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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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northeast metro station the scene of two murders within weeks of each other. tonight former mayor vincent yeah is speaking up. what he thinks should be done to make metro safer. >> fox 5's one-on-one interview with larry hogan as lawmakers approach the 11th hour. >> plus neighbors in northern virginia meet to hash out a major construction project slated for i-395. the news at 11:00 starts right now. we thank you for joining us tonight. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. a 15-year-old is dead and dc police believe another teenager stabbed him to death at the deanwood metro station. >> fox 5's marina marraco joins us live from northeast with the
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marine ana? >> reporter: tonight we can confirm the victim was a student at richard wright charter school. it's been reviewed by investigators and sources also adding that a brief altercation led to murder. >> his body laying right there and i seen a guy trying to pump him. i didn't know that was his brother so i asked him. >> reporter: riders at the deanwood metro station witnessed the fatal stabbing, a 15-year-old who went by johnny. >> i just seen him this morning on my way to work. >> reporter: he spotted him with another teenager at the metro station at about 8:30 this morning. >> i turned around and he said hi and i said how are you doing and i said aren't you supposed to be in school and he didn't have -- i didn't know what was going on, i
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transitioning, going back into school, things happen. >> police say he had a court appearance just before the stabbing. >> it was a guy coming out of the escalator and he heard someone else say go ahead and she seen a dude walk up behind the guy. >> former dc nar vincent gray came out to the scene and tonight spoke with concerned res accidents. >> we've had two murders in less than two weeks but we've also had fights, we've had brutality and other issues that have occurred. metro has got to step up. and tell people, especially here in ward 7, exactly what they are going to do to make people feel safer. >> gray says there needs to be a tougher approach to end the violence. >> i almost feel like
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metal detectors. zbl they need to intervene. i'm an adult and i'm afraid for my own safety. >> city leaders participated in a community walk in a southeast neighborhood that a 7-year-old girl was shot in. the shooting happened the girl was walking home with her parents when she was caught up in a crossfire between crossshots. the girl's father and neighbor saved her by giving her first aid. >> you can imagine, and i know we all hate to imagine that, any of us tt
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him to act the way he did under that type of pressure, like i said it's amazing, it's remarkable and it very heroic and in all likelihood he saved her life. >> the good news tonight the little girl is in stable condition. >> developing in annapolis, lawmakers are nearing their midnight deadline to pass a law named for a fallen police officer. last december officer noah leotta was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver at a dui checkpoint. the general assembly is trying to pass a bill. but the bill has stalled because the house and senate passed different versions of the bill. governor larry hogan says he's ready to sign the bill if it lands on his task. jim lokay is live where he spoke with the governor a short time ago. what's the latest? >> reporter: we've got 56 minutes left, we just learned the senate will take up the revised bill. the reason there was this delay is bec
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versions of the bill. the house bill was said to be weaker than what the senate agreed upon. we're down to the wire about an hour or so ago i talked to governor hogan. >> it looks like it's going to pass. we're certainly hopeful. we've been trying really hard. a little bit of a glitch today with one of the senators was trying to add in some stuff that would have made it more difficult to get passed but i feel very hopeful. something we feel strongly about. i spent some time this afternoon with both of noah's parents and i think there's a lot of people in both the house and the senate who agree that this makes a lot of sense and will save a lot of lives. >> reporter: considering the amount of support this had going into today and the speed bumps, there has to be some frustration. >> it's a little frustrating but we try to stay on track and stay focused and we're hoping to still get it done and this will just be a dust tant memory and it's partner and we're hopeful that it will happen and it's very important and i think it's going
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>> >> reporter: and what are the leottas saying. >> i think they're frustrated and concerned because the political process isn't always pretty. i assured them that a lot of good people were still working hard and i thought they would be successful. >> reporter: do you think sometimes this is why some people lose faith in government because you get so far and it's one thing? >> sure. we're getting a lot more things done here than they do in washington. so what's frustrating for us and it's frustrating for other people, but more than half of our agenda is already passed. we get our budget passed two weeks ago. on still some things we're working hard tonight to get finished up. overall we've made progress, reached across the aisle. we're making a lot of progress together. >> reporter: less than 53 minutes to go now. going to head back into the state house to see if
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some action. the senate first if that passes the house gets it and if that passes the bill is signed tomorrow at 10:30. jim lokay, fox 5 local news. >> in montgomery county, two men who are charged with the kidnapping and rape of a 12-year-old girl also being vethded by u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. an ice spokeswoman tells fox 5 that the men are residents of honduras. they face multiple charges including first and second degree rape. >> the anne arundel sheriff is under investigation for allegedly assaulting his wife. police were called to the sheriff's home ol sunday after his wife called for help. today the sheriff released a statement denying he beat his wife. his service weapon and firearms were removed from their home. a lower maryland police officer shot a man by accident. the incident happened last n
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alarm at a market on 14th street. officials say during the investigation one of the officers got startled when he saw a shadowy figure. the officer's gun went off and hit a 20-year-old who was inside the sore. tonight his mother says she's not getting enough answers about what happened. >> this happened last night around 11:00, 11:30 and i'm just getting a call this afternoon around about 1:30 and they didn't give me any details so i just feel like i'm lost. >> the officer who fired that shot is on routine paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. >> traffic on interstate 395 in virginia is about to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. that's because vdot is expanding toll lanes on 395. this is the vekd face of hot lanes on that road. right now they stop just north of
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tonight was one of the first public hearings about the plan and the time frame for the project. >> we're doing a study that will include noise impacts of the projects, air quality and a number of other environmental concerns. >> you can drive on the hov lanes until or after 10:00 and until 3:00 p.m. now that's going to be stolen from us. we already paid for those hov lanes. >> vdot still has to work out the cost and finish the study. construction was start to set next spring and finish by the summer of 2019. >> brace yourselves for tomorrow morning. >> it's closing in on us. i see rain already into the pittsburgh area. so just a few hours until we see that rolling in here. it will also have some cooler temperatures behind it. i'll have a look at
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forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> also new details about last month's deadly isis attacks in belgium. a man who helped plot the attacks says the brussels airports and the metro station were not their original targets. . 1y50
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. >> we have breaking news out of annapolis. noah's law has passed the maryland state senate. it still has to pass the house and it has until midnight to do that. this is the bill that would put ignition interlock systems in convicted drunk drivers' cars. we will keep you posted with the latest developments. >> in the meantime we want you to check out this video of the moment that the surviving brussels terrorist was thrown to ground and arrested. >> he was the man in the hat and the tan jacket shortly before the explosives went off. he told prosecutors that brussels was not the primary target and originally they were planning a
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soccer tournament but they felt the police moving in but decided to target the airport and metro system. in raleigh, north carolina, there were dueling laws. >> the law requires transgender people to use public rest rooms that correspond with their gender at birth. >> it's my responsibility to feech my children what's right and wrong and men showering with bathrooms with women and little children in public facilities is downright wrong. >> you're detracting from the business environment if you essentially are going to make it legal to discriminate against that business's employees or customers. >> north carolina's naacp is threatening civil disobedience if the law is not repealed. >> bryan
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appearance in mississippi. he is protesting a law. >> if you've put off doing yours taxes, good news. tax day is usually april 15th, but this year emancipation day falls on april 15th. since it's a national holiday, the fax return deadline has been pushed back to the next business day which is monday, april 18th. >> let's toss things over to sue palka. we understand we're going to have some rain in the morning. >> yeah, it will be a little on the soggy side as our headline is saying. but the good news is this is going to move quickly. a nice drink for the lawns, the flowers, the trees, the shrubs and that's the only rain we'll have in our forecast. we have been a little bit on the
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52 to 57 for pickup at the bus stop tomorrow morning. rain gear will be needed. after school a brighter day, a cooler day than we had today. temperatures ranging from 57 to 62 degrees. here's a look at the next two days. a pair of 60 degree days but this day will feature the morning rain, afternoon clearing and wednesday on the cool side. we'll have a little bit of a breeze to deal with too but not as gusty as it was today with our warmer south breezes. it's still kind of gusty out there tonight. we're definitely living in the warm zone here. a warm front went through this morning. we got up to 73 degrees. the front is going to drop our temperatures and as it comes through our area it will come through with about a third of an inch of rain. maybe a few areas get a little bit more. so expect that rain in the morning. we've got a wide range amounts of only down to about .3 in dc. you'll get something early on.
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.4 for quantico and it picks up as you get closer to .7. that's a model prediction of what you may get. 20 degrees warmer as we continue to see our temperatures right around 66 degrees. so very lovely, no freeze warning tonight after that cold weekend. it certainly feels a lot better. and we expect a warmer sunrise, although there will be more clouds an obviously some rain showers. our temperature at 55 degrees. thank you melanie almwick for the great photo. sunrise at 6:35. so our front comes through but afternoon or so we think the rain is out of here and we're breezy, sunnier and cool. so that means we're only about 60 degrees tomorrow here in the district, 56 for hagerstown, 64, fredricksburg, and culpeper 61 for quantico much the feature this week will be hi pressure to the north which keeps us a little bit on the cooler
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and it looks like that's how we'll roll through the rest of the workweek. but by the time we get to the weekend and early next week, that high sinks farther to the south and we're going to start warming up nicely and we see a stretch of several days that will begin on sunday and monday that have us into the 70s. here comes a little bit of that spring you've all been waiting for. it will be a slow pull this week but one good thing about the cooler nights they tend to keep the pollen down. tomorrow morning's rain will help to watch out some of the pollen i heard so much sneezing today. by the time we get to friday it's 64, and saturday 66 and warmer and dry for sunday and monday. that sunday is looking like a great day. we kind of deserve it after last weekend, that's what i think. tony and shawn back to you. >> a quick correction. we mention emancipation day. it is not a national holiday, it is a holiday inn the district. because the irs is in the district they have to follow that and that's why taxes are not due until april 18th this
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>> the nationals began the season on the road with a two-game sweep of the braves. >> game one of a four-game series. the nats fell behind 2-0 but rallied in the bottom of the first. daniel murphy connects on a two-run homer to right field giving the nats a 3-2 lead. murphy is now batting .471. a big night for catcher wilson ramos he had a team high four hits. umpire unable to get out of the way. that makes it 11 straight wins at the home over the braves. the nats improve to 4 and 1. >> the orioles were at fenway park for the red sox home opener. what a way to say
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the orioles held on to win 9-7. they are 6 and 0. the best start in franchise history. >> some bad news for maryland basketball fans. 6'11" diamond stone is one and done in college park. he will declare for the nba park with plans to hire an agent. his teammate will enter his name in the nba draft but will not hire an agent leaving the possibility open that he could return for his junior season. >> it was a good day for detroit tiger fan bill dugan. his team lost to the pirates but he cost five foul balls all before the end of the fifth inning. he claims he's caught more than 200 foul balls in his lifetime. maybe he should be playing professionally. >> wow. the best part he gave all the balls away to kids seated near
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that's a great picture located just beyond the netting behind home plate. >> that's pretty cool. >> still ahead tonight at 11:00, if you bought some of those kylei jenner cosmetics, you need to know about a glitch. >> plus it is national pet day. >> that's my sister's puppy. we're looking at some of the pictures you sent in. pets, we love them and we'll be right back.
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>> this friday fox 5 will be groofg in farragving in farragu. we're going to kick things off this friday from 9:00 until 11:00. if you can't make it out watch it here or streaming. but you really want to go out. >> and the weather should be nice. >> feeling in the mood. >> kylie jenner has run into a little problem with the website for her cosmetics line. it turns out the site has been exposing personal information for its customers. it would send them to an existing customer' account information. tmz reports a temporary fix has been put in place but it's unclear how many customers were affected. and by the way, as we say good-bye tonight, wea
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an eye on the progress of noah's law in the maryland house. it passed a short time ago in the senate now it is up to the house to pass it. >> it would create stricter penalties for drunk drivers in maryland. we'll keep you updated on and on our social media accounts. the house has until midnight to act on this in maryland. time is of the essence. >> and if it passes maryland governor larry hogan says he will sign it tomorrow morning at 10:30. >> i bet it passes. >> i hope so. >> a quick look at our 7-day forecast. we're going to have rain tomorrow morning but by the time we get to the noon hour most places are done with the rain. the afternoon is drier we should get around 60 degrees. sunday is your day. getting warmer by the end of the week. >> see you tomorrow.
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harvey: so iggy azalea has now made clear what her position is if nick young ever allegedly does it again. >> no, i'm not cool with it. you will have half a penis. >> she threatened to cut off a quarter, up to a half of his penis. >> that still leaves him like eight inches. [laughter] >> khloe kardashian was with french montana. >> how is it going? >> she wrote this manifesto. harvey: khloe kardashian realized the savior complex is just a bad thing. >> if she's going to clean up her life, she needs to totally clean it up. stop going back to french montana. harvey: suppose james harden says i believe you and i want you back. >> james harden was cute though. harvey: it's not that cute. >> it is though. >> got guy ritchie dropping off rocco ritchie at madonna's london home. >> that's a big deal.


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