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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  April 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. right now at 10:00, a teenager stabbed in the neck and killed at the deanwood metro station. the manhunt for this suspect and new details about what happened before the murder. >> plus, the bill named in a fallen officer's memory would track down on drunk drivers. tonight the fight to pass noah's law before the midnight deadline. >> after a pleasant day getting up into the lower
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as coming up for the morning. fox 5 local news at 10:00 starts right now. >> and thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. we begin with new details about the murder of a teenager at the deanwood metro station. this is the second teenager killed at that station in two weeks. >> police say the victim today was stabbed in the neck. now the manhunt is on for the suspect. marina marraco is live working the story for us tonight. marina? >> you can see metro transit police remain on the scene and we're just learning the victim was a former student of richard wright public charter school here in the district. police say the entire stabbing was caught on surveillance video. those tapes have been reviewed and they're also confirming there was a brief altercation between suspect and victim that ultimately led to
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>> i seen his body laying right here and i seen a guy trying to pump him. >> reporter: a number of riders witnessed the fatal stabbing of john rufus evans iii who went by johnny. he taught at the teen's middle school and spotted him with another teenager at about 8:30 this morning. i said aren't you supposed to be in school in police sources say he mad a court appearance just before the stabbing happened. these are the surveillance pictures. >> there was a guy
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go ahead a dude just walked up behind and pumped him two times in the neck. >> reporter: former mayor vincent gray came out and spoke with current citizens. we've had fights metro has got to step up and tell people what they are going to do to make people saver. >> reporter: gray says there needs to be a tougher approach to end the violence. >> i almost feel like we need metal detectors for people going into metro stations so you know what these people are carrying. there's got to be some putting foot down saying i'm sorry this is not going to happen anymore. >> they need to intervene and do something. i'm an adult and i'm afraid for my own safety. >> reporter: and so far police have not officially named a suspect but sources close to
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investigation say they know exactly who they're looking for. live tonight in northeast dc, marina marraco, fox 5 local news. >> today's deadly stabbing at the deanwood metro station was the third attack at or near a metro station in the last three weeks. last friday someone stabbed a teenager near the rhode island avenue metro station. the victim in that case is expected to recover. >> developing tonight the push to pass noah's law in maryland looks like it's coming down to the wire. the bill is named after montgomery county police officer noah leotta. the legislation would require all convicted drunk drivers to have breathalyzer ignition locks.
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because the house and senate passed different versions of the bill. they have until midnight to pass the law. >> i have to live with the devastation in the hole of my heart. this can't fill that. it can't fill what i'm missing for the rest of my life. but it can give me some solace that his sack face wasn't in vain. >> fox 5's jim lokay spoke with the governor tonight. he is live in annapolis with more on that part of the story. >> reporter: tony, good evening. and you can see some people milling around behind me because the house of delegates is currently in recess for about 30 minutes. the main sticking point appears to be printing out the conference committee report that has all the information pertaining to noah's law. that the house and senate can take up. we did talk with governor hogan a few minutes ago and here's what he had to say about the progress. >> it looks like it's going to be pass. we've been trying really hard.
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to add in some stuff that would have made it more difficult to get passed. i feel hopeful. we've got a couple hours before we get everything wrapped up but something we feel strongly about. i spent some time this afternoon with both of noah's parents. i think there's a lot of people in both the house and the senate who agree that this makes a lot of sense and will save lives. >> reporter: considering the amount of support this had today and speed bumps, there has to be frustration. >> it's a little frustrating but you know we try to stay on track and stay focused and we're hoping to get it done and this will just be a distant memory. but it's important and we're hopeful that it will happen and it's very important and i think it's going to save people's lives. >> and what are the leottas saying about this right now? >> i think they're frustrated and concerned because the political process isn't always pretty and earlier this evening they were a little frustrated with some of the antics going on but i assured them i thought it
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>> reporter: do you think this is why people lose faith in government? >> sure. i think people are frustrated with government but we're goating a lot more things done here than they do in washington. so what's frustrating for us and it's frustrating for other people but more than half of our agenda is already passed. we got our budget passed two weeks ago. still some things we're working hard tonight to get things finished up but overall we have made progress and we've done it in a bipartisan way. i'm a republican governor in a state that has a large majority of democrats in both houses and we're making a lot of progress together. >> reporter: so governor hogan right there as we continue to wait for any progress here. i talked to some people for mothers against drunk driving. i asked how they feel the reply was it's late. it is late they have one hour, 52 minutes to get this bill passed or else it's dead for the year. for now live tonight in annapolis, jim
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local news. >> all right, gym jim, thank you very much. that suspected drunk driver hit and killed officer leotta last year, not last month as i said. in montgomery county two men charged with the kidnapping and rape of a 12-year-old girl are being investigated. they're both from honduras. they were arrested charged with several crimes. >> let's take it outside now. it is calm and a beautiful day we had. but that's about to change and things could be messy for your commute in the morning. sue palka is live with us now for everything you need to know. hey sue. >> it doesn't take much to bog down the comeet around dc, that's for sure. tomorrow we're going see some rain moving through about the time of the morning rush hour. but i think it's going to move quickly. we're going to show you our at
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ready for what we think will be a fairly soggy tuesday morning. right now it's just some clouds out there and it's still so mild and comfortable. we've got a temperature of 69d degrees right now. what a departure from that winter-like weekend. we also have some gusty winds. you can see a nice steady line of rain, a little bit of embedded moderate downpour associated with that and that is making good progress coming in our direction. it's all coming with a frontal boundary and that front will be on us by the time we get to tomorrow morning. rain develops overnight. i thought i would show you the timing so you have an idea of what to expect. by 6:00 a.m. maybe not everyone is seeing rain but there will be some showers around and by 8:00 a.m. is probably when we'll have the peak of the rain intensity with moderate brief rain moving through the beltway. by the time we get to 11:00 in the morning it's
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and by 1:00 just some clouds and i think there will bee sunshine. it will drop our temperatures. these temperatures that you're seeing, they're going to be cooler than this tomorrow. we'll only top ou around 60 degrees. overnight no freezes. those warm southerly breezes will keep our temperatures in the mid 50s in many areas. it won't be chilly but it will require a little bit of rain gear and patience for the morning commute. shawn? >> we will pack our patience. police shot a man by accident. hey, sarah, what are you working on tonight? >> reporter: shawn, more toll lanes are coming to virginia. vdot is expanding those lanes all the way to the pentagon. tonight drivers and residents got to sound off and you can too. i'll explain how coming up. tony? >> and the dc hamburglar has become a viral hit. now find out what
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offered if he turns himself in. fox 5 news at 10:00 is back in three minutes.
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a police-involved shooting in prince george's county is being called unintentional. the incident happened last night when officers responded to an alarm that went off at a market on 4th street in laurel. city officials say during the investigation an officer's gun went off and struck 20-year-old ra shaun kur beam. >> as the officer looked ahead he sees movement in the dark. there was a drop-down just inside the door a few feet away from the opening of the door. the officer is startled, he jumps back a little bit and his weapon discharges. >> this happened last night, around 11:00, 11:30 and i'm getting a call this afternoon around 1:00, 1:30 and they didn't give me any detail
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feel like i'm lost. >> kur beam is in stable condition. police also caught a second suspect. a 15-year-old boy who was tased by officers. he was released to his mother. meanwhile the officer who fired a shot is on paid administrative leave pinned pending the outcome of investigation. >> a man is under arrest accusing of shooting a 7-year-old girl in southeast. alexandra lim has the latest. >> i ran for the phone and ran for a towel. as i'm talking to 911 she's saying compress it. >> reporter: after a 7-year-old girl was shot in the stomach by gunfire intended for somebody else, witnesses say her father picked her up and ran to the building next zoor door. he actually lift her shirt and saw a hole. >> three days later you can see the blood stains on
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where the girl's father and neighbors gave the girl first aid. >> if you can imagine, and i know we all hate to imagine any of us that have children, to be in that situation for him to act the way he did under that type of pressure, like i said, it's amazing, it's remarkable and it's very heroic. and in all likelihood he saved her like. >> reporter: the victim was with her family when the gunshots erupted, including her younger brother who witnessed the shooting and the chaos that followed. >>. >> he was like my sister got hit by
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>> reporter: this time a child's life was on the line. we are confident there are folks out there that have additional information regarding this case. i can't imagine someone like that not turning themselves in knowing that their responsible for causing this injury to such a young little girl. >> but the case is no where for them. is no life for them. they can't go outside and play. it's just even if they're in the house, they've got to hear gunfire. >> reporter: alexandra lim, fox 5 local news. >> the suspected shooter is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. take a look. this wins william county mother is in gral tonight accused of stabbing her three month old daughter because she wouldn't stop
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the house called police. she is now being held without bond. the infant is in the hospital with serious, life-threatening injuries. >> new tonight at 10:00, interstate 395 in virginia is already congested even outside of rush hour, but it will get a whole lot worse before it gets better. vdot is expanding toll lanes on 395 and that has some drivers pretty particulared off. sarah simmons is live in alexandra with more on the story. sarah? >> reporter: this is the second phase of hot lanes on 395. right now they stop not too far from landmark mall to give you an idea. we're at duke street right now and oddly enough actually it doesn't look too bad. this time of night you would kind of expect that but that is not the case throughout most of the day. vdot is starting the next phase. it's an 8-mile stretch. vdot says it is trying to relieve that congestion
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adding a toll lane and turning the hov existing lanes into tolls. tonight was one of the first informational meetings to hear about the plans and the time frame for the project and vdot still has a few hurdles to get through before they start construction. >> we're doing a study that will include noise impacts of the projects, air quality and a number of other environmental concerns. we'll look at those impacts and present them to the public in the fall. >> reporter: right now the current hov lanes you can drive on during off-peak times without paying. that would go away. that does not sit well with some people who feel the current rules should stay in place. >> you can drive on the hov lanes until or after 10:00 and until 3:00 p.m. now that'
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we already paid for those hov lanes. >> reporter: vdot still has to work out the cost of that project and finish that study they were talking about. construction is set to start next spring and finish up some time in summer 2019. if you would like to put your $0.02 in, there is another meeting coming up this wednesday in alexandria and people do still have until may 13th to get their comment in and put it on the record. that's the latest here along 395. sarah simmons, fox 5 local news. >> earlier we told you about a real-life hamburglar. in fact, it is one of the most-talked-about stories on the web. this is video of the man after he broke into a five guys last month, fired up the grill, cooked up some burgers and had a late-night snack. tonight another burger chain wants to help out. the president of way back burgers
10:21 pm
that says he's offering up the free burgers for an entire year but he has to turn himself in first. >> if their burgers are good, he might do it. >> coming up next tonight, why the anne arundel county sheriff is facing criminal charges. >> and was the shootingh that killed a former nfl player more than just a road rage incident. the new details in that investigation on the other side of the break. he break.
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the content of this advertising. we are learning new detams about the shooting death of former nfl player will smith. police say a driver rear-ended his car late saturday. smith got out, the men exchanged words and cardell hayes opened fire. at first police thought this was a case of road rage but now they learned smith had
10:25 pm
in the evening with a new orleans police officer that hayes was suing. >> the sheriff of anne arundel is on leave after he was accused of assaulting his wife. police responded to his home where his wife told officers her husband attacked her. baitman's service weapons and personal weapons were removed from his home. he will be on leave while the case is being investigated. he's been sheriff for 10 years. >> in texas the school police officer caught on camera body slamming that sixth grade girl is now out of a job. you remember that video. it's so hard to watch. that was video of officer joshua kemp body slamming the girl to the ground and leading her away in handcuffs. today the school district fired the police officer. it released a statement that said the report was inconsistent
10:26 pm
his response was absolutely unwarranted. why donald trump's kids will not be voting for him in the upcoming new york state primary. >> and this is not what you want to hear as we approach summer. the cdc is saying that the zika virus is even scarier than previously thought. what the feds are doing to try to contain it, coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. it is 10:30 and time for a quick recap of tonight's top stories. >> marina marraco is following the deadly stabbing of a teenager at a metro station. marina? >> and tony, police are looking to speak with this man, a person of interest wanted in connection with a deadly stabbing at the deanwood metro station this morning. the victim is 15-year-old john evans iii. he was stabbed in the neck and sources say there was a brief altercation that ultimately led to t
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those same sources confirming the murder was caught on surveillance tape. >> reporter: lawmakers here at the state house in annapolis still debating noah's law and some precede ral moves in the last minute and different language at this point they're back in session right now but the clock is ticking because the session ends at midnight. if they don't pass it at midnight, the bill is dead. >> and you can see our reporters out there without their coats on. it is nice and mild but get i for rain at the bus stop tomorrow morning. temperature range 52 to 57. it will be drier for the afternoon. your 7-day come up in just a few minutes. tony? >> thank you very much. we turn to the race for the white house. donald trump and hillary clinton are coming off of a series of losses. a fox news poll shows the two leading by
10:31 pm
empire state. joelwaldman has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: hillary clinton has lost seven in a row and eight of the last nine contests to bernie sanders. but still ahead by hundreds of delegates could get back on track in new york. >> he's had trouble answering foreign policy questions so i look forward to a debate that is in new york with people asking the kind of questions that new yorkers ask. >> reporter: bernie sanders finding an unlikely ally in donald trump. the republican frontrunner comparing the two after the billionaire lost colorado to ted cruz over the weekend. >> i wouldn't be crowing about winning a voterless
10:32 pm
i would be demanding if i wanted to be seen as a man af people, i would be dpee manning a vote. >> reporter: the texas senator is lagging in third place in new york trailing trump by 39 points according to that same fox news poll. >> the last three weeks there have been 11 elections all over the country and in the last three weeks, we have beaten donald trump in all 11 elections. [ cheers ] >> reporter: while trump is leading big in new york, he won't be getting the vote of at least two important people in his home state. son eric and daughter ivanka, both failing to register in time. >> democracy spring marchers arrived in washington, d.c. on sunday night. after finishing a march from philadelphia to the u.s. capital. several hundred more protesters met the marchers at the
10:33 pm
hundreds were arrested today. the sit-in is scheduled to last through april 18th. and democracy spring marchers aren't the -- that should say aren't the only ones on a mission. gun control activists are biking their way from connecticut to washington, d.c. more than 2 dozen riders took off in the annual event from newtown this weekend. they're expected to reach the capital in a few days. >> charles county police arrested a man who brought a loaded assault rifle to a baby shower. he was at a baby shower on saturday when he got into a fight with another man. witnesses say he left the party and came back with a loaded ar-15. the rifle had been reported stolen from north carolina. he is now facing a long list of charges including assault and wreckless endangerment. keeping area streets safe for bicyclists and pedestrians, that is the goal of a brand new campaign for the entire dc
10:34 pm
region. the spreet smart safety campaign kicked off today. from now until may 8th law enforcement will step up their efforts. organizers are hoping to raise public awareness and reduce traffic accidents involving bicyclists and pedestrians. one woman shared just how dangerous the roads can be for people riding bikes. >> no matter how experienced or careful you are, you can't eliminate the possibility of a crash. and when a car hits a bicycle, the car wins, every time. bicycles don't come with bumpers or air bags or doors. several vertebrae in my neck were shattered and most of my upper spine was fractured. i broke ribs and sustained nerve damage in my left arm and shoulder. >> last year 69 pedestrians and six bicyclists lost their lives in traffic crashes in the washington region. let's talk about high tech here. engineers are building a train that's invisible. well, kind
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we'll explain coming up. >> and a new business claims to make your guy a better boyfriend. >> what? >> yeah. how will they do that? check it out coming up. >> and today is national pet day! we are inviting you to give your pets 15 seconds of fame so tweet us your best pet pictures using #fox5pets. we'll be right back. every feel stressed out at work? well it actually might be good for you. executives think that their job is somewhat or very stressful, but get this, the same says nearly a third of them claim, the more stress, the better they perform on the job. and attention smokers. your habit could make your career go up in smoke. new
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. >> designing a train that will be virtually invisible to the public. there it is. the train will have a mirrored surface giving it a super reflective exterior. this will create an illusion that the train is invisible by blending it into the natural surroundings. that train is set to arrive in 2018. >> what's the point of that? just cool? >> what could go wrong with a speeding train that no one can see. a new service wants to help so-called bad boys step up their game in the gift department. >> the founder says he got an idea for business for a better boyfriend from his own personal experience with his own bad behavior of being late or missing dates and forgetting to give presents. the package will be shipped with a card from the sender and it will not be labeled.
10:41 pm
indicate that you guys out there didn't actually pick out the gift. >> that could be helpful. >> i can think of a lot of ways to do that cheaper. how about set reminders. >> thousands of people who purchased cosmetics from the kylie jenner line. >> first bruce springsteen now a second rock star is cansling a show. >> we're getting new information about the brussels terrorists attacks. one suspect in custody he says the airport and metro were not the initial targets. those stories and more coming up at 11:00.
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>> obviously there's no question that football is a violent game and a new study is showing the toll it has taken on players. the study found evidence there was damage and impairment in the
10:45 pm
players it looked at. the average age of the players in the study was 36. new research will be presented dues at the annual meeting of the academy of nearology. >> $600 million earmarked for the ebola virus is being redirected to help combat the zika virus. >> reporter: the obama administration focusing on zika. >> everything we look at with this virus seems to be it's scarier than we initially thought. >> reporter: hundreds of travel-related cases have already been diagnosed in the continental u.s.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: most people experience mild symptoms but it's being ling linked. the virus is also believed to cause pregnancy complications including a birth defect where babies are born with smaller than normal heads. >> this is a very unusual virus that we can't even pretend that we know everything about it that we need to know. >> congress has yet to act. >> if we don't get the money we're not going to be take it to the point where we need to accomplish what we want to go. >> reporter: they're urging pregnant athletes to put off travel to brazil for the summer olympics. >> sue palka is here we got into
10:47 pm
70s, right? >> how nice. >> very nice. >> and we see next week a run of several days in row. >> did you say next week? >> yeah, not this week. >> it's monday. >> that's your good news because it's going to be a little rainy to start the day and tomorrow we'll be back a little cooler but not as cold as the weekend. wasn't that unbelievable? >> saturday was the weirdest. you told us it was going to happen and it all happened. wind, rain, snow. >> highest elevations got 19 inches by saturday night. >> it's amazing. >> some incredible pictures. so glad that's behind us. but wow april. you really have been bringing it this year. and today was really just a wonderful depar tour. it has been on the gusty side but at least we did get up to 73 degrees and it felt great and it's still so comfortable tonight. still at 69 degrees. hur ray for the nats and their fans, they got a good one in tonight. although a gusty wind is a little bit noticeable. we've got a frt
10:48 pm
that's why we're going to stay warm tonight. those winds have been noticeable gusting over 25 and 30 miles per hour. tuesday is going to start with some rain showers. we are going to see rain getting in here closer to 5:00, 6:00 in the morning. certainly sooner if you live out to the west. i think that will get through the area by about the noon hour. meanwhile temperatures today reagan at 73, dulles at 74 and bwi at 73. we won't be that warm tomorrow but we will have a drier afternoon. wanted to show you satellite and radar tonight because we do have the clouds around now. the breeze still continuing. the nearest showers showing up in western pennsylvania. nice collection of moisture, the area of low pressure will go up to pennsylvania but the approaching front will be in here tomorrow morning and we're thinking it's going to produce on average about 0.1 inch, you might get a
10:49 pm
and east if it lasts a longer. let's show you the timing for it and we'll just have the clouds thickening overnight by 7:00 a.m. the rain will be in here. no thunder expected by 9:00 a.m. we have a bigger batch of rain down along the northern neck and you can see that extends all the way over to the beaches as well. we're seeing clouds in the communities out to the west. frederick maybe western louden by 9:00 a.m. it's just about over for you. by the noon hour everything pushing away. the afternoon, evening commute, bus stop much drier. here's what we expect, by the afternoon a north breeze dries us out. not quite 73 tomorrow. we're going to op
10:50 pm
degrees. still better thran the weekend. well into the 60s with some clouds clearly and maybe overnight showers well west of dc. the rain does get in here for the morning. we'll have some sunshine late in the morning if not by the noon hour and breezes out of the north tomorrow at 10:00 to 15, dropping that temperature to 60. northern and western suburbs may be like the 50s for you. heading to the ballpark again tomorrow. nats with game 2 against the braves it looks like first pitch at 7:05 will be a little cooler. so we're going to keep it cool this week because of the position of high pressure. again, late week we're looking at dry conditions. look at this. by sunday of next week we're back to 72 degrees. and by the time we get into monday it's 76. so that beg
10:51 pm
of warmer weather that we're going to be seeing moving on in. so keep those long sleeves and ugg boots handy for the next few days because we'll be looking for short sleeves. >> they don't go far. >> we know your patterns. >> in case you guys didn't know, a special night tonight at nationals ballpark for some local children who are battling cancer. >> that's right. >> caitlin roth joins us with details. >> reporter: that's right, thank you. it was a very special night for 25 dc area kids who are also cancer patients. and they got treated to a night at nats park. where the nationals took on the atlanta braves earlier this evening. their main concerns tonight were weather the nats would win or if they had a shot at catching a foul ball. tonight was made possible by the
10:52 pm
youth cancer basketball tour. the tour takes cancer and families out to their ball parks for some quality time many has nothing to do with hospitals, treatment or feeling sick. the national organization paired with the hope for henry foundation here in washington, d.c. the hope for henry foundation began in the dc area in 2003 and live well and laugh hard. their paper with the youth baseball tour a perfect example of that. we spoke with the founder and the program director of hope for henry as well as some of the families at the ballpark earlier today. >> as a baseball game you get to smell the popcorn and watch their heros. you can tell they're not even worried about what
10:53 pm
having to go through. >> this is great because they get to being out and about and cheer on their favorite home team and i think those moments of laughter and positive energy. any fatigue or nausea, the body focuses and the mind focus on baseball and the next home run so they don't notice their pain as much. >> a wonderful partnership, two wonderful organizations and the nationals won tonight. >> yay! >> such a beautiful afternoon out at the park, a lot of smiles all around and that's what it's all about. >> they picked a perfect game, right, with this weather? >> it really did. we're glad they were out there
10:54 pm
tonight. >> some other good news concerning children. more a dozen kids in montgomery county got a haircut at school today for a good cause. they're donating their hair to make wigs for cancer patients. it was part of a hair donation drive at the academy of the holy cross in kensington. miss america who donated her hair after she was crowned was also on hand to help kick things off. the donated hair will be used to help make free real hair wigs for the american cancer society wig banks. >> coming up next, it may be the largest snake ever caught. we're going to show it to you. >> but first, this friday fox 5 will be rocking out as we kick off our spring concert series. we've got three fantastic local bands set to
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now to a story that may make your skin crawl. 26 foot snake died after laying eggs. the length will have to be identified by the world
10:59 pm
record group. i had a 16-foot bur mees python around me once for a story. gives me the hee bee gee bees. >> me too. a. >> he became the oldest person to get a tattoo. >> how do we know that? jack reynolds decided to get his nickname and date of birth on his upper arm. he also raised money for als by taking part in the ice bucket challenge at the young age of 102. good for him. >> good for him. >> stay with us. the news at 11:00 starts right now. >> right now at 11:00,
11:00 pm
northeast metro station the scene of two murders within weeks of each other. tonight former mayor vincent yeah is speaking up. what he thinks should be done to make metro safer. >> fox 5's one-on-one interview with larry hogan as lawmakers approach the 11th hour. >> plus neighbors in northern virginia meet to hash out a major construction project slated for i-395. the news at 11:00 starts right now. we thank you for joining us tonight. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. a 15-year-old is dead and dc police believe another teenager stabbed him to death at the deanwood metro station. >> fox 5's marina marraco joins us live from northeast with the


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