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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  April 13, 2016 6:00am-6:42am EDT

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testimony's mother opens up about the loss of her your service. >>
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wednesday line phones only. not wireless. and really only if you need expect to struck back then >> maureen
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>> hours on capitol hill rail e repairs. >> also happening today manay preliminary hearin. attempted conspiracy and murder charges. michael was the gunman that led to friendly
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>> good morning, steve, allison. u moat increasedrence from metro they say they've also worried about stories that we heard at gun point too.s being monday's homicide rattled everyone here second income two weeks and second involving teens in the area. johnny evans had just turned 15 in january. his mother says family recently moved from d.c. to richmond, virginia
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ld sister.o pick up johnn >> i forgive them you know . >> so i forgive him. i just hope he realizes what he has done to us. >> now according to charging documents johnny evans and javante hall were on same metro train but in different cars and earlier threatened each other on social media it appears evans may have thrown the first punch even asking friend to record it. documents say the video was deleted when detectives asked to see
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18-year-old javante fom
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li nice w
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big back to 21y fox pans back you can see quit choo aernate othe stuck in massive delays this morning details out there for over an hour of extra travel time outtaer loop look going and i can tell you it's a bit of pump break past accident scene as they check out what is going on. we
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it's a huge mess in addition to that we have typical morning congestiont that
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after school upper 50s. we'll probably get to low 60s in city. you know what beautiful looking day cool this afternoon and beautiful looking. chilly. particularly north and west. there we go. frost advisory early it morning north and west. 32 frederick and 32 gaithersburg and 43
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and we're hanging out around freez pressure
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things nice and dry. roblem the that traffic forced. re dudelays yll sometime thi you can see traffic is basically parked leading towards 4. i'll let you know when he everything is out of the way and traffic is back to normal. again this will be quite a bit of time before things get back to normal. look how far back the stretch is.
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painrsection shut down has reopened. we more participants. trying to get more on bikes. >> bl
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wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. >> j ub ser sharing your information
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and hopefully features matching that today. >> it's looking great this morning. futures up almost 100 point and dow 54 points yesterday biggestn a month as oil prices rallied 4 1/2% and topping 41 dollars a barrel and we have a big meeting among oil producers this weekend. so that was the reason for the change yesterday. surging oil prices. this morning up two. i don't know what that screen is you're looking at there. >> i don't either. >> that's not accurate. >> we tlooi a bunch of numbers to see if you're taking apension this morning you passed congratulations. >> thank you i hope i'm up right now. >> we trust you. >> good news yesterday hopefully good news today. now let's move to uber now what's the deal with sharing information. >> okay. so uber is regulated as taxi company and other companies in the states and by government in that agencies and regulatory
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authorities want information at times. sometimes they want information on drivers and riders gps coordinates, receipts receipts, et cetera, and they have it on information in 11 nav million riders and half a million drivers to authorities in many states asking for this information. and you know this helps authorities paint a broader picture of what exactly uber is doing in certain cases and they need specific information as it relates to fraud credit card fraud, for instance, and makes riders and uber uncomfortable at times. you hear them sometimes say we'll give you aggregate data or this specific but not that specific that's too personal. so it's not all black and white here but people are got comfortable when information is being handed to authorities. >> do we know is it our extreme
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personal or where people railroad picked up and dropped off. >> in some instances i'm sure it's more personal than that. if you look carefully transparency report it tell you you exactly how many times each state asks for information and how many times suber said know let's narrow the scope. >> quickly let's good to nba. it doesn't seem bad for soccer jerseys around the worlds and a lot of time the whole jersey is a big sponsor. the major sports in america, baseball, football, basketball. we don't expecting to see that. >> they're ad free for the most part that may change 2017, 2018 surprise because nba owners are thinking about putting and they'll vote this week 2 1/2" by 2 1/2" add logo for and half of the money would go
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split amongst the teens all of teens. >> i don't mind it. >> there's a -- it can only be tiny at this point. >> two 1/2" by 2 1/2". >> here's where i would like it if it brought the ticket prices down i would be okay with that you know it's not going to. >> that will nev happen. >> maybe. >> study up. we'll see you until the mornin morning. >> bye. >> 6:26. >> soccer has been doing it for years and ticket price goes down. >> i don't think so i think it's more money to pay salaries to be honest. top players make even more. >> maybe we can be sponsors an have a little lapel pin. >> let's go to the forecasts
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a sponsorship head band to wear. >> dulles 39 and bwi marshall 40 and cool yes jacket weather absolutely and then we're looking at bright sunny day and little cool this afternoon. highs 60 and dry for whatever you may be doing a little later today and we're still on track for a beautiful stretch of weather. next 7 day come on steve. >> i love it tuck. >> round after applause. >> there you go. >> allison i'll change 48 to 50 to perfectly mavrp. >> there you go. >> and my monday 80. >> i need low of 50 and high of. >> we would never do sponsorship for anything ever it's not our style. >> we would not. >> erin back to you. >> 6:27 now and up fortunately i have bad news for you. big crash taking ought out left lane and then look at this months on upper loop at 4. glaze back past 2
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i just checked the map bri stepped in here building by areap adrive. several miles of slow-moving traffic and crash involving tractor-trailer and three cars. blocking shoulder and miles of delays. i would avoid the upper loop if you k back to you in a few. >> 6:28 more ahead on "fox5 news morning". >> including up dpait on verizon strike and impact locally. >> and we'll talk to the sports junkyes after the break
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on dunkin'.
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>> 6:30 weption morning we welcome you back to "fox5 news morning" weather and traffic with tucker and erin coming up on the fives at 6:35 meantime happening our area verizon workers own strike walking that line. the picket lines went up 6:00 this morning and in nine states and in the district. you're looking at live pictures outside the verizon office in mary field, virginia. some 39,000 verizon technician as long the east coast are walking up to protest contract talks. verizon said the strike will not impact wireless service and could impact repairs made to land line service. >> d.c. police working to identify a man's body found in the c & o canal georgetown yesterday morning this is the neighborhood 31 street and the man had a backpack on when pulled by water he's believed to be in 40s or 50s. . >> and it's sentencing
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foreman that landed a gyrocopter outside of u.s. capitol. doug hughes pleaded guilty to flying the aircraft without a license. he faces three years in prison up to and the government is expected to ask he serve ten months behind bars. >> time for morning line. 6:32 now wednesday morning nationals win again. off to a great start so far this surprise. let's check in with the sport junkies 106.7 fm the fan. i'm of loving it is far. as tucker likes to point out the braves are worst team in baseball. but, nasals are still 5-1. >> they're taking advantage of taking on the braves. but you know it was nice to gets geo gone sdal we a performance light night and crazy hair now and shut him down and bryce harper deliveries naming an with two run double. >> tucker is right the braves and twins who i don't believe won eitherer are worst two teams in baseball. bu
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teams in the division. >> orioles beat red sox. that's not bad competition and god drn it's hard to set the stone. but good -- it gevrz you that caution we already figured it out if they go 500 the rest of the way they have wins already. >> and nat have beaten braves twelve straight times alternates park. >> would you be there 12 cop sicktive times in your place you. >> own them. >> ownership. >> by the way, steve, if you look at the schedule there's more low hanging fruit for nationals coming up. you have twins coming here. this is not necessarily in order and they get the phillies and they get the marlins. so this is great. >> opportunity to within a lot of -- earl. >> i by the way do you recognize the new junky over there. in i like tk is
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start for a new playoff beard or what's the case. >> he took it off tomorrow night. >> we will regrow. >> we're discussing flyers coming to town already. i need to start with fresh base. >> good to see offense of orioles and pitching of nationals you would have dominant game across the league. here's the deal tonight if you were to stay up to 10:30 start to game tonight which do you watch. kobe or warriors. >> warriors i don't think it was close. >> i would contain to like it and they'll give the beat done tonight to memphis. i think they beat them earlier this year by 50. >> we started our radio career the same time kobe came in the league. he made a little more money. >> we have seen every game he played as a pro. >> he's a little ripper than the yungi. yet he
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money and gets toe retire. >> right. >> who did it better. >> hole on he hit the genetic hobbry we didn't i was not important and jp you'll watch the lakers. i'm not going to ask i'mer. >> steve, no chance. >> it's tough this week. this is what happens in the postseason. i would love to stay up and watch the games. you have caps plague tomorrow as well. it's just you know if you are up this early it will be stuff to stay up date as well. >> this was cool time of year nba playoffs start this weekend and stanley cup playoffs start tonight. and both those leagues plague in the postseason an obviously nats and/or yolz off to a great start. nfl draft coming up next weekend. >> d.c. united got a win. >> yes. >> deploreious time of year. all right, guys always great tim
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to you again tomorrow caps pla playoff day. >> 106.7 fm the fan. >> 6:35 guess who it is? >> who? >> tucker. >> mr. barnes, sir. >> oh, why thank you for formal introduction. >> hello. >> i do appreciate it. >> you've given great weather. >> wait until you see the 7 day beautiful around here. cool this morning. little cool this afternoon. but nice warm-up for the next 7 days and by the end of the stretch we may hit 80. >> will it be windy this afternoon. >> there's a breeze at the north east thanks for asking. i have to watch a little gulf this weekend and i feel like we can talk about --. >> why are they walking like that. >> okay. all right. courtsey. >> and there you government clear skies. beautiful conditions. it's cool. 20s and low 30s north
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so jacket weather here early. 60 this afternoon and breeze out of norm and east 10. won't be blustery but will be a little breezy. otherwise very nice day to get out there. golfers are true pros because they're mic'd the entire round and they don't curse once. >> they always have the mics as you walk on the fairway they talk about what club they use after bad shots they're like okay. >> impressive. >> not like amateur game. >> not like around here after bad weather hit. >> yes. >> things get thrown it gets rough erin you have not experienced good stuff yet. >> i've seen the tucker temper tantrum. >> right. >> just kidding. >> we call them tucker tantrums. >> word of the day. 6:37 now. before we get to this i want to show you a live look outside of the human delay we're dealing with let's take a look at camera. upper loop at 4 completely jammed up for miles all the way back to areap adrive and earlier crash involving tractor-trailer and if you take the upper loop i suggest finding alternate this morning or leaving
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become to 202. auto i7b bound backed up as well maryland by keep ill worth 66 inbound in virginia out by 29 crash upper left shoulder and huge delays past 29 to the car area and sky fox there over bw parkway taking a look at crash walking left lane and this one is out by god dard space flight center because one lane northbound side getting by causing huge delays and blaps and further knowledge of that a look at maps a second crash on bw parkway and we're dealing with big delays there as well and the off ramp northbound side to 198 closed and what we saw was sky fox before powder mill road by godard flight center and sucked one 95 northbound if you head to bwi this morning. that traffic today keeps you posted back to you guys. >> all right. erin thank you very much. >> coming up, after a week of backlash the governor of north car line asigns an executive order in response to anti-lgbt law in the stat
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a new push to see if aliens really exist. that's yext, we'll be right back
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>> 6:had 1 we're back now with what's trending on the web on this wednesday morning. these are the stories you're engaged with the most right now on social media. north carolina govern nor pat mc cor
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reverse parts of sont verseial new law that goes under fire discriminatory to lgbt people. and using executive order to expand equal employment opportunities include sexual orientation and gepder and would ask legislators to reup state the right to sue for discrimination in north carolina. and world famous physicists steven hawking is teaming up with russian billionaire to launch 100 million project aimed at finding alien live it relies on postage stamp size space craft that would the explore the universe in hopes that it will find earth like planets. steve is looking at me. yes, steve? no questions? okay. anywho, proximity 25 trillion nrilz earth. so postage size space craft. and finally interesting new dpat at out of spoke cane county in washington showing that the amount of money spent
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on legal marnl marnl sales were more than whine, we're or milk. average household spent -- 225 on mar marm as opposed to 200 on bread. >> and if i ask you for 100y sglon if no not if you're steve hawkins. >> there you government i hope we put this to bet once and for all and when we find alien lif life. >> then it will take 200 years to find it and we'll nev know sgle attempting to head it you can do show muls pl ways. email the tip to "fox5" tips at and if you see aliens let us know, too.
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>> hey, what's up guys? >> hi suck tucker barnes. >> good morning. >> what do you got for us. >> cool weather. overnight lows back in the 20s and low 30s. but sun splashed sun filled days ahead. >> this time yesterday was at any time like almost 60. >> yes, it was. we had a cold front that came through yesterday. rain showers. we had to reset. starting cool and build and build over the next couple days. >> and build them one sunshine. >> you go for the beard this time around steve
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>> no. >> let's see steve with facial hair. >> do i have to grow my whiske whiskers out. >> i may have to grow a mustache. >> wait alley swhoon did you say. >> i said do i have to grow my whiskers out for you guys. >> i know you like tom celek can't you see him with that going on. >> shout dwrout magnum pi man. >> when i was younger hi a fake mustache when i wanted to go places. >> sun-filled days ahead. it looked ridiculous. here we go. cold temperatures, 43 washington. below freezing in gaithersburg and frederick and 30 and 32 winchester and there was a frost advisory here to the north and west earlier this morning you can see why. 43 leonard up to and 45 annapolis and jacket early this afternoon you know you may want to consider keeping jack eight round. it will feel chilly and breeze out of north and east and high temperatures in the upper 50s to 60s and sun getting warm this time aven y
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afternoon. look how quiet it is. satellite and radar there and nothing locally and quiet weather pattern next couple days and cool this time of year for the next couple days. but as we get to weekend still looking at nice warm-up. there you go. dry conditions next 7 days no rain in sight. you may have to watt erp guard epz by end of weekend. 60s eventually 70s in time for allison's big birthday weekend and as we get to early next week, let me dot forecast. 7 day forecast. lots and lot of sunshine early this next week and by monday perhaps high temperatures enjoy. upper 70s and low 80s by next monday. so we have warmest temperatures weaver seen in quite sometime on the way. >> i feel happy. >> and i feel happy but i can not say a lot of xhulters feel the same way. we're dealing with huge accidents and problems and ambulance just pulled off from the location. this is bw parkway northbound before powder mill road god dard space flight center
6:46 am
outer lane blocked. they're getting ready to tow a vehicle. i suggest 95 northbound if you head to bwi this morning just one lane gets buy. you're dealing with a huge match-up. we have second crash on nobody side bw parkway. once you get through the first delay you hit another one closing off ramp 18 east. huge problem there. 95 -- 198 east and prince george crash on shoulder and inner loop for and delays toy 202. i want to show you live look at cameras and show you how that delay shapes up. all lanes tem requirely blocked you're in for a slow ride exciting 20 and weaving your way around the liper loop. you will face another review. we have a crash blocking upper
6:47 am
left shoulder and this is on the shoulder after the rest air by 29 and you could she slow improving traffic as you come from centerville past that point. you need extra time there. we're not deal with rain roads are try and we have problem. 235 by east capitol jammed crash reported 29 after -- aside from that 5 northbound xlootly jammed to dale city and springfield ipt change and typical dlairzener loop across wilson bridge and keep in mind this metro is back to normal. all rails looking good now. power 17 and i street entrance to fargat west interesting and 5:302 washington departure operating 15 minute late. any questions@airport and it's early to get a nice start. >> new guidelines when it comes to tanning beds and minors county council voted to support
6:48 am
a bill that bapz teenagers under 18 from using tapping beds, booths and sun lamps at sa lops and laws. they needed signed permission and pose warping site of risk of indoor --. >> addicted to pain killers like vicodin and oxy cot on. >> they're. the environment prompt over se ser. >> and surgeons separated to sisters con joined below the waist. the surgery lasted 15 hours shar heat and fineti shared doll opens and as they grow. their identical triplet
6:49 am
their identical triplet settinger cat leap awas born without serious helm issues. >> first of mary wash stop reporting and step down in jun june. so the cool want to fet a report and they're planning a record setoff. vup -- he was nope pz the high fighting president because he always greeted them with the high auto fivep stayed of handshakes. >> one of a kind wedding dress turning head. >> take a look life size wedding dress maiden tirely of cake. >> interesting. >> it's edible. >> it took three cake designers 300 hours to make it five feet tall weighs 150 pound made of content, cake list and now have to get rainier it's not for sale though. london this weekend. >> wow not be ableel to wear that 150
6:50 am
it's pretty school. >> it's pretty. >> asking somebody to the prom is peshl moment in these days prompoporsa will have needed help. throughout the years they would help eastern other get around school and not you always brightens your day and want to you doing something accepted interest i havetation. hope they have a great time. >> it's the best. teen aim girl with autism also got a surprise prom posal. baltimore ravens receiver steven smith surprised aubrey bridges of north carolina. >> she suffers from a rare disorder that impacts speech. he made his promposal during video. >> kate aubrey steve smith here i want to know who you let me take you to the prom?
6:51 am
>> awe sbri mostly non verbal you can see she flashed a huge smile. steve smith still lives in the charlotte area good for him. >> no matter what you speak that smile is universal. >> search is on not just for aliens but for loch ness monster as well. this time underwater robot ma mapping out bottom of lock nets the murky bottom of water in cot land searching for proof that the conmer lives here. earlier this year happened again said he found a trench that could be easy to get the him teary uponster but they have not about able to find the so-called tren: the existence has never been porch nor not provb although very, very very old. >> is if ma'amical. >> you wept to scotland yes or no did you find the loch ness menster. >> they have ways they dispel
6:52 am
>> i didn't think they were going on much. >> non believer. how about that. meets original "star wars" trim juries respopding to dig screen this summer. alley month draft will bring you haveers to galaxy far, far away 1977 "star wars" and new hope and empire strikes back in 1983s return of the jedi. each screening will show all fly movie why back-to-back. trip the feature includes dmait 20 cities. tickets go on sale may 4 date known to "star wars" fans as mate 4th be with you. >> i thought we said arlington cinema draft house. >> that is one of them sorry. . >> if you think you logged insmae amount of hours binge watching favorite tv show thin think. >> somebody set a world record 94 hoyer binge watching snetion new york the 25-ye
6:53 am
new york the 25-year-old namedal han row forgosa watched back-to-back game of thrown to, curb enthusiasm and bob'sbur bob'sburgers his session was physically taxing and he beat a previous record by two hours. that's because he stayed awake four straight gaze and nights. >> that can't be good for you. >> what wow byth watch allison. >> i would binge watch the weather. >> i have not even finished lasts year's. >> i've been watching threes companies for back in the 70s. let me tell what you happens to jack. 4 3 washington. 35 dulles. beautiful day. sunshine. georgous afternoon. high temperatures 60 degrees and overnight lows in 40s. look at warm up. sunshine through the weekend and beautiful stretch of weather. that's a quick update of weather. let's do more traffic with erin. >> traffic is not improving in fact getting worse earlier crashes kleernd
6:54 am
easing delay. bw parkway before powder mill road all lanes on. sky fox headed to 198. this is northbound side. you are actually jammed pw parkway from 410 i would ainvoice that keep it to 59 northbound. typical congestion. keep it to "fox5". more weather and traffic on beautiful sunny day in a stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight.
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and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> walking off the job on the east coast on to the picket lines on the d.c. region northern virginia and working without a contract for months. question is will the strike impact phone service. >> and new details this morning about the 18-year-old accused of killing a teenager at a metro station in the district. . >> wednesday morning, april 13, 2016, weather and traffic kolle


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