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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  April 12, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, marylandd passes one of the toughest drunu driving laws in the nation. nato a tribute to fallen montgomeryog county police officer know whata leotta. why it came down to the wire and how his family reactioned to the victory. >> everything we look at withweo this virus seems to be scarier a than we initially thought. new warning from the whitei house about the zika virus. virs why even more americans could bd at risk than once thought. 400 arrests during atsurin democracy protest in d.c. and active visits say they'll beits back at it again tay what they say they're fightingig and later, too close for comfort. photographer testing out newesti camera for gets to duck as a plane comes in for a
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we'll show you what happenedappe next. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> that was a good tease. t you got me perked up.ed i want to see how that one endsd >> we're clear for landing herer good day d.c..c it is 9:01 on this tuesday apr april 12th. wisdom martin alongside hollydel morris, maureen umeh, steve chenevey, we're all here ready r to go. >> also ahead this morning oneno week until the new york primary. hillary clinton and the mayorher bill diblasio in hot water after a joke backfired. we'll should you you what theyht said.said how they're responding and we ae want to know what you have toha say about it. >> let's talk about the weathera it's been iffy, dicey anothernoh round of rain showers to startrt the day. then some sunshine to end itend what we're hearing. it won't be quiet as warm asar a yesterday.yesterda details now tucker barnes backsb with your first check of the cco forecast.focast. hello. >> hi, guys. the mayor of new york is he like 6-foot six.ix. >> he's very tall. he's very ta. >> he's a big man. >> 6-foot seven actually.
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>> yeah. >> everything maureen said willr starting with temperatures which are right now, you know, notw,ot terrible.te 61 irrn washington.ngn. doing 50s to the north and west. it is getting cooler in thein te mountains cold front coming comn through as we speak and we'respw getting a burst of rain showern activity on the back side of the front.front. melanie just tweeted me a twe m picture it looks ominous outut there. kind of see it right thereit rig working right through the cityhh up and down 95 as we speak. there you go.theryou go with some pretty good downpoursu but that is back edge of the front and continues to push toh the south and east we shouldt we wind down the rain pretty prett quickly. left with cloud cover for fewew hours and then gradually returnt to sunshine by late morning after the afternoon starting to see sunshine build out to theldt west and to the north, and it a will be little bit of a cool a afternoon with winds north and d west but very pleasant afternoon and again, we'll be done withit the rain shower activity. so it's for the most part a good news forecast.t. bigger look western pennsylvanis now eastern ohio you can see the clearing.ring high pressure out here and aout strong northwest wind gusti
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times to about 20 will deliverde sunshine for your afternoon midm 60s for daytime highs niceic looking forecast as we go forward onward into our tuesdayd 65 there, dry and breezy later t winds north and west 10 to 20. 2 i think generally everybody will love the seven day forecast.ecat i'll have for you guys in auys n couple of minutes.uple of minu nice warming trend as we get weg into the weekend.tohe w >> sounds good.>> thank you, sir.ank >> all right. rht on with the news n. we begin with a check of our of hide lines and breaking newsg from georgetown.rget a grizzly discovery thisy morning. fox5's bob barnard is live on the scene as police investigatea at the c and o bob, what can you tell us? >> reporter: wisdom, we are on 31st street.tree we are just off of m streeteet here. you can see it's blocked unsee this guy coming coming in. this is the dc police harborr patrol.. their officers are just getting here. their divers are getting here a because as you look off to thert left seen us park police here as well, down below here in the c and o canal a body was foundound around 7:30 this morning. mornig
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the only thing they can tell uss there's a backpack strapped toap the body.body they don't know if it's a man o a woman. woman. they were talking in kind ofkino male terms but one of the dive personnel here kind of shook his head ands said they don't know. they they don't know how long thisg i person has been in there butre b long enough they did not even ee initiate an rescue attempt thisi morning.morn that clearly the person who isno in there is dead. submerged in the canal and a they're waiting for the d.c. harbor patrol dive team to getmo in there and retrieve this bodyd what this is is all about, we w just don't know. but, again, this block of 31st t street from m down to k iss blocked off right n there are a couple of hotels ana businesses here and people areea kind of shatter scattering in the rain to get where they needn to go as police have taken overe this block in georgetownrget investigate a body in a canaln l and again we don't know if it'ss a man or woman, young or old,oud but the body was wearing a backpack. guys? >> i would think, bob, that'snk
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georgetown is not an area wheree we think a body will turn up often. >> reporter: no. n was this a hiker? was a tourist? someone that livesmeot here accidental fell in,ly went in. we don't know. not sure it's a murder, m accidental death. d very unusual and quiet alarmingn here in georgetown this morningi >> thanks, bob.. >> moving on a man suspected ofd killing teenager at the deanwood metro station is now in policen custody the stabbing death dea yesterday morning marked the m second deadly incident at thatta metro station in just two weeks. >> fox5's melanie alnwick is alk live outside dc policece headquarters where we learn morm on this latest case soon.oo what are we expected to learn, mel?mel? >> reporter: well, we are ar expected to learn little biteit more perhaps even a name of the suspect.. now, we should be clear this isi also another teenager involved. 18-year-old that police say wass arrested for the stabn
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yesterday at the deanwood metro station.stat 18 years old. that means if prosecutor prosect to certainly old enough to beno charged as an adult which wouldw mean we would get access to this person's name and another ano information and perhaps we'llps' get little bit more informationt twos were exactly is going on. whether there was someas relationship between the two ofo them as some of us are hearing i on social media channels and also from sources or what exactly led to yet anotherer teenager killed murdered atd their neighborhood metro station. we can tell you yesterdayay investigators did say that based on surveillance video from themt metro station there was some s kind of an altercation betweenen two young men on the escalatorst at the metro. the stabbing itself was fast and fatal.ta we even had someone on the scene tell us that they heard a youngg woman sort of telling the
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suspect to go ahead don it.t. so we don't know whether that's' been verified or not but that it again the kind of talk that isth going around.round witnesses say 15-year-old johnn evans the third who went by johnny was struck twice in thew neck around 11:00 in the morninr and bled to death. police sources also confirm to us that evans was on his way to a court hearing.eari this latest incident also brought out a host of community active visits city council members. we know the guardian angels werr out there yesterday.terday kenyan mcduffie who chair thehat public safety committee went out trying to meet with people inh e the community to try to get at a the root of what's going on witt young people and why they're t resorting to violence to settle community, neighborhood beefs. also, councilwoman yvetteve alexander said she was promisede there would be more safety, more safety presence at that metro station after the murder twor weeks ago. she said she was out there,as oe didn't see it, and also, former mayor vincent gray also out
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alexander's seat. sea he said perhaps it's time to put metal detectors in on metro. live at d.c. policeolic headquarters, i'm melanie, i'm n alnwick, back to you.ick, bac >> something has to be h it's ridiculous.iculous. >> mel, i believe you said thata suspect was on his way to courtc when this happen. i believe you said that earlier. >> no the the suspect the victii was on his way to court hearingi >> right. rig. >> yes, yes. there's some background that wea just haven't been able to confirm and give too much detaio of but there's definitely someis background here between thehe victim, the suspect and their neighborhood crews.. >> melanie, thank you very much. >> the tough thing you want t metro to be safe.hie saf >> right. >> people will complain ifwi there's crime on metro if youllu put metal detectors can youou imagine how much it would slow s down the commute in the morningi and people will complain aboutco the fact it takes for over to o get through.get rough. >> what do you do?>> w >> freedom versus your safety. . it's always that line that wet w walk. >> it's universal when you t
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the grander scare terrorism across the world it's a no win w situation. all right. moving on this morning a familyg mourning the loss of their t police officer son celebrating the future lives he'll safee'lle after giving his own. >> that's because noah's laws lw passed last night in the finalal minutes of the maryland generall as system blee's 2016 session.en this law will now requireequire ignition interlock devices foris anybody convicted of drunk driving in the state of of maryland. it will be the toughestght interlock bill in the country cy and it is named after montgomerg county police officer noah leotta killed last year by a suspected drunk driver.rive this morning his father spokeher with us about whether the bill's passing bring the family any a closure. >> yes, it gives you some som comfort.comfor but for me the sacrifice was too great.grea it was too great. great no matter with this bill that does save lives it did help sava our life, though, for the past 90 days my family was able to
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rather than this tragedy that be felt our family. >> his family says their son sacrifice was not in vain. last year 130 people were killee on maryland highways by drunk drivers.drer officials say this bill will save lives. police in us capitol bracini for another busy day today. yesterday hundreds of peoples oe were arrested during a demonstration against the rulehl of big money in politics. 400 people were led away in plastic handcuffs loaded on todo to a bus. a b the group is called democracyema spring and yesterday'sterday's demonstration was just the first part of what is expected to be a week of planned protests rightsg here in d.c. all right. rig 9:10 is the time. ie t allison seymour back with aac w check of the other stories ses making headlines this morning.i. good morning, allison. ais good morning, wisdom.isdo hi to everybody and good goo morning. to first up disturbing story ouo of seattle.le. the body parts of a mother of three they've been found in a a recycling bin. 40-year-old ingrid lynn has beeb miss
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when she went on a blind date to a baseball game with a man shes met online. 37-year-old john robert charltot has been arrested for her murd murder. friends became concerned aboutce her whereabouts after she didn't return to pick up her children. new developments overnight e out of belgium.of b two more men have been chargedhd with terrorism related offensess related to the bombings inbing i brussels last month. authorities say the suspectscts were involved in renting an apartment that served as a hideout for the bomber whober attack the subway.wa. total of 32 people were killed inn clueing four americans. today is being observed asds national equal pay day.. president barack obama is usingo the day to call attention to tht pay disparity between men and mn women and this morning he willel designate historic district homh and museum.eum. now this home you're looking ata right there was central to theoh women's movement as a national monument.nument. that building honors two publicb figures in the women's
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and suffrage movements.. there's no question thatue football is a violent game buteb now a new study is showing the widespread toll it's taking on players.player a study found evidence there waw damage and impairment in the brains of more than 40% of the players it look at.k a the average age of the players a in the study, just 36 years old. the new research will be wille presented on tuesday at theuesdy annual meeting of the americann academy of neurology.logy and finally, talk about a close call. cal a photographer taking pictures p of a plane landing it's up close and personal and never stopser s snapping. check it out. this happened at airport on thet island of saint bart's i want to you see this. >> oh, my god! >> yeah. yea okay. that's the landing trip. it's famous for photographerstos standing there trying toet the y perfect picture but this guyuy nearly lost his lif let's see it just taking pictures.ture and i'm not going to stop.o sto taking the close encounter was caught c on camera by tourist testing
9:13 am
360 angle camera.. so on the actual youtube clipbei you can see how dangerous itnro really was even the guy who film this said the plane clip hisp hasn't. ha it look like inches. literally. missed him by inches. >> the guy that taking thehat ta picture he duck.ure he backed up.p. he start to do back up.o do bu >> look at his --k at h >> still trying to get the shot. did he get a good picture. >> there's a runway in thein the background.background famous landing strip they cally close.clos i saw a whole special on this oi the guy filming it, the guy g taking pictures he's the one who got his hand clipped.d clipp >> if that can happen they shall not be a loud there to takee >> i saw a whole special on it. >> while planes are coming in.ii >> i will go to saint bart' toss further investigate.estiga >> i'm going with you.'moing >> okay. oka >> i won't do that. >> by the way, al, love the hair. >> thank you.>> >> very cute. >> thanks, m>>o. >> fly as all get out, what, what? >> still ahead while middle-agel men might want to reach for aora
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end of the show we'll check inhi with dr. mike from the foxhe fox medical team for details.ails >> first, though, why federal health officials say zika virus is even scarier than originallyl thought. why even more americans could bb at risk and most importantly how to protect yourself.rself 9:14 is our time. ♪
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♪ time now is 9:16. there's a stark new warning froo the white house on the zika zika >> instead of isolated cases ofs the virus, carried here from more tropical cal locations.atis public hell officials in the the u.s. say much more of theore country is at risk.t r the obama administration thinksi this is a $2 billion problem. for details doug luzader joinsei us live from capitol hill thisli morning. this is really escalating, dougu >> reporter: it sounds thatous t way. you know, perhaps the scariestci thing from the cdc is the math m they're distributing much thishi shows that the potential spreadd of the mosquito that can carryar the seek today virus initially y they thought it might be in 12ti states, now they're saying it's' more like 30. 3 it is the tiny bug with bug wit sometimes devastating bite. but beyond that, we just don't't know much. much. >> everything we look at with lw this virus seems to be scarierri than we initially thought. thoug >> reporter: white houseou briefing officials from theia fo centers for
9:18 am
the national institute off allergy and infectious diseasese paint add dire pick her. the zika virus transmitted by the aed i.e. s egypt tie mosquito.. 300 known cases in the united states all over the country buto those cases are believed to involve individual who'so's traveled to countries where thee virus is known to it most notably causes birth defects.dects. babies born with abnormallyll small heads.ds it may also be linked to nervouo service condition those tinyndi mosquitoes are now headed northr for the summer and we may not be prepared.repared. >> this is a very unusual viruss that we can't even pretend thata we know everything about that we need to >> reporter: already in texas,e, blood banks are taking precautions.tion >> people who have alwayso ha aw donated blood we're now havingan to defer even if they went too mexico for a day.ay >> all of this will require reqi resources the administrationtrao says.. already they're tapping into leftover funds that were targe targeted at the ebola virus.. >> money that's beingng transferred over from ebol
9:19 am
accounts will help bring us a a bit further but still not what a we want. >> reporter: that's about 500 billion almost 600 -- 600 million they're transferrina over from a unyou've ebola funds and they congress to allocate 1.9 billion more.ion more. it's important to point out we t in this area we're in the in t northern part of this zone where this mosquito is supposed to gog but that doesn't necessarilyecsi mean zika is going to come herer immediately.diely. the hope is they can come upanoe with some kind of vaccine what w they're talking about maybeut me having something at least in the testing stages this fall butl bt that's when we're, you know,u ko pretty deep and maybe even m coming to the end of mosquitoqut season here. here >> even if we're on the northern edge look how many people frommy here vacation in florida orloria south carolina or texas orr places down >> the only answer -- >> that's right.g the known cases that we have sov far are people that have gone tt known areas where the zika viewer suss in existence andsted bring it back with them. back th >> all doug, thanks for the update.or dap
9:20 am
9:19.. coming up later, my house, my rules.rule ♪ ♪ >> wisdom.isdo >> did you write that.te tha >> real simple. >> we turn to sarah fraser forrf advice after his live in in daughter starts spending thepeg night at a new boyfriend' housee we'll get her opinion and his.ns >> first, though, the clinton campaign downplaying a joke that drum many take aim at theaim campaign process in general.n gl we'll get update from the traila coming up next. ♪ life's morning multitasking for a growing family, and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need.
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♪ i just have to say thanksha for the endorsement, bill. bil it took you long enough. >> oh, snap. snap. >> sorry, hillary, i was running on cp time.. >> that's not, yorks like jokesk like that, bill. >> cautious politician i've been there. tre >> all right.ig that led to this new york dailyi news cover for those of you whoo aren't familiar cp time is a reference to colored people time a phrase sometimes used as aes a stereo typical reference to refe black people supposedly beingeig late to everything.ryth all right. disables yo's wife and childrene are african-american.merica while it is -- it was a stagedtd
9:24 am
the joke in poor taste. >> daily news banner.s bne >> that's pretty funny. fun >> they nail it.y nail it. >> the people who come up witho the daily news covers are so are >> it's a story in itself. >> >> obviously you can just tell u the difference in applause.en i >> oh yeah. >> from took you long enough. eo >> not appropriate. >> it was clearly bad timing fof clinton with the new yorkew yk primary now just a week away. >> clinton and bernie sanders continue to face off who hasas more big apple bonafides drum is that still complaining about thi campaign process in general. ted cruz is trying to takeg to e advantage of the mogul's famous stumbles.stum kell wright has the >> reporter: new york is now i n the center of the presidentialda race ahead of that state's primary.ary. ohio governor john kasich is preparing for a contested convention as he claims hisim hs momentum is building in thehe final primary states.tate >> well, for the first time in about the last month they actually know
9:25 am
kasich. >> senator ted cruz focusing hig campaign on california where hee could collect more delegates.egt he's been taking advantage of trump's recent stumbles. smble but it may not be enough for h him. him. >> the 65 to 70% of republicanss who recognize that nominating donald trump would be a trainra wreck. >> the race to the white housete is getting tougher for donald fn trump as he may not be able to collect of that enough delegaten to i was a contested conventionn this as senator ted cruz has been out maneuvering trump atmpt local and state gatherings where sell indicates are being chosene >> but the system, folks, is rigged.rigged it's a rigged, disgusting, dirty >> reporter: meantime ther: meat democrats are preparing for aor debate on thursday in brooklyn.n hillary clinton has been tryingy to rally new yorkers against the republican candidates campaigning in the state.. >> a loft what you're hearing from trump and cruz is not only offensive, it's dangerous.angero >> reporter: senator bernieatore sanders believes he has the best chance to beat trump in
9:26 am
genital collection.ct >> i know that many americansmea are worried about the possibility of donald trumpmp becoming president of the united it ain't gonna happen. h >> new york state primary just s week away with nearly one hadn'' dread republican delegates at stake. ake. the democrats will be fighting g for more than 200 in washington, kelly wright, fox news.. still ahead on good day d georgetown graduate is behindath movies like the best man, best,s man holiday and now the brandheb new barbershop movie. movie his name is malcolm lee. you've seen his work before.or you'll meet him because he's beh going to join us live in the t loft. loft. >> plus new study that mightstud have more men reach fog a fog handful of blueberries foreres breakfast. we'll check in with the foxhe medical team for the details. >> first the foul ball philanthropist and collectorollt extraordinary.aord whoever said lightning doesn't d strike the same place twice,, three, four or more times. tim we'll share this man's story next.
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♪ >> 9:29. let's take a quick look at the top sports headlines on thisines tuesday morning.orning. national season off to greatsono they beat the braves six to fouf last night endin ending handinge team their sixth straight lossgt of the year.he it mark the first time in nearll 30 years the braves havehave stumbled out of the blocks zero-six. how about daniel murphy new guyg for the nationals.atna dude is hitting .700.
9:30 am
nats. ramos drove in four. actually -- i don't think you can drive in four f i think he had four singles and two rbi''s to help cover up a shaky smartks by schers sorry. rough outing for bryce harper he struck out for the first timeher this season. sea let's just get rid of this t script harper had a good game. g ramos had a good game. the homerun was from murphy. and the nats won. i it's all good.>> they won. that's all that >> bryce harper has emojis onn his 9er career homeruns looking for 100. i guess the plan to hit number 100 with 100 emoji bat whichhi will probably happen in the nex day or two. >> the bat will then ben b auctioned off for lots of moneyy >> yes. the players if they don't buyy o their bats in the beginning ofnh the season the team controls the bats. >> a few players will buy all wa their bats at the beginning oft e e season.thth >> then they can doorway theyy y want with them.h them >> but if they don't, t
9:31 am
team controls the bats. >> the team owns the equipment.t >> right.>>ight. >> then the team can auction iti off for money but the playerslae can't. there you go. random trivia. tria. whoever said lightning never strike the same place never mett this tigers fan it struck 200 times five times yesterday.terdy bill dugan did have his glove av the game.e he has a ticket holder. hol he but he got five foul balls in one game. game. who has ever done it once? he has prime seats right behind home plate but good thing is thi even though he has 200 some at home the 39-year-old gave awayea all of the foul balls yesterdayd that he caught all five of themt to kids who were in the stands.d which i think is pretty awesome. he said five is the most he'sosh ever gotten in one gameame including batting practice pracc despite the number of foul balls he has never caught a homerun ball he's behind home plate.e pa i guess he'd have to be going on hotdog one on the other side ofd the ballpark. >> i was watching him on tv yesterday. he was joking he didn't realizea five balls in one game was aames record, and he was going to tryy to find those kids and buy
9:32 am
balls back. >> come on. com >> really cute pictures with the kids. >> they're all smiling. great souvenir for them.uvenor t >> speaking of baseball theg ofb saying, everything is bigger ine texas is true. tru in this case. case. check out this wild storm. storm hail the size of baseballs and some even soft balls they peltee cars, homes, buildings andnd anything in in t. the damage as you can imagine ie pretty white spread. spread. many homeowners will have too replace broken windows blown out by the high winds and hail. school was canceled for studentt in one town. so they could stay home to deald with the mess. mess. good news here is no one was injured. that's amazing video, though. >> yeah. yea >> we were complaining about c some sprinkles here,om tuckerke barnes. i mean --iea >> i know, right.w, rig >> counsel your blessings.ou >> imagine the kind of troublehe that k would ensue around here i we had hail like that on the the beltway or something.ethi >> total mayhem. >> we don't do too well on raini day. rain showers early that us this morning. goating out o
9:33 am
lots and lots sunshine thissuhie afternoon with temperatures athu little on the cool side but it i should be very pleasant spring s day. 59 now in washington.asng not so bad out there 60 in annapolis. we are cooling down little bitnd the cooler air starting to workk in north and west.orth w 50 in hagerstown. 52 in winchester.ter all right. right. there are your winds. winds a lot of arrows going in a lotnl of directions what i'm trying tg show you the winds are shiftingg out of the north and west thatth tells us the cooler air is sta starting to filter inform winds out of the north and west 10 at times. times. winds gusting 20 to 25 as ours o frontal system continues to fad off to the south and an. yes, thank you. y. i'm getting lots of tweets of very ominous cloud deck withith that last little batch of rainor shower activity coming throughng on the back side of the front. . kind of see it right there. thee you can see the darker colors.ol we are get something pretty good quick moving rains there on thee southeast side of the beltway.ay down towards oxon hill, andrewss air force base getting pretty py good showers at the moment. momn all of that will push off to the south and east.sout you can see it fading away and a we are getting clearing, signs s
9:34 am
so gradually we'll see more andd more sunshine build in this thi afternoon high pressure starts to build in and we'll be in forf not only dry afternoon but i but think mostly sunny by lateyat afternoon should be a nicen ould sunset tonight as that frontnt continues to fade off to ourdefr south and eve. you go. out to our west it's cool in ohio and western pennsylvania.y. let's talk about the weekend.hew once we get the rain out of herh this morning we should be in fon days and days of dry weather iti will be cool around here tonighg and tomorrow. but as we get into the weekend d with high pressure off to ourour south and nice southwesterlyweer pump, we are going to warm the t temperatures up into the 70s by sunday. and it is possible there shouldl be some 80's around here by early next week as it looks likl some very nice warm finally springtime air settles in then t region here for a good period oo time as we get into next week.te so get ready for a nice warm up. 65 today. tay 60 and cool weather the next coup
9:35 am
mornings. this is overnight lows in thet n low 40s for the time being lots of sunshine.. right through the end of the the weekend.ekd no rain in sight here once we get the last of the showers outo here this morning, guys that ist a weather update.r upda i don't know why i justt enunciated like that.t. back to you.back >> punctuate the amazing weatheh we have to come. right? >> thank you.>> t >> thanks tucker.ha t like we told you ehaarlier in tt show federal health officials oa now say even more americans toca be at risk for the zika what can you do to help protect yourself? for details we turnn to fox medical news dr. mike inn good morning, dr. mike. dr. mik. you know the more we hear abouto zika the scarier it is really becoming.mi what can any of us do to protect ourselves? >> well, unfortunately there's not lot. what we do right now because wee dope have a vaccine, we don't't have any medications is prevention.ti how do you prevent yourself from getting bit by mosquitoes. number one wear long sleevedg sv shirts. >> you want to wear
9:36 am
summer and the heat come, you'rr going to really have to pay tay attention to this. t there's going to be widespreadd mosquito eradication programsgrs put into place that's mys m prediction.tion and then the other thing you'rey going to have to be aware of isi that this can be sexually transmitted. if you're planning on havinging children, you need to be aware that there can be transmissionmi and we know about this microcephaly problem with children that are the mothershes infected with the virus.. the other thing we're learning a and this is a little scary, there's a high incidence of whaf called syndrome that's a a paralytic condition and there is a condition that mimmicscs multiple sclerosis itself pathe or itself lights type condition that causes swelling of the raii brain and spine.n if you listen to dr. palsy at pa the centers for disease control, i sense a little bit ofon
9:37 am
on his part, and we need to be taking this very seriously.iousy >> i'm just carry yous. yous ordinary mosquito repellant doee that any any way help. hel i've heard a lot about zika i'vv never tuned into whether whe ordinary repellant can help att all. you. >> don't want to get bit by mosquitoes much that's about tht only thing you can do. cano. i mean, if you have a spouse or a partner that goes and gets the virus, they may be -- have no symptoms.mpto. and then you have sexuall relations and then you get the t virus. so this going to be somethinghi that will be big-time news. especially in the summer when mosquitoes and the warm weatherh start to come north.. and looking at maps and predictions it's pretty sobe sobering. pretty sobering.etty >> scary stuff to say the leastl well you did say sex in thatn ta report and speaking of, who knee that blu
9:38 am
super food?oo >> well, i did, because i eat et them every day. >> we should be talking to your wife! >> you know why? because itause reduces your risk of erectile dysfunction by 20%. >> wow!>> >> 20% much that's a lot. >> that's all doctor, mike?tor,k >> that's a lot.hat'. that's all?at's all >> i've been eating all these te berries and that's it? >> well, it doesn't't it helps. i mean you want to keep yourself -- the reason that it'' so good for you is not only the antioxidants, all of the the polly phenols in berries, but, think about it.k ab if you keep your weight down, d, you have less risk of diabetes,e hypertension, all of those things lead to shall we say thet machinery working better. >> if you know what oy mean.know >> we know what you mean. w we saw citrus there,ha too. too that helps as well. okay. ok last thing, tanning and vitaminn d the correlation, too
9:39 am
good thing might not be so goodg is that it? >> well, if you have such a dara tan that you look like you belong in a commercial for oneoe of the caribbean islands, you're getting too much sun. and what this study shows it may actually reduce your body's ability to convert inactive vitamin d to vitamin d that'ss active in your body. by. and so not only is it bad for your vitamin d levels but also bad because it increase yourou risk of skin cancer. so my advice to my patient pie social security, number one, 15 minutes in the sun, three times a week. and for folks where we live, philly, washington, new york,or we're far away from the equator. i test all my patients and the vast majority of them have loww vitamin d levels. l get tested or just start takingg a thousand units of vitamin d, d three a day. day that's my opinion because very c hard to get it in the
9:40 am
>> all the doctor in the house.. >> dr. mike as always thank youo we'll see you next time. time. love you much. >> love all of you. you love you guys. >> thanks, dr. mike.e >> blueberries.lueb >> wait, wait, wait. wait, >> i'm going to the store.e re >> i got an orange. orang >> after the show dr. mike andid picking up a big old >> i got one orange. wisdom? steve? s >> i need more than that. >> now he's revealing too much. (laughter).ter) >> still ahead better late thant never. neve wait until you hear how manywan dates one woman waited to admita she had a sarah fraser is back next with t another edition of love andov order.orde it's 9:40. 9:40.
9:41 am
look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. spring into fun and save $50 with an all-inclusive ticket. busch gardens williamsburg. a whole other world awaits.
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>> it is tuesday.s tuesday. time for little love and order.l that's when our good friende sarah fraser joins to us share the messages she gets fromn ou t listeners and we try to offer first up when should someoneuld admit they have boyfriend orfrnd girlfriend? here's the backe'sc story.or litner wrote to czar rat on then weekend i met a woman went wentt out on four after the fourth date she de confessed she a boyfriend andoyr she told mow she hoped i wasn't' angry or disappointed she justus didn't know good time to bringti it up. well, i'm um set n and now i want to send her bill for the four dates. dates can i? no, you can't.yo c but you are allowed to be upsete by thi >> if you want to.f you t >> sarah?ah >> hi, everybody. >> what's up sarah. sar >> what do you t
9:44 am
>> who does this? >> well, you know what this ist happening more and more.en a have you heard of the app wherew you can send money through anhrh app. >> no. >> that's what people are doingo they're charging you if the date does not go well. >> oh, come on. >> that's >> here's the thing.e's you go othn four dates you let t this guy pay and then yound theu disclose off boyfriend.oyie >> that's tacky, too.s tackoo >> this person -->> this person- >> i would be upset. i w >> i would be upset, too.. >> you can't charge her. >> you can't charge her.'te here's the thing. thi she shouldn't have gone on theo first -- if you have a boyfriend, why are you doing aod that in the first place.first >> because she's a player.sehe >> i think she's a player, too., >> she's play on, player.. >> that's all i'm saying.. >> when you were a player don'te act like you weren't.ou wer't >> i don't remember that.on't r >> no one ever came back ande bk charged you? y >> maybe they charged at you but they didn't charge you. y >> i agree. i think it's so funny i was atat an event last night and one of a the bartenders was saying he hae a girlfriend, a friend and shend had the similar
9:45 am
she went out with a guy and he h actually sent her a money m request and wanted the money fof the drinks.nks. >> that's tacky. >> you have to disclose ifcl you're dating someone.inmeon >> that i agree with.e wi. >> the first 20 minutes ofminu saying something. >> hello, hey, you're trying ton get to know someone i would just think that would be i'm sort of that relationship p. >> unless you're -- you might be on your way the contract may bet coming up. u you may about to become a freeef agent. >> that may be fine. >> that's why why i use the t phrase quasi single. singl >> it doesn't cover you.t esn' >> you're not covered with that. >> it's worked so far. >> just let's move on.n. >> you haven't gotten any bills. >> no. >> woe all agree you can chargec >> don't charge. >> i want to know your opinionn on this next situation with a w dad who has a 23-year-old3-year daughter who is currently liviny at home. hom long story short, this daughterh has now met guy and she's spending several nights week ate this
9:46 am
the dad kind of has an i iss with it. and says, look, the reality evee though you're 23 years old if23o you're living under my roof, r it's my rule.'s my ule. >> is she paying rent to dad.o . >> no. no. >> wisdom? >> you already know where i stan. my house, mydy rules.. if you can follow my rules youuy got to go. it's that simple.'s >> she's 23. >> then you have to follow my rules. >> she can go pay to live on heh own. >> that's right f you're goingrh to mooch off your >> follow my rules. follow my >> that's right. >> you got to will he spec thept rules of the house.rules >> that's just the way it is. >> i think that's crazy. tnk t way too controlling pr >> what's crazy about it. >> you're 23 years old.'re 23 y. >> you're not an adult if you'ri living in someone else's house.. >> right. >> rent is insane here. >> are you kidding me right now. >> you want your cake and eatakt it, too. you can't have it both ways. ith >> you want to be totallyotly independent at someone else'sls expense.exnse. >> yes. >> that's not how life works. >> it's just you, sarah. >> i think this is crazy becausy i've been in situation i'veittie lived with ma'amly familyil members a
9:47 am
this rule and you're like, oh my god, first of all, if you don'tt disclose at the start when i'mhn living with you these are rulesr you can't change made way >> it happened 23 years ago.eara >> she's the daughter. she's it's not like she manifested inn this haas hold. she's grown up here. h >> i have a major problem withbw this. if you told me i can live theree for free and didn't close closee this in the beginning of thee be lease i get to do what i want on you kick meow. >> she's the daughter. she has the choice.hathe ch does she want to stay then inn free living environment and deai with it or does shero want to go out on her own and do whatever she wants?an >> it's that spl >> growing up is tough. >> growing up is tough, sarah.. >> parents trust schenn getsst n older they can loosen the reignn it's not like she's 18.8. >> if she gets older. >> 23 versus like 16 obviously o they should treat herey shoul differently than they did whenyh she was 16 if she'sf s's responsibility the fact she'sacs still living there and they're kind of taking care of >> we have one minute.ute. >> last one. one what's our last one.t o >> favorite child. how do you feel ab
9:48 am
but a woman wrote to me said said i'm clear mile dad'sad's favorite.vorite goes out of his way to tell people.. it's um to the point it's womenn rash fg. fg. she has zip siblings. sling she's getting married and she'se worried about what his speech hc will open tell her zip siblingsb and other people she's hisr peoe favorite.rite. >> it's uncomfortable and crazyd >> what would you do?hawould yo >> would you talk to your dad.rd >> i would talk to my dad, yeaha >> tone it down just for thefort wedding. >> don't say that.>> d don't go and tell everybody i'my your favorite.e. don't do it.t >> dad, i can be your favoriteie but don't tell everybody i'mrybo your favorite.e. >> you don't have to say -- evee if do you have one which you'reu not supposed to, i don't have av favorite i got three, i don't have a favorite but you're notet supposed to tell, come here,e h, you're my favorite. my fat you're my must be one. o >> you tell them all of them inn secret. >> i think you guys are right.rr that is kind of embarrassing.. hopefully he'll tone it down and have an -- an -- >> it makes me sad.. >> sad fort siblings.ngs >> think how the on the kidshe k feel. >> they
9:49 am
(laughter).. >> you still love them. >> do you?>> do >> you love them.>> you don't have to like them much that's what i've heard.hat i'ved >> that's true.t'ru >> you love them all the >> you don't to tell them thatmt they're your favorite.e ur fav >> you're right.>>ou're >> you don't have to. you >> man you cause trouble. >> whoever grabs the snow shoves first. >> whoever will do the most thes work.rk. >> the first one to get a payin job. >> that's right.>> >> you got to get out of myo ge house. out of my house.. if you're in my house, my ruless bottom line. line >> there you go. >> czar remarks always fun.mark. >> always good stuff. alw all right. 9:49 is our time right now. n coming up next, how couple ofplo d.c. guys fooled a woman who w thinking d.c. was ground zero for a zombie apocalypse. why the prank is burning upng social media. ♪ ♪
9:50 am
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9:52 am
♪ yeah that's little sun oftl the city this morning.his that is one of the bands takingt part in the fox5 free concert cn series kicking off this fridayri at farragut square park. sound of the city will performio during good day d.c. fro
9:53 am
a.m. to 11 a.m. a if you want to make it out watcw us here on find us streaming at fox5 d.c. then the followingollo friday april 22nd secret sre society they'll be performing,rn then the muddy crows they are oo our finale on friday,y, april 29th.l 29 come out and join us.n us. it will be fun. >> free.>>ree come out and say hi.ay >> it should be beautifuleaif morning. >> holly and i will be outnd there. come and say hi. >> we'll be jamming.. zombie apocalypse is coming to n d.c.d. at least that's according to tww local men who played a huge prank on their little sistertles after she got out of surgery too remove her wisdom now, the brothers staged anaged actual zombie uprising the andge tire thing was caught on cameram and they're poor sister just coming down from those painkillers was the star of thee prank.ank. take look.. >> d.c. has outbreak.. state and local officialsffials reported case of high fever,hev nausea, death and even cannibalism stay in place until
9:54 am
further notice. nic >> what the heck? did you -- >> what?? >> you're driving like a slug.ks get to the house. >> i'll call him. >> did you get that emergencyet alert? >> y tes. >> you need to get home right gm now. i got notice from the emergencyg broadcast system there's somee sort avenue weird...,.,. >> a garden hose somewhat weewt want. we have guns.e un why do you have a garden hose i the car.e >> you need to defense yourselfs i can't be with you the wholeheo time. >> this is how you use it. see this right here, pull this.. try.y. i need to see you do this.hi hold it up.t >> hold the weapon.n. hold it up. >> hold it up.. >> okay? >> you got it? >> okay. i'll be right back. >> what is this supposed to dose for me? get me a
9:55 am
how am i supposed to defendd myself?lf? >> we can only take one pet. p which pet? the cat or the dog? >> the cat! you idiot. >> he's the worst he's alreadyly ining. leave him. (laughter).. >> he's all right dying.yi >> that's fine.. >> back home and you'll get in'i bed and you'll sleep the next couple of hours because there'ss a zombie apocalypse. >> awww. >> my gosh. >> mean.>> >> that is mean. m >> the mom was in on it too. t >> it would be one thing if shee was completely with it. it. anybody had their wisdom teethdt taken out. take >> yes. >> you had those drugs. h tho >> yeah.>>h >> you have to no idea. hav >> they're no equivocation on today what pet to take. the cat!! >> he's giving a hoe
9:56 am
got guns.un >> i don't need a hoe. (laughter). >> never say never. >> hey listen coming up gone day at 10a, we have a great show. because country music star jennifer net tells in the dcc area. area while fine out why coming up. u >> we'll chat with her. chawith malcolm lee is directing newtinw barbershop movie he's a hs georgetown we'll chat with him about the wi movie and it is time to eat and enjoy national grilled cheesell day. amen. >> good stuff.d st first though maybe coffee withh your grilled cheese. it's coffee time.time. if you've been eyeing the cool c mugs we have new dunkin' donutsn mug to give away.ewa go to fox5 d.c./contests ourts facebook page to enter the mug m contest. somebody selected by randoman drawing one winner you haveyo he until 11 a.m. to enter. ent it's 9:56 now. now 10a is next. nex ♪ ♪
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10:00 am
>> 10a, a cut above.>> 1 the rest of those other mornings shows. >> that's right.>> holly live in the loft, we havet the director of barbershop the next cut.xt have a question for him? tweett us good day today d.c.oday.c >> also at 10 am we're live with country music super starta jennifer net tells.. find out wee she's in the d.c..c region this morning. mni >> she spent years in the marinm noun this local woman is readylo for her national tv debut.. her role in the new fox show american grit. >> and we celebrate national nao grilled cheese day.lledese day. >> i know we can't wait forw we that. the 10a starts right now. now. ♪ >> someone has been cooking allg day.y. >> we're blowing
10:01 am
grilled cheese day. we have two sandwiches. >> mine is just bread. bre >> your is just bread.tre >> it look like something is ini there. >> we're not sure. >> national grilled cheese day.a >> it's going get better.g get r >> that looks pretty good.y g >> it look like it has extra stuff.stf. tomatoes. >> we were talking about what ta makes the best grilled cheese.h. velveeta.lvee do you like extra stuff in the there. >> american cheese. >> you know what i like on minei a hamburger that's lmakes a r l really good grilled cheese sandwich a hamburger on tom ofrt cheese.eese. >> put a little burger there. >> yeah. >> grilled cheese daylled celebration is going to be massive. >> i'm losing my -- >> off to slow start. s the word it will be massive. >> what's going on over there? e >> i'm losing my --'m losing m >> i have intel.>> >> you have intel about what'sen going on. >> grilled cheese celebrationhe will be big.wi >> we'll take advantage of it big or small we'll enjoy it. eoy thanks for staying it us for the 10a today.od >> i'm holly morris alongside of steve, maureen and wisdom. i do like a b
10:02 am
grilled cheese sometimes thatch kicks it up a notch.cks >> all right. >> it is we'll talk more aboutmr it throughout the hour.. let's check what's real time news tracker and firsr up it is breaking news in the nn district that is 10ing.isng 18-year-old arrested for theor establish be telling of a 1584 g old at the deanwood metro station. any minute d.c. police and thend mayor will update us on the suspect's identity and we'llnd ' bring you that when we learn itt >> in seattle washington angto a shocking discovery has solved a mystery that may concern anybody who does online body parts of a mother of threee missing since last friday whendw she went on blind date with ait man she met online.e. went to a seattle marinersariner baseball game and never cameev c home. they found those body parts andr the man who has been arrestedesd for her murder the man who tookw her on that date. metro board considering nami changes at two stations around o the area transit officials may add national mall to the smithhs seth yann station's name. also, may add kennedy center ton
10:03 am
which would add three names toat that station. staon finally you might call eight burger bribe for the moon brokeb into a five guys in columbia heights the one you probablyonyu have seen by now on surveillancu video breaking in, grilling upng some burgers for a late night snack. now a rival burger chain wantsin to help catch him. h the ceo of way back burgers is s offering him free burgers for an entire year if he turns himself in. now that might sound likeik delicious enticing offer, buterb they really only have threee the locations in all of virginia ana so -- >> yeah. >> and are they as good?y as >> right. >> probably even in jail for a a minute. it would be hard to do that fora whole year.whe year. >> yeah. i don't think they deliver to the penetentiaryth.ntiay >> yeah, that's a whole anothero issue right through. thrgh. wouldn't you rewarding him for r bad behavior, too?r, t >> if you want to get technical. >> if you want to get technicaln you're rate. maybe that's just me.atust m >> they want to us say the namem of that competitor.hat com >> there you go. t >> exactly. on tv which we did. d >> all right.>> a next up, more people takin
10:04 am
stand again the tar heels state's new laws. l some critics considerside discriminatory towards the lgbt community.mmit yesterday we told you aboutut bruce springsteen canceling acea concert.coert. now popular porn site is blocking users in north caroli carolina. the site says it is blocking ank computer in north carolina from accessing its videos when people try to log on from ip addressdde originating in that state, the site shows up this all comes after northeror carolina passed controversial lgbt law last month thaton prevents cities and counties inn the tar heels state from passing rules to protect lgbt since they major fall outor fl o politicians and celebrities havv called for travel ban to northoo carolina and now this. now t the adult sight if anyone in ane north carolina tries to access that site all they're going togt see at a black screen whichn w eventually will be replaced witt a screen to sign a petitionion demanding they repeal the law.
10:05 am
can't demand change, then fanshf of porn will.l. >> yes.. >> there's lot of them out the there. >> all right. >> a lot of them out there.>>em >> big audience. >> thank you wisdom. wisdo >> library association has assos nounsed its list of the most challenged books in the countryt now challenged books are thoseho attempt to do be banned inn communities across the country. making the list, the holy biblei it came in at number six and was challenged for obviously it'ss religious viewpoints in addition to the sex and violence depictec in it. it. there's -- here's a look at the top five on the list.he lis all right.g number one is looking for a alaska. two, 50 shades of gray.0 shad of three, i am jazz. j four beyond magenta trance jenn teens speak out and number fivei the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. hmm.m. now these titles were mostlywery controversial because of offensive lang watch, sexuallyl explicit content or political or religious views. >> um, shame to say i only ne
10:06 am
>> that's the only one i knew as well. we >> clearly i'm not readin readis much as i a today not just grilled cheese day it's also equal pay day.l pa a day to raise awareness thatssa women are paid less than men.ham it also symbolizes the work donn by women more than a hundred hdr years ago during the woman's wos suffrage movement. mement. today president obama issident i offering a place that wouldhat w search part to that movement.t. the sewell bell mom house andoue museum will now become the belmont paul women' he's h hierarchal will the nationall wi monument. it will be named after alba belmont and alice paul both b women were prominent figure in r the women's rights and suffrager movements. the fight for he ya'll payfy lives on today. s soccer team are boycotting thn real olympic games if theirheir salary demands aren't met.n't this could be big.e b they want equal pay for equal play. play the team filed a complaint withw the equal employment opportunitp commission saying they aren't sy getting paid the same am that is they're male counterparts. >> that's an interesting debatet because it seems like they woule be able to go to their -- iheiri don't know i
10:07 am
or into the.or into the. most of these professionalsfels teams are involved in unions. u it seems like whatever cracktevc they sign, whatever deal theyeah signed they would be able to go that and figure out thou workuor this whole pay thing out becausb it's crazy they're not even note getting close to -- whatever collective bargaining agreemente there is.the is. >> olympics are so close. cse i hope that sways positively inn their direction but, you know,,k taking a stand together has goth to help make difference. differ. they do play awfully they are champions.mpns they deserve the money.o >> they do but at the same timee just playing the devils add row say the a little bit hereleit traditionally men's sports make as lot more money. and worldwide men's soccer is aa lot bigger than women's soccer s is and so -- >> you're talking aboutg a advertising, tv time. tv t >> i get it.. >> you're right.ou're right >> look at how significant theoa women's soccer team has been.n they've made -- more successful than the men's s soccer t >> made an impact on little girls where are.e a soccer has a viable sport theypt can play from youth into addntoa dull hood. >> i don't know what the olyic
10:08 am
olympics. are ticket prices if you go tofo see women's soccer game versus a men's soccer game versus anyersa other event.othe. >> i would think it just be a j venue thing.venue i don't know.i do but that would be a guess. be a >> you're right.e ri but the big issue would be theee tv contracts, the advertisingdvg and all that kind of stuff. stu >> professional women's soccer c leave -- here in the us becausee worldwide it's crazy. but here in the us professionala women's soccer league not nearly as viable as mls is. >> nba and wba not even close ae far as finances are >> it's a tough discussion.cuss they all play as hard as theyth can obviously. so we talk about this onlinl today at 5:00 a.m. chick-fil-a restaurants acrossas the country don't use one o ingredient any more it's iceberb lettuce the company says they don't use the lettuce hebecauseb really there's no traditional -l nutritional value to it and it'i at the bottom of the food chainn so this year alone chick-fil-a-a has served nearly 26 million pounds of fresh pousf lettuce in just the past year. t now there's no official ban t
10:09 am
iceberg let lettuce but fast food chain prefers to eat use ue kale or brock lean knee insteade >> as heavy investor in thatn ta franchise, i don't even eat thee lettuce.uce. i just -- >> do they put lettuce on thehe >> they put lettuce on then grilled sandwich. >> if you get like the deluxe oe whatever.atev >> yeah. >> >> all of those.ll of those. >> i don't eat healthy enough.lo >> i'm just saying. say >> they're also even talking about their salads that theyat t make at chick-fil-a.hick-fil >> i do eat the salads. sal >> they want to change out the iceberg for something like kalek >> i'm not an iceberg fan because it is bland. there's nothing to it.t. unless you have blue cheese and all that stuff, the >> the wedges are good. >> exactly.>>xactly. romaine is my go to.y goo >> but i like -- sometimes it'si fresh and crisp if it's on a blt sandwich i like it or a clublu >> lettuce wrap.ettu wra >> i mean, you know. mea you >> if it's on hamburger.ambuer >> you and your burgers.. >> i got nothing against lettuce as long as it's on burger or another sandw
10:10 am
>> meat wrapped around it.rod >> look for lettuce wraps. >> there you go. >> it's sturdy. srd >> we have just made a case for iceberg.eb >> exactlexactly. >> let's talk some more about food. food we don't have any right let's talk about starbucks.. five locations in d.c. start serving alcohol and smalll plates.ates the new evening menu will offer wine, craft beer and small a s plates and here are the locations starbucks on wisconsin avenue and idaho avenue innue i northwest.nohwes starbucks in adams morgan,n, starbucks in dupont circle.ont one on pennsylvania avenue innui southeast and another on hn h street in northwest. >> i don't know what that video is we were showing. let's focus on the starbucks.. >> yes.>>es >> trying something new. som >> i mean, i understand itstan because starbucks is a gatherini place. you know what i mean? it's transitioning into evening gathering. where you might have a littlegh bite to >> i'll drink to that. >> cheers!>> ches >> cheers, star buck. s b >> busy tuesday morning in the
10:11 am
we have special guests coming un the director of barbershop thepe next cut will join us live. l we've already talked to iceo cube. let's talk their boss on this ts project. local marine military mentor inn the new fox show american gritmi launches this t she gives us a preview coming uu at 10:30. first a hollywood hunk september set for a popular movie franchise.chise. rihanna and kanye breakingre records plus meghan fox makes ak major announcement. you know it. celebrity dish coming up next. x ♪ ♪
10:13 am
10:14 am
♪ hey it's time for somefo s celebrity dish.itdish. >> um-hmm.m-hm >> let's serve it first up one of the biggest's movie franchises in the pastas decade has add to do its star sr power. the fast and furious franchiseni announced that hollywood hunk scott eastwood will be joining fast eight. they tweeted this photo eastwood welcoming him to the family. fal reposted the photo to hiso h instagram with a very long l caption about his excitement toi be participating in the legacyac of the fast franchise.. eastwood did he did not givedidt many details on his role in thet film only saying he will besayge playing a new character who operates under kirk russell heuh also gave a shout out to late franchise star paul walker.
10:15 am
in that movie. >> kurt russell was in there.l a >> he was in the last one. last mr. nobody.. nobo yeah. >> better question who wasn't i' it. >> here's the thing.e'the th >> it keeps growing.wing >> i'm surprised -- i'm notpris' surprised they keep making these movie because they're action movies.vies. >> they keep making money. >> right. >> it's all good. goo some breaking news right non in the entertainment world.. actress meghan fox is pregnantt people magazine is reportingaiis that the 29-year-old is expecting her third child.hi she showed off her baby bump b last night during an event inn vegas to promote her new movie teenaged mutant ninja turtlesur out of the shadows. but the question is, who is the daddy? who is your daddy? d >> some are assuming it's her estranged husband brine austinti green the two filed for divorcer back in august after five yearss of marriage. however, they were seen steppine out together last month.onth. >> um-hmm.. >> they already share two sons >> we wish them all well.all we. >>
10:16 am
it looks like harry stylesyy and kendall jenner still s worrying in case you weree worrying.. kendall fan twitter accounttter spotted them shopping in la lass week and posted this photo to t their account. acc the first time they were seen is public together since their newn year's so people were talking.g. rest at ease they're stillreti together. >> all right. rihanna is on the verge oferge f taking down the beatles. btles that's according to latest billboard chart.rt her latest smash hit that's not it. work work work work work that'ss the name of the song. s name is work but i added thatddt other stuff in there. it features drake entombed the top 100 for eight weeks. wks that gives her 59 weeks ateeks number one and matches theches e beetles for the second mostdos weeks at the top of the chart. but the number one spot belongso to mariah carey who spent 79 sp7 weeks at the top of the billboard charts.s stein weeks.ei >> that's impressive.t'pressive. >> that are impressive.. >> also, breaking billboard blb records kanye west he breaks hrk
10:17 am
release of his latest album the live of pablo.lo. kanye scored his seventh number one album. first the artist hit the numberm one spot with majority streaming it was released in february onyn tidal and briefly purchased oncd kanye west website.kanye west wi it was only released to majoror streaming sites on april 1st. al >> all right. they do it real big. finally, actor jail gyllenhaalaa admitted to people magazine heie had a crush on jennifer aniston for years before, during anding after the filming of their 20020 movie the good girl.ood gir he said quote working with herit was not easy. it was lovely. it wasn't hard. hard. that's what i would say. say. aniston she responded.nded she told access hollywood quotee i just don't know why we'rew we' finding this out now. when nine stop was asked if things would have beengs w different, she saidou, i don't t know. he likes the older ladies. he hid it well. >> i wonder what her h
10:18 am
about that. (laughter). >> kind of in the very marriedym way now. >> it was harmless. harml he was just saying -- sayg >> he's got ooh movie too promote.prom >> both them.>> bot >> she d they both do, uh-huh. - >> that's your dish for tuesdayd >> all right. rht >> served up hot as always. >> 10:18 coming up next country singer jennifer nettles out on o or hen famous for being withei t sugar land much she's hanginge'n out with erin como this morningi find out what she's doing hereoi in dc.c. check in with both of them of te coming up next.p next. ♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are,
10:19 am
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♪ that's the new song i love you from grammy winner jennifern nettles you may know her for her hit songs from the group sue garland or suck is he fuss solol career. her new album is due out in a month.h this month she's hanging out ino the d.c. area with our own erin como.. they're live in chevy chase thit morning. morn what ya'll doing over there, erin? >> reporter: we're here forere great event. great even jennifer nettles newer a 4h alum. tell me about the group and whyy you're -- you think it's so it' important to support them.suppoe >> absolutely. absolut ooh aim 4h alum proudly i will w say. i'm here for this conference foe the true leaders conference which is fantastic.stic. hoping to be able to show the te world how fantastic 4h is ands
10:22 am
does. you know it's the oldest youthou organization in 100 years it started and itnd started out in agriculturegrulte because that was the only game m in town now it's robotics, it'si science it's performing artingsn it's citizenship, it's reallyy does help to grow leaders in les this country i do believe thatia for sure. for su >> when you were part of 4h whaf did you specific dollar?col >> surprise my project waspre my performing arts. as. >> shocking, i know.inw. how did that shape you as theshe star you are today? tay >> i'll tell was.ll first of all what it did it gavg me an opportunity to explore mym passion. in georgia we have program we hp called clovers and company.pany eighths performing arts troop oo young people from the fifth t fh grade all the way to graduating high school. i was in it that entire time ana it got me around kids who were r like me. who had a dream.o haeam who had passion for the performing arts but does it thaa all in projects. it creates community and supporo allows kids to explore theirre t passions regardless of what that area is. because when you have passion,s, you can't be a true leadereeade without passion.t on. >> that's absolutely true.t' today you're talking about'r
10:23 am
leadership this morning at the n rally. a day of workshops.orksho what would you tell anybody whoo wants to know what's going onno here today? >> a lot of leadership a lostp s kids and a lot of excitement.itm and you know what lot of exploration because i think one of the other things that 4h thit grows is curiosity and that is important.impo it says here what do you want to learn about, what do you want tt explore, let us offer that to to you it's fun to get to see thest kids going shown what they'vewnt done, show the projects and alln their achieve manies.achiev man >> i know you split your timelit between new york and nashville.l what are you doing in d.c..c eating great food, hanging outgi in your free tim. t >> it's all about 4h for me forf the next couple of days.le oay that's why we're here and hereer to celebrate these kids and getg to know know them i met lexi this morning fromhirn she had has a sit schenn shipchh project they made a wig closetlo for patient who's have canceravn and who are going through chemoo then i met also thad who doess robotics project. pje i mean it's amazing to see whatw these kids have done.ave it's inspiring to me. >> absolutely.olut your music inspires so manyso people. >> thank you. >> your new single i love you iu heard it i got chills. >>
10:24 am
>> such serious subject matter you can really connect withct w anybody who felt lost or brokeno what was your inspiration behinn the song. >> the loss and the brokenness n and i think it does explore thaa in a really emotional way. via new album coming out on may 13th called playing with fire w that. song will be on it many amongmog others i hope people check itplc out. what can we expect from your fr jennifer nettles opposed toed sugar land as far as sound iss s concerned. anything different? >> i've loved about this doingig solo project i'm able to explore bit of who i am as a artistis intimately because it is so lowl in that way.wa so evening my fans will get fs t chance to get to know me pour intimately as an artist. ais know what i'm about in a more m intimate way.te w >> i love that.>> i love the song stuck like glueu i love your more serious side. e >> there's upbeat fun on this album as well. well. >> i look forward the tooo checking it out. o you can grab your copy mayr py 13th. we'll hang out at 4h and get tot know these very inspiring kidspi in the dc the d thank you very much for joiningy us. >> thank you so much.ha
10:25 am
>> i if you were not a jennifer nettles fan aft this segment yos definitely are.. >> oh, my god what a wonderful spokesperson she is for 4h. >> her hair was -- >> 4h i always thought it washo just i had no idea robotics and allsa those other things as well.s w >> they have changed with theved times for sure.. >> it's amazing organization.. >> jennifer nettles notice howoc to work a crowd when i saw her s years ago in pittsburgh schenn s came out in steelers jersey i'm fan. >> yeah. yh >> if somebody does it here thed come out and wearing a capsaps jersey performing to night i'm t fan.n uri lating that me.ngt m >> professional performer. >> know how to reach c >> for sure.>> >> 16 of america's toughest ment and women come together for new fox reality show it looks greate it will prove who has americanai grit. it now, we have already met some of the people who are the motivators.. but we have saved perhaps theavp best for now because one of thef is from right here in virginia i and she's going join us live too give us a glimpse into what thep secontestants are in for.ntare we're back after this short sho break. ♪
10:26 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews
10:27 am
, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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10:29 am
♪ we're back now 10:28 with wh updates on breaking news we'ree' following this first arrest in the stabbinging death of a 15-year-old at thet e deanwood metro station yesterd yesterday. and then body found at the c ant o canal that is at the top ofop the video body found at the c and o canal bob barnard is onnan the scene with that details. thi he's coming up later. later but we understand that the scens with the den wood metro stabbinb that there's a press conferencee underway.. officials are giving moremo information about the personabth arrested in this case. we believe this was and an 18-year-old.d. assistant police chief. chief let's listen in.listen in. >> -- providing information inf this case as they were with thee shooting of the seven-year-oldel in both of those cases the t amount of tips we got was tremendous and i think thatnk t indicates the relationship thati we have with our community herer at mpd. um, we also want to thank metrot police and for those of you who don't know, one of the metro police transit police off
10:30 am
was the first responder to the scene and actually administere administered --ad >> 18-year-oldmi javon thai hall of northeast washington was arrested and charge width secono degree murder. mder >> we hopes to learn in thisn press conference there was ancea connections between the victimbw and suspect.anspe there was some speculationlation boomer happens words having beee spoken between two of them an te altercation of some kind.e nd. perhaps they will address thatst of course melanie alnwick theree at the press conference.nce she will give us the details ans let's just listen in briefly to mayor bowser. bowser. >> we want to thank our first responders to the scene who administered care to thiss 15-year-old just as soon as possible.possib we also want to thank thehank members of the community who provided a number of excellentxt tips that allowed an arrest to be made within hours of this incident. i want to underscore the fact f that fortunately -- unfortunatee eiffel had to
10:31 am
previously there are cameras als over system and any incident like this is caught to be caughh on tape theperpetrators ofators those incidents will be broughti to justice. i also want to emphasize that we have work with metro to make mae sure that we have increasedase presence throughout our system e but especially where somethingoi like this has happened in our system at deanwood metro. sole wee take any questions.stis chief? >> mayor, i was going to ask yoy what is going on? this is twoso in two weeks.ks >> we're hearing the mayor and assistant police chief addressing the recent arrest of 18-year-old jew von thai hall of northeast d.c. stabbed in thetah deathing of a 15-year-old at the deanwood metro station yesterday melanie alnwick is there she'lll fill in the details as she getst them as far as what may havemayh prompted this very heinousve heo crime. what police are doing to safeguard the area. mayor bowser talking aboutbout increased security and the fact that they are video monitoring
10:32 am
the situation.ituati so we'll get more from that, bub we also want to go bob barred be nass who at georgetown near the c and o canal where a body hasoy been pulled out.ut bob, what can you tell us abouto this troubling discovery? >> reporter: well, we believe be maureen that it was a man. m he was wearing a backpack. this is 31st street behind meinm they're just getting ready todyt reopen and this is the c and o o canal where the body was foundad around 7:00 their this morning.g the person who found it and called 911 showed me some of tht pictures that appeared it wasres man kind of like bent over withr the backpack on in the water right he is not been identified.d there were earlier thoughts thaa perhaps he was a homeless man.a. the police commander on theom scene here saying no, they don'y believe that's the case.he case. although they have not positiv positively department tide him.n police were going through hisis backpack looking at some of the belongings inside. insid hoping to try to help them the identify who this person is.ho t we don't know whether he slippep and fell in, was pushed in, jumped in, we just don't know
10:33 am
but the scene has been cleared.d the canal has been reopen.. and this investigation continues a man in the canal this morning dead. he had been in there long enough first responders realized they t couldn't perform any kind of a rescue.scue so we're not sure how long he le was in there. there but they pull him out little bie ago. they look through this backpackp and clear the scene and this investigation continues.tinues guys? back in to you.k in to y. >> all right, bob, thanks very. 10:33.:33. okay. ok she may have a cover girl smilee let's take look at that covert v girl smile but don't mistake hea for your average girl next door. first of all anybody who has the name hannibal i'm staying away from general even if she lookshl this pretty joining us right n now. now. she spent two decades in thedecn u.s. marine corps and 11. 11. stars the new fox competitionti program american grit.rit. >> she joins us now let us knowk what to expect on this new show. >> debuts on thursday night. she's with us right now. high, good morning.orning >> high guys.h y
10:34 am
>> you weren't smiling in thatmi video. video. >> no, i got to put my game facc on. >> first of all, the cover model where did that come from weme don't necessarily put americanra grit with cover model?h cover md >> i don't know where that came from. i don't consider myself a coverr model.. it's just something that peoplee just look at me when i smile and that's what they get i guess. >> you got that million dollarla can't help it.iln't >> i try to keep that rbf thing going on at all times. on all . >> clearly they thought you weru meant for tv you were telling uu before you came up here that the show actually came looking forkr you.u >> yes. y it was amazing i got an e-mail i thought it was spam. i didn't respond back and i'm ai glad i did of course here we are now. now and they were looking for me f m because of my background andd a things that i brought to the table on both the civilian sides and military side.ide and here we are today. today >> when you say your backgroundo what you brought it to describeo a little bit. bit what was it about that made you
10:35 am
unique that made them want you. >> i run a couple programs herer in the dmv area. one is operation heroes connect. it garnered a lot of attentiontn in newsweek and presidentialsina white house attention.te. it's a mentor ship program that partners at risk youth withh service members and veterans asa their full-time so that's something i started back in 2012. 2 since then, i've started about a face modeling and talent agencyy to kind of help our veterans get employed because there's many mn more cover girls out there and in the veteran community i want to skylight them. >> even though you're a chicagor native you stayed local. loc >> i stayed local. >> still here. here. >> let's talk about the show.abu because the show looks excitingn there are four teams off competitors here. he. all led by somebody from one of the branches of the u.s. u military.mitary. >> only one is led boy woman, w, though.though >> that's right.>> t only one led by woman. wom movement ahh galloway was with h us last week went talk with himh
10:36 am
u.s. marine corps represented.rd competitors are fighting withe each other.each how about the memb oers of thehe branches of the military.ilit >> you'll see friendly rivalryfl going on. >> we expect that.pect tt >> back and forth. fth i kind of hold my own with the e guys. gu >> i don't doubt that for a second. second. >> you see lot of that but forft the most part it's like a like brother and sister hood.oo you we can talk trash but don't lett anyone else talk trash. tra >> i understand that.. >> definitely.init >> look you're from chicago. fro >> yes.>> y >> where we know about thee knbe wintertime in i did you this show up in thep in state of washington.hing >> yes. yes. >> some not so favorablele all right.l talk about what you can or compare if you can you being yoi from chicago, that, and thennd e going to the state of washingtoo to do this and then yourn y military, too, because you'reaue military you deal were all kind of stuff in the military.n the y >> i mean there were times filming, we're freezing mucheziu it's raining, it's snowing one day. it's back raining the next day. um, i think i was better offte o than the guys because i'm used
10:37 am
to the cold weather a little b you got nick -- nick >> irving he's from this aream s but he lives in texas.. >> right. >> so that's not his cup of teat you got noah of course whosee we from alabama. >> yes. >> but i think i kind of held mm own.ow >> right. rig >> you're a first in, last out. >> absolutely. >> you know what i'm saying?at >> absolutely. >> when it come to the people that are competing went watchto this show, are wnge w going to e surprised at who breaks and whoo doesn't? you know what i mean? like going in we might think myi gosh that's the person that'sha' totally going survive and thenne down the line -- line >> that's what makes it . >> we find out maybe not.utaybet >> i think there's going to be b some heart touching stories. sti you're going hear some of their pasts revealed.evd. you're going to see some wow moments.moment some really i thought i washt w going to go all the way. go alth you're going to have a little tl bit of both.oth. you're going to have your your underdogs that you're rootingoui for. you're going the ones that peakk it thro
10:38 am
the whole team. team. >> that break the whole team.ea >> you're only as strong as thet weakest link. lin these evolutions are designedne tow that four people are continuously doing these the evolutions it takes team work.or >> evolutions or the challengess are these military similar or o are these kind of like cake walks compared to real traininga >> military similar. simil i think you've seen the one t oe where we young lady cane takenen away in the ambulance.mbulance that was definitely real.yeal. >> all right. >> challenge is real.ges rea >> how big is john cena's neck? (laughter). >> we asked him that when hem he talk to him. >> he said the shirts are not oo the rack. >> both of your legs together.ot >> both of them together.oget put his head right there. there >> he's a big dude. >> yeah. >> heart of gold.ol >> exactly. what a wonderful heart.on we'll actually honorde them nexx week the u.s.o. is from his worw with the service members andrs d their >> wow.>> wow. >> that will be awesome.will >> we are proud of you and t
10:39 am
you so much for stopping by andb sharing this with w continued success to you.succ >> thank you.>> t >> this is the first of manyy programs we expect to see you su on. >> i hope so. >> great work with the communiti too. nice for the national audience to get a chance to see you, too. >> thank you.. >> thanks for joining us. american grit of course startsou thursday this thursday at 9:0090 p.m. and of course you can watch it right here on fox5. hanibel leading the u.s. marinee corps team.ea >> yeah. >> good luck to you. >> team tee.m t >> still ahead at 10:00 ice0:00i cube, cedric the entertain intern lee jen hall where hereer in the lot of talking about barbershop the next cut noun we have the visionary behind the t film director malcolm lee. l >> he has to make them behave.e. >> he's got a loft power.t pow he'll discuss all of that cominn up next..
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
♪ going nowhere.he not this weekend. wke it's too crazy out there on them streets.streets. >> but dad there's a street atre tournament this weekend. this wn >> i don't care about basketba basketball. do you know your momma found m gang paraphernalia in youraliaur drawer in my house? now how ama i supposed to trust you trust somewhere.somewhere. >> man, this ain't fair. one why i got to deal with these stupid ways. ways. >> do you know why? becauseec most of them knuckle heads don'd got a father to look out fork o them any way. any w >> they look a out for me.ut fe when i'm at school the boys gott my back.
10:43 am
>> hugh talk about. hugh >> you talking about kenny? yoo think that's your boyut? >> why you always got to say tos something about kenny? aren'tre you like brothers. why you always tripping.s tripp >> you watch your mouth jaelin.t i'm not one much your friends, n okay? i don't see why you don'd understand how dangerous it isut out there.he we don't approve of who you'reoe associating >> you want me to hang out withw the corn ball that cleans theeae shop. >> what's wrong with anthony. >> why is it corny to be smartgs >> why is it corny to do whatha you ask? why is it corny toorny handle your business? that'ses? not corny, son., that's being a man.. >> that's deep.. >> serious scene right therecent from the new comedy barbershopap the next cut. we sat down with the stars oftas the movie in the last month andd this morning we're sitting downd with the director to talk abouto his local ties malcolm lee is li the man behind the camera. and behind hits like the bestthe man, the best man holiday, but he has roots right here in d.c.d and he's a graduate ofduate georgetown university and thisui morning he's back to his old hio stomping grounds to talk about the movie and talk about somebo other things as well.r th
10:44 am
see you, sir.see yoir. welcome to the loft.lcomto t welcome. good to see you. >> thank you very much.y m >> talk bout work you're doingut before we get to the movie w. me your mentoring programs. p you've got mentoring program.. >> i'm work wig the american ama blank film festivalling moneyon donned to help monitor and promote young film makers wem m have a contest happening rightnt now submissions are due thison friday the 15th. 92nd commercial or short filmhol that says what you're doing in n your commune the.yo we're hoping we get a lot of submissions and three lucky finalists i will mentor and onee winner will get $2,500 in film m equipment.pmt. >> wow. how can they submit.y s >> check and, you know, festival 20th year this year tha miami and this summer. summe >> okay. they get to follow you around an and you'll mentor them and shows them how to do -- to d >> i'll show them the ropes.heos >> give them advice. give them pearls of wisdom.pear >> i like that.>> i let's talk about the movie. barbershop the next cut.ex >> yes, sir., >> what made you decide to get t in
10:45 am
this point?oi >> bob tidal is the producer off the movie and the franchise heni asked me to do the first one. now, i hadn't -- wasn'tas available to do it.e do first one kama run and i wasa rw like i really want to put my stamp on this franchise and i a met with ice cube and we've beeb wanting to work together and hea want the to to make the samee let me get a chan to do it. plus a great script that kenya barris wrote the head writer of blackish and i'm really a biglla fan of that show and him. so the script was great hadn't some -- old as well as news players and i wanted to make a toe funny move z as you can tel with the clip, we have seriouser issues to deal with as well. >> absolutely. abs >> because, you know, you can'tw set a movie in 20,016 in chicaga and not talk about gang violenco and gun violence and the i meg al spot of the movie is ice i cube's relationship with his s son. >> that's deep. because you're able to get thehe comedy in there and tackle issues like you talk about.alk o is
10:46 am
this in hollywood and have successful movie at the sameie time? >> it's not easy but i've pride myself on making those kinds ofo movies and balancing tonescing n because, um, that's what life is like. i do spice of live movies and a try to be grounded in myn m approach to making movies. movs. because life is not just one jun way. life is not just, you know,ouno, comedy and life is not just -- j >> it's not black and white.d >> it's not black and white. there's varying degrees and iin like to balance all those thinge out. ou >> you also talked about putbo your stamp on it.your they've had success in the past. putting your stamp on this.n t the malcolm lee stamp on it.t >> you know, it's really for me it starts with tone.iton you know, making sure that it tt feels grounded and feels real. the other one felt real as well. but, you know, i'm a little bitt more seasoned as film maker noww and i just try to grow with g every picture that i do. d the barbershop franchise is no different than as challenge clln because you have four weeks of us, 15 people are so in the same it's not
10:47 am
and negotiating and figure out but i pride myself work wig the ensemble cast and giving each g person their moment.onheir >> wow. a big cast, too., you go the heavy hitters init there. >> yes, we do.>> great. ice cube said tricks entertain entertainer. nicky minaj.cky eve, lamar. regina hall, jb smooth, dion cole and anthony anderson that'a only few of them. tm that's only like a fraction offt the >> right right. rht r getting all of them to come c together at the same time to do this movie is that partovie difficult.ult >> absolutely. schedule link is really difficult at times. to get lic the right combinatiof people together. toghe so, you know, it's never easyeve but, you know, the stars alignen and fortunately they wanted to be part of the movie.ovie >> last question. que talking about being a black b director in hollywood makingakig movies making these kind off movies talk about the obstaclesl and some of the things you'vethh had to overcome in getting these movies to this point, get yourself to this point to bent t film maker.
10:48 am
lost perseverance. you'll hear no a lot more than a you'll hear yes but i think it's difficult for every film maker but what's difficult for us as black film makers they try to put us in category of all the same -- same >> all the movies,. a the >> black movies. they're no genre as black movies we make comedies. comie we make action movies. dramas, you know, so i want toat get rid of the moniker black b film because, yes, i'm black,l i'm proud to be, i'm proud to be a black film maker but i make im genre movies just labor just lao everybody else.ev >> right. thank you very much, mr. lee. m we appreciate you spenting timee with. >> thank you. >> barbershop the next cuthothe amazing movie. movie >> thank you. tha >> appreciate your time.ppre >> all right. >> all right. >> let's go back over to you>>. send it to me i'm busy in bs the kitchen, wis. it is gooey, toasty, and oh, so good.go we are celebrate one of myf m favorite days this morning it is national grilled cheese dayri we'll tell you how you can y celebrate next as well.. we promised it was going to be b big.big. it's
10:49 am
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i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love
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what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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>> ♪ oh, wendy it is indeed good day.da there are very few food holidayd that we don't celebrate, right?t today is no exception.. today is national grilled chees day and joining us to celebrache is none other than grilledha cheese d.c.. it's to good to see you. see y >> thank you for having me.ou fr >> let me say happy anniversary. >> thank you. two years today.ars to >> two years today. t >> that's right.rit. >> on national grilled cheeseio down at 17th anand penn, right.r >> that's right.>> that's right >> i'm assuming things will bei big today.big today. >> we should have crazy day.oua but we welcome everybody. so it should be fun. it sh >> all right.>> rig so what's crazy is the number every option ya'll have when itn comes to grilled cheese. we have ton of options.of o. i'll go through these real quicq for you.ou. here today we have figure and procuitto.procuitt we have a chicken parmesan right here.he this is our cheeseburg
10:53 am
cheese. >> that's wis'.wis' (laughter).(laugh >> we have a short rib righthorg here. >> ooh. >> all these are made to order.d we make all our things in house. >> um-hmm. >> we have a barbecue here. >> pork barbecue.becu >> pork barbecue and we have a classic take on mexican sandwi sandwich. >> ooh. >> avocado, spicy salsa.spic sal very good.oo >> very good.y go >> dibs on that.on t >> and here we have our homemadm eeeamed cheese ice >> stop it.>> >> today we're doing strawberry. >> even grilled cheese in quote for dessert.chfosser >> exactly.>> exa >> last but not least.. >> smoked gouda and apple.. >> fantastic. how many different options dofe you really have on the menure.. >> so we have actually twouallto different menus we have a lunchl menu which has about 15 options in addition to middle your ownr options.opti in the evening we have 10 san 1s witches on the evening menu as a well. >> who knew grilled cheese coull be so fancy. >> you can make it as creative and as fun as you like.ou l >> you'll teach us how to makeu the perfect grilled cheese at c least e of yours.let on >> absolutely. >> which is.
10:54 am
>> what's your most popular. por >> most popular i would say is s short rib right there. >> really? ry? >> and this chicken >> let's do the popular chickenn parmesan. >> we'll start with our breadta here and thisrt is our san marzo tow nato sauce. sau >> do you all of yours on a poo 1992 press. pre >> we have high tech oven at tht restaurant. >> you just don't have one. (laughter). >> but these work basically thee same way. same >> this is something you can dot at home. hom >> exactly. >> absolutely.bsolutely. always like this how my mom used to make as well.s wel always nice to have that. put our mozzarella grew yeah blend here. >> any tips on the cheese inhees terms of like some that meltslt better than other. >> mozzarella, guy yeah, tow lel show are the best cheeses for grilled cheese they're light ant fluffyhe.flfy >> are you not a velveeta fan. f >> i you've to be on my nachos.o >> there you go.
10:55 am
that was when he was just basic now he's high end grilled g cheese. >> exactly. >> there's nothing wrong withotg velveeta.eeta >> it melts so well.>> i >> it does. absolutely. >> i'm not sure why it d i'm aut little scared.ttle s i don't want to know.ono okay much so this is our chick chicken. >> chicken parm.hick this is a garlic chicken sauteeu in tomato sauce with garlic bread >> it looks fabulous.ulous >> i really wish ya'll coulda'll smell this.l t those of you watching at home. . everyone in the loft i know youo can. >> they can come and at any timn it today at the >> all your sandwiches come witw dipping s >> yeah. they do. yup. all of them come with dipping sides,.side >> more sauce on top?orsauc >> yup. >> the best bread for a grilledl cheese? >> i always like white bread. be >> yeah. you can't go wrong with >> um-hmm.m >> sometimes just need to treatt yourself.self. >> you're right.>> you're >> how long?ow long? >> i'd say about three minutes. >> three minutes total.hree >> you shall be ready to go. b >> when it's done it will look k exactly leak this one film nowe when do you your grilled cheese at home doing the regular
10:56 am
plainfield grilled cheese do yoi butter on the bread.ll >> you got toer put better thats very important.very imp we actually -- we actually playl with different types of butter as well. >> really?>> reall >> we use clarified butter.ut we sometimes use garlic butter depending on our specialpe sandwich of the week.k >> and do you have, you guys travel.avel you do partie parties.. right. >> we do we do catering all the time.he >> all right. i think it's time for us to try. >> look they stood up in mass.ns >> they were like i thought tho you'd never ask. come on over here. on over come on over. >> that's right. tha >> all right. how do you celebrate national no grilled cheese day other than working? >> well, you know, i -- i always take a couple bites of differene types of grilled cheese. c >> what's your favorite?youravor >> my favorite --ite -- >> personal favorite.sonal vori >> my personal favorite in thisi cheeseburger one.burg o >> really? really >> that looks like the one thatt has my name on it. it >> everybody grab which one thet want. >> okay. >> i'll try this one. >> whoo! >> this is barbecue.s isbecu >> cheeseburger. c >> mac and cheese on barbecue. >> sold.>>d.
10:57 am
>> all right. >> yum. >> i'd love to talk but hmm. see you tomorrow.
10:58 am
10:59 am
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