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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> braking right now teenager nar rest. deadly stabbing in a metro station in the district. what police are telling "fox5" about that young man now in custody. >> also down to the wire now law makers in annapolis timely passe law that sends a strong message to drunk drivers. >> and straight up 6:00 giving you a live look outside tuesday morning april 12 and we'll have bother and traffic for you on the fives at 6:05. good tuesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox 5 news morning". we're starting with breaking news out of the district this morning. police arrests aid sis suspect of rescuing a teenager at the deanwood metro station. >> melanie alnwick is on the scene rights now with the latest on this troubling investigation, mel. . >> steve and allison police tell us that the person that was arrested for this brutal stabbing m
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old. but, they will not confirm yet if it is person who was shown to us yesterday and captured on surveillance video at metro that they put out to the media as a person of interest. we do not know if that photo from yesterday and the person arrested for this murder are indeed the same certainly police told us they knew who they were looking for and it did not take long to make an arrest in the case and the violence here and the issues here with teenagers is really what brought out so many community activists and city leaders and they're also pressing metro for better safety. sources close to the investigation confirm that through metro surveillance they were able to see there was some kind of altercation between two young men on the escalators at the dean wood metro and the stabbing was fast and
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witnesses say 15-year-old john roof us evans the third that went by johnny was struck twice in the neck around 11 a.m. and bled to death. police sources confirm evan was on his way to court hearing. ward 7 councilwoman he vet alexander said she was promised more security after the last murder at the deanwood metro station. >> i don't know what to make of the people xhiting these crimes i cannot tell you about that. but there's something deeper to that. what i know it's indicator metro police really should have more increased presence here. and they said after the first tragic incident that they would and i was actually out here this morning and i did not see any additional presence. >> also here at the dean wood metro yesterday last night, the guardian angels come out as well. and council
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duffy was here really saying it was one thing to talk about additional security but really, we need to get more to the root of the problem in terms of what is causing some young people in the city to act out so violently. steve and allison. >> melanie. thank you so much. that stabbing marks the third violent attack on a teenager at or near a metro stop in recent weeks. and you'll remember 15-year-old de'vante washington was shot to death last month at the dean wood stop. police arrested and charged a 17-year-old --. >> a 27-year-old man behind bars this morning accused of shooting a young girl in southeast d.c. on friday. police say michael wiggins opened fire during some sort of fight involveing a group of people, a 7-year-old
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injured in the cross fire as she walked home from dinner from parents. she's in fair condition this morning. >> new this morning, maryland governor larry hogan set to sign in law today a bill that requires ignition interests lock def eess for anyone convicted of drunk driving in the state named after a montgomery county police officer killed by a suspected drunk driver. >> midnight and 1129 last night the votes came down. noah's law passing maryland house of delegates and passed senate moments earlier and this after the fwilself was thrown into doubt earlier in the day and differences in two different versusch bill passed senate version and house version and many consider house version to be a little weaker and after both sides and ironed out pretty appropriate reports and everything dime pass just about 31 minutes before the session was over. had they not acted on the bill noah's law would have been daetd. governor hogan set to sign the bill 10
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state house. in annapolis. jim lokay. fox local news. >> coming up in the 7:00 hour reaction to the bill getting the green light. joining us live the police dmeev montgomery countsy coming up at 7:30 before we get to weather we have a school closing to pass along today. ser atsville high school in prince george county closed because of water main break. nothing to do with weather. >> no. >> which is okay. >> all right. . >> but can't do much about the water main have to close the schools. >> little day off for those. >> speaking of warm, talker barpz. >> rain showers this morning. and then well i like the new hairstyle. >> got curls up here now. >> love it. >> got a little move sglment i got a little movement too. >> yes sgle having a bad hair day currently. >> where am i looking who am i. >> 62 there we government and feels like 62. winds out of the south at 15. nice mild start to day. rain showers first half of day and we'll clear it out much like
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should be beautiful afternoon with daytime eyes in the mid 6 0s. rain shower activity working on through. now moving inside the beltway. and here in the city getting rain showers shortly and with us for a couple hours i think probably late morning we'll start to get clearing and nice improve. here. again cold front locks in the cool feel for the next couple days but nothing too extreme and no snow in the forecast and no you know bitter winds. freezing temperatures. nothing like that. 65. rain first half of today and dry the next couple days. 65 later this afternoon. and again, wet this morning, dry this afternoon. . >> thank you. >> okay. >> thank you. >> let's academic with erin now and get a look at traffic this morning. >> hey, 6:06 huge delays and problems lots of volume and because of a crash. it's after the fairfax country parkway on 9 aa delays already between woodbridge and lorton and expect those delays to kind of join into the delays and in volume. let me take a look at this basically parked lead together crash taking out the left center l
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stopped traffic and again that extends several miles and south of that point through woodbridge typical morning volume. 95 northbound i would say leave very early friday stafford to get towards beltway and you can always take route 1 north. be prepared to head with typical morning congestion and traffic lights slow you down. right now things not look going police lights popping up left side screen. there let's switch it over aside from those slow downs dealing with other issues to look back at maps. other accidents you need to be aware of this morning looks like we're having issues with traffic system so we'll see if we can get through that and maybe take a look at cameras. fairfax country parkway northbound after pope head a crash and also 301 inbound prince george country in buoy and we'll get this settled up and keep you updated metro back to normal and red line problems toe shady grove. back to you. >> police at the u.s. capitol expecting a busy
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and hundred of people against the money of politics and people loaded on to buses and led away in handcuffs. expect a busy day today. >> it's equal payday. what president obama is doing to honor women's equality. >> good seat or luck. a tigers fan catches not one or two bibut five foul balls.
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>> a total of 32 people consider killed in bombing of brussels. >> and a car bomb exploded in turkey killing one person and injuring two dozen others. nearby buildings were damaged in the blast and there's been a recent subject of violence in turkey prompting united states consolate to urge americans there to use extreme caution. >> and disturbing story out of washington state. police believe they located a body of a mother of three missing since going on a blind date with a man she met online. and officials say body parts found in a recycling bag hard details there belong to ingrid lynn
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wept out on date with is behind bars and officials say he has a criminal history. the new york primary just a week away now and five remai remaining presidential candidates eated race for nomination and republican governor john kasich claims momentum building in the primary states. senator ted cruz is focusing campaign on california and taking advantage of donald trump stumbles and looking more likely he will not collect enough del goots avoid a contested convention. >> 65 to 70% of republicans recognize nominating donald trump would be a train wreck. >> the system folks is rigged. it's a rigged disgusting dirty system. >> meantime democrats are prepare foring a debate thursday. it will be in brooklyn. more than 200 delegates up for grabs in new york state. >> happening today, president barack obama will dedicate a house as new national monument honoring women's quality and the house is
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district and it was central part of women's house movement. president obama dedication comes on equal payday which calls attention to the pay disparity between men and women still in the united states. >> and a severe weather system is on the move this morning now that same system produced massive hail storm in texas with hail the size of golf balls. and today mississippi, alabama, georgia, all at risk for flooding and isolated tornadoes and the system stretches up the east coast briping mostly rain to areas including here in our region. >> catching one foul ball at baseball game is tough enough. two would be pretty awesome. how about five. that's what this detroit tigers fan did at the game against the pirates. bill dug an. season ticket holder said all of the balls landed within 15 feet of seat to right of home plating in few for dug an he caught more than 200 baiblz over the years and keeps
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home and and young tiger fans seated nearby. making youngsters happy to baseball camp. >> two thumbs up on that. top safety pickups. >> let's head out as we head to break. 64 degrees. rain out. there we'll check in with tuc tucker next.
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>> problems on 95. this is 95 northbound. heads up if you leave early and come out south of fairfax county parkly that's where a crash is delays to route 1. you see the activity there left-hand side of the lanes there. hov moving and northbound 95 main lanes having problems out. there whoops, lost that. tucker barnes accepteding it back to you with a look at the forecast. rain probably not helping. >> raining across the area. we'll be with you all day and the next couple hours and timing not good around for the morning commute
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morning soggy got a lot in the rain bucket tenth to quarter inch of rain and rain next couple hours. look how warm it s mild, 62 in washington. 63 annapolis. baltimore, too. you guys are hanging in upper 50ss low 60s and 5 8 this morning hagerstown. and we could not be asking for nicer at least milder conditions to start the day perhaps nicer considering we have rain showers. rain couple pockets of it m coming together here across 95 and rain is not particularly heavy but it will be us with here for a few hours. expect morning showers. as we get to afternoon hours the backside of the front should work in pretty quick. there you go. backside of the front already working into western maryland and i think we'll break out in sunshine and pleasant afternoo afternoon. winds pick up out of north even west with clearing. but it should be pleasant afternoon. cold front starts to get further south and east. future cast there you go by 2:00 it's far enough south app east that muchb of our area is
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southern maryland holding on to cloud cover and showers lon longest. but by early afternoon breaks and again mid afternoon generally sunny conditions and pleasantly cool overnight and tomorrow looks good and thursday looks great. peratures stay a little cool for this time of year as we get to middle of week. there's front fading offer south and east. high pressure builds in. cooler tonight. nice looking forecast and again nothing extreme out there for the next seven days and in fact a nice warm weekend and pretty awesome. and part miv weekend. is it a and sunday upper 60s and 70s around here. mid 7 0s next monday. nice looking forecast. next couple hours out of here. erin has traffic. >> with that said tucker we get through this rainy tuesday morning commute and looks like the forecast is picking up. we start you off with a look at sky fox crash blocking left shoulder part of left lane 95 northbound fairfax country parkway jammed and slow
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traffic 10 miles an hour all the way back to route 1. south ever that point between wood brim and lorton seeing a ton of stop and go cop squeing squeington and those delays linking up causing painful ride toward the beltway. and hov lanes moving our. let's switch to maps. i'll show you that delay. and other problems going on around town. fairfax county parkway northbound after pope head road another crash prince george county and crash activity continues now. 210 northbound pass palmer road and upper loop delay as you make your way out just before 4:14 as you cross the wilson bridge upper loop just jammed no crashes just a lot of morning congestion. also in buoy this morning another crash 301 north pointer ridge drive so give yourself extra time there. 50 inbound side and a lot of delays as you head past keep ill worth and new york avenue inbound bladeensburg and
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capitol jammed up residual to shady grove cleared up. no alerts for rest of note row commute. grab umbrella on way to stop and taking a wide view now as we zoom in downtown traffic looking good on 66 as you get into arlington. and but prior to that points through mannasas and cente centerville stop and go traffic. 270 southbound jammed by truck scales and frederick and hit residual delays because of cop juston and rain as you get through gaithersburg. we will keep you posted alliso allison. >> thanks are you looking for a new ride. if you're into trucks the 2016 ford f-150 is safest on the road. results of insurance institute for highway safety crash tests, results are out. they find ford f-150 super cab is safest truck on the road out there. test replicates what would happen fen a driver got into a crash while going about 40 milesen hour and rams 150 0 quad cab
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performed the worst. >> congestion 395 northern virginia vdot is about to start the third phase. it's ending near the pentagon. plan it to keepisting hov lanes to all tolls and all times even during off peak hours not sitting well with drivers. >> and you can drive on hov lanes and until or after 10:00 and until 3 p.m. and now, that's going to be stolen from us. we already paid for those hov lanes. >> we're doing a study that will include noise impact of the project and air quality and number of other environmental concerns. >> v do. also still has to work out cost of project and construction is said to start next spring and finish by summer of 20 19. >> still ahead buying concert tickets and about to get easier for facebook users and plus if you use the social networking site's messenger app it works
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>> and coney bryant farewell tour coming to end. you can guess how much lakeer fans are paying to watch his last game in person. you better start saving we'llty you coming up 6
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. >> how are we looking. >> pretty good this morning. and item you believeble in the final hour. 150 point gain and dow closes down and it's up 35 points this morning. earning season kickoff alcoa terrible numbers last night. we're talking profits that fell 92% yep and potentially 2,000 job cuts at the aluminum giant. things looking bet they are morning and reason there is oil prices. right near 41 bucks
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highest level all year. >> our prices creeping up and maybe that's a good thing in small doses. okay. let's talk about those verizon union workers threatening to walk off the job. >> we're talking about land lane. verizon customers could be affected here and cable customers as well. wireless customers no. some 40,000 union workers threatening to walk off the job tomorrow to go on strike as early as 6:00 in the morning. because there are arguing with verizon about a new contract. higher pay and better productions and limit out-sourcing. verizon and union have to come to agreement. service should be okay tomorrow and the reason is verizon has known about this and trained up non union staff to answer phones and deal with lands lanes et cetera. >> we'll keep and eye on that. facebook users you may be able to gets concert tickets and this lately lauren i don't even look to really go to many concert any more because prices
6:24 am
tickets it's more confusing and now facebook steps in. >> it's hard to get tickets to anything because you have to go to secondary markets and prices skyrocket. it's everybody is in de mapped these days. what you have now and buzz feed is reporting this that ticket master will sell later this month tickets right on faceboo facebook. what does this do for both companies it's a positive. number one ticket master will she more tickets and number two facebook is saying if you can buy tickets on the site you spend more time on the site. this is win/win for everybody involved there's a fee paid to ticket master from facebook however customers will not pay that. >> one more things from facebook. you may actually be able to make payments -- i love paypal. >> do you use facebook messenger a lot of people use it to chat with people off
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facebook and there's another use for that and there's -- you can accepted payments to somebody all you have to do is link debit card and split dinner bill and pay rent and do things like that in the messenger part of facebook. >> i mean facebook you have to give it to them. they're always thinking right. >> taking over the world. >> lauren thanks so much we'll see it tomorrow. >> thank you. >> 6:25. >> hello tucker barnes. >> we don't go to concerts any more because you have 50 ticket and 60 surcharge. >> you have to go to secondary -- old school remember when you went to hex and stood in line. >> hours sometimes all night. >> at least you went one place. >> you deposit have choice of ticket then. >> you took what they gave you. >> surcharge is it goes one price of ticket not same sure charge for everybody. you buy a 50 tickets it's 6# 40 surcharge and $you really have to love white snake to go to that concert. >> yohave to
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>> steve remind me did you see guns and roses axle broke his foot. reagan national 62. 63 dulles. bwi marshall 63. mild temperatures to start the day. however morning showers damp eping things for the time bein being. sunshine this afternoon with highs in mid 6 0s. showers spread across the entire region at the moment not going to last all morning. we start the gradual clearing process winds norm and west later this afternoon should be pleasant afternoon and just breezy out there. again dry afternoon getting perhaps wednesday, thursday, friday look good. actually next six days look good. >> we have a nice streak here. >> trouble erin. >> that's right, 6:26 steve and we have a lot of volume around up to and congestion
6:27 am
crash fair fach county parkway as well 9 are we've been talking about and delays joining in prince william county. new crash prince william by quantico. take a look at sky fox. i'll show you crash we've been tracking and looks to clear the left shoulder and delays past route 1 hov lane moving and again bigger delays picking up route 1 northbound dealing with heavy flask stafford all jammed up. basically 95 northbound is message staff ford from beltwa beltway. we'll have more traffic in a few. back to you two. >> thanks, airport, time now 6:27. >> coming up next update on arrest of suspect in deadly stabbing in metro station in the district. >> big night at ballpark last night. we'll find out how the first pitch is mrawral wept. chat with them next at 6:27 pats
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pats pass. >> tuesday morning, welcome back to "fox5 news morning" erin along with tucker will join us on the fives at 6:35. first at 6:30 though a suspect is in police custody in connection with deadly stabbing at the dean wood metro station. and we know the suspect is 18 years old and police have not released his name and he is suspected of stabbing and killing 15-year-old john evans th
6:31 am
altercation. and no word on that motive yet. >> and in prince william county the mother of a 3-month-old baby is behind bars accused of stabbing that up fant and behind bars being held without bond that little girl is in the hospital and she has serious life-threatening injuries again just three months old. >> today governor larry hogan will sign noah's law into law. it comes down to the final hour before the deadline. and inter lock devices for anyone convicted of drunk driving in the state. >> time for morning line. national $it again great start to the sea
6:32 am
luck from the sports junkies. how was the big night at the ballpark guys. >> great time. lot of fans come out and sit with us section 106 throw out first pitch all threw strikes. at least we thought they were strikes. >> i think we got video. let's look at it and see if they're strikes or not. >> rockmine was a strike. >> he was throwing it to washington. >> that was me. >> not my fault he cannot catc catch. >> not eric's fault. he has a giant head. . >> how many dropped it. >> mine dropped. it mine didn't have a chance. >> jefferson caught his i cannot see teddy who was throwing to teddy. >> i threw to teddy. >> hit him in the belt area. that's not bad. >> hit him in the glove. >> he caught mine. >> 38 mile an hour fast ball. >> i think --. >> i knew george couldn't catch. >> it's advantage when you have the giant strike zone for presidents out there. >> great effort on first pitches no shock you had a top
6:33 am
and more importantly good outing for the great start to the season for nats and how about daniel murphy what a spark he's been for the club. >> hit another home run and sherzers didn't start off great but got through it and another win and best record in the nl. >> how about papelbon. >> did he get food last night on did you folks get uncourageed not to boo. >> the only person i boo'd last night was junkyes listener who came in philadelphia flyers sweater last night. >> get him out of there. come on. >> clearly trying to rangle the fan base here. >> well as long as you did not hear yourself booing you are in good shape. great start in the area. o's have the best record in baseball and nats best record in nl. fingers crossed. it's a long season. speaking of long seasons wizard one of the longest for recent years in fans and word out randy whitman will be gone. thats with telegraphed october or november i think. >> well, i mean we've about
6:34 am
days and wizards were expected after getting to the second around of playoffs the last couple seasons expecting to at least get to the play wrovs and do what they did the last year if not go beyond. just utterly disappointing season and i think it's merited. the guy tuned him out probably. >> note he did a lot to transition the team. they were floundering when flip was here and then really started to grow and months only and expectations were high this year. frankly there were people out there beyond hanarahan to not make the playoffs i wouldn't fer randy wants to coach this team again. >> that's the feel you got from the tone of some of the things he was saying toward end of season but. >> he'll probably be relieved. >> i think. >> that's a good way of looking at. it who do you think is a good fit for the team then. >> who knows i'm sure there's some retread out there they'll be looking sglat somebody willing to work for a reasonable salary. >> i don't see ted going out and hiring soe
6:35 am
head coach and being willing to pay 5 1/2, 6 million to bring somebody new in. it will be relatively unknown name. >> somebody like randy whittman when he was hired. the players have to look themselves in the mirror too. obviously coach is fall guy. players have to look themselves notice mirror and say what type of player do i want to be and how much more effort do i want to give they have to make changes more than head coach in my opinion. it was a team failure. not just randy whittman failur failure. >> if you look around the league you're seeing younger coaches now getting hired maybe they bring back somebody the players can relate to that they got watch in the nba. sam casel so on the staff. a lot of young coaches get the gig. >> any time you hear about sam who is a young coach it makes us feel old. >> of course. >> and exactly that's life. >> well hopefully this thing of not making playoff sits with everybody and next year makes it productive. thanks, glad you had a good
6:36 am
night at the ballpark. >> nice job with the pitch. >> junks at 106.7 fm the fan. >> hello. >> good morning. >> it's your turn. >> hello. >> baseball is fun these days. >> great start to the season. >> collective 11-1 i think between the two teams. >> yes, looks good. >> all right. weather looked good this afternoon and rain showers this morning 62 degrees. winds south at 16. shifting north and west. cloud cover and early morning showers and once again rain showers will be with us for a few hours. probably 10, 11:00 we generally should be done with. it those in southern maryland and lower eastern shore linger longer for you and everybody we get clearing by afternoon and very pleasant day. i mean our temperatures would be in the mid 60s nice and spring like later this afternoon and should be a nice stretch of weather starting this afternoon. right through the weekend. >> and nice warming trend as well. i'll have the 7 day in a minut minute. you want to stay tuned for tha that. >> all right.
6:37 am
>> mid 60s today sunny this afternoon. >> we'll take it. >> yeah. >> thanks tuck. >> here's waern a look at traffic this morning and 6:37. >> 6:37 big crash we were tracking 95 northbound by fairfax county parkway cleared. all lanes on. look at that volume. you're basically parked route one to the fairfax county parkway and south of that point another crash blocking shoulder near quantico and 5 northbound staff forward on up. hov lanes appear to be moving better and otherwise these are checking in under 10 miles an hour on average and we'll switch over for maps and a lot of volume and delays through lor ton as well and see if we can forward maps now and look at other things around town. crash cleared fair fach county parkway northbound after pope head road and tracking a water main break out in clinton and this piscataway
6:38 am
directing traffic because of that high school is closed today because it's so closed to the vicinity of the water main break. don't forget that high school closed today in miss cat way road deal with active water main break. crash activity this morning, 10 northbound past palmer road a side that that upper loop jammed across wilson bridge 270 southbound backed up by truck scales and again through germantown we'll keep you up date. wet roads not a great start to tuesday morning. back to you. >> erin, thanks. next, what a maryland man brought to a baby shower that landed him behind bars. >> ut, oh and update to the story d.c. hamburglar became a viral sensation. here's ow a reward -- one catch he has to turn himself in. details next.
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. >> trending on web tuesday morning these are the stories you'reen gaming with now on social media. first southern mar par a man face aggravated assault charges after a fight at a baby shower. but it's a little scare
6:42 am
that. charles county sheriff officials say the man left the shower and wept to car and got a gun. when deputies caught one him he had an ar 15 rivrle and lots of ammunition. metro board considering name changes at two station and transit officials may have national mall to the smithsonian station name and kennedy center to the foggy bottom gwu station and timely you may call it burger bribe foreman in this video everything is talking about this one. grok into a five guys fired up the grill and had a late night snack and left. rival burger chain wants to help him. ceo of way backburgers is offeringburgers for a year if he turns himself until. >> i don't know, al, hopefully close enough it's worth getting freeburgers for a year. if you have to go to tennessee to get them probably not worth it. >> somebody is trying to get in on the trend. >> somebody likes voir ral trepdz. >> i appreciate you steve. still ahead new concerns about zika virus and fight against it right here in the united states. and reminder before we take you to the break if you have a news tip share it with us 202-895-2 202-895-200 or tips
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back now a birds eye view of the commute. you are looking at 95 at the prince william parkway. no wreck or anything here just backup. >> backup. >> but it's a significant backup. i believe there was an incident earlier. perhaps it's working its way out. >> all righty. >> just a head up. we'll check in with erin in a minute. >> hi, tuck. >> good morning, rain showers
6:46 am
afternoon. we'll be right back into the springtime temperatures. >> and we'll keep it sunny for a little bit. >> nice breeze, i opened windows and doors and did spring cleaning yesterday. >> did you? >> yes. >> and breeze blew around. >> that was a start. took a while to get the windows on. >> i would like to apologize to viewers i think all mosquitoes are born in my backyard and dust in my home. i would like to apologize. >> think how nice you are to share. >> if you wonder where mosquitoes come from and sduingt. >> we can name it after you. >> maybe i need filters cleaned perhaps that's what it is. >> always get your filters cleaned. >> showers out there early. and after school, hey will be aanother beautiful day low to mid 60s. breezy conditions. much like yesterday. pleasant around here. springtime feeling to the afternoon hours. and all right nice and mild out there early. 62 washinon
6:47 am
and 59 leonardtown and everybody comfortable. 63 dulles and 65 in frederick. there's storm tracker radar. rain shower activity yeah pretty persistent here. not tear bally heavy and quick move. so back edge of precip is here. you can see. it rain moves through the area for a couple hours. by 9, 10:00 we should start to shut rain showers off and clear out and by early afternoon most of the area is back in sunshin sunshine. there you go you can see -- there we go winter weather flying there in upstate new york. backside of that precipitation should move through quick. future cast by 3:00 if are you south and east of 95 you might have lingering cloud cover and maybe a few showers down at beaches and rest of us break out nice sunshine and high pressure builds in and beautiful afternoon. comfortable ever night. cool overnight. clear and we're set up after today for several days wi
6:48 am
comfortable conditions owe round here. those of you looking for signs of nice springtime warm-up i think mother nature will deliver by the end of the weekend. surprised, monday, 7 0s. maybe a few 80s around hereby monday afternoon for part of region and as we got warmest temperatures for quite sometime on the way. 65 today. rain out of here 9, 10:00 this morning and then nice stretch of weather. wednesday, thursday, friday, into weekend look great with nice warm-up. i'm delivering erin let's see if you deliver. >> you tlevr the great news i'll take care of rainy ride for the morning commute now. and problems sky fox prince william parkway things jammed up and folks in right lane merging to left and under the overpasses crash taking outright lane. as you merge prince william to 95 northbound be prepared for a lot of stopped track as folks get around that crash and those delays continue this accident actually in a large mass of cop just don't w
6:49 am
crash fairfax country parkway cleared and 95 northbound as you head towards the beltway at a crawl right now. let's look at maps. we'll show you closer look at that and what else we're daeling with and delays dale city to beltway 18 miles in app hour and again earlier crash fairfax county parkway the new crash at prince william and another crash mrorking shoulder 95 northbound from quantico stafford up it's a mess. 95 not looking hot and route 1 backed up top of volume which is unfortunately your best alternate. water main break in clinton. piscataway road norm of old branch avenue that closed with water main. and in addition to that as we zoom out and take a wide view of area you can see a lot of red. those delays on 5 northbound continue through springfield inchange and 39 a5 inbound alexandria to 14 street bridge and tops of slow moving traffic and very, very crowd add cross the wilson bridge on upper loop.
6:50 am
vw parkway now seeing a lot of slow moving traffic north and southbound side. northbound delays powder mill and southbound delays 450 and in addition to that gw parkway on southbound side dealing with crash near mount vernon memorial parkway getting reports of disabled car. we'll take a closer look at gw parkway next a side from that 66 inbound mannasas to cente centerville and through arlington stop and go traffic. we'll keep up updated it's turning out to be a crowded tuesday morning commute and right now metro on time. back to you. >> erin, thanks, new many morning d.c. police with three people in custody with connection with armed carjacking overnight and it happened in the 2300 block of pennsylvania avenue and south east 120 this morning and police say the 3 took a tan mit beeshy with tags and there was 'small change and indicate to end in south west d.c.. nobody injured. three people in custody at this hour.
6:51 am
concern in the united states. top health officials say the threat is scarier than initially thought. now, the push is on for more federal money to fight months keets owes that spread zika and research into vaccine and treatments and white house already agreed to use leftover money for ebola fight and, doctors with national institutes of health say it's a fraction to help get the job done. zika provrp to cause brain defects in babies born to women infected with the virus and there's also reports of rare neurological problems in adult adults. >> well since the flint water crisis public water systems across the country came to scrutiny. it announced a dozen of state water systems are not up to code with federal standards and impact about 2,000 people. . >> chick-fil-a getting rid of iceberg let us permanently. fast food restaurant president
6:52 am
nutritionless. they're changing up the menu focusing on salads and healthy side items. >> it was special night for alternates park for more than two dozen local children battling cancer all made possible thanksing to youth cancer baseball tour which treats kids with cancer and their families to a ball game for quality time that hose nothing to do with hospitals or treatment or just feeling sick. and national organization paid with hope for henry foundation here in washington d.c. and the tour is making 30 stops at major league stadiums across the country throughout the season. >> very cool today is national grilled cheese day. why does it mean anything. atlanta braves reliever grillly his nickname is grilled cheese. he'll meet with a family from d.c. tragedy assistants program for survivors taps and they'll be treated to gourmet grild cheese in northwest and invaded
6:53 am
game. we'll have that story later today. >> die hard lakers fans paying one fan paying $55,000 for two court side tickets. the average price for ticket on stubhub right now, $971. nose bleed seats going for $68 $685. the cheapest court side seats will cost you $18,000. kobe will take the court for type all-time against utah jazz the game starts 10:30 p.m. >> i pray for a day i can do that. >> no, i would spend a better use for my $1,000 sgrus or $5,000. anyway redefining the hover board and it took four years develop and he reach heights of 10,000 feet, steve. >> what? >> ten thousand and feet. hits
6:54 am
hour and at the shows him using a joy stick. was that ultra man sfwlp it looks superheroy. >> we have to ask wisdom it's up tuper girl. >> everybody is wearing head sets and season the water moving along around. >> 10,000 feet in air? >> you -- he mean he's like 30 feet in air now you think he will go 10,000. >> i don't. >> you better not run out of juice when up 10,000 feet. or 30 for that matter. okay. >> all right. >> that was fun. >> reminder "fox5" spring concert kicked off far gat square park for sound of the city that can perform during
6:55 am
good day from 9 to 11 if you cannot make it out find it streaming at "fox5" d.c.. following friday april 22 secret society will perform. then the muddy crows will be finale band that's on friday, april 29. >> that sounds good right something. >> a gram yeah ward winning country singer will join us liver later this morning jennifer nuttle guest at good day at 10 day in town to support the 4 h grow true leaders rally happening this morning. hundreds of members of 4 h youth organization are expected to protest the rising cost of college and want stronger leadership and role models and later tonight they'll gold awards downtown that celebrating national impact of 4 h. >> she was in the band sugar land. >> we want to say good morning to face back fap of the day. hello connie gibson. >> look going in green this morning. i've been tuning in every morning for the pa
6:56 am
>> oh. . >> almost out lasted allison seymour. >> yeah. >> and well it's kanye's birthday today we want to say happy birthday it's her double nickel birthday. >> you look good miss connie. >> hope you have a wonderful day today. we'll see if tuck can step you out with a good forecast. >> rain showers earlier this morning and rain consistent for the next hour or so and quick one and over. 61. nice and mild out there. connie for birth day 61 dulles and bwi marshall 63 and see rain showers moving in quick and they'll be out of here as fast as they got here. again by 9, 10:00 this morning most of rain should be out of here and we'll clear it out this afternoon. and with temps in mid 60s and look at that beautiful stretch of weather to look forward to right to the weekend with nice warm-up by end of weekend. that's weather. erin. >> traffic. >> and just a mess on 95 northbound side. 39
6:57 am
to seminary down to 20 miles an hour and sky fox over the dela delay. earlier crash prince william parkway and fairfax county parkway cleared and dale city to springfield interchange at the beltway a ton of extra time. deep to "fox5 news morning" and other delays we'll steer clear of in a passion pass
6:59 am
7:00 am
passion pass >> breaking right now at 7:00 this morning police make an arrest in deadly stabbing involveing a teen aimer in the metro district and what we know about the suspect coming up in a live report. >> and it came down to the wire and noah's law is headed to governor's desk and the bill honors montgomery county officer noah liota passed late last night and this hour we get reaction from the officer's family and plus,. >> everything we look at with this virus seems to be scarier than we initially thought. >> and alarming comments this morning about the zika virus federal health officials say it is worse than we thought as we head into the summer months. >> a live look outside tuesday morning april 12, 2015, sky fox over 95 in virginia and lots of problems as you head northboun northbound. that's what sky fox has and -- and numero


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