny willlet won the masters an epic melt down byn b jordan speith.sit now speith wouldn't last year'ss tournament but he threw awayre five shot lead in less than an
10:10 am
hour. hour. speith put two balls in ray'swob creek made a quadruple bogie b seven at the 12th hole and a missed a huge opportunity herepi to become the only the fourthrth player to win back to back titles. 28-year-old willlet won by three strokes. he's now only the second english man to win the green jacket.. >> back story you mentioned early is so much more exciting.. >> so much more m >> he almost didn't enter.n'. >> his wife was pregnant.s her actual due date was sunday,s yesterday, and he told her,er look, i'm not going play in thee i'll be by your y >> that's a goodman. >> good karma.arma >> absolutely.utel >> good golf will get you thegee masters green >> he made the right call.ight >> she delivered eight dayser early then he was like let me hop on a plane and go to the masters.. >> baby green jacket now. >> nba golden state warriors are chasing hiory. team meet the spurs 92-86 for their 72nd tying the knife-966 chicago bulls season record.ecor warriors also dealt the spurs
10:11 am
their first loss at home thiss now, the spurs hadn't lost at la game at home since march of last the warriors will finish then t regular season at home against the grizzlies wednesday night where they have a chance to win an nbcha record 73 games.ames. now, do we know if the spurs hau all their starters playing. pla >> they did not.>> t >> they did not, right. >> i thought there was some talt about them resting their playe players. >> the question the warriors have not rested anybody.nybody will they be able to push law ph the playoffs or hit a wall at wl some point now.some poi they've been cruising through. u >> i think they'll be fine. bin >> they're playing pretty well.w >> they're a good ball team. t >> finally straight out ofly s hollywood three men rescued froo remote island after they werehew standed there for three days.ay u.s. navy aircraft came to the t rescue after spotting the word d help spell out in palm trees ono a beach remote pacific.if men were reported missing ond m tuesday by family members.. the skiffs they were travelinglg was tipped over by a large wave. all three men swam to shore.o se they were all wearing their livv jackets. root now they're in thehey' hospital. no word on their current the cur condition.nditio but barnly they were not injured
10:12 am
just recovering but look at that just like out a movie they were smart out to wright out the worr move z there's a blaine coming. get the letters down. >> hurry up. up. >> eyes mag. >> all right. 10:00 develop.>> stim ahead the next clue is out and tucker barnes crack the cckt code. he's on his way to bethesda. bsd we'll check in with him in had h little bit.litt >> the rock, the joker and tributes to will smith andmith d melissmelissa mccarthy.y. we'll have all the highlights te from last night months mtv awards when we check the good day celebrity dish. 10:12 right now.
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♪ isn't she lovin lovely ♪ ♪
10:16 am
(applause).pplause). >> nothing like being serenadedn by barbershop quartet. that's decapo. they're helping us celebrateebra national barbershop quartet day. it's also national pet day. d that's why steve is havingsa private time on the floor rightr now. this button squash one-year-oldl daschund mix and she's availabli for >> from the washington animalma rescue league on washingtonasng humane society. you can get a pet on this o t national pet day.ay. and also don't forget to tweetot us or facebook us your pet pictures fox5 d.c. pets is the e hash tag we're using. usi we're celebrating all day today. >> that's right. t in addition to that let's let celebrate good day celebrity ceb dish right right n >> let's serve it on it now, over the weekend somees hollywood biggest stars took t home the golden popcorn thisrnhi >> yeah.>> yeah >> kevin ht
10:17 am
rock johnson hosted this year's mtv movie awards.rd >> the rock. rock. >> the rock.>> roc >> there you go. >> there were some -- i'm a quick lerner big winners star s wars awakens won movie of the year. leonardo dicaprio won maleonal performance for his role in the revenant and charlize theron won best performance for roll theyoh are mad max fury road.d ma now straight out of compton and documentary amy both won awo a golden popcorn as well.l. jennifer lawrence won best hero for her role in the hunger games mocking jay part two. two >> all right. but that's not all.that because will smith was honored r at this year's awards with thei mtv generation award beforeef smith hit the stage, the lonelyn island performed a medley hisis biggest rap hits.. summertime and getting jiggytiig with it. (laughter). >> getting jiggy with it one ofe his biggest. not -- you pick whatever. wha queen latifah and hallel er
10:18 am
stage to nouns highlight real of smith's many huge roles.e res smith used his speech to reflecf on his lengthy 30 years in the business and he joked that he's turn the cornere because he's now known to wholew knew generation as the karate kid's father. fher. he quoted saying i'm dedicatedad until i die to life and to lovel >> he's had a good career. >> yes. he's a good another highlight from thegi awarawards melissa mccarthy wase first woman to win the comedichm genius award.geni awa that's not all. she crowd surfed to pick up her award. she eau thanked many hilarious h women as she put it have been b just as deserving of this awardd as she was. was are we going see the body surf? jump in there. i want to seat body surfing. sug let's see it.let's see >> go.>>o. >> go. g >> this is comedic genius right here at work.. >> let's do it. >> ready. and jump
10:19 am
>> jump! jump! >> go, go, go. >> there it is. >> there she goes.. kev kevin and the rock muchk muc that's hilarious. hilar oh, my gosh.os >> that is fun. >> that's pretty good. t well speaking of melissa mccarthy she's now the boss atos the box office.x off the actress latest comedy tookey the top spot at the movies overe the weekend. bringing in $23.5 million..5 m knock off batman versus supermar dawn of justice.. they're now in second place.d p close batman versus superman nabbed $23.4 million. mlion in its third weekend. disney animated movie see top yp came in thi you had a chance to see. >> i actually saw it on saturd saturday. yeah. pretty good. it's one of the most highlyy anticipate films in hollywood. brand new trailer for suicide squad debuted during lastring l night's mtv awards and viewers s were treated to much closerse
10:20 am
check it out. >> i want to build a team of teo very bad people who i think cank do some good. >> ya'll jokers must be crazy. >> ♪ >> this is the deal.. you get the baby, you die. >> you got a boyfriend. >> you irritate me -- -- >> i've known to be quite vexi vexing. i'm for warning you.r ing yo >> you die.>>ou d >> they get caught we throw thet under the bus. >> wow!! >> hmm. >> let me get this straight youh die or you get thrown under thet bus. >> there you go.>> >> sounds like a good suicide squad hits theaters thii august.gust that's all right. big happy birthday to ray from f star wars remember her? >> daisy rid
10:21 am
old today. tay her star wars co-star tweeteded out a picture wishing her happyh birthday the picture channel chs luke skywalker and yod today.odd it says if we're going to see ii a long timing a last week it w think if a galaxy far far away at pine woods studios this happened.en happy birthday daisy.. this image is pretty spot on the moment -- spot on moment in staa wars much this is in the empirep strikes back when luke carried c yoda on his back during hisgis jeddi training much that's whatw they're going for here.g fo h you get it.ett. >> um-hmm. >> got it. good. >> glad you explained up next molly crews, vincece neal and actor nicholas cage got a into huge physical fight aftet vince allegedly attacked woman w in a hotel. hel now, tmz is reporting fight wenw down around 5:00 o'clock at the aria hotel on the vegas a woman came up to nick andick asked for an autograph.ogph allegedly vince got behind the h woman, grabbed her hair andair
10:22 am
>> what?t >> this video shows the end of d the sight fight between vincegh and nick and it appears nick is trying to restrain vince andin a calm him down. dn you can hear vick streaming at vince to calm down.ow vince was cited for battery but never taken to the station. >> wow! >> that whole thing is weird.e w >> it's very weird. and people have their cell tir l phones out.on that is a strange story.geto >> last one finally pop singerir britney spears may be coming ouo with new music. rumors are she's releasing relei another album it will be oute o next month. month this will be her ninth studio album singer manager says thiss album has an interesting vibengv and says it's like britney meets weekend. >> oh boy. >> wore on the street the singlr has been chosen and video andida the single will be shot next week. week. >> what's she doing in thisshe video?? >> something >> exactly.. >> oh, this is from her fm h instagram. >> okay. man she looks good. >> she looks looksood.
10:23 am
>> yeah. >> i want to know what workout o she's doing. dng >> in a two piece. two >> you're talking about theouthe workout, right. r >> maybe. >> 10:23.>> we went from starring to showtoo barbershop quartet and now going to young singer christine.. we'll check in with the futurehe star coming up later on much m she's perform for us and we'll ' chat with you.hou >> plus a check on today's top t stories. we'll be back right after this..
10:24 am
10:25 am
10:26 am
>> happening now the sheriff off anne arundel county in troubleec with the law. ronald bailed man arrest the last night urn currently facing second degree assault charge. that is just one of two big stories out of annapolis this morning. fox5's bob barnard is inresane n maryland capitol where time iss rung out on noah's law. bob, what's latest there?t t >> reporter: maureen, tonight t at midnight the end of the 2016 general assembly and we aree are expecting at 9:30 this morning a conference committee meeting ini this room right here to try tooy hammer out the senate and theath house versions of noah's and you can see the officersffir parents are here and other o people photo of the 24-year-oldr officer who was killed inledn december on rockville pike. p the senate has a strong versioni for ignition interlocks. the house versions a littlee weaker. the three members of both thembr house
10:27 am
committees were supposed to beer meeting in this room thisin thim morning. they're going to come back as it turns out now at aroundro 1:00 o'clock this afternoon.. after some floor votes to try to hammer out know what' laws which would require ignitiongnit interlocks in the cars of people who are convicted of drivingng drunk.un the senate added on amendment ad that would allow for punitiveunv damage to be assessed againstgat repeat drunk drivers who cause u injuries in crash. that was kind of a last minuteie add that has slowed things down. i asked governor hogan a littlel bit ago what he thinks about tht pros specs of noah's law. >> where distant on know what'ha laws. >> very supportive. ver met with the parents just this week.. we've let both housess legislature know how important it was and we're hoping we canwn get it pass. it pas >> how about sheriff batemanri t your reaction to his r >> i didn't hear anything aboutn sheriff bateman's arrest. >> i know who he is but i isut haven't seen that yet. i don't know anything about it.y >> reporter: so here's a mthugre shot of sheriff batem
10:28 am
at his home in the passion deend area last night around 7:30.:3 he's charged with second degreee assault.assa a misdemeanor this was domestic altercation at his home. h he has been placed on temporarya leave. leav he's had his weapons turned in. a colonel with the anne arundela county sheriff's office paul take bore says the sheriff adamantly denies any wrongdoingg i was in touch with the sheriffe via text message earlier thiseri morning.morning he referred me to the colonel's statement, and right now that'sw where it is.ere the police an rah arundel countc police arrested the sheriff lasl night at his home. h we should be finding out more oe information both from theat sheriff's office and the aionnea arundel county police departmenm later today as we hang nearg ner annapolis awaiting the final t results of noah's law, guys, two big things happening here inng r anne arundel county and and annapolis today.oday >> bob, thank you for thosek yos updates.s all right.l still ahead on good day hisay h memory is the mission.e msi kevin sits down with criminalnal star kevin costner next. n
10:29 am
photographer indira on still onl treasure hunt.t. (laughter).(laughter). >> doesn't look good.oesn >> they're not having any luck. they keep getting there too t late.te. >> folks all across the area acr trying to track down big letterr that is spell out the wordspelod capitals and when you do you ge tickets to the play off game on thursday. tucker found the letters but thb tickets were gone. g we'll check in with him coming up. ♪
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
♪ to me it's still pulp. i'm sick, doc, i need some kind of shot. sho >> don't look at him.oo h he can't help you.he c help you >> only you can help him.. >> you're an intelligencentellie officer with the cia. >> intelligence. >> my head. h aspirin is not good for you butb this will help.p we have orders to put a put bullet in the dutch man's
10:33 am
you thought you can trust him. h you thought you can pay him off. >> billy! >> where did you put him? >> remember. remember!re >> you got me confused withh somebody else. >> ooh that's intense.ntense o okay. >> that's a clip from the ne movie criminal in it kevin costner plays jericho stewart. he's a convict implanted with wt memories and skills of a o deceased cia natured named billl pope so he can finish a mission. it stars ryan reynolds, wonderon woman herself. kevin mccarthy sat down with thi cast and here's part one ofart e those inn views. >> i love these sequence whereuh is we're seeing ryan reynolds rd memories come into your brain iy fine it fascinating you have y h played so many characters in chn
10:34 am
there a one character after youu left the role that may be came back every once in awhile as a memory.mery >> no, but watching this character, i'm always surprised at the level of violence and a knowing that in certainn c instances not only was some ofas it written but there was a loths that i creat created, i was real surprised at how deep i went and the level resourcefulness thatna it took forger ricco to survives in this movie.ovie >> now obviously there's anre'sa mazing sequence with the bridgei is turning and epic actionctio sequence.sequence incredible shot from thehe overhead.overhe >> yeah. >> when you drive off and theyiv have you coming out of the water, how do they film they fie moment of you like coming up con from the water? are you in a tank.nk. gnaw a car about 20 feet0 down.wn >> whoa! >> and they took the water --tow took the oxygen away, and i i started to go out, and i got stuck, my hoodie caught on thetn back of the car, you know, the e little extra head rest.ead r >> yeah. >> i didn't know what it was and i knew something was reallyhinga really wrong,
10:35 am
the oxygen, and i knew it wasn's just a matter of -- high toh to still get out the window, and later on we talk about it. t a i figure it out. i i had been underwater waterat world with lost stuff i kept myy wits about me.. um, but i remember the stunt man going, i saw that, he goes ioe knew that was a train wreckin w right there because i was downn there, and some stunt men don't often know when to come in ce because maybe they ruin a shot,a you know, somebody goes hey, i was doing that perfect. i was acting that way. that w i wasn't panic at all but i wasi in trouble. and we talk about a little bite but i always have the signal of which mean the movie is over, o come get me. >> what is the signal do you? >> well, you know, this isw, t like -- this is this shot iss st over. let's go. >> wow! >> all right. criminal hits theaters friday.d. >> he brings up a good point ifi you're really real good act youa can fool your own stunt peoplenn into thinking you're stillst acting when you're in trouble. >> exactly..
10:36 am
signal.sign >> the safe word or signal.igna >> still ahead at 10:00 o'clock this music christina will joinl us for a live performancermance getting ready to go next. t n we'll hear from her after theaft break.brk. 10:36. ♪
10:37 am
10:38 am
♪ 10:38 right now on thisigown monday morning.monday morni we've been talking about her auh whole morning.. billboard magazine labeled heral as a cross between britneyenri spears and rihanna
10:39 am
this morning she's stopping by'o the loft and share acoustic acos performance of her new single se which is echo. e it is available on i tunes now.n here's christina.. ♪
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
(applause). >> you sun great. sun great. come
10:43 am
>> as you walk over introduce your wonderfully talented guitar players.ays. >> jewels on guitar. >> grab a seat.ea. welcome to the loft.heof this new album that you have ou coming out now, this is alls about voices and echos. >> actually -- auall >> and conversations.vers >> you lead in with them it'sems actually about myself.tual >> is it? >> i've been through a lot inugi this industry, and it's not easy trusting your gut instinct andnc i've had a problem of trusting t so i kind of wrote it about mebt just getting back to my rootsoy and believing in myself and kind of putting those voices aside and being like we can do this.. not even just in music in anything. >> is that just for the song or is it a theme throughout tfoheot whole album. aum. just for the song the first onee i wrote on the new album kind oo me putting aside all of myselff doubt and then kind of showingfs the new woman that i'm becomingm on the record. rec >> really pretty acoustic acoti version of this seen f people fp watch your videos they're a lotl more energetic a lot of times.ft >> this is the first time i've m stripped down anything i've dow
10:44 am
you strip down in your videos, d (laughter).ghter) >> i know.>> i know. the picture behind -- >> you stripped it down quited t well.we. let's talk about getting start started. ashburn and simpson.urn >> ashburn and not too shabby.t >> how did that come together.h. kind of scary. kind o actually family friends.ends. , and my parents wouldn't let mm do music until after i got out o of my school and my dad with nick.nick. i want to you listen to her and see if she has what it takes. tk he had me come down to his sugas bar in the upper west side.t s he didn't want me to know i wasi there so i wouldn't be frank so i sank aretha franklin's respe respect. him and valerie started sinkingi backup.. high no idea they were there.. that's how i found out which whi couldn't have went really oh, my gosh,. gos >> first of all the nerves had e to be performing in his club ana doing aretha franklin in hisnis club. >> i went in swinging.wingin >> you went for i >> yeah.eah >> you nailed it apparently thet helped get you started.rted. >> everybody big musicians havee gone through there.gone t so, you know, to be, you know,
10:45 am
having them, i mean, they're the legends and written so many so m amazing records for so many big people in the industry.nd >> if you want to make it in t this business you got to learnea the ins and outs and learn youry craft and write.t anri >> so it seems like you're ate y the point with this album actually be be comfortable beinb personal about yourself and your righting. >> this is the first time. t it was w i had a good team around me.d they made me feel save i canl vi talk about things i never talkel about on records before.t on res there's a lot. l i'm covering on this >> i have to ask you because wee talk about this briefly before.r we see your videos and we seendw this very attractiv attractive a thett stage and here your person beliefs. but you're also a little bit of a tom boy,a and being a resided gear head myself, you actually a race >> i do. in my heels.. (laughter). >> i do. i got into it. intot my dad is european, and he's really into cars.o i have two brothers. broer so i grew up, you know, around d cars and it became -- to me it's not weird.t w when i say it to o
10:46 am
because i'm a female they're ty' like really? we do cross country road rallies and some od them are for charity and i getni to spend time with my family myy which is always amazing and we stop at drag strips across a the country and do it a in a i week's time which is nuts. >> that's i was m your dad wasrd telling me he gets scared sometimes --s >> i'm the crazy one. o >> he said that.. >> i have a heavy foot. ft >> where can folks fine the newn music and any touring soon.. >> in rehearsal now for touringg do club dates right now on bothb coasts.coasts >> awesome. >> anywhere digitally music ismc out. i tunes. tun kristine elezja. >> let us know when you're backc in d.c. i would do we'll race it rai around the parking lot.. >> do doughnuts.. >> race thon bike. >> someone that looks like thatt sings and races cars, every guy right now loves you..
10:47 am
you know what, it's 5:00 o'clock somewhere. whoop whoop. coming up we're toasting d.c.'s famous cherry blossoms with flower inspired cocktails. ♪ ♪
10:48 am
10:49 am
10:50 am
♪ come on. we are indeed. we're celebrating a whole lot o things today on good day. we haven't talk bout cherry blossoms in awhile. we thought we'd celebrate that,, too the festival and celebratioa of the flower is still going strong down on the tidal basinis and this morning we're toastingt the d.c. tradition with some som japanese inspired cocktails ands here to help us out is tracy mattinmattingly bartender at tht famous round robin bar only found at the famous willardlard hotel. good to see you. to seu. >> good morning. mni thanks for having.ks >> it's a pleasure.t's a su if you're going to do the cherry blossom festival you need tostin stop by the willard. >> absolute. absolute we have specialty cocktails jusj for cherry blossoms and you hava the history. we have some asian inspired food. great cocktai got to come by haven't them. t
10:51 am
right in the lobby. >> we do. all the way through peacock alea wrl we do the tea cherryy blossoms. >> and they have a cherry blossom tea, too.ossom tea, we're doing something a little a more than tea this morning inor the loft. lof we are doing the mats to you y motto manhattan that you couldn't cocked yourself.'t cd >> we did at the round robin,ndn yes. >> what's in it.>> wha >> in this cocktail we're going to use an aged japanese blended whiskey, a great vermouth magic ingredient is house made apricot preserves. >> really. >> preserves in the drink. in th >> yes. in the drink. >> interesting. >> in the drink. now, mats motto is in city in january pan famous for cherry fe blossoms the most visited cityiy in japan for cherry >> really. >> we have created this drink tk honor that.hat. >> let's go ahead and whip iteap up. >> i'll make a couple of them sm they can share them. charge start witness aged --rt >> do we have to share.we h >> i'm kidding i'll share.'ll se >> we start with that.start th t >> start with this and we'llh tw make two. t. i'll put 4 ounces total for t
10:52 am
drinks. then i'll going to go over to our sweet vermouth and justt going to go 2-ounces total.. >> okay. okay. >> one for each f eac >> one for one right now.. >> okay.y >> absolutely. >> the magic ingredient put a little apricot preserve in there a good heaping bar spoon for two drinks in that and normally i would stir a manhattan but to incorporate the apricot preserves this through drink asd little better i'm going to shako this dri >> okay.>> >> and for little added depth od and complexity just a little dash of bitters in that. t >> is it normal to put preservee in drink? there are lost drinki with preserves. >> with the cocktail revolutionn there's been a lot of experimentation with all kinds of thing. preserves are sort of a new thing different flavors with.erl it's very delicate flavor.vo. along with like cherry it blende great with this whiskey we fou found. >> it makes the drink thicker. . >> it does not. it does not.oes n >> interesting.>> interes >> it changes the color butut does
10:53 am
of the drink.of t >> let's hear it much this isea one of my favorite sounds on thn planet. plan >> one of mine, too.too. (laughter). >> give this a nice shake about 10 seconds is a good amount ofmo time.time to get a drink blended well ifef you're going to shake it.oi to want to get that apricot blownen in there very very nicely.ry ni. >> this is crazy question i keee my preserve in the refrigeratore obviously at home.ou now would you -- is it chilled l when you put it in the drink ork room temperature.. >> room temperature will blendu better. >> gotcha. >> i was wondering that. wderi o okay. >> 10 seconds and >> beautiful color. col >> um-hmm. um- >> and you're right, it's not, s thick at all. >> i've garnered this drink witt a brandied apricot and brand b deed cherry just for fun. >> just balk you can.t balkou c >> absolutely. >> because you're the one makinh it up. how hard is it real toll make up a drink? >> it is not difficult if youltu know what the trends are.. and you have enough product to if you're making cocktails using any juice, fresh squeezed juicee is the key ingredient.t that is absolutely key.. anything other than that is nott going to make
10:54 am
but it's nice to have loste different products to experimeni with. >> all right. i don't want to drink come on. here we go. >> now, as far as drinks go, go, ooh, that is good. is goo how does this rate for you as ya far as drinks you've made up? >> this one is probably near tht top i'd say. s >> yeah.>> yh. yeah. >> i know that the round robinhe gets very busy. very b can you give me one little tiptt for people going there like aik good time to go or a little a lt trick of the trade? >> yeah. a good timing to is a little onn the earlier side maybe four too 6:00 and then again probablyproy after 10:00 o'clock but any timm we can get you in there and youu can get a drink.ri you always find a nice spot to s have a cocktail in there. the >> are you only serving thishis drink through the cherry blosso festival.festival. >> this is a drink we willri wil always be make if someone wanten it. >> you need to know.>> y you need to ask for it by name.n you know what, tracy, cheers too you.. awesome.
10:55 am
>> thank you. >> i'll send it>> back overallkr i'll just stay here in thet he kitchen with tracy and my manhattan.n >> no worries. wores steve has abandoned us for kristine.tine >> we're driving the car rightri >> okay. let's share -- talk about somek tweets.twts >> exactly.ctly >> shall we national pet day wew asked to send in your pictures p look at this. who is first up? wisdom martini >> this is martin family dogyog down in the bat cave down southu my parents have this dog for thf children his name is turbo.ur that's what it is. i >> very cute.ute. then this is nippy coach manan 16-year-old double yellow headeh amazon. all that's u we haven't seen any birds. b saw a lot of dogs and cats looko who came back. bk. steve.eve. okay.. >> my a rory with paulie playing princess. #gooddaydc.. >> and tater. >> taking a quick nap in thee office.offi. (laughter).(lter) >> all right.>> all got to love a dog named tater. t >> look at that.ook at that. there's pet love. >> aww. >> very cute. >> shots a sheba. s a s that's what i had was a
10:56 am
>> a couple of them, right. >> yeah two. two >> beautiful dogs. beaiful >> what is that a >> i love we've seen so many sem pictures of multiple dogs. (laughter). >> there you go. >> frog.>> fg. hilarious. >> newspaper a a you got to kiss it. >> look at 10 month old lab snickers.snickers. hi snickers you're too cute. >> aww rocks see with her daddy. very cute. cut. >> national pet day i'm guessing this is one of the bigger days y that gets celebrated.elebra >> i would think so.ould tnk s not that eight track day isracks probably not off the hook. or barber shot quartet day.. >> real quick telling about theu caps and satisfy jenn, the firsr clue was in at keeler. the third was one was at bethbe day.y. comcast sports net. n if you fine the one at 11:00 yo: get caps play off ticketsffic sweeter tweeting out the clues u for nurse's game. try to get there before tuckerke barnes. threw 4:00 o'clock thiss afternoon.afternoon. one an hour.
10:57 am
>> love it.. >> kristine just beautiful. >> i was right there the whole time. you know that.
10:58 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model,
10:59 am
kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
11:00 am
my girls are always turned out. >> wendy: hey! thank you! thank you!7ú oh, my gosh. here we go again. hi, everyone. thank you for watching. my co-hosts, my studio


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