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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  April 13, 2016 12:30am-12:52am EDT

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news at 11. >> i >> right now at 11 oneo >> her stunning reaction to her son's murder and what she wants to tell his killer. an elderly virginia woman sexually assaulted inside her home in a senior apartment complex. her attack kier is still out there. were life with details on what investigators are hoping will help them solve the case. >> won't be dealing with rain on wednesday morning commute for some of you it's going to be a frosty cold start i'll have for cost. fox news at 11 starts now into in thanks for joining us i'm shawn yancy. >> tone me perkins. this is the 18 year old
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arrest and charged with a t's motherp >> what did have to go. >> reporter: she was pretty emotional talking about her son. and she says that are her son just turned 15 amy fog back in january she made the decision to move her entire family from dc to richmond virginia she felt she was seeing a change in attitude in her son she felt he wasn't hanging around with the right crowd. she got a door knock by detective who informed her of the news they told her her son had been murdered at the deanwood metro station first born killed three days after she gave birth to her fourth child. now, her husband was supposed to go pick up johnny from court the teen decided to take the metro
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instead her son allegedly murdered by aaan well as with her 13 year old daughter earlier. and i had seen the police down the street. and i just had like this bad feeling. just had a bad feeling. when he left in the morning to go to court, he hugged and kissed me and he was like he'll be back because i was sick in the bed because i wasn't feeling too good just having a baby i guess i was doing too much, the boys from kennel worth had attacked him, jumped my daughter, males and females a few months ago. and, so it was just leading on to different altercations. he had approached my daughter a few weeks ago, him and his friends throwing juice on her and saying how they wanted to jump him, i mean him and his friend wanted to jump my son. >> reporter: tonight dc attorney general spoke to the community rega
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when kids are not functioning well or being supervised well at home, not attending school, they are going to be subject to criminal behavior. so, i think that's what's going on. that's why its so critical for us to get services over to those kids in the areas where they need it. >> reporter: homicide police arrested devonta hall who turned queen year old last summer since he became an adult he's been arrested four times including alleged assault on a metro transited officer who was attempting to remove a knife from his possession. the victim's mother says she has to forgive him in order to move on. >> i forgive him. you know, and. >> reporter: you forgive him? >> y i can't hold no hatred in my heart for him, because i'm not
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through it if i just hopee >> reporter: and devonta hall is charged with second degree murder being held and no bond. marina morocco fox 5 local news. >> to developing story a woman was sexually assaulted inside her senior apartment community. fox 5 sarah simmons is. the woman 77 year old. >> reporter: i know its crease police say this is initially reported as someone a man who walked in through an unlocked door. but later on the 77 year old victim's son reported that his mother had been sexually assaulted. this was about a week later. this happened in the 14 thousand 400 block at wood mirror court about 11 in the morning. these are independent living apartments for senior in
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sentville partly assaulted her. police say the man al took off. talked with are very surprised and obviously shaken by the news. >> i am disgusted with the way our society has deteriorate today it makes me sick. >> i can't believe they'd do that to someone that age, i mean this used to be a nice neighborhood because i'm here, i used to take care of my mother when she lived here i moved here to be closer to her. but, i've never heard of that. anything like that happening in that, that concerns me. >> the suspect is described as about six feet tall, age 30 to 40 year old not a lot to go on. police are planning on releasing a sketch some time tomorrow.
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hopefully we'll get more details from police at well in the meanmeplease giv date latest hen sentville sincere e fox >> inning that was sarah. maryland state board of supervisions charged doctor brian williams with sexual miss you can't had conduct of the three parties treated between 2012 and 2000 phone claim doctor williams touched them inappropriately during visits. williams says the allegations are completely false. he currently works at the metro spine pain center office in oxon hill. state medical board will meet to discuss a possible punishment may 25th. >> turning to weather it as mild night so far. but it's going to be colder and in fact parts of our area are under a frost advisory. sue palka is here with overnight details and what peck expect in the morning. last week self nights in which we had freeze warning.
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cold told eno damag down to mid shirts. you are advised in the the blue primarily north and west to do what you have to to protect those plants. any sensitive plants left outdoors un protected could be damaged, this would be a light frost if we see it effectting montgomery howard, clown den, northern fauquier other parents to the north and west. mountains growing season hasn't started yet. you will have a frosty start in the morning. my pressure going to build in. lighten the winds. direction of i understand we're is cold tonight and we'll be seeing temperatures drop. it's not bad at this pont. we're still at 52 degrees here in the district many and we can show you as we look at current conditions nice quiet nice notice winds still out of the north at 12 here in the district. sometimes that can help to protect t as we go through overnight hours yabby six in the morning district is dow
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degrees, you can see around the region as cold as some of morning last week notes zoo bell. colder than this morning dropping to 33 out at martinsburg, 34 in frederick, 40 for the district no concerns about frost at district and points down to south and east. could be 32 degrees to 42. bright day. on the chilly side without much wind in the morning. after school 55 to 62 and feeling like a nice in vigor rating wednesday afternoon i'll let you know about the 7-day forecast and potentially warmer weekends on the way, shawn. >> thank you, sue. >> short-lived police chase ended with a crash on bradley boulevard on bethesda, eight p.m. after officers try to pull over this car for a traffic stopped the car kept going. the chase lasted a few minutes
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at least avenue. oas vehicle. 82 jot tonight police still have not the mans body found in c & o canal in georgetown. police were looking for clues. they believe the man is in his 40s or 50s. wearing a backpack. it is unclear how he ended up in the water. rescue option near nationals ballpark in southeast a man working on the top floor of a building under construction had a medical emergency and could not get back down firefighter put the mano had on a stretcher and used a construction train to lower the man to the ground he was rushed to the hospital. we are told he is in serious i did go condition. >> he did not attack his wife over the weekend. bateman was a will rested on sunday after his wife complained that he pushed her, hilled her against her will and physically assaulted her. bateman says that is simply not
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>> i've never ever ever evernt . i'm em bay after, we are going to get through this wi so-calle. a trait ticked people from all across the country. gathered on capital hill including big money out of politics. they will be focusing on different issues throughout the week. >> tomorrow is going to be a day focused and racial justice center ring black lives win thi
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movement in this country and the fight for representation in d known as noah's law w last night the assembly worked through the 11th more and eventually passed it. the final bill was not ready in time for governor hogan to sign today. no what's law named for montgomery police officer mona leotta killed by a suspected drunk driver last december. it will create districted penalties for drunk drivers. we'll let you know as soon as he signs the bill it could be a few days or a couple of
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creditng up tonight at 11 and when it wil bill.
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gooddaydc. >> new at 11, knew data shows that on metro more than 75% of people who ride are sexually harassed on public transportation and they don't report the vie listen. metro surveyed one thousand people 21% say they've been sexually harassed during a trip t majority happen inside metro stations on trains not metro buses. if you ever feel threatened on metro report it. you
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arn what a man earned in 2015 for doing the exact same job. forever dollar a man, a white woman makes about 79 cents and women of color make less than that t today president obama called on congress to produce equal pay bill. >> we truly value fairness then america should be a level playing field where everyone who works hard gets a chance to succeed. that's good for america. >> president made comments from his store rack house. played a huge 98 ted national monument.
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>> pepco customers will get a n. the next 50 dollar creditil from now. only applies to pepco customers in maryland. >> i don't get it. >> i know. lovely of you to call it the weather desk. >> i haven't been here in a while. >> good to have you back. starting out with frosty cold morning. i think most of the next several morning are going to be on the cool side. heads up for gardeners who want to bring the flowers in. them don't need to be out for this. but tonight not everyone will be in the frosty zone. i think the district and points south and east aren't going
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have to really deal with the at us joinings frostce remound in the. still just slightly below average for this time of year. come on spring we're waiting for you. winds have gotten lighter coming in from the north. sustained winds. that actually the wind helps to keep us warmer. you can see many of communities in the north have seen the winds get lighter. i'd like to see the winds get lighter. i've been tired of the gust. we should get a break from the gusty winds. sunday filled days are ahead. high pressure is going to be domination as its been moving into place. we've had a little bit of breeze. it will be on top of us. flow is out of the north a cooler direction this time of year. it will be a weather locker we're not going to have any rain in the forecast for the next self days. and, while we'll stay on the cooler side
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week we have a cng cooler area to the. and really probably as early as sunday. next couple days on cooler side. 60 degrees after a frosty start. 63 on thursday, would not be surprised if we have a little bit of frost advisory issued tomorrow as well. one thing you are going to notice even with little bit of rain we had today pollen county was high. if you are sneezing and ease sink that may be why. all the other pollen night are on the low side. we drop to 40 degrees here in the district again cooler north and west, closer to 33 or 34 and tomorrow plenty sunshine. a cool day. lighter winds. slight full out there. thursday 63. when do we get warmer air the weekend
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72 73aus, lap s 64. state degrees on mday. tuesday baste so it looks like spring is going to show up here for a seven day stretch starting on sunday. jim to you. >> i call that baseball weather. >> if get me some ticket. i'll get my own ticket. >> weekend in the new season nats are setting a team record win against braves give nat best start in nearly 15 years back in the day when they were the expos. mascot was something named you pea. there you go. upee worked for qua made continuance. how times have changed. braves by ways loaded jeff at the plate, what happens? >> grounds
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for it, but nope bakers reak, nats. or ryals against red socks bottom of the second, blake at the plate gets a line nearer up the middle hardy not just about defense tonight in the top of the fourth or ryals down works hardy connect to write field shortest part, first to tie the game two all. top of the 7th hardy again, i guessed it another
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he's going to get greedy. he round the corner. replay show playing hot hands on the bag. they challenge the call. arizona with last laugh they win the game four-two. >> i don't know i'd have to look. >> that's why they had the replay. >> a reason to be excited obviously a lot of people talking about the capitals. this as good i mean too to be a shorts fan. and that's what we like. >> thank you sir.
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>> welcoming up n sfx: "gulp" what are you doing? sfx: "burp" i'm having a small snack. what? ant: "non-verbal eating sounds."
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? it's great!
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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suspicious. he becamend engaged. >> the actress tricked -- i mean is engaged to a russian man whose father is a multi millionaire businessman. >> is her mom going to go after the dad. >> b proly not -- maybe. the couple started dating get this five months ago.
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>> 29 going on 50. she's apparently very low congratulations. [ laughter ]. see you tomorrow everybody.
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